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Red Silk

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Undulating, rippling waterfall of silken red so rich it could have been freshly oxygenated from the vein. A sway, then swirl; mesmerizing in sensuousness as a wave of dark chocolate brushed against the pale almost opalescent peach that made one wonder if the juice of the ripe, intoxicating fruit was every bit as sweet as it was rocking on the vine.

Red rode up and down, gliding against the velvet of midnight blue; flashing from black to blue and back again. Each slithering rub, a brush of softness so delicate that it begged the senses for just one more.

Music pulsated, rattling glasses with each throb of the vibrating bass. It sent pulses through the floor and up every leg that dared to touch it - it was alive and electric.I don’t mind helping the feeling along. Soon more people on the floor are like the luscious peach in red in front of me - their bodies moving; sensually lost to the aphrodisiac beat.

An older male, looking to be middle thirties; making him older than most of the building's inhabitants. He carries a taller than average height stalking through the crowd, his eyes on only one prize. The darker side of his nature brought to the front by the amped up pheromones and the lasciviousness forming in the serpentine movements of the women in front of him. He should look out of place in dark jeans, black tooled boots and his own dark red button silk shirt with the top two buttons open to show a well muscled and partially tattooed chest - there is a natural sensuousness in his movements; a grace that blends in with the beats as he hunts his prey.

Eyes of men and women follow him, some in open appreciation and lust, others in jealousy when a hand lingers on shoulder, waist, or chest. His own hands wander; over a pert ass, brushing a silken neck, across a bare midriff, and even cheekily tweaking a nipple and openly grinding his ass against the crotch of a bulging pair of pants.

He turns the man but the belt loops until it’s his hardness grinding as the male begins to breathe heavily, leaning into the body and aching for every ounce of delicious, decadent friction. The stalker pulls his head to the side, running a slick, petal pink tongue down the jugular before opening and allowing his mouth to cover the pulse point - he bites, nips and sucks leaving a darkened bruise and a growing wet spot on the man’s pants as he walks away and the man slides to the floor body twitchy happily .

Sipping my glass of hundred year old scotch I watch as he near rolling hips of red, making the blue velvet rasp in heat. The DJ himself lost in the pulsating changed the song mid-beat changing the frantic dub into a breathy tattooed heartbeat. The throaty moaning and chanting in the song's background and I sent out my own brand of potency. Watching as the man I stalked with my eyes came to the front and the silken temptress.

Slowly as he danced, rolling his hips against the beautiful peach making the thin fabric bunch higher up her thighs. He took advantage of the moment running large hands down over bare thighs and up catching the fabric til it laid open almost indecently. Not that it mattered to the rest of the room. Many were already in states of in flagrante delicto in couples and more in various states of undress and actions. The jealousy waving off blue velvet was ready to ruin the mood and I couldn’t have that. Looking up into the dark blazing blue eyes of hunger I nod toward the blonde desperately trying to get into the middle of my beautiful show. Within moments velvet is ushered away deeper into the club where I’m sure her jealousy will be quickly abated.

Taking another sip I leaned back in the leather chair and stretched out my body to enjoy the show. A slow shiver is racing down the woman as one longer finger is smoothing down her neck, then down her shoulder, over each nub of spine and ending just over the heart of the peach as the other hand angles down over thigh raising the dress high enough that all but the center of her is bare to the heady air full pheromones of lust, desire and aching want. There is no panty line to be seen and I have to move and stretch as the man spins her to face me.

His mouth is firmly over her neck as she grinds against him, her eyes closed; head thrown back against him as his hands slide up leaving the dress to fall in flowing folds of wine. They caress the side of ribs and her hands clench, moving them to strong thighs and pulling his moving form closer as she pants. Dark burgundy lips bite down and I growl, my own pants rapidly becoming tight as my zipper presses into my tortured turgid length as she lets out a loud enough moan that I can hear from ten feet away.

Hands have slipped inside the dress t o glide over hard pebbled nipples before plucking them even harder. While one deft hand caresses a breast, the other comes out, sliding over slick fabric and under, allowing me to see a flash of bare skin and one long finger spreading flesh before plucking at the bundles of nerves in a tiny pearl of flesh.

She keens then, arching her back, roughly pressing into her partner as his mouth travels the length of the clavicle and down, moving the strap of the dress until the only thing covering her is his large hand.

I know the very moment he enters her, spreading her thighs to allow him access. She opens her eyes, dark pools of molten heaven staring into me as she bites her lip and comes, the fluid pouring out of her and down his hand.

Across the floor in seconds, falling to my knees for the heady, flowing musk and latching on as the sudden pressure of my mouth on her clit and tongue going deep brings her again allowing me to drink down every drop. Indeed she is every bit as ripe as the peach I thought she would be; thick, sweet and rich - a man could feast on her every day and never want any other sustenance.

Standing I allow my fingers to keep going. Her eyes flutter but stare even as her body shakes in after spasms. “Please. I need.”

Over her shoulder the male looks at me, nods then pulls me forward to lean his head against mine then his lips are on mine, tasting her with his tongue and drinking the taste of her from my mouth. I place one hand behind his head and pull him further until she is trapped between us.

Delicate hands slide up my body to my face, pulling me from one mouth and to another. The taste of her lips and mouth is delicious from her early drink and the flavor that is all her. My hands move, roaming over her body across the breast that is pebbled from the open dress and down to lift her up. Her ass fits perfectly in my hand as I raise her leg, my left fingers sliding down every torturous tooth of zipper until I can pull free.

