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Black Swan

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A sharp, cool breath filled your lungs before you could open your eyes. You were lying down, that much you could determine, and whatever you were lying on was rough and uninviting. The fabric of your clothes clung to your damp skin and you just prayed it wasn't blood.

Your hands came up to your face as you opened your eyes, rubbing your forehead to try to gain some sense back and figure out where you were.

You finally sat up with a groan and looked around as your eyes adjusted to the darkness.

There wasn't much to see.

High, stone walls of what looked like a cave vanished into thick clouds so far above your head that you would think they reached heaven. You were surrounded by water, which explained the wet clothes, but you yourself were lying on a large slab of dark stone.

"What the fuck..." you whispered before you squinted into the darkness, trying to discern any looming shapes or potential escape routes through the thick fog.

A quick sweep of your own body and you found that you didn't have either of your weapons on you. You were vulnerable and exposed and you didn't know where you were.

What the hell happened?

Right as you thought it, the image of the dark figure approaching through the black clouds of your mind came flooding back, causing you to suck in a sharp breath.

Those eyes...

They were the same ones from the painting. But that was impossible. What kind of sick trick was your mind playing on you?

The thought that followed quickly after was the memory of seeing Kain gunned down in front of you.

Even though he wasn't always kind, he was still your brother. And a pang went through your chest as you choked out a sob, slapping a hand over your mouth as you tried to muffle the sound.

You suddenly froze when your eyes landed on a dark figure across the room, huddled on another slab of the stone you were currently stranded on.

He was crouched down and facing you with an almost bored expression on his face, a hand resting in his palm as if he'd been waiting for a long time.

His eyes were fixed on you and even though his face betrayed no emotion, his piercing eyes were flashing with interest.

You sucked in a harsh breath when you finally noticed his large, black wings that were thick with feathers, falling down low enough that the tips of them touched the water. They were beautiful, just like the portrait in the museum. Except now they were right in front of you. They were tangible, real. And the thought made your head spin.

You stared at him with your mouth hanging open and fear began to creep into your body and mind as he gazed back at you.

"Do you know where you are?" he asked you nonchalantly, breaking the silence and sending nervous chills up your spine from his casual tone. His voice was low and smooth and not what you expected. The silky quality to it was reflected in the his smooth complexion and misty blue eyes, obvious power held within his form.

"No," you answered, not sure how to react to the situation you currently found yourself in.

He studied you for another moment before responding.


He stood up straight and your eyes widened when the man cocked his head and flicked his tongue out over his lips. He was stunning. Strikingly beautiful, lean and dark. His face and his stance held an intensity that you'd never experienced in another person, one that made you both scared and excited at the same time.

"N-No, I don't know what's happening..." you stammered out. "Who are you?"

He considered you for another moment before stepping off the smooth stone onto the surface of the water and stalking towards you leisurely. You drew back as he approached, your eyes flicking between the wings on his back and the captivating stare he maintained. Now that he was a little closer, you could see pink rimming his eyes, adding the smallest bit of color to his otherwise monochrome style.

His gaze drifted over you curiously as he registered your fear.

"You're just a human."

You couldn't help the laugh that suddenly slipped out of your mouth.

"Well, duh."

His eyebrows raised at your sudden change in attitude and a slight smirk pulled at the corner of his lips.

"And you're female," he added.

"W-What does that matter?" you stammered defensively, glaring at him while you hugged your legs to your body. He opened his mouth to respond and your eyes immediately drifted to his prominent collarbones, exposed by the low neckline of his leather jacket. But before he could speak, a low growl radiated from the corner of the room and silenced his unspoken explanation.

You both turned in the direction of the sound as another large figure stepped out from the thick mist, flanked by one tall man and one shorter, all sporting different hair colors.

"Taehyung, what have I told you about playing with your food?" the largest man with light purple hair asked lowly. He stood just a bit straighter than the rest and his intelligent gaze paired with the strong set of his jaw told you that this was someone with authority.

Taehyung smirked at you and took a step back, falling into line as the other three men spread out and began forming a circle around you.

You blinked at them as you looked around, dazed by their striking features and overwhelming presence. The taller man had pitch black hair that was parted to expose his beautifully structured face, seemingly growing more handsome every time he shifted and the dim light highlighted it from a different angle. His dark, defined eye brows and full lips made it hard to look away and his eyes demanded your attention.

"What's your name?" the smallest man asked while running his hand through the thick wave of midnight blue hair that framed his face. Your breath caught in your throat at the sound of his light, seductive voice and he seemed to notice, sending you a knowing smile along with a smoldering gaze. His size and voice somehow didn't make him any less intimidating and although he was the smallest of the bunch, he was still clearly bigger than you.

"I want to know where I am first," you said with as much confidence as you could muster. The smallest man chuckled and kept his eyes trained on you as he spoke.

"You're in between," he explained with a grin. "My name is Jimin, you've met Taehyung, and this is Seokjin and Namjoon."

"I'll handle the introductions," Namjoon snapped at the smaller boy, making him roll his eyes and lean back on the stone he stood by.

"Okay and where are my things?" you pressed, narrowing your eyes at the apparent leader and pulling your jacket more securely around yourself. Seokjin stepped forward and caught your gaze.

"I have them in my possession," he explained softly. His voice was surprisingly soothing, almost alluring. "We won't be using them against you, I promise." You could hear the candor in his voice and you believed him.

You should be horrified, but something about this man told you to trust him despite the frightening situation.

