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Summer Challenge 2014: Sweet Valley

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Slate grey. Ken hated it.

Ken thought it ironic that Olivia was grey now.

Slate grey. Olivia would have found that so boring.

She had been bright. Colorful -- in more ways than one. Even her death had color. Copper-colored-fridge-color. But there was no more color now. At least not for Ken. So the grey was fitting.

She would have hated it. Even though Olivia didn't really hate. She was too good for that.

But Ken wasn't. Ken hated a lot now. Ken hated earthquakes. Ken hated the Wakefields' and their stupid copper-colored fridge. Ken hated how things had gone from great to rock bottom in less than a week.

He even hated color because he was reminded of her. What he had lost.

And slate grey.

Ken hated that most of all.