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Shinso Hitoshi's one-sided prank war

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 Kaminari was tired. He had plowed through piles of homework all day because his brain finally decided to hyper-focus on it at 7 o’clock in the morning on a Sunday. It was ten hours later and he felt like his brain had fried itself.

Now he just wanted to find a quiet place to read and further keep Jirou’s words from last night from replaying in his head.


            “Kami, and I love you when I say this,” Jirou was trying not to laugh, he could tell. “But Shinso is way too serious to ever go out with someone like you.”

            The rest of the bakusquad were giggling as well, except for Bakugou who was giving him a look that Kaminari couldn’t understand.


He felt tears threaten to fall at the memory. They were right, he knows they’re right, but it still hurt like hell. He wiped his face and took a deep breath. By the time he got to the common area, there wasn’t a trace of heartbreak on his face.

He clutched his reading tablet to his chest and made his way to the reading corner some of his other classmates had set up. He never had the guts to join them out of fear of being mocked but he didn’t really want to be alone right now.

Tokoyami and Shoji were tucked together on one of the small couches both reading their own books. They had turned on a few of the lamps and the white noise machine that was on top of the small bookshelf was playing forest sounds.

“Um,” Kaminari started and immediately felt guilty for interrupting them. They both looked up not seeming bothered, though. Kaminari pointed to the armchair furthest from them. “May I join? I promise I’ll be quiet.”

“No need to ask, Kaminari,” Tokoyami said and Shoji nodded in agreement. “What will you be reading?”

Kaminari felt his face heat up and refused to make eye contact as he responded. “Emma by Jane Austen.”

“Another classics lover?” Tokoyami asked.

“Oh uh,” Kaminari hesitated, not used to people accepting his interests. “Yeah. I prefer American classics, though. But I saw Mic-sensei reading Jane Austin and decided to read a few of her novels. I already read Pride and Prejudice and really liked it so I –“

He cut himself off realizing he had started rambling even after he promised to be quiet. “Sorry I didn’t mean to go on a tangent there…”

“If you want some other English classics,” Shoji started, completely ignoring Kaminari’s apology. “I would recommend The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde. I think you would enjoy it.”

Kaminari finally sat in the armchair he had pointed out earlier and enthusiastically nodded his head. “I’ve read a few of his short stories!”

“I’ll be happy to lend you my copy when you’re ready to read it,” Tokoyami said and Kaminari doesn’t think he’s ever seen Tokoyami put so much energy into a conversation.

“I appreciate the offer,” Kaminari said and felt horrible for turning him down. “But because of my dyslexia, it’s easier to read on my tablet. I can put it in a font that’s easier for my brain to understand.”

“My apologies, Kaminari.” Tokoyami sounded embarrassed and Shoji was bowing his head as well. “I had no idea you struggled with dyslexia.”

“Oh,” Kaminari was at a loss for words. “No worries, man! You two are the first people in our class that I’ve told.”

And that was the truth. Kaminari didn’t like telling people he had dyslexia. It was already bad enough that he struggled with ADHD, and that was impossible to hide. But he hasn’t even told the Bakusquad. He can already hear Jirou’s taunting.

Tokoyami and Shoji made eye contact and seemed to be having a silent conversation. Kaminari couldn’t help but fear that they were reconsidering letting him join them. Maybe he should just go back to his room.

“Please let us know if there is ever any way we can help,” Shoji said. “My younger sister has dyslexia so I know it can make schoolwork more difficult.”

“Yes,” Tokoyami agreed. “We’re always willing to help a friend.”

Kaminari was not going to cry. He wasn’t. But it’s not his fault he was used to being made the laughing stock of the class as soon as people found out. He doesn’t think he’s ever received such a positive response from others. Not even from his teachers.

“I will,” Kaminari choked out. “Thank you.”

“Of course,” Tokoyami said and Shoji nodded. They both went back to their novels and Kaminari took that as his cue to get settled in the chair and turn on his tablet.

