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Cage Fighter

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“I’m so happy here, Jense! Everyone is so nice and welcoming! I love all my classes. I’m learning so much!” Sarah gushed to Jensen. Her hazel eyes flashed with excitement and happiness.

“I’m sorry. I must be boring you talking about me non-stop. Tell me how everything is going? You must be so tired and hungry. Did you just get off the plane before you got here or did you stop by a hotel to get some rest?”

Jensen flushed at the memories of what his ‘rest’ had entailed. After sleeping the entire plane ride in Jared’s arms, the crime lord had awakened him with kisses and a demanding touch. Although the plane landed in the Los Angles airport, Jensen had remained trapped on the plane for several more hours, satisfying Jared’s lustful hunger for him. His pleasure worn body still bore the marks of his greedy lover. He remembered his moans and whimpers of pleasure as Jared had continually licked and bitten his neck. He was hoping his sister would not remark on the colorful love bites stark against his pale neck. He wasn’t so lucky.

“So, I see you and Danneel finally got back together again. I’m so happy that you finally forgave her. I know you love her so much. You were devastated when you found out about her fooling around but everyone makes mistakes. So, where is she?”

Jensen could already feel his face warm with embarrassment as he struggled to tell his sister about his new relationship with the crime lord.

“I’m not with Danneel.”

His sister’s shock was visible, her eyes widened in surprise. A sly smile broke over her pretty face. She animatedly asked, “Oh, so you started dating someone else? Well, that’s wonderful! I can see how happy she is making you. Look at those hickies on your neck! When can I meet her?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea right now.” Jensen unconsciously backed away from his sister. She astutely grabbed the sleeve of his Henley shirt, preventing his escape.

“Come on, Jense. Are you ashamed of her?”

“No!” Jensen was adamant, tugging his arm from her grasp.

“Are you ashamed of me?” Sarah asked, her eyes filled with doubt.

“Don’t be ridiculous! I’m very proud of you.”

“Then I want to meet her! You have no excuse.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Sarah.”

“Why the hell not?!”

“Because it’s Jared Padalecki.”

“Huh? What does that crime lord have to do with any of this?” Her eyes widened in horror. “Oh my God! Are you fooling around with one of Jared Padalecki’s girlfriends? Is that why you don’t want me to meet her? Jensen, are you crazy?! I don’t care how good the sex is, you need to forget about her and get the hell away from anything remotely connected to Padalecki. I know you think you are tough and can handle yourself, but you can’t handle Padalecki. He’s not like anyone or anything you have ever encountered.”


“No, Jensen. You listen to me. I love you and I know you have done many things for this family. Lord knows, Mom and Dad instilled some sort of hero complex in you. But you can’t save this girl. If you love me, you will stop seeing her!”

“Sarah. You don’t understand. It’s Jared Padalecki. That’s who I’m seeing.”

Jensen saw the confusion in his sister’s eyes. She still didn’t understand what he was trying to tell her. His gut twisted in fear, waiting to see her disgust and disappointment in him reflected in her face.

“Oh God, Jensen what did you do?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Jensen said, evading his sister’s fearful stare. She stood in front of him, clutching at his hands to still his movements.

“Please look at me Jensen. I know that you are not gay. You always had a girlfriend. You never once look at another man sexually. Suddenly you are fucking Jared Padalecki? What the hell is going on?”

“Sarah! Don’t say cuss words.”

“I can’t believe you are getting mad that I’m cursing. Jensen, please tell me what is going on. Why are you with Padalecki? He’s dangerous. He’s a murderer! Oh my God, are you whoring yourself out for me and Mom?!”

“Sarah calm down.”

“That’s it isn’t it? That’s how I got into this fancy school and Mom is in that high-end medical facility? Because you sold your soul to the devil! He’s Lucifer!”

“Shut up, Sarah! Jared is not the fucking devil! You need to respect the fact that I’m in a relationship with Jared. It’s not your fucking business who I date. Quit this judgmental shit about a man that you never met in the first place.”

“You didn’t have to sacrifice your life for us, Jensen! Mom and Dad would never have wanted this for you.”

“I am not sacrificing anything. It’s my choice to be with Jared. You and Mom have nothing to do with this decision. You got into UCLA on your own merits.”

“Can you honestly tell me that you are in love with that monster?”

