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Stumbling upon destiny

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Clarke was running for her life. She felt like a rabbit being hunted. Her heart was beating so fast she fear it would just burst out of her chest. Things were a little blurry but she couldn't stop. She didn't know where she was. Finn had be taken by grounders after she couldn't save that little girl.


She turned her head to see if someone was behind her.

Big mistake she walked right into something. Thank god it was not a tree, that would have hurt.


She didn't have any time to move that she was moved. It was not something, she had hit someone and that person had turned them around. Clarke groaned as her back hit the ground. She was already sore before, she didn't need that.


Her eyes grew wide as she felt something cold against her throat. A young woman, pretty much her age, was straddling holding a knife against her skin.


She looked feral, her glaring eyes surrounded by some kind of dark make up.


Clarke realized it was probably some kind of grounders' war paint.


The blonde was panting. She couldn't really struggle so she did the first thing that came to her mind.


"Please. Please just let me go"


There was no reply. The woman was just looking at her, more frowning than glaring.


"I couldn't heal her. I'm sorry but please, just let me go"


"Heal me and I'll let you go"


She was so scared that Clarke didn't realize the person on top of her wasn't moving as she should. She frowned, looking for an obvious wound, but looked up when the blade was pushed harder against her skin.


"Do we have a deal?"


"Yes" Was all she could squeak.


The grounder nodded and slowly got up, removing the knife at the last moment possible.

Clarke sat up and rubbed her throat to find blood. She had been scratched.


"Where…where are you hurt?"


"Not here"


The grounder looked around before grabbing her, pulling her by the hand.

Clarke was disoriented but followed nonetheless until the grounder stopped, showing her a rock.




The blonde looked around for a second, but her idea was cut short.


"I'll keep my word. You'd better keep yours. Running would mean death"


Clarke sighed as she sat on that damn rock.


"Good" The grounder started to pull up her shirt to saw her an ugly gash on her side.


She went in healer mode instantly, she kneeled by the grounder starting to touch the wound.


The brunette didn't even wince as the wound reopened a little, blood coming out. Clarke could still hear that she was clenching her jaw as the grounder spoke.


"Something is still in it. I couldn't reach it"


"You tried to…"


Clarke stopped as she saw the duh expression on the brunette's face.


"Never mind. Do you have anything I could use as tools?"


The grounder left her side, grabbed something in her bag before handing it to her.

Clarke was surprised to be handed a good suturing kit, with some small medical tools. Just what she needed.


"With these things, are you a healer?"


Small talk, she didn't know why she was trying to distract the grounder from the pain. On the other hand, she really was curious.




"Then why do you have them?"


"In case I need them"


Clarke felt it, now she had to grab whatever it was and pull it out.


"Why not find one of your people's healer then?"


"There are few and I'm not supposed to be here"


The blonde raised an eyebrow, what was that supposed to mean?


"Disobeying Anya?" She pulled it out, a piece of metal, probably part of some kind of blade.


"Just following my instincts. I wanted to see things for myself"


"Curiosity obviously got the best of you" She was cleaning it the best she could.


"Reapers got the best of me"




"Sky people never encountered reapers"


"Some kind a grounder's tribe?"


"No, they are not fully human"


Clarke had so many questions to ask but she was starting to close the wound. It wouldn't be long before she was finished.


"Why are you attacking us?"


"My people tend to fear what they don't know. You could be a threat and some of your actions killed many"


"That's not what you think?"


"I don't know. I see potential, but it's a very complicated situation"


There all done. She bandaged it as well as she could before standing up slowly. They looked at each other for a while until Clarke couldn't take it anymore.


"So are you going to keep your part of the bargain?"


"I keep my word, you can go but we never met. You never even saw me"


"So there is no way you'll speak for peace between our people?"


"The commander already ordered an army to take care of your camp. That's too late. I'd advise you to run"


"Why? We did nothing!"


"You killed many of our people on that bridge"


"We were defending ourselves"


"Blood must have blood. It is our way"


"You started attacking us!"


"Are you sure it was my people?"




"Then it is done"


After a few step the grounder turned towards Clarke again.


"But you could come with me. I'd keep you safe"


"I can't leave my people like that"


The brunette nodded, as she turned walking away she was stopped by the blonde.


"What is your name?"


"We never met"




"Lexa" Was the last thing she said as she disappeared behind a tree.


Clarke didn't have time to dwell on it. She had to run but she didn't go far, she got caught by one of Anya's men not even half an hour later.





Clarke knew how important these negotiations were. She had to look the part, strong. Even when a huge grounder threatened her before she walked in.


All that she kept telling herself was forgotten as she walked in and saw the commander.




Everybody froze. The commander was the first one to react.


"You are the sky people's leader"


"You are the commander?! But you…" Clarke couldn't say anything about how betrayed she felt by that woman. She could have stopped the attack in her village, she could have…Clarke took a deep breath before starting again.


"I'm here to make you an offer"


"The only thing you can do is surrender girl"


The commander barely paid any attention to the village leader.


"What is you offer?"


"We need to unite our forces against mount weather. Hundreds of your people are held there"


Indra took a step forward as she spoke "She lies. Let me kill her commander"


"Enough" One word from the commander was all it took. Indra back in line, Lexa spoke again.


