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Attraction 3

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Sparks flew in all directions as Myka dropped the medal into the neutraliser bag, flinching sideways to protect herself from the reaction.  ‘Huhh,’ she huffed as she tucked the lanyard into the bag with the circle of metal, ‘Snagged …’ she zipped the bag shut, ‘… bagged and –’ a loud yawn stopped her from finishing the sentence.

HG laughed softly, ‘May I suggest we leave the tag until tomorrow, darling?’ she glanced at her watch, ‘It’s gone half past nine and it’s a good three hour’s drive back to the Warehouse.’

Myka nodded her agreement and lifted the bag to stare at the medal.  She read the inscription, ‘British Empire Games, Canada, 1930 …’ she folded the bag over and slipped it into her pocket, ‘… reminds me of another medal I saw recently.’

  ‘Indeed … except that medal turned out to be completely benign while this one …’ she grimaced, ‘… let’s just say that excessive sweating is not an attractive quality for anyone.’

  ‘Well,’ Myka sighed, ‘that boxer got down to his category weight and won the gold for his country …’ she paused as HG’s words drifted back to her, ‘… not an attractive quality for anyone?’

HG laughed out loud, ‘Darling, ladies perspire …’

  ‘Pretty sure you’ve made me sweat,’ Myka mumbled, loud enough for HG to hear, ‘and I happen to find it quite attractive.’

HG laughed again and slipped her arm through Myka’s, ‘Come on, we’ll find a hotel and see if we can’t investigate that a little further.’

Myka felt a flush run up her neck, quickly reaching her cheeks even as a pleasant flutter settled in her stomach.




Artie’s grizzled features leant closer to the round screen, ‘That looks like a rather nice hotel room …’

Myka glanced over her shoulder and adjusted the Farnsworth, reducing Artie’s view.   ‘I’ve been in worse,’ she agreed.

  ‘Am I to assume that HG has her own room which is equally as nice?’

  ‘No,’ Myka replied quickly, ‘we’re going to share … keep the cost down.’

  ‘You could keep the cost down by going to a cheaper hotel,’ Artie responded grumpily before the Farnsworth was snatched from his hands.  Myka heard the senior Warehouse agent shout something before Pete’s face appeared on the screen.

  ‘Hey, hey!  Are you sharing a room with HG?’

She closed her eyes for an instant as she nodded, ‘We’re keeping costs down.’

He laughed loudly and said something over his shoulder which Myka didn’t hear but Claudia’s laugh and cheerful wolf-whistle was very clear.

  ‘You’re worse than a pair of teenagers!’ Myka shouted at them, hoping that the blush she could feel creeping up her neck didn’t show on the black and white screen their end.

  ‘I am a teenager!’ Claudia yelled with a laugh.

  ‘And I’m … well … me!’ Pete laughed and then became suddenly serious, leaning closer to the screen, ‘Mykes?  Just tell me one thing …’


  ‘One bed or two?’ he waggled his eyebrows.

  ‘I’m going now!’ Myka told him and snapped the Farnsworth shut on his protestations. 


The door to the bathroom opened and HG appeared in a rush of steam and glistening, blushed flesh.  Myka swallowed and fumbled the Farnsworth, cursing softly as it dropped on the floor.  HG looked over, eyebrow raised.

  ‘Did you forget your towel?’ Myka asked, glancing at the bed where the fluffy white bath sheet was sitting.

  ‘No,’ HG responded, grabbing the towel and shaking it out, ‘This just gives me a chance to cool off after my shower.’

  ‘Well, if you didn’t have it so hot,’ Myka smirked, blushing almost as pink as HG.

HG’s eyebrow arched even more, ‘Is that why you haven’t joined me again?’

Myka coughed and stood up, ‘I haven’t joined you because the B&B is not the most soundproof of buildings and …’

  ‘And you make entirely too much noise?’ HG queried innocently.

Myka crossed to where HG was gently drying herself.  She made a point of looking her up and down, and very much enjoying what she saw.  ‘And who is to blame if I do?’

