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He doesn't remember the drive to the police station. He remembers something bad happened, he was at the hospital earlier after all. It was all fuzzy though. Like his brain was put on pause but his body continued to function. 


Someone is sat beside him, they drove the car. Someone's in the backseat too. He can't recognize them right now, though he assumes he must know them because the person shoots him a comforting smile. He glances away at that. 


The blond stranger puts a hand on his shoulder, gently guiding him away from the car. He doesn't remember getting out, but when he looked back the pink haired driver was on their phone in the drivers seat. 


The inside of the police station is dull. Greys. whites and navy blues painted the walls and furniture. The lights too bright and too white for any time of the day. 


The blond stranger said something to him before gently nudging him into a room where one officer sat. 


The officer was sat on one side and gestured to the chair across from them. A table was situated between the chairs and there was a plastic cup with what he assumed was water on the left side. The officer had a badge number, 36 he observed. 


The officer gestured to the chair and he sat on it. It was metal and uncomfortable but he didn't dare shift around, he didn't know why he was here after all. 


The officer pulled out a notebook and a pen. Scribbling something on the paper before looking at him again.


"We're just going to have a conversation, that okay with you?" Officer 36 asked politely. 


He liked officer 36. 36 was kind already unlike someone who he couldn't remember right now. The fog was lifted, that's all that mattered. Reality was clear and his memories were clearing up too. Grasping onto facts now with a clear mind instead of foggy memories with no purpose. 


"Ya, that's fine." He replied softly with a short nod. 


"Your name is William Gold, correct?" The officer asked. 


"Yes." Will replied easily. Why was he here again?


"Age 25?" 


"I'm 24." Will corrected. 


"Okay I'll write that down," the officer grabbed their notebook and pen, writing something down before lowering the book and returning their attention to Will. 


"Can you tell me what happened?" 36 asked. 


"What happened when?" Will sat confused. 


"Last night." The officer had no expression on their face. 


Will gave it a moment, memories flashing before his eyes but not long enough for Will to grasp on a clear one. One memory stayed a fraction longer and Will hummed in realization, that must be what the officer is talking about. 


"Oh, the car crash?" Will raised an eyebrow in question. The officer looked confused for a second before nodding.


"Sure, tell me about that." 


"Well it happened last April." Will remembered that detail vividly. 


"Who were you with when it happened?" 36 pried. 


Will didn't understand why these questions were important but answered anyways. 


"I was with Sally my wife, and our child." 


"How long have you and Sally been married previous to the crash?" 36 said next. 


Will was confused. Where did the officer get that information from? None of that was accurate.


"What crash? Me and Sally are dating, we haven't even thought of marriage yet." Will frowned. He would like to marry Sally, not yet though.


"How old is your child?" 36 changed the topic. 


"He's two!" Was the enthusiastic response. 


"What's your sons name?" 


"Son? I don't have a son. Sally's only three month along." Will furrowed his eyebrows. They didn't even know the gender of the baby yet. 


"William, can you tell me what Sally's last name is?" 36 asked. 


36 asks many questions, Will thought. Will looked around the room, searching for a William or another person at the least. But the officer and himself were the only ones in the room still. 


"Who's William?" 


"You are." 36 responded. 


Will shook his head. 


"No, my names Wilbur Soot."


"Okay Wilbur. Can you tell me what Sally's last name is?" 


Where was 36 getting all these strange names from? First a William and now a Sally? Will didn't understand this officer. 


"Who's Sally?"


"Your girlfriend." 36 said easily, as if it was common knowledge. 


"I don't have a girlfriend." Will deadpanned. The officer didn't have to insult his romance life, that was unnecessary and rude. 


"Has someone you loved every died in a car crash?" Again with the random questions from 36.


"My mother died in a car crash. November of 2019." Will frowned at the vague memory. 


"It's September of 2019 right now."


"Oh." Will frowned. He then looked up at the officer, a question burning in his eyes. 


"Why does the date matter?" Will asked. 


"It doesn't."


"Okay." Will stayed silent after his response. He would wait until the officer said something. 


The moment arrived faster than expected. After a minute or two of scribbling and quick glances at Will, 36 lowered the notebook and pen once again.


"What was your relation with Tommy Craft?" Officer 36 finally said.


Will smiled, he knew this question. It was easy. 


"He's my little brother!" The brunet said enthusiastically.


"Do you remember what happened to Tommy?" 36 tapped the pen on the notebook. Will glanced at it, he didn't like that sound it was distraction and filled his body with anxiety. 


"What happened to Tommy?" Will's voice was laced with worry. 


"Tommy is dead." 36 stopped the pen tapping. 


"Oh." Wills shocked eyes dimmed to sadness, glossing over with a thin crystalline layer of tears. 36 gave around 5 minutes for Will to process the information before moving on. 


"Do you remember your other sibling?" 


Will brightened instantly. 


"Yes! Techno is my older brother! Only by two minutes though." Will smiled, remembering their arguments about who's the oldest all the time. Techno only won because of the birth certificates that Phil had. 


"What colour is Techno's hair?" 36 continued. 


Why all the questions about Techno? Will thought this was about him. Or, was it? Will doesn't remember what this was about in the first place.


"It's brown. Like mine, but his is longer so you can tell the difference between us. We're identical twins you know." Will stated the obvious. Asking about hair colour was stupid in Wills opinion. Insignificant details that didn't matter (matter to what?). 


"Can you tell me what happened last night?" 36 changed the topic again. The topic changes were getting frustrating for Will.


"What happened last night?" 


"You tell me." 36 started the pen tapping again. 


"Stop that." Will frowned. 36 stared, confused.


"Stop what?" 


"That! That stupid thing it's annoying and I don't like it it's too loud please stop it." Will rubbed his head with his hands. He was getting a headache and the bright lights didn't help. 


"Oh, the pen?" 36 asked. Will nodded and thankfully, 36 set the pen down. 


"Do you remember the question?" 36 asked.


Will shook his head before a question popped into his head. Was it 36 question, or his own? He decided to ask anyways. 


"Why am I here?" Will asked. He removed his hands from his head, holding them in his lap instead. 


He took a look around the room. It was all light grey. He didn't recognize it here. Where was he? Will looked in front of him. Someone was sitting there. They had a badge that said 36 on it. Was that an officer? Will's breathing picked up, the pace slowly quickening.


"We're just having a conversation." Officer 36 said. 


Will focused on that and nodded, calming down instantly.




20 long minutes was how long Will stayed in the strange room after that. He didn't know how he got there, but that didn't matter because he was finally able to leave. 36 exited the room with him, leading him to a man with blond hair. 


"Hey mate." The blond said. Will stared, was the man talking to him? 


"That's Phil, your dad." Will was confused but nodded. 36 made sense normally, so 36 was probably right about this. 


"How about you go with Techno, and I'll talk to Maeven for a minute." The man named Phil told Will. 


"Who's Maeven?" Will asked.


"I'm Maeven." 36 smiled.


"No, you're 36." Will said confused. How didn't 36 know their own name? 


"Okay, me and 36 are going to talk. You go with Techno to the car okay?" Phil said. 


"Where is Techno? Who?" Will massages his head again. Memories flashed by. Long brown hair and fights about age. Oh, Techno was his twin. 


"Behind you mate." The blond man said softly. Will looked at him confused but turned around. A person with long pink hair was there. 


"I'm Techno." The pink haired person said. Will stuck out a hand for a handshake.


"I'm Will Craft." Will replied. Techno shook his hand and lead him towards the outside doors. Will didn't know where they were going, but anywhere was better than this stuffy and dusty building. 


On the way out, Will caught glimpses of the conversation between a blond man and an officer.


"Better or worse?" The blond man asked.


"Neither. He's retaining information for a very limited period of time. Less than usual today." The officer replied. 


Will wonders who they were talking about.


"When should I bring him for another session?" The blond man said.


Their voices were getting quieter the farther Will and the pink haired person went. 


"I recommend the latest would be next Tuesday. You could come back this Thursday though which may be best. We want him to get better, not his condition to stabilize and stay like this." The officer replied. 


Will didn't hear what the blond man said back before him and the pink haired person were outside. 


Will got in the persons car in the passenger side while the pink haired person sat in the drivers seat. The blond man from earlier walked towards the car and got in the back seat.


It was then that Will realized he didn't know their names.


"What's your names?" Will asked. 


"I'm Techno." The pink haired person said.


"I'm Phil." The blond in the backseat said. 


Will nodded at the information.


"I'm Wilbur Craft." Will introduced himself with a smile.


"Okay Wilbur mate." Phil said, smiling back. That made Will happy.


The silence stretched for a few minutes while Techno started driving. When they started approaching a pharmacy, Will looked around confused. 


"What were we doing again?" Will asked. 


"Just having a conversation." Techno replied, putting the car in park while the blond man in the back got out. 


"Oh okay." Will said, leaning his head against the window.


The blond man came back around 10 minutes later and the pink haired person pulled out of the parking lot and started driving. To where, Will didn't know. 


His mind felt foggy, though it was a familiar feeling. Something Will knew and found comfort in. 


He didn't know these people in the car with him, or where they were going. He did know that the fogginess was a norm. 


Something consistent while new things and people showed up around him constantly without warning. 


He appreciated the fogginess. It comforted him when he didn't even know his own name.

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The next time he was aware of what was going on he was at a table.

A dark oak wood dining table with a plate of toast on it in front of him, a glass or orange juice off to the right hand side.

It was around lunch hour, maybe even sooner. The sun was still leaking in through the window and splashed the interior with bright golden sunlight.

He looked around confused, what was this?

While he processed his surroundings (which he seemed a house by all the furniture), he caught the eyes of two people. An older man, around 40 maybe with blonde hair and a striped bucket hat. The other, younger around early 20's maybe, with a long pink braid and gold rimmed glasses.

Seemingly sensing his immediate confusion, the blond man moved to speak.

"Hey mate, we're going to have a conversation alright?" The blond man said.

He nodded, an instinctive response while his brown hair flopped in his vision range when he did that. That phrase, it was familiar. A sense of nostalgia was laced in the words.

"I'm Phil, and that's Techno. Can you tell us your name?" The blond man, or Phil said.

"William Gold." Will replied quickly. It was only polite to tell them his name as well. 

"Okay," the one called Techno responded, 

The other two glanced at each other and Will watched their wordless interaction with confusion etched onto his facial features.

"Do I know you two?" Will asked after a moment too long of the ever elongating silence that swept over the dining room table.

Another awkward pause happened as the two looked at Wilbur almost sadly. 

