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What's a Grecian Urn?

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The autumn sun was setting over Smallville, Kansas. The air was just beginning to feel crisp. Dry, gold and brown leaves danced across the ground, chasing each other like fall pixies.

A tall raven-haired young woman was standing at the end of Main Street in ill-fitting jeans and pullover. She observed a black BMW as it drove down the street; sun glinted off the thick band of metal at her wrist. She pulled her sleeve over the bracelet and walked down the street. She found this town pretty and strange at the same time. A very dissident vibration rang in her senses, making her feel on alert. Stopping outside a coffee house with a marquee, she watched the people going in and out.
She tried not to stare, though she had been in the ‘World of Man’ for a few weeks, she still was filled with curiosity about these people. The women were both strong and weak, while the men fascinated her to no end. She could not get her head around the habit of aggression they seemed to posses. Shaking her head, she pushed open the door and walked in.

The bright pink and teal colors that assaulted her made her stop short. The place was decorated in a psuedo-Greco-Egyptian décor that was mildly offensive to the girl. It was nothing like the halls and villas back home.

She walked slowly toward the back, casting her gaze around the room, searching. Her attention was drawn to a broad shouldered young man with jet-black hair. He was sitting at a round table, alone; many books were spread across the surface before him. He appeared to be concentrating on the papers in front of him, and then he looked up. She caught the jade green glance and smiled.

Here was a different one. She felt a tingling up her spine. The brightest smile she had ever seen spread across the boy’s face coupled with a peachy blush over his cheeks. Feeling her own unaccustomed flush the girl looked away quickly and tried to pick up the trail again. Strangely enough, the vibratory path led to the handsome boy sitting by himself. Sighing she walked around the ring of tables pretending to admire the decorating.

Once she was behind the boy, she closed her eyes and focused. Yes, the energy was stronger now, but not strong enough. This young man did not have the artifact.
Cursing under her breath the girl circled the room before walking back out. Sighing deeply she found a bench across the street and sat down.
The path had gone cold again. Who ever had taken the vessel had been here, but they were gone now.

“Hera help me find it before it is too late.” The girl prayed silently. Pulling her knees up to her chest, she settled in. Perhaps the pretty boy would give her a new lead. Now all she could do was watch and wait.


Chloe Sullivan walked brusquely down the street, a copy of the Daily Planet clutched tightly in her hand. She had a sly smile on her face as she crossed and entered The Talon. Her sharp eyes found Clark hard at work studying. She grinned and made a beeline for his table. She tossed the paper down in front of him.

“Leave it to Lex to find a whole new island!” She chuckled merrily. Clark looked up at her beaming face and then back down at the bold headline.

LexCorp Expedition Discovers Uncharted Isle

Chloe sat across from him and waved to a waitress for service. She tossed her short blond hair and gave him an expecting look. Clark looked back at her over the top of the paper.

“You missed Lex, he was here about 15 minutes ago.” Clark said bemusedly. “He told me all about it.” Chloe’s eyes flash with mischief.

“Anything juicy?” She queried before ordering a heavily caffeinated drink. Clark shrugged and set the newspaper down.

“He told me they think the building they found on the island is ancient Greek and maybe a shrine to Circe.” He replied casually. Chloe’s brows creased.

“Circe? As in the witch from The Odyssey?” She asked incredulously. She gave him a bug eyed stare as he nodded.

“That’s what Lex said.” Clark smirked at her excitement. “He has one of the artifacts with him at the mansion. He said we could come by tomorrow and see it if you want.” Clark winced at the explosion of enthusiasm Chloe expressed.

“Hell yes, I want to see it! Clark do you know what this means?” She gestured her hands wildly. Clark shrugged again, confused.

“It could be proof that Homer was telling history rather then mythology! Christ, don’t you pay attention in ancient history class?” She finished bewildered. Clark gave her his patented sheepish look and shook his head.

“Guess I missed that part.” He mumbled. Chloe received her coffee and pulled some bills out of her pocket to pay for it.

“Well Mr. Oblivious, if it is authentic then this is a big thing for LexCorp. Count me in for tomorrow.” She replied and waved to Clark as she dashed out again. Laughing to him self, Clark returned to his studies.


