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Toman's future seed

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Takemichi was in a bit of a pickle. 


Today was the day of the festival, August 3, and he somehow managed to save Draken's life. However, that was not the problem. The real problem was that during all of the commotion, Takemichi failed to notice that his heat was coming on. He tried to keep strong until after they announced that Draken would pull through, but by then, he was barely hanging on. Thankfully he had enough foresight to double up on his scent blockers and heat suppressants today, not that it was doing anything other than keeping others from smelling his heat. 


It's also lucky for Takemichi that his friends had come to the hospital with him tonight. One look at Akkun and Yamagishi was enough for them to jump into action. Akkun hurried over to Takemichi's side as soon as Mikey, Mitsuya, Hinata, and Emma walked outside, he briefly heard them mentioning something about how late it was. Looking over to the clock over the operating doors told him that it was now officially the 4th of August. "Great, I did it, now I can relax a bit, but not here," Takemichi thought suddenly feeling more tired than he's ever been before. A clear sign that he was going into heat.


"Hey, Takemichi, you good man?" Akkun asked worriedly, the only other person in the area was Yamagishi who was keeping an eye out just in case anyone walked back in. 


Takemichi shook his head, "no, I think I'm about to reach my limit over here man," he said holding his head. His whole body felt like it was burning up, amongst other things, and his head felt fuzzy, "I need to get home." 


Akkun nodded, "yeah, I'll help you out, c'mon," he took one of Takemichi's arms so he could lean on him. "Hang in there, I'll get you there as soon as...wait," Akkun took a second to sniff the air around Takemichi. The smell of sunflowers was faint, but it was visible enough since he was so close to the omega. "Oh man, you smell good...didn't you wear your scent blocking patch today?" 


Takemichi nodded, "yeah, I wore two just in case."


"You what?!" Akkun looked down at his blond friend in shock, "are you serious, you do know those things are medicated, right?"


Takemichi did know that, but he had been feeling as though his usual scent blockers had not been working lately. Recently, whenever he was hanging around Draken, Mikey, or even Mitsuya it felt like they were acting a little weird around him. Mitsuya would stop and stare at him for a time as if his mind had wandered somewhere else while they were talking. It would take Takemichi waving his hands in front of his face sometimes to get his attention back. As for Mikey, the shorter boy seemed to be a little more touchy with him, he would always seem to find a way to pet Takemichi on the head like a puppy. Not that Takemichi minded it that much, however, it was starting to become a problem because as far as anyone in Toman knew, Takemichi was a beta.


Takemichi hadn't thought too much about the first two being that big of a problem so much as when Draken started to get affected. Draken, much to Takemichi's surprise, was oddly...friendly when it came to Takemichi in the recent days. Earlier at the festival before all the fighting and attempted murder stuff took place, Draken had petted Takemichi on the head gently before the girls showed up. He even complimented Takemichi on smelly so good for his lady, that was when Takemichi realized that something was wrong, but he couldn't tell what exactly it was until now.


Yamagishi came over to the two and took Takemichi's other arm to help Akkun carry their friend. "Hey, let's hurry up and get out of here, if Takemichi overdosed on scent blockers, then he could be going into an early heat," he stated urgently. "We should get him out of here before his current patches fail him as well," Akkun nodded and the two started to look for a way out of the hospital where they wouldn't be spotted by Toman members. 


Instead of going put the same way they came, Yamagishi lead the way to a side door where they made their escape. Once outside, he used his phone to call Yamamoto and Makoto to see if they were still at the hospital. Makoto and Yamamoto came to help take Takemichi home once Yamagishi explained what was happening. It didn't take the four of them long to sneak Takemichi away from the hospital, though it was a little hard getting past all the thought Toman alphas that were littering the parking lot, they seemed to manage somehow. They found their way down the street on the way to Takemichi's house, when they were almost there, with the house in their sights, they heard someone call out to them.


"Hey, why'd you guys suddenly leave the hospital like that?" The four friends turned around to see Mikey standing there. He was looking at them with his emotionless eyes, watching the four of them carefully. Yamamoto and Akkun instinctively blocked his view of Takemichi while Yamagishi and Makoto tried to hurry over to Takemichi's house. Mikey tilted his head slightly and stepped forward, "hey, what's going on with you guys? Are you trying to hide something from me?" He asked curiously as he tried to get a glimpse of Takemichi, the whole reason he had followed after them for so long was to find his Takemitchy, but now something didn't seem right. 