"Ya, uh we're your family. I'm your twin and uh Phil is our dad." The pink haired person said, Techno, Will recalled.

"Oh okay." Will replied.

"Do you remember us?" Phil said.

"Yes." Will said.

"I mean no, why did I lie?" Will's eyes flickered from Techno to Phil over and over again.

"I don't know. Why did you lie?" Phil asked gently.

"I didn't lie." Will said. He wouldn't lie, lying is bad.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I mean no. Maybe?" Will didn't know what was happening.

"Can you answer the question?" Techno said.

"What question?" They didn't ask any questions, what was there to answer?

"The one we just asked you."

"You didn't ask me anything." Will was confident in that. He knew that this was true (did he?).

Neither responded.

"Why am I here?" Will asked.

"You live here." Phil said.

"Oh, I do?" 

"Yes." Techno confirmed.

Silence enveloped the room once again, and this time Will wouldn't disrupt the silence. It was peaceful, and the brunet had a feeling there was information being hidden from him. If it came down to it, Will would ask. However that wasn't necessary as one of them decided to start speaking to him again.

"Okay. Do you remember your family?" Techno asked. Will shook his head no. He didn't have any memories of family. Besides for a girl with red hair and a blue dress.

"We're your family." Phil said.

Will took a moment to process the information before nodding. Vague glimpses of short memories that contained fragments of baking cookies and playing with wooden swords flashed through Wills mind, but vanished as quickly as they came.

No, Will thought. He wanted to remember that, he wanted to know who these people were. A headache formed in his head the more he tried to bring those memories back.

The brunet winced and hit his head with the palm of his hand. He just wanted this stupid headache to go away.

He hit his head again, this time closing his eyes to block out the much too bright room.

Why wasn't the memory coming back?

He hit his head one more time.

Someone grabbed his wrists. Will opened his eyes, confusion etched on every aspect of his face. His head tilted slightly to the side while he looked up in wonder at the pink haired person who was preventing any movement in his arms.

"Where are you?" the pink haired person asked. Will glanced around.

"A house." He replied confidently.

"Who's house?" Techno's grip on his wrists didn't loosen. Will shifted in his chair slightly, his middle finger and thumb tapping against each other. A nervous tic, Will assumed.

"I uh, I don't know." Will said.

"What room are you in?" Techno asked.

"Kitchen? No there's no stove then it must be the living room. What's in the living room?" Will asked, looking at Techno.

"I don't know. What's in the living room Will?" Techno asked him. Will shook his head, he didn't know.

"Is there something in the living room I should know of?" Will tilted his head.

"You tell us."

"What was the question again?" Will said after a moment.

"There was no question."

"Oh. Okay." Will nodded gently.

Neither of the other two people responded to him. Techno glanced at the other one, Phil, Will thinks his name was, who had started pacing.

"Stop that." Will said when he caught sight of the blonds pacing.

Phil stopped pacing, looking to where Techno and Will were before nodding.

The next bit is fuzzy, Will doesn't feel like he's all there. Voices are muffled and actions are blurry and Will doesn't remember what's going on. His headache was coming back so he closed his eyes again. That seemed to help last time (when was last time?).

Something started playing in Will's mind. He was in a car, no a train. There was a blond boy sitting across from him. Around 17 maybe? The boy was saying something before he moved to be sitting next too Will. Will said something in return, and the blond boy rested his head on Will's shoulder.

The next part was blurry. In the memory, Will hears screams and a crashing sound. Him and the boy's body slammed forward. The train must have hit something. There was a ringing in Will's ears, he wanted to wake up, he wanted out of this memory.

Will looked to the side. The boy was bleeding from his head. Will shouted something, something he couldn't hear himself. He just knew he had to save this boy.

The boy's chest was falling with irregular breathing patterns. Will presses his hand to the bleeding on his head and puts his other hand on the boys neck to feel his heart beat.

It was getting slower.

It was still there though.

But it was slowing too much. It was slowing too fast and Will couldn't stop it.

He had to stop it somehow, he had tp save this boy no matter what. He had to protect him he had to save-

"Tommy!" Will's eyes snapped open.

There were two people in front of him. One with pink hair, another with blond. The pink haired person was holding his wrists. Will tugged to get them free, but the person's grip only tightened.

"Mate, you gotta breath with us." The blond said.

Will noticed his breathing was faster then usual but that didn't matter.

"I- I have to protect Tommy. Where's Tommy? I need to see Tommy." Will said as he looked between the two.

Why didn't they understand he had to save Tommy?

"Why do you need, Tommy?" The pinkette asked. If Will noticed the pause before they said Tommy, he didn't mention it.

"Because! Tommy- he was, Tommy was bleeding. His, his heartbeat was slowing and I have to protect him it's my job-!" Will abruptly ended his phrase to take a gasp of much needed air.

"Mate, breath with me. In and hold, now out." The blond said. Will nodded quickly, following the mans breathing.

It took too long for him to have a steady breath.

"I'm Phil, this is Techno, can you tell us your name?" The blond said.

Will looked confused, names didn't matter right now. He had to help that boy, he had to help- what was the kids name again?

"I'm, uh I'm Wilbur. Ya I'm Wilbur.' Will nodded in confirmation at his own statement.

"Do you want to go to Tommy's room?" Phil asked.

"Is Tommy there?" Will asked. The other two glanced at each other than back at Will.

"No, he's uh somewhere else right now." Techno replied.

"Can I see him?"


Will frowned. He wanted to see Tommy.

Why wouldn't they let him see Tommy? Wills job was to protect Tommy (from what?). Will needed to make sure he was okay (why?).

"bur- Wilbur!" Will snapped his head up. Someone was yelling, he didn't like yelling.

His vision was blurred. Will couldn't see. He tried to speak but his mouth refused to move. Something fell down his face and it hurt. His hearing was underwater, everything was muffled.

"Ghostbur state. Should pass out and then be back to normal after it passes." Someone said.

After what passes? What's a Ghostbur state? What was happening?

Will was confused, he seemed to always feel confused now. His mind was blank otherwise, he tried to picture who the people were that were talking and nothing showed up. He didn't know these people.

He wanted it to stop. The people were loud and he wanted the fog in his clouded mind to lift so he could just make one coherent sentence to let people know that he was there, and that he needed someone. He didn't know who, but he needed someone or something to pull his mind out of the blank space it was slowly being forced into.

Why was his vision getting darker?

Was the word titling, or was he falling?


Chapter Text

TW: slight derealization?

Mentions of doctors

Minor gaslighting / manipulation 




The air was a bit musty, Will noticed. His vision and head cleared like a curtain of fog was lifted. 


The walls were all grey, save for a light red and black square painting that hung at eye level directing across from him. The room felt stuffy, even though there was barely anything in it. 


Someone was there too, sitting across the table from him. Will couldn't see their face, but they had a name tag. Will couldn't see it all from this far, but he made out the letters "dr." And the number "36." 


"What's your name?" Was the first question. 


Straight forward and polite, Will didn't mind dr 36. 


"Will Craft." Will responded. 


"Who are your friends?" Dr. 36 said. 


Will wondered why this question was important, but answered anyways. Doctors only asked important questions after all. Perhaps this was small talk? 


"Eret, Niki, Schlatt, and Fundy." 


"Can you tell me about Eret?" 36 asked, flipping a page in their notebook which Will just realized they had. 


"Who's Eret?" 


"Your friend." 36 replied.


Will knew Eret now. Eret was his best friend. 


"Oh ya. Eret is nice. She's very supportive of everyone." Will smiled fondly.


"Has he done anything to hurt you?" 


"They betrayed me in L'Manberg." Will frowned. He didn't like Eret after that.


"What's L'manberg?" Dr. 36 shot back. 




"What is L'Manberg?" 36 repeated. 


"I don't know." Where was 36 getting these questions from? 


"Tell me about Niki." 


"Niki is kinda mean. She smokes." Will didn't like mean people. 


"That's Schlatt." 36 said, looking right at him, but Will still couldn't see his face. 


"Oh, sorry. Niki bakes. How do you know about Schlatt?" Will asked. 


"You told me last time you were here." 36 stated the obvious. 


"Isn't this the first time I've been here?" His eyebrows knitted together in concentration.




"Where is here?" Will asked. 


"None of your concern." 


"Okay." He nodded. 


Silence settled while 36 wrote in their notebook. 


"Do you remember the question?" 36 broke the silence. 


"No." Will said honestly.


Will felt a sharp pang in his head. Wincing, he brought his left hand up to rub the spot gently, hoping to ease the headache and reduce it to nothing. 


"Can you tell me your name?"


"Wilbur Soot."


"Is Tommy your brother?" The person across from Will asked. 


"Yes he's my little brother. We're both adopted though." Will remembers the day they were all adopted very clearly.


Techno being fostered by Phil just before Will was, though Techno said Phil had been looking for Will since Techno mentioned that he had a brother. Then Tommy came into their life 2 years later when Tommy was only just barely three years old.


"What does Techno look like?" The person asked.


Will titled his head to try and see the persons face, but no matter what angle their face stayed hidden. 


He didn't know who this person was, but the question seemed harmless. 


"He's part piglin. He has a big floppy ears and always has a braid in." Will had flashes of memories of a ravine and a farm. Swords clashing while ash sprinkled the air and ground. 


"So he's a pig?" Will was snapped out of his daze by the other person. Their badge had a number 36 on it. 


"Who's a pig?" Will asked. He missed part of the question when he zoned out. 


"Techno." 36 tapped a pen to the edge of a notebook. 


"Who?" Will cracked his knuckles under the table. This person made him anxious, it felt like an interrogation. 


"Your twin." 36 supplied. 


"Technoblade is my twin!" Will smiled. 


"I know."


Now Will was severely confused. 


"Oh. How did you know that?"


"You told me." 36 said in a monotone voice. 


The monotone wasn't comforting or funny for bits like Techno's was, this voice just felt like nothing. 


"No I didn't." Will shook his head.


"Yes, last time you were here you told me."


"I've never been here before." 


"Yes you have." 36 argued. 


"I've only just met you." Will crossed his arms, tapping his index finger to his sweater and bouncing his leg gently. He knows he right, why is this person so insistent on lying? 


"We've known each other for a while." 36 scribbled something in the notebook. Will tried to peer over the top, but the notebook was promptly shut at that.


Even though he couldn't he 36's face, he could tell 36 was glaring at him.


"What's your name?" Will tried to change the topic. 


"None of your concern." 


"It is." He leaned forward in his chair, challenging 36 to tell him otherwise. 


36 sighed, in disappointed or annoyance. Will didn't know which would be worse. 


