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Toman's future seed

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Takemichi was in a bit of a pickle. 


Today was the day of the festival, August 3, and he somehow managed to save Draken's life. However, that was not the problem. The real problem was that during all of the commotion, Takemichi failed to notice that his heat was coming on. He tried to keep strong until after they announced that Draken would pull through, but by then, he was barely hanging on. Thankfully he had enough foresight to double up on his scent blockers and heat suppressants today, not that it was doing anything other than keeping others from smelling his heat. 


It's also lucky for Takemichi that his friends had come to the hospital with him tonight. One look at Akkun and Yamagishi was enough for them to jump into action. Akkun hurried over to Takemichi's side as soon as Mikey, Mitsuya, Hinata, and Emma walked outside, he briefly heard them mentioning something about how late it was. Looking over to the clock over the operating doors told him that it was now officially the 4th of August. "Great, I did it, now I can relax a bit, but not here," Takemichi thought suddenly feeling more tired than he's ever been before. A clear sign that he was going into heat.


"Hey, Takemichi, you good man?" Akkun asked worriedly, the only other person in the area was Yamagishi who was keeping an eye out just in case anyone walked back in. 


Takemichi shook his head, "no, I think I'm about to reach my limit over here man," he said holding his head. His whole body felt like it was burning up, amongst other things, and his head felt fuzzy, "I need to get home." 


Akkun nodded, "yeah, I'll help you out, c'mon," he took one of Takemichi's arms so he could lean on him. "Hang in there, I'll get you there as soon as...wait," Akkun took a second to sniff the air around Takemichi. The smell of sunflowers was faint, but it was visible enough since he was so close to the omega. "Oh man, you smell good...didn't you wear your scent blocking patch today?" 


Takemichi nodded, "yeah, I wore two just in case."


"You what?!" Akkun looked down at his blond friend in shock, "are you serious, you do know those things are medicated, right?"


Takemichi did know that, but he had been feeling as though his usual scent blockers had not been working lately. Recently, whenever he was hanging around Draken, Mikey, or even Mitsuya it felt like they were acting a little weird around him. Mitsuya would stop and stare at him for a time as if his mind had wandered somewhere else while they were talking. It would take Takemichi waving his hands in front of his face sometimes to get his attention back. As for Mikey, the shorter boy seemed to be a little more touchy with him, he would always seem to find a way to pet Takemichi on the head like a puppy. Not that Takemichi minded it that much, however, it was starting to become a problem because as far as anyone in Toman knew, Takemichi was a beta.


Takemichi hadn't thought too much about the first two being that big of a problem so much as when Draken started to get affected. Draken, much to Takemichi's surprise, was oddly...friendly when it came to Takemichi in the recent days. Earlier at the festival before all the fighting and attempted murder stuff took place, Draken had petted Takemichi on the head gently before the girls showed up. He even complimented Takemichi on smelly so good for his lady, that was when Takemichi realized that something was wrong, but he couldn't tell what exactly it was until now.


Yamagishi came over to the two and took Takemichi's other arm to help Akkun carry their friend. "Hey, let's hurry up and get out of here, if Takemichi overdosed on scent blockers, then he could be going into an early heat," he stated urgently. "We should get him out of here before his current patches fail him as well," Akkun nodded and the two started to look for a way out of the hospital where they wouldn't be spotted by Toman members. 


Instead of going put the same way they came, Yamagishi lead the way to a side door where they made their escape. Once outside, he used his phone to call Yamamoto and Makoto to see if they were still at the hospital. Makoto and Yamamoto came to help take Takemichi home once Yamagishi explained what was happening. It didn't take the four of them long to sneak Takemichi away from the hospital, though it was a little hard getting past all the thought Toman alphas that were littering the parking lot, they seemed to manage somehow. They found their way down the street on the way to Takemichi's house, when they were almost there, with the house in their sights, they heard someone call out to them.


"Hey, why'd you guys suddenly leave the hospital like that?" The four friends turned around to see Mikey standing there. He was looking at them with his emotionless eyes, watching the four of them carefully. Yamamoto and Akkun instinctively blocked his view of Takemichi while Yamagishi and Makoto tried to hurry over to Takemichi's house. Mikey tilted his head slightly and stepped forward, "hey, what's going on with you guys? Are you trying to hide something from me?" He asked curiously as he tried to get a glimpse of Takemichi, the whole reason he had followed after them for so long was to find his Takemitchy, but now something didn't seem right. 


"Oh, Mikey, what a surprise, what are you doing here so late?" Yamamoto said trying not to sound obvious that he was trying to stall for time. 


"What am I doing here? I'm looking for Takemitchy, he was with you guys last, wasn't he?" Mikey asked taking another step forward, he could smell the faint trace of sunflowers in the air. It was a scent that he had only started to pick up a few weeks ago whenever Takemitchy was around him, the scent comforted him a lot more than he would like to admit. So, when his best friend nearly died in the street but was saved by Takemitchy, he wanted to go to that scent to be comforted, but he couldn't find Takemitchy anywhere in the lobby. That was when a doctor told him that his friends took him out the side door, Mikey was curious as to what they were doing and quickly followed after them. 


Now that he found them in front of Mitchy's home, Mikey was even more curious as to why the beta didn't say goodbye before leaving. 


Akkun and Yamamoto looked at each other for a moment, "oh, is that so?" Akkun asked scratching his cheek, "well, you see. Takemichi thought that you might want to be alone for a while, what with everything that's happened today, so he didn't want to bother you and just left. It's been a really long day, so we walked home together, you understand right, Mikey?"


Yamamoto nodded, "yeah, that's right. With everything that's happened, he thought that you would want some time alone with Draken now that he's out of surgery."


Mikey frowned, "yeah, I guess so, but..." just behind the two boys blocking his way, he could see Takemitchy's form being led into his house by his other two friends. "Takemitchy?" Mikey took another step forward, Akkun and Yamamoto instinctively blocked his way so that he couldn't go any further. Now Mikey was suspicious, "what are you two doing? Let me through, I wanna see Takemitchy."


"Uh, yeah, we would do that but..." Yamamoto looked to Akkun for an answer because he was drawing blanks. 


"Because Takemichi isn't feeling well...?" Akkun tried to say it as if it were a fact, but it came out as more of a question. 


Mikey raised an eyebrow at that, "and why couldn't he just stay at the hospital if he wasn't feeling well?"


"Oh, you know, because it's, uh, f-fatigue," Akkun started as he glanced behind him to make sure the others got Takemichi into the house okay. Just as he did, he noticed Yamagishi giving him the thumbs-up just before closing the door behind him. He breathes a sigh of relief as he turns back to Mikey, "yeah, that's it, it's from fatigue, so there's no reason for him to really stay at the hospital just for that."


Something inside of Mikey's alpha instincts was telling him that he should just push past these two and burst into that house to get his Takemitchy. But he paused. 'His' Takemitchy? Since when was Takemitchy his? More importantly, why was he thinking this way over a simple beta...Mikey sighed, maybe these two were right. Maybe he was a little tired too, he sighed, "whatever, I guess I'll just come to see him tomorrow or something."


"Yeah, you do that, I'm sure Takemitchy will be more willing to hang out then," Yamamoto smiled in relief.


Mikey left them there, heading back to the hospital feeling as though he should still turn back to find out what really going on with Takemichi, but those two were Mitchy's friends. Mikey pouted more as he made his way back to the hospital, as soon as Draken was brought up to his hospital room, Mikey was there to wait for him. In the meanwhile, the short blond was lost in thought as he waited for his best friend. 


Meanwhile, Akkun and Yamamoto sighed, thankful that their words worked on the alpha. If not, then they probably would have had to fight Mikey then and there just so he could see Takemichi. Speaking of which, the two turned and made their way towards the house. As soon as they opened the door, the overwhelming scent of sunflowers filled their noises and tented their pants. On the floor near the front door, they could see Takemichi crouched down on the ground panting hard while Yamagishi tried to comfort him.


"Hey! Yamamoto, Akkun, get out! You can't be in here right now!" Makoto shouted pushing the two alphas back through the door, he fixed the two with as stern a face as he could manage, "you two won't be much help here unless you're trying to start some kind of harem or something. It might be best for the two of you to leave for the night, we'll watch over him tonight."


Akkun and Yamamoto nodded and backed away from the front door slowly as Makoto slammed it shut and locked it. "Wow, was that really Takemichi's scent, it smelled so good," Yamamoto said feeling some drool coming down the side of his mouth.


"Yeah, no kidding," Akkun chuckled, "but you better not let Yamagishi hear you say that. He might just kick your ass."


"Ha, no way, he's the only one for me," Yamamoto smiled happily. "You seem to have your hands full with Makoto these days too, isn't your anniversary coming up soon?" The two turned around and started on their way home talking randomly about the things that were going on in their daily lives.


The next day


Mikey stood in front of Takemichi's door, it was still pretty early in the morning, but for some reason, Mikey found his way here. It was probably a little earlier than he thought he would have shown up, but he realized that it didn't really matter, he needed to see his Takemitchy again. For some reason, the beta was on his mind all night, he could barely sleep a wink thanks to him. Now he was standing in front of the Hanagaki residents staring at the door as if it were someone he wanted to kick really hard. 


Why was he just standing here like this?


Mikey knew that he wanted to come and see Takemitchy last night, but he couldn't get access. Now that he was here in the morning, he found himself just standing there questioning himself. And for what? A scentless beta that he liked having around sometimes? No, that didn't make much scene, if Takemichi was an omega, then he might understand his feelings a bit more, but he's not. "Maybe I should just go?" He asked himself, just as he was turning to leave, the front door opened and that wonderful sunflower scent that he liked so much came flowing out. 


Mikey paused for a second before turning around quickly to see who was the source of that wonderful smell.


Takemichi stood at the door, frozen in shock. He thought that he was imagining things, but no, it was Mikey. Mikey was standing at his front door at nine-thirty in the morning. Takemichi felt a little overexposed suddenly as he slowly started to realize something. Not only did he just suffer through a sudden burst of heat last night, the effects that he was still recovering from, here was Mikey. Takemichi had woken up that morning feeling light-headed and tired, his friends, Makoto and Yamagishi were inside getting breakfast ready for them to eat, and here was Mikey. Takemichi was wearing an oversized sleeping shirt with a panda on the front, grey sleeping shorts that were barely poking out from the bottom, his hair was a mess...and here was Mikey.


"Wait, Mikey? W-what are you doing here?!" Takemichi asked as his brain finally caught up to the situation, he was suddenly panicked. For one, he wasn't dressed in his usual baggy clothes, second, his hair wasn't combed or styled in any way. And most importantly, he wasn't wearing his scent blockers. Takemichi slipped up, he just made a big mistake suddenly coming outside in his pajamas like it was nothing, and now this. Mikey, the one person he didn't expect to see this early in this morning was standing at his front door as if it were the most natural thing in the world. 


Before his mind could register what was going, Mikey launched forward and latched himself onto Takemichi tightly so he wouldn't get away from him. As soon as the other blond was in his grasp, Mikey immediately started to sniff him, seeking out the source of the sunflower scent for himself. Mikey wasted no time zeroing in on Takemichi's neck where the scent was the strongest, then gasped, "it's you..."


Takemichi panicked and pushed Mikey off of him quickly before running back inside of his house and locking the door. Mikey was so taken aback that he fell backward, falling on his butt in surprise as he watched the door get slammed in his face. Takemichi leaned against the door, sliding down as he felt tears fill his eyes, "it's's all over, so much time and effort, all that work...gone, just like that..." he hugged his knees and started to cry.


Just then, Makoto peeked out from the kitchen to see what the commotion was about. That was when he noticed Takemichi sitting in front of the door, "Takemichi?" He called out to his friend as walked over, "what's up?"


"It's Mikey, he was outside when I opened the door," Takemichi explained through his tears. He looked up at Makoto with tear-filled eyes, "he smelled me."


Makoto's expression grew grim at that moment, he nodded his head in understanding, "okay, let's have some breakfast first and talk about this later, okay? We can come up with something to convince him that you were just wearing perfume or something," he said as he helped his friend up. Takemichi nodded, though his tears were far from stopping. 


At the same time outside, Mikey was still sitting outside of Takemitchy's house with a stunned look on his face. "If that scent was coming from him this whole time, then that means..." Mikey smiled a little, feeling happy about his sudden discovery. "But wait, why'd he try to hide it from me?" His smile lessened some but he still felt happy, "oh well. I'll just have him explain it to me later," he got up and dusted off his pants before putting both his hands onto his pocket and walking away. He hummed a small tone as he thought about cornering Takemitchy later so he could get the answers he was looking for. 



To be continued...


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A few days went by without Takemichi leaving his house. He was scared, he remembered what it was like for him during his first go-round, it was hard and he nearly got raped many times. So after his first trip back to the past, he made sure to stock up on all the essentials for his younger self. It blew a decent hole in his allowance, but he was happy he did it. From scent-blocking patches, heat suppressant pills, and all the birth control one omega can handle.


Ever since the start of his mission, every morning he would get up, take his shower with a special scent neutralizing soap that was a little on the pricy side. Then he would put on his scent blocking patch right over his scent glands as recommended to be most effective. He took his heat suppressants and birth control religiously. But, Takemichi's most guarded and well-kept secret wasn't that he was an omega. 


Takemichi's childhood was pretty shit as a child, and reliving his teenage years like this was only reminding him of how bad it was. But he couldn't focus on that right now. Since it's been a little under a week since Mikey discovered his secret, Takemichi thought that it would be safer for him to let things settle down for a bit. He didn't know if Mikey spilled his secret to Draken or Mitsuya, or anyone else from Toman. Honestly, he was scared to think of their reactions to him.


Would they all try to fight over him, to be his mate? 


Would they force him? 


Takemichi shook his head, thinking about those thoughts wasn't doing him any good, so he put it out of his mind for now. There was a knock on the door, Takemichi hesitantly went to it and peeked out through the peephole, it was just his friends, Akkun, Makoto, Yamagishi, and Yamamoto, they all came to walk him over to the hospital after because despite what happened, Takemichi still wanted to see how Draken was recovering. "Hey, morning guys," Takemichi said opening up the door. 


"What's up man, you ready to go?" Akkun asked with a bright smile, Takemichi nodded and the group left the house once the door was firmly locked in place. They took their time walking towards the hospital talking about random things that crossed their minds. It was starting to feel like a regular day like nothing had happened a few weeks before. The walk to the hospital was fairly uneventful, some neighborhood kids recognized Takemichi as the one who beat Kiyomasa on the night of the festival. But Takemichi's mind was still concerned about Mikey telling people his secret to get a big head over it.




Maybe he did bask in the glory a little bit. After all, he was an omega who took down a big, bad alpha, though no one else seemed to know that he was an omega. Which was good, it made Takemichi relax a bit for the rest of the walk.


Once they made it to the hospital, Takemichi made it up to the fifth floor where he found Draken's room. "Hey, hey, hey, what's going on Draken my man," Takemichi entered the room cheerfully, making his way over to Draken's bed with a bright smile on his face. He figured that it would be best to act as normal as possible until he can confirm whether or not Mikey had spilled the beans or not. 


Draken looked up at Takemichi from his bed, he had a bit of an odd look on his face that was filled with curiosity. 


Takemichi tilted his head to the side a bit, still keeping up his act, "uh, is there something wrong, Draken?"


"Hm? It's nothing, just..." Draken closed his eyes and sniffed the air for a moment, "did you always smell like sunflowers?" 


Takemichi nearly jumped out of his skin when Draken said that, but he forced himself to calm down, "oh, uh, it's just a perfume that Hina gave me a little while back." He lied, "yeah, I accidentally spilled the bottle on me this morning before I came here, so that's probably-"


"No, that's not it," Draken got out of bed stepped closer to Takemichi, taking a few more sniffs of the air around him. "It's not a perfume I smell, I can tell the difference between perfume and pheromones Mitchy." 


"O-oh, you don't say," Takemichi stepped back a bit but Draken was quick to grab onto his shoulders to keep him in place. 


"Hold on a minute," Draken pulled the smaller boy closer to him, looking him over for a moment before leaning down to get a close sniff of his neck. Meanwhile, Takemichi was praying to whatever higher power there was to please help him out of this situation, though he knew that help wasn't coming as his luck was usually bad. "It's kinda smell... good Takemitchi," he leaned his head in closer to the boy's neck and took in breathe before standing up in surprise.


"Whoa, you smell good, Takemitchy, have you always smelled this way?" the taller boy asked in surprise because liked the smell coming off of Takemitchy right now. He had never smelled anything like it in his whole life, not even around the place he lived that was constantly filled with pheromones that were meant to pull in customers left and right. Takemitchy, for his part, was trying his best not to cry right now. It took a minute, but Draken finally realized what he was doing to the poor boy, "oh, sorry, I don't know what just came over me, you smelled so good that I kinda lost it for a moment. Sorry," he apologized but Takemichi already had tears running down his face.


Seeing Takemichi's tear-stricken face did something to the older boy, he didn't know why, but he got the overwhelming urge to protect him. Moving on instinct, Draken pulled Takemichi into a tight hug to try and calm him down, though the hug did cause his recent wound to be brushed up against. It hurt, but Draken could endure a little pain if it helped Takemichi stop crying. "Huh? What's this feeling in my chest, it's all fluttery, is it because of Takemitchy? No way, he's a beta, he's not supposed to have pheromones...maybe I'm having a heart attack or something. The doc did say that I went into cardiac arrest or whatever on the way over here, I probably shouldn't be out of bed for this long...but." 


Glancing down at the top of Takemichi's head, he could still smell that wonderful sunny scent. The boy the scent was coming from was small and bright, just like the scent coming off of him. Draken could barely feel any muscle on him, he was more of a toothpick than anything else. If he was to pick him up, Draken was sure Takemitchy would be as light as a feather too. Draken blushed a little when he felt the smaller boy moving in his arms, he decided that it was probably about time he let him go.


Takemichi pulled away from Draken then, taking in a couple of deep breaths, "aah! I thought I was gonna die!" He calmed as he took in more of that sweet, sweet oxygen. "Oh geez Draken, I guess you do smell pretty nice too, but I don't think I would want to suffocate in your scent!" He didn't notice before, by Draken scent smell very much like spicy curry, the good kind that burns your mouth off whenever you take a bite.


"Oh, s-sorry..." Draken blushed a bit as he took a seat back down on his bed. The two of them stayed like that for a moment before Draken realized what Mitchy just said, "wait, h-"


Suddenly the room was filled with the scent of blood. The two froze in place, Takemichi more than Draken, they both slowly turned their heads towards the source of the bloody scent. The room that Draken was staying in had multiple other beds in it, but they were all empty, so Draken sort of had the room all to himself. So, when Mikey filled the room with his scent, no one but his two targets were affected. Mikey glared at Draken and Takemitchy hard, "Takemitchy, is there something that you have to say to me?" Mikey growled as he slowly made his way across the room.


Takemichi froze out of fear, he forgot that Mikey would be at the hospital as well. He got careless and wrapped up at the moment, didn't even notice when Mikey entered the room, his scent was so distinct that he couldn't have mistaken it. "M-M-M-Mikey! W-w-what are you doing here?" Takemichi asked as he tried to back up but his back hit the wall, and the only place left to go was out the window. But at this point, Takemichi was thinking about taking the jump even from this height. 


"Uhm, Mikey, what's up with you?" Draken asked confused as to why his friend was suddenly so angry. 


Mikey paused at the bed and turned a sharp glare onto his friend, "you...what were you doing with Mitchy just now?" 


"Huh? What was I doing?" Draken asked still confused, then he wondered, "wait, how much of that did you see just now?"


"All of it," Mikey growled.


"Oh, uh...then you don't need to be asking me then," Draken sighed. He was starting to feel tired, and his wound was aching. "What are you so mad for anyway? It was only a hug."


"Only a hug, huh?" Mikey stepped around the foot of the bed and leaned down in Draken's face to intimidate him. Sadly, since Darken was much bigger and has known Mikey for so long, he knew the boy wouldn't do anything stupid to a patient in the hospital. Though, there could be a first time for everything. Mikey glared into Draken's eyes for a long moment, "what were your intentions with Mitchy?"


"My what?" Now Draken was confused. "Mikey, can you stop talking as if Takemitchy is some omega in distress...well, I know he might smell like it, but he's just a beta." He leaned to the side to see Takemitchy, "you are a beta, aren't you?" He blinked when he didn't see the other blond in the room, "Mitchy?" Mikey and Draken turned back to the spot where Takemitchy was last standing only to see the spot empty, it was only when they heard the door opening did they notice that Takemitchy was trying to sneak out of the room without their knowledge. 


"Hey, where do you think you're going, Mitchy?!" Mikey called out.


Takemichi jumped, he thought that his escape would be perfect, but it looks like he's been caught. "Oh, you know, things to do, people to see, hahaha," he laughed nervously as he inched his way out of the room. "Besides, you two seem like you're busy, so I better go, bye!" Takemitchy turned on his heels and ran out of the room as fast as his legs could carry him. He was running so fast that he nearly ran into Mitsyua, but he didn't slow down even when the lavender-haired boy called out to him.


"Takemitchy wait!" Mikey called after the other blond, but he was already long gone. Mikey sulked at missing the boy, "oh man," he pouted.


Draken looked from the door to Mikey, "uh, so, when are you gonna explain what just happened to me? Or is this a part of a game the two of you are playing?" 


"Hmph, this is your fault, Ken-chin," Mikey puffed up his cheeks like a little child and folded his arms. 


"My fault? He's it my fault?" Draken asked as he was starting to feel a headache coming on.


"Well," Mikey turned away from the taller boy as he couldn't think of a good answer, "it just is!" 


"What?!" Draken held the side of his head and sighed, "haa, Mikey, just shut up for a moment. My head is starting to hurt from your logic."


"Hmph, serves you right," Mikey huffed childishly, Draken didn't attempt to argue with the commander any further. He knew it would only make his headache worse. 


A few seconds later, there was a knock on the door, the two looked over to see Mitsuya poking his head into the room. "Uh, hey guys, I just saw Takemitchy running away from here in a hurry, should I be worried?"


"No-" Draken started but Mikey interrupted him.


"It was Ken-chin's fault!" 


"...Right," Mitsuyua walked into the room holding up a bag in one hand, "anyway, I brought us some lunch."


Takemichi took a moment to breathe, he managed to run over to Hinata's house. Since he accomplished his mission of saving Draken, he finally head back to the future to see the effects it had. If things worked out the way he hoped, then Hinata will be saved. Once he caught his breath, he made the trek up to Hinata's floor and rang the doorbell, he only had to wait for a second before the door opened to reveal her beauty. 


"Huh? Takemichi? You're showing up unexpectedly more and more these days," Hinata said with a pleasant smile. 


Takemichi nodded, "yeah, I know, sorry about that."


Hinata shook her head, "nah, it's okay. You haven't been in school for a couple of days, your friends said you weren't feeling well, are you better now?"


Takemichi nodded happily, "yep, it was nothing to worry about really."


Hinata frowned at him, she leaned in close and sniffed the air around him, "it doesn't smell like nothing. I can smell your scent from here, didn't you wear your scent blockers today?"


Takemichi let his head drop in shame, "seriously? You're like the third person to be able to smell my scent today. And I did wear them, I have on two!" 


"Two?" Hinata was a little surprised to hear that, "what kind of brand are you using? Maybe it's not a right fit for you," she thought for a moment before grabbing Takemichi's hand, "come inside and let me see. I can lend you one of mine so you won't attract any unwanted attention on the way back home." Takemichi nodded and allowed her to pull him into the apartment. Hinata knew what Takemichi was going through because she was an omega as well. The main reason the two of them started to date, even knowing that each other were omegas, was for a mutual interest. Hinata wanted all the alphas in the school to stop hitting on her all the time, while Takemichi wanted to not be found out as an omega. 


On the outside, they were dating, but when no one else was watching, the two were the best of friends. Their mutual agreement to date helped them both out, Hinata, Akkun, Yamagishi, Yamamoto, and Makoto were the only ones Takemichi told about him being an omega. He never intended for anyone else to find out. Now, here he was. Takemichi sighed as he sat down in Hinata's room, it didn't take her long to retrieve her scent-blocking patches from the bathroom and show it to him. "Here, this is the brand that I use, it's supposed to be extra strength. I haven't had any problems with it so far, you should give it a try yourself," she said handing him the box.


"Really? You sure you wanna give me the whole box?" Takemichi asked looking up at her then down at the box in his hand, it read 'Mushy-Mu'. "What kind of name is that for scent blockers?"


"Don't blame me, my dads, the one who bought it, besides, I have three more boxes just like it in the bathroom" Hinata shrugged. "Anyway, it really works, so you should try it and let me know."


Takemichi smiled and nodded, "alright, thanks. By the way, is Naoto around?" 


"Yeah, he should be in his room," Hinata turned to call her brother before turning back to Takemichi. "So, Akkun told me what happened the other day. Are you okay?"


Takemichi laughed nervously, "I slipped up a little that day. Though it probably won't be so bad now that I have these, I'll just have to be extra careful around them from now on. Oh, before I forget, I got you this," he reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace in the shape of a clover. "Here, this is to thank you," he handed the necklace over to her with a bright smile. "You don't really have to wear it or anything, I just thought it would be nice for you to have."


"Really, but thanks for what? I didn't really do all that much," Hinata said as she accepted the necklace. She blushed a little, even though Takemichi wasn't her real boyfriend, she wares sometimes she could really fall for him, especially during moments like these.


"Oh, you know, f-for keeping my secrets, you know?" Takemichi chuckled nervously, he was blushing out of embarrassment.


"Thank you, I'll make sure to keep it close," Hinata smiled s she held the necklace close to her heart. 


"Ahem, are you two lovebirds done now?" Naoto asked in a bored tone. 


Hinata jumped as she turned to her brother, "how long have you been standing there?"


"Oh, you know, a while. You're the one who called me by the way," Naoto pointed out.


"Oh, right..." Hinata looked to the floor out of embarrassment. 


"Naoto put her there," Takemichi held out his hand towards the younger boy with a smile on his face. 


The younger boy stepped forward and reached out to grab the blond's hand, "you sure do like handshakes, don't ya, Takemichi?" Takemichi could only nod his head as he felt the charge of lightning run through his body and everything went black. 


Takemichi opened his eyes to see that he was standing in the middle of the video store. But he could remember being fired from this place not too long ago, he looked around, everything was normal. He was starting to think that everything was a distant dream, with Mikey, Draken, everything. However, one look down at his right hand at the scare he gained from that night made it clear to him. He made it through August 3, Draken was saved, and he had the scar to prove it. 


The one thing he was curious about right now was Hinata. 


Was he still alive?


Suddenly an alarm went off on his phone, it was for a hair appointment that he didn't remember setting. He decided that he would clock out a little early today and head over to the address listed under the notification. Through the window, he could see a tall figure with a familiar pompadour, he took a second look and couldn't believe it. "Akkun!!" He shouted as his tears started to flow down his face. He went in and got a quick haircut from his childhood best friend, he couldn't believe that Akkun was still alive. 


And if Akkun was alive, then that meant that Hinata had to be alive as well.


A few minutes into talking with Akkun, he got a call from an unsaved number on his phone. Takemitchi picked up and was happy to hear Naoto's voice on the other line, he explained that Hinata was, in fact, alive. After the hair cut, Takemichi said goodbye to his friend, promising to swing by again soon for another, and left the shop to get picked up by Naoto. Takemichi was a little nervous to see his best friend again, before, they had gone their own ways as they were growing up and their fake relationship wasn't much of one of anyone. People had started to take notice of how unromantic they acted with each other and assumed the truth, eventually, they had to break up but still remained friends throughout the years. 


Hinata had also moved away and slowly over time, the two lost touch. 


Now, he was going to see her again. Takemichi was excited, his friend was alive. 


Once they finally found Hinata's address, and the owner of said address, the atmosphere became very awkward very quickly. Thankfully, Naoto suggest a drive so the two might talk more easily. The conversation started to pick up after the young officer left the car though. Hinata and Takemichi talked about many embarrassing moments that happened to them while they were still together that they could look back on and laugh at now. They walked the pier and laughed for a bit before Takemichi got another call on his phone. 


"Oh, hold on, let me take this, I'll meet you back in the car," Takemichi said running towards the direction of the restroom. Hinata waved at him before making her way back to the car to wait. She was having a pleasant leaving reconnecting with her best friend, and Takemichi felt the same. When he answered his cellphone, a familiar shrill voice yelled at him through the phone.


'Papa! Where are you! You were supposed to pick me up from Molly's house five minutes ago!!'


Takemitchi's heart nearly stopped in his chest. How could he forget, "Mimi-chan?! Oh my gosh, I am so, so sorry, I lost track of time, I'll be there to pick you up soon, okay?" 


The sound of the little girl on the phone sighed, 'okay, papa, but you have to make it up to me with a big bowl of ice cream later, okay?'


Takemichi nodded, "yep, huh, you got it, sweetheart. What kind of ice cream would you like?" He asked as he walked into the bathroom.


The little girl, Mimi, thought for a moment, 'hmm, I don't know, but just in case, we better get all the best ones, okay? It's the only way to apologize, right, papa?' 


"Right, I'll be on the way soon, so wait for me, okay?" Mimi agreed and the line went dead. Takemichi chuckled, his daughter had a big sweet tooth just like him, in fact, Mimi was his pitting image. He was thankful that she took more after him than her father, that might have been a nightmare to deal with now that she was entering her teenage years. Takemichi sighed happily, he washed his hands after using the restroom and was about to head back out when he nearly ran into someone. The scent was somewhat familiar as if he had smelled it before. He couldn't place it exactly until he looked up at the face.


The man standing before him was tall, like Draken. He wore very round glasses that suited his face well, and those sharp eyes that seem to take in everything. The man had mostly black hair with some blond highlights running through it. He wore a fine pinstriped suit that hugged his body well, even fitting his long arms and legs perfectly, making Takemichi think that it was custom made. "You're not in the car," the man's voice was low, deep, and disappointed, "I thought I could take care of the both of you at the same time." The man turned away from him with a disappointed sigh, he started walking away as he stretched his head with one hand, "oh well. He's gonna be angry, but whatever."


"What? Who was that?" Suddenly a flashback to the night of the festival supplied him with the name to the face. "Hanma...wait, no, the car!" Takemichi rushed back to the spot where Hinata had parked the car, he was praying with every fiber of his being that Hinata was okay. He ran and ran until his legs burned, but he wouldn't stop until he reached the parking lot. He saw the blue car just in time, but he couldn't reach it before a large black SUV rammed itself into the back of the little blue car.


The person behind the wheel was Akkun.


Takemichi couldn't understand. He was there, he saved Draken, he stopped Mikey from going to the dark side. What more was there for him to do? He rushed towards Hinata, but before that, he listened to Akkuna's final words. He couldn't believe it, they were the same as last time, it made Takemichi's stomach hurt, he raced over to the car, prying it open and trying to get the female omega out. But it was impossible, Takemichi didn't want to give up, Hinata could see that, so before the car went up in flame, she pushed him out of the door. 


Takemichi looked up at her smiling face, she looked back at him with sorrowful eyes, "hey, you need to live on. Do it for me," she whispered, though she doubted he heard him. Still, she was happy that he didn't die. The care suddenly went up in flames, taking both Hinata and Akkun with it. Takemichi cried out in frustration.


He failed once again.


The funeral healed in Hinata's honor was beautiful.


All of her friends and family gathered to say their final goodbye to the young omega that was gone too soon. 


Hinata's mother gave Takemichi the burned remains of the neckless that Hinata was wearing the night she died. The same necklace he gave her when they were still only kids. Seeing the charged remains of the neckless made Takemichi feel like a failure. He didn't know what to do about this, every time he tried to save Hinata, she died, and it seemed it was usually because of Akkun. No, rather, instead of Akkun, it was Kisaki. Tatta Kisaki was the one to blame. 


"I'm going to take over Toman," Takemichi announced suddenly.


Naoto looked up at the blued omega for a minute, "you're gonna what?" 


"I'm going to take it over, and become the leader of Toman," Takemichi explained more certain than he's ever been before. Naoto thought he was just being crazy, but maybe, just maybe, there was a chance. 


Naoto smiled, "oh yeah? Maybe it's just crazy enough to work," he stood up with a nod of his head. 

Chapter Text

Takemichi opened his eyes to see a sea of white...or was this steam? He could feel warm water all around him, looking around closely, he could make out a bath. Wait, a bath?! Takemichi covered himself up feeling over exploded suddenly, just then, Mikey jumped out of the water and scared him. Takemichi jumped, he could have died from a heart attack just then if he hadn't prepared himself mentally for something to suddenly jump out at him. He didn't think that something would be Mikey. 


Speaking of Mikey, why was he in the bath with him right now. 


"Oi, stop playing around like your a kid, this is a bathhouse, so act your age!" Draken called out to them from the shower stalls. 


"Haha, for someone as big as him, he still needs to use one of those soap shields," Mikey tested. "Who's the real kid here?"


Takemichi took a moment to register what was going on. He was in a bathhouse with Mikey and Draken, he reached behind his neck and felt a bandage there. He sighed in relief, he supposed that this was one of the scent blockers that Hinata gave to him a little while ago before he went back to the future. It seems to be holding up well enough, he's so happy that they are waterproof. Now he could relax a bit. He felt the water shifting to his right and saw Draken sitting in the water, Takemichi had to be careful because Draken's body nearly gave him a nose bleed. 


If Takemichi didn't turn away from the sight quickly, he would have been spuing blood all over the bath area. 


Takemichi cleared his threat to calm himself down a bit, "so, Draken, are you all better now?"


"Huh, oh hell yeah, some stupid as the knife isn't about to keep me down, I work out," Draken boasted proudly. "Behold, gauze upon my impenetrable body!" He announced standing up from the water. Takemichi's eyes were instantly glued to Draken's muscles, his biceps, pecs, abs, going all the way down to the end of his happy trail that was cut off by the water. In Takemichi's findings, he saw that Draken was, shall way say, 'packing a lot of heat' which made Takemichi wonder how many pieces someone would slipt if Draken ever tried to stick it in.


Of course, Takemichi didn't want to be the one to find out. Not now, not ever.


Well, maybe...


"Ooh ho, " Mikey got a mischievous glint in his eye as he swam up close to Draken, in the blink of an eye Mikey punched Draken in the stomach. Directly where his scar was. Draken doubled over in obvious pain while Mikey laughed, "damn dud, have some decency, you can't be bringing something that big in here. There are children around!" 


"Mikey," Draken growled and attacked Mikey, but the smaller boy moved out of the way quickly. The two started fighting each other, trying to see who could land a hit on the other, but they kept dodging and tossing things around. The other people in the bathhouse were looking at the twos fight silently, the two alpha's pheromones were filling the bathhouse so no one dared to bother them.


Takemichi couldn't help but think that the two were kind of like children when they acted this way. He chuckled, "how cute..." he didn't expect to say it out loud, but it seems that Draken and Mikey heard him loud and clear. 


"Oh ho, looks like Mitchi's head is starting to boil from all this heat," Mikey laughed. 


Draken pushed Mikey off of him to stand up, "yeah, we might as well stop playing around now." The two-headed towards the changing rooms while Takemichi sat in the bath feeling embarrassed. "Come on, Takemitchi!" Draken called out to him, the omega jumped up quickly and filled the two alphas into the changing room. 


While Takemichi was changing back into his clothes, he wondered how the hell he ended up taking bath in the same bath area as these two. Omegas and alphas have separate bath areas for a reason. Then again, the patch on his neck didn't give his scent away, so maybe it was okay. Besides, he was a boy just like them, so he shouldn't have anything to be embarrassed about, right? Still, he felt extra naked while he was in the bath, thankfully those two weren't paying too close attention to him to notice, right?


Takemichi went to the vending machine to get some banana milk, he would have preferred strawberry, but they were out. He always had strawberries, bananas, or even chocolate milk after a bath because it made him feel good. Just as he was about to open the bottle, his cell rang, he looked at the number and was a little surprised to see his grandma calling him. "hey, Mitchy, are you coming?" Mikey called over to him, Mikey and Draken seems to have both gotten dressed already and were waiting for him.


"Uh, yeah, just give me a minute, I need to take this call," Takemichi called back to them.


Mikey pouted, "alright, but hurry up." He walked towards the front where Draken and the other members of Toman were waiting for him.


Draken looked over to Mikey, confused as to why he was coming out alone, "where's Takemitchy?"


"He needed to take a call, seemed kinda important, I guess," Mikey said as he folded his arms and leaned on the entrance.


Mitsuya looked over to Mikey, "should we leave?"


Mikey shook his head, "nah, he shouldn't take long." Some of the members looked to each other, whispering amongst themselves. So far, no one else but Mikey knew that Takemitchy was an omega, while Draken had his suspicions. 




Takemichi flipped his phone open and answered, "hello, Takemichi here?"


'Oh good, you picked up,' an elderly voice spoke on the other line. 'Takemichi, listen to me, you need to be really careful right now, I just got some news that he has picked up your trail. I'll be stopping back into town for a little while so your daughter can come to visit you. But in the meantime, please be careful, don't do anything to stand out too much, I should be there before the fifth."


"W-what did you say?" Takemichi's blood ran cold. His mind flashed back to when he was going through this the first time. His grandmother was meant to bring his daughter, Mimi, to his house for a visit, but she never made it. After she called him, Takemichi made sure to go straight home from school during the way, on the day that she was supposed to arrive, an officer knocked on his door instead. With him were his one-year-old daughter and a note from his grandma.  


The police later found his grandmother's body chopped up and thrown away in a bag behind a dumpster three miles from his house. 


All the color drained from Takemichi's face then, 'Takemichi? Takemichi! Answer me, boy, you're scaring me."


"Oh, sorry, granny, I was...I was lost in thought," Takemichi said hesitantly. 


The elderly woman sighed in relief, 'okay, that's good, but don't get too lost in thought, alright? Now listen, I've already informed the police of what's going on. If anything, they are sure to send Mimi-chan straight to your house if anything happens to me.'


"Don't say that!" Takemichi could feel himself shaking a bit, "please, don't say that. I don't know what I'll do without you, granny."


'I know, I know, but just in case. Remember what I told you, I'll see you soon, okay?' 


"Okay," Takemichi hung up the phone and stood there for a few seconds. He did not want to relive that moment a second time, it was hard enough on him the first time. He dried his eyes and closed his phone, then he ripped the top off the milk bottle he had been holding and chugged its contents. He steeled himself to face the others and headed outside. "Alright, I'm ready to go," Takemichi said walking out with his usual smile on his face, "sorry that took so long." 


"Mitchy, are you...feeling alright?" Mikey asked, the last time he saw the omega, he has a lot more color on his face than he did right now.


"Yeah, I'm fine," Takemichi reassured him.


Mikey wasn't so sure, so he pulled the omega over to his bike, "get on, you're riding with me." Takemichi quickly got on the back of Mikey's bike without another word, "alright. Toman, let's ride!" Takemichi was silent for the whole ride, his only thoughts were how he was going to try to save his grandmother and daughter from the nightmare of his childhood. He couldn't really do much right now because he didn't where he was, if he did, then maybe could direct his grandmother away from danger.


The 'he' in this situation happened to be Takemichi's stepdad. The man hasn't related to him in any way, he just married Takemichi's mom after Takemichi's real father up and left his mom after finding out she was pregnant. Once Takemichi was born, his stepdad started to act strangely towards him. Since he was only a baby at the time, he didn't understand what was happening, so his mother took charge and got the two of them away from him. Takemichi later found out that his stepdad was beating his mother within an inch of her life.


His mother ended up dying from a punctured lunch that was caused by his stepdad. The doctors said that it was a miracle that she survived as long as she did. Before she passed away, she changed his family name to Hanakai so that his step-dad couldn't find him. Takemichi was moved out here in his mother's childhood home when he was just seven, his aunt and cousin would come and check on him every now and then to make sure he was alright. However, a few days before his thirteen birthday, his class took a field trip into the country where he ran into his stepdad with a couple of his friends.


Luckily for him, the trip didn't require uniforms, so Takemichi was in plain clothes. This was also before he dyed his hair bleach-blond, so his stepdad recognized him right away. To make a long story short, Takemichi was traumatized and had to change schools completely to start to get over it. Unfortunately, a few months later, Takemichi found out that he was pregnant. He thought he was only getting fat, but that didn't end up being the case. It was also too late to abort the kid, not that the doctors would advise him to, since his body was so young, it would have a bad effect on him in the future. 


Takemichi ended up taking a few months off of school until the baby was born. Once he saw her, he thought he would hate her, but he couldn't bring himself to. She had his blue eyes and curly black, and she was so small that she could fit into the palm of his hands. He named her after his mother, calling her Mimi for short. He loved her with all of his heart, more than he thought he ever could, but Takemichi couldn't take care of her as he was still a child himself.


That was when his grandmother came into the picture, taking a long journey from the countryside to meet her granddaughter. Her first granddaughter. She Took Mimi away and would send updates to Takemichi via mail and phone calls. Takemichi always looked forward to her letters as they were always packed full of baby pictures. 


"Mitchy, we're here," Mikey said quietly.


"Oh, right," Takemichi didn't realize his mind had drifted off so far. He got off the bike and made his way up the stairs with the others, standing towards the front with the rest of the captains. Mikey and Draken stood at the top of the stairs looking down at everyone. Takemichi wondered what this meeting would be about, he was curious to see if he could get a spot as the third division captain, taking Pah-chin's spot until he got released from jail. 


"Everyone, allow me to introduce your name, third division captain!" Draken announced, Takemichi took a second to make sure that he was hearing that right. They already found a replacement? Who was it? Takemichi looked around to if he could spot the person, just as he looked to the right, someone left the front line up and made their way up the steps. It was two people, one was short with a slim build and the other was tall and muscular. The shorter one stopped two steps down from Mikey, while the taller stopped a few steps below him. The shorter male took a seat without saying anything to Mikey or Draken.


Takemichi didn't need any further introductions to this person. He knew who it was.


"Meet your new captain, Tatta Kisaki," the boy who walked up the steps with Kisaki announced loud enough for everyone to hear. Kisaki sat on the steps as if he were sitting on his throne after long last. He looked down over his subjects of Toman, more than happy to bide his time and wait for all of them to follow his every word. 


Takemichi couldn't take another second of looking at Kisaki's face. Before he could stop himself, his body charged up the stairs and his fist landed square in Kiaski's face. He used all of his strength to knock the guy out, but it wasn't enough, he wasn't known for being particularly strong after all. He could hear the others behind him gasp, he could smell their pheromones, yep, they were angry. "Takemichi, what the fuck do you think you're doing?!" Came a rawr from behind him, Takemichi turned to see Draken glaring at him.


"Is he trying to go against Mikey?" Someone from the crowd shouted out angrily.


"Who invited this outside to the meeting anyway?" Someone else shouted. 


Takemichi paused, an outsider, so he wasn't even a part of the gang in the first place. He looked up to see Mikey staring down at him with his usual emotionless eyes, not saying a word. Well, that sucks. He just punched one of the new captains, that double sucks, he was in trouble for sure. Takemichi turned around to face Kisaki as he fixed his clothes and picked up his glasses from the ground. He looked pissed, really pissed, "Takemichi, was it?" He asked in a calm voice as he turned to face the boy that bunched him, "so tell me, where do you want it, your face or your stomach?"


Takemichi guessed that it was only fair, he did punch the guy unprovoked. Or at least, unprovoked yet. "My stomach," he said as he clenched his stomach. Suddenly he saw stars as a punch landed on his face, he fell backward unable to keep upright any longer.


"Hmph, you little bitch, you clenched your stomach didn't you?" Kisaki glared at him.


As he was falling, Takemichi heard another rawr behind him, it was different from Drakens, "hey!! Kisaki!!" Just before he blacked out, Takemichi smelled the faint scent of daisy in the air, bright and refreshing, he saw a glimpse of long, shining black hairstreak the night sky before everything went black. 


When Takemichi came to, he was laying on the ground and his head was on someone's lap. He opened his eyes to see Mikey's soulless eyes staring down at him, "welcome back to the living, Mitchy. You wanna tell me what that was about back there, cuz I would really like to know." 


"M-M-Mikey!" Takemichi tried to get up, but Mikey kept him in place on his lap. 


"Oh no, you don't, you're not getting away that easily, Ta-ke-mit-chy," Mikey sang.


Takemichi felt like he was in danger if he stayed laying down in this position much longer, so he decided to tell Mikey the truth. At least, a believable one. "Alright, sorry, Mikey, it's just...Kiaski, he gives me a bad vibe. I mean, what if he's-"


"Apart of Valhalla?" Mikey finished for him, he nodded as he leaned back on the steps, "I'm well aware of the risks. However, he's a strong fighter, and we'll be needed strong fighters soon."  Takemichi took a chance and sat up, he turned around so that he was now sitting next to Mikey, "aw, you got up. You could have laid down for a little while longer."


"Uh, no, I'm good, thanks," Takemichi declined and sighed. "So what happened after I blacked out?"


"Baji punched the living shit out of Kisaki," Mikey replied as if he was talking about the weather. He frowned, "then he left. That guys, you'll never know what he's thinking, he set a fire to a car once because he was hungry," he chuckled. 


Though Takemichi didn't think it was all that funny at all. 


"You're lucky that Baji did what he did or else you would have been punished worse, and I kinda don't want to punish you, Takemitchy." Mikey turned to the younger boy, he looked him over for a moment, "hey, there's something that I've been meaning to ask you since the bath."


"Huh? Uh, sure, what is it?" 


"What's this bandage on your neck for?" Mikey asked as he reached for the little white square stuck to the back of Takemitchy's neck.


Takemichi quickly slapped his hand over the bandage, "oh, that, it's nothing, nothing at all, really. I have a small rash right there and I'm waiting for it to clear up," he laughed nervously.


"Really?" Mikey asked as he still tried to get to the little white square, "you sure it's not, like...a scent blocker or something?"


Takemichi looked away from him, "no, no, what could make you think that way? I told you I'm a beta, right? Why would a beta need to wear a scent blocker?" Mikey tried to get to the bandage again, but Takemichi wasn't moving his hand any time soon, so he gave up. Much to Takemichi's relief. 


"Whatever," Mikey put down his hand, "well I've got a mission for you then. It's important. Remember how I said Beji hit Kisaki and left, well I want you to bring him back. He's one of the founding members of Toman, so I would like to see him back before we challenge Valhalla. If you do that, then I'll grant you a wish." He gave the boy a smiled before standing up, "for now, you'll be under the care of division two captain, Mitsuya." Mikey called the lavender-haired boy over, "Mitsuya, meet your now subordinate."


Mitsuya frowned, "what, for real?"


"Shut up and take care of him, okay?" Mikey said with a bright smile as he started to walk off into the distance.


"Yeah, yeah," Mitsuya, put his hands on his hips as he looked down at the boy who caused so much commotion earlier. 


Takemichi looked back from Mikey to Mitsuya, he was a little blown away with how swift his entry into Toman was. It probably wasn't the best start, but at least it's a start. He got up and bowed to the lavender-haired boy, "thank you for having me, I'm in your care!" 


"Whatever, just try not to cause any more trouble for me, alright noobie?" Mitsuya yawned and walked away.




In the days to come after the meeting, Takemichi had met a person named Kazutora. In Takemichi's opinion, he was a little off his rocker, but aren't we all? Though he would have to admit that this Kazutora guy seemed a little more off than he would like. Still, thanks to him, Takemichi was able to find Baji, he got information on Valhalla, things such as how it was a leaderless gang. Though Takemichi doubted it. Baji went through initiation and Takemichi was unsuspectingly a witness to, which made it complete. 


He also found out that Kazutora was also one of the original founding members of Toman. 


Next, Takemichi found Chifuyu, he was a little beat up thanks to Baji's initiation, but he seemed more understanding than Takemichi thought. He thought the boy would be heard up to see Baji leave the gang, but there was a sureness in his undamaged eye that told Takemichi that he would follow Baji if he could. Chifuyu seemed to be convinced that Baji left the gang for Valhalla for a reason, and that reason was Kisaki. 


That was where Takemichi agreed most with Chifuyu. He might not have known Baji or Chifuyu for very long, but he got the feeling that they had a strong bond. 


Of course, this did not mean that Takemichi succeed in bring Baji back to Toman. No. But thankfully Mikey didn't kill him for it. Not only that, the event that would soon be known as 'Bloody Halloween' was only a few days away.


Today was the day before Takemichi's grandmother was meant to arrive in town. He was worried, he didn't want to lose her a second time, he tried calling her. The phone rang a couple of times, he was getting more worried with every ring until finally, she picked up. 'Takemichi? Dear, what's the matter, I'm still on the train,' the old woman said into the phone, in the background, Takemichi could hear the soft cooing of his daughter.


"Granny, how far away are you from Tokyo right now?" Takemichi asked urgently, he was already heading to the train station as he spoke. He thought that if he met his grandmother and daughter halfway, he might be able to help them out. 


'Not far at all. We just made it to the first stop, I'm about to change trains and should be heading your way soon-'


"Great, I'll meet you halfway," Takemichi cut her off.


'Takemichi, no, it's too dangerous,' the elderly woman started, but Takemichi wouldn't hear of it. 


"No, it's okay, I want to do this. I kinda had a bad break about you going missing, so I want to make sure that you get here safely," Takemichi replied. His grandmother could hear the determination in his voice, so she gave up. She provided him with the station that they would be stopping at next and hung up. Takemichi was grateful, he perchest a ticket and got onto the bullet train to meet his grandmother at the station she mentioned. When he got there, he got a bad feeling that someone was watching him, so he made sure to pull his hat down and pulled up his jacket, he had on a facemask to further hide his face.


He couldn't do anything about his eyes though.


Takemichi made sure to stick to his usual morning routine of taking his pills and putting on his patch. He was making especially sure that his scent didn't get out today. Luckily for him, the trip to the station didn't take long and he was reunited with his grandmother and daughter after three stops. "Granny!" Takemichi hugged the old woman tightly, taking care not to crush his daughter in the process. Now that he was seeing her in person at this age again, she looked even smaller than he remembered, "Mimi-chan, remember me?" He cooed at the little girl who reached out towards him, instinctively recognizing him. 


Takemichi's heart was a flutter as he took his little girl in his arms. He knew that he probably shouldn't be allowed to take care of a baby at his young age, but he was not giving her up for anything in the world. "My, my, don't the two of you look oh so adorable," the elderly woman said with a right smile. "Come, we have some time to kill before the next train leave, and since you came all this way to meet us, let's have some lunch, alright?"


Takemichi nodded, he took his grandmother's hands and followed her future into the station. His earlier worries of someone following or watching him disappeared to the back of his mind. The trio spent about thirty minutes in a nearby cafe talking about their favorite topic, Mimi. The little girl was just shy a few months to a year, but she acted as if she was already two. She was sitting up by herself and starting to form her own words. 


They got back onto the train without a problem and made their way to the station that would have delivered them closest to Takemichi's street. They made their way to Takemichi's aunt's house without interruption by nightfall, where Takemichi stayed with his grandmother and daughter for the night. His aunt didn't mind, and his cousin was out spending the night at his boyfriend's house. The night was quiet, Takemichi was thankful for that, which meant he could join his grandmother and aunt in gushing over his daughter's cuteness. 


Takemichi had packed himself an overnight bag, so in the morning, he could shower and dress. Today he was meant to meet Chifuyu about something, he didn't bother asking for what since he had only seen the text early this morning. After having breakfast, he kissed his daughter on the forehead and waved goodbye to his aunt and grandma, promising to be back soon. He took his time walking to school, not really happy about going to class today, but his grandma wouldn't allow him to skip out on his education. His father had made his mother drop out after he knocked her up and his grandmother had hated him for it. 


Takemichi wasn't about to drop out though. His daughter was counting on him, he wanted to be someone she could look up to. Seeing her smiling face this morning was all he needed to get through the day, he was so happy that he started to hum. And didn't notice Chifuyu calling out to him until the boy was right in front of him. 


"Oi! How long are you gonna keep that dopy look on your face, Takemitchy?" Chifuyu asked, upset that he had been ignored for so long. 


"Huh? Oh, sorry, Chifuyu, I didn't notice you there, what did you say?" Takemichi asked, still very much on cloud nine.


Chifuyu grumbled a bit, "what's up with you? You didn't answer my test last night, and now you're ignoring me this morning. You better have gotten some bomb ass dick last night that made you act this stupid or else I'm going to punch you."


Takemichi held up his hands in defense, "sorry, sorry, it's my bad. So what did you want to speak to me about today?"


Chifuyu sighed, "I give up, come on. We're gonna go see Baji."


"Huh? Baji? Wait, for real?" Takemichi asked snapping out of it, Chifuyu nodded and led the way. Takemichi was a little nervous, the night before he went to meet his grandmother at the station, he went back to the future to see if he could get some information on what exactly happened on Halloween. He met with the Draken of the future and found out that Kazutora killed Baji, and Mikey killed Kazutora because of it, then he fell into a deep depression, which allowed Kisaki to take over. He even set it up so that someone else would take the fall for it. 


Now, Takemichi was getting a distinct feeling that things will play out much differently. He couldn't tell if it was a good feeling or not, he just knew in his heart of hearts that things were not going to go the same way. Whichever way tomorrow went, he would try his best. The two made their way over to an overpass where the boy known as Baji was waiting, his head was thrown back to let his long hair flow in the wind. Takemichi couldn't deny that he was beautiful, accompanied by the scent of daisy, just like the night before. "Chifugyu is omega?" Takemichi couldn't stop himself from asking since alphas don't smell like flowers or anything remotely sweet, at least not usually.


"Huh, yeah, of course, he is, that's what makes him so badass," Chifuyu said as if he should have known that all along. Though, in Takemichi's defense, he had only hung out with the gang a couple of times at meetings before, so he wasn't exactly getting to know each member on a personal level. But maybe he should start, he is a part of the second division now. Chifuyu approached Baji first, "Baji, we're here. "


Baji lifted his head from the side of the railing and stood up to face the two. He smirked, "Chifuyu, what is this, I already told you that I'm not coming back."


"I know, just like I know why you're doing this. It's 'cuz of Kisaki, isn't it?" Chifuyu stated, but Baji didn't give anything away. 


"Eh? What the fuck are you talking bout, I do what I want," Baji said with an evil smile.


Chifuyu and Baji went back and forth for a minute more before Chifuyu started to give up, "Chifuyu, would you mind I spoke to him alone?" The one-eyed blond nodded and walked off to the side to give the two some privacy. Now that Takemichi was alone with Baji, he couldn't help but wonder how an omega got to be so strong that he was gaining respect from alphas. Standing on equal footing with them too, from the looks of it. "Baji, would you please do me one favor, if you don't mind?"


"Huh? You here to ask me to come back too?" Baji asked with a raised eyebrow.


"Uh, well, I would like to," Takemichi looked down at the ground for a moment before looking Baji in the eyes. "What I really wanted to ask you is, please, if you can help it, don't die." 


"Wha?" Baji gave Takemichi a curious look.


"I know I have no right telling you want to do, but please, try not to die. It would make Mikey sad," Takemichi stated seriously. Baji was about to say something back when Takemichi's phone. "Oh, sorry about that, I guess I better get going then. Please keep in mind what I said," he turned away and answered his phone, but for he could say a word, he froze in place as all the color drained out from his face.


Chifuyu noticed and came closer to see what was happening with Takemichi, "Takemitchy? You okay, man?" 


But Takemichi couldn't hear him, all he could hear was the startlingly familiar voice on the phone. 'Takemichi, you naughty boy, did you think you can run away from daddy so easily?' Takemichi lost all the strength in his legs and fell to the floor.


"Oi, Takemitchi! What's up with you?" Chifuyu asked running to his side, Baji just stood there watching over the two curious. It wasn't his business, so he wasn't planning to get involved.


'Aw, what's the matter, Takemichi, did I call you a bad time? Are you with your friends?' The voice spoke in a sickly sweet voice that made Takemichi sick to his stomach, 'Oh, I have an Idea. Why don't you have your little friend get on the phone, I'm sure there's at least one omega there, right? You can't be friends with alphas to save your life.' Takemichi instinctively glanced behind him at Baji since he knew he was the only omega here.


"Huh? What are you looking at me for?" Baji asked feeling a little pissed that Takemichi was looking back at him so casually. 


'Ah, is that them? They sound a little far away though, hurry up, put 'em on the phone now, I wanna hear their voice up close.'


"Takemichi? Who is that? If it's a wrong number, you should hang up," Chifuyu tried to get a response from the other blond, but Takemichi wasn't listening. 


"H-here...h-h-he w-wants t-t-to s-speak t-to y-you," Takemichi stuttered.


"Me? Oh geez," Baji rolled his eyes before snatching Takemichi's phone out of his hand. "Yeah, what?" He answered roughly as his patient was just about out. "Huh? Come again? Chifuyu and Takemichi looked up at Baji to see his reaction getting angrier by the second. It got to the point that Baji nearly crushed the phone in his hands, "oh, just you wait, I'll make sure you won't ever underestimate omegas ever again, you fucking bastard!" With that, Baji threw Takemichi's phone off the overpass into the busy traffic below. 


Takemichi was sure that if they were in an anime, Baji's hair would be standing up like Goku during a powerup. 


Beji was fuming with anger after he got off the phone. "I don't know who that fucker was, but he made the biggest mistake of his life, Takemitchy!" He reached down, grabbing hold of the back of Takemichi's collar and pulling him up to his feet, then he grabbed the front of his shit so that Takemichi's face was inches from his. "Listen up, Takemitchy, Chifuyu, we're about to go castrate a dirty old pervert."


"Baji? What did he say to you?" Chifuyu asked curiously as he got to his feet in surprise, he had never seen his friend this anger before.


"Words so disgusting that they should never be spoken out loud or in the light of day ever again." Baji growled angrily, "that bastard is about to regret thinking so lowly of me." He turned his attention back to me, "told me to tell you he's waiting at your aunt's house."


Takemichi felt like he was going to throw up, he was just there a few hours ago. 


"Well? What the fuck are you waiting for, Takemitchy! Take us to him so I can kick his ass!!" Baji shouted while cracking his knuckles.


"Right," Takemichi nodded and found the strength to stand up again. "F-f-follow me."



To be continued...

Chapter Text

Takemichi felt dizzy for his whole walk. He couldn't tell if he was living a dream that turned into a nightmare. Of if he had always been in a nightmare and never realized it. Either way, he could smell a trap coming. They were almost on his aunt's street and he was getting a really bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. He stopped walking, prompting Chifuyu and Baji to stop as well. "What's the matter, Takemichi?" Chifuyu asked turning towards his fellow blond, only to see the boy was a shaking mess. "Whoa, whenever we're going must be a really scary place for you, huh?"


"More than you'll ever know," Takemichi whispered.


"Eh, speak up, stop whispering," Baji turned on him. "Instead of shitting your pants, why don't you man up, if you want, you and just sit there and watch while I beat the shit out of that perverted bastard."


Takemichi shook his head, "no, you don't understand. I don't think we should go..."


"Why not?" Chifuyu asked fully turning to Takemichi. 


"Because he's dangerous," Takemichi said as he held himself, he was so scared that he could barely stop shaking. "I...I don't want the two of you getting hurt because of me. You-you, don't know what he's like."


"Who cares!" Baji yelled, "he made a mistake talking to me like that, and now I'm gonna show him what it means to cross Baji Keisuke! Now stop your pussyfooting and let's get a move one already!" 


"I'm sorry, I can't be strong like you guys," Takemichi felt tears welling up in his eyes again, he felt so weak. He was crying at a time like this, like a baby... "wait, do you guys hear that?" They all stopped and listen as a distant cry started to fill the air. Takemichi turned the corning and his eyes went wide, "Mimi-chan!" He called out running towards the sound of the crying, as he got closer to his aunt's house, he spotted a little girl that looked to be about six or seven months old. Her curly black hair was done up in tiny pigtails and she was wearing a little blue dress with white bloomers underneath. But she wasn't wearing shoes, Takemichi was worried about her since she was premature and could still get easily sick if left out in the elements too long.


Takemichi wasted no time scooping the little girl into his arms, she buried her head in his shoulder the moment he picked her up. Patting her head gentall7 to calm her down, Takemichi looked down both sides of the street but couldn't see anyone, no cars, he didn't hear anyone either. then he looked up at the house, noticing that the front door was still wide open, he gulped, "he's probably still inside, we better be careful. I hope my granny and aunt is alright," he thought to himself as Chifuyu and Baji came up behind him.


"who's the kid?" Chifuyu asked curiously as the little girl clung to Takemichi like a lifeline. She lifted her head a little to see who was talking and Chifuyu got a glimpse of the most beautiful ocean blue eyes he's ever seen in his life. "Whoa, so cute," the alpha was taken aback by the little girl's beauty. "Oh, hay, she kinda looks like you, Takemichi," he said leaning in close, but the little girl barrier her head back into Takemichi's shoulder when he got too close.


"Well duh, it's probably cuz they're related, dumbass," Baji huffed as he pushed the smaller boy out of the way so he could get a look at the little girl. He couldn't deny that she was pretty cute, "so, Takemitchy, who's this little human with ya? Your little sister or something?" Baji asked, he couldn't take his eyes off of the little girl for a second. He could feel his earlier anger start to melt away the longer he looked.


"Oh, um...that's...kinda a secret, right now," Takemichi said without looking at them.


"What, seriously?" Chifuyu asked a little disappointed, "she's you're little sister, that's gotta be it, right?"


Takemichi didn't answer him, instead, he made his way over to the house, Baji and Chifuyu followed his lead. He took a second to look inside, even from outside the house he was picking up a bad smell, pine cones, and woodchips, the scent of his stepfather for sure. "He's in there," he whispered.


"Then if that's the case, then I'm going in there, that fucker still needs his ass majorly kicked right now," Beji growled as he started to enter the house. 


"Beji, please wait, you need to be careful, he's a dangerous guy!" Takemichi warned.


Baji laughed, "haha, some say I'm a pretty dangerous guy too. As I said, you can just watch me fuck this guy up, it'll be worth the show." 


"That's not..." Takemichi started, but Beji was already marching into the house calling out for his stepdad. Chifuyu tried to treasure Takemichi that everything will be okay, Takemichi wasn't too sure about it, so he said nothing. The two of them entered the house, Takemichi held his daughter close to him just in case he needed to make a swift exit. The was was very quiet, the only sound that could be heard was Baji's voice, they checked most of the rooms, living rooms, Kitchen, and a couple of bedrooms, but they couldn't find anyone. It was when they checked the master bedroom did they finally find someone. 


Baji was the one to open the door and see a tallish man with short brown hair and green eyes standing over two dead bodies. An elderly woman and a woman who looked to be in her forties. And there was blood.


Blood was everything. 


"What the hell?" Baji looked from the mangled bloody bodies on the floor to the man standing over them smoking a cigarette as if it were nothing. 


The man noticed Baji and smiled, "ah, so it was you, huh? Tell me, are that sweet little omega I spoke to on the phone? I could tell by your voice that you would probably be a tough guy, but breaking tough omega's is kinds of my hobby. So," he turned to walk over to Baji, "what's your name doll?" 


Baji waited for the right moment until the guy was standing right in front of him to deliver his hardest punch to the center of the man's face. It landed with a sickening cracking sound and the man fell to his knees, "you sick fuck, what makes you think that you deserve my name, huh? You disgusting pig!" Baji has already kicked the man in the side and was now stomping on him with all his might. While he was doing that, he failed to notice Takemichi trying to get his attention at first.


"B-Baji, w-wait," Takemichi shook Baji's shoulder one more time to get his attention.


Baji was pissed at the man for the way he talked to him on the phone, he was starting to get pissed at Takemichi too for interrupting him. "What?!: Baji yelled turning to look down at the boy, then he followed the boy's line of sight to see that they were surrounded. At least five fully ground alphas, all wearing matching black suits. They looked like official thugs, Takemichi had had a feeling that he knew where this was going. "The fuck are these guys?" 


"Oh them?" The man on the floor slowly got up from the ground, shrugging off the pain he was feeling from Baji's kicks. He had to admit that they were quite strong. Nevertheless, now he had all three of them where he wanted, he stood to his full height and dusted himself, "alright guys. We'll be taking all three of them back to the base with us, but first, I'll let you all have some fun with the omegas." The men in the suits started laughing evil as they stared at them, "oh, but try not to break this wimpy looking one, I still have some unfinished business with him."


"Yes sir!" One of the men stepped forward with a little spray bottle and sprayed it in each of the kid's faces. Takemichi went down right away, clutching his daughter as he did, but Baji and Chifuyu at least put up a little fight. Though, they both still got knocked out by the spray as well. "Say, boss, what should we do with the baby? Are we taking it with us?"


"A baby?" The man turned to look down at Takemichi to see he was holding a baby. He came over to take a look, he did notice that there were some clothes for a baby girl laying around in the guest bedroom. He guessed this would be the person that those clothes belonged to. A disgusting feeling rose in the back of his mouth, he reached down and grabbed Takemichi by his hair, holding him up until he was close to eye level. He wanted nothing more than to wake the boy up right now so he could punch him, but he held himself back, "so, Takemichi, you had his baby, huh? Just when I thought I could get over you escaping me back then before I even got the chance to touch you properly. Ugh," he tossed Takemichi down on the ground hard and got up, "you know what boys, I changed my mind, you all can have as much fun with them as you want, break them all."


"A-a-are you sure, boss?" One of them asked, he was already dealing with the ideas flowing through his head of all the things he wanted to try.


"Yes, yes, go ahead. I know you have a fetish for young alphas, so have at it. But don't do it here, we're taking them to the base near the junkyard so we can have some privacy, it wouldn't do for someone to come check up on this house with us still inside."


"Yes, boss, I'll bring the van around right away!" One of the men said as he ran past the man to get their van. The man waved them off as he also went downstairs and out the door. 


Meanwhile, Mikey was looking at his phone for almost a house now. He had called Takemichi to come to hang out with him for a while so he might be able to calm his mind a bit, but he wasn't picking up his phone. at all. He was starting to get a bad feeling, Takemichi always picked up whenever he called, so what could he be doing right now that has him so busy? "Oi, Mikey, why'd you call us to this sudden meeting?" Draken asked as he walked up the steps of the shrine, with him were Mitsuya and Peh-yen.


"Because," Mikey sat up all at the three people before him. "Uh, where's Chifuyu?"


Mitsuya shrugged, "I tried to reach out to him, but he wasn't picking up his phone."


"I see, has anyone heard from Takemitchy?" Everyone shook their heads, "all right then, we're going to go look for him."


"Uh, commander, aren't you making this into a big deal over one beta?" Peh-yen asked hesitantly, "I mean, as far as looks go, he's kinda cute, but that pretty much all he's got going for him, isn't it?" Mitsuya agreed with Peh, but he wasn't about to tell Mikey that to his face. 


"But he's not just some beta," Mikey narrowed his eyes at Peh-yen as his pheromones flared a bit. "It's an omega, and he's missing. That's all that matters."


Everyone present was taken about back this sudden revelation, "an omega?!" Draken looked Mikey in the eye to see if he was just messing with him, but then he thought back to the time in the hospital. That warm, sunflower scent coming off of Takemitchy that that wasn't just in his head after all. But, how could have not realized it soon? 


"Hold on, if he's an omega, then why's has he been acting as if he's alpha all this time?" Mitsuya asked thinking back to all those times he saw Takemichi joking around with Mikey and Draken as if he was just like them. There was something about Takemichi that seemed a bit off to him, he was small, much too small to be an ordinary alpha. He thought it was because he was just weak and was trying to act as if everything was fine, to act like a tough guy so that people thought he was cool. Now, Mitsuya was rethinking everything he thought he knew about Takemichi. 


"Mikey!!" A sudden scream ran out in the silence of the shrine, everyone turned around to see for boys making their way up the stairs. Mikey recognized them as Takemitchy's friends, he stepped forward to meet them at the top step. The first one to reach him was a boy with long brown hair and a babyface, he smelled of roses and sake. "Mikey, thank goodness you guys are here," the boy said breathlessly.


"Yeah, what's the matter?" Mikey asked.


"It's Takemichi," Makoto said still trying to catch his breath, "we've been looking for him all day. The last time we heard from him was this evening after school, he said he was going to go meet up with this Chifuyu guy, and even gave us his number in case of emergencies. But ever since then, we can get ahold of either one of them. We just knew that Chifuyu was a part of Toman, so we came here in hopes of finding him."


"Yeah, but it turns out that he's not here," came the tired voice of Akkun. "We were hoping that he wasn't here, that you would be and could give us a clue as to where he might be."


"Huh? You guys are looking for Mitchy too?" Mikey asked, the bad feeling in his stomach was getting worse by the second. Not only did he have to worry about the war tomorrow, but he also had to worry about Takemitchy now too. This was anything but good. "I just asked these guys and they haven't seen or heard from either of them either."


"Damnit!" Yamagishi broke down, fell to his knees on the step he was standing on, and hit his fist on the concrete. "Damnit, damnit, damnit, this is all my fault. If only I was able to convince him not to go, then he probably wouldn't be missing right now!" Yamamoto rushed to his boyfriend's aid, comforting him the best he could, but it was doing little of helping. 


"Go? Go where?" Mikey asked confused, as were the other three behind him who were all paying close attention.


Akkun's eyes suddenly widened, "Yamagishi, please tell me didn't head off to the train station yesterday." Yamagishi nodded, and Akkkun clenched his fist tightly, "damnit, I told that idiot that it would be dangerous."


"Ayo, when the fuck are y'all 'bout to tell us what your talkin' bout?" Pen-yen yelled, getting frustrated at being out of the loop, but he wasn't the only one. 


Akkun was quiet for a couple of minutes before he sighed, "Takemichi went to the train station to meet his grandmother who was coming to visit him halfway."


"Oh, well if that's all, then shouldn't it be easy to just go back to the station?" Mitsuya asked, "they should have cameras around to show when passengers get on and off the train, right."


Akkun shook his head, "no, that's not the problem. Takemichi's situation is kinda...complicated. When we were kids, he had this stepdad...he always seemed nice, but I would always hear stories before my family moved away. They were never good ones, but luckily, Takemichi's mom moved him out of there sometime after, she even changed his last name so that he would be safe. He's been hiding out here ever since. So...when he went to the train station like that, he put himself at risk of being found."


"What, seriously? He was so worried about his granny that he risked his wellbeing to go meet her?" Peh folded his arms and frowned, "that's lame. If I wasn't tryin' to be found, then I would have stayed my ass where I was, she was already on the way here, to begin with."


"Tsk, I told him about the same, but he wouldn't listen to me," Akkun clenched his fist tighter. He knew exactly why Takemichi risked himself to meet his grandmother in the open like that, it was for his daughter. Akkun was currently the only one among their friends who knew that Takemichi had a daughter, but he didn't know who the father was. Takemichi wouldn't loosen his lips on that little secret no matter what, but Akkun could probably understand why that was. Mimi was probably the result of a rape, Akkun wished that he could have been there when it happened so he could beat the guy up himself. 


Mikey folded his arms and nodded, "okay, here's what we're gonna do." He turned to Draken, "call everyone and tell them to start searching for Mitchy right away, tell them it's important. We'll search for him all day and night if we have to." Draken nodded and took out his cell to make the call.


"What about the fight tomorrow? We can't back out of it, even for Takemitchy," Mitsuya pointed out.


"It's fine, we can still have someone looking during the fight, for now, just focus on finding Mitchy," Mikey ordered. 


"Yes, sir!" Mitsuya and Peh took out their phones and started calling everyone in Toman to relay Mikey's orders. While they were doing that, Mikey was thinking about Takemitchy, wondering what happened in the omega's past to have things turn out this way.


Later that same night


Takemichi regained his consciousness to see that he was now in a dimly lit building with steel walls. The floor was cold even though the air was hot, his hands and feet were tied tightly behind his back, and he could feel every last bruise forming on his face, arms, legs, and body. He was laying on his side, barely able to open one of his eyes. He could barely see out of his one eye, but he heard everything. He could hear Baji somewhere in the distance screaming obscintites at whoever dared to mess with him, while Chifuyu sounded as if he were fighting for his life against his opponent. 


There was a sudden scream following a loud, bone-chilling crack. 


Takemichi winced, he couldn't identify who scream that was, but whoever it was, he knew they had to be in a lot of pain.


After the scream was silenced, the large sliding door at the end of the room he was in slid open just enough for one person to walk through. It was him, Takahiro Fumikaze, Takemichi's stepfather. Takahiro walked over to Takemichi with a sick smirk on his face, under one arm he carried the unmoving body of a small child. Takemichi instantly went into protective mode, trying his best to wiggle out of his restraints, but it was no use. Takehiro stopped right in front of Takemichi and gently put the child's body down in front of him.


"Now, now, Takemichi, there's no need to fret, your baby is right here. I just gave her some sleeping pills to knock her out for a while," Takahiro said with a sweet voice, "after all, I'm going to need her alive if I want to keep you obedient, right?" Takemichi tried to talk, to ask the man what he wanted, but the tap around his mouth prevented him from saying anything. Takahiro placed a finger over the tap, a smile on his lips, "shhh, calm down now, we'll play again in the morning, try to rest up as much as you can until then."


Takahiro got up and turned back to walk to the sliding doors again while whistling a happy tune. Meanwhile, Takemichi could only watch him leave, once the doors closed behind him and he could no longer hear the whistling, Takemichi scooted closer to Mimi. He nuzzled his face close to her's, she was cold, but still breathing, he was thankful for that much at least. Even so, he knew that they needed to get out of here soon, all four of them, whatever his stepfather was planning for the morning, he didn't want to stick around to find out. 



To be continued...

Chapter Text

Morning came and there was still no sign of Takemichi, Chifuyu, and now Baji seemed to be missing as well. Mikey was starting to wonder if Valhalla had something to do with Mitchy's disappearance. He didn't think that Hanma would be the type of person to stoop so low, but he didn't really know the guy well enough to say what he was and wasn't capable of. Upon arrival at the junkyard, he saw a lot of gangs that he was familiar with, a lot of big names among their generation of delinquents.


But he didn't care about that right now. 


When Valhalla entered in, Kazutora decided to knock out the referee before the fight even got started. That seemed to signal the fight and the two gangs started to throw down, Mikey was looking for Baji just in case he pulled a surprise entrance at some point. All the members of Toman were giving it their best, though they were starting to slow down a bit as Valhalla's numbers were much more bountiful than their current numbers. However, during the thick of it, there was an explosion. 


It came from one of the nearby buildings, everyone turned in that direction to see smoke rising. 


"What the hell?" Someone shouted from the crowd. 


"What was that?"


"An explosion? But why?" 


During the confusion, Draken could have sworn that he smell a passing sunflower scent run past him. Just there someone's scream filled the air, "GET DOWN! THEY HAVE GUNS!!" A second later, the air was filled with the sound of gunshots, everyone started to duck and scatter, but some people got hit by some stray bullets.


"Aw hell nah, I didn't sign up to get shot, I'm outta here!!" Someone yelled, many others agreed and started to run away, but some still got hit by direct shots. Others got knocked to the ground and trampled to death in panic. 


The gunshots started to get closer until they were right on top of them, there was confusion everywhere. Anyone who tried to leave through the main exit was shot down without mercy, after the second person was shot down, everyone started opting for the back entrances. That was when a group of men dressed all in black appeared at the main entrance armed with machine guns. One man who was dressed in the same black suit as the others stepped out from the group, his suit jacket was open to show off a plain white-t underneath. He looked to be in a very bad mood, his pheromones were filling the air with pine cones and grass, and something else that couldn't quite place, but everyone recognized it as anger.


"All right you little brats, you have less than five minutes to come out here like the good little puppies you are. Daddy has a very long trip ahead of him, and you're making him late," he growled.


Mikey and Draken looked at each other, "I don't suppose you know what he's talking about, do you?" Mikey asked seriously as he kept his eye on the man.


"The hell if I do. I just saw him enter the same as you," Draken said back. 


Mikey sighed, "I thought as much."


"Something doesn't smell right here," Draken said as he tried to keep low. He was currently hiding in the foremen's office with some of Toman members, Mikey, and some other members were hiding behind the pile of cars right next to it. "This guy looks like he belongs to the mafia, what's he got beef with a couple of middle school gangs for?" 


"Who knows, but his guys are armed to the teeth, it's gonna take a miracle to get us out of here alive," Mitsuya chimed in, he was one of the ones hiding in the office with Draken. "Geez, what a day, I mean I knew today would be kind of a shitty day, but this far exceeds what I was expecting."


"Hey, Draken, Mikey, come here." the mentioned two turned to the sound of the small whisper and were shocked to see a beat-up Takemichi crouching down behind the office.


"Takemitchy?!" The two alphas looked at the boy with wide eyes, not sure if they could believe their eyes. The other members who were close by were also looking at him in shock. "Where have you been, we've been looking for your sorry ass everywhere!" Draken hissed at the beat-up omega.


"Shhh," Takemichi urged them to be quiet, "come, come quickly." He stayed low as he quickly lead them behind the office where there was a sizeable hole in the fence, there was no one around, at least not yet, so they could escape quickly. "Hurry, we have to get out of here before the cops show up," Takemichi said as he ducked through the whole, no sooner did he say that did the sound of sirens start to fill the air. No doubt someone had called about the explosion they had heard earlier.


Draken, Mikey, Mitsuya, and the others started going through the hole in the fence to get away from those dangerous men. Once it looked like everyone was out, Takemichi leads them down the street where Baji and Chifuyu were waiting for them in an abandoned building. Both of them looking just as beaten up as Takemichi. If not more so. Mikey was surprised to see Baji with Chifuyu, and what's more, Baji was looking like he got into a fight with himself and lost. He had blood all over him, while Chifuyu was barely able to stand on one leg as he held his right arm. 


"Uh, what happened to you guys?" Mitsuya asked looking just as surprised as Mikey and the others. As far as anyone knew, Baji never lost a fight, his fist was like iron, so they hit pretty hard, so who could have done this to him. Mitsuya didn't want to jump to conclusions, but a glance at Takemichi made him wonder if the omega might have been keeping his fighting abilities a secret for some reason. 


"Mikey..." Baji's voice cut through everyone's wondering. Some of the blood coming down from his forehead got in his eye, but he had his arms full at the moment holding Mimi who was safely hidden under the jacket that he had dropped over his shoulder. "Damnit...listen here, Mikey, just because Takemitchy convinced me, doesn't mean I'm coming back because of you. I'm on Mitchy's side, got it?"


"Huh? Okay, but I'm not sure what you're talking about," Mikey said as what Baji said sounded kind of like a riddle. "What was he trying to say, was Takemitchy able to talk him into coming back to Toman after all? Last time he said he failed...I'll have to ask about this later." Mikey nodded, "okay, good to know." He turned to Takemichi just in time to see the boy fall over, "Takemitchy!"


Draken, who had been standing right behind Takemichi the whole time, was able to catch the boy before he landed on the floor. "Don't worry, he's just unconscious," he announced. Mikey felt some relief at hearing that.


"Then we better get our asses to the hospital asap!" Baji yell as he tried to get up but his legs wouldn't allow it, he was still weak from earlier, his adrenaline was all but gone.


Chifuyu sighed tiredly, "Baji, please don't more carelessly, you're still hurt." He could feel his strength failing him quickly, now that he's seen everyone was out of harm's away, he wanted to relax. But he couldn't bring himself to do so until they made it to the hospital. "Hurry, we have" Mikey stepped forwarded and caught the alpha so he could fall on his shoulder. The boy was out cold in an instant. 


Mikey turned to Baji, "what about you, can you stand?"


Baji glared at the commander before looking away, "if I could I would have been rushed these two idiots to the hospital myself."


"Understood," Mikey turned to the other members, "someone help carry Baji, I'll take Chifuyu, and Draken's got Mitchy. Let's hurry this up, we need to get these three to the hospital fast." The other members quickly got to work, one member picked up Baji to hold him bridal style, much to the tough omega's dismay, but he said nothing. Just glaring at the guy seemed to work just fine. Mikey lifted Chifuyu onto his back with some help from Peh to ensure Chifuyu was secure. "Right, let's be on the lookout for any more of those gunmen on the way."


"Sir!" The other members formed a security detail circle around Mikey, Draken, and Hakkai, the one enduring Baji's glares. 


Two hours earlier


Takemichi opened his eyes to see his daughter was still peacefully sleeping in front of him, but she was shaking. "Hey, Mitchy, you awake?" Takemichi glanced over to the sound of the voice that called him, he laid his eye upon Baji a few feet away. He looked to have seen better days. His shirt was ripped clean off, he could see a bunch of scratches and bite marks all over his body. 


"Baji, are you okay?" Takemichi asked worriedly.


"Ha, if you can ask me a dumb-ass question like then, then you're fine. Oh, these? They're nothing," Baji smirked. He looked down at the little girl's body in front of Takemichi, "is she okay?"


"Yeah, but we need to get her to a doctor soon, I think she might be getting hypothermia," Takemichi said sadly. He could feel the tears starting to well up in his eyes, he couldn't think of going on without her.


"Hey, this ain't the time for all that crying. Listen I have a plan, I'm going to scoot over there so you can untie me, then I'll tie you, we can find Chifuyu and escape before those bastard come back." Takemichi nodded, agreeing with the plan, Baji did his best to quietly scoot over to Takemichi. Thankfully they were both tied up with rope so Takemichi was able to nibble through Baji's ropes, Baji then untied Takemichi who picked up his daughter from the ground.


"She's really cold, we need to warm her up or else she'll die," Takemichi whispered.


"Hang on, I think my jacket is still back in that room they had me in earlier. Follow me," Baji tried to get up, but everything from the waist down hurt like hell. Those thugs really did a number on him. Still, he wasn't about to show any of them his weak side. "Once we get out of here, I wanna beat the living shit out of that bastard," he growled under his breath. He gingerly started to walk, every step he took was like a sharp pain going up to his spine, but he ignored it for now. 


Takemichi was following him worriedly, he didn't like the way that Baji was walking, he looked to be limping more than walking. They got to the sliding doors and listened for a moment, when they didn't hear anything, Baji opened the door a little to peek outside, "it's all clear," he opened the door wide enough for Takemichi to get through while holding his daughter. He then made his way through and closed the door back, he took a moment to lean on the door before turning around to look about the place. 


They were clearly inside of an old abandoned factory of some kind, it looked to be empty for the most part. They walked over to one of the open rooms and looked inside, it reeked of sex and bad pheromone drugs. Takemichi remembered the smell well enough as it was what his stepfather used to drug him back then. The room had two tables and a couple of chairs, one of the tables looked to be loaded up with torcher devices. This was the room they found Baji's jacket in. It was a little torn up, but it still functioned as a jacket, so Baji put it on and shivered. He didn't realize he had been so cold.


"Here, give her to me, I'll keep her warm in my jacket," Baji said holding out his hands towards Takemichi. Takemichi was a little hesitant, but he handed her over to him, "She's so small..." Baji said as he took her into his arms gently, wrapping his jacket around the freezing child carefully. He was in awe of how small the little really was, he was a little afraid to move with her as if she might break at any moment. 


Takemichi chuckled, "I had the same reaction when she was born."


"Huh, so she really is your sister?" Baji asked.


Takemichi shook his head, "no, she's my daughter."


"Your d-d-daughter? No way, but aren't you," Baji started, but Takemichi shook his head.


"I'm an omega, just like you." Takemichi looked down at the ground for a moment, "a little while back, I was on a trip. That guy, the one who kidnapped us is my stepfather. He got his friend to rape me, and then I gave birth to her prematurely. But," he gave Baji a small smile, "I wouldn't mind doing all over again as long as I can have her in my life."


Baji looked Takemichi in the eye for a long time, he had never seen anyone look so bright in such a dark place. "You're amazing..." he whispered.


"Who me? No, you're the really amazing one, Baji," Takemichi's smile brightened.


"Takemichi, I just want you to know, I'll be on your side from now on," Baji said seriously.


"Oh, okay, thanks." Takemichi nodded, "but we can talk about this later, we have to find Chifuyu," just then they heard the creaking sound of the rusted doors. They both jumped and turned back to see who it was, both of them fearing that they had been caught in the act. Thankfully they didn't need to fear too much as it was only Chifuyu leaning on the door looking very much out of breath, "oh, Chifuyu, you scared us."


"I scared you, huh? Whatever, what are you two doing, let's hurry and get out of here," the injured blond said as he turned to hobble out of the room. Baji and Takemichi quickly followed him, Takemichi went to his side and lent him a shoulder to lean on, "what are you doing. I'm gonna slow you down."


"I don't care, we're all getting out of here together," Takemichi said in a determined tone. The trio carefully made their way across the factory, looking for a way out. They managed to find one room filled with a lot of test tubes and bottles filled with colorful liquids, just beyond the shelf of bottles was a door. They hurried over to the door but stopped when they heard footsteps from somewhere else in the factory. "Hide!" Takemichi hissed and the trio quickly scrambled to find a place to hide in the room. Baji and Mimi ended hiding under a desk facing the wall, while Takemichi and Chifuyu ducked behind the lab table. 


They laid in wait, a minute later, Takahiro and some of his men walked in. "Ah, what a wonderful morning, you know what I was thinking to myself when I got out of bed today? That today would be the perfect time to start testing some of our products on the dolls we brought in yesterday." He turned to his men with a big smile on his face, "don't you boys think so?"


"Oh yeah, I heard this stuff is guaranteed to make an omega go into heat with less than two sips," one man said. 


"Really? Then I gotta try it, that sexy little omega I was playing with last night was putting up too much of a fight," the other side. "I can't wait to see him splayed out under me in a drooling mess begging for me to fill him up." 


Takahiro laughed, "relax, there will be plenty of chances for you guys to get your fill. But first, we need to get them ready for transfer, we've got an expo to go to with the big boss. I just know he's gonna get a kick out of my little Takemichi's performance."


Behind the lab table, Takemichi shivered out of fear.


"Oh boss, we should test it on that little alpha too, I'm curious to see its effects," another guy says excitedly.


"Chill, we'll get to it, not, go round them up, our train is gonna be leaving in less than an hour from now," Takahiro said. The man left the room to go do what they were told while Takahiro stayed behind in the room for a moment. The room was filled with lots of different smells from manufactured drugs that were being produced, but even so, Takahiro didn't seem to be bothered by all the smells. It was probably thanks to all those smells that he couldn't detect the scents of his four victims hiding in the room with him.


Takahiro walked over to one of the shelves that contained the drugs he had been making and picked out a bottle with a pinkish liquid. He held it up to the light and smiled, "here we are. Prepare yourself, my little Takemichi," he turned and walked out of the room then. Closing and locking the door behind him so that none of his men would get any bright ideas to steal from him then he made his way over to the room that his darling stepson should be waiting for him.


At the same time, Takemichi poked his head out from his hiding spot to check to make sure they were the only ones there. "Okay, we should be good now, come on, we better hurry," Takemichi stated helping Chifuyu get over to the door. Baji came out of hiding as well, but before he could follow Takemichi, he turned back to the shelf with the drugs and pushed them over. It made a loud crashing sound and a bad smell started to rise from the mixing liquids. Takemichi turned back in horror, "Baji, what are you doing?!" 


"Hmph, their big boss is sure to be happy when he hears that they lost most of their products, and the ginny pigs they were going to test them on." Baji smirked as he took out a from his pocket, lit it, and tossed it on the ground before running over to the door. He did a flying kick that knocked the door off of its hinges, he quickly hightailed it outside without a second thought, "come on, let's hurry!"


Just then the other door in the room started to unlock, Takemichi took Chifuyu's arm and the two of them jetted out of there. They ran away from the factory as fast as their legs and the adrenaline could take them. But they couldn't get too far before Takahiro and his men were on their trail. To makes matters worse, they had guns while the three boys had none. As they ran, they passed the junkyard, Takemichi got an idea. "Baji, take Chifuyu, you guys go on ahead, I'll catch up with the others soon," at that moment the sound of gunshots started to fly.


Baji took Chifuyu's good arm, ducking down so that they wouldn't get shot. He started to run again on but turned back to see Takemichi running in a different direction. "Wait, where are you going?" He called back to the omega.