HG smiled and leant over to kiss her softly, almost chaste, ‘If you insist on keeping this between us then I know a variety of ways to keep you quiet, darling,’ she whispered against her lips.  Myka closed her eyes for an instant and tried to deepen the kiss but HG pulled back, ‘Not a good idea, I’m afraid.’

  ‘Oh?’ she kept her voice light but a strange sensation settled in the pit of her stomach.  Something akin to disappointment and … something else.

  ‘Darling, if you kiss me in the way I’m sure you were planning to, then I will be unable to resist and well …’ the loud rumbling of her stomach interrupted her and made a rather eloquent point.

  ‘Ah,’ Myka smiled and quickly pecked her on the cheek, ‘I’ll be quick then.’  She headed for the bathroom.

HG watched her, her eyes coming to rest on the smooth lines of her backside.  She took a deep breath, ‘And I’ll do my upmost not to come and join you.’


They ate a simple supper in the half empty hotel restaurant, sharing a bottle of expensive red.  ‘Artie will have a fit,’ Myka had laughed when HG had ordered it.

  ‘I’ll pay for it,’ she had replied with a dismissive wave.

They had chatted happily for the duration of the meal.  Talking mostly about literature.  Myka had to keep reminding herself that when HG spoke about the works of Arthur Conan Doyle or Oscar Wilde, she was talking of men who had once been her peers.

  ‘… of course, I now know why dear Oscar was forever turning me down but …’ she chuckled softly, ‘… at the time I took it as quite the affront.’

Myka laughed with her, ‘So, you were quite the girl about town then?’

HG quirked her eyebrow in the way that Myka had become used to when she was trying to understand a modern idiom.  She nodded, ‘Yes, I suppose I was.’  She twirled the stem of her wineglass, ‘In fact, even by the standards of today, I was rather … prolific.’

  ‘You were just having fun,’ Myka smiled.

  ‘I was,’ HG agreed and lifted her glass in a toast.  She set it back down and sighed, ‘I wish someone had taken me out the Bronzer a few decades earlier … I think I would have rather enjoyed the sexual awakening of the sixties.’

Myka felt that strange sensation in her gut again.  ‘Well, if they had, we would never have met,’ she replied nonchalantly, even though she felt anything but.

  ‘Very true, darling,’ she lifted her glass again, ‘And I am quite content with assisting you with your sexual awakening.’

  ‘HG!’ Myka gasped and was saved from any further embarrassment when her Farnsworth chirped.  An older couple at a table a few feet away were looking over disapprovingly – Myka wasn’t sure if it was because of the Farnsworth or because they had heard HG’s comment.  ‘I’ll take this outside.  Shall I meet you in the bar?’

HG nodded, ‘Vodka tonic?’

Myka’s response was a slow, grateful smile as she stood and headed out the dining room.


Artie was unusually chatty.  Asking if they were okay.  Had they eaten?  Was she sure they were okay sharing a room?  It was typical, all Myka wanted to do was get back to the enigmatic , raven-haired woman, yet at that very moment Artie had decided to try on a ‘social side’.  She half listened to his questions and hoped she was giving appropriate responses.  Several questions later and a hurumph from Artie suggested that she her last answer hadn’t been as successful.  ‘Sorry, I’m tired, what did you say?’

  ‘I said … Pete very much appreciates you taking HG on the snag so he could have some time with Kelly but I think we’ll keep the partner swaps to a minimum, don’t you?  Especially when a bootie call is the main reason?’

Myka tried hard not to laugh – for more than one reason.  ‘Artie, it was hardly a partner swap, HG isn’t partnered with anyone …’ her words drifted off as her throat dried and she prayed he didn’t hear the guilty catch in her voice.

  ‘Yes, well if anyone had bothered to listen to me, HG would be back in the bronzer and we wouldn’t be having this conversation!’

Myka felt her own anger rise at that, ‘Artie, do we really have to do this again now?’

He seemed surprised by her tone but brushed it off with a simple, ‘Yes, you’re tired.  Good night.’

The screen went black and Myka stared at it in silence.  Guilt, anger and frustration rolling around her stomach.  Taking a deep breath and discarding the negative emotions, she tucked the Farnsworth back in her pocket.