"No it's not." 


"Oh, okay." He sighed leaning back to a more comfortable position.


Then, nothing happened. No scribbling in notebooks and no tick of a clock (Will just realized there was no clock in here). There was just the soft beating of his heart proven this was all real, and the faint exhale of his breath. 


"How are your grades?" 36 finally asked. 


Will wished they wouldn't. He never particularly liked school. There was stress and many blurred faces in his memory of people he never bothered to speak to. 


"They're fine. Average." Will shrugged, hoping to move on.


"Your math grade?" 36 tapped the pen to the notebook twice. 


"I don't know. 79? 80? I don't remember." Will rushed. He was stressed, why did these questions matter? Why did grades matter anymore? He passed high school already (did he? He doesn't remember graduation, it's all foggy after the middle of his last year). 


"You have to remember." 36 pressed


"Remember what?" 


"Nothing. What's your music grade?" 


This question was good, Will liked music. He has fond memories of playing guitars, pianos, and any other instrument he could get his hands on in the music room. 


"Oh that's higher. 97 I think. I'm good at that." Will smiled, his muscles untensing and shoulders relaxing from the previous stress. 


"Do you like music?"


"Ya, a lot." That was an understatement in Will's opinion.


"Favourite instrument?"


"Guitar." He replied gleefully. Though he did enjoy fooling around on the drums, he wasn't good at them. There was someone else who was a really good drummer, Will thinks their name was-


What was he thinking about again? 


"Did you hear me?" 


Will was snapped out of his thoughts by someone across from him. He couldn't see their face, but they had a name tag with numbers on it. 36.


"Yes I did. I mean no, sorry." Will replied.


He backed his chair up a bit from the table. He didn't trust the other person.


"Why did you lie?" 36 asked.


Will frowned, thinking of not telling 36 anything but deeming this information not important.


"I don't know." Will sighed sadly. 


Will got a simple hum in reply, quickly followed by the scratching of pen on paper. 


Did 36 always have a notebook? Will hadn't noticed it before now. 


It was a fairly plain book. Simple, leather, and a creamy coloured paper from what Will could see. Nothing that would stand out. Yet in this bare grey room, that notebook was a blast of colour.


The dark blue ink looked almost black in the bright centre lighting. Will didn't really like the colour blue, he didn't know why but he just hated it, yet this was okay. It was a lighter blue he hated, perhaps royal blue? 


What about the colour blue? 


Will lost his train of thought. His headache was back.


"Have some blue!" "Oh, do you need blue?" "Friend is blue!" 


Will was ever so confused. He tried pulling back the glimpses of memories, but they fogged back over to make his mind hazy once again.


A finger snapped in front of his face. 


Will jerked his head up to see someone sitting across from him. Their face was hidden by shadows, but Will saw that they had a badge on their coat.




That was a strange name, but Will wouldn't judge. 


Something about 36 seemed familiar though. This situation has a sense of nostalgia to it. Will's eyes scanned the room, overall it was very plain and boring.


The room was a square. The walls a light grey, and the table a dark mahogany maybe. The chair he was sitting on was plastic and white. There were a few paintings behind the other person, but Will didn't care about those. 


This room was familiar, but he couldn't place where he had known it from. 


He hit his head once to try and make a memory come back. Before he could do it again his hand was then being held against the table by the other person.


36 had a strong grip and Will's struggling did nothing to loosen it. 


He glared in front of him. Honestly he didn't like this 36 very much.


"Let go of my hand." Will said, still trying to see his wrist.


36 shook their head.


"Let me go. I want to be let go." Will said more forcefully.


"You'll hurt yourself." 


"Fuck off you don't even know me." Will replied. All he wanted was to remember. Why didn't 36 understand.


"I do know you." 


Will stopped struggling for a moment. 


"No you don't. I've never met you." Will finally forced out. 


The words felt wrong in his mouth, but he was sure he would remember someone like 36.


"Yes you have. I'm your therapist." 


"Why would I need a therapist?" Will questioned. 


He knew 36 was lying. He just had to get 36 to admit it by asking questions. Just by having a simple conversation.


"Because of your memory." 36 said.


"What's wrong with my memory?" Will asked


"You forget things."


"No I don't." He shook his head.


"What's your name?" 36 asked. Will thought they asked stupid questions. 


"William Gold."


"Is Sally your wife?" 


"Yes. And Fundy is my son." He nodded.


"Who's your father?" 


Will wasn't expecting that.


"I, uh. Umm." He thought about it, no name or face came to mind. 


"Who is your twin?" 


Did Will have a twin? 


"I don't-" he started but was promptly cut off.


"What happened to your little brother?" 


That question, Will didn't like that.


"I cant-" he tried to say. 


"Whats you thoughts on trains?" 36 kept going. 


"I don't like them." Will knew this question. He hated trains. 


"Why don't you like them?" 


"I cant remember." Will frowned. Why didn't he remember? 


"Why cant you remember?" 36 voiced his thought out loud. 


"I don't know!" Will yelled clutching his head. His fingers grasped his hair and he could vaguely feel something streaming down his cheeks. 


His head was pounding and all he wanted to do was go home (wherever that was).


"I want to leave." He sobbed. 


There was no reply, but the silence was enough.


36 didn't care. All they did was write something down in a notebook before staring at Will.


Silence passed over the two as Will's sobs quickly stopped. 


As soon as they did, 36 stood up and opened the door behind Will's chair and left the room.


Should he follow 36? Or does he stay?


He didn't need to make a decision as a blond man walked in the room. A name popped into Will's head, and he prayed it was right.


"Phil?" Will questioned.


The blond man nodded with a sad smile and walked closer to Will.


Phil gently grabbed Will's hands and pushed them down out of his hair. Will just stared at Phil, trying to find any memories other than the mans name.


"I can't remember you." Will said in realization. Phil whipped the tears from Will's cheeks with a small smile.


"It's not your fault mate." Phil comforted, but Will heard his voice crack when Phil said that.


Will shook his head as sobs racked his body.


"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I want to remember I do but I can't and I'm sorry." Will managed out.


Phil's eyes prickled with tears as he saw Will just break. The blond man wrapped his arms around the younger and hugged him until the others sobs finally quieted down to quiet hiccups.


"Let's go home mate." Phil said as he helped Will stand up.


Will leaned on him the whole way to a car. Will didn't pay attention to the words passed between Phil and a pink haired person.


The last thing Will remembers is a seat belt being done up, and a blanket being tossed over him before his eyes closed and sleep consumed him.

Chapter Text

"Phil, why cant I remember what happened?"

"I don't know mate. Doctors are looking into it."

"I want to remember."

"I know."

"I really want to remember."

"Some things are better left forgotten. Might be for the best."

"Ya, maybe."

How he would come to regret saying that later.




When his eyes opened, they were instantly flooded with golden sunlight. He squinted his eyes, looking to the side where a clock resided to check the time.




He closed his eyes again. It was too early to be up. The sounds of birds chirping filled his ears and the sunlight was just too bright to go back to sleep.


A knock sounded on his door and he frowned, rolling over to face the door on his bed.


"Come in?" He said after a moment. Confusion and sleep were clouding his mind, and when a person with pink hair and glasses walked in, panic replaced any other emotions.


"Where am I?" Will voiced his thought out loud. Immediately regretting his decision, he covered his mouth hoping that somehow he could take the words back.


The person didn't seem to mind his question as they walked closer to sit in the edge of the bed.


"What's your name?"


"William Gold."


Will tucked his legs closer to himself and adjusted his position till he was sitting upright and able to look at the pinkette across from him. This room wasn't familiar, it wasn't the house he shared with his son. It wasn't the bedroom he used to share with Sally.


"Where am I?" Will repeated taking a glance around the room.


"A bedroom."


Will narrowed his eyes at the bluntness.


"Fucking obviously. I mean where is this bedroom" Will rolled his eyes.


Logically, he knew this stranger could be some axe murderer or a kidnapper but he wasn't worried.


Shit they could be kidnapping me, Will realized. Perhaps he was a bit worried after that paranoid thought.


The stranger seemed to sense his oncoming panic and quickly replied.


"You're in your dads house. Well I guess it's your house too." The stranger said.


Will noticed how they tried to keep their voice soft and comforting, even though they were obviously anxious.


"Oh." Will didn't know how to take that information. He racked his mind for any memories of this room, or of his dad. Nothing came to mind.


A sharp headache broke his concentration.


"Then who are you?" Will asked.


"I'm Techno, your sibling." The stranger- Techno said.


Will nodded.


His mind was numb, trying to process information that wasn't shocking, but seemed new yet familiar to him. He limbs were tingly, and he vaguely registered Techno speaking. The words sounded muffled, like he was under water.


He didn't like being under water very much. He couldn't remember why.


"What's your name?" The water broke and Will could hear again clearly.


"Will Craft." He replied. Looking up to see who was speaking, he tried to figure out the name of the pink haired person was.


"You sound like my twin Technoblade. He's got brown hair though, like mine." Will realized.


"I, uh I am your twin. I use they/them though." Techno replied.


"Oh shit that's my mistake. Uh, did you dye your hair recently? Pink suits you." Will felt guilty, he should have asked the stranger- no his siblings pronouns first.

"A couple years ago actually."


Oh. Will thought for a minute, trying to remember the switch between brown and pink hair.


"I don't remember that." He frowned. As far as he remembered, Techno never had anything but brown hair.


"Well, I first did it in 10th grade." Techno started.


They went on and told Will the story of how they decided to dye their hair pink. Normally, Will didn't think of himself to listen to pointless stories that didn't have any climax or plot. Yet, he found himself invested.


He wanted to know every detail so he could remember it forever.




"And what does that earring mean?" Will asked enthusiastically.


Techno has been telling him stories about their life. From school friends, why they did a braid in their hair at all times. Now, Will had discovered that all of Technos earrings meant something personal to them. The brunet was determined to memorize what each meant now (which Techno said would be impossible for him, but Will just assumed because there was quite a lot of piercings).


"Which one?" Techno asked. Will pointed at a simple red and white swirled heart stud on Technos ear left ear.


"The red one!" He specified enthusiastically.


The mood of the room dropped.


"Oh um, that one was for someone who was family to me."


"Were they my family too?" Will asked.


"Yeah." Techno smiled sadly.


Why were they sad? Family is good, from what Will knew.


"Oh, where are they?" Will wanted to know more. He wanted every detail.


"Somewhere far away. We won't be seeing him for a while." Techno reached a hand out to pat Will on the shoulder.


