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A Tearful Motherly Reunion

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A Tearful Motherly Reunion

Ruby struggled and kicked, trying to get free from the thick black bands of Grimm stuff that were holding her down and keeping her in place. She was literally in the belly of the beast, captured by that freakish, shapeshifting Grimm and brought here, to the heart of Salem’s flying base and then just left here. Salem hadn’t even made a personal appearance and Ruby didn’t know what the plan was. Leave Ruby here for a while to get stressed out by boredom and fear before the questioning started?

Just as Ruby thought that, the door to the small cell Ruby was in opened with a disgustingly wet, organic sound. She took a deep breath and stared at the Grimm that was padding inside, its claws clicking against the ground as it stared at Ruby, taking up most of the space left in the cell.

“Come on,” Ruby muttered to herself, closing her eyes and trying to center herself. “Silver eyes, activate.”

“No,” the Grimm said.

Ruby’s eyes snapped open as she stared at the Grimm. She had heard the large Grimm that had captured her speak, so this wasn’t unprecedented, but it was still deeply, deeply creepy to hear a Grimm talking.

“Ruby,” the Grimm said, tilting its head from side to side. “Ruby, Ruby, my Ruby.”

Ruby opened and closed her mouth, trying to get her thoughts into order. Then she stared at the Grimm more carefully, looking past the bubbling black skin and the massive, clawed paws. There was something about the shape of the flat face, not hidden by the usual skull-like mask that made her pause and think things through. But… no…

“Mom?” Ruby asked, not wanting to believe it. “What? How?”

“My little Ruby,” the Grimm beast said, looming up against Ruby and staring into her eyes with red eyes, without a hint of pupil or anything. “So big, so grown.”

“I, I, I,” Ruby stammered, completely lost at sea and unable to think, her head whirling as she tried to wrap her mind around this and figure out what was happening. “What? How? How is this possible?”

“So grown, so beautiful,” the Grimm growled, its words rough and barely understandable. “My Ruby.”

Ruby swallowed, leaning away from the Grimm as it bought its head close to her, eyes running all over her. This was by far the freakiest thing she had ever heard of, let alone gone through. She swallowed.

“If, if that’s you, Mom, then please, let me out,” Ruby said softly. “Let’s get out of here together, alright?”

The Grimm drew back at that and seemed to be thinking things over. It was strange to see a Grimm doing that but hope rose in Ruby’s heart when the Grimm looked around the cell. Then it extended a long, gleaming claw from one paw and pressed it against the bands that were strapping Ruby to the wall.

In a single smooth motion, the bands were cut and Ruby fell down to the floor. She gasped and shook her head, rising to her hands and knees as her heart started to beat faster and faster inside of her chest. This… this couldn’t really be happening, could it?

Ruby looked up at the Grimm, at what had to be her mom, feeling a thin smile forming on her face. She swallowed hard and then nodded.

“T-thank you, Mom,” Ruby whispered. “I’m going to help you, alright? Help you get out of this.”

The Grimm, Mom, Summer, padded around behind Ruby and then abruptly climbed on top of her. Ruby froze, her eyes going wide as the massive bulk of the Grimm was suddenly on top of her, looming over her, with clawed feet on either side of her.

“M-Mom?” Ruby asked, the hope that had just started to form inside of her heart starting to turn to ash. “What are you doing?”

“My Ruby,” Summer growled, her voice low and deep and rough. “So big, so pretty.” Something hard pressed against the small of Ruby’s back. “So perfect.”

“Hey, hey, Mom,” Ruby said, stammering a bit as she stared upwards. “I don’t know what it is you’re talking about right now, but I don’t think that we should be focusing on this sort of thing right now!” She crawled forward, towards the door, trying to get out from underneath the massive bulk. “We should be- oh!”

As Ruby crawled forward, Summer reached down and grabbed her neck in her jaws. She didn’t squeeze down but the dozens of thin, sharp teeth pressing against Ruby’s neck was still enough to stop Ruby right in her tracks, whether she wanted to or not.

