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Cage Fighter

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“Mr. Jensen Ackles?” A man in a black suit carrying a briefcase approached Jensen during his break between his classes. Jensen was sitting in local coffee shop near the University reading his textbook. His bright green eyes looked up at the stranger suspiciously.

“Who wants to know?” Jensen replied to the man.

“Sorry to bother you, but my name is Mark Sheppard. I’m a partner in the law firm Kripke and Gramble. I am here to discuss matters with you in regards to your parents’ outstanding medical bills. Do you have a moment?”

“I made this month’s payment already. I have the cancel check. You can’t keep harassing me when I pay the bills on time.” Jensen belligerently said to the lawyer. He recognized the name of the law firm. It was one of the top criminal defense law firms in the country.

Sheppard sat down in the seat across from Jensen, ignoring the angry glare from the young man. “I apologize for giving you the mistaken impression that I am here to collect payment for the hospital. On the contrary, I am here to inform you that all the medical bills your parents incurred as a result of their car accident have been paid in full. Your mother is being transferred to a top rated rehab facility where the best medical professionals will look after her health twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, however this facility is located out of state so she will be moved. Her future medical expenses will also be covered.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Who is paying off all the bills? Who do you work for?!”

“My firm exclusively represents Mr. Jared Padalecki. He wanted to clear all your debts now you are his property. He knows that you have been the sole breadwinner for your family and he wishes them to be financially independent from you. Your sister has been attending a local community college that you have been funding. Mr. Padalecki has contacted the admission office at the University of California, Los Angles to persuade them to accept her into their program, at his own cost. Her transfer becomes effective immediately.”

“You’ve got to be shitting me! You are not taking my family away from me! What gives him the right to decide to move my Mom and sister without discussing it with me? Who does he think he is?” Jensen exclaimed in panic. He felt like he was losing his family all over again. His mind flashed back to the night of the horrible accident and his gut clenched with the agonizing memories.

Sheppard’s cold blue eyes softened as he looked at the scared yet beautiful young man in front of him. With the clientele his firm encouraged, he rarely represented decent, honest people. He knew the complete history of Jensen Ackles. It was one of his firm’s policies to know all of Padalecki’s current obsessions. He knew that fourteen months ago, Jensen had led a very normal and quiet life. Jensen was raised in a good home and had been attending an out-of-state graduate program in Physical Therapy. When he was coming home during one of his infrequent breaks, his parents had surprised him by picking him up at the airport. On the way home, a drunk driver had spun his truck out of control and into their car causing life threatening injures for his parents. Jensen was badly scarred from the accident. His father eventually died from a massive brain hemorrhage after one-month stay at the hospital. His mother had also suffered extensive brain damage that she would never fully recover from. Both his parents had minimum medical insurance that did not cover all their medical bills. They also had no life savings.

Jensen could have chosen to abandon his mother to the state run medical facility, place his sister into the welfare system and return to his schooling. Instead he had taken up the financial burden of paying for his mother’s constant medical bills along with providing his sister a home. Jensen had decided to move back home. He had transferred his graduate program from University of California, Berkeley to the University of Chicago, giving up his apartment and his sunny, carefree, California lifestyle to take care of his mother and sister. Jensen had no regrets but within weeks of his father’s funeral he had been facing foreclosure on the family home. His father had a small life insurance that was used to cover his one-month stay at the hospital, but that was the only small relief in a mountain of bills. Jensen had no financial means to support his family. The jobs that he was qualified for would have barely covered his living expenses. As a result, Jensen had soon found himself in massive debt.

He had been desperate to keep the home that had been in the Ackles family for decades. When he had asked for help from his relatives and the friends that had known his family for years, they had all turned him away. The only person who had offered a solution was Chris. Chris knew about the illegal world of cage fighting and remembered that Jensen had taken several courses of karate, self-defense and various marital arts classes in college. He knew that it was a long shot for Jensen to become a successful cage fighter but thought that Jensen could at least earn a few extra bucks. JD Morgan had taken one look at Jensen’s pretty face and figured, correctly, that his good looks would win him favor among the crowd, however he didn’t think Jensen would be able to survive the first round. What both men had failed to take into consideration was the pure strength of will, determination, and desperation that drove Jensen into that dark and violent arena. He had not only conquered his opponent that night, he had demolished him, to the sound of the delighted cheers of the bloodthirsty audience looking on. Driven by the fear of his family being torn from him, he had continued to destroy every opponent that faced him that night,

That fateful dark night, a Winchester had been born into the violent world of illegal cage fighting.

