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1 Heart + 1 Heart + 1 Heart = 3 Hearts

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Roughly four months after the end of the show, one month after the events of 333.


Shin reviewed on his laptop the spread sheet of his father’s assets and business incomes for the last five years.  Four months after his father’s death, the will had finally been executed. The family lawyer, Khun Max, had compiled the spreadsheet after going through the will.  Khun Max had left a short while ago having informed him that the house was now his to do with as he pleases. Most of his father’s assets went to Shin with about a quarter going to Thada, Shin’s uncle.  He had no grandparents alive and no other family.  Khun Max had also uncovered that his mother had left an account with a starter amount in his name in the hope that he would use it to provide for his family when he was ready. This account had been withheld from him as she had died when he was in high school.  It was a surprise, but another reason to be disappointed in his father.  


He was at his family home now.  This was the place that he grew up.  This was the place he had a mother and father who loved him.  This was the place that his stepmother lived for about three years before she died.  While no one could replace his mother, Vanika had offered comfort and advice when he was seeking it. 


He had been disgusted to find that his father had not started the funeral for his stepmother, even for all his father’s claims of loving her.  Shin now knew that Neo had loved her.  It turned out that she had loved Neo enough to have Neo named as the beneficiary of her will.  This was news to Neo, and for Shin to wonder how long the relationship between the two had been going on.  Khun Max had also left an envelope for Neo too, regarding this information more in depth.  The envelope currently sat on the kitchen island nearby.


Shin had paid from the family funds two funerals for his family.  It was here at these funeral celebrations that he had taken the final steps of taking over his family business and to begin distancing his company from its’ mafia connections.  Shin met and grew into the good graces of many of the old business associates by being the dutiful son to his parents.  Shin felt that he was on his way of others accepting him as head of the company and in turn, legitimizing it.  Being groomed for this role his entire life, he did not want the mafia life, but to have the freedom to choose to be who he wanted to be.


A third funeral had taken place that Shin helped fund: a funeral for Leo, Neo’s brother.  The guilt Neo felt over his brother’s death nearly killed him. Together they got each other through their grief and trauma. 


With a glance down at the time, he thought about the fact that Miw said she would be returning with dinner for the three of them.  Both his friends had returned to versions of their old job for the time being.  Neo and Miw becoming managers at the strip establishments they used to work at.  Miw was off tonight, but Neo was not.


For the last month and a half, Neo and Miw had practically moved into the house with him here.  Shin did have a condo in the city that he purchased after university, but it did not have a big tub in the master bathroom or a terrace with a hammock, outdoor grill, and table set up.  They had been spending time together, comforting one another in their grief.  Miw being the protector of the two and taking care of her boys. 


The front door opened after a turn of the lock and the rustle of some bags.  “I’m home.” It was Miw. She slipped off her sandals and put on her house slippers. Her small shoes looked odd placed in a neat row mixed with the gigantic shoes of Neo and the normal size of Shins’.   Miw carried two bags of food and brought them to the dining table where Shin was seated.  Miw draped her arms around Shin’s shoulders and placed a kiss onto the side of his forehead. 


“I like hearing Ai’Miw say those words.”  Shin brought his hand to rest over her arms and turned to kiss her cheek. 


“I like being able to say them,” she let go and stood to place her phone onto the table and moved to get some drinks from the fridge.  She pulled two Coke Zero bottles for them to drink now.  “When is the last time you had a drink? You probably have not drunk anything for hours. Ai’Shin should drink this” and she closed the door.


“Ai’Miw usually has an orange juice before dinner, I bought some new cartons for you.  Look on the door.” Shin started to stand to point them out.


Miw waved him off, put her drink on the table, twisted the lid off the second drink, and handed him the soda bottle, their fingers touching briefly. “Thank you Ai’Shin. You should drink yours: I am sure you are thirsty. I will drink on this now and grab the orange juice with dinner.”  She sat down in the chair next to Shin. Miw twisted off the lid and took a big drink just as Shin drank some of his.


“How did the visit with the lawyer go?” She pulled out her hair tie and redid her hair.  She ran the cool bottle across her forehead before taking another big drink.


“The will has been fully executed.” Shin gestured to the spread sheet on the computer in front of him. “The house is mine, almost everything is mine, except what percentage went to Uncle Thada. Father’s assets were numerous and his “business” strong.” He turned the laptop to show her the total on the spreadsheet. He highlighted the estimated amount. “This is a rough estimate net worth of what is now mine.”


Miw nearly choked on the drink she was taking.  “Ai’Shin” was all she said.


Both phones sounded with a Line notification. Miw picked hers up to unlock it as Shin knocked his awake and tapped in the code.  It was a new message from Neo on their “Love Team” group chat. “Be home in a few minutes.  I have a few hours before a shift from 9pm to 3am.”


Shin typed out a message to Neo, “P’Max left you an envelope.  It’s on the island in the kitchen for when you are ready to read it.  Ai’Miw has brought dinner.  We will get it set up out on the terrace.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


“See you soon” Miw typed out.


Shin put the laptop to sleep and took a swig of his drink. “Let’s go set up dinner” he said and recapped his drink. Miw handed him her drink to stick back in the fridge for now.  Shin put her drink back into the fridge and grabbed a carton of orange juice for her and a coffee bottle for Neo.  Miw stood to grab the tray for carrying food out to the terrace table.  Shin placed the drinks on it and then grabbed the plates and utensils to put on it.   Miw grabbed the food bags and moved to open the slider to the outside.  She opened it, waited for Shin to follow with the tray, then closed it after he exited.  She flipped the switch for the fairy lights stretched across the terrace area and for the lights threaded through the trees near the hammock.  The terrace was covered by a retractable awning to which she also switched to open.  It was twilight and the sky shone with shades of oranges, reds, and that gradient into the black of night.  The trees and fence offered privacy. Lastly, she flipped the switch that brought power to the Bluetooth speakers that they had set up around the terrace.