As she headed for the hotel bar, the memory of a similar if, somewhat more urgent, walk flashed through her mind and she felt a pleasant warmth spread upwards from between her legs.  A fluttering of expectation nestled in her chest as she searched the bar for HG.  She froze.  That first flutter of expectation dropped like a stone in her stomach as the rather unpleasant, new feeling returned.  HG was laughing, twirling her hair around one finger.  She was sitting on a bar stool, legs crossed.  Her eyes were shining with amusement as the man … tall and slim … continued whatever it was he was saying.  Myka was too far away to hear and her feet had become rooted to the spot so she wasn’t getting any closer.  HG hadn’t noticed her.  Apparently too wrapped up in what he was saying.  His hand moved and Myka felt her insides constrict as his fingers rested gently on her knee.  HG half glanced down, a smile lifting the corner of her mouth.  And now Myka knew what this feeling was – the ice-burn in her lower stomach that made her throat constrict and her eyes sting.  Jealousy.  She wanted to turn away.  To go back to her room and climb into bed and … what?  Wait for HG too return stinking of that man?  She scolded herself for that thought.  HG was just being friendly with him.  They had just met for god’s sake.  He was a stranger and HG was just being … HG.  Myka’s mouth dropped open as she watched the man reach into his pocket and take out a slim card.  Instantly recognisable as a room key.  HG took it and held it between thumb and forefinger for a moment before she slowly slid it into the pocket of her jacket.  It was at that moment that she must have sensed Myka because her dark eyes flicked to her.  The sexy smile that creased HG’s lips made Myka grit her teeth with fury.  She turned on her heel and walked angrily to the elevators.


It arrived quickly and Myka stepped in, ignoring the very British call of, ‘Hold the door, darling.’  HG managed to slip her arm through the gap, the safety system stopped and then opened the doors again.  HG looked flushed as she stepped into the box, ‘Well, I’ve seen others do it but I wasn’t actually sure if I was going to lose my arm then!’ she chuckled and turned to Myka.  ‘Didn’t you hear me call?’

Myka leant back and crossed her arms, refusing to answer or even look at HG.

  ‘Myka?’ she stepped closer, frowning when the other woman slid along the side of the elevator to get away from her.  ‘Darling?  What’s wrong?’

Myka was furious that HG even had to ask, ‘What’s wrong?  You pick up a guy in a bar and then ask me what’s fucking wrong?’

HG took a step back, her expression amused and that only annoyed Myka even more.

  ‘You’re not denying it then?’

  ‘No, I’m not,’ HG replied lightly, ‘I did make … advances … towards that rather fine specimen.’

  ‘So why are you here?  You have his key.  I clearly have nothing to offer you.’

HG threw her head back and laughed loudly, ‘Myka!  You have things quite wrong …’ she lowered her eyes and fixed Myka with a lustful stare.  She closed the gap between them and used her body against Myka’s, holding her against the back of the elevator.  Her hands rested on Myka’s hips as she pushed her thigh between her legs.  She lowered her lips and kissed her in the way that Myka had attempted back in the hotel room.  Myka felt her anger turn to burning arousal and she groaned against HG’s probing tongue.  She lifted her hands, her intention to run her fingers through her beautiful hair.  Instead, her hands found HG’s shoulders and shoved her back.  A look of dark desire flashed through HG’s eyes and Myka was momentarily reminded that there was a side to HG’s sexuality that Myka had yet to experience.  She swallowed, trying to keep her anger at the forefront rather than the wetness she could feel in her panties.

  ‘Myka …’ HG said, her voice was deep with arousal, ‘… I wasn’t planning to do anything without you.’

Myka frowned, ‘So why did you take his fucking key?’

HG stared at her, waiting. 

Eventually realisation filtered through and Myka felt her cheeks burn.  ‘You’re not serious?  You don’t even know him!’

  ‘And that is part of the appeal, darling.’

  ‘Not for me.’

