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The Boy Frozen in Time

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Aizawa expected to be going home to his loud husband to play with their cats and watch a movie. Then, he heard about a building collapsing while people were inside and knew he needed to help.

When he arrived on-site, he could see the aftermath of the collapse. He recalled that they were attempting to remodel the building when all hell broke loose. He simply needed to make sure all the civilians were evacuated. Simple, right? Nope, not even close. He was escorting the last of the civilians out of the ravaged building when he felt something peculiar. His foot brushed against a hinge.

After everyone was evacuated, he returned to the spot with the hinge and removed some rubble that had landed near it. Instantly, some of the floor dimly lit steps. He noticed that there was older, more discolored wood near the hinge. Concerned someone may be down there, he called for backup and cautiously walked down.

Everyone knew that the building was created three hundred years ago, around the time quirks began to appear. The undisturbed layers of dust that coated the floor led him to believe that no one had been down there in a long time. Aizawa knew he should turn back, but something, maybe curiosity, pulled him towards the darker part of the basement.

When he neared the end, Aizawa paused. There were a variety of bones on the ground. He noted that there were two skulls near the top of the bone pile. Aizawa carefully walked over the bone pile and shivered. The sight before him created surprise, confusion, and concern within him.

There was a small boy with curly, green hair, freckles, and pale skin. Aizawa stared at the kid who appeared to be 14 or 15 years old. His entire body was encased in ice but, rather than looking dead, he just seemed asleep.

Aizawa heard a voice loudly ask from the top of the stairs, “Hey Eraserhead what's going on?!”

Aizawa knew he was a part of the backup he requested because the building had been sealed off by the police to avoid additional injuries.

“We need an ambulance! Now!” Aizawa shouted. Aizawa spotted words carved into the ice, “Midoriya Izuku, the son of All for One,” which mystified Aizawa. Who the hell was All for One?

When Yagi received a call from Nedzu, he was confused. Nedzu was only supposed to call about students that would make good successors. "Well hello, I wasn't expecting a call so soon." Yagi said, stunned by the unexpected call.

“I wanted to discuss something important with you. It regards All for One. Did All for One have a family?" Nedzu asks.

“What?! No! I would have known about it, believe me." Yagi said. The notion of All for One having a family sickened Yagi because they would only face manipulation.

“Well, one of my staff members found a boy encased in ice, with the carving 'Midoriya Izuku, the son of All for One.’ Does the name Midoriya Izuku sound familiar?” Nedzu asked.

Yagi heard a voice in his head say, “Nephew? He...He is still alive?" Yagi felt a surge of emotions. First, he was shocked. Once he processed the news, rage and concern washed over him. He was furious with the first holder for not telling him, nor the others about this. He felt that the other One for All Users were furious with the first holder as well. They would need to deal with this later.

“No, that name is not familiar. I will arrive soon to discuss this. Thank you for informing me." Yagi said.

“One more thing before you go. My staff member, your future coworker, wants answers. I think it will be best to give them to him. You know more about All for One and I think he has earned the right to know about this. He did find him after all." Nedzu said. Yagi didn't like this idea but he knew it wouldn't be fair to simply tell him to forget about a boy he found.

“Alright, I will talk to him when I can. What's his name?" Yagi asked.

“Eraserhead is his hero name, Aizawa Shouta is his civilian name.”

"Can someone give me an update?!" Aizawa yelled at the poor nurse.

"I-I am sorry we really can't-" she explained before Aizawa cut her off.

“Is he alive, can I at least know that?" Aizawa shouted in frustration.

“Shouta! Stop yelling at these poor women!" Hizashi exclaimed at him. Hizashi arrived a few minutes ago. He was trying - and failing - to calm him down. Aizawa hadn't been calm since he reached the hospital.

“He-He is alive if that helps..." the nurse stuttered. This helped Aizawa calm down a little bit.

“Sorry for yelling..." Aizawa apologized as he went to sit down. Aizawa had been here for almost two hours. He texted Hizashi everything so he drove there to help Aizawa process everything.

