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Anesthetized Truths(?)

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Saturday afternoon found Jinyoung in the hospital. If Jackson were a worse person, he'd be telling him I told you so. Because Jackson, for as carefree as he may look, actually cares about safety and when he saw Jinyoung climb that unsteady chair pile to change the lightbulb he had warned him that that was a bad idea. But had Park Stubborn Ass Jinyoung paid him any attention? Nooo, Mr. Know-It-All had gone and did not fall on his ass, which would at least provide some cushioning, but he decided to let his arm take the brunt of the fall. And this is why Jackson thinks he deserves the punishment of having his anesthetized ass recorded.


One, because next time he tells him something he has a video reminding him why discording with Jackson is a bad idea.


Two, because of blackmail material. Turns out Jinyoung spouts the funniest shit when he’s doped quite literally out of his mind.


Take when he first woke up from the surgery for example. The fool had gone and right out asked the male nurse (admittedly, a very good looking male nurse) if he was an angel that was there to take him to heaven. When the nurse said no he had freaked out for about two minutes before anyone could convice him that no, he was not going to hell, and no he shouldn't try to take his shirt off because he'll would be too hot, and hell no, the nurse wasn't about to take his shirt off either, no matter how much Jinyoung wanted to make sure the man wouldn't be too hot (apparently the anesthesia didn't interfere that much with his personality, he was still a sneaky little bastard).


Now though, he's throwing a tantrum like the five year old he is at heart because the hot nurse (Jaebeom was his name, Jackson came to know eventually) had left for five minutes to check on something and left another nurse (not cute! Jinyoung had exclaimed before pouting) in charge for a bit.


When he comes back though, it's hilarious to see how Jinyoung's mood completely changes. Jackson doesn't think it will register in the video, but even his eyes seem to shine now that Jaebeom returned.


"Jaaaaaaaeeeebeeooom" Jinyoung asks like the petulant child he is.


"Yes?" The infinitely patient nurse answers.


"Don’t leave anymore, you can't leave, you're soooo handsooooome!"


Jackson tries to muffle his giggles and even the nurse has to try hard to contain his smile. Jinyoung however doesn't notice at all. Hell, he even makes Jaebeom take his hand so he can make sure the poor guy can’t run away even though the cup he’s holding in front of Jinyoung, to catch any puke in case it happens, already pretty much guarantees that.


"I love you soooooooooo much!"


And then (and Jackson is soooo glad he decided to record) Jinyoung decides to pucker his lips before making a kiss sound.


"Mmmmuah". He even giggles afterwards. Good lord, this footage is p-r-i-c-e-l-e-s-s.


"Well…. thank you". The nurse thanks Jinyoung, trying to appease him.


"You’re welcome! You should love me too by the way." He says, very matter of factually.


"But we just met today…"


"I know, I know, but we’re getting married!"


"Oh man, when he sees this he won't leave his house for a whole year." Jackson laughs.


"Who?" Jinyoung asks, adorably confused.


"No one, Jinyoung. By the way, when are you getting married?" A look at Jaebeom let's him know he's both a little exasperated but quite amused.


"When? In the winter I love the winter!"


Jackson is positively surprised to find Jaebeom playing along.


"Winter? Won’t it be too cold then? Why not in the autumn?"


"Autumn?" Jinyoung muses for a second. "It's my favourite season! You must be my soulmate! And we’re getting maaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrieddddddddd and and we’ll be like, the cutest couple eveeeeeeeeerrrr!"


Thank god he's at the hospital already because Jinyoung's gonna be the death of him. If he tries to contain his laughter for much longer he might collapse a lung.




"What is it?"


"Y-your shoulders. They are so broad! I bet I could hide behind them. I love you" Jinyoung says, wonder in his voice.


"Well, thank you."




Jaebeom seems to be taking this pretty well, Jackson thinks. He's no doubt a professional, and his thoughts are further confirmed when the playful mood changes all of a sudden.


"Jaebeom, I'm scared! I don’t know where I am!


Immediately the tone of Jaebeom's voice changes to channel comfort, firm but soothing.


"Hey, calm down, you’re at the hospital, everything is alright."


"But i’m dizzy and and and…"


"It’s the medication Jinyoung, you’re okay."


"Jaebeom?" Jinyoung asks in a small voice.




"I looooooooooooooove youuuuuu" Jinyoung shouts, fear completely forgotten. The seriousness on Jaebeom's face melts away as Jinyoung resumes his blabber.


"We can get married and then...Then I'll be the prettiest groom! Wait no…" He ponders for a while. "You're also a groom…Humn…" Jinyoung smiles as he apparently finds a solution. "I'll be the prettiest bride!"


Jackson chokes and looks at Jaebeom who is also containing his laughter.


"You can be a groom as well." He chuckles.


"You're sure you don't mind?"




"Who's gonna be the prettiest then?"


Jaebeom pretends to think. "Hummm you can be the prettiest".


"Are you trying to seduce me?" Jinyoung asks seriously before his expression changes to a lovelorn one. "That's why I'm marrying you!"


Even Jaebeom is a little red right now. This was the best idea ever. He accidentally stumbled into a goldmine of embarrassing footage and Jinyoung will never have the higher ground on a discussion ever. At least, not if he doesn't want to be reminded when he accused the hot nurse of trying to seduce his drooling nonsensical ass when the poor guy was just trying to make sure he recovered from the surgery alright.


"...and and… I'll get married and I'll get all the babies"


"All the babies?"


"All the babies! I always wanted to be a dad! I hope they get your nose!"


Hoping this doesn’t diverge onto the path of the birds and bees, Jackson just nods facing Jaebeom, who quickly understands.


“Sure, as long as they’ve got your eyes.”


Oh my, he can’t remember the last time he saw Jinyoung smile so brightly. Poor thing is so happy! Jackson wonders if he’ll remember any of this interaction.


More so, If he didn’t know better, he’d even say nurse Jaebeom looks a little smitten himself.

When Jinyoung gets discharged, he’s a bit touchy about the whole situation but even he finds the video funny.


It takes him a while to find out, but apparently Jinyoung, in truly Jinyoung fashion, had nagged the nurse until he wrote something on his brand new cast.

Maybe a wedding is a bit too early for us, but what about a date in a year? Recover well!


Nurse Im Jaebeom


The End