"Just trust me!" Takemichi called back as he ran into the junkyard, Baji had no choice but to do just that and continued to run. 


At the hospital


They managed to make it to the hospital in mostly one piece. Some of the members did get a couple of shots in them, but it wasn't anything life-threatening. Most of them just needed to be patched up and given some pain killer to be right as rain. However, Takemitchy, Chifuyu, and Baji were all taken away to intensive care. Most of the members were dismissed for the rest of the day to rest, while Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya waited to hear some news about the three. However, they didn't hear anything for hours. 


To be continued...

Chapter Text

Bloody Halloween.


It was a day that many people will remember for many, many years to come. 


The police arrived on the scene rather quickly, they were only able to find a handful of the men in suits. Their boss and the rest managed to get away from them before they could catch up. Inside the junkyard, they found the shot-up bodies of over thirty-four delinquents spread out all over. Most of them were covered in blood and footprints, while some had their faces caved in from being trampled. There were no survivors among them. 


Most of the gangs that did manage to get away were in the morning for their fallen comrades, this was not a good day to remember.


The fight between Toman and Valhalla never reached its conclusion because of the sudden interruption. This put a damper on Kisaki's plans. 


But he wasn't about to stop there. 


As for the other gang leaders, they were upset about their fallen comrades and wanted to know who to blame for their deaths. Mikey as well wanted to know. While his gang was one of the lucky few whose members managed to make it out of there with only minor injuries, that didn't excuse the fact that people died that day. He wanted to know who was behind the shoots just as much as anyone else. Mikey got together with the other gang leaders and vice-captains as some gangs had lost their leaders, they held a secret meeting on neutral ground to talk about the issue at hand.


Their chosen place of convenience was the back of a McDonald's parking lot. 


Mikey looked around to the others in attendance. He could see that everyone was wearing their respective gang jackets to show respect to their fallen brother. "Is everyone here?" Mikey asked casually.


"Look like it," one of the leaders of the riveling gangs stated solemnly. 


"Alright, then let's begin..."


It's been a couple of days since Takemichi, Baji, and Chifuyu were admitted into the hospital. Baji and Takemichi had to be put into isolation for a while since they were showing signs of pheromone fatigue. Baji's case seemed to be more serious as he had been assaulted much more violently than Takemichi had. The doctor, an omega, who was in charge of their care explained their injuries to them so they could better take care of themselves once they were released.


Baji had a broken tail bone, a small fracture on his left leg, and a forced mating mark on his neck. Luckily the mark can be reversed somewhat, but it would need to heal first. He had a small concussion on the left side of his head and dislocated shoulder. Surprisingly, the doctor also discovered that Baji was about three months pregnant. It seemed to be both a good and a bad thing, it was good because Baji probably goes mad with anger if it had been from those bastards. But bad because the stress of his injuries and his acute hypothermia could make him lose it, if he chose to keep it, that is. 


As for Takemichi, he also suffered from hypothermia and a concussion. Along with a bad fever that refused to leave him for two days straight, with nausea and dizziness to boot. The two omegas were each given a special, hospital-grade scent neutralizing soap to bath with to help with their fatigue. 


Chyfuyu seemed to be doing slightly better, more or less, as he mostly suffered a broken broken leg at the hands of his captors. His arm was fractured in two places, but other than that, he was fine. 


As for Mimi, she was placed on a ventilator in the NiQ as she had gotten hypothermia from laying on the ground all night. She was burning up with a fever and was barely able to breathe. After Takemichi got over his fever and was allowed to go see her, he was not allowed into her room for quite some time. He was told that he had to wait until she was better before he was allowed in. The main issue with Mimi was that her lungs were still underdeveloped, so they weren't sure if she would be able to pull through. 


Takemichi was torn up inside when he heard that, but he refused to leave her side. The nurses had to force him back into his room, it was a little easier on them because Takemichi couldn't get around the hospital without the assistance of a wheelchair. Takemichi would cry whenever he was pulled away from the NiQ's window by the nurse, but that didn't mean he wouldn't find ways to sneak out of his room again.


Of course, Baji was there to cheer him on whenever he snuck out. Sometimes the two omegas would sneak out together to go see her in the middle of the night, much to the guard's annoyance. The only thing that seemed to keep Takemichi sane during his time in the hospital were the stories of his daughter that he told Baji. To which the older omega started to refer to the little girl as his niece, which Takemichi allowed. 


After a week had gone by, Chifuyu was allowed to come to visit the two omegas once they recovered from their fatigue. The three of them would have to stay in Baji and Takemichi's room with a guard posted outside the door to make sure no unwanted guest snuck in. Or two omegas sneak out. Much to Takemichi's heartache, but the nurses were on call because they starting to suspect that Takemichi, and for some reason, Baji too, was developing separation anxiety. 


No other alphas other than Chifuyu were allowed to come to visit them because of this reason. Mush to Mikey's irritation.


"My baby!!" Takemichi cried, "wanna go see her!!" 


"These rat bastard! How dare they keep a mother away from his child, this is treason!!" Baji rawred loudly at the door, but it stayed closed. He grew, "if you won't open this door and let us out right now, I'm going to break it down!!" 


"Baji, please don't, that's how you fractured your leg in the first place," Chifuyu sighed. 


"So! I wanna see my niece!" Baji yelled before he hopped out of the bed suddenly, landing on both of his legs, " there, so? I'm just fine now-" a second later he had fallen to the floor.


"Baji!" Chifuyu rushed over to him to try and help the omega up, but he wasn't much help on his crush. "Are you okay?"


Baji grunted in pain as he tried to force himself up, "never better..." 


Just then the door opened to reveal the face of a smiling nurse pushing in something on a cart, "I have good news, Mr. Hanakai!" She paused to take in the sight of the room. Since she had been signed to this room for a few days now, she had become used to the tactics of the patients. Takemichi was crying again, while Chifuyu was worrying over Baji, again, "oh, looks like I arrived just in time before someone planned another escape to the NiQ." Upon hearing the golden word, Takemichi's eyes zeroed in on the nurse, then down to what she was bringing over towards him. Baji managed to lift himself off the floor to get a better look himself. The nurse parked the hospital basement in the middle of the two beds so they could all gather around.


Takemichi moved in close and his eyes widened, "Mimi-chan!"


The little girl looked up from her little gymnastics attempts at touching her toes to look over to her mother. The little girl paused and sniffed the air for a moment, not sure if this was really her mother. But there she saw those watery blue eyes and her eyes sparkled, "papa!" 


"Mimi!!" Takemichi felt his heart stop twice, his eyes started to water again, "sh-she spoke her first words!" Takemichi reached into the bassinet and lifted his little girl into the air, "my little girl is a genius!!"


Baji looked to be just as surprised, "a genius! Oh hell yeah! My niece is so awesome!!" He cheered throwing a first in the air. 


"Congratulations, Takemichi!" Chifuyu said happy for his friend.


Takemichi brought his daughter in close to him and cuddled her tightly, "thanks. It's a miracle to have her with me," he turned to the nurse then, "are you sure it's okay for me to hold her now?"


The nurse nodded, "yes, since you already are. You'll be happy to know that she's gotten through the worse of it. The doctor decided to let her stay with you as babies tend to do better with the love of their mothers." She explained as two of the hospital staff wheeled in a scribe for Mimi to sleep in, "we'll be coming in to monitor her periodically, just make sure that she's drinking enough fluids and is keeping warm."


"Yes, of course, thank you so much," Takemichi smiled brightly, the nurse said her farewell once the crib was set on Takemichi's side of the room. Mimi was dressed in the baby version of Takemichi's hospital gown, her hair was a little messy, and it looked like the staff also removed her hair ties. "It so good to have you back in my arms, Mimi-chan, did you miss me?" Mimi hugged Takemichi close in response, Takemichi as if he were on cloud nine once more.


"Mimi-chan is so cute, I hope mine kids turn out half as cute as her," Baji said proudly.


"Hm, oh, Baji, that's right, you are pregnant, aren't you?" Takemichi said coming down from his high, "have you decided what you're gonna do with it?"


"I'm keeping it, of course!" Baji said folding his arms over his chest, but he winced at the pain from his dislocated shoulder.


"Are you sure, Baji?" Takemichi asked, "I know Mimi-chan may look super cute, but she's also kind of a handful. Are you sure ready for that?"


Baji nodded, "my mom's been saying I should hurry up and give her some grandchildren already, so she's gonna love this!" Takemichi and Chifuyu couldn't bring themselves to tell him that she might not mean for him to start this soon. Baji looked so happy that they didn't want to ruin his moment, "besides, it's the father's that I'm pregnant, once I get my hands on him, I'll make sure he takes responsibility!"


"Wait." Takemichi looked over to Chifuyu, "you mean you're not the father?" He kind of assumed with the way that Chifuyu would look at Baji.

Chifuyu, for his part, turned red as a lobster, "w-w-what? No way, I respect Baji way too much to just knock him up randomly!" 


"Huh? Are you saying that you wouldn't sleep with me, Chifuyu?" Baji growled.


Chifuyu shook his head in fear, "no, no, that's not what I'm saying at all!"


Takemichi chucked a little, "uh, okay, well, I think I'm gonna make a phone call. I need to call Hinata to tell her to bring over some things for me and Mimi-chan," he said as he turned to pick up the hospital phone next to his bed. Baji and Chifuyu didn't seem to hear him, though, as Baji was still filling Chifuyu about whether or they would make cute kids together. Takemichi was a little worried that Chifuyu might get tricked into some kind of unfair slavery pack or something, but he had some faith that Baji wouldn't take it that far. Maybe.


The phone to Hinata's face ran a few times before the person he was looking for pick up. 'Hello?'


"WHAT!!!" A scream could be heard coming from the top of an apartment building a few minutes before the sound of a door slamming shut.


Hinata was Shocked. No. She was beyond shocked. It's been a week and Takemichi is finally allowed to have visitors to his room. She was so happy to hear that, but before she could get too excited, Takemichi dropped the bomb of all bombs on here. She quickly ran out of her apartment, barely able to put on her shoes right, she ran downstairs so fast she looked like lightning. When she got downstairs, she stole Naoto's bike and peddled to the nearest store as fast as her feet could go.


She zipped through the ails so fast the camera had trouble keeping up with her, she paid for everything she needed to get and zoomed back out of the store. Hinata could only think about getting to Takemichi as fast as she could that she nearly ran over civilians crossing the street. On the way to the hospital, she spotted Emma in the corner of her eye and reached out, in the blink of an eye, Emma was on the bike with Hinata, she wasn't even sure how it happened but she didn't care. The two of them continued to the hospital so fast that the cars on the road started to look like they were going in slow motion. 


Once the two girls made it to the hospital, they both hoped off and Hinata ran into the hospital at the speed of light. Emma was barely able to keep up with the air she was going so fast. Hinata reached the front desk first, ignoring the look of surprise on Draken's and Mikey's faces when they had got up to ask about Takemichi. Again. "Hanagaki Takemichi, what room!" Hinata blurted out quickly as she flashed her school identification badge that clearly showed she was an omega.


"Oh, I did hear that you were coming, he's in room 404 on the west side," The person at the desk, "let me just call up there and let security know that you're-" but Hinata was gone in a flash. "Coming...uh."


"What?! How come she gets to go up there and not us?" Mikey whined, just then he noticed Emma run in.


"Hey Emma, what are you doing here?" Draken asked.


Before the tired girl could answer, Hinata called out from down the hall, "get a move on Emma, Takemichi's waiting!!" 


"Can't talk...Hina...too fast..." Emma said breathlessly before running in the direction of her friend's voice. Draken and Mikey looked at the woman for a second, then the receptionist. The two alphas started to tip-toe in the same direction but they were stopped.


"I will call security on you two if you take another step," the receptionist stated without looking up from her work. Draken and Mikey wilted like dead flowers and drugged back over to their chairs. The receptionist sighed tiredly, "alright fine, there's a waiting room close to that room on the fourth floor. If my lobby will get a break from the likes of you, I suppose you two can go wait up there.


Mikey and Draken brightened and thanked the woman before running off to catch the elevator. As the two friends made it to the fourth floor, they waited for the elevator doors to open when they heard a loud squeal coming from down the hall. "What the fuck was that?" Draken asked wondering if they needed to prepare for a fight, Mikey was on high alert as well. However, they noticed that the nurses passing by didn't seem to be all that concerned with the noise. The two stepped off the elevator before the doors closed again and walked over to the two nurses, "uh, excuse me, did you two hear that noise just now?" 


The nurses turned to the two young alphas, one of them nodded, "Yeah. It's likely coming from 'that' room," she stated giving her coworker a knowing look. "You know the one, room 404."


The other nurse nodded, "yeah, we used to hear that sound none stop in the NiQ, now it seems that it's moved over to this floor. Are you two friends with the patients of that room?"


"Uh, yeah," Draken looked down to Mikey for a moment, "do you think we can go in? We've been trying to visit for a couple of days now."


The nurses gave each other another known look and chuckled, "sure, why not? But only for a little bit, okay, they still need their rest."


Mikey took off towards the room before the nurse could finish. "Mikey! Uh, thanks guys," Draken bowed respectfully to the nurses before chasing after his friend, "Mikey, stop running, you're in a hospital!"


The nurses watched them leave before chucking again, "so, who do you think is the father of that sweet little muffin?" One nurse asked as she continued her walk.


"It's hard to say," the other nurse said following her coworker, "kids these days seem to be starting so young."


"Tell me about it."



Mikey burst into the just seconds before another human squeal was heard. "What's going on!" The blond yelled only to be ignored by everyone in the room.


Draken caught up to him, "damnit Mikey, I told you not to run in the how accidents happen, you little brat!" he sighed because he knew the boy wasn't listening to him. "Hey, what's going on in here?" The guard that was usually posted outside the room was currently on his break, so Mikey and Draken were able to walk into the room without much problem.


"Oh my gosh, isn't she the most cutest little thing you've ever seen?" Hina coo'd happily while Mimi hugged her mother closely.


"Sorry, she's kinda shy around strangers, she'll need to warm up to you guys first," Takemichi said with the happiest smile ever. 


Emma's eyes became ablaze with determination, "oh, don't worry, I'll be sure to win over her heart soon enough."


"Ha, you'll have to get in line, girly, Mimi-chan has already chosen me as her favorite!" Baji exclaimed proudly. 


Mikey was lost, and so was his tall friend. The two have them were being completely ignored, and what was all this talk about about winning over someone's heart? They decided to investigate, walking up to Takemichi's bed, their eyes caught sight of the crib in the corner, there were a couple of bags on the floor with the cartoon picture of a baby's face. Mikey was having trouble believing what he was seeing, he got closer, pushing between his sister and Hinata to get a good look at Takemichi, or better yet, what was sitting on Takemichi's lap.


"A baby?" Mikey looked down at the child. He observed her curly black hair and ocean blue eyes, she was the spitting image of his Takemichi. "You have...a baby?" 


The room went silent.


Everyone looked at each other for a moment, not sure how the alpha would react. They backed away from the bed a bit, all except Beji who took a protective stance next to Takemitchy's bed. Mikey got a little closer, the room got a little tenser. He reached out to pick up the child, Takemichi wasn't sure if he should allow it, but Mikey was already mentally lifting his daughter. "M-Mikey...I was going to tell you..." Takemichi started.


Mikey smiled, "Mitchy, we have such a beautiful daughter!" He held the little girl closed and patter her head, Mimi seemed to warm up to Mikey quickly as she was letting him pet her head. 


Everyone else was stunned.




To be continued...

Chapter Text

Takemichi watched Mikey playing with his daughter. It's been two days and in those two days, Mikey only seemed to have eyes for Mimi, as if she was actually his daughter. Takemichi didn't really mind that Mikey was so taken with Mikey, he just wasn't sure why he was claiming that she was his daughter. Baji and Mikey would sometimes fight over who's turn it was to hold Mimi, that was when Draken came to the rescue and took both of their turns away from them.


It turns out that Draken was taken in by Mimi's cuteness as well. Mitsuya even stopped back with a full of clothes he made especially for Mimi. "Thanks, Mitsuya, but didn't have to go through so much trouble," Takemichi said as looked at the overflowing bag.


"Are you kidding? Mikey and Draken wouldn't stop sending me pictures of her," Mitsuya sighed as he took out his phone. He went to his gallery and showed it to Takemichi, "I reached about twenty a piece from them each day." Takemichi took the phone and started to scroll, every picture he saw so far was of his daughter, taken secretly while Takemichi wasn't paying attention. "Mikey also requested for me to make you something special too," the lavender-haired alpha stated, presenting Takemichi with a nicely wrapped box.


"T-thanks..." Takemichi glanced over at Mikey who gave him an innocent look as he waited with anticipation for him to open the box. Takemichi wasn't sure if he really wanted to open the box while everyone was watching, Mikey could have asked for anything to be made. Like something perverted that you only see in the most ranchy of pornos. Takemichi shivered, he didn't want his daughter to be exposed to anything that lewd so soon. 


"Come on Takemitchy, hurry up and open the box already, I wanna see what this little brat is trying to make you wear," Draken said while holding Mimi carefully with one arm. 


"Okay, okay, give me a second," Takemichi started to open the box slowly. He looked inside for a moment, a little confused, then relieved that it wasn't anything perverted. He lifted up a plain white sweater for everyone to see, "well this isn't so bad." There was a smaller gray sweater underneath the white one, a pleasant surprise in his opinion. 


Baji leaned in closely to look at the sweater, "uh, Takemitchy, you better turn it around and have a look at the other side."


"Huh, the other side?" Takemichi turned the sweater around, he saw the word 'mama bear' embroidered across the chest in big, bold, red letters. The words looked strikingly similar to the words that were on the current black sweater that Mikey was sporting that read 'daddy bear' in the same style. Takemichi dropped the sweater he was holding and picked up the gray one, this one read 'baby bear' across the front, Takemichi sighed, "Mikey, I did tell you that she's not your daughter, right?"


"So what? She's my daughter now, and that's what matters," Mikey said as he stepped closer, he picked up the white sweater and shoved it over Takemitchy's head before he could protest further. "There, now we match!" He hugged Takemichi close, snuggling his face close to his sweat glans to take in all of Takemitchy's wonderful scent. Meanwhile, the omega could do nothing but sit on the side of his bed enduring Mikey's hug.


"I was wondering why he was wearing that this whole time," Hinata softly.


Baji looked over to Mitsuya, "so are you gonna make me one?"


"You? Un, I guess," Mitsuya shrugged, "what do you want on yours?"


Baji smirked and pointed a thumb to himself, "uncle, obvious." 


"Yeah, sure I'll get on it after I leave," Mitsuya replied. 


The room settled down a bit


"So, Takemitchy, when are you gonna tell us who Mimi-chan's real father is?" Emma asked curiously, Takemichi didn't answer. "huh? Takemitchy, are you okay? You look a little pale, do I need to call the nurse?"


Takemitchy shook his head, "no, it's just that there are some subjects from my past that I prefer not to talk about right now."


"Ooh?" Mikey  looked the omega in the eye for a moment, "so does that mean that you wouldn't want to talk about where the three of you were on the day leading up to Halloween?" He asked seriously. Takemitchy looked away from the alpha, Mikey sighed, "then I'll ask you later when you are ready to talk." 


Just then there was a knock on the door, it was the nurse that allows Mikey and Draken to come to the room. She entered with a sweet smile, " okay everyone, visiting over's are just about over so it's time to say your goodbyes now."


"Aw! Already?!" Mikey whined childishly. 


"Now, now, you're a big strong alpha, you should know when to let these poor omags rest," the nurse stated, already used to Mikey's antics.


The shorter alpha pouted but slowly untanlged himself from Takemichi anyways. Draken gave by Mimi to her mother and started to make his way out after bidding mother and daughter farewell, he also waved goodbye to Baji. The stubborn omega waved back, a little sad to see them go. The girls left with them, with Chifuyu following behind them, he needed to head back to his room as well now that visiting hours were just about up for him too. Now it was only the two omegs, a baby, and the nurse. The nurse closed the door behind the visitors and walked further into the room, "alright, it's time for everyone's check up, I'll start with you first, Mr. Baji."


After visiting hours were over, the nurse would always come in to check on them. Making sure that Baji wasn't experiencing complications. She had brought in an ultrasound machine with her thigh time, she flipped it on and started setting up the monitor, "okay, it looks like after today, you'll be entering your second trimester, would you like to take a look?" 


Takemichi looked over to where Baji was sitting on the bed with an unsure look on his face. Takemichi remembered back tp when he found that he was pregnant for the first time. He was all alone and feeling very scared, but, looking at Baji now, Takemichi didn't want to him to feel that way. "Baji, would it be okay if we looked too?" Takemichi asked already walking over to his bedside, "I mean, I'm sure Mimi might be curious about how her baby cousin is doing in there."


"Mitchy?" A slow smile spread on Baji's face, "alright, sure thing, they're about to be the best of friends when they're their born anyways. They might as well get to know each other right now," he stated proudly. There was the Baji that Takemichi was used to. 


"Okay, okay, now settle down, I'm going to spread some jell on your stomach, it's gonna allow us to see the baby," the nurse explained as she squired the cold liquid on the boy's stamch. Baji shivered at the cold, Takemichi chuckled as he remembered this moment well. It was interesting to see everything he went through playing out to someone else in front of him. He started to realize that Baji was kind of going through this alone, the father, whoever it was, Baji wouldn't say, and he wasn't here. It doesn't look like Mikey, Draken, or Mitsuya were awear of Baji being pregnant either. 


The sound of the familiar small heartbeat coming from the monitor caught Mitchy's attention. He looked over to the minito to see the same gray imagine he first saw when he was in the early stages of his pregnancy. Though Baji was young, he was at least two years older than Takemichi when this happened to him, so he was confident that he would have an easier time with this. The nurse pointed out the small spot on the screen that was meant to be the baby, Baji was in awe, Mimi looked to be in awe as well. Thought she didn't know what she was in awe about. The nurse printed out a picture of Baji's first ultrasound for Baji to keep, then she went on to check Takemichi and Mimi.


Mimi was just about recovered by now, she just had a small case of the sniffles to get over. The nurse gave her some medicine to help her with that before being on her way. They were told that they would be allowed to leave by this time tomorrow. Baji was pretty happy about that, when his mother came to visit him a few days ago, she nearly had a heartache when she found out that her only son was pregnant. She scolded him for being so careless, but then she made him promise to see things through to the end. Takemichi was happy that she was so understanding, he didn't know what he would have done if his daughter suddenly announced that she was pregnant to him one day.


He might actually die if it came down to it.


But, looking down at his daughter right now, she was much too small to be thinking about things like that. She was still only seven months old now. As hard as it is to belive, seven months have already passed since Takemichi gave birth to his baby girl, she was still so small, but filled with so much like, he was starting to wonder where the time had gone. "Hey, Takemichi, what's up with that sappy look on your face?" Baji asked looking over at Takemichi after securely putting his ultrasound picture under his pillow.


"Hm? Oh, it's nothing, I was just thinking that in less than give months, my little girl is going to be one years old," Takemichi sniffled. His eyes started to water as he cuddled his little girl close to him, "where does the time go. I cane still remember the day she came out of me!" 


Baji felt a sweat drop on the side of his as he watched the blond omega cry, "geez, so emotional. I hope I don't become like that when my kid gets here, that's kinds embarrassing."


The following day


Takemichi and Baji got up kind of early to do their usual morning routine. They took turns taking their showers, being allowed to breath with regular soap now, and getting dressed in their regular street clothes. Baji's mother had brought him some clothes from home for him to change into, and Hina had bought him something to wear when it was his time to leave. As for Mimi, she had a whole array of things to chose from, things that Hinata and Emma bought for her, to all the things that Mitsuya made. Takemichi wouldn't have to go shopping for her for a long while to come. 


After breakfast, Takemichi took his daughter into the bathroom to give her a quick bath and get her dressed. 


Once the three of them were fully dressed, they wanted in the room until the someone came in to discharge them. Takemichi was wearing a light blue polo shirt and light gray pants with a knitted badgie cardagine on. He didn't have any gel so he couldn't do his hair up in his usual style, so he put on a lack beanie instead. Mimi was also wearing a kidsized polo shirt, just like her mother, and a pare of black short with white tights underneath, she also had on a black beanie with a gray cardigen. On her feet were a pair of black boots that Hinata and Emma picked out for her, they were slightly big on her, but the little girl would whine whenever Takemichi tired to take it off of her. Baji had on white long sleeve top under a black button down shirt that he decided to leave open, and he wore a pair of acid wash jeans. Baji pulled his hair back into his usual ponytail to keep it out of the way. 


While the trio was waiting, the two omegas were talking about what they planned to do once they got got. "I can't wait to order me some Yakisoba, no, better yet, I want some ribbs. Yeah, with grilled pork and honeymusterd," the pregnant omega seemed to be very hungry today. 


"Slow down, Baji, if you eat all of that, you'll stop fitting into your clothes sooner," Takemichi laughed. "But some smoked ribs does sound pretty good right about now." 


"Right?!" Baji's stamch rumbled, "oh, that nurse better hurry up with those papers before I bust out of this joint myself!" 


Takemichi chuckled at Baji's behavior, it was a good distraction for him. After he gets out of the hospital, he still needed to pay a visit to the family grave where his grandmother and aunt's ash's were. Since he was in the hospital for so long, he cousin had to go through the whole thing alone, from what he heard from the officer, his cousin had moved in with his boyfriend perimiantly. His aunt's house was being out up for sale, and there was an open investigation about the group that shot up the junkyard. When Takemichi heard about all of those dead bodies, he thought he was going to be sick all over again. 


He had shut down back then, he couldn't even speak to the officers if he wanted.


The was a soft knock on the door, "hello, gentalmen, do you mind if I come in?" Takemichi and Baji turned towards the door to see an officer standing there. He stepped into the room and took off his officer's had, "sorry for bothering you guys, I'm Office Tachibana. I belive my partner had come to speak a little while back about the shootout that happened on Halloween day, but it didn't seem like either of you were up to talking. If you have some time now, I would like to ask the two of you some questions."


Takemichi mentally sighed, he knew this day was coming, "sure thing, officer, please come in."


The officer nodded and came to stand before the two beds. He noticed the little girl playing with a colorful rabbit toy on Takemichi's bed. He smiled, "how cute, is this your sister?" He asked as the little girl reminded him of when his daughter was that age.


"Uh, no, she's my daughter," Takemichi replied sheepily.


The Officer looked a little stunned, looking between the little girl and the boy sitting next to her, he did notice the striking resemblance between them. "Right, please excuse the mistake, it's just you're so young I just asumed," the man said awkowerly.


"No, it's fine, I get that all the time," Takemichi liked. He would usually allow people to assume that she was his little sister during the rare visits he did get with her. However, now that Mimi was about to start living with him, he might as well own his truth. 


"Right, well, on the days leading up to the shooting, did the two of you notice anything strange? Anything out of the ordinary that you haven't noticed before?" Officer Tachibana asked. 


"Well..." Takemichi looked over to Baji, the two of them knew what happened that say. Takemichi felt guilty for being the one at the center of it all, really. Baji could feel the other boy's distress and came over to sit next to him with a reassuring pat on the shoulder. Takemichi took in a deep breath, steeling himself to tell his story, "well, the day before the shooting occurred...I got a phone call."


Mikey was skipping happily down the halls, as happy as he could possibly. He was about to spend another wonderful day with his Takemitchy, it was only better with the fact that his Mitchy was going home today. Mikey just couldn't wait to take the mother and daughter out to show them off to the world, his first order of business was going to announce that Takemichi and Mimi were his to all of Toman. He make sure that all of the alphas knew what belonged to him.


But of course, Mikey knew that Takemitchy's and Mimi's cuteness would not be able to be continued by him alone. No, no, he was willing to share. Along as they knew their place and played nicely, Takemitchy could continue to hang out with the other alphas in the gang. Mikey was sure that once everyone got a full whiff of Takemitchy's sunny scent, they too would fall head over heels for him.  The second order of business was to move Takemitchy into his house, after that shooting happened on Halloween, and also knowing that Mitchy has a daughter, how could he possibly let him to alone? 


What kind of father would he be to his baby girl if he didn't pull out all the stops to protect her and her mother?


So that was that, it was settled. Mikey couldn't wait to tell Mitchy the good news.


Meanwhile, behind him, Draken was walking normally behind the excited alpha. Mitsuya and the girls were with him as well, the two female omegas were carrying more bags filled with cute matching outfits for Takemichi and Mimi to wear. Emma had her camera hanging around her neck ready to snap away at all the cuteness. At the moment, Draken and Mitsuya felt as if they were the only normal one within the bunch. "Damnit, Mikey's got that really happy look on his face, whatever he's thinking up in that head of his is probably not gonna end well. And there's those two," the tall boy glanced behind him at the two girls talking excitedly about the outfits they picked out, "they might just be worse than Mikey."


Draken sighed, today felt like it was going to be a long day.


As the group got closer to Mikey and Baji's room, Draken noticed Chifuyu was standing outside the room. At this time, they would have already seen him inside talking to the two omegas. "Chifuyu, what are you doing out here alone?" Mikey asked happily to the injured boy.


Chifuyu turned at the sound of his name, "oh, Mikey, I'm waiting for the officer to leave."


"Officer?" Mikey asked curiously.


"Yeah, he's in there asking Baji and Takemitchy some questions about the shooting," Chifuyu stated. 


"Really?" Mikey got close to the door to listen, he could just make out what was being said behind the door. If he was lucky, then he might be able to hear Takemitchy's side of the story. However, before he could figure out all that they were saying, the door suddenly opened and hit him the face. He growled angrily at whoever decided to hit him with the door, but he couldn't really be bad because he was the one who put his face his arms way.


"Alright, thank you both for your cooperation," the office said before turning around to face an angry Mikey. "Huh? Uh, you okay kid? You really shouldn't stand too close to doors since they can open suddenly at any time."


"Yeah, whatever, I'll keep that in mind," Mikey grumble. Meanwhile, Draken could only sigh. 


"Oh, hey dad, so they sent you to talk to Takemichi?" Hinata asked waving to her dad.


The officer nodded, "yep. We were able to discover some really useful information recently that was related with an old case from all the way in the country side. I got a gut feeling to come here because I wanted to double check on something." He put his notebook and pen away as he smiled at his daughter, "anyway, you kids make sure to make it home safely. We still have those crazy gunmen running around, I would hate to have to find one for your bodies laying on the street like the kids back then." He was refusing to the junkyard, everyone knew as much, so they were silent as he walked away.


Mikey watched the officer leave before turning to enter Takemichi's room. His happy deminors returning to his face, "Mitchy, guess who's here to take you to your new home!" When entered, he was kind of expecting Takemichi to run into his arms crying about how much he missed him. But that didn't happen. When Mikey opened his eyes a looked around, his eyes were created by a different sight. 


Instead of a happy Takemitchy. 


There was a sad one.


"Mitchy?" Mikey rushed over to Takemichi's said, the blond omega was crying on the bed while Baji was rubbing his back comfortingly. Mikey, as well as the other alphas had to admit that this was a pretty sweet sight to behold. It warmed their hearts. Meanwhile, Emma and Hina came over to Takemichi's side.


"What's the matter Takemichi? Was it something the officer said?" Emma asked worriedly.


Takemichi shook his head as he dried his eyes, "no, it's not that, it's something else." He wiped the last of his tears from his face with a smile, "there, I'm better, okay?" Mikey suddenly wrapped his arms around Takemichi's shoulder's from the back which nearly scared the crap out of him. "Ack! Mikey, you nearly gave me a heartattack just now," the omega scolded lightly. But Mikey wasn't listening, he just continued to coudle the omega from behind. 



To be continued...

Chapter Text

"No Mikey, I am not moving all of my stuff into your house," Takemichi repeated himself for what felt like the hundred times that evening. The group was currently at a restaurant so Baji could finally get the ribs that he so desperately wanted earlier. Emma and Hina were cooing over Mimi who was messily coloring on the kid's menu. Mitsuya was enjoying some of the grilled pork that the waitress had just brought out a few minutes ago with Chifuyu. While Draken was watching over Mikey as he waited for his order of fried rice and chicken to come out. 


"But why not? It's dangerous for you two to be alone!" Mikey whined as he chewed on his bowl of rice sadly. 


"It's not any more dangerous than it's been before," Takemichi was sticking to his guns. He wasn't about to let Mikey push him into living with him so easier, he needed to keep some of his independence intact. 


"Come on Mitchy, what about just for a couple of days until they catch those guys?" Mikey asked desperately. 


"Even then I just know you're only gonna try to make me stay longer, the answer is no," Takemichi said seriously. "Period!" Mikey groaned and put his head down on the table while looking up at Takemichi with watery eyes.


"Sorry for the wait guys, who had the shrimp fried rice, and chicken?" The waitress asked looking around the table, Draken raised his hand and she gave him the food, "that much mean the chicken nuggets and fries must be for this little missy over her." Mimi looked up to see the waitress who instantly fell in love with her bright blue eyes. "AAhh! So adorable!! Here you go dear, enjoy," she said as she put down the plate of fries and nuggets in front of the little girl.


Mimi tried to say 'thank you to the woman in her baby language but it didn't come out that way.


"Your welcome," the waitress nearly fainted from cuteness.


Mikey slammed his fist on the table, drawing attention from most of the restaurant in the process. "Mitchy, move in with me, right now!" 


"I already told you no," Takemichi said taking one of the ribs off of Baji's plat, which the boy allowed. He had ordered a larger potion than he had expected, so Takemichi was just going to have to help him eat it. Thankfully, since Takemichi had a feeling that this might happen, he ordered a large side of rice and an extra plate for himself so he could help tackle all the ribs on the table. The ribs at this restaurant were said to be the best, and they seemed to be living up to the expectations so far. Baji and Takemichi were going ham on all the ribs, not leaving any for the others, not that anyone was asking for any. 


Mitsuya took out his phone and snapped a picture of Takemitchy and Baji chowing down on the ribs. He would never admit this to anyone, he had a thing for omegas he can eat their fill. It made him want to buy more for them even if it meant he would be broke. Mitsuya thought he had snuck the picture in secret and was ready to put his phone away when Draken leaned in, "hey, said me that," he whispered. 


Mitsuya was a little caught off guard by that, but he shrugged it off, "sure." He scrolled through his contacts to find Draken's name and sent him the picture he took. Draken took out his phone and smirked down at the message. He was getting ready to put his phone away when a winning Mikey pulled on his sleeve, giving him the puppy eyes. Draken rolled his eyes and forwarded the picture to Mikey's phone to get him to leave him be.


Mikey was quick to open his phone to see the picture, he spent the rest of the meal looking down at his phone with hearts in his eyes.


Takemichi didn't question Mikey's silence. As long as he wasn't asking him to move in with him anymore, he didn't care what the other blond was doing.


Emma and Hina kept a close eye on the little girl, making sure to give her small pieces of the chicken nuggets and fries so she wouldn't chock. All in all, it turned out to be a nice lunch. They all tipped the waitress, then left. Back out on the street, the girls dragged Takemichi and Mimi off to some of the nearby stores. They thought that it was only fair to give the boy a full makeover on top of all the clothes that they had already gotten him. Baji followed after them, since he was fully and happy now, he didn't have anything better to do with the rest of his day. Chifuyu followed after Baji as quickly as he could, not wanting to leave the pregnant boy's side as much as possible. 


Of course, the other three alphas followed the omegas. 


Inside one of the sores, Baji spotted some baby biker jackets with fake spikes around the cuffs, "oh my god, Chifuyu look at these, they're so badass!" 


"Yeah, I bet yours would look really cute in one of them," Chifuyu said soft enough so that only Baji would hear. But, unfortunately for him, Mitsuya was close by and came to see what Baji was shouting about. 


"Huh, are you trying to buy one for Mimi, she's gonna need a bigger size than that," Mitsuya said picking up one of the little biker jackets. He smiled, "but they are petty cute, huh?" He looked at Baji with a smirk, "don't tell me you got baby fever too, Baji."


Baji blushed a little and snatched the jacket away from him, "no way, I don't have a fucking fever!" He grumbled as he looked through the rack to find a jacket that looked big enough for Mimi to grow into. He then looked at the two sizes next to each other, the first one was small enough to probably fit a three-month-old, while the bigger one could be closer to fitting a one-year-old. Baji couldn't help but imagining his son or daughter wearing a matching biker jacket with Mimi. He could only imagine all the cute pictures he would take.


"Yeah, you have baby fever," Mitsuya shook his head. "You know, Baji, if you need some help with that, I'll be happy to help you out."


"H-huh?" Baji couldn't help but blush, this was a side of Mitsuya that he didn't notice before. Maybe his eyes were playing tricks on him but were the lavender-haired alpha always this handsome? He leaned in to sniff the air around Mitsuya, it smelled like the beach. 


"Oh, if you like, we could probably start right now," Mitsuya stepped closer and caressed Baji's chin. Baji didn't protest as he was taken in by more of Mitsuya's scent. Next to them, Chifuyu was growling at Mitsuya, he was upset that the alpha was so bold to hit on Baji suddenly like that. But not only was he upset, but he was also shocked to see Baji's reaction.


"Nah uh, there will be no baby making up in here!" Just then Draken's large hand broke the trans-like connection between Mitsuya and Baji, he was steaming as he looked down at the two of them. "The fuck y'all think you're doing in the middle of the store? Your pheromones are out of control, you better cool it before I throw you both in the ocean! And you!" He zeroed in on Mitsuya who was holding his hands up in defense, though he didn't look too ashamed of himself, "I expected better from you, Mitsuya, you're a CAPTAIN for christ's sake!"


"Yep, your right, I don't know what came over me," Mitsuya said looking off to the side.


Draken looked between Baji's flushed face and Mitsuya's uncaring one, "tsk, come on, we better get going before the others leave us." He shoved his hands in his pockets, he wasn't sure why, but he was a little jealous that Mitsuya was able to get Baki to show a face like that. He was jealous, but he wouldn't let that affect him. It was probably the winter air or the fact that the omega had just come out of the hospital, that might be have been why. Baji let his guard down because he was in the hospital for so long, Draken knew very well that the rough and tough omega would fall to an alpha's pheromones so easily.


If he had, then things might have been different after all these years of them being friends. 


Draken walked away, closely followed by the lavender-haired boy. But not before Mitsuya turned back to Baji to give him a wink. Outside the store, Mikey looked back to see Mitsuya humming to himself, he glanced up at Draken, "what the hell was that about?"


"The hell if I know," Draken grumbled. "If I didn't step in, I'm not sure what kind of disgrace those two would have brought on Toman's name."


"Was it really that bad?" Mikey asked in disbelieve as he looked back to Mitsuya again. 


Meanwhile, back in the store, "what's gotten into him?" Chifuyu turned to Baji with a worried look on his face, "are you okay, Baji?"


Baji shook himself out of his stooper, "huh, o-of course I'm fine!" He marched over to the register, "come on, I need to pay for this before they get too far," he said slamming the two jackets on the counter. Chifuyu came to stand next to him and watched the boy for a moment, he was curious to know if this is what they meant when they said 'pregnancy brain'. once Baji had his things, the two rushed out of the store and found the others in the neighboring store


Chifuyu found Takemichi and hobbled over to him, "hey, girls, would you mind if I borrow Mitchy for a moment?" 


"Sure, we still have Mimi to keep us company," Emma cooed at the little girl who was loving the attention. 


"Thanks," Chifuyu quickly hobbled away with Takemichi to a corner of the shop where they could talk. "Takemitchy, I think something's wrong with Baji," he busted out before Takemitchy could ask what was wrong. 


"Oh, like what?" Mitchy asked, so Chifuyu explained what happened in the previous store, most of Takemichi's color drained from his face as he was filled with concern. "Yeah, I can see how this can turn into a problem. I read up about this a while back," he said with a thoughtful look in his eye. "Since neither of us knows who the father of Baji's baby is, he might be subconsciously trying to replace the absence of the father with another alpha that might compliment him."


"Wait, do you mean he's looking for a mate without even realizing it?!" Chifuyu was close to panicking right now, "is there anything we can do?"


"Uh, not really, at least, not that I know of," Takemichi shrugged. "I think it would be best if we just stuck close to his side for now." Takemichi looked at Chifuyu's worried face for a moment before making a suggestion, "it could be good for him if you scented him, it could calm him down a bit."


"What?!" Chifuyu shook his head, "I can't do that! It's not like I'm his m-m-mate..." Not that he hasn't thought about it a few times while he was alone in his room. 


Takemichi folded his arms, "well, you might not be, but you're his friend, right? You wouldn't want him to be snatched up just by any old alpha, right? I mean, not that Mitsuya does not make a good alpha," as he said that, he glanced over to where Mitsuya was looking at fabrics on sale. There was something about the quiet alpha that made Takemichi pause for a moment before shaking his head and coming back to the conversation, "ahem, he might not be so bad, but if you don't want him getting that close to Baji then you have to do what you have to do."


Chifuyu started to growl lightly, "you were thinking about him that way too."


Takemichi turned away from his fellow blond so he wouldn't see his blushing face, "you're imagining it. Anyway, I have a daughter to get back to," he walked away from the corner leaving Chifuyu feeling frustrated. As he did, Baji came up to him to show him the matching jackets he just bought, the two of them started to coo at them before he brought Baji over to Emma and Hina so they could see the matching jackets as well. 


"Aw! They're so adorable!" Emma nearly screamed.


"So cute, so stinking cute," Hina agreed, but then she gasped. "Wait, Takemichi," she turned to the boy with wide eyes, does that mean that you're..." her eyes dropped down to his flat stomach. 


Takemichi's face blushed bright red, "no, no, the small one isn't for me!" 


"It's mine," Baji said proudly with his hands on his hips. 


The girls took a moment to register what they were hearing. They each took a second to sniff Baji to check his scent, unlike alphas, omegas usually smelled sweet like flowers or candy. They could smell the refreshing scent of daisies coming off of the long-haired boy. The girls then let out a squealed that threatened to shatter windows. Mitchy had to quickly cover both of their mouths to calm them down, "shh, it's a secret! He doesn't want a lot of people to know right now!" 


"You guys won't blab about it, will ya?" Baji asked hesitantly.


Emma and Hinata made an ex over their hearts and lifted their right hand, "we swear it!" They said in unison. 


"Great, because I could really use some help," Baji smiled brightly.


Mikey and Draken came over to investigate the nose, "what's up with all the screaming, you're gonna get us kicked out, you know," Draken said.


Emma and Hina gave him a knowing smile, "that's a secret!" The two of them grabbed their new target, not forgetting about Takemichi, and rushed off to another part of the store. Leaving the alphas completely confused. 


"Omegas are strange," Mikey muttered.


"You don't have to tell me twice," Draken agreed.


Meanwhile, Chifuyu was still in the corner debating on what he should do about Baji.


After a long day of shopping, everyone decided to start heading home now. It was still plenty of daylight out, so the omegas, and Chifuyu, decided to go back to Takemichi's house for the evening. They had so much stuff they bought for Takemichi and Mimi that they needed to figure out where they were gone put it all. Thankfully Takemichi had set up a room for Mimi before she was born just in case. The group of five, and one sleeping seven-month-old, entered the silent two-story house. 


Everything inside was clean as can be. Takemichi might have a slight habit of cleaning when he's worried, it started after his grandmother took Mimi back to the country with her when she was about three months old. Takemichi had cleaned the house from top to bottom the day before he went to go meet his grandmother. Because of that, there wasn't a spec of dirt anywhere. "Wow, Takemichi, this place is so clean," Emma said taking off her shoes before walking in, "oh, where do you want me to put Mimi-chan?"


"Her rooms at the top of the stairs, down the hall to your left," Takemichi called out as he made his way over to the kitchen. "Would anyone like anything to drink?" 


"Water for me, thanks," Hana called down as she followed Emma up the stairs. 


"Same for me!" Emma called out. 


"Ice tea for me!" Baji called out from the living room.


"I'll take some regular tea," Chifuyau called out as he followed Baji in the living room. The space was just as clean as the rest of the course, it even smelled like Takemichi, sunny and bright. There were two sofa's, a coffee table, a tv, and a wall filled with bookshelves. Half of the shelves were covered in books. Baji went over to to the books and picked one out, it was a baby scrapbook. He opened to the first place and was greeted by the sight of a crying Takemichi with curly black hair holding a tiny infant in his arms. Under the picture were the words 'My angrily if finally here'. All the pages after that were filled with Takemichi and the all infant figuring things out, the first feeding, first bath, visit with the nurses. 


Baji was in tears by the time he got to the center of the book.


"Hey, Baji, are you okay?" Chifuyu couldn't help but ask when he noticed the boy was crying. 


"I'm not crying, you're crying!" The Omega quickly whipped his eyes as he closed the book.


"But I didn't say anything about crying..." Chifuyu was standing there confused just as everyone was coming into the room.


"We're back," the girls entered first. "That room was so cute-whoa, Chifuyu, what are you doing to make a pregnant omega cry like that!" Emma rawred at the alpha as she and Hina rushed to Baji's side.


"What? NO! I didn't-" 


"Here's everyone's drinks," Takemichi came in next and was surprised to see the girls looking like they wanted to beat the shit out of Chifuyu. "Uh, what's going on here?" Looking down at the green scrapbook in Baki's hands, he realized the problem and sighed tiredly. "Looks like Baji's gonna have a really emotional pregnancy if this keeps up," he thought to himself as he walked over to Baji and took the scrapbook away from him. "Baji, I know you're going through a tough time right, but if you could, please don't get Chifuyu beat up because you stumbled upon baby pictures."


"I couldn't help it, she was so tiny!" Baji started to cry harder, he got up and hugged Takemichi tightly, "how are you so strong Mitchy!"


Takemichi sighed and patted Baji's back gently, "it's okay, you're strong too, Baji." Once everything was calmed down, the girls apologized to Chifuyu and they all sat down to look at Mimi's baby pictures. 


Two days later


It was near dinner time when Takemichi got a call on his phone. He had just finished cooking when he answered, "hello?" 


It was Mikey, 'my sweet Mitchy, meet me at the shrine tonight. Have a special announcement to make!' 


The phone went dead after that. Takemichi didn't know whether he should call a babysitter or take his daughter with him, Mikey must have forgotten that he was a mother now or something. Whatever, since Mikey called him out of the blue suddenly, he could wait a little bit. Takemichi Called Baji to the table, the long-haired boy had taken to coming over to his house every day now to spend time with Mimi seeing as how he was about to have his own Mimi in a few months. 


"Wha this shit smells fucking good Takemitchy!" Baji cursed, Takemichi had to quickly cover Mimi's ears so she wouldn't hear the swears. 


"Baji! How many times do I have to tell you not to cuss around her?" Takemichi asked in exasperation.


"Oh, my bad, it just smells so good," Baji said happily.


The to stat down to eat, when they were done, Baji volunteered to do the dishes while Takemichi got Mimi ready for bed. He gave her a bubble bath, dried her off, and put her in a pair of warm footy pajamas with ducks all over them. Mimi seemed to enjoy the duck details on the feet as she tried to put them in her mouth, but Takemichi was able to distract her with the matching loving, the pajama set and toy were both gifts from Emma and Hinata. Takemichi then handed her over so he could shower, he was busy playing with Mimi most of the day that by the time Baji came over to lend a hand, he was so grateful. 


Takemichi never realized how much work Mimi really was since she was living with her grandmother most of the time. Mimi tried to get into everything, Takemichi had to run to stop her from putting an electrical cord in her mouth, he swore he nearly passed away when he saw her pick it up. He almost busted his ass trying to get to her as well, all to the little girl's amusement. Once Baji arrived, he entertained the little seven-year-old long enough for Takemichi to prepare and serve dinner. That was when Mikey called him. 


"Oh, right, it looks like there's a Toman meeting tonight," Takemichi sighed. 


"Then let's go," Baji smiled, "I wait to see the looks on those alphas' faces when they saw how cute Mimi is." 


"Your enthusiasm is inspiring," Takemichi shook his head. "Alright, what could it hurt, right?" He threw on a jacket over Mimi's pajamas and put on a pair of shoes that seemed to fit over the ducks on her feet. He slipped a hat on her head and picked her up, "all set!" He pulled on his own jacket, as did Baji, and the trio made their way out the house and over to the shrine. Takemichi was curious to know what Mikey was planning, thankfully it wasn't too chilly out for Mimi, or else Takemichi would have risked her health. 


Takemichi, Baji, and Mimi were all enjoying a nighttime stroll together, not suspecting a thing. 



To be continued...

Chapter Text

"I wonder what Mikey's gonna announce," Baji wondered out loud as they climbed the steps to the shrine. 


"Who knows," Takemichi said as he made sure Mimi's hat was properly, "knowing him, it might be something embarrassing." 


"What makes you say that?" Baji asked curiously, he's never known Mikey to announce anything embarrassing to the gang before. 


Takemichi smirked at the other omega, "maybe he's gonna announce us as his omegas and if anyone wants a piece of us, they gotta go through him."


Baji pretends to throw up, "you're right, that is super lame!" The two omegas chuckled a bit until they reached the top of the stairs. Once they arrived, they stopped to see that everyone was staring at them. Takemichi was confused, could it be because of Mimi? No, all the alphas present had an almost glazed-over look in all of their eyes that suggested something else. That was when Takemichi realized that he hadn't put on his scent blocker before leaving the house. The two both of his pills today, but since he didn't need to leave the house all day, he didn't put it on. Baji didn't have one either.


It's said that an omega's scent becomes lovelier when they're happy. Takemichi was starting to hope that was just some joke because he didn't want these many alphas drooling over him. 


"The fuck are you all looking at!" Baji rawred, which seemed to knock everyone back to their senses and they all turned back around to face Mikey. Backs straight and standing at attention. Baji folded his arms, "tsk, damn alphas. Smell one a little bit of omega and they turn into drooling dogs."


"Thanks for that, Baji," Takemichi whispered, Baji gave him the thumbs up.


"Takemitchy, Baji, you're both finally here," Mikey said looking a little impatient. "Hurry up and get up here."


Takemichi was a little hesitant since the alphas had turned around to watch him again. Most of them looked like they were going to eat him alive. Beji huffed at their gazes, he grabbed Takemichi's free hand and pulled him behind him as they both made their way in front of the crowd. The alpha's in his way parted like the red sea for him, while the two omegas passed, some alphas tried to get a good sniff of the scent. Baji marched his way up the stairs with Takemichi and Mimi in tow, "there, we're finally here, now whatcha want?" He let go of Takemichi's hand once they were standing next to Mikey, he stood firm in front of Takemichi to make sure that Mikey didn't try anything.


Mikey put on a serious face. He turned to Toman, "everyone, standing up here with me right now are Toman's two treasured Omegas, and my daughter. From this moment forward, we will all take cherish and love them with all of our hearts. If any of you allow either one of these omegas to suffer even a scratch on their cheeks, you will pay dearly."


Takemichi leaned in close to Baji's ear, "I told you it'd be embarrassing," he whispered as Baji was trying not to blush himself. 


"Yeah, yeah, you were right," Baji whispered back with a frown.


"Wow, Baji's looking especially cute today," someone from the crowd said. 


"I know right, I knew he smelled kinds of good before, but I was always afraid to mention it. So he was an omega this whole time, huh? Awesome!" Someone else said.


"What about that Takemichi? He's looking pretty fine too."


"Hey, you think I might have a shot with them?" One desperate soul asked. 


"As if, Baji might chew you up and spit you out before you can get to first base," the rest of the gang started laughing at the response for a minute before Mikey called for their attention again. Takemichi wasn't sure if he should be worried about those comments or not, so he decided to stick close to Baji for the time being. It was probably the safest place to be right now. 


"Now, it's been a little over a week since our showdown with Valhalla," Mikey started, this shut any further joking there was amongst the crowd. "While that say was meant for fighting, it ended in the deaths of more people than anyone ever expected, or wanted. That is why, from this day forward, Toman will recognize that day for what it really is. We will remember the dead and lay all of their memories to rest in our hearts...a moment of silence for those who have fallen," Mikey bowed his head and closed his eyes, everyone else did the same.


The shrine was silent for a few minutes until Mikey lifted his head again. 


"Since our fight with Valhalla had not been able to reach any kind of climax, due to those gunmen showing up, we have been rechallenged to another fight."




"Isn't this in poor taste?" 


"After everything that happened, and they still want to fight?!" 


Mikey holds his hand up to calm the members, "I have not decided on whether I will accept their challenge again. You are all correct, having Valhalla challenge us to another fight after such a short time does leave a bad taste in my mouth as well. But, they can be placed to the back of our minds for right now. This past week, I was able to meet with some of the surviving leaders of the other gangs who were present that day. We talked it over and we concluded that we should find those bastards who cut these lives short that day and bring them all to justice. In the name of our brothers. For all delinquent!"


"Yeah!!" The alpha's cheered.


"This meeting is dismissed!" Mikey called out, most of the alphas started to disburse, going their own way. Draken, Mitsuyau, and Chifuyu claimed the stairs to meet Baji and Takemichi while Mikey was already making faces at Mimi, "Mimi-chan, did you miss daddy," the alpha cooed walking over to Mitchy. The commander's earlier serious demeanor was completely different now, it was from a scary commander to a soft-looking older brother type in a matter of seconds. The little girl giggled and reached her hands out for Mikey, Takemichi felt a little betrayed but still allowed her to go to him. 


Mikey took the girl into his arms and snuggled her close. 


"Mitchy, Baji, what took you guys so long to get here?" Mitsuya asked walking over to the two omegas, "we were beginning to think you three might have gotten lost on the here."


"Huh? How the fuck could we get lost?" Baji asked, "Mitchy just made us dinner, I wasn't about to let it go cold."


"Takemitchy can cook?" Mikey, Draken, and Mitsuya asked out of surprise. 


"Oh, that's right," Chifuyu laughed, "I meant to swing by earlier, but it took longer than I thought." The other three alphas looked at the injured boy in confusion as he approached the omegas holding a bag, he held the bag out for Takemichi to take. "Here, I think these are the ones you asked for, right? They were the ones left in the store."


Takemichi took the bag and looked inside, Baji looked inside as well and smiled. Takemichi nodded when he saw what was in the bag, a bottle of caramel sauce, whip cream, and a tub of rocky road ice cream. "Hell yeah, we finally got dessert!" Baji cheered, he turned to Takemichi excitedly, "come on, let's head back to your place and put on a movie."


Takemichi shrugged, "sure, might as well," he stated. Since it was a Friday night, they could stay up late. 


"Mitchy, can we come too?" Mikey asked with his puppy eyes, Mimi looked from Mikey to her mom for a moment before imitating Mikey. Takemichi couldn't take it, so he agreed reluctantly. The tub of ice cream was much too big for just him and Baji to finish anyway. They started heading to leave when someone tapped Mikey on the shoulder, "what," the commander asked in a bit of annoyance and he turned to see who it was and what they wanted. 


It was Kisaki.


"Mikey, might I ask you for a word," Kisaki asked somewhat politely. 


"Okay, the word is Midnight, now see ya later," Mikey said in a huffed as he made his way down the stairs with his adoptive daughter. 


Kisaki was so stunned that he didn't know what to say, he could only watch as the command left him behind. 


The next day


Takemichi doesn't know how it happened, but it happened. There he was, sleeping peacefully in his bed, the next thing he knew, there was a hand groping his ass. He slapped the had away a couple of times, but it kept coming back to taunt him, moving closer and closer to his no-no area. He finally opened his eyes to be meet by Mikey. Now, Takemichi had to take a could of seconds before he realized that Mikey was in his bed, and this wasn't some kind of messed up dream of his where he somehow sleepwalked to the boy's house. Not that he knew where Mikey lived. 


Takemichi had to take a few more seconds to realize that they were alone in his room. Under the covers. The door was closed. The house was silent. Takemichi took a moment to calm himself down before he screamed his head off out of shock. That was when he remembered what happened last night. He allowed the alphas to come back to his house with him last night, they watched all the movies that Takemichi had laying around the house, eating ice cream, and then went to bed. Before he knew it, it was morning, and Mikey was in his bed.


But that's odd. 


If Takemichi remembered correctly, he lived in a three-bedroom house. His mother wanted to make sure that he had room for a growing family when he got older, so the house had decently sized rooms. He remembered telling Baji that he could sleep in his room, the master bedroom, that night since they were both omegas. Chiguyu and Mitsuya were going to take the guest room which was down the happy, they should have been able to work out the sleeping arrangements themselves. Meanwhile, Mimi would be in her room, and Mikey and Draken would fall where they may. 


So where was Baji and why wasn't Mikey rubbing up against him right now? Takemichi didn't know. But he was not having. "Mikey, this is my room, what are you doing in here?" Takemichi asked while keeping Mikey's roaming hand away from his sword. 


Mikey smiled down at the Omega, "oh, you know, just watching you sleep. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?" 


"Actually yes, that sounds very creepy Mikey, please stop doing that," Takemichi sighed. He sat up and turned away from Mikey as he looked around, yep, he was alone with Mikey. The room was pretty big now that he thought about it, he was sleeping on a queen, sized bed, but there was still room for another bed in the room. He was thinking about moving Mimi's crib into the room until she was old enough to sleep in a bed on her own. That way, he wouldn't be completely alone. 


"Mitchy, is there something on your mind? You can tell me," Mikey said as he looked Takemichi over from behind. 


"No, it's nothing you need to worry about. I'm going to take my shower," Takemichi said as he grabbed some clothes from his closet and rushed into his bathroom. He closed and locked the door before Mikey could get any ideas. "When I come out of here, you better not be in my room!" Takemichi called out from the bathroom before turning on the shower. 


Mikey sighed victoriously. He might not have been able to hold Takemichi for long, but his eyes had been blessed with a wonderful sight. Takemichi was wearing a big shirt that fall just above his midthighs with some sleeping shorts on. If Mikey had a little more time, he might have been able to sneak those lovely little shorts off, and...well, he wouldn't force anything on his sweet little omega, but just the thought alone was putting a tent in his pants. He hopped out of the bed in search of an open bathroom.


Meanwhile, Takemichi felt as though he wasn't completely safe until he heard his bedroom door close shut. He breathe a sigh of relief and entered the shower. He washed his hair and lathered up his body, basking in the smell of roses, the smell of the soap that Hinata had gifted him after he left the hospital. He needed to remember to thank her for it later, as well as Emma and the others for all of their gifts. Once he was done, he dried himself off and pulled on a fitted black shirt and jeans, Takemichi looked at himself in the mirror and frowned. He liked the shirt, but it was too tight for his liking, and the pants, the pants were saturating his curves way too much. 


Takemichi had always considered himself to be kind of average-looking growing up. But after he got pregnant with Mimi, his body seemed to change everything about him seemed to change a bit. His hips were much wider for a boy his age, regardless of him being an omega, his chest puffed out slightly as if he were developing boobs. And his ass had taken on a very round shape, Takemichi looked at it in the mirror again and frowned, "these jeans...should be used for emergencies."


With that said, Takemichi opened the door back to his room and looked around, all clear. He rushed back over to his closet for some better pants, as he was pulling on some of his baggier jeans, the door suddenly flew open. Takemichi had to hurry to pull up the pants and zip up his zipper before he turned around to face the intruder. "What the hell, can't a person get dressed in peace in here?" Takemichi turned around to see a stunned Mitsuya who was standing there as still as a statue. That surprised the omega quite a bit, he wasn't expecting Mitsuya to suddenly appear in the room like that. "Uh...c-can I help you?"


Mitsuya blushed as he realized he had been staring, "um, uh, s-sorry, you maybe have some condoms?"


Takemichi looked at the boy stunned, "condoms? For what?" He was still too stunned for his brain to put two and two together.


"Uh, oh, you know what, never mind I asked," Mitsuya quickly left and closed the door behind him.


"Oh, okay..." Takemichi took one whole minute before his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. He rushed towards the door, flung it open, and rushed over to the guest room. He rushed inside, "Baji!!" He screamed loud enough for the whole to hear.


"Huh, what's up Mitchy?" Baki was currently standing near the far wall with Mitsuya less than a foot in front of him. Takemichi could only imagine what they were planning, he matched over to them quickly and took Baji's hand, dragging the pregnant omega out of the room with him. Mitsuya was just standing there silently watching them leave, he didn't protest or anything. "Mitchy, what's up with you? Why'd you suddenly come in like that?" If the other omega didn't talk so, Baji would start to get angry and punch him.


Takemichi stopped in the middle of the hall, he dropped Baji's hand as he turned to face him seriously. He placed both his hands on the boy's shoulders and looked him in the eye, his eyes were already filled with tears, " Baji, please think about what you're doing. I know you might not be around the father right now, but please don't act rashly, okay?"


Baji was completely lost with what Takemichi was saying, but he nodded his head any way just so that the boy could relax, "okay, I'll do that."


Takemichi seemed satisfied with this answer, "good, now, come help me with breakfast. I'm making waffles!" 


"Waffles! Alright!" Baji grabbed Takemichi's hand and just about dragged him down the stairs, "you should have led with that. Come on, hurry up, let's go!" 


One hour and a half later, everyone was sitting around a table covered with waffles as tall as a mountain. Takemichi outdid himself this morning, there was more than enough to go around, but Takemichi was making a couple more just in case. Everyone was present. Mimi was in her high chair, Draken had a stack of waffles all to himself, Mikey did as well. Chifuyu still looked half asleep while eating. Baji looked to be wrist-deep in his stack, while Mitusya was just watching, now and then the lavender-haired boy would slip a fresh waffle onto the omega's plate. Not that Baji seemed to notice the extras. Takemichi brought over the last batch and started to eat as well.


Takemichi smiled as he looked around the table to see everyone enjoying the food. It made him happy to see people enjoying his cooking.


To be continued...

Chapter Text

"Were you able to find out anything?" The driver asked after the man he scent out for information came into the car. 


The man sighed and shook his head, "sadly, not much was able to be found. I found out that there is this gan named Tokyo Manji or Toman, run by a bunch of kids. Their leader seems to be this little brat that goes by the name Mikey, I wasn't able to dig too deep into his records before you called me."


"That's fine." The driver said accepting a folder from the man, "where you at least able to find out if the target is with them and what they might want with him?'


"Well, sir, from what I can tell, the group is made up of mostly alphas. I don't think that they allow omegas to join their gang unless it's a...unique exception." The man looked out the window as they drove, "but, from if I had to guess, I think they might be preparing him for the role of pack omega. I'll have to observe them some more before I can be truly sure though."


"You do that," the driver came to a stop and parked the car near the sidewalk near a shop. "We still have a little while left until the boss's return from China. He's expecting a full report when he gets back, let's hope none of our heads end up on the chopping block when he shows his face around here." 


The man nodded and got out of the car, "I will do my best." He closed the door and started to walk away while the driver restarted the car when he remembered something. He turned back to the passenger side window and tapped on it lightly, the driver rolled down the window to hear what else the man had to say. "By the way, the target, the boss wants to make sure that no one marks him, correct?"


The driver nodded, "yes, we're under specific instructions to keep him unmarked until the boss gets back. Why? What happened?"


The man shook his head, "nothing, at least not yet. But you do realize what the boss is asking is a bit impossible for us to follow through on, right? If he wanted the impossible done, shouldn't he have hired the 'other guys'?"


"Hey man, I'm just relaying the messages I'm given," the diver replied. The man sighed, nodding his head in understanding before stepping back from the window. The driver rolled it back up and drove away, he still have a couple more stops to make before he could call it a night. 


Two months later


It's been about two months since that horrible bloody day on Halloween. It was now pretty chilly out, Takemichi was sure that it might start snowing soon. He was a little unsure about having Mimi out in the snow for so long, but she was currently learning how to make a snowman with Chifuyu, one of her favorite uncles. The four of them were at a local park that wasn't too far away from Takemichi's house, Baji was sitting on a bench with him drinking some hot chocolate while they let Chifuyu run around with the little girl. 


They were supposed to be meeting Mitsuya at the park for something, the alpha didn't say for what though. Takemichi was curious, glancing at Baji from the corner of his eye, he had noticed how close Baji and Matsuya had gotten in recent months. The two always seemed to be together now, whenever Baji wasn't with Chifuyu and Takemichi that is. Since it was wintertime now, Baji was able to hide the fact that his stomach was starting to show a little, he would be about five months now. Luckily for him, winter allowed for multiple layers of clothes, so he was able to hide his belly.


There wasn't anything particularly interesting happening today, it was an ordinary day in Takemichi's book. As far as he was concerned, what happened to them with his stepfather might as well have happened years ago with the way that things were going. The younger omega was starting to wonder if he was setting himself up for failure by thinking that way, but he couldn't shake the feeling. He would find himself looking around every now and then to make sure that no one strange was watching them.


"Hey, Mitchy, did you hear what I just said?" Baji asked waving his hand in front of the blond's face. 


"Huh? Oh, no, sorry, about that that Baji, my mind was somewhere else just now." Takemichi apologized, "what were you saying?" 


Baji rolled his eyes at the boy, "ugh, seriously, Mitchy, your head's been in the clouds a lot lately. Are you sure you're not worrying too much over nothing?"


"Well, I might be, but then again, I might not. Anyway, what were you saying?" Takemichi asked trying to change the subject.


"Oh, right, I was just talking about how my pants are starting to get tighter on me. I think I should go shopping for some bigger pants soon, what do you think?" 


"Yeah, we can probably go today once we're done meeting with Mitsuya," Takemichi suggests. He then smirked, "unless, we should bring him with us so he could give his opinion on how good you look in your new pants?"


"What? No way, I don't want him to see me like that," Baji said blushing a bit. 


"Just kidding," Takemichi chuckled. "But anyway, how long are you planning to keep it a secret? I mean, you're gonna start showing soon enough, and winter doesn't last forever you know. You're gonna have to tell them eventually."


"Tell who what?" The two omegas looked over when they heard Mitsuya's voice. The boy entered the pack wearing a simple black coat with black buttons, it blended in well with his black plants, giving the alpha a very professional appearance as he approached them. Takemichi couldn't help but stare, he could see how Baji could sometimes get taken by the alpha on appearance alone. He was hot. Long legs, wide shoulders, and a charming smile, who wouldn't fall for him? 


Mitsuya came to stand before the two omegas, he smiled down at them silently for a minute more before he realized that the two weren't saying anything. "Uh, sorry, did I interrupt something important?" The alpha asked wondering if that was the problem. 


"Huh, oh, no, it's nothing," Takemichi said waving his hands. He stood up and stretched, "so, you said you needed our help with something?"


"Yes, I actually need both of you, if you don't mind," Mitsuya said smiled. "Come, follow me, I'll take you to the clubroom so we can get started." 


"Sure thing," Takemichi then called Chifuyu and Mimi over as they were about to leave the park. Baji was following right behind Mitsuya talking normally, Chifuyu mostly tagged along to keep Mimi entertained, which he was doing a great job at so far. It took about ten minutes by train to get to Mitsuya's school when they arrived, Takemichi was surprised to see that the place was still so busy even though it was a Saturday. "What's up with all these students? It's the weekend, isn't it?" 


"Yeah, I know, but today's actually a pretty big day for us." Mitsuya started as he led the group through the gates, "there's supposed to be this really big play happening later on this evening, but there's a problem. Two of the co-stars aren't here yet, and I need to do the final fitting for both of their costumes before they can go up on stage. That's when I remembered the two of you."


"Uh, so you're saying that Baji and I have similar body types to the missing co-stars or something?" Takemichi asked curiously.


"Well, yes and no," Mitsuya found his way to the club room and opened the door for them to go inside. The room was filled with the rest of the home economics members standing at attention just waiting for him to return. Mitsuya turned to Takemichi, "I'm sorry to put you both on the spot like this, but I'm going to need the two of you to fill in for those missing students. Think of it as a favor to me and my club."


Takemichi was stunned, but since they were already here, they might as well help out, right? "Uhm, I guess...what is it that we'll have to do in their place?" 


Mitsuya smirked, "oh, don't worry about that right now. Let's just hurry up and get the both of you dressed. You go on in less than an hour."


Hakkai was walking down the hall, he was sent to the house to find the second division captain upon Mikey's orders. Apparently, Mikey and Draken both had been busy meeting with other gang leaders for the past couple of weeks trying to track down the gunmen that killed their brothers. Because Mikey was so busy, he was able to see let alone spend time with his beloved Mitchy, and then Mikey heard that Mitsuya was hanging out with them today. That seemed to be a problem that Hakkai was meant to fix. How? By stopping whatever Mitsuya was doing and bringing Takeitchy to Mikey, of course. 


Hakkai made his way over to the room that one of the students said he was sure to be in. He made his way over to the door and opened it, "hey, Takashi, what are you guys doing in here?" He called out as soon as he stepped inside, not really caring what was really happening. He yawned and looked around, then paused, right now he was looking at something strange. It was Mitsuya...standing behind Baji with his hands placed specifically around the omega in a special spot with a tap measure. Baji was only dressed in a dressing robe, while next to him, Takemitchy was wearing a school skirt and vest, looking to be in the middle of putting on his top.


Hakkai's mind malfunctioned. This was the first time he had ever seen Takemichi in a skirt, and it was breathtaking. Those thick thighs were slightly spilling over the top of his stockings. Those hips that flared out the skirt even more than usual, and that slender waist. Too bad Takemichi put on his top quickly the moment he noticed Hakkai entering the room, the top seemed to cover up some of the curves, but even so, he could still make them out under the shirt a bit. Takemichi's blond hair was covered back a curly black wig that framed Takemichi's face perfectly, Hakkai was pretty sure he was either drooling or his nose was bleeding, or both right now, but he was so lost in thought that he didn't care.


Mitsuya frowned, "oh great, I thought I locked that door behind me."


"Hey guys, we're back from the bathroom," Chifuyu called out as he entered the room with Mimi cheering happily with a lollipop in her mouth. Chifuyu had to step around the taller boy with the short blue hair to get back inside, "uh, hey, what's up with him?" 


Mitsuya facepalmed, he was still in the middle of fitting Baji for the costume he made when Hakkai burst in suddenly. Luckily he was right, Baji's measurements weren't too far off from the original, the top might be a little baggy on him though. "Chifuyu, hurry up and push Hakkai back outside and come in, I don't need him butting in right now." Mitsuya finished taking Baji's measurements before going over to his sewing machine and getting to work with what little time he had.


"Uh, sure," Chifuyu put down the little nine-month hold who toddled over to her mother the moment she was let go. The blond alpha turned to the taller one to see that he had a nose bleed, "that's kinda gross man, pull yourself together," he said as he pushed the man out of the room. Hakkai seemed to come back to his sensei when he noticed that Chifuyu was now standing in front of him, the blond alpha closed the door in the other's face before he could say anything. 


Takemichi fished getting while trying to put the look on Hakkai's face out of his mind, he was blushing like mad because of it. The girls around him thought he was oh so cute like this, they cooed at him while finishing up his make-up and hair. Takemitchy was given a hat to match the sailor uniform he was wearing, and because he was insecure about all of his curves, one of the girls lend him a cardigan that was one size bigger than the rest of his clothes so he could feel covered. Mitsuya finished Baji's costume while matched Takemichi's exactly, the classic white and navy blue outfit was completed, although Baji's outfit came white pants while Takemitchy's came with a skirt. "There, hurry and put this on and let me know if it's too tight anywhere," Mitsuya said handing the outfit over to Baji and pointing him in the direction of the changing area in the corner of the room. The area had been covered by some clothing racks and some sheets for privacy. Mitsuya turned to Takemichi, "how does your top fit now, is it still too tight for now?" 


The blushing Takemichi shook his head, not able to look up at the alpha because of Hakkai's earlier entry. "Papa! Lollie!" Takemichi looked down to see his daughter waving a little green lollipop at him in her hands that matched her dress perfectly. He smiled and picked her up. He patted her head gently with a smile, the little girl giggled happily at her mother's attention.


"Oh, Takemichi, you have such a beautiful little girl," one of the girls doing his makeup said. "I bet you have to work really hard to raise her all by yourself."


"Well, that is kind of true, but I do get help from Baji and Chifuyu most of the time. And at least two others come by to watch her while I get stuff down around the house or go shopping," Takemichi explained. "She's kind of a hand full most of the time, but as long as she's being entertained by someone she likes, she's a sweetheart." 


"I candy!" Mimi cheered because she heard the word sweet. She knows that candy is sweet, so she concluded that her mother was telling these ladies that she was like candy. 


The girls laughed a the little girl's exclamation. They finished up with Takemichi's makeup as Baji came out from behind the corner fully dressed in his costume uniform. "Hey, is anyone gonna tell us what this play we're subbing in for is about?" He asked coming over to get done up by the girls.


"Oh, that's right," one of the girls said as she was brushing Baji's hair. "The play you guys are gonna be in is called 'Farewell Summer Love', it's said to be a classic by all the teachers. It's a story about two omega siblings, one was a princess, and the other was a prince. They were both ran away from their kingdom when they were only eight to escape their father's plans to arrange both of their marriages to scarry old alphas that would have settled a war. However, they could only hide for so long before their father's knights came to the city that they ran away to. They tried to hide, but it wasn't long before they get taken back to the castle again. Once at the castle, the two siblings meet an alpha prince that falls for the princess and wants to take her far away, but they both know that her father wouldn't allow it. The princess also started to fall for the prince too, so, the omega prince helps his little sister escape to go meet her alpha. But during their escape, another alpha who's supposed to be a little older appears and tries to steal the princess away."


"Wow, that sounds really interesting story, I kinda feel like I've heard it somewhere before," Takemichi muttered to himself. 


"But that's not all," the girl continued as she started to curl Baji's hair. Once the omega prince realizes that they can't escape, he makes a deal with the other prince. He would take his sister's place and marry the older alpha. The princess doesn't want her brother to take her place, but before she could make her case to him, he knocks her out so that the alpha prince could take her to safety. Leaving him behind."


"What! That sucks," Baji folded his arms, "I'd hate to be that guy."


The other girls looked at each other for a moment, before the one doing Baji's hair continued. "Even though the princess wasn't able to do anything for her brother back then, she vowed to set him free one day. After five years, the princess finds her brother locked away in a Castel Towler and helps him escape into the night. The princess takes her brother back to her kingdom where her brother finally fell in love with an alpha he liked, and the four of them lived happily ever after."


"Yay! Happy, happy!" Mimi cheered, she loved hearing stories about princesses. 


"So, let me guess, we're supposed to be the friends of the main character?" Takemichi asked thinking that they were being dressed in uniforms for some reason. 


"Huh? No, you guys are the main characters," one girl wearing glasses said as if that wasn't already obvious. Mitsuya heard the conversation and quickly snuck over to the door to escape. "Didn't the President tell you?" 


"What, we're the stars?!" Takemichi and Baji said in unison, both clearly shocked. 


"B-b-but we don't know any of the lines, how are we supposed to do this play if we don't know any lines?!" Takemichi blurted out frantically. 


"Relax, we'll give you guys the lines while you're on stage, all you have to do is repeat them," the girl with glasses said. "Trust me, we've done this before, aside from costumes, backup makeup artist, and hairstylist, we're also the emergency crisis team. Don't worry, we'll help the two of you get through this performance with little problem."


"Fine, but I have one request," Baji demanded.


"If it's doable, we'll try our best," another girl said as she started on Baji's makeup.


"I want Mitsuya to be the prince," Baji smirked, "if he's gonna throw us on stage without any practice, it only makes sense that he should be there with us!" 


The girls looked at each other thoughtfully for a moment as they imagined Mitsuya as a prince. The girl with glasses nodded her head, determined to see this through, "we'll do it!" Just then they heard the door close, they all turned to see that the boy they had been talking about was gone. The glasses girl pointed to the other girls who were checking the costumes in the room, "ladies! Bring President Mitsuya Takashi back in here to get him fitted for his prince attire!"


"Yes, ma'am!" The girls were out of the room in a flash. 


Mikey looked up at the sky, he sighed tiredly, it's been well over two hours since he sent Hakkai off to look for his Mitchy. He was starting to wonder if the tall alpha had somehow gotten lost on the way. He sat upon the bench that he and Draken had been waiting on this whole time. "Ken-chin~I'm bored, let's go inside and look for Mitchy, 'kay?"


Draken yawned, "I guess we might as well find something to do. It is starting to get pretty cold out here," the taller boy said getting to his feet and yawning. The to walked down the sidewalk until they found the school gates to Mitsuya's school and entered. They made their way aimlessly through the empty school halls for a couple of minutes without finding anyone. "Where is everyone?" The two walked around for a little while longer until they spotted someone coming out of two double doors. They rushed over to the doors quickly before it could close all the way, and walked in.


Behind the doors was backstage. They wandered around for a moment, it was kind of dark backstage so it was a little hard to see, plus they had to also not trip over anything in the process. Which was also very hard. Finally, they spotted some light and went to it, they noticed that some girls were standing near the openings of the curtain staring out onto what Draken assumed was the stage. Mikey walked over to them and tapped one girl on the shoulder, "oi, what's going-"


"Sshh, quite, the show is still going on," the girl shushed.


"My bad," Mikey whispered in defense. The girl turned back to watching the stage before Mikey could finish. Mikey stuck out his tongue out at her for a minute childishly before he got interested in what she was looking at. Draken had appeared after a few seconds so now the two alphas were watching the show play out from backstage. To Mikey's surprise, he saw his Takemitchy out on stage with Baji, the two looked like a breath of fresh air. He would have to remember to get Draken to take pictures of them later for his personal collection.


The play continued without a problem after that. Once the curtains had fallen, Takemichi and Baji made their way backstage with the others. Mitsuya went with them, feeling completely humiliated, he hated going out on stage, it only did it when there was no other choice. He guessed that this was Baji's revenge on him for not tell them his plans. Still, the show was great. Mitsuya was happy about that at least.


Takemichi sighed, now that the show was finally over, he can finally change out of his costume. Even if he did put on shorts underneath them, he still felt pretty uncomfortable showing off his legs like this. Takemichi pulled off his wig and sighed at the freedom he felt, he took off the stocking cap as well and handed it back to the props person. He stretched his arms up to the sky happily, "man, that was quite a show, I thought I messed up all of my lines even though I only had to repeat them." 


"You? What about me? I thought my tongue was gonna fall out I was so nervous," Baji sighed, then yawn. "Man, I'm beat. Oh! You wanna go get something to eat, Takemitchy? I think that one place should still be open right now." 


"Sure, I can eat, but let's change out of these clothes first, I am not going anywhere in this skirt," Takemichi said holding his skirt for the other to see.


"Why not? You look pretty sexy, I would have never known you had some legs to show if it wasn't for that skirt," Baji chuckled. "I bet you if Mikey saw you right now, he might blow a fuse.


"Hey Mitchy," Draken said coming over to the two omegas. Over his shoulder was Mikey's body, as Baji had guessed, as soon as Mikey got a good look at Takemichi in a skirt, his mind couldn't take it. That is why Baji had to pick him up and toss him over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes. "I saw the ending of your performance just now, you two were great." 


"Oh, Draken, when did you get here?" Baji said turning towards the tall alpha. He could smell his scent from here, it was starting to appeal to him. Takemichi placed a hand on his shoulder to bring him back to his senses,  Baji turned back to the blond to see him shake his head. Baji sighed, ever since Takemichi had explained what was going on with him recently, he would have never realized himself. He did have Chifuyu scent him earlier when they all met up to see if that helped, but it seems like the scent was wearing off now.


"So, what are you two lovely omegas doing after the show?" Draken asked casually.


"Eat, we're both kinda hungry, so we're going to find somewhere to eat," Takemichi answered this time. "You and Mikey are more than welcome to join us, we were going to head out with the rest of the crew for a meal." Draken nodded, "sure, I could eat."


"Great, we're just gonna go change out of these costumes, and then we'll meet you outside," Takemichi took Baji's hand and ran back to the club room. As Takemichi was leaving, he have Draken a good view of the back of his legs. 


"Nice legs," Draken commented as he turned to leave. Just then he spotted Mitsuya, "ah, there's the guy we've been looking for."


"Draken," Mitsuya replied in defeat.


Draken patted a hand on Mitsuya's shoulder and leaned down with a devilish grin on his face. "So, you do know I'mma about to ask ya, right?" 


Mitsuya hung his head tiredly, "I don't, but I can guess..."



To be continued...

Chapter Text

There are few things that Takemichi is certain about, but today, he was certain about this. He watched closely from behind the partition separating the living room from the rest of the house as Baji and Mitsuya talked. With him was Akkun, his childhood friend, Makoto, Yamamoto, Yamagishi, Hinata, Emma, Draken, Mikey, Hakkai, Chifuyu, and of course, Mimi. The twelve of them were currently watching Mitsuya make his move, the alpha looked so seriously nervous, but calm at the same time. Baji, in the meanwhile, looked like he was just waiting for the boy to speak. 


This all started earlier that morning when Baji revealed to Takemichi in secret that he had never really been on a date before. Takemichi was surprised. He thought for sure that someone had tried to get Baji out on a date at least once before. But since the omega was so tough, very few were bold enough to try it. Needless to say, there was something about that made Takemichi curious, so he asked if Baji would want to go on a date, and with who. Takemichi's goal was to take down the information and try to get his friends to help him out. 


Baji's replay was vague. 


"Well, I would like to go out with someone, but he can't be annoying. He's most certainly can't be too loud. I hate cheese people, and if they take me to a cheese place, I'm going to beat their faces in! I don't care if he is taller than me, but I don't want him to be too short either. He's gotta have a type of charm about him that's kick ass. But he acts be too pushy, though, being too aggressive is gonna make me wanna punch his face even more. And we have to have a good meal."


Takemichi nodded his head through everything that Baji listed as he tried to imagine the type of person he was looking for. He came up short of half the gang. If he took out all the people who were much shorter than Baji, it seems that Mikey, Chifuyu, and a few others are out. Tall people like Hakkai and Draken came to mind next, but he wasn't sure how things would work with Hakkai as he had not been around the guy often enough to register his full personality. Takemichi kept going through each gang member that he knew and came up short. The only halfway decent guy he could think of that would probably be perfect was probably Mitsuya. 


Not too tall.


Good manners.


He was a good fighter. 


Takemichi was almost certain that Baji was talking about Mitsuya, and if not, then oh well. So, Takemichi got together with his friends that day and they devised a plan. Takemichi made sure to invite over Mitsuya to the house under the pretexts that the three of them were going to watch a movie together. Mimi should have been sleeping by that time, so Takemichi would slip away sometime during the movie to give them some privacy. Hopefully, Mitsuya would pick up on the mood and ask Baji out on a date. 


It was perfect.


Unfortunately, Yamagishi blabbed about it to Mikey when he saw him passing on the street after school. Takemichi had never wanted to murder a person more than he did at that moment. Mikey then invited himself to the little movie party, as did Draken. Hakkai managed to hear about it somehow and showed up as well, though Takemichi wasn't too sure who he was there for. Though Hakkai did throw some glances over in Mitchy's direction now and then. Takemichi decided to ignore it because he was sure that the boy was still thinking about that time on the day of the play. Makoto told Emma and Hinata, who was more than happy to come and watch the drama unfold. Because of that, Takemichi wanted Akkun and Yamamoto to come along to ensure that non of the alphas destroyed his house. 


Yamagishi invited himself.


The group was having a nice time, Takemichi decided to turn the whole thing into a dinner party. He stayed out most of the day to go shopping for everything he would need to feed seven hungry alphas. Takemichi wouldn't say that his food was the greatest in the world, but he got by alright. He came home with enough bags to fill his kitchen for months to come. He called over Hina and Emma to help him cook, and make some desserts for everyone. By the time they were finishing up, the guest was starting to arrive. Mikey was dressed in a simple gray tracksuit, Draken had on a black and white one. Mitsuya came a little more casual in a plain white shirt, black sleeveless hoodie, and pants, he brought drinks to help out with the dinner party. Akkun, Yamamoto came with their boyfriends, Makoto, and Yamagishi. Hakkai and Chifuyu came in together baring more drinks and snacks for anyone who wanted some. 


Once everything was done, Takemichi went upstairs to get changed before Mikey could see him in the clothes he was wearing while he was cooking more of the day. A big shirt and shorts under a pink apron, just in case something spilled on him and it missed the apron, he wouldn't be wearing anything that he didn't want to get stained. Baji was the last to arrive while Takemichi was getting changed. He had been late because earlier, his doctor told him to concern about finding the father of the baby soon so they can come to the appointments soon. Baji hadn't thought of the father of his baby in a long while now, but after the appointment, he was forced to think about him more and more. He spent a couple of hours walking around aimlessly thinking about the guy until his feet finally took him to his comfort place.


Takemichi's house.


Baji barely noticed when the others greeted him, he simply nodded back to them and went to go sit in the corner. That's how Takemichi found him when he came back down, fully dressed in casual attire. A simple shirt with the words 'Fight on' in big bold letters and a pair of blue jeans with rips all over them. Sadly, these were one of the jeans that hugged Takemichi's legs and thighs a little too much, thanks to Emma's persuading. Luckily the shirt was loose enough to cover most of it, and it fully covered his ass well, or else Mikey and the other alphas might lose their minds. 


"Alright, let's get this party started!" Takemichi announced after coming back from checking on the food in the kitchen. Everything was cooked to perfection, all they had to wait on now were the desserts. Takemichi walked over to the living room to announce that the food was ready when his eyes spotted Baji. 


"Hey, Mitchy, you're looking pretty fine tonight," Mikey came over to the omega with a compliment. 


"Oh, Mikey, uh, the food's ready in the kitchen. You guys can go help yourselves," Takemichi stated.


"Takemichi cooked?!" Hakkai asked, "oh, yeah, let me get some of that. I heard his food's to die for," of course, the person who told him as such was Baji himself. 


"Not unless I get to it first!" Mikey called out as he rushed out of the room, he couldn't wait to get his first taste of his Takemitchy's food. He had been waiting all day for this, deciding not to spoil his first taste with any other flavors, he didn't eat anything else all day. Needless to say., he was starving.


The room cleared out in a matter of minutes with everyone gathering around the kitchen to get some food. Emma sighed, "come on Hina, we might as well go keep an eye on these kids before they make a mess of the place," the female omega said as she started walking out the room. Hinata patted Takemichi on the shoulder reassuringly, glancing over to Baji for a second before following Emma out the room.


Takemichi nodded his thanks to the girls before walking over to the sofa that Baji was sitting on. He was rubbing his belly a little when Takemichi came to sit down next to him. "Hey, Baji, what's up? You look a little down, did something happen at your appointment today?" Takemichi asked curiously, Baji was silent, "Uhm, I'm sorry I couldn't come with you this time, I was swamped with all the cooking I had to do. Emma and Hina had to help me out and we still barely got done in time." Still nothing, Takemichi frowned, "can you please talk to me or something, I can't help you out if you don't say anything to me."


Baji sighed tiredly and leaned his head back on the sofa, "Takemichi, I'm...starting to rethink my decision. Maybe I should have waited to have this baby with someone who would be there with me, from start to finish."


Takemichi looked over Baji's face for a moment, "what are you saying? You were so sure about yourself before, what brought this on?"


Baji shrugged, "well, you know, it's just that...I've been thinking. You had your aunt and grandma to help you out. All I have is my mom, and she's usually busy with work, and I have to go to school. And it's not like you'll be available to help me out all the time, since you have the same responsibilities too."


"Ah, is that what it is? Well..." Takemichi thought for a moment. "I know that it is going to be hard for you to adjust in the beginning, so...I guess...uh, why don't you talk to the father about-"


"I already did," Baji interrupted. He started to tear up, "but he's not interested in what I have to say. He won't even let me tell him the news. I thought that if I could at least get to talk to him, he'll probably see what happened and take my side in all of this. I thought that, even after all this time, we could still be good friends, but he hates me."


"Hates you?" Takemichi patted Baji's shoulder comfortingly, "why would he hate you?"


Baji leaned forward with his head in his hands, "I don't know why, but he thinks that I abandoned him. I don't know why he would think that when I've been trying to get in touch with him even before I found out. But just won't talk to me." 