Jensen knew that if he didn’t tell her that he was in love with Jared, she would never be happy in California, she would abandon the dream that she was living, for his sake. He lied to protect the happy life she was living. He looked straight into her eyes and answered, “Yes. I love Jared. He makes me happy. Living with him can be difficult at times but living without him is unimaginable. I make him better and he supports me in very way that counts. I feel worthy and cherished. I’m something precious when I’m in his arms.”

“Oh, Jensen that is so fucked up. You are nothing but a fuck toy to him. You must know that.” Sarah said with pity in her eyes.

Jensen turned away, not wanting to see the disappointment and disgust in her face. He steeled himself for what he was about to say to her. He’d rather she loathed him than giving up her golden future for him.

Before he could utter a word, Chad burst into the small dorm room. His light blue eyes turned dark with a violent rage, he pushed Jensen behind him and away from Sarah. He stood glaring down at her and said, “Shut the hell up you ungrateful twit! You are not allowed to talk to Jensen like that! You have no idea how lucky you are to have such a good and kind-hearted brother like Jensen. I wish I had half a decent brother like him in my life. Maybe I wouldn’t be as fucked up. Another thing you need to understand little girl, is that Jared loves Jensen. He will never give your brother up. Best you remember that.”

“Chad! Back the fuck off now! She is not a threat. She’s my sister.”

“Physical harm is not the only injury you can die from. Wounds from family can cut just as deeply as an iron knife. Your body may not bleed, but your soul will.”

“Chad. Step away from my baby sister. Dude, she’s just scared.”

“That is no excuse for hurting you. Jared will be angry when he finds out. No one is allowed to hurt you. Not even family.”

“Bull fucking shit. He cannot dictate to me when it comes to my family. Don’t fucking worry about it, because he and I are going to have a discussion about boundaries and control issues.” Jensen ranted, his green eyes flashing emerald fire.

Sarah was shocked to see how her brother was reacting. She even more surprised to see him push the blond out of the room. She heard him hiss, “Stay out there and don’t move until I tell you.”

After making sure her brother closed and locked the door Sarah asked, “Was that the Grim Reaper that you were hustling out of here? I can’t believe you let that man into my room!”

“Who are you calling Grim Reaper? Are you talking about Chad? Dude is harmless.”

“Now, I know you are truly delusional. That assassin that you just shoved out of here is known as the Grim Reaper. His trademark is a throat slash. He is notorious for having the most body counts in the country. They call him the Grim Reaper for a reason. These are the type of people you are hanging around with! I can’t believe what has happened to my sweet, gentle brother.”

Jensen sighed at his sister’s comment about Chad. He couldn’t understand why everyone seemed so afraid of the shy man. Chad could be annoying with his mother hen tendencies but Jensen had never felt threatened in his presence.

“Don’t believe in the rumors. You need to get to know them before you start passing judgment on them. I’m still me.”

“You’ve changed, Jensen. Please stay here with me and away from those people. You can find a job. It will be great.”
“And what about Mom and my masters in Physical Therapy? Give that all up? I don’t want to be away from Jared. I told you that he is my choice. For better or for worse, I am his.”

“Would you listen to yourself? What would Mom and Dad say if they heard you? Shacking up with not only a man, but also a crime lord! It is disgusting.”

The pain of Sarah’s words was cold and stabbing, almost physical. Jensen turned his face from his sister. Her disappointment weighed heavy on him. He intended for his half-truths to protect his sister and knew that there was a possibility of her turning away from him. Facing the reality of his sister’s disgust was still unexpectedly painful.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m Jared’s. I’m always going to be his. Unlike you, I’m going to respect your feelings. I won’t come back without an invitation.”

With those words, Jensen turned and walked away from his sister. He opened the door to the dorm room and walked down the deserted corridor with Chad trailing silently behind him. His heart was breaking but he knew he was making the right choice. His life was too dangerous for her. He knew that eventually she would change her mind and call him but he wanted her to be happy and live a carefree life, as he once had. “Stay and be safe little sister. Forget about me and live your life.” Jensen whispered to himself.


Jensen remained quiet the entire ride to the hotel room. He refused to acknowledge Chad’s presence by his side as he struggled with his loss, anger, grief, and pain. He had only one objective: find Jared.

Before he entered the hotel room, he ordered Chad to remain outside. He wanted to have a private word with Jared without an audience.

He slammed the door open, catching sight of Jared conversing with one of his associates.

“Get out.” Jensen said to the henchmen, his attention completely captured by the amused look on Jared’s face. The big crime lord raised his right eyebrow and slowly smiled.