"Why not?" Will leaned away from the hand and Techno quickly withdrew it.


"Because, he's not exactly somewhere we can go."


"Where is he then? We can figure out a way!"


"No we can't." Technos responses lacked room for disagreement, but who was Will to listen to his sibling ever?


"We can though!" Will crossed his arms.




"Why not?" Will really didn't like raised voices, but he needed to prove his point. He needed answers.


"Because's he's dead!"


The room went silent.




He didn't feel very good.


His head was fuzzy and his limbs were all tingly and heavy. He blinked, trying to clear his vision and make the ringing in his ears decrease. Reaching a hand up to rub his temples did nothing to ease the strange feeling.


His movements felt sluggish and delayed and he just wanted it to stop. He wanted to panic, he wanted to scream or cry or anything but this numbness that settled into his brain and body.


Standing up was a difficulty but he managed. Walking across the hard wood floor, he expected it to be cold. He knew it was cold, he could feel it, and at the same time he couldn't.


Where was he waking to again?




He heard a muffled voice. Turning to face the general direction it came from, he tried to clear his blurry eye sight by blinking more. That was proven to not help once again.


"Who?" Will wanted to ask more. Finish his question he wanted to say who is that but the other words wouldn't come out.


"You're name is Will." The voice replied.


He didn't respond.


He walked back to where the bed was and sat on it. He wanted to go to sleep, he didn't know who this Will was or what was going on.


"Your name is Will." The voice said firmly.


Didn't the voice just say that?


"Mate, I'm Phil, your dad."


Why did the voice keep speaking?


"You're my son, Will. You have a twin named Techno."


He wanted the voice to shut up so he could sleep.


"You're in your bedroom. Your sheets are dark blue swirled with lighter blues."


The voice was strangely comforting.


"Your guitar is in the left corner of the room."


His eyes started to close as he laid back.


"Its night time, about 9:30pm."


That meant it was time to sleep right? That it was okay to sleep?


"You're safe here."


He didn't hear anything after that. If the voice continued speaking, he couldn't hear it.




"I couldn't tell if it was his Ghostbur state. He didn't remember anything, barely responsive." Phil spoke.


"I'm sorry."


"It's not your fault Techno." Phil shook his head.


"I mentioned his death." Techno replied.


"You didn't know this would happen again."


"Maybe. But this could have set his progress back. He was finally remembering more." Techno leaned against the wall.


"He'll work though it, just like he has been."


"Has he thought? Is any of this working? Because I can't tell anymore." They said harshly. Phil looked taken aback by the short outburst but recovered quickly.


"It is. It may not be obvious but there's signs." He replied softly.


"Care to tell those signs wise one?"


"He's familiar with us. He accepts we're his family sooner. Remember when he would freak when he didn't know who we were? That doesn't happen anymore." Phil looked content at the thought.


"I guess." They shrugged in reply.


"You know I'm right." Phil said with a pointed look.


"Maybe you are. I still think we should look at that as a backup plan though."


"No." Phil replied.


"I know you don't want to, but if worst comes to worst-"


"It won't." Phil interrupted.


"And if it does?"


"Then we will figure something out then." Phil walked away to the kitchen and Techno followed.


"I'm just saying this could benefit Will. It could help him get better." Techno said pulling up the website on their phone.


"Do you think any place called 'Wonderland House' is a suitable place for anyone?" Phil turned to face Techno.


"It seems they have good doctors. And names can't tell you everything. Never judge a book by its cover and all that." Techno rolled their eyes.


"A book is a book. This is a hospital that will take my son and your brother away for who knows how long?" Phil massaged his forehead. He had this argument one too many times now.


"Just think about it. At least look at their website." Techno compromised.


Phil nodded and walked away, and this time Techno didn't follow.


Chapter Text

"He looks so peaceful." Techno remarked. 


"He looks like that a lot of the time, not knowing what's going on and all that." Phil gestured his hand around vaguely. 


"This is different. The memories still weigh on him during the day even if he can't remember. Like this though, he's not stressed. He's okay." 


"You should be an author." Phil commented. 


"I am." They deadpanned. 


"Oh ya, forgot about that." 


"How ironic." Techno replied. 


Phil winced.


"Too soon?" Techno asked cringing slightly. 


"Yeah, maybe." 







As soon as he opened his eyes a headache formed. 


Wincing, he covered his eyes with his hand to block out the sunlight. 


"Will? You there?" 


He covered his ears. The noise was too loud right now. 


"Too loud." He mumbled.


No one spoke for a while, leaving Will thanking the others mentally in his head. 


When he next opened his eyes, the sunlight wasn't a surprise. He squinted at first, gently letting the light leak into his tired eyes.


The room he was in was very homey, ig Will had to describe it. Warm colours and dark browns were used, the sunlight a golden honey colour and Will believes this scene could be a painting.


Perhaps even the moment could be a painting. There was a plate of biscuits on the monogamy table and cute tea cups were filled with dark tea. There was a person with pink hair taking a sip from their cup, while a blonde man was putting a sugar in his cup.


It was so domestic. Will imagined this would be in a book while an author would describe the simple scene with a thousand words. A happy time, and if it were a painting it would be frozen in time while future people gazed upon it wishing for a life as joyful and peaceful as this moment.


"Will? You there?" 


The moment was broken. 


"Ya, I'm here." He said with a quick nod, as if to reassure himself that he was present in the moment.


"Do you remember what we were talking about?" The blonde man asked.


"We were talking?" Will looked at the two people, confusion clear in his eyes.


"It's okay if you don't remember. Let's start over, I'm Phil and that's Techno. Can you tell us your name?" Phil ended with a gentle smile. If Will were to describe it, he would say it looked familiar and that Phil had a fatherly presence to him. 


"I'm Will Craft." He answered. The names sounded familiar, but the people looked so different.


"You're my family right?" He blurted out suddenly.


"Ya mate, we are." Phil reassured.


"Why are you older than what I remember?" 


"We've aged, just like you." Techno replied, setting their cup of tea down.


"How old am I?" 


"You're 24." 


"What?" Will felt like he should be feeling some emotion, perhaps desperation, hurt, sadness. He just felt empty, confusion maybe being the closest thing to an emotion he had right now. 


Was confusion an emotion? Will couldn't remember, and he didn't particularly want to think to hard about it.


"Can you tell us something you remember?" Phil asked in a soft voice.


If Will hadn't had a vague idea of who Phil was, he might have thought it was condescending. 


"Sorry, can you repeat?" Will asked sheepishly. Though Phil and Techno didn't look annoyed, Will noticed thankfully.


"We asked if you could tell us something you remember about this place or about us." Techno spoke up.


Will nodded then thought for a moment. What did he remember?


"You're my twin. Uh, Phil adopted me when I was 12, then you when you were 13. Then the year after that something happened. Something important." Will winced as a headache came on. 


The memory was right on the tip of his tongue. It was important. 


"I cant remember what happened. It was something about family but I can't figure out what!" He slammed his hands on the table in frustration. 


"Hey hey, it's okay mate." Phil's voiced cut through the thoughts swirling in Wills head. 


The brunet shook his head.


"It's not okay I can't remember when Tommy was adopted!" He cried out. 


Oh wait. He remembered. 


"You remembered, I'm proud of you Will." Phil's smile seemed so genuine. Will offered a small smile back.


"I'm tired." He didn't know if he meant physically or mentally. Probable the latter. 


"Go back to sleep, we'll be here when you want to talk again." 


Will nodded in response, his feet moving him towards the stair case where he thought his room was. He did so mindlessly, his body having memorized the path from years he's lived in this house no matter how many he couldn't remember. 


Glimpses of memories came to him while he was walking to his childhood room. Instead of trying to pay attention to them he kept moving until his head was on a pillow and he was drifting off to sleep.




"Tommy come back! That's my beanie you bitch!" A younger version of Will yelled.


"NO CHANCE ITS MINE NOW FUCKER!" The blonde 14 year old screamed back. Tommy put a hand on his head to keep the beanie on. 


The two continued their chase around the house, neither one wanting to give up. One because he really wanted his beanie, and the other because he loved to mess with his family.


When Tommy looked back to see if Wilbur was still chasing him he ran into something. More specifically someone.


Techno stood unfazed while Tommy fell to the ground, a nervous smile on his face.


"Ayeee Big T! The blade! How are you doing this fine afternoon? Hey I have an idea! Hide home from Wilbur please! He's mean." Tommy pulled out the puppy dog eyes at the end. 


He could hear Wilbur's footsteps approaching and needed Techno to hide him. 


"Please right now I hear him coming!" Tommy said panicked. 


"Hmm, let me think about it." Techno replied.


Tommy looked up hopefully.


"No." Techno smirked. 


Tommy squawked back and let out a string of false angry cuss words. In his rage he didn't notice Will was there until the beanie was snatched off his head and he was being hugged from behind with no chance of escape.


"NO TECHNO HELP ME!" Tommy screeched trying to escape his older brothers hold. 


"You're on your own child." They said before ruffling Tommy's hair and then walking away.


Tommy screeched again and thrashed in the hug. Wilbur didn't let go, only hugging the younger tighter.


"Nope, you stole my beanie and this is your punishment." 


Tommy seethed, he could hear the smile in Wilbur's voice.


"How long will this go on?" The younger whined. Wilbur chuckled and ruffled his hair.


"The whole day!" He exclaimed gleefully. 


That did not make Tommy's heart swell. Not at all. 


"You're so fucking clingy." Tommy finally stopped his struggling and accepted his fate. 


"Mhm." Wilbur said.




When Will woke up he wasn't holding anyone. There was no younger person in his arms, there was no loving hug.


He was strangely cold without the others embrace. How could that be? It was a dream after all.


Will shook his head, he didn't want another headache by trying to remember unimportant things like a dream.


Still, he longed for the person in the dream. The sense of familiarity he felt when he imagined that boy with blonde hair and bright blue eyes and the mouth of a sailor. 


Something oranges in his chest, it felt like guilt or sadness. Why? It wasn't like he knew this dream person.




The name felt familiar on his tongue. Like he's said it so many times before. 


"I miss Tommy."


That phrase shot a feeling of deja vu through him. When had he said that before? 


"Who's Tommy?" 


That question felt wrong. It burned his tongue, coating his throat with chalk.




It felt so right. The name was filled with sweet memories that Will couldn't quite grasp at. Just out of reach, within his hold and Will was so close he could grab them and then they went away again. Only the honey sweet memories remained, strangely with a bitter aftertaste. 


Will didn't know memories could taste.


What went from sugar and tooth rotting sweet memories became the feeling of mourning and loss. Desperation and heartbreak.


