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the devil himself

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It's a long way down from here
But my heavenly side is comin' alive if you want me
And I killed myself last year
But my heavenly side is comin' alive if you want me


Being on earth for millions of years, blending and getting along with humans, there was only one thought that ran in Iruka’s mind as he observed each one of them: intriguing. 

There was so much to learn about these mortals. 

When Iruka reached his one-thousandth year of mingling with the human race, he thought he’d get bored, that there was nothing more a human could offer. 

All humans seemed the same - prideful, full of anger, and all those emotions and actions Iruka had seen multiple times in hell. 

However, as stated earlier, humans were intriguing and it never ceased to amaze him how these two-legged beings differed, even after a millennium - especially one detective who made Iruka so vulnerable that for the first time, the devil experienced that one thing he was good at giving: fear.

He was the devil, the one responsible for punishing bad humans that did bad things while they were alive, looping them in a nightmare that would surely make them succumb to their own demons 

Iruka hated the feeling of fear. It was too draining for an immortal like him who really had nothing to be afraid of, but he couldn’t seem to wash it out of his system as soon as he discovered where the detective was headed to. 

Kakashi was a smart human, intriguing, and probably the bravest one Iruka had ever encountered. But Kakashi was going into the lion’s mouth itself- a death trap where he could die - and it frustrated him because he hated the thought of how scary it would be if Kakashi were to die.

Iruka looked down at the mess that was Kakashi’s desk, calming himself down to rationalize the situation that was unfolding in front of him. 

Kakashi had just figured out Mizuki’s hideout.

Mizuki was a drug lord and the man behind all the murders the two of them had been investigating for months. However, Iruka had recently learned that Mizuki wasn’t just an ordinary drug lord who had lots of money to waste. 

He was dangerous. Not because of the kill counts he had left behind, no. It was more than that. 

When Iruka heard that name, it had sounded so awfully familiar but had paid it no mind. As months passed by with more people getting killed in the most inhumane of ways - Iruka knew he needed to find out who Mizuki was. 

Not because of the detective, no . It was because of his own curiosity, that was all - maybe.

The moment his brother, Asuma, informed him of who Mizuki was, Iruka knew Kakashi was in real danger. Not even Kakashi's years of being in the military could help him in taking down a cursed soul. 

Mizuki was a lost soul disguising himself as a human, banished by their Father from both heaven and hell. Mizuki was meant to disappear eons ago for being thrown into the void - the middle of existence and no existence at all, but, somehow, he had managed to escape and was hiding from one universe to another. 

And who fucking knew Mizuki would end up on Earth. 

With all the universes available, Mizuki chose Earth. That fucker.

Without a second thought, Iruka proceeded to exit the police station, spreading his wings when no one was looking before flying to where he knew Kakashi would be - uncaring of the consequences of him being near the detective.

Iruka was the devil himself. An immortal. A mere bullet couldn’t hurt him in his Armani suit, but somehow the devil had one weakness and it was one stubborn human Iruka really wanted to strangle and tie on a chair. 

But he was willing to bleed rather than let Kakashi go somewhere he couldn’t follow.


Back-up was on their way the moment he confirmed Mizuki’s location. It was in an abandoned inn on the outskirts of Konoha, and Kakashi couldn’t just stay still knowing that the bastard was meters away from him. 

He gripped the edges of his steering wheel, throwing daggers at the location that looked perfectly abandoned except for the two guards conversing at the back door. Gathering his gun and knife, Kakashi calmed himself down for a few moments before exiting his car quietly. 

He had no idea how long it would take his back-up to arrive, but in the meantime, he needed to get in, needed to get more pieces of evidence to make sure this arrest would be successful. 

It was a dangerous task, and Kakashi should’ve informed his partner slash consultant that he would be here, but he was aware that only he could do this.

Kakashi didn’t want to risk Iruka’s life. 

Taking a deep breath, Kakashi made his way over to the two men and successfully knocked them out silently, hiding their unconscious bodies on the side before proceeding to enter the premises. He went in through the first vent he saw, ignoring the cobwebs along the way as he kept his eyes glued to where he was going. 