"Oh, Mikey, what a surprise, what are you doing here so late?" Yamamoto said trying not to sound obvious that he was trying to stall for time. 


"What am I doing here? I'm looking for Takemitchy, he was with you guys last, wasn't he?" Mikey asked taking another step forward, he could smell the faint trace of sunflowers in the air. It was a scent that he had only started to pick up a few weeks ago whenever Takemitchy was around him, the scent comforted him a lot more than he would like to admit. So, when his best friend nearly died in the street but was saved by Takemitchy, he wanted to go to that scent to be comforted, but he couldn't find Takemitchy anywhere in the lobby. That was when a doctor told him that his friends took him out the side door, Mikey was curious as to what they were doing and quickly followed after them. 


Now that he found them in front of Mitchy's home, Mikey was even more curious as to why the beta didn't say goodbye before leaving. 


Akkun and Yamamoto looked at each other for a moment, "oh, is that so?" Akkun asked scratching his cheek, "well, you see. Takemichi thought that you might want to be alone for a while, what with everything that's happened today, so he didn't want to bother you and just left. It's been a really long day, so we walked home together, you understand right, Mikey?"


Yamamoto nodded, "yeah, that's right. With everything that's happened, he thought that you would want some time alone with Draken now that he's out of surgery."


Mikey frowned, "yeah, I guess so, but..." just behind the two boys blocking his way, he could see Takemitchy's form being led into his house by his other two friends. "Takemitchy?" Mikey took another step forward, Akkun and Yamamoto instinctively blocked his way so that he couldn't go any further. Now Mikey was suspicious, "what are you two doing? Let me through, I wanna see Takemitchy."


"Uh, yeah, we would do that but..." Yamamoto looked to Akkun for an answer because he was drawing blanks. 


"Because Takemichi isn't feeling well...?" Akkun tried to say it as if it were a fact, but it came out as more of a question. 


Mikey raised an eyebrow at that, "and why couldn't he just stay at the hospital if he wasn't feeling well?"


"Oh, you know, because it's, uh, f-fatigue," Akkun started as he glanced behind him to make sure the others got Takemichi into the house okay. Just as he did, he noticed Yamagishi giving him the thumbs-up just before closing the door behind him. He breathes a sigh of relief as he turns back to Mikey, "yeah, that's it, it's from fatigue, so there's no reason for him to really stay at the hospital just for that."


Something inside of Mikey's alpha instincts was telling him that he should just push past these two and burst into that house to get his Takemitchy. But he paused. 'His' Takemitchy? Since when was Takemitchy his? More importantly, why was he thinking this way over a simple beta...Mikey sighed, maybe these two were right. Maybe he was a little tired too, he sighed, "whatever, I guess I'll just come to see him tomorrow or something."


"Yeah, you do that, I'm sure Takemitchy will be more willing to hang out then," Yamamoto smiled in relief.


Mikey left them there, heading back to the hospital feeling as though he should still turn back to find out what really going on with Takemichi, but those two were Mitchy's friends. Mikey pouted more as he made his way back to the hospital, as soon as Draken was brought up to his hospital room, Mikey was there to wait for him. In the meanwhile, the short blond was lost in thought as he waited for his best friend. 


Meanwhile, Akkun and Yamamoto sighed, thankful that their words worked on the alpha. If not, then they probably would have had to fight Mikey then and there just so he could see Takemichi. Speaking of which, the two turned and made their way towards the house. As soon as they opened the door, the overwhelming scent of sunflowers filled their noises and tented their pants. On the floor near the front door, they could see Takemichi crouched down on the ground panting hard while Yamagishi tried to comfort him.


"Hey! Yamamoto, Akkun, get out! You can't be in here right now!" Makoto shouted pushing the two alphas back through the door, he fixed the two with as stern a face as he could manage, "you two won't be much help here unless you're trying to start some kind of harem or something. It might be best for the two of you to leave for the night, we'll watch over him tonight."


Akkun and Yamamoto nodded and backed away from the front door slowly as Makoto slammed it shut and locked it. "Wow, was that really Takemichi's scent, it smelled so good," Yamamoto said feeling some drool coming down the side of his mouth.


