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To Love So Fiercely

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12 Emeto / Size Difference / Impact Play

He leans down to press a kiss against the top of Xiao Wei's head. Xiao Wei makes a small almost startled sound and then hides his face in Kunlun's robes. His hands fist into the front of Kunlun's robes, his face pressing against Kunlun's chest.

He strokes a hand over Xiao Wei's hair, laughing lightly at his little beauty's reaction.

"Look at me," Kunlun demands softly.

Xiao Wei peels his face away from his robes but keeps his head tilted down. So, Kunlun reaches up with one hand to grasp his jaw and tilts his head up until he's looking up at Kunlun.

Slowly, deliberately, Kunlun leans down to press a kiss against Xiao Wei's forehead. He doesn't let Xiao Wei turn his head down, and just tightens his grip on Xiao Wei's jaw to keep him in place, watching the blush spreading over Xiao Wei's cheeks.

"You like that, don't you?" Kunlun asks quite gently, smiling down at him.

Xiao Wei tries to nod, but Kunlun is still holding his jaw and instead, a moment later he whispers quietly, "Yes."

Kunlun laughs softly and strokes Xiao Wei's hair. "Good. That's good," he says.

Xiao Wei smiles at him, happy and pleased at the praise, the blush still staining his cheeks.

He lets his fingers trail away from Xiao Wei's jaw to brush against his cheek. "Would you like it if I fucked you?" Kunlun asks him.

Xiao Wei blinks at him and then nods quickly, and then keeps his head down. Kunlun huffs out a small laugh, pulling at Xiao Wei's hair a bit until he tilts his head back to look at Kunlun again.

"Little beauty, do you even know what that means?" he asks, amused.

Xiao Wei gives a quick shake of his head. "No, but if… If it's with you, I'll like it," he says with determination, even if he stumbles slightly over his words.

Kunlun's heart feels warm at those words and he smiles gently at Xiao Wei, a soft sadness pressing down on him suddenly. "I wish I could keep you forever, Xiao Wei," he says.

Xiao Wei looks up at him with his large eyes and Kunlun lets his sudden melancholy mood fall away. He tugs at Xiao Wei's hair slightly and asks, "Are you sure?"

"Hn," Xiao Wei answers firmly.

"Alright, then, take off your robes and come sit in my lap," Kunlun tells him, letting go of him. Xiao Wei looks bewildered for a moment and then does what Kunlun told him to, quickly pulling his robes away.

Kunlun looks around himself and wanders to sit down on a nearby rock. It'll do just as well as any other place to sit. Xiao Wei is only heartbeats slower than him, and Kunlun holds out his hands, letting him climb onto Kunlun's lap on his own, before taking hold of him and settling him firmly against his still covered cock. Xiao Wei's ass presses against his hardness and Kunlun lets out a long breath. Xiao Wei makes a small startled sound.

"Feel that? That will go inside your little asshole," Kunlun tells him, pressing his palm against Xiao Wei's cheek. Xiao Wei turns his head into the touch, nuzzling at his hand. "But I need to prepare you first, because it'll be hard to fit it inside you otherwise. And I don't want to hurt you, Xiao Wei," Kunlun explains gently.

Xiao Wei turns his large eyes to look at Kunlun. "I don't mind pain," he says seriously.

Kunlun strokes his cheek gently and says, "I know you don't, but I still don't want to hurt you. Now lift your ass for me a bit."

He reaches around to find Xiao Wei's asshole and quickly pushes two slick fingers inside. He doesn't want to hurt Xiao Wei, but there's no point in being too cautious. Xiao Wei gasps softly and tenses for a moment. Kunlun presses his other hand against Xiao Wei's back, urging him forward. "Here, just lean on me," he says.

Xiao Wei relaxes, his body falling against Kunlun's chest. Kunlun goes on to finger him open. The small noises Xiao Wei makes are muffled against Kunlun's robes. Then he pulls his fingers out, and Xiao Wei whimpers quietly. "It's alright," Kunlun croons softly. "I'll fill you with my cock in a moment, would you like that, Xiao Wei?"

Xiao Wei nods quickly against his chest, and Kunlun laughs softly. He pushes his robes aside and then guides Xiao Wei into the right position before simply pulling him down and impaling him on Kunlun's cock. He gasps as his cock is enveloped by Xiao Wei's warm, tightness. Xiao Wei makes a sort of shuddering gasp, his hands fisting in Kunlun's half undone robes, his head falling back, exposing his pale throat.

He has to take a moment. He reaches out to press a hand to Xiao Wei's exposed throat, rubbing a thumb along the pale, soft skin. "Do you like that, Xiao Wei?" he asks.

Xiao Wei whimpers softly, his head tilts back, his eyes opening to look at Kunlun. His cheeks are flushed as he looks at Kunlun, and he bites at his lip with his sharp teeth, until a drop of blood so dark it's nearly black falls down from his lip and rolls down his chin.

"Answer me, Xiao Wei," Kunlun demands.

Xiao Wei whimpers again, and then says quietly, "Yes, I like it."

"Good," Kunlun says, reaching out to brush away that drop of blood. His hands drop down to Xiao Wei's hips, gripping him firmly as he lifts Xiao Wei slightly, enough so that he can fuck up into him, again and again.

Xiao Wei whimpers softly at first, and then moans, pressing himself against Kunlun's chest. His hands stay fisted into Kunlun's robes, even though Kunlun can feel Xiao Wei's own hardness pressing against him. He keeps fucking Xiao Wei, until Xiao Wei's moans turn into small hitched sobs, his face pressing more firmly against Kunlun's collarbone, his cool lips pressed against Kunlun's skin.

Kunlun lets go of Xiao Wei's hip. He lifts one hand to brush Xiao Wei's hair aside and whispers quietly against Xiao Wei's ear, "It's alright, little beauty, you can bite."

Xiao Wei makes a surprised noise. Kunlun keeps fucking him until he feels Xiao Wei's sharp teeth eagerly sink into his flesh. Kunlun gasps, his head falling back, as he fucks deep into Xiao Wei, spilling inside him. Xiao Wei moans, his teeth firmly clamped into Kunlun's flesh as he shudders against Kunlun's chest, his seed spilling from his cock, trapped between their bodies, staining both of them.

Kunlun wraps his arms around Xiao Wei and holds him there, waiting for both of them to recover slightly. Until finally he strokes Xiao Wei's hair and gently tells him, "It's time to let go now, Xiao Wei."

Reluctantly, but obediently enough, Xiao Wei pulls his teeth away, and looks at Kunlun with wet, shining eyes, filled with adoration. Kunlun laughs and then leans forward to kiss his bloody lips.