Sheppard knew exactly where Jensen had spent all his money: his family. Despite taking the beatings and broken bones, Jensen did not make a lot of money in comparison to the colossal profit that Morgan was making from him. Nights when ‘Winchester’ fought, the club entrance fees were elevated to premium price for customers. There were those that loved Winchester, admired his agility and speed, while others hated him and wanted to see him bleed but all of them watched his every movement in that steel covered cage.

The majority of Jensen’s funds from fighting went to the medical care of his mother. He wanted her to feel comfortable and safe and he paid the extortionate medical bills that enabled her to stay, under the constant supervision of a nurse, in the family home where she had lived her entire life. He had still needed to refinance the family home to cover the difference in her bills along with paying and saving for his sister’s college fund. He was fortunate to be able to continue his graduate studies because he was on a scholarship and did not have to pay for his degree. He would have dropped out without a thought if it would have helped him save money. Despite constantly fighting to earn more money, Jensen was still struggling every day to make the numerous and unending payments.

Sheppard considered Jensen to be a solid and upstanding young man who had made a desperate decision for his family’s survival. Unfortunately for Jensen, it had earned him the attention of the most dangerous and powerful men in the city, if not the country.

Sympathy prompted Sheppard to lean closer to Jensen and whisper, “Listen to me kid. I know what you are thinking. And I’m telling you now, don’t be stupid. You are no good to your family dead. I know you aren’t gay but it doesn’t matter what you are. Its what he wants from you that is important and the key to your survival. If you are smart, you could even turn this to your advantage.” Sheppard continued to speak even though he saw the flash of rage in Jensen’s vibrant green eyes. “You are up to your pretty eyeballs in debt. You have a sick mother who is never getting better and you want a future for your cute little sister. If you play your cards right, you could use this as an opportunity to make a better life for your family.”

“I’m not a fucking whore!” Jensen lashed out between gritted teeth.

“I never said you were but you will get fucked by him. Here is some friendly advice. I know Jared. I have been his lawyer for the past few years. I know he gets bored very easily. The more ‘resistance’ you give, the more interesting you become. Everyone in his life fights for his attention. If you deviate from that norm, it makes you stand out. Stay quiet and behave like a good little pet. You’ll get out quick. Let your pride get in the way, and he will tear you apart. He will break you so hard that your family will never be able to identify your body.” With those words, Sheppard got up from the small coffee table.

Sheppard looked down at Jensen. He could see the flush of anger and fear in the young man’s handsome face. His words were the only help he could give the young man. He had a feeling that Padalecki’s obsession was already too strong for Jensen to escape. Jared had already spent a significant amount of money integrating Jensen’s mother’s medical bills and his sister’s future into his own interests, all to ensure that Jensen remain bound to him.

“I suggest you head home and pack your belongings, Mr. Padalecki intends to move you to his penthouse. An associate of his will meet you at your house and drive you to your new home.” Sheppard could see how his words had affected the young man, Jensen’s face drained of color and his eyes flared with panic.

“Good luck, kid. Just listen to what I said before. You’re smart, don’t let your pride get in the way of your family’s welfare.”


After his disturbing conversation with Sheppard, Jensen didn’t waste a moment. He dropped the rest of his classes for the day. He ran all the way home, not considering waiting for the bus. He was horrified to find that his mother had already been moved from their house and his sister’s room was empty aside for a letter placed on her bed. It was brief but at least he recognized that it was in her own handwriting. It simply stated that she was leaving for California immediately and would contact Jensen once her plane had arrived at the west coast airport.

Twenty-four hours ago, his life was boring yet predictable. His two lives had been separate from each other. The darkness and violence remained in the night while his days consist of the normal life that he had led for the past twenty-eight years. They had been distinct from each other, never once converging. In one fateful encounter with Jared Padalecki his world had completely changed. Jared was making him confront the violence of his nights in the brightness of the day and it made him both angry of Jared and scared of him. If this was the upheaval caused by one encounter with Jared Padalecki what would be the consequences of a second encounter with the powerful man?

“Jensen, please open the door. I really don’t want to knock it down. These shoes were outrageously expensive and I have delicate hands. Jensen!” A male voice with a British accent yelled outside Jensen’s front door.

