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Yuujirou did not feel any good that day.

When he woke up, he felt like the room was spinning and he wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep- but he knew he couldn’t. He had school and rehearsals he couldn’t afford to miss. So he got up, semi-aware of wherever on earth could he be –ah, he was at his house. Of course he was.

 Yuujirou started getting ready for today.

“Dear, are you alright?” Tae asked in concern when he clumsily headed downstairs, almost tripping.

Yuujirou smiled at her even though he couldn’t see her properly at the moment. “I’m okay,” he reassured even though it was a lie, the boy walked over to the entrance and got his shoes on before calling out his goodbyes, careful not to make his hoarse voice obvious.

He honestly didn’t feel like walking all the way to school...but whatever.

I’m fine, I’ll be fine...It’ll go away soon. This is nothing.

Except he wasn’t and it wouldn’t go away soon. He knew better.

Yuujirou hoped that that guy wouldn’t notice.

The walk to school seemed longer than usual, but maybe that was just Yuujirou. He was still early and several students were still walking outside the gate.

“Ahh, It’s Yuujirou-kun...!”

“Yuujirou-kun! Good morning!”

The words barely registered Yuujirou's mind, but he somehow managed to understand them. Yuujirou used his usual smile and gave a wave, not daring to speak and knowing that it’d be too obvious. He didn't want to risk it.

“Oh, hey!” Yuujirou closed his eyes, fighting back the dizziness. He wasn't able to clearly hear what the others were saying. “...early today!”

–though Yuujirou did hear a familiar laugh he could've sworn he had heard of before.

“Hey, mornin'!” Yuujirou turned his head to the side, his vision a bit unfocused.

Yuujirou squinted...and oh. It was Aizou.

“...good morning,” Yuujirou said briefly before fastening his pace.

“Oi! Wait up!” the blonde called, immediately catching up to him. Yuujirou bit his lip to keep himself from groaning.

“Yes?” Yuujirou answered casually. He was not in the mood to talk, or even look at Aizou right now.

“You sound awful today.”


“Do I?” Yuujirou smiled, but it was twitching. “You must be hearing things. Did you get any sleep last night?”

“Yes?” Aizou rolled his eyes.

“That's good then, now if you'll excuse me, I need to go to my–”

The blonde grabbed his wrist, “Wait.”


“Yuujirou, are you okay?” Aizou asked.

“But of course.” Yuujirou answered. He wasn't okay and his damn voice made it obvious.

Aizou tried to touch his forehead but Yuujirou quickly jerked back.

“I said I'm fine,” Yuujirou glared. “Let's just go, we're going to be late for class.”

Without waiting for a response, Yuujirou started speed walking towards the school building, not noticing Aizou's frown from behind him.

Listening to class was harder than he thought it would be. He felt like the teacher's words were muffled. He couldn't listen at all.

I'm fine. Yuujirou tells himself. It'll go away soon.

“Alright, Someya-kun?” a teacher called him and Yuujirou almost didn't hear her. “Could you come up and answer what's on the board?”

“Yes!” Yuujirou stood up and went over to the front. His body felt tired.

He had, however, somehow managed to survive his classes.

At lunch, Yuujirou headed off to the roof with his chocolate milk in hand. He made sure not to encounter any sight of blonde.

What an off day… Yuujirou thought to himself while staring up at the clouds.

He got his phone out from his pocket and texted Mona.




Practice was even more difficult.

“Let's take a break,” their dance teacher put a hand to her hip. “Yuujirou-kun, are you alright? Your timing was off today.”

“Yes. I’m sorry.”

She frowned. “Are you certain?”


“Okay...well, I’ll be back. Take a rest, you two.” with that, their instructor left the room.

Yuujirou sat on the corner of the room, his head lowered.

He’ll be fine. It’ll be over soon.

“Here,” Yuujirou looked up to see Aizou offering him a water bottle. Yuujirou took it, barely managing a “thanks”.

“You look paler than usual.”

