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Cage Fighter

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“Who’s that guy?” Jensen asked his friend, Chris Kane, as his friend was taping his fists.

“What guy? Could you please focus on the match, Ackles? You are up against that Asshole Frankie No Nuts. You want to know why they call him No Nuts? Because he fights dirty, he will hit you in the nuts and jab you in the eye if it means he can win. That’s why they call him No Nuts. You get what I’m saying?”

“Yeah, I get what you are saying. I’ll watch my back or rather my dick, don’t worry, Mom.” Jensen rolled his eyes. He looked into the steel covered cage in the middle of the stage. In a few minutes he was going to meet his opponent and slug it out in the arena. He knew what Chris was telling him; keep his mind focused on his opponent, however, he could feel the powerful gaze of the giant man in the tailored suit. The man was different from the usual crowd who came to watch two men get into a cage and beat each others’ brains out. The man’s clothes were too expensive. The air around him was thick with wealth, power and danger. He knew the man, had seen him before. In fact, he had been watching him for the past two weeks. It set Jensen’s nerves on edge. His shoulders hunched over and he shoved his taped hands into his sweatshirt. He knew in a few short minutes he had to take off his top and he shuddered at the idea of removing the last protection from his body with that man’s eyes watching his every moment.

He had admirers that would stalk him, watching in lustful pursuit. However, this man was different from the rest. Jensen knew how to handle himself, to brush away the devotees but he knew it was completely different with this man. Jensen couldn’t ignore it and couldn’t pretend that he didn’t know of this man’s existence. He could feel the piercing blue-green eyes on his every movement. Jensen’s nerves vibrated through his body in anticipation as he slowly unzipped his hoodie revealing the smooth flesh of his chest. He could already feel the lazer sharp attention of the powerful man as he struggled out of his sweatshirt. His nipples tightened in the chilled air as he exposed his naked pale chest to the crowd. A small web of scars ran down his right shoulder to his freckled back. A silver chain with small locket hung down his neck. He could hear catcalls but all his attention was tuned in to the well-dressed man who sat at a specific table near the back corner of the room. The table stood on an elevated platform, perfectly situated to view the stage without any obstructions. It was considered the VIP table and only the very rich and powerful were offered the place. That the man was sitting there alone, was an indication that not only was he very wealthy, but in this world, he was important.

Jensen closed his emerald green eyes, breathing deeply. He was trying to shake all other thoughts from his mind and focus on the opponent that awaited him in the cage. He flashed back to the few, brief, boxing lessons his grandfather had taught him. The most important message he had taken from that time was the strength of will the old man had imparted on him. His grandfather told him nothing and no-one could break him. He was an Ackles and they never stop fighting. With those words resonating in his mind, Jensen opened his eyes and stared down his opponent.

Jensen walked bare-footed into the steel cage with only black cargo pants hugging his lean muscled form. His pale freckled chest glistened in the bright arena lights. He flexed his fingers against his taped hands, measuring the flexibility of the digits. He curled them into fists as he approached the other fighter in the cage.

A voice echoed loudly over the speaker system, proclaiming that final betting would stop in one minute. Jensen knew the rules. Once the bell rang, the fight would begin.


Jensen quickly ducked the fist that was heading toward his face. He began to weave, evading the flying fists and feet that were aimed at him. The rules of underground cage fighting were simple: there were no rules. His opponent could beat him bloody, until he was unconscious or until he plead for mercy. He knew what kind of man Frankie No Nuts was He was a cold callous bastard and the only way Jensen was going to survive this encounter was to knock Frankie out before he used his sneaky and underhanded maneuvers on him.

Jensen knew that the constant skirting tactic was tiring Frankie No Nuts when the big man began to sweat profusely and his breathing started to labor as he began shouting insults at Jensen.

“You fucking fag, stop running and starting fighting me asshole!”