Jensen pulled open the front door to confront the man standing there. His wrathful green eyes met the amused blue eyes of a man with short curly hair. The blond was wearing a blue v-neck shirt underneath a black blazer.

“I know what you are thinking, why has such a gorgeous man decided to grace you with his presence? Now don’t get your knickers in a twist, I am already taken. I am just here to escort you to Mr. Padalecki’s penthouse.” The British man told Jensen flashing him a devilish smile.

Jensen narrowed his eyes, his fingers curled into fists as he growled out at the stranger, “Where the fuck are my mother and sister, you shit face!”

“Such foul language coming from such a pretty face! Shocking, I must say, although kinda kinky. I’m getting a little bit turned on here, luv.” The blonde said, giving a cheeky wink.

Something snapped in Jensen as he launched himself over the threshold to grab the man and throw him against the wall of the house.

“I’m going to ask you one more time, where is my family?”

“Didn’t that fancy lawyer tell you? You can’t hire good help these days. Your mum has been moved to medical facility three states over. You can visit her, although it will take a plane ride to get there. Your lovely sister is flying across the country, as we speak, to sunny California to start her University career. I am the handsome and charming Sebastian Roche if you are wondering. Could you kindly get your hands off me? You are wrinkling my blazer, which cost a pretty penny.”

“What the FUCK is going on?!”

“Oh I see another pleasing face but nothing between the ears sadly. Listen luv, for whatever reasons you seem to have drawn Jared’s fancy. He will shower you with gifts, attention, and unbelievable sex. It won’t last long but you will be a very rich boy when it’s over. So would you go be a good pet and get your things? We really should be heading off now.” Sebastian said condescendingly to Jensen.

“Sure thing, princess.” Jensen flashed the smarmy man a sweet smile a split second before he popped him in the jaw with his right fist. The Brit fell down to his knees with the force of Jensen’s punch.

“Jesus, not the face! It’s my moneymaker. People are so violent these days.” Sebastian whined as he adjusted his position on the porch floor to sit cross-legged, staring up at the enraged young man.

“Get out of my house.”

“I can’t do that, luv. You can beat me, stab me, hell you can even piss on me but I will not leave here without you. The big boss wants you naked and in his bed. I’m not sure about the naked part, but I am tasked with bringing you to the penthouse for his pleasure. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way. I’m hoping the easy way because I absolutely do not want to drag your body out of here. I have really delicate wrists.”

“You think you can take me, fucker?”

The Brit paused in his smile at Jensen. His calculating blue eyes swept over Jensen’s lean muscular body. He said, “Yes, Jensen I do.”

Before Jensen could react to Sebastian’s words, he saw the blond remove a small black object from his pocket. The British man aimed the object in Jensen’s direction and suddenly two wired prongs shot out from the plastic box to stab against Jensen’s chest. The pain was immediate, electrifying and paralyzing, zooming through his body and dropping him, convulsing, to the floor.

“Damn! I should have lowered the voltage before I used it. Let’s hope there is no permanent damage. Shit!” Were the last words that Jensen heard before he slipped into unconsciousness.


“Motherfucker! You tasered me!” Jensen snarled to Sebastian as he slowly regained control of his limbs. He woke to find himself lying between black silk sheets, with his head propped on pillows in an enormous bed. The bedroom he was in was the twice the size of his living room. The room was opulently decorated, yet masculine in style. He was both astonished and uncomfortable with the lavish and affluent setting he found himself in.

“I warned you about my delicate wrists and I am not a fool. Why would I go up against Jared’s undefeated cage fighter? And why would I dare harm his property? One small bruise on your pretty body and my dick gets cut off. And the world would weep without my amazing cock in it!”

“Are you fucking for real? Or are you just fucking with me?” Jensen asked the Brit as he sat up on the mammoth mattress. He began to massage his arms attempting to rub the feelings back into his limbs.

“Didn’t I tell you that I am already taken? You are so naughty trying to flirt with another man!” The blond teased Jensen. Suddenly his blue eyes hardened, his tone changed from a joking manner to something more serious, “Listen to me Jensen. You are about to meet with Sandra, another of Jared’s assistants. Listen to what she tells you but don’t take everything she says as the truth. She has her own agenda. Take care of yourself, kid.” As abruptly as he came into Jensen’s life, Sebastian Roche left him alone.