“M-Mom, what are you doing?” Ruby asked, her voice starting to wobble as she wiggled around. “Come on, stop it!”
“So long, it’s been so long,” Summer said, her voice getting even thicker and harder to understand. “Be one with me, Ruby. Be my little girl.”

“I, I will, just as soon as we get out of here!” Ruby insisted, squirming around. “Come on, Mom!”

Ruby felt something rubbing against her again. She looked behind her, twisting her entire body around the focal point of her neck, and swallowed. Ruby was a complete and utter virgin who had never even had a girlfriend or boyfriend. But she still knew what that thing sticking out from the back of Summer’s belly had to be.

“No, no, Mom, come on,” Ruby said, squirming around and uselessly trying to get free of the teeth that were clamping down on her neck, “don’t do this, let’s escape and run away, Mom!”

Summer didn’t say anything more. Ruby swallowed, still trying to escape, even as the black, oily shaft grew longer and larger until it was finally looking huge and pointed right at Ruby. She tried to kick at it, but Summer didn’t even seem to notice.

Then Ruby was let go, the massive jaws opening up. She dropped to the floor and tried to rise up and crawl away. But before she could manage a single thing, Summer reached down with the same extended claw that had cut her free. Ruby gasped and rolled to the side but Summer wasn’t trying to hurt her.

Instead, part of Ruby’s skirt got cut away, showing off her body and making her gasp as her lower body was suddenly bared. On instinct, Ruby’s hands flashed down to try and cover herself before she remembered that getting away was much more important here.

Crawling backwards, Ruby yelped and held her hands up in a warding gesture as Summer’s jaws snapped down again. She moaned as she was flipped onto her back again, her head pushed down and her butt forced up into the air.

“No, Mom, listen to me,” Ruby said, her voice getting progressively higher-pitched. “Just stop it and run away with me and everything can be perfect, alright?”

Summer didn’t respond to that and instead, Ruby felt something hard pressing against her crotch. She swallowed, knowing exactly what that was and what was about to happen to her. She shook her head back and forth, trying to escape and completely and utterly failing to achieve a single thing as Summer grunted.

Then, with a shocking ease, the shaft slid inside of Ruby. Her silver eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open as she felt the rod spearing deep inside of her with an effortless ease. It was so sudden and so surprising that Ruby wasn’t even able to think straight for a few minutes as she felt something so much bigger and larger than her fingers filling her special place up. That it was her mother, trapped in a Grimm body, doing it, didn’t even register at first. There was just too much for her to think clearly over for a moment. She squealed in shock as things finally started registering for her, squirming around.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Ruby moaned, feeling her lower body starting to feel very, very full and strange and so many other things that she couldn’t properly define. “Stop it!”

“Such a beautiful daughter,” Summer growled. “So perfect and so sweet.”

Ruby kept on squirming around, for all the good that it did. She was pinned down in two different ways and there wasn’t the slightest hope of her getting free right now. No matter what she did, she was still right here, stuck and getting fucked by her mother.

Ruby couldn’t tell if it was a good thing or not that she wasn’t feeling bad from this. You weren’t supposed to like getting raped, Ruby knew that, but there wasn’t any pain coming from this. Well, only from the teeth that were digging down into her neck, and even that wasn’t a very strong pain. Ruby swallowed, trying to wiggle free, but still surprised at just how it felt to have sex with a Grimm. Something that nobody else had ever done in the history of the world, Ruby was quite sure of that.

The rod pushing deep inside of her was even making Ruby start to feel good, though she resolutely denied the sensations her body was stirring up inside of her and kept on trying to wiggle free, to slip out from Summer’s jaws and to push herself off of the massive shaft that was spearing deep inside of her.

“Come on,” Ruby moaned, shifting from side to side, trying to get free, “this isn’t right, Mom, you’ve got to stop it!”

“Little Ruby, little Ruby,” Summer said, panting over and over, not letting Ruby go. “Such a perfect girl.”