Hizashi thought it best to tell Nedzu everything in the hopes that he might find something. Aizawa kept remembering the boy, he looked like he was calmly sleeping but Aizawa had been terrified that the kid was dead. Seeing him so helpless had messed with Aizawa. "Shouta, please calm down. You have been giving the staff a hard time." Hizashi reminded him pointedly.

“I know, I'm sorry but I have no idea what to think. I found a kid frozen in ice and I hadn't been told anything for two hours." Aizawa explained. It was frustrating for Aizawa, he still had so many questions but he knew he wasn't going to get any answers. After two hours he had just learned that the kid he rescued was alive.

“Look I know you are frustrated, so am I. However, we can't lose our heads."

“I know it's just I can’t stop thinking about how he looked. I-What is Nedzu doing here?" Aizawa asked upon seeing Nedzu coming towards them. Hizashi was a little worried but also hopeful that Nedzu was going to give them some answers.

“Let's go somewhere private. We have a lot to discuss." Nedzu explained. As Aizawa and Hizashi both wanted answers, they followed quietly.

"Please tell me, you know something about the kid." Inquired Aizawa as they entered a private room. Aizawa observed a skeleton-like man waiting in the room. He had messy blond hair with glowing blue eyes. He glanced at them and offered a weak smile.

“Who is this?” Hizashi asked. "I thought-"

He was interrupted by Nedzu, who was looking at the stranger, “This is his husband and I can assure you they both can be helpful. You might want to introduce yourself before explaining what you know." The skeleton man sighed and the man suddenly turned into All Might. Hizashi freaked out and Aizawa looked surprised.

“I am here!” All Might said as he returned to his skeleton-like form. He then began coughing up blood.

"Are you alright?!" Aizawa and Hizashi asked at the same time. All Might waved his hand absentmindedly and then wiped himself with a towel.

"It's fine, that is not why I am here. I am here to provide you with some answers," he said. Aizawa was interested in hearing what All Might knew about this. “Please sit down and I will explain everything.” All Might promised.

As Yagi was explaining All for One, One for All, and his personal history with All for One. Aizawa started to feel slightly sick. "So what about his son?" Aizawa asked. He needed to know how badly the kid was treated for him to be trapped in ice.

“I didn't even know he had a son until today. However, I do know more now thanks to the first One for All user who offered us more details.” Yagi explained.

"Uh, what do you mean by that?" Hizashi questioned. Yagi knew he couldn't waste too much time explaining the details.

“One for All is a complex quirk, basically I can speak with the first One for All user," Yagi said.

"What did the kid's uncle say then?" Aizawa queried.

“Well, he told us a lot..." Yagi said as he thought back on his conversation with the past users. He let out a sigh and continued, “He knows very little but he knows enough for us to form a timeline. He was not aware he had a nephew until he met his mother. He doesn't know a lot as his mother was very paranoid. I wouldn't blame her, her name was Inko Midoriya and from what the first user told me she tried her best to keep her son away from his father. However, his father still managed to get a hold of him. Izuku was used, manipulated, abused, and tortured by his father throughout most of his life. His mother, along with some family friends, were able to save him but they knew he would not be safe unless his father was gone. Inko had a plan to hide them but things went wrong. His uncle was never told where she and Izuku were hidden. The first holder didn't know the full plan but he knew things went wrong.” Yagi explained to them.

"Why didn't he look for them?" Aizawa asked.

"Honestly, he had hoped they were dead," Yagi said

"What?! Why would he want that?!" Hizashi cried out.

“They had suffered enough. Inko spent most of her life on the run, desperately trying to stay alive, find her son, keep him safe, and avoid All for One. Izuku knew nothing but pain his entire life. He was used by his father as a weapon and had suffered enough. He wanted them to finally be at peace.” Yagi clarified.

“Well, we know things didn't go according to plan. Izuku is here without his mother and now we need to figure out what to do." Aizawa said.

