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You are the music in me

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Chapter 1


"According to Bass player, The Skulk is cutting back on live performances and slowing on song production until they can quote 'rediscover their drive.' Music from the band has gotten more distracted with auto-tune and louder beats compared to how the leader, also known as the Alpha, started. Fans theorize that Alpha's recent separation with up and coming model Victoria Sutherland is a primary cause to the music groups disappearance these past six months, but are hopeful and eager for when the Skulk returns to their rightful place on the stage."

"That's such bullshit. Sutherland Did Alpha so dirty and slept with her sleaze-ball makeup artist and yet they're giving the Musician all the shit. Have you seen these comments Rosalie? I mean seriously." A sigh pushed past Rosalie Hale's plump lips as she turned her attention away from the textbook in front of her and over to her bestfriend-turned-brother's-girlfriend. The action made electric blue eyes meet her own violet orbs.

"Who now?" Alice's scoff of disbelief and hand running through her pixie cropped hair in agitation always made Rosalie's faux disinterest worth doing. The shorter girl always got so worked up and there was nothing more entertaining than Alice Cullen with flushed cheeks as she animatedly explained whatever topic she was passionate about, hand motions and all.

"you're the absolute worst." Ah, there it was, the very same indigent tone that made Jasper fall for her in the first place. "You know, The Skulk? Alpha of The Skulk? We listened to them for hours Rose!" Obviously. Rosalie rolled her eyes and twirled a strand of platinum hair around her finger. How could she forget? Alice had practically strapped her to her chair when Rosalie had mentioned how she had never heard of the band before, but could you blame her? She had better things to do in Rochester New York than listen to every new fad or scandal that pops up, like studying or practicing her color guard routine. Alice however, saw it as a travesty and decided to force the band on her one night while she worked on creating Rosalie a new outfit for her routine.

Honestly? Rosalie actually really enjoyed the smoky tenor of the lead singers voice, so much so that she started writing these little song like poems that she thought would sound good coming from the punk-rocker's sinful mouth. Alice didn't need to know that though because once the little freak of nature did? Rosalie would never hear the end of it and she wasn't exactly prepared to deal with the over exuberance that was the force of nature known as an excited Alice Cullen.

"Anyways, Alpha and Victoria broke up right? Somebody clipped this from Warp fest a couple weeks ago. Which Alpha had every right to preform considering the circumstances and now she's the bad guy." Another sigh pulled from Rosalie's frame and she snapped her textbook shut; clearly studying when Alice was in one of her moods was a lost cause. Seeing the muscularly defined, olive toned form that was the lead singer on her plasma screen wasn't exactly something that Rosalie was against though. Next to the lead singer, sharing the microphone was the bass player and only other girl that made up The Skulk; Leah Clearwater. Leah was pretty, but her dark eyes had nothing on the bright silver stood out on the lead singers angled face.

"I know what you did last summer. Just lied it me 'there's no other'. I know what you did last summer. Tell me where you've been"  The images behind Leah that appeared were of the red-haired model out in a fancy restaurant kissing a blonde haired man that use way too much gel in his hair and suddenly it was a lot easier to read the body language of the lead singer. The Alpha was pissed and hurt and it caused a dangerous rigidity that made the girl seem all the more attractive as her tone twisted with a gravel-like quality that told Rosalie and the rest of the world just how much pain she was in.

The notes swelled with perfect pitch and Rosalie found herself as captivated as ever by the emotions in those shimmering silver eyes as the song continued. "You're right Ali. Sutherland did deserve it for what she did." The words were lost in the air and when Rosalie was finally able to pull her eyes from the video, she caught the heart warming sight of her brother holding Alice as he gently smoothed the chaotic mess that was her hair. Rosalie wondered if she'd ever get lucky enough for someone to care for her the way her stoic brother cared for the artist in his arms, but that line of thought got pushed down as she picked up her textbook.

"I'm assuming you're taking my bestfriend away from me then?" Both Alice and Jasper gave her a sheepish smile that she shrugged off with her own slight smirk. "It's fine. you two have a good night. I'm gonna work out some finer details of my routines and finish studying since Alice never seems to want to let me get any schoolwork done." Rosalie left the couple with a middle finger and a soft laugh to respond to Alice's stuck out tongue as she made her way up the stairs to her room down the hall. After a few moments headphones rested over platinum waves and The Skulk's latest album poured through its speakers.

Okay. Let's get this over with.