HG’s eyebrow flicked up.  She leant forward, her breath hot on Myka’s neck as she pressed her lips to the skin.  Myka whimpered at the touch and then again as HG’s tongue flicked out to tickle her earlobe.  ‘His name is Jake …’ she whispered with a rush of hot air, ‘… and he wants to fuck us both.’  The words sent an unexpected jolt of desire between Myka’s legs.  And then HG was capturing her lips again and kissing her so wonderfully that her head swam.  Her arms encircled the other woman, pulling her as close as she could.  Her breasts were hot, nipples hard where they pressed against her clothing.  HG leant backwards and pressed the STOP button.  The elevator shuddered to a halt.

  ‘What are you …’ Myka’s words drifted off as she felt HG’s hand slide down the front of her trousers.  HG’s lips found her neck and she bit softly as her searching fingers slipped into the waistband of her panties.  Myka wanted to push her away, to  tell her to stop.  Public, risky sex was not her thing.  But then HG’s finger brushed over her clitoris and Myka lifted her leg, wrapping it around HG’s hip.  A hand came up between them and squeezed her breast a moment before slim fingers slid easily into Myka.  Her head fell back against the elevator as she groaned, deep and long.  HG moved slowly but deeply, using her thigh between Myka’s legs to help drive her fingers upwards.  HG kissed her exposed neck and licked the first specks of sweat that formed on her throat.

  ‘Oh, God …’ Myka groaned and then louder as HG started to move with more urgency, ‘… oh, yessss!’  She came, fingers gripping HG’s arms hard enough to bruise.  HG kept her fingers buried deep inside her until the last quivers had eased.  Myka whimpered softly as HG slipped her fingers free.  She tipped her head back and sighed loudly as she slowly lowered her leg and allowed HG to rearrange her clothing.  

HG’s dark eyes glinted with amusement and a smile was tugging at her lips.

  ‘Not fair,’ Myka sighed, trying to sound angry but her climax was too fresh to put any real angst behind it.

  ‘You can say no,’ HG told her.

Myka studied her and knew, without a moment of doubt, that HG meant it.  Despite the lust that had replaced the humour in her eyes.  Despite the way her body seemed to pulsate with sudden need.  Despite what HG clearly wanted.  If Myka said no, then they would return to their room and never talk of it again.  She swallowed.  A pleasant tingle of excitement made her skin prickle.  She slowly lifted her hands and brought HG’s lips to hers.  The sound of HG’s groan made her stomach flutter and she had to break the kiss before she forgot everything but the incredible woman right in front of her.

HG swallowed, ‘Tell me …’ she said softly. 

Myka understood.  She had intended the kiss to be her answer but HG needed to be sure.  She smiled and nodded, ‘Okay.’

  ‘Okay?’ HG grinned.

Myka laughed softly at her reaction, ‘Yes.’

HG’s groan was deep and sexy and she captured Myka’s mouth with a familiar passion that Myka could never imagine getting used to.


A few minutes later they were standing outside a door identical to the one to their own room.  HG paused as she lifted the key to the lock.  ‘Myka …’ she didn’t look at her, ‘… you do trust me, don’t you?  Nothing is going to happen that you don’t want to.’

  ‘I know,’ Myka agreed with confidence and rested her shaking hand over HG’s, gently guiding the card into the lock.


The room was similar to theirs.  Large enough to be comfortable without being over extravagant.  Myka couldn’t stop her eyes from drifting to the bed and she felt her heart hammer against her ribs.  HG’s fingers slipped through hers and she squeezed them gently.


The door to the bathroom was open, curls of steam rolling out and Myka couldn’t help but wonder if Jake liked his showers as hot as HG did.  And then, as if on cue, he appeared.  And then Myka’s heart really started to hammer.  He was … very attractive.  She hadn’t seen him properly in the bar but now, as his lively blue eyes fixed on her and his smile widened, she looked.  He had a towel wrapped around his waist but revealed enough to show that he was naturally slim, neither sinewy nor muscular.  His features were open and friendly.  His age, somewhere around hers and HG’s.  Well, hers anyway.