Hizashi sighed, sitting down. This was a mess. There was a kid that was frozen in time, had to suffer god knows what, and now was completely alone with no one who cared about him left alive. At least he no longer needed to worry about his father since All Might did defeat him. So that was one less thing to worry about. But, this poor kid was all alone, with god knows how much mental trauma and issues, and he had a powerful quirk that may not even be controllable. “What can we do for him?” Hizashi asked.

“What are you going to do with him?” Aizawa corrected.

Yagi sighed, “I am going, to be honest, my first gut reaction was to throw him into Tartarus.”

“What?!" Aizawa exclaimed.

“I said it was. It was my first reaction, however, I know it was an irrational idea. I only reacted to hearing about All for One. I won't punish a child that is a victim of his father's abuse. It wouldn't be right however I do not trust him either." Yagi said.

Nedzu finally spoke after listening to everything, “I think we should observe him, then judge him if he's anything like his father. If not, then we can train him to control his quirk for the greater good.”

“That seems to be our best decision." Yagi agreed. Hizashi nodded in approval. Aizawa just sighed, still processing everything they learned when there was knocking at the door.

A nurse opened the door and explained, “My apologies, I was told to give you an update on the boy that was encased in ice...He is awake.”

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“Mom w-wait please!"


“You have to go, sweetie!"


“Izuku we don't have time, come on we need to go!"


"I--I can't leave yet. Mom, you're supposed to come with me."


"Sweetie go, please listen to me..."








Izuku's mind was racing. He didn’t understand what was going on. Did everything go according to plan? What was the plan again? How did he end up here? He was supposed to be with his father, right? Did he escape? Was he foolish enough to escape!? He was going to be in so much trouble. Why couldn’t he remember anything? What is going on? So many questions kept filling up Izuku’s head. 


Relax Izuku, try to remember everything slowly. Right, he managed to escape his father, find his uncle, they had a plan to escape from his father, and everything is fuzzy. What happened to the details? Izuku always remembers the minor details. Why was everything so messy? He needed to wake up. 


Izuku tried to open his eyes slowly, but the light blinded him. God, why was it so bright? He tried to move his arms, but he couldn’t. It felt painful to attempt to move his arms. Izuku panicked as he was vulnerable. 


“Hey, hey, please be careful when moving. Your body is still adjusting,” said an unfamiliar male voice. Izuku's eyes were adjusting as they tried to take in his new surroundings. 


"What an interesting response he’s having, he is reacting very quickly to everything. He is alert and on guard; that's a good thing." Another voice said. Izuku gazed at the ceiling, then turned to the wall, and finally, his eyes landed on a homeless-looking man staring at him. 


Aizawa moved to sit in the vinyl chair next to Midoriya’s bed and slowly turned to examine the green-haired boy as he stirred. “I…Where…Where am I?" Izuku whispered as he moved to face the man next to him. 


 After Izuku took in his surroundings, he cleared his throat. Then he asked louder, “I…Where…Where am I?" 


"You are at the hospital,” Aizawa offered. Izuku processed the stranger’s words as he attempted to recall the events that led him here. Aizawa held out a cup of water to Izuku for his dry throat. Izuku tried to take it but a sharp ache coursed through his arm the moment he moved it. 


 “Do you want help?" Hizashi offered. Izuku hesitated for a moment and then nodded his head in acquiescence. Hizashi attentively helped him up and assisted him in drinking his water. Yagi eyed Izuku as he started to settle back down. 


“My name is Aizawa Shouta, I am a hero known as Eraserhead. Do you mind if we ask you some questions?” Aizawa questioned. 


"No, I do not mind. Where is my mother? She...She has to be here, she needs to be." Izuku anxiously affirmed. 


"We will get into all of that," Aizawa assured him. Izuku was unnerved. Izuku felt that this was not supposed to happen but he had no idea why he felt like that.  


“What is your name?" Aizawa asked.


"My name is Midoriya Izuku," Izuku responded.


"How old are you?" Aizawa asked. 