"Yeah, no kidding," Akkun chuckled, "but you better not let Yamagishi hear you say that. He might just kick your ass."


"Ha, no way, he's the only one for me," Yamamoto smiled happily. "You seem to have your hands full with Makoto these days too, isn't your anniversary coming up soon?" The two turned around and started on their way home talking randomly about the things that were going on in their daily lives.


The next day


Mikey stood in front of Takemichi's door, it was still pretty early in the morning, but for some reason, Mikey found his way here. It was probably a little earlier than he thought he would have shown up, but he realized that it didn't really matter, he needed to see his Takemitchy again. For some reason, the beta was on his mind all night, he could barely sleep a wink thanks to him. Now he was standing in front of the Hanagaki residents staring at the door as if it were someone he wanted to kick really hard. 


Why was he just standing here like this?


Mikey knew that he wanted to come and see Takemitchy last night, but he couldn't get access. Now that he was here in the morning, he found himself just standing there questioning himself. And for what? A scentless beta that he liked having around sometimes? No, that didn't make much scene, if Takemichi was an omega, then he might understand his feelings a bit more, but he's not. "Maybe I should just go?" He asked himself, just as he was turning to leave, the front door opened and that wonderful sunflower scent that he liked so much came flowing out. 


Mikey paused for a second before turning around quickly to see who was the source of that wonderful smell.


Takemichi stood at the door, frozen in shock. He thought that he was imagining things, but no, it was Mikey. Mikey was standing at his front door at nine-thirty in the morning. Takemichi felt a little overexposed suddenly as he slowly started to realize something. Not only did he just suffer through a sudden burst of heat last night, the effects that he was still recovering from, here was Mikey. Takemichi had woken up that morning feeling light-headed and tired, his friends, Makoto and Yamagishi were inside getting breakfast ready for them to eat, and here was Mikey. Takemichi was wearing an oversized sleeping shirt with a panda on the front, grey sleeping shorts that were barely poking out from the bottom, his hair was a mess...and here was Mikey.


"Wait, Mikey? W-what are you doing here?!" Takemichi asked as his brain finally caught up to the situation, he was suddenly panicked. For one, he wasn't dressed in his usual baggy clothes, second, his hair wasn't combed or styled in any way. And most importantly, he wasn't wearing his scent blockers. Takemichi slipped up, he just made a big mistake suddenly coming outside in his pajamas like it was nothing, and now this. Mikey, the one person he didn't expect to see this early in this morning was standing at his front door as if it were the most natural thing in the world. 


Before his mind could register what was going, Mikey launched forward and latched himself onto Takemichi tightly so he wouldn't get away from him. As soon as the other blond was in his grasp, Mikey immediately started to sniff him, seeking out the source of the sunflower scent for himself. Mikey wasted no time zeroing in on Takemichi's neck where the scent was the strongest, then gasped, "it's you..."


Takemichi panicked and pushed Mikey off of him quickly before running back inside of his house and locking the door. Mikey was so taken aback that he fell backward, falling on his butt in surprise as he watched the door get slammed in his face. Takemichi leaned against the door, sliding down as he felt tears fill his eyes, "it's's all over, so much time and effort, all that work...gone, just like that..." he hugged his knees and started to cry.


Just then, Makoto peeked out from the kitchen to see what the commotion was about. That was when he noticed Takemichi sitting in front of the door, "Takemichi?" He called out to his friend as walked over, "what's up?"


"It's Mikey, he was outside when I opened the door," Takemichi explained through his tears. He looked up at Makoto with tear-filled eyes, "he smelled me."


Makoto's expression grew grim at that moment, he nodded his head in understanding, "okay, let's have some breakfast first and talk about this later, okay? We can come up with something to convince him that you were just wearing perfume or something," he said as he helped his friend up. Takemichi nodded, though his tears were far from stopping. 


At the same time outside, Mikey was still sitting outside of Takemitchy's house with a stunned look on his face. "If that scent was coming from him this whole time, then that means..." Mikey smiled a little, feeling happy about his sudden discovery. "But wait, why'd he try to hide it from me?" His smile lessened some but he still felt happy, "oh well. I'll just have him explain it to me later," he got up and dusted off his pants before putting both his hands onto his pocket and walking away. He hummed a small tone as he thought about cornering Takemitchy later so he could get the answers he was looking for. 



To be continued...