He stepped forward, hand extended.  HG laughed good-naturedly and he blushed slightly, dropping his hand.  ‘Darling,’ she announced, closing the distance between them but not letting go of Myka’s hand, bringing her along, ‘I believe this might be the most appropriate greeting …’  He was close to her height and their lips met easily.  His eyebrows flicked up in surprise but then his hand was reaching around and pulling her closer.  Myka felt a strange chill run down her back but then HG turned and kissed her, hard.  The taste of him on her was … strange, but not unpleasant.  And then HG stood aside and Jake was staring at Myka, clearly as uncertain as she was.  He gave a small, self-conscious smile and a little shrug.   HG gently squeezed Myka’s hand and then let go, making it clear that what happened next was completely in Myka’s control.  Myka stepped forwards, lifting her hands to rest her palms against his chest.  His skin was hot and wet from the shower, smooth beneath her hands.  Slowly she ran one hand up his chest and over his shoulder, reaching round his neck so she could pull him down to her.  She kissed him softly, letting their lips touch for several moments before she slowly parted her lips and flicked her tongue across his bottom lip.  He responded, his tongue sliding between hers as he kissed her harder.  His hands reached round and cupped her buttocks, pulling her towards him.  They groaned into each others mouths.  Fingers stroked Myka’s cheek and she half turned, capturing HG with a kiss that was sexy and long and made Jake sigh with desire as he watched them.


HG took charge.  She gripped both their hands and led them to the bed.  She made Jake sit while she started to slowly undress Myka.  Myka imagined she would be self conscious but HG kept looking at her in that way she did, the way that made her feel beautiful, and her apprehension didn’t last.  When she was wearing nothing but bra and panties, HG turned her so she was facing Jake.  He was staring at her, eyes wide and appreciative.  HG moved to stand behind Myka, her hands moving round to hold her as she slowly kissed her neck, making her sigh and close her eyes.  The feel of lips at her breast made her eyes snap open.  Jake’s hands gently gripped her waist as his tongue traced a line between her breasts.  He glanced up at her, eyes questioning.  She lifted her hands, ran her fingers through his short, dusty brown hair and nodded slowly.  He grinned and used his teeth to gently pull at the cup of her bra.  HG’s hand slipped round and helped to slip her breast from the material.  He took her hardened nipple in her mouth and sucked gently as HG’s fingers gently stroked the flesh.  Myka’s mouth dropped open, and she gasped softly.  HG freed her other breast and played with her nipple a moment before Jake’s lips closed around it.  As he sucked and gently ran his teeth over the bud, HG’s fingers traced a line down Myka’s stomach and dipped just under the elastic of her panties.  Myka shuddered.  Recent memories of what had happened in the elevator made her muscles contract.  Jake’s lips kissed her breast and the started to move lower, making her spasm as he kissed a sensitive spot.  His fingers looped into the top of her panties and slowly, so slowly, dragged them down her thighs.  He knelt and lowered her panties all the way, lifted her foot and encouraging her to step out of them.  HG’s fingers were between her legs as Jake held her hips.  Slim fingers parted her lips and Jake’s tongue slipped between.  Myka groaned loudly.  The sound made HG whisper something under her breath and then her teeth were at Myka’s neck, biting just enough to be the right side of stinging.  Jake was proficient and he lapped easily at the wetness he drew from her.  Her hand rested on his head, eyes closed, breath rasping. 

  ‘Jake, darling …’ HG purred, ‘… lie down.’