Will didn't like that feeling. Why did Tommy's name feel like that? Why were there so many emotions packed into a two syllable word? 


"I hate not being able to remember," he mumbled to himself.


It was frustrating, things he should know and he just didn't. When someone said something he had to think "did he know that person?" And try to piece something together so he wasn't so confused.


Why wasn't anything helping? Phil said it was getting better because now he could at the very least remember that he couldn't remember (that was a confusing phrase Phil had said). 


It didn't feel like he was getting better. 

Chapter Text

"Can I go yet?"


"We aren't done our conversation."


Will frowned. He was tired, the lights were too bright and he just wanted to go home (wherever that was).


"I don't care." He said while tapping his finger on his knee.


36 frowned from what Will could tell.


"I heard you've been remembering things more consistently?" 36 trailed off at the end sending a question glance at him.


"I think." Will replied impatiently.


"Just a few more questions okay?" 36 asked but Will knew he didn't have an option.


"Do you associate trains with bad or good thoughts?" That was a weird question, how would Will even answer that?




Oh, he had answered without a thought.


"Why is it bad?" 36 pressed on.


"I don't know," honestly was clear in his voice.


"Try and remember."


"It doesn't work like that," Will told 36.


"It could," 36 leaned back in their chair.


Will shook his head silently and didn't voice the insults and cuss words he wanted to say to 36.


"Just one last question, do you remember anyone named..." 36 voice got quieter as the sentence went on. Like he was going underwater and while 36 was above.


Will looked at them with wonder. 36 was moving their mouth, forming words still. Yet all was quiet.


The gently humming of the lights were no longer present and when Will cautiously tapped his foot on the ground it made no noise.


His limbs started feeling heaving at first, his brain being hit with a fog that made everything hazy.


He wanted to feel panicked, he wanted to scream or cry just do something other than sit there. Yet his body was consumed with tiredness and he couldn't do anything.


This feeling was familiar, though not in a nostalgic way. Instead in a way that he knew what was going to happen but he didn't like it. Soon his memories would disappear for the time being and he would just be the shell of a person (wasn't he already?).


Techno and Phil (how did he know them?) called it his Ghostbur state to give it a name. While in the moment of learning of it he had thought it was stupid, it was semi accurate.


He felt like how a ghost would. Not being able to interact with the world, barely existing. An awful fate if he were more aware.


His thoughts began to stutter, his brain stopping the thought before its complete. The memories Will was grasped onto faded as he forget each and every one (they would come back like they always do, Will remembers that from when-).


From when?


He was tired.




"Will? Will? Can you hear me?"


The voice sounded like it was under water, muffled from every direction.


"I don't think he's fully back yet, give him a minute," another voice joined.


Will squinted his eyes trying to make out the blobs of colour and light in front of him. The voices were clearing up, thought it was clear they weren't speaking to him anymore.


He tried to move his arm to rub his eyes but as soon as it lifted it came back down. He didn't feel it hit whatever surface it landed on, it was all fuzzy. His body felt asleep and his mind was struggling not to sleep as well.


"Hey hey, don't try and move yet, focus on hearing us okay?" A pink blob was in front of him now, blocking anything else from entering his limited vision field.


Will vaguely could feel himself nodding. He was suddenly aware of a hand on his shoulder, it was squeezing him a bit. Not in a suffocating way, but it was comforting.


"Deep breaths with me okay? In, and out," the first voice said.


Will blinked slowly and tried to copy the green blobs breathing. It was a struggle, forcing too much air inside his lungs and when he was finally able to release it the green blob would breath in again. It felt so unnatural, yet he did it because he had a gut feeling he should try and please this person. They felt important. Important to him, in a familiar way.


Memories just out of reach.


A step away from him, always one step behind or ahead. Someplace Will could never reach on his own, always needing the aid of others to grasp onto something, anything to remind him of who he was.


Flashes of people, pink, green, and red. Faces blurred together, no distinguishing features. Like manikins at a store, all still and frozen in time. Will tried to cling onto some familiarity, he tried he really did. Yet every time a memory came it slipped out of his grasp and then it was gone.


In every memory these three colours were present. Sad or happy. Angry or stressed. The three were always there.


"Will come back to us."


He was snapped out of his head by the first voice.


Phil. His brain supplied the tidbit of information.


His vision cleared again, instead of coloured blobs it was Phil and Techno. He was at a house, one that invoked nostalgia in every corner of the room.


"Where's the third blob? The red one?" Will looked around for the third, but the third was nowhere to be seen.


"Blob?" Techno questioned. They glanced at Phil but the latter shrugged in reply and waited for further explanation.


"Yes! You were the pink one, and Phil was green, and then there was a red one but he's not here?" Wills talking pace sped up as he desperately scanned the room for the third.


He didn't remember the red blobs name, nor his face, but he knew he was important. He needed the red blob.


"Okay Will, deep breath," Phils hand squeezed his shoulder once to bring him back.


"I need to know where red is!" Will cried out in desperation. He felt tears prickle in his eyes like embers rising from a fire.


"We'll tell you, you need to calm down first," The pink blob, no Techno said from beside him. Their name was Techno. They were a person. Phil was a person. He was a person. Red was a person. Everything was real.


"Please , where is red?" Will said after a moment.


"Me and Tech need to tell you something. You have to stay calm though, okay?" The green blob (no his name is Phil!) said.


Will nodded, he didn't know what was happening, but it has to be serious with the new solemn mood hanging in the air.


"5 months ago, you and red went on a trip. When you were coming back, you took the train and, well the train crashed. There was a malfunction in a stopped train, and yours couldn't stop in time." Phil stopped speaking, taking a deep breath.


His eyes were glossy and Techno gave him a look before continuing themself.


"You both made it to the hospital, but uh, he didn't make it." Techno paused for a brief second.


"The doctors said you had a sever head injury and trauma from the incident. The trauma making you try to forget it ever happened, and the injury affected your overall memories."


That was, a lot.


"I had a little brother." Will breathed.


He stared at Phil, hoping that this would all be some sick and cruel joke. That they would all laugh it off and none of it was true.


"You did." Phil nodded, a sad smile on his face.


"Can you,- Will paused, taking a death breath, "can you tell me more about him please?"


Phil could never say no to the look of desperation in Wills face.


Nodding, Phil decided where to start, "Red was always energetic."


"You two spent hours running around outside, creating fortresses and made up stories with knowledge of politics two kids probably shouldn't know about," Phil laughed to himself and Techno smiled sadly from beside the blond.


"You and Tommy were a good team," Phil's eyes were glossy.


Tommy. A name.


Instead of a red blob in his head a face came to view. Young with blue eyes and a smile that would put the suns shine to shame.


"Tommy," Will breathed out.


It felt so right but so painful. The name was coated in honey, sugar, and everything good in the world but it still sent a stabbing spear into his heart.


He wanted to yell the name out to the world because everyone deserved to see some good in a bad world, but he wanted to curls up in his bed and hug the name to his chest, never to see the darkness of the rest of the world again.


"He's dead, that's why it hurts," Will realized aloud.


"Ya mate," Phil's voice cracked and Will could see Technos shoulders shake from unreleased sobs.


"I'm sorry," he didn't know why he was sorry, but he felt he should be.


Phil just shook his head at him and Will understood.


It's not your fault, was what Phil wanted to say. The words wouldn't come out, he hoped the gesture was enough for Will.


"We've been thinking of something Will," Techno cleared their throat before speaking.


Phil looked at the older twin in surprise and Will looked in wonder.


"There's a place that could help you, better than we can here," Techno looked hesitant as they said this.


"Tech, are you really sure about that idea?" Phil asked.


"What are you both talking about?" Will interrupted the conversation going on without him.


"There's a medical ward that can look after you for a while. Nurses and doctors trained to help brain trauma better than any doctors and therapists can here," Techno said passing him a pamphlet.


The title read Wonderland House.


"Wonderland House?" Will questioned. A strange name for a hospital.


"Weird name, but we did some research and the main doctor does have good training. They could help you get back to normal and then you can come back and everything will be okay again," Techno explained.


He didn't want to go, he didn't want to leave this house (the one with all of his memories of Tommy). But the look on Technos face was so hopeful, his twin wanted him to get better so badly. He had to try, if not for him but for Techno (and tommy).


"Okay, I'll try," Will agreed passing the pamphlet back.


Techno smiled, a true smile not the sad smile he had seen when they were talking about Tommy.


This was for the best.


He had to go away to make things better, to make everything normal.


Chapter Text

"Why did you do it William?" 


Who was that voice? 


"Do what?" He asked, his voice raw (why did his throat hurt?). 


"Why did you kill your family William?" The voice asked. 


Where was the voice coming from?


"I did what?" His voice cracked. 


"What did you do?" The monotone voice asked back.


It wasn't comforting voice like Te- like who? A blur of pink flashed in his mind before disappearing as a headache replaced it. 


"I don't know." Will said honestly. 


"Try and remember for me William. I'm asking nicely," the voice coed at the end, though it sounded mockingly.


"You don't sound very nice," Will frowned and looked around the bare room. 


He was sitting on a plastic chair, it was cracking at the edges and was uncomfortable to be on. The floor was a grey worn concrete, probably old from many years of water damage and no repairs. The walls were also a plain grey, though there was a wide glass window in-front of him. So dirty he couldn't even see a glimpse of his reflection.


A piece of hair tickled the back of his neck and Will went to move it but his wrist was tugged back down by another force. 


He looked down and there was a chain on his wrist connecting to the floor. He tugged again and sure enough he was stuck. Glancing around the room he tugged again. 


Why was he chained? He couldn't move, he couldn't escape. 


"What?" He whispered in horror.


"Don't mind the precautions, it's just a safety measure," the voice reassured.


Will didn't find it comforting. The voice sent a chill up his spine that spread into webs of unease across his core. The sound scratched at his brain like a off tune note, echoing dee inside his mind and he couldn't get it out. 


"Let me go!" His voiced raised in volume as he tugged at his bound wrist again. It was getting scratched and bruised now.


"William, please stay calm or I'll have to resort to a method you won't like," the voice said. It was meant to sound monotone like the rest of its statements, but this one was threatening. 


"My names not William!" Will cried out after letting his bound wrist go limp. 


He was tired, he wanted to go home and sleep.


(Where was his home?)


"Yes it is. You're William, you told me yourself just last week," the voice informed him.


When had he spoken to the voice before?


"I've never spoken to you before now, I would remember if I had," Will said after a moment of thought. 