Takemichi pulled Baji into a hug, "come on, let's go get you cleaned up, okay? You don't want to have the others coming in and seeing you like this, do you?" Baji wiped his eyes as he shook his head, Takemichi helped the pregnant omega to his feet and they went up to his bathroom upstairs. That way, Baji could rest a bit away from the others while he calmed down. After a few minutes of washing his face, Baji felt ready enough to join the party again. This time Baji was a little more upbeat, he got a big plate of feed and started eating with the others. 


Just as Baji had stated, everyone loved the food. People wouldn't stop complimenting him, and Mikey seemed to be feeling pretty proud about it as well, enough though he didn't do any of the work. Or help out. The party went on smoothly, Takemichi picked out a movie for everyone to start, it was romantic, soon Takemichi got up to go do something, Mikey quickly followed him, and Draken followed Mikey to make sure he didn't bother Takemichi. Emma and Hina left to go to the bathroom together to do 'girl things', whatever that was supposed to mean. Chifuyu invited Hakkai into the kitchen for some more food. Yamagishi and Yamamoto tagged along because they were still hungry. Akkun and Makoto also left to go do something, everyone seemed to follow this trend until it was only Baji and Mitsuya left in the room. 


"The hell was all that about?" Baji asked confused why the room seemed empty now. He had been focusing on the movie a bit too much to notice what was going on. 


Mitsuya shrugged his shoulders, "who knows. But, it seems like we're alone to watch this movie by ourselves until they come back." 


"Ugh, whatever, it's their loss," Baji said turning back to the movie. He barely noticed when Mitsuya scooted closer and put his arm on the back of the chair. Though he did smell when the alpha got closer, honestly he was still in quite the mood from earlier, thinking about the way Kazutora talked before made him pissed off, angry and sad. Before he showed up at Takemichi's house, Baji managed to run into Kazutora, the boy was still wearing his Valhalla jacket, meaning he was still well a part of that gang. Though, Baji thought that despite that, he could probably talk to Kazu seriously for a moment. 


Sadly, the boy did not take well to seeing Baji. 


Kazunori wouldn't even look at Baji twice. He just kept on walking until Baji cornered him, that was when Kazutora let him know how he felt. Kazutora expressed that he felt abandoned by Baji, for not staying within Valhalla, Kazutora felt as if Baji was betraying his trust after all this time. Baji couldn't say anything to defend himself before Kazutora disappeared into the crowd. The encounter sort of hurt Baji's feelings. However, after talking with Takemichi for a while upstairs, he realized that anyone who doesn't want to be in his and his baby's life is not worth his time. Maybe in the future when they both grow up a bit, Kazutora might realize the errors of his way, but until then, Baji would just forget about him. 


Baji leaned back, leaning into Mitsuya's scent a bit to make himself feel better. He's found that Mitsuya's scent was very much welcomed by him, especially when he was in this bad of a mood. They stayed like that for a while until Mitsuya sighed, "hey, Baji, could I ask you a question?" 


"Huh? Sure, I guess," Baji shrugged.


"Are you...pregnant?" Mitsuya turned to look at Baji when he said that, the omega paused in eating his snack.


The two stared at each other for a long while, Baji leaned off of him speechless, "how did you..."


Mitsuya shrugged, "I wasn't quite sure at first. But after a while, I started to notice that you were wearing more baggy clothes. I thought it was probably because it was just getting cold out, but then I noticed that your face looked a little chubby. It could have been from how much more food you seemed to be eating these days, but I couldn't be sure."


"So then..." Baji looked at Mitsuya curiously not sure what he made of this discovery. He didn't know if he should be happy if Mitsuya, or anyone else, found out his secret at all. He was kind of getting tired of hiding it, but still, he wanted to know Mitsuya's opinion about it. Would he still try to flirt with him after this? 


"It was your scent," Mitsuya smiled, "to be honest, I've always liked the smell of daises coming off of you. But for the past couple of months now, it's gotten much sweeter, so I put two and two together." He sighed and leaned his head back, happy to get this off of his chest. "I kinda get the feeling that I know who the father of your baby is, but...I was wondering if you would still accept my advances even though you're having someone else's kid." He turned his head to Baji, his soft smile still present on his face, "I know that we're still pretty young, but, if you want someone to rely on with the baby or anything else, you can rely on me."


"...You...really mean it?" Baji asked slowly, Mitsuya sat up and nodded his head. Baji smiled, "alright, then it's a deal."


Mitsuya's smile brightened, "great, then let's seal the deal with a date."


Baji paused, "a date?!" 


Mitsuya nodded his head, "Yeah, why not? Let me take you out tomorrow, just the two of us. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, we can just walk around the park, maybe have dinner?"


"U-uh, s-s-sure, a date...we can go out on a date," Baji repeated slowly. From behind the wall, Takemichi was cheering for Baji, he could just see his fellow omega right now. He looked like he was nervous, but Takemichi had faith that he would be fine. Everything would always turn out fine.


Sometime later


A tall man wearing a black suit walked towards the waiting car with two men inside. The man got inside the car with the other two, they were all dressed identical, but the first man was wearing honey-colored shades and sat in the back seat. He lit a cigarette as the driver started the car and left the airport. As the three men drove, he let out a breath of smoke and looked at the back of both of the men in the front seat, "so, is there anything you two have to say to me? Or should I not even waste my time in asking?"


"Sir, we managed to gather some information on the target, however, it wasn't all that useful," said the man sitting in the passenger seat.


The man with the shades raised an eyebrow, "I'll decide what's useful or not. Now tell me everything."


"Sir, it seems that the target has allied himself with a group called 'Toman', run by a boy named Manjiro Sano. He's an alpha that also goes by the name 'Mikey' to his friends. His second in command goes by the name Draken, also an alpha. His real name is Ryuguji Ken, he looks to have lived in a brothel for all his life. There are about five divisions in their group, each run by one captain, some of the captains have vice-captains, however, one of these captains happens to be an omega by the name of Baji Keisuke, the omega that escaped with the target a while back. With further digging, we managed to find out that Baji is currently six months pregnant. We don't yet know what he's having. That's about as much information that we can grab on them thus far."


The man in the back seat smirked, "is that all? Well, my little darling seems to have gotten himself an interesting group of friends. So, how many of these Toman brats are we dealing with, rather, how many omegas can we take?"


"It looks like all one hundred and fifty members, there are only two that we know of," stated the man in the passenger seat. He closed the file that he was reading from and handed it back to the man in the backseat, "this is everything."


The man wearing the shades took the folder and looked through it, he frowned, "I see...hmm..." he looked back up to the man in the passenger seat for a second. He sighed, "I'm disappointed, I thought there might be more that you were just holding out on." He lifted a gun to the back of the man's head and pulled the trigger, blood splattered on the front right side of the car suddenly, but the driver managed to keep his cool. The car continued to drive steadily on the road without faltering, the man in the back chuckled at the mess he made. He leaned back on the seat as he put his gun away, "well, this is kinda fun. I can't wait to see what the boss wants me to do with all these little baby alpha's running around. I get the feeling that a lesson's going to be starting soon."


"Sir, would you like to head over to the hotel to rest first before getting to work?" The driver asked while keeping his eyes on the road.


"No, no, I think I'll get straight to work. Why don't you call the boss and tell him that I've landed, and I can't wait for my orders," the man in the back smirked. 


The driver nodded, "yes, sir."



Takemichi felt a chill run down his back, he hoped that he wasn't catching a cold or something. Then again, it could be a sign of things to come.



To be continued...

Chapter Text

Mikey has been feeling uneasy lately.


He doesn't know why, but he keeps getting this feeling that Takemichi is trying to be cautious around him. Though he can't think of why that could be, especially when Mikey thought that he was being really nice to Mitchy. Mikey's been trying to get closer to Takemitchy lately, yet, all of his efforts seem to end with him still stuck in the dreaded friends-zone. It sucks, and Mikey really doesn't know what to do about it. Asking Draken doesn't really seem to help either as the taller boy only seems to think that Takemitchy needs time to accept Mikey's feelings.


Which would be fine, although, Mitchy seems to get along just fine with the other alphas in the gang. It seems that the alphas that Mitchy is closest to are Chifuyu, and sometimes Mitsuya, much to Mikey's annoyance. Draken would probably be a close third, on the list, while Mikey feels like he's landed himself in dead last! Mikey is frustrated by this point, and it's already been about three months since everyone in Toman found out that Mitchy was an omega. 


"An omega with a kid, might I add, Mikey," Draken chimed in.


"Yeah. Well, who asked you," Mikey huffed, "everyone should know that he has a kid by now. I just wanna know why he won't give ME a chance!"


Draken rolled his eyes, they were currently sitting at their usual resultant when Mikey started to complain to him about Mitchy again. Draken got where Mikey was coming from, he was the leader of Toman, and everyone knows that the leader of the pack owns just about everything. But that's not to say that Mikey seems to be overly possessive of his pack, as in taking ownership of everything and everyone as if they were nothing more than objects. No, Mikey wasn't like that, Draken knew this much. He also knew that all omegas would technically be Mikey's before anyone else's, no matter what, that's just the way it is in a pack. 


Yet, while that might be true. And the fact that Takemitchy foes tend to get along with just about everyone in the gang now, seeing as how just about everyone in Toman can't get enough of Mimi. The little girl seems to have captured everyone's hearts even before her second gender was revealed, Draken wondered what she would turn out to be like. With all the attention she was getting, she could turn into a bright omega just like her other, or maybe a strong alpha, and her stepdad Mikey. Still. Takemitchy, while he does get along with just about everyone, when it comes to Mikey's advances, he seems to be a bit... distant? Reserved? 


Draken wasn't sure what the right word could be at the moment, but Takemichi did seem like he was holding back a bit around Mikey. Hence why the two were having their now annual meeting at the restaurant. Mikey might be childish most of the time, but he was still pretty grown-up when the time counted on it. Right now, Draken was caught up in one of Mikey's childish moments. "Hey, Ken-chin, are you listening to me?" Mikey started glaring at the taller boy.


Draken sighed into his cup, "yes, I've been listening to you complain about your precious Mitchy for about an hour now. Can't we order some food or something and continue this a little later? I mean, you dragged me out away from my bike's repairs for this, so I thought it was official Toman business."

"But this is official Toman business!" Mikey insisted.


Draken rolled his eyes, "no, you're complaining about how Mitchy doesn't want to go out on a date with you. Meanwhile, what I'm talking about is finding fresh leads on those damn gunmen that attacked the junkyard a few months back. We've barely been able to find out anything solid during all this time, all we can get is that they weren't from around here, and that's about it. We still don't know who their target or targets were that days, or why they were even shooting at us in the first place? They were all grown men from the smell of it too." 


"Oh, right," Mikey folded his arms and leaned back in his chair, "those, we really don't have anything new on them at all? What about from the other gangs, have they not found anything about them either?"


Draken shook his head and put his cup down, it was empty by now, "nope. Not one clue, the trail dried up after we were able to figure out what type of guns they were using. But..." he went silent after that, letting his sentence trail off.


"But what?" Mikey asked as he looked over the menu, "is there something that's nothing you, ken-chin?" The smaller blond glanced up at the older one to see if he could get a reaction.


Draken held his chin in his hand for a moment as he thought, "hmm...there was this rumor floating around, I just heard about it a little while before you came to drag me away."


 Mikey lifted an eyebrow, "a rumor? What about?"


Draken thought for a few minutes as he thought about his next words carefully. He looked Mikey in the eye, he was getting serious about this, and he was hoping that Mikey would too. Though, he wasn't too worried about the smaller alpha getting serious more than he was worried about him getting mad. Draken weighed his options for a few more seconds before he shook his head, "Listen, you didn't really hear this from me, but there's this rumor going around that Mitchy might have had something to do with the shooting."


"What?" The area around the table got a little tense when Draken accused Takemichi, but Draken knew this would happen. He had to have. Mikey glared at Draken, his long-time best friend, "who's saying that shit? And why?"


"Listen to me, Mikey, this is only a rumor, there are no facts to it. So that means that I'm not saying it's true, alright?" Draken stated calmly, he folded his arms in front of him and leaned back in his seat. Mikey calmed down a bit and let the boy continue. "The rumor isn't saying that it's his fault, but it is saying that Takemitchy might be involved."


Mikey thought about that for a moment, "then I think we should look into this rumor a little bit more. I can't just have people going around accusing my Mitchy of doing something as bad as planning out what happened that day."


Draken nodded, "I knew you would say that, that's why I had some of the guys start looking into the rumor for me. I'm still waiting on their call though, it doesn't seem like they're getting much luck in the matter."


Mikey sighed, "then we'll have to wait for them to give you a call. Or...maybe we can go out looking for the answer ourselves? I think it might be best if we have everyone start looking into this for Mitchy's sake." Draken nodded, Mikey smiled, "good, but we'll do that later, I'm starving!"


The two alphas ordered their food and ate it mostly quietly, a few minutes before they were about to leave the restaurant, however, Dranken's phone rang. "Yeah, hello?" Draken answered, he listened to the person on the other side of the line for a couple of seconds before his face contorted into one of great seriousness. Mikey knew that this had something to do with the rumor they were talking about a little while ago. "Alright, we'll be there soon, meet us at the bottom of the shrine," with that, he hung up the phone and looked at Mikey. 


Mikey got up from his seat, "come on, let's get going."


It didn't take the commander and vice commander long to hop on Draken's bike and get to their usual meeting place. Draken spotted Pah-yen and Hakkai waiting for them on the steps of the shrine. The two alphas approached and greeted the two, "hey, guys, you got something for us?" Draken asked as he and Mikey came to stand before their two members. 


Hakkai stood up, matching Draken's height, he looked the two alpha's in the face with a solid nod. "Yeah, we managed to finally get a break in our search. A name, though it's a bit odd, it's all we could dig up on them so far."


"What the name?" Mikey asked curiously.


"Shamen," Hakkai replied. The tall blue-haired alpha put both hands in the pockets of his gang uniform and sighed tiredly, "from what we were able together, that's the name of the guys that shot up the junkyard back then. We don't really know the name of their boss unless they're like Valhalla, which I doubt, they might either not have a boss that they answer to. Or their boss is far away that we, ourselves, can't reach them. Either way, there's more." 


"Yeah? How much more?" Draken asked as he took in the information.


Peh-yen stood up then, "from what I heard, there are some whispers about some punk as grownups going around asking about Toman. It's almost as if they're trying to pick a fight with us or something since they don't try to come to talk to us, instead, they're just asking about us. Who we are, how many members we got, and shit like that."


Hakkai scratched the back of his neck, "well, as Peh said, these guys have been asking around about us. It's like they're collecting information about us for someone, but we don't yet know who that is yet. As for the other news we were able to together on our own, it seems that on the day that we were meant to have our official showdown with Valhalla, it looks like Takemitchy was with Shamen." Mikey and Draken's eyes went wide, "yeah, that's the same reaction we had when we heard it. I had to stop Peh from beating the guy up. Seems like all the talk he's got about Mitchy being weak or whatever looks like he's gone and gotten a soft spot for Mama omega too," Hakkai smirked.

"Oh shut your ass, Hakkao, it's not like I don't see you trying to get into Mitchy's pants sometimes too!" Peh shouted Hakkai ignored him for the most part.


"Ahem, we'll talk about that some other time," Draken said trying to divert the conversation before Mikey's death glare on their subordinates becomes reality. "Anyway, why would Mitchy be hanging out with those guys? Aren't they much older than all of us? Does he have ties with them that we don't know about?"


Peh shrugged his shoulders, "who knows, we can't dig up anything on that."


"What do you mean by that?" Draken asked confused, "are you saying that you don't know if Mitchy has any involvement with those guys, you not know if he doesn't know them or what?"


"Well, it's like what Peh just said. Actually, I thought it was kinda odd too," Hakkai stated.


Mikey calmed down his glare for a moment, "what do you mean by that?"


Hakkai thought about it for a moment, "well, let me think...Uh, to be honest, when we were looking into Shamen, we looked into Mitchy too, just because. However, to our disappointment, and also my great curiosity, we couldn't find anything about Mitchy, like, at all. No birth records, no parents, no middle element school, or anything like that. I even asked some of the older alphas that owed me a couple of favors at my school and nothin'. And those guys are the best when it comes to looking into people's business, but no matter what, anything they looked for under the name of Hanagaki Takemichi ended up with what we already know now. If you ask me, it seems kinda fishy, like Mitchy's got something to hide."


"Yeah, the same goes for anything before his element school days too," Peh chimed in. "We asked all around, but no one seems to know the guy's past life. Kind of like he's a ghost or something." 


"Hmm," Draken rubbed his chin for a bit as he thought, "so no birth records, no school records other than for his current grade...No parents...wait!" He looked Peh and Hakkai in the eyes, "what about that Akkun guy? He's supposed to be Mitchy's childhood friend, right? Did you ask him anything?"


"Akkun? Who the fucks that guy?" Peh asked.


Hakkai rolled his eyes, "weren't you listening, he's supposed to be Mitchy's childhood friend. Uh, now that you've mentioned it, we haven't talked to his friends yet."


Drake nodded, "alright, make sure you go track down his friends and see if they know anything about Mitchy before we met him. Also, keep looking into the rumor and these Shamen guys. Something tells me that we need to find out more about them before they do something crazy against us." Hakkai and Peh nodded their heads and left on their bikes to go do what they were told. Once they were gone, Draken turned back to Mikey.


While Draken was talking, Mikey seems to have slipped back into his more mature side. The side that he reserves for serious moments and Toman meetings, he had on his thinking face as he did. Draken knew that Mikey was taking all of this seriously, he would have been a little pissed or maybe even worried if he wasn't. As for Mikey, he was thinking about everything that they had just been told, "so, Mitchy is hiding something from us? I wonder what that could be..." He looked up to Draken for a long moment, "Ken-chin, do you know where Baji is right now?"


"Baji?" Draken took out his phone and looked down at the time, it was close to a quarter past six on a Sunday afternoon. If Draken remembered correctly, Mitsuya had invited Baji out on a date for around this time, so that could only mean one thing. "He's probably already on his date with Mitsuya right about now. I don't know where they went through," that was a lie, Draken knew exactly where Mitsuya took Baji on their date today. He just didn't tell Mikey that because knew what the young commander was planning to do right about now.


Just last night, everyone who had attended Mitchy's little dinner party heard Mitsuya say that Baji was currently pregnant. It was shocking to hear, Draken himself was a little taken back when he heard it, so much so that he nearly choked on his rice. Not only that, Draken was amazed that alpha was able to get Baji pregnant and lived to tell the tale about it, Draken was almost certain that the poor bastard would have been seen on the news for his attempt. Though, if the father was Kazutora, Draken could understand how the guy was remaining alive all this time. 


When they were young, Baji clearly favored Kazutora and Mikey a bit more than the rest of them, so it made sense. If it wasn't Kazutora, then it was Mikey, but Mikey would have told Draken if he had ever slept with Baji, who was one of the founding members of the gang. Not that Draken wouldn't have minded if Baji had given him a bit of a chance too, that's why he was a little surprised when Mitsuya told him that he was gonna shoot his shot last night. Draken couldn't believe that he landed a date with Baji, but he was happy for him nonetheless, yet, he was still a little envious about it. 


But now was not the time for that.


Mikey narrowed his eyes at Draken, "are you lying to me, Draken?" 


"Lie? No, I'm not lying, I'm just not sure where Mitsuya has taken Baji right at this very second," which wasn't a complete lie. Though he did know where they were going to end up, Mitsuya had asked for some dating advice from Draken the day before. Not that Draken had much more experience in that realm than Mitsuya did, seeing how the Draken wasn't really interested in those types of things. Yet, Mitsuya still asked about taking Baji on a date to the movies and a somewhat popular diner that had just opened up a couple of months ago. It was sort of a two-in-one type of deal that was affordable to the kids and had special offers for couples too. 


Mikey eyed the taller boy's master poker face, he soon realized that he wasn't going to get anything out of him right now, so he sighed, giving up. "Fine, I'll wait until after their date is over," Mikey groaned as he trudged back over to the bike. Draken followed after him and got on, Mikey got on in the back and held on while Draken started it up before taking off from the shrine. 


"So, where to now?" Draken asked after they drove a couple of miles, he still got the feeling that Mikey might be trying to find a way to track down Baji while he was still on his date. If they ended up ruining Baji's date, Mitsuya's feeling should also be factored in, but Baji seemed to be much more dangerous thanks to his current condition. The alpha could barely imagine the death and destruction that the pregnant omega would leave in his wake while trying to destroy them, he needed to make sure he kept a close eye on Mikey for the night. Not that he wasn't going to do that already. Mikey had a habit of causing trouble whenever he was let alone for too long, so Draken was usual on Mikey duty.


Plus, Draken heard one of the girls at his home saying something about how pregnant omegas can be scary when mad, which cause them some problems down the road. Better safe than sorry, right?


"Let's find Chifuyu, I wanna ask him some questions," Mikey said over the noise of the engine. 


"Sure," Draken said as he revved up the engine and took off at heightened speed.


Meanwhile, Takemichi was busy watching Baji and Mitsuya nervously sit in the middle section of the movie theater. The two couldn't possibly be paying any attention to the movie playing in front of them because they were both too busy stuttering through a painfully awkward conversation that was going nowhere fast. Or perhaps the two were stumbling through the date like a couple of cheesy clumsy virgins that didn't realize that they were being watched on television for the whole world to see on purpose. Honestly, Takemichi swears to on his daughter's head that these two must have binged watched the cheesiest nineteen-seventies couple movies on repeat their whole lives, hence why they were acting so comical since the moment they met up.


Takemichi could almost swear that Mitsuya, the gentleman that he is, was from another time much older than the two thousand. The way he was trying to impress Baji with chivalry was kind of cute, but a little cringy at times, in Takemichi's opinion. And Baji, it was almost as if he was from the same era, whichever one it was, that Mitsuya was from because he was hard on swooning for the guy since the start of the date! Takemichi was doing everything in his power to keep all of his opinions about the cringy date to himself, but he was having quite the time with that. 


Just now, Mitsuya just attempted the old 'yawn and stretch move, and Baji allowed it to happen. He allowed it! Takemichi ad to stop himself from throwing half his bucket of popcorn at the two because of how played out the move was. "Honestly, Hina, please tell me that you're in pain just watching this too," Takemichi turned to his best friends, Emma and Hinata who had come with him to also spy on the couple. Baji only asked Takemichi at first at the end of the dinner party. Takemichi was only meant to be there in the shadows for moral support, but the omega was wondering if he should just duck out through the back to avoid any more cringy moves like this. "I'm going to need to have a long talk with Baji about the cringy factor of this date. He owes me ice cream to make up for all of this, every textbook move Mitsuya does from now on with equal snack tax."


Hinata sighed, "Takemichi, I know that you don't like romance movies because of your own preference, but maybe this is just the thing that Baji is into and he doesn't really want people to know."


"You serious? This cringy stuff gets him going?" Takemichi made a displeased face, "no thanks. I think I might die after the first move he pulled."


Emma rolled her eyes, "that's true, the whole 'I got you a single rose for our first date' thing is kind of sweet in its own way. But it's such a classic that I wondered who even does that anymore."


"See!" Takemichi hissed while trying not to be too loud in the theater. "I mean, if I was on a date, I probably wouldn't take the rose at all. And a bouquet is even worse, do you expect me to carry the damn thing around the whole night?" Emma nodded in agreement, Takemichi noticed Hinata's pouting face and sighed. "Of course, this is still only the first date, so I guess the whole flower thing wouldn't be so bad if it was the second or third date."


Hinata nodded and smile, "right, you shouldn't be so critical about these sorts of things, Takemichi. What if you go out on a date and you told them the same thing you told us? You might be a single mom forever."


Takemichi rolled his eyes, "not like I was looking for a partner right now anyway. I've got my daughter to think about, when she gets a little older, then I might start thinking about looking." Emma and Hinata rolled their eyes, having heard Takemichi state this more than once. Meanwhile, Takemichi thought back to his life in the future before he started coming back to the past. In his future, Takemichi did go out on a couple of dates, but no one would ever strike him as interesting and he would be single within a couple of days or weeks after meeting someone. He had countless people set him up, but he never really tried to make anything work, in the end, he went with the flow and flowed right out of the relationship. 


It didn't really matter to Takemichi if he was with anything though, he focused so much on his daughter that he barely had time to worry about himself. He told himself that it was okay and if there was someone who really wanted him, they would try harder to keep his attention instead of him doing it for them. In his future, Takemichi did whatever he could to put his daughter through school, anything short of illegal means of course. His daughter grew up to be a very bright and strong-willed omega, just like her mother, she was kind of strong, too. Like Baji, even though the two had never met in his original timeline. So, even to this day, Takemichi was planning to keep that same mindset so that his daughter could grow up happy and healthy in this new reality.


But he still worried what kind of life they would lead once he returned to his time. Small changes could change the outcome of their living situation, such as the scar that remained on his hand from that night. How Draken's death seemed to save Mikey and Toman, for the moment. There's no telling what this path could change for his daughter in the long run.


"Oh, the movie's over," Hinata said when she noticed the lights coming back on.


"Come on, let's hurry and catch up with them before they get away," Emma stated, Takemichi had to look back down to the two empty seats that Baji and Mitsuya had been sitting in earlier. Takemichi had been so deep in his own thoughts that he didn't notice the couple get up or leave. The trio followed the couple outside just in time to see them leaving the movie theater and entering the dinner portion of the building. The trio sat a couple of tables away from the couple and continued to watch their date play out.


Takemichi watched at Baji interacted with Mitsuya, in his mind, he reasoned that these two were just a simple alpha and omega pair on a date. He's been on dates before, so he knows how things usually worked on his, but seeing someone else's date was kind of like watching a movie that couldn't be paused. He watched as Mitsuya told stories from their shared past, and how Baji laughed at the embarrassing bits. He watched them order a meal, Mitsuya insisting on paying the bill, and Baji deciding that he would leave a tip. Takemichi guessed that even though the cheesiness of their date, Baji was still a strong-willed kind of person. 


Soon, the couple left the dinner and went walking while the trio watched them from afar. The date soon came to a close when Mitsuya walked Baji back home. Takemichi was watching through the whole thing and still, he couldn't quite believe his eyes. Their date went along so smoothly that it seemed like a dream, a cringy dream, but still... "is this how dates are supposed to go?" Takemichi wondered to himself as the trio made their way up to Baji's apartment door. 


Emma and Hinata glanced at Takemichi for a moment before Baji opened the door with the brightest smile on his face. "Hi guys, did you see all of that! My first date! I was so nervous that I could barely keep myself from stuttering sometimes, oh, come on in, let's talk." Baji invited the girls and Takemichi into his home, his mom wouldn't be back from work for at least another hour, so they had time to talk. "You guys can wait in the living room while I get us some snacks," the pregnant teen said closing the door behind them and heading over to the kitchen.


Emma and Hinata sat down on the sofa while Takemichi sat down in the armchair next to them. Emma glanced over to Takemichi with a heavy sigh, "alright, Mitchy, why don't you stop sulking already and tell us what's the matter?" 


"Huh? What are you talking about?" Takemichi asked coming out of his thoughts.


Emma rolled her eyes, "oh, come on, you were sulking ever since we left the Cinema, so come on, tell us what's the matter?"


"Oh..." Takemichi looked down at his lap, not sure what to say.


"Oh, uh, so Takemichi," Hinata started slowly, "Was there something that you saw on their date that you didn't like or something? I mean, I get it, being signal and watching two people-" but she was cut off.


"That's not it," Takemichi sighed as he leaned back in the chair.


"Really? So if you're not jelly, then what's the matter with you, Mitchy?" Emma asked seriously, "this is a time when we should be coming together to gossip about the date that we just witnessed our friend go on. Not mopping around about whatever it is."


Takemichi frowned, "I'm not moping, I'm just...thinking."


"About what?" Hina asked leaning closer to Takemichi, she reached out and placed her hand on his knee to show that she was there to listen, "you can tell us anything that's bothering you. You know that, right?"


Takemichi shook his head and then sighed, "I know, but it's not really all that simple. It's just...well, I'm...worried...I guess you can say that I've been thinking about my past a lot lately. It's like I can't stop replaying everything over and over again in my head, everything that happened to me, to we got here, all of it. I can't stop thinking about it. Especially when there's an alpha around. It's starting to mess me up."


Emma and Hina looked at each other for a moment, not sure what to make of the situation. Luckily, Baji did. He heard everything that Takemichi said from the kitchen, the apartment might have been a bit spacious, but it wasn't all that big. Words seem to travel even through the walls that were supposed to separate the rooms from each other, but sometimes it's like they were made out of paper instead of concert and cement. Baji walked over to the living room and sat down in the other armchair across from Takemichi's. "Are you finally going to tell us what happened to you in the past, the full story I mean?"


"Baji?" Hinata asked confused.


"What does he mean by 'the full story', Mitchy? Did something bad happen to you in the past?" Emma asked curiously.


Takemichi nodded his head slowly, "yeah. To tell you the truth, a lot of bad things happened to me in the past which made living a lot harder for me. Until recently, I thought I could just keep all of this a secret and just not tell anyone, but I can't do that anymore. Now that I became friends with you guys...I think it's important that you know the full truth about me." Emma, Hinata, and Baji all looked at each other, steeling themselves for whatever Takemichi was about to tell them.


Takemichi, even in his original timeline, where he was born under another name, was not a happy person. Before he was born, his parents had spit up because of his father's abuse, his mother managed to get the courage to run away from him a couple of times. However, he always managed to find her, then she became pregnant one day and the father decided to leave her alone for good. But a pregnant omega can't get by without some help, so she left her hometown in the country for a new life in the city, she even started going to school again and working part-time jobs for her unborn baby, somewhere along the way, she found another guy to fall for. Her mother didn't like the new guy too much either, but he was better than the one before him, so she gave her blessing.


Then Takemichi was born as Rena, but he was also known as little Taka, after his stepdad. Things seemed to be going well for the little family at first until little Taka started saying his first words. It seems that his first mistake was not calling his stepdad 'papa', for some reason, even as a baby, Takemichi knew this man wasn't his real dad. Yet, the stepfather let that slide, amongst other things. Takemichi always felt that something was off about his stepdad, but he was still so young that he couldn't put his finger on it. Then one day, his mother came into his room late at night, he could barely remember the time, just that his mother seemed scared. His mother had packed up most of their things and woke up Takemichi saying that they were going on a late-night adventure.


Of course, being a tired little kid and seeing that his mother was scared that night, Takemichi went along with it. He let his mother whisk him away under the cover of darkness, the next thing Takemichi knew, he was waking up in a brand new bed, in a brand new apartment, in a brand new place. Everything felt so exciting that he didn't have a care in the world, he made a friend that he nicknamed Akkun, and they were the best of friends. For a while, a long while, everything seemed to be a dream, Takemichi was sad that his friend had to move away, but that's life. He still had other friends to play with back then, so he said his goodbyes and moved on. 


However, it didn't take long until the storybook dream he thought he was living turned upside down. A nightmare showed up on their doorstep one day and then all hell broke loose. His stepfather had found them somehow, and he brought a bunch of guys in black suits to take them deeper into the nightmare. For a while, all Takemichi could remember seeing were steel bars that held back the light of the outside, cold floors didn't warm him up any either. And he was always hungry. But, there was always his mom, her scent calmed him at times when he thought that he was going to go mad, he loved his mother very much. She was like a superhero to him, always there to help him when he needed it. 


So when one day the two of them were allowed to go outside once more, they ran. Takemichi remembered that his mother told him to run as fast and as hard as his little legs could carry him. He remembered that he was no more than five or six years old at the time, so his legs were still pretty small. Yet, he ran and ran, and kept on running until he couldn't smell anything but the scent of trees, real trees. He ran and ran, and when he was just about to give up, his mother's scent came back to him and he ran some more. The two managed to escape the place that his stepdad and the men had taken them, they found another new place to live for a while. But after a short time, his stepdad found them once more. Takemichi was convinced that the man was a demon that wanted to take their souls from them because of some kind of contract that was a barrier deep in their family's past, his mother almost believed that too.


After that last encounter, Takemichi was the only person to escape his stepfather's grasp at that time. His mother stayed behind so he could escape, even though he begged her to come with him. He couldn't have been any more than ten years old at the time, so it was much too scary to leave on his own. But his mother promised that she would be within his heart no matter what, and one day, they will reunite with each other. Though, Takemichi sort of had the feeling that he wouldn't be seeing her smiling face, or smelling her wonderful cinnamon roll scent for a very, very long time to come. 


After Takemichi escaped, he stayed on the streets for a while. He ducked in and out of shadows until he became one with them. He did a lot of things that he wasn't proud of, and most he would rather forget, but he did everything he could to survive like his mother wanted him to. He made sure to stay low, never making friends for too long, never forming bonds with anyone. He learned how to fight. He could have even killed a person if need be, but he did what he had to. He moved around a lot on his own, sleeping whenever and wherever he felt was safe enough, and managed to find food anyway that he could. He was a nomad in every sense of the word. At twelve, Takemichi finally wandered into a place where he could live a somewhat peaceful life on the streets, that is until child welfare finally caught onto him and picked him up off the streets.


The only thing that Takemichi had to identify him was the papers that his mother left for him before he had to leave her. He never looked at them, but she gave him instructions to show it to the adults that want to take care of him. Takemichi had been afraid of the adults though, never letting them get close. Any adoptive family that might want to take him in was met with resistance because of his trauma. Eventually, the child welfare office determined that since he was too traumatized to go with anyone else, he should stay on his own. They didn't want to do it at first, but thanks to Takemichi's efforts, he managed to convince them to let him live on his own. Thanks to his mother's foresight, the welfare agents didn't have to find a home for Takemichi to stay in, his mother already had one waiting for him. 


Takemichi changed his name from Rena to Takemichi, as per his mother's request. The last time Takemichi spoke to his mother, she had wished that they could both escape and change both of their names. Yet, Takemichi was the only one to make it this far, so he tried his best to live his new life happily for both of them. The child welfare agents enrolled Takemichi into a local middle school where they could keep an eye on him, things were going well. Takemichi was classified as a genius in their school system after unknowingly taking a bunch of their test. The students thought that he was just pretending, but it was a fact that Takemichi was smart, very smart, and that was what made him stand out. He became popular, made tons of friends, and was living the high life for a good while. He even went on trips, this time he thought that the nightmare was truly over. 


But then after his thirteenth birthday, Takemichi's class took that faithful trip. His stepfather recognized him, though Takemichi didn't recognize the man at first, he recognized the scent he gave off. before Takemichi could put the pieces together, he was kidnapped, everyone in his class that was on the trip looked all over for him. They looked for hours, but when they finally found him, it was too late, Takemichi had to be taken to the hospital right away and the rest of the trip was canceled. Child welfare heard what happened and sued the school for neglect, but there was a settlement that was reached and the case was dropped, the incident was covered up, and Takemichi was set to go to a new school once he left the hospital. But Takemichi couldn't leave right away, he had to be evaluated mentally for months, endless amounts of counseling sessions up until the birth of his daughter.


Takemichi was in shock through most of the process, denial for the rest of the time. He couldn't believe that he had become a mother now, with no guidance, and barely any help. He reached out to his grandmother, she was the one person that was there for him and his mother in the past. Whenever they were trying to run away and hide, she would do what she could, but his mother didn't and his grandmother to be found out, so Takemichi had never met his grandmother before. He had heard her voice on the phone and had seen a picture of her once the last time he saw his mother, but it wasn't until his daughter was born that he actually met her in the flesh. Takemichi was so happy that he cried for hours, finally, he wasn't alone anymore. His grandmother took his daughter away until he was able to take care of her on his own, of course, when the time came, she would be there to lend a hand every now and then.


After his grandmother took his daughter away to the countryside, they made a deal to keep in contact. At left, twice a month, and Takemichi would send things to his grandmother with his ascent on it so his daughter wouldn't forget it. After all, his mother's scent was what kept him going through his darkest times, so he wanted his own daughter to have that same connection. "But somehow, my stepdad managed to track us down again," Takemichi continued. "I guess it was probably when I went to go meet up with granny and Mimi halfway at the train station, but I don't know how. It's like he's got a looking glass on me with a limited range of vision, if I sep out of the blocked out spot of his vision, then I get spotted or something. I don't know if that's what really happened, but that's what it felt like to me." 


Takemichi leaned back in his chair and told them everything. His life's story. Even up to the part where his stepfather irked Baji's temper enough a few months back and led them into a trap before taking them away to an abandoned factory.  "Oh, Takemichi, if I had known, then...I wouldn't have..." Emma had tears in her eyes, naturally, the story was sick that it made her stomach turn. 


"So, does that mean that Mimi-chan is..." Hinata didn't want to finish that sentence, she didn't dare to. Knowing that the sweet little girl was born out of that mess was something that she needed time to take in. 


"No, it's okay," Takemichi smiled at them, "you didn't know, how could you? And that was what I thought I wanted, but then..." his smile faded. The was deadly silent for a long while, takemichi looked up at the ceiling for a few minutes as he gathered his thoughts. "Listen, I don't know what he really wanted from me back then, but now, I would rather die than let Mimi or any of you go through the experience of meeting him again. So," he looked back at the three omegas, as sharpness in his eyes, "I wanted to tell you guys what happened to me in the past. Just in case, I wanted you guys to know my story."


"Oh, Mitchy, I'm so sorry that you had to go through all of that." Emma got up and gave Takemichi a big hug, "I don't think I would have been able to live on the streets for almost three whole years. How could you even go through that, and all alone, at that age? It's horrible!" 


Baji was already crying his eyes out, but he didn't make a sound, instead, he sat there silently watching Takemichi while the tears flowed down his face. He got up, going over to Takemichi to also hug him, "you're so strong. I can't believe it, you did so much, went through so much...I couldn't believe the boy I used to think of as a weakling was actually this strong inside."


"Guy,'s nothing for you to cry over," Takemichi stated softly, but his friends weren't listening. Even Hinata had gotten up to hug the blond boy. Now Takemichi couldn't escape, he let some of the tears he had been holding back all this time flow from his face. He was sad, so unbelievably sad that he could hardly bear it. He was glad that Mimi was being babysat by Chifuyu right now, or else she might be crawling into his lap to cry along with them. Takemichi shook his head, "guys, listen, I need your help with something."


"What is it?" Hinata asked as she whipped her eye. 


"Yeah, we'll do anything we can to help you, Mitchy," Emma replied as she hugged the boy tighter. Baji nodded in agreement while still holding onto Takemichi carefully. 


Takemichi could feel Baji's belly pressing into his side, he could also feel the baby's light kicks, it brought back memories of when he was pregnant. His pregnancy might not have been his best experience, it wasn't anything he really wanted to live through again. However, if he could, somehow, make it so that he could redo time in a way that he got pregnant with Mimi and was able to have a peaceful time. If that were possible, he would, but with all that had happened, he didn't think he was strong enough to live through that whole thing again. It was much too hard the first time, honestly, he almost took his own life back then, if it wasn't for the fact that he was carrying a small life inside of him, then he just might have.


Still, without that experience, he wouldn't be who he is today.


"Listen, guys...I think it's time." Takemichi took in a deep breath and let it out shakily, he was nervous, or more like scared. But he needed to do this.


Baji could tell that Takemichi was scared, so he hugged him just a little tighter, "it's okay, man, just tell us what you need to do."


Takemichi took in another deep breath to steady himself, "I'm going to tell Mikey. And Draken too, they need to know what they're up against."




To be continued...

Chapter Text

"But...Mitchy, are you sure that's what you want to do?" Emma asked with tears in her eyes, Baji, and Hinata were all sitting on the sofa with her. They were all looking up at Takemichi after he revealed he was going to tell her brother about his past. But, knowing what she knows, she wasn't sure how her brother would take the news. 


"I have to, Emma," Takemichi replied. "I need to tell them, they need to know what they're up against. After that, then I'm going to take Mimi and leave."


"But you can't!" Hinata jumped up from her seat and rushed over to Takemichi, hugging him desperately, "you just can't!" She was worried about her friend, he was her best friend above all else, and he had such a bad life until now. Yet he managed to stay so strong. Even so, there was no way that she was going to let him do this alone.


"But I have to, Hina, if I stay here much longer, who knows when my stepdad will manage to track me down again. I don't think I will be able to handle it if you guys are dragged into anything because of me," Takemichi replied. He looked over to Baji, he was obviously pregnant by this point, once he took off his jacket, Takemichi could see his belly through the curvature of his shirt. Six months is a pretty big deal for omegas this young, if they're still pregnant and healthy, that means that they are being well taken care of. Other omegas who come under too much stress while pregnant at a young age would have most definitely lost their child by now. He was happy that Baji was able to make it this far, "especially since Baji is like this," he whispered.


Emma looked over to Baji for his thoughts, "Mitchy, are you sure this is what you want to do? To leave?" Baji asked seriously.


Takemichi nodded, "it's the only way. I can't do this without leaving. Mimi and I both have to get out of here as soon as possible. It would be safer that way."


Baji lifted himself out of his seat with some help from Emma, his back was aching a bit, and his baby was threatening to kick out his kidney. Even though Baji wanted to sit a bit longer, he needed to convey his feelings, and sitting around wouldn't help him. "Takemitchy, listen to me, do you really want to leave. To leave Hina and Emma, and me behind? Do you really want to throw us away?"


"No, that's not-no," Takemichi paused, that wasn't what he wanted to do. But from Baji's standpoint, it might seem like it, Takemichi was starting to understand that. He looked down at his feet, he couldn't imagine what was going on inside anyone's head but his. He only knew what his life was like, what it was before, and what it's turned into now. If he had stayed the course of his original timeline, then he wouldn't have to meet Mikey. Hinata wouldn't have reconnected with him in the future. And his daughter...His daughter probably wouldn't have grown up as well as she had. 


Takemichi frowned, "alright fine, I get it, but still. The facts don't change, because you guys know about my life know, there's no way that he won't leave you guys alone. He'll most likely use you all to get to me and bring me back to him." 


"How do you know that's what he'll do?" Baji asked.


"Because..." Takemichi looked away from him as he remembered a time when he was still living with his mother in that brand new apartment she managed to find for them. He still remembered that one friend that he grew up with within the building that seemed to have a crush on him, even though they were so young and couldn't really understand much about love. He remembered how that friend pointed him out to his stepdad, and then... "he's done this before. It doesn't really take much for him to tack me down once he finds a good lead. I hoped that there would be none, but I don't know what kind of information he has on me."


Baji crossed the short space between him and Takemichi, he lifted his hand and slide it across Takemichi's face hard enough to get him to listen. "That was back then, we're not weak!"


Takemichi paused his prior thinking, he knew that there was something that Baji was trying to say. He glanced at the pregnant male in front of him as if seeing him for the first time. He might have been pregnant now, but Takemichi remembers seeing him fight on the night of the festival. Before his secret got out. He was amazed by the omega, the way he dived off of a parked car as if he was a God. Takemichi thought that was he was a pretty cool alpha at the time, but then he got a whiff of his scent and he realized that alpha's don't smell like a garden. That was probably the first moment that Takemichi realized that Baji had to be special. 


Baji was an omega, but he was a strong omega on par with the alphas. 


Takemichi had nearly forgotten. 


"I'm sorry, Baji, I almost forgot about your strength," Takemichi chuckled a bit. 


Baji smirked, "well, I'm glad you realized it so soon, I was afraid that I would have had to beat the shit outta ya if you didn't." He sighed as he placed a hand on his lower back, it seems like his little unborn gangster was telling him to relax now. "Well, anyway, now that you've realized this, you should hurry up and get that nonsense out of your head about leaving us." The pregnant omega made his way back to his spot on the sofa and took a seat, the kicking inside his gut also decided to calm down a bit too. "Besides, where would you even be without us? Sulking in a lonely apartment, looking over your shoulder all the time? If you call that living, then I don't think you're alive."


Emma nodded, "yeah, he's right. Plus, you should think about little Mimi-chan too, she's grown attached to me after all." She said this in confidence because she assumed that Mimi considered her the favorite out of her new adoptive relatives. Emma was almost certain that the little girl was totally eating out the palm of her hands and she had beaten Baji in the war of the favorites. 


"Ha, as if, you're just her sugar mama, she's about to drop you like a bad habit if you don't keep buying her stuff," Baji blurted out. "Besides, she loves me more," he stated boldly while Emma turned a scowl on him. "I mean, you see how she looks at me, she thinks that uncle Baji is by far the best unlike a hag like you," he ended his statement by flipping his hair like a model. 


"Why you little..." Emma grumbled.


Hinata rolled her eyes a bit at the twos arguing as she turned back Takemichi, "anyway. I think what they're trying to say is that you can't expect raising a child on the run to be easy. She's gonna want to make friends that will stay by her side forever, and she's gonna want to have a secret hideout that she can go and hide in whenever times get tough between the two of you. Oh, and you can't expect her not to find love one day and fall in love, right? So you might as well stick around so we can help you regain your life. It is your life, you know, right, Takemichi?" 


Hina was making so many good points that Takemichi was forced to accept it, "yeah, you're right." He chuckled a bit, his chuckling seemed to catch the attention of the bickering pair, Baji and Emma turned back to look at Takemichi and Hinata. Takemichi chuckled a bit more, finding it hard not to laugh at the situation he was in now. "You know, it's funny, I'm not even fifteen yet, but I've already got a daughter, my own house, and I have to worry about getting money to send her to school soon. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really the age I'm supposed to be at times."


"That's understandable," Emma said with a big smile. "But hey, you don't really have to worry about money too much, Takemitchy."


"Huh, what do you mean, Emma?" Takemichi asked not really following her logic. School tuition, doctor visits, and all the bills of owning his own house are going to start coming from his own pocket soon as he turns eighteen. He can't expect to live a free life forever just because his grandmother and aunt left him some money in their wills. Actually, with the money that Takemichi's grandmother had left him, he could probably wait for a could years to find a job when he turns eighteen, but still. 


Emma chuckled, "now, now, Mitchy, did you forget, you've got a whole pack of alphas who are willing to do just about anything for their omegas." She stated with a sly smile, "I also know a select few alphas we are more than willing to just give you their bank accounts as long as you give them just a little something in return."


Takemichi's eye twitched when he thought about what she was saying, "I'm not some cheap whore that'll open my legs just for anyone, Emma." 


"Emma, seriously? Have some decency," Baji sighed.


Emma giggled, "just up, Baji, that's not what I was suggesting. Oh, now that I think about it, I think I might have a way for you to start earning some extra money right now so that you can save for your daughter's future." She turned to Baji, "that goes the same for you too, Baji."


"Oh, Emma, is that really true?" Hinata asked curiously, "what did you have in mind."


Emma giggled a little more, Takemichi was confused, but Baji was starting to realize what was going through the girl's mind. He got back up to his feet as quickly as his body would allow, "no! You can't expose either of those pictures to the public, Emma, you promised you wouldn't!" Baji shouted.


Emma acted innocent, but the other two were still confused, "oh ho ho ho, Baji, please. What makes you think that you can escape your fate? I mean, it's really your fault for turning out so adorable, so why not exploit it a little bit? I mean, kids aren't cheap to take care of you know, especially if you want them to grow up in a nice, loving development where they would have everything their little hearts could ever want! "


"Emma, I said no!" Baji clenched his hands, "you made me a promise that those fucking pictures would stay barrier for the rest of time! You are not allowed to show them to anyone, ANYONE!!"


Takemichi and Hinata looked between Emma and Baji for a couple of seconds before Takemichi spoke up. "Yo, guys, let's calm down and backtrack a bit, so...what pictures are you talking about right now? And how do pictures help us make money for the future?" 


"Takemitchy! Don't!" Baji turned to the blond boy with great urgency, "once you enter a contract with this snake, it becomes like a nightmare until you meet her every whim. I'm telling you, man, she's bad news when she gets like this."


Takemichi, still unable to fully grasp the hint, turned to Emma, "so, what's he talking about? Is it dangerous?"


Emma smirked, "no, no, it's just some pictures. I've kinda wanted to be a famous photographer when I grow up, so I want to test my skills early. In doing so, I can help you both earn enough money to put both of your kids through school for years to come. Ahahahaha, all you have to do is agree to my will and all is well." 


Takemichi was getting the feeling that this might be a vegetable choice, but saving up more money now seemed like it would be a better idea. He could even add money to his emergency funds so that if anything ever arises in the future, like, let's say, an important surgery that might cost thousands of dollars. Then having that money on hand now would be a good choice, would it not? Takemichi thought so, so he nodded, "yeah, alright. I don't really get how pictures are going to make too much money, but I guess I'll trust you to do settle that matter. However...."


"However?" Emma asked, her sly smirk turning into something evil right before all of their eyes. Baji sat back down in defeat, he knew what was about to happen, and thanks to Takemichi, he couldn't escape his fate either.


Takemichi sighed, "if we're talking pictures, please keep in mind that we're still underage. Nothing too pervy or rated R, okay? I still have a daughter that might find those laying around one day, and I don't want those kinds of pictures to cross her field of vision as much as I can help it." 


Baji sighed, "at least he thought of that much."


Emma frowned for a second, feeling like some of her plans had been foiled, but she held onto hope. She smirked once more as she placed both hands on her hips, "rest assured, I'll leave all the adult stuff until after you become of age. Now, don't you guys worry about the contract, I'll draw up something for you guys to read over as soon as tomorrow morning. Now," she held out her hand towards Takemichi, "let's shake on it." Takemichi stepped forward and took Emma's hand in his. 


The feeling of sighing his life away was present, but he ignored the thought for the moment. Thinking that his paranoia was nothing more than a delusion that was brought on by Baji's earlier reactions. Emma wouldn't do anything to slight them, would she? Either way, he would have to wait and see, for now, they had gotten way off-topic. "Okay, now that this is settled, let's get back to the subject," Takemichi stated, "Mikey, can you set up a time for us to meet?"


Emma nodded, "yeah, I can shoot him a test right now so we can meet up in the morning or something. I wanna be there when you tell him, and if he tries to do something stupid, then I'll make sure that he sits his ass right back down." She was confident in her abilities to control her brother's anger a bit, she wasn't God, but she can still work some miracles. 


Takemichi smiled, "great, well, I guess I better call go ahead and pick up Mimi now. We better start getting home, it's gotten pretty late as it is."


"Oh, you don't need to head out right now," Baji said as he took out his cell. He dialed Chifuyu's number and waited for it to ring, "hey, it's me. I'm back home now, so you can bring her up."


"Hm? Baji? The date's over already? Whoa, time sure does fly when you're having fun," Chifuyu's voice answered through the phone. "Hold on, we'll come up to meet you guys in a bit," he hung up the phone after that.


"Okay," Baji hung up and put his phone away, "they're on the way. It's actually kind of convenient to have Chifuyu living in the same building as me."


"That does sound pretty convenient," Hinata stated. "Oh!" She clapped her hands together as she thought of an idea, "wouldn't it be really cool if all five of us lived in the same building when we grew up? It would be so fun, we wouldn't have to take trains or cars, or walk too far to get to each other's homes. Not only that, we could go over to each other's house whenever we wanted without worrying about the distance either, I think that would be a nice goal to strive for in the future, think about all the fun we could have!"


"Yeah, that would be nice, everyone under the same roof, technically," Takemichi replied. This was one of the reasons he liked Hinata so much, they might not be a real couple, but he really liked the way she thought. She was optimistic, more than he could have been. Without knowing, Hinata has helped him out of a really dark time when they first met, "oh, what if we got together and bought our own building? That way we wouldn't have to worry about rent or whatever."


"Babysitting would be easy too," Baji laughed and rubbed his belly, he was rewarded with a small kick to the hand. 


Hinata nodded, "yeah, we could own the whole place and do whatever we wanted with it! And whatever happened during the day, we would know that we could go to the others for help whenever we wanted. That sounds like a really nice dream."


"It sure does," Emma said with a smile. There was a knock on the door a moment later, "I'll go get it." Emma walked out of the living room and over to the front door when she took a second to look out the peephole because it was late at night. She could see Chifuyu talking to someone, so she opened the door and saw Chifuyu holding a couple of bags in each hand. Next to him was Mimi, she was dressed in the most adorable green jacket that opened in the front to show her jeans dress and white tights. On her head was a matching light green knitted beanie with frog eyes on the top, she had a yellow backpack on and matching yellow rain boots on her feet because it had rained earlier in the day. In front of the little girl was a toy stroller that Emma had bought for her a couple of weeks ago when she noticed the little girl was already walking around on her own perfectly. The stroller contained another shopping bag, "oh, Mimi-chan, you're so cute, I think I might be dying of cuteness whenever I see you."


"Well that's not good," a woman's voice stated. Emma nearly forgot that Chifuyu looked to have been talking with someone, and with the direction he had been facing earlier, she guessed it wasn't Mimi. Looking towards the woman, she noticed that she looked very much like a very beautiful, tall woman who kind of looked like Baji if he had been born a woman. She was elegant, and her voice was like a melody to Emma's ears. "What's the matter darling, are you going to let me into my own house or what?" The woman asked stepping forward to Emma to try to get into the apartment.


"Huh? Oh, I'm sorry," Emma stepped aside and let the woman in, Chifuyu urged Mimi to follow the woman inside as well. The little girl pushed the little stroll with the bag on it into the house as if it were her baby, it was a very cute sight. As Chifuyu was entering, Emma stopped him, "who's that?"


"Huh? What are you talking about?" Chifuyu asked curiously, "Oh, wait, don't tell me this is the first time you're meeting Baji's mom, is it?"


"That was his mom?" Emma asked, "but..."


"I know, I couldn't believe it either. And get this, she's a big-time talent scout for a modeling agency." Chifuyu stated as he walked into the apartment and closed the door with his foot once Emma was safely inside. He took off his shoes without putting down the bags he was holding, "you better be nice to her, Emma, she might be the person who can get you to realize that dream of yours."


"Really?!" Emma was amazed, it was the first time that she was meeting the woman, sure. She never knew that Baji's mom was an omega, but then, where was Baji's other parent? Then again, what did it matter, it wasn't like both of her parents were always around either. She followed Chifuyu into the house, "so what's in the bags."


"Snacks," Chifuyu replied simply as he made his way into the kitchen. He's been there plenty of times to be at home in the apartment, so he knew where to put everything he wanted to store. 


"Mimi!" Takemichi's squeal could be heard from miles away. The young mother ruched over to his daughter's side to help her take off her rainboots, coat, and hat. Underneath the green winter coat was a sleeveless jeans dress, under that were yellow long sleeves, and matching yellow stockings. The little girl's hair was pulled up into a curly but messy ponytail that was held together by a yellow bow at the top of her head. Takemichi pulled the little girl into a warm hug once he hung up her coat and hat, and put her boots off to the side for her to get them later.  


"So, is this the famous Takemitchy that I've been hearing about lately?" 


Takemichi paused in hugging his daughter, who was loving the attention from her mommy, to look up at the woman. He could smell the distinct scent of grass and dirt, a very earthy but fresh scent that seemed to catch Takemichi's nose. The omega stood up straight as he kept eye contact with the female alpha, "um, hello. I'm Hanagakai Takemichi, it's nice to meet you," he reached a hand out nervously to shake her hand. 


The female alpha looked down at the omega's hand for a moment before smiling and taking his hand, shaking it firmly. "Takemichi, eh? Nice name, I like it a lot, almost as much as your scent. It's kind of close to my son's scent, though I know that daisies and sunflowers are still pretty different. I think the two of you complement each other well, I thank you for taking care of Baji all this time. And if I may ask, please continue to take care of my son as you have."


"Oh, no, it's no problem, at all, Baji helped me out a lot just by coming over. It's my pleasure," Takemichi replied feeling a bit nervous. 


Baji's mom smiled happily, "I know my son can be quite the handful sometimes," she started as she let go of Takemichi's hand. "Still, I don't think anyone else other than you and Chifuyu has been able to handle him as well as you have in all the time I've known him. To repay you for all you've done, please consider this place as your second home, come over as much as you like."


"Oh, are you sure?" Takemichi asked nervously, he's never been given such an invitation before. Not that he was able to take anyone up on it for long."


The woman nodded, "yes. Oh, where are my manners, I'm Baji Dhally, but you may call me Ms. D, Ms. B, or whatever if you like. I don't really like my real name, so I tell people to call me by the letter instead." 


"O-okay, thank you for your generosity," Takemichi bowed his head in thanks. 


Dhally burst out laughing as he did, "hey, kid, why are you being so formal with me? You're making me feel important!" She laughed out loud as if someone had told her the greatest joke of the day. "When you're around here, you don't have to be so uptight, relax a bit, okay?" 


"Okay, thanks, Ms. D..." Takemichi said, still nervous but feeling a little more relaxed now. "Um, by the way, this is my daughter, Hanagakai Megumi, I named her after my mother, but everyone calls her Mimi. I think she prefers it."


D looked down at the little girl, "Mimi, huh?"


Mimi got up from the ground and waved up at the woman, "hewwo."


"My, my, aren't you such a smart little one," D leaned down and patted the girl on the head gently. "Are you really smart because of your mother?"


"Yep, I smart!" Mimi smiled up at the alpha happily. 


"Ah, then you much be a genius in the making if you're this smart already," D cooed. She picked up Mimi and snuggled her happily, "you're so cute, and you look just like your mommy too, so adorable. I wonder if you'll be a cute little omega like him," she cooed at the little girl some more. Mimi giggled at the affection, Takemichi could only watch her in silent surprise. Mimi doesn't usually let too many alphas pick her up, out of all the alphas she's met in Toman, Chifuyu, Draken, and Mikey were the only ones she would allow to hold her. Anyone else that tired would be met with loud resistance.


This is why Takemichi was surprised that Mimi was being so calm at the moment. It couldn't be because of the compliments, could it? 


"Um, Mimi?" Takemichi spoke up, interrupting the cuddling going on between D and Mimi at the moment. "Have you eaten dinner yet?"


"Nope, I play!" Mimi replied.


"Oh my, you haven't eaten yet?" D asked in surprise, Mimi shook her head, "well that won't do. Come on, let's go see what's in the kitchen I can cook." D made her way into the kitchen and started looking around with Mimi looking with her. 


Meanwhile, Takemichi went back to the living room with Baji and the others. Baji was talking to Chifuyu about the date he was just on, Emma was texting someone on her cell, probably her brother about the meeting. Takemichi took a seat next to Hinata who was watching something on Tv at the moment, she turned to him when he took his seat next to her. "Takemichi, what's wrong?"


Takemichi shook his head, "it's nothing, really. Mimi just seems to be opening up to more people now," he turned to her with a small smile on his face. "She let Baji's mom pick her up."


"Really? Is that a bad thing?" Hina asked as she looked behind her into the kitchen where the mentioned woman had set down the little girl on one of the chairs at the dining table. 


"No, it's just that, she's been hanging around my grandmother for most of her life by now. Then all of a sudden, she comes to live with me, and now she's introduced to all of you, but I know that she doesn't let just anyone hold her let alone pick her up." Takemichi said softly, he glanced back at his daughter for a moment, she looks to be watching D make something on the stove, "it's just, I think I might just be a little jealous. What if she expands her world to let more and more people in that she doesn't come back to me at the end of the day."


Hinata turned back to Takemichi, she could see in his eyes that mature look that she's been noticing more and more lately. She liked the mature Takemichi a lot, though the childish one wasn't so bad at times either. "Hey, listen, don't think like that. Sure she might let some people in, but at the end of the day, you're her mom, and you love her to bits. You show it all the time, so I don't think that you have anything to worry about." 


Takemichi turned back to Hina, a small smile on his face, "if you say so. I guess I have no choice but to believe you, huh?"


"That's right?" Hina smiled.


Still, Takemichi was still worried about his daughter's future. It occurred to him just now that he's been in the past for months now, he wondered what his future body was doing right now. If Naoto's theory is correct, then his body would be laying down somewhere all this time. Plus his actions in the past could be shifting around a lot of things, or it could be doing nothing at the moment. He was curious about the state of the future right now, but he wanted to finish what he started here first. He needs to tell Mikey the truth tomorrow.


The following day


D, Baji's mother, allowed everyone to sleep over last night. Baji was really excited because it was his first sleepover with other omegas. Well, this was his sleepover ever really, his mother would never allow him to have his usual friends over before since they were all alphas. Chifuyu was probably the only exception because Chifuyu was the first friend that Baji brought home. Chifuyu had managed to survive D's grilling too, so there was a level of trust between them, and Chifuyu was afraid to break it. Less he is broken as well. 


D cooked for everyone, everyone ate and was thankful for the meal they were given. Once everyone was full and happy, they gathered around the tv to play some video games before Chifuyu went home. That's when the sleepover started. Baji showed the other omegas to his room where he set up a space for a crib and changing table for the baby. His mother also bought him so clothes for them as well, clothes that Emma and Hinata will be adding to very soon. The girls have been waiting on the day that Baji would tell them what gender his baby was, but Baji wanted it to be a surprise. 


Takemichi thought that it was admirable that Baji didn't want to focus on gender. That didn't stop Emma and Hinata from picking up any number of baby clothes they could get their hands on that could be considered as gender-neutral. But if they could figure out what the gender was, then there was no doubt in both Baji and Takemichi's minds that the wardrobe would be filled with either pink or blue clothing. Although that wasn't bad, Baji didn't care for that since second genders were a thing, he didn't think that the first gender really mattered. After all, Baji himself thought that he would be an alpha just because he was tough growing up, but he turned out to be an omega. 


Anyway, there wasn't anything the girls could do about not knowing the gender right now. So, after Baji showed them the baby things he had collected so far, Takemichi decided that he would donate some of the baby clothes that Mimi could no longer fit into. It was a good thing that Takemichi had packed some extra clothes for his daughter just in case he stayed out later than he was expecting, he packed sleeping clothes and an extra outfit in case of spills. Takemichi took Mimi into the bathroom to bathe her and get her ready for bed, he narrowed a towel some used some of the soap that he had backed with her nightclothes. Takemichi thought he was probably over-packing his daughter's bag in the beginning, but he was happy that he followed his intuition. 


By the time Takemichi was done with Mimi's bath, the little girl was dressed in a pair of green frog pajamas with the added frog detailing on the feet and her hoodie. This little gift had been specially made by Mitsuya who said that it was an inspirational design that he put together for someone else. However, it seems that whoever he made it for didn't want it or it didn't fit them, either way, Mitsuya ended up passing it onto Takemichi for Mimi. He also gave Takemichi a matching pair of pajamas with a matching frog, but Takemichi had yet to wear it. The design consisted of booty shorts that looked oh so short with green frogs all over it and a frog t-shirt that was made from the softest material that Takemichi had ever felt. 


"Oh, my gosh! That's the most adorable pajamas I've ever seen in my life!!" Hina and Emma cheered while taking out their cellphones to take an ungodly amount of pictures of the little girl. Mimi just sat there on the couch rubbing her eyes sleepily while holding the frog plushie that was gifted to her by Draken. Although Takemichi can't for the life of him remember seeing when Draken had actually given the little girl the toy. It might have been when he was still at the hospital and the tall alpha wandered in with a gift bag that was supposedly from Emma or Hina, then left. The bag was just about bursting with stuffed toys, Takemichi even took some of the bigger ones for himself because why not. Still, when Takemichi asked the girls about the bag of plushies, neither of them had any idea what he was talking about.


The little frog plushies happened to be one of Mimi's most priced possession, along with a stuffed bear, and a lion plush. There were a few others, but Takemichi couldn't keep track of all the plush toys that his daughter now owned because of those alphas always sending presents to his door. It seemed like almost every more now he's woken up to a new pile of boxes and bags waiting for him at his door. He would need to talk to them about that later. Takemichi took a shower while his daughter's picture was being taken, changing into some of Baji's old pajamas that can no longer fit him. Thank's to Baji's muscles, he was about two shirt sizes bigger than Takemichi, but the blond male didn't mind the larger size as it was more comfortable to him. 


The rest also took their showers and changed their clothes into sleeping clothes. Baji was more than happy to share his old pajama's with them as well, since he wasn't going to be wearing them anymore, he told them they could have whatever they were sleeping in. Hinata was in a pink sweater that said 'strawberry milk' on the front and a pair of light blue shorts. Emma wore a big, long-sleeved white shirt that was covered in rabbits with a pair of pink bottoms to match the top. Takemichi's pajamas consisted of a frog shirt, similar to the one that Mitsuya gave him, but the shirt had one big frog at the front with the words 'hopping mad' on the front, with a pair of green shorts to match. Lastly, Baji was just wearing a large shirt with the picture of a pink and purple spaceship on the front that he found in the adult's section of the store, and a pair of purple shorts to match. The omegas stayed up talking most of the night, even after D and Mimi went to bed. The little girl didn't take long to fall asleep after her bath since she was up most of the day.


By morning, the group got up quite late. Hell and high waters couldn't wake them up to save their lives, they were all lucky that D had a meeting that morning and couldn't waste time waking them up. Still, D did leave a note for them for the girls to text their parents in the morning to let them know why they were all late for school. It was around ten o'clock when they all started waking up. They slept so well last night that it seems that they had all forgotten about the following. Takemichi was probably the second one to get up after Mimi, she was usually an early riser for some reason. He found the little baby seated on the couch watching cartoons, "good morning, Mimi, did you sleep well?" Takemichi asked with a yawn at the end. 


"Yep," Mimi answered without looking up from the show she was watching. 


"That's good," Takemichi made his way over to the kitchen and started cooking breakfast for everyone else as if this was his house. He didn't really register it at first, but once he did, he felt a little embarrassed that he didn't notice he was following his usual routine. The others woke up shortly after he started cooking, Baji was a little cranky, his hair was flying up in some places too, and Hinata looked like she was still half asleep as she walked to the table. As for Emma, she looked like she had been attacked in her sleep, the usually well-put-together girl was looking a little rough in the morning time with her hair all messy, and her face slightly covered in drool. Still, they all slept well and had a good morning to boot, so there was no reason to ruin that by bringing up other's appearances. 


Takemichi didn't look very model-like either, his hair was a mess, but who cared. They were all sitting in their pajamas around the table with a bad case of bed head while they stuffed their faces with the breakfast that Takemichi made. They sat down at the table talking for a little while until all of their phones started going off one by one around eleven. Takemichi answered his, "hello?" He asked since he didn't bother to look at the collar ID before answering. 


'Hey, Mitchy, you wanna tell me why I've been sitting at a coffee shop in Shibuya for over two hours waiting for your ass to show up?' Draken growled into the phone. 


"Huh? You're in Shibuya? What are you doing out there?" Takemichi asked, then he thought back to yesterday, "wait, isn't it a school day?"


Takemichi could hear more growling on the other side of the phone, Draken was clearly trying to keep his cool right now. 'Mitchy, I'm just going to pretend that you aren't acting dumb right now and you somehow lost all of your memories from last night to now. But please, listen to me slowly before I have to track you down and force a mark on you so that I don't have to wait for you somewhere for hours. I am have been waiting here for you,' he spoke slowly while trying to keep his anger in check. The last thing Draken wanted was to start yelling on the phone, but Takemichi was the one who requested to meet with him and Mikey this morning, so he was curious to the fact of why he was the only awake person there. He and Mikey had woken up and went to school, as usual, then they had to sneak out during lunchtime just to make this meeting since Emma told him that it was urgent. 


Takemichi thought about the situation for a moment, thinking back to last night. There was a lot on his mind last night, so thinking about what he was meant to do right now was taking him a while. Not to mention that he was in the middle of a conversation with Emma, Hinata, and Baji about baby names and stuff of that nature. That usual caught his attention more these days because he was excited to see Baji have his baby, he was also worried. So, when Draken called, Takemichi's head was filled with images of Mimi trying to coo out Baji's baby after he brought them home.


Then it hit him.


The light went off in his head, "um, wait, we were supposed to have a meeting an hour ago!!" Takemichi shouted in surprise, he looked around the table, it looked like the others had come to the same conclusion as well. Though it was safe to say that they came to it a little sooner than him because Emma and Hina were already getting up from the table with Baji to look for some clothes to were. The only person left at the table was Takemichi and Mimi who was still finishing with the last of her toast. 


Takemichi could hear a deep sigh on the other end of the phone, "Takemitchy, please, please, before I lose it. Tell me how long it will take you to get here."


"Oh, um, well, first I just need to change my clothes and catch a train, that shouldn't take too long...right?" Takemichi trailed off a bit as he was talking, he could just imagine the look that Draken was making at his phone right now. 


Another sigh passed through the phone from Draken, this time it sounded very tired instead of angry like the one before. "Listen, I'm going to be at the park two blocks down from the coffee shop that Emma wanted us to meet at. You can come to meet us there whenever you finally decide to get your ass in gear." 


"R-r-right, I-I-I'll see you soon," Takemichi said nervously. The phone went dead after that, and he sighed thankfully. He sat at the table for a moment ad he thought about what he was going to say to them. After he gathered his thoughts, he picked up Mimi and ran over to the bathroom with her to get her ready. Since she didn't run around last night, she was still good to go this morning. He went to Baji's room and got dressed before the five of them all left the apartment for Shibuya. 


"Damn, I don't think that I would have so much fun with friends that I forget it was a school day," Baji yawned. He was still a little tired from last night, but he was happy that he had his first sleepover with his omega friends. He was also pleased to see that Takemichi dressed Mimi in a simple pink shirt and purple shorts combo, usual the little girl was wearing dresses of different colors. Baji doesn't mind that, but he thought it was a little fancy at times, Takemichi seemed to like dressing his kid up in cute stuff. "By the way, Mitchy, I've been meaning to ask, how come you always dress Mimi up in dresses, I know she looks like a doll at times, but still. What about letting her were more of what she wears now outside?"


"Oh, that's just because," Takemichi looked down at Mimi who was looking over a kid's book he had brought for her to be quiet on the train. The shirt and pants she was wearing right now were just something he picked up from the store in case of emergencies. "My granny...before she passed, she had went shopping and bought a bunch of clothes for Mimi, it just so happens that they all happened to be dresses. My granny really liked seeing Mimi all dressed up that she would try on every cutesy thing she could get her hands on in her size. So, all the clothes that you see Mimi wearing most of the time were bought by my granny."


"Oh," Baji went silent, "sorry, I didn't know."


Takemichi shook his head, "no, it's fine. Granny bought way too many clothes for her, I don't know if she'll be able to wear them all before she grows out of them. Still, if that happens, then if you're having a girl, I can just give you the clothes." 


Baji looked up at Mitchy with a small email, "thanks for that, I'll take them whenever she grows out of them."


"Sure," Takemichi nodded."


"Wait!" Emma looked around Takamichi and Mimi at Baji, her eyes wide, "does that mean that you are having a girl after all? Did you really just let that slip, Baji?" Hinata looked over as well, curious to know if it was true.


Baji chuckled, "oh, damn, looks like I did let that slip. However, that's only half of it," he winked.


"Half of it?" Emma pouted, "what kind of cryptic Jeti mind trick or you trying to play on us. You're either having a girl, or your not."


Takemichi gasped, "wait," he looked to Baji wide eye, "don't tell me you're actually having twins!"


Baji laughed, "well, well, well, now the cat's fully out of the bag."


"No way," Hina gasped, "congrats, Baji!" 


Baji chuckled, "thanks, but I can't take all the credit. It wasn't me alone that did this," he smiled. He held up his first in front of his face as his smile turned dark, "and I'll make sure to knock that bastard out the next time I see him." 


"Yep, that's not a surprise," Takemichi sighed. "Tell me when and where and I'll come beat up the guy with you." He patted Baji's shoulder with a smile, "if you like, we could castrate him together for his crimes."


Baji smiled brightly at Mitchy, "thanks buddy, I'll make sure to find the tools we need for the job."


Hina leaned close to Emma just then, "hey, you know who they're talking about."


Emma shook her head, "not a clue, but whoever it is, I hope they know how to run really fast. Those two sound like they're really aiming for the family jewels, you know what I mean." Hina nodded, thankful that she was an omega so she wouldn't face the possibility of getting on Baji's and Takemichi's bad side right now.





To be continued...

Chapter Text

Their train arrived and they all got off, making their way through the busy streets to their destination. They stopped off o the way to get some snacks, Emma got some of Mikey's favorites in hopes that they could get by the little commander's annoyance with them. Plus they had Mimi with them, they were planning to use her cuteness against him just in case the snacks didn't do their job. They headed to the park, it was luck that had it that the park Draken chose also had a playground near the benches the two alphas were waiting on. 


When the omegas arrived, Draken was sitting like a disappointed father. His head was down and he was hunched over, looking completely depressed, some of the omegas nearby were looking at him as if he had lost everything. Meanwhile, Mikey was laying on the bench next to him, completely and blissfully asleep, and looking kind of homeless to some. "Uh, D-Draken..." Takemichi took the plunge in being the one to speak up. 


"Eh?" Draken lifted his head, he almost looked like a real dragon as he looked up at Mitchy. "So, you're finally here, huh?"


"Uh, yeah,," Takemichi held out the bag of snacks that they had brought as their offerings.


Draken narrowed his eyes, he looked from Mitchy to the bag and back again, he thought about blowing him off, but his stomach rumbled. He sighed and took the bag from the omega, "whatever, just sit down and start telling me what you wanted to say." He stated as he started digging through the bag for something to eat, he was kind of hungry waiting all this time. He fished out a brand of canned coffee that he kind of liked and a sandwich, he placed the bag on the seat next to him and waited for Takemichi to start. 


Takemichi looked around at the others in the park, there weren't that many people, but he felt a little exploded. Even so, he still wanted to talk. He turned to Hinata who nodded and took Mimi over to the playground to play. Since Mikey was fast asleep at the moment, Emma joined the two, while Baji stayed behind to be Takemichi's support. Takemichi took a seat on the bench with Draken, and Baji sat next to him, there was just enough space for the three of them to sit comfortably. Draken did have the curtsey to move over to the edge when the omegas were taking their seat. 


"Okay, so, Draken, there's something I really needed to tell you guys, it's about me. Or rather, it's about my past," Takemichi started slowly. 


"Oh yeah?" Draken took a drink from the can, there was silence for a minute before he turned to Takemichi. "Well, go ahead then, what's up with cha?" Takemichi took in a deep breath and told him everything, from start to finish. It was the same story that he told Baji and the girls last night, but it felt as if he was telling it for the millionth time. He doesn't know why, he's told the story once and lived it just as many times, but maybe it was because he was thinking about it so much recently that he thought it was more. Draken stayed silent as he listened to the tale, it was hard to do, but the tall alpha was there, still as stone, and as quiet as a mouse.


Whan Takemichi was finished, he was still letting everything sink in, Draken didn't know if he could say anything at this moment to say how he was feeling. He didn't know how to feel at this moment. He was a little upset that Mitchy kept all of that from them, but at the same time, who could tell a story like that without people calling them a liar. On one hand, Draken was upset that Takemichi had connections with the guys that we're able to cut down so many middle schoolers with guns in broad daylight. Then again, it wasn't really Takemichi's fault that he was being haunted by some dangerous pervert. 


Draken was at a loss here. He looked over to Mikey, still asleep on the bench. It was getting close to lunchtime, so he would need to wake him up soon anyway. He sighed, " that all of it?"


Takemichi shook his head, "no, I have information on the guys that are working for my stepdad. However, I don't know how helpful it'll be at this time. It's not much, but..." he let his words hang in the air for a while before turning to Draken for is a reaction.  


Draken looked down at his half-eaten sandwich, by the time Mitchy got to the part where his father kidnapped him on a school trip, he had lost his appetite. "I don't know what to say about this, but, I think it would be best to wake Mikey up so he can hear about it," he said with a sigh. He looked over to Mikey's form on the park bench, "yo, you just gonna keep laying down like that the whole time? Come on, it's time to get up already."


Mikey grumbled, "you could have pretended to let me sleep a little while longer," the smaller alpha said as he slowly sat up. To Takemichi's surprise, it looked like Mikey was up the whole time. The alpha leader turned to look at the omega sitting next to Draken, "Mitchy, come over here."


"Huh, me? Um, okay," Takemichi got up from his spot on the bench and walked over to stand in front of Mikey nervously. He looked down at the boy's emotionless eyes for a minute, wondering what he was going to do, now that he knew about his past, was he mad? Takemichi couldn't tell, if Mikey was to enter a contest, there wouldn't be anyone who could read him either. The two of them looked at each other for a little while longer before Mikey reached his arms up and pulled Takemichi in close to him. Mikey snuggled his face into Takemichi's midsection, taking in Takemichi's scent as he rested his head on the omega's stomach.


Takemichi blushed because Mikey decided to put his arms around his waist so he couldn't escape. It was embarrassing to have Mikey snuggle his stomach in public like this. And yes, he can definitely tell that Mikey was sniffing him right now. "Mitchy, why didn't you come to us about this before? You know that I don't care where you came from, I love you just the way you are," Mikey said happily as he snuggled the omega closely.


Takemichi looked over to Draken who was making a disappointed face at his friend, and Baji who was currently looking for a way to hide the fact that he was trying to hide his laughter. But Takemichi knew him well enough by now that he was getting a kick out of this. "Uh, guys, a little help here please?"


"Mikey, if you let Mitchy go, I'll give you some takoyaki," Draken said holding up the bag.


Mikey looked over at the taller boy with a frown on his face, "but I want takoyaki and Mitchy."


"You can't have it both ways, so let him go already," Draken said putting down the bag when Mikey continued to pout. Draken let out another sigh, "then how about you sit next to him while you eat them, will that work for you, you little brat?"


Mikey smirked, "I'm only a brat for Mitchy." 


Draken rolled his eyes, "whatever." Mikey smiled up at Takemichi in victory, though the omega had no idea this was an actual battle they were having. Mikey was given his takoyaki's that Takemichi bought for him earlier, he sat on the bench happily with his snack in one hand, and Takemitchy on his lap. He was feeling very much like the king of the world right about now. Draken was a little envious of Mikey, but Baji slide over closer to Draken once he was done chuckling at Takemichi's situation. Baji decided to lean a little on Draken and yawn because he was still a little tired from staying up most of the time during the sleepover, his warm daisy scent seemed to do the trick to quell Draken's envy a bit. 


"So, Mitchy, was there something else that you wanted to tell us about?" Mikey asked with crumbs on his face.


Takemichi was just trying to become invisible while sitting on Mikey's lap, he knew that moving off of it now would cause the alpha to whine a bit. Which would draw more attention, and Takemichi didn't want that. The omega sighed, "yeah, there is, it's about the group that came to the junkyard that day. I know a little bit about them."


"What, you mean 'Shamen'?" Draken asked as he leaned back on the bench, he had one arm on the back of it that just so happened to fall around Baji ever so slightly. Though, the pregnant omega looked to be falling asleep at the moment, so he didn't seem to care about Draken's arm placement.


"You've heard of them before?" Takemichi asked curiously, he wanted to see how much they knew before he went on saying anything that was already known to them.


Draken nodded, "yeah, we heard about them. We've been looking into them for a while now, but it was only recently that we were able to scrape together some info on them. Starting with their name, but we don't know if they're a gang or a corporation, or what." He explained, "Mikey and I have been meeting with some of the gang leaders who were there and survived that day. We've all been trying to get together to figure the big questions of why they were there that day and why they did what they did. If you have any information about that too, it would be well appreciated."


"It was because of us," Baji yawned sleepily.


Draken and Mikey's alpha instincts kicked in at hearing that, Mikey turned serious as he turned to Baji, "what do you mean by that?"


"It's like I said," Baji rubbed his eyes a little and turned to Takemichi, "tell them."


The two alphas turned to Takemichi, the omega nodded, "he's right. It all happened because we escaped them."


"Escaped?" Mikey asked as he tightened his grip around Takemichi's waist a bit. 


Takemichi nodded, "yeah. You see, the day before, Chifuyu and I went to go meet up with Baji to talk to him about coming back to Toman. However, during that meeting, my stepfather got ahold of my grandma's number and called me from her phone. He told me to hand over the phone to omega, but the only other one there besides me was Baji. I didn't want to, but once I looked back at Baji, he wanted to take the phone anyway, so I didn't really have a choice. He talked to Baji for a bit and got him mad, the next thing I knew, we were heading over to my aunt's house where my stepfather told us to meet him at...when we got there, I saw my daughter standing outside crying. I didn't realize we were walking into a trap when we went inside the house."


Baji sat up straighter then, he could tell that this was getting hard for his friend to talk about. "Yeah, and when we stepped inside, the guy was in the master bedroom standing over his grandma and aunt's bodies like the coldhearted murder he is."


"We got captured and then taken to the factory down the street from the junkyard that day." Takemichi continued, "they...did things to us. I woke up in a dark room...Chifuyu and Baji were taken somewhere else in the factory, they split us up so we could hear each other, but not see. By morning, Baji was brought into the room where Mimi and I were being kept. Chifuyu was still missing, and so were the guys that brought us there, so the two of us made a plan to find him and escape. We almost got caught in the factory, but we managed to make it outside and start running before my stepfather sent his guys after us. I guess they saw me run into the junkyard, so they must have followed after me."


"Oh yeah, I wanted to ask what your plan was back then," Baji asked curiously. He had nearly forgotten about that part of the day, his concerns were mostly to get as far away from the gunfire as possible with Chifuyu and the baby. It's kind of hard to believe that it's already been a little over three months since all that happened.


"My plan," Takemichi let out a small chuckle, "honestly, to tell you the truth, Baji. I didn't really have much of a plan, I just wanted to try to stop the fighting so that the rest of Toman could get away safely too. I don't even know why I bothered since they were right on my tail the whole time..." Takemichi's tears welled up and spilled over from his eyes as he talked. "And then all that happened. I-I'm sorry about that...about everything that happened back then, I just want...I just wanted to..." 


Mikey pulled Takemichi into a tight hug, "it's not your fault this happened. It's not your fault. If those guys really wanted you that bad back then, they would have probably done anything in their power to get you guys back. I know I would."


And that was the thing that scared Takemichi. It was the main reason why he couldn't get too close to Mikey, to any alpha, whether they were close to his age or not. He didn't want to admit it, but he was actually terrified of alphas most of the time, but he always musters up the courage to go outside and be around them each day. He would much rather hang out with Baji, Emma, and Hina, those three were omegas just like him, and it gave him peace of mind to know that they cared for him as well. His daughter loved them like family too, which is a bonus for him. But as far as the other alphas went, he didn't mind hanging around Chifuyu and maybe Mitsuya sometimes, but Draken and Mikey scared him at times.


Takemichi tried to be brave whenever it was just him hanging around the commander and the vice commander. However, those times he was thinking about his mission, not the fact that he was alone with two alphas. That was probably what got him this far. "Mitchy," Mikey spoke up, Takemichi came out of his head and looked at Mikey. The young commander wiped away the omega's tears carefully, "hey, listen, I know you're scared, but you need to tell me everything you know about that Shamen group. What do they want with you?"


Takemichi was silent for a few minutes, he didn't want to think about it, but he had no choice. He could no longer deny the truth, "they wanted me...because I'm valuable to them."


"Valuable?" Baji asked confused.


"What do you mean by that? All omegas are considered valuable in their own right," Draken replied. "Unless they want you because you had a kid at a young the way, how old is the little princess right now?"


"Right now? Let's see," Takemichi thought about the months leading up to know, the time when he had his daughter, and the time that his grandmother had her. "I believe that starting next week, she'll be about ten months."


"Ten months!" Draken and Mikey asked in unison.


Mikey looked out at the park to see the little girl sliding down happily on the slide while Emma took pictures during her trip down. Mikey was amazed, "but, she's so small, I thought she was still only six months or something."


"Yeah," Takemichi nodded, a small smile on his face. "Yeah, she's pretty small, you should have seen her when she was born, she was even smaller than the normal newborns." Takemichi reached into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone, he looked through his pictures until he found the one he was looking for and showed it to them. Mikey's eyes opened wide, Draken and Baji came over to take a look at the picture as well, "she was even tinier back then too." 


The picture on Takemichi's cellphone was of him standing next to a large clear case that is usually seen in the hospital's baby nursery. The clear container held something small, it looked like a baby, but it was much smaller than any of them had ever seen before. The little baby could just barely fit the small hospital hat they put on her head, and she was wearing a diaper that also looked much too big on her as well. She was hooked up to a lot of monitors and had wires attached to her in various places, the baby looked pink, she was so small that she fit perfectly into someone's palms.


"This was taken on the first day I was allowed into the room with her." Takemichi stated, "when she was born, she kept passing away, so they had to take her away immediately to stabilize her. It took about two months before I was able to see her that close, and then another month before I was even allowed to hold her in my arms. Her lungs were a little underdeveloped, and some of her organs needed some help keeping her alive, but in the end, she was a fighter. She lived through all of that and then she started to grow until she got to the size she is now." Takemichi closed the phone and put it away, "the doctors have told me and my granny that she's still a little on the small side, they're worried about her development too. Still, Mimi keeps making it every day and I'm grateful that she's here."


Mikey smiled as he pulled Takemichi into a big hug, "that's our daughter! She's going to grow up to be really strong one day, you'll see."


Draken scuffed, "seriously Mikey, that little runt has to be your daughter because you're both about the same size." He teased, "I bet that the two of you will be able to fit into each other's clothes in only five more years."


"Oh, shut up, Draken, I'm still growing you know." Mikey shot back, "I might even turn out to be taller than you one day."


Draken burst out laughing at that, Baji too, "you?! That's impossible!"


Mikey glared up at the tall alpha, Takemichi couldn't help but chuckle too. Imagining Mikey being taller than Draken was interesting to imagine, Mikey turned to Takemichi with a betrayed look. "You too, Mitchy?!"


Takemichi turned away and covered his chuckling, "sorry, I just couldn't take you seriously just now."


"Papa!!" The others stopped laughing at Mikey's statement long enough to see Mimi running over to them excitedly. She looked so cute with her pair in pigtails, she was also wearing her yellow boots from yesterday because Takemichi didn't pack another pair of chose. He thought it would be pushing it a bit if he did. Mimi made it to five feet in front of the group before she tripped over a small rock and fell on her face.


"Oh no," Takemichi got off of Mikey's lap and rushed over to his daughter quickly, picking her up before she could start crying too hard. He held Mimi in his arms as he dusted off her clothes, to his surprise, she wasn't balling her eyes out right now, though the tears had already formed in her eyes. "Mimi-chan, are you okay sweetie?" He looked into her big blue eyes as she nodded, she looked like she was really trying hard not to start crying right about now. Takemichi smiled at her, patting her head gently, "you're getting so big, Mimi-chan, I don't think I'll have to worry about you for too much longer. You'll be a big girl soon," he snuggled her close and she wrapped her arms around his neck. 


Emma and Hinata came over once they saw Takemichi patting Mimi's head, "is she okay?" Hina asked worriedly, she saw the little girl fall, but she wasn't fast enough to catch her, so she felt guilty about it. 


Takemichi nodded, "yeah, she didn't even cry, she's a big girl." He cheered to his friends happily, Baji walked over to take a look at the little girl. Baji was always amazed that Takemich always s seemed to know what to do during times like this. Takemichi noticed that everyone had gathered around him by now, "I think it's about time we go somewhere else. Hot chocolate seems like just the thing we need for a moment like this," he said since the temperature outside was still a little cold out. The others agreed and started to leave the park, as they walked, Takemichi made sure to zip up Mimi's jacket all the way so she didn't catch a cold.


They all decided to head over to Takemichi's house since it was probably the closest house they could go to that would fit all of them. They stopped off at the store along the way to get some extra mini marshmallows, they also got some stuff to make smores as well. Takemichi remembered his original timeline when he didn't make friends with Emma, Draken, and the others. It would be just him and Mimi, on really cold nights, the two of them would make hot chocolate and smores in the kitchen. They would sit by the heater to drink the chocolate while their smores cooled down a bit, then they would stay up watching action movies until Mimi fell asleep, sometimes Hina would join them too. Takemichi remembered those times fondly, but now, it wasn't just the two of them alone. 


When they got closer to Takemichi's house, Mimi was back to her old happy self, soaking up all the attention she was given from all her favorite individuals. Just as they were making their way down the street, Takemichi spotted someone standing at the corner. Baji was currently the one holding Mimi, he wanted to get the chance to before they got back, he was also in the middle of rubbing it in Emma's face that Mimi was currently hugging him. She even gave him a nickname, Uncle Baba, and Emma was so jealous.