"I-I am 15, my birthday is July 15th," Izuku replied. 


"Before we continue, I think you should know why you are in the hospital," Aizawa said but he sincerely didn't want to be the one to tell him.


“You…You found me in ice. How, how long has it been?" Izuku said. Why do I feel so confident that I was encased in ice, I have no memories of it happening. Izuku thought. 


“It has been about 300 years," Yagi bluntly informed him. 


300 years...No it could not have been that long. It should not have been that long. His mom was…he had friends, what happened to them? He knew he had them but now they were all gone. Everything was gone, he had nothing and was utterly alone. Izuku's mind was racing. This was not part of the plan, what went wrong? Izuku had not realized he had started crying. His family was gone, he had just got them back and they were gone again. Why?! Why is this happening again?! Izuku hated how he could not remember anything. He could only remember certain things and it was driving him crazy.


"Hey, can you hear us?" asked Aizawa steadily.

Izuku nodded slowly as he tried to distance himself from his more painful thoughts. 


"I am truly sorry you are going through something like this. I can only begin to imagine how difficult this is, and will continue to be for you," said a man who resembled a skeleton. Izuku wiped his tears and tried to stop shaking. 


“I am sorry, I’s a lot. I don’t even remember much. I believe a memory wiping quirk was used on me. I truly want to help but I cannot remember any relevant details. I just know who I am and am certain of some details." Izuku explained. 


“What details are you certain of?” asked a bear-rat.


Izuku took a deep breath before stating, “My name is Midoriya Izuku. I am the son of Midoriya Inko and All for One. I was kidnapped by my father but somehow I escaped from him. At some point, my mother came up with a plan which did not go well. Something went wrong…that is all I know. I am sorry, I wish I could be more useful.”

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Watching Izuku struggle to keep himself from falling apart was difficult. Hizashi really couldn't watch without being affected personally. This kid is processing that he has no one familiar in his life and has to begin a wholly new life. Without friends, family, or even a home. He also had been abused by his father, so that added a whole new layer to Izuku's situation. What the hell are we going to do with this poor kid? We just need to help this kid.


“Hey Little Listener, thank you for telling us everything. I know it was a lot. How about we leave so you can rest? You have done a lot for today.” Hizashi suggested.


 “I think I slept long enough,” Izuku replied. Hizashi chuckled. At least this kid had a sense of humor. He was completely unaware of it, but it was still funny. 


“Alright, if you need us, call us. My name is Yamada Hizashi, he is Shota Aizawa, he is Toshinori Yagi, and he is Nedzu. Call us off if you need us.” Hizashi introduced them while gesturing to each figure as he called their names. Izuku nodded in acknowledgment as they left.


Yagi was still processing everything he learned. He pitied Izuku because he had been abruptly inserted into a new life, but he still felt wary towards him. He knew that they had to keep a close eye on him. He had his father's quirk, and it was extremely powerful. Abandoning him was out of the question, but where would he go? “That was a very informative conversation,” Nedzu said. 


Aizawa sighed, unsure of what to think. “I have begun forming a plan on how to handle Izuku. I think the best thing for him is to stay at UA under our watch. 

We will be more thorough in helping him than the Hero Commission. We should teach him to control his quirk, work on improving his mental health, observe him, and care for him.” Nedzu explained.


 “That sounds like a reasonable plan, and watching him will allow us to expand it. “Who will be watching him?” Yagi asked.


A nurse was moving Izuku’s arms to help his body get used to moving again. “There you go. Try moving your arms above your head now.” the nurse said. Izuku managed to try without wincing, but the pain was still too bad for him to move. “It's okay, don't force yourself. The doctor will be coming soon," she informed him. Izuku felt his body stiffen. I-I didn't do anything! I was behaving like I didn't want to see him! Izuku thought, as his breathing rate rapidly increased on the monitor.


“Izuku, you will have to see the doctor for your behavior."


N-No, please! I promise to behave! 


“I have already made up my mind about your behavior. You’re making things worse for yourself.”