“Leave us.” Jared said, his hungry eyes racking over Jensen’s body.

Jensen closed the gap that was between them, launching himself into Jared’s embrace, grabbing at Jared’s neck and pulling it downward, forcing the big man to bend his head and lower his face to the cage fighter.

Jensen stared angrily into Jared’s blue green eyes; his lips were inches from the crime lord when he demanded “Make me forget. Make me forget how you destroyed every relationship in my life that I hold dear. Make me forget why I keep forgiving you. Make me forget everything, except that I am yours.”

Jared was already backing Jensen up against the wall. The powerful man had scooped him up, with Jensen’s legs about his waist, lifting him with huge hands under his ass . The hard length of Jared’s arousal was pressing into Jensen. Jensen subconsciously rubbed himself against the fine, tailored pants of the crime lord, desperately seeking the friction and the big cock that his body was lusting for.

“I don’t need to make you forget. You already know you belong to me just as I belong to you. Forever Jensen.” Jared growled and crushed his lips to his precious possession.

Jensen moaned in pleasure, as lust rolled through is body. Already all the negative emotions were slipping away as he became consumed in Jared’s embrace. His fingers clawed at Jared’s chest, ripping the clothes that hid the naked flesh he was looking for. Jared chuckled at his attempts before the big man began to strip the clothing from Jensen’s body. Seconds later he was naked against the wall as Jared’s blunt fingers breached his tight hole. Jensen moaned with the discomfort of intrusion as Jared made soothing sounds and began nuzzling his neck.

Before long the crime lord replaced his fingers with his cock, slamming into Jensen with one sharp thrust. He didn’t hesitate to begin a harsh and pounding rhythm, each thrust pressing Jensen’s naked back against the wall. The pain and discomfort receded as Jensen’s body adapted to the harsh pace. He could feel his cock harden and leak against their grinding bodies. He got wetter with each thrust until he was dripping against the slapping skin.

He tightened his thighs around Jared and lifted himself upward to slam directly down to meet Jared’s pounding pace, causing the powerful man to growl his approval. Firm fingers gripped his ass cheeks as Jared adjusted his angle to thrust even harder into Jensen. Jensen mewled with pleasure. He didn’t relent his pace, he continued to ride Jared hard. Suddenly he was whiting out in ecstasy, spilling over their sweating bodies as Jared continued to fuck into him. He collapsed into Jared’s hold as the crime lord chased his own climax. Jensen reached up and lazily kissed him, opening his mouth willingly for Jared’s plunging tongue. With a few more deep plunges, Jared came, pumping his hot load into Jensen’s tight channel.

Jensen had asked for oblivious but instead was given paradise and safe harbor.

“Mine.” Jensen didn’t know if those words were spoken from Jared or if he himself had uttered them. He only knew one undeniable fact; he was screwed.


“Jesus fuck, you are gorgeous! I’m not sure if I would have given up pussies permanently for you but, to each their own, I guess,” came a smarmy remark. Jensen turned to stare at the grey haired man smirking at him.

Jensen was getting tired of all the comments and remarks he’d received over the past few hours. After the emotional roller coaster with his sister, he was looking forward to a quiet evening with Jared. Instead he was dressed in a dark gray, form-fitting Armani suit and being presented as Jared’s newest acquisition at the fancy conference that everyone had warned him about. There wasn’t much in the way of discussion. The conference mostly consisted of men wearing expensive suits with their glamorous wives in sparkling jewelry and ballroom gowns. Jensen would normally have felt uncomfortable and insecure however Jared had been pressed against his side the entire evening. It surprised him, how confident he felt with Jared’s warm, possessive hand on his lower back.

Jensen stared down at the leering older man. He made his expression stony and his eyes emotionless. The man’s smirk quickly died, he paled with fright, apologized and scuttled away.

“Was that another one that you scared away, Beautiful?” Jared whispered into the shell of Jensen’s ear. Jensen shivered and turned to the crime lord. He smiled and reached up to kiss the powerful man, declaring to everyone in the room that Jared was his alone.

Jared returned the kiss passionately, letting his hands drift from Jensen’s back to his ass, pressing and massaging the cheeks producing a moan of pleasure from Jensen. Jensen was too wrapped up in Jared’s possessive embrace to notice the hatred and jealousy their ardent display was invoking in the guests. However, no one in the room dared to make a sound or remark for fear of Jared’s wrath.