Shin placed the tray down and started setting up the table. It was circular, could sit six people, and was made of sturdy weatherproof wood.  His father had entertained his business associates many times out here.  The fairy lights and tree lights were a new addition that Miw had suggested, and Neo had hung.  Shin thought it was much more inviting and comfortable now.  Shin unlocked and opened his phone to choose a playlist for the Bluetooth speakers.  He chose something light and had songs that they all enjoyed.  Hitting play, soft music came over the speakers, he clipped his phone off.  Shin placed the settings on the side of the table that faced into the yard and trees. Himself on the left with his Coke Zero, Neo in the middle with his coffee drink, and Miw on his other side with her orange juice.


Miw laid out the food containers and started serving out the rice out onto the plates.  


Both looked up as the slider opened and Neo exited the house.  He had pulled his shirt off inside the house and left it on the back of a table chair. “I’m home” he said and maneuvered his love team into his arms, lifted them both up off the ground, and gave a squeeze. He placed a kiss on both their cheeks. They were both pressed into his exposed chest. 


“Put us down,” Shin said in mock seriousness.


“Ai’Neo,” added Miw.


Neo set them down and they enveloped each other in a group hug.  Shin pressed into his left side, his one arm snaking around Neo’s waist with Neo’s arm on his shoulders: the other arm wrapped around Miw’s shoulders. On Neo’s right, Miw was curled under his arm and her one hand reached around into his back pocket to grab his butt: her other hand reaching down to put her hand in Shin’s pocket to grab his butt.


“Ai’Neo is dirty and smells” Miw pulls away out of the embrace.


“Sexy” Shin breathed out, as if finishing her sentence.  He couldn’t help but be a little turned on by being pressed against Neo, seeing all that wonderful skin at eye level, and the feel of his arm on Neo’s bare skin. Shin was reluctant to let go of the other man.  Neo noticed this and wrapped Shin in an embrace where their bodies were pressed together and tilted his head down to kiss him.  It is all in all still a chaste kiss, but Shin would like more of it and tries to continue the kiss, but Neo pulls away.


“I spent the last four hours helping with a repair at the club. I should dip inside and take a quick shower.”


“You can use the outdoor shower to clean up,” Shin suggested, pointing to the outdoor shower on the nearby wall.  Shin looked a little shy for a moment before commenting softly, “I could help you.”


Neo looked over at Miw sipping on her now opened orange juice and the two made brief eye contact. One side of her mouth raised up in sort of a challenge and she arched one eyebrow.  “I will go grab you the toiletries, towels, and clean clothes,” she said and walked past them to open the slider and entered the house.


Neo pressed back into Shin’s body space. “Ai’Shin would be welcomed to help.”  He pressed down to kiss Shin again, lips to lips; his eyes searching out Shin’s.  They meet and Shin opens his mouth to taste at Neo’s lips.  Salty.  Neo opens his mouth to allow the kiss to deepen and Shin presses in.  Neo grabs Shin’s hands and places them on his bare skin of his hips where his pants rest.  He places his own hands on Shin in similar fashion after lifting up the edges of his polo shirt.  Shin closes the gap between their bodies and presses their pelvises together.  Shin is hard and Neo has the beginnings of arousal.  Neo moves to wrap his arms around Shin’s shoulders and kneads with his hands along the cords of his neck.  Neo pulls away and leans down to press kisses into Shin’s neck, stopping to suckle at the area below his ear. 


The slider opens after only a minute and Miw steps out with some plate covers. Both boys turn to look at her, still locked in an embrace.  She pops them over the plates to keep potential bugs away.  She does not have the other items in her hands.  Neo and Shin look to each other and open their arms to invite Miw in. Miw connected the distance and grabbed both their hands in her own instead of stepping into the embrace.  She placed a kiss on each hand. “You boys go ahead,” she says and puts each hand onto the others waist. 


“Please take these inside” Shin said, pulling his glasses off and handing them to her. “Hurry back” he offered.


Miw took them and opened the slider and let herself into the house. 


Shin tilted his head to place his own kisses along Neo’s neck. The salty skin and aroma of Neo’s skin was such a turn on.  He starts to suckle the area right under his ear, but not hard enough to leave a mark.


“I had no idea that this would turn you on so much,” Neo huskily exclaimed.  He pressed his lower body into Shin’s, grinding his now full erection into the other man’s. “It looks like you want to get dirty too before helping me clean up.” He pulls away a little and tugs at Shin’s shirt, seeking askance for removal. 


Shin pulls the polo shirt off over his head and tosses it onto the back of a chair.  He presses himself forward into Neo’s space and wraps his upper body around Neo.  His fingers run themselves up and down Neo’s back as he claims Neo’s mouth for another kiss.  Neo does the same and presses his fingers into Shin’s skin as he knows Shin likes.  Shin whimpers into Neo’s mouth and Neo swallows the sound.


Neo pulls his body away from Shin’s to run his fingers over Shin’s nipples causing them to pebble from the stimulation.  Neo ran his hands up and down Shin’s sides and let his thumbs catch onto his nipples on each pass.  This he knows Shin loves and it causes Shin’s skin to flush beautifully.  Shin’s breaths come faster as his chest rises and falls with arousal.  Neo leans down and lathes at Shin’s ear before taking the bottom of it and giving it a tug.  He slides one leg in between Shin’s and pulls Shin’s hips so the other man is rutting against him.


Shin gives a gasp. “If we continue that, this will be over way too soon.”  Shin moves his legs so their arousals are rubbing each other through their pants.  He turns to claim Neo’s mouth into another kiss, in which Neo gladly opens his mouth to accept.  Shin’s hands move to reciprocate running his hands and fingers over Neo’s chest, his fingers catching on his nipples and budding them. Up and down, up and down, up and down until his hand drops to rub at Neo through his shorts.  Neo is thick and long in his shorts.  This time it is Neo that moans.


The slider opens and Miw steps out with the soap, shampoo/conditioner bottle, two towels, and two sets of clothes.  Her eyes take in the scene before her.  She wets her lips before saying “Sexy boys.” She places the items onto the table and starts to walk back inside to give them time together. 


Shin grabs her arm.  “You don’t have to leave on my account.”  He looks at her and looks at Neo.


“Stay” Neo says.


