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Attraction 4

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HG could imagine losing herself amongst the shelves of Warehouse 13 for days, weeks even.  She had managed a full two days exploring the shelves of Warehouse 12 before Caturanga had tracked her down.  He had been furious with her, in his usual calm, collected way and that had only made her feel worse that she had missed the recovery of a dangerous curiosity.  She smiled at the thought of her mentor.  How different he had been to Artie Neilson – who still refused to talk to her unless he had no choice and even then his words were clipped and kept to the minimum.  Pete was slowly coming round and Claudia was … well Claudia.  The young girl was sweet and so obviously in awe of HG that it was quite amusing … and rather alluring.  And Leena … well Leena came down on Artie’s side and clearly didn’t trust her.  Although, even without Artie, HG was pretty sure that Leena wasn’t a fan.  Apparently the attractive B&B owner could read auras, or some such nonsense, and clearly she didn’t like what she saw around HG.


HG was unconcerned.  She had battled prejudice her whole life and it was hard to see the views of Artie and Leena as anything but prejudice against her past actions.  Actions that she believed, and the Regents had agreed, she had atoned for.  Although the agreement from the Regents had much to do with the words of the woman who strolled comfortably beside her.  She glanced over, moving her eyes, not her head.  She liked to study Myka when she didn’t know she was being watched.  Her hair, a riot of dark curls that she loved to twist through her fingers.  Her lips, full and succulent.  She was beautiful and smart and everything that HG could desire … and desire her she did.  Myka had lit a flame deep in HG’s soul that smouldered constantly, burning brighter when they were close to each other.  And during those times of stolen intimacy, that fire engulfed her with a passion that took her breath away. 


HG liked sex.  She liked the sensations, the wild build up and the shuddering release.  She liked the freezing heat that spread from her loins and across her breasts as she climaxed.  She had had many lovers and was more than proficient at ensuring they pleased her as much as themselves.  As a Victorian woman, that had taken quite some doing.  At the time of her youth, women who enjoyed sex were not merely frowned upon, they scandalised those around them.  Not that HG had any issues with that and quite enjoyed being the talk of her social group for all the wrong reasons.  For her, sex became a weapon that she could use against the world that restrained her mind and her gifts.  The world might believe that the creative genius behind works such as War of the Worlds or The Invisible Man, was her brother, Charles, but she had the ability to make men, and women, want her and she took them with abandon.  She had let the world see HG Wells as the moustached father of science fiction – but when HG stripped to her skin, she was more powerful than any man and just as creative.  Her apprenticeship at Warehouse 12 had kerbed her wildness a little.  The search for curiosities allowing her to explore and invent.  To be herself in ways other than just physical. 


Sex had remained an important, even crucial, aspect of her life and psyche.  A hundred years encased in bronze hadn’t dampened her sexual drive in the slightest and one of the first things she had done, as soon as her strength returned and MacPherson allowed her some freedom, was to find a willing, temporary partner.  He had been attractive enough under the lights of a city street in modern London.  He had been waiting in line outside a club.  The sounds that echoed from the open doorway, which apparently had been music, had been unpleasant to HG’s ears but she had made her way to him none the less.  A smile.  A sexy quirk of an eyebrow and he was eagerly being led down a side alley.  Admitted, the couple of artifacts that she had had in her pocket, retrieved from her onetime home in Hanover Terrace, might have helped.  A simple lust artifact had ensured his interest in her, while the artifact prophylactic would assure safety from any unwanted extras.  He had forced her back against a damp wall, clothes barely lowered before he drove into her.  She hadn’t wanted or needed any foreplay.  After a hundred years she just wanted firm, full penetration.  Her hand on the lust artifact allowed her to control him, to hold him off until she was completely satisfied.  Then, groaning with spent desire, she let him loose and he had grunted like an animal, spilling his seed across her thighs and the filthy alley.  The artifact left him confused and forgetful and she had left him to return unsteadily to the line for the club.  The next day, upon returning to her old home to try again to access her Imperceptor vest, she had rued the decision to leave the artifacts behind.  The muscular secret-service agent had been a good kisser and they had been close to a hidden room where they could have indulged themselves quite easily.  She had felt him start to harden against her thigh and considered that maybe she wouldn’t need the artifact at all.  But then the sound of someone calling his name stopped them and … well, the pleasant tingle that his kisses had caused turned into a flush of desire as she studied the woman who appeared.