And she kept on fucking Ruby, pounding in and out of Ruby’s pussy. And that was starting to make Ruby feel… strange. Very, very strange. She swallowed as she felt the pleasure kindle to life inside of her, deep within her belly. Ruby swallowed, her eyes going wide as her mouth dropped open.

No, there was just no way that something like this could happen, right? It wasn’t possible. There was no earthly way that Ruby could feel good from getting treated like this. How could she? And yet, there was a tingle growing inside of Ruby, the same tingle she felt in those infrequent times when she got some time by herself or when she thought of Penny. Ruby swallowed, her eyes going wide as she tried to crawl forward, desperate for what she was feeling not to grow any stronger inside of her. If it did, she thought that she would just die of shame.

But Ruby was still helplessly stuck in place and unable to avoid what was happening to her. She gasped and bucked her hips back and forth, but all that did was make the long, smooth rod inside of her shift around in different ways. Ruby moaned and closed her eyes, trying to think of something else to do, but not a single thing came to mind.

“No, no, no, this can’t be happening,” Ruby said, even though she knew that it was and that there was nothing that she could possibly do about it. “Come on, Mom, please, stop it!”

Summer completely ignored her and just kept on muttering about Ruby and how cute and perfect she was. Part of Ruby had always longed to hear such things from her mother, to know that Summer liked the woman that Ruby had grown up as. But not like this, not in this position. The shame of it all made Ruby moan softly in humiliation.

A humiliation that was heightened as she felt the pleasure growing inside of her. No matter what she tried to do, Ruby couldn’t stop that lust from growing inside of her as she felt the shaft pounding in and out of her. Ruby closed her eyes and felt her hands curling into fists as she kept on getting fucked by both her mother and a Grimm.

“Please, Mom,” Ruby said, keeping a tight grip on her voice to stop something embarrassing from happening. “You don’t, ah, you shouldn’t be doing this!”

Summer completely ignored her daughter and kept on fucking her. And the worst part was that Ruby could start to feel the pleasure growing inside of her as she got fucked. It was no longer something that she could deny was happening or think of as some sort of mistake. Ruby was getting turned on more and more and her entire body was starting to ache with a stronger arousal than anything she had ever felt before.

Ruby could feel her nipples growing stiff underneath her clothes and underwear and she could feel the arousal boiling inside of her as she kept on getting fucked. In fact, it was even starting to leak down her inner thighs, forced out of her pussy by the endless thrusts deep inside of her. Even Ruby’s breathing was starting to change as she got fucked, a pulse of pleasure rushing through her body again and again as she kept on getting screwed. There was nothing that Ruby could do about this and she couldn’t even make herself stop feeling so good as she got fucked.

The most that Ruby could try to do was stop herself from moaning too loudly as she got fucked. And even that was very, very difficult as she felt the shaft keep on pounding in and out of her. Ruby had never thought that sex could feel this good and especially not sex in this humiliating, degrading position, being taken by her own mother in the body of a Grimm. One of those was just wrong and the other was so out there that Ruby wouldn’t have thought that it could ever actually even happen.

Though whether Ruby thought it could happen or not was completely and utterly disconnected to what was actually happening. Ruby moaned in shocked arousal as Summer adjusted the angle of her fucking slightly and started to press against Ruby in brand new ways that really stimulated Ruby’s pussy. She couldn’t help but squeal in pleasure as she got fucked some more, in brand new ways that were just so humiliating and so good.

“Ruby, Ruby, Ruby,” Summer panted, thrusting into Ruby’s pussy with such force that her entire body rocked forward from the impact. “Nothings’ better than my sweet Ruby.”

“Then stop it, Mom,” Ruby moaned, trying her absolute best to not sound like some sort of horny slut as she talked. She wasn’t really able to manage it and the lewd, perverted way she was speaking would have made Ruby die in embarrassment if there wasn’t so much else happening to her already. “Can’t you, oh, oh, oh no!”