“So you are what’s causing a stir with everyone today. I must say I’m surprised. You’re too scarred and old for what he usually goes for. Maybe this is Jared’s twisted version of charity and it’s a pity fuck after all.” A woman’s voice mocked him in the quiet room. Jensen spun quickly around, raising his fists in combat mode. He quickly lowered his hands when he realized his intended opponent was a petite and pretty, young brunette woman who also happened to be staring daggers at him.

After Sebastian had left the room, Jensen had gotten up and begun to explore his surroundings. He realized shortly that the bedroom was not locked and immediately made his way through the penthouse to the front door. After several attempts to open the locked front door, Jensen had begun to explore the spacious yet impersonal living room, looking for photographs and minor distractions to calm his racing thoughts. He was getting anxious about seeing Jared again. He remembered his last encounter with the compelling man and a shiver of excitement ran through his body. He told himself he only stayed because he wanted answers from Jared. It definitely wasn’t because of the strange feelings that the sexy man was inciting from him. He could still recall the sensation of light fingers caressing his lips as Jared’s warm expanse had pushed him against the door that night, in the club. He had never felt so small and helpless in his life. Even when he was locked in the arena facing fighters that were twice his size in muscles and body mass, he always knew that there was some way he could get away from them or beat them to submission. With Jared he felt trapped yet strangely protected. He sensed no harm would come from anyone else when he was in Jared’s arms however, that didn’t mean that Jared wasn’t as dangerous as any other who might want to harm Jensen. Jensen had a feeling that Jared was the most dangerous predator of them all, a threat beyond any fighter he had met in the cage.

“Cat got your tongue? Or are you too brain damaged from all those fist fights to understand when I’m talking to you? I honestly don’t know where or how Jared found you.” The pretty young woman hissed at Jensen as she stalked closer to him.

Jensen tracked her movements, never once taking his eyes off the inexplicably mad and fuming brunette. Despite her size, she seemed as menacing the opponents that he faced in the cage, perhaps more malignant, since her claws were not as obvious as his typical challengers.

His silence seemed to enrage her even more as she stopped inches by his side, hatefully glaring up at him. “You may think you are so special, being the first one to ever stay in his home. But you won’t be the last. He will get bored with you and throw you out. And I’ll be here. I’m always the one that stays. Don’t get any stupid ideas.”

He could practically see the anger vibrating through her body. Jensen wondered about her relationship with Jared. He asked curiously, “Who are you?”

The pretty petite raised one perfectly shaped eyebrow at his question. She replied venomously, “I’m Sandra McCoy and one day soon I will be the future Mrs. Padalecki. You and all those other sluts are meaningless. Your days are numbered.”

“I thought you were the assistant?” Jensen innocently inquired as he watched Sandra turn an unattractive color of red.

“She is the assistant. Has Jensen been naughty? Do I have to punish him?” A deep masculine voice rang out across the tense atmosphere. The odious expression on Sandra’s face rapidly altered to a lustful almost sultry look as she hastily ran to greet Jared. Jensen remained where he stood, his heart beating frantically in his chest as the big man stalked towards him.

Jared didn’t spare his assistant a glance.“Get out,” he said and continued on to Jensen. Jensen tried not to feel satisfaction at Jared’s words but he quickly changed his mind when the petite woman threw another venomous look at his direction before she retreated from the room.

“Why are you still clothed? Did they not tell you that I want you naked and waiting in my bed, Beautiful?” Before Jensen could respond, Jared’s strong fingers were grabbing at his shirt and ripping it from his body. Jensen stood there in open mouthed surprise as Jared continued to tear his clothes from him.

“What the fuck?! Stop ripping up my clothes! God damn it!” Jensen yelled as he tried to push away from Jared’s strong hands. He found himself still momentarily weaken from the taser shot from eariler. He found himself in a tussle with Jared with long, muscular arms wrapped around his chest and his back pressed firmly against Jared’s front. He could feel Jared’s hardness and he reddened with the embarrassment, he didn’t want to acknowledge the flush of desire that accompanied his shame. He continued his struggles but they made matters worse, brushing his ass against the tenting evidence of Jared’s big hard cock.

“Ouch! Fuck that hurts.” Jensen yelped when Jared held him firm, his hands pushing against the sensitive area the taser had left on his chest. Jared stilled his hands and Jensen found himself being spun forward, Jared glaring down at him, his big fingers gently caressing the damaged area. Already a small bruise was being formed, fresh and colorful against the pale, freckled skin of Jensen’s chest.