The group was having fun chatting amongst themselves that Takemichi seemed to be the only person to notice someone standing that the corner. In fact, Takemichi recognized the person, it was Kazutora. The boy at the end of the street noticed them as they got closer and stepped into their path. Takemichi was a little worried that this might spark a fight, seeing as how Kazutora was wearing his Valhalla jacket for all to see while standing in the path of Toman members. 


"Kazutora?" Takemichi stopped walking a few feet away from the boy with the blond strikes in his hair. He looked the boy in the eye for a moment, and the boy looked back at him.


Kazutora didn't answer Takemichi, he was instead looking at Baji as if he was seeing a ghost or something. The other's finally noticed the other alpha, Draken came to stand in between Kazutora and the other just in case, blocking his view of Baji as he held Mimi. "What do you want, Kazutora?" Draken asked calmly as he looked the boy in his eyes.


Kazutora looked from Baji back over to Baji holding the little girl, he could see his belly from where he stood. He frowned, "so, is it true, Baji?" He asked the pregnant boy.


Baji looked back at Kazutora blankly, "huh, is what true? I don't know what you're talking about."


"The baby," Kazutora pointed at Baji's belly, "who's is it?"


"Huh? You mean you really don't know?" Baji raised an eyebrow at the other boy, Kazutora continued to stare at him seriously. Baji sighed, "you know, if you can't figure it out, then never mind. I'm not going to waste my time trying to explain something to you when you didn't even want to listen the first time." He turned to Takemichi, "let's hurry and get back, I don't feel like staying outside all day." Takemichi nodded and the two started walking past the two alphas to get by, Kazutora turned to Baji as he passed, but Draken got in the way. Baji didn't even look back at Kazutoraas he passed him, inside his heart felt like it was hit by a knife when he saw the unstable alpha, so he couldn't bear to look at him any longer. 


"Baji, wait, tell me-" Kazutora started to go after Baji, to stop him so they could talk, but Draken grabbed his arm to prevent him from moving. Hina and Emma quickly ran past the two alphas to catch up with their friends. Hina placed a hand on Baji's shoulder as they walk, Baji thanked her with a small smile. It kind of felt like she was trying to share some of her strength with him. Meanwhile, Kazutora watched the omegas walk away, he didn't want to let Baji get too far away, or else he might not reach him again. "Wait!" He turned back to Draken angrily, "let me go, I need to talk to him."


"Oh yeah? Why don't you pass your message on to me and I'll tell him later," Draken replied. When he felt that the omegas were at a safe distance, he let go of Kazutora, but the boy didn't try to turn off after them as he thought he would. Instead, Kazutora just glared up at Draken while growling in his throat. Draken wasn't impressed by the display, "so," he folded his arms in front of him while Mikey came to stand next to him, they both looked at their old friend silent for a few minutes. Kazutora could see that he wasn't going to get what he wanted today, he shoved both of his hands in his pockets and turned away from the two. Draken looked from Kazutora's back to where Draken and the others were leaving them. "Okay, so what's your deal man."


"Why," Kazutora asked as he watched Baji disappear behind a corner. He scowled, he couldn't believe that he missed his chance just then, this time it was Draken's fault, he turned back to glare at the tall alpha once more. "Why did you get in the way?"


"What do you mean, why wasn't Baji being clear? He tried to talk to you before, but you blew him off, right?" Draken asked since one of the members of the first division happened to see what happened between the two on the street a little while back. "That's why he doesn't want to talk to you now, so don't go blaming me for this."


"I...what?" Kazutora paused to think back, he couldn't remember doing that. Then again, his mind was usually cloudy when he forgets to take his meds, he might have done that and forgot about it. Of course, when he heard about Baji being pregnant, he had to know if he was the father or because he had also heard that some other alpha was trying to get with him. Kazutora got really jealous when he heard that and wanted to know who the father of the baby in Baji's belly was as soon as he could. But now it doesn't seem like he's going to get that chance. "Did I...mess up?" He asked himself as he looked down at the sidewalk, his head was starting to get cloudy again.


"Hey, Kazu, why would you even ask who the father is?" Mikey chimed in, Kazutora turned back to look at him, a confused look on his face. "I mean, don't get me wrong, Baji could probably do better if he wanted, but we all know that he kinda liked you even with all your quirks. You have to know that much, right."


"What? I didn't...ho could I..." Kazutora looked back down at the ground, trying to make sense of everything. He let out a small breath, "I need some time, later..." he started walking away, Draken and Mikey watched him go. "Oh, right," Kazutora stopped before he could cross the street, there was traffic last the moment, so he had to wait for a clearing anyway. He looked back to his old friends, "by the way, Hanma wants to speak with you, Mikey."


Mikey's face darkened when he heard that name, "when?"


"Tonight, near the new construction site around ten," Kazutora replied. 


"Did he say about what?" Draken asked, but the broken boy shrugged his shoulders and made his way across the street once the cars allowed him to pass. Draken turned to Mikey once Kazutora disappeared from their view, "do you think he's going to ask about that?"


Mikey sighed, "most likely, he's been asking about it every chance he could get. I think it might be about time we give him our answer," Draken nodded and they continued on their way to Takemichi's house. 




To be continued...

Chapter Text

The night was dark and cold, much colder than it was in the day. It was still the height of winter, and the night air was just frosty. Still, Mikey and Draken dawned their warmest coast and made their way through the dark to their destination. It didn't take them long before they found their target, Hanma has been calling for a proper rematch between Toman and Valhalla for months now. Even though people had gotten killed during their last fight, he still wanted to finish the showdown for some reason. Mikey had no idea why he wanted to do this so badly, and Draken was thinking that it was some sort of obsession of his.


Either way, the two of them found the guy waiting for them at the place that was told. Mikey looked up at Hanma from where he sat on the roof of a crane. It was clear to see that the boy cared not for his own safety, "Hanma..." Mikey called out the boy's name sternly. He didn't want to be in the boy's presence longer than he had to, so he wanted to make this meeting quick.


"Mikey," Hanma called back with his usual wide grin. He looked down at the blond pair on the ground, their figures and facial expressions were outlined in the light of the moon. Hamna was looking at Draken closely, the boy that was about as tall as him and as strong as him, was standing right there in front of him. Sure his target might have been Mikey at first, but sometimes, just sometimes, he wanted to bug Draken too. 


"What do you want?" Mikey asked though he thought he shouldn't have to, the boy had been so quiet for the last minute now that it annoyed him. He didn't like when guys like Hanma got quiet, it usually spelled bad news for everyone around them. 


Hanma laughed for a moment before jumping down from the roof of the crane and taking two steps towards the alpha. He smiled at the two, while they glared sharply at him. Draken looked around for a moment, he couldn't smell anyone's scent but his and Mikey's. He didn't know what Hanma's scent smelled like, but he knew that he had one, at their last fight, Draken spotted a scent patch on the side of his neck. There were so many smells swirling around them that day that he couldn't pick out who's was who's, but ever since then, he had been curious. Why was Hanma wearing a scent patch in the first place?


Alphas rarely wore them, unless they were trying to hide their scent from someone.


Omegas wore it because they didn't want to attract unwanted attention.


But which one was Hanma's reason? 


"Dra~Ken, are you getting distracted already?" Hamna's sing-song voice broke through Draken's thoughts.


"No, I was just wondering if you came here alone," Draken replied. 


"Oh, don't worry about that, I'm alone." Hanma stated, he chuckled, "hey, hey, there's something important that I wanted to share with you both. It's about that sweet little omega that's been hanging out with you guys recently. Takemitchy I think his name was."


"What do you have to say about him?" Mikey asked seriously, he was one minute away from killing the boy out of annoyance, but his self-control was holding him back.


Hanma chuckled some more, "did you guys know that he's for sale?"


"What?" Mikey narrowed his eyes at the tall vice-captain.


Hamna raised his hands up in self-defense, "now, now, there's no reason for you guys to get all mad at me about it. I'm only the messenger after all, but it's true. A little birdy came to tell me that you're little Mitchy is up for sale somewhere. It's a really exclusive site too, hard to get in, you have to 'be in the know, to know' that sort of thing. You get it, right?"


"No, why don't you explain it to us more clearly, you bastard," Mikey growled.


Hanma shrugged his shoulders, expecting this much from Mikey, Draken was stark silent, as usual. Hanma really was liking how Draken acted, it was keeping his smile pressed right on his face. He sighed, "okay, let's say that there's this special website that only a select few people, or types of people, know about. It's super illegal, and very expansive too. Now, let's say that this same website was able to give a poor lonely alpha a mate without them having to go out and go a thing. All they would have to do is pony up the right amount of doe and their chosen mate will be sent to them from whenever in the world." Draken's eyes widened a bit as he had already caught onto what the other boy was saying, Mikey continued to glare at the other boy because he didn't like what he was hearing. "Ooo~ you two should see the looks on your faces right now, it's priceless."


"Get to the point, Hanma," Mikey growled, "what does this have to do with my Mitchy?"


"Your Mitchy? My, that makes me feel a little jealous, but it's whatever," Hamna shrugged with a small laugh. "Alright, as you wish, this same little birdy told me that you're little friend is on that site right now. He's going for a pretty penny these days, even if their picture of him looks less than stellar."


The smell of blood filled the air as Mikey's growls started to get louder, "why is he on there?" Draken would have placed a hand on Mikey's shoulder to calm him down, but at the rate, Hamna was going, he was worried that the commander would bite it off in a blind rage. 


Hamna shrugged his shoulders, "I don't really have that information, sorry. Oh, but, my little birdy told me that if you want to get him off of that nasty little site, you should agree to my rechallenge."


"What!?" Mikey roared, he was in a position to attack Hamna at this very moment. The other boy was starting to look a little worried about his safety right about now. 


Draken stepped forward, "Hanma, how can we trust what you say? There's no proof is there?" 


"If you want proof, then I can give you all that you need, just agree to the challenge and you'll get it." Hanma stated, "if you guys win, your Mitchy is taken off the site. But if Valhalla wins, you guys have to fall under us, sound like a deal?"


"You fucking monster! I'll kill you!!" Mikey rushed off towards Hamna, his fist raised to deliver a surely deadly blow to Hamna's person. Luckily for the taller boy, he managed to move out of the way in the nick of time before Mikey's fist connected with the crane. The crane took a hard hit from Mikey, leaving a deep dent on the side of it thanks to Mikey's alpha strength, if it had been an actual person, there was no telling if they would have survived. Mikey turned his flaming glare onto the tall boy who had fallen on the ground to get away from him.


Hanma was staring at the damage that Mikey just did with worried eyes, his smile had faded to a small smirk that was being forced to stay in place. "Well fuck, Kisaki is asking me to deliver this message and I could die before I tell all the information. He's going to have to give me a really good show in return if I make it out of here alive." 


Mikey clenched his fist together, "you really want to fight us that badly, huh? Fine, I'll take you on. But, here's one more bonus for us," he came down to Hanma's eye level as he sat on the ground looking up at Mikey. Mikey's scent was all over the place by now, making it so Hanma couldn't move from his spot even if he wanted to. Mikey glared at him hard for a moment before letting a terrifying smirk spread on his face, "if Toman wins, then you're going to be my personal bitch for the rest of your life. I'll make sure to give you a collar and everything, and you will serve me in any and every way I demand. No matter the coast, you will be mine, and I will make you pay for your actions, understand?" Hamna could barely move, Mikey's pheromones were filling his nose to the point that all he could smell was blood, he was weak to this alpha's anger, so he nodded his head. Mikey lifted his hand and Hamna flinched, he actually flinched, he's never flinched for anyone before. "Hey," Mikey spoke.


Hanma realized just then that he had closed his eyes when he didn't mean to. Mikey was holding the side of his face, his hand was warm and strong, but Hanma felt scared. He couldn't believe it, he actually felt scared right now. 


Mikey took his hand away from Hanma's face and stood up, looking down at the boy, he couldn't help but wonder about him for a brief second. "You..." he was going to ask him something because he's only seen a few people react this way to his scent before, but he stopped. He looked the boy in his eyes, "tell your little birdy that we agree to your terms. But make sure that they actually hold up their part of the deal as well, if not, I will find them and pluck their feathers one by one before I rip both of their wings off in front of you." He was going to describe more of what he was planning to do to this 'birdy' person, but he stopped as he could see the fear surfacing in Hamna's eyes. "Just make sure that they don't screw with us, got it," that, Mikey walked away.


Draken was looking at the scene before him with some pitty. He disliked Hamna, but he wouldn't want to be on the reviving and of that mess. "Let's go," Mikey said as he passed Draken. 


The taller blond turned to leave with Mikey, but before he walked out the same way they came, he glanced back at Hamna. The Valhalla vice commander was still sitting on the ground looking up at the spot where Mikey had just been. "Did he just...go into omega shock? It's hard to believe, but, a guy like that has to be an alpha, right?" Draken shook his head and followed Mikey out of the construction site. His mind still replaying the look on Hamna's face while they walked back over to Takemichi's house. 


Meanwhile, Hanma could feel some of the air coming back to his lungs once more. He took in one shaky breath after another as he tried to calm down, he pulled his knees up to his chest and tried to breathe. He was close to calming down when he heard another choice in the area, "what's up with this pitiful sight?" Hanma looked up to see Tetta standing over him with a disgusted look on his face. 


For some reason, Hanma was used to this look, coming from a guy like him, he had to be. Hanma quickly laughed, he got up to his feet, towering over the boy as usual. He laughed, "what? You don't like my acting?"


"Tsk, stop playing around, we've got work to do." Tetta turned away from the taller boy, hand in his pocket as his calculating eyes took in everything around him. "Mikey sure was angry just now, his scent is still really strong in the air, but I suppose that's how it is." He glanced back at Hamna, "hurry up and get up. We'll talk more in the morning, the sight of you a few minutes ago is annoying, I don't want to see you again unless you've pulled yourself together."


Hanma chuckled, "there's no reason to be like that, we can still talk now, K-"


"Shut up, do as I say!" Tetta huffed, Hanma was quiet after that. Tetta turned back around and started to make his way out of the construction zone, "damn omegas ruining everything," he muttered to himself as he left.


Hanma watched Tetta walk away from him, as soon as he left the area, his smile fell. His knees gave out and he fell to the ground, he was shaking from the earlier fear he felt. Hanma used to be so fearless and strong around everyone he had ever met that he had gotten bored with everything and everyone. Kisaki was the only person he thought could bring some enjoyment into his world again, but it didn't take long until Hamna realized that Kisaki was like the rest. He was cold, bitter, and he liked to use people. 


Hanma's life wasn't easy growing up, his side of town was by far the worst in his opinion. He was expected to be a lot of things, but for whatever reason, he always seemed to toss those expectations out the window. His mother never liked him, and his father couldn't hide his disappointment even if he tried. He couldn't go to any of his siblings, they were all too far away for him to reach now anyway. So, because of all that, Hanma decided that he would pretend to be what everyone wanted, it didn't really work most of the time, but when he found something that did work, he clung to it like a lifeline. 


Hamna's mask was starting to crack.


He could feel it. 


But what could he do? It's not like he could take it off after all this time wearing it. He was the big bad alpha that was meant to be off his rocker, and honestly, was that so bad? He was an alpha, and he needed to be strong. Still, his mask had already gotten so many cracks in it, he was starting to wonder when it would fall apart on him. "Well, I guess that's something to think about...some other time..." He pulled himself back onto his feet again and found his own way home. Whenever the wind blew, he felt cold, but he had never felt colder than he did tonight. It almost seemed like his jacket was made out of paper or as if he wasn't wearing one at all.


But he would get used to it. He always does.


Takemichi's house


Draken and Mikey arrived back at the house an hour and a half since they left. By now, the hot chocolate they were going to make was already done, along with the smores. Takemichi opened the door for the two, "oh, hey, you guys are back," the omega was a little surprised because he didn't think they would come back tonight. There was also something different about them now, they seemed kind of scary, Draken probably couldn't really help it with having to deal with the headeach that is Mikey's mood most of the time. Then again, the way the to of them looked right now made Takemichi feel a little wear of the two alphas, especially Mikey. He could could his scent even before he opened the door.


"Hey, Mitchy, is there any hot chocolate left over?" Draken asked as he came into the house and took off his shoes. 


Takemichi moved out of the way so they could come in, he watched closely as the two of them took of their shoes and went inside to meet with the others. Mikey looked like he had a lot on his mind since he was wearing his serious face. Takemichi couldn't be sure, but he was positive that MIkey was really upset about something before he came back to the house. He didn't know about what, or at who, but Takemichi made a note to watch him just in case. 


The two alphas entered the living room while Takemichi went to the kitchen to warm up the remainder of the hot chocolate that he made earlier before they left. He was kind of thankful that Mimi was safely tucked away in her bed right about now, he didn't want to expose her to Mikey while he was in this state. When he got back to the living room with two cups of hot chocolate fresh off the stove, he noticed that Draken seemed to be acting normally. However, Mikey was sitting off in the corner looking blankly out the window. Takemichi wondered if he was thinking about everything that they talked about before. About Shamen. Takemichi was curious, but he wasn't so curious that he would go over and ask the Toman commander about it out right. 


Takemichi decided that he would forget about it for now, he passed out the cups to Draken and Mikey before going back over to his seat between Emma and Hina. Baji was seated on the floor in front of Hina as she tried her best to braid Baji's hair into some kind of crown-like hair style that she had seen from somewhere. It all looked like a mess to him, but he didn't tell her that, Baji seemed to like having someone play with his hair. Draken sat on the couch next to the omegas, as soon as Mikey and Draken walked in, it seemed like all the omegas migrated over to the other sofa so he could have the chair all to himself. Draken didn't seem to mind that as he was watching the the movie that had been left to run on the tv as everyone else seemed to just be talking to each other more than watching the tv. 


Well, everyone esept Mikey. 


The night went on like that for a little while longer until it got past one in the morning. Takemichi thought that it was pretty late already, but when he looked at the time, he knew that they had stayed up well past the time he thought they would. "It's getting really late now, don't you guys think?" Takemichi stated as he stretched his arms upward. 


Draken glanced over to the clock hanging on the wall just then, "oh, you're right. Looks like we've over stayed our welcome yet again," the tall alpha said as he got to his feet. Honesty, during this whole time he had been sitting on the couch drinking his chocolate, he wasn't watching the movie at all. Instead, he was thinking about Hanma, the strange boy seems to take up the back of his mind every now and then, mostly whenever his name was brought up. Draken chocked it up to the guy just being so strange, yet, there was something about him that made the tall alpha wonder. A feeling, at the pit of his stomach whenever he looked into Hanma's eyes. He couldn't put his finger on the feeling, but somehow he felt it was familiar. 


Mikey turned away from the window, his cup still full. "I suppose that it's about time we get back to our homes or something," he said in a monotone voice. 


"Huh? No way, it's way to late to go anywhere right now, do you even know how late it is?" Emma asked after checking the time on her phone, "it's already after one in the morning!" She was surprised because she thought that it had only been eleven or twelve, but one thirty is a far cry from the time she thought. "Um, MItchy," she turned to her friend, "do you mind if we crash here tonight?"


"Nah, it's okay, I've got a guest room with a bed that you and Hina can share." Takemichi replied, "and, Baji can sleep in my room, so Draken and Mikey, let's see..." at times like this, Takemichi was a little disappointed that his house only had three rooms. "You guys can probably sleep on the spare futon I bought."


"You bought a futon?" Hina asked curiously, "when'd you do that? How come?"


"A couple weeks ago," Takemichi stated as he got to his feet. "I thought that since you guys will most likely come over to my house every other day, you're going to stay the night sometimes. Because of that, i don't want anyone to be uncomfortable when they sleep over, so I bought a futon, though I'm thinking I might need to buy another one just case." 


"Seriously, that's thoughtful of ya," Draken smiled.


Emma chuckled. "seriously Mitchy, you think about everything ahead of time, don't you. You're really like a mom now."


Takemichi rolled his eyes at Emma's comment, "well duh, that's because I am." He chuckled when the girl blushed a bit, he looked over to Draken, "you mind helping me bring it down here? Unless you guys wanna put it somewhere else, we can do that too."


Draken waved him off, "nah, it's fine. Mikey can take the futon and I'll just take the couch or something. It's fine," he turned to Mikey, "right?"


"I guess, but..." Mikey looked down at his cup for a moment, "I wanted to sleep in the same bed as Mitchy."


"Nope, no way," Baji shook his head. "There's no way I'm going to let you get into bed with Mitchy tonight, you guys stink."


"We what?!" Draken and Mikey asked together, they were surprised that Baji would make such a statement about them. The two alphas immediately started to sniff their clothes and pits to see if it was true.


Baji nodded, "yep, I could smell you both before Mitchy even opened the door." He got up from the floor with some help from Emma and Hina, "you guys smell so bad, I don't wanna sleep in the same room as you."


"Huh, hey, hold on now, we don't smell that bad, do we?" Mikey asked, he did smell a bit like he's been walking around outside for a while, which he was. Dispit that, he didn't think that he smelled that bad. And he really wanted to sleep with Takemichi too, being close to his Mitchy was all he could think about since he got inside. Takemichi's warm scent was everywhere, mixing with the other omegas scents in the room, he really wanted to bask in the glow of this flower garden a bit longer. Yet, Takemichi's sunflowers were more enticing to him at the moment. 


"No, no way, you'll get your stink all over Mitchy and then he's gonna be smelly too," Baji folded his arms. He was adiment about this, so he wasn't backing down, Mikey sulked. 


Draken scratched the back of his head feeling a little bad, "um, sorry about that, we'll just stay down here." Baji nodded his head in approval of Draken's decision.


Hina, piecing everything together at this point, figured what what her pregnant friend was trying to say. "Um, Draken, Mikey, you guys shouldn't feel too bad, I mean Baji probably could have said it nicer than that. However, uh, how do I say this..." she took a moment to think over her words for a moment as the alpha's waited. "Um, its like guys really do smell, b-but it's not because you really 'stink' or anything, it's...well, it's just your pharaomones..." 


Draken and Mikey looked a little confused, they didn't seem to realize what Hinata was trying to say, so Emma spoke up. "For the love of-you both got your pharemones filling up the room the moment you two walked in." 


Takemichi didn't want to admit it, but he was mostly weary of Mikey's scent because of the way it smelled, Draken's scent wasn't all that bad. However, putting both of their scents together was starting to make the room smell like a one of the bloody murder scenes from as crime show. In the beginning, he could handle the smell, but as time went on, it started to get stronger and stronger to the point that it was starting to effect him. He could tell that Hina and Emma were starting to be effected to, and Baji, well, pregnant omegas aren't effect as much as the non pregnant ones, but still. Takemichi doesn't know how the others start their heats, but he knows that he starts to get kind of tired at the start of his. It was odd, but true, of course he didn't want to say that out loud. 


"Um, yeah," Hina continued, "both of you have really strong scents. So I think...Baji was just saying that he didn't want that to cloud anyone's judgements when it's already so late at night. That's all," she looked to Baji who nodded his head.


Mikey pouted, "fine, I'll sleep on the sofa. Draken's way too tall to sleep on Takemichi's sofa like I can," he smirked.


Draken rolled his eyes at the comment, "whatever, let's just hurry up and get to sleep already. It's a school night after all." He turned back to Takemichi, "where's the futon, I'll bring it down and set it up."


"Oh, hold on, I'll show you," Takemichi said as he quickly made his way out of the living room and into the hallway. He found the closet where he stored his brand new futon and the sheets that he wanted to use on it. He pulled it out of the closet and handed it over to Draken who had followed him out into the hall. The futon he bought was pretty big, a queen sized one so that even draken could spread out on it compfrtablely. He got a couple of extra pillows and blankets ready to go as well, and followed the tall alpha back into the living room. The two of them set up the futon, passed out the pillows, and laid down the blankets.


Once everything was done, Draken and Mikey laid down to rest while the omegas went upstairs. Since Baji sometimes liked to stay over at Takemichi's house on times when his mother had to work overtime at work, he already had clothes to change into. Takemichi had given him his own draw in his dresser, and a small space in his closet to store his clothes. It was only him and Mimi living in the three bedroom house, so he had the room to spare. Takemichi letn Emma and Hina some of his clothes, the ones that were gifted to him for sleeping in that he had yet to wear, he had a lot of them, so giving away a few couldn't hurt. He was sure to find some more gifted to him at his front door by tomorrow evening anyway. 


While the other omegas got changed into their sleepwear, Takemichi snuck over to Mimi's room to check on her. He quietly opened the door to his daughter's room and stepped over the mess of stuffed animals she had laying all over the floor. At the far side of the room was Mimi's crib, he walked over quietly to make sure that he didn't wake her up, and looked into the crib. His daughter was laying there in her footie pajamas, blanket kicked off of her and stuffed rabbit in hand, fast asleep. Takemichi could see the drool dripping from her mouth as she slept in the crib without care about what was going on around her. He chuckled. he was happy to know that through out all of her life, her sleeping habits had not changed.


Now that Takemichi was thinking about it, in the future that he came from, his daughter grew to become an omega, just like him. The day he found that out, she had nearly been kidnapped by a teacher who seemed to love her a little too much. Takemichi had spent weeks looking for another school to place her in after that, he didn't want to take the risk of sending her back to that one if he could help it. Even thought the school tried to treasure him that it would never happened again. Yet, it happened two more times before Takemichi was able to pull her out of the school ane the two of them moved away, thought that wasn't the only reason he had moved back then. 


Takemichi sighed at the memories, he covered the little girl up with her blanket once more before he went out of the room as quietly as he entered. He closed the door quietly and started to head over to his room when he jumped, Baji had been standing behind him silently and it nearly scared him to death. "Whoa, whoa, calm down buddy, it's only me, what can I do to do like like?" Baji asked as he gestured to his stomach.


Takemichi pouted as he thought back to all the fighters Baji had been in even before he found out that he was three months pregnant. "A lot, really, I'm sure you could fight your way out of  just about anything if you really wanted to, Takemici stated as he walked past the pregnant teen.


"You think so? That would be awesome," Baji cheered and followed MItchy to his room. 


Takemichi yawned, "for you, yeah, though I would worry about your future baby daddy. They might piss themselves whenever you get really mad at them," he chuckled as he opened the door to his room. He closed it once Baji had walked in, he then started changing into his pajamas while Baji talked.


"They wont have to worry as long as they don't get me upset, there won't be anything to worry about. It's not like I'm a monster in disguise that's just waiting to attack, Mitchy," Baji stated as he went to sit on the bed. He yawned tiredly, "damn this was a long day. And MItsuya wants to go on another date tomorrow, I'm kind of nercous though."


"Seriously? But you guys already had your first date not too long ago, why are you still nervous?" Takemichi asked as he changed out of his shirt.


Baji shrugged, "I donno, its just that we've known each other as friends for so long, and we've kicked ass together too. But now we're dating, it kind of...different."


"I am here!" Emma burst into the room suddenly as Takemichi was taking off his pants. Takemichi's second scare of the night, but this time it wasn't so bad as it was kind of funny, Emma turned out to be a closet Otaku, but no one is willing to reveal her secret since she has blackmail on all of them. She even dragged Hina into her out burst, the short haired girl had her eyes closed and covered with one hand just in case Takemichi was changing. And she was right, he was, and she had told this to Emma, but her friend didn't seem to care about that.


"Emma, you could have knocked, you know," Takemichi sighed, he had been so caught off guard by the girl's entrace that he instinctively used his shirt to cover his chest. As embarrassing as it is, Takemichi;s body changed after he gave birth to his daughter, meaning that his chest was quite feminine now, and it made him self conscious. 


"Why? You're basically the same as me and Hina," Emma reasoned, "just because you have a little something hanging between your legs don't mean much."


"Emma! Don't be lewd!" Hinata said blushing, her innocent ears were not prepared to hear such things tonight. 


"Anyway," Emma marched up to Takemichi with a smirk on her face, the blond boy already knew where this was going. He guessed that she was probably listening at the door, waiting for the perfect moment to enter with her ultamimate All Might moment. "By the way, when are you gonna get a boyfriend, Mitchy? Or would you prefer a girlfriend? I bet there are a couple of gental alphas out there who are just waiting to pamper a guy like you. In fact, I think we'll start 'Operation: Get Mitchy a boyfriend!' Early tomorrow morning."


Takemichi shook his head, "no, we will do no such operation because I don't need to be in a relationship to live, Emma. I told you guys before, I've fine being single, it give me a better chance to raise Mimi if my main forcuse is her and school. Anything else can come later," he turned back to changing into his pajamas and going over to laid down on the bed next to Baji.


Emma marched over to him with a pouting face, "Mitchy! You can't keep thinking like that, it's like you're a thirty year old woman who got out of a really long relationship before she gave birth. You can't keep thinking like that or else your youth will pass you by."


"Really? Cuz I kinda feel like my youth has already passed me by," Mitchy muttered to himself. He's never really had a childhood, except for the brief moments of peace he had with his mother while she was still alive, he couldn't remember a time when he was on his own and acted his own age. Even now, his adult mindset has far exceeded his childhood body.


Emma grumbled and stomped her foot, but Mitchy wasn't paying her much attention. He was thinking of her as if she were Mimi having a small temper tanterum when she can't have sweets or something. Takemichi chuckled to himself as he imiaged a chibi Emma being bad at him, it was cute and funny. "Mithcy~!" Emma whinned, she turned to Hina and Baji for assistants, "you guys agree with me too, right? You don't wanna see Mitchy all alone forever, do you?"


Baji held his stomach to feel his kids kicking, "I don't suppose he'll be lonely forever, he does have Mimi to take care of, but I do see where you're coming from. Just a little."


Hina nodded, "yeah, even so, we can't force him into a relationship."


"That's right!" Takemichi sat up with a victorious smile on his face, "besides, it won't be forever. I'll start looking for a mate whenever I feel that Mimi is old enough to take care of herself."


Emma stompeed her foot again, upset with the answers she was given, "but you're a mom! You'll never feel that way!"


Takemichi rolled his eyes and laid back down on the bed, "whatever you say." He stated, even though he knew Emma had a point, in his future, he still worried over Mimi as if she were a baby, even though she was about thirteen years of age. The same age he was when he had moved into this house on his own. "Let's talk about this in the morning, it's already gotten pretty late."


Emma continued to pout even as Hina was pulling her towards the door, "ugh, fine. Be that way, but mock my words, you're going to find someone soon! I promise!" 


"Sorry for the noise, goodnight," Hina said while giving the two boys a quick bow before closing the door behind her. The boys could still hear Emma making her plans to get Takemichi on a date with someone as she was pushed back to the guest room by Hina.


Takemichi shook his head again, "she's really something," he sighed as he got under the covers. 


Baji nodded, "yeah, you could say that again." He turned off the lights and got under the covers as well, he sighed happily as his head hit the pillow. "Today feels like it was a long day even though we barely went anywhere."


"I know, right? A late breakfast, a trip to the park, and then back here to stuff our faces with hot chocolates and other junk while we watch movies," Takemichi stated with a bright smile. "I think between you, Mimi, and Emma, the two of you might put the chocolate companies out of business with how much the three of you had."


Baji blushed a bit, "yeah, maybe, but...I've been really craving chocolate for a while. I couldn't help myself when you started melting them."


Takemichi chuckled, "well that's fair, you are eating for three right now, so I'll let it slide." He yawned, "still, make sure you don't use that as an excuse. After you have you twins, you'll find it hard to get that weight off while taking care of them."


Baji gasped, "you mean I'll get really fat!?"


"Probably, but I think you can make it work in your favor," Takemichi laughed. "Your cheeks are with be soft and squishy, and your face might get a little round, but I bet Mitsuya wouldn't might the extra weight." 


Baji's face turned bright red at Takemichi's comment, "what! S-shut up, y-you've been hanging out with Emma for too long, she's rubbing off on you." 


"Maybe," Takemichi turned on his side to face Baji, "still, it's something to think about."


Baji blushed brighter, he turned away from Takemichi to hide his embarrassment, "just shut up. I'll tell Chifuyu on you if you keep going."


Takemich chuckled at that, "what's he gonna do?" Baji was silent as he couldn't think of anything, Takemichi continued to laugh, "that's what I thought." The blond omega rolled into his other side and yawned once more, he was really sleeping now, but he was happy for this moment. He can't remember having moments like this before his trips in the past. He was grateful to have friends this time around. He wondered what his future would be like now that he's gotten close to them, he hopes they'll stay in contact with each other when he goes back.


With that, the two went to sleep. 



To be continued...

Chapter Text

Morning came and went rather quickly.


When the omegas awoke that morning, they noticed that the only alpha still in the house was Mikey. They tried to look for him, but Draken stopped them, saying that Mikey wanted to be alone right now. Mikey had a lot on his mind and needed to sort things out before he would come back to his usual self. The Omegas accepted that and started making breakfast before Mimi climbed out of her crib. By this point in time, Takemichi had noticed that Mimi was rather good at escaping the confines of her crib upstairs without anyone knowing about it.


When Draken saw the little girl climbing down the stairs like a mountain climber coming down from a tall peak, he was stunned. Mimi reached the bottom of the steps with no help and little problems, when she turned around to see Draken, she smiled brightly up at him and lifted her arms for him to pick her up. Draken was impressed that she could be so independent on her own but still want to be pampered every chance she got.


Draken picked up the little girl and walked into the kitchen to tell the others what he had witnessed. Emma was impressed and praised her happily, while Baji scuffed and said that he was the one who showed her how to do it. Takemichi almost didn't make Baji an oblate because of that statement. The morning went on peacefully like that until it was time for everyone to start parting ways. Since Hina had p=missed school yesterday, she decided that she would only be late today, though her attendance record will still take a hit because of that. Emma left with Hina so they could travel together, they both needed to head to their homes to change into their uniforms before heading off to school. Draken had to leave soon after because he also needed to track down Mikey and drag his ass off to school as well, so he handed over Mimi and went on his way.


Once everyone had left, Takemichi turned back to clean up the mess that was made in the kitchen while they were cooking. Takemichi also did some cleaning around the house, he bathed and dressed Mimi before doing the same for himself. Then disaster struck, Takemichi's usual babysitter canceled on him at the last minute. Since it was a school day, Takemichi would leave Mimi with a good friend he had met during his days on the street, she was an omega who had an untypical 'rags to riches' type of story. She was the one who reported Mitchy to child welfare when she finally found out a part of Takemichi's past. It was enough for her to feel story for him and make the call. He was mad at her for a while, but they managed to patch things up after everything that happened on Halloween.


The two had a deal that she would watch over Mimi while Mitchy went to school during the day. She was good at watching Mimi, and the little girl seemed to like her enough to want to stay with her while her mother went to school. Because of that, Takemichi didn't mind handing her off, but apparently today, his friend had been given a promotion and work that would make her busier during the morning. The mornings that she was meant to watch Mimi. 


Takemichi was out of luck, at the moment, he only had two options available to him right now. 

  1. Stay home again today, and every day after until he can find another babysitter or a play he trusted to send his daughter while he went back to school.
  2. Take Mimi to school with him.

While Takemichi didn't mind the idea of his daughter coming to school with him today, it was a clear distraction waiting to happen. He could see it now, everyone would be cooing at her and not doing their work. The omegas would be like jelly in the little girl's hands, while the alphas and bates tried to hook up with Takemichi since his secret would be out. Even with his scent patch on, an omega and their child would still smell like each other, not to mention that they look alike. Naturally, someone would figure it out and call him on the facts. Then again, he could go for the third option, which is to run around town like a mad man trying to find a daycare that will take in a last-minute student. 


"No, I don't have time for that, I'm already missing my first class," Takemichi slumped down on the floor. He knew that he couldn't just keep missing school because there's no way he would still be allowed to graduate if he kept this up. Not to mention that his goal was to keep going to school so that his daughter had someone to look up to. In his future, he was working multiple jobs during the week, one of which happened to be at a video rental store, and whenever he wasn't working, he was taking classes online. He was nearly done with his final course by the time he made his first jump into the past.


Because of that, Takemichi couldn't afford to take too many days off of school. Not even for Toman. Takemichi's plans before had been to make average grades so he didn't stick out too much, it had to be like that because he didn't want any words with his name on them to find their way into his stepdad's hands. He needed to be just as careful now as back then. "That only leaves one option to take," Takemichi groaned, he picked up his cell and filed the number for his school. He needed to talk to someone about this because he made his final decision. 


Takemichi sighed. He was permitted to bring Mimi to class with him, he would have to be responsible for her since she wasn't old enough to be placed in the school's daycare program. If Mimi had been at least two, then he might have to worry about bringing her to all of his classes today, but it was too late to complain about that now. Takemichi showed up to his second class of the day, late of course, but what could he do about that?


As soon as Takemichi walked into class, his teacher spotted him and was ready to give him a scolding until Takemichi gave him the vote that he got from the office. The teacher took a moment to read it and made a face of understanding. After he understood the situation, he instructed Takemichi and his daughter to give him a seat. Takemichi took his usual seat, while Mimj was given a special spot at the back of the room for her to quietly play by herself. Takemichi's search was near the back so he was okay with this arrangement. He remembered this happening in his original timeline as well.


Just as Mitchy had predicted, the omegas were cooing at Mimi during the break, while the alphas and some bates were trying to hit on him. Even though they didn't know that Mitchy was an omega before they seemed to be attacked to him like flies and honey. There wasn't much that Mitchy could do other than be himself, though the attention was annoying.


Either way, Takemichi went about his day as usual with Mimi at his side. Akkun and the others hung out with Takemichi and Mimi throughout the day, by lunchtimes they decided to eat lunch together. Mimi was excited because she got to spend the whole day with her mother. "Hey, Mitchy, what's up with mini Mitchy tagging along with you today?" Yamamoto asked while they are lunch.


"Hm? Oh, it's because her usual babysitter had other plans today," Mitchy replied. "I had to call the office before I came in, they said she could come to school with me until I find other arrangements for her."


"Oh yeah, who was her usual babysitter?" Makoto asked curiously. 


"A friend," Takemichi said. That was all he was willing to tell them right now, he was still working up the courage to tell them the whole truth just yet. They most of what he went through, but not all. "Anyway, what do you guys doing after school today, got any plans?"


"Nah, not really, we were just thinking about hanging out at my house today," Yamagishi stated gesturing to his boyfriend. "I got this movie from a friend in my neighborhood that's supposed to be hot," he said suggestively.


"Really? How hot?" Yamamoto asked curiously, he could barely contain his excitement since he knows that hot movies always get him some.


"Very," Yamagishi smirked.


Makoto, Akkun, and Takemichi stared at the couple for a long while before deciding to ignore the two altogether. "That's vulgar," Akkun stated, his face was riddled with disappointment.


"Oh come on, don't act like you and Makoto don't get down and dirty too, Akkun," Yamamoto said while bugging the other alpha in the side.


"It doesn't matter what we do when we're alone, you do t have to talk about it in the open like this." Akkun shot back, though his cheeks were a little red with the thought, "besides, there's a kid here, try to be a little more decent will ya."


"Anyway," Makoto turned to his other friend who seemed to be the more sensible of the group along with himself. "So, Mitchy, you wanna go shopping with me later? I need to stock up on s ok me stuff soon for that time."


Takemichi nodded, "sure thing, I was starting to run a little low on my supplies too."


Akkun looked between the two omegas, "what are you guys talking about?"


Makoto gave his boyfriend a small but reassuring smile, "don't worry about it. I'm sure when the time comes, you'll figure it out." Akkun frowned, he wanted to ask more but his instincts were telling him not to. Makoto turned back to Takemichi, "hey, can I ask you something in private later?"


Takemichi shrugged, "sure." Makoto smiled and turned his attention back to eating his lunch. Takemichi was curious about what his friend wanted to ask him, but he could wait until later. Lunch came and went and Takemichi was more than happy to end the day off on a positive note. As soon as the last bell rang, Yamagishi and Yamamoto both dashed off to Yamagishi's house to do god knows what, while the others left the building together.


Heading to the stores, Akkun quickly was appointed as Mimi's babysitter by Makoto so the two omegas could talk. Makoto led Takemichi down one of the aisles that held products that would be useful for an omega's heat cycle. Akkun didn't follow them into the aisles once he saw where they were heading, so he led Mimi away to the toy section instead. Seeing the alpha leave, Makoto turned to serious, "Mitchy, there's something that I need your help with."


"Sure thing, I'll make sure to help however I can," Takemichi replied as he looked through the products on the shelves for a moment before turning to Makoto. He noticed that the boy had yet to say anything else to him so he was starting to worry about the subject in question, "Makoto? Is there something wrong?"


Makoto looked blankly at the products in front of him for a moment as he gathered his thoughts. "Um, say, Takemichi, do...I mean, have you bought a pregnancy test before?"


Takemichi froze, he looked at Makoto for a long moment before taking a step back. He was getting a little freaked out for some reason that he couldn't think of at the moment because he was so shocked. Takemichi had always looked at Makoto and Akkun as the responsible type of couple, the ones who would have their shit together when they grew up. Meanwhile, Yamamoto and Yamagishi would be the ones to probably screw up at some point and have a bunch of kids running around before they were thirty. At least that's how he saw things going in his mind, and the way the former two had acted earlier, he didn't doubt that was what happened after he left the first time. This time, however, things were different.


", I-I don't know what to say. I mean, I guess I do, but...well, um," Takemichi was desperately reaching for words to not make the situation awkward. 


Makoto sighed, "Takemichi, it's okay, you don't have to pretend that you're not shocked...since it's written all over your face either way."


Takemichi laughed nervously, "it is, huh? Uh, sorry about that, it's just that, I don't know, I guess I wasn't expecting this from you. Oh, wait, by buying a test, you mean for someone else, right?" He was trying to save the image of the responsible omega in his head, but it crumbled with the other boy's answer. 


"No, I mean it's for me," Makoto sighed. He sort of knew that Takemichi would cat this way, but he wouldn't dare tell Yamagishi about this less he gets teased for it. As for Akkun, his boyfriend, he wasn't ready to tell him about this yet either since he wasn't sure if he was or wasn't pregnant. He turned to face Takemichi, "I'm not sure if I am or not, so I was hoping that you could come with me while I buy the test and wait for the results with me. Please, Mitchy, this is important." 


Takemichi could see how scared Makoto was right now. Makoto was holding back his emotions since they were inside of a store, Takemichi could only guess how scared he was. "Okay," he nodded, he smiled at the boy, "I'll even buy the test for you so that Akkun doesn't suspect a thing." Luckily they were in the aisles where the pregnancy test was stocked up on the shelves in three categories. There were the usual ones for omegas, a couple of different ones for bates, and a select few for alphas. While it was uncommon, some alphas could become pregnant, it was mostly the female ones though, so they looked like a standard test. Takemichi grabbed two tests from the shelf and turned to Makoto, "come on, let's hurry up and pay for these. We can use the store's bathroom to take the first one."


"Wait, you wanna do it right now?" Makoto asked, he was nervous. He was happy that his friend was willing to help him out so much and keep his secret, however, the fact that they were buying two just to take one right now was making the situation seem so real. Makoto thought about running out of the aisles to find Akkun and then leaving the store behind without turning back. He wanted to run away right now, but the thought of not knowing was eating him alive all this time. His shoulders slumped, "all right then, I guess now's a better time than any."


Takemichi nodded, "yeah, don't worry, you can wait over by the restroom while I pay for them."


"O-okay..." Makoto watched as his blond friend ran off with the two boxes in hand. He stood there for a few minutes before finding his way over to the restroom He opened the door and walked through the door indicated for omegas, and went to an empty stall to wait. It didn't take long before Takemichi came in to find him, knocking on the door to make sure that it was the right one. Makoto opened it and let the boy in, they were in the last tall on the right, far away from the door just in case others came in to use the restroom while they took the test. 


"You ready?" Takemichi asked while holding up the bag with the two tests, he took one out and opened it. Reading the instructions to himself for a moment, he wasn't sure how to feel about the test, it wasn't that he didn't trust it, but he had no experience with it either. His test was done at a hospital while he was being held for evaluation. Because of that, he had never taken one of these tests himself before. 


"Takemichi, are you okay?" Makoto asked because Takemichi seemed to be taking a bit longer to read the instructions than he was expecting. 


"Huh? Oh, sorry about that," Takemichi chuckled nervously. "Um, well, it's pretty simple, all you have to do is pee on the stick and wait. There couldn't be a simpler test..." Makoto nodded and took the small plastic stick into his shaking hands. "I'll just set out to give you some privacy," Takemichi said as he opened the door and stepped outside quickly before closing it behind him. He leaned on the door and leaned up at the ceiling, he could hear Makoto taking the test and waited until he was done before speaking up. "Uh, hey, Makoto, what will you do if it comes back negative?" Mitchy asked mindlessly.


Makoto tightened his grip on the test in his hand, the silence in the restroom was almost deafening. He didn't know how to answer that question, "what do you mean? I'll just forget that this ever happened,...and you'll keep my secret too, won't you?"


"Well, yeah, of course, but..." Takemichi let out a breath, "listen. I don't want to tell you how to live your life, and I don't know too much about relationships since I've never been in one before. Still, don't you think that Akkun should know what's going on?" There was silence, Takemichi waited for another minute with a frown on his face, "okay, forget about that, then. What if it comes back positive?" More silence answered him, "I know that you and Akkun have been together since the start of the school year, and you both look great together. I can tell that he likes you too, so...what if?" Makoto suddenly;y opened the door to the stall, startling Mitchy a bit because he was almost slammed into the wall by the force. "Hey, what was that for? You could have-" Takemichi stopped what he was saying and looked at his friend for a moment. 


Makoto held the test in his hands as he looked down at the ground, a bitter-sweet smile on his lips. Takemichi could smell the scent of a sad omega, one of the perks of having a kid he guessed, he could always sniff out the emotions his friends were going through. "Takemichi, sometimes I think that you might have some kind of special gift inside of you that no one knows about," Makoto stated while still looking at the ground.


"Uh? Thanks, I guess," Takemichi said confused. "Uh, so, what does it say?" He asked looking down at Makoto's hand was clutching the small plastic stick tightly. 


Makoto's vision turned blurry as he held out the stick for Takemichi to see, "I guess we don't have to wonder 'what if' anymore." He said softly, Takemichi took a second took look from Makoto down at the results of the stick. The test was the one with the words, the little white and clue stick stared back at Takemichi, the results clear as day. Makoto walked away from the stall to go wash his hands silently.


Takemichi looked at the test, not believing his own eyes. "No way," he continued to look at the positive pregnancy test in his hands, he was dumbfounded. He turned to Makoto who was just standing in front of the sink with his head down and the water running, his hands were unmoving under the water. Takemichi slowly walked over to the boy, he didn't know what to say, he was lost for words, there was nothing he could think of that he thought would make the boy feel better. "Makoto...I..." he started, but the words couldn't come out. 


"It's fine..." Makoto said, he took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. "I think, I want to wait a little bit before I take that second test. NOt that we need to, the results speak for themselves."


Takemichi shook his head, "no, wait," he threw the test in the nearest trashcan. "Listen, that was just one test, we can take another one in about a week, that one might give a different result." 


Makoto chuckled, "now you're just trying to make me feel better," he said as he turned off the water and dried his hands. "I said it's okay, Mitchy, I'm not upset about the results. I mean, I don't think that I believe them myself, still, it's only one test. We bought it to make sure, but I still have my doubts."


"Oh..." Takemichi frowned, he felt as if Makoto was bottling up his feelings. "Um, so, Makoto, what made you feel like you wanted to take a test today? I mean, how long have you been feeling like you need to take one."


"Um, I think it was a little while back when you, Baji, and Chifuyu were in the hospital together," Makoto said slowly. "It was around then that Akkun pulled me aside to talk to me about letting him mark you temporarily to keep you safe."


"He what?!" Takemichi was shocked, Akkun never mentioned anything like that to him.


Makoto nodded, "yeah, I talked him out of it. For one, I didn't want him to do that because you wouldn't have wanted it either. Second...I guess you could say that I was jealous that he wanted to mark you when we've been together for almost eight months now. He's never mentioned marking me before, but he wanted to do it to you, even if it was only temporary." Takemichi was a little more than surprised at that, Makoto turned to face his friend, "I think that might have been when I started to get reckless. Whenever we would fool around with each other, sometimes I would make him forget the condom he was going to use on me and try to get him to know. I guess this is my punishment for being so jealous about the whole thing." 


Takemichi came back from his shock a bit, "wait, you mean you wanted to what? Make Akkun mark you because you were jealous of me?"


Makoto nodded shyly, "I didn't want to admit it before, but, yeah." He was embarrassed to talk about his past actions now, but he guessed that he needed to eventually. His friends didn't know this about him, but he can be a very jealous person sometimes. "I'm sorry, I probably should have said something to you about this sooner, or else we might not be standing here like this now."


Takemichi came down from his shock and sighed, "Makoto, seriously, why were you jealous of me? There's nothing to be jealous about, the situation I was in back then was nothing I would want to wish on anyone. It was scary."


Makoto nodded, "I know, but that's not what I was jealous over," Takemichi looked at him with a lost look on his face. Makoto sighed, "you'll understand when you find your mate one day if you ever decide to start looking." 


Takemichi rolled his eyes, "you and Emma would get along great, she was talking about that same thing last night." He huffed, he walked over to the sink to wash his hands and dry them, "anyway, listen. I don't care about how it happened or what was going through your head back then. As your friend, I will support you no matter what are you planning to do next? Do you want to wait to take another test later just in case this was a false alarm? Or would you like to make an appointment?" Takemichi couldn't imagine himself in this situation in a hundred years, but life seemed to have a funny way of turning things around for him. 


Most young omegas would rather give up their pregnancy early if they aren't sure about raising a child at a young age. Some omegas would go through with it just to give up the baby after birth, which usually takes its toll on them mentally as well. Takemichi was a part of the rare few who kept his daughter even after all he went through and was going through at the time. There was just something in the back of his mind that was telling him to keep her. But, Makoto wasn't him, so he didn't know what his feelings on the matter would be.


Makoto thought for a few minutes, "um...I think I still need to think about this. I mean, this is all happening so fast that I can't think straight right now. There's no way I could make such a big decision right now..." he tightened his hands around the pepper towels he was still holding. "I'll call you to let you know later."


Takemichi nodded, "sure, I'll be waiting for your answer whenever you decide. And I'll have your back no matter what too, so count on me, alright?"


Makoto gave Takemichi a small smile, "thanks, Takemichi, you're a really good friend." The two omegas left the restroom and went back to looking through the aisles. They picked up a couple of things so that they could hide the second test amongst their purchase. By the time they were finished in the store, they went outside to find a bored Akkun and a hungry Mimi waiting for them. "Sorry for the wait, we got to talking and lost track of time," Makoto said walking over to his boyfriend to kiss him on the cheek. As soon as Mimi saw her mom come out of the store, she ran over to him, Takemichi picked her up with one hand easily.


Akkun frowned at him, "seriously? It's been a whole hour since we arrived, what were you two talking about that took so long?" He asked because he saw the two omegas only had one bag each in their hands. He didn't think that they had been walking around the aisles looking for stuff for that long when there was only one spot in the store that had what they needed. "What did you guys buy anyway?" The alpha asked as he tried to look into his boyfriend's bag.


Makoto held his bag out of Akkun's view so that he couldn't look inside, "Akkun, don't you know that it's rude to look into someone's bag? I have personal stuff in here," he said playfully with a wink.


Akkun's frown deepened, "fine, whatever, let's just hurry up and get some food. Mimi said she was hungry," he started walking away after that, Makoto followed after him. The omega reached out to take hold of his arm which Akkun didn't seem to mind as the two continued walking like that. Takemichi sighed, he was familiar with this site, it made him feel like everything that happened in the restroom wasn't real. This was his reality, he looked down at his daughter who was resting her head on his shoulders. He was happy to have peaceful moments.


Takemichi and Mimi got home a little after five after getting a bite to eat with his friends. They went shopping somewhere else after they ate, a clothing store this time, much to Akkun's disappointment. Makoto wanted to pick up a couple of shirts to match with his boyfriend since they had Couple's Day coming up soon at school Takemichi didn't know why some schools wanted to celebrate the fact that there were a bunch of young couples around, but they did. Couple's Day was similar to valentines day, except it wasn't a national holiday. Couples were allowed to be out of uniform as long as they followed the dress code, they were also allowed to exchange gifts with each other during break time.  and even though it was called Couple's Day, the event went on for about a week.


Takemichi thought that the little event was a little dumb because they could have waited for when valentine's day was closer to up that event. Still, he had to admit that it was kind of a cute little holiday for the students, even though it wasn't a real one. Takemichi decided that he would pick up a couple of things for himself as well. Seeing as how Takemichi wasn't able to take a whole lot of pictures of his daughter and himself when they were around this age the first time, he decided that this time, he would take more. But, he might have bought too much stuff as he had to as Akkun to carry some of his bags while Makoto held Mimi while they were walking him home. 


Takemichi thanked the couple for their help after he put down his bags in the hallway and took his daughter from his friend. The little girl was dosing off by the time they got to the house, today was kind of a long day for the little girl too. She didn't get to take her usual nap, so she would probably fall asleep early tonight. But, that also meant that she would be up extra early in the morning. Well, that might be perfect for what he was planning. 


Takemichi had just put Mimi down on the sofa in the living room so he could take his bags upstairs when there was a knock on the door. He was curious to know who it could be at this time, he didn't think that Baji was coming over today, he had a date. Emma and Hina said they would be off doing something else as well, so Mitchy was curious about who it could be. He thought about ignoring the person for a while so they might go away, he wanted to take a break after being out all day, but there was another knock on the door. "Ugh, fine, I'm coming," Takemichi called out as he walked back over to the door, he turned the knob to open it, "how can I help you?" He asked tiredly.


"Ta~Ke~MItch~Y!" The sing-song voice of Hanma reached Mitchy's ears before his eyes could process who the person standing in front of him was.


Takemichi jumped out of surprise, "H-H-H-Hanma!" He yelled out of surprise, what was he doing here? Takemichi had been so tired that he didn't pay full attention or even look through the peephole first. 


"Hey there Mitchy, let's talk," Haman said as he pushed the door open and walked inside. Takemichi was so stunned that he was frozen in place while the taller boy came in and took off his shoes. Hanma took a look around for a moment and while, "this is a pretty nice place, Mitchy, are you living here all alone?" He asked as he turned back to look at the omega with a smirk on his face. 


Takemichi snapped out of his shock to turn to Hanma, "what...what are you doing here? How do you know where I live?" 


Hanma lifted a finger and moved it from side to side as he shook his head, "tsk, tsk, tsk, that's the finer details. The more important question you should be asking is what am I doing here, Ta~Ke~Mitch~Y." Takemichi knew that he was right, and he hated that he had to admit it. He realized that this could get ugly, so turned back and closed the front door, locking it in place for good measure. He gathered up his courage, he's been in tough situations like this before while he was living on the streets. He could make it to the kitchen if he played it cool, he would do what he had to to keep his daughter safe. He turned back to Hanma with a serious look on his face, "Ooo~ that's a pretty scary face your making, Mitchy." The taller boy said cooly as he looked down at the boy.


"Hanma, what are you doing here?" Takemichi asked seriously.


Hamna shook his head, "ah hahaha, Is this the way you're treating me after I came all this way? I feel a little hurt, and here I thought we could be friends. Oh well, I guess I won't tell you the info I found out about you from a little bird. Too bad," he shrugged his shoulders as he started to put on his shoes, "oh well, I bet Mikey and Draken would love to hear about this instead. Just like yesterday."


"Yesterday?" Taklemichi's eyes widened, his fist tightened. He didn't like it, but it seems that he's going to have to play nice with this guy if he wanted to know what he did. Takemichi was particular about the information that he gives to his friends. Some of them don't need to know every single detail about him. "Fine..." Hanma paused his movements and looked up at the omega with a sly smile, Takemichi sighed, "would you like some tea?"


Hamna chuckled, "that's more like it. Friend." 




To be continued...

Chapter Text

Takemichi placed a cup of tea in front of Hanma, as much as he didn't want to, he had to invite the guy into the living room so they could talk. Takemichi gave Mimi a snack and her sippy cup filled with strawberry milk, the little girl smiled up at her home before turning to her snack. Hanma watched the little girl interact with Takemichi, he could tell right away that she was his daughter, what with the way their eyes looked so similar, their smiles too. Takemichi took a seat with his cup of tea on the other side of the sofa, "so, let's get straight to the point then." Mitchy started, "what are you doing here?"


"My, my, you're in such a rush, aren't you?" Hanma said as he picked up his cup from the table. He blew his breath into the cup and paused, glancing over at the blond who was still just holding his cap in his hands. "You didn't poison this, did you?" 


Takemichi rolled his eyes and took the cup from Hanma's hands, he took a sip of the hot liquid and handed it bag to him. He was trying to be tough, but the tea in the cup was much too hot to just be careless like that, but he wanted to prove a point. "Here, don't ask me something stupid like that again. You said you had information to give me, right? So why would I poison you before I can hear it?"


"Oh?" Hanma took back the cup from the omega, "even if it might be false?" He smirked, "I could be lying to you right now and you'll never know." 


Takemichi rolled his eyes at the taller boy, "you're a mystery sometimes, Hanma." He looked into his cup for a minute before reaching over to the coffee table to pick up the honey he had brought on the tray. He squeezed some into his cup and stirred it around, "I have ways of knowing when someone's laying to me, even you. So if you start to lie to me now, you can leave right now." 


Hanma laughed, "that's fair..." his smile calmed down a bit as he turned his gaze back over to the little girl that was happily munching on her cookies. "I envy you."


"Why?" Takemichi asked apprehensively. Ever since Hanma entered his house, there was a sweet smell of cherries and yogurt that followed him in. Takemichi could guess why that is, but he didn't focus on that fact, he kept his focus on what was happening right now. 


"Don't worry about it," Hanma said softly as he took a sip from the cup. He glanced over at the honey bottle that Takemichi used, there was also sugar and cream there as well.


Takemichi saw where his eyes were looking, "if you want to add some, go ahead. You're not a kid."


Hanma smirked, "maybe I am." He placed his cup on the table and slide himself down on the ground, he was now sitting across from Mimi, he smiled kindly at Mimi who only stared back at him. Hanma was used to this reaction, so he picked up the honey and poured a generous amount into the cup before picking up the sugar and cream to pour them in too, then stirred it all around. Takemichi watched him make the concoction, wondering how sweet it must have been with the amount that was added. Hanma took another sip and hummed happily, "ah, that's pretty good. Now," he turned his body to face Mitchy, "there's been this burning question that I've been wanting to ask you for a while now."


"Okay?" Takemihci was a little pensive to know what he wanted to ask. The look in Hanma's eyes was like something he had never see before, was it admiration? He couldn't tell, there was just something different about the boy sitting in front of him. "What is it? Remember, I can tell when you're lying," he said a little hesitantly as he looked deep into the boy's eyes.


At the same time


Mikey and Draken sat at the steps of the shrine, since it was still daytime, and Mikey had a lot on his mind, there wouldn't be a Toman meeting today. They were supposed to meet Valhalla in less than two days for their rematch. Mikey didn't want to go through with it, but since he already agreed, he needed to uphold his part of the deal. He would try his best to get through the day, fighting off their enemies and hoping that his pack was ready to fight again. 


Draken turned to Mikey, "oi, Mikey, I've been thinking about this for a while now, but I can't get it out of my head."


"Hm? What is it?" Mikey asked in a dull voice.


Draken let out a breath through his nose, "let's see, I don't know how to say this, but...I think Hanma's working for an alpha that runs Valhalla from the shadows. I mean I know we know the shadows leader part, but I keep wondering about Hamna."


Mikey raised an eyebrow, "Hamna, huh?" He looked down at the ground as he thought about his next words for a moment, "so, are you into tall omegas?"


"What?!" Draken turned to his friend as if he had somehow lost his mind or more of it. "No way, he's not my type...Well, he might be if he wasn't so, well, him. I don't like the way he acts as if he's one of those unhinged psychos from the movies. You know what I mean?"


Mikey shrugged, "I didn't deny that he was an omega."


"Eh? Why would I?" Draken asked as he leaned back on the steps, "I mean, you and I both saw how he reacted to your pheromones back then." He stated as he remembered how Hamna became frozen in place after Mikey punched a small hole into the side of the construction site's crane machine. "He went into Omega Shock rather quickly which means that you were affecting him for a while. Your sudden outburst towards him must have been too much for him and shock set in." 


Omega Shock was the name that slowly made its way around after angry alphas lashed out at their omegas with the full force of their pheromones backing them. If the alpha didn't stop themselves soon, then the omega could have a mental breakdown or worse, die from the shock of the sudden force of pheromones. That type of shock could be lethal for a normal omega, but seeing how Hanma only went into the first stage of shock spoke volumes. "Hm, I think Hamna might be like Mitchy in some ways," Mikey said after a few minutes of silence passed between them.


"How?" Draken asked, he couldn't see how Hamna and their Mitchy were alike in the slightest.


Mikey shrugged as he got to his feet, "maybe it's because he's putting on an act. I can't know what his life was like, but I can tell by how he was shaking on the ground last night that he was honestly scared. He was just trying to put on a brave face because his alpha was watching him from the shadows."


"Yeah?" Draken thought about, "oh, you know what, I think you're on to something. Hanma was wearing a scent blocker on his neck last night, so his boss could have been wearing one too while he was watching. They must have bought the good ones because I didn't smell anyone else there."


Mikey nodded, "yeah, and if his boss was there last night, that means that he wanted us to know about that information. I don't know if it's true or not, but it's worth checking out."


"It possible..." Draken rubbed his chin for a moment, "do you think that Mitchy knows anything about it? The website Hamna talked about?"


Mikey turned to his friend with an emotionless face, "I don't know. But if what Hanma said was true, he might now." He made his way over to their bikes, he had brought his bike with him today so he got on it and sat there for a moment while Draken got up from the stairs. "I wanna find out more about this website that Hamna talked about. Do you know of someone we can ask about it?"


Draken shrugged, "not really. I know that one of the girls at the brothel has a regular that deals in computers and build websites in their spare time. I could try asking him, but that's about the only lead we have right now."


"Hm, okay, then ask them." Mikey started up his bike, "I'm gonna head over to Mitchy's place for a bit before I go track down a lead of my own. If you hear anything else from the guys, call me, we'll have an official Toman meeting the night before."


Draken got onto his bike and started it up, "alright, then good luck," the two alphas parted ways after that.




"You what?!" Takemichi looked at the tall omega as if he had lost his mind, well, Takemichi was sure that he was already crazy before.


"You heard me, Mitchy," Hamna couldn't help but chuckle at the boy's reaction. 


"I-I-I know what you said, I-I was just trying to see if I heard you right," Takemichi said in a panic. He was so shocked that he had just barely been able to hand onto his cup when he heard the words that came out of Hanma's mouth. There was no way that there wasn't someone somewhere that was trying to prank him right now. It was really weird to think about, but he guessed that there were people like Hanma in this world. If Mitchy remembered correctly, some of the clubs that he had worked at when he grew up had a lot of kinky people as customers and some as employees. 


Hanma laughed, "yes, you heard right, Mitchy." He leaned in closer to Mitchy, the mentioned boy turned his head away from the tall omega out of embarrassment of their position. Takemichi was still seated on the sofa while Hanma was on his knees in front of him, practically kneeling between his legs. Takemichi's adult mind couldn't help but think of all the different ways that this could turn out.


"C-could you maybe get off of me? You don't have to hold me in place to talk you know," Takemichi said while blushing. 


"Why? What's the matter, you don't like my proposal?" Hanma asked curiously, his sly smile coming back at full force. "We could help each other. You could gather any and all information that you want through me, and all you have to do for me  in return is be my master." Hamna's scent got more intense which let Takemichi know that he was excited, not that he was trying to thinking about that fact. "Come on, Mitchy~ I'm not asking for too much, am I?"


Takemichi glanced back at the taller boy's smiling face, in his mind's eye he could already picture a pair of kitty ears and a wiggling tail behind him. Takemichi looked away again, the images in his mind making the situation even worse. "O-okay, let me get this straight. You won't essentially work for me. You're saying that you'll do anything and everything that I say so long as you get to be praised by a...p-pet?" Hanma smiled brighter as he held Takemichi's free hand, his eyes shining, Takemichi tried to take his hand away, but it was no use, "you do know that we're both omegas right? I can't give you what you want." 


Hanma nodded, "yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking, you're just an omega so so you can't be my master, right?" Takemichi said nothing because he was thinking along those lines. Hanma chuckled, hey, don't worry about the details. I'm sure we'll figure it out as we go, but I can't have no one else but you."


"What the-" Takemichi had to stop himself from cursing because his daughter was still watching them intently from the other side of the coffee table. "Um, H-Hanma, can we talk about this somewhere else please!" 


"Give me an answer first! Yes or no?" Hamna insisted, "I'll be good, I can clean fair enough to get by, and I can cook a little too. I'm also free for babysitting all day!" he rushed to say because he could still see the hesitation in Takemichi's eyes, so he thought that suggesting his daughter's wellbeing would get him some brownie points. 


"What makes you think that I want you to be anywhere near my daughter after you asked me something so weird!!" Takemichi shouted as he facepalmed, "listen. This is weird, and I know weird, but this is tipping the scale a little bit." He dragged his hand down his face and let out a heavy breath, he put down his cup on the side table between the two sofas just in case it did fall out of his hand. "Hanma, can I ask why you want me to be your...m-master," he could barely say the word, it had been while he was his grown-up self while working at one of the nightclubs he was employed at, he would have had no problems. Yet, he was in his fourteen-year-old body with his one-year-old daughter and a kinky omega in the room, the first person made himself aware. 


"Okay, listen to me, and listen closely," Takemichi sighed. He pointed at himself and then at Hanma, "you and I are both omegas so this thing that you want me to do for you is unheard of." At least during this time, it was, in his future, there were special clubs that seemed to pop up now and then that were made for this type of kink. He would know because he started working at one of those clubs after he turned eighteen. Looking at Hanma's face told him that he was still adamant. Takemichi frowned, "why would you even want me to treat you like that anyway? WOuldn't you rather have an alpha instead, or at least a beta if you don't want the controlling aspect of pheromones involved?"


Hanma shook his head, "nope, I want you. You're an omega with a sunflower scent," he scooted back a little and rested his head down on Takemichi's lap. He took in a deep breath of his scent. "you might be an omega, but I think that's just the thing I need. I want to run away from all of those alphas that I've met until now. None of them know how to handle a guy like me, I'm mostly a cum rag to them whenever they find out that I'm an omega. I've had to go through a lot of smells to find yours, and now that I have, I don't wanna let you go." He curled his arms around Takemichi's waist to hold him close, "so please, be my new master."


Takemichi looked down at Hamna for a long time, he didn't know what to say or do. He was lost. Suddenly, Mimi walked around the coffee table to stand next to the sofa that Mitchy was seated on. Hamna lifted his head a little to look at the little girl, the two seemed to have a staring contest for a minute. Takemichi was about to ask Mimi if there was something wrong, when she lifted her hand and patted Hanma on the head, Takemichi was taken aback. He thought that Mimi might have gotten scared of Hamna and was keeping her distance from him since she didn't say a word to him since they first saw each other. 


"Mimi-chan, are you...okay?" Takemichi asked as he took her hand in his, stopping her from patting Hanma's head anymore. 


Mimi looked up at her mother for a few seconds, "papa!" She looked down at Hanma with a frown, "Hanny sad?" She asked while looking back up at her mother.


"Hanny? Is that supposed to be me?" Hanma asked with a warm smile, he wasn't used to talking to children, especially none that was this young. He looked up at Takemichi, "yeah, I am sad, so pet me, Mas~ter."


Takemichi felt his eye twitch a bit, "Hanma..." he grumbled a bit before giving up, "fine, fine, just stop dragging my daughter into this, you perv!" 


Hamna continued to smile up at him, "so you agree?"


Takemichi was shaking with frustration, he didn't want to accept because what would be the point? They were both omegas and this sort of 'master/pet' relationship is usually held between alpha and omega, sometimes a beta and omega, but he's never known two omegas to do this. Second, he still wanted to know what Hanma would get out of this. Was it just some kind of kink that was trying to get off on or something? Takemichi didn't know, but if Hanma was well-connected information-wise, then Takemichi could use that to his advantage. He didn't like the idea of sinking so low to use someone just because they were desperate for some type of positivity to keep him going, but he was a little desperate too. He needed information too, ad if Hanma had the hookup, then he wanted to give it a try.


"Fine, I agree to b-be your m-m-master...But, you have to keep up your part of the deal too." Takemichi replied, "I'm only doing this if you bring me the information I want, got it?"


"Of course!" Hanma cheered happily, "I'll do anything for my master. But, I must warn you, if you don't keep me entertained, then I'll have to find a new master to play with, 'kay?"


"Okay," Takemichi agreed, he looked down at Hamna with a wary eye. He didn't know if there was a point in him doing this, he didn't even know what kind of information Hanma was able to get. But he supposed that it was better than trying to risk getting the info himself. Hanma looked up at his fellow omega expectantly, Takemichi let go of his daughter's hand, he hesitantly placed it on Hamna's head and patted his head gently. Hanma seemed to like it because he placed his head back down on Mitchy's lap.


Mimi smiled, "Hanny happy now?"


Takemichi gave her a small smile, "yeah, I guess."


"Yay!" Mimi sheered and patted Hamna's head as well, "happy Hanny!" 


Takemichi shook his head at his daughter, she was acting much more outgoing than he remembered her being before. Then again, the first time he raised her, she wasn't around half as many people as she was now. He would need to be careful going forward, these small changes that he was making would keep him from returning to the same future he knew. As far as he knew, his small stone was making ripples all over the water, even now, as he petted Hamna on the head carefully, he could be setting himself up for something big in the future. A few more moments of silence went by before Takemichi turned back to his daughter.


"Mimi, why don't you turn on the tv for a bit while I go to talk to Hanny in the next room," Takemichi suggested. 


"Hmm, okay," Mimi turned away from the two to go find the remote.


Once she had turned on the tv, Takemichi shook Hamna so he could get up. The taller omega reluctantly got up from his spot and followed the smaller omega out of the living room. They moved to the room down the hall from the living room just before getting to the kitchen. Takemichi opened the door and walked in, he closed the door when Hanma came in after him. The room wasn't very big, it was large enough to fit a couple of shelves on the wall, two armchairs, and a side table, and a lamp. The shelves were covered in books that he had collected over time, most of them had been worn down with age because they were all second-hand. The room smelled of Takemichi, warm and sunny, and very comforting. 


Takemichi took a seat in one of the chairs in the room, judging by Hanma's disappointment from earlier. He guessed that he would want to continue where they left off in the living room. Takemichi thought back to his training at the first club he worked at, there were a lot of customers who were like Hanma, but unlike the tall omega, they weren't as vocal with their wants. He sighed, he already knew what he would have to do to get the boy to talk, "come here," Takemichi called to the taller boy. Hanma walked over to stand in front of Takemichi, "sit," Hanma obeyed, which surprised the blond a bit, but he guessed that it came with the territory. He was kind of used to seeing grown men kneel in front of him because of that first club he worked at, but it hasn't happened in a while, so it felt odd. He patted his lap for the taller boy to lay his head on so he could start petting him again. 


Hanma purred happily once Takemichi started to run his hands through his hair. "You know, if you keep this up, you might have to open your club for this sort of thing in the future," he started. "I know a couple of people who would love to sign up for a VIP membership."


"I'll think about it," Takemichi said before changing the subject, though he would think about the idea later. Opening his kink club might not be so bad, he knows that if he did, he could rake in a lot of money that way. Enough money so that he wouldn't need to work any other job. However, that was not the objective of his mission right now. "So, tell me, you meet with Draken and Mikey last night, huh?" Hanma purred softly as he answer, "tell me, what did you tell them?" He asked curiously.


"Oh, that? I just told them that I saw your picture on a certain black-market website." Hanma stated, "I made a deal with them that my old master could help them get you off of there if they win the rematch between Valhalla and Toman. No biggy."


Takemichi's hands stopped, "you what..." 


Hanma glanced up at the blond when he felt his hand stop moving, "what up?"


Takemihci frowned at the boy, "your old master, was it Kisaki?" 


Hanma smirked, "and if it was?" He ask without a care that he was admitting to him that Kisaki was behind that meeting. Hanma didn't care what happened to Kisaki at this point, he was a terrible master, he didn't pet him nearly as mentally as Mitchy did, even Mimi did a better job than alpha. Yes, Hanma was convinced now that he should stick to Takemichi for a little while, he could always pretend to work under Kisaki for a little while longer just in case things don't work out later. Takemichi leaned back in the chair with a frown on his face, "what's the matter with you? Are you shocked to find out about your picture on some-"


"Shut up," Takemichi heaved a sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose.


Hanma was a little surprised by the force in the blond's voice, it sent a bit of a tingle down his spine. "Oh, what's this? Doe Mitchy has a dominant side? I want to see."


Takemichi gathered his thoughts for a moment before looking down at Hamna, "listen up, I've got a job for you to do for me. If you do it well enough, then I'll make you my pet, if not, then don't bother showing up at my door again, got it?" 


The sunny and warm scent that had filled the room before had started to turn a bit chilly with Takemichi's news attitude. It made Hamna tingle a bit more, "hmm, that depends on the job, I'll try my best if I can do it." He leaned in closer to Takemichi until their faces were inches apart, Takemichi looked into his eyes coldly.


Takemichi didn't mean to, but he had slipped back into his old habits from all his time working at the club. "I don't know how Kisaki is going to take down that picture, but I need you to make sure that he doesn't. Even if Toman manages to win the rematch, don't take that picture down, understand me?"


"Ooo~ This is a new development," Hanma smiled, thrilled at the face that Takemichi was making right now. "Would you like to tell me why you don't want that picture to be taken down? It is your image, isn't it? I thought you wouldn't want your picture to be placed on such a site. Aren't you afraid?"


Takemichi raised an eyebrow at him, "why? What would I have to be afraid of when I was the one who build the damn website and placed my picture on there in the first place?"


"Really? Now there's a twist I didn't see coming," Hanma chuckled. He lifted himself until he was practically over the smaller boy, "you mind telling me why you did that? I'm oh so curious."


Takemichi's eyes darkened scarily as he looked up into the taller boy's eyes, "do as I say and I'll be more than happy to tell you. I might even reward you if you don't let them know that it was you that did it."


"A reward, eh?" Hanma laughed excitedly, he stood up and laughed some more. He was very excited with the thought of whatever it was that Takemichi would consider a good reward for his work since he's never gotten a reward he liked from the others before. "Okay, I'll do it," he turned back to Takemichi who was still seated in the chair, "but you better make sure it's a good reward. I don't just do things for nothing, Mitchy."


"We'll see," Takemichi said as he slowly got up from the chair. "Though, I must warn you, taking down a picture for my site won't be easy. I don't know how Kisaki found it, but it must have been from an adult or some kid that as a very pervy friend who likes that sort of thing. Either way, I won't let Kisaki win."


Hanma looked Takemichi up and down for a moment and chuckled. He didn't notice when it happened but Takemichi seems to have flipped a switch because he was not acting like the usual Takemichi that he had come to know through word of mouth. "I looking forward to working under you, Master~"



To be continued...

Chapter Text

Hanma was smiling from ear to ear with how happy he was. There wasn't much that could ruin his day right now, though that might change if he spends too much time around people he doesn't like that much. For example, Kisaki had been an interesting person once upon a time. He put on a show for him and entertained him with all of his intricate plans, yet, the way he treated him wasn't something that he enjoyed very much. He thought that he could get over it, but his attitude wasn't working out for him anymore.


Now Hanma had someone new that he thought could fill the spot better. Takemichi was supposed to be a kind-hearted, naive omega who had a run of bad luck in his life, or at least, that's what Kisaki told him. Hanma checked around and found that statement to be a little truer than he thought. It wasn't just a run of bad luck, it was a whole string of bad luck coming at him back to back. From birth to the start of his teens, Hanma wondered how the omega grew to put on such a strong front around others all the time. He was wearing a mask to hide a part of himself from people, and Hanma wanted to know how he does it. Maybe hanging around Mitchy for a while might shed some light on the matter.


Hanma liked Takemichi's house and made plans to head back over there as soon as his little mission was over. He wanted to spend more time with his new master and his darling daughter. For now, though, Hanma would have to wait because he had arrived at the spot that he usually met up with Kisaki. An ally way of stairs that caught between a line of buildings, empty most of the time, especially ding mornings and late evenings. He spotted the tanned alpha sitting on the stairs, still wearing part of his uniform, his black pants were sagging and his shirt was untucked just like any other delinquent out there. You could say that this was the uniform of a delinquent, to be in uniform but not at the same time.


Hanma made sure that his scent blacker was in place properly so his scent wouldn't reach the other boy since Kisaki seemed to have a dislike for it. Well, that wasn't Hanma's fault or his problem. He only decided to wear the blockers because of Kisaki's attitude towards omegas, Hanma didn't know why, but it seemed that he disliked them quite a bit most of the time. "Hey there, did ya miss me?" Hanma asked in his usual happy way as he approached the boy. 


"Not really, why would I?" Tetta asked as he looked up at the tallboy. He stared at him for a minute before getting to his feet, "what's up with your face?"


Hanma raised an eyebrow, "my face is the same as usual. Though, I would have to admit that I did get some good news recently on a personal matter."


"Which would be?" Tetta asked.


"A personal matter, silly, I can't just go around telling you about that, I have to keep some things to myself, don't I?" Hanma smirked, "besides, it's not like you tell me everything that's going on in your head, so why should I do the same?"


Tetta rolled his eyes, "whatever, as long as it doesn't interfere with my plans, I don't care what you do." He shoved his hands into his pants and started walking up the stairs, "come on, we've got some work to do. The fight is going to be the day after tomorrow, but I still have some information I need you together for me."


"Sure thing, partner," Hanma cheered as he followed after him. He could tell that Kisaki was probably a little wary of him right now, he would have to stay on his toes around him for a while until he dropped him. 


Takemichi plopped down on the sofa after sending off Hanma. He felt very tired after that, but, if he was being honest, having Hanma around might do some good. Before the taller omega left his house, he gave him a nice piece of information about the fight that was going to be taking place between Toman and Valhalla. Namely, Kisaki didn't care how the fight turned out as long as his target person died during the fight and the cops were called, he could care less. 




"What? He wants someone to die during the fight?" Takemichi asked looking down at Hamna seriously.


Hanma nodded his head, "yep. Originally he wanted either Baji or Kazutora to die, he would have settled for both of them kicking the bucket as well if it happened. He's told me that he wanted one of those two to die, but I think he was aiming for Baji."


"Baji? Why's that?" Takemichi asked.


Hanma shrugged his shoulders as he laid his head back down on Mitchy's lap, "it's some personal beef or something. Baji suspected him of being Valhalla's leader, as I told you the first time you came to our hideout, we don't have a leader. However, that's not true because Kisaki was the one to pull the gang together and put me in charge as the vice-captain while he called the real shots from the shadows." He stated with a tired sigh, "but he hasn't told me his whole plan, so I don't know much more other than he wants Valhalla to fall under Toman after the fight so that he could find a way to take control as a puppet leader."


Takemichi frowned, he didn't like that very much, "so that's his plan huh?" He leaned his elbow on the arm of the chair as he ran his fingers through Hanma's hair again. "Do you know anything else about his plan, like how he was planning to get to Baji the first time?"


"Not really, I just know that he was going to call me with further instructions if anything changed. However, he was planning to feed a lie to that Kazutora guy to make him turn on Baji and kill him. I don't know what lies he would have told, but lately, I've noticed the boy's been acting a little funny these days." 


"acting funny?" Takemichi paused, thinking about what he just heard, he was starting to suspect that Kisaki might not know everything he thought he did. "What does he know about Baji right now?" Because Baji didn't want anyone else to know that he was pregnant, he made sure to tell Mikey not to spread the news around. Still, some people managed to find out and started to fawn over him like doves and seeds. Takemichi was curious if the news managed to reach Kiaski yet.


"About Baji?" Hanma hmmed in thought as he enjoyed the feeling of Takemichi's hand, "from what I know, he thinks that Baji's still rebelling against Toman because he had joined Valhalla a few days before the night before. Kisaki thinks that after Baji got out of the hospital and resigned from Valhalla too that he was assigned as your bodyguard or something. I didn't think so, but he suggested that you had to be the reason why Baji was no longer being seen at the meetings anymore."


Takemichi raised an eyebrow at that, "he blames me for Baji's absence?" It was true that Baji stopped showing up to the late-night Toman meetings, but not because of anything Takemichi did. Baji was currently entering his seventh month, so it was harder for him to climb all of those stairs and stand around a bunch of alphas while they had a meeting. Not to mention that Baji's pheromones would be all over the place if he did, and pregnant omegas weren't recommended to wear scent blockers. Apparent;y some old wive's tale about the blockers doing something to the development of an unborn child or something that Takemichi couldn't be bothered to look into at the time he heard it.


"In that case...I guess Baji's been my bodyguard and I didn't know after all this time," Takemichi chuckled, "no wonder. It always felt like he was over at my house too often."


"Hn, you hang out with Baji here too?" Hanma asked curiously.


"Sometimes," Takemichi replied. "I have other friends that come to my house, Mikey, and Draken to name a few, and Baji to name another. But that's for another time, tell me more about Kisaki's plan for this upcoming fight. Is he still going to try the same thing?" If that was the case, then Kazutora would have to be his target to die. If not him, then someone else, would it even matter who it was though? Takemichi thought that Kisaki's plan was a little desperate if not a little odd. 


"The plan for this time is roughly the same idea," Hanma replied. "He wants both sides to go at it until someone from Valhalla or Toman manages to kill someone, accident or not." 


"Tsk, this doesn't make much sense to me," Takemichi said as he removed his hands from Hanma's hair, the taller boy looked up at him curiously. "I mean, if that was his whole plan, then why go through the trouble of asking Toman to fight Valhalla again if he just wants someone to die in the end. Regardless of how it happens, or who it happens to. To be honest, the first time Toman and Valhalla had their fight, a bunch of guys showed up and killed about thirty people from a couple of different gangs. Now, Toman is fighting Valhalla again and someone is destined to die? I don't think it's very smart to risk Toman's reputation like that."'


"Why do you think that? Is it because of some superstition or something?" Hanma asked.


Takemichi chuckled slightly, "forget my superstition, think about the rumors. People might start to think that it was planned or something, the first time it was a bunch, and even though he's only planning for just one or maybe two this time. You can't help what people think." Takemichi thought about what he would do if he was trying to merge two gangs, "if it were me, I think I might have the two meet without fighting, or having someone killed. Since your gang is supposed without an obvious leader with you being just a vice-captain, then you could negotiate with being a sub-group of Toman first. You would remain as Valhalla for a while, you would agree to show up as backup whenever a fight breaks out, then eventually your gang will dissolve into Toman to become one after about a year or so. No deaths, no rumors."


Hanna's eyes sparkled, "that's an interesting idea, Mitchy, if I didn't know any better, I would have said that you were a junior Kisaki."


"It's a good thing you didn't else I won't pet you anymore," Takemichi said with disgust. Hanma pouted, he kind of looked like one of those big german shepherds that act like overgrown puppies. Takemichi looked away from the boy, he would not admit that he found that to be kind of cute, 'no, don't think of him as a big puppy or else you'll fall into your old habits, Takemichi!' He scolded himself, he turned back to the boy and sighed, he rubbed the taller boy's head lightly which made Hanma smile. 'Damnit, this might be a problem later, unless I work on my self-control.'  He thought to himself as he watched Hanma lay his head back down on his lap. "Tell me more of Kisaki's plan. I want to be prepared."


Flashback end


Takemichi leaned back on the sofa tiredly. After Hanma told him everything that he needed to know, the taller boy tried to snuggle him but Takemichi put a stop to that. He refused to snuggle him until after he got what he wanted, or if Hanma was to get him something even better instead, he might consider cuddling with him. That seemed to motive the taller omega to do a good job. Honestly, Takemichi was starting to wonder if he had a crazy magnet that pulled these people towards him. It all started after he got this mysterious power that allows him to travel back into the past. 


"Papa," Mimi turned to her mother.


Takemichi sighed, on top of all of that, his daughter was in the room for most of it, so he was feeling embarrassed, "yes, sweetie?"


Mimi got up from the ground, walked over to the sofa, and climbed on to sit next to her mother, "papa, Hanny stay?"


Takemichi wasn't sure what she meant by that, but he sat up and shook his head, "no, he went home." Mimi pouted sadly, he was curious why until he remembered that earlier thought he had. That was when Takemichi realized that his daughter might have had the same thought as him. 'If so, did she see Hanma as their new pet or something? That was a weird thought to have,' he shook his head, 'no, she's a little kid, so she's gonna have a wild imagination. Of course, she might think Hanma's our dog because of the way he was acting.' He reasoned with himself, though it didn't make him feel much better.


Later that same night

Hotel room


"Mr. Lee, we're ready for you," a man dressed in a black suit and shades stated after he opened the door to the hotel room. 


"Thanks," the man known as Mr. Lee sat up on the bed and fixed his hat. He stood up and moved over to the wardrobe to get his jacket and pulled it on before making his way over to the door. He followed the man who came to get him out into the hallway and through the hotel to the conference room. He entered the room to see a couple more guys in wearing suits, he seemed to be the only one to be wearing anything other than black. He was thankful for his brown suit jacket, but he had to admit that a room like this was not to his liking, mainly because of the lack of omegas in the room to keep his attention during the meeting. 


When Lee took his seat, another guy dressed in black came in, great, Lee felt that he was about to be in for another one of those long meetings. Oh well, he guessed that was a part of the job, "let us begin this meeting. Our topic today is Target B, the product that escaped us when he was only ten years old. He's a very valuable subject and the big boss wants him back as soon as possible to start testing our newest drug on him." The man went on to tell everyone in the room all the information that Lee had already read on the subject, so he toned the guy out until he got to something important. 


"We've managed to make contact with someone in the gang that Target B has become a part of recently," the man said seriously. "It seems that he's willing to work with us in exchange for a favor."


"What? You serious?" Lee asked not believing what he was hearing, he leaned back in his chair with a tired sigh. "Listen, we're all grown men here, alphas too, so why are we making deals with little kids? I say we bring him in and make him operate with us if he knows what's good for him."


The man that gave them the briefing turned to Lee keeping that serious face. "I understand your frustration, Mr. Lee, however, the big boss's back at HQ has expressed to me that they do not want you to draw any unwanted attention to our group during your stay here in Tokyo. If you can help it, then please try to keep a low profile, some of our guys have already tried to bring in Target B a few months back but their actions ended up making the news. That is why we've approached this younger alpha to see if he can help us. If he's not able to provide us with what we're looking for, then we'll simply get rid of him."


Lee huffed, "fine. But just to let you know, I like to do things my own way. I'll try not to draw attention, but I won't promise anything."


The man leading the meeting nodded, "noted." He turned back to the rest of the occupants in the room, "moving on. The young alpha that is willing to help us seems to be an influential figure in that gang, so we'll be using that to our advantage. We've already reached out to him before the meeting was scheduled to start and he's agreed to meet up with us tomorrow evening. We will be sending Mr. Lee and a representative there to meet him and discuss our terms."


Lee rolled his eyes, he disliked children, but he disliked bratty children even more. Kids who were full of themselves and thought that they can overthrow adults like him. Lee didn't care how old this kid is, if he doesn't like the young alpha's attitude, then he'll make sure to put him in his place.


With Hanma


Hanma Shuji was usually known as a tall powerhouse of strength and determination, and a bit of craziness. The fact that he was able to make his way through like by deceiving people about his true second gender was a testament to his trickery. Hanma had survived many things throughout his life, he never knew his parents, he was abandoned as a baby as far as he knew. He was always the tallest one in his class, so he was an easy target to pick on when he was a kid until he started fighting back.


It was mostly the alphas that he would be up against. The betas would tuck in their tails and run when Hanma decided to get a little serious, but not the alphas. The alphas wanted to put someone in their place, to make an example of the kid who was so different from them. Hanma got used to the treatment and started fighting back, soon be developed a personality that told people not to mess with him unless they want to throw hands. This usually happened whenever he came across an arrogant alpha. After a while, Hanma grew bored of beating up alphas, he had grown strong because of all the fights he had to be in, most of them were because of his second gender, but that doesn't mean that he was willing to start submitting to just anyone. 