And now that woman was walking beside her and HG was thinking about the too few intimate times they had shared.  Myka was force of nature.  Powerful yet vulnerable.  She had never been intimate with a woman before and HG had delighted in being her first.  Not that it really showed.  Despite her initial nervousness, Myka had been able to pleasure HG completely and wonderfully and had left her wanting more.  Had ignited that flame of desire that moved so easily from slow-burning to an all out inferno.  And as she thought of Myka, as she now turned her head to study her womanly curves, she could feel that flame growing again.


They had been walking the stacks for over an hour.  Myka was carrying a clipboard, following the map and ticking off artifacts that needed checking to see that they were behaving.  Pete should have been the one doing inventory with Myka but he had groaned endlessly and HG had volunteered to go instead.  Thankfully Artie had been out so hadn’t been around to argue.  And Pete had smiled broadly before dropping into the leather wingback chair and pulling his phone from his pocket, declaring something about birds and pigs.  HG hadn’t asked what he meant because the thought of spending some alone time with Myka had made her heart speed up.


HG looked around.  They were a long way from the office.  She stopped.  Myka kept walking, finger tracing a line along the browned, worn Warehouse plan.  ‘Left up here, two over and then we – ’ she realised that HG wasn’t with her and turned, frowning, ‘What’s up?’

  ‘Nothing, darling,’ HG replied but didn’t move to catch up, instead she waited for Myka to walk back. 

Myka stopped in front of her, studying the clipboard again, ‘We have five more to check and then we can head back.’  HG gently took the clipboard and placed it on a nearby shelf, never taking her eyes of Myka’s.  She slowly stepped forward and her fingers went to the top button on Myka’s shirt.  Myka swallowed and lowered her gaze, ‘Ummmm … HG?’

  ‘Yes?’ her voice was husky as her fingers released the button and moved to the next one.

  ‘What are you doing?’

  ‘I’m unbuttoning your shirt …’

  ‘Yes, I can see that, why?’

HG’s answer was to grip the material in both hands and pull her closer, holding her firmly as she kissed her.  Usually HG liked to kiss Myka slowly – to start with anyway.  But this time her lips were bruising and passionate.  Myka groaned loudly and a sudden, intense reaction made her stumble backwards until she hit a shelf, rattling the contents.  The two of them paused, staring at each other for several seconds.  When nothing fell from the shelves, HG returned her attention to Myka’s mouth.



The rattling of metal drew Leena’s attention and she headed in the direction of the sound, her own clipboard slapping gently against her thigh as she walked.  She had known that Pete and Myka had been assigned inventory checks and had arrived at the Warehouse to carry out her share of the task about an hour ago.  Finding Pete engrossed in a game on his phone, it hadn’t taken much to work out who Myka had paired up with.  Leena had moved to the desk and glanced through the six inventory checklists that needed completing that week.  She had picked one, telling herself it was a random choice and the fact it would take her within a few aisles of where Myka would end up was just a simple coincidence.  After attaching it to a clipboard she had told Pete where she was going.  He hadn’t even glanced up from his phone and just waved, or rather, wiggled his fingers at her.


The echo of the metal died away, replaced by a stifled moan that made Leena quicken her pace before her brain fully interpreted the sound.  And when it did, her feet stopped dead before she could round the end of the shelves.  Another low moan echoed down the space between the stacks and this time the sound was unmistakably not the sound of someone in pain, as she had first thought.  She bent to peer through, rather than around the shelves and her eyes widened.  Less than thirty feet away, Myka was leaning back against the shelves and HG was kissing her.  Leena waited.  Expecting Myka to push the other woman away.  And as she watched, Myka’s hand lifted to HG’s shoulder and started to do just that.  But she didn’t push her far and instead of backing off, HG lifted her hands between them.  Leena noticed that the top buttons of Myka’s shirt were open and as she watched, HG slowly unfastened the others. 


Leena was frozen to the spot.  Eyes wide.  Mouth hanging open.  She started to wonder if an artifact was at work – making her hallucinate.  Although why she would hallucinate this was beyond her reckoning.


