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Black Swan

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You expected Jungkook's bedroom to be just as muted as he was, and in some ways it was, but you couldn't help the surprised sound that left your lips as you followed behind him through the doorway.

The seemingly constant rough, uninviting stone that lined the walls of every room and every corridor you had been in so far were now nowhere in sight. They had been replaced with stone that almost seemed like it was alive. It looked like it could be fluid, like it was mimicking the gentle curves of a wave that was rolling over you.

The swimming sensation that you had felt while looking into Jungkook's eyes returned as you gazed around his room. It was almost like you had been transported into your own bubble of breathable air that was trapped on the ocean floor.

The understated furniture did nothing to distract from the stunning walls. Jungkook's bed was low to the ground and framed with dark wood that resembled Namjoon's, but there was nothing but a dark gray sheet covering it. Not even pillows decorated the massive bed and it made you look over at the silent angel questioningly.

He had been studying you just as closely as you had been studying the room, and your sudden eye contact seemed to pull his mind out from wherever it had just been.

"I know you expect me to just stay here and wait, but I need to talk to Namjoon. I meant what I said earlier. I want to help," you said while stepping towards him.

His eyes flickered between yours as you approached but then he suddenly took a step back, keeping the distance between you and making you hesitate.

"Jungkook?" you asked him while he averted his gaze to the floor. He seemed distracted, almost like he was trying to ignore you, and then you noticed that he had stopped breathing altogether. It made you panic for a second, thinking he was about to drop like Jimin had, so you reached out to take his arm while moving another step closer. But then Jungkook's eyes snapped back up to yours and you froze. They looked glazed over and clouded and it seemed like he wasn't even looking at you. Your nerves immediately kicked in at the sight of his predatory gaze, making your heart start to pound in your chest, which in turn only made things worse.

He suddenly began stalking towards you and you shrank back as his grip found your shoulders, pushing you backwards and making you stumble under his hands. The backs of your knees eventually hit the edge of the bed and you dropped down onto it.

You sat with your hands between your legs and your lips parted in surprise while you looked up at him, startled by his sudden action.

His eyes were so dark, flashing dangerously as he crouched down in front of you and leaned his face in towards your neck, his cold fingers brushing your hair over your shoulder and out of way as he did.

All you could do was sit there and allow it to happen. You could feel his cold breath on your skin as he exhaled against you, letting out a sound that was something between a growl and a hum as he took in your pulsing scent.

"Jungkook," you said again, trying to get him to respond to you and lean away. A tiny peep left your lips when you felt his tongue brush over your throat next, like he was tasting you.

Under different circumstances you would be thrilled to be sitting on Jungkook's bed with his tongue gliding up your neck, but at the moment it seemed like he wasn't even hearing you. He continued to lean in closer until you had no choice but to lie back, your eyes staying glued to the ceiling as he followed you down and pressed his body into yours while keeping his nose at your neck.

Jungkook's touch was always so suffocating, like he couldn't just touch one part of you at one time. Like it was either all of him or none of him.

"Jungkook stop, please," you whispered, your voice coming out shaky and unsure as his teeth grazed your throat.

He pulled back just enough to look you in the face and what you saw terrified you. He looked just as lost as Yoongi had before he was about to rip into you, pupils blown so wide that his eyes were entirely black and void of any life, canines coming to a sharp point in his mouth.

You were surprised that he had even paused at this point. Clearly he meant to feed and there was no one here to stop him from doing so. But after a moment he blinked hard, his eyes coming back into focus slowly and zeroing in on your terrified expression.

What surprised you now was how disappointed you felt when he pulled back. You had just asked him to stop and yet you had to resist pulling him back in. For some reason you wanted to know what it would feel like to have him sink his teeth into your neck and taste your soul.

But how could you be so conflicted about something so sinister? At this point you were scaring /yourself/.

Before you could process all of this he was already standing straight again and stumbling backwards, eyebrows pulled together while he glared down at his flexing hand.

What went wrong?

The moment the question popped into your mind, he was already turning away from you. And before you could get a word out he vanished, leaving you alone and shivering in the empty room.


Jungkook's quick strides down the corridor and away from you echoed loudly off the walls. He was too determined on making it to Jimin and the distinct sound of Taehyung's voice to care about moving silently.

He needed to focus. Jimin was in danger and Jungkook needed to know he was safe before he allowed his ring to really get hold of his thoughts. He could suffer for a little while longer.

"We know he has Jimin's ring, we just don't know where. And we can't kill him until we find it," Taehyung explained as Jungkook entered the room, receiving a frustrated huff from Namjoon.

"We think Warner took it apart, hasn't destroyed the stone but just separated it," Hoseok added while keeping his eyes fixed on Jimin's unconscious form in the bed. Jungkook had strode in and headed straight to Taehyung's back, throwing his arms around the worried angel's shoulders as he leaned against the younger's chest.

"Why wouldn't he have destroyed it already?" Namjoon mused out loud. "What is he waiting for?"

"Maybe he hasn't figured out a way how," Seokjin offered from his spot against the wall. "Which is good. This gives us time to find it before he does any real damage."