Hamna had tried to be a normal kid, aside from all the fights. He tried to get with a few alphas that didn't irk him too much, but after those alphas found out his second gender was omega and not just some strong beta, things usually ended up the same way. The alphas would want to get into his pants, sometimes Hanma would allow a one-night stand or two, but no relationships. He couldn't imagine it. Not with the likes of them. There was a strong chance that Hanma would have been marked and knocked up before he was thirteen if he allowed any one of those alphas to get their way with him. Of course, most of the one-nighters he's been with were mostly older than him, Hanma had a type, but no one had met it yet, so he was always settling for "veterans" who promised to treat him right. 


Yet, all those older alphas had ever given him was money and something to do fr a short time. He had gotten bored of that too. Then he met Tetta Kisaki, the one alpha who didn't try to get into his pants or control him in any way once Hanma let it slip that he was actually an omega. At first, Hanma was happy that Tetta didn't care about his gender and treated him like anyone else. But, after a while, Tetta's attitude towards him seemed to turn from "I don't care for you' to 'I don't care about you'. The alpha's most recent actions told him that their partnership will eventually get rocky and he should consider finding his next source of entertainment soon. Kisaki was still fun to hang around, don't get him wrong, it's just that being in a partnership with an alpha who seemed to hate omegas, in general, was getting a little dull. Maybe even derngerous. 


Hanma knew it was time for him to leave Kisaki's aside after he first found the website. Kisaki didn't give him any real detail, but it seems that he told Hanma just enough to track it down himself. When Hanma realized what type of site it was, he knew that the alpha had a pacific type of omega that he seemed to like. Ones that resembled a one Hanahaki Takemichi to be exact. The final star that made up Hanma's mind to leave Kisaki was when he told him to meet up with the two alpha leaders of Toman. The meeting was stressful and downright scary, but Kisaki didn't care that Hanma had gone into shock from Mikey's pheromones. Clearly, it was time for Hanma to get a change in pace, a big one. 


If alphas didn't know how to treat him right, then he might as well head over to the other side, right? Hanma had thought about it for a long time now, but he had been thinking about it more than usual these days. So, what better way to enact a small bit of revenge on Kisaki's lack of affection towards him by getting with the omega that was at the center of his plans? Hanma thought it out carefully, he knew what Kisaki wanted to achieve at the fight tomorrow, and he was able to help make it happen. Yet, there was this nagging feeling that things between them might change for the worse if he continued to go along with Kisaki's plans.


Hanma had this gut feeling that told him when to leave a bad alpha alone, partner or not. That feeling was usually just intuition, yet, this time the feeling took the form of a dream that kept him up all night. That night after he meet up with Kisaki after leaving Takemichi's house, Hanma had woken up in a cold sweat, shivering as if he had been chilled to his bones. In his dream, he saw himself die at the hands of Kisaki. It felt so real that he could still feel the bone-crushing pressure of the alpha's pheromones threatening to take all his breath away. He could still feel the blood that ran down from his wounds, he could still feel the knife that was used to cause it. When Hanma woke up from the dream in his tiny one-bedroom apartment covered in sweat and shaking in the darkness, he knew then that he was alone.


Loneliness that he couldn't get used to no matter how hard he tried. 


Was that his fate? To die at Kisaki's hand? 


No, Hanma wouldn't allow it. He's been resisting alphas controlling ways for years now, it's how he was able to survive. But this time, he might have bitten off more than he could chew. He needed to get out, he needed to leave right away. He could always find another way to get the information that Takemichi was looking for once he felt that he was safe. That was the one thing that Hanma never seemed to be able to find before, a place where he could feel safe. Until now. When he entered Takemichi's home that morning, he found the feeling that he was looking for, it was almost instant. Takemichi was kind, cautious, but kind. He gave off this warm feeling as Hanma had never felt before, and that's how he knew. Takemichi was going to be his best bet to start moving away from these controlling alphas, even if Takemichi was an omega that was much smaller than him. He wanted him.


The following morning was the day before the fight. Hanma decided to pay a quick visit to his new master, he kind of liked the way was blushing yesterday at his request. To be honest, Hanma wasn't lying when he told the smaller boy that he had asked other alphas to take that role. It always ended up in a bad one-night stand that left him feeling empty inside. Hanma was just about convinced that alphas couldn't fulfill the role that he was looking for. He might have asked Takemichi to become his new master, but he wanted more than that. Someone who cared about him and not just his body. 


One ring of the doorbell and not even a minute later, Hanma was greeted by the warm, sunny sunflower scent that was Takemichi. "Huh? Hanma, what are you doing here so early?" The smaller omega asked while rubbing his eye. He had just gotten up to take breaks when the doorbell ran, he was cautious to look through the door's peephole this time and was a bit surprised to see Hanma. Takemichi wasn't expecting him to wander over to his house for a while, at least a day or two, but here he was. It wasn't that he didn't want to see the guy, he was expecting some information from him after all, but this seemed a little sudden to him.


Hanma took in Takemichi's scent that was coming from inside of his house. He smiled happily, a true smile, not one of his fake ones. "Hm, sorry, I guess I was a little restless and wanted to see you again, Master, do you mind if I come in?" 


"Uh, sure," Takemichi said as he opened the door wider for the taller boy to enter.


Hanma barely took two steps into the house before a small ball of pink and white came barreling into the side of his leg, "Hanny! you came back!" Mimi yelled happily as she hugged the tall boy's leg. 


"Oh~ looks like I was really missed huh?" Hanma chuckled, he had never had this experience before. He was always living alone, no one was ever home to greet him, not even when he was a child living with countless adoptive parents and their children. He never thought about it until now, but he really liked having someone to welcome him home. he reached down and picked up the little girl with a bright smile on his face. Mimi was currently wearing a pair of bunny footie pajamas that was specially made for her by Mitsuya. "This cute little bunny is so adorable! I almost want to keep her all to myself," he smiled as he held the little girl close.


Mimi hugged Hanma's neck tightly, "you're mine!"


"What? Really?" Hanma turned to Takemichi happily, "you here that, Master? Looks like you might have to share me after all~"


"I guess," Takemichi watched the interaction as he closed the front door. Openly staring at his small bunny of a daughter in the taller boy's arms. Takemichi didn't think she realized that she was scenting him, even though her second gender wouldn't be revealed for at least another three years to come. Mitchy was curious, wondering if all of this would change her second gender, if not her personality from what he knew her to grow into in the future. "Uh, so, you wanna watch her while I make us all some breakfast?" He asked, he decided to let his daughter be herself, letting her get attached to some people might turn out to be good for her. If he notices anything he doesn't like about the ones she's attaching to, he will make sure to cut them out of her life completely. 


"Oh, sure, anything for you, Master," Hanma smiled at Takemichi for putting the little down so he could take off his shoes. 


"Yeah, okay..." Takemichi didn't have the heart to tell him to stop calling him 'Master' in front of his daughter. She would eventually grow up to know what that word meant and would undoubtedly start asking him questions about it when she does. Yet, he couldn't tell him that right now because he could tell that there was something weighing on Hanma's mind right now. When he walked past him to get inside the house, Takemichi noticed his usual cherry and yogurt scent had an undertone of fear mixed in. Takemichi knew that kind of fear, it was what he used to feel after he had gotten rapped and was sent to the psych ward to be watched. 


Hanma was scared, and Takemichi wanted to know why. 



To be continued...

Chapter Text

Takemichi finished making breakfast just in time, he decided to go simple. He made a large plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and some pancakes. He made sure he had enough to feet at least five people this morning because of his guest. "Breakfast is ready, come and get it before it gets cold!" Takemichi called out as he set the table. He looked over to the clock on the stove, they would have just enough time to eat before he had to get ready for school. Not long after he called out did Mimi come running into the kitchen while dragging Hanma behind her.


Hanma paused as he saw all the food, "whoa, Mitchy, who's gonna eat all of this? It's only the three of here, isn't it?" The tall boy asked as he took his seat after helping Mimi climb into her chair. 


"No, actually Baji had come over late last night and spent the night," Takemichi replied as he turned around with a pitcher of orange juice in hand. He also had hot chocolate and some water sitting on the table next to the syrup since he wanted to have options for drinks, though it was mostly for Mimi since the little girl could get picky some mornings. "Speaking of which, I should go wake him since I don't hear him moving around upstairs." He started walking out of the dining room when after putting down the orange juice on the table, but paused as he glanced back at the tallboy. "By the way, Hanma, I think we should have ourselves a little talk after breakfast."


Hanma shrugged as he took out some eggs and bacon for himself, "sure thing." He was quite happy with the plate in front of him, he rarely ever got to sit down to have a hot meal, sometimes he would have to skip a meal or two interiorly. He didn't have a whole lot of money to his name, only relying on the monthly allowance from the child welfare office to keep him going, which he hated to do. But, if he wanted them to keep paying for the rent on his tiny apartment, he had couldn't go out and find a high-paying job. Not that he could get one with the education level he had now. 


Takemichi took a second more to look back at Hanma before continuing on his way down the hall and up the stairs. He made his way over to his room to find Baji still fast asleep in his bed. He sighed, it looks like Baji had stayed up a little longer after he went to sleep last night. After Hanma had left his house yesterday, Takemichi went upstairs to take a shower and change his clothes before coming back down to lay about on the sofa for a while. Mimi was watching cartoons on the tv so he didn't have to worry too much about entertaining her after he came back down, so he took a short name. Imagine his surprise when he was woken up by the sound of his doorbell constantly ringing and his daughter trying to wake him to answer it. 


When Takemichi opened the door, he found Baji standing on his porch with a duffle bag filled with clothes. The pregnant omega was pouting at him after having to wait so long to see the door open. After Takemichi invited him inside, Baji gave him the news that his doctor was ordering him to stay at home on bed rest for the remainder of his pregnancy. Since Baji was at the start of his seventh month, as an omega, Takemichi knew this day would come when Baji would have to stay home. The last trimester was usually hard for young omegas, so they were always recommended to stay home for the final three months of it, but for Baji, that would be way too boring just to stay at his house alone for most of the day. So Baji came up with the idea that instead of being at his house for the rest of his pregnancy, he would temporarily move in with Takemichi.


Mitchy wasn't sure where Baji's logic lay with that, but after thinking about it for a while, Takemichi decided that it would be okay for now. He did have the room to spare, after all, so he let the pregnant boy in. The two agreed, Baji would stay with Takemichi for the rest of his last trimester and will be Mimi's babysitter while Mitchy was at school. Baji seemed to like this deal a lot, so he accepted, they would go over the rest of the rules later. As for right now, today would be the first day that Takemichi was going to leave Baji home alone with Mimi, he was a little worried about how things would go, "Baji, time to wake up, breakfast is ready," Mitchy said waking the boy.


Baji grumbled a bit, but he eventually woke up. He rolled over with a yawn, "what time is it?" He asked while he rubbed his eyes.


"It's almost six o'clock in the morning, but I have to get to school soon, so hurry up and get up," Takemichi said.


"What? Seriously? That's way too early for school!" Baji whined, he hardly ever made it in by seven, it was usually around eight or nine, sometimes ten.


"That's so true, but that's just how it is," Takemichi sighed.


"Ugh, fine," Baji got up, he slipped on his house slippers and shuffled over to the bathroom while holding his lower back. He grumbled at the aching he was feeling for the extra weight, "I'll be right down, go on without me."


Takemichi chuckled a bit at the sit, ever since Baji started showing more, his belly seemed to turn into a beach ball. Because of that, he stopped wearing pants to bed and would rather wear a big nightshirt that girls would wear to bed. Takemichi felt his pain, when he was pregnant with Mimi his belly only got half the size of a beach ball, but the extra weight was a pain. He made his way out of the bedroom and back to the dining room where he sat down with Hanma and Mimi to wait. "So, how's the food?" He asked as he fixed his plate.


"It's good!" Mimi cheered with egg all over her face.


Hanma nodded as well, "it is, did you cook this yourself?"


Takemichi nodded, "yeah, I did. I kind of have to since I don't have money to eat out all the time, plus I don't want to raise my daughter off of fast food all the time. Though, eating out now and then isn't so bad." Mitchy put down his plate once he was done and started fixing another plate for Baji whenever he came downstairs. "Plus," he went on, "we live alone here, so dinner time is like when we get to spend time together after a long day."


"It's just the two of you here most of the time?" Hanma asked curiously, "you don't have any family living with you, like a mom or dad?" 


Takemichi shook his head, "Nah, I never knew my real dad, and my mother passed away when I was only ten. She left me this house in her will, somehow she managed to pay for it already without telling anyone, so when I inherited it, the child welfare office told me that they would cover the monthly bills. All I need to do is continue going to school and making good grades. I used to have some help from my grandma and aunt, but not anymore," he said with a hint of sadness in his voice.


"Oh, sorry, I didn't know you were on your own," Hanma said after pouring out a cup of hot chocolate to drink. It was still piping hot and smelled great, usually, he would be stuck with some bitter coffee for the morning on most days, so he appreciated this meal a lot.


Takemichi shook his head, "no, it's fine," he finished with Baji's plate and put it to the side, he turned his attention back to Hanma, "what about you? Doesn't your parents cook for you?"


Hanma looked into his cup of chocolate for a minute, "nope, I never knew my parents. I grew up in an orphanage until I was twelve and ran away, when they found me again, I managed to talk myself into getting an apartment far away from that place. They let me do that as long as I kept getting straight A's on my report card, they would also send me an allowance each month, but it's nothing great."


"Well, would you look at that," Takemichi couldn't help but chuckle at the situation?


Hanma looked over to the younger boy curiously, "what's so funny?"


Takemichi shrugged, "nothing, nothing, I just realized that I had the wrong impression of you this whole time. I kind of thought that your had parents that didn't care what you do, so you were seeking attention by running wild and leading a whole gang." He chuckled some more, Hanma was still a little confused but he let a small smile grace his face. Mitchy calmed down a bit and sighed, "okay, listen, if you're ever really hungry and don't have anything to eat at home, give me a call and I'll set a place for you at the table, okay?"


"You would do that for me?" Hanma asked a little surprised.


Takemichi nodded, "yep. We orphans gotta stick together."


"What the hell is this?!" The two omegas turned to see Baji standing in the doorway, wide eyes and pointing at the taller of the two in shock. "Mitchy! What the hell is the enemy doing here?!" 


"Huh? Enemy?" Takemichi asked confused.


Baji nodded, "yeah, enemy! It's Hanma! You know, the vice commander of Valhalla...Toman's enemy!" 


"You're talking about me, right?" Hanma looked to Takemichi as he pointed to himself, "uh, he does know that I'm right here, right?"


Takemichi nodded, "yeah, he does." He shook his head with a heavy sigh, and looked over to Baji, "Baji, please come and sit down, I need to start getting ready for school soon."


"But Mitchy! It's Hanma!" Baji tried to stress the issue. 


Takemichi frowned, he needed to get Baji to calm down before he got himself too worked up, which would be bad for the babies. "No, Baji, this isn't Hanma," Takemichi started calmly, both Hanma and Baji looked at him confused. Hanma was thinking that Takemichi was going to say that he was someone else, while Baji was just confused if his friend could see who was sitting at his table or not. Takemichi got up and walked around the table to stand next to the taller boy, he patted his head as he looked Baji in the eyes, "this is not Hanma...He's my puppy."


"Puppy?!?!" Baji looked even more shocked than before.


Hanma blushed a bit, he never thought that Takemichi would say such a thing. Takemichi was blushing a pinkish red as well as he couldn't believe he was being so bold. These were the types of things his eighteen-year-old self would be trained to say proudly while he was working at his first club, it felt way too embarrassing to say them now. Even so, he still made ten times the amount of money saying things like that, Takemichi sure did miss making that kind of money right about now. 


Baji, in the meantime, was having some trouble processing this new information. He thought it over in his head for a few minutes while looking at Takemichi's serious blushing face, then he looked at Hanma who wasn't facing him, but he could still tell that he was blushing as well. After a few theories crossed his mind, he concluded, "oh, is Hanma a god in disguise?"


Hanma nearly choked on his drink and Takemichi was trying his hardest not to fall laughing right about now. "Be serious right now, Takemichi, this is Baji, no one knows how his brain works other than Chifuyu. Though sometimes I wonder if that's true or not." Mitchy cleared his throat, "uh, no, not exactly, but also...yes?" He said not really sure of himself, "so, uh, you know, from now on, don't think of him as an enemy, just think of him as my...p-p-pet...o-okay?" He cleared his throat again, trying to stop himself from blushing even harder at his own words, "I wonder if I could maybe find that club a little sooner so I can start earning that money again. I know it's gonna be a big help putting Mimi through school everything." 


Even though he thought that what Takemichi wanted was the confidence he had felt back when he was eighteen and had undergone the training for the club. The place was called 'Bonnie's Rocket', a really big building brick building that was chock full of kinky adult fun. He had been desperate at the time, wondering to fill in an application for the place without even knowing what it was. Thanks to a friend he had made working at a pawn shop when he was about two months before.


"A pet, huh?" Baji Walked over to look at Hanma closely for a minute before nodding his head, "yep, I gotcha..." He smirked as he glanced at Mitchy, "so you're into that kind of thing, huh? A little kinky, but I kinda like it." He stepped closer to Mitchy who was now frozen in a bit of shock, he didn't even have the voice to tell Baji that he was wrong, since he wasn't. Baji placed a reassuring hand on Takemichi's shoulder, "it's okay, Mitchy, I get it. Some people are into this kinda thing, and I don't mind, I'm a little curious about it too now, so I'll be sure to support you!" He gave Takemichi a thumbs up before turning to find his seat where Takemichi had placed his breakfast and poured himself a drink.


Takemichi was still frozen in shock until Hanma started to chuckle, "damn, this is great." He turned back to look at Takemichi with a bright smile, "I think we might be starting a trend here. Maybe we should ask baji to play with us when-"


"Don't finish that sentence unless you want to get slapped," Takemichi nearly growled.


Hanma laughed, not feeling as threatened as Takemichi had hopped, "oh, no, don't punish me at the table, Master! Mimi and Baji are watching!" True to his word, the little girl was staring at the two intensely while Baji was just giving them a thumbs up.


"S-shut up! That's not-ugh, you know what, whatever, think what you want, I don't have time for this," Takemichi said as he marched back over to his seat and started eating. It was at that moment that he decided to rely on the old training he remembered getting at Bonnie's Rocket, promising himself that he would do something to Hanma to make him pay for this humiliation. The rest of their meal was mostly quiet, Baji and Hanma both went in for their second plate while Takemichi finished eating and placed his plate in the sink. He went upstairs to take his shower and put on his uniform, by the time he came back down, Mimi had gone back to the living room to watch anime while Hanma volunteered to wash the dishes. Just about all the food that he had cooked was gone.


Takemichi walked into the living room to see Baji was also in there, he was the laptop that his school had given him to complete his assignments while he was stuck on bed rest. Takemichi said goodbye to his daughter, kissing her on the forehead as he did, then waving goodbye to Baji on his way back to the front door. Hanma came over to him just as he was finished putting on his shoes, "Hey, wasn't there something you wanted to talk about earlier?" The taller boy asked as he dried his hands on a towel.


"Oh, yeah, come on, let's talk outside. I don't wanna be later than I already am," Takemichi said getting up and opening the door. Hanma shrugged, he didn't have anything better to do so he took his jacket off of the coat rack and put it on before following the smaller boy outside. Takemichi called out one more goodbye before closing and locking the door behind him, then he led the way to his school. They walked in silence for a while until Takemichi got serious and turned to Hanma as they walked, "Hanma, this morning when you showed up at my house...were you in some kind of trouble, with Kisaki?"


"Huh? Kisaki, no...well, not that I know of," Hanma stated as he thought back to the dream he had last night.


"Because you seemed a little scared, I could smell it when you came in," Takemichi stated as he looked ahead.


Hanma gave a small smile and shrug, "oh, well, I guess you could say that I had a bit of a nightmare. It was one of the worse ones I've had in a while, so it kinda freaked me out a bit...I didn't have the greater time at the orphanage growing up, so when I had that nightmare, I wanted to get out of my apartment for a while. I started walking until my feet brought me to your house."


"Is that all?" Takemichi asked, he felt as if that wasn't the full story.


Hanma nodded, "well, yeah, I guess. What more can I say."


Takemichi stepped in front of the tallboy, a serious look on his face, Hanma paused in his walking. "Tell me what the dream was about," Hanma's smile slipped away as his eyes wandered off to the side. Takemichi reached up and pulled Hanma down to his level, "your master gave you an order." His face felt hot just from saying that, not to mention that some of the students walking by recognized him which made it much worse.


Hanma was blushing a bit too, he got a bit of a thrill from this kind of thing. "Alright, I'll tell you, Master~" he smiled. Takemichi let go of Hanma, the taller boy took a second to calm himself, he got a little serious as he spoke, "my dream started with me standing in my apartment. I could feel that someone was watching me, so I went to go look out my window carefully, that's when I saw him. He was walking away from a group of guys, they were black shadows filled with darkness. I knew that something was wrong, so I quickly gathered my things and tried to leave, by they somehow managed to get into my apartment. I tried to fight them, but I lost, then Kisaki was there, standing over me with a bloody knife..." Hanma looked down at the ground, "I died in that dream. After I fought too hard to escape and everything, I didn't have anywhere to go, so I ended up dying on the side of the street with Kisaki standing over my body watching me bleed out." Takemichi could smell the fear starting to mix with Hanma's cherry scent. "I was alone, and had no one to miss me, I woke up and felt scared, and-"


Before Takemichi could stop himself, his arms wrapped around Hanma in a tight hug. "You're not alone," Mitchy said, there were already tears in his eyes as he tightened his hug, "you're not alone anymore, okay?" 


Hanma was taken aback, he couldn't remember the last time anyone had hugged him. His arms moved slowly, hesitantly, to hug Takemichi back, it felt awkward. Takemichi was much smaller than him, but his hug seemed to warm him to his core. Hanma pulled himself together and pulled away from the hug before he could shed a tear, "hey now, master's don't get all sentimental towards their pets, dummy, don't you know anything?"


Takemichi wiped his eyes, "so what? I'm not like them," he sniffed as he wiped his eyes of tears. "I did tell you that I was an omega, did I? I won't be like those others before."


"R-right, I nearly forgot," Hanma chuckled softly before turning away. "Well, I better get back to the house, I don't want Mimi to start missing me too much now. Later~" he started running back in the direction of Takemichi's house but stopped when the house owner called out to him.


"Wait, what about school?" Takemichi asked.


Hanma turned back to him with a smile, "I can do it online, have a nice day!" He took off running quickly before he could be called again. 


Takemichi watched him go for a minute, he dried his eyes again just in time to see Hina running over to him. "Omg, Mitchy, are you okay? What happened?" Hina asked worriedly, "I saw what happened, did he hurt you? Was he threatening you?"


Takemichi shook his head, smiling at Hina's worries, "no, it's nothing. The two of us were just talking and I just started crying for him, that all."


"Crying for him, how come?" Hina asked as the two of them started to make their way towards the school.


"I'll tell you on the way, let's hurry before classes start," Takemichi sighed.


After school


It was now after school. Takemichi and Hina were able to arrive a little after the first bell, so they both had to run off to before the hall monitors caught them. It seems that Takemichi's delinquent ways were starting to rub off on her a bit. The two omegas made it to class and continued with their day as usual. Takemichi tried to focus on the lessons that were being taught, but it was hard since learning things twice made him bored quickly. At his old school, he was known as kind of a genius, so his goal was really to make average grades if he could help it. As long as he made passing grades, he was able to lead a somewhat normal life. 


However, it seems that faith had other plans for him.


After school was over, Takemichi was called into the principal's office. He didn't know what he could have been called in there for since he had not started any fights for a long time, at least not at school. He had checked his grades online and found that they were still very much average, as for his attendance, he could probably work on that a little more, so he figured that was the issue.


But it wasn't.


"Mr. Hanagaki, do you have any idea why I called you into this office this evening?" The principal asked seriously as he laced his hands together.


"Uhm, is this about my attendance?" Takemichi asked thinking that it was.


"No," the principal answered with a soft sigh. He pushed a filing folder with Takemichi's name on it towards the omega, "these are your grades since you started coming to this school. Please look them over and tell me if you see anything odd with them."


"Odd?" Takemichi looked down at the file, picking it up, he looked through most of the pages within it to see if he was missing something. Missing assignments or anything that would cause problems for him to advance to the next grade when the time came. He didn't see anything, the grades looked normal, a couple of A's and B's with a few C's mixed in. There were a couple of write-ups for the fights he was dragged into or he started since he got to the school, most of the fights were because someone decided to mess with him first. Takemichi never started anything for no reason, though sometimes he would follow his friends into a fight if they needed support. Other than that, he didn't see anything out of the ordinary for him, "am I looking for something pacific?"


"No, you don't have to look for anything out of the ordinary because there is nothing out of the ordinary there," the principal stated.


"I'm sorry, you lost me," Takemichi looked up to the alpha confused.


"That's understandable," the principal leaned lifted his hands and leaned his chin on his hands. "Let me clarify this for you, Mr. Hanagaki, you're grades are very much average. That wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for your work." 


"Oh, sorry, is there some work that I'm missing then?" Takemichi asked, he was wondering if the principal was leading him in circles for some reason. It was clear to Mitchy that he was looking for him to do something, he just wasn't sure what yet, "or maybe there's a project that I forget to do?"


The principal shook his head, "no, no, you've done all of your work well enough and turned everything in right on time. Which makes me wonder something. Are, perhaps, trying to make average grades on purpose?"


Takemichi jumped slightly, "oh, no! Why would I ever do that? I'm just trying to pass my classes, that's all!" He smiled at the principal hoping that he bought his act. 


The older alpha stared at the young omega for a minute, trying to decide what he was going to do. "Alright," he leaned back in his chair, making up his mind, "I'll believe you this time. However, I looked into your school record and it says that you're a child from children's welfare. And from the medical report that was sent to us via the hospital notifying us of your updated medical history, I've decided that I'll let this slide for now." 


Takemichi sighed in relief, though he was a little upset that the hospital let his medical file slip out. He was kind of hoping to things under wraps much longer. He thought back to that time he needed to call the office to ask if he could bring Mimi to school and the security told him that they were aware of his situation. He didn't realize back then that this was what she meant. "Okay, so then this meeting is over, right?"


"Not so fast, Mr. Hanagaki, we're not quite done here yet," the principal stated seriously. "Because of your newly updated medical records, I wanted to inform you that we had to also update your student records as well. Your status as a beta was changed to omega as soon as I saw your medical workup. Do you know that it's against the law to hide your second gender, especially if you are an omega, because of all the dangers it presents?" 


Takemichi smiled nervously, "oh, is that really against the law?" He knew it was, but he still did it anyway, hoping that he wouldn't get caught.


The principal nodded, "indeed it is. It's dangerous for omegas to walk around pretending to be another gender, I mean think about the trouble you would cause if you had gone into heat at any point in time? I trust that you know how ruthless an alpha can be when they go into a rut because of an omega's heat. I'll spare you any further details, however, I have to say that I think your little act is fair."


"Huh? You do?" Takemichi asked a little confused. "What did he mean by that?"


The principal nodded, "yes, you're an omega, an orphaned one at that. You must have led a hard life up until now, trust me, I know a couple of omegas who pulled this kind of thing before, so you're not the first. Still, I have two conditions if I am going to let this slide completely."


"You do?" Takemichi was a little worried about what these conditions might be. He's seen a couple of videos from Yamagishi about older alpha principals getting their young omega students to sleep with them just to keep their secrets. Those videos might have been on an X-rated sight, but still, it could happen. At least Takemichi thought so, that's why he was getting a little nervous.


The principal chuckled, "no need to get nervous about me now, Mr. Hanagaki...These conditions aren't serious, they're rather small in comparing to the punishment I would have had to give you for breaking that law." He cleared his throat and leaned forward on his desk, "now then. The first condition is that I want you to no longer make C's on your report card, you're a smart kid from what your teachers say. I talked with a couple of them before and they seem to think that you might be hiding your true potential." 


"Oh, um, well, maybe..." Takemichi was and for good reason. Standing out wasn't something that he was good at or wanted to do, at all, ever. "I can do that," it would be a piece of cake for him. "So, what was the second thing?"


"Second, I will give you two choices," the principal picked up two pages from his desk and placed them both face down next to each other. He smiled at Takemichi, "pick one of these two applications."


Takemichi was feeling lost, his first go at middle school life never went like this, so he was at a loss to know what he should do. He thought that the principal couldn't be serious right now, he must have been joking around, then again, he didn't know for sure. Takemichi looked down at the black backs of the two pages, he sort of wished he had X-ray vision so that he could see what was written on the other side. If he went off of what the principal just said, then he was guessing that these applications were for him to join a team, probably basketball, baseball, or something along those lines. Takemichi didn't like doing sports all that much, he could watch someone else do it with no problem. 


Looking at the two pages, he thought that he didn't have much to lose. At most, since he was an omega, he might be the water boy or the assistant team manager or something, so he didn't care all that much. So, reaching out, he placed his hand over the two pages, thinking about which one he should pick up carefully before going for the one on the right. "Very good, now which one did you pick?" The principal asked with a smile on his face, Takemichi looked down at the blank application.


Realization sunk in and frowned, "c-c-c-cheerleading?!" Stunned, he looked back at the other application on the desk, he reached for it and looked it over. "Dance?" He looked up at the principal, "is this a joke?" He asked because he wasn't laughing, dance might not have been so bad, but cheer? Takemichi knew that if he joined that sport, he would have to walk around the school in his gym uniform outside during practice. He would have to wear those short cheer outfits and perform at the games. All of those eyes are on him, and let's not even start on the compositions and fundraisers he would have to be a part of. He knew that there would be tons of alphas around to stare at him openly.


It was at this moment that Takemichi was painfully aware of how thick his thighs and ass were. He never wore shorts or tank tops outside for those very reasons, especially after he had his daughter. He started wearing his uniform the way he did now because he did not want anyone noticing these qualities about him, his baggy pants covered his thighs well enough, and his untucked shirt was most there to cover his ass. But remove his coverings and Takemichi just knew that he would become a target for those damn horny horn dogs in less than five seconds of being in front of the crowd. He could just imagine how one night after a long couple of hours of cheering for the school's team, he would be walking back to the locker rooms to get something and alpha would corner him in the halls. He would be pressed up against the wall by the bigger person while he groped his exposed thighs as if he was a rack of lamb!


Takemichi stood up and slammed his hands on the desk, "Mr. Han, please, don't make me join this team, please!!" She shouted desperately, "I can do any other sport, but not these two. What about volleyball? I can be good at basketball too if you give me the chance!" 


"I'm sorry, Mr. Hanagaki, but all the other sports tears are filled. Trust me, I looked all over for a good spot for you, but none of those teams had an open spot, not even on the bench." The principal stated while shaking his head, "I'm sorry, really I am. However, there was an omega who had fallen down some stairs a little while back on her way home and broke her ankle, so she had to be off the team for the rest of the year. Our cheer team has been looking for someone to fill her spot since then, luckily, I came up with a solution for that. So, congratulations, Mr. Hanagaki, you are now a member of the cheer team!" 


"What? Now hold up a minute, don't I have to pass some kind of test or something to become a part of the team?" Takemichi was trying to think his way of the situation he managed to get himself into. He didn't like the fact that both applications were for teams with very revealing outfits, he would rather not be remembered as an omega at this school. He didn't want a repeat of what happened at his old school, that's why he was making average grades and became a delinquent in the first place. After all, what if Toman saw him in one of those uniforms? The dance team's uniform was very sparkly with many variations, some of which could be considered as nothing more than bathing suits. Meanwhile, the cheer team's uniforms were just short, not to his liking at all. 


"That is true," the principal muttered to himself, Mitchi smirked. "Alright, then here's what we'll do, we'll hold a simple meeting with the rest of the cheer team bright and early before school tomorrow. I'm sure the coach won't ask you to do anything too crazy since you're just filling the spot, and the season is just about over at this point. What do you say? Be at the gym by at least five-thirty tomorrow so we can see how everything goes, if it doesn't work out, then you can go about your day just as you have been and I'll forget about this whole thing. Well?"


Takemichi felt cornered, there was no way this guy was going to uphold what he said. There must have been a loop hold somewhere, right? He couldn't think of it on the spot right now, but he didn't have much of a choice. "Okay, then I guess I'll be there," he said. The principal nodded and dismissed him from the office, Takemichi left, finding his way out of the main office building to where his friends were waiting for him outside. 


"So, so? What he says, Mitchy?" Yamagishi asked with anticipation. 


Takemichi sighed in defeat, "well, it looks like for him to forgive my grades this time, he's made he promise to raise my grade...and join the cheer team."


"What?!" All of his friends said in shock and surprise.


"He can't do that, can he?" Yamamoto asked curious, "although, seeing Takemichi in a skirt might not be so bad." 


"Hey, shut up, I can look just as good in a skirt too, Yamamoto!" Yamagishi yelled at his boyfriend before hitting him with a large paper fan.


"Ack, ouch, that hurt, babe," Yamamoto rubbed the back of his head tenderly. Yamagishi folded his arms and turned away from him without a care.


Takemichi and the others had already started walking to leave the couple to deal with themselves. "So, Mitchy, what are you going to do about this?" Makoto asked curiously, "I mean, an afterschool club might not be so bad for you. But since you have Mimi, I doubt that you'll find a daycare that's open late enough to keep her for so long until you get out of practice. Do you have someone in mind to babysit just in case you make the team?"


"Yeah, I asked Baji to take care of her while I'm at school since he's going to be staying with me for a while," Takemichi replied in a depressed tone. 


"Yeah? So then it should be fine," Akkun said nonchalantly. "I mean, you probably won't pass anyway. I've never seen you do anything very athletic before, except fight, but that's only a sport if it's boxing, kendo, or whatever."


"Yeah, you're right, but he said I'm just filling a spot, so even if I can't be like the others, would it even matter?" Takemichi asked, "I don't know the first thing about cheerleading, I might as well be a fish out of water."


Makoto thought about it for a second, "so, if you don't know anything, you might want to look it up tonight before you go in for the test." He said thoughtfully, "it's just a guess, but if they're desperate, they might take you regardless, so you should at least learn the names of the moves they'll want you to be doing."


"I guess," Takemichi sulked.


"Geez, it's a club of omegas dancing around in skirts and shorts, how hard could it be?" Akkun asked not understanding, his boyfriend and Takemichi both gave him the stink eye. "What? I'm just saying."


Makoto rolled his eyes and turned back to Mitchy, "anyway, I'll come with you to the gym tomorrow, what time do you have to be there?"


"By five-thirty," Takemichi sighed.


"Five thirty!!" Akkun and Makoto said together, "that's way too early!!"


"Why would they want you to come up at such an ungodly hour?" Akkun asked, he knew he could never get up that early even if he tried. He usually stayed up late talking to Makoto on the phone or helping with chores around the house before sitting down to watch tv until he fell asleep. If he couldn't do it, then he didn't think Mitchy could do it, but he did want to have some faith in his friend, so he didn't say any of this out loud.


"Maybe they want him to learn a couple of moves before the tryouts," Yamagishi said. It seemed like he was done arguing with his boyfriend and the two of them were joining the conversation like normal human beings. 


"Maybe, I'll just have to wait and see," Takemichi said as they continued walking home. When Takemichi made it home, he noticed that Hanma was still there. The taller omega seemed to be helping Baji with some school work on his computer while Mimi was taking a nap on one of the sofas. "Hey guys, I'm home," he called out to them as he closed the door and took off his shoes. Mitchy walked into the living room to see Baji concentrating hard on the laptop's screen.


Hanma looked up at him with a tired smile, "Hey Master, you're home a little late. Didn't school let out an hour ago?"


"Yeah, but I had a meeting with the principal before I left," Takemichi said as he make to sit on the sofa behind them. He leaned over to see what was on Baji's screen, from what he could tell, it was a simple math problem that a middle school senior should be able to solve on his own with notes. But, since this was Baji, he seemed to be having some trouble, "homework troubles?" He asked leaning back in his seat.


"Like you wouldn't believe!" Hanma exaggerated as he turned around so he could lay his head on Mitchy's lap. "I tried to show him how to do the damn thing twenty minutes ago but he's still stuck on the same question. Not to mention all those damn bathroom breaks he needed to take in between," he huffed tiredly, "I swear, this is why I won't have kids."


Baji had just about enough of Hanma's complaining at this point, "oh shut up! Maybe you should get laid and get pregnant so you can know how hard this shit is!" He shouted at the tall omega angrily.


"Easy now, you don't want to wake the princess over there, do you?" Hanma smirked as he pointed to the sofa next to them where Mimi was still fast asleep. Baji just glared at him in response, while Hanma chuckled.


Takemichi shook his head, "okay, whatever. I guess I should start on dinner soon," he said as his hands started moving through Hanma's hair. Just then there was a knock on the door, Mitchi grumbled a bit as he got up, "I'll get it." he got up from the sofa, leaving Hanma to rest his head in the spot that Mitchy had been sitting in, he moved to the door and opened it. He was still thinking about a way for him to get out of joining the cheer team when he opened the door. He barely registered what was happening until his brain told him that someone was hugging him.


"Heya Mitchy, did you miss me?" Mikey sang in his ear.


"Huh?" Takemichi tried to rewind his member so he could figure out how he went from opening the door to being on the ground under Mikey while he hugged him. However, his brain was drawing a blank and he couldn't remember a thing, so he guessed that when he opened the door, Mikey was ready and waiting to tackle him to the ground in a hug. 


Mitchy was caught slipping.


"Well, you've gone and did it now, Mikey," Draken said still standing outside of the house watching the two with an unimpressed look on his face. "You could at least let up get up now that you've tackled him."


"I didn't mean to tackle him though, he was just so cute that I couldn't take it," Mikey said as he gave Takemichi a higher hug before he picked himself up. He helped a lost Takemichi to his feet and gave him another hug, this time without as much force. 


Draken shook his head at his best friend's antics. "Anyway, Mitchy, here, we came to give you these," he said holding out a bag. Takemichi took the bag from Draken with a soft thanks as he tried to get Mikey to let go of him. Draken walked into the house, closed the door, and took off his shoes before going in further, "you can stop harassing him now, Mikey, I think he's had enough of your scent rubbed onto him as it is." He stated when he noticed that Mikey was scenting the poor omega while he kept him instill in the hug.


"No way, I don't wanna," Mikey said happily.


Takemichi was just trying to loosen Mikey's arms around him enough so that he could get a breath in. Draken gave up on his friend and started walking into the living room, "Mimi, look who came to visit," he had not spotted the little girl in front of the tv when he walked through the door, but he knew she was usually in the living around this time, so couldn't wait to find her and hug her. But he paused when he noticed that the Tv was off and there were two others in the room that wasn't Mimi. One of them was Baji, Chifuyu had told him that Baji would be staying over at Takemichi's for the rest of his pregnancy, so he expected to see him there.


Yet, his brain had to reboot for a minute when he noticed Hanma sitting next to Baji. He couldn't tell if he had somehow walked into an alternate reality or something, so he couldn't believe his eyes. Maybe he was still in class and had fallen asleep at his desk at some point, this couldn't be real right? The very last place he thought he would see Hanma was at Mitchiy's house. Baji looked up from his work just then and smiled at the tall alpha, "hey, Draken, how's it hanging?" 


When Takemitchy heard Baji's voice from the living room, he remembered that Hanma was still there. He quickly slipped out of Mikey's chock hold and ran into the living room as quickly as his legs could take him. He took up a stance in front of Hanma and Baji to block Draken's view of the two, he looked up at the tall alpha with a nervous smile. "Hey, so, before you get made, I just wanted to say that it's not what it looks like," Mitchy said, trying to deescalate the situation. 


"EH? The fuck is that supposed to mean?" Draken growled, his pheromones started to fill the room with the smell of the forest. "What the fuck even is this?"


Mikey walked into the room to see what Draken was going on about, "what's up?" Mikey asked, then stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Hanma sitting behind Mitchy. The tall omega was only sitting on the ground looking around Michi's form to see the two alphas. 


Hanma waved at Mikey, "hello, long time now see, Mikey~" 


Mikey's eyes zeroed in on Hanma like lasers, he took a step forward but Takemichi blocked his view of him. Mikey's eyes turned to the sunny omega, "Takemitchy, what the fuck is this?" 


"Oh, it's...well, can we just calm down a bit and talk this out first?" Takemichi asked, though he already knew the answer to that one. 



To be continued...

Chapter Text

Mikey and Draken stared Mitchy down intensely, "Mitchy, you better start talking now, or else heads are going to roll!" Draken growled.


"Right, well, you see," Takemichi looked back at Hanma as he thought of what to say. He turned back to the two angry alphas, looking at the two of them, they looked like they were ready to destroy everything in his living room and he just could not have that. Then he thought of something, he'll tell them the truth, but not the whole truth. Sort of like lying but well, he couldn't lie to them. So he decided to tell them something a little better than the truth, hopefully, it worked in his favor. "Okay, listen, you might not believe me, but...Hanma came to me for help."


Mikey narrowed his eyes at the omega, "what bullshit are you talking about. Hanma needs help? Like hell I would believe that," he took another step forward, "get out of the way, Mitchy, I don't want to hurt you."


Takemichi lifted his hands to defend himself if need be, "no, no for real, he did come to me for help! Honest, he's trying to get away from Kisaki," he looked back at Hanma, "isn't that right, Hanma?" He asked as he winked at the taller boy.


Thankfully Hanma understood what he was trying to do. "Yeah, that's right," he said as he leaned over enough to see the two alphas. He saw Mikey's face and was a little wary of him because they met with each other last time, so he was sure going to stay far away from him this time. "I don't want to follow his orders anymore, so I decided why not come to someone better."


Draken didn't believe a word the boy was saying, he doubted that Mikey did either. He folded his arms as he looked down at the omegas in front of him, standing to his full height inside the house made him look even taller than he was. "Takemtchy, I don't know what this guy told you, but-"


"It's true!" Mitchy interrupted Draken as he thought of a bright idea. "listen, Hanma told him about the real leader behind Valhalla and everything so I can trust him. He came here today so that he could ask for my help."


Mikey lifted his eyebrow, he still couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Mitchy, if you're lying about anything, now is the time to tell me, or else I can't help your letter. Tell me the truth right now, why is Hanma Shuji here?" It was barely a question, more like a demand, the alpha leader was starting to lose his patience with his omega. 


"I am telling you the truth, Mikey!" Takemichi insisted, "Hanma might be a part of Valhalla, but he was only doing so on Kisaki's orders."


"Kisaki?" Draken asked, "that's funny you would mention him, Mitchy. I happen to remember a little while back when you punched Kisaki in the face on the day he became the third division's captain. You never really explained yourself for the time, but we let you go, now you're dragging his name through the mud via rumor? Have you lost your fucking mind?" 


Takemichi cursed himself, he knew that this was going to go south fast unless he started using his brain. "No, no, I know how this looks, but I'm being honest! Kisaki is behind this, Hanma can back me up."


"And what makes you think that we would believe a word that Hanma says?" Mikey challenged, "he's not a part of Toman, he's not in our gang, and he's not a part of the pack. He's an outsider. An omega without a leash," he spoke harshly so that Takemichi would understand how strongly he felt about this. "Whoever he's working for planned to have a showdown between our two gangs again after the first time didn't work. Even though that day carries the deaths of many, Valhalla still wanted to challenge us again. Anyone with any morals wouldn't dare think to do something so low as to bring up memories of such a bad event for no reason. Whatever this guy was thinking, he decided to not care about anyone else, just his agenda. He could have waited longer to challenge us again!"


"I don't know why you're taking his side, Mitchy, but you better have a good reason for it. Or else, on the day of the fight, no matter the outcome, you'll be punished." Draken stated seriously, his pheromones getting stronger, "do you understand?"


Takemichi backed up a bit, "yeah, I get it. But," he looked back at Hanma one more time, his eyes also met Baji's. The pregnant omega was still sitting on the floor, when their eyes met, Baji nodded his head to say that he would support him any way he could. Takemichi was thankful for that, so he thought. He thought of something that would help him win his case, even if it's only a small thing. He turned back to the alphas, okay. Then I'll take my chances, but first, I need to tell you something." 


"We're listening," Draken said, not letting up on his glare for a second. 


Takemichi took a deep breath as he let his arms drop to his sides. He looked both alphas in their eyes, he didn't know what all Mikey and Draken knew about what Hanma told them that night. Still, he needed them to calm down a bit. "This might seem a little confusing, so I'll start by saying this...I created that website."


"Mitchy?" Hanma whispered not sure why he was letting out important information like that. He thought that Takemichi wanted to keep that a secret until after the fight ended or something, but he guessed wrong.


"It's okay, Hanma, I'm going to tell them about it," Takemichi said seriously.


Draken raised an eyebrow, "what website?" He asked because he didn't think that they were thinking about the same thing.


"The one with my picture on it," Takemichi replied. Mikey and Draken went silent then, they knew that they never told Takemichi anything about the website, so they assumed that it had to be home. Before they could say anything about it, Takemichi continued. "I know about it because I created it a long time ago. I was forced to create it for my stepfather and his organization, but since I created it, I know how it works. I know everything about it, all the back doors and the codes I used. I know how to access it, all of it. I know what the site is used for, but I had no choice but to create. I was under a lot of pressure and I couldn't get out of making it even if I tried, so I made sure I did something to ensure that I could still be in control of the site even while they're using it."


Draken was looking at Takemichi skeptically, but he still wasn't believing what the omega said. "Nice try, Mitchy, but I bet Hanma told you everything about that site, didn't here? He's using you, Mitchy, open your eyes." 


"Trust me, I couldn't use Mitchy more than you could have," Hanma spoke up.


"What was that you little slut!" Draken nearly shouted.


"Shut up!!" Takemichi shouted, "look, I can prove to you that I'm not lying. I'll pull up the site on my computer right now and show you everything that's on it, even my picture, that is if you'll let me."


Draken looked over to Mikey, he wanted to say no, but since Mikey was still the leader of Toman, he had the final say. "Mikey, what do you think?"


Mikey thought about it for a moment, looking at Mitchy's determined face, he sighed. Taking a step back he turned around to face the window, "you can go get your computer, pull up the site, and show it to me. Then I want to know why you made it in the first place."


Takemichi nodded and quickly ran upstairs to get his laptop. He looked through a couple of the boxes sitting on top of his closet and pulled them down, looking through each of them, he found an old USB drive, he took it and ran back down the stairs. he didn't have his laptop just laying around, so he would have to use Baji's school laptop. When he came back down, the air in the room had gotten heavy, Draken was glaring down at Hanma as if he was the greatest sin on earth. Hanma was staring back at him, challenging him to do something, the two weren't backing down, any regular omega would have by now, but Hanma was just built differently. 


Takemichi came to the coffee table and grabbed Baji's laptop, "I need to use this real quick," he said to Baji while plugged in his USB. Baji shrugged and scooted closer to see Takemichi's fingers flying across the keys as if they were made out of rubber, Hanma looked closely at what Takemichi was doing. Hanma and Baji watched Takemichi work from over his shoulder, the two omegas were amazed by what they saw. Takemichi exited out of windows and pulled up new ones in the blink of an eye, in less than a minute, he found what he was looking for and pulled up a sight that looked kind of like a gallery of models. Each picture on the site looked like a mugshot of each person, under each picture was either a seemingly random price in the hundreds and thousands or the word 'sold'. 


"I've got it," Takemichi scrolled down the page until he found the picture of himself from when he was ten years old. He still looked fairly the same, except his hair was a mess of curly black hair and his face was bruised up a bit. He remembered when this picture was taken, he tried3 to save his mother from getting rapped, but he had gotten beaten up and thrown in a cell instead. He had to listen to his mother's cries all night until he broke down and begged for them to take him instead. His stepfather made him a deal that night, the man knew how smart Takemichi was. Knowing that he was into electronics and making things on the internet was something that his stepdad knew he was talented in, so he made Takemichi sit down at an old computer and create this site for him. Takemichi turned the laptop around to show Draken the site, "this is it."


Draken came over to take a closer look, he was a little stunned to see that it was the same site that Hanma had told them about. Mikey turned around and walked over to take a look as well, he clenched his hand, tempted to break the screen with his fist. He turned an emotionless eye on Takemichi, he was pissed, but he wasn't even sure why or at who. All he could do was stare at Takemichi for a while before asking, "why'd he want you to make this?"


"To sell Omegas like me on the black market and turn a profit from a safe distance without worrying about the legal side of things." Takemichi stated as if rehearsed, "I had to make it."


"Why?" Mikey growled.


"Because of my mother," Takemichi said seriously. "He was threatening to kill her unless I did something for him instead, he was going to kill my mother."


"A lot of good did her then, seeing as how she's not here now," Mikey said coldly.


Takemichi got to his feet in less than a second, he was pissed at Mikey for saying such a thing. He looked into those cold, uncaring eyes, thinking that he could risk Mikey's worth just this once. He could feel his hand lifting, but someone from behind him grabbed him, stopping the action from making the situation worse. Takemichi looked behind him to see Baji's worried eyes as he held his hand back. Takemichi clenched his fist and took a seat again, he wouldn't have been able to survive winning a fight against either one of the alphas in front of him without giving up his life. He couldn't do that to his daughter, leaving her alone so soon was not a part of his plans.


"Mitchy...I don't understand why?" Draken said coldly, "do you know what you did by making this site? All of those omegas being sold because of you."


"Tsk, don't you think I know what I did, jackass?!" Takemichi shouted, he was frustrated and angry, he didn't like the way that these two don't listen unless they want to.


"What did you say to me," Draken stepped closer to the omegas, he didn't care how nice Takemichi's pheromones might smell, or how much Mikey liked him. He was going to teach him a thing or two about respect. Just as Draken was moving closer to Takemichi, Hanma wrapped his arms around Takemichi while glaring at Draken. Baji also moved to protect Takemichi, even though his condition limited his movements most of the time, he wouldn't let a friend go down without doing something. 


Mikey was content with letting Draken do whatever, but then he noticed some movement on the second sofa behind the three omegas. He had out his arm in front of Draken so that he wouldn't get much closer, "wait." Mikey turned to Draken, he could tell the taller boy was boiling with anger, he could see a vein popping out of the side of his head. Mikey understood the angrier and shared it, but they couldn't afford to lose their cool, not yet at least.


"Why are you stopping me?" Draken growled.


"Because," Mikey turned his head and nodded towards the other sofa where Mimi had gotten up from her nap. She looked to still be half asleep though since she was only sitting up on the sofa with her eyes closed. "We've got an audience."


Draken huffed, "Mitchy, you better fucking explain this shit to us right now, or so help me, you'll be the result of the pack before the sky turns dark."


Takemichi tightened his fist on his knees as he waited, he was scared, but he was angry too. He had almost forgotten that his daughter was still in the room, he needed to calm down now. He reached up to the arms around him, "I'm okay now," he whispered to them."


Baji hesitantly loosened his grip, "are you sure?" He asked as he glared at Draken and Mikey, he was getting scared too, but he wouldn't let it show too much.


Takemihci nodded, "yeah, I'm fine." Baji let go of him, but stayed close to his side, almost pressing up against him like glue so he could jump into action in case one alpha decided to get froggy. Hanma refused to let go through, he supposed that was a given.  Takemichi sighed. He could deal with at least one person holding him close, he might need Hanma's strength and Baji's support just to get through this moment.


"I told you, I created this site to save my mom's life. If I didn't then she would have been sold on a different black market site. This is a little complicated to explain, so I'll make it simple for you guys. This site that I created makes it so that whenever there is supposed to be a new buyer, their information gets sent straight to the police while whenever they're on the site. For the victims that are being sold, their information and last known location are sent to the police. Whether or not the police does something about it is up to them, As for my picture, it's a bug I planted on the site to make the site show up on a server that can easily be accessed by anyone from the Poice to the FBI and CIA, you name it."


"If that's true, then why hasn't the site been shut down yet?" Mikey asked seriously, "someone must have clicked on your picture after all this time."


Takemichi sighed and pointed to the words under his picture, "the only problem is, my stepdad noticed my picture on there and used his admin access to put 'sold' under my picture. I can't change it either because then he'll know that I'm still keeping up with the site and think that I've done something to ruin it. But, in reality, he did me a favor because now no one will be expecting me to show up at their door one day tied up in a box. But not everyone is that lucky."


The room went silent then.


The tension between Mikey, Draken, and Hanma was through the roof. Takemichi didn't care if they believed him or not right now, he just didn't want the alphas to tear up his home. Especially not while his daughter was right there. Mikey looked to Hanma and Baji, then Takemichi before turning to Draken, the taller alpha huffed in displeasure. He turned away from Hanma and folded his arms. "Mitchy," Mikey turned his gaze back to the blond omega, "I don't really know all that man did to you, so I want you to tell me everything so that we won't have any more of these surprises. But we'll get to that later," his eyes fell to Hanma, "first I want to hear what Hanma has to say. If he was looking for help to get away from his master, then why didn't he come to the leader of the pack instead of cowering behind his omega."


"Who's cowering?" Hanma scuffed, "I'd say that I'm standing up for someone I care about, while you two looked like you wanted to kill us all just a second ago." 


Draken glared at the tall omega with low growth in his throat, "what your mouth little bitch."


"Make me," Hanma shot back defiantly. A challenge in his eyes. 


Draken looked like he was about to start barking at Hanma but Mikey held him back, "easy Draken, we'll have time for that later." Draken huffed, "there's no need for you to talk here, Hanma, speak when spoken to. If you don't know your place, then you won't get any help from us."


Hanma held on tightly to Takemichi, "who said I wanted help from the two of you? I hate alphas, to be honest, the sight of your faces right now makes me sick. I only care about Mitchy and Mimi, maybe Baji too, as annoying as he might be to teach."


"Hey! I tried my best with the other problems didn't I?" Baji pouted. 


Mikey was losing his patience with Hanma's lack of respect towards him. Takemichi sighed and leaned back on Hanma, the taller boy's arms around him made him feel safe, and his large chest was comfortable to lean on. Even so, he couldn't relax, not yet. "Mikey, Draken, can you both leave him alone already? He came to me for a request and we made a deal with each other. I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys before, but I had other things to deal with at the time, so I couldn't drop everything and come tell on him."


"You made a deal with the likes of him?" Draken growled, his face twisted into one of disgust.


Takemichi rolled his eyes, he was starting to get tired of this, "yes, is there a problem? He asked me to do something and in return, I would do something for him. We're mostly helping each other out."


"What is that supposed to mean?" Mikey asked critically, he didn't like the thought of any founding members of Valhalla being around his omega and adoptive daughter. 


"It means that he's Mitchy's dog!" Baji burst out with a huff, he seemed to be just as annoyed with the situation as Mitchy was. 


Mikey and Draken paused for a moment, they looked at each other than at Baji, Takemichi, and Hanma. The two alphas weren't sure they heard what was said correctly, "he's his what?" Draken asked confused, his growling stopped for the moment due to his confusion. 


"Geez why don't you lean out your ears sometimes, you tree ass looking motherfucker, I said he's Mitchy's dog," Baji stated with a roll of his eyes. 


Hanma turned to Baji with an exasperated look, "actually at breakfast he said I was a puppy, not a dog. Right, Mitchy?" He asked while snuggling Takemichi in his arms.


the blond omega yawned, "Yeah, whatever. He's the big puppy that gets me all the information I need." He turned to Mikey and Draken, "so leave my puppy alone okay?" Hanma smirked at Draken as if he had proven his point without a doubt. 


Mikey was dumbfounded and Draken was lost. Draken couldn't even get mad at what Baji said to him because he was very confused about what the situation had turned into. He thought that he was probably having a stroke right now and was just hearing weird things, or maybe he was still asleep in class. If so, he wanted to take up right now and see if Mikey had the same dream as him, if not, this might turn into a funny story to tell later.


Mikey stepped forward as he glared at Hanma, "no, I won't allow this!" There was no way that he could allow Hanma to be that close to his Mitchy to be used as a cute puppy, Mikey could not accept that. "Mitchy, get rid of this dog right now, I won't allow stray animals into this house."


"Excuse me?" Takemichi raised an eyebrow at Mikey, "did you forget that it's my house, Mikey? I can do whatever the fuck I want here."


Hanma chuckled, "damn right. And that means that this puppy's staying put," he stuck his tung out at Mikey to tease him as he petted Takemichi's head.


Mitchy was pouting at Mikey and Draken in a very cute way that the two alphas couldn't look away. They both knew that if they continued this argument, things wouldn't go well for him, they were up against three omegas, and while the two alphas could beat all three of them physically. They had to ask themselves if it was worth having all three omegas be mad at the two of them for the rest of their lives? Especially since Baji was pregnant, if they weren't careful, they could cause lifelong damage to their future sec lives. 


"Fine," Mikey clenched his fist as he didn't want to admit defeat, "Hanma can stay...But put a damn collar on that stray so he doesn't go wandering off somewhere. Since you wanted him to stay so badly, I'm putting you in charge of him, Mitchy. He's your responsibility, you'll be responsible for his mess, so you better train him well."


Takemichi felt a sweat drop on the side of his forehead, "why does it sound like he's talking about a real dog right now?" It was a little weird, but Mitchy was getting used to this level of weirdness so he let it slide. "uh, sure, no problem, I was planning to do that anyway."


Mikey nodded folding his arms, "now, bring me, my daughter. I want to see her face so I can calm down." 


Draken turned to Mikey with a sneer, "no way, I was here first, wait your turn!" 


Hanma chuckled and leaned in close to Mitchy's ear, "are they being serious right now?"


"Unfortunately, yes," Takemichi said as he pinched the bridge of his nose. He turned to Baji with a smile, "thanks for sticking up for more yet again." 


"No problem, you know I've always got your back, Mitchy," Baji said while giving him a thumbs up. Takemichi felt a little better now, he reached out one of his hands and placed it on Baji's large stomach, he felt a couple of kicks as soon as his hand made contact. He was happy that the twins seemed too lively right now, he didn't want to imagine losing them and Baji if anything had gone bad just now. 


Takemitchy was tired, after yesterday's confrontation with Mikey and Draken, the two alphas felt the need to stay up until dinner time. But Mitchy was too emotionally drained to make dinner, so he ordered pizza instead. Ordered about five large boxes of pizza's Mikey and Draken, and four mediums to share between him, Baji, Hanma, and Mimi. Mimi was excited to have her first taste of pizza. After the alphas ate, Mikey called Hanma outside to talk. Hanma looked to Baji and Takemichi, wondering if he should go or not. "You can come while I'm asking nicely," Mikey started as he stood in the entrance to the living room. 


Hanma sighed, he picked up a large slice of pizza from Draken's box, which earned him a glare for the tall alpha, but he didn't care. He before following Mikey over to the door and paused to put on his jacket before walking out the front door behind the shorter male. "So what's so important that you couldn't say in front of the others? Don't worry, if it's embarrassing I won't tell," he teased before taking a bite out of his stolen pizza.


Mikey ignored the comment as he looked up at Hanma, "tell me about Kisaki. I want to know everything."


Hanma smirked, "oh. Well, since you're asking nicely, I might as well do as you ask this time."


Mikey folded his arms in front of his chest, "don't be so cocky, Hanma, you're not off the hook from earlier."


"Whatever you say," Hanma shrugged, expecting this from the commander.


The next day


After Mikey found out what he needed from Hanma last night, they went back into the house to finish off the rest of the pizzas before Mikey and Draken went home. Baji helped get Mimi ready for bed with Takemichi while Hanma threw away the pizza boxes before heading home himself. He didn't want to, but he didn't want to overstay his welcome. Besides, he had work to do.


In the morning, Takemichi had woken up at the butt crack of dawn to get to the school. He left Baji with Mimi for the day, there was some leftover pizza's from last night that Takemichi managed to put away before it could be eaten. There were also other things in the house that Baji could make for their breakfast when they woke up that were simple for someone who didn't know how to cook to make. Takemichi met Kamoto on his way to school, the two friends tiredly made the long walk to the school and then to the gym where Takemichi met the coach of the cheer team. Just as Makoto thought, the coach wanted to teach Takemichi a couple of moves.


To Makoto's surprise, Takemichi could know how to do a backflip decently enough, the coach was impressed as well. Makoto could tell by the look in the woman's eye that she was thinking about putting him on the team. Makoto sat on the bleachers watching Takemichi go through the motions, he was thankful that it wasn't him because he was barely able to keep his eyes open as it was. Not that he could try out for the team anyway. Once the practice part was over, the coach started calling out the moves that she just taught Takemichi, who managed to do almost every single one perfectly. There was some trouble with the split that he was asked to do, and the handstand needed some work, but other than that.


Takemichi seemed to be well suited for the cheer team in Makoto's opinion, even though he wasn't joining willingly. 


When it was all over, the coach nodded her head at Takemichi, "well, looks like I owe that principal some lunch because he just found our new team captain!" She said cheerfully. 


Takemichi's eyes widened in surprise, "you what?! But I thought that there was going to be a test or something later? Don't I have to meet the other members first?" He was panicking a little because he wasn't expecting to pass.


The coach nodded, "yep, and you will. However, we were really in need of someone to fill this last spot for us, so I hope you can forgive my hastiness." She said with a bright smile, "don't worry, I just know that you'll do great! You'll have a whole team of omegas there to back you up when you need it the most." 


"But...but...I," Takemichi didn't know what else to say. Was he stuck with the cheerleading team for the rest of the school year, or what? 


The coach patted Takemichi's shoulder reassuringly, "don't worry, don't worry! The principal already told me about your situation, I also thought that this was a little underhanded, but there's a bright side."


"Is there?" Takemichi pouted, not sure if she was telling him the truth right now. 


"If you stick with our club, the principal has agreed to give you extra credits," the coach announced happily. "Oh, but you have to keep your grades up, there will be no one with C's and D's on my team, mister. The team will be meeting after school today so make sure that you're there on time. Have a nice day!" The woman ran out of the gym so fast after that that Mitchy could barely get a word out.


Takemichi let his head drop in disappointment, "great," he muttered as he made his way over to the bleachers. Now he had to think about finding someone else to help watch over Mimi while he was stuck doing this club. Baji won't be able to stay up and play with Mimi whenever she wanted to, so who else could he rely on? Mikey? No, Mitchy didn't want the alpha to make his daughter think that he was her actual dad. Draken? Maybe, but Mitchy had a feeling that he might turn her into a biker girl or something, he knew how much the tall alpha liked his bikes. Who else was there? He didn't want anyone from the Toman gang to do it unless it was an emergency, and Chifuyu and Mitsuya were okay only because they were so chill around his daughter. But Mitsuya was also in a club, he heard it from Baji a while back, and he didn't want to only be calling Chifuyu whenever he needed a babysitter. 


"This sucks," Takemichi said as he plopped down on the first row. "Now I have to look for a reliable babysitter with nothing better to do while I'm at practice. Where the hell am I gonna find someone like that!" 


Makoto chuckled, "well, if it's fair, it's fair, I guess." 


Mitchy looked back at him, "what's that supposed to mean?"


"Nothing much, but I think they just played you, Mitchy," Makoto chuckled. "I think it must have been a setup from the start, sort of like how some schools have programs to rehabilitate delinquents. They must be trying that on you, and you today fell for it."


"What? No way!" Takemichi was stunned, he wasn't even thinking about anything like that. "But still, the extra credit might not be so bad," he said thoughtfully before frowning and turning back to Makoto. "You think they'll let me go once the seasons are over?"


Makoto shrugged, "who knows. You might be in for the long haul, bro, hang in there." He smiled at his friend but Takemichi wasn't smiling, "but, all jokes aside, this might not be so bad. Come on, let's head out, maybe we can have time to go to the store before classes start."


Takemichi sighed, "let me at least change my close first." He got up from the first row to head over to the locker room to change back into his uniform, when he was done, he walked to the store with his friend. It was still half an hour left until classes started, and there was a convenience store that was ten minutes away from the school, so they would be able to walk there and back with enough time. The two omegas made their way to the store to pick up some snacks to eat, on their way out, Takemichi noticed a commotion handing right outside the store's door. It was blocking their way so they wouldn't be able to leave until the commotion was finished. 


There was a small group of five alphas and one omega from the smell of it. The five alphas were taking turns trying to flirt with the omega which, from the looks of it, wasn't working. The alphas were blocking Takemichi's view of the omega, it looked like they purposely placed themselves in front of the entrance to block the omega's way."Can you fuckers hurry up and get the fuck out of my way with your lame ass lines," the omega said coldly.


"What did you say you little bitch!" One of the alphas growled and tried to hit the omega but failed, instead of landing the hit, his fist was grabbed. The next thing Makoto and Takemichi knew the alpha was being knocked to the ground ten feet away. 


"Anyone else?" The omega said in a bored voice.


Takemichi recognized Hanma's voice after a second, "Hanma?" He called out to see if it was the person he thought it was.


"Mitchy, do you know them?" Makoto asked cautiously as he backed up a bit. 


"Uh, well, not these alphas, but I recognized the Hanma's voice," Takemichi clarified. 


The taller omega heard his name being called and pushed his way past the angry alphas to see who was calling him. He blocked the punches from one of the alphas that were just trying to flirt with him. Hanma wasted no time in knocking out the other four alphas before coming to stand in front of Takemichi and his friend, "oh, Mitchy, it's you, I didn't think you go to school this early," Hanma smiled down at the blond omega and his friend.


Makoto looked up at Hanma in amazement, "whoa, he's really strong," he said in amazement. 


Hanma chuckled, "I know, it's helped me out in a pinch a few times," he shrugged


"I had something to do at school this morning," Takemichi replied. "So what are you doing up so early?" He asked curiously as he looked over the boy's appearance. His hair wasn't done up in its usual style, and his clothes looked like they had been roughed up a bit. Takemichi could also smell a faint scent of alpha on him too. He knew that the taller boy wasn't just out for a walk because Hanma had told him once that he lived a little more than a few blocks away from the area.  


Hanma shrugged, "no reason, I had slept over at a friend's house last night and walked out to get me something to eat this morning."


Takemichi was curious about the scent he was smelling on him, but he decided to ask him things like that when it was only the two of them. Instead, he just nodded, "okay then, so do you wanna walk with us back to school before going back to your friend's house?"


"Nah, I don't need to go back there anymore," Hanma said as he walked past them into the store. "But, if you guys wait for me, I'll get what I need and follow you there." 


"Sure, we'll be right out here," Takemichi said as he watched Hanma walk through the store picking up snacks for himself. Takemitchy and Makoto stepped away from the automated doors so they can close while they waited for Hanma to come out of the store.


There was a short moment of silence between the two omegas before Makoto spoke up, "so, does your friend have, like, a super scary boyfriend or something?" He asked a little hesitantly.


"Huh? No, not that I know of," Takemichi said not understanding what his friend was asking. He took note of Hanma's scent when he passed them, it smelled of sex mixed with fear. He still didn't know too much about Hanma's daily life outside of fighting and leading a gang, but guessed that Makoto might have been asking if Hanma had a secret relationship with an alpha that wasn't going so well. He did recall the taller boy saying that he didn't care for alphas last night, so that might have been the way. Now that he was thinking about it, some thoughts came to mind that wasn't so pleasant to think about it. It made him worry for Hanma's wellbeing.


Makoto could see the gears turning in Mitchy's head, "uh, Mitchy, before you jump to any wild conclusions, I just wanted to ask this." Takemichi turned to Makoto as he pointed to his neck, "this, did you notice the bruise on his neck a minute ago? It looked kind of fresh."


"Bruise?" Takemichi thought back, he couldn't remember seeing a bruise, but he did note that Hanma's clothing choice looked a little odd for the weather. It was getting close to the end of winter, so, even this morning was still pretty chilly, they were lucky that it didn't snow. Even so, Hanma was walking around in a pair of knee-length shorts, and a shirt that looked slightly big even on his tall frame, there was even a choker around his neck but no jacket. Takemichi also remembered seeing a pair of slippers on Hanma's feet, house slippers, "wait, do you think he just ran away from somewhere?"


Makoto shrugged, "I don't know, maybe, but you seriously didn't see any bruises on him?" Takemichi shook his head because he hadn't been paying attention to that sort of thing to look. Makoto groaned, "well I did. I saw a lot of them. There was one around his neck that was just picking out from under his chocker. The side of his mouth was bruised up a bit, and he looked like he had been hit close to his eye too. I couldn't get a good look at both of his hands, but I think I saw something around one of his wrists."


"Whoa, you noticed all of that? I barely saw the one around his neck," Takemichi admitted, he did notice the bruises on Hanma's face, how could he not? Then again, Hanma was in a gang, and seeing delinquents without any bruises in a gang was unheard of. Takemichi turned around to see Hanma standing at the counter paying for his stuff, he turned around just in time to see him pull out a ball of cash from his pocket. "Wow! Hanma's got the bag on lock!" He turned to Makoto in shock, "but wait, that doesn't make sense..." he remembered that both him and Hanma wer3e technically being taken care of by child welfare. While they do get money sent to them via mail every month, it would never be that much. The cash he saw Hanma with just now looked like it was from a rich kid's pocket, it was about as thick as a Rolex box.


Makoto nodded after also seeing the amount of cash, "Mitchy, I think Hanma might be into something sketchy."


"Hanma? No way-well..."Takemichi couldn't completely deny it since he didn't know Hanma's side of the story, "let's wait until he comes out. I wanna talk to him about it."


"Talk to me about what?" Hanma asked walking over to the two, they didn't notice him coming since they were busy talking. 


Takemitchy turned to Hanma with a serious look on his face, "Hanma..." he wanted to ask him about the bruises that he didn't get to see. Mitchy's eyes were instantly drawn to Hanma's choker, it was faint, but now that he was looking, he could see it. "What happened to your neck?"


Hanma gave Mitchy a small smile as he touched his neck, "oh, well, it's nothing I can't handle." He turned away from them and started walking away from the store, Mitchy could tell he was uncomfortable, "come on before you guys are late." Takemichi and Makoto looked at each other for a second before catching up to Hanma, they decided to drop the previous conversation to talk about something else. Anything else. Hanma got to know Makoto after Takemichi introduced them properly, by the time they made it back to the school gates, they had already made plans to meet up after school to hang out. And of course, the place had to be at Mitchy's house because why not?


"it's really rare to see a tall omega walking around," Makoto said as they walked into the building after saying goodbye to Hanma. "He seemed kind of scary at first, but he seems cool."


"Yeah, he is. He acts kind of silly sometimes, but he's not too bad overall," Takemichi replied. He chuckled as he remembered something just then, "I told Mimi that he was our dog once and I think she still believes me."


Makoto was a little surprised, "seriously? Why would you tell her that? That doesn't seem like you, Mitchy."


"I know, but at the time I was tired out of my mind, so I just said the first thing that came to mind," Takemichi chuckled. 


Makoto shook his head, "seriously Mitchy, you're hanging out with those two alphas a bit too much these days. You're starting to lose yourself," he stopped walking and suddenly turned to Mitchy, "they didn't mark you yet, have they?"


"Huh? No! That's a line that I won't forgive them for," Takemichi said seriously. He promised himself that he would never let just any alpha mark him, not unless he believes that they were the one for him.


Makoto sighed in relief, "that's a relief, I was starting to get worried." The two started making their way through the halls to find a place for them to eat some of their snacks before heading to class. They had a little under ten minutes to themselves before the halls would become flooded with students, as they were eating, Makoto remembered something. "Oh, by the way, Mitchy, did you hear the rumors going around online?"


"Rumors? What rumors would that be?" Takemichi asked curiously.


"The one about this drug that can turn alphas into omegas," Makoto said. "I don't know if it's true or not, but I was on @Channel and I saw someone mention something about it. There were a couple of links about other people stating that it worked too, but they looked fake so I didn't buy it."


"A drug like that sounds make-believe, Mako, don't believe everything you read online." Takemichi stated, "if there was a drug like that around, then alphas probably wouldn't be acting like assholes all the time in fear of being turned into an omega themselves."


"Yeah, I guess, but I heard that there was this one kid in the prefecture next to ours that seemed to suddenly turn into an omega out of nowhere." Makoto started in a spooky voice, "he was supposedly born an alpha, and then one day he got jumped by some guys from a gang. They were getting revenge for something he did or whatever, and they forced him to drink something pink before beating the shit out of him." Takemichi gave him a bored look as he ate his breakfast sandwich, not believing the story he was being told. "They said that the guy was in the hospital for three weeks straight while the doctors tried to figure out the drug's long-term effects and try to reverse it."


"If that's true, then why didn't his attack end up on the news if he was hospitalized because of it?" Takemichi asked.


"Because it happened at night where there were no cameras to see it happen. I heard it from a friend that said they knew the guy," Makoto explained. "When he was released, he was allowed to go back to school and he acted as if nothing ever happened."


"Hm, sounds like one hell of a story," Takemichi said as he finished his sandwich. The bell rang then and he got up, "well, I don't believe it. I'm the type of person who'll need more evidence than just some stories to believe something like that."


Makoto sighed, "of course. Well, it was only a rumor after all," he got up and stretched, "well, I'll see you later," he said as he started making his way over to his class, "I'll tell Akkun and the others to come to meet us at your official practice for support."


"Okay, I guess I have no choice," Takemichi shook his head as he turned in the opposite direction to find his way to his class.


It was finally over!


The day felt like it would never end, he got such little sleep last night that he could barely keep his eyes open during class. Not even the energy drink he bought was working for him. And then he had to meet his teammates for the cheerleading club. Makoto slept through most of his classes because of the early hour he got up to support his friend. He didn't know how he was still awake right now, but after he made the walk to his house with Makoto and his friends, he was way too tired to do much else. He could only open the door and fall face-first onto the floor he was so tired. His friends had been so kind to wait for him until after his meeting with his new team to walk home with him.


"Damn Mitchy! I knew you were tired, but I didn't know you were this tired!" Yamagishi said loudly, he turned to his boyfriend, "Yamamoto, get him some water or something, stat! Akkun, a towel! Makoto help me get him to the living room" 


"Sir!" Yamamoto kicked off his shoes and ran into the house to get his friend some water. Akkun nodded and rushed up the stairs.


"What the hell is with this noise?" Draken shouted coming out of the kitchen with Mimi in his arms. Mikey was behind him eating some dorayaki, when they saw Mitchy on the floor, they were surprised. They quickly came over to see what was wrong, "what's going on, why's he on the floor like that?"


"Oh, hey Draken, Mikey, it's because he had a club meeting today and they kind of gave him a workout," Yamagishi explained as he and Makoto carried Mitchy into the living room.


"A club? What kind of club?" Mikey asked curiously as he licked his fingers.


"Cheerleading," Yamagishi stated as they placed Takemichi on the sofa.


"Cheerleading!?" Mikey and Draken said in unison, their surprised faces changed to thoughtful ones. No doubt they were imagining the blond omega in the short uniform.


"What's with all the yelling out here?" Mitsuya called out as he come into the living room from the hallway. He looked around the room to see Mikey and Draken standing around while two omegas he hadn't seen before were standing over Takemichi. "Uh, what's going on here?"


"It's nothing, Takemichy's just tried after his first club meetings," Makoto explained as Yamamoto and Akkun ran into the room with warm water and a small towel.


They heard the front door open to introduce the smell of cherry yogurt into the house, before Hanma walked in, looking a little more beat up than usual. The others looked over to see the tall omega standing in the doorway of the living room. Mimi, who had been falling asleep on Draken's shoulder woke up and turned to see Hanma, a bright smile took over her face, "Hanny!!" The little girl cheered and nearly jumped out of Draken's arms to get to him. 


The little girl's outburst pulled Draken from his daydreaming in time for him to let her down on the ground safely. "Hey, don't just jump out of my arms like that, you could have gotten hurt!" Draken scolded her, but Mimi seemed to ignore him before rushing over to the tall omega. Hanma cheered as she rushed over to him, he smiled at her and picked her up, lifting her into the air carefully. Mimi giggled happily to see the tall omega. Draken sneered, "great, who let you in?"


Hanma smirked, "don't make me say it, I could hurt your feelings."


"As if," Draken growled at the tall omega but held himself back.


"Guys, take your romance somewhere else, we don't need to say it," Makoto said as he took the towel and water from Yamamoto and Akkun. He poured the water out on the small towel before placing it on Takemichi's forehead. He placed a hand to Mitchy's neck to feel his temperature for a moment because his friend was looking a little pale at the moment. He got a grim look on his face, he turned to Akkun with a serious look in his eye, "I need all the alphas to get out of here right now."


Mikey came out of daydreamings when he heard that, "eh? Why's that?" He did start to notice that the sunflower scent around the room was a little stronger now.


"is Mitchy okay?" Akkun asked as he also noticed the enhanced scent in the room.


Yamagishi leaned closer to Takemichi and took a sniff, he knew this scent well enough as he experienced it when it was his time of the month. "He's going into heat," he stated plainly.


"Oh, is that why his scent seemed so much stronger all of a sudden?" Mikey asked he liked Takemichi's scent and wanted to get a better smell of it. However, Mitsuya and Draken wouldn't allow it, they both grabbed Mikey's arms and started dragging him out of the room.


"Come on, Mikey, you heard what he said, leave Mitchy alone," Misuya sighed. Draken helped him pull the commander out of the room and out the door.


"Aw, come on guys, I want to stay, I could help!" Mikey whined as he was dragged out the door.


"NO!!" Both his vice commander and second division captain said in unison before shutting the door behind them. Akkun and Yamamoto followed them out after saying goodbye to their respective boyfriends.


Hanma watched the alphas leave before turning back to the three omegas, he noticed that Baji wasn't coming into the living room to see what was going on. He wondered where he was until he remembered that the pregnant omega had a doctor's appointment to get to after Takemichi got home from school. Hanma walked over to Mitchy's friends, "is there anything I can help with?" He asked curiously as he held Mimi close to him.


"Yeah, you can help us get him to his room," Makoto said picking up Takemichi and pulling him into a sitting position. He turned to Yamagishi, "get his suppressants from the bathroom," the boy with gasses nodded and rushed up the stairs. Hanma placed Mimi down to help Makoto get Mitchy to his room. Hanma was strong enough to pick up Mitchy on his own, so he did, carrying him bridal style Takemichi felt hot as he leaned against his chest. Makoto followed Hanma up the stairs and watched as he placed Takemichi on his bed, "okay, now we just need to get his things and leave them where he can get to them." He said as he walked over to his closet, he knew where Mitchy kept his toys because of past occasions when he had gone into heat suddenly around them. Yamagishi and Takemichi also knew where he kept his toys too in case this happened to him.


Makoto got the box of toys from the closet as Yamagishi came into the room in a panic, "he doesn't have any more suppressants," he said hurriedly.


"What, no way!" Makoto said in surprise, he nearly dropped the box, "but Mitchy always keeps his supply well stocked."


"I know, but I looked in both bathrooms and couldn't find any," Yamagishi said walking into the room. He held up an empty subscription bottle for them to see, "it's empty. Both of them."


"Damn it, we'll have to find some for him then," Makoto said.


"Hey, if you guys need suppressants, then I just got a refill on mine this morning," Hanma said taking out a bottle of pills from his pocket. 


The two omegas looked at him in surprise, "are...are you sure it's okay for Mitchy to use some of it?" Makoto asked seriously as he knew that getting heat suppressants in a time of need could be hard.


Hanma nodded, "yeah, I have a supplier that can get me a new bottle whenever, so he can have some of this right now."


Yamagishi took a close look at the pills in the bottle, "they look a little different than the ones I usually see being sold at the pharmacy.


Hanma nodded, "yeah, that's because it's a special blend I had him mix up for me." He said opening the bottle, "it's really strong too, people would pay through the nose for this stuff. It's guaranteed to stop any omega's heat in less than twenty-four hours while giving them nothing but pleasure in the meantime. You two are welcomed to try one too."


Makoto was hesitant but reached for the bottle anyway. Yamagishi saw this and grabbed his hand, "wait, how do we know that's really what he says? Isn't he the vice commander for that Valhalla gang?"


"yeah, but, Yamagishi, what choice do we have?" Makoto asked staring into Yamagishi's eyes, "you know that getting a rush order of suppressants will take at least three hours to fill. Plus there's a fee to put a rush on it, money that neither of us has."


Yamagishi frowned, he knew that Makoto was right, but he still wasn't sure if they should be giving Takemichi those pills from Hanma. "Alright fine, but I day with both have to take one as well," he stated seriously letting go of the other omega's hand. He looked to Hanma, "what would happen if we take one while not being in our heat?"


"Nothing, you'll just be in for a lot of pleasure for a while, that's all," Hanma replied with a smile. He held out his bottle of suppressants, "if you guys still don't trust me, then I'll take one with you."


The two friends looked at each other before turning back to the taller boy. Makoto was unsure, after he took that test in the bathroom with Takemichi, he went to a private office to get another test done. As he thought, he was pregnant, almost two months along now. Because of that, he couldn't take the suppressants but he wasn't ready to let anyone else know about his condition before he could work up the courage to tell his boyfriend first. "Wait, Yamagishi, think about this for a second," he said turning to the boy with glasses. "We can't all take those pills and stay up here for however long it takes for them to wear off, someone needs to go down and keep an eye on Mimi."


"Tsk, fine, it looks like it's just me and you, Hanma," Yamagishi said looking up at the boy with challenging eyes. He didn't want to be the only one from their group that was up here with Hanma, he was suspicious of him, but he also thought that the tall omega was kind of cool. He sucked up his fears and pointed at Hanma's face, "you better not skip out on your pill since Mitchy and I are taking your word on this." 


"Don't worry, I usually take one of these every other day because they're so effective," Hanma replied, he tapped the bottle until there were three pills in his hand, one for him, Mitchy, and Yamagishi. He held out his hand to the brunette, "ready when you are."


Makoto looked worriedly between the two, "Yamagishi, you don't have to do this." He said looking over to Takemichi on the bed to see that he was starting to breathe heavily, he turned back to the two, "stop playing around, okay? We're supposed to be helping Mitchy."


Yamagishi stared at the red and blue-sided pill that Hanma was offering him, he was a little hesitant. Heat suppressants could affect everyone differently, some of the stronger ones on the market did warn to only take them at least once every two days or else they lose their effectiveness. Yamagishi was a little worried that he might be offsetting his cycle by doing this, but he felt that he needed to, the best thing that could happen to him was nothing. The worst would be his next heat being completely off and coming when he least expected it. Still, he told himself that this was for his friend, he would just have to keep a close eye on himself afterward, looking for the side effects that could be a pain, but he was willing to do it.


Yamagishi took two of the pills from Hanma's hand, as soon as he did, Hanma popped the third pill left in his hand without hesitation. He swallowed it with little trouble and opened his mouth for them to see that he took them, even lifting his tong to show he wasn't hiding anything. After Yamagishi had a good look, he sighed, looking down at the two pills in his hand, he picked one up and swallowed it. He took out the bottle of water he took from the kitchen and went over to Mitchy to give him his pill. Once he was sure that Michy swallowed it, he sat next to his bed to wait. 


Makoto heave a sigh and placed the box down in the center of the room before going back to the closet to take out another box. "Here, These are some extras that Mitchy hasn't used yet," Makoto said as he put the second box on the floor, then he walked over to the door. "Call if you guys need anything," he said as he walked out and closed the door behind him.


The next morning


Takemichi sat back in his chair silently as he looked at Hanma and Yamagishi, the latter of the two who happened to be looking very red at the moment. "So, please, tell me again, how the hell this happened." The two omegas at the table didn't respond, even Hanma looked unable to speak at the moment. The taller boy was blushing just as hard as Yamagishi, which let Takemichi know that what happened that night was no joke. He blushed as he thought back to that night, he shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts, "you know what, I don't think I want to know, let's just promise each other that we won't speak about this again."


"A-agreed," the two readily agreed, which made Takemichi even more worried, but he wasn't ready to hear the story. Not yet.




To be continued...

Chapter Text

Thinking back on it, Takemichi couldn't believe what he had done. It felt like he was being controlled by someone else, or he became a completely different person. Either way, he knew that there was no going back now. Takemichi could still remember opening his eyes to seeing the way that Hanma was being sucked off by Yamagishi, it was a sight that he would always have burned into his brain for as long as he lived. Takemichi found some things out about himself that night, for one, Hanma looked kinda hot in floppy dog ears and a collar. Second, Takemichi had a bit of a sadistic side to him when he was in the middle of his heat. 




Takemichi was starting to feel restless. He knew that he couldn't keep laying down like this without taking care of himself, so he opened his eyes. He could see the ceiling of his bedroom and was thankful he didn't have to wander up the stairs alone. He was also thankful that it was the weekend so that he didn't have to worry about getting up to go to school in the morning if his heat hadn't passed yet that is. He made a mental note to get more suppressants in the morning, he thought he was being careful but he got caught up in other things and forgot to refill his order in time. 


Takemichi got up from his bed, intending to go find his toys when his eyes caught the sight of something amazing. Hanma, the tall omega looked to be flushed, his cheeks were bright red and his pants were missing. Between his legs was Yamagishi, the smaller boy who looked to have been in the middle of deep throating the other boy's meat stick with all the enthusiasm on the world while fingering himself. The room smelled like it was overflowing with a wonderful scent. Hanma's cherries and yogurt mixed with Yamagishi's peachy smell. And of course, Takemichi's sunflowers were there two, all three scents mixed making Takemichi feel like he was in a fruit garden. His mouth was watering, it was known that when omegas on the same heat cycle get together, they would find ways to pleasure each other and themselves, achieving more erotic results as a result. 


But from Takemichi's knowledge, Yamagishi already went through his heat for the month a few days ago. So why was he acting this way?


Takemichi's thoughts flew out the window when he heard Hanma's moans. He had never heard the taller omega moan before, it was low and deep. Takemichi gulped, suddenly all the memories of his training at Bonnie's Rocket came back to him with full clarity. It suddenly felt as if he was doing another VIP season with two of his clients going at it in front of him to warm things up. Mitchy could feel his dick harden as he saw Hanma's face contort in pleasure as he came suddenly. Yamagishi nearly choked but managed to swallow everything without letting too many drops fall from his mouth. Yamagishi looked up at Hanma afterward and the tall omega pulled him up into an intense kiss as his hand reached down to start pumping the smaller boy's dick.


Takemichi couldn't take it anymore, he got up from the bed and moved over to the two. Hanma pulled away from the kiss suddenly when he sensed movement next to him. Hanma and Yamagishi were both surprised when they looked up to see Takemichi standing there. "'re awake," Hanma said in a breathy voice. 


Takemichi knelt next to Hanma silently, he placed one hand behind the older boy's head before he pulled him into a heated kiss that took both their breaths away. Yamagishi's eyes widened, he felt as if he was watching the start of one of the Omega x Omega videos that Yamamoto sometimes sneaks off to watch by himself. Yamagishi just knew that his boyfriend was going to be oh so jealous of him if he ever found that he witnessed something so hot. When Takemichi broke apart from the kiss, he left a thin trail of saliva to connect them before breaking it. In a husky voice, Takemichi spoke into Hanma's ear, "you know you've been a naughty puppy, Hanny." He pulled back from the boy's ear to see his face turning bright red, he smirked, "I'm going to have to punish you now."


"W-wait. W-wh-what di-did I d-do?" Hanma asked surprised and dumbfounded by the change in Takemichi's character. It was hot, it made his dick stand up even taller than before.


Takemichi smirked as he turned to Yamagishi, "I'll have to punish you too, Yamagishi." He then pulled his stunned friend into a deep kiss, Yamagishi's surprise was gone in seconds as he tried to keep up with Takemichi in their impromptu tong war. He could feel Hanma's eyes on them and it turned him on more than he imagined it could. He broke the kiss just as suddenly as he started it, he got to his feet and made his way over to the two boxes laying in the middle of the room. Takemichi was quite pleased that someone got them down for him, the other two watched him intently as they wondered what he had in store for them. Takemichi reached over to the second box marked 'gifts', he opened it up with an evil smirk on his face before picking it up, running around, and dumping the contents of the box on the floor for all to see. 