“Is that so?”


“...must be your imagination.”

Aizou attempted to get closer again and Yuujirou immediately stood up. “Don’t touch me.”

“Ah, so there is something wrong.” Aizou’s brows furrowed. “What’s going on?”

Yuujirou stuck his tongue out and stayed away from the blonde, and within moments Aizou was chasing him around the room.

“Come here, you little rat–!”

“Shut up! Get away from me!”

“Stop being a nuisance...!”

You’re the nuisance! You can’t even get your singing right!”

“What’s my voice got to do with you being sick?!”

“I’m not sick!”

Aizou pulled Yuujirou to the ground and pinned him down.

“Let go of me,” Yuujirou’s voice started wavering.

“Not until you listen to me!”

“Like hell anyone would listen to you!”

“What did you just say–?!”

“I said you suck!”

“Ah, that’s it!” Aizou snapped. Before Yuujirou could respond, Aizou pressed their foreheads together and he all but stopped functioning.

He was way too close. Yuujirou’s red face somehow got even redder.


The door opened and both of them tensed.

They turned to the door, where their manager-in-training, Suzumi Hiyori, stood in stunned silence.

Her face turned bright red and she stumbled. “E-excuse me!” before either of the two could respond, she shut the door.

Aizou sighed and got off of him. Yuujirou felt cold.

“You got a fever.”

“Shut up.” Yuujirou muttered.

The blonde frowned. “You can’t train like this. How long have you been sick?”

“...I don’t know.”


The boy averted his gaze.

Their instructor entered the room. Aizou stood up. “Sorry, can we leave early today?”

Upon hearing this, Yuujirou quickly stood up- but to no luck, he stumbled and leaned his body on the wall to steady himself...the teacher paused and went over to him. Yuujirou shut his eyes as she touched his forehead.

She frowned and her hand away. “You two should head home. Aizou-kun, make sure he get lots of rest.”

“Yes, thank you,” Aizou bowed before walking to fix their bags.

“Good work today. Get well soon.” she patted Yuujirou’s head before leaving.

Once the two changed back to their uniforms, they headed outside.

“I’ll carry you.” Aizou offered.

“That’s not necessary.” Yuujirou declined immediately. “You’re already holding my bag.”

Aizou clicked his tongue. “It’s not even that heavy.”

Yuujirou rolled his eyes and continued walking.

He felt absolutely exhausted and he didn’t think he could continue anymore longer but he has to stay on his feet. He had a feeling that his mind would shut down at any given moment. Yuujirou unintentionally slowed his walking pace.

“Yuujirou?” Aizou blinked at him but Yuujirou couldn’t bear to look at him.

It didn’t take a few more steps before Yuujirou’s dizziness had taken over him...and his tired body fell, though it hadn’t hit the ground. Rather, he felt comfortable as someone locked him in an embrace.


“...rou?!” Aizou’s voice faded as the blue head lost his consciousness.




“Oi, Yuujirou...!” Aizou securely wrapped an arm around Yuujirou’s shoulder to steady him. The blonde touched his forehead again and flinched. He was burning.

I can’t take him to his home like this…

Aizou could just imagine how his mother would react.

He sighed and turned to his partner. “Mine it is then,” Aizou muttered to himself before carrying an unconscious Yuujirou on his back. He continued walking.

When he got back, he went straight to his room and took Yuujirou’s blazer off before laying him down on the bed. Aizou, meanwhile, took his own blazer off and rolled his sleeves up. He looked at Yuujirou’s sleeping form for a brief moment before leaving the room to grab some wet towel.

“That idiot,” Aizou sighed as he went over to get a damp cloth.

He had never seen Yuujirou being sick before. The boy always seemed fine to him.

Or maybe he’s just that good at acting.

He was willing to bet on his brother’s cat that it was the latter.

Aizou came back to his room with some medicines in hand and placed the wet towel on Yuujirou’s forehead.