Miw gives a nod, moves to close the slider, grabs her orange juice, and sits down in one of the nearby loungers facing them and able to see where they would shower.  She drinks a big gulp before fixing her eyes on the scene before her. “Ai’Neo still has his pants on.  Ai’Shin, weren’t you going to help him with that? You boys got off task here.” She joked.


“Ai’Miw is right, it is time to take my pants off.  Please, Ai’Shin.” Neo stepped back and moved to lean against a wall.  He spread his legs a little, and folded his arms above his head, exposing his Adonis body for his lovers to feast upon.  The movement made his muscles taunt and his erection press visibly against his shorts.


The movement had the desired effect.  Miw was staring with her mouth open, and Shin was stroking himself through his own shorts now. “Fuck Ai’Neo is hot,” Shin exclaimed.


Shin dropped to his knees in front of Neo and popped the button and slowly slid down the zipper.  After that, he put his hands on his hips and slowly slid his pants and underwear off his hips.  Shin guided Neo in stepping out of them.  Neo’s erection sprung free, and Shin immediately caught it with his mouth.  Sucking at the tip only, he looked up at Neo with lust.


Neo moved to put his hands into Shin’s hair to push him down, but Miw stopped him with “Keep your hands folded above your head. Close your eyes.”   


Shin withdrew off the tip and buried his face to mouth around the base of his cock.  His nose pressed into the dark hair and inhaled.  The strongest scent of Neo here drove Shin wild. The smell of sweat, the base smell of Neo himself, and the smell of his arousal.   He didn’t think it possible, but it felt like his erection got even harder. “Ai’Neo,” he panted before sucking in the tip of him again.  Neo is too long to fully intake, but Shin starts putting a little more of Neo’s cock into his mouth until he reaches his gag point.  His hands worked to unbutton his own pants, but he can’t quite focus enough to free himself to stroke himself.


“I can help Ai’Shin with that,” Miw offered from her seat.  Shin turned his head slightly to look at her, leaning his face against Neo’s thigh to see her out of the side of his eye.  Miw had her shirt rucked up and one hand teasing at her nipples under her shirt and the other hand pressed into her opened shorts touching herself.  Her bra discarded on the ground beside her.


Shin gave her a thumbs up on the suggestion.  He pulls back to work at the head in his mouth.  Running his tongue under the foreskin and around the head, Shin moves his right hand to encircle the rest of Neo’s cock and the other to cup his sack and roll his balls in his hand.  He looks left to see Miw standing and sliding her shorts off and stepping out of them.   He could see her nipples firmly pressed against the fabric of her shirt, and Shin admired her curves and the way she moved with a sexy prowess.   When she went to her haunches and leaned over to unbutton his pants for him, Shin could see the wet spot on her white panties on display.  He made a small audible noise at the sight. 


Miw brought her hands down to pop the button on Shin’s pants, pull the fly, the pants, and his briefs down in one swift move.  She palmed his hardness and stroked upward.  The feel of his lover’s hand on him, the smell of Neo’s sweat, the sight of Miw’s arousal, and the taste/feel of Neo in his mouth all made him moan around Neo’s cock.


Neo bucked in his mouth with the vibrations, but he kept his eyes shut.  He ended up thrusting it down into Shin’s throat which caused the other man to pull off. “Sorry Ai’Shin” he apologized, his spit covered cock now jumping in the air and his whole body bouncing up and down on his feet.  His whole body thrummed with arousal.


Shin worked his jaw open and shut a few times before taking the opportunity to pull Miw into a kiss, his hand grabbing her neck to pull her close.  Her mouth immediately parted when Shin’s lips met hers.  They shared the taste of Neo between the two of them.  His hands shifted down to stroke her breasts through her shirt, the nubs hardening beneath his touch.  Her hands continued to stroke him, twisting at the foreskin around the head, and then thumbing over the slit.


“Ai’Shin, Ai’Miw, can I open my eyes and watch, please?” Neo asked; he knew from the noises that they were sharing a kiss and they were touching each other.  He desperately wanted to see his two lovers together.


Miw pulled back a little and rested her forehead against Shin’s, her hands stilled.  “Ai’Shin, has Ai’Neo been a good boy and get to see?”


Shin looked into her eyes and spoke: “Ai’Neo has been a good boy.  He can watch, but he does not get to touch though.  He can put his hands behind his back instead as punishment for gagging me with his cock.”


“How thoughtful of Ai’Shin,” Miw rubbed her lips briefly against Shin’s before continuing. “Ai’Neo can open his eyes and watch, but your hands need to be placed behind your back.”   


Neo opened his eyes and looked down at his lovers below him.  The sight of them both on their knees before him, made him pant with desire.  He pulled his arms down, shook them out, and crossed them behind his back.   His cock was so hard, with precum beading at the tip.


Shin pressed forward with another kiss, full on with Miw.  His right hand reached down to cup her moist heat through the outside of her panties: his fingers rubbing upward and over her clit and teasingly over her entrance.  She broke off the kiss to throw her head back in a loud whimper. “Ai’Shin.” Miw continued her stroking of Shin, changing her grip so he can thrust into her hand.


Above them, Neo gave a strangled noise and he shamelessly thrust his hips into the air, wishing for a hand or mouth on his cock again.  Or for one of his lovers to kiss him.  Any contact from his lovers. Watching his lovers and knowing they were his and wanted him and then denying him: that was delicious.  He did his best to wait, his hands tightening over his arms in an effort to keep himself under control.


Shin stood up and pressed himself forward to claim Neo in a kiss.  Their tongues clashed and tasted each other.  His hand left Miw and her hand dropped away from him.  Shin’s hands reached around to grab and knead at Neo’s butt.  He ground their hard cocks together, creating the friction and the touch that Neo so desperately needed. 


Miw was still on her haunches. “Can I please taste both of you?” She asked from below.  She looked up at them with her chest heaving, nipples pointy below her shirt, and her right hand inside her undies.  Her fingers looked to be rubbing around her clit: the movement visible to both boys’ eyes.


“Ai’Miw should be naked too, do you agree Ai’Neo?”


“Yes, Ai’Shin” he agreed.


“Ai’Neo, help her out of her clothes, then return to your position.” Shin stepped back to let Neo help her.