He planted a kiss on Myka’s pelvis and stood.  HG’s fingers easily released the towel and Myka looked down.  She swallowed.  He was aroused and he was big.  Not just long but thick too.  Her apprehension returned but HG’s lips at her ear calmed her.  Myka turned to HG as Jake went to the bed.  She undressed her slowly, kissing and stroking the flesh as it became exposed.  Jake settled back on the bed, arms behind his head and clearly enjoying the show.  When she was wearing her panties and bra, HG unfastened Myka’s bra and let it drop.  Then she took her hand and led her to the bed.  Myka stood, watching with wide eyes and open mouth as HG bent to stroke his cock.  Sliding her hand slowly up and down his length.  Jake sighed and closed his eyes for an instant before turning that gaze on Myka.  She gasped at the sudden heat that his look sent pulsing through her.  She moved to the bed and HG helped her to climb on, guiding her so she was kneeling over Jake’s thighs, her back to him.  HG knelt in front of her, straddling his shins.  They kept their gazes locked as Jake’s fingers slowly lifted her buttocks and guided her back onto him.  She felt the tip of his cock pressing at her entrance and held her breath.  He held her for a moment, letting her adjust her position.  And then HG was holding her hands and she was slowly sliding down his length.  She gasped loudly as she filled her slick opening, stretching her and filling her in ways she had never felt before.  His cock was bigger, wider than any she had ever had.  The position too was new and offered delightful friction that made her head swim.  And HG’s eyes that never left hers, were dark and filled with desire – she wanted to succumb to them and lose herself in them even as she longed to plunge down on his cock.  She felt her buttocks press against him and she closed her eyes, quivering softly at the sheer delight of it.  She heard HG groan.  A sexy, filthy moan that made Myka’s eyes snap open.  HG’s fingers had slipped into her own panties and were rubbing slowly against the soaking flesh.  Myka knew, by the way HG reacted, that she was playing with her clitoris.  Slowly,  Myka lifted herself up, sighing at the delicious friction.  She let herself drop, crying out at the harsher invasion but loving the way her pussy welcomed his cock.  Behind her, Jake moaned and sighed as she moved.  His fingers played at her hips, encouraging her.  HG watched, her own breath hitching as the sight before her fired pulses through her body.  After several minutes, HG slowly lifted her hand from her panties and wiped her wet fingers across Myka’s breast.  She leant forward to lick them clean and then sucked each nipple in turn.  When she lifted her eyes to Myka, they were as dark as Myka had ever seen them and she gasped.  HG’s hands pressed lightly on her shoulders and gently pushed her back.  Still kneeling, she was supple enough to lay back on Jake’s chest.  One of his hands found her breasts while his other dipped lower to rub gently at he spread lips.  He groaned loudly and started to move, sliding in and out of her with a rhythm that made her sigh and moan with increasing volume.  And then she felt HG’s hands sliding up her thighs and her breath was hot against her soaking pussy.  HG’s tongue was firm and lashed her clitoris with near painful intensity.  Myka cried out, hands moving to hold HG’s head against her.

  ‘God!  Fuck!’ Myka screamed, ‘Fuuuuuuck!’  The spasms started and rolled through her in waves as her climax built.  Jake started to move harder, faster.  Soon he was pounding into her and Myka was being shaken like a rag doll as she succumbed to his cock and HG’s tongue.  Her orgasm was intense and almost brutal.  It left her quivering and gasping and longing to hold HG as tight as she could but she couldn’t move.  As always, HG always knew what she needed and she helped Myka to sit up and carefully lift herself from his still hard cock.  She fell against HG, biting down on a sob that threatened to overwhelm her.  HG held her tightly, her hand running up and down her back.


As the tremors eased, Myka slowly pushed HG back until she was lying down.  Her lips and tongue found her breasts, hands pulling at the bra and yanking it from her.  HG groaned at the forcefulness, tipping her head back and closing her eyes.  Myka pushed HG’s thighs open and gasped at the sight of her soaking pussy.  ‘Oh, HG …’ she crooned and slid between her legs, ‘… you are very wet!’  She dragged her tongue between the hot folds, HG’s hips bucking to meet her.  She was gently plying HG’s clitoris when she felt Jake moving behind her.  Slowly, replacing her tongue with her finger, she moved to the side and Jake settled between HG’s legs.  She moved her hand and watched, awestruck, as he sank his cock into her.  HG cried out and lifted her knees, opening herself wide to him.  Myka crawled up her body, fingers and tongue teasing the flesh she could reach and Jake reared back to give her access to HG’s breasts.  She pinched the hard nipples, teased the flesh with her nails and made HG moan and whimper.

  ‘Make her come …’ Myka announced suddenly, emboldened by the quivers of desire that she saw running over HG’s skin. 