Aizou returned to his room and placed the wet towel on Yuujirou’s forehead. He grabbed a chair and sat down; he turned to Yuujirou, who was still asleep. Does he even have any idea of what self care is...? Aizou rubbed his neck. He absolutely had no idea Yuujirou was this careless?

Moments later, something pinged inside Yuujirou's bag. Aizou opened it and saw several unread messages on Yuujirou's phone. It was from Mona.



Go back home if you're sick!

You're out of your mind if you think you can survive school with that fever!

Sent at 11:19 A.M.



Oi, Yuujirou!

Sent at 11:21 A.M.



Answer me!!!

Sent at 11:24 A.M.



You dumbass!

You're not dead yet, are you?!

Sent at 21:59 P.M.




Sent at 22:30 P.M.



Aizou idly wondered how she would react if she finds out that her idiot of a best friend fainted on the way home. Aizou sighed as he put Yuujirou's phone on silent mode. He wouldn't be able to open it even if he wanted to so he just smiled sympathetically at the messages.

The blonde heard the door shut outside and he was about leave the room had not he heard a sob.

Aizou turned his head to the side and saw Yuujirou whimpering.

The blonde hurried to his side. “Yuujirou, hey,” Aizou made sure his tone wouldn't startle the smaller male. He turned the towel to its opposite side.

Yuujirou opened his eyes but Aizou wasn't sure if the boy could see him properly right at the moment.

“Aizou,” Yuujirou choked out.

“What is it?” Aizou asked softly.

“I...” he wasn't exactly sure why Yuujirou looked like he was about to cry. “I…”

“Do you want chocolate milk? I'll get them for–” Yuujirou tugged at Aizou's sleeve to prevent him from leaving.

“Don't leave me, please,” his voice cracked, and tears pricked his eyes.

“I won't, don't worry, I'm just going to make you something.” Aizou reassured, wiping his tears away. “Don’t cry, okay?”

Then, Yuujirou did something unexpected.

The blue head lifted his hand and, very slowly, caressed Aizou's cheek. Aizou stared at him in surprise, his lips parting.

“Don't leave,” Yuujirou's tone was desperate and pleading.

Aizou held the soft and now warm hand that was on his cheek.

“I won't. I promise.”

Yuujirou closed his eyes again.

Aizou sighed in relief before gently putting Yuujirou’s hand down.




That night, Yuujirou’s mind decided to play a trick on him.

“I’m sorry,” Aizou’s tone was flat and monotonous. It was cold.

Wait… Yuujirou wanted to call out to him. Wait… Don’t leave…

He couldn’t.

Aizou turned his back on him and Yuujirou couldn’t reach him no matter how much he tries. His partner had enough of him. He wasn’t able to do anything about it. I not good enough?

Perhaps he wasn’t. Perhaps he was the person Aizou hated the most and was just pretending to get along with him for the sake of their unit. Perhaps...Aizou didn’t want to be with him from the start.

Yuujirou couldn’t blame him.

He was the worst, after all.

“Yuujirou, hey,” the same familiar voice called out to him, but this time his tone was soft.

Yuujirou opened his eyes and was met with chocolate ones.

It was Aizou.

But he looked nothing like the one he saw in his dream.

This was his Aizou.

“Aizou,” he choked out.

“What is it?” Aizou asked softly and Yuujirou couldn’t handle it.

“I...” Yuujirou felt like he was about to cry. “I…”

“Do you want chocolate milk? I'll get them for–” he panicked and tugged at Aizou's sleeve to prevent the blonde from leaving.

“Don't leave me, please,” the boy’s voice cracked, and tears pricked his eyes.

There was a pause, but it wasn’t long.

“I won't, don't worry, I'm just going to make you something.” Aizou reassured, wiping his tears away. “Don’t cry, okay?”

Yuujirou could only focus on his gaze.

Semi-aware of his actions, Yuujirou put a hand to Aizou’s cheek, caressing it. He wasn’t sure what the other’s reaction was but he was certain that Aizou was surprised.