She held her arms up while still in a crouching position for Neo to pull off her shirt.  Neo relaxed his arms and reached down to grasp her shirt at her stomach and pull up, making sure that his fingers dragged on her skin and up the side of her breasts.  Miw gave a full body shiver at the light touch. 


Miw stood and Neo wrapped his hands over her hips at the top of her underwear. “Kiss please,” he asked.


Miw pulled Neo down to claim his mouth.  She parted her lips to let the other man in, tasting one another.  Neo hooked his thumbs onto her panties and pulled them down and let them drop to her feet.  He returned his hands behind his back and backed off to return to his position against the wall.


“Good boy” Shin said and took Neo in hand, just a circular grip around it to which Neo could thrust into.


Miw grabbed one of the towels and folded it up to where she would kneel in front of them.  “I still want a taste of both of you in my mouth.”


Shin maneuvered himself so he was facing Neo and his hips tilted slightly so Miw could get her mouth around them both or alternatively.  He put his mouth onto Neo’s neck and sucked just as Miw took him into her mouth.  The simultaneous action caused Neo to thrust hard into her mouth and to cum in her mouth.  “Fuck” he cried out.  Shin captured his mouth in a kiss as Neo came down from his orgasm. 


Miw leaned over to spit the cum into a grassy area just beyond the edge of the pavers.  Grabbing her orange juice, she took a swig of it.  Upon taking another drink, she held the fluid in her mouth and dropped down in front of Shin.  She carefully took Shin into her mouth, into the cool liquid in her mouth.  Shin literally jumped at the feeling and let himself sit in her mouth, giving a full body shudder as she swallowed the liquid in her mouth and sucked Shin in further.  Shin pulled himself out entirely with another shudder.  Her lips still in the O as she looked up at them.


“That certainly is worth further exploration,” Shin said and used his fingers to close her mouth, “but it is time to move along to the main events.  Ai’Miw will lay back on the other side of the table, Ai’Neo will bring her to completion with his fingers, and I will sit next to Ai’Miw and Ai’Neo will go down on me.  Does Ai’Neo think he can handle this?  Sound acceptable?” He asked his two lovers. 


“On the table? Really?” Miw grabbed the towels and put them on the other end of the table away from the food.


“Ai’Neo?” Shin prompted.


“You two are so beautiful here under the lights.  I would be glad to be of service to my love team.” He helped her sit on the table and slid her hips on the edge of the table on the towel.  She braced on her hands behind her.  “Can I have a taste first of Ai’Miw’s love juices?” He looks towards Shin in askance instead of Miw.     


“Just a taste, no oral penetration.” Shin felt powerful being in charge and liked it.  It was like being the CEO.


“Then Ai’Shin’s love juices I will gladly swallow.”  Neo pushed Shin onto the other towel, Shin’s legs open.  Shin’s erection at attention and weeping at the tip.  Neo jacked him a few times for good measure before releasing him.  Shin bucked his hips up into the fist, chasing that touch.


Neo pulled up a chair and sat down.  He touched her knees and ran his hands all over her legs.  


“Ai’Miw, spread yourself open for Ai’Neo to see, please.” Shin’s eyes were on Neo’s face and the way his mouth parted and his tongue darted out to lick his lips in anticipation.  Shin knew how much Neo liked going down on her.  That activity was not something Shin actively did himself.  He still preferred cock in his mouth than pussy, though he was willing to lend his fingers to pleasure her and liked her tits just fine.  His preference was when Neo penetrated him and went down on him, though he liked Miw sucking his cock.  Kisses were always freely given and taken.  He loved being touched by his lovers and loved touching them.  He liked pleasure and pleasuring his most important people.    


Miw widened her legs and reached her hand down and spread her outer lips.  The area glistened with moisture, her opening dripping, and her clit prominently exposed. 


Neo licked at the area, his tongue lapping around the entrance.  One hand on her leg, the other gripping Shin’s inner thigh, close, but not touching his hard length.  


Shin turned his head and leaned over to capture Miw’s lips in a kiss, their tongues teasing at each other.


It was when their focus was on each other that Neo moved and engulfed Shin to the hilt and plunged two fingers inside of Miw.


Both broke apart and cried out in pleasure.  Their voices broke with an “Ai’Neo” and their hands grasping at each other.  Miw dropped herself down onto the table and pulled Shin down with her, so the sides of their bodies pressed together, clutching each other’s hands. In and out. Up and down.  Their moans low but clipped, not wanting a neighbor to call the police for a noise complaint.  Thankfully the music from the Bluetooth helped drown out the noises. 


Shin’s left hand grabbed Neo’s head and held him in place.  He felt himself thrusting up into Neo’s mouth, while Neo let him fuck his mouth as much as he wanted.  This way, he could place more focus on the movement of his hand and controlling the speed at which he moved his fingers inside Miw’s wet heat. 


Neo moved Miw’s leg up onto his shoulder so he could reach deeper into her depths, his hand moved with a speed that caused a squelching sound.  Miw cried out sharply at the change.  After only a moment, he slid her leg off his shoulder.  He slowed his hand inside Miw, hooking them upwards to stroke and rub at that internal spot, which made Miw’s body twitch.  He slowed his hand again so his fingers were just resting against that spot and then cupping her mound. 


Neo pressed up into Shin’s hand to tell him to ease his grip.  Neo popped off Shin’s cock with a stream of spit leading from his mouth to the cock below him.  “If it pleases my loves, I would like to engage in oral penetration.  One brief oral plunge into the warmth moisture of Miw and then Shin, I want to eat you out.  Will the two of you please put your legs up on the table?” Neo requested.


“Ai’Neo is so well behaved and takes good care of us,” Miw found her voice, strained with love and desire.  She leaned up to grab him down for a kiss, open mouth and sexy.  When she released him, she gave him a push towards Shin “Kiss your boyfriend too.” And the two of them kissed with as much passion.  


Shin pulled his legs up onto the edge of the table, his hardness swollen, leaky and pressing up into his stomach.  He slid his butt down to the edge without asking.  He maneuvered to intertwine his right leg over Miw’s left leg so in effect they were helping each other spread wide.  


“I am here for your pleasure, my love team,” Neo said. 