Yoongi scoffed while staying stretched out on the bed next to Jimin with his arms tucked behind his head.

"Any real damage? He already has. Jungkook is wearing his ring and clearly it's already affecting his judgement, considering I just found him with his tongue down that girl's throat. And now Taehyung decides to come back with his ring too? Why don't we all just say fuck it and put ourselves out of our misery?"

Everyone was silent for a moment while Taehyung played thoughtfully with the emerald that now decorated his fist.


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"And listen, I don't blame you two. We can't act like we haven't all seriously considered recovering our own rings, but we need to focus on getting Jimin's put back together so he's not stuck in whatever limbo he's in right now. You two need to take those rings off before there's no going back," Yoongi warned.

The air turned solemn as every angel in the room thought back on all the times they had considered uncovering their hidden rings again. There was a reason they kept them out of sight, out of reach. Besides keeping others from finding and destroying the stones that held a piece of each angel inside them, they all tried to keep them from themselves too. Because the stones held the piece of these angels that allowed them to take without thought, to kill without remorse, to exist without the pain of knowing they were the monsters that everyone feared worst in this world. Wearing their rings would allow that part of their being to slowly slip back into their minds, taking over their thoughts and feelings and allow them to turn to instinct alone.

"What about Ash?" Hoseok asked suddenly. "Maybe she knows where Warner could be keeping it."

"That's actually a good idea," Namjoon agreed. "She trusts me the most, so I should probably go talk to her alone. Jungkook, she's in your room?"

Namjoon's sudden outburst caused everyone else in the room to crack a smile despite the somber atmosphere.

"Oh sure, Hyung. A little eager aren't we?" Taehyung teased.

"Did I mention she's still not wearing any clothes?" Yoongi added with a smirk. Namjoon took a deep breath and then poked his tongue in his cheek while sending a glare over to jungkook, who just grinned back at the elder triumphantly.

"Oh, no. You're not going in there alone," Seokjin spoke up from behind Namjoon's shoulder with a smug smile. "And I happen to be free right now."

Namjoon looked around the room at all the raised eyebrows and then sighed. "/Fine/. C'mon Hyung."

Seokjin grinned and began to follow Namjoon out of the room before turning back around and pointing at Yoongi. "You. Eat something. You look too frail. People will start to think /you're/ the oldest here."

Yoongi just sighed and closed his eyes, waiting until Seokjin and Namjoon had left the room before glancing over at Taehyung. "So, you and Jimin hid your rings together?"

Taehyung nodded, and frustrated tears filled his eyes as Hoseok recounted their mission to retrieve the missing ring. The tree that had grown around both Taehyung and Jimin's rings had been carved into, but only the one had been stolen.

"It could just as easily have been me. It should have been me, and now he could die and I don't know how to save him," Taehyung said as Jungkook leaned in to rest his chin on the older male's shoulder. "I've never felt so powerless."

"What I don't understand is how he's finding them in the first place. If he knew Jimin's was in that tree, then why did he leave yours?" Hoseok asked with a furrowed brow.

"Well lets just hope the girl knows something," Yoongi said while letting his eyes fall closed again.

He was exhausted. He hadn't eaten in weeks and the fatigue was starting to take its toll, but Yoongi couldn't even stand the flavor of blood anymore. Because to him it tasted like regret. It was a reminder of every fatal decision he had made and every life he had wrongly taken, would have to keep taking as long as he existed. The very souls that depended on the seven angels to ferry them to the other side were simultaneously their prey. It was fucked up that he had to feed on humans to live, because without these angels of death, their souls would be stuck. Lost and wandering with no direction or purpose.

And the most fucked up part was, the innocent ones always tasted the best.

"She has a name, Hyung," Taehyung said while settling in next to Jungkook on the small couch off to the side of Jimin's bed. "And she's just a little thing. You really shouldn't be so cold towards her."

"Ash caused this," Yoongi snapped back. "And she's yet to prove herself trustworthy."

"Jungkook, was Yoongi right about you feeling the effects of your ring already?" Hoseok interjected while eyeing the stone on Taehyung's hand.

He understood the two youngest angel's desire to lose their minds to instinct and become their old unfeeling selves. Knew what it was like to live with the pain of knowing how many lives you'd destroyed. But Hoseok didn't want to lose them. He wasn't ready to let himself slip into that state again and he definitely didn't want to watch his youngest brothers slowly descend back into ruthless monsters either.

Jungkook nodded slowly and his eyes met Taehyung's in silent understanding, earning a sad smile from the older.

"You know you're putting Ash in danger too by keeping those rings on, don't you?" Hoseok added. "If you lose control around her, we might not be there to stop you."

Both Taehyung and Jungkook looked down at their laps until Yoongi spoke up again. "I definitely won't stop you."

"You couldn't stop them even if you tried Yoon, not while you refuse to feed at least," Hoseok scolded, earning a scowl from the elder. "Seriously, Seokjin was right. You need to eat something."

"I'll eat when Jimin can eat," Yoongi stated simply.

Hoseok sighed in defeat. At least it wasn't a flat out no.

It was all the more reason to find Jimin's ring, and quickly.