“Don't leave,” Yuujirou's tone was desperate and pleading.

He didn’t want Aizou to leave him and it was selfish.

Then, Aizou held the hand that was on his cheek.

“I won't. I promise.”

That was all he needed to hear.

Slowly, Yuujirou allowed his eyes to shut, and his consciousness faded again.

It was around midnight when Aizou woke up at the couch he was sleeping on. He heard soft snores from below and found Yuujirou resting his head on the seat of the sofa. Aizou tiredly sat up.

He must’ve realized I wasn’t in the room...

The blonde gently shook Yuujirou’s shoulder. “Yuujirou, wake up.”

“Nn…” Yuujirou’s eyes fluttered open and he rubbed his eyes.

“Come on, let’s go to bed,” Aizou helped both of them up. He felt Yuujirou’s forehead with the palm of his hand, his fever had gone down a bit, though it was still there.

Yuujirou tugged at his shirt. “You weren’t there when I woke up…”

“Sorry,” Aizou held his hand and squeezed it. Yuujirou squeezed back.

The two returned to Aizou’s room.

“Aizou…” Yuujirou says quietly when Aizou was about to tuck him into bed.

“Hm?” Aizou’s voice was filled with sleep.

“I’m sorry,” Yuujirou said. “For causing you trouble...”

For a moment, there was nothing but silence.

Aizou absolutely had no idea why Yuujirou was apologizing to him for such a small and minor inconvenience. He wasn’t mad. He was just worried. Why apologize? It wasn’t even Yuujirou’s fault to begin with.

The blonde sighed and got closer to Yuujirou. He placed a hand on the back of the boy’s head and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

“There’s nothing to apologize for,” Aizou’s tone was gentle. “Let’s go to sleep, okay?”

“...don’t leave me again.”

“I won’t.”




Morning came and Yuujirou’s fever was gone.

He felt more rested than before...and comfortable, so he didn’t wanna get up.

“Warm…” Yuujirou mumbled and scooted closer to whatever was keeping him warm.

“I’m glad that you think I’m warm, but it’s time to get up.”


Yuujirou’s eyes shot open and he glanced up to see a familiar blonde. The boy soon noticed the position they were in and his mind scattered. He was lying on Aizou’s chest...and they were hugging each other.


He was suddenly afraid of whatever ridiculousness he might’ve done yesterday. Yuujirou had only remembered Aizou carrying him back to his house but that’s all about it.

Yuujirou sat up quickly and Aizou sat as well.

“S-sorry,” Yuujirou muttered, averting his gaze.

“You said that last night too,” Aizou sounded amused. “Anyways, are you better? I’ll cook breakfast.”

Yuujirou turned to him and noticed something was off. Aizou’s face was redder than usual and his voice sounded different.



“What is it?” Aizou looked at him, confused.

Yuujirou lunged forward and wrapped his arms around Aizou’s torso, burying his face in his neck.

“H-hey?!” Aizou sounded flustered and Yuujirou was willing to bet that his face was even redder than earlier.

“You have a fever, idiot,” Yuujirou spoke, but he didn’t pull away.

“I’m fine, c-come on, let go–”

“No.” Yuujirou pushed both of them back on the bed. “You’re going to stay in bed today.”

“Ah–?!” the boy knew Aizou couldn’t find it in himself to push him away.  “Yuujirou, we need to have breakfast–”

“I’m not hungry. I’m sleepy.”

“Huh...?!” the blonde sounded bewildered.

Whether it was from the warm or the fact that he was with Aizou, Yuujirou just felt sleepy again.

“Get better soon,” he mustered. “Otherwise you won’t be able to kiss me.”

There was a pause.

Yuujirou then heard laughter.

“Alright...I will.”

He felt relieved upon hearing that.

Just for today...I’ll take care of you…

“...hey, Aizou?”


“I love you, just so you know.”

Yuujirou heard a hum followed by a kiss on the top of his head.

“I love you too.”