The last button opened and HG slowly parted the folds of Myka’s shirt.  Her fingers tugged gently at her tank top and pulled the material from her jeans, lifting it higher and tracing her nails over the smooth flesh of her abdomen, pressing hard enough to indent the skin.  Myka’s gasp echoed loudly and she bit her bottom lip, cutting off the sound.  HG chuckled softly and drew her nails back again before slipping higher to slide beneath the white material.  Leena could see the contour of Myka’s breast change as HG’s fingers reached it, stroking slowly before sliding across to the other one.  Myka heaved a breath, closing her eyes and HG leant forward to kiss her again, open mouthed and wet, tongues flashing and tangling.  Myka’s hands were shaking as she lifted them to rest on  HG’s shoulders, as if to steady herself while the other woman’s slowly drifted back down her stomach.  Myka’s abdomen flexed as HG’s nails hit a nerve and she huffed softly against the bruising lips.   Both of HG’s hands came down and unfastened her belt, sliding it open and then releasing the button of her jeans.  HG slipped her hand inside, the pressure from the back of her hand slowly ratcheting the zip open.  Myka shivered and pulled back from the kiss, tipping her head back.  HG’s lips pressed against her throat, nipping and sucking at the smooth flesh.  Her free hand lifted to support the back of her head as she sucked hard enough to leave a small mark before flicking the spot with her tongue.  Myka hissed a breath that turned into a groan as HG did something with her fingers deep down inside Myka’s jeans.  Another hiss and low moan and her trembling hand moved down HG’s arm, holding it firmly.  HG whispered something that made Myka quiver and lift her head, searching for HG’s lips.  They kissed with a sudden urgency, Myka’s hands moving to pull HG close and hold her tightly.  A shudder ran through Myka and her knees sank slightly as she gave a small cry, nails digging into HG’s back.  Shudders that seemed beyond Myka’s control rocked them both for several moments. 


HG slowly pulled back, her hand lifting from Myka’s jeans, fingers glistening.  Myka stretched her arms sideways, holding the shelf behind her.  HG’s hands went to her hips and she slowly knelt, face tilted upwards.  There was something akin to worship in the way HG knelt.  She moved slowly, fingers pulling at Myka’s jeans and lowering them to her knees and then her ankles.  Her panties came next and HG kissed her way down quivering thighs.  Her head tilted up again and Mya looked down at her.  Slowly, HG moved her face forward and buried her mouth at Myka’s soft mound.  Myka’s hand slapped over her mouth, stifling the cry before it could escape.  HG’s hands pushed against her thighs, opening her as far as the jeans around her ankles would allow.  She worked her into a silent frenzy, alternating between tongue and fingers.  But despite the violent tremors, her desire just kept building.  Myka groaned against her hand, eyes desperate as she stared down at HG.  HG pulled back and bent to slip her trainer off and then helped her to lift her leg from her jeans and panties.  But rather than let her foot rest back on the floor, HG lifted it over her shoulder.  Her hands on Myka’s hips steadied her and her mouth returned to work between her thighs.  Myka’s hand couldn’t stifle all of the cry that was dragged from her.  She cried out again and again, her head tossing from side to side, beads of sweat glistening on her brow.  HG stood abruptly, Myka’s leg dropping limply.  HG’s hand moved to cover Myka’s mouth as her other hand sent fingers sliding up between her legs.  Leena could see the muscles in HG’s arm swelling against the sleeve of her shirt as she fucked Myka.  Her hand over Myka’s mouth, her teeth at her neck and her hand thrusting violently, HG sent a quivering climax through Myka that rocked the shelves and, this time, toppled several artifacts. 


The sound of the items falling jolted Leena and she jumped back behind the shelf, her breath rasping in her throat.  She held both hands over her mouth – terrified that they would hear her.  She tried to get her breath under control – not even attempting to try and do the same for her racing thoughts.  When she felt her breath come under control, she slowly peered through the shelf again.


Myka was standing with her back to her, HG’s arms wrapped around her.  Their heads rested on each other’s shoulders as Myka whispered something that Leena couldn’t hear.  And then suddenly, HG’s eyes lifted and stared straight at Leena and her dark eyes bore straight into her.  Leena jumped back, shocked and alarmed.  The look in HG’s eyes was enough but the smile confirmed it.  She had known that Leena was there the whole time.


Leena turned and ran.