“Alright.” Jensen said. He winked at Frankie and, as he unleashed his fists, he began kicking, rotating his entire weight into bare-foot blows to damage and destabilize Frankie’s body. He knew that the crowd wanted to see blood spilling but he didn’t care what they wanted. He wanted the fight to end quickly and he swung his left fist, his magic weapon. When all else failed, his left hook always took his opponent down. It didn’t fail him tonight. When his knuckles made contact with the flesh and bones of Frankie No Nuts’ face, the big sweating man went down hard.

The mass cheered. They shouted at Jensen to kick his opponent but Jensen denied their demands. He had won and that was his only concern. He didn’t care to see blood, nor hear pleas for mercy and he preferred his opponents to be unconscious, to spare them indignity of the jeers and insults shouted by the deafening crowd.

The horde began to chant his name, praising his skills as their number one cage fighter in the arena but Jensen knew how fast their devotion would turn. He knew that he had their favor for this night but that it lasted only until another defeated him.

He felt the assessing eyes of the tall well-dressed man before he saw him. Jensen stood silently in the arena and looked over to meet his gaze. The man was partially hidden in shadows of the dimly lit club but Jensen could make out the strikingly handsome features. He could see the amused smile of the man as Jensen quickly averted his eyes. Stupid! Don’t make eye contact, you are giving him the wrong message, idiot, thought Jensen as he silently berated himself.

He walked to the entrance of the cage, longing to leave the violent stage as soon as possible. He knew that he should stay to milk the crowd; it was what JD Morgan wanted him to do. In fact he was reprimanded last time for leaving too quickly. Morgan believed the more popular Jensen became among the masses, the more profit Morgan could squeeze out of them. Morgan owned the club that Jensen fought at and Jensen had signed a contract to fight exclusively for him. Morgan was his boss but Jensen was tired and confused by the emotions that were stirred by the sexy male stranger who watched him so intently.

The door to the cage was still locked. Jensen raised his foot and kicked at it. He continued kicking until it gave way under the constant pressure. The steel door swung open and he rapidly walked out of the arena and down the path to the hallway that connected to the locker room. He was expecting to see Chris waiting for him in the locker room but a surprise visitor greeted him. Instead of seeing his blue eyed, long haired friend, JD Morgan waited next to the bench.

“Winchester, someone very important wants to meet with you.” Morgan nervously said to Jensen.

Jensen had wanted to separate this temporary and dark world that he inhabited on the edge of his normal, everyday life. When he fought he became ‘Dean Winchester’ an alternate persona who didn’t exist outside the illegal world of cage fighting.

“Like I told you a hundred times in the past, I’m not interested in any of that shit. I don’t care how much they offer, I only fight in the cage. That’s it. My body is not up for sale, ever.”

Jensen turned away from Morgan. He sat wearily on the bench and began to unwrap and remove the tape from his hands. His body ached and his fists throbbed in pain. He wanted to go to sleep, he craved hours of sleep but fought to keep his eyes open and alert. Any time Morgan wanted to talk to him directly was never good news. He wasn’t disappointed.

“Listen to me, Winchester. This isn’t just any guy who wants to meet you. It’s Jared fucking Padalecki. The Padalecki. Do you understand now?!”


“You cannot be this pretty and dumb!” Morgan’s eyes darkened in anger and fear. Jensen had never seen his boss this rattled before. Morgan was known for having nerves of steel but the mere mention of the name ‘Padalecki’ had his boss frantic with anxiety. It was beginning to freak Jensen out.

“Morgan, I’m not lying. Who is this Padalecki? I never heard of him before.” Jensen asked.

Morgan seemed to calm down once he heard Jensen’s explanation. “That’s right. I keep forgetting that you’re a college kid. Padalecki is someone who is very connected. You can say he is the head honcho.”

“What do you mean connected? To what?”

Morgan blinked at Jensen in astonishment. Morgan replied, “To the Bratva. There are even rumors he controls all the syndicates in the eastern seaboard. You do know what the Bratva is, right Winchester?”