True to his word, Kaminari remain quiet and got lost in the story. He had already read through two more chapters when he felt someone press against his leg. He startled and looked down to see Shinso sitting on the floor with his back against the chair – his head pressed against Kaminari’s knee. Kaminari could only stare because he hadn’t even heard Shinso approach.

Shinso tilted his head up to look at Kaminari and raised his eyebrow as if asking for permission. Kaminari just rolled his eyes and pulled at Shinso’s cheek in retaliation for startling him. Shinso huffed and swatted his hand away and pressed himself further against Kaminari, closing his eyes.

Of course, he decided sitting on the floor was a good place for a nap and not the empty love seat right across from them.

Kaminari was able to read one more chapter when he heard Jirou’s voice getting closer to them.

“Kaminari!” she yelled and Kaminari looked up to see her stomping over to the reading corner. “There you are! The study session started thirty minutes ago!”

Oh, that’s what I was forgetting. “I finished all my homework,” is what he said instead.

Jirou rolled her eyes. “Yeah right. Stop bothering people who are actually reading and get your ass to Sero’s room.”

“The only one bothering us is you, Jirou,” Shinso said without even opening his eyes. Tokoyami and Shoji looked stunned but didn’t disagree. Kaminari sat up and frantically looked between everyone trying to think of what to say.

“It’s okay!” He started and stood up. Shinso actually opened his eyes and sent him a glare. “I’m sure I got something wrong so it’ll be good to have Bakugou look over everything!”

Kaminari plastered on a wide smile that he hoped was convincing. He watched Tokoyami and Shoji send each other nervous glances and Shinso redirected his glare to Jirou. Jirou was already turning to walk away, rolling her eyes again.

“Bakugou is there to help,” Jirou said. “Not to do your work.”

Kaminari felt his heart sink but kept the smile on his face. He let out a nervous chuckle and followed after Jirou.




Shinso was pissed, to say the least. Specifically, he was pissed at Jirou.

To be clear, Shinso didn’t try to be an eavesdropper, he just somehow always ended up overhearing conversations that he definitely was not supposed to hear. He was quiet to no one ever heard him approaching. Because of this, he now knows that Bakugou calls Midoriya’s mother about three times a week. He knows that Shoji rarely sleeps because when he does he has nightmares of Bakugou getting kidnapped. He knows that Iida has severe panic attacks that only Tsu can help him through. He knows that Sero and Todoroki have been dating for months and plan on telling the class at some point this week.

Point is, Shinso knows a lot. But he also knows how to keep his mouth shut (well, he tells his dad but that’s irrelevant).

Unfortunately, this means that Shinso also knows that Kaminari has a crush on him and that Jirou, and apparently all their other friends, think that Shinso would never return those feelings. Which was absolute bullshit.

He felt horrible that he knew but it wasn’t his fault. He had already been on his way to Kaminari’s room because he had seen a stray cat behind the dorms and needed to show Kaminari pictures of it immediately. It was very important.

He heard their voices before he even got to Kaminari’s door and stopped in his tracks when he heard Jirou.

“Shinso is way too serious to ever go out with someone like you.”

He looked down at his notes app where he was already forming a plan to sneak the cat into the dorms and frowned. Sure he was serious about school and becoming a hero, but they were all serious about that so he wasn’t sure why Jirou thought that was a good reason.  

So he had opened a blank note and turned around to head to his room. He needed a foolproof plan to prove to Kaminari that he wanted to date him. The dorm cat would have to wait.


That was last night’s plan. Now he had a new plan. One that was solely directed at Jirou because she had absolutely no right treating Kaminari the way she is.

Don’t get him wrong, Shinso doesn’t think Jirou is a bad person. Quite the contrary. It was her music that helped his little sister smile for the first time and he will always be grateful to her. She’s just taken teasing Kaminari way past the line.

“Tokoyami?” Shinso asked. “Are you and Dark Shadow still fighting?”

“No we –“ Tokoyami paused. “How did you…”

“Doesn’t matter,” Shinso said and pulled himself up on the chair Kaminari had been sitting in. “I need your help with a prank.”