No! Please stop, I'm sorry! P-Please!


I’m sorry…








Aizawa began running to Izuku’s room when the nurse told them that Izuku was having a panic attack. His quirk was reacting to his distressed state and was damaging the bed he laid on.”Let me go in! My quirk won't cause huge damage. I'll try to calm him down.” Aizawa shouted before almost breaking down the door. 


Izuku was curled up, crying, struggling to breathe, and surrounded by a green aura that contained green lightning. Aizawa wanted to bind him up, but he was worried it would send him into a worse state of panic. Plus, he can only erase one quirk at a time. Izuku has multiple quirks and he might use another one instinctively. Aizawa knew he would not be successful if he simply bound him. He needed to calm him down immediately. 


“Izuku, can you hear me? It's Aizawa, I need you to breathe!” Aizawa shouted while dodging some lightning. He planned to get as close as he could before using his quirk. 


“I-I sorry… I can't!" Izuku shouted while shaking uncontrollably.


 “Izuku, I need you to focus. I am going to place my hands on your shoulders and I want you to listen to me, okay.” Aizawa pleaded. Then he activated his quirk. Aizawa gently placed his hands on Izuku's shoulders, and Izuku flinched slightly. His breathing was frantic, and he kept muttering under his breath. “Izuku, listen to me closely. You are at a hospital, you are safe, your father is not here. Just focus on copying my breathing. Okay?”


Izuku nodded, even though he was still unable to stop shaking. The doctor was going to see him and he was in trouble. He was going to be punished for his behavior. What did he do to get into trouble this time? He was listening and did everything right, so what did he do wrong? “Izuku, can you tell five things you can see?” Aizawa asked. Izuku looked around the hospital room. He wasn't in the room anymore, so was the doctor not going to see him? 


“The bed, you, the window, the door, and the blanket…” Izuku replied shakily.


 “Great, now tell me four things you can feel,” Aizawa said. As they continued, this method helped Izuku relax enough to regain control of his quirk. A nurse came in and gave Izuku a sedative so he could sleep. Aizawa’s body sagged when Izuku’s eyes closed and his breathing evened out. Hizashi, Yagi, and Nedzu then entered the room.


Aizawa was still trying to calm his nerves. “I think my idea still stands,” Nedzu said. Aizawa groaned while recalling what Nedzu said before they rushed out. 


“I agree with Nedzu. You managed to calm him down enough for the nurses to sedate him,” Yagi said.


 “I still don't like it. What will I do when school starts?” Aizawa asked. 


“We will think of something. Right now he needs help and we are his solution.” Nedzu pointed out. 


“Babe, I agree with them. Plus it's not like he is coming home with us.” Hizashi added. Aizawa knew they were right, but he figured this problem child was going to give him headaches.


 “Alright, fine. I will be watching Izuku,” Aizawa agreed reluctantly.

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As the seventh day of Izuku being in the hospital passed, everyone was thankful Izuku didn’t have another panic attack. Izuku felt extremely guilty for his panic attack and strived to be on his best behavior for the entire week.

Aizawa and Hizashi tried to help Izuku with his mental health, but it was difficult. They quickly learned that Izuku did not open up at all. No one was surprised that Izuku didn't trust them or want to be vulnerable with them. While no one blamed him for being cautious of everyone, it was just frustrating.

Aizawa was attempting to learn more about Izuku. He didn't know much, but one thing quickly became apparent. Izuku was fascinated by quirks, which made sense. Izuku was born in a time where quirks were new to the world, but now, since quirks were everywhere, Izuku could not help but be fascinated by them. He kept muttering to himself while writing notes and asking questions about someone's quirk.

Aizawa found it creepy at first, but he quickly realized it was pretty useful. Izuku was a smart kid and offered some valuable advice to Aizawa on how to fight better. Aizawa was pretty impressed, since Izuku didn't know much about heroes. Hizashi grew fond of Izuku; he enjoyed introducing modern things to Izuku. Well, to new things, since Izuku never really did “normal” things such as eating whatever food he wanted. Even after he was rescued from his father, he was unable to get a proper meal because he was on the run.