It was well after dark when Clark emerged from the coffee shop. He shouldered his backpack and headed for the Kent family truck parked down the street. He was almost there when he noticed the pretty girl he had seen in the talon was sitting on the bench across the street.

She looked as if she was watching him. Clark stopped and looked back at her boldly. Suddenly she jumped up and began walking swiftly away. Something in Clark’s gut made him toss his bag in the truck and follow her. She moved rather fast, nothing Clark couldn’t handle but she was unexpectedly fast. They moved off Main Street and on Jefferson Ave. Clark tried to analyze what seemed so off about this girl. She was tall, statuesque and uncomfortable in her clothing. Clark was sure he had never seen her before. Who was she, why was she running from him? Why did she look so odd in her cloths, like she wasn’t used to wearing anything like them?

The girl whished he would stop chasing her. She should be following him, this was all wrong. She had a definite feeling he could lead her to the thief. The girl’s alert senses sharpened and she looked to her left. One of those enormous vehicles they used so much was weaving down the street. Her keen eyes saw that the driver was passed out at the wheel. It was headed for the closed fuel station. She knew that the collision would be very bad. Not caring if the boy saw her, she darted off to the left and kicked her speed up to intercept the truck.

Clark was both astonished and relieved when the girl suddenly took off at super speed. His instincts were right, there was something different about her. Then he noticed the out of control eighteen-wheeler. He shot out to stop the truck but she had beaten him to it. Clark was further astounded as he watched the girl hold out her arms and catch the big rig with her bare hands. The truck skidded to a stop, pushing the girl back slightly. When she pulled away, there were hand shaped holes in the grill.
Clark stood gaping at her. The girl turned and glared at him, suddenly she dropped into a defensive stance.

“Who are you?” She hissed, eyes narrowed. Clark held up his hands in surrender.

”I should ask the same of you.” He said with a small smile. The girl assessed him visually before nodding her head very slightly.

“My mother calls me Diana. Now who are you?” She demanded. Clark lowered his hands and looked uncertain for a moment. Diana raised her fists.

“Answer me!” she raised her voice and crossed to him. Her piercing blue eyes raked over him as he backed up a little.

“I’m Clark Kent.” He said quickly. “Calm down I’m not here to hurt you.”

“You move too fast to be mortal. Who sent you?” Diana asked with acid.
Her eyes widened in recognition and she pulled her arm back.

“Tell Aries he will not win!” She screamed before punching him square in the face. The force was strong enough to knock him backward off his feet. He flew across the street falling hard onto the sidewalk. Clark shot to his feet, bringing a hand to his mouth that came way with blood. The sight of his own blood was not something Clark was used to. Before the astonishment could register, she was on him again. She sent him back down with a knee to his sternum, knocking the air from his lungs. She grabbed the front of his shirt and pulling his face up to hers.

“Tell your Master of War that I am not afraid of him.” She growled in his face.
Clark regained his wits, he brought his fist up catching her under the chin and thrusting her back into the street. He gained his feet and glared at her.

“I don’t know what you talking about.” He bellowed. She rushed him again barley giving him time to ready for her. He caught her easily and pushed her back on her ass in the street once again. Rage creased her beauty. Her lip curled.

“Liar!” she shouted leaping up, she spun a roundhouse kick striking him in the side of the head. Clark fell hard on his hands and knees. Rolling he dodged her attempt to stomp on his back. She kicked him viciously in the stomach.

“You are not a mortal! You have been sent to stop me!” She screamed as he dodged another kick and whipped to his feet. Clark made a fist and hit her hard in the face. The blow staggered her for only a moment before she kicked him in the head again. He stumbled back and tried to reason with her once more.

“I’m not who you think I am I promise you.” His was voice pleading. She flew at him again but he was ready. Grabbing her by the shoulders, Clark slammed Diana down on her back. She gasped, dazed. Clark was angry.

“ Look! I don’t know what you’re talking about! But you have to stop hitting me!” He shouted in her face. They stared, panting at each other for a few moments. Clark felt his anger recede and he leaned back on his heels. Taking a deep breath, he held a hand out to her.

“Can we please start again?” he asked patiently. She looked at him unblinkingly for another beat before nodding and taking his offered hand.