The inn wasn’t that big so Kakashi carefully made his way through the vents, taking note of what rooms to avoid and the exit points he could go to later. When Kakashi heard a familiar voice, he quickly crawled to one available opening, and when he looked down - lo and behold, there was Mizuki, lounging on his couch with three of his men drinking and laughing their hearts out at whatever they were talking about. 

It made Kakashi's blood boil to see the infamous drug lord like this - carefree and happy. With all the people he had murdered and framed, it disgusted the detective to think Mizuki could still laugh. He couldn’t understand how his conscience worked, but there was one thing Kakashi was sure of: he was going to put this asshole in jail. 

Angling himself to get a good view, Kakashi stayed still and observed the surrounding area from above. There were white blocks on the table, which Kakashi assumed were drugs, and guns littered around the room. He tried to make out what they were talking about, but it seemed like they were conversing about girls and other trivial nonsense.

Grabbing for his phone, Kakashi silently texted his back-up team of his whereabouts and a precise plan on how to infiltrate without his men getting hurt. He informed them of how many men Mizuki had on patrol and the inn’s layout. 

Just then, the loud sound of the wooden double doors opening caught Kakashi’s attention, and the detective’s eyes widened as he saw who had kicked open the door to Mizuki’s room. 

Kakashi couldn't fucking believe it. 

“Is he fucking insane…” he whispered to himself, taken aback by this consultant slash partner’s sudden appearance. Sweat trickled down his nape as he put his phone back in his pocket, eyes locked on Iruka. 

"Excuse me. I made a little mess in the hallway. Humans really are persistent when paid with money." Iruka shared so casually as if the bloodstains on his suit and the split lip were nothing. 

It frustrated Kakashi how Iruka could just walk in. He could've been killed! Mizuki's men were plenty, and he idly wondered how Iruka had managed to walk in with only a few cuts and bruises. 

Groaning at the sudden change of plans, Kakashi carefully unscrewed the bolts of the vents with his pocket knife - determined to get Iruka to a safe cover - jumped down without making a sound.

“You killed my men!” Mizuki sounded so angry, Kakashi wondered if they knew each other. 


Kakashi hid behind one of the big boxes, immediately getting a whiff of illegal substances from it. He shook his head, grabbed his knife, and knocked down one of Mizuki’s men standing nearby.

Iruka noticed him but said nothing as he and Mizuki continued to talk. 

“You’re always a pain! Do you know how much I want to kill you? You and your Father! You’re all unforgiving and don’t deserve all the respect you get!”

“Geez, why bring my Father into the conversation?” Iruka sighed, ducking his head as one of Mizuki’s men attempted to land a fist on his face, only to be stopped as Iruka quickly grabbed hold of the other’s arm, twisting it enough to bring a pained scream along with the sound of bones cracking. 

“He couldn’t care less about his offspring-” Iruka threw the man to the side- “so why would He give a damn about a soulless bastard like you?”

Mizuki, with gritted teeth, drew out a knife from his pocket and threw it towards Iruka. Panic ran through Kakashi’s veins but he inwardly sighed in relief as Iruka avoided the sharp object with ease. 

“You know...” Iruka started, carding his hand through his hair. “Throwing knives won’t kill me.”

Mizuki smirked, “I know.” 

The drug lord took a step back, and Kakashi remained still, hand already on his own gun as he saw Mizuki reaching for a revolver that was tucked into the back of his pants. It irked Kakashi to know what Mizuki was planning to do. 

"Look Mizuki, you've done enough damage here. You aren't even supposed to be here."

"Shut your fucking mouth!" 

And before Kakashi could process what was happening, he saw Mizuki lift his arm up, his body facing to where he was hiding before three loud gunshots echoed. 



Everything was red. 