Jensen bit his lip and averted his eyes. He shook his head.

“Jesus Christ! You cannot be this fucking innocent! Shit! Listen up Winchester, for whatever reason Padalecki wants an audience with you. If he tells you to get on your knees and suck him off, you goddamn do it with a smile on your pretty face! Got it?!”

“Fuck you! I ain’t no whore!” Jensen yelled at Morgan. Leaping from his seat he grabbed Morgan’s shirt and shoved the older man against the lockers.

Jensen stared into Morgan’s face, growling at him, “I don’t fuck guys and I don’t let guys fuck me. I don’t care who he is, I don’t get on my knees for anyone. Ever! Do you understand?”

Morgan didn’t break eye contact. He leaned close to Jensen’s face and whispered, “Then you are fucking dead, kid. Nobody says no to him and lives. How do you think your Mom is going to feel, burying her sweet baby boy?”

“Fuck off, Morgan.” Jensen answered, slamming his employer’s body against the lockers. The older man flinched in pain. Jensen just turned away from him and opened his locker to grab his duffel bag with his clothes in it.

“Please wait. You walk out that door without meeting him and you kill us both. For God’s sake, Kid, think about what you are doing!”

Jensen paused at the door. Without turning his body, he spoke over his shoulder to Morgan, “Tell him to go fuck someone else. I’m not interested.”

“Winchester, don’t you fucking dare walk out that door. You won’t ever be allowed back.” Winchester! Please, don’t go! WINCHESTER!”


“So how was your night, baby?” Danneel asked Jensen as she watched him approach the living room from her seat at the couch. It was close to midnight when he finally got home. The sound of her voice had startled him from his thoughts.

“Danni? What the fuck are you doing here? And how the hell did you get in?”

“I missed you and I wanted to see you. Your sister, Sarah let me in. You look tired, baby. Do you want me to give you an back rub?”

“Stop it, Danneel. You know you can’t keep coming here anymore. You destroyed us the moment you screwed that rich asshole.” Jensen told her as he shufled over to the kitchen. All he wanted to do was go to sleep. He was not ready for any more drama.

“I still love you and I want us to make it work. I know you feel the same way. Please Jensen, don’t leave me.” Danneel begged him as she stood up from the couch and followed him into the kitchen.

“I can’t do this right now. I just got off from work and I’m really tired.”

Something in his voice must have alerted her to how serious he was. She paused at the kitchen door and looked at him searchingly.

“You always work these long hours and never tell me anything. You drove me away!”

“Right, it’s my fault that I came home to you fucking some guy in our bed. Its my fault that I was too poor for you because I was to busy looking after my family instead of abandoning them for you. Yeah, you are right. It’s my fault. So, why are you here?” Jensen asked her quietly. He still couldn’t look at her without feeling all the agony of her betrayal and his worthlessness.

“Because I fucking love you, you asshole!” Danneel screamed at him. Tears rolled down her face.

“I use to think how damn lucky I was to get a girl like you. How you could even want to be with someone like me. You are so beautiful that I never wanted to look at anyone else but you. Now I can’t even stand to look at you anymore.”

“How do you manage to say something so sweet, yet so hateful at the same time?”

Jensen finally looked at her. Even in the dull kitchen light, with black streaks running down her face, she was still so lovely to him. His heart ached at the loss and the pain she had caused him. No matter how much he loved her, he could never forgive her.

“Goodbye, Danneel.”


“Your night really went into the crapper. Damn son, if I knew how bad it was going to be, I would have stayed.” Chris’s voice was sardonic as he sympathized with Jensen over the cell phone.

“Yeah you were lucky that you bailed when you did. My night just kept getting worse.” Jensen mumbled into the phone. He lay in bed, so tired, yet unable to fall asleep. His mind swirled with thoughts of the past, adding to his feelings of trepidation about the evening’s events. He didn’t want to admit to himself how worried he was about the kind of threat Jared Padalecki might be to his life. Nor did he want to admit the small shiver excitement that swept through his body when he thought of the sexy stranger.