"You've spoken to me for a month now dear William. If you can't remember then the treatment might not be working, I might have to fix it..." the voice trailed off leaving a chill of fear travel through Will's spin.


"No! It's working it's working, I swear please," Will didn't know why he was saying this. There was just a gut feeling of bad bad bad that he got from this voice. 


"I don't believe youuu," it replied in a sing song voice.


Will tried to reach up and cover his ears but the chains stopped him. 


"Please stop," he whispered. 


His eyesight got glossy and more strings of "I don't believe you" haunted his mind. Why wouldn't the voice stop, how could he make it stop. 


"Lights off Wilbur."


Sleep would be good right now.





"Good morning William!" A cheerful voice sounded in his ear.


Will blinked sluggishly as his mind fought to wake up more.


"Where am I?" He asked tiredly. He brought his arms up to rub his eyes to try and clear his blurry vision.


"Wonderland House, don't you remember?" The voice sounded confused.


"I don't..." 


"That's okay! I'm Dr. David, I'm here to help you," Dr. David said.


Will didn't know where the doctor was, he was alone in this room right now. Plain brick walls covered in little kid drawings of rainbows and stick figures were tapped onto the wall in-front of him. The only furniture was the chair he was sitting on which was a faded blue colour.


"Where is 36? I though they were supposed to help me?" Will got a bitter yet nostalgic feeling from the mention of 36.


Vague memories of sitting on a couch in a plain room while being asked questions flashed through his mind before he came back to reality (though it wasn't much different).


"I've never heard of a 36, I'm the only person trained enough to help you!" Dr. David replied.


"Help me with what?" Will was confused, he just wanted to understand.


"What do you think?" Was Dr. David's response.


Will thought for a moment trying to get even a little understand of what he needed help with. He look over his arms and legs thinking maybe he had an injury. Doctors fix injuries after all.


"I'm not injured though?" Will asked. He glanced at the pictures again while he waited for Dr. David to reply.


"Your body isn't, your mind is," Dr. David said.


One picture had stick figures.


"Oh, I don't understand."


Four stick figures. One was crossed out.


"You'll understand soon enough."


The one crosses out was red.


"Can you explain right now?"


There was a yellow, a green, and a pink one.


"I cant, I'm sorry," Dr. David didn't sound sorry.


"That drawing looks familiar, who drew it?" Will asked pointing to the stick figure drawing. He didn't know what Dr. David could see, but hopefully the Dr would know which he was talking about. 


"Tsk tsk, I ask the questions here. You're the patient after all," Dr. David sounded disappointed and Will frowned.


"Please?" Will didn't think the question was that difficult.


"I told you no. It's rude to go against my wishes," Dr. David snapped.


Will jolted at the increase in volume. He wasn't expecting that response. 


"Please don't yell," Will whispered. 


His eyes were glued to the picture. He hoped staring at it would provide him the answer (or comfort) he was looking for. 


"I'll do as I please. Don't speak back," Dr. David tsked again.


Will shook his head. Dr. David was supposed to be nice, he was nice. The dr wouldn't yell at him. This was a dream, this was just a dream. He would wake up soon and be with his family (who was his family? Did he have a family?).


"This isn't a dream William," a mocking laugh followed the sentence.


"That's not my name," he said to himself.


"Don't mumble. Now what did you say?" Dr. David questioned.


"I said that's not my fucking name!" Will screamed as he stood up.


His hands latched onto his head and he gripped his much to greasy hair in his hands. 


Three steps forward, one to turn around. Three steps, turn around. Three more steps, turn again. Repeat. Repeat repeat and repeat. He felt lightheaded. 


"Do not speak to me like that. We've been over this, if you can't show me basic respect I'll have to add that to your list of problems to fix," the sound of a pen scratching on paper was followed.


"NO!" Will panicked and stumbled in his repeated step. 


"I don't have any problems why is there a list there shouldn't be a list I'm fine!" Will knew his breath was getting shorter but he couldn't stop it.


"There's a very long list, very long indeed. I'm afraid we'll have to keep you here at least another month with this," Dr. David said.


"Let me out! I want to leave! Please let me leave please I can't stay my family will be worried," Will pressed his eyes shut to keep the stressed tears in.


"Oh dear William, your family put you in here."


His vision was spinning, he felt sick. Will gripped his stomach with one hand to ease the pain but his heart and head hurt too.


"Hmm, this reaction proves the treatment isn't working. I'll up your medication," Dr. David said to himself, but Will knew he was intended to hear it.


That's when he noticed the cup of water and too many pills to count on a metal tray off to the side. There were so many, all shapes and colours and more than Will has ever had to take in his life (from what he remembers).


"I won't take anything you give to me!" Will screamed. He tore a picture off the wall, one of a pink stick figure and a bunch of dogs, and ripped it. 


"You'll take it, and if you won't I suppose I could inject it into you, would you prefer that option?" 


"This can't be real," Will sat down on the floor and hugged his knees to his chest.


There were a few tears dripping down across his cheeks but his face felt numb. Everything felt numb.


"It is real, the sooner you accept that the sooner you can start the journey of healing along with me," Dr. David sounded kind.


"I don't want to fight with you William, I just want to help you get better. I'm a kind person, please be kind back," he sounded so sad.


Wills heart tugged inside his chest. Guilt, such an awful feeling. It makes your heart start burning and your stomach churn and all you want to do is apologize for everything. Anything to sooth the awful ache in your chest. Guilt was the worst feeling out of all, it just burned and hurt because you hurt someone else. 


"I'm sorry," Will cried gently. He didn't mean to hurt Dr. David.


"Shhh, you'll make it up to me don't worry, all will be okay," Dr. David replied.


The guilt ate at his heart. 


"How about you go to sleep for a while okay? It's getting late," Dr. David suggested gently.


Will nodded and lied down. The floor was cold but he welcomed it, any feeling except guilt. 


There was no clock or window in the room, but Will was tired so he assumed Dr. David was telling the truth with it being late (why would Dr. David ever lie after all? He was here to help). 


"Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite," Dr. David's voice trailed off as Will felt his eyes close and his mind turn off. 


"Lights off Wilbur," was the last thing he heard. 


Sleep was always a safe option after all.

Chapter Text

The sound of pacing echoed through the house. Wood creaking in specific places when a wooden plank was stepped on, and an old fashioned clock ticking rhythmically on the wall.


"Extended stay? For how long?" Phil asked into the phone.  His words echoed a bit around the tiles of the kitchen. 


Tick tock


"Only one month, the doctor requested it," a receptionist replied 


"Oh that's okay, yeah mhm, just could you charge me on my other card?" And that's where Phil left it. 


Techno watched the conversation happen from the living room, listening to every word. They had just wanted to hear when Phil was going to pick up Will. 


When they saw Phil hang up Techno immediately walked up behind the older with the intent of finding out everything.


"How long?" Techno asked.


Tick tock


Phil jumped as he heard Technos voice. He turned around and was met with the glare of the sun shining directly into his eyes effect obscuring his vision for a moment. With a hiss he cornered his eyes and motioned for Techno to come closer (Phil could hear a young Tommy calling him a vampire). 


"What was the question mate?" Phil asked after rubbing his eyes. Techno gently swatted Phil's hands away from his eyes with a scolding look.


"How long is he there for?" Techno repeated their question.


"Should only be another month," Phil said trying to sooth the worries that he could hear pilling up in Technos head.


"One month?" Techno raised an eyebrow in suspension but Phil could see the effort in trying not to crack their knuckles (a nervous habit Phil was trying to make them stop doing).


"Don't worry, it's just the doctor's recommendation, and he knows better than us," Phil's smiled softened the words a bit but not enough.


Techno felt a cold chill run through them, they wanted Will out of there now. Not in one week, not in one month. Now. 


"Could he come home right now?" Techno tried to not sound eager when they asked. Phil hummed as he thought of a response.


"I didn't ask, I assume we probably could pick him up if we needed to, the receptionist never said it was required," Phil trailed off in thought.


Techno nodded and walked away from Phil. They had a bad feeling about this in their gut but Techno wouldn't voice their concern to Phil. They didn't want to worry the older after all he had been through lately. 


In addition, Wonderland House Technos idea, they couldn't back away from it now that it was to late. They had been told they had a habit of overthinking and being paranoid (which Techno thought was rude, they weren't paranoid they were just cautious). 


Will was probably getting better as Techno overthought this. He was probably getting the help he needed all along and Techno felt awful for even letting the thought of "this isn't good" slip through their mind.


They wanted Will to be better so badly, so why did their instincts scream that Will was in danger?






"What do you mean he isn't there? He was administered four months ago?" Phil asked confused 


It was the day before they were supposed to go and pick Will up. 


"No, there's no record of a Wilbur Watson here," the receptionist replied. Phil couldn't be bothered to remember her name.


"Check again," Phil's statement left no room for negotiation.


He heard typing on the other side of the phone and he held back a "hurry up". Being rude would get him nowhere with this. 


"I don't see him in the system, do you want me to check medical records to be sure he's not at a different hospital?" The receptionist replied.


"Yes please," Phil said. He shot an exasperated look to Techno who was beside him. 


"What's she saying?" Techno whispered. Phil brought his pointer finger to his lips as the receptionist stopped typing and began to speak.


"His file says he's dead," the receptionist told him.


Tick tock


Techno wanted to joke about Phil's 'shocked pikachu face' but the way the mood of the room became somber they decided that a joke wouldn't be the best course of action.


"What do you mean?" Phil laughed politely hoping for a 'oh just kidding hahah'.


"His medical records say he died the same day as his brother, Theseus," She said it all so casually.


"He's not dead ma'am, he is in fact very alive as far as we know," Phil started as Techno held back a gasp, "are you looking at the moon right file? He was sent to Wonderland House four months ago. I spoke to you about his extended stay remember?" He questioned. 


"Are you okay Mr Watson? You've never phoned this hospital before," she said with worry, or perhaps pity. Pity was a better word. Phil took a deep breath to not snap at her. She was treating him like a child.


"I'm fine and he's not dead! We sent him to your hospital," Phil snapped. He tried not to, he really did. 


Techno leaned closer to Phil to try and hear the receptionists reply. 


"Mr. Watson please calm down," she sounded bored.


"I'll calm down when you stop lying to me! My son is alive and is at Wonderland House Hospital where we administered him a few months ago," Phil nearly shouted at the end. He was seething, from anger and panic.


"Mr Watson, there's no hospital called Wonderland House, that doesn't exist," and it was there that Phil's world came to a pause.


"I have to go," Phil hung up and put his phone down. Techno gazed at him in curiosity but chose to stay silent, Phil was shell shocked.