Red like the blood pulsing in Iruka's veins as he watched Kakashi collapse on the floor lifelessly. Mizuki was laughing, his men barging in and ready to attack, but Iruka stood still, ears ringing and closing out everything that was around him as his focus remained on Kakashi. 

Iruka felt his eyes stinging. It was a first for him - never once in his immortal life did he have the feeling of allowing pathetic tears to drop down his face. He wasn’t weak. He wasn’t a crybaby. He didn’t even cry when his Father banished him to hell for all eternity. 

But this, the sight of Kakashi on the ground made his eyes prickle with anger, sadness, and all kinds of nasty emotions Iruka had only seen in humans before. 

It made his insides boil with an unexplainable rage that made him want to kill. 

Guns were pointed at him, and Iruka breathed heavily, turning his gaze back to the puny mortals that deserved to rot in hell. Slowly, his auburn eyes changed to a bright shade of red.

All of Mizuki’s men scrambled in fear as Iruka’s wings - as white as the moon and clouds above, appeared. 

A beautiful yet terrifying sight. 

"Shoot him!" 

Mizuki's words didn't matter anymore. Iruka had one goal: get to Kakashi and kill this son of a bitch. 

As soon as they began shooting, Iruka was immediately beside Kakashi - the table and boxes getting tossed up in the air, scattering all over as Iruka’s wings spread over the two of them, creating a barrier around the detective as Iruka shielded him against the bullets. 

Iruka screamed, scarlet eyes looking up at the ceiling as pain overtook his body. 

Everything hurt. 

His wings. His back. His legs. His arms. 

A splash of his own blood landed on his lips, and Iruka pulled Kakashi closer to his chest, hugging him against his still heart while watching some of his feathers fall off his wings due to the impact of the bullets. 

Iruka had never once tasted copper in his mouth. He was invincible. Unstoppable. He was the devil himself. But then in some ways, when Iruka got closer to Kakashi and the fear of losing the detective grew in his non-existent heart like a gum he couldn't get rid off, Iruka became vulnerable. 

Somehow, being with Kakashi made him human. 

It was a thought he loathed at first: despised the idea that the devil had a weakness. 

But one look at Kakashi - Iruka knew he needed the detective beside him. 

The human was annoying, stubborn, and too much of a smart-ass at times, but Kakashi was a good man. 

A good man Iruka wanted to protect. 


Kakashi regained consciousness at the smell of blood and smoke. His eyes slowly fluttered open, a bit surprised to see Iruka’s face an inch away from his. 

"Iruka…" He called out, voice raspy. He was still trying to grasp what had just happened, but guessing from the cold breeze passing over his aching arm, Kakashi knew they were on the rooftop of the inn. 

"I'll be right back" Iruka muttered, one hand coming up to push his hair up. "Stay." 

"Iruka… Mizuki is still…" 

That was when he remembered that that bastard just shot him. Thrice. Kakashi quickly looked down at his chest and removed the two bullets embedded into his vest, looking back up at Iruka. 

Iruka smiled, “I’m glad you’re okay.” 

And as Iruka stood up straight, Kakashi tried to follow but the pain in his arm told him otherwise. 

The bullets luckily hadn’t impaled him, however, one had managed to scrape his skin, leaving a bleeding wound on him that could easily be stopped with a handkerchief or something of the sort.

“Iruka, we have to stop-” 

"I said stay." 

The way those words escaped Iruka's lips sent a shiver down Kakashi's spine. It was so authoritative in a way that made Kakashi want to kneel down and cower in fear.

Iruka was mischievous, sometimes petty, kind in his own way, and has a charm that would certainly imprint an impression on anyone he meets. 

But right now, Iruka looked intimidating and Kakashi could only watch from the ground as Iruka looked down at him, removing his tie in the process before giving it to Kakashi. Without a word, Iruka turned around and Kakashi was left holding his necktie, eyes following Iruka's fading back before landing on the blood-stained feathers littering the ground. 


Mizuki was scrambling and ordering his men to gather all their drugs and guns when Iruka smashed through the door, breaking its hinges in the process. 