So Shinso walked into the classroom the next morning to the sounds of Jirou frantically looking for her pens.

And if he discreetly placed two apples on Tokoyami’s desk, well, that was no one’s business.




“All of my pens,” Jirou slammed her lunch tray on the table across from Kaminari. “Every single one of them. Even the ones in my room. I don’t care how you did it but give them back.”

Kaminari looked up from his tablet when he realized that the last part was directed at him. “What?”

“My pens, Kaminari. Give them back.”

“Yeah, Kami. Not manly, bro.” Kirishima shook his head and Kaminari got even more confused.

“I don’t have them, though?” Actually, Kaminari knew that the only one who could have gotten away with getting into Jirou’s room was Dark Shadow but he wasn’t going to throw Tokoyami under the bus like that. “I can give you some of mine if you like?”

“Dude, just give them back,” Sero said as he sat in the seat to Kaminari’s right.

“But I really don’t have them!”

“Yeah, obviously, Sparky.” Bakugou fell into his seat beside Kirishima. “Your pranks are far more planned out. Why the fuck would this be you?”

Kaminari doesn’t think he should have been as touched as he was by Bakugou defending him.

“Who else would it be, then?” Jirou threw her hands up in exasperation.

“Hey, Kaminari.” Kaminari jumped at the tap on his shoulder. He looked up to see Shinso looking down at him with an amused smirk.

“What’s up, Shinso?”

“Want to come to the store with me this evening?” He asked and sat on Kaminari’s left. “I owe Tokoyami more apples and I don’t want to go alone.”

Shinso started stealing fries off of his plate and Kaminari turned the plate so they were closer to Shinso.

“Sure, dude.” Kaminari agreed and started to cut his burger in half. “Wait, Tokoyami?”

Kaminari tilted his head in confusion and Shinso took his half of the burger. “Yeah. He helped me with something but at the cost of apples.”

Kaminari saw Jirou arguing with Bakugou out the corner of his eye and it was like a lightbulb went off.

“Do I get to know what he helped you with?” Kaminari knew exactly what Tokoyami helped him with.

Shinso took a bite out of his burger half and looked up like he was debating something. “Maybe next week. Someone else needs the spotlight this week.”

Sero started to choke on their drink and Kaminari heard Kirishima fussing over them. Kaminari shrugged. At least he’d find out eventually,

“What time do you want to meet?”

“I have training with Aizawa so how does six sound?”

“Works for me!” Kaminari gave him a grin and finally took a bite of his half of the burger. He went back to his book and felt Shinso slouch against him, lazily watching their friends’ conversation.

He looked up when he felt someone staring. He expected a shit-eating grin from Mina or a supportive one from Kirishima. He did not plan on seeing Bakugou glancing between him and Shinso with suspicion. Kaminari raised an eyebrow and Bakugou opened his mouth to say something but glanced at Jirou and turned back to his food.

That was weird.


Kaminari should not have been so nervous about going to the grocery store. And yet, here he was, nearing an anxiety attack because his crush asked him to go shopping with him. Not to mention the fact that he and Shinso hang out together all the time.

They had agreed to meet by the front door of the dorms at six so Kaminari made sure he got there five minutes early because otherwise, he would have been five minutes late. He had spent most of the afternoon agonizing over what to wear and finally settled on loose-fitting jeans, a large hoodie, and his converse.

He was picking at the hem of his hoodie trying to control his breathing when he heard footsteps approaching.

“Nice hoodie,” Shinso said and Kaminari jerked up to see amusement in his eyes. Kaminari looked down and finally realized which hoodie he had chosen to wear. It was a deep purple with Gengar’s face on. But most importantly, it was Shinso’s hoodie that he had left in Kaminari’s room the last time they had watched anime together.

“Oh, shit I’m sorry,” Kaminari felt a blush creep up his neck. “I’ll go change.”

Shinso raised an eyebrow. “Why would you do that? Maybe I wanted you to wear it.”

It was safe to say the blush had moved to his whole face. “Oh, um, well if you’re okay with it…”

“You’re thinking too hard,” Shinso chuckled. “Let’s go.”