“You should stop tempting me, Beautiful. Or else I’ll fuck you right now in front of everyone.” Jared said as he pulled back from the kiss several minutes later.

“As if you are willing to share and let anyone see me naked.” Jensen retorted teasingly as he reveled in the dark, possessive gaze of his lover.

“I’ll rip their eyeballs out of their sockets if they even dare to dream of seeing your naked flesh.” Jared growled in an unmistakeable warning that echoed through the room.

Jensen rolled his eyes but couldn’t deny the shudder of twisted pleasure in hearing the threat. He had started the night very nervous and self conscious of being introduced to the powerful western syndicates. However, with Jared’s looming presence, he soon began to look at each associate that approached him as a potential opponent that he had to face in the cage fight arena. By shifting his viewpoint, he was able to calculate and observe each adversary’s weakness and assess a plan of attack. The persona of Dean Winchester came forth leaving a powerful impression of a deadly warrior who should not be foolishly underestimated or taken lightly.

Gangsters had expected to meet a pretty fuck toy. Instead they beheld a dangerously stunning foe who displayed no fear, but exuded cunning and violence. The wives looked at Jensen with a mix of envy and lust. He was physically beautiful yet potently masculine. They yearned to touch him but would not, for fear of the wrath of their husbands and the brutal retaliation of Padalecki.

The meeting was held in a grand estate in Beverly Hills that Jared owned. They served an elaborate dinner and an impromptu gathering was assembled afterwards. This was the unofficial introduction of Jensen as Jared Padalecki’s recognized and respected lover. Any slight or ignorance toward Jensen would be akin to signing their own death warrant at the hands of the Bratva.

“It’s getting late. Can we call it a night? I’ll make it worth your while.” Jensen whispered to Jared giving him a heated look. Jensen was bone tired and he needed to sleep. He figured if he could convince Jared to leave the party early, he could catch rest in the car ride to the hotel. Even though the party was at Jared’s estate, the crime lord, for some reason, decided to stay at the Marriott penthouse.

“Sorry Sweetheart, we have one more social event after this. I promise it will just be a few drinks then I get to fuck in that sweet hole of yours.” Jared growled as he leaned down and began to openly nuzzle Jensen’s neck in full view of everyone.

“Social event? Where are we going?” Jensen asked, tilting his face at an angle, submitting more of his neck for Jared’s amorous attention.

“You have met the Sires, it’s time for you to meet their spawn.”


“This night club feels familiar.” Jensen murmured to himself.

“Have you been here before, Beautiful?” Jared questioned as he leaned down and whispered into Jensen’s ear. His hands were roaming over Jensen’s body, claiming it for all to see.

Jensen, used to Jared declaring touch, didn’t notice the attention they were getting from Jared’s overt display of affection. He was too busy trying to remember. Faint, memories of the high-end club floated into his mind. Even though the club was named The Road House, it only opened its exclusive doors for the rich and famous.

“I think I was here before.” Jensen mused to himself.

He remembered when he lived in California, that Danneel somehow obtained an invitation to the club. She was thrilled and wanted him to accompany her. He didn’t want to because he felt out of place among the wealthy, but he didn’t want any rich pricks lusting and chasing his girl. So he went, and he spent the entire evening nursing a drink while watching Danneel flirt with wealthy bastards. At the time he had been secure enough in their relationship that it didn’t bother him. He hadn’t anticipated that, one month later, he would walk in to their apartment and find her riding some guy’s cock, in their bed.

He had stood frozen in the doorway as he watched her moaning and coming with another man’s seed wet in her pussy. In the years that they were together, Danneel had always been adamant about using condoms, as well as taking the pill. To see her being more intimate with another man than she had ever been with him, had been like a knife in Jensen’s fragile heart. She didn’t deem him worthy enough. He didn’t remember how long he watched before he silently left the room unseen. He moved out of their apartment the next day despite tears, begging and excuses from Danneel. He often wondered if he would have forgiven her but two months later the car accident had happened. After the crash, his life was never the same. He realized after being with Jared, that any regrets he had about Danneel were gone.

“Are you alright, Sweetheart? Do you need to leave now?” Jared asked as he inspected Jensen’s pale face. The crime lord glared at nearby customers, assuming that they had disturbed his precious Jensen.

Jensen smiled, the bitter memories faded in the powerful presence of Jared. “No. I’m good. I think I’m going to grab us a drink.”