The humans turned to look at him, their ammunition already pointed in his direction, but Iruka only gave them an expression that screamed merciless death.

Even before Iruka’s feet touched the floor, he had already broken three necks. Bullets rained down on him, ruining his suit as blood trickled down from every new wound given to him - it hurt, everything hurt.

But they hurt Kakashi. 

He yelled, eyes burning red as he broke one man's gun into two pieces with his bare hands, his wings flicking off whoever dared to come near him. 

Maybe this was what he really was - punishing humans and causing pain both physically and mentally. It had been a while since he had heard a human scream under his palm because most of the time, it was his little demons doing the torturing. 

His wings that were once pure white were now bloody - whether it was his own blood or not, Iruka didn’t care. It looked ugly now - a fitting image of what the devil's wings should be like.

Ruined. Bloodied. Terrifying. 

Breaking one man’s spine in a way with no recovery, the devil snapped his gaze back to Mizuki. Slowly, Iruka began walking towards the lost soul - expensive Italian shoes stepping over corpses.

Mizuki grabbed hold of the lone pistol on the table and shot Iruka in the shoulder, but the brunet only laughed, a grin printed on his face as his teeth slowly became pointed. 

Iruka's skin, covered in wounds and bruises, started to turn blood red as two horns protruded from his forehead, and his eyes that were once scarlet red were now all black. 

He almost looked skinless - like a body burned alive until all that was left was raw flesh and bones.

Iruka always hated his true form. The first time his brothers and sisters saw him like this, they had shunned him, terrified of him as if he wasn't an angel himself. 

And then his goodie Father had thrown him in hell. 

"You are a nuisance!" Iruka gritted his teeth, the wounds on his body still throbbing, continuing to stain his suit. He raised one hand, flicking his fingers in Mizuki's direction, and an invisible force slapped the gun out of his hold. The lost soul fell onto the ground, looking up at Iruka in fear.

"You think just because I can bleed, you can defeat me now?" Iruka laughed, blocking Mizuki's lame attempt at throwing in a punch to his face. He broke the lost soul's fist, his scream, along with the sound of bones cracking, echoed throughout the empty room. 

"You're pathetic."

"Fuck you!" 

Iruka scoffed and dug his nails into Mizuki's skin. 

Mizuki cried out in pain, back arching as he held onto his hand that was crushed under Iruka's hold. He was trembling at this point, eyes begging Iruka for mercy. 

"How does it feel being on the receiving end? Knowing there's no mercy bestowed upon you?" 

"You're evil. You really do belong in hell-" 

It was now Iruka's turn to scream as Mizuki successfully impaled a knife in his shoulder. However, this time, the intensity of it was ten times worse than the bullets from before. It burned, and Iruka suddenly felt breathless. 

This fucker had Maze's blade. 

"So you're the one who stole Anko's blade," Iruka commented casually, holding back the pain that was shooting through his shoulder, "Little sneaky bastard. Wait ‘till she hears about this." 

"You're going to die with me, Iruka." Mizuki laughed and Iruka finally had enough of his annoying voice. Why do bastards talk too much? Iruka wouldn’t know but he really didn’t care. Without a second thought, Iruka plunged his hand through Mizuki’s chest, fingers passing through the lost soul’s organs and out to his back, Mizuki’s still beating heart in the palm of his hand. Blood poured down like a broken faucet, painting the floor and Mizuki’s clothes. 


"Who are you to decide my fate?" Iruka inched closer, black eyes boring holes into Mizuki's. "No one can. Not even my Father." He removed his hand, tossing the wretched soul’s heart aside and watched unsympathetically as Mizuki’s body fell down in his own pool of blood. 

"I am the devil after all…" 

Mizuki's body laid lifelessly in front of him, and as if he was pulled back to reality, Iruka felt all the aches in his body coming back. With a shaky hand and gritted teeth, Iruka pulled out Anko’s blade, groaning loudly as he put it down beside him. 

