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Black Swan

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You shouldn't have been surprised that Jungkook found you so quickly. No doubt he knew this maze of hallways like the back of his hand and there was clearly no where for you to run. So your only other option was to stand your ground and try to convince him that you weren't the threat he saw you as.

It seemed like a near impossible task. It was Jungkook's ring you had stolen in the first place. And you had both seen the state Jimin was in when Seokjin carried him from the room, you knew he was in danger. What you didn't know was what had caused it, or who. For all you knew, /you/ had been the cause of his sudden vacant expression and unresponsive limbs. The thought terrified you. You couldn't bear to keep losing people. To be the cause of another family's pain. You had already destroyed your own and now you would do anything to keep this one from falling apart.

"Jungkook, I promise. I would never hurt him on purpose," you said earnestly once you had found your voice again. "I don't want to hurt any of you."

He stood a few feet away from you, black eyes burning into yours and jaw locked tight while he listened. It was clear that he was deciding. Deciding whether to trust your words. Deciding how he was going to kill you if he deemed you a liar.

But words clearly didn't hold much weight to Jungkook, actions did. So you put your hands out, palms up, and then took a deep breath to steady yourself before leaning away from the wall.

A low growl built up in his chest as you moved towards him and his lip curled, flashing you the sharp canines in the front of his mouth. He only let you take two steps before he snapped, shoving you roughly back into the wall and knocking the breath out of your lungs again.

The drowning sensation was back now. He had one hand wrapped around your throat and the other holding your wrists so tightly together that you thought they might break. It was all you could do just to breathe, inhaling shakily and then whimpering through your exhale. But you were determined to survive this, to prove that you weren't weak and useless.

"W-want to h-help." You forced the words out of your mouth while keeping your eyes on his and he snarled in response, leaning in even closer to your face and making you shudder at the dangerous gleam in his eye. A pleading sound left your lips when his grip tightened on your throat and that made him pause.

"Please," you breathed out, your vision starting to go fuzzy in the corners. "Please, trust me."

He hesitated for another moment before your lungs were suddenly gasping for air, being allowed to draw in labored breaths after Jungkook's hand slipped away from your throat. He gave you your hands back too but didn't let you go entirely. You were now caged in between his arms with your back pressed against the cold stone behind you.

His eyes were so dark and yet so expressive, not even needing words to fill the silence as he studied your face.

Jungkook rarely blinked, but when he did it was slow. To the point where you watched his pupils have to readjust to the light as he opened them back up to look into yours. They reminded you of the nights away from the city, when it was too cloudy to see a single star and too dark for even a ray of moonlight to make it down to you. It's when the world ceased to exist and there was nothing left but black sky. No horizon, no ground in front of you.

Or it was the feeling of being completely submerged underwater, nothing to be able to tell you where up and down were, left and right. You were swimming, or maybe it was floating, but you felt weightless while you lost yourself in Jungkook's dark eyes.

A tiny gasp escaped your mouth when you felt his chest press in closer, bringing you crashing back down to reality. His red lips parted and he sucked in the breath with you, leaning in so close that if you had even just puckered your lips, you would be kissing him.

And you wanted to. You really did. But you were terrified. You were terrified that he would decide he didn't want to trust you and rip your throat out instead. You were terrified that he would be disgusted and reject you. And you were even more terrified of the hell you would bring upon yourself for willingly kissing death.

Was death supposed to be so attractive? You should be doing everything in your power to attempt to get away from it and yet you couldn't find it in yourself to escape this time.

So with your heart racing you lifted your hands and pressed them against Jungkook's chest. He blinked slowly again in response, his lids staying low when he opened them back up to look down at you.

"Trust me," you whispered into him.

Your hands slid up his chest into the thick hair on the back of his head, and then you were closing the small space left between you.

Jungkook's kiss hit you like a wave. He crashed into you and it took the air right back out of your lungs. Once again you were left breathless and tumbling through space without knowing anything except the feeling his lips on you, his hands on you, his hips and chest pressing into you.

