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The Click x Satan x Simba

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With a gasp Clicky Wiccy opened his eyes, he was in hell he realized.


He had died fighting off a cringe gacha a kid that was actually a 27-year-old Karen.


The landscape around him was red


”Oh Cliccy Wiccy I’ve been waiting for you”

The click turned around, facing Satan head-on.



Satan looked so sexy in the heats of hell, gasping as Satan grabbed his hips.

 Cliccy Wiccy leaned into Satan’s hot sexy face.

Cliccy Wiccy leaned into S and kissed him, their lips being forced together in a burning mix of spit and passion.


Even when his lungs begged for air he ignored their pleas, hoping to instead spash his lips with Satan’s.


Satan broke first, gasping for breath.

panting Satan decided that now was the best time to flirt, “man, I thought you belonged to Toppiccy Woccy”

Cliccy Wiccy’s gaze darkened at the mention of his old lover.

He shock his head, how would Topiccy Woccy React to this.   

“Nevermind him my love we have better things to do then dwell on the past~~”

Nodding Cliccy Wiccy Let Satan grab his hips and guide him to Satans home.