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I gently taste the 'I love you' you said | 我轻轻的尝一口 你说的爱我

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Xie Nanxiang is just about ready to recant the Hippocratic Oath and mercilessly beat a certain person to death with his clipboard. “Luo Fusheng, you come here almost every day with a new injury! And instead of immediately going to the hospital, you stopped to get wontons?! Is something wrong with your head too?!”

Unbothered, Luo Fusheng carelessly lounges in Xie Nanxiang’s chair, and then has the gall to put his long legs up on Xie Nanxiang’s desk, beside the takeout container of aromatic wontons that he brought in. “Well, do you know anyone to get knifed on purpose?” he asks mildly, his shit-eating grin belying his irreverence. He winces a little as his grin gets too wide and wipes a knuckle against the bleeding corner of his mouth. "As for the wontons," he says, smirking a little, "I figured I could put you in a better mood. What, I'm not allowed to treat you?"

“Hey- You- Get off the desk and go sit on the examination table!” Xie Nanxiang pretends that the warmth in his cheeks is caused by having overdressed this morning, instead of the little wink Luo Fusheng had thrown him. He’s genuinely upset, though, and he doesn’t want Luo Fusheng to think that his anger has dissipated.

“Ehey, you’re so considerate and cool with your female patients, but you’re this fierce with me? Can’t you see how uncomfortable I am?” Though when Xie Nanxiang takes a flustered swing at him with his clipboard, he scrambles over to the examination table. “Hey, hey, hey- I’m going, I’m going-”

“First point, you’re not a cute young woman. Second point, if you won’t let me do my job, what else am I supposed to do?”

“So, by injuring me further with your clipboard, you’ll have more work to do, and you can wring more money out of me? Shameless!”

“I didn’t even touch you, who’s the shameless one? Besides, this is supposed to be my lunch break!”

Luo Fusheng grins charmingly. “Alright, alright, let’s just say I was wrong,” he says in a low voice. “You’re getting angry at me because you’re worried, right? Don’t worry, most of it isn’t my blood.”

Who’s worried about you?” Xie Nanxiang pouts with more confidence than he feels, and even that small bit of confidence lessens with every millimeter that Luo Fusheng’s eyebrows rise. Xie Nanxiang looks down. Nevertheless, he forges on, “Now take your shirt off and let me look at it!”

Luo Fusheng finally does what he’s told and shrugs out of his jacket, then opens his torn, blood-stained shirt. Compared to many of the wounds Xie Nanxiang has treated on Luo Fusheng, this one is rather mild. It’s a short stripe of red on his left side, over his chest and shoulder. The attacker had obviously missed and simply grazed Luo Fusheng with the edge of his weapon, but this would definitely still need cleaning and bandaging – not even stitches. “…And it’s a testament to our long acquaintance that I let you talk to me like this,” mutters Luo Fusheng.

Xie Nanxiang is too busy cleaning the wound to shoot back a retort, and Luo Fusheng falls silent as Xie Nanxiang bandages him, then goes on to the less serious abrasions on the arms and shoulders, the cheek, jaw, corner of the mouth.

Luo Fusheng has many scars, so many places on his skin are not smooth. Xie Nanxiang is used to seeing injuries on people, but such a thing on Luo Fusheng makes him angry and annoyed. Even though he knows Luo Fusheng is doing a dangerous job as the second-in-command of the Hong Gang, sometimes he wishes that he would be more careful with himself, and not get hurt so much.

But then again, if he doesn’t get hurt often, then Xie Nanxiang can’t see him again. Thinking such a thing is really bad of him, though, he knows.

Having been silent through everything, so far, Luo Fusheng hisses, "Aiyah, can't you be more gentle?" through his teeth at the cool sting of alcohol on his cheek, and Xie Nanxiang huffs and looks away.

"You can get slashed at with a knife and take a leisurely walk to get me wontons on the way here, but you complain about a thing like this?"

Luo Fusheng makes a face at him, but stays still as Xie Nanxiang becomes more gentle, then sticks small squares of medical tape. Xie Nanxiang stands back and grins with satisfaction at the neat white bandages and medical tapes covering the hurt areas, looking Luo Fusheng over.

“All done!” he says. “I would suggest plenty of rest, and no physical activities or getting into fights…” he sighs, “But when do you ever listen to me anyway.”

Luo Fusheng makes a face at him again. “Are you hungry or something? You’ve been so snappish at me today, maybe you should eat the wontons I brought for you.” He puts on a pitiful face, but his eyes are still sparkling mischievously. “I bought them for you while injured, with the last of my strength. Great Doctor Xie, it is this man’s dying wish that you enjoy your meal…” He dramatically falls back and closes his eyes, reaching a hand out towards the ceiling.

Xie Nanxiang wants to keep from laughing, but he can’t.

Luo Fusheng cracks one eye open and grins sunnily. “Ah, you finally laughed!” he says, and instead of sounding like he’s making fun, he’s genuinely glad.

Already with his mouth full of wontons, Xie Nanxiang almost chokes and tries to pretend like he hasn’t heard, but he can’t keep from smiling to himself once he swallows the food.

“You like them?” Luo Fusheng asks, slipping back into his shirt. “I figured that since I’d be showing up during your lunch break, I should feed you well.”

Xie Nanxiang nods. “Yeah, they’re good.” He smiles slightly when he meets Luo Fusheng’s sparkling eyes.

“Alright, then it’s decided! Tomorrow after you finish work, I’ll take you out to eat!” Luo Fusheng says. He buttons his shirt up and puts his leather jacket back on, slipping on his sunglasses. “See you then!”

When Xie Nanxiang looks up with wide eyes and warm cheeks again, Luo Fusheng is in the hallway already, grinning and giving him a cheeky wave as he leaves.

Xie Nanxiang finishes eating and smiles to himself as he prepares the room for next patients. The heart palpitations in his chest whenever Luo Fusheng grins at him aren’t caused by some sort of illness, and the heat rising in his cheeks isn’t a fever. Xie Nanxiang grins dopily, staring into the distance.

His lunch break isn’t over yet, however, and his colleague pokes her head in, about to ask him for something, but once she sees Xie Nanxiang’s enamored expression, she rolls her eyes and backs out.