“Well I got a news flash for you, it’s not over. In fact I got some bad news for you.”

“Fucking A! You’re kidding me, Kane?!”

“Sorry man, I’m not. I can hold off and tell you later but I think you should know this now.”

Jensen sighed. He had an idea that it was about Jared Padalecki. He wasn’t wrong.

“What that asshole prick, told you about the Brativa is true. It is currently rumored to be controlled by Jared Padalecki.”

“What is this Bratva? I never heard of it before.”

“I’m not surprised. Until recently you’ve led a very white picket fence and vanilla lifestyle, my friend. I wouldn’t expect you to know the dark, seedy, shadows of the criminal underworld. The Bratva is a network of criminal syndicates that control every aspect of the illegal underworld. They are rumored to hold sway in the legitimate financial business world and have some very prominent politicians in their pockets.”

“Shit! And how does Padalecki fit into all of this?”

“Jared Padalecki has fought, murdered, and killed his way to the top of his syndicate. He is vicious, vengeful, and a borderline psycho with an MBA from University of Princeton. You could add freakishly intelligent and wealthy to his resume. In the last few years there has been a power struggle within the network. There was always healthy, aka bloody, competition between each syndicate as they vied for power but lately, there has been one particular syndicate that has been dominating all the turf wars. If speculation is correct then the new Crime Lord of all the syndicates is Jared Padalecki. If this is true it will be the first time in the history of the Bratva that there has been an individual person running the entire network.”

“Are you fucking me?” Jensen asked as tendrils of fear grew and wrapped around his chest. He remembered the alarm and horror in Morgan’s face as the older man begged Jensen to stay.

“Sorry sweetheart, I don’t swing that way.”

“Kane!” Jensen yelled exasperatedly to Chris.

“Alright, maybe if there were a lot of tequila shots and you paid me a lot of money I’d do you. But I’d have to be really, really drunk.”

“Don’t make me come over there and beat you.” Jensen warned his friend.

“Oh, all of sudden you’re getting kinky on me? It’s always the shy and repressed ones.”

“Kane, you mother fucker….” Jensen laughed at his friend’s antics. The bubbling fear in the pit of his chest slowly dissipated with Chris’s gentle teasing.

“Okay. There is a bright side in all of this. I really don’t think Padalecki wanted your pale freckled ass anyway. Padalecki is known to like pretty things, doesn’t matter if its pussy or cock, they got one common aspect: unmarked beauty. Hate to tell you this, Ackles, although you are pretty enough to be a girl, you’ve got too many scars and broken bones to attract someone like him. Plus, you are in your late twenties and you are kinda butch in comparison to the twinks he usually fucks.”

“Oh. Thank God!. Why did he wanted to talk to me then?” Jensen asked trying to ignore the disappointment that washed over him after hearing about Jared’s preferences.

“I wouldn’t get too excited since you didn’t even show up at his summoning. Remember to grovel when you see him. I bet you he just wants you to throw some fights in the future. If that is the case, you fucking do it! There is no honor in cage fighting. Remember why you are doing this in the first place.”

“I know. I remember.”

“Then do it Jensen. Apologize, grovel, whatever. Just don’t make him remember you. That is the last thing you want. Your family can’t afford it.”



Jensen was in the middle of his class when he got a text from Morgan that told him that he had a potential match the next night. He was surprised that Morgan still wanted him to fight in his club, after their last encounter. Jensen usually tried to limit his matches to once a week, scheduling them for Friday or Saturday so that his body could recover during the week. He used his time recovering to study for his graduate classes. However, money was tight this month. There had been the extra burden of Sarah’s college bills along with his mother’s continuing medical bills. The temptation of extra cash was too much pass up. He texted Morgan to say he was available for the fight, but he couldn’t shake off the ominous feeling that lay heavy in the pit of his stomach, for the rest of the day.