Ruby’s shocked protests were from the pleasure that she was starting to feel inside of her, the ache and the need in her belly growing too strong, too much, too good for her to be able to push back against. Her cheeks went red and she buried her face against the red, glowing floor as she felt an orgasm rising inside of her.

Ruby didn’t want one of her rare, infrequent orgasms to come from something like this. But that didn’t actually matter, because there was absolutely nothing that she could do to stop this and it was going to happen. Ruby found, to her shame, that she was pushing back against the dick that was sliding in and out of her, that she was making herself feel good as all of this happened. She gasped in shock, trying to deny the pleasure she was feeling but it was just completely impossible.

Ruby started to cum, moaning and squeaking on top of her mother’s dick. She felt her inner walls squeezing down around the rod buried inside of her, she could feel the bubbling ache in her gut, she could feel so much and it was all so perfect that all Ruby could do was let it happen.

And it felt so wonderful as it happened. Ruby moaned in pleasure, shocked at just how much better it felt to cum from getting fucked, even in a bizarre situation like this then it did from masturbating. Her entire body was aching with lust, her fingers were twitching, there was so much happening inside of her right now and Ruby was loving every single instant of it. She could feel her body tensing up and then going limp as she came.

And through it all, Ruby kept on getting fucked. The shaft kept on slamming in and out of her pussy, spearing deep inside of her, spreading her open so much more than Ruby’s fingers ever could hope to. And Ruby kept on loving it, even as the orgasm died down inside of her. She wished that she didn’t, but the sheer pleasure inside of her was so strong that Ruby couldn’t possibly lie to herself that she wasn’t enjoying getting fucked and screwed.

Ruby just had to hope that this was her body’s reaction to a dick sliding inside of her and not to getting fucked by a Grimm or, even worse, her mother. One of those had just been flat-out impossible before right now. The other was wrong.

It was wrong and it was happening to Ruby and she was enjoying it. Ruby didn’t want to think about what that said about her. Thankfully, she was in no position to worry about it too much. Not when she was still getting fucked like this and every second brought another deep, filling thrust that scrambled her brain and made it so very hard for her to think.

That probably wasn’t actually a good thing, now that Ruby thought about it. But she couldn’t do anything about it, as she kept on getting screwed and used by her mother, her body stretched out in ways that she had never dreamed of. And in other ways that she had dreamed of but had never, ever thought would happen.

“Mom,” Ruby said, blushing in shame as she listened to how erotic she sounded right now, “please, Mom, you’ve got to, oh, oh, oh, you’ve got to, oh no…”

Ruby’s voice trailed off into something like a whine as she felt the pleasure pulsing and rising inside of her again. She wasn’t going to cum again, was she? Ruby had never orgasmed twice in one day. Heck, with how busy and stressed out she was, it was rare that she orgasmed twice in one week. And to cum twice in a row, while getting fucked, that was just so wrong and so weird and there was nothing that Ruby could do to stop the pleasure from building up inside of her into a massive wave.

Before Ruby could actually stop herself, she realized that she was once again cumming underneath her mother, cumming because she was getting fucked. And once again, her cheeks burned red and she tried to bury her face in her hands to hide her shame. And it didn’t do a single lick of good.

Ruby still went over the edge, into a strong, amazing, wonderful orgasm. She gasped and moaned, feeling the pleasure rocking through her body, in an even better orgasm than she had felt before. She closed her eyes, trying to shut out the world that had just stopped making sense. But all that did was heighten the pleasure she was feeling inside of herself and make the lust pulsing through her body so much stronger and more intense than it already was.

To her shame, Ruby realized that she was leaking drool from the corners of her lips. That was one of the worst things that could happen to her. Well, no. Drooling would have been very embarrassing a short while ago. But now that she was here, pinned down and getting fucked by Summer, drooling was only one of the top ten worst things that could be happening to her.