He lifted Shin’s left foot to his lips where he placed a kiss on top of it.  He then traced his lips up over Shin’s ankle and up his inner calf.  When he reached his knee, he put Shin’s leg back down and instead leaned forward with his body.  He ghosted his lips up Shin’s inner thigh, sucking a hickey onto his inner thigh, before continuing his pathway.  He ghosted his lips across the bend of his leg to suckle the spot at the base of his cock on that side.  He traced his lips up Shin’s cock where it rested against Shin’s belly.  His mouth parted over the tip to let the entire thing slide into his mouth tightly for a moment before pulling his mouth up to just his lips being on top before tracing it back down on the other side. 


Shin’s lower body jumped when he was so briefly encased in Neo’s mouth.  Shin’s hand grasped Miw’s and squeezed for that moment. 


Neo’s lips ghosted up Shin’s right thigh to where Miw’s leg intertwined with Shin’s.  His mouth followed a pathway onto her leg.   Neo traced his lips up her inner thigh, stopping to suck a hickey into a similar location on her thigh as on Shin’s.  Neo’s lips ghosted over the bend of her thigh leg connection to climb the peak of her outer labia.  At the top of the peak, he plunged his tongue in between her folds up into her moist center for a mere moment before withdrawing to circle her clit with his tongue before ghosting his lips over the other side.  Miw gasped out loud for that moment when he plunged inside her and felt his tongue around her clit, this time her hand grasping Shin’s.  Neo ghosted his lips over the crease of her other leg, up over of her inner thigh, over her knee bend, down her calf and over her foot.


Neo pulled away to look over his two lovers.  With a smile like he was the cat who ate the cream, he licked over his lips and bit his lower lip.  The look of love and lust was apparent across his face.  He looked over his two lovers appreciatively.  His eyes travelled over where their bodies shared points of connection.  He leaned over to kiss them one at a time, first Miw then Shin.  He let his weeping cock drag itself over each of their bodies, like a paint brush leaving a smear of paint across their skin.   Each of them reaching up a spare hand to run it over a Neo nipple before he pulled away.


“Can I please rim you while jacking you, and take care of Miw with my other hand, at least for a few minutes?” Neo met Shin’s eyes in request.


“That sounds challenging, do you think you can do it?” Shin asked and the idea made him wrap his hand around the base of his cock to stive off cumming right there.


“Real test of coordination and skill,” Miw added, feeling a thrum of desire between her legs.  She looked at her two flushed lovers, Shin looking like it won’t take much and Neo so hard again.


“Ai’Shin,” Miw started. “It’s your turn to spread yourself open for Ai’Neo to see.” Miw watched Neo as Shin let go of her hand and brought his hands down to spread his cheeks.  His puckered hole revealed itself to Neo’s hungry eyes.


She brought one arm under her head as a pillow and the other hand reached out to tease at Shin’s nipples, to encircle them and bring them to nub.  She tilted her head to see both her boys, the look of pure want on both their faces made her even wetter.


With his right hand, Neo teased his fingers into her moisture and withdrew to tease at her clit.  He circled it and stroked it, running his fingers over it to make Miw squirm and writhe under his fingers.  With his left hand, Neo grabbed Shin’s hard on in his hand and thumbed at the exposed tip with its’ precum on top.


“I was hungry before, now I am starving,” Neo quipped cheekily. He leaned down to circle his tongue around Shin’s puckered hole.  Shin keened in anticipation. “Like that baby?” he mumbled into his lover’s sac, hanging just above. “Then you will love this,” and he plunged his tongue inside Shin.  At the same time, he switched his hand to create a fist around Shin’s cock and switched to plunging three fingers into Miw.   


Shin and Miw grabbed each other for support, digging their fingers into each other’s thighs.  That will leave bruises that they will gladly wear. 


Neo jacked him off, encouraging his hips to stay still.  He worked at keeping a rhythm between his hands and his mouth.  Miw was right, this was serious coordination, all without being able to look at his hands, so he closed his eyes to focus on what he was doing.  He listened to the noises that his two lovers made.  His mouth pillaged and plunged its way into the tight hole.   


Shin and Miw were so close, but it was not quite enough for Miw.  Shin had been on edge for over the last half hour, he felt it building in his stomach and in his balls.  He made little sounds of encouragement, his toes curling, digging his hand into Miw’s thigh again.  Miw was biting her lips and digging her hand into Shin’s thigh.


Neo pulled his mouth away from Shin’s ass to speak to the man in front of him, his hands still pumping on Shin’s cock and thrusting into Miw.  “Think you could take me inside you?” He asked Shin.


“Not enough lubrication for that.” Shin breathed out a response.  “I would want that though.”


“How about this instead?” Neo pulled his fingers out of Miw, who let out a wail at being emptied from the pace they were going at, and plunged those three slick moistened fingers into Shin, who was just loosened enough to accept them without much discomfort and pillaged at his prostate. He pulled off his other hand and gorged himself on Shin’s cock, letting it hit the back of his throat.  His eyes were on Shin’s face as his orgasm hit.


Shin let out a desperate cry as his back arched off the table as he came.  Neo pulled back a little so he could feel it spurt in his mouth: he said he would swallow, and he did.  Miw moved to cover Shin’s mouth with her own and thrust her tongue into his mouth to eat his orgasm.  She rode out his orgasm as his kiss became reciprocated. 


Neo gently withdrew his fingers out of his ass but held the softening cock in his mouth for a minute.  He let it drop out of his mouth.


“Love you, Ai’Shin.” He leaned forward and kissed at Shin’s neck while he waited to kiss Shin.   Miw side eyed Neo and lifted to kiss him on his forehead. She reached to grab his head and pushed him towards Shin’s lips.  They connected for a kiss, slow and lingering.  “Love you Ai’Neo,” Shin kissed into his lips and looked into his eyes.  They let go of the kiss and turned their heads, so their cheeks touched, and looked at Miw, “Love you Ai’Miw,” they said at almost the same time. 


“Love you guys too.  Now fuck me Neo,” she commanded with all seriousness.  She pulled out her hair tie and redid her hair into a new ponytail, her breasts thrust forward and her body on display.