There was no space left between your bodies. It was like he was devouring you without ever sinking his teeth in.

And then it was over.

His lips disappeared from yours and you blinked your eyes open to see he had taken a step back. Huffs of breath came out through his nose while you panted, your back still pressed to the wall and your cheeks flushed.

You just stared at each other while catching your breath. It was as if you both needed a second to come back down from that high.

Thank you didn't seem like the right words to say, but that's what you felt like saying. You felt like he had given you something by trusting you. And now you didn't want to break it, would do anything to keep it because it had felt so good.

You really didn't needs words with Jungkook though, so you just stepped closer again and reached for his hand instead of speaking. He watched your face as you lifted his decorated fist to your lips and kissed the stunning purple amethyst that had brought you here in the first place, the jewel that held a piece of Jungkook within it.

So many emotions flashed across his face that you couldn't keep track, but for a moment he looked the youngest he ever had, features softened and eyes wide. You wouldn't forget that. It made you feel protective and you knew you would do anything to keep him from hurting. And right now, that meant keeping Jimin alive.

"What the /fuck/ is this?"

Jungkook's eyes snapped up to meet Yoongi's furious gaze as the older male approached down the corridor. He looked like he was about to scream. When his murderous eyes landed on you it made the hairs on your arms stand up and your heart begin to race. It was haunting, even demonic. He could have killed you with that look alone if Jungkook hadn't suddenly stepped in front of you and blocked your view.

The younger angel opened his wings out wide to conceal you behind him and Yoongi let out a growl that seemed to rip from his chest when he saw it, making you cower at Jungkook's back.

"She's trying to destroy our family and you're defending her?" Yoongi spat out.

His tone cut into you and his words stung like venom. Because he was right. You really had no idea what peril Jimin was in right now and you had been the one to put Jungkook in danger in the first place. The only reason your father was even seeking revenge was because Namjoon had taken your mother's soul, but if she hadn't died that day then Namjoon would have never even had to be there.

So once again, you were to blame. You really couldn't escape the threat of death no matter how hard you tried to prove yourself worthy of life.

"I don't know what she's done to turn you all into complete assholes, but look where that's got Jimin," Yoongi spat. He sounded more than angry, he sounded scared. But Jungkook was unmoving. He didn't even flinch at the grey angel's words.

However they definitely effected you.

Yoongi was just confirming your role in all of this. Your heart sank hearing him say it out loud. And the waver in his voice brought on more emotion than you could handle right now, making you sink into a crouch at Jungkook's heels and just curl in on yourself. You wanted to just disappear, make yourself as small as possible so that you didn't feel like such a threat to everyone else.

"It's sick. This is sick, Jungkook. Whatever feelings you may think you have, just remember that she's a human and she will die and nothing will change that."

Yoongi seemed out of breath by the end of his rant. His heaving chest seemed like it was on purpose, a display, until his breaths became shaky and his face contorted in pain.

Jungkook didn't even leave a second for you to think before he was leaving your side and crossing the hall towards Yoongi.

"No, I'm fine Kook," the grey haired angel panted while swatting Jungkook's hand away. When he looked over at you again, you barely recognized him. "Just- just hungry." Yoongi’s eyes met yours and all you could do was stare back at him. They were pitch black, terrifying voids of nothingness that made you bury your face back into your knees.

You felt relatively safe with Jungkook here, knew he wouldn't let Yoongi hurt you. And besides that Jimin had said that Yoongi had a soft spot for the younger, so you were fairly confident that he wasn't about to rip your throat out. But that could change any second and you knew it. It didn't keep you from being terrified of the dark angel in front of you, from needing to hide your face because you couldn't stand to look at those haunting eyes any longer.

But even with your face covered you couldn't stop his chilling voice from getting to you.

"If Jimin dies, I will kill you myself. I will drain every drop of life from you slowly, so you can feel me killing you. I'll show you just how excruciating death can be."

"I'm sorry," you whispered without raising your head from your knees.

"You will be."