Kaminari let out a nervous laugh and followed Shinso out the door. He had to focus harder on managing his breathing and desperately hoped Shinso couldn’t tell.




Why did I say that? Why did I say that? Why did I say that? Why did I say that?

That question had been on a constant loop in Shinso’s head for the past three hours. He and Kaminari had made it to the store and back with no incident much to their relief and had even made dinner together. Now Shinso was laying on his bed, face in his pillow, and desperately trying not to scream from embarrassment.

And don’t even get him started on the way Kaminari had blushed. That was going to be in his dreams for weeks. That blush and Shinso’s hoodie together almost made his heart stop. He was sure of it.

It’s not like Shinso was mad about it. He really had left his hoodie on purpose but he had never meant to admit it. But also… he did need Kaminari to believe he really was interested in him. Shinso was not going to let anything Jirou said to Kaminari ruin his chances. Especially since he now knows his feelings are reciprocated.

He was taken out of his internal agony when he heard a knock at his door. He took a few deep breathes and slowly got up. It was probably just Midoriya ready to tease him relentlessly over his crush.

Except when he opened the door, it was Kaminari standing there with his gaze to the floor and Shinso’s hoodie in his arms. He glanced up when Shinso stepped forward and Shinso could see that his cheeks were tear-stained and eyes red-rimmed.

What the fuck had happened in thirty minutes?

“Um,” Kaminari started, still refusing to look at Shinso. “You can have your hoodie back. I didn’t mean to take it.”

What the fuck?

“You can’t take it if I left it on purpose,” Shinso said and it took all of his willpower not to wrap his arms around Kaminari and never let go. “I already told you I didn’t mind.”

“Yeah but…” Kaminari trained off as if he was about to say something he shouldn’t. “I don’t want to be selfish…”

Kaminari sniffed and Shinso could tell he was trying not to start crying again. Whatever Jirou had said to him had definitely crossed the line and Shinso was no longer going to hold back.

“Did you want a different one?” Shinso asked. God, pretending to be ignorant was so fucking difficult. “You like my grey NASA one, right? That’ll look cute on you.” He mumbled that last part to himself but still loud enough for Kaminari to hear.

“No!” Kaminari yelled and pulled on Shinso’s arm to keep him from walking back into his room. Kaminari’s eyes widen and he quickly let go of his arm. “I mean I – well – it’s just…”

“You want both?” Shinso asked. Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes. Kaminari looked like he was having an internal conflict and Shinso decided to make his decision for him. “I’ll give it to you anyway.”

Shinso turned and left the door open wide enough so that Kaminari knew that he could come in. He stepped in a bit but still hovered at the door. Seriously, what the fuck did Jirou tell him? Up until the past thirty minutes, Kaminari wouldn’t have even knocked. He would have barged in, talking a mile a minute, and made himself comfortable at the end of Shinso’s bed.

Shinso dug in his closet to find the hoodie and watched Kaminari out the corner of his eye. He looked so unsure of himself and it was killing him. Maybe waiting until next week wasn’t such a good idea.

“Here you go,” Shinso tugged the hoodie off its hanger and tossed it to Kaminari. It took him by surprise, though, and ended up landing over his head. Shinso couldn’t help but laugh at the surprised noise Kaminari made.

Kaminari pulled the hoodie off of his head with a pout. Some of his hair was standing up from static and Shinso thought he looked adorable.

Kaminari looked down sadly at the two hoodies in his arms. “Are you sure it’s okay? I’m not bothering you?”

“If I thought you were a bother we wouldn’t be friends,” said Shinso without thinking. Being in this class was making him soft. Oh, but the face Kaminari was giving him was so fucking worth it. That blush was seriously going to be the death of him.

“You- but- you consider us friends?” Kaminari seemed to be stumbling over his words. Shinso couldn’t blame him considering up until a few weeks ago he would be adamant that he wasn’t there to be friends.

“Yeah, it shocked me, too,” Shinso smirked as Kaminari started giggling over his pun. Mission complete.