“That may break the table, which I am surprised we didn’t already,” Shin commented, patting her cheek. “How about you stand and bend over and lean against me while I am seated in front of you, while he fucks you from behind?”


“Wow, Ai’Shin!” Miw kissed his hand and leaned up to be helped stand by Neo.  Together they each held out a hand for Shin to be helped up.  “For being the least sexually experienced one here, you sure have good ideas.”


Shin held onto his lover’s hands to pull himself up.  He moved to slot Miw between their bodies, dropping their hands.  He embraced her with Miw facing him and sandwiched her between their two bodies, putting his hands on Neo’s hips.  He rested his head onto Miw’s shoulder and Neo leaned down to kiss him before Neo rested his chin on the top of her head.


“I am an artist at heart, creating beautiful scenes with my tools at hand.” Shin snakes one hand over to cup Neo’s erection in his hand and the other hand around Miw’s body to cup her mound.


“Ai’Neo and I are only your tools?” Miw slapped his butt cheek. It wasn’t hard, but it was enough that Shin made an audible gasp.


Shin laughed out loud.  He moved his hands to be holding her breasts in her hands, twisting the nipples in his fingers.  “Would you rather I said instruments that create beautiful sounds at my hand?” he said as Miw let out a low keening noise.  He felt himself trying to rise again already.


“Face the facts Ai’Miw.  Ai’Shin has us completely under his influence.  This is where I want to be, right here with Ai’Shin and Ai’Miw.”  He moved to kiss on their lips, a mere brushing of their lips together.


“I don’t need any man telling me what to do in my life.” Miw pushed his hands down off her breasts and stepped out of their embrace. “I don’t want to be under anybody’s influence but my own.”


Shin and Neo looked at each other, joining hands and reaching out their other hands to Miw. 


“How about a partnership then? Three hearts that beat together for a mutual future filled with love and understanding?” Shin looked at both of his partners.


“A partnership of three hearts,” Neo agreed, looking from Shin to Miw.


Miw hesitated for only a moment before reaching out and taking each of their hands in her own. “A partnership of three hearts,” she squeezed their hands before pulling herself into their bodies. She pressed herself into Shin’s side with one arm snaked down around his waist, and the other drawing Neo in with her arm going around his waist.  Shin copied Miw’s movements and put his arms around Miw’s waist:  he laced his fingers through Miw’s behind Neo’s back.  Neo instead put his arms around Shin and Miw’s neck and pulled them into his body space.  What he wanted to do was touch their foreheads together, but the height difference prevented that.  


“Did we just get married?” Miw joked into Neo’s shoulder, looking up at him and across to Shin.  


“Sorry, Ai’Miw, I am a homosexual.” Shin deadpanned as he looked at her. Miw gave him a look back. “Homoflexible?” Shin deadpanned back.  “Borderline bisexual?” Shin offered.


“Ai’Shin,” Miw let go of Shin’s waist to count off points on her fingers. “One, we kissed more times than I can count. Two, I have had my mouth and hands all over your body and on your cock, and you love it. Three, you play with my breasts all the time and tease them mercilessly when you are able: I can TELL that you are aroused by them. Four, you tease me through my panties, and cup my bare privates.  Five, I am pretty sure that the sight of my wet panties turned you on even more back there.” She held those five fanned fingers up into Shin’s face.  Shin moved to kiss her palm before releasing her hand.


“Just because your cock has yet to penetrate my vagina, means nothing.  There is always another day to explore that avenue.  And if you don’t like that, you could try anal on me.  We could try a double penetration.  That has always been on my sexual bucket list.  Ai’Neo in my front, Ai’Shin at my rear.  I have never trusted two men enough to actually want to do that.”


“Fuck, Ai’Miw,” Neo’s erection had started to subside, but returned with a vengeance on that image.  His hand dropped off from around Miw’ neck to take himself in hand. “You can’t just say stuff like that.”


“Like that idea, Ai’Neo?” Miw turned her head to Neo.  Her hand reached out to stroke up and down his side teasingly for a moment.


“Homoflexible,” Shin agreed, continuing the earlier thread. “Unless I go to your work and see if I feel something for one of those other girls and then maybe I can claim bisexual.”


Miw reached out and whacked his arm.  “That is not necessary,” Miw stated.  “We got each other, that is all we need.”  She reached up and ran a hand through Shin’s hair and lightly grabbed at it to pull his head down to hers for a kiss.  They wrapped their arms and bodies around each other, pressing themselves into each other with Miw’s hand still grasped into his hair, lightly pulling, and her other hand around his neck, holding him close.  Shin’s hands clasped her hips, connecting the lengths of their bodies.  His erection returned to press between their bodies.  Their eyes connected and closed before their lips connected.


Miw pushed all her feelings into that kiss and Shin responded in kind.  The kiss was fueled by love and desire for one another.


Shin moved slightly so his erection fell between her legs, thrusting between them.  His hands drifted down to knead her butt.  He could feel the moisture pooled at her opening.  Shin slid himself through the moisture and whimpered.  “Ai’Miw sexual” he mumbled against her lips as he opened his eyes to meet hers. 


Neo drank in the sight of the two of them in their embrace.  His body thrummed with love and desire at seeing them before him.  It turned him on to see his lovers together, and for all that they have been through, so far to still want to be together.  His erection pressed upward at full attention; his right hand moved at a leisurely pace with his heart beating faster as his eyes and ears focused on every noise they made together.


Miw pulled herself away from Shin and pushed him into an oversized chair.


“But right now, what I need is that fucking I wanted earlier.” She stood in front of him, her head turning to look back at Neo a few feet away as he stroked himself, before turning her attention back to the man in front of her.  Miw put one foot on the chair next to Shin’s hip, so her legs spread to show off her womanhood. 


Shin looked up at her with his focus only on her and let his hand be directed to touch the moisture between her legs.  Miw used her hands to guide Shin’s hand to cup her mound.  She then pushed two fingers to dip into the core of her body.  “So wet,” Shin said.  He moved his fingers inside of her and felt the tightness around them.  He only held them there for a moment before pulling them out and offered them to Neo to clean them over Miw’s shoulder.  “Ai’Neo want to clean them off?”