The tension in Jared’s shoulders eased when he saw the dark mood of his cage fighter had passed. “Aren’t you going to ask me what kind I prefer, Beautiful?”

“Nah. I already know what makes you happy.”

“Really? And what is that, Sweetheart?”

Jensen grinned. He replied, “Anything I bring back. As long as I come back.”

Jared threw back his head and laughed. This shocked everyone in the noisy club. All conversations stopped abruptly, making the usually loud and boisterous club as silent as a tomb.

The lovers did not notice the silence, still too wrapped up in their own world.

“You cocky bastard.” Jared growled as he swooped down to crush Jensen’s plush lips in a demanding kiss. Jensen became instantly hard. His cock pressed against his tailored pants as he moaned with desire. He twisted his fingers into Jared’s silky dark locks, grinding his body against Jared’s muscled frame.

The crime lord suddenly pulled back from the kiss but his hands still remained entangled on Jensen’s body. He said, “Now get me my drink.”

Jensen was still befuddled with desire. He blinked owlishly up at Jared. He noticed the teasing smile on the powerful man and realized that he still had to walk to the bar to get the drink. Since he was wearing fine tailored dress pants, it did little to hide his rampant hard on. It was in full view for everyone to see.

Jensen glared at the smirking crime lord. He grumbled, “You better hope I don’t come back with some girlie cocktail with an umbrella in it. Big fucking tease.”

Conversations began to pick up as Jensen made his way to the bar. He motioned for the bartender to serve two beers. He knew that Jared preferred vodka but he was still put out that the big man got the last word. Instead he ordered something that Jared didn’t necessary like but would still accept because he knew that Jensen would rather they drank beer than hard liquor.

“I’m surprised that you are here. They usually separate the wives from the whores‘” a female voice said next to him. Jensen turned and looked at the tall, elegantly dressed blonde standing next to him.

“Excuse me?” Jensen asked, moving his back to the bar. He tracked her movements and the activity of people around him, constantly keeping his guard up. Throughout the night he had also watched anyone that came to close to Jared, preparing to defend him at a moment’s notice.

“I mean this night club is where they bring their whores or girlfriends. The ‘respectable’ event was the gathering earlier this evening, with their wives. This is the after-hours scene. With the wives safely escorted home, this is where they come to drink, party, and fuck their girlfriends. They never bring their wives here and you will never see their girlfriends at the respected event, but you went to both, with the most powerful man in the Eastern and now Western syndicates. How very lucky you are.” The blonde woman’s blue eyes glittered with jealously and curiosity.

Jensen remained quiet. He hoped she would continue with her prattle and his patience won out when the sexy blonde continued to inadvertently share more information with Jensen.

“The Road House should be renamed the Whore House. You see all these pretty girls flitting around here, hoping to catch the eye of one of those rich men? They are more likely going to catch a STD than a marriage proposal.”

The vixen laughed at Jensen’s embarrassed expression. “My! You are adorable! Still so innocent even though you belong to the biggest monster in the room. You are probably wondering why I’m here if this is my opinion. I’m one of the daughters of the mistresses. That’s why I know a girl like me, no matter how hard I try, can never be a boy like you. I’ll never be someone worthy of respect and acknowledgment in proper society.”

Jensen felt extreme pity for the girl. Although she exuded sensuality, there was an underlying vulnerability in her eyes. Jensen still didn’t trust her as far as he could throw her. He looked up and saw a tall blonde man approaching Jared. His vision narrowed onto the stranger, noting the muscled body and assessing whether he was carrying a hidden weapon.

He remembered Jared telling him how the Road House was a playground for sons of the powerful Western families. They used to club as arena for negotiations and a battleground for business. It was a place to fuck and to be fucked over.

“Who is that man talking to Jared?” Jensen asked finally, breaking his long pause with the girl.

“It figures that you would want to know his name and not mine. That gorgeous yet treacherous blond Viking is Alexander Skarsgard who owns this lovely establishment. His family was second in power in the West. He is, once again, second in power behind Padalecki. It must suck to always be the bridesmaid and never the bride.”

Jensen didn’t bother to reply to her comment. His eyes remained on the two tall men, who seemed to be in deep discussion. He flushed when they both turned and stared at him. He was secretly thrilled when he saw naked the hunger in Jared’s face for him. What was disturbing, however,was to see the same desire reflected in Skarsgard’s gaze. He continued to wonder about the conversation between the men. His musings were quickly distracted by another threat approaching.