Jensen was exhausted. He stumbled into the locker room after a grueling match which he had barely finished as victor. During the entire time, instead of concentrating on his opponent, he was focusing on Padalecki watching him. He could feel the cold rage radiating from Padalecki during the fight and it distracted him, made him careless. His opponent was able to land several punches to Jensen’s face and body. Jensen could already feel his jaw throbbing and swollen.

He suddenly felt strong arms and hands grabbing him from behind. Before he could swing his tired limbs to defend himself, he felt the cold steel of metal handcuffs locking his wrists behind his back. A dark cloth bag was thrown over his face and he was dragged out of the locker room, kicking and yelling at his captors. He immediately quit his struggles when he felt the press of cold metal against his side. He knew that it was a gun and he forced himself to be docile. He walked with them along the hallway before being shoved into a room where the bag was removed from his head as the door slammed in his face.

Jensen blinked several times at the sudden exposure to the bright lights in the room. He faced the closed door, too nervous to turn and greet the powerful presence behind him. He flexed his bound hands, behind his back, wishing that they were free.

There were no words or warning, hands grabbed him from behind, his body was thrown up against the wall and he found himself staring into the angry blue-green eyes of Jared Padalecki.

“It seems my new property doesn’t know how to behave.” Jared growled as his hands gripped Jensen’s neck, tilting the pale, freckled face upward for his scrutiny.

“What the fuck are you talking about? Let go!” Jensen hissed at Jared, completely forgetting his vow to grovel and apologize to Jared.

“Don’t you know, Beautiful? I own the club now, which means I own your contract. That means you belong to me, Jensen. I always like to play with my new toys, especially one as beautiful as you.”

“What?!” Jensen’s mind froze at Jared’s words. He was petrified that Jared knew his real name, his mind raced with the implications and he began to struggle against Jared’s hold.

He stopped his tussle when he felt Jared’s massive hand delve into his shorts and wrap around his cock while the other hand tightened around his throat, constricting the airflow.

“You are mine now, Jensen. Best you hope I don’t grow bored with you too quickly, you might not survive the outcome. Now get on your knees for me, Sweetheart. It’s time you know your place.”

“FUCK YOU!” Jensen sneered as he spat at Jared’s face.

Jared smirked as Jensen’s spit dripped down his handsome face. His eyes were glacial, his lips curled in cold amusement. He removed the hand in Jensen’s shorts to backhand Jensen across the face, causing Jensen to thump his head hard against the wall. Jensen fell to his knees; his forehead pressed to the cold hardwood floor, his vision blurred and the skin of his wrists pulled and scraped in the metal cuffs. He could see Jared’s dress shoes near his face. He curled his body protectively in on itself; bracing himself for more attacks from Jared.

Jensen began breathing hard, afraid of what was coming next. His mind flashed to his family, his mother and sister depending on him for their survival and he knew that he had to stop struggling and submit to Jared. It’s only one night, just my body, nothing else, Jensen thought frantically to himself.

Jensen suddenly found himself picked up and pushed against the wall. His arms protested the burning stretch of his muscles. He tried to remain passive and closed his eyes, shutting out Jared and letting his mind deny what was happening to him. His eyes snapped open again when he felt Jared gripping his hair and neck tightly.

“What do you think you are doing, Beautiful? You think if you close your eyes, you can shut me out? Pretend this is not happening in the light of day? I own you now. You sleep, eat, fuck where and when I tell you.”

Jensen eyes filled in horror as Jared’s words sank in. “No…..” He moaned, shaking his head, unconsciously pushing against Jared’s massive body.

Jared smiled down at Jensen’s tear filled eyes. He said to his newly acquired, gorgeous possession, “You are mine, Beautiful and if you are stupid enough to run, I will kill everyone that you touch.”