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Black Swan

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Your father paced through the room as he explained the details of the plan for tomorrow's job.

Apparently, some high roller had made an offer for a piece in a museum and they had refused, even after the buyer had upped the price to a ridiculous amount. So the rich bastard turned to your father to get it for them instead.

You couldn't help but roll your eyes internally when he explained that the item you were going after was just some flashy ring.

You should be used to the ridiculous requests that these types of obscenely wealthy folk made, but it never failed to make your stomach turn. The amount of money they were willing to spend on the smallest things, seemingly insignificant things, always astounded you. Why not just buy a membership to the museum and go see the damn thing whenever you wanted? But you knew better than to question it. Your father had never led you astray in this regard.

It seemed as if money was always tight in your family, even though you did these 'jobs' fairly often in order to pay the bills. They had started off small, just enough to keep you all fed and a roof over your head, but eventually word of your family's talent for theft grew to reach the wealthiest in the area. You would think that if these rich people were willing to pay unholy amounts of money for some of the things you went for, that they would be able to pay your father enough to live off of quite comfortably, especially since it was just the three of you.

You'd been each other's only family since the day your mother died.

You couldn't picture her smile, didn't know what her voice sounded like, didn't know how she smelled or how it felt to be in her arms. And there was no one to blame but yourself. You had been the one to kill her and you knew that, even though you didn't even know your hand from your own ass at the time.

"Are you even listening to me? This may be /the job/, Ash. The one that means that we can stop asking for work like fucking beggars and actually be able to live like we were always meant to."

Your father's exasperated voice brought you back to the present and you blinked quickly before mumbling out an apology. An annoyed huff came from your left and you threw your gaze over to your older brother.

"Seriously Dad, she's just a liability at this point. Can't we get this done without her?"

You frowned and looked down at your feet, but your father's stern voice made you bring your eyes back up to his.

"No Kain, we can't. This is going to be the riskiest job we've ever done and I need you both to be at 100% tomorrow. Ash, do I need to go over the plan again?"

Kain let out a big sigh but otherwise kept his mouth shut, and you shook your head while holding your father's scrutinizing gaze. He seemed especially focused today, making sure to get every single detail down even though you were all well versed in the art of stealing by now.

"I've got it Daddy. I promise."

Warner looked at you with narrowed eyes for another moment before giving a quick nod, then rolled up the paper in front of him and let out a big sigh.

"Listen. We must succeed tomorrow. We have everything riding on getting this job done and getting it done right, so failure is not an option. Do not disappoint me."

You looked at your feet again while nodding and you could feel your brother's eyes burning into the side of your head while you averted your own.

Your father waited until you looked back up at him, meeting your careful gaze with a meaningful look of his own. He didn't need to say anything to make you feel small and insignificant. You could see the burning pain in his eyes whenever he looked at you and you knew it was because you reminded him of what you had done to your mother. every. single. time. he looked at you.

"Right. Get some sleep, both of you," he said then, prompting both you and Kain to nod quickly before turning to leave. As soon as the door to your father's office had shut behind you, your brother turned and caught your arm with a threatening gaze of his own.

"I hope you realize how important this job is for us. You'd better not fuck it up," he growled lowly, not even giving you a chance to respond before he was dropping your arm and climbing the stairs to his room.

You decided right then and there that tomorrow would be the day you proved your worth.

The only thing that could keep you from getting that ring was the devil himself.