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Black Swan

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You needed time to yourself to process your emotions after finding out that your father had a personal vendetta against not only an angel of death, but their leader. So you shakily asked Namjoon if there was a place you could have to your own. One where you could calm down.

Preferably one that wasn't a cell.

The somber angel nodded before turning and opening up his heavy oak wardrobe, pulling out one of his shirts and then handing it to you without a word. You hesitantly accepted it while avoiding eye contact, confused by the offering but not willing to reject it. When he offered his hand for you take next, you just stared at it. It looked so large and inviting and you wanted to take it, but it felt wrong after what he had just admitted to you.

Had your mother taken this same hand as he pulled her soul from her body?

After a moment you reached out to place your palm into his, and he pulled you from the sheets into his arms. You just stared at the broad chest in front of you, keeping your eyes averted from his. You didn’t want to look up at them and feel the guilt that your emotions would bring on.

Your attraction to Namjoon was fundamentally wrong and you knew it, but you'd never felt so drawn to someone and you couldn't just ignore the butterflies in your stomach whenever he touched you.

"I won't hurt you Ash. All I do is hurt people," he told you softly as he studied your face with a furrowed brow. "People like your father, whom I pity. But I have no intention of hurting someone so innocent."

You figured pity would be the closest thing these angels would ever feel to regret. And you knew he didn't mean innocent in the biblical sense. He meant that you were free of blame, free of malice or real offense to his family. Namjoon's voice always seemed to drip with distain when he spoke about your father, but the softness always returned while addressing you.

You finally looked up at him right as his eyes fell closed and a small gasp left your lips as you were both shrouded in darkness, your hands still intertwined while he held you against his chest. For a moment the only sound was his deep, steady breaths that you could feel as his chest rose and fell against you. Then he was opening his wings back up to reveal a dark room that was filled with the smell of wet stone.

"I always find that a bath is the most effective way to clear my mind," he explained after stepping back from you and letting go of your hand. "Perhaps it can do the same for you."

You blushed and looked down at his shirt in your hands as you came to the realization that he meant for you to wear it after you were done.

You wanted to say thank you, but it felt wrong to thank the one that had just admitted to stealing your mother's soul, so you just nodded while keeping your gaze down.

Namjoon's hand came to rest on top of your head for a moment, before you felt a wave of his scent wash over you and your hair brush over your shoulders with a sudden breeze as he turned away. And when you looked up, he was gone.

You sighed as you considered the silken shirt in your hands. Once again you were struck with emotion that went beyond the pain associated with your mother. This was pain caused by the empty memories of your father.

He had never given you a piece of his clothing to wear. You wouldn't have even considered borrowing his things even when he was gone from home for days and you just missed him and needed some comforting. Not even Kain had ever loaned you a T shirt or a hoodie. They clearly didn't care about you enough to think about the fact that their scent would comfort you, that their thoughtfulness would make you smile.

You sighed again as you started to pull your clothes off, tossing your shirt and pants into a heap on the stone floor before carefully laying Namjoon's shirt down on top of them.

"Well this is a pleasant surprise."

A startled yelp left your mouth when you heard another voice in the room.

You turned and frantically searched the large, steaming pool that took up most of the stoned-walled room, breath catching when your eyes landed on a head of wet blue hair and expanse of pale skin.

Jimin cocked his head to the side as he scanned over you. He was sitting in the pool with his arms resting casually on the ledge, his smoldering gaze raking over your body as if he could see right through what little clothing you had left on. You just stood there speechless with your eyes glued to his outstretched arms and naked chest.

Jimin chuckled at your stunned expression and then dragged his teeth over his bottom lip, making you even more flustered, to the point where you didn't even remember the fact that you were standing there in your underwear like a fool.

"Namjoon is clearly distracted by you. He didn't even notice I was here," he said after a minute of tense silence. "Lucky me."

You snapped out of your shocked state and immediately wrapped your arms around yourself, a deep blush taking over your cheeks while he chuckled again.

"I- I just came for a bath," you stammered out when you registered that he was waiting for you to speak up. "I'll come back later."

He tilted his head at your response and then leaned forward in the water, allowing a charming smile to take over his face while you just swallowed hard.

"I don't mind the company. Stay."

His voice was syrupy sweet and so seductive. You wanted to both run away and jump in with him at the same time. The conflicting urges made it impossible to move, stuck between your instinct to flee and your desire to appease the attractive man in front of you.