Moaning and squealing, Ruby felt the thick, long shaft buried inside of her keep on fucking her, slamming in and out of her pussy and making some very wet, lewd sounds that were very, very embarrassing. And there still wasn’t anything that Ruby could do about any of it, because it just kept on happening and it kept on feeling so good as it did. Ruby gasped and shivered as her mother kept on fucking her.

When was this going to end? Ruby knew about how sex worked, of course, but this was all so strange that she was quite willing to believe that Summer was going to keep on fucking her until she was bored of Ruby’s body, instead of anything else. And if that was what happened, what was Ruby going to be feeling like at the end of all that? Would she even be able to think anymore, or would she just be a collection of holes that her mother could keep on fucking without a care in the world?

Ruby swallowed at that idea and shivered, shaking her head back and forth, trying to dismiss the idea. She was stronger than that, right? But obviously not strong enough to avoid getting pinned down and fucked and used. Ruby moaned at the thought that this might be her new life now. She hadn’t heard of anyone ever managing to escape from Salem (or even anyone who knew that Salem existed) so…

Thoughts of the possible future filled Ruby’s head and she wasn’t sure what to make of them. They were bad thoughts, obviously. Of course. There was nothing else that they could be called. And yet, at the same time… Ruby swallowed and tried to stop thinking about things like that. It wouldn’t be good for her if she couldn’t get her head on straight. She needed to focus.

And yet, all that Ruby could focus on was the cock that was pounding in and out of her and the heavy weight bearing down on her, pressing her down to the ground as Summer kept on fucking her pussy. Ruby moaned, shivering in shame as she felt the rod stretching out her pussy, opening her up in ways that Ruby would never have thought possible. Certainly not in relation to her mom doing it.

But possible or not, it was still happening and what could Ruby possibly do about that beyond letting it happen to her, again and again? Ruby gasped, trying to keep her thoughts straight as she got fucked. But every thought, every twitch of her mind, was underlaid with a sense of arousal inside of her brain, a need and a lust that kept on rising inside of her.

Ruby hadn’t thought that she was like this. That she could get turned on from being treated like this. But she was so obviously wrong. She was getting fucked and Ruby was loving it. She was loving it so much and no matter what she did, her body kept on responding to the cock that was pounding in and out of her pussy.

“Momma,” Ruby begged, her voice cracking as lust filled it to the brim, “please, Mom, you’ve got to stop, you can’t keep on fucking me like this!”

Summer didn’t respond to Ruby. She just kept on fucking her, panting about what a pretty girl Ruby was and how glad she was to see her. Ruby couldn’t tell if her mom was actually thinking as she rutted away at Ruby’s pussy or not. And what did she even want the answer to that sort of question to be?

Ruby’s body was still wrapped up in arousal, a strong, potent lust bubbling away inside of her. No matter what she did, she wasn’t able to tamp it down or decrease it. She just kept on feeling it rising inside of her, her body feeling better and better as she got fucked. Ruby moaned softly, trying to deny the pleasure that she was feeling and stopping herself from orgasming. To cum a third time from getting fucked like this… well, it wouldn’t be as bad as cumming at all from getting fucked but it still wasn’t going to be very good, was it?

Ruby bit her lip and tried to focus on the teeth that were still pressing down on her neck. That wasn’t good, but it was the way the world was supposed to work. Not like this. Not where she was getting turned on from being fucked and used by her own mother.

It also didn’t work. Ruby gasped and moaned as she started to feel better and better as she got fucked, yet another orgasm rising inside of her. She wasn’t even able to stop herself from grinding backwards against the dick that was plunging in and out of her pussy. It was all just too much and it making Ruby feel impossibly good.

And how good was it making Summer feel? Well, if Ruby had been having sex with a guy (yeah, right, like that would ever happen) Ruby would have been able to tell how good he was feeling by if he was staying hard inside of her. But in a situation like this, Ruby just didn’t know what the rules were or what she should be expecting.