Shinso doesn’t remember moving but suddenly he was standing right in front of Kaminari who was still trying to control his giggles. Shinso brought his hand up to Kaminari’s cheek and when Kaminari looked up at him in surprise the need to kiss him surged through his whole body.

He looks perfect like this.


And somehow Shinso was able to keep his plan from fast-tracking about six days.

So instead Shinso rubbed his thumb over Kaminari’s cheek and the only thing he could think to say was something he’d heard Hizashi say to Aizawa. “I’d give up all my smiles if it meant you’d never be sad again.”

And somehow that made Kaminari laugh more. “I don’t think I’d be very happy if I never got to see you smile again.”

Nevermind. His plan was beyond fast-tracking and had completely gone off the rails.

“Call me Hitoshi,” he whispered. Ugh, he never would have fallen in love if he had known he was going to be as sappy as his Papa.

“Only if you call me Denki,” Denki said breathlessly and very much staring at Shinso’s lips.

“Hmm?” And yeah, okay, Shinso was tired and giddy and over the moon and had way too much confidence. But he really wanted to see Denki blush more so he bent down to whisper close to Denki’s ear. “I think I’d rather call you Kitten.”

He playfully nipped at Denki’s earlobe before pulling away with a smirk. Denki let out a startled yelp and quickly covered his ear – face completely red. Yeeesss.

“Hitoshi!” Denki pouted.

“Too far, Kitten?” Shinso teased. He did want to make sure Denki was okay, though. He was confident, not a dick.

“No! I mean- well…” And Denki was stumbling again so Shinso ran a hand through the blonde’s hair and gave him a soft smile.

“Hey, you’re okay. Take your time.”

Denki turned his head and Shinso let his hand rest at the nape of his neck. Denki took a few deep breathes and stepped away. Shinso’s arm felt heavy as it dropped to his side. 

“I have to go do homework,” he mumbled as if he was trying to convince himself more than Shinso.

“Do you need any help?”

Denki shook his head and Shinso tried not to feel rejected. “Shoji said he’d read out the problems for me.”

Denki snapped his mouth shut and stared wide-eyed at the ground. Shinso could tell that he once again was trying not to cry and couldn’t figure out why. It’s not like Shinso couldn’t figure out that he had dyslexia.


He wasn’t supposed to know.

“You know,” Shinso said slowly. “I think it’s really cool that you don’t let anything stop you from doing what you love.”

Denki looked up shocked. Shinso could feel his cheeks getting warms and he nervously rubbed at the back of his neck.

“Like, you’re always reading despite it being more of a challenge for you. And you even got into the top class of the most prestigious school in the country – one of the top schools in the world. That’s really cool.”

Denki rubbed at his eyes. “I guess I never thought of it like that.”

Shinso smiled and brought his hand back up to cup Denki’s cheek. “You going to be okay, Kitten?”

Denki blushed but didn’t turn away this time. “Yeah. I do need to go, though.”

“I’m not stopping you.” But I sure do want to.

Denki giggled and turned to leave. He stopped, turned back around and Shinso barely had time to register that Denki kissed him on the cheek before he was walking out the door.

“Thanks for the hoodies!” he called and ran out.

Shinso decided that the best course of action would be to set up his next prank because his other idea was to chase after Denki and not let him leave after all.


And as much as Shinso would have loved the second option, nothing could have beat the satisfaction he felt as he watched Jirou drop her cup and scream in horror the next morning.




Kaminari was slowly making his way to the kitchen and still trying to rub the sleep from his eyes. He had just walked out of the elevator when he heard someone shriek and suddenly he was on high alert. He ran to the kitchen to find Jirou shaking as she stared at a cup on the ground and Hitoshi slowly putting his coffee mug on the counter.

“What happened?” Kaminari asked frantically.

“There was a bug in my cup!” Jirou yelled and was shaking in disgust. Hitoshi just quirked an eyebrow and bent down to pick it up. He stared inside the cup for a moment before pulling out the bug.

