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When you're here, you're family

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Renesmee Carlie Cullen is at the Olive Garden, and she loves it here.

Correction: Ren loves being in the very back of the kitchen of the Olive Garden, where she rocks at her job. Her managers were confused when she first applied to be a dishwasher and tried to convince her to become a server instead, telling her she had a ‘natural charisma’ that would help her make good tips. ‘Natural charisma’ is one way to put it - Ren prefers to say ‘freakishly good looking’ or ‘genetically impossible’.

Walking through the front door, the smell of garlic weighs heavy in the air, and the soft jazz sets the tone. Ren waves to Amanda at the host stand and after stopping to clock in makes her way to the kitchen, where the dulcet tones of Frank Sinatra are abruptly drowned out by thumping bass and clamoring voices. Grinning, she ties her triangle bandana atop her head, and her two braids bounce on her back as she assesses the work ahead of her.

Shimmying behind the dish machine in rhythm to the music, Ren nods to Benny, letting him know that she plans on getting him out of here soon. His son is in her math class, and they have a mutual agreement to never acknowledge this fact unless it’s necessary. It’s not like they talk a lot back here - the machine is far too loud - but if they could talk, discussing their tenuous connection would just be weird.

Before their last move, Ren raised the point to her family that a family with seven children shouldn’t be able to financially support themselves, and at least a few of the ‘kids’ should get jobs to help with appearances. Surprisingly, Alice agreed, citing that in visions where they have jobs, people are way less suspicious about them.

Ren doubts she would’ve agreed if she’d known Ren would be doing this. Her Dad didn’t understand why she wanted this particular job at first, but he supported her anyway (once her Mom got involved). Alice still doesn’t get it, but Ren wants to make her own money, and look as normal as possible. If that means spraying down plates shellacked with Alfredo sauce, so be it.

Two hours into her shift, and Ren’s dish pit is barely showing signs of the Friday night dinner rush. She doesn’t use her enhanced speed (she considers it cheating). The fact of the matter is, as stated earlier, that Ren genuinely rocks at this. The methodical process of cleaning dishes is fun, although she knows no one else in her family would agree with her. Rosalie loves volunteering at the women’s shelter and Bella and Edward are content to work at the little bookstore right by the weird occult store Alice insisted on working at (“It’s so cool! I’m an actual psychic working in an occult store!”) Even Jasper and Emmett’s lawn-mowing business is surprisingly flourishing. Washing dishes is her business, and she loves it.

Ren glances up as a teen girl clad head to toe in black ducks behind the towering racks of glasses by her station. Emma pulls out her phone with one hand, and her vape with the other - a practiced move that Ren has seen far too many times. As usual, she levels her co-worker with a scathing look, gesturing at the little glowing tube between her lips. Exhaling, Emma turns to her and yells in her direction.

“Dude! I know I said I’d quit, but tonight has sucked so bad! I just had a twelve top with Nate, and he didn’t help at all until the end. Like, I had to get everyone else to help me run my soups. My soups, Ren! And I’m closing!”

With that, Emma throws her a pitiful look and ducks out, stuffing her two vices back into her apron pockets. The rest of the night passes much like this - Ren runs her dishes through the machine, and is frequently visited by Emma, who yells her complaints then runs back to the bustle of the main kitchen area. By the time 11 pm rolls around and her manager locks the front door, Ren’s station is almost scrubbed clean. Out by midnight, she can’t help but be proud of herself and makes her way to her car, the familiar glowing light of the Olive Garden sign beaming down on her.