Beyond, again, that orgasm that was going to happen shamefully soon. Ruby swallowed and pushed back against her mother, not able to deny to herself that both her body and her mind wanted to feel this pleasure rising inside of her and filling her up. She squeaked and moaned as Summer kept on rocking back and forth on top of her, plunging in and out of her hole and making every single bit of her feel so good.

And before Ruby knew it, she was orgasming. It was a very good, satisfying orgasm that swept through her body and made her feel stunning as she came. Ruby’s vision was filled with flashes of white and her thoughts scattered to different parts of her mind as she came. She rocked back and forth, feeling on top of the world as she came, her pussy squeezing tightly down around the cock that was filling her up.

Ruby was distantly aware that the whimpering sounds she was hearing were coming from her. But there was absolutely nothing she could really do about it but feel the pleasure keep on filling her up as she came so hard.

By the time the orgasm was done, the last bit of fight had been fucked out of Ruby’s body. She was laying on the ground as much as she could, her ass still held up in the air by the massive shaft buried inside of her pussy. Her legs and arms were limp, she was fighting for breath and there was generally not the slightest sign that Ruby was able to think of anything at all.

None of which stopped her mother from continuing to fuck her, over and over and over again. Would anything stop Summer from doing that? Ruby doubted it.

Ruby’s eyes got wide as the cock inside of her did as well. A small, soft whimpering sound escaped from her lips as she felt the rod expanding inside of her. Not the entire thing was growing larger, but the base of it was, the part near the entrance to her pussy. Ruby couldn’t wrap her mind around what was happening as she felt her pussy getting spread open in a way that she just couldn’t grasp.

Not that Ruby’s inability to comprehend what was going on stopped it from happening. She gasped and whined as she felt herself getting split open, her pussy pushed to new extremes, stuff that she had never even dreamed could happen to her. She gurgled and whined and it changed absolutely nothing as she got stuffed.

And then Summer started to cum. That was the final push over the edge and Ruby’s mind just snapped. The feeling of the hot, hot cum filling up her insides, splashing against her inner walls and making her melt was just so much that Ruby’s mind shut down, completely incapable of doing anything more. She just lay there, feeling her belly start to swell as the hot semen filled her up, so much warmer than the usual temperatures associated with the Grimm.

Ruby made small, soft, mindless noises as she felt herself getting filled up. It was all just so much that she couldn’t even begin to wrap her mind around any one part of it. Her pussy was stretched out beyond anything that she had ever felt before or had even thought was possible, she was getting pumped full of so much cum, there was so much that was happening to her right now and Ruby couldn’t come to terms with any of it. All she could do was just let it keep on happening, feeling the hot semen inside of her, feeling her inner walls getting stretched out, feeling so much and unable to do a single thing about any of it.

“Gur,” Ruby moaned softly as she stared down at the floor, her pussy walls wrapping around the thick shaft and huge knot inside of her, her body twitching and spasming as the sensations overwhelmed every single bit of her. “Mul.”

“Good girl, Ruby,” Summer said, a massive paw pressing down along Ruby’s head in a strange version of stroking her hair. “Do this again.”

Ruby didn’t respond to that. The idea of going through this sort of thing once again was just so much that she couldn’t possibly think of a response to that. Instead, she just lay where she was, waiting for things to make sense.

The door in front of Ruby slid open and she blearily blinked at it, waiting for whatever was about to happen to happen. Then her brain started to shift into gear as she recognized the blonde girl stepping through.

“Ruby!” Yang cried out excitedly. “I’ve finally- wait, what? What the fuck?”

“Yang,” Ruby moaned, just barely able to assemble the words. “Yang, it feels… it feels so good.”

“What? Ruby,” Yang said, taking a few cautious steps inside and raising her fists, “come on, I’m going to get you out of here.”

“No, not yet,” Ruby gasped, a shiver running through her body as another jet of semen shot inside of her pussy and filled her up even more. “Come and be with me!”
From the look on Yang’s face, Ruby knew that her sister wasn’t getting it right away. But she would. Really soon.

Once Summer fucked both of her daughters.