HG groaned and pulled Myka to her, kissing her before whispering, ‘More … talk to me … please …’

Myka nodded and nestled her head close to HG’s ear, whispering hoarsely, ‘It really turned you on … watching him fuck me?’  HG nodded vigorously and Myka laughed sexily, ‘My juices are all over his cock and he’s sliding into you …’  HG groaned loudly, eyes squeezed tightly shut.  ‘Are you going to come?’  Myka had never been one for sex talk but she had found her voice since being with HG.  HG was a wonder for stimulation and she had shown how stimulating the mind during sex could add a rather pleasant level to things.  The words might be crass but at that moment, it was what HG wanted.  Needed.  ‘It’s turning me on too .. knowing what he’s doing … knowing what your feeling …’ she moaned deep in her throat and HG’s eyes snapped open, twisting so she could look at Myka.  Her face was creased as if in pain, her eyes desperate.  Jake was pounding into her, grunting with exertion.  The sound of his flesh slapping against HG’s was erotic and Myka couldn’t help herself from sliding her fingers between her wet lips.  She groaned as she dipped a finger into herself and shuddered at the small cry that erupted from HG in response.

  ‘God … Myka!’ she cried, her hands flailing as she tried to grab her, ‘Come here!’

Myka knew what she wanted and she was more than happy to oblige.  She twisted and knelt over HG’s face.  Jake grinned wildly as he watched Myka sink down on HG’s mouth.  Myka leant forward, Jake met her and they kissed with abandon.  HG worked at her pussy, her own arousal driving her on.  Jake reached back and grabbed HG’s leg, slipping her foot over his shoulder and holding her there with the crook of her knee against his arm.  Her hips rose to each every thrust, shuddering and screaming even as she tried desperately to bring Myka to climax with her.  The sound of HG’s lust and her hot breath drove Myka wild and she gripped her own breasts, teasing her nipples to hard peaks.  HG’s back suddenly arched, her body shaking uncontrollably.  She screamed and Myka screamed with her, head thrown back.  Jake grunted and pulled free, clasping his hand around his cock and rubbing quickly before grunting again as he came across HG’s stomach and breasts. 


The three of them lay together, limbs entwined, gasping and shuddering with the last throes of climax, skin glistening with sweat. 


HG was the first to move.  She disentangled herself, smiled at them both and then went into the bathroom.  The sound of the shower echoed to them a few moments later.  Myka sighed as Jake’s fingers drew circle on her breast.  She turned slowly to face him and pressed her lips to his.  The feel of his tongue sliding between her lips ignited her lust again and she slipped her hand down, searching for and finding his semi-hard cock.  He groaned and closed his eyes, pushing his hips forward, sliding his cock in her fist.  Myka moved her hand up and down his shaft, teasing him back to hardness.  She wanted to wait until HG returned but he was rolling her over and she was lifting onto her knees and nothing could stop her from pushing back against him.  His cock slid into her, sheathed easily in her hot pussy.  She forced herself back, suddenly needing him deep inside her.  He moved slowly, driving her wild with desire.  His fingers ran up and down her back, circled her buttocks and stroked her thighs.  Myka was lost in the delight of the way he was fucking her … slowly and deeply.  She had her eyes shut, mouth open as she gasped and groaned.  The bed dipped in front of her and she smiled broadly as HG dropped in front of her, legs spread.  She wasted no time and dropped her mouth onto HG’s pussy, hot and wet from the shower.  HG’s fingers twisted in her hair and she gasped at the sudden sting that made her drive back against his thrusting cock.  HG’s whimpers drove her on.  Jake was fucking her hard now, slamming into her and making her sob and cry.  She moved her mouth and drove three fingers into HG who yelled in delight, climaxing with forceful quivers.  Myka climaxed with head-swimming intensity  and a moment later she felt heat splash across her back.  It was dirty and sexy and so incredibly arousing that she reached beneath her and rubbed her clitoris until she came again.  She slumped forward, head pillowed on HG’s thigh as her vision blurred and she succumbed to an all encompassing, delightful exhaustion. 

  ‘Are you okay, darling?’ HG asked softly.

Myka laughed softly, ‘I think you are going to drive me insane,’ she whispered, ‘and I really won’t mind at all.’

  ‘Does that scare you?’ HG asked carefully.

Myka looked up, eyes dancing with happiness and so much more, ‘No,’ she whispered and meant it with all her heart.