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Every Moment Is a Gift

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Zhao Yunlan reaches out to take Shen Wei's wrist just as he's about to start unbuttoning his shirt. "Let me," he says, his mouth feeling just a bit dry.

Zhao Yunlan enjoys watching Shen Wei undress. The slow, meticulous way he does it, making sure to neatly set aside everything before moving on to the next thing. Sometimes it's agonizing when all Zhao Yunlan wants to do is rip the clothes off Shen Wei and press himself against every bit of him. Agonizing, but still enjoyable.

This time, it's not about getting Shen Wei undressed faster. Well, not just that anyway. But this time Zhao Yunlan really wants to be the one doing it, unwrapping each part of Shen Wei all for himself. He knows exactly what's hiding under that proper exterior today.

Shen Wei smiles slightly, his head tilting down a bit to hide the smile. Zhao Yunlan lifts his other hand to brush his fingers against Shen Wei's cheek before gently pressing them to the underside of Shen Wei's jaw and tilting his head back up. He brushes a soft kiss against Shen Wei's lips.

"Please, Xiao Wei," he whispers.

Shen Wei swallows and then nods slightly against Zhao Yunlan's fingers. "Of course, Zhao Yunlan," he says softly, his lashes sweeping down once, twice, as he looks at Zhao Yunlan.

Zhao Yunlan smiles and presses another small kiss to Shen Wei's lips. "Thank you," he says.

Zhao Yunlan's fingers fumble over the first few buttons, before he finally manages to steady himself, and makes quick work of the rest of them. Shen Wei obediently holds out his arms for Zhao Yunlan to remove one sleeve garter at a time. He sets the sleeve garters aside and reaches for Shen Wei's trousers. He notices that his hands tremble a little again as he unbuttons them. He pushes the trousers down, breathing in a sharp breath as he uncovers the lace panties underneath.

Zhao Yunlan's mouth waters and he has to force himself not to touch, not yet. He still takes a moment to admire the way the lace cradles Shen Wei's cock, before sliding the trousers down Shen Wei's firm thighs. He brushes his fingers against the garters, still holding Shen Wei's unbuttoned shirt in place. Then he shakes himself a bit and quickly pushes Shen Wei's trousers all the way down, and waits for Shen Wei to step out of them.

He takes a moment to set the trousers aside more or less neatly. It's not that Shen Wei would complain—well he might, but probably not right now—but it lets Zhao Yunlan take a moment to settle himself. Lust prickles at his skin and his cock presses almost painfully against his jeans and he reaches down to adjust himself a bit. He's fine. They're in no hurry, he reminds himself.

He turns to look at Shen Wei, admiring the way he looks, half undressed, garters framing his lace-covered crotch, his cock half-hard and barely covered by the panties now. Zhao Yunlan bites his lip. He'd meant to undress Shen Wei entirely, but suddenly he wants Shen Wei just like this. He lifts his gaze to Shen Wei's flushed face.

He steps closer and grabs Shen Wei's neck and kisses him roughly, biting at his lips. Shen Wei moans and opens his mouth to invite Zhao Yunlan's tongue inside. His hands grip Zhao Yunlan's waist and pull him abruptly against Shen Wei. For a moment Zhao Yunlan loses himself in the kiss, to the warm press of tongues sliding against each other. Then with a soft moan, he pulls himself away.

He looks at Shen Wei's red and swollen lips. "You're breathtaking like this," Zhao Yunlan breathes out and then slides down along Shen Wei's body his hands following the contours of Shen Wei's torso, falling down on his knees in front of Shen Wei. He nuzzles against Shen Wei's crotch, his fingers playing with the garters over Shen Wei's thighs. He pulls one of them back a bit, and lets go, the elastic snapping back against Shen Wei's skin. Shen Wei makes a soft little noise and Zhao Yunlan rubs his fingers against the injured spot.

He mouths Shen Wei's lace-covered cock. He reaches his hands to touch the edge of the panties and doesn't quite want to pull them away yet. Instead, he presses his mouth against the lace, kissing Shen Wei's cock through the fabric. Shen Wei makes soft, breathless noises, his hands coming to grip Zhao Yunlan's hair.

Zhao Yunlan finally pulls the panties down enough to let Shen Wei's cock free. He swallows reflexively at the sight. He needs Shen Wei's cock in his mouth right now. He opens his mouth, one hand holding Shen Wei's cock steady. He closes his eyes as the cock slides into his mouth, at the familiar taste of Shen Wei. He hums quietly in satisfaction and feels Shen Wei's cock twitch in his mouth.

Shen Wei's fingers tighten in Zhao Yunlan's hair. "Zhao Yunlan," Shen Wei says in a choked voice.

Zhao Yunlan swallows Shen Wei's cock deeper until he's choking on it, as it presses against the back of his throat. He keeps himself there as long as he can, revelling in the burn in his throat, at the way Shen Wei gasps and pulls at Zhao Yunlan's hair. Then he has to pull back a bit, and concentrate on breathing through his nose. His hands cradle Shen Wei's balls as he sucks Shen Wei's cock, in a way that makes Shen Wei gasp and moan.

It doesn't take long at all before Shen Wei is coming inside his mouth, a soft, "Yunlan," on his lips.

Zhao Yunlan sucks at his cock gently, swallowing as much of Shen Wei's come as he can. He can still feel some of it dribble down his chin. Slowly, he lets Shen Wei's softening cock fall out of his mouth. He nuzzles against Shen Wei's thigh, at the edge of the lace panties he'd only pushed far enough to get access to Shen Wei's cock. His beard scrapes against the sensitive skin of Shen Wei's thigh and Shen Wei pulls in a shuddering breath.

Zhao Yunlan hums, his fingers playing with the edge of the panties. He presses a small kiss to Shen Wei's thigh. "Sorry, I got a bit distracted," Zhao Yunlan says and tilts his head back to grin up at Shen Wei.

Shen Wei huffs out a soft laugh. "I don't mind," he says, his voice breathy.

"Good," Zhao Yunlan says, nuzzling at Shen Wei's thigh and feeling Shen Wei's cock twitch against his cheek. He grins a bit. "Because I kind of want to do that again," he says and before Shen Wei can respond he takes Shen Wei's hardening cock back in his mouth.

"Zhao Yunlan…" Shen Wei says softly, but it doesn't sound like a protest. His fingers caress Zhao Yunlan's hair, before grasping it a bit more firmly.

Zhao Yunlan loves the feeling of Shen Wei growing hard inside him. His stamina really is something to be grateful about, Zhao Yunlan thinks, sucking gently at the growing cock inside his mouth. He reaches down to his own crotch, somehow managing to unbutton his jeans one handed and sticks his hand inside his jeans as he starts sucking Shen Wei off again.