“It’s fake,” he said, boredom clear on his face.

“Oh,” Jirou said, a blush of embarrassment rising on her cheeks. Then she turned to Kaminari with a murderous glare and shrieked, “What the hell is your problem?!”

“It wasn’t me!” Kaminari yelled back.

“Like hell, it wasn’t!”

“What’s going on?” Kaminari turned to see that Mina had just walked in with Sero and Kirishima trailing behind her.

“Kaminari put a fake bug in my cup!” Jirou was seething and Kaminari was sure he was about to get killed.

“Jirou,” Mina said. “I’m sorry someone did that but it’s clearly not Kaminari.”

Sero and Kirishima nodded in agreement. Kaminari nervously turned back to Jirou who was back to looking embarrassed. Still mad, though.

“I promise it isn’t me, Jirou,” Kaminari said, desperate to fix the situation. “And it wasn’t Sero and Kirishima. We all promised Mina no bug pranks.”

“It could be Bakugou,” Hitoshi said with a smirk. Kaminari snickered as the rest of the group looked at them in confusion. Hitoshi couldn’t have been more obvious that he was the culprit.

“He is the only one missing,” Kaminari mused and that was when it hit the other’s that Hitoshi had told a joke.

“Gets up before everyone else,” Hitoshi started listing off with his fingers. “Spends a lot of time in the kitchen so he knows where everyone keeps their things, clever, willingly hangs out with all of us…”

“’Willingly’ is generous,” Jirou scoffed.

Hitoshi tilted his head in confusion and Kaminari thought it made him look a bit like a cat. “If he didn’t want to be around us he wouldn’t be.”

“Dude I have to drag him everywhere,” Kirishima quirked an eyebrow.

“I always thought he was more like a cat,” Hitoshi said and grabbed his coffee mug from the counter. “Like how they act like they don’t want to be around you but they just happen to be in the same room as you and can’t be bothered to move.”

The rest of them stayed silent as they considered what Hitoshi had said. Kaminari took this moment to walk over to Hitoshi and take his coffee mug from him. He took a long sip as Hitoshi stared at his now empty hand in stunned silence.

“Is his love language quality time?” Kirishima asked.

Mina giggled, “His love language is death threats.”

“Yeah, and Denki’s seems to thievery.” Hitoshi sent Kaminari a half-hearted glare as he took back his coffee.

Kaminari let out a dramatic gasp and put his hand over his chest. “I would never!”

“Right. And that’s not my hoodie.” It was in fact Hitoshi’s NASA hoodie that he was absolutely not going to admit that he slept in.

Kaminari jabbed a finger into Hitoshi’s chest and pouted. “You gave it to me! No take backsies!”

And suddenly the memories of last night came flooding back and Kaminari could feel his cheeks growing warm. Jirou chastising him for taking Hitoshi’s hoodie without permission and forcing him to go return it, Hitoshi giving him a second one instead, the nickname, the kiss…

Oh shit, I kissed him.

And Hitoshi had the nerve to lean against the counter with the smuggest look Kaminari has ever seen.

“Sure thing, Kitten.” Shinso took a sip of his coffee with a wink. Kaminari scrunched up his face and turned to get a glass of water. He heard Jirou scoff and could feel her eyes rolling.

“You don’t have to go along with his antics, Shinso.” Kaminari heard her grab her cup from the counter and joined him by the sink.

“I thought I told you to stop bothering him,” she whispered. Kaminari could hear the others talking quietly and felt shame coil around his gut. He didn’t think Hitoshi had been lying to him but Jirou kept making him question everything.

He heard someone else walk in and Hitoshi let out an amused hum. Kaminari quickly turned around to see what Hitoshi was up to and watched as he approached Todoroki, who was quietly greeting Sero, with a devious smile.

“Todoroki, hold out your hand. I have something for you.”

Kaminari watched as Hitoshi placed the fake bug in Todoroki’s innocently outstretched hand. Hitoshi, no.

“Oh,” Todoroki looked at the toy with surprise. He closed his hand around it and pulled his arm to his chest. “Thank you, Shinso. I’ll cherish it.”