"You know, you're acting shy but I have a feeling that there's a lot you want to say," he added when you didn't respond. "Relax. I'm not going to drown you or anything. Just get in the water, Ash. Let's have a chat."

"O-okay," you finally agreed, stepping to the edge of the pool and then carefully lowering yourself down into the hot water.

Jimin smiled at you and you let out a sigh of relief as you sank lower, eventually submerging yourself completely before coming back up and grinning back at him.

"Shit this feels good. Actually just what I needed right now," you said while you moved lean back against the wall of the pool. He laughed and your heart leapt at the sound. It was so light and cute and warm. You already felt much more relaxed despite the fact that you'd accidentally just stripped in front of the man a couple minutes ago. And Jimin's smile seemed to be contagious because the reason you'd asked to come here in the first place was already fading from mind.

"How have the others been treating you?" he asked you after settling back into his original position with his arms splayed out casually along the ledge of the pool.

"I don't think Yoongi likes me.” You pouted at the water in front of you. “He tried to eat me."

Jimin grinned, not showing any surprise at all at the fact that you'd almost been Yoongi's meal.

"Yoongi Hyung isn't quick to trust people. He's cautious of others and protective of what's his, which includes us. The fact that you stole Jungkook's ring definitely doesn't help your case," he explained while smoothing his hands out over the water and creating ripples that eventually found their way over to you. "Jungkook may seem untouchable, but he is technically the youngest and Hyung just has a soft spot for him."

You nodded as he spoke, trying to picture Yoongi being soft with anyone. It seemed impossible after witnessing the murderous display he put on earlier.

"Was he going to drink my blood?" you asked him then, earning a sly grin from the blue haired angel. After a moment he composed his features while keeping his lips pulled into the slightest teasing smile, unable to completely mask his amusement at your curiosity.

"He would have drained you, yes," Jimin answered as he held your gaze. "He would have taken your soul, your life, everything except the flesh and bones that hold it all together."

Scared was an understatement. Jimin's burning eyes had you more than flustered, and paired with his words it caused a lump to rise in your throat and chills to break out over your skin despite the steaming hot water you were in.

"Does it hurt?" you asked at a whisper, your thighs squeezing tightly together under the water while you pressed your hands down into your lap. Nothing about what he was saying was erotic, and yet the pang you felt ripple through you was so strong that you felt like you had to physically push it back down.

Jimin's eyes drifted from yours to scan over your face, down your neck and over your collar bones, tongue peeking out to wet his lips as they continued to trail down to your chest.

"Yes," he spoke lower now as his gaze slowly came back up to meet yours. "But pain isn't the only thing we're capable of." He leaned in towards you from the other side of the pool and you couldn't help but mirror him. "Though the flush in your cheeks right now is truly mouth watering."

Instead of the fear that you should be feeling at the moment, you felt drawn towards the dark angel sitting across from you. Jimin's gaze was enchanting and as much as it made your stomach flutter and your heart pound, you couldn't break it.

"I hope Namjoon is willing to share. I have to admit that I've been dying to know how you taste."

At this point you weren't sure if he meant to feed on you or fuck you. Either way, you couldn't find it in yourself to refuse him at this point. It felt like you were listening to a siren's call and you fixated on the being in front of you, barely even registering as your body rose from its seated position and began to wade through the steam towards him.

Jimin didn't let you take two steps before he was standing too. Black wings and inky blue hair dripping bullets of water onto his deathly pale skin. Your strides almost faltered when his torso came into view and he noticed, cocking his head to the side while running his tongue over his upper lip again. Your gaze followed a single droplet of water that ran down the firm counters of his stomach, down into the lines of his hips that met the surface of the water.

"I knew you weren't shy, Ash," he crooned as you neared. Your cheeks were burning hot but you couldn't stop yourself, you needed to be closer to him. You wanted to read the ink on his torso and trace the lines on his wrist. Wanted to feel the milky skin and toned muscles that rippled along his arms and chest. Wanted to know what those glossy lips tasted like. Just wanted to touch him everywhere.

You stopped at about an arms length away and then just let your lips part slightly as you held his gaze.

"Do you have to kill the person you feed on?" you blurted out next, making him smirk at your persistent interest in their diet.

Up close you could see that his pupils were blown wide and his teeth had become more prominent. The horrifying mental image of Yoongi with pitch black eyes and bared teeth flooded your mind and made your breath hitch before Jimin could even respond.

"That depends on who you ask," he replied simply while tilting his head to the other side.