Yamagishi's eyes widened even more as he looked upon all the gifted toys that the Toman alphas had given Takemichi over the last few months. There was quite the assortment of toys too, beads, vibrators, dildos, eggs, wands, you name it. There were even some specially made costume items in there as well, these alphas wasted no expanse when picking these things out, Takemichi could tell. Before he had only opened them up and tossed them all in a box and hid them away in his closet so that Mimi couldn't see them. Now it was time to break in some of these toys, and he knew just who to do it on. 


"Alright, let's start with Hanny first," Takemichi said as he looked through the pile of costume items. He found a couple of collars and chokers that struck his fancy, he picked up a black one that was as wide as his wrist and had a nice lining in it that wouldn't bother the wearer's neck. Takemichi also picked up a vibrating egg with the remote, and a ring before walking over to the taller boy. Hanma gasped a little when he saw the ring, he knew what it was right away. Some of the alphas he's been with liked to use them on themselves so their playtime in the sheets wouldn't end too soon. Hanma could feel the anticipation building inside of him as he watched Takemichi hand it over to Yamagishi. "Would you mind putting this on him while I put on his collar?" He asked sweetly. 


Yamagishi nodded as he took the ring from Takemichi's hand, internally, he was freaking out a bit. 'Holy shit, if he's doing this kind of thing to Hanma, what the hell is he thinking about doing to me? I'm his friend, so he's not going to do anything too embarrassing, right? Right?'


Takemichi put the vibrator into his pocket as he knelt behind the taller boy. Hanma felt completely exposed right now, Yamagishi was currently sliding a cock ring down to the base of his dick while Takemichi was taking off his choker to put a collar around his neck. Hanma couldn't believe he was living this moment, once the collar was placed comfortably around his neck, he felt as if he had become Mitchy's pet. He felt as if he could blow a load right now just from this, but he couldn't because the ring around the base of his dick was preventing it. Hanma couldn't help the excitement he felt at this moment. He glanced back at Takemichi to see him smiling at him sweetly, his heart skipped a beat, "M-M-Master..." he panted.


Takemichi took Hanma's chin between his thumb and index finger, "shh, relax, we haven't even gotten to the good part yet." He leaned in and gave him a chased on his cheek, "I need to teach you a lesson, after all, so try your best for me, okay?"


Hanma nodded, "I-I'll do my b-best."


"Good boy," Takemichi then reached down to the hem of Hanma's shirt and pulled it over his head, it only got caught on the collar for a second before Hanma was completely naked. Takemichi tossed the shirt to some corner of the room before pushing him down to lay on the floor, "stay still for me okay." Hanma nodded, not knowing what the blond would be doing next, but he was excited to see it. Takemichi turned to Yamagishi, "you too, clothes off."


"M-m-m-me?!" Yamagishi pointed to himself, shocked, "y-you can't be serious, c-can you...T-Takemichi?" 


Takemichi nodded, still keeping up what sweet smile of his, "yep. Don't worry, I would never do anything to hurt you, Yamagishi, we're good friends, after all, right?"


Yamagishi reared back at the sight of that smile. He thought that he was seeing the reincarnation of Mr. Jackel and Hide, but it was Takemichi. Still, it wasn't like Yamagishi could run away right now, his dick was painfully hard at this point and he was looking for a release before he exploded. So, hesitantly, Yamagishi started to unbutton his shirt and take off his pants, tossing them both to the side so that he was sitting in his underwear. He was even more embarrassed because Takemichi and Hanma were watching him the whole time. "Underwear too, Yamagishi," Takemichi sang.


Yamagishi twitched a bit at that but he slowly reached for his underwear and tossed it over with the rest of his clothes. Now he was only wearing his birthday suit with his joystick standing at full attention. Hanma whistled, "looking pretty good there, Yamagishi," he said as he smirked, his little comment was to offset some of his shyness. 


"S-shut up, you're the one wearing a human dog collar," Yamagishi said blushing profusely. 


"Now, now, you two, there's no fighting here," Takemitchy moved over to Yamagishi who looked away from him as he got close, and looked at him for a second before pulling him in close. "Hey, I know it's not Yamamoto, but do you think you could get on it for me?" 


Yamagishi's face turned an impossible shade of red at Takemichi's words, "what?" He glanced at Hanma, then at Takemichi, "you mean..." Takemichi nodded. Yamagishi whined a bit, but his brain betrayed him by making him think about the pleasure he would feel when he got on. "B-but he's...he's kinda big, Mitchy, I don't think I can do it like this." 


Takemichic turned Yamagishi around and reached down to his entrance, he was already able to stick three fingers in. "Looks like you worked yourself up a lot without realizing it," he said refusing back to how he saw the other boy fingering himself earlier. Yamagishi's ass was already dripping with slick that Takemichi didn't think he need to use much lube on him. "I think you can do it, but I don't want you to be uncomfortable," Takemichi reached over to the pile of gifts that he dumped on the floor. His hand found a bottle of lube and he smiled when he read the title, it was supposed to be one of those things that heat up to make the pleasure more intense. He had the perfect idea of how he would use it.


Takemichi bends Yamagishi over so that his ass was facing him, then he poured some of the warming lube into his hand before pushing his fingers into Yamagishi's hole. The glasses-wearing omega let out a glorious string of moans and gasps as Takemitchy spread his cheeks and worked his entrance open as wide as he could get it. Takemitchy was so tempted to stop and stick his dick in, but he didn't want to ruin his plans or make his pour puppy wait for much longer. By the time he pulled out his fingers, Yamagishi was at the very edge and whined loudly at the loss of the fingers. Takemichi had to admit that it was so very hot to see his friend in this light, he didn't know if their friendship would be the same after this, but he would think about that later. Having spread Yamagishi to at least four fingers, Takemichi took out the vibrating egg from his pocket and pressed it into Yamagishi's hole, he enjoyed watching the egg get swallowed him. Yamagishi let out a couple more tasty moans in the process.


"Okay, we're finally ready!" Takemichi announced happily.


"M-M-Mit-ch-chy p-p-plea-se n-n-no m-more, I don't t-thi-think I ca-can take i-it," Yamagishi stuttered as he was still laying on top of Hanma's stomach. His ass was still high in the air, and his hole was twitching a bit at the stimulation. He was at his limit, he had never felt so good during sex before. 'Damn, I wonder if Mitchy could teach Yamamoto some of his skills, then again, as much as we do it, I might die.'


"No, no, no, that's not how this punishment works, Yamagishi," Takemichi said hotly as he pulled the glasses wearer up into a sitting position. "You need to get on now, I promise you'll feel even better in a minute."


Yamagishi groaned, he didn't know how much more of this he could take. But, he was trusting his friend to not kill him with pleasure, though it might not be a bad way to die, he still wasn't ready to die yet. Yamagishi looked down at Hanma, the taller boy looked back at him, his intense gaze was making Yamagishi leak precum. Takemichi could see the hesitation to move, so he grabbed the boy's hips and gave a little push, Yamagishi moved forward until he was cheeks were sitting over Hanma's hips. He lifted his hips enough so that he could reach and take Hanma's dick into his hands while lining it up to his entrance. Takemichi helped him out a bit by spreading his cheeks open, he had to admit that Yamagishi had some nice cake hiding under those baggy pants. Yamagishi started to slide Hanma in, the feeling of the taller omega's dick entering him made him squirt a bit of cum as he tried to ease his way down.


Yamagishi stopped halfway as he started to get full. "M-Mitchy, i-its t-t-too m-m-much...I-I can't!" He whined, he knew that his boyfriend was at least nine inches most of the time, but Hanma had him beat by an inch and a half, another reality for omegas.


"Then I'll help you," Takemichi hold Yamagishi's hips tightly so he couldn't wiggle away before easily pushing him down some more. Yamagishi threw his head back and gasped when he was fully seated on Hanma's cock. It was so long and thick, it filled him up completely to the point that he thought he would faint. But Takemichi wouldn't let that happen as he took the remote out of his pocket. He looked over to Hanma who looked like was trying desperately not to move an inch, "now, let the fun begin!" He turned on the vibrator and Yamagishi yelped loudly as his lower body was shaken to his core. Hanma was barely able to keep his hands off of Yamagishi's hips, he wanted to start moving inside of him right now. The feeling of the vibratory against his dick was driving him crazy after all that waiting he needed to endure. 


"M-M-Master, p-p-please, c-can I move?" Hanma begged, he could feel a tightness in the pit of his stomach that told him that he was getting ready to cum, but the ring wasn't letting him. He could feel the ring around the base of his dick even more now that Yamagishi was sitting right on top of it. Hanma could only imagine how good it would feel to cum right now.


"No, not until I say so," Takemichi said with a sadistic smile.


"O-okay," Hanma whined as he could feel some tears fall from his eyes, but he was also turned on by Takemichi's control. Hanma had never experienced this before, on one hand, he wanted to throw Yamagishi off of him so that he could pull the ring off, but at the same time, he didn't want to disobey. This kink of his that he's kept hidden for so long was taking him over, everything about the situation was a turn-on for him, especially Takemichi. And it wasn't every day this kind of thing happened to him, so he would enjoy it for as long as he could, hoping that he could have this much pleasure given to him again in the future. Hanma didn't even mind Yamagishi sitting on top of him all that much since Takemichi wanted him to be there, too.


Takemichi turned his mouth close to Yamagishi's ear as he whispered in a low voice, "All alright now, Yamagishi, it's time to start moving." He whispered as he started pushing the boy's hips back and forward slowly until Yamagishi started to do it himself, Takemichi kept a guiding hand on him for support. He could tell that this was a bit much for Yamagishi, so he didn't want to push him too much at this point. It didn't take long until Yamagishi was riding Hanma like a horse, he could hear the taller boy under him moan in both pleasure and frustration at not being allowed to cum. That seemed to turn Takemichi on a bit more and he wanted to join in on the fun too.


Takemichi used one hand to undo his pants and pull them down enough to have his dick pop out. He undid the buttons of his shit next to show his chest, he looked down at Hanma from over Yamagishi's shoulder. They made eye contact and Takemichi felt himself come a little at those pleading eyes. He almost wanted to give him what he wanted, but not yet. Takemichi reached for the club again and poured some into his hand before reaching down between Hanma's legs, he remembered how he would do this to some of his clients at the club after he finished his training there. The alphas who experienced for the first time it would turn to putty in his hands, he got a lot of his regulars that way. He's never done it to an omega before though, so he was curious about how it would go. 


Hanma felt Takemichi press a finger to his entrance, he looked up at Takemichi, "p-p-please, its...its, t-too m-m-much, I'm about t-to cum. P-please, let me cum, M-Master."


Takemichi paused his finger as he thought about it, "hmm, okay, but if I let you come now, then you'll have to do another punishment for me later. I could make it even worse for you if I feel like it." Hanma pouted sadly, imagining all the things that Mitchy could do to him if he didn't complete his punishment now both scared and excited him. However, he didn't think he was completely ready for that right. Takemichi could see him thinking, "well, is that what you want me to do?" Hanma shook his head, "that's a good boy. For that, I'll give you a treat later."


Takemichi pressed his finger into Hanma's heat. It felt nice, he could tell that the boy was excited because he was dripping with slick, but Takemichi pushed on. He moved his finger in and out to loosen Hanma's entrance up a bit, he soon added a second finger and a third. He could tell that this wasn't Hanma's first time doing this as he was willingly taking in all of his fingers hungrily. Once Mitchy felt that Hanma had been stretched enough, he pulled his fingers out, earning the same whine from Hanma that he got from Yamagishi earlier. Takemichi licked his lips as he lined himself up to Hanma's entrance before plunging into the warmth, Hanma bucked his hips up into Yamagishi which caused the boy riding him to cum hard. Yamagishi's cum came squirting out all over Hanma's face and chest, he felt a little weak from the intensity and almost fell back, but Takemichi was there to catch him, pressing his chest into Yamagishi's back to keep him upright. 


Takemichi could feel Hanma's muscles tightening around, it almost made him cum too, but held on. He held onto Yamagishi's hips again, moving them as he started to thrust his hips. Hanma threw his head back as he felt the tip of his dick manage to dribble some of his coming out. It wasn't much, but it did relieve some of the pressure slightly, he couldn't take not moving anymore and started to thrust his dick upwards into Yamagishi again, he felt that moving might get his mind off of the pressure he was feeling in the pit of his stomach. Yamagishi moaned as he could feel Hanma hitting his sweet spots while the vibrator was only tightening the sensation for both of them. Yamagishi wondered his Takemichi came up with this position, it was really hot, he could even feel Takemichi's hips thrusting behind him whenever he moved his hips back. Just imagining what their position must look like right now turned Yamagishi on and his dick stood at full attention again.


Mitchy could feel himself getting close so he reached for the remote in his pocket to turn up the vibration. "Ahh! M-Mi-Mitchy...p-p-please, you're g-going t-to break my a-ass!" Yamagishi moaned hotely as his mind felt like it was breaking.


Takemichi chuckled breathlessly as he speeds up his thrusting, "don't worry, your ass is fine from what I can see." He said as he lifted his hand and landed a loud slap to the side of Yamagishi's cheeks.


The other boy yelped at the stinging feeling from Takemichi's hand. Yamagishi felt himself cum a bit from the slap, the pleasure was getting too much for him as his body felt like it was shaking. "Ahh, M-Mitchy, n-no more. I can't," he begged as his back arched inward to release some of the pressure he was feeling. Hanma's dick felt like it was swelling up inside of him to the point that he didn't think he would be able to use his legs properly.


"You didn't say the magic word," Takemichi said as he landed another slap to Yamagishi's ass. He chose the left side this time so both sides would turn red, you could say that this was Mitchy's kink in a way.


"Ahh! Ngh, ah p-p-p-please!" Yamagishi moaned after the second slap landed, his ass right now felt so good that he could feel another intense orgasm coming. He reached for his dick to start pumping it so he could cum faster, but Takemichi grabbed both of his hands. Yamagishi felt like he wanted to cry, "Mitchy, p-please."


"That's not my name," Takemichi whispered in his ear in a deep sensual voice. "Call me Master."


Yamagishi gasped, he didn't know Takemichi's voice could get that deep, it was almost as if he was being commanded by an alpha. He had to look behind him to make sure that it was still Hanagaki Takemichi and not some stranger that looked like him. When he looked back, Takemichi was blushing, his face was red and he was panting, Yamagishi had to admit that it was currently the hottest sight he had ever seen in his life. When Mitchy noticed Yamagishi was looking back at him, he smirked and pulled him into a deep kiss like before, Yamagishi decided to surrender himself to Takemichi's will after that because his kiss took his mind away.


"Hey, what about me?" Hanma asked pouting sadly, he was jealous that Yamagishi seemed to be getting all the attention from his master. He wanted to kiss Takemichi too!


Takemichi broke the kiss to look back down at Hanma, a small frown on his face, his eyes looked a little cold. It made Hanma shiver a bit, but not out of fear. "Good puppies don't talk while their Master's eating, they just quietly sit there and beg for their treat," Mitchy said coldly before going back to making out with Yamagishi. Mitchy continued to thrust his hips into Hanma in the meantime, he could feel Hanma tighten around him some more, he knew he was being a bit mean now, but he was much too into this to stop now. He trusted into Hanma harder as he made out with Yamagishi, he reached a hand around to start pumping his friend's dick. Yamagishi moaned into his mouth as he got close again, before long, Yamagishi pulled away and moaned loudly as he came for the last time. 


Yamagishi was spent, this was way too much pleasure for him to handle, so after he came, he leaned back on Mitchy, unable to move. He was done, 'Mitchy, let's do this again sometime,' he thought as he drifted off to sleep.


Takemichi smiled, he didn't think that this would be so fun. Yamagishi game until he fell asleep, and Hanma was looking up at him like a real puppy, Takemichi felt like he had reached his peak. He held onto Hanma's hips and trusted in deep inside of the taller boy before releasing himself inside him. He cum deep inside of Hanma's body, he felt as if he was on top of the world, he thrust in a few more times to ride out his orgasm before he slowly pulled out. "Damn, that was fun," Takemichi helped Yamagishi off of Hanma's dick, something that the taller omega was grateful for. Mitchy moved Yamagishi over to the side, he grabbed a blanket off of his bed and threw it over Yamagishi's sleeping form before turning back to Hanma.


The taller omega could only lay on the floor as Takemichi moved his friend. He was trying his hardest not to jerk off because Takemichi's cold eyes kind of scared him a little bit. He took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself down, he didn't know how long Mitchy was going to keep his dick locked up. "What's this, are you tired already puppy?" Takemichi asked as he came to stand over Hanma. Hanma pouted up at Mitchy and shook his head, Mitchy smiled, "good," he knelt next to him with a warm smile, "sorry about before, I'll give you your reward now." He reached down and pulled off the cock ring slowly, it was easier to do thanks to the remaining lube still on his hands and some of Hanma's come that managed to leak out. Hanma felt the ring come off of his dick, he was so relieved that he came right away, all the pressure he was feeling disappeared as he came. He moaned in pleasure as he tempted himself, some of his cum landing on his stomach.


"Oh, that was quicker than I thought it would be," Takemichi smirked as he looked back at Hanma's face. "But I'm happy you seemed to have fun in the first round."


Hanma gasped, "f-f-first round?" 


Takemichi nodded and pulled him into a sitting position, before pulling off his shirt and pants completely. Hanma looked upon Takemichi's naked glory in wonder. Mitchy held Hanma's shoulders as he sat in his lap, "in our second round, let's play a game," he said as he grabbed the lube bottle. He poured some of it out and started finger himself, Hanma held Takemichi's hips as he watched him stick the first finger in. Hanma could feel his dick slowly getting hard again as he continued to watch, "ah, and the f-first person t-to m-ngg ah! Make the other c-cum ah, first gets t-top-pick their punishment." Takemichi's moans were going straight to Hanma's dick as he continued to play with himself in front of him, the taller boy gulped as he imagined what it would be like to thrust inside of Mitchy. By the time Mitchy was done stretching himself out, he tossed the bottle to the side, "there," he turned to a Hanma, "shall we start?" 


Hanma couldn't help himself, he flipped their positions so that he was laying over Mitchy, pressing his body into his. He was panting hotly as he looked into Takemichi's eyes, he could barely contain himself as he lined himself up to the blond's entrance. He stopped before he could enter, looking deep into Mitchy's eyes, "c-can I?" He asked hesitantly, he couldn't believe he would be allowed to enter Takemichi like this.


Takemichi smirked up at him, he wrapped his arms around hanma's neck, "go for it. But remember, if you come first, I'll punish you." Hanma was slightly hesitant to do this because just having Mitchy under him right now was making him want to cum, but he pushed that thought out of his mind. He entered Mitchy slowly, pushing his way through carefully so he didn't hurt the smaller boy. Mitchy moaned as he was filled with Hanma's dick, Yamagishi was right, it was pretty big. Hanma pushed in until he was fully seated inside Mitchy, he waited for a sign to start moving."What are you waiting for, start moving," Mitchy said after a few deep breaths, he was trying to calm himself down before he lost at his own game. "Unless you're scared that you'll lose."


Hanma smirked, "we'll see about that," he said before pulling out and thrusting back in. He moved his hips quickly so his next thrust could slam into Mitchy deeply, he was rewarded with a pleasant moan from Mitchy. Hanma was now feeling confident that he could win so he started thrusting faster until every thrust he delivered left Mitchy in a moaning mess. He made sure to hit his G spot every so often so that he could come quickly, however, Hanma soon realized that Mitchy was formidable when it came to holding out. He didn't know how long they had been at it, but it was long enough for them to change positions a few times. After a while, Hanma felt himself getting close, but Takemitchy had yet to cum since the game started. He was starting to think that Mitchy might have been cheating somehow, Mitchy was currently pinned to the edge of his bed as Hanma thrust in deep into his body. 


Hanma didn't want to lose, so he reached under Mitchy to start jerking him off, "h-hey, what's that for?" Mitchy gasped out of surprise. 


Hanma chuckled, "I don't really like losing, you get it, right?"


"Oh, is that so?" Mitchy said looking back at Hanma, "I don't like to lose either." With that, he tightened his walls around Hanma and watched the taller boy falter a bit. "Don't lose now, it would be a shame if you did," Hanma growled in response. He grabbed Mitchy's hips tighter as he thrust harder into him. It sent a shiver up Mitchy's spine, but he refused to give in, not yet, he tighten his walls some more until finally, he heard Hanma moan loudly and felt victory flow into him. Hanma had given one last thrust but he knew he couldn't win against Mitchy now since he was already at his limit from earlier. If he couldn't win, he wanted to at least savor this feeling, he rode his orgasm before letting himself fall on top of Mitchy's back while his hips thrust into a bit more to make sure he emptied every bit of himself into the other boy. As Hanma came inside of him, Takemichi came


Hanma and Mitchy stayed like that for a few minutes as they both tried to catch their breath, "Mitchy, what's up with you? It's like you have endless energy," he said between huffs.


Takemichi chuckled, "maybe it's because I have a lot of stamina from doing it alone most of the time," he sighed. "You put up a good fight though, thanks for that. Makoto  wouldn't have been able to last this long."


"Makoto?" Hanma asked as he lifted himself off of Mitchy a bit while thinking back to the other omega that helped Mitchy earlier. "Oh, you mean that feminine-looking one? You've slept together before?" 


"Well, it was only twice now, but yeah," Takemichi turned to look back at Hanma, "it was kind of an emergency, so keep it a secret." Hanma nodded, he started to pull out when Takemichi stopped him, "hold on, you're not off the hook just yet."


"What? Seriously?" Hanma said in surprise, "you're already going to punish me for cuming, what more do you want, Master?" 


Takemichi smirked, "put me to sleep, then I'll let you go."


Hanma paused to think about what Mitchy just said, if it were possible, Hanma blushed even more, "s-s-sure..." He pushed himself back in slowly, his dick was only half-hard at the moment, and he was tried, but having Takemichi request this of him turned him on all over again. Mitchy laid his head on the bed as he felt Hanma thrusting in and out of him slowly, he liked the feeling enough that he wanted to sleep right here and now. A few minutes later, it didn't take too long before the tired Hanma came inside of Mitchy again, he had been so worked up before that all of his energy had left him the last time he came. Thankfully Mitchy had fallen asleep while he was coming to his climax, Hanma sighed then yawned tiredly, he didn't have the strength to pull either of them onto the bed, so he laid Mitchy down on the ground next to Yamagishi before he covered with the sheet that was left on the bed, he curled up next to Takemichi, holding him close before falling asleep himself.


Flashback end


The next day when Takemichi woke up, he barely put two and two together. His heat usually left him in a bit of fog most of the time, so it took a while before his memories came back to him, unless there was something to trigger them. Lucky for him, Yamagishi was laying next to him cum on his glasses, and Hanma was still holding him, he could feel the taller boy snuggle into him after he woke up. Takemichi had to sit up slowly to take a look around the room, the state of it was much messier than he usually kept it. He saw the two boxes laid out on the floor, but he saw the contents of it and started to realize what had happened. 


He rubbed his eyes and looked around again, he saw more sets of clothes thrown around the room than just his. Then he looked down at Hanma when he mumbled something about 'Master' in his sleep. Like a flash of lightning, Takemichi's memories loaded back to him just in time for him to hear a knock on the door. "Uh, hey, Mitchy, are you guys up yet?" It was Makoto.


Takemichi felt like his heart would jump out of his chest, "Uhm, uh, y-yeah, I-I'm up."


"Ooo~ Does that mean you're still going at it?" This time it was Baji's voice he heard, Takemichi blushed a bright red. 


"N-no!" Takemichi yelled, his voice seemed to be the thing to wake the other two. Takemichi looked between Hanma and Yamagishi for a moment before covering himself with the sheet, "j-j-just leave, we'll come down in a few!" 


"Alright, but don't take too long, we'll have breakfast ready in ten," Makoto called out from behind the door. 


Takemichi heard Baji whisper something that he couldn't make out from where he sat on the floor. He sighed in relief when he heard them leave, he thought that he could relax a bit until Hanma yawned. "Morning, Master," he said before trying to sit up, but he winced in pain, "damn, what a night, huh?"


"You're telling me," Yamagishi grumbled as he glared at passed Mitchy to Hanma. 


"What? I didn't do anything," Hanma smirked.


"Bullshit, you blew out my fucking back!" Yamagishi hissed at the taller omega.


Hanma shrugged, "Hey, what did you want me to do, my Master ordered it. If it's anyone's fault, it's his," he said as he gave Takemichi a wink.


Takemichi turned his head to look at the wall, "yeah, well, what's done is done. So let's all hurry up and get some breakfast then," he said as he tried to get up, but his legs failed him. Also, he felt something slip out of him that felt very much like a dildo, but thanks to his memories, he wondered if that was the case.


Hanma and Yamagishi got a good view of Takemichi's ass, Yamagishi looked away blushing while Hanma caught the boy before he could fall. "Whoa, there, careful now, Master," Hanma said holding him in his lap.


Takemichi turned even redder, "H-Hanma, if you know what's good for you, you'll help me to the bathroom so I can take a shower, right now." He couldn't bear to look at Hanma at all thanks to those memories, but he needed to wash up because he could feel the remains of last night dripping down his ass when he tried to stand up before. It was hella embarrassing, he felt like he wanted to die at the moment if the embarrassment didn't kill him first. 


"Sure, let's take a bath together Master," Hanma purred. He gave Yamagishi the side-eye, "we can leave the attention stealer behind here."


"Oh shut up!" Yamagishi whined, "I don't have to take shit from the one still wearing the collar from last night!" 


"It's a gift from my master, why wouldn't I want to wear it?" Hanma smiled happily, though he was blushing.


"Shut up you two!" Takemichi shouted.


Breakfast was a silent affair, the only one talking was Mimi and Baji about the babies. Mimi had been curious about the babies in Baji's belly ever since she first touched it and felt a kick. She thought that there was a child stuck inside and she tried to talk to them by putting her mouth flush to Baji's belly so they could hear her. Baji nearly wet himself with laughter as Takemichi tried to explain to her that the babies needed to be in there until they could be born. He didn't think she fully understood him because she kept trying to the twins in her baby language, God only knows what she could be telling them this time.


Makoto brought out the last of the food and placed it on the table. "Breakfast is served, dig in," he cheered happily as he picked up his plate to help himself. Baji helped Mimi make a plate before making one himself, an extra-large one since his doctor said more nutrition. 


Meanwhile, Takemichi, Yamagishi, and Hanma didn't seem to be too social this morning. After the trio came downstairs, they had a small talk while Makoto was finishing breakfast and Baji was helping Mimi put away her toys. Takemichi found out that it was thanks to Hanma's special suppressant pills that they were caught up in that dream-like state last night. Once they left the room, the pheromones that had been clouding their brains slowly dissipated and their minds became clearer. Hanma felt embarrassed that he was still wearing the collar Mitchy put on him at the table, but he didn't feel like taking it off yet. The collar had a spot on the front where a nametag could go, he was wondering if Takemichi would give him a tag to put there. As for Yamagishi, looking anyone in the eye was simply impossible for him. Takemichi lent them both some of his clothes so they could walk around the house after they rinsed off in the shower. 


Takemichi, at this time, was trying to act normal. He just needed to keep his eyes far away from Hanma, his collar, and Yamagishi as much as possible until his memories fade. 'Yeah right, who am I kidding, I'll never forget that night for as I live. Why the hell did it have to be so fucking hot? I'm getting hard just thinking about it. And the way I acted, ugh, it's all that pill's fault! It fucked us up and made us fuck each other like we were in some fucking kink video. My only salvation is that no one was there to film any part of it." 


Or so he thought.


A few minutes into their breakfast, there was a knock on the door. Takemichi decided to get, he got up from the table and started for the door, "I'm coming," he sighed as his legs felt like jello under him.


"That's what he said!" Baji shouted after him and laugh loudly.


Takemichi looked back at him in shock, "B-B-Baji, what the fuck!" He said unable to believe he just said that without shame while his daughter was still at the table. Mimi started giggling because Baji was laughing, "Mimi! No! Baji stop corrupting my baby!" Hanma chuckled slightly and Yamagishi was trying not to laugh, Makoto was facing the other way to hid his failing attempt at not chuckling a bit.


Baji wiped a tear from his eye as he couldn't remember a time when he'd laughed so much, "sorry, Mitchy, I had to. Besides, you guys were corrupting my ears last night with all that noise."


There was another knock on the door, Takeuchi looked from the door to Baji and back, "ugh, whatever, we'll talk about this when I get back!" He marched his jello legs over to the front door, he was so going to give Baji a lecture about this later. There was yet another knock on the door, the person sounded impatient, Takemichi ripped opened door quickly to see who it was, "yeah, yeah, whatcha want so early in the morning?" He asked before he saw who it was. To his surprise, Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, Hakkai, and Chifuyu were all standing at the door in their Toman uniforms and jacket. "Huh, uh, hey guys, what's up?" 


"Nothing, what sup with you, Mitchy, you look stressed," Mikey said in his usual Mikey way as he smiled at Mitchy.


"Uh, well, maybe," Takemichi scratched the back of his head awkwardly. There was no way in hell he was going to tell any of them why he was stressed right now. Too much detail. "Anyway, what brings you guys here so early in the morning?"


"I wanted to see how you were doing," Mitsuya said and held up a store bag, "I also brought you some medicine."


"I brought over soup because Taka-chan said you were feeling sick," Hakkai said holding up a takeaway bag. 


"Uh, okay," Mitchy looked to the other three for their reason.


"Mikey wouldn't stop complaining about not getting to stay with you yesterday, so I made sure to come with him so he didn't do anything stupid," Draken explained.


"Yep, Ken-chin is my sitter~," Mikey said happily, Draken gave him a disappointed frown from behind. 


Mitchy turned to Chifuyu, he didn't know what it was, but there was something different about him today, "I cam to check up on Baji, he's mom's kind of worried about...and there was something I wanted to ask you about."


"Hm, okay, well you guys might as well come in then," Takemichi said as he opened the door wide enough for everyone to walk through. Once all the alphas had taken off their shoes, Takemichi told them that they could head to the dining room, Before he could follow them, Chifuyu pulled him aside, there was an urgency in his movements that made Mitchy curious. "Chifuyu?" 


"Well, the thing is, I was wondering if you would like to go to a doctor's appointment tomorrow?" CHifuyu asked hesitantly.


Takemichi could see the fear in the young alpha's eyes, whatever was going on with him seemed to be worrying him quite a bit. "Sure, I'll go with you, is everything alright?" He asked as he looked the boy over, he still had on both of his casts, but he wasn't walking with a crutch anymore, one of the perks of being an alpha was that they seemed to heal faster than anyone else. Sometimes Takemichi was a little jealous of that ability, but it was just one of those things that he couldn't help. He was about to turn to go back into the dining room with the others before he paused, he looked back at the first division vice pain for a moment. "Are you alright?"


Chifuyu smiled, "I'll be fine..." he said as he started for the dining room. Takemichi didn't believe that, but he didn't want to stress an issue that didn't need to be.


"And why the fuck are you wearing that damn collar anyway?" Draken growled, "did you finally get another own so you can leave our Mitchy alone."


"Ha, shows how much you know, this was a gift from Mitchy," Hanma smirked. Draken looked like he had been slapped, Hanma's smirk grew into a victorious smile, "I bet he's never given you a gift after Mitchy and I-" Mitchy rushed over to cover Hanma's mouth with his hands. 


"That will be enough out of you, thanks," Mitchy sighed, glaring at the taller omega heatedly. 


Mikey stood up then, "Mitchy, you gave the dog a gift and not me? Where's the justice!" 


"It wasn't a gift, he just assumed it was," Mitchy sighed tiredly. He leaned down to Hanma's ears, "shut up, or else your punishment will get worse, understand?" Hanma nodded and he removed his hand from over his mouth before taking his seat.


Mikey pouted and sat back down to pick at his pancakes, "no fair. I knew I should have fought harder to stay." 


Draken ignored Mikey's grumblings for a moment, he looked between Mitchy and Hanma, "what was that about?" 


"Nothing you need to worry about Draken breath," Hanma said with a frown. 


"Why are you two fighting so much, it's too early for this," Mitsuya said as he feed Baji some of his eggs. "If you keep going like this, people are going to think that you're a couple."


"we're not a couple!!" Hanma and Draken replied together angrily.


Mitsuya sighed tiredly he turned back to his boyfriend when he noticed Chifuyu not eating anything, "is there something wrong, Chifuyu?" The second division captain asked curiously as the green-eyed boy was looking a little pale. He was sitting next to Hakkai who was busy chowing down on some bacon and eggs. 


"Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just a little tired," Chifuyu replied looking a little smile. Honestly, he felt like he was burning up right now, but he had already taken off his jacket at the door so he shouldn't be feeling that hot since he just came in from outside. Not only that, but he was painfully aware of all of the scents mixing in the room. He was used to Baji's scent already since they hang out almost all the time. However, the other scents in the room were starting to get to him, it was mostly the other alphas in the room that he couldn't stop smelling. In the past, since he was an alpha, he barely noticed their scents, but now it seemed like he could only smell their scents. Mikey's was the strongest, and Draken was second to it. He saw why some people called the two 'Demon Forest Brothers' in passing. 


As for Mitsuya, his scent was kind of nice, complimenting Baji's nicely. However, the scent that was nothing Chifuyu the most right now was Hakkai's. Chifuyu couldn't get over it, it smelled like sake, the really strong stuff, and there wasn't anything wrong with it, except for the fact that it was intoxicating Chiguyu the longer he smelled it. Chifuyu felt as if he could drink in that scent for as long as time allowed, but he couldn't help but feel worried about how he was being intoxicated by another alpha's scent.


He wished that tomorrow would hurry up so that he could figure out what was wrong with him. It might have something to do with his injuries, his therapist said that he could still experience a lasting effect even months after the event that caused his arm and leg to be put into a cast. Chifuyu had been curious about what she might have meant at the time, but he doubted that she meant this. Chifuyu took in a deep breath and tried to focus on what was happening in the present. It was a little hard though because his mind felt a little clouded, he was getting hotter by the minute. He hoped that this little meeting would finish soon so he could get a proper breath of air Hakkai seemed to be completely oblivious to Chifuyu's internal worries since he was working on his third pancake. 


Takemichi was starting to worry about CHifuyu, in only a few minutes of being at the table, he's noticed that the vice-captain had gotten paler than when he first came in. Takemichi wanted to say something, but Mikey slammed his hands on the table, startling Mimi a bit, "Mikey, what the hell was that for?" Draken asked as he had to pause his argument with Hanma to look over to the commander. 


Mikey stood up to his full height and looked around the room. "Okay, since everyone is here, I think we should have a premeeting between just us before today's fight." Takemichi had nearly forgotten about the fight between Valhalla and Toman.


"Mikey, didn't we talk about everything we needed to at last night's meeting?" Draken sighed.


"You guys had a meeting last night?" Takemichi asked, he hadn't been made aware of it, Mikey usually called him to show up whenever there was a Toman meeting. Then again, the omega was in the middle of heat last night, so he guessed it would make sense that Mikey couldn't invite him. 


Draken nodded, "yeah, we did, but since you were having your heat, we couldn't invite you. But basically, we just railed everyone up to take down Valhalla like we had planned to do the first time."


"Oh, okay..." Takemichi nodded.


"If this is a meeting about Toman, then why are you letting me hear it?" Hanma asked as he leaned his head in his hand as his arm rested on the table.


Mikey looked at him sharply, "because you're a dog and dogs don't talk."


"If I'm a dog, then you're a baby monkey," Hanma shot back nonchalantly.


Mikey growled at the tall omega but looked to Mitchy, "you haven't been training him like I asked, Mitchy."


"You say that like it'll happen overnight," Takemichi gave him a bored look as he brought his coffee cup to his lips. After his heat, he always enjoyed a bit of coffee since he needed the energy, especially now. 


"Anyway," Mikey folded his arms, the others turned to him, "since this is sensitive information, I only want a small number of people to know about it. That means, no one else in the pack knows this information except the people who are sitting in this room right now."


"Um, wait, wait, hold up a second, Mr. Mikey, sir," Yamagishi said a little nervously as he raised his hand, Mikey looked at him with his emotionless which made the omega shrink back a bit, but he didn't back down. Besides, Hanma was sitting right next to him, so if it came to it, he could use him as a shield to block Mikey's powerful kicks. He knows that Hnama' was a good fighter because he had seen him beat down a couple of alphas by himself as if they were only babies or something. That thought gave him the confidence he needed to continue, "um, so like, Makoto and I aren't exactly in your pack, so should we leave?"


"Yeah, that's true," Makoto said, "even though we're friends with Mitchy, we're not in the pack."


"It doesn't matter, we induct you later," Draken said sounding slightly annoyed at the interruptions. Yamagishi hid behind Hanma a bit while Makoto shrank back in his seat, regretting adding anything to the conversation. They could smell Mikey's bloody scent get stronger in the room, which made Chifuyu look a little paler, but it didn't seem like too many people noticed, except Mitsuya, Mitchy, and Hanma. Baji might have noticed it too, but he didn't say anything about it. Draken turned back to Mikey, "as you were saying?"


"Right, this information is not to be shared with anyone in the pack, none of the other captains and vice-captains can know this until I say so." Mikey said seriously, "as of right now, Hanma Shuji is working for Toman."


There were a couple of shocked expressions around the room from those who had only heard about Hanma's presents at Mitchy's house, and nothing more. Mitsuya looked over to Hanma, the tall omega smiled and waved at him in return. Mitsuya turned back to Mikey, "are you sure that's the best idea, Mikey? I mean, he is the vice-captain of Valhalla, he could be like a double agent and betray us in the future."


"I', wear of the risk," Mikey said looking to his second division captain, "still, it seems that Hanma..." he glanced over to the tall omega. His frown deepened as he saw the omega's smiling face, "had chosen to pledge his loyalty to Mitchy for now, so I've decided to allow him to be close by."


"Seriously?" Hakkai looked over to Hanma as if seeing an alien for the first time. 


"Yes, and it's because of him that we've discovered that Valhalla had their mole planted in our pack," Mikey announced. More surprised looks all around the table, "the identity of that mole will remain between me, Ken-chin, and Hanma for now." He went on before anyone else could interrupt him, "we'll be dealing with that when the time comes, but for now, we'll all act as normal. Don't let on that you suspect anyone, this could cause another rift in the pack like with Pah-chin, and we don't need that, not now anyway." The commander took in a deep breath as he prepared to deliver the nest announcement, "in today's fight, it is expected that someone will die."


"What?!" A few people said out of surprise. Hakkai nearly choked on his pancake, Mitsuya dropped the fork he was using to feed Baji some eggs, and Baji's eyes were wide as dinner plates. The others were barely able to speak they were so shocked, since Draken had heard this from Mikey beforehand, he wasn't as shocked as the others, but it was still surprising news.


"Calm down, I'm not finished," Mikey sighed.


Baji wanted to jump up and shout, but due to his extra weight from the babies, he couldn't move like that so suddenly anymore. Instead, he slammed his fist onto the table, "Hey, what the hell, Mikey, how could just drop a bomb on us like that and expect us to be calm! Who the hell is supposed to believe that? But more importantly, who is it? WHo's gonna kill one of our guys? I'll murder them all!!" He shouted angrily.


Mimi started to get scared because Baji was shouting, Takemichi got up and picked up the little girl from the chair she was sitting on. She was sitting right next to him on her on a pillow so she could reach the table and try to feed herself. It was her way of being independent even though she was just barely a year old, but Mitchy wanted to pick her up before she got too scared and started to cry. Baji seemed to realize what he did and apologized to Mitchy and the little girl for scaring her. Takemichi told him that it was fine and he didn't need to worry, then he took his daughter back to his seat so Mikey could continue the meeting. Baji calmed down a bit while Mitsuya rubbed his shoulder to treasure him that everything was okay. When takemichi got back to his seat, he placed Mimi on his lap with his arms wrapped around her so she would feel safe. Mitchy looked back up to Mikey and he could tell that he was just itching to hold the little girl as well.


Mikey frowned as he looked away from Mimi, "since I got all of this information from Hanma, I don't know how true this is. But, according to him, it's most likely that a former member of our pack will be targeted during the fight. And that person is Kazutora...I'm pretty sure I know why that is, but again, I don't know how true this information is, so the person targeting him could change their mind at the last second." 


"So what are we supposed to do?" Mitsuya asked hesitantly, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. He felt like he's entered a bad dream all of a sudden. 


"We'll stop it from happening, of course," Draken replied confidently as if that wasn't obvious. 


Mitsuya looked to Draken skeptically, his eyes were filled with worry, "but how? We don't know who, how, or how soon they're planning to off Kazutora. I mean, I know he left the pack and everything already, but he's one of our founding members, we can't just let him die even though he's not a part of the pack anymore." 


"We already know that," Draken said.


"Then what are you going to do about it?" Baji asked, he was feeling completely powerless right now because of his unborn babies. He knew that he couldn't go out and join the fight, even though he wanted to do so very, very badly right now. However, his babies needed him to live on so that he can give birth to them. And even thoughKazutora has not been there for him, Baji couldn't help but think that his children at least deserved to know that their father was still alive and would come to see them one day. He was hoping that whatever Kazutora was going through mentally right now, he got over it soon so he could meet his twins after they were born. It would suck to hell and back if Kazutora wasn't able to learn about his kids. 


"We might not have a plan, but that doesn't mean that we're going to sit by and do nothing," Mikey said knowing how Baji was feeling. He talked to Draken a while back and they figured that Kazutora might have gotten out of juvie a couple of months before Baji announced that he was leaving the gang. They guessed that once Kazutora was out of jail, he hit up Baji for some reason or another that ended in a booty call. A few months later, Baji is trying to leave the gang and happens to turn up pregnant afterward. Mikey also figured that Baji was only leaving the gang back then because he wanted to knock some sense into Kazutora, or, that's what he had thought, now there were more factors to think about. But he believed that, without a doubt, Kazutora was Baji's baby daddy.


"Where do you guys have to meet them this time?" Takemichi asked curiously.


"The same place, for some reason, they insisted on it," Draken stated with an annoyed look on his face. 


"Seriously? Even after what happened there last time?" Hakkai asked confused.


Draken nodded, "yeah," he looked over to Hanma was currently cooing at Mimi, "hey, stray, why's are we meeting over at the junkyard again?"


Hanma shrugged, "don't know, dragon breath, it has something to do with the location or the hidden obstacles or something."


"Tsk, damn, that's useless, but whatever, I guess we'll just kick ass wherever we are no matter what," Draken huffed tiredly. 


"That's right, I'm not looking forward to this, but we can't back down now." Mikey spoke up, "even though Draken and I tried to reach out to him to let him know that his life might be in danger, he refused to talk to either of us. Nothing we said seemed to get through to him, so I was thinking that..." he turned to Baji's direction, "someone else might need to talk to him." Mitsuya looked between Mikey and Baji, the serious looks on their faces told him all he needed to know. He had the feeling for a long time now, but this might as well confined it. "Even if things do start going south during the battle, I still want Kazutora to take responsibility for what he's done, so even if we are going to try to save him the best we can. If we succeed, then we'll have Baji talk to him, to get him to rejoin Toman, regardless of the outcome. If not, then..." he didn't want to finish that sentence, "either way, we're going to do our best out there."


Hanma glanced over to Mikey, "it wouldn't matter if you win or lose in front of everyone, all you need to do is stop anyone from dying. As long as the police don't get involved, then his plans won't go the way he wants." 


"Exactly," Mikey as he took his seat. "Because of the fight happening today, I've asked Emma and her friend, Hina, to come over here so that all of our omega will be safe. They won't have anything to hold over us that way." 


"Alright, since that's over, let's finish up here so we can get out of here and meet the rest of the pack. They'll be waiting for us at the meeting spot soon," Draken stated as he picked up his cup of tea.


Takemichi watched as the alphas cleaned their plates and get up from the table to make their way back over to the door. They all had a look on their faces as if they were going off to war for an unknown amount of time. Takemichi couldn't help but look at Chifuyu with worry, he got up with his daughter still in his arms and stopped the green-eyed alpha. Just by looking at him, he looked as if he could fall over at any time, "Chifuyu..." Mitchy glanced over to the other alphas who had stopped to see why he was rushing over. He looked back to CHifuyu, he wanted to ask if he was okay if was put in the fight, but he didn't want to worry the others or reveal CHifuyu's secret. 


Luckily, Chifuyu got what he was trying to say, "Mitchy, it's okay, we'll be alright. Don't worry, because...we're alphas after all." He smiled brightly at the omega, "so there's nothing to worry over. We'll be fine."


"Aw~ Is my Mitchy worried about our wellbeing?" Mikey purred as he came to stand in front of the omega, he pulled him into a hug, careful not to squeeze Mimi as he did. "If you're so worried about us, you can give me a kiss for good luck."


"What, seriously Mikey, is this the time to be joking around like this?" Mitchy asked blushing at the request.


Mitsuya chuckled, "why not?" He shrugged and turned to Baji who had followed behind Takemichi, "so, what about it, Baji, you wanna give me some good luck just in case?"


Baji blushed and looked away from the lavender haired boy, "idiot, you don't need luck if you're strong...but, okay" He walked over to Mitsuya, the alpha stared into Baji's eyes warmly for a couple of seconds before the omega pulled him into a deep kiss for a moment. He pulled back to see the alpha blushing a bit, he pushed him away lightly as he placed a hand on his hip, "you better not give up, or else I've left you high and dry the next time I see you, got it?"


Mitsuya's smile brightened, "yeah, that's the kinda motivation I need." He leaned forward and gave Baji a chased kiss then quickly moved out of his reach before he got hit. "I'll be back before you know it, love," he turned and rushed out the door since he already had his shoes on, "I'll be sure to see you right after." He called out behind him as he went to go wait for Mikey and the others in front of the house.


"Tsk, bastard," Baji muttered as he placed a hand on his round stomach.


Hakkai chuckled, "Taka-chan is cool, he was able to land a kiss on Baji before he could get beaten. I'm impressed," he said following Mitsuya outside to wait. 


Draken chuckled, "you've gotten soft, eh, Baji?" The tall alpha said before he got a hard punch in the stomach that nearly brought him to his knees. 


"You can shut the fuck up, Draken, I'm fucking pregnant if you forgot," Baji said in a chilling tone.


"R-r-right...n-noted," Draken managed to squeak out in discomfort. 


Hanma came into the room just in time to see the tall alpha doubled over, he burst out laughing in delight. Behind him was Yamagishi, still trying to use him as a shield, the glasses-wearing boy was clinging close to Hanma's side as if he was a scared child. Makoto was standing behind the two, not wanting to get too close to the alpha commander. Takemichi placed a hand on the pregnant teen's shoulder to get him to retract his fist from Draken's stomach. Draken was grateful as he held his stomach, Baji's fist seemed to be as strong as ever as he found out. "B-Baji, please, calm down, stress isn't good for you to remember," Mitchy said as he gently pulled him away from the tall blond. 


"Hmph, who's stressed, not me, I'm just fine," Baji huffed. "But, it wouldn't hurt to get one more hit in, it would release some of my stress," he grinned evilly as he cracked his knuckles. 


"No, no, I think he learned his season now," Takemichi tried to keep Baji from beating up the alpha anymore. 


Chifuyu chuckled, "baji is badass, even when pregnant."


"Damn right I am! And don't you forget it!" Baji cheered at his subordinate. He looked Chifuyu in the eyes serious, "hey, you better keep those guys in the first in line until I come back. If anyone steps out of line, don't hesitate to crack some skulls."


"Got it," Chifuyu saluted his captain before walking out the open door. Draken straightened up a bit as he followed Chifuyu outside while rubbed his stomach.


That just left Mikey, Takemichi felt embarrassed about it, but he knew that it wasn't worth the headache of trying to turn him away now. Not when he had him locked in a tight hold. Mimi was looking up at the two of them curiously. Mitchy sighed, "all alright, fine," Mikey smiled happily as Takemichi placed a quick kiss on the side of his face. "There, that's all your getting from me right now, so go on," he said as he turned away from the boy blond commander. 


Mikey gave Takemichi a small kiss on the cheek in return as well before letting him go, "it's good enough. I'll look forward to more once we win~"


Mitchy blushed, "that all you'll ever get if you don't get going!" Hanma stopped laughing at Draken when he saw Mitchy kiss, Mikey, he didn't like the thought of the pack leader kissing his master so casually. The tall omega was tempted to challenge Mikey one on one but stopped seeing Mitchy yelling at the alpha. Mitchy sighed as he closed the door locked the door behind Mikey and the others once they left the house, Takemichi moved back with a heavy sigh. He needed to figure out what to do, Mikey and the others knew that Kisaki was targeting Kazutora, but he didn't know why Kisaki was trying to target Kazutora. Was it because he was one of the founding members of Toman? Was it because he was close to Mikey? What was the reason?


Mitchy turned to Hanma, "Hanma, do you know why Kisaki is trying to kill Kazutora?" 


Hanma smirked, "yeah, I do. But that kind of information will cost you, Master~" Takemichi sighed, suspecting what Hanma wanted, he was willing to do it as long as he could go back to his future with everything turning out to brighten than before.


later that same day


Takemichi had a plan. He wasn't about to let his friends go into this fight without his support. He might not be able to fight, but he was going to help. Since Hanma was the current vice commander of Valhalla, he had to be there to lead his gang into battle, it was a part of gang etiquette or something from what Takemichi understood it. Takemichi knew that he had to dust off some of his old skills and put them to work.


Mitchy had a little fun hacking into the online world again, he used to be an underground hacker while he was on the streets. A homeless omega once brought him a broken computer to test how smart he was because Mitchy told her how to get some special information once. After that, he was given the computer to see if he could fix it, and he id, to the other omega's surprise. The computer he was given to fix was kind of an older model, a bit of a dino compared to the ones he was used to seeing in stores in 2017, but he couldn't complain. He fixed the computer with barely any tools to speak of, just whenever he could dig out of the trash and steal from shops. Once he got it working, he used it to start a small hacking business where he would get requests to get information for all kinds of people. The omega became his partner in crime, so to speak, and they managed to make half a million easily by the end of their first year. They split the money evenly between them and went their ways after that year.


Takemichi still had the computer locked away in storage somewhere. It was still working perfectly and he was still proud of his work. Ever since then, he had gotten his hands on a couple more broken computers and fixed them all up to work better than they did before. Takemichi found it exciting to fix those broken computers, but after he was taken off the street, he hadn't touched any of them since. He thought that he left that life behind him, and he didn't need to go back to his old ways to get information like that anymore. Yet, Takemichi was finding it hard not to return to his old habits. He tracked down his old storage locker, he managed to keep it well paid for so that his stuff wouldn't be thrown away. It's been about two years since he last saw the collection of computers, he didn't think he had collected that much. Only fifty-five standard desktops, and fourteen hard drives from what he remembered, plus a couple of other smaller devices like cellphones that he had lifted off of some careless people once upon a time. 


Takemichi left Mimi with Baji, Makoto and Yamagishi agreed to stay behind as well so that they weren't in the way. Plus they didn't feel like leaving the house after Draken told them that they would be coming into the Toman pack soon. No doubt Akkun and Yamamoto would be called to hear the news. He didn't mind if the two alphas rushed over to his house to check on their boyfriends, it would give them something to do while Takemichi was out. 


Mitchy got to work booting up his old computers and started typing away. He looked through everything he could think of, police records, medical records, school recorders. All the legal stuff seemed to be a bust, he didn't find out anything interesting on Tetta Kisaki. So he turned to the illegal side of things. He wasn't about to give up without a fight, so he dove in deep, looking through everything until he found everything he could about the boy. From where he came from to where he lived, it was still not the groundbreaking information he was looking for, so Takemichi decided to take things a step further. Seeing as how Kisaki living with his parents in a slightly nicer part of town, Takemichi went to his house.


No one could have suspected that Takemichi was the type of person that could go through these lengths to get what he wanted. But he was. Takemichi would go through these lengths and more, there were some things about his past that he didn't tell Mikey and Draken for a reason. He kept a low profile, sure, but while he was on the streets, he made a name for himself, luckily he always kept his face covered so he was never found out. Some of the friends he made while on the street said that he could have been a cool alpha if he hadn't been an omega. Mitchy didn't know how to take that.


Breaking in and entering during the day wasn't as hard as people thought it was if you knew your subjects well enough. Kisaki's house was a modern type of house that looked perfect on the outside, but the inside was a different story. Of course, Takemichi had done his research on Kisaki's family as well, he was an only child with an alpha mother and father who both worked long hours every day. The mother worked at the hospital as a nurse an emergency room nurse, so she would be gone for at least twelve hours at a time. The father worked for a decent-sized law firm that took on many cases at a time, so he was usually gone most of the time as well. And since Kisaki was with Toman right now, Mitchy had a lot of time to poke through Kisaki's personal life.


Takemichi took his time turning his subject, Kisaki, over carefully. He wanted to know everything he could about him so that he could strike back when he needed to. Yet, the more he looked, the more he found out. Kisaki seemed like a normal boy on the outside, his room told a different story. It smelled like his pheromones, a smell that he couldn't forget as long as he lived. Chestnuts, roasted rest nuts. His bed was neatly made, his clothes were put away nicely, and he had his computer and gaming system in his room. His parents were making decent money, so Mitchy guessed that Kisaki would be kind of spoiled. So, Takemichi worked his magic on the computer first, he hacked in and found something very interesting, a list of all the members in toman with checkmarks next to certain names. 


Mitchy didn't want to make it seem obvious that he had Kisaki's computer had been hacked, so he made sure to download everything he needed onto a USB before deleting his recent activities from the memory. He looked around a little more, going through the parent's things to make sure that he covered his bases before leaving the house the same way he found it. He escaped out the back and stayed out of sight well enough so that he wasn't caught. Again, breaking in and entering wasn't as hard as it seemed if you knew your subjects well enough. No one in the neighborhood was watching him as he snuck through the back and made his way to the main street while wearing casual clothes. He had on his scent patch and had a reassurance from Hanma that the heat suppressant that he was given last night was strong enough to lower his scent and keep his heat away for at least two to three days at a time. 


Once Takemichi made it away from Kisaki's neighborhood, he took the long away back to his house just because of his paranoia. When he opened his front door, he was greeted with the sound of yelling and a flurry of familiar pheromones. "I'm back!" He had barely walked into the house and closed the door before he was confronted by the two flustered alphas, his friends, Akkun and Yamammotoo both looked like they were going to pop a blood vessel. Takemichi had a feeling that he already knew what this was going to be about, "Hey guys, what's up?"


"Mitchy, what the hell is this that I'm hearing?" Yamamoto asked with his hands in his pocket as he looked down at the omega. He kind of looked like a budge gangster like that, but Mitchy knew better not to antagonize the guy while he was already upset.


"I don't know, what have you heard?" Mitchy asked trying to get more information.


Akkun puffed up his chest as he folded his arms, "don't play dumb with us, Mitchy, you know exactly what we're talking about. Makoto called me early to tell me that he's going to be joining Toman's pack. Who the fuck put that idea in his head? He's not joining no one's pack without me!"


"Yeah, the same goes for Yamagishi!" Yamamoto added with a growl.


Takemichi sighed, "okay, listen, I get where you guys were coming from, but there's been a misunderstanding, okay? Mikey came over with some of the captains and vice-captain, we were having a meeting and Draken just blurted out something in the heat of the moment. He wasn't thinking straight so he just said that to keep them quiet during the meeting, that's all."


"Oh," Akkun said calming down a bit, Yamamoto still looked a little pissed off though. "Okay, so why would he say that? Are they looking to expand their herm or something to take some of the pressure off of you and Baji?"


Every pack had a harem of omegas, however, Toman's pack so far didn't have one. It was probably because they were still in middle school, most packs don't have an established heram until they reach high school or college. Because of that, Takemichi didn't consider the fact that he and Baji would become a part of that haram in the future, captain and vice-captain titles are damned. "Uh, well, no, but I don't consider myself to be a part of anyone's haram, especially not Toman's."


"Oh yeah, Takemitchy, why don't you tell that to those alphas? Mikey's already spreading the word that you're his bitch," Yamamoto stated in an annoyed tone.


"He's what!" Takemichi shouted he was going to have a long talk with Mikey later about this. But for right now, he was going to have to calm down, he took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Whatever, I'll get him for that later, I need some help with something."




To be continued...

Chapter Text

The battel was already well on its way at this point, bodies were dropping and flying on both sides, but it seemed like there was no end to them. Valhalla was the larger gang, they had way more members than Toman, but Toman still pushed forward. This time they didn't have anyone to come to distract them with guns and flying bullets to run away from. No, they were duking it out with their first. Chifuyu can't recall how long he had been fighting for, but it felt like hours, he punched hard even though his cast felt like it might break, undoing all the work it had done until now. Chifuyu's knees felt like they were about to give out at any moment. 


But the worst part of this was the pheromones. 


Chifuyu was trying his best to fight through, both mentally and physically, yet, there was barely anything left of his strength after a while. His punches were getting weaker, and his kicks were starting to lose their effects. The alphas around him seemed to start gathering around him, ganging upon him as if he were their main target. Chifuyu was upset, he was tired, but he couldn't give up. He didn't know what was wrong with him but he knew that if he let any of the alphas get to him now, things would go downhill fast. He was hot, unbelievably so. He felt like he was unable to get a breath in while he was fighting and his vision was getting spotty. He wondered if he was dehydrated or something. His muscles were getting weaker the longer that he tried to keep moving.


The alphas that were closest to Chifuyu start to gang up on him, it got to a point that Mitsuya had to jump in to help the vice-captain out. Mitsuya seemed to appear in the knick of time just as one alpha that Chifuyu punched dead in the face pushed his hand away. The guy almost tackled Chifuyu to the ground until Mitsuya came in and smacked him across the head hard enough to send him flying halfway across the years. Mitsuya started throwing hands with the other alphas that were surrounding Chifuyu so they could back up, once they got some space, Mitsuya looked down to Chifuyu to see the boy looking as pale as a ghost and looked worse for wear. 


Mitsuya was surprised by the boy's appearance and the fact that he looked so ill right now that he could fall at any second. Chifuyu was dripping sweat and amits all of the smells of sweaty alphas, Mitsuya was picking up a really sweet scent. It smelled like fresh strawberries at the height of summer. Mitsuya couldn't be certain, but he thought that it was coming from Chifuyu, but he thought that was crazy since Chifuyu was an alpha and the scent was distinctly omega. "Uh, hey, CHifuyu, are you okay, you're not looking do hot right now? You need a break or something?" He asked just before another alpha tried to catch him off guard. Mitsuya smelled him coming, he smelled like shit, to be honest, so he couldn't miss the guy if he tried. Mitsuya ended up kicking the guy to the stomach for interrupting him.


CHifuyu could barely register what Mitsuya was saying, he was so tired right now that he wanted to fall over. His breathing was starting to become erratic, but he tried his best to keep standing. "Y-yeah, I'm f-fine," Chifuyu huffed tiredly, holding up his fist in a fighting pose. 


Mitsuya didn't believe him, but he couldn't do anything about it right now because a bunch of guys was coming towards them. He came to stand behind Chifuyu so their backs were together, "Alright, I've got your back." 


Chifuyu was grateful that Mitsuya saved him, he felt like he could keep fighting a little longer with his help. "Thanks," he said and turned back to the fight. 


The junkyard was packed with other gangs who came out to see the battle just like last time. The air wasn't as cheerful and carefree as last time though, because of what happened, there were people posted at the main entrance. They had look-outs on watch fr anyone heading their way so they could alert their bosses about the dangers ahead of time so everyone could start escaping sooner. So that there wouldn't be a repeat of what happened last time. Chifuyu spotted the top of Kazutora's head moving through the crowd, "hey, Mitsuya, I spotted him, ten o'clock."


"Yeah, I see him," Mitsuya said after clocking a guy in the face, knocking him out. 


"What should we do?" Chifuyu asked just before kicking a guy in the balls who looked like he was aiming to ripe his jacket off.


"I'm not sure, but I think I have an idea," Mitsuya said. He looked around for an opening before grabbing Chifuyu by the arm and dragged him along with him as he ran towards the mountain of cars. He knocked a couple of guys out on the way so they could make it out into the open. They saw Kazutora running up towards the mountain of cars as Mikey chased him, a sense of Deja vu played in their mind as it reminded them of the first time. However, once Kazutora got to near the top of the mountain and turned to launch an attack on the blond commander, but Mikey was ready for him. He knocked out the guys from Valhalla that followed after him then turned to Kazutora.


Mikey glared at the unstable alpha, "Kazutora, why won't you talk to me seriously?" He asked as he stood one car down from him.


Kazutora turned to face Mikey, "what the hell do we have to talk about? After everything you've done, I'll make sure that I'm the hero of the story this time." As he said that, he reached behind him, he pulled something out from under his jacket. Mikey got the feeling that he was in danger even before he saw the shining black barrel of the gun Kazutora was now pointing towards him. "Once I get rid of you, I'll save my prince from your clutches."


Mikey's eyes widened, "what the fuck are you talking about?" He was confused, Mikey might have been a tough guy, but he wasn't completely bulletproof. If Kazutora was to pull the trigger right there and then, he was sure that he would be done for. He didn't have any armor on, and his head was in the line of fire, it was shocking. Mikey was starting to realize his mortality at this moment, he needed to think of a way to get out of this situation before Kazu decided to pull the trigger to end him. "Kazutora, listen, there's no way I would do anything to Baji. He's safe, and he wants to talk to you."


"Lies, you're just telling me what I want to hear," Kazutora took off the safety and cocked the gun so that it was ready to fire. He had his finger pressed against the trigger slightly so that he could fire it whenever he felt like it. "I know what you're trying to do, you're trying to get me to lower my guard so that I can go back under your evil thumb. There's no way in hell I'm ever going to listen to you again after what you did."


"What did I do, what are you talking about?" Mikey asked as he was starting to think that this was getting too serious, Kazutora had that look in his eyes that made Mikey worry about what he might be thinking. What his mind was making or, or if it wasn't just someone else who whispered something in his ear knowing his mental state. Mikey knew that Kazutora had some kind of imbalance in his brain that couldn't be fixed, only controlled through with medication and therapy. "damnit, if he goes off his meds for too long, who knows what could happen. If he's going this far then he must have been off of his medication for a little while now. How long could it have been to get this bad?"


Kazutora scuffed, "shut up, villain, you know what you did. You took him from me."


"Who?" Mikey asked, he couldn't hear the sounds of the others fighting below him anymore, so he was guessing that they were looking up at the show. He was thinking that there had to be some way for him to get through to the boy, but he was starting to draw a blank here. He looked back down to see everyone staring up at them with shocked looks on their faces, they all knew what was going on. Kazutora was being serious, and if someone didn't try to help Mikey deescalate the situation soon, then Mikey's death would be another one to haunt the years. 


"Look at me, you bastard, and own up to what you did!" Kazutora growled loudly for everyone to hear.


Mikey turned back to him quickly so that he didn't get filled with holes, "okay, I'm looking at you, please tell me who you're talking about," he said calmly.


"Don't act dumb Mikey, we both know you're not!" Kazutora shouted, "Baji! You took my omega from me and got him pregnant when he was waiting for me!"


There was a couple of gasp from the crowd below, no one could believe it. Mikey? Sterling another alpha's omega? Everyone knew that in gangs, omegas were usually free rain unless an alpha laid claim to them, but if they weren't marked by anyone, then it was the same as being signal. Some alphas could respect an omega who didn't want to be marked, however, in packs like Toman, it was the safest way to keep the gang's omegas safe. There were two ways to mark an omega, the first one, which was less controlling, was by scenting them, if an omega has a strong scent of alpha on them, then the others would say away. The second way, which was the ultimate show of commitment, was by biting the omega's scent glands. Once An omega's scent glands were bitten into, the omega change slightly, their heat won't come as often and they won't be as affected by other alpha's pheromones whether they were in heat or not. 


For example, if Mikey and Mitsuya were both to bite into the back of Mitchy's and Baji's necks at any point, then the two omegas would be submitting to those two alphas. And only those two. No one else would be able to calm them unless their alphas allow it. Takemichi and Baji would go into heat right after that, both of their pheromones would send their alphas into a rut that would eventually lead to sex and a baby a few months after that. But, Mikey wasn't willing to put Mitchy through that unless he wanted it, and he knew that Mitsuya was the same. However, an omega can refuse the bond that is formed between them and the alpha, though it would be hard, it can be done. Yet, there would be consequences for it. Takemichi was not the type to go down without a fight so there was no way he was going to allow something that he didn't want to happen, the same for Baji.


As for what Kazutora was saying, Mikey had a slight idea of how he came to that idea. It must have been the work of Kisaki, or at least Kisaki's soldiers, whoever it was, Mikey knew that they must have filled Kazutora's head will a lie about him and Baji being together. It wasn't exactly a secret that Baji was pregnant anymore, almost the whole gang knew about it by now. Mikey didn't know how or who had told them about it, but the cat was out of the bag now. Mikey needed to get to the bottom of that later though because Kazutora was starting to get impatient. 


"Kazu, listen-" Mikey started but was interrupted.


"Don't  fucking call me that!!" Kazutora yelled as he squeezed the trigger a bit.


"Okay, okay, calm down," Mikey said holding up his hands. He looked the other boy in the eyes seriously, "I don't know who told you that, but they lied to you. It's not mine, I never slept with him."


"Lier!" Kazutora shook his head, he couldn't believe that Mikey was lying to him right now when he had heard everything already. He knew the truth. "I know all that you did to him, I heard the rumors, so I know what you did to him!" 


Hanma whistled, "he's super cray-cray am I right?" He smirked as he looked up at the interaction between the two alphas. He could smell their pheromones rising from here, in fact, all of the alpha's pheromones were overwhelmingly strong right now. If he had not been on his suppressants right now, he might have gone into heat about now, or close to it if he resisted well enough. Speaking of which, he glanced over to Chifuyu who was standing a few feet away from him. He's fairly sure that CHifuyu was an omega based on the scent coming from him, he noticed it back at the house and didn't say anything. Chifuyu had passed by him twice, when he entered and when he left, so he picked up the scent rather quickly. It was undeniably a sweet smell of fresh summer strawberries, it was the rest time he's smelled such a sweet summer scent other than his Master's. He also saw how the alphas from his gang had gotten effect by it earlier.


This could be dangerous. Hanma didn't know if anyone else noticed, but Chifuyu was an omega, and he didn't have on a scent-blocking patch to hide it. Though Hanma was curious to know how he managed to hide it for so long, he would have to ask Mitchy later. Meanwhile, he turned back to see Mikey holding up his hands, that was a sign that things were starting to get serious. Some of the other gang members were starting to panic. Some of the alpha commanders were signaling for some of their subordinates to take down Kazutora. However, Hanma had spent some time with Kazutora, the alpha was unstable, so he was worried about how well that was going to go for them, but just in case, he didn't want to get caught up in the crossfire.


"Well this can't be good," he turned to Draken with a small smile, "hey, Dragen, why don't you try to take down yo boy? He looks like he needs a friendly shoulder to lean on."


"Eh? Are you fucking stupid, I can't go up there," Draken scuffed, "going up to him won't be easy. Especially with the way he is now." He looked up to Kazutora with a worried frown, "no, we're going to have to find another way or else Mikey's toast."


"Wow, that's reassuring of you," Hanma said, his smile dimming a bit as he turned back to the scene atop the car mountain. "Well, fuck. Huh, wait, isn't that..." he had to do a double-take when he saw a familiar figure sneaking over to two alphas. It was Mitchy, the blond omega who was taking advantage of the distraction to climb up the mountain of junk cars, he made his way up the side of the mountain until he was almost to the top. Hanma already had an idea of what Mitchy was trying to do, but he was worried for him, he took a step forward, he didn't want the boy to fall off from that height and get hurt. He was starting to like the blond omega very much, he didn't want to lose him, his warm light gave him strength. He couldn't lose it.


Draken noticed Hanma's movement and clamped a hand on his shoulder to stop him, "hey, the fuck are you doing?"


Hanma snapped out of it, "Mitchy."


Draken was confused by why the tall omega would be mentioning the omega's name right now, but then he followed Hanma's eye to the top of the car pile and was stunned. It was Takemitchy, he was currently standing in the car just above Kazutora while holding something in his hand. "The fuck? When did he-"


Takemichi took a deep breath and shouted, "Kazutora!!" Loud enough for everyone to hear. The black and blond hair alpha turned to Mitchy in surprise, he didn't expect anyone to interrupt him, especially not this guy. If he remembered right, he was the cute omega he had to find for Hanma a while back. Now that he was thinking about it, he had heard that this omega was friends with his Baji, which seemed to be enough for him to lower his weapon and turn to look at Mitchy slightly.


"It's you. What are you doing here?" Kazutora asked, he retrained his gun on Mikey just in case he got any ideas. Mikey grunted because he thought that he would have had a chance to get the gun away from Kazutora when he was distracted, but the unstable alpha didn't leave a long enough opening for him. But more than his situation with Kazutora, Mikey looked up to Takemitchy, wondering when and what he was doing here. 


Mitchy looked down at Kazutora, ignoring Mikey for the moment. He knew that if he looked at the blond commander, he would be glaring at him for disobeying him. He was glad that he did though, or else it looked like Mikey might be taking one for the team. "Kazutora, I have someone here that wants to talk to you," Mitchy said as he held up a cellphone.


"Oh yeah? Who?" Kazutora asked as he started to turn away from the omega, not interested in talking to whoever he wants him to talk to. He only wanted to hear Baji's voice right now, that's all he cared about. Other than killing Mikey of course.


"It's Baji," Mitchy announced, Kazutora paused, his eyes open wide as his head snapped back to the omega. Mitchy smirked, "he's on the line right now. If you wanna speak to him, you have to hand over the gun first," he said as he held out his hand while holding the phone up out of reach from the unstable alpha. "He wants to speak to you, he had something important to tell you."


"Tell me?" Kazutora asked as he lower the gun. He looked from Mitchy's face to the phone in his hands, then down to the gun in his own hands. He looked back to the phone, he wasn't sure if he could trust Mitchy completely yet, but from what he heard, Baji seems to hang out with Mitchy a lot. With that thought in mind, Kazutora looked back down to the gun for a few minutes before he put back on the safety, he turned to the omega, hesitantly, he handed him the gun. Mitchy took it and placed his cell phone in Kazutora's hands, Kazutora looked down at the phone as if he was looking at a ghost. He was a little scared to answer it, but since he had already handed over the gun he was given early, he didn't have much choice now. Kazutora slowly placed the phone to his ear, "hello?" He said softly.


'Huh? Hello, Kazutora? Is that you?' Baji's voice could be heard loud and clear on the other side of the phone, Kazutora couldn't believe it. It was him right?


"B-B-Baji, it's you you, right? This isn't a joke, right?" Kazutora asked skeptically.


Baji sighed tiredly into the phone, 'no shit, Sherlock, who the fuck did you think it is? You know what, I don't know why you've been acting like such an ass lately, but you better stop.'


"But it's not my fault, Mikey-" the alpha started but was interrupted by the yelling coming from the phone.


'I don't give a fuck about what Mikey did! This is on you. Matter of fact, meet me at the corner of the street right now so I can see your ugly mug. If you hurry I might consider not punching you in your shit."


Kazutora nodded, "Right, I'll be right there!" He turned and tossed the phone to Mitchy before running off down the car mountain as fast as he could, then made a B-line for the main gate. Everyone who saw this creation was confused as they didn't hear the other side of the conversation. They all made a path for him to leave, no one stopped him, they could only watch as the unstable boy ran through the main entrance like a soldier running to meet his loved ones for the first time after years at sea. 


Once Kazutora was gone, Mikey looked back up to Mitchy who had already put away the gun Kazutora had been using. "What was that about?" 


"Don't worry, he's just going to see Baji," Mitchy said hopping down to the car that Kazutora was just standing on. 


Mikey's eyes widened, "what, are you insane, he could hurt him in his current state of mind."


Mitchy waved him off, "not a chance. Baji will find a way to control him and find out what's going on, meanwhile you guys still have the stuff to do here, right?" The omega made his way down the car mountain, passing Mikey nonchalantly. When he made it to the ground, he was greeted by Mitsuya and Chifuyu, both of them asking what had happened up there. "I'll explain later." Mitchy paused to get a good luck at CHifuyu, the first division vice-captain was looking even paler than he remembered. And the smell of strawberries was more noticeable now, "okay, I'm taking you home right now," he said as he grabbed Chifuyu's hand. 


"What, now? But I can't just leave, we're in the middle of a battle," CHifuyu said defiantly, even though he so wanted to go back home right now. He was getting more tired than he could believe, and while he was he could stand a little heat, it was growing to be unbearably by this point.


"I don't care, you're coming with me," Mitchy pulled Chifuyu towards him and the green-eyed boy nearly fell over. Mitchy caught him in his arms before he could fall to the ground, "so, you can't even stand up straight anymore, we're leaving."


Chifuyu started to argue again, but Mitsuya placed a hand on his shoulder to stop him. Chifuyu looked back at him, "you know he's right man, just go home and get some rest, alright? We'll handle the rest from here." Chifuyu gave up then and allowed Mikey to partly carry him out since he was having a tough time walking without his legs wanting to give out every ten seconds. Mitchy hung one of Chifuyu's arms around his neck and used one arm to help keep the boy upright until they left the yard.


"Good luck," Chifuyu called back to the second division captain.


Takemichi passed by Hanma, the taller omega looked like he wanted to follow him out of the years, but Mitchy mouthed the words, 'be a good boy,' before continuing. Hanma felt a small chill go down his back if wished he didn't have to remove his collar before meeting the other members of Valhalla. Then again, it might have been a good thing because Hanma was almost certain that he would have surely followed Mitchy out just to get punished by him again, just like last night. But, they would have plenty of time for that later, plus Hanma remembered that he already had a punishment waiting for him because of last night, so he was a little excited about that as well.


Draken looked at Hanma, he could see in the omega's eyes that he was a little excited, he looked over to Mitchy's back just when he was walking out the main entrance for a moment. The tall alpha was curious about what went down between the two omegas last night because he could tell that something happened and it must have been something big. Draken could still recall the pheromones that had somewhat dripped down the stairs from Mitchy's room when he went to his house this morning. It smelled like Mitchy had a strong heat last night, but there were also cherries and peaches. He didn't know who the other scent belonged to at first, but after he entered the dining room and passed by the kid wearing the glasses, he made the connection. Now that Draken was seeing Hanma this way after Mitchy mouthed some words to him, Draken was starting to get curious about Hanma. His mind drifted off to think about the tall omega's face, flushed pink and panting, it was kind of hot but he wouldn't admit that out loud. 


Once Kazutora ran out of the year, and Takemichi nearly carried Chifuyu out, everyone seemed to be at a loss. Not sure what to do with themselves, they just stood around for a few moments until someone from another gang stood up, he clapped his hands to get everyone's attention. Everyone's looked up at the guy, an alpha with blond and blue hair wearing a Gucci shirt and pants set. "Alright, I think I speak for everyone when I say that we've seen enough," the guy said with his hands in his pockets. "I know that Valhalla is the one that kept challenging Toman to redo this little showdown of theirs, but after last time, doing this here doesn't feel right to me anymore. Whatever rivalry these two have should be carried out somewhere else so that we don't have to all be reminded of our dead comrades." The alpha said in a bored tone. Omega with black and blond hair done up in two braids came to stand next to the alpha, he was wearing the matching set of clothes to his alpha. "That's why I think we should call it for today. This fight isn't as interesting to watch now that so much has happened."


"Yeah, he's right," another alpha stood up on a car two years away from the matching couple. He was wearing a red and white Addidas tracksuit with a pair of his expensive-looking headphones to match. He looked down at the gathering of Toman and Valhalla members, "I say that this fight's pretty much over too. I'm sick of seeing y'all ugly asses throw down against a smaller gang when you know you have the advantage. I don't usually care, but this has gotten stale." The others in his gang nodded their heads, "I think ya'll either call it a truce or end the beef right now, otherwise, bring something more interesting to the table. Like that Kazutora guy, now he had some balls." Some of the guys near him started to laugh.


Kisaki wasn't liking this situation. He thought that everything would have played out better than this, but everything was all messed up again. He was truly upset now. But, maybe if he could just get Hanma to say something, he could bring back the crowd's attention. Kisaki decided that he would call Hanma to make up a plan, but before he could, the tall omega spoke up without his permission. That pissed the third division captain off even more. "Now, now, I get what you guys are saying," Hanma stated with his usual smile. "However, we haven't yet settled the matter, there's no clear winning here. How do we end the beef without a winner?" That made the crowd think as whispers started to go through the crowd. Kisaki was a little happy that Hanma wasn't a complete idiot, now all he had to do was start the fight up again. However, that didn't happen, instead, Hanma turned to Mikey who had come down to the base of the car mountain.


"What do you have in mind?" Mikey asked coldly. 


"A truce," the omega stated simply. Hanma felt a dangerous stair on the back of his neck, but he wasn't going to back down now. He was kind of tired of fighting this battle anyways, it took away time that he could be spending with his master. This would give him an excuse to be seen out in public with Mitchy later.


"A what?" Kisaki muttered, but he wanted to shout. This was not a part of his plans at all. Mikey was supposed to get emotional and Kisaki was supposed to jump in to save him, but before he could make his entrance, that damn omega showed up. He was not only upset, he was furious, Takemichi has not only embarrassed once in front of all of Toman at his shinning moment, but he's ruined his plans at least twice now. Kisaki was beginning to think that Takemichi was even more troublesome than he was worth, he needed to either get him under his control soon or get rid of him. 


Meanwhile, Hanma chuckled, "well, it's clear that we have more members than you, but no leader. You guys have a leader, but are lacking members, so what if we formed a partnership? We'll help each other out in times of need, and if things go well after a year, then Valhalla will merge with Toman. Fair, right?"


Mikey thought about it, "I suppose that could be fair. However, since you are suggesting this, then I will assume that you are going through with our deal, correct? Seeing as you are the one that is suggesting it, you might as well take the heat for it." More whispers were heard as many were wondering what deals the two had made beforehand. 


Hanma shrugged, "so it seems, but it's whatever. It's not a big deal to me anyway, a small price to pay for peace, right?"


Mikey nodded, "very well, then I agree to your truce." 


Hanma placed his hands in his jacket pocket, "great, then it's settled. Our beef is over," he turned to the members of his gang, "let's head out boys!" Many of them were stunned silent but after a couple of seconds, they followed the orders and started to leave. Most of them dropping whatever weapons they had picked up to use during the fight.


"Alright, that settles it," said the alpha with the blue and blond hair, he turned to his omega, "come on, let's head out too." The omega nodded and they started leaving, other gangs started to leave the area as well. Some of them cheering about being over with the event and we're already talking about what they were going to do with their free time. 


Kisaki looked around, trying not to look too suspicious, he was also trying to hold in his anger. He's sure that he didn't calculate this as being a possibility since he didn't know that Mitchy would be so bold as to get Kazutora to run off like that. And after he went through the trouble of giving that nut a real gun, a gun that Mitchy now had. "Fuck, this couldn't have gone any worse than it already has. I thought that that dumb ass omega would have been able to follow my orders better, but now it's going to take much longer before Toman merges with Valhalla. By that time, my hand in this would seem a little skeptical at best. I need to find a way to correct this. If this is gonna work, I need to take control of the situation and fast. But first, I need to deal with Hanma. That bastard as outlived his usefulness."


Meanwhile, the other members of Toman were looking kind of relieved now that they don't have to face off against over three hundred guys at once. It was hard the first time, but this time they managed to catch another break thanks to Mitchy. Though most of them weren't wear of how much MItchy had been involved last time, they all knew that Mitchy helped them get out of there alive. All of them. Takemichi saved their lives last time and gave them an out this time, many of them were already planning on their thank you gifts that they were going to send to the omega. Draken moved to stand next to Mikey as they watched everyone else clear out of the junkyard, "Mikey, are you okay with this?"


"No, not really, but you know who probably wasn't expecting this. I'm planning to meet up with Hanma later to see if there has been any new development, for now, act natural," Mikey said softly so only Draken could hear. His vice-captain nodded and they made their way out of the yard with the rest of their members. 


Meanwhile, with Mitchy


Takemitchy was happy that he managed to get Chifuyu out of there when he did because his temperature was rising higher and higher. Looking at Chifuyu, he was barely able to make steps anymore by the time they got to the end of the street. He saw Kazutora talking to Baji with all of his crew standing around the pregnant boy for protection. However, things seemed to be going better than he expected. Even though Baji looked like he was cussing out Kazutora, the unstable boy was smiling warmly at the pregnant teen with the brightest smile on his face as if he couldn't care about anything else in the whole world. 


Takeemitchy saw the sight of the two and wondered if Mitsuya might become the third wheel soon. "Hey, Baji, how's it going?" Mitchy called out as he got closer to them.


Baji sighed irritatedly, "it's going well enough, I guess," he turned his annoyed look from his babies daddy to his friend. He noticed that Mitchy was holding up Chifuyu as if he were close to death's door, which made his irritation turn to concern in an instant. "Chifuyu? What happened to you out there?" He asked as he moved closer to check on his vice-captain's well-being. As soon as he was standing right in front of the two, he noticed the strawberry scent, he paused for a second to take a good sniff, "what the hell? Why does he smell like an omega all of a sudden?" He was surprised, wondering if this was a part of the long list of pregnancy symptoms that he seemed to keep discovering about himself. 


"Oh, so that smell was coming from here all this time?" Kazutora asked coming over to sniff Chifuyu's scent as well, "smells nice. I noticed it early and was pretty close to forgetting about Mikey so I could go to find the source but the others seemed to be going right for it." 


Yamagishi and Makoto came over to help Mitchy carry Chifuyu who looked like he was just about ready to pass out right then and there. "Hey, Mitchy, wasn't this guy supposed to be an alpha?" Yamagishi asked curiously as he remembered Takemichi mentioning that there was only one omega that he had found in Toman, and that was Baji. He mentioned nothing about Chifuyu.


"Yeah, he is, but for some reason, his scent seems to have changed recently. I don't know that's possible though," Mitchy replied. 


"Oh, Mitchy, this is kind of like what I was telling you the other day, remember?" Yamamoto said as he looked at Chifuyu closely. 


Akkun and Yamamoto came closer as well, "what are you talking about, bro? You mean that rumor that's going around on @Channel?"


"Yeah, you know the one I'm talking about?" Yamamoto asked, "there have been a couple more stories about some others who went through this after that one guy."


Akkun shook his head, already having heard the theories from Makoto once before, "don't believe everything you read online guys. It's probably a couple of trolls that got together and made up a story about that and people are just rolling with it. It's too unrealistic for me to believe it to be true."


"Oh, I heard about that too," Yamagishi said as he pushed up his glasses with his finger. Everyone in the Mizo crew that Yamagishi and Makoto were really into searching up rumors on @Channel, but ever since Yamamoto started going out with Yamagishi, he started to get into it too. "You know what I think? I feel like there's a group or an underground organization that's kidnapping young alphas to test their experimental drugs on them that's meant to make the ultimate slaves for them to sell on the black market."


"Oooh, that's pretty creepy, but as long as they don't come after my Baji-chan, I don't care," Kazutora replied with child-like glee. 


Takemitchy rolled his eyes at the conversation, "okay, guys, that's enough. Let's just get him to the hospital or something so they could figure out what's going on with him." He placed a hand on Chifuyu's forehead to check his temperature, "looks like he's burning up...I think he might be going into heat." 


"Chifuyu? No way, how could he??" Baji asked confused.


"Well, between the paleness, the fever, the lack of strength, and not to mention his noticeable scent, I think it might be a safe bet." Mitchy replied, "though I could be wrong since we all know he's an alpha, then there's probably something else that's just as serious going on with him." He searched up nearby hospitals in the area so they could start heading that way. Baji went along with them, and Kazutora tagged along because Baji was going. Halfway there, Akkun and Yamamoto took over for their boyfriends because the hospital was quite far to carry someone on foot, and they didn't have enough money between them to catch a taxi.


When they got to the hospital, Mitchy explained Chifuyu's symptoms to the front desk. Within ten minutes of them arriving, a couple of nurses rushed over to them with a stretcher to load up Chifuyu on it and took him away. Takemichi and the others waited in the waiting room for someone to come and get them so they could find out what was happening to him. It took about two hours before they heard anything from the nurses. "Hello, are you here for Chifuyu?" A man, an omega, dressed in light blue scrubs came over with a clipboard.


Takemichi got up to talk to him with the others, "yes, is he alright?"


The nurse nodded, "yes, you guys can follow me please." Takemitchy and the others left the waiting area to follow the nurse down a long hallway and round a few corners. They made their way through a couple of double doors, the last one they passed red 'Omega ICU'.


"Uh, are we in the right section?" Makoto asked as he pointed out the sign to the others."


"Yes," the nurse said before coming to a stop outside one of the open doors that led into a patient's room. He turned to the group, "here we are, it's lucky that you guys brought him in. From what we can tell, he's showing signs of late presentation," he said before opening the door and stepping inside, he held the door open for them to enter as well.


"Late what?" Baji was confused, "you're joking right?" He looked to Takemichi, "he's joking, right? He's got to be, Chifuyu's not an omega." Takemichi was also confused because of that fact as well.


"Is that so?" The nurse looked at the patient lying in the bed and then down to his clipboard, "well, it says here that he's currently starting his first heat." He looked back over to the other boys, "we also tested his second gender twice to make sure he was in the right unite, and bot test came back as 'Omega'. If not, he wouldn't have been admitted into this second." He said as he walked over to Chifuyu's bed to check his vitals and temperature again. "We gave him some fluids and some mid-level suppressants to stabilize him before we gave him something that would bring down his fever. He's resting right now, but you are all allowed to stay in the room until he wakes up." 


The others were shocked, even Kazutora, "no wait, this has to be a joke, there's no way something like this can just happen," Akkun said in disbelief.


"Well, since we don't have all of his information right now, we don't know his full medical history. He had to look up some of it in the database to know if he had any allergies before we could give him meds." The nurse explained as he finished checking Chifuyu, he looked back over to the surprised boy's face. "Listen, I know how this news might be shocking to you, but think about how he's feeling right now. I'll tell the doctor that his friends are here to support him, when he wakes up, feel free to tell him the news so we can just break it down for him when he asks." He picked up the clipboard he had placed on the table next to the bed and started for the door, "please make sure you guys are white while you wait in here. I don't want to have to throw the alphas out of this section if I don't have to."


"Alright, we'll keep them in line, thank you," Takemichi said as he waved to the nurse. The man nodded and left, closing the door behind him as he did.


Makoto, Yamagishi, Takemichi, and Baji gathered together in the corner of the room after the nurse left. "Yeah, there must have been something messing with the machine to give the wrong answer," Makoto start. "Unless this is what happened to those guys from @Channel?"


Takemichi shook his head, "no way, don't bring that up right now. We're going to have to be the ones to tell him that he's changed sex somehow. How the hell are we supposed to do that?"


"Chifuyu's an alpha, I've smelled his scent a thousand times, what the hell happened to make it change so much?" Baji asked in disbelief.


Takemichi sighed, "I think it might have to do with what happened that time," he said refusing the time that the three of them had gotten kidnapped.


"What, no way, that was months ago? How is that supposed to change someone's gender?" Baji asked, Takemichi shrugged because he didn't have an answer for that. "Exactly, because it can't! It's gotta be something else." He said as he started to think, the others were thinking about the situation as well, trying to figure out what could have happened. Although they came up with a few scenarios, none of them sounded realistic enough to say out loud, so they stayed quiet about their thoughts for the moment.


"What are you guys talking about in the corner over there?" Kazutora asked as he stood at the foot of Chifuyu's bed. Akkun and Yamamoto were also looking over at the omegas curiously.


"it's omega stuff, so you don't need to worry about it," Yamagishi replied waving his hand as if the fan their suspicions away.


"Yeah, so shut up and let us think, damnit," Baji shot back feeling irritated that his thoughts were interrupted.