"Why would they keep them?"


"They use their blood as medicine. And as you probably already know, others are turned into reapers"


Indra cut in again.

"What kind of help could you provide us? You are about to be wiped out by my people?"

This time one look from the commander was enough. There would be no other warning.


"I was there but escaped. With Anya's help. She was killed trying to reach you, to talk to you about an alliance against mount weather"


Slowly Clarke pulled out a braid of hair and slowly walked up to Lexa, putting it in her hand.

"I think she would have liked you to have it. You were her second before"


After a minute of reflection Lexa got everybody out, except the sky girl.


"So you managed to get away in the woods. Good"


"Why didn't you say anything to stop this?"


"I couldn't"


"You are their commander"


"Yes, but I can't just do anything I want. You are a leader, you have to know"


"Help us now"


"You need to make a very strong offer. Stronger than some words on the mountain men and reapers"


"Reapers…Reapers! We can bring them back to normal"


"That's something you'll have to prove"


"I can take you to one"




The commander saw it for what it was a last attempt to survive. The sky girl had lied to her, betrayed her, this could not be.


Then in one last desperate try they did it. They brought Lincoln back, under Clarke's order they had kept on trying until the last minute.


One their way back to her tent she couldn't help but look at the sky girl, she was still beautiful. The same beauty, the same soulful eyes that had stopped her the first time in the forest.


The two of them were once again alone in her tent, she sat on her throne.


"We can make an alliance"


Clarke could feel it "But?"


"The death between us can be forgiven, war is war but you have to hand us the murderer of Ton dc. The one you call Finn"


"What will happen to him?"


"I told you once. Blood must have blood"


"You'll kill him?"


"He'll be executed accordingly to our tradition. He must suffer as much as eighteen deaths"


Clarke felt dread fall on her stomach. She had seen what grounders could do. She didn't want to even think about what would be a fitting punishment for eighteen murder.


"Can't I do anything for you to spare him?"


"No. This alliance start with his death"


"Then take me instead"


The commander got up and circled around her "You love him"


"I…no. I just…he did it because he was looking for me. He did it for me. I'm the one…"


"No. He turned into a monster all by himself. Murdering children and elders. He cannot be saved"





Clarke was shaking the second time she walked up to that tent.


"I have to try one last time"


The commander shook her head, eyes sad as usual. There was only one last thing to done. So Clarke got the permission to see Finn one last time and she killed him.


The grounder's camp up roared in outrage but the commander put a stop to it.


The blonde wanted to go back to her camp as soon as possible but could, she was dragged into the commander's tent by a huge man. He made it clear she was not the step out.


She remained a long time alone there, staring into nothingness before the commander walked in.


"A part me is angry, but another part can only respect what you did"


Lexa frowned as she got no reply in return, then she realized the sky girl's body was there, but not her mind.

She walked up to her, calling her name. Finally the blonde looked in her eyes, then around. It was sinking in.


Clarke could still feel it on her hands, she could still feel him, so she started to furiously rub her hands.


Lexa grabbed a recipient filled with water and a cloth before grabbing the other girl's hands and started to clean them slowly, softly.


She was nearly done when Clarke spoke again in a broken voice. "Thank you"


"The burden you chose to take is a very heavy one"


"I had no choice"


Lexa didn't know if it was meant for her or if the sky girl was trying to convince herself. So she didn't speak.


"I don't know if I can face them again. Raven probably hates me"


"You can stay here if you want to"


Clarke looked up into Lexa's eyes. She was looking at her in a way. With care. No one probably cared for her anymore after what she did…

She wanted to feel safe, she started to get closer to Lexa who was just watching her move.


Lexa let Clarke touch her, caress her cheek before leaning in. The commander closer her eyes as she felt soft lips against her own and she let out a small sigh.

It felt so good. No one had touched her in so long. There was a voice in the back of her mind telling her she shouldn't let Clarke do that, for so many reasons.

Lexa started to back away slowly but the other girl followed her step by step. Clarke had grabbed the back of her head so the kiss wouldn't stop.


Lexa felt her bed hit the back of her leg. Her eyes grew wide as the blonde pushed her down on it.

She was lost, lost in the moment, the sensations. Lost in Clarke.


She started to feel a hand on her flat stomach, going up. She couldn't help but moan as she felt a hand reach her breast.


There was no more real thought in the commander's mind. She was pulling, trying to remove the blonde's shirt. She tore it off and for a moment they stopped.

Breathing heavily they looked at each other.




The blonde didn't reply, she just pulled at the commander's clothes, removing them slowly with Lexa's help.


Lexa found herself naked under Clarke, kissing her, feeling nipples against her own. She started to rock on the clothed thigh between her legs.

It had been too long, she had barely been touched and she was already so close to coming undone.

One of the sky girl's hand went back to her breast, caressing it, toying with her nipple for a minute before heading south, slowly.


Lexa could only moan after that, as fingers circled around her clit. Her back tensed, her hips rose off the bed as she came and the blonde slowed down.


Clarke had stopped kissing her so she opened her eyes to see the blonde above her, she was smiling, nearly smirking. "That was quick"


Lexa couldn't say the words on her lips, instead of a growl a moan left her mouth again as she felt fingers enter her.