“What the fuck happened here? Who dared to harm you?!” Jared growled at Jensen.

“Who do you think? Your fucking minion tasered me that’s how. Would you fucking stop touching it? It hurts when you do that!” Jensen lied hoping that Jared wouldn’t notice how aroused he was becoming with the firm touch of Jared’s warm fingers all over his body.

Jared’s expression darkened at the mention of the harm that his man had done, even if it was unintentional. He ignored Jensen and continued to let his touch wander, caressing the fiery cage fighter as he gripped him tight in his arms. His hands traced over all the exposed skin. When his fingertips drifted to Jensen’s scars, the fighter stood tense and froze in his arms. Jared didn’t acknowledge his precious possession’s reaction; he continued to caress the scars, gently tracing the jagged patterns along Jensen’s back. When Jared leaned down and began to nuzzle at Jensen’s neck, licking and sucking at the delicate skin Jensen let himself relax into his arms. He felt safe and protected and he didn’t want to stop the powerful man as he continued his gentle and tender caresses of Jensen’s disfigured body.

Even when Jensen had been with Danneel, she had always shied away from his scars. He always felt self-conscious with the marks, their jagged jigsaw shapes carved by pieces of glass and hot metal that were embedded into his body during the car accident. He remembered the hours he lay trapped in the twisted metal of the crushed car, waiting for the rescue to come, screaming for his parents to stay awake while his body was in agony; every tiny movement causing an explosive burst of pain as glass and metal stabbed and shifted in his flesh and blood dripped from his wounds. He shuddered at the memory and buried his face against Jared’s muscular chest seeking comfort. As if he understood the sudden drift of Jensen’s thoughts, Jared continued to tenderly massage the scars on Jensen’s back.

“You are Beautiful. These scars show me how strong and brave you are. This means you can survive being by my side. You were born for me that night, Jensen.”

Jensen froze with those words; blood had rushed to his cock making it completely hard and aching. He was confused by his body’s reactions to Jared. He had never been attracted to men before yet Jared made him feel and want things that he had never felt so intensely or passionately. He knew he should be frightened by Jared’s strangely obsessive words, yet all he could feel was the heat of the hard male body that held him captive. He felt Jared’s massive hands gripping his ass, lifting him in the air and then he was responding, pressing his body against Jared, rocking and grinding himself against Jared’s hardness, his cock aching in the confines of his jeans. Jensen moaned in pleasure as his arms stretched up and wound around Jared’s shoulder.

The crime lord captured Jensen’s lips with his own and started thrusting his tongue in Jensen’s mouth, claiming the territory. Pre-come began leaking from Jensen’s slit as he wrapped his legs around Jared’s waist. Jared’s hands still gripped his ass, pushing and moving Jensen’s body to his desire. Jensen whimpered in need as Jared began thrusting his body against Jensen. Jensen could feel his balls tighten against his body, ready to spill himself. Jared growled in pleasure as Jensen began to hump himself down against Jared’s groin, chasing after the friction that his suddenly wanton body hungered for. He could feel how big Jared’s cock was against the fine pants material. Jared fumbled to open his pet’s jeans, exposing the leaking, erect cock to the air, making Jensen gasp in surprise then groan in ecstasy as he felt Jared grasp at him, jerking him off. Jared’s massive and talented hand began a hard and fast stroking rhythm. Before long Jensen had spilled, spurting wet over Jared’s hand and staining their clothes.

He collapsed boneless and panting against Jared and found himself being pushed down to his knees. Dazed, he kneeled on the hardwood floor in front of Jared, his jeans shoved down and twisted around his thighs. Jared unzipped his own pants, reaching in to reveal his massive member, inches from Jensen’s lustful eyes. Jared wasted no time in stroking himself to completion with slick fingers, his eyes never once leaving Jensen’s face. When he climaxed his aim was deliberate, come roping over Jensen’s face and body. Jensen could feel it wet, warm and claiming, dripping down his face and over his chest. He closed his eyes, suddenly horrified by everything that had just happened.

He couldn’t hide behind his eyelids for long. His eyes snapped open with the jolt of large hands gripping his neck, tipping his gaze up to Jared’s face. Green eyes stared into angry blue-green eyes. “You are mine now, Jensen. There will be no more pretenses after tonight. Come. Its seems that you need a lesson on who you belong to.”