Lex stood in his study with a leather bound copy of The Odyssey open in one hand, a tumbler of scotch in the other. The full moonlight filtered thru the amethyst and claret colored stain glass. A sensuous air of Liszt’s Hungarian Dances poured out of hidden speakers around the room. On his desk stood an off-white clay vase, the surface of which was a covered, in diminutive black writing and cryptic symbols. He swirled the amber liquid in his glass before taking a sip.
Crossing to the desk, he set the items down on the glass surface and gingerly picked up the urn. The mouth of the vessel was sealed with a thick wax stopper. He scrutinized it up close, looking for a fissure in the ancient wax. Finding none, Lex set the artifact down and walked to his bar.

Opening a small drawer filled with utensils, he removed a slender bladed knife normally used for slicing citrus fruits. He tested the edge and found it very sharp. Returning to the desk he took up the vase and placed the blade along the lip if the opening. The metal slipped into the wax quickly before catching on a thick cord buried in the seal. The knife jumped in his hand and sank into the pad of his thumb.

Lex gasped in pain as dark blood welled up in the cut. A large drop dripped over the top of the urn. Lex stuck is injured thumb in his mouth dropping the urn on his desk. It rolled onto its side coming to a stopped just at the edge. The wax top tumbled to the marble tiles and a thick purple mist began to pour out of the opening, billowing down to the floor.

Lex stepped back thumb still caught in his teeth watching the reeling colored cloud as it pulsed and grew, quickly coalescing into a human form. The fog became opaque and then became a shapely woman in muslin garments. Thin fabric fell in delicate waves and veils over her body.

Long transparent sleeves held in place by small golden chains. The remainder of the top was barley enough to cover her ample curves, gauzy draping fabric gathered at the ankles like harem pants and at her waist in a thicker gold chain dripping with shiny coins. Her feet were bare and hennaed with intricate designs, gold rings on every toe. She had thick lilac colored hair that fell past her waist. As Lex stared in shock, his thumb slid out of his mouth leaving a smear of blood on his bottom lip. The beautiful woman opened her eyes and focused on him. The young man could only breathe one word.


She smiled and walked slowly toward him. Her movement was languorous and scintillating. She spoke in a deep alluring voice.

“Alexander, you foolish boy, you have no idea what you have done, do you?” Circe asked stepping close to him reaching out one long fingered white hand covered in gold rings the same as her feet. She took his injured hand in hers. Bringing the lacerated digit to her full lips, she laved the cut with her tongue. Lex watched in a stunned silence, his cunning eyes taking in everything. He looked down at his thumb and found the cut was gone, the skin whole and unblemished. She smiled and leaned up taking his mouth in hers as a bright purple electric charge crackled around them both. When she stepped away a small spiral of lavender light churned in his dark blue eyes.

“Now Alexander, I need you to help me.” Circe said walking back to the desk. She picked up the urn and sat in its spot on the table. She beckoned Lex to come to her. He walked steadily over to the witch, as he stopped in front of her she dropped the vase on the floor. The fragile pottery shattered on the hard stone. The sound made Lex flinch and the purple haze was gone from his eyes.

“You’ve destroyed it!” He said angrily casting his eyes to the pieces at his feet. “That urn was priceless!”
She looked irritated for a moment before smiling like a panther.

“It has been my prison for far too long.” She reached out and grasped his tie pulling him closer to her. Slowly she wrapped her long leg around his hip while bringing his lips back to hers.

“You are as strong as the other Alexander.” She said in a throaty voice.
This time the crackling energy was louder and brighter. Lex felt any desire to think for him self leave his mind. Circe leaned back on her elbows and gazed at him thru her eyelashes.

“I need my medallion, Alexander. Bring it to me and I will give you anything your little black heart desires.” She purred. Lex struggled against her control, striving to think on his own.

“Tell me why you want the medallion.” He said thru clenched teeth. Perturbed at his defiance the witch sat up quickly.

“I can see you are going to need the full dose if I am to get what I want.” She said in her deepest tone. She placed her hands on his chest pushing him back across the floor until he toppled down onto the leather couch. With a wide toothy smile, she pounced on him.