He panted heavily, his body finally taking in the toll of all his wounds and bruises. He felt so worn out and hurt that Iruka, for a while, forgot where he was but was suddenly reminded of the situation when he heard a loud gasp behind him. 

Iruka whipped his head back, eyes widening as he locked gazes with Kakashi’s gray orbs. 

"Detective…" Iruka said, slowly standing up straight. However, before he could take a step forward, he suddenly realized why Kakashi was staring at him like that. 

Iruka's body hurt all over - from his wings and up to the tip of his fingers, but it pained him more to see the fear in Kakashi's eyes. 

"It's…  you're…" 

For some reason, it brought tears to Iruka's eyes. He had always told the detective who he really was, and he knew sometimes it sounded more like a joke because Kakashi would always brush it off, telling Iruka that he was the least evil person he knew. 

But right now, as he stood in front of Kakashi looking like the real monster that he was, Iruka felt ashamed. 

From the horns on his forehead, eyes as dark as the void, and hands stained with blood. 

Iruka was a monster. 

"I'm…" The devil stuttered, unable to look Kakashi in the eye as he took a step forward but soon fell down on his knees as he realized just how badly wounded his leg was. 

He cursed under his breath, glancing up at Kakashi from under his lashes. 

Iruka was powerful, someone to be feared by both mortals and immortals, but somehow, Iruka felt helpless under Kakashi's gaze. 

"I'm sorry…" Iruka had never once apologized; never had the need to. But this felt worse than that time he was banished from heaven.

He expected coldness or the footsteps of the detective walking away from him - anything that would further break his heart, however, what Iruka didn’t expect was a warm hand on his shoulder. He looked up and saw Kakashi staring back at him, the blinking lights from the ceiling creating a soft halo around the detective. 

Kakashi looked godly - so unreachable. Ethereal.

But then Kakashi kneeled in front of him, cold hands touching his shoulders. 

Iruka immediately backed away, hiding his hideous face away from the human, but was stopped as Kakashi enveloped him in a hug. 


“You’re hurt.” 

Two simple words pierced through Iruka’s chest. His eyes fluttered shut, melting into Kakashi’s hug as his battered wings slowly closed around them, seeking comfort from the only person that made Iruka feel vulnerable. Feel free. 

Feel loved. 

“I’m a monster.” 

“I’m-” Kakashi started, voice breaking as he slowly lifted Iruka’s head up. The devil saw how Kakashi gulped as his beautiful eyes ran over his face, suddenly feeling small - afraid of what Kakashi would say. 

Iruka hated his true form - he was ugly, looking like hell had scorched him through and through. 

But Kakashi stayed still, eyes unreadable but still radiating warmth. 

Iruka was confused. Why wasn’t he running away? Why was he still here after knowing the ugly truth? 


“I’m not scared of you.” And just like that, Iruka felt the softest lips touch his forehead, and suddenly, he felt relieved. Felt his body lighting up as if all the bullets were pulled out as if all the wounds had been closed. 

Iruka hugged him tighter; Kakashi did the same, holding him tight as if letting go would make Iruka disappear.

Iruka loved this feeling. 

Slowly, the King of Hell turned back to his human form as Kakashi held him closer. They had no idea how long they were in each other’s arms but they drew apart once they heard the wailing sounds of police sirens from afar. 

Iruka looked up, and Kakashi’s smile greeted him. 



“Don’t worry about me, I’ll make up an explanation. For now, go, Iruka. I know you’re still weak and I can’t have them questioning why you’re still breathing with all those bullets in you.”

Iruka sat up straight, arms still circled around Kakashi’s waist. 

He was the devil. He could take care of himself, but as of now, his still heart fluttered at the thought of Kakashi wanting to protect his identity. 

Humans were really intriguing, and the one in front of him took the cake. 

“Will I see you again?”

Kakashi smiled, “I’ll meet you back home.” 


Iruka wasn’t familiar with home since he had been running all his life - from his Father, hell, and now earth. But with Kakashi looking at him calmly as he spread his wings, Iruka now knew what it felt like to have a home.