"Oh, okay," Kazutora said as he dropped the subject.


Akkun gave the unstable alpha a look, "you're kind of a simp, aren't you?"


"Yeah, but it's worth it," Kazutora said smiling.


Later that night


Hanma made his way over to the corner store to pick himself something up to eat. He had just left the Valhalla hideout after explaining to the other members that they will be helping Toman in the future. Some of them were a little upset, some were okay with it, and others had mixed feelings about it. Either way, they would have to deal with it. Hanma entered the store and headed over to the frozen food section, he didn't feel like cooking anything tonight, so he was going to pick up something simple to heat up at home. He was looking through his options when he smelled a familiar scent come up next to him. Hanma glanced over to Mikey, "oh, well if it isn't the little money," he teased, "did you climb down your tree just to see little ol' me?" 


Mikey scuffed as he walked past him to pick up some ice cream, "you're lucky that Mitchy likes you."


"I know Master likes me more than you, but there's no reason to be sault about it, Mikey~," Hanma said as he sang the alpha's name. He chuckled when he smelled the alpha's bloody scent rise from him, but he seemed to be in enough control of himself to hold back. Hanma went back to picking out his dinner for the night, "anyway, what do you want?"


"Did you meet up with Kiaski afterward?" Mikey asked as he looked through the soda options that were one freezer down from Hanma.


Hanma picked out a drink instead of a frozen dinner, deicing that the leftover lunch boxes looked more appealing for his meal tonight. "Hmm, no, he didn't call or text me to meet up with him, so I don't think he's come up with a way to pull his plan back into action like before. Though, I get the feeling that he's gonna be coming after me soon because of the whole truce thing. Ah, here it is," he picked up a lunch with rice, tuna, kimchi, and pickled plums, he also got a couple of onigiris to put into his basket before moving on. He was now looking at the snacks, dessert was usually his favored part. Mikey glanced over to Hanma, even though he didn't like the guy, he was still an omega. Kisaki kind of struck him as the type that might get carried away if he ever lost his cool, plus his resources were unknown. Who knows what he might do to the tall omega in return for his actions. Mikey opened his mouth to say something, but Hanma started chuckling instead, "you know, seeing you trying to be nice to me is kinda gross, cut it out, or else I'm going to have to spread some nasty rumors about the great Toman commander being too soft."


Mikey frowned, "and if they reach my ears, I'll make sure you know how untrue every last word of it is." He turned back to his soda options and decided on a cola, he was planning on a rootbeer float that should knock his socks off if he did it right. 


"Oh, scary~" Hanma laughed, he started to walk over to the register after picking out his dessert options, "well, smell ya later." He waved to the short alpha as he walked away. Mikey watched him leave before walking the other way to find more ingredients to put in his float. 


Hanma's apartment


Hanma made it back to his apartment just as it was the streetlights were turned on. His apartment wasn't anything to look at, a one-room apartment with a single little bathroom with a small bath and shower combo. The building was really old and there weren't any repairs being done on it, the walls were like paper so he could always hear it when his next-door neighbors were arguing. And they were always arguing to unlock and enter his unit. He passed up the door of the currently screaming couple who were going at it as cats and dogs go to war. The guy had lost his job, again, today, and his partner was complaining about always having to work two jobs so they could cover the rest and eat. But that wasn't any of his business.


Hanma hated relationships.


He disliked being with alphas unless he was getting something out of it. Most of the alphas he's been with were older because they wanted a younger guy for their youthful appearance, nothing more. They would give him a nice chunk of change if he allowed them to be a little rough with him, he would get a lot extra if he allowed them to do some kinky things to him. Not that he would allow that too often, and he didn't go sleeping with those types of guys too often either, mostly when his funding is running low and he was starving. Speaking of starving, Hanma was hungry right now, his last full meal was this morning at Mitchy's house, the day before that he had to spend with an alpha, a guy going by the name of 'Lee', who was rough on him. He was lucky to have gotten some clothes right after that fit him so he could hurry up and get the hell outta there. The alpha had rougher than he was expecting, he even crossed the line by tying him up and trying to chock him out during sex. 


The alpha was one of his regulars, but after that day, he cut him from his contact list. The guy only gave him 10k for his troubles too, usually, the others would him a total of 20k or 30k at the least after a night like that. He didn't even get treated to dinner or breakfast afterward, so Hanma decided this was the first and last time he would be seeing that wallet. The sex wasn't even all that great, Hanma was too worried about getting out of there alive to enjoy it, and that stress caused him to go into an early heat halfway through the first round. Hanma shivered as he remembered that terrifying glint in the man's eyes while he was doing him, scary. It wasn't like the glint he saw in Mitchy's eyes that night, hot and heavy, and filled with lust. If Hanma had to describe his appearance with Mitchy versus the other guy, he would have today it was like waking up from a nightmare.


Pushing those thoughts out of his mind, Hanma locked his door and placed his bag down on the table so he could go take a shower in his small bathroom. He found some comfortable clothes to wear and got into the shower. He scrubbed every part of his body to get all the sweat and grime off of him, he filled the tub with warm water and put some of his bath salts and essential oils in. He rinsed off, making sure that there wasn't any shampoo left in his hair before he got into the tub. The water was as hot as he could get, which meant that there was still steam rising from the surface, it was perfect. Hanma to in and tried to relax as much as he could, but the tub wasn't designed for someone of his tall size, so he had to hand his legs over the side of the tub to sit comfortably. But he didn't mind, he could always go to a nice hotel one of these days where they had extra-large tubs so he didn't have to do this. He would use the money that alpha gave him to enjoy himself a bit tomorrow, no doubt there would another headache for him to deal with soon enough. 


Once the water started to cool down, Hanma had dozed off a bit. He jumped from his sleep just as he felt someone was about to grab him in his dream, he quickly looked around the bathroom and sighed, he was still at home. He was still safe. He yawned and got out of the tub, he let the water out as he dried himself and changed his clothes, he changed into a comfortable shirt that fit him perfectly, not too small, not too tight, and a pair of shorts that could have been considered booty shorts since he sort of had a round ass. He did notice that his thighs were starting to look kind of thick these days too, and it also looked like some of his abs that he worked hard for had smoothed out a bit. Hanma paid these little details no mind because he was using his extra strength, customer made heat suppressants, and he took birth control at least once a day, so he didn't think he was pregnant. The guys he would sleep with would always wear condoms too because they were the type of guys who didn't want their partners to know that they were cheating on them with a kid showing up.  


With that out of the way, he sat down and ate his dinner. He had grabbed two boxes of the lunches before checking out, and his dessert of choice was a cholate pudding, and a slice of angel food cake. His drink of choice was a cup of green tea, very filling. He had the tv playing in the background since he walked through the door, he just didn't want to hear his neighbor's voices the whole time, so there was a moving playing to their muffled soundtrack instead. He drank the rest of his tea before getting up to take out his futon, laying it on the floor with his pillow and covers looking ever so inviting. He went to brush his teeth and cleaned up his mess at the table before throwing the trash in the trashcan, he washed the leftover dishes he had left in the sink from the last time he was home, which was a while ago. After that, it was finally bedtime. Hanma turned off the light for the room which was located between the front door and window looking out towards the streets. He started to make his way back over to his bed after checking the locks on his door one more time, then, for some reason, he turned to look out the window for a second and froze.


Hanma felt his blood run cold for a hot second as disbelief set in. He couldn't believe it, outside, in front of his apartment building was a streetlight. Underneath that streetlight were four people, three men who looked to be well built, and one boy around his age. Hanma could tell that they were foreign because they didn't look Japanese at all from where he stood. The omega hid behind out of sight so they wouldn't see him looking out at them, he peeped from the side of the window to see the boy talking to the three men. Hanma got the greatest sense of deja vu going through his mind as his body started to feel cold. He looked down to see the boy pointing towards his building, towards his apartment. He couldn't see the boy's face because he was wearing a black hoodie with the hood pulled him to hide his face from view from others, but Hanma got the feeling that he knew who it was. 


Hanma started to shake, he couldn't believe it, it was just like his dream all over again. He saw the three men turn to look up at his apartment window and Hanma moved away from the window quickly so they didn't see him. The amount of fear that ran through his body was so overwhelming that he wanted to throw up, but he knew that there wasn't time for that. If this was like his dream, then he needed to get the hell out of here, and fast. He glanced out the window again to see the boy still talking to the three men, only one of them was looking up at his window. Hanma knew that it was his time to leave, so he quickly and quietly moved away from the window. His neighbors were still arguing about whatever, and the tv was loud enough to cover any footsteps he would make. So, without wasting any time.


Hanma rushed over to his closet and, he stuffed a few clothes in it, some shirts, pants, socks, underwear, and anything else he might need. He ran over to the bathroom, being careful not to let the light of the window hit him so he could pack his toothpaste and toothbrush, a hairbrush, and a small bottle of soap. He zipped up the bag and ran over to the door to grab his shoes and jacket. His shoes, shoving them onto his feet as he made his way over to the other window in the room that was facing the back of the building. He unlocked and opened it, throwing his bag out onto the metal stairs case landing for his floor, since he was on the second floor, he would have to find a way to quietly climb down with his stuff and run. However, just as he was throwing his bag out on the landing, he heard a heavy knock on his door. 


His heart almost jumped out of his chest.


This was it. The moment of truth.


Hanma turned back to see the shadows of the men standing at his door from his window. He knew that he was doing or die time, so he needed another way out, luckily, this wasn't the only way for him to escape. So, Hanma placed his packed bag on the landing, closed and locked the window, and closed the curtains he had hung up when he first moved in over the window before flying over to the bathroom just as the knocks on the door started to threaten the stability of his front door. He made it into the bath and locked it, then he grabbed the stool that he usually sat on to wash up and started fiddling with the vent over the door, he noticed it when he first moved in and checked it out, as you do. He had grown a lot since he first moved in, it would be one hell of a squeeze, but Hanma was experienced in squeezing through tight places. He climbed up into the small space over his bathroom just when he heard the door breaking, he was just pulling his legs through when he felt some pulled him down forcefully.


"Well, well, looky what we have here, a cute little omega trying to escape," one of the guys said with an evil grin. Hanma had hit been pulled from the vent and hit the floor kind of hard, it almost sounded like thunder, while his shoulder felt like it had been dislocated by the fall. Thankfully he landed on an angle or else he would have ended up with brain damage from the bathtub. The other men came into the bathroom when they heard their college say something, and then the loud noise, all three of them started to chuckle.


Hanma scared out of his mind, but still defiant turned to look up at the alphas, ready to belittle them in every way that he could think of. But he stopped, the scariest thing about these men didn't seem to be their strength or the fact that they were all letting out an insane amount of pheromones that would chock horse. It was the fact that all three of them were bigger than him! Hanma was pretty tall all his life, sure, Draken was only two centimeters taller than him. But these guys, they were light giants. There was only one of them who could fit into the bathroom at a time, while the other two stood behind him outside the door. Hanma felt another shiver run up his spine, he didn't know if he could beat these guys, he was going to have to try though because judging by their sizes, they weren't about to go easy on him.


This was the nightmare. 


Hanma knew what was coming. 


But there was no way he could fight them all at once, not in this tiny space. They were blocking the door and his one escape route to get out of there. He was started to get scared, which was something he didn't want. He didn't want to die, not yet, he need to see Mitchy one more time. Even if it wasn't for something sexual, he still wanted to see him, he was the warmest person he had ever met in his whole life, so he just...


"Hey, didn't the boss say we didn't have to go easy on him?" One of the guys standing outside of the bathroom door asked. 


"Yep," the first guy, the one standing over Hanma right now, smirked as he grabbed hold of Hanma's ankle. "We'll make sure we have as much fun as we like, boys!" The giant alpha pulled Hanma out of the bathroom with ease, there wasn't anything for Hanma to hold on to, resisting this seemed hopeless. The omega was pulled into the main area of the apartment and tossed near his futon, in the blink of an eye, the three alphas descended upon him with all the mercy of a spiteful rich woman out for revenge. 


Hanma kicked and at anyone who got too close, but his leg was caught and forced open while his shorts were ripped off. His shirt also got shredded at some point, but he still tried to fight. He punched, kick, spit on, and bit anyone and everyone he could, but he was beaten up as a result as the men laughed at his struggles. His last attack managed to land a hard hit to one of the guy's faces, this seemed to be the worst mistake he could have made because that made them angry. "Alright, that's it! Fuck playing around, this bitch hit me in my fucking face!!" The alpha said after Hanma hit him in the face, he had a scar running down his forehead to his chin, cutting into his eyebrow and the side of his lip along the way. Hanma would never forget those brown eyes filled with anger as they are staring into his amber ones. "You made the last mistake that you'll ever make in your life, bitch," he growled angrily into Hanma's face.


Hanma could feel those words down to his bones, so he knew that he fucked up big time now. Even the guys that came with him were both looking a little nervous because this guy was probably the biggest of them all. If Hanma was to compare him to anyone, he would say that the other two looked like Baki while the guy currently leaning over him angrily looked like Baki's dad. Large and in charge, with muscles for weeks.


And Hanma had pissed this guy off.


"Hey, boss, calm down now, you don't want to kill the kid," one of the guys behind him said. He was the first guy, the one that pulled Hanma out of the vent when he was trying to escape.


"Yeah, boss, remember what happened last time?" The third guy said with a nervous smile. This guy had dark green hair that was cut short with wave designs going around in a strip in the center of his hair. 


"I don't give a fuck, he tried to fuck up my face, now I'm about to fuck him up the same way!" The boss of the trio shouted as he pulled back his fist and slammed it into Hanma's face. The omega was somewhat thankful for that, as he was out like a light in less than a second. He didn't want to be awake for this anyway.


Meanwhile, With Mitchy


"I don't know who told you that, but I didn't do anything," Mikey said while holding his head in pain.


"H-hey, Mitchy, don't hit Mikey like that, you'll make him stupid." Draken stuttered in a surprised tone, taken aback by Mitchy's reaction, he felt like the omega was getting kind of scary, "I mean, come on, he's already having a tough time acting normal when he doesn't need to."


"That's not nice, Ken-chin," Mikey pouted as he looked up to Draken from where he was squatting on the floor. "I can be normal."


"I don't care!" Takemichi all but yelled, he glared down at Mikey with a heated look in his eye, "what's this I hear of you telling people that I'm your bitch?"


"Uh, well, that's just..." Mikey looked down at the ground as he drew circles in the floor with his finger. He didn't know how to answer that question, he honestly wasn't expecting Mitchy to find out this soon, and the most efficiently wasn't expecting him to get upset about it. It threw all of the confidence he had when he was going to clam that Mitchy was, in fact, his bitchy, technically, out the window.


Takemichi folded his arms, "you're lucky that I'm so nice. I'll let you slide this time, but if you spread rumors like that again without consulting me first, I promise you that you won't be seeing Mimi for a long time."


Mikey looked up at Mitchy pitifully, "no, not my baby! Mitchy, please don't take away my baby like that, you know how much I love her!" 


"Then you have better correct his problem right now, you got it!" Mitchy scolded the commander who was currently on his knees groveling. He sighed, he couldn't stay mad at the guy, he kind of reminded him of one of those floofy dogs that rich people carried around in their purses. 


"Okay, I'll do it. So...c-can I still see my Mimi-chan please?" Mikey asked as he was looking close to tears right about now. 


Takemitchy rolled his eyes, "I'll think about it. She's at Baji's mom's house though," he scratched his head as he went to go sit down next to Chifuyu's bed again. He folded his legs and heaved another sigh, they had been at the hospital all day, it was starting to get late and Chifuyu had still not woken up yet. Not even with all the noise around him.


Meanwhile, Draken, Baji, Kazutora, Akkun, Makoto, Yamagishi, and Yamamoto were all witnessing a fantastical sight. One that they never thought they would ever see in a million years. Draken was the most shocked out of them all because he had known Mikey the longest, yet he had never seen him like this. "I feel like I'm in a different world right now. Is this even real anymore?" Draken muttered to himself as he looked down at Mikey who was trying to slowly creep over to Mitchy to be close to him but was also keep his distance so he didn't get yelled at again. "Note to self, stop drinking coffee at six am in the morning, also, find out how Mitchy is controlling Mikey right now. I'm barely able to get him to be this humble after all the time we've known each other."






To be continued...

Chapter Text

Takemichi fell asleep at some point but woke up at some point during the night. He told the others that they could head home for the night and he would stay with Chifuyu until he woke up. He looked around to see that it was still the same as before he went to sleep. He didn't know what woke him up, but he felt the urge to wake up suddenly. He looked at the time on his phone which was at half charge, he was thankful that Baji had sent Kazutora back with a change of close and his phone charger for him earlier. The current time was now close to three-forty-five in the morning, so he was only able to get about two hours asleep. He stretched his arms and legs while he was still sitting in his chair and glanced over to Chifuyu, no change. 


Takemichi yawned and to up from his seat to use the bathroom. He felt like he had been holding in his pee for a long time now so he was happy to let it all out, he flushed the toilet and washed his hands. When he walked back into the room, he heard the sounds of someone waking up, he walked around the short corner to see Chifuyu waking up. Takemichi felt relief fill his soul now that his friend was awake, he rushed to his side and hugged him within an inch of his life he was so happy. "Chifuyu! You're finally awake!" Takemichi cheered happily as the sleepy boy tried to make sense of where he was. Takemichi let him go after a few minutes and smiled brightly at him, "how are you feeling? You looked a little better, are you okay? Does your head still hurt? Would you like some water?"


"Mitchy? Where am I?" Chifuyu asked tiredly as he tried to sit up.


"Oh, hold on, I'll help," Takemichi reached for the remote and put the bed in a better position where Chifuyu could sit up without straining himself, "there. You're in the hospital right now, we brought you here because of your fever."


"Oh, so is that was what was wrong with me?" Chifuyu asked with a yawn, "a fever? That's it?"


"Uh, well, no, that's not all, um..." Takemichi started slowly, "it seems that your test results say that you're an omega for some reason."


"What?!" Chifuyu asked confused, "there's no way, I'm alpha!" 


Takemichi nodded, "yes, I know. We told the nurse that as well, but they had tested you twice. They also did another test on you before the others left for the time, we all saw the results...I'm sorry," he said as he rubbed Chifuyu's shoulders lovingly.


The alpha looked like his world stopped, "so what does that mean for me? Am I just supposed to change the way that I live now? I don't want to change," Chifuyu said with tears in his eyes. Takemichi couldn't stand to see his friends suffering, he pulled Chifuyu into a tight hug, "I don't know what I'm supposed to do now. There's no way this is happening."


"Don't worry, Chifuyu, I'll be with you no matter what. You can count on me to talk about anything you need, okay?" Takemichi said as he hugged the other boy tighter. 


Chifuyu pulled away from the hug and dried his eyes, he was still feeling lost, but he felt better knowing that Mitchy was there with him. "Thanks, Mitchy, that means a lot...Can I get some water?" He asked, he did like having Mitchy there, however, he just wanted a few moments alone to think about his situation. 


Takemitchy nodded, "sure, I'll be back." He said as he moved away from Chifuyu's bed before going to the door and leaving the room. He made his way down the hallway slowly so he could think, he was worried about Chifuyu, he looked like he was holding himself together well enough. However, he still looked like he was still about to fall apart at any moment. Takemitchy found his way through the hospital to the vending machines, he paid for bottled water for Chifuyu and a canned coffee for himself. He was making his way back up to Chifuyu's room when suddenly there was a lot of commotion coming from down the hall. Takemichi looked down the hall to see a group of nurses and a doctor pushing a gurney down the hall to the emergency room section of the Omega ICU. Takemichi felt like he was being pulled towards whoever was in the gurney, he was curious the longer he watched the commotion make its way down the hall. The group passed by him on their way to the emergency room, as they did, Takemichi got a glimpse of who was laying on the gurney. 


He had moved out of the way of the staff, as did others who had come out to see what was going on so late at night. As they passed him, Takemichi got a glimpse of who was laying in the gurney, his eyes widened and he nearly dropped the drinks. He couldn't believe it, it was Hanma! Takemitchy only got a glimpse, but he knew it had to be him. It was Hanma for sure. Only, when he saw him, Hanma looked very beaten up, worse than usual actually. Hanma had two black eyes that looked to have swollen, his face had a lot of cuts on it and fat bruises were starting to form. He would only see Hanma's face when he passed, but if his face was that bad, Takemichi didn't want to know what the rest of him looked like. 


Once the emergency room doors had closed, everyone in the hall went back to their rooms. He could see some of the shocked looks on everyone's face after they had seen Hanma rushed down the hall, he didn't even look conscious. Takemichi made his way back to Chifuyu's room, "here," he said as he handed him the water. 


"Thanks," Chifuyu said as he came out of his thought. He looked up at Takemichi who was just standing there looking at nothing. "Mitchy? Is everything alright, you look like you've seen a ghost."


"Huh? Oh, yeah, um..." Takemichi moved around Chifuyu's hospital bed to take his seat again. He sat down and started opening his coffee but paused, thinking back to seeing Hanma's face again, "I just saw Hanma being rushed down the hall..." He didn't know why, but he said it. The words just came out of his mouth, as if he was testing to see if he had seen what he had seen. To see if the words that came from his mouth could help him explain what he had just witnessed. It was Hanma, he smelled his scent, he saw his face, it might have been beaten black and blue, but he was able to recognize it. 


"You what? Hanma, here?" Chifuyu asked surprised, he turned towards the door curiously, "where is he then?" He thought that the taller boy had come to visit him in the hospital, despite the lateness of the hour.


"...Emergency room," Takemichi said in a daze, his brain was still trying to figure out how Hanma would have gotten in so much trouble that he would be in a condition as bad as that. Then it clicked, remembering back to the dream that Hanma told him about, he jumped to his feet, his face as pale s a ghost.


Chifuyu jumped a bit to see the omega get up so suddenly. "What? What's the matter?" 


"I...I need to call Mikey, right now," Takemichi said pulling out his cell phone and dialing Mikey's number. The phone rang a couple of times before Mikey picked up in a sleepy voice. "Mikey, it's Hanma."


Mikey sighed tiredly, 'Mitchy, why would you call me just to talk about the stray? We could be talking about so many other different-"


Mitchy gut him off, "he's here, in the hospital. Someone beat him up," he said quickly.


There was a pause on the phone as the information sank in. 'Wait, hod on the back the fuck up, what do you mean that someone beat him up?'  


In the background, Mitchy could hear Draken's voice, 'Mikey, go to bed, you can talk to whoever that is in the morning'


'Draken, get up, we're going to the hospital' Mikey said as some movement was heard on the phone.


'Huh? Why? Did Chifuyu wake up or something?'


"No, there's been a development,' Mikey said to Draken before turning his attention back to Mitchy, 'Mitchy, we're on the way.'


"Okay," the line went dead just before he could hear what Draken said. Mitchy sighed as he took his seat again.


Chifuyu looked at him for a few minutes, "Mitchy, what's going on? What happened to Hanma?"


Takemichi shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. But I saw him a little while ago getting rushed over to the emergency room." He explained, "there were really bad bruises all over his face, he looked like he took a pretty bad beating from someone stronger than him. I don't know who that person is, but they must have been crazy strong." Takemichi would hate to meet up with that guy in a dark alley alone at night. 


"Seriously, Hanma got beat up that badly?" CHifuyu asked feeling worried. If Hanma wasn't strong enough to take down his attacker, then that was a problem. He might have just woken up, but CHifuyu wanted to see Hanma, he felt like he needed to, "can we go see him?"  He asked softly, he wanted to know how badly Hanma was beaten because his mind was going to a dark place. If this guy could take down Hanma, a strong omega, then what could he do to a regular omega? 


Takemichi thought about it for it second, "I don't think we can see him right now. He went into the emergency room, so he's gonna be quarantined by others for a while. I can ask the doctors about him, but unless they give the okay, no one will be able to see him for at least a day or two."


Chifuyu frowned, "whatever happened between Hanma and that guy, who's to say that it won't happen to another omega. I mean, what if this guy like some sort of serial killer that's just starting and is targeting omegas?"


Takemichi pressed his lips into a line, he did have a point, "let's not get ahead of ourselves here. We still don't know what happened to him, or who did it. We'll have to wait, pulse, they'll most likely keep some things private to protect his privacy." CHifuyu sighed but he understood what Mitchy was saying, "I already called Mikey, he's coming back here with Draken. I'll call the others in the morning to tell them what happened based on what Mikey wants to do," Chifuyu nodded. 


The two of them waited in silence for a while until there came a knock on Chifuyu's door. It had only been a couple of minutes since Mitchy called Mikey, so they couldn't have gotten here that quickly. Takemichi got up and answered the door, it was a doctor, his name tag said as much, Dr. Lang. The doctor looked down at Takemichi, "are you Hanagaki Takemichi?" He asked hesitantly, Mitchy nodded, "please follow me. There's someone who wants to talk to you right away," he stepped to the side so that Mitchy could come out.


Takemichi looked back to Chifuyu who had heard what the man asked. He nodded his head and at him, telling him that he could leave. Mitchy didn't want to leave Chifuyu alone, but he had a feeling that he needed to go with this person. He turned back to Dr. Lang, "okay," he walked out into the hallway and followed the man towards the emergency room. He didn't know what he was expecting, he was worried that he might see something too shocking for him to handle. But what choice did he have, he was being called, someone needed to speak with him. It could have been someone on death's door for all he knew. 


Little did he know, that might have just been the case.


Dr. Lang used his ID card to get through the doors and moved to the next set of double doors, using his card again to open them. They walked for a minute more in silence before they came across the isolation rooms, they entered the first one. Each room had a small room where the people coming in could be sprayed with a spray that would temporarily take away their scent until they left the room and the spray wore off. Takemichi had been in one of these rooms twice before, he never thought that he would be coming to visit someone he knew in one of them though. Once they entered this small room that usually only fits two to three people, the doctor pressed a button. A mist filled the room as they were sprayed, then Mitchy was handed a pair of blue gloves from the shelves hanging on the wall in the room. Next, he was handed a white gown for him to put on over his clothes and a mask before they finally entered the actual room.


When they entered, a nurse quickly ran up to Dr. Lang in a hurry, "doctor, we're starting to lose him, we have to put him under now!" She said in a panic.


"I understand, but he was fighting us before, luckily the person he kept calling for is here now," Dr. Lang said firmly. He turned so the female nurse could see the boy he brought in with him, the doctor have Mitchy a serious look. Mitchy was confused about what was going on, he didn't know who he was there to see, but he was very nervous and scared now. "You have about two minutes to get him to calm down before we do it ourselves."


Mitchy was about to ask what they were talking about when he heard a sudden yelp of pain, the nurse and doctor moved out of the way so that he could see Hanma. Mitchy was shocked, the boy looked like a crime scene victim. There was blood everywhere, cuts, large bruises that were turning dark colors fast. Mitchy noticed that one of Hanma's arms looked like they weren't facing the right direction, but even though all of that, Hanma was struggling against the medical staff with all of his might. Mitchy could smell some of the fear that was rising off of Hanma in waves as he struggled against them, even though every patient would also get the same scent neutralizing spray to help them recover, Hanma's seemed to be failing. It was probably due to all the fear he was in.


"M-Mi-Mit-chy...I want...speak..." Hanma's voice sounded horse, it was barely above a whisper, but it sounded like he was trying to scream.


Takemitchy quickly ran over to Hanma's side, coming into his field of vision so that he might calm the taller boy down some. "I'm here, I'm right here, Hanny, it's okay now," Mitchy said as he took Hanma's good hand in his. He held it close to him as he gently placed a hand on Hanma's head, he didn't pat it, he just held it there lightly so that Hanma could feel it. Mitchy noticed that the boy's head looked to be bleeding from somewhere, but he couldn't tell where from. Hanma had blood all over, he looked very pale and weak, almost as if all the life had been sucked right out of him, but Mitchy still tried his best to comfort the boy, his presence seemed to calm the older boy down a bit as he stopped flailing his arms and trying to move his legs. Hanma locked eyes with Mitchy and started to cry, "shhh, it's okay, I'm here now."


The doctors and nurse sighed a relief that their unruly patient now seemed to be staying still. They started to carefully continue their work, taking his vitals and injecting much-needed medicine into the IV needle they had to replace almost three times now. They didn't know who this Mitchy person was to their patient, but they were glad that he came as he took control of keeping the boy's attention while they worked. 


Takemichi watched them do their thing for a minute before turning back to Hanma, he looked a little disoriented but was still looking up at him. Hanma was completely focused on Mitchy, it made the blond omega wonder what happened. "Hanny? What happened, please tell me who did this to you," he whispered to the boy softly.


Hanma's eyes started to water, he shook his head, "'s b-b-bad...he...dream... it's them..." he said between gasp. it sounded like he was having some trouble speaking and breathing at the same time, Mitchy worried that his lungs weren't working properly. 


"Shit, we've got a punctured lunch over here!" One of the nurses called out as they rushed back over with the X-ray they were able to take once Hanma had calmed down. He handed the large film paper over to Dr. Lang who looked over them in the light. 


"I see, not only were most of his ribs broke, it looks like two of them might be stabbing into his right lung. It would be just our luck that one of those ribs happens to be holding the other in place so that he's not drowning in his blood right about now." Dr. Lang handed back the results to the nurse and pulled up his mask. "Alright everyone, we're going on to option B, continue prepping the ER for major surgery. We've got organs to repair and a life to save. We're going to be in for another long night, so I hope all of you managed to chug some coffee before you got in here." Just like that, the staff started to move around the room almost at light speed, Mitchy could barely keep track of who was who with all of their gowns, masks, and gloves on. Dr. Lang came over to Mitchy with a firm voice, "I thank you for your help, son, but we have to put him under so we can operate. Say your goodbyes now and go outside, I'll have someone come get you once we're done."


Mitchy nodded, he was about to let go of Hanma's hand when he felt the taller omega tighten his grip on him, "Hanny? Please let go, I promise I won't be gone for long, okay?"


Hanma shook his head, he mustered up his strength to speak, "careful...Kisaki...he's" he gasped as he started to lose air. His eyes became blurry and unfocused just as the heart monitor was starting to blare wildly.


"He's going into cardiac arrest!!" Another nurse yelled out.


"Damnit, you have to leave, now," Dr. Lang said as he moved Mitchy out of the way so that he could check Hanma's eyes. The other nurses started doing compressions while someone found the IED just in time for Hanma to flat line. "Clear!" He called out as the appropriate steps were taken to secure the padding on Hanma's chest, the others moved away from the boy's body so that the machine could shock him. The monitor was showing no sign of change, "again!" They repeated the steps, everyone stepped away and the machine shocked him again, still no change. "Once more!" The doctor ordered as they all stepped back again, "come on kid, you gotta pull through, you're too young to give up now," he mumbled as the machine shocked Hanma again. This time, there was a slight pause before the steady beeping of the monitor started up again, the man sighed a little but didn't relax. "Good, let's get a couple of bags of blood in here, stat!" 


Takemichi felt frozen for what felt like hours as he watched them try again and again to revive Hanma. Once Hanma's heart started back up again, he could have started crying then and there if he wasn't already. A nurse who was carrying away the IED noticed that Mitchy was still standing off to the side watching. "Hey, come on, this isn't the place for you to wait, please go outside," the man said as he placed down the machine. He escorted Mitchy over to the door and watched as the omega hesitantly opened it, pausing to turn back to see Hanma's body being hooked up to even more machines as such before he turned away to leave. Mitchy ripped off the gown, his mask, and gloves as he was being sprayed in the small room, throwing them in the appropriate bin before walking out. His eyes were overflowing with tears, but there was no way he could stay there, he needed to leave, he needed time to think. He made his way out of the emergency room area and started walking down the hall with a lost look on his face.


It wasn't until Draken shook him to get his attention did Mitchy realized that he had walked back into Chifuyu's room. The others were there too, Mikey, Baji, Kazutora, Akkun, Makoto, Yamagishi, and Yamamoto were all standing around Chifuyu watching Mitchy. Emma and Hina were there too, standing off to his left with worried looks on their faces, "Takemichi...what happened?" Hina asked as she dared to step closer to the blond.


Mitchy looked into her honey brown eyes with even more tears. "It's Hanma, he's in surgery right now. He...he said that Kisaki did this to him, and..."


"And what?" Mikey asked, there was a coldness in his voice that threatened to make the already chilly hospital ice cold. 


"He's targeting me next," Mitchy said as his tears poured from his eyes.


Draken turned and hit the nearest wall, almost punching a hole into it, "damnit, why is he taking this so far? For what?!"


Mikey narrowed his eyes on the blond omega, "Mitchy, pack your things, you are coming to live at my house until we finish dealing with that bastard. There's no way in hell I'm going to let him touch what's mine. He's already crossed the line as it is."


Two weeks later


Takemitchy couldn't believe that it's already been two weeks since Chifuyu had been discharged from the hospital. It's also been two weeks since he was made to move in with Mikey for protection reasons. His daughter, Mimi, seemed to like the change of space a lot, maybe it was because she thought they were on vacation or something. Mikey thought it was adorable and would run around playing with the little girl all day long while Emma snapped pictures of the two. Draken thought it was both annoying and cute that Mikey was playing with the little girl so much. It was cute because Mikey finally found someone who acted like him when he was having his childish moments.


While it was annoying only when there were Toman meetings and Mikey would cry like a baby when he had to leave his baby girl, during those times, Mimi would try to pet Mikey on the head like a dog to calm him down. It had seemed to work when she did it to her Hanny, so it was only natural to assume it would work on Mikey too. Takemichi couldn't lie, seeing his daughter petting her adoptive father on the head like a pet was kind of funny, especially when Mikey was pouting and bowing his head so she could reach it with fake tears in his eyes. Yeah, okay, it was both funny and kind of embarrassing, but it seemed to be their new normal these past two weeks. 


Mitchy had moved most of his stuff into Emma's room because he refused to share a room with Mikey. Draken would sleepover in Mikey's room to make sure that the commanding alpha didn't try to sneak out of his room in the middle of the night to do naughty things. The Sano household wasn't what Mitchy expected. It was only Mikey and Emma living there since both of their parents decided that they had better things to do than raise children. Ever since Shinichiro, Mikey's older brother, died, Mikey's mom could barely be seen in the house, meanwhile, Emma didn't know where her father was, let alone if he cared for her at all. It was like the two siblings were orphaned without being taken away. Mitchy felt bad for the two at times, but he was thankful that they were so willing to open up their home to him and his daughter. And not just them, but Baji, Hina, and Chifuyu too, once they found out that his results weren't changing. 


Chifuyu still acted like himself, somewhat, but Baji had decided to take him under his wing to teach him how to be a kickass omega. Chifuyu was discharged from the hospital the following evening that he had woken up. The doctors sent him on his way with some information pamphlets on heats and what to do when they start suddenly. They started him on some prescription heat suppressants and scheduled appointments for him to go see his primary doctor in two days to recheck his second gender. Chifuyu tried to hide it, but he was still a little broken up about the change in his sex, it was like he was a completely different person living inside of his regular body. Kind of scary, it only got scarier as the days went by as he started noticing small changes appear almost every other morning.


For example, the morning when Chifuyu had woke up bleeding for the first time, Takemichi and Baji had to calmly sit him down and explain to him slowly that it was natural. It was the after-effects of heat that did not result in a pregnancy, and Chifuyu passed out.


Another example was when Chifuyu had gotten turned on by Draken and Mikey's scents when the two alphas were working out in the backyard one evening after school. It freaked the new omega out so much that he had run to the nearest bathroom and locked himself inside blushing and crying for nearly two hours. Emma got home and tried to use the bathroom only to discover Chifuyu had locked himself inside and refused to come out. This time Mitchy had to scold Emma for making fun of Chifuyu while comforting the green-eyed boy. After that, Chifuyu kept a good distance between him and any alpha he knew because of the amount of confusion and embarrassment he felt during that time.


Of course, Chifuyu had to get used to these things now because of his current situation. So when Emma and Baji had dragged Chifuyu into the bath with them one night to have some 'omega talk' while Takemichi was cooking dinner one time. Well, he would just have to get used to it most male and female omega practice mixed bathing since they had similar problems, and coping with those problems together seemed to be the natural thing to do during a nice warm bath. Among other things. Chifuyu vowed to never speak a word of all the things that went down in that bath, and others like it, from that point on because he knew his former alpha brothers would be so unbelievably jealous of him. Takemichi tried to save him from Emma and Baji's bullying most times, but between taking care of Mimi, evading Mikey's advances, his afterschool cheer club, and his regular duties as a normal student. It was kind of a tall order.


Speaking of tall things, Takemichi would visit Hanma in the hospital every day since he was first brought in. Going off of what the doctors told him, Hanma's beating had brought him to the brink of death more than once after Mitchy left the room. Hanma's right arm had been broken in two places, his wrist was all but shattered, his shoulder needed to be pulled out of its socket and pushed back correctly. Hanma's right knee cap was busted, they needed to place a couple of pins and a small makeshift disk to replace it so it would function somewhat normally again. The left leg was broken to the point that part of the bone had been poking out. His hips showed signs of fractures, while both of his ankles were in a precarious situation where the doctors weren't sure if they could have repaired them enough for Hanma to stand on them ever again as his alkalies heel seems to have been cut slightly. There was a break in his collar bone that could have damaged the use of his lungs if they didn't operate when they had, his spine was operated on so that the fracture in his lower vertebrae could be stabilized. And of course, there had to be a head injury thrown in there as well, as if the boy had not suffered enough.


Mitchy stayed after the first surgery to see Hanma, he seemed fine when he went in to visit him. However, halfway through their visit, Hanma got a bloody nose and started coughing up blood before he passed out for some reason. The doctors haven't been able to figure out everything that had been done to the tall omega before he got to them, but they knew this much. Whoever did this to him was a sick son of a bitch, and they stated as much before. On Mitchy's second visit, Hanma was out of surgery but had fallen into a medical coma after they had to operate on his brain. Surprisingly, there was a small tumor that was causing him to bleed from his brain slightly, they were lucky enough to surgically remove it in time before it grew. Ever since then Hanma has been in a comatose state for the past week and six days.


Mitchy still goes to see him every day.


Mikey was a little jealous of Mitchy's dedication to visiting Hanma at the hospital, but he didn't get in the way. As a part of his protection detail, Mikey and Draken would accompany him over to the hospital whenever they weren't busy. When they were, they had Hakkai and Mitsuya walk with him. Chifuyu and Baji would tag along sometimes so they could see Hanma as well, and of course, whoever Baji went, Kazutora was sure to follow. Today was one of the days that Mikey and Draken had their own thing to do, and Baji had his bi-monthly check-up at his doctor, since it was his last trimester, he needed to come in more often. Because of that, it was just Mitchy, Chifuyu, Mitsuya, and Hakkai making their way over to the hospital today.


Ever since Chifuyu's second gender was discovered by the others, only the small group of captains and vice-captains were made aware of it. Hakkai and Chifuyu seemed to act a little strangely around the other whenever they ran into each other. Hakkai would be awkward and wouldn't know what to do or say around Chifuyu. Meanwhile, Chifuyu acted as if he couldn't look at Hakkai for too long, or else he would find something to be even more self-conscious about. Takemichi didn't question their relationship, thinking that they were still getting used to the change, not that he thought there was much to get used to. Chifuyu was still Chifuyu if you thought about it.


Anyway, Mitsuya walked next to Hakkai and Chifuyu walked next to Mitchy. Mitchy noticed that Chifuyu was blushing kind of hard since it was kind of noticeable at this point. He almost thought that he was getting another fever or something, "hey, Chifuyu, what's up with you?" The blue-eyed omega asked curiously, Chifuyu flinched, startled by Takemichi's voice.


"N-no-nothing..." Chifuyu said a little too quickly, "but um...c-c-can you keep your voice down a bit?" He asked as he kept his eyes on the ground.


Mitchy raised an eyebrow, "for what? What the matter?" He asked looking around, there was barely anyone on the sidewalk with them other than the two alphas walking behind them. Then he realized, Hakkai was looking at Chifuyu, Mitchy could tell because when he turned to look behind them, Hakkai quickly looked away. Mitchy blinked at him for a moment, Mitsuya noticed him staring at Hakkai and looked at the tall boy for a moment before turning back to Mitchy with a disappointed look. Takemichi sighed and face forward again, "yeah, so you know how you and Hakkai used to be good friends before? You know you can still be like that now, right?"


Chifuyu blushed brighter, "no, it's not the same, Mitchy!"


Mitchy deadpan at his fellow blond, "why not? I was friends with you before you knew I was an omega, wasn't I?"


"Well, yeah, but that's different," Chifuyu said matter-of-factly.


"How?" Mitchy asked, not seeing the logic.


"Because you were hiding your scent, you didn't change your sex." Chifuyu sighed, "for me, it's like...I don't know, whenever I get close to someone like Hakkai, I...well, I just feel kind of weird...It's not like a fever, but something else is warming me up from the inside. I keep having dreams about...about t-t-that, and I just, ugh, I can't!" He muttered as he covered his face with both hands, "it's like Hakkai dug his way deep into my brain and is trying to get me to do things to him in real life. It's so embarrassing in my head, so whenever I see him for real I just..." 


Takemichi stopped walking as they reached the front doors of the hospital, the sliding doors opened for him, but the two stood there for a few seconds. "Okay," Mitchy walked inside and CHifuyu followed after him, still not revealing his face to anyone. Mitchy walked over to the nurse's station to talk to staff for a moment before they directed him over to Hanma's room. The others followed after him, "so, Chi, listen," he lowered his voice down to a whisper so their alpha guards couldn't hear them, Chifuyu peeped over his hands to see what he would say. "There's this thing called 'Soulmates', it's when alpha and an omega coming to find that they can't be without each other. Maybe, if you're having those kinds of dreams about Hakkai, you should probably go for it and stop acting like a little grade-schooler already."


"What? Are you serious?! No way!" CHifuyu said turning red from embarrassment.


"Uh, is there something wrong with you guys?" Mitsuya asked, "that's a lot of notice to be making in a hospital you know."


"S-s-sorry," Chifuyu said covering his face again. 


Mitchy shook his head, "hey." He leaned over to whisper in Chifuyu's ear, "I'm not telling you to go out and fuck him or anything, just talk things out. You never know, he might have a little Chifuyu in his head trying to do the same thing as the Hakkai in yours. Think about it, even if you're not Soulmates, at least you'll have someone to get you laid." Mitchy smirked when he saw CHifuyu's face turn tomato red, it was a good thing they were in the hospital because it looked like Chifuyu was going to pass out at any moment. 


Chifuyu tripped over his feet after hearing Mitchy's words, he was so flustered that he couldn't catch himself. He fell forward but was caught just before he hit the floor. Hakkai had automatically reached out to grab Chifuyu before he landed on the ground, it wasn't a surprise since he usually did some things without thinking about it. But when he realized that his hand was currently correcting Chifuyu's chest, he blushed and quickly pulled him into a standing position before removing his hand and stepping back. "S-sorry," Hakkai said blushing as he held the hand that touched Chifuyu's chest close to his. 


Chifuyu was frozen, not sure what to say at the moment, He knows that it's supposed to be 'thank you but the words aren't coming out. All he could think about was that Hakkai just touched him, Mitsuya and Mitchy both looked at them with an exasperated look. "Why don't you two just start going out already? It will make these little moments happen way less if you do," the lavender-haired alpha commented with a sigh.


"Yeah, you guys are acting more cringy than Mitsuya on his first date with Baji," Mitchy said while shaking his head.


Mitsuya blushed a bit, "d-did Baji say that?" 


The blue-eyed omega rolled his eyes at the alpha, "no, I saw the whole thing." He said as he turned to walk away, "by the way, the whole yawn and stretch thing is kinda old. It's like you learned it from the fifties just to bring it back or whatever," he continued down the hall to Hanma's room while the other three were standing in the middle of the hall blushing. Takemichi shook his head at them, he didn't have time for their nonsense. He was already having a pretty long day today on the count of having to kick Mikey out of his bed this morning after he snuck into Emma's room somehow last night. Mitchy was somewhat sure that he either drugged or bribed his best friend with something really good so that he could sneak in, he would have to find out what that was later. Secondly, he had three tests to take in school today, one of which was worth more than fifty percent of his overall grade, he hated when teachers made tests like that, they were the worst. And lastly, practice with his cheer team ran a little later than expected since he had to learn a whole routine before his first game this weekend.


It seems that his day was never-ending these days, it was nearly done and he still had to go to Mikey's house and help Emma cook dinner for everyone. With a final sigh, he found Hanma's room and went inside, the others could follow after. Mitchy opened the door and walked over to the side of Hanma's bed to look down at the sleeping boy's face, it's been two full weeks since Hanma came to the hospital and Mitchy was no closer to figuring out who did this to Hanma. The bad news didn't end there though, because after Mitchy came to visit him the first time after Hanma's admittance, the tall boy asked if he could bring some stuff for him from his apartment. It was mostly clothing and a toothbrush so he could brush his teeth. Hanma hated the feeling of being hooked up in the hospital, so he wanted to wash up a bit in the bathroom, that was before he started coughing up blood. 


Sadly, when Mitchy went to the apartment that Hanma had written down the instructions for on some paper, he came to find out that the place had burned down that morning. It seemed to be a freak accident, but Mitchy didn't believe it. Hanma's neighbors told him that they were the ones who had called the police when they heard the noise coming from next door. It was to their shock that three fully grown alphas ganging up on one omega. The special Alpha Squad had to be called to take all three of them down and bring each one into custody. Although those alphas were arrested, Mitchy had heard that they were reported to have been released from prison the following day after someone posted their bail of a total of 258k for each of them. Takemichi was shocked that they were let go, Mikey and Draken were too because they had been watching the same news channels as him at the time. Mitchy had explained what happened to Hanma to them, and what he found out. They were both pissed and disgusted.


Mikey and Draken might not like Hanma very much, but that didn't mean they would ever wish something like this on him. Mikey took this as a personal attack, with his logic, Takemitchy was his omega, and Hanma was Mitchy's pet, therefore, Hanma belonged to Mikey as well. Draken agreed with that logic as well because he felt the same. Mitchy was slightly surprised to hear Mikey explain this logic, but he supposed that he didn't care about the weirdness of it as long as they were willing to help the injured boy on their own. Mikey was going to allow Hanma to live with either him or Draken after he got out of the hospital. But Mitchy didn't think that was a good idea since Hanma had been sent to the hospital because three alphas assaulted him in the worst way. So, it was decided, Hanma would move in with Mitchy once he was released from the hospital, whenever that was. 


Looking upon Hanma's sleeping form, one word came to mind. Broken. Hanma looked broken. The tall boy had so many monitors hooked up to him at any given time that Mitchy lost track of where they started and Hanma ended. There were bags of blood that were still being transfused into the boy's body because his surgeries seemed to cause him to lose at least half a bag of the stuff. There were IV bags filled with various liquids, Mitchy was almost certain that Hanma was about ninety percent liquid right about now because of that. Hanma's neck had to be placed in a cast, his arm and legs were too, and there seemed to bandage covering every part of his body. But yet, Hanma seemed to be resting somewhat peacefully. Mitchy frowned, he wondered how often the staff gave him a bed bath, he felt bad for the older boy since he was in this state. 


Mitchy carest Hanma's cheek gently as he continued to look at him. "Whoever did this to you, I want to make them pay," he thought as he moved his hand up to pet his hair. Hanma's head was mostly wrapped in bandages because of his surgery, they had to shave apart of his hair in the process. He heard the door open behind him, he didn't look behind him to know that it was the others. 


"Did he wake up today?" Hakkai asked softly after he saw Mitchy standing next to the bed.


"Not yet..." Mitchy said in a monotone voice before he leaned forward and whispered in his ear, feeling a little mischievous. "Hey, Hanny, hurry up and wake up soon so you can see me in my cheerleading uniform. The summer version is even tighter and shorter than this one," he whispered into the boy's ear before standing back up. However, there was no change, it was like didn't say anything at all. Mitchy pouted disappointed, he was hoping that it would work, and then they would all laugh when he revealed what was whispered to him to make him magically wake up. But no, there was no change, Hanma remained in his comatose state.


Chifuyu walked over and placed a comforting hand on Mitchy's shoulder, "it's okay, I'm sure he'll wake up soon."


"Yeah," Mitchy said, though he wasn't too sure when that would be. 


Mikey's house


After Takemichi visited Hanma in the hospital, the group went back to Mikey's house for dinner. Mikey was waiting at the door for him, the blond alpha looked up when he noticed the scent of sunflowers on a rainy day. The rain meant that Mitchy was sad, and Mikey hated when his Mitchy was sad. The commander turned to the group as they came through the entrance, "how did it go today?" He asked Mitchy, but the omega didn't look up at him, just passed by him, taking off his shoes and heading towards the kitchen to meet Emma. 


Mikey watched the omega walk off before turning to his subordinates, "he didn't wake up today either," Hakkai replied. "I think it's starting to take a toll on Mitchy."


"The doctors aren't sure when Hanma'll wake up from that state, but they said that familiar scents and sounds might help him come out of it sooner." Mitsuya replied, "I thought that might give him some hope, but it didn't seem like it for long. By the time we made it back here, he was like that." He explained as he came took off his shoes to come to sit down inside. 


Mikey's frown deepened, his fist clenched, "call the others, we're meeting at the shrine tonight."


With Hanma


It was dark. So very dark.


He wasn't sure where he was or how long he's been here, but he knew one thing for sure. He was the only one here.


Or at least, the only human thing here. 


Hanma was sitting in the darkness of this place that felt completely alien to him. He felt like a stranger here, like he shouldn't be here, but at the same time, he was. The place was dark, the only thing that he could see in front of him was a large screen that repeatedly played what he thought was a movie. It was kind of a shitty movie though, all the faces were blurred and he couldn't tell who was who, but after watching the loop a couple of times, he came up with his own story for the movie. Behind him was a creature that was about as large as a mountain, it looked to be made up of only muscle and flesh, and it growled in a low tone all the time. The creature was only staring at him, it sounded hungry and if Hanma moved from that spot he was in for even a second, he felt as if he would be killed. Any movement he made to moving made the creature growl louder. Hanma had no idea where he was or how to get out of there, and the only thing to keep him company was this silent, blurry face movie, and the creature, so he kept his back towards it while he focused on the movie.


The movie that had been on loop since he opened his eyes here was off a little boy from what Hanma could tell. The boy looked to be taller than the other kids around him, he was a shy kid, wouldn't hurt a fly, and was very kind. He tried his best to be quiet and be good, however, the other kids would bully him for it, until one day, the boy stood up for himself. There was one kid that was close to the boy's height that the boy seemed to like, but the other boy didn't seem to like him back and started bullying him too. Hanma watched as the little boy tried his best to be friends with the other boy, but after a while, the boy gave up on the other. One day, there was an incident, but the movie gets too blurry for Hanma to make out what happened.



After that, the boy grew up a bit, he seemed to stand up for himself, fighting everyone that crossed his path, and got strong. As time went on, the boy didn't want to fight anymore, he seemed to be bored with the act. Hanma never saw the boy's parents, and he didn't look like he had many friends, so he felt bad for the little boy/ Wondering how lonely he must be feeling all the time. Always alone. Then, in the end, the boy grew some more, he looked to be a teenager around Hanma's age. The boy seemed to finally make a friend, they would walk through a field of flowers together all the time. The field seemed to be the clearest thing in the movie as if it was being played in HD, there were a few different flowers there, some fruits too. 








And tiny strawberries.


The one flower that stood out the most was the sunflowers. The boy liked the sunflowers as he would sit in front of them all the time. But the boy's happiness didn't last, because a storm cloud rolled in, it started to rain hard. The boy tried to find his friend, but whoever he looked, there was a monster that was a monster ready to bite his head off at every turn. Hanma got worried about the boy, wondering if he would ever find his friend again until suddenly, the boy saw him. He was covered in light, like an angel, but he was far away. Too far away. The boy tried to run to his friend, but the closer he got, the further his friend seemed, he would reach for him and would get so close, but then the light of his friend disappeared. The boy fell into the mud, the field was now devoid of any flowers and the boy was alone once again. And then the movie would end, just like that. The end.


The movie would start over just the same as always, nothing would change. Hanma was kind of tired of watching it though, he wish there was a way for him to change the channel or find something else to watch, but he couldn't. There wasn't a tv, just a large screen that played the same thing over and over again. Until now. Hanma didn't know when, but he had started to smell the scent of the sunflowers during the ending of the movie. He knew that he was probably imagining it, but after a while, the scent would come back, but only during the end of the movie. It kept on happening, over and over until suddenly the smell wasn't coming from the movie anymore, the smell was starting to come from somewhere else. He didn't know where, but he liked it.


Hanma wanted to smell that fresh scent all the time, but after a while, he didn't just want to smell it, he wanted to find the source. Hanma didn't know what was causing him to smell this scent, but whatever it was, he thought that it would make him feel better. Maybe, just maybe he would be able to escape from this place if he did. But whenever he moved, the creature behind him would start to growl. Hanma glanced behind him, the creature seemed to have grown even bigger since the last time he had seen it, but Hanma was tired of being scared of it. He stood up and the creature growled loudly, almost roaring at him for moving out of his spot. 


Hanma turned towards it, as tall as he was, he felt very small in front of this thing. He deiced, he made up his mind, he would outrun this thing, even if it killed him. He would outrun this thing and find that scent. So, with steeled nerves, Hanma placed his plan into action. He started to run, the creature got up, seeming even bigger than before, and started to chase after him. Hanma looked behind him to see that the creature was running after him, but he didn't know what else to do now that he started moving, so he moved faster. He ran and ran, and the creature chased him until he nearly took a bite out of his back. But Hanma managed to speed up enough to get away, he kept running, following the source of that scent, he needed to find it so that he could finally make it out of here. He wanted to see the light again, to see that light from the movie. 


Hanma didn't know how long he had been running, he was starting to get tired, but he couldn't give up. He wouldn't. He started to hear someone's voice, he started to notice that someone was calling out to him but he couldn't hear their voice. Even so, Hanma took that as his encouragement to keep going, he followed that scent of sunflowers until he started to see a light. He didn't know if this was the mentioned light one was supposed to see when their life was over, but he didn't care. He was tired, he didn't want to see this dark place anymore, and he didn't want to have to see that creature anymore either. He rushed towards the light with all of his might, leaving the large creature in his wake as he speed up even more. He was fighting to reach for that light, running with all of his strength to reach. 


He reached out his hand and continued to run.


Suddenly, the light got brighter and brighter until it engulfed everything around him. No more darkness. Hanma was relieved, but he couldn't believe it. He continued to run until he couldn't hear the growing anymore. He continued to run until all he could smell was that fresh sunflower flowing in the wind. Hanma kept running until he saw the sunflower, it was standing tall in the ground swaying side to side in the gentle breeze. Hanma came to a stop in front of the flower, he was breathing hard as he was out of breath, he couldn't believe that he made it here. He looked up at the flower that swayed in the wind, it looked so bright and peaceful. If he could forget everything and just have the memories of this flower, he would be happy for the rest of his life. No storm clouds. No rain. 


He reached up and touched a flowerpetal, the instant he did that, everything seemed to come crashing down. Like glass breaking, the pieces broke apart and fell around the floor.


Hanma opened his eyes, blinking away the blurriness, he tried to look around. He saw a white ceiling that he didn't know, and a room of white, there was a warm light coming from his right, so he looked over in that direction the best he could. For some reason, he couldn't move his head properly, and his body felt incredibly heavy, but still, he wanted to see. He looked and saw a boy standing over him. His eyes were closed and tears were flowing from his eyes. This boy's hair was a bleach blond color and his face looked to be filled with sadness, but there was a smell. 


"Sunflowers..." a rough whisper came from his lips as he looked up at the boy.


The blond boy popped his eyes to reveal the most precious blue eyes he's ever seen in his whole life. He couldn't remember a time when he had seen anything prettier, but he couldn't remember anything else though. But he didn't care, he wanted to see more of this boy who seemed to smell like the flower he was looking for before. "Hanma?" The boy asked in disbelief, his voice sounded angelic to Hanma's ears.


"" Hanma's voice was a horse, he didn't know how long he had been in this state, but he was thirsty. His throat was so trying that it was hard for him to form words properly. Even so, he was happy that he finally found his flower. He closed his eyes, happy that he could see those eyes for the first time. "I'm...home..." he whispered as he drifted off to sleep.






To be continued...

Chapter Text

Mikey took his time climbing the steps of the shrine. He had a lot in his mind that he needed to sort out, most of them revolving around Mitchy and Hanma. The thought that Hanma had decided, on his own, to put the gang that Kisaki made on a temporary hold before letting it dissolve into Toman was interesting.


So far, Kiaski hasn't made a move regarding this change, nor has he come up to up to Mikey to talk about Valhalla being dissolved into Toman sooner. No, for some reason, Kisaki has been quiet lately. Maybe it was because Mikey chose to move all of the omegas associated with his pack into his house or assign them his most trusted captains to guard them. Right now, Takemitchy, Baji, Emma, and Chifuyu are staying at his house, and Hina comes over on the weekend because her parents won't let her move in like the rest of them. As for Makoto and Yamagishi, they were staying with both of their boyfriends until it was safe.


Mikey didn't know when Hanma was going to wake up or be discharged from the hospital, but if what Takemichi told him two weeks ago was true. Mikey would have to do something to make sure that Hanma and Mitchy, as well as the other omegas in his pack, were safe just in case Kisaki decided to try something behind his back. Mikey was starting to regret making that deal with Kisaki back then, but he wanted Pah-chin to get out of jail so badly that he thought he was doing the right thing. Now there seemed to be an approaching storm that was slowly making its way to his door. 


Not only that but from what his subordinates were able to tell him, it seems that the guys that attacked Hanma two weeks ago were working with the group called Shamen. Takemichi had shown some of his skills to Mikey and some of the others, and thanks to those skills, and Takemitchy's history, they found out a little more about Shamen. The group had a small post set up in Tokyo that wasn't active year-round. Their job was to carry out small orders sent in from the main office, the place this small subsection worked out of was made to look like a nightclub during the night, and a dance studio during the day. Takemitchy managed to hack into their systems remotely to find out more. Mikey still didn't understand how he did it, but because he did, they knew that the main objective for the nightclub was trafficking, there wasn't a pacific mentioning of what they were trafficking, but they figured that it wasn't anything good.


Mitchy was also able to find pictures of the three men that Hanma's neighbors had reported to the police for the break-in. One of the three was an executive for the corporate branch, while the other two seemed to be his lackeys. Ironically, the executive was also named Hanma too, Hanma Yujiro.




Mikey had called a private meeting between all the captains, excluding Kisaki, to talk about Hanma's attackers. The Mizo crew was also invited because they were also worried about the tall omega's well-being. Mikey and some of the other alphas were worried that these guys were let out of prison without going to trial, so they wanted to know all they could about them for future encounters. Takemichi had finished printing out all the information he had found and brought it to the private meeting that was being held in Mikey's living room earlier that evening. Emma and Hina served snacks and sat off to the side because they were also curious about the meeting. Mikey wasn't going to let them stay at first, but he wanted his little sister and her friend to know the dangers that were out there. 


Takemichi stood up in front of all of the captains with a stack of papers in his hands. Looking around, he took a deep breath and cleared his throat before speaking. 


"Yujiro's mother was Japanese, while his father was American." Takemichi said after he did some digging on the guy, "Looks like his mother wanted to give him up for adoption and after he was born. It doesn't look like their relationship was very good at all, there's a lot of abuse cases filed against the father by the mother, but after their son was born, she secretly tried to give him up. The father. The father challenged the courts, accusing his wife of being mentally unstable to make decisions regarding their child, and the father ended up winning. He then took Yujiro to live with him in America until he turned eighteen, that's when he seems to have fallen off the map for about two years... His father, a CEO or a big trading company, didn't another looking for him when he seemed to disappear off the map."  


Draken leaned on the wall with a heavy sigh, "well, the guy sounds kind of like a normal person. Did you find out anything to explain why he would ever join an organization like Shamen in the first place? Or where he might have been during that time?"


Takemitchy looked over the papers he had printed out with the information of Yujiro on it. ", not exactly. However, it shows that he did go to visit his mother a couple of months after he left him. But according to the police report that was filed against him during his visit, the meeting didn't go well"  He looked through more of his notes, "it looks like this guy had a pretty established criminal record since he was eight." 


"How bad we talking here?" Mitsuya asked as he held Baji close.


"Well," Mitchy looked through the pages a bit. "His first arrest was on his fifth birthday when he sent mankind to the hospital for being caught cheating on a test and the kid called him out for it."


"Well seems a little petty," Chifuyu said frowning.


"He got picked up by the police A few months later for beating up an old man on the street because he got to go on the bus first. There were also a couple of other minor offenses between those that needed the police to intervene but he wasn't taken in for." Mitchy continued. "He was sent to child protection services and a child psychologist to see why he was being so violent. Most of his classmates were scared of him before the end of the first term. But, he went to juvie for the first time when he was ten years old for throwing a kid off the roof because he thought the kid took his girlfriend from him." Some of the alpha made a face at that, they were all thinking the same thing, 'this guy is a psycho.


"Damn, and I thought I was bad," Kazutora said wide-eyed. His presence at the meeting was because he had transitioned back into Toman as vice-captain. After all, he felt that being a captain would take away his rine with Baji.


"How long was he in for?" Draken asked after shushing the others.


"...About a month," Mitchy said disappointed, "it looks like his father would bail him out all the time. When he was arrested for robbery at eleven and twelve. When he had gotten picked up for smashing the window of four cars and stealing everything inside, on camera. When he was accused of rapping three omegas on his sixteenth birthday. And when he was accused of killing one a year later before their baby was born." Mitchy cleared his throat again as he looked up from the page he was reading, and that's only naming a few." 


The room was silent after that, "his dad seemed to like him a lot." Baji said looking a little dumbfounded, Mitsutya nodded his head in agreement while Chifuyu only stared. Probably imagining what kind of person would allow this child to act out like that, Baji was wondering the same thing. They might have been delinquent but at least they weren't disturbing the peace by hurting others and being a total monster to others. 


"Well fuck, these guys wrap short sounds like a fucked up villain backstory. It sounds like he just doesn't give a fuck about anything," Draken said in shock. They all turned to Mikey for his thoughts since he had been silent since the start of the meeting.


Mikey shook his head, he didn't know what oil say to that. This guy didn't just sound like a monster, he sounded like a nightmare. Mikey was thinking that he was just some punk that those Shamen hiya had picked up off the street a while back, but now that he knew this guy was a grown-ass adult, he was starting to rethink some things. "Do you know why they went after our Hanma?" 


Mitchy shook his head, "no, I couldn't find anything about that. But, do know that with organizations like these, some jobs don't always get recorded in their records, or reported to the HQ. It's mostly known as 'under the table' type jobs because they're not ordered by their bosses. If I had to guess, there was a reason why they didn't report the job."


"What would that be?" Chifuyu asked curiously, his friend's secret past always seems to get more and more interesting the more he found out. 


"Well," Mitchy took a seat as he thought of an answer, "if I had to say, then I think it's because they did it for fun. They must have met with someone that doesn't like Hanma Shuji enough to put him through some pain like that. However, I don't think that the job they did was meant to go this far, I mean, Hanma is in an Acoma right now. If anything, they were probably meant to just scare him enough to not want to cross the person that hired them again."


"Oh, I see, so it's like that person hired the mob or something because Hanma crossed a line he wasn't supposed to?" Hakkai asked, he was a little lost with this sort of thing.


Mitchy couldn't blame him, he was kind of lost about this as well. He had a feeling he knew who did this, who ordered Yujiro and his men to attack Hanma. Yet, the part that he was lost on was what line those guys crossed. How far had Kisaki told them to go? It was a little scary that this would happen, and Kisaki was willing enough to make it happen. "But, the thing is, guys like Youjiro don't come cheaply, they mostly start-up in the thousands with the starting numbers in the double digits. There's no way one middle schooler was able to come up with that kind of money on his own." He stated as he knew the financial statements of Kisaki's family might have been close to being the mid-middle class with the amount of money both of his parents were bringing in. Yet, that didn't mean that he would be able to just remove, say, twelve thousand dollars from the family bank account without someone noticing, even if they were blind with tiredness.


No, that kind of money had to be taken from somewhere else, but Takemichi couldn't figure out where. Wherever Kisaki got the means to hire these guys, there must be a price to play. Takemichi shook his head, 'there must be something I'm missing here, I should go through his computer again to see if he's been talking to some suspicious people. Maybe 'he' reached out to him at some point for some reason.' he thought.


As if Mikey was readying Mitchy's mind, he asked, "Takemitchy, do you think that your stepfather might have had something to do with this?" 


"My-I don't know, maybe..." Takemichi tightened his grip on the papers he was holding. "I can probably find out though."


"Please do," Mikey replied. "And while you're at it, try to see if you can pull up any more relevant information on those three, Yujiro and his men. I wanna know if the other two are as dangerous as their boss." Takemichi nodded, "next up, we need to know what to do with Hanma when he gets out of the hospital."


"Can't he move in here with you, Mikey? Or maybe even Draken?" Chifuyu asked curious, though he had never been to Draken's house, and he didn't know anything about where he lived, he assumed that it would be okay. If there were stairs in the way, then Draken would be strong enough to just carry Hanma up the stairs since he's naturally strong. There was also still enough space for one or two more people to sleep comfortably in Mikey's house from what he could see. 


Mikey shook his head, "while I would allow it, Takemitchy doesn't think that would be a good idea."


The others turned to Takemitchy who nodded, "yeah, because Hanma had been attacked by three really strong alphas, he might have a fear of being around other alphas. Since he's in a coma right now, we don't know what his mental state will be like when he does wake up again, so just to be safe, I don't think that he should be around too many until we know how he will react."


"Then I guess we're gonna have to find somewhere else to place him," Mitsuya said with a thoughtful look on his face. He looked over to Takemichi then, "wait, what about at your house, Mitchy?" 


Takemichi nodded, "yeah, I do have a spare bedroom that I use for gest, and I bought another futon, too. I could fix up the spare bedroom for Hanma so it can be ready for when he gets out. But..." He looked pensive as he thought about what happened when he went to check on Hanma's apartment.


"What's the matter Mitchy?" Draken asked folding his arms, "if you got something to say, spit it out already."


"Okay, then, to be honest, I don't know what happened, but when I went to get some of Hanma's things for him the other day. I found his apartment building had been set on fire, the neighbors said that it started from his apartment, so I think Yujiro's men went back to get rid of any evidence linking them to the scene. Though that didn't make much sense since they were already found at the scene."


"So it could have been someone else?" Baji asked, "like who?"


"Kisaki," Mikey stated coldly, his emotionless eyes were darker than the night sky without the stars. 


The others turned to him with wide eyes, "um, hey, Mikey, are we talking about the same person you didn't want to identify last time we had one of these private meetings?" Hakkai asked hesitantly, Mikey nodded, "Holy shit dude...but why would he do that? Isn't Hanma supposed to be like on his side or whatever?"


"Yeah, he was, until recently;y," Draken announced."A little while back, Hanma started hanging out with Takemitchy in secret behind our back. It seems like he wants to be loyal to Mitchy, I don't know why though."


"So does that mean that he wants to join the pack then?" Kazutora asked looking a little lost.


"Nah, I don't think so, he didn't seem to want to do anything like that when we last saw him. However, if he's going to be loyal to Mitchy, then it would make sense for him to just join the pack so that he'll have easier access to Mitchy whenever he wanted," Draken explained. "Now that he's come, we don't know if his thoughts will have a change, or if he'll even remember what he was like before since he had to go through head surgery."


"Damn, that's rough," Kazutora sighed. "It kinda feels like this was what they wanted to happen, Kisaki and that Yuji guy."


"Huh? They wanted him to forget everything?" Baji asked, "but why? If he was scared of them, then he probably would have gone back to following orders again like usual. What's the point of putting him through all of this if they wanted him to forget?"


"Or maybe..." Chifuyu started with a thoughtful look in his eye, he didn't really like where his mind was going, but he wanted to at least put it out there. "Okay, so what if Kisaki was trying to make Hanma forget everything because he knew too much. And since he knew most of Kisaki's plans, and was already trying to get close to Mitchy, what if Kisaki found out about their friendship and got jealous or something? I mean, we don't know too much about the guy, he's still a fairly new addition to the gang, he hadn't even been initiated into the pack yet, so he was probably planning to do something to make himself look like some kind of hero, while also being the mastermind behind everything. And Hanma's relationship with Mitchy was getting in the way or something, or maybe he liked Hanma and he was jealous that he wasn't getting that kind of attention anymore. So he sent some guys in to hurt Hanma in a way so that he would forget about everything so that Kisaki could swoop in and take control of him completely."


Everyone was looking at CHifuyu with wide eyes, like damn. Homeboy just laid down a whole movie plotline for them while barely taking two breaths. Mitchy and Baji were impressed. But no one was more blown away other than Emma and Hina. Mikey looked at the green-eyed boy with a great surprise, "um, okay, so that seems kind  of pacific, how did you come up with that?" Mitsuya said feeling a little weirded out. 


"Yeah, that's kinda creepy," Draken nodded.


Chifuyu blushed, "um, well, I donno, I was just thinking about it-"


"NO WAY!!" Emma shouted as she jumped to her feet looking at the green-eyed omega in disbelief. She pointed an accusing finger at him, "there's no way you just came up with that on your own, Chi-chan! That's way too close to Omega Love LIne Triangle Wars! The three of us were watching that last night!"


"We were?" CHifuyu asked before remembering, "oh, that's right, we were. Oh, but isn't it likely that it could be happening in real life now too?" 


"Nah uh!" Emma fussed, "there's no way because the plotline and the actual story that was played out on the show so don't match up at all. Because first of all, the alpha that was in love with the tall omega was jealous because he was smarter and more well-liked by others. While the second omega was mad at the alpha for not giving her wall of his attention anymore even though they were childhood friends turned sweethearts before the other omega showed up!"


Chifuyu scratched his head, "yeah, but that was only up until the fifth episode, wasn't it?" 


"No, it wasn't!" Emma huffed while Hina was trying to get her to calm down a bit, "listen, you should know better than to test my knowledge of Kdrama like that. I'll let it slide this time, but you won't get away with it next time!" Emma promptly sat down with her arms folded and looked off to the side.


Hina bowed her head to the others, "please excuse us, Emma's just really passionate about this kinda stuff."


Mikey sweatdropped, "I've noticed."


Draken leaned over to Mikey, "so, why did you let them stay again: I mean, at least Hina's quiet, but Emma is..." 


Mikey sighed, "I know, I know." He said as he pinched the bridge of his nose, "okay, it's decided, we'll bring Hanma over to Mitchy's house when he's cleared to leave the hospital. ANd as for Kisaki's reasoning, we can find that out later. Lastly," he glanced over at Chifuyu with a slightly disappointed look, "please leave all Kdrama related topics out of Toman related business." CHifuyu blushed a bit, feeling embarrassed for being called out like that. Emma felt no shame, so Hina was embarrassed for her. "Alright, let's end this meeting, for now, we'll pick it up with the others later. But remember, nothing that was said here should be repeated to the other members until I say so."


Flashback end


Mikey climbed the steps to the top, all of his subordinates made a path and bowed to him as he walked through. He had a blank look on his face the whole time, he made it up to the stairs on the other side of the sea of alphas. He made it to the top and turned to look over all his men. There wasn't anything that he didn't like about his gang, his pack, he built it up from the bottom, from six members to over a hundred strong. Mikey was very proud to lead all of them. 


As all of the captains to their place in front of their divisions, with Draken standing at the foot of the steps he just climbs to look over all of them. Mikey noticed one of the captains, this one caught his eye because his face was still somewhat new to the gang. While he didn't seem like a bad member outwardly, Mikey wondered what his real goals were. Kisaki caught Mikey staring and looked directly into his eyes. Mikey disliked that. It was disrespectful, everyone knew that the pack leader shouldn't be looked in the eye in front of the whole pack. His power was absolute, his orders were absolute, it was the same for every pack. But Kisaki wasn't a part of his pack yet, and Mikey was somewhat grateful for that still. 


Mikey took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly, and looked over his men. "I have an announcement to make. As of this moment, Hanma Shuji, the vice commander of Valhalla will be under my protection." The members looked at each other slightly confused, but Mikey was looking directly at Kiaki, for a few moments he looked like he was surprised. Then his face turned to confusion just like the rest.


One of the other captains, a boy with blue hair, stepped forward, "pardon my rudeness, commander. But, I had heard that Shuji passed away some time ago in the hospital from complications," he said seriously. 


Mikey nodded, "yes, while that was true for a time, it's not anymore." He said as he remembered back when Takemichi came back to his house after a visit at the hospital. It was when Hanma had suddenly started spitting up blood and had to have emergency surgery right there and then. The doctors told Mitchy and the others to head home since the surgery would take a while. They didn't hear back from the hospital for almost two days, which made everyone think that Hanma had passed away during surgery. Thankfully they received a call on the third day informing them of Hanma's comatose state."For the past week and some days now, Hanma has been alive and well in the hospital, however, he remains in a coma for an unknown amount of time."


Another captain who looked very much like the previous stepped forward next. They were identical twins, but the second one had orange hair and a great big smile on his face. "Hey, uh, so, what's the deal with wanting to have him under your protection all of a sudden? Did something happen at the hospital?"


"No, not as far as I know, though, that doesn't mean that nothing will ever happen there. The trio that attacked him in his own home two weeks ago is still on the streets, walking around freely. Since we don't have any way to bring them to justice, we're going to have to keep a close eye on all of our omegas going forward. Hanma Shuji might have been an omega, but he's one of the strongest and bravest that I've ever seen, and since those basterds decided to fuck him up bad enough to put his ass in the hospital. They are our enemy," members cheered in agreement, punching their fists in the air angrily.


Kisaki felt like he might have had a mini-stroke, he couldn't have heard that right, could he? Mikey was making those guys his enemy? Kisaki knew that he had fucked up when he saw the news about Hanma's apart meant the following day. It read 'Home invasion turned grizzly: young omega violently raped and beaten close to death' across his screen as the reports stood outside of the burned building. Kisaki didn't know what he was dealing with, and he surely didn't know what kind of mess he was getting into with those guys. He had only seen Yujiro in passing after he met with the Shamen executive named Mr. Lee. He figured that guy would only go up to Hanma's apartment and rough him up a bit, maybe have a little fun with him.


Not send him to the hospital.


Kisaki was sure that this would be considered attempted murder if Hanma had been left inside that building. Kisaki still hadn't been able to get in contact with those men to know everything that happened. It was kind of like they were avoiding him, or maybe they were ignoring him because he wasn't important enough. That pissed him off the most. He didn't want all of his hard work to be messed up just because of a mistake. He couldn't let anyone find out that he was behind this, but even if they did, he could just spin it to say that they were threatening him until they saw Hanma walking home alone one night. Yeah, that was what he was going to do, he had decided, Kisaki clenched his fist as he made sure to keep his face neutral. He didn't want to give anything away. If anything, he probably finds another way to make this problem go away, but he might have to get his hands dirty. a lot of accidents could happen in a hospital, right? 


While Kisaki was mentally plotting, Mikey was watching him the whole time. Kisaki spoke up next, "do we have a way to make sure that Hanma is well-protected just in case the enemy catches you off guard, Mikey?" Kisaki's words caught almost everyone off guard. They turned to him with low growls in their throats.


"What the fuck are you trying to say, Kisaki? You're still a newbie you don't know Mikey like the rest of us." Someone yelled.


"Yeah, you haven't ever been accepted into the pack yet! WHat give you the right to talk so boldly!!" Another person yelled.


"Oi, calm your asses down, Mikey's about to speak!!" Draken yelled at the group, silence was restored within seconds. Though the mood was about as sour as it could get. 


Takemitchy, Baji, Chifuyu, Hina, and Emma were all standing off to the side, out of sight from the other alphas as they watched Mikey command his army. They were all wearing their scent blockers, it was the only way that Mikey was going to allow them all to come to the meeting tonight since one omega's scent would be somewhat noticeable. But five? That was just asking for counter-productivity, and possibly a couple of broken bones. From the sounds of things, a fight was evidence, either way, Takemichi watched Mikey's back, wondering what he was going to say to calm everyone down. The pheromones in the air were very strong, it was starting to affect Mitchy and the others a bit.


"I understand your concerns, you want to fight these guys. But a war against this enemy will need more than our first!" Mikey announced loudly, "again, from onward, Hanma Shuji is Toman's omega. Anyone who wants to harm him will have to deal with me." The crowd cheered loudly in agreement, "once Hanma was released, he will be guarded every hour of the day by either me or Ken-chin. That is the same for all other omegas that are associated with our gang and our pack. We protect our own, no matter the cost. Traitors will not be tolerated!"


"Yeaaaah!!!" The roars of the alphas below sounded like lions roaring, their pheromone rose and mixed to make one scent. It smelled like a rainforest with all of its preditors ready to strike their prey all at once. 


With Takemichi, after the meeting


Takemichi sighed tiredly, he was so glad that the meeting was finally over. He thought that he might pass out from all the pheromones in the air. Mikey walked over to him where he sat with the other omegas, "are you guys okay?" The commander asked looking at each of them worriedly, they were all looking a little less than stellar at the moment. 


Mitchy yawned tiredly, "yeah, we're all okay. Baji needed to sit down after a while because of all the scents in the air, but he'll be okay with some rest." 


"Oh," Mikey said as his eye drifted over to where Baji was sitting on a bench leaning back on Kazutora for support as he had a hand atop his rounded belly. Baji looked like he was sleeping, but Kazutora was talking to him, so Mikey assumed that he just had his eyes closed. He looked over to the girls, Hina and Emma seemed to be fine, they were talking and giggling as usual. Chifuyu was with sitting with Mitchy, the two blonds looked about ready to fall into bed as well. "Uh, so does being exposed to a lot of pheromones make male omegas sleepy or something?" 


"Oh, uh, no, not exactly." Mitchy blushed a put as looked up to the moon above, "it affects everyone differently. Emma and Hina can laugh and talk naturally because they can get over their quicker. While the boys and I have to go through it gradually." He looked away from the sky and over to Baji again, "since Baji is pregnant, he only gets fatigued, but he's stubborn and won't let anyone baby him too much. Unless he feels like being spoiled." Mitchy suddenly felt something fall into his lap, he looked down to see Chifuyu had fallen asleep in his lap. And since Mitchy had come to the hospital before going to the meeting right after practice, he was still in his cheer uniform. 


Takemichi was still surprised at how quickly he was given a uniform. The winter version of his uniform was similar to the summer one, except the top was a full shirt with long sleeves, the whole thing clung to his arms and torso like a glove. The bottoms looked like regular shorts that went all the way down to his knees, he needed to wear a pair of tights under them so his legs wouldn't freeze. He was told to wear regular white running shoes to go with the uniform since it was mostly white during the winter with red and black detailing. Mitchy still wore a jacket so that he could be warm while he was outside at night. 


Mitchy gently brushed Chifuyu's hair out of his face while he slept, "I think it's about time we head home for the night." 


Mikey nodded, "I'll tell Draken and we'll go back together." Takemichi nodded and Mikey walked away, but not before giving Chifuyu a jealous glare. 


After Takemitchy and the others got back to Mikey's house, Chifuyu having to be carried back on Hakkai's back since he was too sleepy to wake up and walk himself the whole way. Everyone took turns taking their baths then slipped into their pajamas and going to sleep. But Takemichi couldn't fall asleep right away, his mind kept on wandering back to the future. He was getting curious about his future, he wanted to know if everything that he was doing here was doing anything to help, or if he was simply making things worse. He decided that he would take a trip back home in the future. Maybe there was something there that will help him figure things out about what to do in the past. With that thought in mind, Mitchy went to sleep.


In the morning, Mitchy got up early and to use the bathroom and Hina had asked him to walk her back to her apartment to get some of her clothes. They didn't have school on the following day, and it was going to be one of those very rare three-day weekends that happen during the year. Takemitchy was glad she asked because that meant that he would be able to see Naoto for the first time in a while. Hina and Mitchy both got ready, Mitsuya had stayed over in Mikey's room with Draken last night so he went to the two omegas this morning. The trio got to Hina's apartment building an hour later since Mikey lived far from her. Once Hina opened the front door, Naoto greeted her Mitchy, and Mitchy took his chance then. He treated the boy as normal and reached for a handshake as a part of his greeting, as soon as their hands touched, he felt shocked to go through him and everything went black.


Mitchy opened his eyes feeling as if he hadn't moved at all from the spot he had been standing in Hina's apartment. Though there was the sound of beeping that entered his ears, Mitchy thought that everything went as normal. He was in the future, his present. Opening his eyes, Takemichi looked around, he saw the oh-so-familiar giant windows that looked out onto the world from the higher floors of the hospital. The curtains around them were a bright orange-yellow color that looked very colorful in the room. There was a red table a few feet away from the window with yellow sunflowers that seemed to add even more color to the room. Next to that table were the monitors, then there were all the tubes and wires, the hospital bed, and finally, their person sitting up in the bed looking out the window.


Mitchy couldn't believe his eyes, it was Hanma, the older version of him. Except, he wasn't as he remembered the last time he saw him in the future. Hanma was looking out the window, he was still wearing those big, round, wire-rim glasses that he remembered him wearing before. But there was no suit, instead, he was wearing a light blue hospital gown with white flowers all over it. Takemichi could see that he looked very much bruised up, just as how he had been in the hospital when he was admitted that day. Takemichi couldn't believe it, was he sleeping all this time? He didn't know what to make of it. Hanma Shuji, it was him, the future version of him, but why was he still in the hospital still? How long had he been here? And for what?


Mitchy opened his mouth to speak, but Hanma spoke first, "Mitchy...I think I'm going to die." Mitchy was shocked, he didn't think he heard him right, or maybe this was a joke or something? 


"What? What do you mean?" Mitchy asked feeling a little scared of his answer.


"My husband," Hanma stated in a monotone voice as he turned to look at the former blond. When Mitchy saw Hanma's eyes, he was shocked, he was truly taken aback. Those beautiful golden amber eyes that he remembered were now so dim that they almost looked like a bright brown. There were bags under his eyes, one of which was black and blue. Hanma let out a long breath, he looked down and placed his hand on his belly, and that's when Mitchy realized it.


Hanma was pregnant. Eight months from the looks of it. 


The same as Baji the last time Mitchy saw him at the shrine. 


Mitchy's eyes must have looked about as big as the windows Hanma was just looking out of because he let out a dry laugh. "You should see your face, you kinda look like a fish or something..." he said jokingly, but there was no smile or humor in his voice.


"Hanma...what happened?" Mitchy asked, then he backtracked thinking that it was too strange just to ask that. He had been sitting with Hanma for some time before his past self came back to the present, or however, that was meant to be explained. "I mean, your husband...did he?" He looked up to Hanma's bruised eye.


Hanma placed his other hand over the bruise mindlessly as his frown deepened. His face looked like it hadn't seen a real smile in a while, at least, that's what Mitchy thought. Hanma looked down at his lap as he leaned back on the bed, his hand still placed around his stomach. "He hit me again...this time it was because of the boys. I guess I didn't make dinner fast enough for them so they told their father, that man that I was forced to marry before I even turned eighteen." Hanma felt his lip tremble as his eyes watered, "I wish that he never found me that day on Christmas eve. I wish that Mikey would have killed him when he had the chance. He probably would have if it wasn't for those guys getting in the way, damn Black Dragons."


Takemichi was having trouble processing everything that Hanma was saying, he was confused. "Um, okay, major bombshell alert, I don't know if I can take too much more. So, let's see if I can peace this together somehow. Right, so, first, Hanma is currently in the hospital, eight months pregnant, and is in an abusive marriage? He currently has some boys that complained about dinner being late to their father, who then gave Hanma a black eye? On top of that, this guy forced Hanma into marriage before he was of legal age? Who the fuck even is this guy?" He thought seriously as he looked down at the ground, "plus, there's Mikey, what happened on Christmas eve? Who was he trying to stop? Why would this guy want to marry Hanma before he was of legal age...or rather, how did he do it? To my knowledge, there are only certain ways that underaged teens can get married before their eighteenth birthday."


Mitchy was tempted to ask about it, but it seems to be a painful topic. 


Hanma sighed, "it's okay though." He spoke after a long silence fell upon them, "thanks to Mikey, I got marked now, so he can't hurt me as much as before. He just hits me for whatever reason he could think of." He rubbed his stomach a bit as he leaned his head back on the pillow, "at least I can try to get away now. And I'll be bringing this little one with me."


"Huh? What do you mean, what about your sons?" Takemichi asked, he felt as if Hanma might have loved his sons just as much as the one he was carrying now. At least, that's what he thought. 


Hanma gave Mitchy a sad look, "I wish I could, but they're too far gone. They grew up with that man, he brainwashed them into thinking that he was a God and they follow his every word. They don't even look at me as their mother anymore!" Tears started to fall from his face, the smell of fear and sadness rose from the pregnant male. "And you want yo know the worse part about this, Mitchy?" He asked as he tried to wipe some of his tears away but they wouldn't stop coming. Takemichi got up and placed a comforting hand on Hanma's shoulder to calm him down a bit as he cried. Mitchy couldn't believe that Hanma was crying like this in front of him, but what the pregnant boy said next shocked him even more. 


"Angilo, I thought he had been Yuji's this whole time, but when he needed a blood transfusion after the accident last year." Hanma started, fighting through his tears to speak, "they tested them both, and Yuji wasn't a he couldn't donate the blood Angilo needed...then you offered. And...and they said you were a perfect match!"


"What?!" Takemichi froze, he didn't know what the hell to do with this information, he felt like he was listening to fantasy than real life. He looked down at Hanma, hands shaking, "Hanma, wha-what are you talking about? Angilo, what..." he stopped when his brain supplied him an answer, but Hanma voiced it as he slowly came to the realization.


"Angilo. He's yours...he's your son!" Hanma dried his eyes some and looked up at Mitchy's shocked eyes, he let out a small smile. "I couldn't believe it either, but the doctors who did the DNA test told me that there had only been a ten percent chance of it happening. All that time, all of these years, I thought that I had no choice but to marry him since I was pregnant with his child. But I was wrong. I wish I had known of this medical before-" he stopped talking as he started to feel light-headed. "I wanted to tell you for so long but I..." his tears only got heavier, "I'm sorry, Mitchy."


Mitchy shook his head, he couldn't believe it, he was living in a drama. It had to have been some kind of Kdrama, like the ones that Emma liked to watch when they were young. Takemichi rewinds what Hanma said in his mind, "Angilo..." he looked out the window, staring at nothing as he tried to figure this out. "Hanma..." he looked down at the pregnant male. "Hanma, why did you keep that from me?" 


Hanma looked up at him with those tear dull golden eyes, "because he didn't want me to tell you. Angilo was meant to be his first son, his heir, I couldn't take that away from him, or else he would have killed Angilo! But I wanted to let you know somehow, I did, that's why I wanted us to meet this morning. But..." he looked down at his belly and the tears seemed to overflow all over again, "he found out that I was meeting you without his person. I'm never allowed to leave the house without him giving his permission, so...he beat me up."


"But you're pregnant!!" Takemichi said in shock.


Hanma let out another dry laugh, "yeah, I've noticed." He said bitterly, "I've given him three kids and twelve years of my life...four miscarriages, and countless beatings ending with a trip to the hospital. I've had to hide everything from the kids, but...I know they see it still."


Takemichi couldn't take this anymore, sensitive topic or not, he wanted to know everything about what happened in the past he just left. He needed to know everything so that he could prevent the bad things from happening to the ones he loved. But, before he could start asking, there was a knock on the door, it was opened a moment later. An officer in his full uniform walked in, the guy was tall, slender, and familiar. The officer took off his hat and greeted the two omegas, "hello, the names Naoto," the officer said looking down at Hanma before his eyes caught Takemichi's. The look of recognition appeared in them before he cleared his throat, "ahem, I'm from the Tokyo police department. I was sent to ask you some questions about the incident that happened this morning, and the one that happened a year ago, we think there's a likely connection between the two."