“Please don’t,” Hitoshi deadpanned.

The rest of them were quiet for a moment before they each started trying not to laugh but failing miserably.

“Babe,” Sero said, placing a hand on Todoroki’s shoulder and not even hiding their amusement. “He was trying to scare you.”

“Oh I know,” Todoroki said and pocketed the fake bug. “He’s been pranking me all month.”

And before his friends could think too hard about that and figure out that Shinso was the one pranking Jirou, Kaminari decided to put his acting skills to use.

“Wait, babe?!” he yelled and slammed his cup on the counter. Okay, not his best performance but it definitely got the reaction he wanted. Mina, Kirishima, and Jirou stopped laughing as they realized what Sero had said.

Hitoshi had the gall to mouth “a six” before turning back to the couple in amusement. They both looked nervous but had smiles on their faces so Kaminari knew they didn’t mind being called out.

“Uh,” Sero chuckled. “Surprise?”

The three who hadn’t known about them erupted in excitement and asking questions over each other. Hitoshi pulled away from the group and joined Kaminari by the sink.

“How long have you known?” he asked quietly and bumped Kaminari’s shoulder with his own.

“About a month now,” Kaminari took a sip of his water. “They kept slipping up and calling each other by their first names. You?”

“Last week. Overheard them talking in the kitchen Wednesday night.”

Kaminari looked up at him. “Didn’t realize you were such an eavesdropper.”

Hitoshi sighed rubbed his hand down his face. “It’s not like I try to be.”

It was then that Bakugou stomped into the kitchen completely dressed for the day and his signature scowl on his face. “What the fuck are you dumbasses yelling about?”

“Kats, did you know Sero and Todoroki were dating?” Kirishima yelled.

“Huh?” Bakugou sneered. “You idiots just realized that?”

“You knew?!”

The others started talking over each other again and Bakugou turned to look at Kaminari and Hitoshi. He rolled his eyes and gestured to their friends which was Bakugou for “can you believe these dumbasses?”.  Kaminari chuckled as Bakugou went back to yelling at their friends to quiet down.

“You aren’t a bother, you know.” Hitoshi rubbed at the back of his neck. “I don’t know why Jirou keeps saying that, but I promise it’s not true.”

Kaminari watched as a light blush began to spread on Hitoshi’s face and felt his own face heat up again. He didn’t realize how much he needed to hear that.

I didn’t realize you were such an eavesdropper.

It’s not like I try to be.

Kaminari looked at Jirou’s cup that she had abandoned by the sink.







Shinso watched as Denki stared at Jirou’s cup and tears welled up in his eyes.

“You heard?” he whispered and Shinso’s eyes widened.

“You really are too smart for your own good,” Shinso said. He meant it, too. He was hoping it would take longer for Denki to realize he had overheard Jirou the other day.

Denki scoffed and rubbed the tears from his eyes. “Yeah right.”

“Kami?” They both looked up at Mina’s voice and saw the rest of the group watching them. “What’s wrong?”

Jirou looked between them and snarled at Shinso. “Did you make him cry?”

Shinso doesn’t think he’s ever felt so much anger before. Not when he was moving from foster home to foster home, not when he was getting bullied in school, not even losing his match against Midoriya at the sports festival.

This was pure rage.

Shinso clenched his fist and gave Jirou the meanest scowl he could muster. He had never felt more satisfied as she stepped back in confusion.

“No you made him cry and I’ve been having to spend the last four days trying to prove to him that I’m completely and totally over the fucking moon in love with him! Do you have any idea how horrible it’s been watching you tear down his confidence? Do you know how awful it was seeing him about to break down last night?”

Shinso watched as the others looked between him and Jirou with worry, except for Bakugou who was giving him a look that Shinso read as “took you long enough”. He could hear Denki sniffing and knew he was crying. But as much as he wanted to wrap Denki up and comfort him until he calmed down he still had more he wanted to say.