"Oh... um, thanks," you murmured as you relaxed a little bit and straightened your legs out in front of you. "So, are you guys angels?"

You heard a dark chuckle come from behind you and you whipped around.

There were three more men standing right at your back, looming over you intimidatingly with their wings stretched out wide.

"Yes," one of them spoke up. "We deliver death."

Your eyes widened at him, not only because he just claimed to be a real life angel of death but also because of his husky growl of a voice. It too lacked life, and you found yourself unable to respond for a moment while you stared, slack jawed, at his dark gray hair and pale, milky skin. He looked like he was made for the darkness, his subtle beauty becoming almost haunting under the faint moonlight.

"W-What does that have to do with me? Am I dead?" you stammered, suddenly terrified at the realization that if you were here with them, that would implicate your own death.

"Not yet," Namjoon piped up, making you whip back around. "But that's for me to decide."

You frowned in confusion, trying your hardest to wrap your head around the situation but having difficulty making sense of it since these mysterious angels didn't seem to be making any sense either.

"Look, all I know is that I was with my father and brother. We were doing a job, going after this ring for a wealthy buyer. The last thing I remember is watching my own brother being killed in front of me while we were trying to escape. Next thing I know I'm here with you. That about clear things up?"

You held out your hand and Namjoon approached you, flicking his eyes back up and holding your gaze as he reached out to take it. His eyebrows furrowed while he inspected the ring and you saw his shoulders tense just slightly. You studied his handsome features and strong jaw with interest and you realized how large he actually was now that he was so close.

"What is your father's name?" he asked you after releasing his grip on you and taking another step forward to the edge of the stone slab you were still sitting on.

"Warner," you whispered. "Warner Allen"

Multiple huffs and low growls resonated through the room and you shrunk in on yourself as you watched Namjoon's demeanor darken.

"Careless of your Daddy to let you search for this ring without telling you not to put it on first," he mused, his eyes straying casually from your face to the three men standing behind you. He gave a slight nod and you whipped your head around and watched as the two other men approached, both with strong builds and long strides.

One of them was the angel from the portrait in the museum. Those were the eyes. He was there.

"Don't worry princess. You're not actually dead yet," the one with lighter brown hair said as he hopped up onto the slab of stone you were cowering on, his wavy hair bouncing with his steps. "And I'm not gonna kill you."

He flashed you a bright smile as he stood over you, his kind face allowing you to relax just a little bit.

But then he crouched down to your level and his expression changed so quick you weren't sure you'd even been looking at the same face only moments before.

"Although sometimes, death is a kindness," he purred while leaning in closer. His eyes were now reflecting something sinister and wild and a chilling grin crept onto his face. This man almost seemed like two different people, one moment charming and warm and then next, making you nervous to be within 10 feet of him.

You suddenly felt rough hands pulling you to your feet and looked up to see the man that had appeared in the museum, in the fog of your mind before you blacked out. He looked slightly younger than the rest, with a jaw so sharp you could cut yourself on it. His black eyes were impossible to look away from and his delicate features made his face so interesting that you could stare at him all day. He was even more captivating than his portrait had been.

"Don't let her run, Jungkook," Namjoon said lowly, prompting the younger man to secure his arms around your form and press you against the front of his body.

The older brunette flashed another unnerving grin and then turned on his heel to lead you out of the room.

"I'm Hoseok by the way, I hope we can have some fun together while you're here," he crooned as he walked, keeping a swift pace that the man holding you had no trouble keeping up with.

You looked up at his face again and his eyes stayed forward with his jaw locked tight.

"Can I talk to Taehyung again?" you asked quietly, wanting to find out more about your situation and figuring he was the most likely to help you.

Jungkook's hold on you tightened and you groaned at how hard he was squeezing your waist. Hoseok turned and grinned at you over his shoulder.

"Oh you like our Taehyungie, do you?" he asked suggestively, the wild grin growing even wider on his face. "You and Jungkook will have something to talk about then, although I wouldn't count on getting any actual words from him."

You looked back up at the man holding you and his eyes flickered down to yours briefly before refocusing on Hoseok.

"He's pretty," you whispered, the image of the dark angel flooding your mind as you recalled your conversation. His captivating gaze and seductive voice were enough to draw you to him, and you found it hard to think about much else as you were carried to another stone-walled room with impossibly high, misty ceilings.

A drawn out sigh came from Hoseok as Jungkook set you down on your feet again and stepped back.

"This is where you'll be kept until Namjoon decides what he wants to do with you. Don't even bother trying to escape. That ring will let Jungkook know exactly where you are," he explained with a smile. Somehow, even though he was telling you that you were basically being held prisoner in death's grip, his voice and expression made you feel comfortable.

"Your leader is pretty too," you said as you gazed around the room, making Hoseok chuckle and nod in agreement.

"We may look like angels, princess," he purred lowly as he stepped up directly in front of you and brushed your hair behind your ear. "But our intentions are far from pure."

You held still as he swiftly leaned in and connected his lips to yours, not wasting any time before running his tongue over your lower lip and following it up with his teeth. When he pulled back you were gasping for air, completely taken off guard by the action.

When he saw you draw a deep breath, his hand shot out and wrapped around your throat, effectively cutting the breath off. The wild grin crept back onto his face and he stared into your eyes while tightening his grip.

Your own hands came up to hold his wrist and he backed you up against Jungkook's chest, who stood firm in his spot.

"Don't fight it," Hoseok purred before leaning in so that his lips were right next to your ear. "The darkness makes everything more exciting."