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“But you’’re out there.”

At Myka's confused voice, Helena smiles as if trying to reassure her.

To save you, this was the best.
The day you put a gun in my hand and made its aim. The day I realized I loved you.

Helena nodded her head with a small expectation that this would convey even the slightest sincerity.


At the message conveyed by the shape of her mouth, Myka also senses her sincerity and raises the corners of her lips. The moment Helena took her breath, the scent of apples which she had forgotten and missed so much permeated her body. It's probably a small token of appreciation from the warehouse.

‘I smell apples.’

Even when she hears the timer ends, Helena doesn't take her eyes off Myka. The moment she tells her that she loves her in her heart, Helena's sight turns red.

When Helena opens her eyes, she sees Christina. She reflexively weeps.
My baby, I missed you so much.
Helena runs and takes Christina in her arms and makes her laugh. After more than 100 years of long-awaited, peace finally came to Helena.