“I’d burn the whole world down if it would make him happy! You don’t get to decide how I feel about him. He’s never been a bother to me once. Every day that he decides to keep me in his life makes me the luckiest damn person on this earth!”

Shinso was seething and Jirou was near tears. Good. After all the times she made Denki cry.

“’Toshi.” Denki grabbed his wrist and Shinso turned to look at him. He had tears in his eyes and a blush on his face. “You don’t have to yell at her. It hurts her ears.”

Tears of frustration welled up in Shinso’s eyes and he rubbed them away with his free hand. “Would it kill you to not be so nice for once in your life?”

“I – “ Jirou started and took a deep breath obviously trying not to cry. “I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. You just never seemed interested in anything and didn’t want him to get hurt.”

“Jirou,” Denki looked up at Shinso then back at Jirou before finally bringing his gaze to the ground. “I know you meant well but it still really hurt. What you said about Hitoshi, and also when you question my intelligence – you went too far. You’re one of my closest friends and I wouldn’t change that for the world but could you please stop making jokes about my grades and schoolwork.”

Denki was full-on crying now and Shinso wasn’t sure what to do. He knew Denki needed to say this but it was killing him not being able to comfort him.

Denki took a deep breath, “Between my ADHD and dyslexia I have to work a thousand times harder than all of you and with barely anything to show for it. And then when I actually do well, you treat it like a fluke and it’s so frustrating. And everything you said about Hitoshi was so confusing because I trust you both so much and I couldn’t figure out what was real.”

The silence that followed was deafening. Jirou was trying to keep herself from crying and the others looked both surprised and uncomfortable. Denki still wasn’t looking at any of them and Shinso couldn’t blame him.

Shinso sighed. “I’m sorry for yelling at you, Jirou. Not sorry about the pranks, though. And no, Denki did not put me up to them. I overheard you guys the other day and got insulted you thought I was too serious and pissed about the way you were treating Denki.”

Bakugou barked out a laugh. “Yeah, you had that one coming, headphones!”

“And I’m not sorry for not stopping him,” Denki said with a huff.

Of course Denki caught on to what he was doing.

“But you still knew!” Jirou chuckled and Shinso felt a flood of relief that he hadn’t ruined any friendship between them.

“Yeah,” Denki wiped at his face again. “But I wasn’t supposed to know until next week.”


“I have so many more questions,” Kirishima whispered to Sero who nodded in agreement.

Right then, Midoriya and Iida walked into the kitchen. Midoriya paused, took in the scene in front of him, and burst into laughter.

“I’d told you you’d get caught, Shinso!”

Kirishima pressed his head into Sero’s shoulder. “Both of my boyfriends kept this from me.”

“That’s rough, buddy.” Shoto’s lips quirked up in a small smirk as if expecting the chaos that followed after.




Kaminari was so fucking tired. Between the events of this morning, Jirou formally apologizing at lunch, and school in general, he was ready to sleep for the next fifteen hours, at least. Except he couldn’t because he and Hitoshi still had to talk.

So now he was standing in front of Hitoshi’s room and trying to work up the courage to knock.

Fuck it. I’ve only ever knocked once before anyway.

So he barged into Hitoshi’s room before he could second guess himself. Usually, Hitoshi was at his desk studying or on his bed playing video games. Today, though, he was lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling. Kaminari tried not to laugh as he walked over.

“Did you die?” he asked as he bent over to be in Hitoshi’s line of sight.

“I must have to have met an angel like you,” Hitoshi said with a smile. Kaminari felt his face heat up.

“You can’t just say things like that!”

Hitoshi laughed as he got up. “You gonna stop me?”

Kaminari whined and hid his face in Hitoshi’s chest. Hitoshi laughed more as he wrapped his arms around Kaminari. And, wow, okay, this was super nice. He felt Hitoshi kiss the top of his head and was pretty sure he was about to combust.

“So does this make us boyfriends?” Hitoshi whispered.

Kaminari stepped back just a bit so he could see Hitoshi’s face. “Yes! A thousand times, yes!”

And when Hitoshi kissed him, Kaminari knew it was real.