You didn't miss the way his eyes flashed while he spoke. Like Taehyung, it felt like he was playing with you.

"I don't like being teased," you warned. He let out an amused laugh, eyes crinkling as he tossed his head back, and you frowned.

"We're not so different, you know," he said once he was done laughing at you. Your frown became a scowl and you crossed your arms over yourself defiantly, causing him to laugh again. "Trust me, Ash, that's a compliment."

You scoffed and uncrossed one arm to poke him in the chest. "How is being compared to someone whose entire purpose in life is to destroy it a compliment?"

You hadn't intended for your words to have such an impact, but Jimin's smug smile faltered and you swore you saw pain flash across his face for a moment before it was replaced with something much darker. A step back wasn't enough, you wanted to turn and sprint as far away from him as you could. If you thought Yoongi had been scary when he was angry, you were so wrong. Jimin was absolutely terrifying and everything in your body trembled in fear as a threatening growl built up in his chest.

You knew there was no way you were going to escape him but you still turned to flee, only to be caught by the wrist and yanked back into his chest.

A gasp escaped your lips when your back came into contact with his wet skin. He was so cold, even after you'd been soaking in steaming hot water, and it caused goosebumps to break out all over your skin.

"You know, you sound pretty ungrateful," he hissed into your ear, "considering any one of us could have killed you by now."

How many times were you going to have your life threatened in one day?

"Am I supposed to thank you for not murdering me? I didn't ask for this," you forced out, attempting to sound confident but not being able to hide the slight waver in your voice. The fact that one of Jimin's hands was gripping your hip while the other brushed over the exposed skin of your neck wasn't helping either. You had to inwardly kick yourself for being so affected by his touch, but it was like your body was craving the contact, unconsciously leaning into it, encouraging him to keep going despite your harsh words.

"Does that mean you're telling the truth? You really didn't know it was Jungkook's ring you were stealing?" Jimin squeezed your hip as he slid a hand over your shoulder to graze down the length of your arm. His lips were brushing the skin right below your ear now, cold breath tickling you and making you shudder in his grasp.

"I didn't know, I promise," you breathed out as your eyes fell closed and you leaned your head back to rest lightly on his shoulder. He tilted it even further, pulling your head back so that your neck was completely exposed to him before running his tongue along the prominent vein that hid underneath your skin. You gasped at the sensation of his wet tongue trailing along your neck and he hummed against you in response.

"Can I trust you?" Jimin whispered, finally pulling back to let you catch your breath. He tilted your face towards his before you answered so that you were forced to look him in the eye.

"Can I trust /you/?" you countered, eyes flicking down to the intimidating angel's lips briefly when he licked them.

To your surprise, a smile broke out on his face and he turned you in his arms, catching you even more off guard as he hugged you tightly, looping arms around your waist and pushing his nose into your neck.

"Oh!-" you gasped, startled by the sudden change in attitude. But it only took another second for you to return his sudden embrace. “Does- does this mean we're friends?" you asked in a small voice. Even though he still slightly terrified you, you really did want to be his friend. You wanted to be closer to him in any way you could.

Jimin pulled back but left his hands to rest at your waist.

"You want to be friends with a killer?" he asked you mockingly, making you crack a shy smile as the tension relaxed out of your shoulders.

"Well, you were born to kill and I was a killer the moment I was born. Maybe we aren't that different after all."

He laughed, the sweet sound echoing slightly off the stone walls and forcing a giggle of your own. With this brightened demeanor, Jimin's face morphed from its initial searing expression into one that was light and charming, one that you could smile with all day and not get tired of.

But then his voice cut off and his face went slack, hands abruptly stilling on your waist.

"Jimin?" you asked nervously. He stopped breathing, stopped moving entirely as his eyes glazed over and became distant. When he didn't respond, you put your hands on his cheeks, looking into his eyes frantically. "Jimin, say something."


You grabbed his shoulders and began to shake him, scared out of your mind at how unresponsive he had suddenly become. The next thing you knew he was leaning in, knees buckling underneath him as his full weight slumped into your arms.

It took everything in you to hold both your heads above the surface of the water. He was so heavy. His wings were soaked too and it just made it that much harder to hold him up while you panicked and dragged him to the edge of the pool.

Tears started streaming down your cheeks and your chest tightened while the image of his vacant expression stayed at the forefront of your brain. This couldn't be normal. Something was very wrong.

"Jimin please! You have to move!" you cried, receiving no response from the limp angel in your arms.