Tick tock


Had I been imagining him this whole time? Phil questioned himself. He sat down on a chair, the wood gently creaking with the newfound weight.


"Have we been playing pretend Techno? Is he gone just like-" Phils sentence was cut off with a sob.


Techno went to reach out to Phil to try and provide comfort but Phil stood up, the chair screeching along the floor. Phil speed walked to Wills room and Techno followed closely behind.


The room looked unused, dust building up on the tops of shelves. The bed made nicely without a single crease to show any usage. There was a band poster with the top corner draping down showing the blue sticky tack on it. A group of action figures were dusty while one was knocked over. 


The blinds had been closed for months and there wasn't a trace of usage in the room anymore. 


It was like Will had never been there at all.


Had he been there?


The room was frozen in time, was Phil frozen too? Was he just stuck in the past trying to imagine that half of his family didn't disappear before his very eyes in a tragic accident?


"Phil, Phil what's wrong?" Techno caught up to him. They put a hand on Phil's shoulder but the older didn't react to the newfound pressure. 


"Was he ever really here Tech?" Phil voiced his thought out loud. 


"He was," Techno said firmly, "Will was here Phil."


Phil shook his head and turned to face his oldest (and perhaps only) child. 


"Phil whatever she said was wrong, we met his therapist remember? We stayed with him in the hospital and you hugged him whenever he remembered Tommy," Technos voice sounded pleading near the end. They were desperate for Phil to believe them.


If no one believed Techno, then were they the liar? Were they creating some imagery happy family- 


No, Techno mentally screamed at themself. If they started questioning this then everything would be worse.


They couldn't spiral like Phil was, they had to set reality straight. 


"Will is alive. Will is at Wonderland House Hospital, whatever the receptionist said is wrong," Techno firmly told Phil. Phil nodded and his tense shoulders relax a smidge more. 


"Yeah, yeah okay. I remember paying the therapy bills, it was real and you lived it to so it is real," Phil nodded afterwards, confirming the statement to Techno and himself. 


"It is," Techno agreed and mentally sighed in relief.


"Why would the receptionist say any of that?" Phil asked more to the universe then to any specific person. 


Why would a receptionist say that? Why would she try and convince Phil of something taht wasn't true (unless it was, the back of his mind whispered). 


"Something is wrong, we have to go get Will," Techno said and Phil nodded in confirmation. 


"I'll get the address," Phil took out his phone. Techno nodded and hesitantly brought their hand off of Phil's shoulder.


"I'll start the car," Techno turned to leave.


"Tech, it's gone," Phil's voice was filled with concern and worry, or both him and Techno or for Will.


"What's gone?" Techno turned back around.


"The Wonderland House website, the doctors information, everything about it is gone," Phil turned the phone towards Techno.


Nothing matches your search, Stood out in bold.


Tick tock


It was all gone.


"We need to find Will, now," Techno pushed the phone back and went to their own room to back a bag.


Techno forced themself to not think of the worse scenario, to not doubt themself.


They couldn't let their mind fall into the rabbit hole.


(Though maybe it already had.)

Chapter Text

Will panted as he ran down the hallway. A light flickered above and his shoes pounded on the tiled floor.


"You can't run forever William!" A voice sang. It echoed off the walls and sounded like it was coming from every direction.


Wills gaze snapped to look around himself, searching for the voice yet finding nothing once again. His forced his eyes to stay on the path ahead of him and pushed up his glasses that had begun to slide down from the sweat on his face.


His running slowed to a light jog. He was getting tired, he was getting slower.


Will pressed a hand against the wall and let it drag with him as he kept moving. He had to keep moving. Slowly his hand on the wall go more weight and soon enough his shoulder was touching it too. His entire body weight was almost leaning on the wall.


"Come back William! I'm getting tired of your games, they're not longer amusing," the voice tried to sound bored, but it was borderline angry. The tone made Will shiver but he had to keep going.


He pushed his left foot forward once more. Just a bit further.


"Stop running, stay here with me."


Will had to keep going. Right foot once more. His legs felt heavy, phantom weights attached to them. Pulling him down, showing him down. Each step more difficult then the last.


His lungs ached for more oxygen. The air felt thick and warm but too thin to breath. Will gasped for breath but his inhale and exhale had turned short and uneven.


"You know you can't escape, it's futile."


Will blinked slowly trying to force the world into focus. He reached a hand to push up his glasses and found they weren't there. Didn't he have them earlier?


"It's pointless."


His head pounded, a headache slowly forming. Will just wanted some water, he needed a break. Just a minute and then he could keep running.


Why was he running?


Will shook his head, he couldn't loose sight of his goal now. His vision blurred at the motion and he pressed a hand to his head to try and stay steady.


His knees felt weak and slowly they were giving out on him. With each step his legs got more fatigued, slowly lowing him to the ground.


Will used all his will power to force his eyes to stay open, but every second there was more of a phantom weight settling on his eye life. With each minute past he slowly lost the battle.


Will wanted to yell for help but his throat and lungs burned from the running.  He felt his head fall against the wall behind him and his arms fall limp against his side.


A nap wouldn't hurt would it?


He could just rest his eyes for a moment and then keep going. Just a short break.




"Can I come with you? Pleaseee, please please please," a blond boy whined.


Will rolled his eyes, "I said no already. Now stop complaining," he replied while stuffing a backpack with a book and other papers.


The boy huffed and stomped his foot once on the ground, "please!"


Will sighed in return, "it's going to be boring, I'm just meeting with *redacted* to study."


"I don't care! I just want to go somewhere," the blond boy sat down on Wills bed and taking a few glances at the different worksheets and textbooks.


"Fine, but you can't complain that you're bored even once or I'll send you back home," Will warned with a pointed look. The blond ignored that last part and cheered in victory.


"FUCK YEAH!" The younger jumped off the bed and bounced around the room. Will laughed at his energy and zipped up his backpack that had way too much stuff in it.


"Yeah yeah you win, calm your ass down we're leaving now," Will said trying and failing to conceal a fond smile.


"I'm ready! I'm ready to go, in fact I am going right now. I'll be there before you even know it bitch boy," the younger grinned. Will shook his head while walking down the stairs to grab his shoes.


"Mhm I'm sure, now hurry up or we'll miss the train, and if that happens I'm taking away your animal crossing," Will smirked as he said this. The other screeched and yelled a string of cuss words but did in fact move faster.


"You're such an asshole," the younger said as he got on his shoes.


"Mhm, sure thing sunshine. Now come on," Will smiled and pulled him out the door.




His eyes blinked open slowly. Black dots filled his vision and he squinted at the bright fluorescent lights of the room he was in.


"Tsk tsk, you know better William," a voice echoed around the room.


All drowsiness was washed away immediately, instead being replaced by a feeling of wariness as anxiety rushed through his veins.


"Reply to me, that's how a conversation works after all," the voice said again.


"Who are you?" Will asked.


"Dr David of course. How could you forget me? We've known each other years now," Dr David sounded heartbroken.


"I don't remember you," Will said as he tried to think back. No memories of a dr David came to him.


"Oh, well that's upsetting. Remind me to edit your treatment later, if you remember of course," Dr David chuckled as his own joke while Will frowned.


"Why wouldn't I remember?" Will asked. He took a glance around the empty room. There wasn't anything in it, only light grey walls and floor. He couldn't see where Dr David was but assumed there was a speaker or something hidden in the room.


"Well you have a lot of memory issues," Dr David replied casually as if it was a known fact.


"No I don't," Will snapped. He regretted saying that as soon as the words left his mouth.


"No no no, I didn't mean to disagree I'm sorry-" Will was cut off by a sigh from Dr David.


"Being rude isn't going to get you very far William," Dr David said.


Will flinched at the name William. For some strange reason that didn't feel right.


"I'm sorry," Will repeated while he stood up. His legs were a bit cramped, presumably from sitting on the ground for so long.


"You should be."


Instead of replying Will looked towards the door. It was open just a crack, not enough to see anything past it but enough so Will could just push it and it would open the rest of the way.


He slowly approached the door while trying to make his footsteps as light as possible. He felt like he wasn't supposed to be doing this but he wanted too. Will wanted to see what laid beyond the bare room.


Cautiously he reached his hand out towards the door knob. A simple round metal knob but would his escape (not escape, that wasn't right. He wasn't trapped after all).


"What are you doing William?" Dr David's voice cut through the silence.


Will jumped at the sudden noise and pushed open the door.


All that was there was a hallway, a shade darker than the room he was just in. Other doors were there as well, but every single one of them was closed.


"What are you doing William?" Dr David's voice got harsher.


Will chose to not reply and instead stepped out of the room. It sent alarm bells ringing through his mind but he pushed forward. Leaving felt like the right thing to do.


He was hit with deja vu as he walked down the hallway. Urgency seeped into his mind and his pace slowly picked up to a light jog.


"Come back to your room William, I can't have you getting lost now," Dr David's voice sounded the same as it did in the room. Will didn't like it. It felt like Dr David could follow him no matter where he was.


Will glanced at the doors as he kept jogging through the hallway. At one point he tried to open one but it was locked.


He didn't like this place. He wanted to leave even more than before.


The only sound was his footsteps treading down the long hallway that never seemed to end.


"William this isn't a game anymore, come back right now," Dr David was stern in his demand but Wills path didn't falter. He sped up to a run and kept going down the hallway.


The hallway would have to end soon.


"William please, it's amusing how hard you're trying but there is no leaving," Dr David now sounded bored. Will couldn't tell what emotion the doctor was feeling anymore. He did know however that what he felt was fear.


He didn't want to be trapped anymore.


Will felt a cramp forming but pushed through. He could almost taste the sweet escape on his tongue. He had to be close.


"Stop running, you're only making this harder for yourself."


"SHUT UP!" Will gave in and replied.


"Oh, so you can hold a conversation, lovely."


Will could hear the smirk in dr David's voice.


"William just sit down and rest, I know you're getting tired, let's talk this out," Dr David now sounded remorseful. Will hated how he switched his tone so quickly. Not bothering to give Will a chance to think.


"You can't leave because you're trapping yourself here," Dr David said.


Wills running faltered for a second. What did the doctor mean by that?


"What?" He whispered to himself.


"You could leave anytime you want but you're preventing yourself," Dr David continued.


"You're trying to escape you're own mind, that's why you can't leave."


Will stopped. No, Dr David had to be wrong. Will wanted to leave, he should be able to leave. Why would he trap himself here? It's not good here. Wills thoughts spiralled with unanswered questions.