Hanma let out a heavy sigh, "I know who you are, but I can't talk to you about it..." he sniffled. He dried a stray tear from his eye and looked out the window, "I already told you everything back at the scene anyway." Mitchy could smell the fear rolling off of Hanma in waves right now.


Naoto nodded his head, "that's understandable, then if you don't mind, I will need a moment alone with your friend."


Hanma snapped his head back to look at the officer sharply. Mitchy could smell anger mixing with fear, Takemichi gently rubbed the pregnant male's shoulder, "it's okay, Hanma. I'll be back soon." Hanma looked up at Mitchy for a moment before relaxing back on the bed, taking that as the go-ahead, Mitchy turned to the office. Naoto nodded his head and led the way outside. Once they stepped out into the hallway, Mitchy took a moment to firmly close the door into place behind him before turning to Naoto. 


Naoto looked at Mitchy seriously, "Takemitchy, I don't know what you did, but I think you have even more to fix now."





To be continued...

Chapter Text

There wasn't a time in Takemichi's life when he felt that his heart was about to stop still in his chest other than when he found out he was pregnant with his daughter. There was no other way for Takemichi to describe the feeling he was having right now other than it was slowly crushing him. How the hell did he manage to make things seem way worse than before? Then again, he couldn't have known that things would turn out this way. As he looked at Naoto with his mouth agape, there was something inside of him that told him that he needed to do this. He had a mission to complete, no getting sidetrack this time. 


Takemichi steeled himself, "please, tell me everything." 


Naoto nodded, he looked around for a moment, the halls were empty and very quiet. "Let's make this quick. Firstly, your friend in there, Hanma Shuji, is married to the most dangerous man in the world right now."


Now that took Mitchy's breath away, "what? How?" He asked, "no wait, he was forced into the marriage when he was seventeen wasn't he?"


Naoto nodded, "yeah, I don't know the full details because his information was mostly blacked out by the time I got to them. However, from what I know, the marriage has been a little less than bright over the past twelve years he's been in it. We believe that his husband, Hanma Yujiro, forced Shuji to marry him when he was seventeen because Hanma was already a month pregnant when he woke up from his coma. And the last person that was registered to have had sex with him was Yujiro on the account that his sperm was found inside of him during a rape kit. When Shuji woke up he had short-term memory loss and didn't even remember anything that happened before he entered middle school."


"What, no way, it was that bad?" Takemichi asked, "d-did he gets his memory back now?"


Naoto shook his head, "no, not as far as we know. But, the thing is, on Christmas eve, there was a disruption at a church and the police was called. There, they found the dead body of a high school boy who was also the leader of a gang called the Black Dragon. The boy was killed during a struggle, possibly between multiple people. When he died, Yujiro took his place as the leader of the Black Dragons and made them become a part of his organization called Shamen, though they were allowed to keep their gang's name. After that, he forced the members to start attacking other gangs, starting wars, not carrying if they won or not. If the gang they faced off with won, they backed off, but later that gang's members would end up missing for a short while before all of their bodies are found in trashcans. If the gang lost, they would become a part of the Black Dragons."


Mitchy thought about that, "okay, so then...he was able to grow an already established gang by taking their leader's place. How did he get them to follow him? Isn't he much older?"


Naoto nodded, "yeah, he is, he was about twenty-five when he took over the Black Dragons. He's much bigger and tougher than the previous leader, that's for sure. As for how he controlled them...well, I don't think you want to hear this, but...he used omegas. They were given out as rewards, some of them being very young. He always seemed to have a supply of omegas for the members to stay obedient. He currently has about ten kids in total, that includes the four he had with your friend." 


Mitchy wanted to tell him that one of those kids Hanma gave birth to wasn't Yujiro's. Yet, he couldn't because of it either. "What about the Tokyo Manji Gang, what happened to them this time? Is Kisaki still..."


Naoto shook his head, "no, he's not. Yujiro is."


"What!" Takemichi nearly shouted but quickly covered his mouth when he remembered that he was in the hallway of a hospital. He lowed his voice, "uh, what? How's that possible, I thought he was the leader of the Black Dragons."


"He is, but he's also the leader of Toman as well," Naoto replied, one of the gangs that the Black Dragons fought happened to be Toman. By the time they challenged them, the group had grown considerably in size, it only took a few months before they struck fear in almost everyone they met. Mikey's leadership was overthrown since they couldn't fight back, a couple of their founding members passed away the last I heard."


"Who?" Takemichi asked, he had been hoping that no one else would die. 


"Manjiro Sano," Naoto stated.


Mitchy froze, he couldn't believe it, adding to the long list of things that he couldn't believe today. "What? Mikey, but...but Hanma just told me that he was going to help him get away from Yujiro. when d-did he d-d-die?" 


"Early this morning, we found his body on the ground in the middle of a construction site in the early hours of the morning. It seems that there was a shoot out there that resulted in Mikey getting shot from behind, and also stabbed in the chest before he passed away." Naoto explained, "we're still looking for the murderer and the murder weapon, but so far we've got nothing on its whereabouts." 


Takemichi backed up to lean on the wall before his legs gave out and he slide to the floor. He was dumbfounded, he had no idea what else to expect at this point because he was in over his head with all of this news. Takemichi felt weak to ask, but he needed to know, he looked up at Naoto who looked down at him with concern, "and...a-and Hina? Is she?"


Naoto shook his head, "no, she's not dead." Takemichi felt slightly relieved to hear that news, but Naoto's face didn't show that he was very happy about that. "but..." the officer continued, "she was kidnapped on the way home from high school a few years back. Mom and data did everything they could to find her for years, but nothing came of it. It left my mom distraught and my dad became desperate, almost reckless in his search. In the end, we did manage to find her, but she was out of our reach by then. She..." Naoto clenched his fist tightly to the point that it was shaking, "she was one of the omegas that Yujiro used to control his men's loyalty to him."


Takemichi gasped, he looked down at the ground as the two of them couldn't believe the situation. Naoto was a little calmer than mMitchy since he had to live through everything. However, Mitchy looked like he was having a panic attack. Naoto knelt next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Mitchy, please, I don't think it'll be enough for you to just prevent one incident, you need to know the full story. Come with me, we need to think of a plan to get things right."


"No way, no way, this can't be happening," Mitchy shook his head furiously. "What about the others? Chifuyu, Baji, Mitsuya, Hakkai, Emma, what happened to them? And what about my friends? Yamagishi? Yamamoto has to be with him right? Akkun wouldn't just leave Makoto alone, right? What happened to them?"


Naoto was quiet for a few minutes before he slowly got to his feet, "Mitchy...I think that you need to go back in with Shuji for a while. I'll come and help you both get out of the hospital quietly when I came back."


"Huh? No, wait, what do you mean?" Mitchy asked as he scrambled to get back on his feet. He looked the bate in the eyes, his own looked pretty frantic. "Naoto, what's going on? There's something that you're not telling me, isn't there?"


Naoto turned away from the omega, "all you need to know right now is that you're being hunted."


"Hunted, by who? Why?" Mitchy asked reaching out and grabbing onto his arm, "please, I just wanna know, what's going on?"


Naoto didn't look at him, "it's a group called Shamen. They want you back, now more than ever. The first time you escaped, you were lucky, but not the second time. I can't talk took much about it in the open like this, but I promise you, once I come back, I will get you out." 


Mitchy had no choice but to let Naoto's arm go, watching as the bate walked off down the hallway. He couldn't help but think that this was a bad movie. He was able to remember moments of the times that Naoto was talking about. They were all moments from when he was being kidnapped, to watching the helicopters fly overhead as he hid in some bushes. Mitchy was almost certain that his past self who had lived through those moments was a mental reck these days. Takemichi couldn't recall a time when he wasn't, yet, now it was starting to boil over the line. Takemichi went over all the memories he could remember, and when he tried to access the ones he didn't have before coming back to the future. 


It wasn't hard, the memories mixed in his mind as if they were always there, to begin with. Takemichi was starting to suspect that his travels through time would leave him with a lot of mental scars. He would no doubt be stuck with the memories of everything that happened every time he went back and forth. Was this his fate? Was he doomed to remember all of his failings and only repeat them whenever he tried to do better? He wished that he could go further back in time, back to when it all first started. But he couldn't. Naoto had explained it the first time he came back, his body seems to stop moving, becoming a shell until his return. Meanwhile, his past self would go on living as normal, regardless of him coming to the past or not. At that moment, Mitchy made up his mind, he might not be able to go back, but he would continue moving forward to do better. 


He would try harder to save all of them.


Mitchy composed himself and entered the room to see Hanma waiting for him. "He's gone now, right?" Hanma asked seriously.


Mitchy stepped inside the room and closed the door behind him, "yeah, he's gone." He walked over to Hanma's bed with a serious look on his face, although he was still feeling like an emotional mess on the inside, he needed to suck it up and get some answers. "Hanma, please...can you tell me everything that you know? I want to figure something out."


Three weeks later


It's been about three weeks since Takemichi got back to the future. Things weren't looking good for him, they looked even worse for his friends, and it made investigating that much harder for him to do. 2017 looked about the same on the outside, but to Mitchy, it couldn't have been anything but. Firstly, Takemichi wasn't allowed out of Naoto's sight because the police had taken him into witness protection five years ago after his pst self escaped from a Shamen research facility hidden away deep in Roppongi. Hanma was taken in to witness protection with him three weeks ago when Naoto came back to the hospital to get the two of them late that night. The two omegas were smuggled out of the hospital with the help of Naoto's connections, then spirited away to North America where they were made to stay in a three-bedroom condo, also thanks to Naoto's connections. Takemichi kept in contact with Naoto almost every chance he could through a secure line. They talked about everything, and from what he heard, most of his friends were in a similarly shitty situation as him.


Yamagishi was kidnapped on the way to school one morning during his first year of high school. He hasn't been seen since. 


Makoto ended up marrying Akkun when they turned eighteen, they had three kids together, two girls and a boy. They were happy together, they kept in contact with Mitchy and the rest of Toman for a while, up until Akkun was caught in the crossfire of a shootout after his youngest son was born. Akkun made it through one day at the hospital before he passed away during surgery to remove a bullet in his chest from the shootings, it was closer to his heart than it seemed and he bleed out instantly. Afterward, Makoto fell off the map and was living quietly somewhere near Minato Ward under a different name.


Yamamoto sucks by Mitchy's side until Mitchy's escape from the Shamen research facility. Yamamoto ended up being taken back to the facility and his body was found floating in the river two miles away.


Baji was caught up in a car accident that claimed both his and his youngest son's life five months after Mitchy's escape. No one knew who the driver was because they were never found, the vehicle used wasn't owned by anyone. It was a company vehicle that belonged to a company that no longer existed during the time the vehicle was being used. So no one was charged with the hit and run, or the death of Baji and his son. 


Kazutora went off the deep end after that. He stopped taking his meds after Baji's death and went out murdering people who drove large delivery trucks, it didn't matter what company they worked for. He ended up going to a mental facility where he now only stares at a picture of Baji that kept him calm.


Mitsuya got into fashion, it made sense that he would sense he designs and makes his clothes often. Hakkai followed him into the industry and they ended up working together, along with Hakkai's wife, Chifuyu. Hakkai and Chifuyu have two girls together who models Mitsuya's kid's line and were on the cover of kids' magazines far and wide. 


Draken ran and owned his bike shop, he still lived in the brothel that he was raised in all of his life.


Emma disappeared from her school four years before Takemichi was taking to the shamen facility. They still haven't found out where she went. Mikey was upset and tried everything he could to find her, but sadly, she seemed to be lost forever until she reappeared under the Black Dragon's control. It appears that Yujiro kidnapped Emma when she was only fifteen and turned her into a drug-addicted sex slave, the same as Hina. The two girls were dosed with strong drugs every day to keep them obedient to the alphas they were being lent out to each day. 


Takemichi sighed tiredly as he read the latest report that Naoto had sent him. Since he was in witness protection, he couldn't just go out and track down the people he wanted to see himself, he had to rely on Naoto's help. Not only that, he was halfway across the world in America right now, with a pregnant Hanma. It was safe to say that his investigation at this time was vastly different than the previous times, at least he had been able to walk around freely with Naoto at his side. Takemichi placed the report on the nightstand next to his side of the bed just as he felt some movement next to him, "were you able to find out what you needed?" Hanma asked as he came to sit on his side of the bed.


"That's hard to say since I don't know what I'm looking for right now," Takemichi said as he turned to the pregnant male. Hanma's completion was looking much better than when he was sitting in the hospital bed three weeks before. His skin had a lot more color in it, and he seemed to have gained a healthier amount of weight. Since they got to America, Hanma had not stepped foot outside because he was afraid of being found by Yujiro if he did. Takemichi could understand that fear, he had barely been able to step outside either because of those same fears. But he didn't mind because their handler brought them groceries at least once a week so they didn't have to.


The taller male was currently wearing a large shirt that could almost be considered as a dress on his tall frame and nothing else. Hanma leaned over and kissed Mitchy before handing him a cup of hot black tea. Mitchy thanked him and took a sip, Hanma placed his cup down before he eased into his side of the bed, getting comfortable under the covers. He placed a hand on his stomach to feel the restless kicking from within, "do you think we'll be safe here, Mitchy?"


Takemichi glanced over to Hanma, he seemed to ask that same question now and then, "hopefully. If not, then this trip would not have been worth the risk. We had to hide away on about for days before we even reached the border." Hanma hummed, not being convinced, Mitchy placed his cup down on the nightstand, "we'll be alright." Hanma looked over to him, Mitchy opened his arms for and Hanma eased his way down on the bed so that he could lay in Mitchy's lap. Mitchy petted his head gently like he used to do when they first started hanging out, he kind of wondered if this brought back any memories for the other. 


"Mitchy...I was wondering, do you think that, if you could go back in time, you could stop all of this from happening?" Hanma asked randomly.


Takemichi stopped as he thought about it, the irony in that question gave him pause, "I would try my best, but I'm only one person. I might not get it right the first time...I might have to keep going back in time over and over again until I did. Until I saved everyone," he said, whispering the last part.


Hanma sighed contently, "that sounds like something you would do." He slowly started to close his eyes, "but please, don't ever change, Mitchy. You're my hero, I always want to remember you like that." Takemichi looked down to the pregnant male who had fallen back to sleep next to him.


"Yeah, I'll try my best," Takemichi whispered.



To be continued...

Chapter Text

Takemitchy woke up early that morning for some reason, he didn't know what woke him from his sleep. But when he rested his head on his pillow to lay back down, he noticed that he was the only one in bed. Takemichi was instantly pulled out of his sleep, sitting up, he turned on the lamp on his nightstand to look around the room. He didn't see anyone there, he was starting to get an ominous feeling in the pit of his stomach, so he got out of bed and slowly made his way over to the bedroom door. He only had on some pajama shorts and a sleeping shirt, there weren't any weapons that he could use in the room, so he was hoping that there wasn't anyone dangerous that broke into the house. Then again, it was so quiet that he couldn't tell if anyone did.


Takemichi opened the door quietly and slowly moved out into the short hallway outside of the room. He reached the corner and looked around the living room, it was still dark out and the room was pitch black, he couldn't see a thing. Mitchy made his way over to the kitchen slowly, still keeping an eye out for any movement that might be made in the dark. Though he couldn't see, he could feel that he wasn't the only one here. Takemichi made it to the kitchen, he couldn't see anything in there either because of the darkness, so he took a chance and flipped on the lights after feeling for them on the walls. He winced at the brightness for a second or two before his eyes adjusted and he took in the kitchen's contents carefully. He looked from side to side, stepping into the area before his foot grazed something wet on the floor, looking down. Mitchy's heart nearly jumped out of his chest.


"Hanma?" Mitchy whispered out as his brain tried to process what he was seeing. When it registered, Mitchy dropped down to the floor next to the pregnant male, "Hanma!" He picked the boy's head up and held him in his arms, Hanma's body felt limp, cold, "Hanny? Hanny, please wake up!" He shook Hanma's shoulders a bit and got a little reaction, his heart was almost relieved until he saw Hanma's eyes flutter open a bit. There was no time to waste, they needed to get to a hospital quickly, "hold on, Hanma, I'm gonna-" he was cut off when the other boy tried to speak.


"M-M-Mitchy..." the other boy started softly, his voice was so low that Mitchy could nearly hear what he was saying.


"Don't talk, Hanny, safe your strength, I-" Mitchy said as the tears welled up in his eyes. 


The injured boy shook his head, " have's...he's here..." Hanma said in a low voice that was barely above a whisper.


"What?...Wh-who?" Mitchy asked frantically, "who's here?" 


"Y-Yu-Yujiro..." Hanma forced out before he coughed up some blood. That was when Takemichi's mind registered the rest of the blood that was coming from Hanma's body. He was bleeding, but Mitchy couldn't tell from where, it looked like he was just laying in a pool of blood on the floor. 


He remembered the baby and mentally placed Hanma's head down so he could check. He lifted the bottom of the shirt at the same time the tears started to fall from his eyes, it was like Hanma was pouring out his blood onto the floor. Mitchy didn't know how this happened, but he could only imagine it, he didn't believe his eyes, he looked at Hanma's stomach and placed a hand there. He was hoping that this was all a bad dream, that he would wake up soon, but he couldn't. There was no movement from the extended belly, Mitchy's heart sank, he didn't like the way this was going. He shook his head and started crying. 


"Hanma?" Takemichi called out to his friend but he got no answer, Hanma was just looking up at the ceiling with a blank look on his face.


"Well, well, well, look who finally decided to walk up," a voice said in a dark cheerful voice. Mitchy looked up at the kitchen's entrance to see their handler walk in, a tall man with an American accent. He had dark green hair cut low with wave designs going around the center of his head, his face had a scar starting from the top of his forehead to the tip of his chin. Mitchy looked up at the man with fear in his eyes and the man chuckled as he breathe in that filled the room. "Ah, that's nice, you know, I didn't think I would meet this kid again like this," he said with a light chuckle, walking into the room, he held something wrapped in a white cloth, a blood cloth. "But, you see, he was trying to escape the boss, and well...that's just something you don't do, you know?"


"What? Bu-but why? Why would you do this to him? Wouldn't you have to bring him back alive?!" Takemichi asked angrily as he backed away from the man, but he didn't want to let the man violet Hanma anymore than he already had. Mitchy stuck close to Hanma, holding his head close to his chest with his arms. 


"Alive?" The man chuckled, even more, he pulled out a gun and aimed it at Mitchy, "as if! This little bitch was supposed to stay quiet until it was time for him to give birth to this little shit and then he would have joined the other omegas in the brothel! If he gave birth to another alpha son, then he might have been shown some mercy, but it's just a stupid girl!"


"What's it matter? It's not like he can control what gender he's going to have beforehand, none of us can!" Mitchy said with his eyes pouring out tears.


The man laughed hysterically, "who fucking cars!! I've taken care of both of them now, since he's not able to do his job properly, we can always find a replacement. Omegas are a dime a dozen, it shouldn't be hard. Though, it will be hard to find another tall omega with a rocking body like that one. Once all the fight was beaten out of him, even with his memories gone, he was still trying to fight against us." He sighed, "well, whatever, I guess you can't change a person unless you rebuild them from the core. Oh well, that's a lesson that we've already learned and we won't have to go through all of this trouble finding our property again."


Takemichi looked down at Hanma's lifeless eyes for a moment, he wasn't there to save him. He couldn't help. Now Hanma was dead, his body was so cold to the touch that Mitchy felt as if he was holding something frozen. The blood was all over him now, he couldn't move, but after all the time he had spent here, he didn't want to de yet. He needed to know more, there was so much that he needed to fix but he couldn't fix anything without all the answers. He wished that he could call Naoto right now and get him to help, but the beta was thousands upon thousands of miles away right now. He would never reach them in time.


Mitchy glared up at the man, there weren't any sounds coming from the bloody cloth in the man's hands, so that meant one thing. Mitchy looked directly into the man's eyes, he could smell the alpha's scent, it stunk of dirty steel and rusted iron. "Ooo, a tough guy, huh? Well, let's see how tough you are when I put a bullet between those pretty eyes of yours." The man smirked as he pulled back the trigger, "we have no deed for disobedient bitches like you anyway," he pulled the trigger.




Takemichi saw the gun go off in slow motion and the bullet slowly making its way over to him. The last thing Mitchy remembered thinking was that he wanted to go back. He wanted to fix this so that no one had to go through this ever again. Then everything went dark.



Takemichi slowly opened his eyes. All he could see was white, he wondered if this was what heaven looked like. Then again, he didn't think that he did anything to send him to heaven, he was kind of a screwup, he was supposed to save his friends, but he didn't think that he could do it right. The first time. If he was given another chance, then he would do his best, no, better. Mitchy blinked and the white ceiling over him became clear, he was a little confused, not sure what he expected heaven to look like. Mitchy lifted his head after his brain registered that he was sitting in a chair, he had been there for a while because his neck felt a little stiff. 


Mitchy sat straight up and looked around, a sense of Deja vu came over him as he recognized the room. He got up quickly and looked into the hospital bed. It was Hanma. Hanma was alive! Michy couldn't believe his eyes. He couldn't help the tears that filled his eyes, he was alone in the room, so this reaction didn't draw any attention. Hanma was still alive, he was still in his coma, but alive nonetheless. Mitchy closed his eyes in an attempt to stop the tears, but they wouldn't stop, "," a soft voice reached Mitchy's ears and he snapped his eyes open to look down into the bed. Mitchy's eyes opened wide as their crystal blues met golden orbs. 


"H-H-Hanma?" Mitchy whispered, not wanting to break away from the sight of those eyes. Hanma smiled a little, those golden orbs seemed to shine even brighter than he's ever seen them in weeks, this was his Hanma.


"I'm...home..." the taller boy said as he slowly closed his eyes.


"Hanma! Hanma!" Takemichi looked up at the heart monitor quickly, it was still beeping fine, which gave him hope. Mitchy felt like he prays were answered, he quickly pressed the call button and told the nurse that Hanma had woken up. Someone responded that they were on the way to check before hanging up the line, meanwhile, Mitchy tried to mentally shake the other boy awake again. He didn't want this to be a lie, he wanted to see those golden eyes again. He knew that he should be careful with all of the other injuries Hanma currently had, but Mitchy couldn't help himself. Hanma opened his eyes slowly a minute later, just before Dr. Lang burst through the door to check him. 


Things started moving quickly after that. Mitchy couldn't remember everything that happened, but once Dr. Lang started checking on Hanma, Mikey was suddenly by his side. Emma and Hina came in with him, and Draken wasn't too far behind. Mitsuya, Kazutora, Chifuyu, Baji, Akkun, Yamamoto, Makoto, Yamagishi, and Hakkai all entered the room one after the other to see what was happening. "Mitchy? what happened?" Mikey asked, "I hear you yelling, and then I saw this doctor run into the room and thought it was bad news." He said as he placed a hand on the omega's shoulders. 


Mitchy turned to Mikey and the others with watery eyes. He looked at all of their faces in turn, remembering everything about the future he had just come back from, and he started to break down crying. Mikey instantly pulled him into a tight hug to comfort him, although it was a bit awkward for him, he did his best while the others just watched. After a minute of no one getting answers, they all turned to the doctor when he finished checking Hanma's readings. He smiled at them, "well, it looks like there's something to celebrate instead of cry for today," Dr. Lang started as he put his penlight away.


"Uh, what do you mean?" Hakkai asked curiously without thinking.


"Yeah, what's there to celebrate?" Draken asked getting a little pissed that he wasn't getting answers quick enough for his liking. 


Dr. Lang smiled, "your friend just woke up from a coma that we weren't even sure he was going to wake up from at first. He seems to be in good health now too, hasn't needed any surgeries or anything in weeks now. This means his body has stabilized, it won't be long before you guys can take him, that's something to celebrate in my book."


"What? For real, we can take him home now?" Emma asked eagerly because she knows how much Hanma's health had weighed on Mitchy's mind.


Dr. Lang shook his head, "no, no, not today, we still have to run a couple of tests on him to make sure he stays in this stable state. Once he gets the all-clear, then we'll release him, but only if he has a place to go where he can be properly cared for. Do any of you know his parents by chance? We don't have anything on file for him, no street address or contact information. We can't just send him home with just anyone, after all."


"He's living with me," Mitchy spoke up suddenly while everyone else was looking at each other not saying anything. They were not sure what to say since they didn't know much about Hanma personally.


Dr. Lang turned to Takemichi curiously, "you? Ah, you're that boy who's always with him," he smiled, "alright then, do you know anything that might help? We need to get into contact with his parents and/or guardians as soon as possible."


Takemichi lifted his head from Mikey's shoulder and wiped his eyes on his sleeves, "he doesn't have anything like that. He's an orphan, like me, so I'll take responsibility for him," the determination in his eyes seemed to make the doctor pause.


Mikey looked at Takemichi for a couple of seconds, he could tell that something had changed with him, he would think about that later. He turned to look at the doctor, "as the leader of my pack, I will also take full responsibility for all of my omegas. That includes him too," he said gesturing to Hanma.


"Hmm..." The doctor wasn't sure what he should say at this moment. Legally, he shouldn't just hand over a minor to another minor, especially one with such high medical needs at the moment. Then again, he was legally obligated to hand over a pack omega back to their pack regardless of the situation. The only time he wasn't obligated to do that was if he didn't think it was medically safe for the injured omega to go back to that pack. But, looking at the looks on the two boy's faces, he felt that he was beaten. They looked more determined than he had ever seen anyone in his life, he sighed, "alright, since he seems to belong to your pack, you should take good care of him." Takemichi sighed in relief, thankful that the doctor was letting them take Hanma upon his release. Dr. Lang started for the door but paused, "oh, by the way," he turned to Mikey, staring deep into his eyes with a serious look, the smile he had before was gone. "I suggest that you place a mark on that omega's neck so that nothing like this can happen again. It might keep most predators away, of course, it's only a safety suggestion."


Mikey nodded, "thanks, I'll keep that in mind." Dr. Lang nodded and left the room after that.


Once the doctor was gone, Draken looked back to Hanma who was still lying in the bed, then over to Mikey and Mitchy. "So, should the rest of us alphas leave the room now or something?" Hakkai voiced the thoughts that were in everyone's heads Draken's head.


"Hold on a minute, let's see how he'll react to you guys first. If it's bad not too bad, I think you guys can stay for a while," Takemichi said after he dried his eyes some more before walking over to Hanma's bed. But Mikey stopped him before he got too close, "Mikey, is there something wrong?"


"Are you sure about this?" Mikey asked sounding slightly nervous, he did not want to have to deal with a bad reaction. The hospital staff was already on his case and Draken's case for being the leaders of a gang. It wasn't like they were being harsh or anything, it was just that most of the nurses, and some of the doctors, would give them these judgemental stairs as if they were expecting them to cause trouble for them.


Takemichi nodded, he noticed that he couldn't smell anyone's scent when they came to him, so he guessed that they were wearing scent blockers. That was a plus for him at least because too many scents in one room would mess with an injured person's head, especially one who had lost their memories. Someone's scent could bring about a bad reaction, but since there were no scents, just his own, Mitchy felt that it would be okay. He nodded, "yeah since he could only smell my scent so right now, it should be fine. Besides, we're just going to try to get him familiar with everyone's faces again."


Mikey was hesitant, the doctor said that Hanma may have some memory loss, and wearing these scent blockers would help them interact with him better until he leaves the hospital. Yet, Mikey had his doubts, What if Hanma recognized his face and made him have a panic attack? But, he trusted his Mitchy to know what's best, "alright," he let go of the blond omega's arm.


Takemichi gave Mikey a reassuring smile before making his way over to Hanma's side again while everyone watched. He looked down at Hanma who was looking up at him, the tall boy smiled at him, Mitchy smiled back. His trip to the future told him that Hanma was not going to have a lot of his memories, maybe none of them from when they all met, but he was curious, "Hanma, I have some people here that have been waiting to see you for a while. They've been worried about you ever since you got to the hospital?"


"Who's that?" Hanma asked in a whispered voice, Mitchy figured that was because he wasn't used to talking again after such a long time. 


"They're friends, okay?" Mitchy said and Hanma blinked his eyes since he couldn't nod his head. Mitchy took that as a sign that he was okay with meeting some people, he seemed to have been okay with the doctor, so he might be okay with the others. Takemichi reached for the controls of the bed so he could sit Hanma up enough to see. Mitchy looked back at the others, gesturing them to come forward. 


No one moved for a moment before Hina and Baji stepped forward, Hina looked a little nervous but bowed politely. "Hello, I'm Tachibana Hinata, I'm good friends with Takemichi. You probably don't remember this, but we bumped into each other a while back before school the school year started and you helped me find my way to school before running off. I guess you won't recognize me, but I  just remembered that time just now." Hanma just smiled at her, not recognizing her at all.


"I'm Baji Kisuke. I'm the first division captain of the Tokyo Manji Ganga, or Toman for short, you might not remember how badass you were, but you kick ass man," Baji said while giving him a thumbs up."


Hanma smiled at him as well while also blushing a bit, "thanks..." he said in a soft voice as his throat was getting sore and wasn't able to make too much sound. 


Emma came up next, pulling her brother along with her, "I'm Emma, and this is my bro, Mikey. He's kind of an idiot sometimes, but he's a fairly decent leader to his pack."


"Hey, come on Emma," Mikey sighed feeling annoyed with his little sister.


Emma ignored him, "anyway, he's going to make sure that you'll be safe from now on, okay? And if he doesn't do his job, I'll kick his ass for you."


Hanma looked at the two siblings and let out a small chuckle, "okay..." he seemed to be enjoying the introductions so far. He couldn't smell anyone's scent, so he didn't feel threatened or scared by anyone just yet. Though, seeing all of these faces stirred something inside of him before it went away. It was probably a memory of the time when he had met all of these people, but nothing was coming to mind, just a feeling that made him feel that they were somewhat familiar to him.


Hakkai and Mitsuya were next, "yo," Mitsuya waved to the injured boy casually. "I don't have a personal connection to you from before all this happened to you, but I just wanna let you know that you didn't deserve this. And As Emma said, our pack will be protecting you from now on, so there's no need to worry."


"Yeah, so don't mind us," Hakkai said with a bright smile. 


Hanma looked up at the blue-haired boy curiously, "Oh...okay." He wasn't sure about this group of people, they seem a little...odd, but he didn't mind that much. He smiled at the two alphas, he could tell what they were even without their scents, "thanks."


Draken was next, though he didn't say much, he tried to think of something nice to say but came up empty. So, he stood in front of Hanma's bed for a minute with his arms folded, "well..." he started, Mitchy could already feel a fight coming on, though he hoped that Draken wouldn't start one. Draken wasn't a petty person, right? "...I guess it's nice to see that our dog made it out alive, you're pretty resilient for a mutt."


"Draken, dude, what the fuck!" Mikey burst out laughing, he couldn't hold it in.


"Seriously Draken?" Mitsuya sighed, "I thought you were gonna let that go, man."


Draken shrugged, "what? He's still Mitchy's pet, isn't he? Just because he don't remember anything don't mean nothin' right?" 


Hanma looked a little confused and over to Mitchy who was glaring at Draken, "what's he talking about?"


"Nothing, don't worry about it," Mitchy said smiling at the injured boy.


Hanma pouted at th blue-eyed boy, "feel like you're lying," he then looked back to the tall blond. "And if anyone's an animal here, that you be you, Mr. Giraffe." 


"Ohh shit, he's calling you out Draken," Chifuyu chuckled as he stood off to the side. Draken glared back at Hanma, he was trying not to be mad about the giraffe comment because the tall omega was in a hospital bed. Hanma smirked when he saw that Draken wasn't responding.


Baji was trying to hide his laughter but it was very hard, he burst out laughing while holding his stomach. "That's rich! He called you Mr. Giraffe!" He came to stand next to Hanma and raised his hand for a high five, "nice one."


Hanma lifted his good arm and returned his high five happily, "thanks."


Draken grumbled something under his breath before walking over to stand near the window. The others came to introduce themselves to Hanma after they all had a good laugh, Draken didn't stay upset for long as he watched the scene play out from where he stood. Once Hanma met everyone again, Hanma turned to Takemichi, since everyone else was talking and joking around with each other, Hanma thought that it would be the perfect time to ask Mitchy a question that he's been wondering for a while now. He tapped Mitchy on the shoulder and whispered in his ear, "so, I know my name is Hanma Shuji, but can you tell me anything else about me?" Hanma asked shyly, he spoke softly enough that the others couldn't hear. 


"Uh, sure," Mitchy whispered back. He felt a little awkward since he didn't have too much information on Hanma other than what the taller omega had told him after they met. And then the information that Mitchy searched upon him while he was waiting for Hanma to come out of his coma. "But, um," he continued shyly, "I don't know too much about what you were like before I met you."


Hanma didn't seem to care, "I don't mind, I want to know what I was like with you. I don't care about my past, if I never remember it, then that could be for the best. For all I know, I could have had a shitty childhood."


Mitchy smiled, Hanma was right about that, from what Mitchy was able to find, Hanma's childhood was almost nonexistent. Takemichi found that Hanma's parents had abandoned him in front of a church when he was barely a day old and he ended up bouncing around from orphanages until he was five. There were at least five every two weeks from what he saw. Then Hanma managed to get adopted when he turned six, but the families that took him in were usually the abusive kinds that don't get taken off the foster home list even with the children's accusations. Finally, when Hanma turned twelve, he ran away from his orphanage the night before he was going to be sent out to another foster home that was farther away, almost out in the mountains. Hanma managed to live a life much like Mitchy until he was found at thirteen and was sent to a boarding school for prodigies and rich kids alike. But, Hanma left the school and sort of dropped off the child welfare map for a while until he was found, again, at fifteen and was allowed to go to school remotely as long as he kept his grades up.


And from what Takemichi found out about that school, it would be very hard to keep your grades up unless you were constantly studying in class. Or could hack into the school's system to give yourself the grades you want. But Mitchy had no proof that Hanma could do that before since he never asked. Nevertheless, Takemichi was impressed by the record and wanted to ask Hanma so many questions about what he was like back then as well. Then he remembered that Hanma would probably never remember any of that for a long time, if ever. 


"Uh, well," Mitchy started thinking about where he should start. "I think the first time we met was at the Fall Festival. You were kind of...scary?"


"Scary?" Hanma asked curiously, "did I look scary?"


"No, no, it's not how you look," Mitchy rushed to say, "uh, it was most like, the situation was kind of scary, you know." He scratched the back of his head nervously, "you see, there was a fight, and Draken had just gotten stabbed. I was trying to save him, but your gang got in the way."


"I'm in a gang?" Hanma asked with a spark in his eye, "is it cool?"


"Uhh..." Takemichi didn't know how to reply to that.


"No way, your gang is so lame!" Mikey spoke up suddenly with his arms folded, he had been listening to the conversation from the start. Hanma looked towards him with a disapproving frown, Mikey smirked, "but that's okay because you knew it was lame too, that's why you agreed to a truce with mine." 


"Mikey..." Takemichi sighed shaking his head, he wondered if he could get away with hitting Mikey over the head without getting backlash from Draken. 


"I can already tell that we didn't get along before," Hanma frowned.


"Anyway," Takemichi went on to tell Hanma more about what he was like before he lost his memories. Or at least, what Mitchy thought of him before, the others chimed in with their little comments about the tall Omega, even Draken said a couple of compliments. Though Mitchy could tell that he didn't want anyone to hold him to those words. Hanma seemed to have fun hearing about what everyone thought of him and also learning about them as well.


After a while, there was a knock on the door. A nurse poked her head in and told everyone that visiting hours were over. Looking up at the clock and then out the window, Mitchy relaxed that it had gotten very late, the sky was already pitch black with the only light to be seen in it was the full moon. "Whoa, time flew by," Chifuyu commented, also looking out at the darkened sky. 


"Yeah, I hope the trains are still working, or else we're gonna have to call some taxis," Kazutora replied.


"That sounds expensive already," Mitsuya stated as he stood up, stretched his arms up with a yawn. He turned to Hanma, "looks like it's time for the rest of us to head back home, but I'm sure Mitchy's gonna try to sleep in your room again."


Mitchy blushed a bit, "so what? He just some up, I wouldn't want him to be alone all night?" 


"Yeah, but we all know that if you stay, then Mikey's gonna wanna stay too," Mitsuya stated with a smirk.


Emma jumped up with a bright smile, "right! And if Mitchy stays, then Mikey's gonna want to say too, like the clingy dog he is," she turned and smirked at her brother.


Mikey frowned at her, "I'm not clingy, and I'm not a dog either."


"Sure you're not," Baji chuckled, "but hey, maybe you and Hanny here and get a better relationship now since the two of you have something in common."


"I don't see what that could be," Mikey pouted. "If I were any kind of animal, I would be a lion, not some dog."


Takemichi shook his head, at the back and forth, "you guys should hurry up and go before it gets any later. And Draken, please make sure that Mikey doesn't escape your sights again." Takemichi gave the tall blond a sharp look that sent a shiver up his spine, Draken nodded and grabbed a firm hold onto Mikey before dragging him out over to the door. The blond commander was shocked that his second in command would betray him like this. 


"Draken, seriously! Are you going against Toman! You were a traitor this whole time!" Mikey fussed as he tried to break free of Draken's death grip.


"Shut the fuck up Mikey. I don't want to get another one of Mitchy's 'cold and silent treatment like last time because of you," Draken stated before he opened the door and went out of the room. They could still hear Mikey fussing as he was dragged down the hallway, it kind of sounded like a toddler having a tantrum. The others slowly filtered out after them, saying their goodbyes as they went. 


Baji was the last to leave, "hey, Hanma, we might become neighbors soon," he said as he rubbed his belly. Takemichi had almost forgotten, Baji's due date was supposed to be coming up soon. 


"Then I look forward to it, Ba-chan?" Hanma said giving him a bright smile, Baji smiled back and turned towards the door that Kazutora was holding open for him.


Takemichi watched the two go, he was curious to know what the relationship between the three of them, Mitsuya, Baji, and Kazutora was like. Was Mitsuya going to step down and let Kazutora be with Baji, admitting defeat to the baby daddy and eventually moving on to someone else? Or, were they trying to make things work between the three of them. Mitsuya's future seemed fairly brighter than the other two, so he was worried as well. Baji was going to die in a car accident in a few years leaving Kazutora a shell of himself after trying to avenge his death any way he could. Takemichi researched everyone while he was stuck in that condo with Hanma in the future. He had a lot of freedom to kill since he couldn't go anywhere without the fear of being captured again.


Speaking of being captured, Takemichi tried to remember how he was captured by Shamen the second time. He did everything he could think of short of trying to build a time machine to go back to that exact time to see how things played out. But of course, he couldn't. Takemichi was stuck, he couldn't remember a damn thing about that time, how he was found, nor how he was captured. However, his escape keeps coming to him in pieces, small fragments of memories that tell him how he managed to survive until he made it to safety. The safe place was in a secret apartment owned by Mikey that was usually used whenever the alpha pack leader needed to get away for a while. 


Takemichi lamented about the deaths that were yet to come, he wanted to prevent all of them. But how? It wasn't like telling his friends and loved ones about the future he witnessed were going to help, if anything, it could make it worse. So what was he supposed to do? 


"Mitchy?" Hanma's voice broke Takemichi out of his thoughts, Hanma looked at the blond with searching eyes. He could tell that Mitchy had something heavy on his mind, he wondered what it was that was making the blond look so sad. 


"Oh, sorry, I was thinking too much," Takemichi got up from his seat and stretched his limbs. "I should go ahead and take a quick shower before settling down for bed. Do you need anything before I go?" 


Hanma was quiet for a moment, looking deep into Takemichi's eyes, those bright blue eyes that he woke up to only hours before. Now they looked like a stormy sea of distress, "no, I should be fine until you come back," he gave a small smile that Mitchy seemed to accept.


"Okay, then I'll be in the bathroom," Takemichi picked up the overnight bag that his past self had brought with him. Looking at the date on his phone, he pieced together a timeline while he went into the bathroom and had a shower. From what he can tell, he had roughly five months or less before Yujiro finds Hanma at the church. He also needed to figure out how to keep Yujiro from taking over the Black Dragons. Now that he was thinking about it, it seems that his enemies went down from one gang controlled by Kisaki to one psycho named Yujiro. He needed to figure out how he was going to stop Yujiro from taking over the Black Dragons and taking his friends' lives away since half of the deaths he found out about in the future were linked to the Black Dragons and Yujiro.


Takemichi turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, he was feeling sleepy after all that happened. Time travel takes it out of you once the adrenaline wore off. Reaching into his bag, he picked out a big shirt with a pink bear on it, he had bought Mimi a similar shirt in her size so they could take family pictures together. Emma had done the honors since she was always looking for an excuse to take cute pictures of the little girl whenever she should. Mitchy smiled fondly at the shirt and pulled it on over his head, it was one of the more innocent photoshoots that he with Emma within the past month to get his mind off of Hanma's condition.


As for the other times, Mitchy hoped and prayed that those pictures never get developed or seen by anyone else.  


Mitchy finished dressing, putting all of his things back into his bag once he was finished with his nightly routine. He opened the door to the bathroom, walking over to the pull-out couch on the other side of the room to put down his bag. The couch was positioned so that Hanma would be able to see Mitchy when he settled down to sleep and vice-versa. "Hey, Mitchy..." Hanma called out to the blond, the boy looked back at him, "I...I dreamed about you, I think."


Mitchy looked at him with a bit of surprise, "you...dreamed about?" He turned to face the injured boy, "uh, okay, what was your dream about?" 


Hanma shrugged his good shoulder, though it seemed like it still caused him some pain. "I don't remember all of it, but I remember running. I wanted to see a light...and something was chasing me. It was like a monster, but it had bright red hair and a face like a human. I can't remember the face clearly, but it was really scary." Takemichi walked over to Hanma and placed a hand on his, "I remember that it wanted me to stay in this dark place where I was watching this one movie over and over again, but I couldn't I wanted to leave, it was like something was calling out to me. And...I could smell sunflowers."


Mitchy tightened his grip on Hanma's hand slightly, a small smile reached his lips, "I guess you must have been fighting hard all that time to wake up. I came to see you every day after practice until visiting hours were over." Hanma's eyes got misty as tears started to drip down from his eyes, "I didn't want you to wake up in an empty room."


"Thank you," Hanma whispered as more tears started to stream down his face. There was something inside of him that made him want to hold the boy tightly and cry into his chest. He didn't know what his past was like, he didn't know if he wanted to remember it, but something made him feel that Mitchy was the first. Takemichi was kind of odd to him, he remembers seeing his face a lot, but nothing else, he remembers thinking about Mitchy a lot, his smile, his eyes, and that scent. Yet, Hanma had this feeling of loneliness that wouldn't go away until he looked at Mitchy. He didn't know why, but he didn't care for the reason all that much right now. He was awake now, no longer sitting alone in that dark room with that monster breathing down his neck.


Takemichi was his light. 


Mitchy let Hanma cry a little bit longer until he fell asleep. The doctor knocked on the door a few minutes later to come and check upon him. He asked Mitchy a couple of questions about Hanma's interaction and reaction with the others from earlier. Mitchy told him that it was better than expected since everyone was wearing their scent patches except for him. The doctor seemed to be pleased by this and left after checking Hanma's monitors and vitals one more time. Mitchy settled down on the pull-out couch once the doctor left, he got under the covers he had been provided by the hospital staff, then closed his eyes to sleep. He was out like a light within minutes. Thanks to Hanma, he knew what he needed to do.




To be continued...

Chapter Text

In the morning, Mitchy got up and made a call while Hanma was still asleep. He needed to put his plan into action, he came up with it before he fell asleep last night. He was a little worried that it might not work out the way he wanted, but he was hoping it would. 


Two days later and Mitchy had to return home. The hospital would only allow him to stay over the weekend provided that he didn't get in the way too much. Hanma enjoyed his company very much while he was there and was sad to see him leave. The others did stop by now and then during those two days when they were free. Even though Mitchy didn't want to leave, he needed to go back to his house to make sure that his gest room was ready for Hanma when he got released. Not to mention that Mimi was missing him very much even though D, Baji's mom, and the others tried to keep her entertained while Mitchy was with Hanma.


takemichi also had to get ready to start going to cheer practice more often after school because the coach decided that he was going to be a permanent member of the team. Mitchy was a little upset when he heard that, but the couch threw in some extra credit points if he stayed. Which he was going to be needing if he planned to be the head of Toman one day.  


Mikey came to pick him up and walk him home from the hospital that morning. As they walked, Mikey kept glancing over at Mitchy, the omega sighed, "what is it, Mikey? You keep starring," Mitchy asked after a small yawn.


"Nothin'," Mikey stated as he placed both hands behind his head, "but...I was just thinking about that phone call you had with me the other morning." 


Mitchy nodded, "yea, I remember." He said not looking at his fellow blond.


Mikey turned to him, "so...?"


"So what?" Mitchy asked looking in any other direction other than at Mikey.


Mikey frowned, he stepped in front of Takemichi, "Mitchy..." but the other boy didn't answer him. Mikey reached out and held Takemitchy's face, forcing him to look his way, "Takemitchy, I need you to explain what that call was about?"


"What's there to explain? I told you what I thought we should do, and you agreed," Takemichi said as Mikey's hand squished his cheeks to make him kind of look like a chipmunk. "Can you let go of my face now?" 


"No, that's not it, I want you to tell me what we talked about," Mikey replied letting go of Mitchy's face. 


Mitchy was confused, "huh? What are you talking about? You don't remember?"


"Well, you did call me at like eight o'clock that morning, I was still half asleep by then, so I don't remember anything that you said." Mikey replied, Takemitchy gave him a 'are you serious look. Mikey cleared his throat as he folded his arms, "so, you're just gonna have to tell me everything you said from the being again. Seeing as how I don't remember what I agreed to back then."


Takemitchy rolled his eyes, "okay, whatever," he said with a sigh. What was he expecting, Draken did tell him their morning routine once before and he thought that Mikeyreally sleeps a lot during the day. Then again, that would probably be because of the late hour of the Toman meetings. "Okay, listen, I think it might be best for you or Draken to mark Hanma, you remember what the doctor said, right?"


"The doctor?" Mikey thought back to the last time he visited Hanma's room and saw that doctor, "uh, yeah, I guess so. Wait, are you seriously taking that guy's word? What if Hanma doesn't want to?"


"Don't worry about that, I can convince him, probably..." Takemitchy replied slightly unsure.


Mikey raised an eyebrow at that, "probably?"


"Okay, I know it's a lot to ask of you, but it could help keep him safe while he's in this vulnerable." state right now," Takemichi replied. "You don't even have to bite him, you just have to leave your scent on him, so that other alphas know to leave him alone. Besides, it won't be like you two are bonding yourselves together or anything if you scent him, right?"


Mikey stepped to the side and turned away from Mitchy, a serious look on his face, "Yeah, that does sound like a good plan."


Mitchy smiled, "so then, you'll do it? Or should I ask Draken, or one of the others instead?"


"Mitchy, it's a good plan, really it is," Mikey started slowly. He turned to face the omega, "but, the thing is, I'm the leader of my pack, so I can't simply scent one omega when I've already claimed you as my omega in front of everyone. That goes the same for Baji too, so just scenting him won't be enough."


"Eh? What do you mean? You only announced that Baji and I are omegas that are a part of Toman, it's not like you said that the two of us are your mates," Mitchy replied.


Mikey pouted, "I mean, I might as well have." He started walking down the sidewalk again while Mitchy watched after him for a moment before catching up.


"Wait, wait, hold up, Mikey, what are you saying? I don't think I understand," Mitchy stated confused.


"Mitchy, you don't understand how packs work, huh?" Mikey asked but didn't wait for an answer, "the thing about packs and their members is that anyone else in the pack could just scent an omega to mark them before actually marking them. But, as for the pack leader, it's not possible for me to just scent one omega, just like announcing you and Baji as Toman's omegas aren't as simple as that." Takemichi was starting to get a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, "the thing is," Mikey continued. "When I announced that you and Baji were Toman's omegas, it was the same as announcing that you two were both mines. So, if I were to scent you, Hanma or Baji, that's just like saying that I allow you guys to be around me, but I'm not serious about either of you. pack leaders need to be firm because I have to control a lot of alphas. Do you understand, Mitchy?"


Mitchy frowned, "so that means that you have to bite him?" Mikey nodded, "so, there's no other way?"


"No, there are only two ways to mark an omega, by scent or by biting. And you know what happens if I were to do the second option," Mikey replied, "I don't think he's up for any of that right now. Besides, we would have to do it in front of the whole pack so they know that he's protected by me and shouldn't be touched." Mikey thought that would be the end of the conversation, he was thankful because he didn't want to mark Hanma at all right now. It wasn't because Hanma wasn't his type, he was just hoping that he would get to mark Mitchy first.


Mitchy stopped walking, he didn't think about the pack rules when he came up with this plan. "Then...we'll have to wait until he gets better."


"What?!" Mikey stopped walking to turn back to Mitchy, "really?"


Takemichi lifted his eyes to Mikey to look the alpha in the eyes, "yes. If that's the way it is, then that's just the way it's going to have to be." He started walking again. "I'll accept the responsibilities of what happens afterward, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep my friends safe. So please," he came to a stop in front of Mikey. Mitchy looked the alpha in the eyes for a moment before bowing deeply, "please, help me protect my puppy."


Mikey felt like he was in between a rock and an acute and soft place. On one hand, he could help Mitchy out by putting a mark on Hanma when he was well enough, but then Hanma would be bonded with him for life. Any time Hanma would go into heat, Mikey would know and he kind of didn't want to be the one to be affected by Hanma's heat alone. Then again, maybe he could get Draken to take his place instead? It might be better since they're both tall and Draken had mentioned, in passing, that Hanma might be his type. On the other hand, If Mikey didn't do this, hen Mitchy was going to find someone else to help him Mark Hanma to keep the boy safe and would then probably owe that person a huge favor. 


Mikey's mind ran away with him, imaging all the ways that Mitchy could repay that person. Some of which involved being on his knees in a maids uniform. A very maids uniform, he started to drool at the image placed in his mind by his wild thoughts, he was only taken away from those thoughts when an irritated Mitchy punched him in the stomach as hard as he could. It didn't do any real damage, but it did kind of sting a little, like a killer bee. "Ow, Mitchy, what was that for?" Mikey whined as he looked at the omega pitifully.


Mitchy huffed and walked past him, "whatever you were imagining me in, it was probably really gross, so I stopped it before it got too far." He shook his head at the alpha as he walked around him, "anyway, if you're not gonna do it, then I'll just ask someone else."


"What? No, I'll do it!" Mikey said quickly turning to catch the omega.


Mitchy paused, causing Mikey to pause, the omega looked the alpha up and down for a moment before heaving a sigh. "Alright, but I'll keep an open mind just in case," the omega turned back around to continue walking. "I swear, if I could mark Hanma myself and make him mine, I would haven't had to ask Mikey, Draken, or anyone else to help me with that. It's too bad that Omegas can't mark each other." Mitchy was never jealous of alphas, but for this one moment, he was.


Mikey pouted, "that hurts, it's like you don't trust me, Mitchy!" He didn't get an answer which made him pout more.


Kisaki's room


Kisaki lay on his bed looking up at his ceiling fan with dead stairs. ever since Hanma was admitted into the hospital, everyone in the game hasn't stopped talking about him. It was making Kisaki frustrated, he couldn't think of any ideas to help get himself out of this rut he got himself into. He was lucky that Hanma lost all of his memories, but there's no telling when they could come back.  And if they do, what was he supposed to do? What could he do? He was stuck, Hanma was a smart omega, he knew well enough that it was him that sent those guys his way. He had to have figured it out that night they attacked because when Kisaki searched the burned apartment to make sure that those idiots didn't leave any evidence behind, he found a burned-up bag just outside Hanma's window.


"Tsk, damn omega, why can't I stop thinking about it?" He thought out loud in frustration, he didn't like omegas because they were weak. Weak people got bullied and pushed around, both of his parents were alphas. He was brought into this world because they needed to procreate, so their marriage was one of convincing, and he was a product of their life goals. Both of his parents were workaholics, they didn't spend more time with him than they had to, always working on their appearances. Which means that he couldn't do anything that would reflect badly on them. It was the same even when he was a baby. They would make it seem like they were the perfect family on the outside, while he was left alone most of the time while they were both off working. 


Then there was Takemichi too, the others couldn't stop talking about him either. Kisaki was getting tired of hearing about these omegas, out of everyone he's had to deal with, alphas of high status and so on, those to gave him the biggest headaches. He wondered if there was a way to get Hanma under his control, it's not like he could mark him and claim him as his own, could he? No, that would be too troublesome, it looks like Takemichi was going to stick by Hanma's side until the bitter end, and Mikey was going to follow after that omega wherever he went. So there was no point in risking the headache of stepping out of the shadows just yet, his time to shine back then was taken away from him twice now. It was starting to get more annoying than he dared to admit.


To think, two lowly omegas were fucking up his plans so much? He didn't like it, it left a bad taste in his mouth. 


Just then, the phone rang, Kisaki sat up on his bed and answered. "Hello?" He said not carrying who it was at this point. 


"Ah, finally, you picked up, I thought I was gonna have to wait for the rining to stop forever!" The voice on the other side of the phone said cheerfully.


Kisaki took the phone from his ear to look at the ID, there wasn't one, the number was listed as 'unknown' in his contacts, so this could be anyone. He put the phone back to his ear, "who is this?"


"What's the matter? You don't remember me? You're the one who's been calling the office looking for me for days now, you little shit." The person replied sounding a little irritated, "it's Yuji, remember? You asked me to take care of that sexy little omega who was listening to you no more. So what the fuck do you want? I'm a very busy man you know."


"You?!" Kisaki paused as he forced himself to calm down, an idea popped into his head. Maybe, just maybe, he could use this guy to further his goals. "Right, I remember, I was just calling because I wanted to know why you decided to put him in the hospital like that? If anyone found out..." he sighed, he didn't feel like getting into it with this guy, even on the phone he sounded kind of scary. "Whatever, that's in the past now. I just wanted to let you know that he's still alive."


There was a high-pitched whistle that went through the line before Yujiro started to chuckle, "well, well, ain't that something. Not many omegas have managed to piss me off like that and managed to live to tell the tale afterward. So, what's he like? He's totally scared of you know, am I right? I'm pretty sure that he'll be easier to control now, so you're welcome. You're lucky that the boss did this as a favor to you or else you would sleep out on the streets with my rates. So it's a job well-done if I do say so myself."


Kisaki rolled his eyes, he hated when older alphas boasted about their work as if it was so great. All the guy did was beat up a scared omega, sure Hanma might have been able to fight, but he couldn't face off against someone like Yujiro alone. "No! It's not a 'job well done! I can't do anything with him now because you beat him so bad that you not only sent him to the hospital, but he also lost all of his memories. He doesn't even know who I am anymore."


Yujiro seemed to pause for a moment before his unimpressed voice spoke again, "hmm, well, I'm still not seeing the problem here. You can still control him without his memories, you'll just be starting over. A blank board or whatever, right? That doesn't sound too bad either, so you could train him to your liking so he doesn't disobey you again. Problem solved, now I'm hanging up."


"Wait!" Kisaki shouted before the line could go dead.


Yujiro sounded pissed now, "what now?! I don't have time to solve all of your cub problems, grow a pair, and fuck the bitch already. What's the problem, you're an alpha, aren't you?"


"I don't want to fuck him! But that's not the problem here!" Kisaki nearly shouted. 


Yujiro scuffed, "that's bullshit, that little bitch is a rare breed. Tall omegas don't come by often, that's why any alpha worth his balls would wanna fuck him. And what makes him even better is that he's not even marked! But hey, if you don't want him, I know plenty of guys who would," in the background, Kisaki could hear some loud cheering, "see? If you want, we can take him off your hands for free, come pick him up before the doctors finish their shift change."


Kisaki pinched the bridge of his nose, he was almost to the point where he was willing to accept their offer, but he declined. "No, that's not needed. I was thinking about hiring you guys to do another job for me." He let out a soft sigh, "I can't pay you right now, but once the job is over, you and your men will have access to all the omegas that you want. Does that sound like a deal to you?"


"Hmm..." Yujiro thought about the offer for a moment, he was always looking for willing omegas to fuck. And his bosses were always asking him to help them scout out more subjects for them to do their little experiments on. He didn't know what they were doing, but they were looking for both alphas and omegas who wouldn't be missed. It was kind of hard for him to find anyone like that without looking suspicious himself, so maybe he could use this kid to help with that. After all, this Kisaki kid was still only a cub compared to him, so he could control him easily with some intimidation later on if the need arises. "Alright," you could hear the smirk in his voice as he spoke, "I'll take you up on this little offer of yours. But, you better keep your word,  if I suspect that you've sold me out to the feds, then our deal is done. I'll be sure to crush every bone in your body as a reminder of that fact as well, don't forget."


"Yeah, I won't." Kisaki ended the call and closed his cellphone, he shivered a bit. He didn't like dealing with him, he didn't want to make such a deal, especially after the last time he met the guy. Yujiro was glaring down at him as if he were a stake on a plate with all the fixings. Kisaki swore that he wouldn't let anyone find out that he was an omega, his parents had already let it be known their disappointment of his second gender. But what could he do about that? All of his life he had to live as an alpha, pretending to be something he's not, and after all that time, he managed to imitate them well enough to pass.


He's been pretending for years, and soon enough, he will be able to get his parent's approval. Once he takes over Toman and makes it the most powerful gang in Tokyo, then he'll look back at them one day. Looking both of them in the eyes as he told them that he was the head of the most powerful gang around. It was him, the son that they were so disappointed in having after all these years. Kisaki couldn't wait for that day, and he wasn't about to let anyone get in his way. 


Not even another omega.


Takemichi's house


Takemichi and Mikey arrived at his house a little over an hour and a half later by bullet train. Takemichi looked up at his house, there was still a pile of gifts sitting outside for him. He guessed that Mikey had conveniently forgotten to tell everyone that he was staying with him this past month since the pile was much bigger than it usually was. He looked over the pack leader who looked away innocently. "He's being so obvious right now. I've had tons of subs fawn over me while I was working at the club, and none of them would be as obvious as he is now," Mitchy sighed, "oh well, he's just being Mikey, there's nothing I can do about that. Not that I can train him as one of my aloha subs anyway," with a slight shake of his head, Mitchy made his way over to his front door. 


While Mitchy was looking for his key to open the front door, the door unlocked and opened on its own. Mitchy looked up just in time to see a little ball of energy bounce out of the house and latch onto his leg, "Papa!!" Came a high pitched scream, Mitchy was a little stunned for a moment, he looked down to see that the little ball was his daughter. She was wearing her air in a little bun today, held together by a bright, hot pink scrunchy. She wore a pair of hot pink socks to match the scrunchy, a white shirt, and a jean skirt, she also wore a pair of hot pink sunglasses on her head that nearly fell off when she lifted her head to look up at him. Her ocean-blue eyes were watering, truly the spitting image of her mother.


"Mimi! I'm home!" Mitchy cheered as he scooped up the little girl and cuddled her in his arms as his bag dropped to the ground. 


"Way you been, papa!" Mimi asked sadly as she nuzzled her head into Mitchy's neck, "miss you."


"Aww! I missed you too!" Mitchy squealed as he hugged the little girl tighter, "I was with Hanna all weekend making sure he was alright." He stopped cuddling his daughter for a moment to look into her eyes, "you remember Hanny, right?"


Mimi thought for a moment, "puppy?"


Mitchy nodded, "that's right," Mimi gasped excitedly. "Do you want to go to the hospital with me to see Hanny next time?" 


"Yes, yes!" Mimi said excitedly as she tried to jump up and down in her mother's arms. "Puppy! Puppy!"


Mikey watched the adorable sight in front of him, he wished that Emma was here right now so she could take their picture. Emma seemed to be able to get all the best shots of the two and would sell the pictures she developed of them to him for a discount since he is her older brother. He's even gotten a couple of sneaky pics of Mitchy in the bath for a good price not too long ago. He couldn't wait to see what other pictures his sister had for sale today, maybe if he was lucky, he could probably put in a request or two. He's liking the idea of Mitchy in that maid's uniform right about now, or maybe even a nurse's uniform since he's been going to the hospital so often these days.


"Alright, next time I go to the hospital, I'll take you with me, okay, honey?" Mitchy said cheerfully and his daughter nearly jumped out of his hands from excitement, but he held her tightly. "Would you like to come with us, Mikey-" the omega was in a really good mood because of his daughter so when he turned to see Mikey in the middle of daydreaming, he said nothing. Mitchy could tell that Mikey was thinking of something dirty because of the slight blush on his face, so instead, he turned away from him, balanced his daughter on his hip, picked up his bag, and went inside the house. He wasn't about to address that, nope, not again. 


Mitchy walked inside the house and placed his bag and daughter down, the little girl quickly shot off into the living room where Mitchy assumed the others were. Mitchy took off his shoes and walked over there as well, leaving the door open so Mikey could come in once he was done thinking about those pervy thoughts. Inside the living room was Baji who was seated on the sofa closest to the entrance, he looked a bit uncomfortable but he guessed that was probably because he was so close to his due date. On either side of him was Mitsuya, on the right, and Kazutora, on the left. The latter of the two alphas looked to be having a bit of a panic attack at the moment but looked to be otherwise calm. Hina was serving drinks, to everyone. Hakkai and Chifuyu were being awkward with each other and had Draken sitting between them on the floor near the coffee table. In the corner of the room stood a pair of twins who were talking quietly. One with orange hair ad the other with blue hair, Mitchy knew them as Angry and Smily, he sort of forgot their real names with everything that's been going on. 


And lastly, there was Kisaki. He sat on the other sofa, mostly sticking to himself with a cup of tea in his hands. Mitchy paused, he never thought that there would come a day when Kisaki would enter his home, especially while he wasn't there. Or maybe he entered the wrong house by mistake because he could have sworn that he had locked the doors up before he left for the hospital the other day. "Uh, hey guys, what's going on?" Mitchy asked as he walked into the room fully. 


"He's having the baby now!" Kazutora blurted out sounding kind of frantic. 


"No I'm not, idiot," Baji huffed as he rubbed his rounded belly gently to calm his unborn twins down. Mimi was standing right in front of him with her hand placed on the most prominent part of Baji's belly, looking memorized. Baji started having false contractions," Mitsuya started as he rubbed the pregnant boy's shoulders. "It started early this morning and Kazutora freaked out and thought that he was going into labor. I called the non-emergency line to ask some questions and they helped me calm him down and talked me through scheduling an appointment so Baji could go in to see his doctor. But," he sighed as he looked back over to Kaxutora, "I couldn't stop him from calling up everyone while I was on the phone. Meanwhile, Baji was causing us both out as if we were both headless chickens," he couldn't help chuckling a bit.


"Hmph, you both looked like you were shitting your pants," Baji said with a slight grunt. It seems like one of the twins wanted to burst out of his side as if he were made from paper, it hurt, and the fact that they've been so active all night doesn't help either. "I kind of wish that I did go into labor this morning so that they could both get outta me already."


"If they're acting like that now, then I'm a little worried for those babies when they do come out," Draken muttered to himself.


"How did it start?" Mitchy asked as he came over to the sofa, he shooed Kazutora away so that he could sit next to Baji. The unstable alpha reluctantly scooted over to the side enough for Mitchy to take a seat but didn't get up as he wanted to stay with the pregnant boy. 


"We were at Mikey's house and I thought that I could over to help get Hanma's room ready since I bought some new sheets that made me think of him the other day. By the time that I got to the front door, I noticed that the slight pain I was feeling on the way over here was more than just the babies moving around. These to started panicking when I told them that it feels like I'm about to give birth right in front of the house," Baji replied as he felt another kick to his ribs. "


"Aw, Baji, we can go to the hospital and get you checked out if it happens again," Mitchy said in a soothing tone. 


"Man, that shit hurt, is it going to be like that when I do give birth?" Baji asked looking at Mitchy nervously. Mitchy gave him a sympathetic look, he frowned, "well, whatever gets them out of me sooner," he sighed as he leaned his head on Mitchy's shoulder. 


"Okay, calm down, I'll go get you a little something for pain and we'll see how you feel later," Takemichi stated as he got up and left the room. He walked over the stairs to his room where he kept his medical. He got what he was looking for and came back down, Mikey had entered the house, closing the door behind him when he did. It also seems that Emma appeared after he went upstairs because when he came downstairs, he could hear her and Mikey arguing about something. He went to the kitchen to get some water for Baji before he entered the living room again, he could see Mikey trying to bargain with Emma on the other side of the room, he didn't pay the two any mind as he gave Baji the water and the pain killer. Mitchy had made sure that these were the type that Baji could take while he was still pregnant, he always kept some on hand for times like these. 


"Thanks," Baji said gratefully as he took the water and pills from the blond.


Mitchy nodded then turned to the others in the room, including Kisaki, "so, what are the rest of your guys doing here if it was just a false alarm?"


"I came over because Taka-chan sounded worried on the phone, it almost sounded like he wanted to cry," Hakkai said cheerfully.


"Baji called me because he was upset about the Kazutora and Mitsuya acting like chickens or something." Chifuyu said, "so I came to make sure that he didn't accidentally kill them or something."


Mitchy nodded, "sound fair enough. And the rest of you?" He asked looking at Draken and the others, "I get those two, but what brought the rest of you to my house?"


"Kazu called me up and said that the babies were coming, so I wanted to see. I was a little disappointed that it was a false alarm because I was in the middle of hooking up with a hot omega this morning." Smiley stated shamelessly with his usual smile.


Angry rolled his eyes, "I can't believe that you're so vulgar, why are we even related?" He huffed as he folded his arms, he looked to Mitchy, "a better question is why haven't you been opening your gifts? Do you know how long I have to wait to get some of those things custom made?"


Mitchy sweatdropped, "sorry, I guess Mikey didn't tell you guys that I was staying at his house for the last month, all the omegas were." Angry and Smiley turned to Mikey who was still talking with his sister. "He said it was for our safety, so I thought you guys just stopped sending the gifts because of that. I didn't realize that they were still coming to my house."


"Eh? Mikey didn't tell us shit about that," Angry said glaring at the blond commander. 


Mikey shrugged, "what can I say? The fewer people that knew of Mitchy's location, the better, right?"


Angry rolled his eyes, Smiley chuckled, "yeah, I bet," the blue-haired twin said leaning against the wall.


"Now, now bro, don't be so mad, now that Mitchy's finally home, we get to see him again like we wanted," Smiley said cheerfully. He then leaned over to his brother and whispered in his ear, "plus this means that we can finally see if he's using any of the presents we left for him all this time." Angry frowned at his brother but said nothing since that was the main reason he let him talk him into going anywhere this early.


"Tsk, whatever," Angry replied.


"What are you guys whispering about over there?" Draken asked getting suspicious of the twins, mostly if Smiley.


"Nothing, don't worry about it," the twins said in unison.


"...Well that was a little creepy," Baji said, "are all twins like you two?"


"Who knows," Angry replied with a shrug of his shoulders.


"Okay, moving on," Mitchy said with a sigh. "How long is everyone staying?" Didn't get an answer, just smiles, he sighed again, he knew they were planning to stay as long as they didn't have anything to do. and from the looks of it, they didn't, "alright, then if everyone is planning on staying, some of you will need to help me buy some food."


"I'll go with you!" Hakkai, Mikey, and Draken all said at the same time. This didn't surprise the usual group except for Kisaki and the twins.


Mitchy looked at the three alphas for a moment before looking at the others, "hmm...okay, so how about we do this, Draken, Hakkai, and..." he looked around for one more person. He didn't want to be the only one walking around with three potentially horny alphas, though th ass t was kind of his every day at this point. "Chifuyu, oh and Hina you should come too," he stated as he got up from the sofa.


"Mimi come too!!" The little girl said jumping up and down desperately.


Mitchy smiled down at the little girl, "of course," he picked her up and cuddled her, "and Mimi comes too."


"Yaaay!!" Mimi cheered excitedly.


"Alright, I'm going to go change her clothes and get her jacket," Mitchy said as he walked out of the room. He made his way upstairs to Mimi's room and went straight to her closet to find a shirt for her then change because the one she had on right now was stained with grape juice. He found a hot pink shirt that read 'The Princess has arrived' in sparkly black and silver letters, a gift from Mitsuya. He took off the juice-stained shirt and tossed it into her laundry basket which was overflowing with clothes at the moment. Come to think of it, he hasn't been able to do much laundry since Mikey got him to move in with him temporarily. He would hate to have the laundry piled up too much and then he would need to spend a whole day on it. He made a mental note to pick up some extra soap to watch their clothes when he went to the store, among other things. He took a moment to go back to his to change his clothes as well.


Mitchy decided to take Mimi into the bathroom to wash her face before taking her back downstairs. While he was in there, he looked in his medicine cabinet to check to see if he needed anything. from what he could tell, he was running low on scent blockers, and birth control. Mitchy went around looking in the other rooms with his daughter to check to see what else he was missing or in need of before heading back over to the living room, "alright, I'm ready now, let's go." He said as he went over to the front door to put on Mimi's shoes, a pair of pink and black Doc Martens, a gift from D who went on a 'small' shopping spree a few days ago. She bought a bunch of baby clothes and toys for both Baji's twins and Mimi as well, from what he heard. Thankfully most of the clothes that D bought for Mimi were a couple sizes bigger so that she didn't have to wear them all now. 


"Hold on, I'm coming too!" Emma called out excitedly as she rushed over to the door to put back on her shoes with the others. 


"You don't really have to, you know," Mitchy replied as he put on Mimi's matching pink jacket with a yellow cat in boots embroidered on the back. It was one of Mimi's personal favorites that he, himself, had picked out a while ago.


Emma nodded, "yeah, I'm sure. I just remembered that I don't have any pictures of Mimi going to the store yet. I have to strike while the iron is hot!" 


Mitchy sweatdropped, "you know, Baji's gonna be having twins, so when they come, will you still have the time and energy to be snapping so many pictures of Mimi like this?"


Emma looked at Mitchy with stars in hers, "yep, they'll just be another model to add to my portfolio. I can't wait to see them in person, I'm sure they're gonna be so cute! Oh, that reminds me, look at this." She got up and picked up her bag that she had dropped at the door, "I finally finished some of your pictures that we took the other day. I think that the portraits are some of my best work this time around," she said excitedly as she pulled out a manila folder marked 'M&M' on the front. She handed the envelope over to him and watched him open it to see her work.


Mitchy stood up as he looked into the envelope and pulled out a stack of large printed photos. All of them were of him and Mimi in different poses, there were at least fifteen pictures with a set of at least three large pictures. Mitchy had asked Emma to take a lot of pictures of him and Mimi together so he could start adding to their family album again, he hadn't had the time to take his own pictures ever since his grandmother and aunt's passing. He's been too busy to set aside a couple of hours to get an active toddle to sit still long enough to take a couple of pictures. He was thankful to have Emma do it for him, in return for getting her to take their pictures, he agreed to pose for her whenever she wanted. 


He was so surprised, Emma did such a great job, the pictures looked professionally done. "Whoa, that's so cute! You guys look just like you're in your own fantasy!" Hina said looking over Mitchy's left shoulder. 


"Yeah, you two really look alike," Mikey said looking over Mitchy's other shoulder. "But why wasn't I invited to this photo shoot?" He pouted, "I'm her dad, aren't I?" 


Mitchy rolled his eyes, "I wanted some pictures of just me and her to remember something good." He looked back at a pouting Mikey with a frown of his own, "if you wanna take pictures with her as her 'dad' then you can ask Emma I guess."


Mikey lit up like fireworks, "really?!" He turned to his little sister, "ready your camera, Emmy, this is a father-daughter shopping trip now!" He quickly scooped up Mimi into his arms as the little girl laughed. She might not have known what was going on, but she was being lifted into the air by Mikey which meant he was excited about something, so she was too. 


Mitchy watched Mikey open the door and start skipping down the street while lifting his daughter into the air excitedly. He saw a flash go off next to him and turned to see Emma with her camera, the girl quickly rushed outside to follow her brother. Mitchy looked behind him to Draken, the tall blond sighed, "I'll take care of it," he said as he walked out the door after them. Hakkai followed after him, while Mitchy, Chifuyu, and Hina were still standing in the doorway. 


"Well, we might as well go," Chifuyu sighed, "we don't want them getting too far ahead of us."


In a hotel near Shibuya


Lee sat at the desk in his room, he was in the middle of some not-so-important, but also very important work. He had his pants open and his shirt unbuttoned, it had been a long few days of work, and tonight was meant to be his night off. So, he was spending it the best way he could without going outside. The sounds coming from the open laptop on his desk were evidence enough of what he was doing if his moving hand wasn't. He had a bottle of lotion sitting on the far end of his desk, while a box of tissue was sitting next to it, and he was fairly sure that he might need to reload on the lotion soon at this rate. But, before he could think of reaching for the bottle, there was a knock on the door. 


"Aw fuck, just when it was getting to the good part," he grumbled as he stopped what he was doing. He grabbed a couple of tissues and put them to good use before zipping up his pants and heading towards the door, he checked the peephole first to see who was disturbing him from a good time. He was even more disgruntled to find out that it was Yujiro, he grunted as he unlocked and yanked open the door to growl at the muscled man, "what?"


"Ooh, looks like the old man was going to town on himself, what's the matter, too old to find yourself a hot little thing to warm you up at night, or what?" Yujiro asked with a smirk on his face just before pushing past Lee to enter the room. Upon entering, he looked around the room and spotted the computer, the lotion bottle, and the box of issues like he knew he would. However, upon further inspection, he also noticed that Lee wasn't the only one in the room as two omegas scents were lingering in the air. "Hn, what's this? So you did manage to get some tonight after all?" He asked as he walked over to the bed to get a closer look at the two sleeping omegas.


Lee glared at Yujiro as he closed and relocked the door, "they were just some test subjects the boys in the lab wanted me to try out. I had my fun with them earlier but they both passed out after three hours each, so I'm letting them rest for a bit before round two." 


Yujiro whipped his head back to the elder alpha, a surprised look on his face, "you mean they let you have fun with them and not me?" He growled low in his throat, "that's just not fair old man."


Lee smirked as he leaned on the door, "what's fair is fair, youngster. You're still a cub, so dealing with tantrums is what we old folks do." Yujiro growled again as he released some of his pheromones, "calm down you overgrown spoiled brat," Lee pushed himself off the door and walked back over to his seat in front of the desk. "From what I hear of your track record, you're well known for breaking all of your toys in some way, so the boys in the lab didn't think it was wise to send you such delicate subjects. Maybe when they get their hands on something more sturdy, they could send it your way for testing, because any omega able to live through your tantrums is worthy of great praise indeed."


"Shut the fuck up old man, I didn't come here to listen to your lectures," Yujiro commented with a low growl in his tone. 


"Oh?" Lee raised his eyebrow, "then what did you come here for? As you can see, I am in the middle of an assignment, it is mostly busy work but still."


"Hmph, whatever," Yujiro folded his arms, "as you said, there is an omega out there that is worth that same praise that you were talking about." He smirked when Lee's smile faded, "and I know someone who knows where he is right now."


"You seriously expect me to believe that? You?" Lee shook his head as he leaned back in the chair, he lifted his leg to rest it over the other as he looked up at the muscled alpha. "Show him to me."


Yujiro shook his head, "ah ah ah, that's not how this works," he chuckled slightly. "He's a cute little omega, one of the rare ones, a tall boy with a fine body. He put up a pretty good fight too, I can't just let anyone see him. If you wanna see, then you have to do something for me too."


Lee raised an eyebrow, tall omegas were hard to find most of the time. There were not many to be found, and then, on top of that, they usually came with some sort of health problem or another, so finding a completely healthy one was even rarer. Lee didn't know if he could trust Yujiro's word, but he knew that he couldn't pass up this opportunity as of yet. If he felt that he was being played, then he would back off their deal, so it couldn't hurt to make the deal and bend the rules a bit. "Hn, fine, I'll see what I can do. But if you break another one of their subjects, then I can't help you," he stood up and walked back over to the door, he held it open for Yujiro to take his leave, "now then, if that's all you have to say, you can leave. I have to get back to work now."


"Tsk, whatever," Yujiro huffed, he took one more glance at the sleeping omegas, one boy, one girl, and they both smelled so sweet. "By the way, what numbers are these?"


"B23 and B 15," Lee replied, "the best in their batch from what I'm told, but you that's all I can tell you. Now leave."


Yujiro shrugged, "okay, okay, I'm out." He turned back to the elder alpha with a smirk renewed on his face, "this little assignment of yours seems like fun. I can't wait to have a piece of the action myself soon," he said as he walked past the elder male.


"You might want to practice restraint if that's what you're after, boy," Lee said before he closed the door in the other alpha's face. "Hmph, what a disgusting man." 




To be continued...

Chapter Text

Takemichi finished cooking lunch for everyone once he got back from the store. Draken, Hakkai, and Mikey carried all of the heavier things back to the house. Hina, Emma, and Mitchy talked randomly about anything that seemed to cross their minds. Though, Chifuyu didn't talk since it seemed like there was something on his mind. Mimi was bouncing around happily on Mitchy's back as she had gotten a bar of chocolate from Hakkai, even though Mitchy told her no before since he didn't want it to stop her from eating her lunch. But Hakkai felt bad for the girl and had bought it for her himself and was rewarded with a big hug, Mitchy was a little upset at him but couldn't be mad at the two of them once they gave him the puppy eyes. Emma made sure to get a good picture of their faces for Mitchy's scrapbook, not that he had asked her to.


Mitchy made a delicious chicken alfredo with broccoli for lunch, he made a big batch so that the alphas could have their fill. As usual, everyone raved about how good his cooking was. Even the twins, Smiley and Angry, who had never tasted his food before complimented him greatly. Kisaki gave his small compliments as well. Mitchy was still wary of Kisaki being in his house, he didn't know what brought him there, but he was sure that it wasn't anything good. He wanted to throw him out of his house, or at the very least, tie him up and interrogate him for everything he knew, but he couldn't do that. He needed to keep his cool and figure things out slowly. 


Once everyone was finishing their lunch, whereas Mimi was sort of wearing hers more than she was eating it. Takemichi got up to collect the plates when Chifuyu pulled him aside, there was a desperate look in his eye. "Mitchy," he whispered in a winning voice that made the blue-eyed omega sigh and follows him into another room. 


"Chifuyu, what's the matter?" Takemichi asked curiously, he was worried bout the boy since his second gender seemed to have changed suddenly without anyone realizing it. 


"Mitchy, you gotta help me," Chifuyu whispered desperately. 


Now Mitchy was worried, "what's the matter?" He asked again, but Chifuyu said nothing as his eyes started to become watery. Takemichi frowned, he didn't know what was going on with his friend, but he wanted to help, so he quickly brought him upstairs to his room where they would have some privacy. Takemichi closed and locked his bedroom door before turning to address Chifuyu, when he did, his fellow blond was blushing up a storm. "Um, Chifuyu, please talk to me. I want to help you."


Chifuyu held his arms tightly as he looked down at the floor, "it's m-m-my suppressants...I-I don't think they're working on me anymore." 


"Your suppressants?" Takemichi looked the boy up and down for a long time, he didn't know what to make of the situation at first, but now that he was looking, he felt stupid for not seeing it earlier. Chifuyu was starting his heat. "Wait, you're wearing your scent blocker, right now, right?" Chifuyu nodded, he never left home without wearing one, just like Mitchy. Takemichi sighed, "okay, good," he took Chifuyu by the arm and brought him into the bathroom, "come with me, let me get you some of mine. You're usually not supposed to share them, but..." the two entered Mitchy's bathroom, he looked inside of his medicine cabinet to make sure that he had some suppressants to spare. He was starting to run low again because it was getting close to his refill date, but he wanted to help his friend out the best he could. Mitchy reached for his pills and handed it to CHifuyu, "here, take one of these, they're extra strength. I know you were taking the mild ones before, but maybe this is better for you to manage for today."


"O-okay," Chifuyu took on of Mitchy's heat suppressants, swallowing it in one gulp. They waited a minute or two before Chifuyu started to look like himself again, he let out a deep breath. "I think it's working," he smiled as he felt relief flood him.


Mitchy smiled as well, "that's good, now, try not to string yourself today. You could still go into heat if you're not careful, so try to keep your distance from the alphas in the room, and try not to lift anything too heavy for the rest of the day. And make sure to schedule an appointment with a doctor soon."


"Okay," Chifuyu nodded, "thanks, Mitchy, you're a lifesaver. For some reason, I've been feeling like that more and more often these days. I think I might need to get a stronger dose."


"If you need another one, then I'll give you one more tonight, no later. But that's only if it's serious, okay?" Takemichi warned, and Chifuyu nodded gratefully. The two made their way back downstairs with Chifuyu smiling brightly, on their way down, they run into Kisaki at the bottom of the stairs. It seemed as though he was waiting there for some reason. Takemichi paused, "you go ahead, Chifuyu, I'll be right there."


Chifuyu looked at Kisaki for a moment before turning back to Mitchy, "you sure?" Mitchy nodded and the former alpha walked off to find the others.


Takemichi watched Chifuyu go for a moment before coming down the last few steps. He looked at the glasses-wearing alpha for a moment, he never liked him, but he wouldn't let it show too much since they already had bad blood between them since the last time. "Kisaki..." he said with a slight nod.


"Takemitchy..." Kisaki nodded back.


"So, is there some you want, you do you always stand at the bottom of staircases like a creep?" Mitchy asked sarcastically as he folded his arms. 


Kisaki raised an eyebrow at the omega, but disregarded the attitude, he was in his house, after all, so he would pretend to be nice. For now. "Takemichy, I was wondering, how is Hanma doing?" He asked casually, "when I heard that he got beaten up and sent to the hospital by some wild alphas, I felt sick to my stomach." Which wasn't a complete lie, "is he doing alright now?"


Mitchy raised an eyebrow at that, "Hanma's as well as he can be with everything that he went through. I thought they're not allowing him to have too many visitors right now because of the state he's in. It was really bad, so he needs a lot of time to heal, you get it, right?"


Kisaki nodded, he could tell that the omega was keeping him at arm's length, that was fine. He didn't care about getting close to Takemitchy, but, if he was going to get to Hanma, he might have to. "Well then, if that's the case, I would like to see him when he does get better. I hear that you go to see him just about every day, even during the weekends."


Mitchy narrowed his eyes slightly, "yeah, I do. What of it?"


Kisaki gave him a small smile, "oh, that's good, I was kind of worried about him since I know he didn't have many friends who would do that. Visiting him so often, I thought that you must have a lot of free time on your hands. Then again, I saw that your...niece, or maybe she's just your cousin?" He asked, trying to get a reaction from the other boy, Mitchy didn't let anything show on his face, "ah, well, anyway, I thought that little girl would take up most of your time."


"That little girl is none of your business, Kisaki," Takemichi stated slightly hostile. 


Kisaki lifted his hands in front of him in defense, "relax, I meant no harm...though, I was thinking that it would be nice if her father was around." Mitchy tightened his grip on his arms slightly but said nothing otherwise. "I mean, being a young mother is hard enough as it is, but being alone as well, that must be hard." 


"What's your point?" Mitchy asked, he let it be known that he was not a happy camper right now through his pheromones. 


Kisaki could pick up the scent but he didn't care, "all I'm saying is that you should keep a close eye on a sweet kid like here. There are a lot of bad alpha's around who might want to do bad things to her, like what happened to Hanma Shuji for example. It would be a real shame if that happened to that little girl, she might be too young to survive such a savage attack." 


Mitchy was trying everything in his power not to punch Kisaki in the face again, he was a captain after all. There would be consequences if he did that again, though, he didn't know if Mikey would take it easier on him now that he had announced to everyone that he was his omega. As much as Mitchy hated to admit it, he was sort of grateful to have Mikey say that to the whole gang, he couldn't imagine all of the unwanted advances he might have gotten if he hadn't. "So what are you trying to say? Are you one of those good alphas who is looking to protect me and her from bad alphas like that or something?" He sneered, "are you trying to come on to me in my own home?"


Kisaki chuckled a bit, "no, no, I'm not trying to come on to you at all. This is just a warning."


"Then I'll make sure to remember this moment well," Mitchy growled as he stared Kisaki in his eyes. He stepped closer to the tanned alpha with a sharp look in his eyes. Kisaki looked into those eyes and felt a shiver run up his spine, a chill in his bones, and a feeling of dread come over him. If he didn't remember that he was dealing with another omega, he would have bowed his head in fear. "You're warning was well-received, Kisaki, so let me give you one as well. If anyone, I mean anyone, touches one hair on that little girl's head, I promise you that I don't care what you're classified as. Alpha. Omega. Beta. I will hurt if I don't kill you first, understand?"


Kisaki took another step back and ended up hitting the wall in the process, he was scared, really, and truly scared. He didn't know why, but something about Takemitchy was making him fear for his life. Was this the love of a mother? Was this what it was like to be threatened by a loving mother who would do anything for their child? Kisaki felt scared, but also jealous, not only of that little girl but of the love she was being given by this boy in front of him. Kisaki took a moment to compose himself, "w-what are you gonna do hit me? You'll get into trouble if you do, even if you are the commander's little bitch now, you're nothing without him."


Mitchy decided that he was done listening to what Kisaki had to say. He grabbed him by the arm and dragged him forcefully upstairs to his room, Kisaki was so shocked that he didn't do anything along the way. Mitchy dragged him into his and locked the door, he turned around to face him with a dark look in his eyes, "I've had enough with you. You can't just come into my house and just say some bullshit like that about someone I love dearly."


Kisaki was starting to feel wary, "what's up with you, you're acting strangely for an omega..." he said while backing away from Mitchy.


"Am I?" Mitchy asked as he took a step closer to the captain. "I'm only trying to protect my child. What's wrong with that?"


Kisaki looked at Mitchy for a moment, really looked at him. He didn't know what it was, but he was almost like Takemichi was giving off alpha pheromones. The tanned captain was both curious and scared of what Mitchy might do to him now that they were alone in this room. He knew that he needed to get out of here as quickly as he could, "s-so that little girl is your daughter. I'm not surprised," he said trying to play the tough guy act, "she looks so much like you, like a mirror image, so I assumed that she was closely related to you. But your daughter?" Kisaki smirked, he could tell that he was getting under the boy's skin with the way his fist was shaking right now. Kisaki got a little more confident because of this, "you must have a couple of miles on you by now if you have a kid at your age, huh? What's your body count these-"


Before Kisaki could say another word, Takemichi moved forward quickly and punched Kisaki in the face as hard. Kisaki fell to the floor like a ton of bricks, but Mitchy didn't stop there, he kept on punching him in the face over and over again until Kisaki stopped moving. Mitchy stopped himself before he went too far, he looked over the boy's unmoving form, worried that he might have lost it and somehow killed him, but that wasn't possible. Kisaki was an alpha, and he was an omega. Mitchy took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself down, but he was still royally pissed off at the tanned boy's words from earlier. He looked over the boy's form a moment longer before getting off of him, he tapped his face to get him to wake up, but Kisaki was out cold. 


Takeimitchy turned him over on his side to check his pulse when he noticed something. "That's a special grade scent manipulation patch, they're supposed to be super expensive and needed to be imported to get them. Why didn't I notice it before?" he smirked as an idea popped into his head. Mitchy took the corner of the patch and pulled it off, once he did, the scent of cherry blossom started to fill the room. He leaned down and breathed in that scent deeply, "you're such a hypocrite...but that's okay, you can become mine as well. I'll make you Mimi's protector by force if I have to." 


With that thought in mind, Mitchy got to work stripping Kisaki's clothes off and dragged him over to his bed. He looked through the box of toys in his closet to find something to tie the boy up, he had gotten a few assortments of BDSM items in the gifts that he had gotten over the past few months. He was happy to finally get to use them on someone, he didn't want to use them the last time because that might have been a little too intense for their taste. But Kisaki would be perfect for him to practice his skills on, in his original future, he was great at bondage, but not his past self. An evil smirk appeared on his lips as he moved over to the bed.


Downstair a few minutes later


Angry was sitting in the living room with the others testing some of his friends. He was getting a little bored when he go