You were fully panicking know. Was he dead? What the hell was happening to him and... had you somehow caused it?

"Help!" you screamed, your muscles burning from having to hold both of your upper bodies above the water. "Someone please!"

All you heard was your own voice echoing back to you and you let out a choked sob while hugging Jimin's lifeless form even tighter. Were you really that toxic? The people around you seemed to be dropping like flies and- oh god, Yoongi really was going to kill you now.

You whimpered out another plea for Jimin to respond, but before he even had a chance to, you were being pulled out of the water and out from under him. A loud yelp escaped you as you were shoved aside, landing hard on the stone floor.

"What did you do?!" Taehyung's panic stricken voice pierced right through your heart, making you choke out another sob as you watched him leap into the water and pull Jimin's limp body into his arms.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!" he roared again while tears began immediately spilling down his cheeks.

You cowered on the floor and he let out a menacing snarl, his lip curling as his watery eyes looked back up at you.

"Stop it!" he nearly screamed when you didn't respond. "Whatever you're doing to him, please make it stop!" He was hysterical now, his eyes blazing with fear, anger, and desperation all at the same time.

"I- I can't!" you shouted back. You hugged your knees to your chest and began to cry, just watching helplessly as Taehyung dragged Jimin out of the water and into his lap. His clothes were soaked, even his shoes were still on, but he clearly didn't care about that right now.

You went silent when Taehyung's head snapped up, looking right over your shoulder.

"Hyung! Please, please help him. Tell me you can help him," the frantic angel begged as he cradled Jimin to his chest.

Fresh tears filled your eyes as you watch Seokjin's large frame come into view, taking long strides over to Taehyung and then scooping Jimin out of the panicking angel's lap and into his arms. "What happened here?" he asked you after he stood straight again and turned to face you.

You looked up at him from the floor with trembling lips and teary eyes. "I don't know, he just collapsed. His face... he... it was..."

Seokjin's eyebrows knitted together, concern apparent in his eyes when he looked down at the unconscious angel in his arms.

"Taehyung, did he tell you where it is?" he asked the frantic angel that was now standing at his side. Taehyung nodded and bit down hard on his lower lip to stop it from trembling, his eyes glued to Jimin's slackened face. "Go. Now. Take Hoseok with you."

Taehyung nodded again quickly and then rushed in to grab onto Jimin's hand, giving it a kiss before he turned and took off to find Hoseok.

"Jungkook, stay with Ash," Seokjin ordered next. You spun around to find the youngest standing directly behind you, making you gasp and scramble away from him. His eyes quickly snapped away from Seokjin's when he saw you start to move away. Before you could even get a sound out he was looming over you, reaching down to pry your arms away from your body and yank you back up to your feet.

"Please, I swear! I would never hurt him!" you cried, squirming in Jungkook's rough grasp before he finally clamped a hand over your mouth. He muffled your cries while he dragged you from the room, not even pausing to grab your discarded clothes from the floor. You fought him every step of the way, struggling to free yourself from his steel grip even though you knew it was futile.

You finally had the thought to bite down on Jungkook's hand and he hissed in pain before releasing you. Fresh tears filled your eyes as you took off down the corridor, streaming down your face as you ran for your life. Your legs carried you faster than they ever had even though you were running without any direction. The cavernous hallways in this place were like a maze that you couldn't escape. It didn't matter how fast you were.

When you finally glanced over your shoulder, Jungkook was gone. Your lungs and legs were burning, your chest heaving as tears continued to slip down your cheeks. So you finally slowed to lean against the stone wall and catch your breath.

You'd never been so terrified in your entire life. Not even while watching your own brother be shot in front of you. Something about Jungkook chilled you to the bone and you couldn't breathe when his hands were on you. His touch made you feel like you were drowning, pressing down on you from every angle and making you wish you could just die already so you could escape the fear.

But now that you had just escaped death's clutches, you'd never felt more alive. You took a deep breath and then exhaled while letting your head fall back, your eyes falling closed as you just stood and felt the adrenaline coursing through your veins.

Sure, the heists you went on with your brother and father had been thrilling. But nothing could compare to high you were on right now. You felt like prey that had just escaped a predator, somehow beating the odds that were stacked so high up against you that they would break the misty layer of clouds above.

When you finally opened your eyes again, you froze.

You should have known. There was no real chance of escape.

You were going to have to face those black, unceasing eyes if you wanted even a chance of making it to tomorrow.