"I have to escape," Will mumbled to himself. He pressed his back against a wall and slide down it. He wanted to leave, but if he was trapping himself there apparently then what was the point?


"It's okay William, you can stay here with me," Dr David sounded pleased at that. Will nodded numbly.


"Okay," He whispered.


His eyes started drooping and his limbs got heavier. Will didn't know why he was so tired all of a sudden but he didn't have the energy to care.


He heard footsteps approaching but didn't bother to look up until a hand on his chin forced his eyes up.


"Don't worry, I'll always be here," a man was in front of him smiling sinisterly. Will sighed and closed his eyes. He would never get to leave so why bother trying?


Escape was futile in the end.


Chapter Text

Two weeks.


For fourteen days Phil and Techno had been searching the internet and nearby libraries for any information on Wonderland House.


For 336 hours there was nothing found.


20160 minutes wasted with no results.


1209600 seconds where all they could think about was how they let Will down.


It seemed to have all disappeared, leaving the two to question wether it had existed or not. Neither voiced this doubt out loud, not wanting to worry the other or give into the mind games the world seemed to keep throwing their way.


Another thought accompanied that. Perhaps if they both questioned if Wonderland House was real maybe they could find peace instead of this madness they were trying to solve.


That would be giving up on Will (if he was there in the first place).


Both Phil and Techno agreed that if there was the slightest chance Will was alive and in that dreaded place then they wouldn't give up. They would keep searching.


On the fifteenth night Techno walked into Phil's office.


Phil looked up from his computer and rubbed his eyes before acknowledging Techno. Both had bags under their eyes from restless nights searching the internet and gazing through books.


"Need anything mate?" Phil whispered softly.


Techno shrugged their shoulders and walked further into the office. The two sat in silence for a minute.


"Didn't want to be alone," Techno broke it with their whisper. Phil blinked any sleepiness awash and stared sadly at Techno.


"Go get ready for bed, I'll grab a sleeping bag for myself and bring it to your room," Phil said with a gently smile.


Techno nodded and stood up. They hesitated leaving for a second then continued their way out of the office. Phil had half a thought to call back to them and inquire further about what was wrong but stopped himself at the last moment. Sleep was what they both needed, they could deal with everything else in the morning.


Phil turned back to the bright screen of his computer and turned it off. His office got slighter dimmer without the blue light shinning in his eyes.


He was thirsty, Phil realized after standing up. His throat was itchy and dry and he cleared it to see if it would help (it didn't). He looked towards his cup but frowned when only a half filled cold cup of coffee was there. Debating going down for water he started walking towards the kitchen.


His steps faltered when he heard a sneeze coming from Techno's room. Phil turned around and sped walked his way to the linen closet and grabbed a sleeping bag before rushing to Technos room.


Phil had something more important then water. He had a kid who had been working so hard to save their brother from an uncertain fate.


Walking into the bedroom Phil saw Techno already under the covers of their bed. He rolled out the sleeping bag beside the bed and grabbed a pillow that Techno handed him.


"How're you feeling Tech?" Phil ask as he sat down on the sleeping bag.


Techno looked at their dad and shrugged in reply. Truth be told they didn't know. They were so drained and exhausted. Everything was taking up so much energy but they couldn't rest until they found Will.


"Will will be alright, don't worry we'll find him," Phil said as if reading their thoughts. He added a gentle smile to hopefully reassure Techno that it wasn't just a statement to get them to feel better, but instead it was a promise.


They would both find Will and they would get him back home.


"You sure?" Techno spoke up with a tired voice. It was slightly raspy and they cleared their throat after speaking.


"I am. You know how I know?" Phil grabbed Technos hand which was dangling over the bed. Techno shook their head and waited for Phil's reasoning.


"You're too stubborn to give up and Will always needs to win, which means he'll be okay and that we'll find him soon," Phil gave a gentle squeeze to their hand. Techno offered a weak smile back and then closed their eyes, already about to drift off into sleep.


"Goodnight," Techno mumbled into their pillow.


"Goodnight Tech," Phil whispered back as he turned off the lamp.


The room was plunged into darkness, the light from streetlights and the moon did little to light up the room through the blinds Techno set up in their room (the reasoning of them being there was that summer mornings were too bright in Technos opinion).


It took too long for Phil to go to sleep and too quick for Techno.


Phil's thoughts swirled around in his head, refusing to shut off. Instead he laid down on his sleeping bag and stared at the room for too many restless hours.


For Techno they fell asleep instantly. Their thoughts didn't shut off, it was just their body that gave out from exhaustion. The thoughts and worries followed them into their dreams and plagued them in the form of nightmares.


Neither had a good sleep but they stuck together through it, waiting out the morning for when they would have to get back to work on finding Will.


The morning came too quickly. Soon enough sunlight poured in through the crack in Technos blinds and the birds outside started chirping.


Reluctantly Phil unzipped the sleeping bag and sat up. He cracked his neck to each side and looked at Technos sleeping form. He was glad Techno was asleep or they would surely make an old man joke after that (though he was happy Techno was asleep after seeing how tired they were the previous night).


Dread crawled it's way into Phil when he realized morning meant searching again. It's not that finding Will was "work" or anything boring, it was just beginning to feel hopeless. Finding Will was a task that was always just out of reach, but Phil had hope that him and Techno would overcome any challenges and roadblocks except now that seemed unrealistic.

Phil shook the thought away. If he continued with that mindset nothing would get done. Instead he went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee, talking one cup for himself and setting another aside for when Techno woke up.


Then it was back to his office where he continued his search. A few hours in he heard Techno leave the house and he assumed that meant they went to the library or Niki's families bakery (Niki always made the most delicious cinnamon buns on Saturday's).


It was always more enjoyable to work in the daytime, in Phil's opinion. Instead of bright blue light drying out your eyes there was natural sunlight lighting up the room. The computer fans weren't the only background noise either, instead there was lawn mowers, birds, and sometimes the neighbours music.


The front door opened and Phil heard it slam shut. He glanced away from his computer to try and peer into the hallway but it wasn't necessary because Techno came storming into his office with a book in hand.


For a moment they stared at each other.


"What's that?" Phil asked, gesturing to the book.


"I found it," Techno dropped the book onto a clear spot on the desk.


It was clearly an old book. The cover worm and the authors name falling apart. The spine was broken and some pages were stained from liquids being spilled on it.


So I was right about them going to the library, Phil thought to himself.


"What did you find?" Phil spoke up while Techno flipped open the book to look for a specific page. Once they found it they turned the book back towards Phil and gestured for him to read it.


The chapter title was Alice in Wonderland. Phil looked at Techno questioningly but all they did was nod their head at the book once more.


Chapter 13: Alice In Wonderland

Date: October 13th 1953

Children from the orphanage keep going missing. I've been trying to look into these disappearances but everything gets covered up before I can get a lead.


However today when I went to visit one of the orphanages a young girl came up to me, she was crying and grabbed my hand and asked for help. I asked her why and she said she was sad because one of her friends was gone, Jessie I think the friends name was.


I took her outside in the yard, pretending I was just going to play catch with her when one of the workers questioned me. The little girl spoke of how Jessie didn't have a good memory since they came to the orphanage. Jessie would have nightmares and quite frequently wake up in the middle of the night screaming or crying. She said she always hugged Jessie till they fell asleep on those nights. Jessie never remembered in the morning. The workers didn't like Jessie because of the disturbances so the workers called in doctors to try and fix her friend.


None could figure out what was wrong with Jessie until one came. He said his name was dr David and he promised he would help them. Jessie just had to go away for a bit but would come back good as new. Dr David took two kids that day, Jessie because of their nightmares and memory issues, and another kid named Bailey who had anger issues.


Two months later Jessie came back with no memory of their time with Dr David and no memory of anyone at the orphanage. Jessie was practically a different person. The other kid never came back.


The little girl also said that Dr David said he was taking the kids to a place they would always be happy, Wonderland.


I looked for every doctor in the country, none by the name of doctor David. However I heard word of an event in the 1700s of abnormal children suddenly going missing. Some returning, others not. Some returning and said they've been to wonderland.


It couldn't be the same man right?


Phil finished reading the chapter and turned back towards Techno.


"It can't be him right?" Phil asked.


"That's what I thought, but look at this," Techno flipped to chapter 15.


Chapter 15: Curiouser and Curiouser

Date: January 2nd 1956

I've conducted much more research since the last time I wrote.


I 'm writing this before I leave with Dave to his mansion.  I met him a few weeks ago and he  says he can help me with my research and I hope so, I've been looking for answers for so long. The little girl I was exchanging information with has disappeared last I checked so I needed a new lead.  I'll finish this chapter once I get the information from Dave's mansion.


I'll write soon, I don't want to keep Dave waiting long.


I'm back, I shouldn't have trusted Dave. If that's his name. He owns no mansion, it's a hospital. He calls it Wonderland House. Filled with children, some into their teens and a few into young adults. All miserable, locked in cells that he claims are rooms. He says he's treating their illnesses, fixing them. These children know him as doctor David.


I saw the little girl here. Her eyes were unfocused and blank. She didn't know who I was even though we had spoken for months.


Whatever Dave or David is doing is wrong. He's hurting these kids in the false name of research and help. I have to get them out of here and I have to leave. In case I don't get out, to get to Wonderland House you must go an hour past Redstone Road, just outside of town, and turn left of Lapis Lane. Hidden in the trees on the right side is a wooden bridge. Follow that path through the forest and you will reach Wonderland House.


Good luck to whoever finds this. My research is complete for I will not make it out of here. I have faith you will.


"There's directions," Phil spoke breathlessly. He glanced at Techno who's eyes had turned glossy from tearing up.


"There is," Techno sounded so full of hope.


Phil stood up right then and there and hugged Techno. They hugged Phil back and the two stayed there embraced for a long time.


"We can find him," Techno whispered into Phil's shoulder. Phil nodded with a teary smile.


"We can go get Will back."


They grabbed their packed travel bags as soon as they get go of each other and ran to the car. Phil in the drivers seat while Techno sat in the passengers

seat with the book in hand.


Phil took off, knowing it would take a few hours to reach their destination.


"Do we have a plan?" Techno asked while chewing a piece of mint gum. They offered one to Phil to which he declined.


"No, but when have we ever had one?" Phil grinned at Techno and they grinned back. They were getting Will back no matter what.


It took them 336 hours to find Will. They would not let him stay there for any longer.


If he even was there, a voice in the back of their minds whispered but they both shoved it out.


They knew Wonderland House was real now, that author had proven it.


336 hours and now they had everything they needed.