Neo stepped closer to suck them in to lick them clean before stepping back a short distance behind Miw. 


Shin held the base of his cock with one hand and jacked himself with the wettened fingers.  He enjoyed watching both his lovers in front of him.  Neo still naked in all his glory and leisurely touching himself behind Miw, and Miw presenting her body so close in front of him.  


Miw put her other knee on the other side of Shin in the chair, so she is sitting loosely on his legs.       


She cupped his face and then she trailed her fingers upon his nose, down his lips, down his neck, and across his chest to tease at his nipples, pressing her fingers into them and rolling her fingers around them.  “Did you want to try tonight?” she asked Shin. “It would be so easy to sit right here on top of you and ride you like you rode Neo the other night.”  


Shin gave a soft exclaim at the imagery, but gave a slight shake of his head, “Not tonight, Ai’Miw.” Shin’s left hand lifted to touch and tease at her breasts in return.


“Ai’Neo ready?” Miw looked over her shoulder at her other lover.


Neo made a sound of anticipation before closing that last distance between them.  “That was so sexy to watch you two together,” Neo said as he pressed himself up to Miw’s body, his cock between them, nearly in position to be able to press in.  Neo’s hands met Shin’s on her breasts and rubbed over Shin’s hands and fingers to her nipples below.  Neo leaned in and mouthed at her neck. “We haven’t tried it quite like this,” Neo said as he had to lean in to nibble her ear.  “The angle might not work.”


“Then we can break some furniture.” Shin said and he let go of her breasts and slipped Neo’s hands off them too.  “Bend forward at your middle and put your arms around my neck and on the chair behind me”


Miw leaned forward and put her arms around Shin’s neck, burying her face into his neck.  She slid her legs to a wider angle to open herself up. “Might break this chair,” Miw muttered.


Shin reached his hand around Miw to squeeze at her butt and twist at a nipple with the other hand. “Cheeky girl.”


Miw made a noise that was lucky to be covered by that background music.


Shin’s hands returned to touching himself how he liked it.  He was so turned on by Miw wrapping himself around his shoulders, pressing her lips into his neck, and Neo standing so tall over them, once again Shin was struck by the beauty of Neo.


Neo licked his lips at the sight below him to admire his lovers in front of him.  His eyes traced up Miw’s back, over her neck and arms to where she held onto Shin.  His eyes met Shin’s around Miw’s head and Shin gave a nod as in permission.  Neo used his hand to guide his cock a little lower to smear it around Miw’s entrance and rear area.  Miw moved her butt, trying to align herself.  “Ai’Miw ready?” he asked.


“Do it, Ai’Neo,” she said into Shin’s neck. 


Neo pushed inside of her to fill her as much as he can. “Still so tight and so welcoming.”  He pulled back out all the way and then thrust back in.  This action made her push into Shin.  Neo bit his lip and started a pace, putting his hands on her hips to hold her in place.   He fucked into her faster and faster.  He was sure that he was hitting her cervix.  “All right? Ai’Miw?” he asked her, slowing down a little.


“Slow down now and I will kill you,” Miw strained out.  She reached out a hand to swat Shin’s hands away from his cock so she could stroke and twist at Shin’s erection.  Shin reached his hands up and twisted at her breasts and nipples, this time a little bit harder than he had been doing.  She opened her mouth to suck a spot onto Shin’s neck. 


Neo slammed into her pushing as deeply and as hard as he can.  Fast and hard.  The sound of flesh hitting flesh was still audible over the sound of the background music.


“Hold on to me.” Shin said and put her hands onto his shoulders and returned his hands to his own body. “I want to come on you.” Shin maneuvered his lower body to spread his legs a little more.  He pleasured himself watching Neo’s face and body move with the effort and passion of fucking Miw and the feeling of Miw as her arms wrapped around his neck and mouthed at his neck.   


“Right there, yes, yes, yes.” Miw’s voice crescendo signaled that she was on the edge too.   


Shin saw the moment when Neo was ready to come, he could see it in his face and tensing of his muscles in his arms and tremble of his thighs.  Miw put her mouth at the juncture of his neck and shoulder and bit down as she came.  Shin cried out in surprise and threw his head back in overwhelming feeling, his pleasure also reaching a new peak.  The spasming of her vaginal muscles sent Neo orgasming and when he did, he pulled out and shot his load over her butt and up her back.  The sight of Neo painting his load onto the landscape of Miw’s back and the feel of Miw’s teeth marking propelled Shin forward in his orgasm.  Shin painted himself up over Miw’s front.   


Neo moved sideways to collapse into the chair next to Shin, reaching out his hand to cover Shin’s.


Miw stood up and reached out and whacked both her boys on their heads.  “Thanks guys, I am covered in cum.  I was the only one not planning on showering here.” 


“Including your own,” Shin quipped, but it just earned him another whack upside his head.


“If Ai’Miw comes over here, I have no problem cleaning all that up for you with my mouth,” Neo arched an eyebrow and gave her a look, also earning another whack upside his head.


Shin leaned his head over to show his bite mark off. “Ai’Miw has never done that before.”


“I rarely get fucked that deeply, I was overwhelmed.  I couldn’t use my voice like I wanted, so was either nails or teeth.  I went with teeth.  Should I apologize?” Miw kneeled on the chair seat around Shin’s knees and looked over him to examine the mark and to place a kiss over it.  Shin shivered at the contact.


Neo’s alarm rang on his phone as it said the time.  Neo sprung up to turn it off. “Fuck, it’s time for me to get ready to leave for work.  Didn’t eat, didn’t shower, but sure had some great sex with my love team.” He turned to look at his lovers.  He leaned forward next to Miw, careful not to touch her, but looked at the spot on Shin’s neck shoulder junction.  “I am almost jealous that it wasn’t me.”  He did not specify if he was jealous that she didn’t mark him or that he was jealous that he did not leave his mark on Shin. 


“We have a mutual future ahead of us, plenty of time to make that happen” Shin assured him. “I can drive you to work, and we can get a drive thru.”


