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A Moment More

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Zhao Yunlan doesn't know how long he's been strapped down like this, with his ass up and exposed, ready to be used. He feels something pressing against his already abused asshole. His breath shudders. He feels fingers pressing against the bruises already on his hips, settling into place against the marks left there from before.

"Please, I can't…" Zhao Yunlan sobs.

For a moment nothing happens. Zhao Yunlan's head is hanging down limply, and he can't even be bothered to try to keep his eyes open. There's still someone holding onto his hips, that huge thing is still pressed against his asshole, ready to be shoved inside at a moment's notice.

There's a touch against his hair, someone stroking it gently, before reaching to hold Zhao Yunlan's jaw carefully and lift his head up. Zhao Yunlan blinks his eyes open and looks at Shen Wei. The fingers on his hips press a bit more firmly against his bruises. By now, Zhao Yunlan's breath only shudders a little, he's too tired to react more than that.

"Don't encourage him. He knew what it'd take," Ye Zun says from behind him, his voice is strained, and just a little bit mean. "He's had enough time."

"Didi," Shen Wei snaps out, sounding irritated, but his touch against Zhao Yunlan stays gentle. Such a contrast to the way Ye Zun is touching him, his fingers digging meanly into Zhao Yunlan's bruised hips.

Zhao Yunlan tries to drag his thoughts together. His mind is moving too sluggishly, and it takes too much effort. He's too tired.

"It needs to be now," Ye Zun hisses angrily. There's a shiver down Zhao Yunlan's spine, and even that feels tired somehow. He whimpers out loud.

"It's fine… I know…" Zhao Yunlan mumbles, trying to wrap his tongue around the words. It's all he gets out before Ye Zun unceremoniously rams inside his ass.

Zhao Yunlan keens, a long breathless noise. It feels like Ye Zun might split him open. His abused ass shouldn't be this tight anymore, the thought suddenly comes from nowhere. Or maybe Ye Zun is just that much bigger now. Zhao Yunlan can't remember why, even though he knows Shen Wei had explained before.

Without letting Zhao Yunlan have a single moment to adjust, Ye Zun starts fucking him mercilessly, his fingers pressing new bruises on top of the old ones against Zhao Yunlan's hips.

Zhao Yunlan is sobbing tiredly. Shen Wei's touch is still so gentle as he pets Zhao Yunlan's hair. "You'll look so beautiful, Yunlan, carrying our babies," Shen Wei tells him softly.

Yes, Zhao Yunlan thinks fuzzily. He keens as the pain mixed with pleasure builds and builds, his overworked body not quite able to take it anymore. Tears keep falling from his eyes, and Shen Wei's fingers wipe them from his cheeks.

Shen Wei whispers soft encouragement against Zhao Yunlan's ear, touching him too gently as Ye Zun pounds into Zhao Yunlan's ass. Then Zhao Yunlan can feel his ass stretch around Ye Zun's knot as he shoves himself as deep inside Zhao Yunlan as he can. It hurts and Zhao Yunlan yells out loud, his voice already hoarse from before. He can feel his ass filling with Ye Zun's come, there's so much of it and Ye Zun's cock keeps throbbing inside him.

"Yunlan," Shen Wei whispers gently. His lips press against Zhao Yunlan's temple, his hand resting against Zhao Yunlan's neck, warm and comforting. "It will be over after this, I promise," he says reassuringly.

Ye Zun's hands let go of his hips, and it seems like he's finally done. Zhao Yunlan's insides feel too full. Ye Zun leans forward to drape himself over Zhao Yunlan's body. Zhao Yunlan whimpers tiredly as the movement makes the huge thing in his ass shift. Ye Zun is heavy against him and Zhao Yunlan has no idea anymore if that feels good or not. It will be a good while before Ye Zun will be able to pull out. He thinks so at least. He remembers being told that.

"You did good," Ye Zun says softly against his ear.

Zhao Yunlan's heart flutters tiredly at the rare praise. Shen Wei pets his hair softly. "I'll run you a nice warm bath, after this. Then you can rest for as long as you need, Zhao Yunlan," Shen Wei tells him soothingly.

Zhao Yunlan makes a small noise that might mean anything. Ye Zun's lips press softly against the nape of his neck, his body still pressed heavily against Zhao Yunlan.

"You just need to wait for a little while longer," Shen Wei says softly, his hands cradling Zhao Yunlan's face, his thumb wiping at the quiet tears falling from Zhao Yunlan's eyes. Zhao Yunlan wants to tell him that it's fine, he doesn't need to worry, but he's too tired to speak.

He'll just have to remember to tell Shen Wei, once he can manage words again.