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Buttery notes of popcorn cut the crisp smell of grass. Andromeda couldn’t believe that anyone could possibly want to eat popcorn first thing in the morning. But then again, she also could not believe that little league quidditch was legal, much less popular. Leave it to Harry fucking Potter and Ginny Weasley to concoct a league and talk the entire wizarding world into it. 

More than once, she found herself wishing that it had existed when Teddy was the correct age. He would have loved it. And Andy was pretty convinced that he would have been good at it, even at five years old. But her daughter. Her daughter that she shared with one of the worst flyers she had ever met. And bless Fiona’s heart, but she was every bit as much of a menace as Hermione was on a broom. 

“Please tell me you are not standing here obsessing about safety again.”

Andy turned her head at the sound of her younger sister’s voice. 

“Good Morning, sister. How is your wife?” 

Narcissa still looked a little lovesick at just the mention of Anathema. 

“She is perfect. But enough of you trying to distract me. Are you truly still fretting about this game?”

Andy pretended to look over at the field, though she didn’t see anything. 

“Of course not,” she scoffed. 

Narcissa hummed in a way that told Andy that she didn't even begin to believe her. 

“You are one of the most gifted healers to have ever lived. And Fi has been practicing with Draco and Teddy. The brooms will only fly 3 feet from the ground.”

Andromeda sighed and crossed her arms. She understood the logic of the argument, but the knot in her stomach simply wasn’t listening. 

“But Cissy, you have seen Hermione on a broom. And you know how much our daughter takes after her. And…” 

Narcissa chuckled warmly and slipped her arm around Andy. Andromeda didn’t want to lean into comfort, but her emotional reserves were slipping. 

“And worse comes to worst, Andy, you do remember that you are a Slytherin, correct?”

Andy squinted her eyes and looked sideways at her sister. 

“I assure you I have not forgotten.” 

“Good,” Narcissa said lightly. “Then you will remember that your sister-in-law is the referee today. Anathema would no more let harm come to Fiona than she would let harm come to our child.” 

Andy could not help the very Slytherin smirk on her face. 

“I suppose you are right,” she conceded. 

“Of course I am. I am always right. Now, does that mean that you will join us in the stands? Hermione has been saving the best seats, but I am sure even her Golden Trio reputation will only keep them open for so long.” 

“Very well. I suppose being closer would be prudent.” 

Narcissa led her by the arm as though she worried that Andy might attempt to escape. When they arrived at the viewing box, she realized that her sister had intentionally misled her. The entire area was filled only with their extended family. The Weasley twins were sitting in the back with their betting box. Draco and Astoria were seated in the front chatting with Harry and Ginny. Ronald and Lavender sat with Hermione. The look on her beloved’s face drew her to her side. Andromeda was unsure if she was determined to rescue her or join in giving her a hard time. 

“Hi, darling,” Hermione said fondly when she sat down. “I had wondered if you were ever going to join us.” 

“I was just chatting with Cissy.”

“I am glad she talked you off the ledge then. Fiona is going to be amazing. She takes far more after you in this regard. Have you ever actually seen her on a broom? You are going to wish that she was more likely. We are going to be Quidditch mums for the rest of our lives if Ginny has her way.” 

Andromeda looked up to the heavens. The sun was warm on her face, and she was surrounded by the people she loved the very most. When she looked back to the field, her darling little daughter was sitting proudly on her broom and waving manically. Quidditch mom didn’t sound like the worst thing ever.