A few feet across the room standing among the dancing, drinking crowd were two huge and menacing men.

“I’ll be fucking damned Jared. I remember that gorgeous piece of ass. He came here once before with his redheaded girlfriend with the big tits. Do you remember? You were there.” Alexander said to Jared not taking his eyes away from Jensen.

“Watch your fucking mouth. He’s mine. Doesn’t matter who or what he was with before. What matters is who he belongs to now.” Jared warned Skarsgard.

They both watched as a tall, muscular man approached Jensen. The man outweighed Jensen by at least 100 pounds. Before he could lay his meaty hands on Jensen, the cage fighter had triple jabbed the man in the neck. The man grabbed at his own throat in surprise, choking on his own spit. Jensen reached upward and slammed the man’s head on the counter twice. The force broke the thug’s nose and rendered him unconscious, collapsing to the floor in an untidy heap.

“No one gets to touch me except for Jared.” Jensen said in a clear voice. Although the club was noisy with the heavy beat of music, everyone heard Jensen’s declaration.

Jared smiled in satisfaction and approval.

“My God, he is a fiery one! He must be one hell of a ride in bed Padalecki. I envy your nights. Hell I envy your days!”

Jared instantly grabbed Skarsgard’s throat in warning. He knew that his sudden threat could be viewed as a declaration of another mobster war but he didn’t care. He wasn’t going to let any belittling comments about Jensen go unanswered.

“Because we have been friends for years, I will forgive you this once. Do not test me again for it will end in blood.” Jared ’s eyes were dark with promised violence.

“You mistake my words, old friend. I remembered when we first laid eyes on the beautiful Jensen. He came to this club with his girlfriend. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of him once you spotted him in the crowd, drinking the same bottle of beer for hours. I have never seen you so distracted in my life. I thought you were lusting after his slutty girlfriend since she was just your type. Do you remember our conversation? You told me that the beautiful creature across the room that you have been eying could never be seduced or bought since they were already in a committed relationship. You then bet me this very clubhouse if I could prove you wrong and seduce them away from their lover. I knew how valuable the Road House was to your business. It was essential to your expansion plan to the Western syndicate. Or so I thought.”

Jared remained coldly silent. He dropped his hand from Alexander’s throat but the threat of violence was still evident.

“I didn’t realize until today that the red headed tramp that I successfully seduced was not the beautiful creature you were talking about. It was Jensen you were talking about. The really interesting question is why you still handed the deed to the Road House to me, even when you knew that I didn’t fulfill the bet? That I had essentially failed. Or was there another motive to that bet?” Skarsgard asked leaning closer to Jared.

A sudden sharp force was kicked into the back of Skarsgard’s left kneecap. He collapsed on his knees to the floor. His head was twisted and seized into a deadlock. He found himself staring into deep emerald green eyes.

“I don’t fucking care who you are. But if you make one more threatening move against Jared, I’m going to fucking rip your head out of your body. Understand?” Jensen said quietly.

“Do you want to hear something interesting that I found out about Jared recently? It concerns you.” The blond replied, his voice and attitude belied a man that was faced with his own death at the hands of the deadly cage fighter.

Without hesitation Jensen answered, “No. Whatever it is, Jared will tell me if I need to know, and if I don’t, then I don’t.”

“Well aren’t you trained like a good boy? It’s like Jared created this perfect toy for himself to play with.” Skarsgard continued to needle.

Jensen didn’t rise to the bait. He remained quiet, never once relaxing his tight grip on the kneeling man. His silence seemed to unnerve the blond even more. A horrifying realization came to Skarsgard. He muttered, “This is what he meant when he said that you can’t be bought. Such pure beauty and nobility. Damn. I am going to fucking die.”

“Let him go, Jensen.”

Jensen tilted his head in puzzlement at Jared’s order. He dropped his hands from the man’s head but stayed inches from Jared’s side. Skarsgard remained kneeling at their feet. The blond looked up at Jared.

“So it comes to this, old friend. You know what this will mean?” Alexander asked. His eyes begged Jared to remember the years of friendship that they had shared.

With a swift flick of his wrist, Jared retrieved the knife concealed by his belt and sliced Skarsgard’s jugular. Blood gushed from Skarsgard’s throat splattering patterns onto Jared’s clothes.

Without any remorse, Jared watched his friend lie dying by his feet. He answered is friend’s last question. “War. I will remove any threat that dares to come between me and what is MINE.”