I meet the dark, lust filled eyes of her other dance partner as I place myself at her entrance and slide home. All three of us are breathless after low groans as we hold her between us and begin a rhythm to match the pulsations through the floor. He lifts her allowing me to slide in deeper and I push out toward her angling up and high. She’s so tight I see stars and begin to set a pace that squeezes at my balls. Bending forward I latch onto the other side of her neck, sucking hard enough to leave her a matching mark on the other side.

“Please, both. Need you both.” I back off and slide out, allowing the other man to adjust. His zipper lowers and he lifts her easily, bending her over slightly. She goes further, sneaking out her tongue to run over my burgeoning head.

She grabs hold of my waist and belt loops as those luscious lips engulf me as he slides in. He grunts hard, his grip on her waist enough to leave bruises as he moves the dress out of the way to bare that gleaming beautiful ass to the light. We have watchers now as he strokes up and hard as I begin to slowly thrust up into her wet, hot mouth.

“Fuck.” His arms shake and I know he’s close but we have to give the goddess what she requests. His eyes are on me as she leans back, whimpering at the loss, but rolling her eyes when he bends her again, angling for the tiny pucker that he slowly begins to ease himself into. Her fluids added the necessary easement so as to not bring her any pain. She hisses still and pulls off, groaning low and loud as he bottoms out.

Slowly I straighten her, lifting her legs easily. I look at him and he’s ready, giving me a nod as I hook her legs over my arms and slide back in deep. Together we move in tango, pulsating and pushing as she cries out in a loud harsh orgasm, her whole body trembling.

Keeping the pace we both take a side of her neck, determined to fully leave our impact and mark on her for the world to see come morning. Feeling his stuttering first I know he is close; pulling him in, I attach my mouth to the side of his neck I can, licking a stripe up over long ago made marks of claiming and mating.

He comes, throwing his head back in a roar and emptying himself with stuttering pants as his lungs struggle to keep taking in air. She comes too, squeezing around my cock, determined to milk every drop out of me.

“Come, mate.” the words barely a whisper, only loud enough the three of us would hear. Looking into the fathomless eyes of chocolate filled with love, yearning and want I can’t hold back and within three strokes planting deep and losing everything I am to her and to him.
Easing out of her I know the fluids will be running down her legs, leaving behind the scent of virulent male claiming and it fills me with possessiveness, calm and the overwhelming marking of mine. Her legs are unsteady as she leans against us and we slowly make the way for the door. The rest of the club slowly came out of their lust induced hazes and drunken debaucheries.

The first tendrils of twilight are erupting in the world as Peter opens the door and leads out mate inside. Closing and locking the door of the suite, I kick off my boots, quickly strip and go to start the shower. She stands near the shower, eyes groggy with fatigue as I strip off the delectable bit of silk and cast it aside. Her neck is already bruised from our marks and soon we would have the talk about changing her to be with us forever.

In the five years since her ruined birthday party and my return to hearing about her jumping escapade; I haven’t left her side. The bonds were sealed the first time she looked at Peter. Threesomes weren’t rare, just uncommon in the vampire world; though ones with a human lover were exceptionally rare. Unusually the jealousy wound up with someone dead or ash.

Peter came in undressed and together we washed our mate lovingly, holding her up as her head bobbed in almost sleep. “Why is it everytime we go out to a club, you guys turn it into a public orgy?”

“Because I have the sexiest mates on the planet and can’t help myself. Did you honestly see the two of you tonight, you started it. I just amped it up a little.” Kissing her head, I ran my hand down Peter’s side, loving him as much as I do Isabella.

Without her I would never have him back and no matter what I was never letting either one of them go again. Together they completed me, locking the monster away for good.

“I love you both, but I’m fucking knackered. Dose me good Jasper so I can take a nap with our mate.” Peter kisses her head and turns to wash himself quickly, then helps our mate out of the shower so I can wash.

Peter is drying her hair as I head into the bedroom of the San Francisco hotel we rented for our anniversary. Five years ago today, Bella met Peter and our threesome was born. The balm to my heart at seeing my mate and my favored childe take one look at each other and fall in love on the spot was what I’d been searching my entire life for. Seeing them turn, grab me and pull me in showing me the same love they felt for each other and claiming me as mate was more than I ever dreamed after being a monster for so long.

Four years ago, Carlisle performed the ceremony marrying the three of us to each other and when Bella was turned the mating would be complete. We didn’t worry over which one of us would wind up a true mate, as long as she never left us.

Bella crawled up into the middle of the massive bed and pulled Peter around her and within moments was fast asleep. “All right mate, do your thing.” He raised his head just a moment before burying it back in Bella’s hair. I dosed him with enough lethargy to tranquilize a dinosaur then curled up on the other side of Bella with a laptop to watch, shelter and protect my mates until Bella awoke. Watching them sleep, Bella’s leg over mine and her arm around my waist and for the first time in my existence my soul feels content.

“Love you, Jasper. Always.” She flutters and opens her eyes to look at me, even in sleep knowing somehow I just need it.

“And I love you. Always, Bella. To the end of the world.” Setting aside my laptop I scoot down in the bed, throwing my leg over both of my mates and lay listening to their breaths, waiting for the coming dawn and know I would burn the world to ash should anyone harm a hair on their heads.