“Guess I will put this food in the fridge to salvage for tomorrow.” She grabbed the semi clean towels and threw them at the boys’ heads. “You guys can clean up out here or in the second bathroom, whatever.  I am going to go shower in the master bathroom.  Go ahead and clean that up in the shower and I will help you bandage it later.” She plopped a kissed onto each of their foreheads before gathering up her clothes, putting the food containers back in the bags, leaving the rice plates, opening the slider and making her exit.


Neo pulled Shin into his arms.  Shin laid his head onto Neo’s shoulder and snuggled into his embrace.  Neo gladly wrapped himself around his slightly smaller lover.  “Still going to help me clean up?” He asked.


Shin gave a noise of agreement.  “Do you think Miw ran away from us?  She could have showered out here with us.” Shin asked back.


“You know Miw has issues with intimacy and with men.” Neo pulled Shin to the shower area with him. “We all have a lot of issues we are still working through.” He turned on the water to warm it up. 


Shin moved to grab the soap, shampoo conditioner combo, and washcloth placing them on the shower shelf.  He tested the water before drawing Neo into the water.  “At least we were able to bury a large part of ours.  Miw had to dig hers up and rehash it.”  The water sprayed over the two of them.  Shin threw his arms around Neo’s neck and pulled him down for a slippery kiss. “Stay.” He let him go and grabbed the shampoo to wash Neo’s hair.  He squeezed some onto his fingertips to work it through Neo’s hair.  


Neo sighed at the contact. He rinsed out his hair under the water.  “Ai’Shin got so hot and bothered earlier when I came home.” He opened his eyes and waggled his eyebrows at Shin.  


Shin slapped his butt in answer, “I can’t help it if the smell of you in all your pure manliness turned me on, plus you were shirtless. You know what that does to me.” He ran his fingers up and down Neo’s sides, with his thumbs catching over his nipples.


Neo grabbed his hands. “Enough of that.  You going to clean me up or should I get started on the washing?  My clock is ticking now.”


Shin brought those hands up to kiss the back of each hand. “I will get to it” and pulled his hands out of Neo’s before grabbing the washcloth and lathering it up.  Shin used the washcloth to soap up all of Neo’s front, lifting his arms to get his arm pits, around his privates, before running it and then up and down his legs, encouraging him to lean on him before lifting each foot to wash the bottom.  He turned Neo around to wash his back and his butt.   


Neo rinsed off his soapy body before taking the washcloth from Shin and rinsing the soap from it.  He grabbed the soap to wash Shin’s love bite.


“I don’t need a wash now,” Shin started to step away, but Neo pulled him under the water and tilted his head. 


“That love bite of Ai’Miw’s does need to be cleaned.” He started washing over the area and then just continued over his body.  “How do you feel?” he asked, paying the same care as Shin did to him, minus the hair wash.


Shin avoided the question. “No more talking, you have to get to work.”     


They both finished rinsing off as a newly clothed Miw opened the door and came out bearing two new clean towels, Shin’s glasses, a hair dryer and brush.  She handed them the towels and plugged in the hair dryer in an outlet near the door.  “Sit, let me dry your hair before you get dressed.”


The boys finished drying off.  Neo wrapped his towel around his waist before sitting down.


Shin pulled his clothes on, briefs under his towel, and then shorts on under that before pulling the towel off.  He put on his shirt and was glad that his shirt collar did not touch the mark.  He sat on the back of one of the more sturdier chairs next to Neo and slipped his glasses back on his face.


Miw ran the dryer and brushed out his hair for him.  “I am sorry, Ai’Shin.”


“Don’t be, Ai’Miw.” He came up and kissed her cheek.  “I enjoyed it and don’t mind being marked by my partnership.” He gathered Neo’s clothes up to hand them to him, “Wearing these to work, Ai’Neo?”


“Yes, thanks.”  


Miw turned off the hair dryer and finished brushing out Neo’s hair. “Probably no time to style it though.”


Neo turned in his seat to wrap his arms around her middle. “Thanks, Ai’Miw” and lifted her shirt to kiss her belly.  He stood to start getting dressed, pulling his towel off to put his briefs on and flashing his bare butt around.


Miw looked at Shin before sharing a smile together.  “Nice to have exclusivity on that ass,” Miw commented.


“For our eyes only.” Shin high fived her.


“Thanks for selecting my work clothes,” he said to Miw as he finished getting dressed.


“Yeah, I’ve noticed that you usually put them on right after your shower, no matter what time in the evening it is.”


He gathered Miw into his arms, lifted her at her waist with his hands under her butt, and then crowded in on Shin so Miw was sandwiched between them.  Shin wrapped his arms around Miw to embrace her and help hold her up and placed his head on her shoulder.  


“Thanks for taking care of me” Neo kissed Miw deeply with all his heart. He then turned a little to share a similar kiss with Shin.  Shin turned his body slightly so he could share a similar kiss with Miw.


After only a few seconds Miw was ready to be released.  “Down boys, I am getting squished here.” Miw squirmed in their arms to be let go.


Shin stepped away, his hands still on Miw as Neo let her down.  He turned her towards himself and cupped his hand to her cheek.  “Ai’Miw is safe with us.  I promise to never do anything you that will make you feel uncomfortable.”  He leaned forward to place a kiss on her forehead.


“And I promise to never force you to do anything you do not want to do.”  Miw made eye contact and nodded.  Then she shook her head, as if to clear her mind.  “What’s with all these feelings tonight?”


The three of them laughed awkwardly instead of continuing the conversation. 


Shin disconnected his phone off the Bluetooth and pocketed his phone.  “We had better get going to be on time.  Be back afterwards, Ai’Miw.”  He gave a nod to her and opened the slider.  He stepped into the house to continue to where the car keys were kept by the front door.


Neo grabbed his coffee drink and phone off the table to take with him and then leaned in and kissed the top of her head again.   “Thanks for dinner,” he cheekily said.  


Miw reached up and whapped him on the arm. “Don’t be cheeky” she said and gave him a push into the house.  She closed the slider to clean up the outside.


Shin and Neo exited to go get a quick drive through and drop him off for work.  As they climbed into the car, their phones pinged with a notification that said Miw has changed the name of the group Love Team into 3 <3s Partnership.