Izuku got to experience eating sweets, trying snacks, a proper meal, using a cell phone, and picking his clothes. Izuku had never been more excited in his own life. To say Hizashi spoiled Izuku was an understatement. Izuku slowly grew to like Hizashi and Aizawa. They treated him nicely compared to everyone else Izuku knew.

Once he reached his last day at the hospital, he was restless. Soon Izuku would be leaving the hospital and he was both excited and nervous. He knew he was going to be at UA but he didn't know if he was worth the risk.

“Ready Little Listener?” Hizashi asked as he finished helping Izuku pack the few things he had.

"Y-Yes, I am just a little nervous," Izuku said. As he paced around the room. He didn't know what he was more nervous about, going to UA or meeting with Nedzu. Nedzu was going to give something to Izuku for his quirks. It was something he had been working on just for him.

"You will love it at UA. Plus we have some older kids to help you as we train your quirk.” Hizashi assured him.

"I truly appreciate it, but I don't think I am worth all the trouble,” Izuku murmured.

"Nonsense! We want to help you. After all, you didn't ask for any of this to happen to you. As heroes, it is our job to help out." Hizashi informed him while struggling to keep his voice lowered, since Izuku hated loud noises.

Izuku nodded, but he still felt out of place. Heroes were such a strange thing to him. It felt like he was living in a comic book however, he was the character that had the tragic backstory.

"You know, whenever I hear heroes, I keep thinking of comic books. I used to read them when I was really little. I think I was 5 when I last read one." Izuku shared his thoughts out loud.

"Well, I will need to add that onto the list of things I need to get for you." Hizashi teases. "Huh? Oh no, please don’t! I didn't mean it like that! You already wasted enough money. I couldn't ask any more from you!" Izuku said with panic seeping into his voice.

Hizashi loved spending time with Izuku. However, it was hard to be around a kid like him. He was very unaware of social cues, such as jokes. Hizashi keeps forgetting this until he gets reminded every time he makes a joke around Izuku. “I genuinely don't mind Izuku. You are still a kid and you deserve to have a gift once in a while. There is nothing wrong with that." he explained.

Even though Izuku was approximately 315 years old, physically and mentally he was still 15 years old. He was a very traumatized 15-year-old, but you get the point. Izuku blushed from embarrassment but Hizashi didn't mind; he just wanted to make this kid happy. Izuku thought about everything he had experienced in this room and felt both happy to leave and a little sad. As Izuku looked around the room, he spent a week in, a knocking on the door caught their attention.

Aizawa examined the new quirk suppressants that were modeled after his quirk. They looked like normal quirk suppressants, but they were able to erase his quirks. He looked at the rat-bear-god thing with his creepy little smile. "Do these work?" Aizawa questioned.

"Yes, however, they can only work if you have the DNA of the wearer. Midoriya willingly gave some of his DNA, but I doubt villains would do the same thing, don't you agree?" Nedzu pointed out. Aizawa nodded while he continued his examination of them. They were much lighter than the current quirk suppressants available.

"Alright let's get him to UA," Aizawa said as he picked his keys up.


Izuku fiddled with the quirk suppressant in the car. It wasn't that they were uncomfortable; they were surprisingly comfortable to wear. He just hated how they felt on his wrist. He was almost waiting for the chains to just appear on them any second. "You alright there?" Hizashi asked, noticing Izuku fidgeting in his seat.

"I-I'm fine! I'm just trying to get used to these," he sheepishly explained as he flashed the cuffs towards him.

"Yeah, they aren't fun to wear," Aizawa commented. Izuku nodded in agreement. He looked out the window again. So much had changed and yet nothing changed at all. It was bizarre for him, yet Izuku couldn't get enough of it. Izuku got a chance to enjoy the trees, the sun, grass, and buildings. It was such a minor thing, but he couldn't help but be thankful to do so.

“We are here! Welcome to UA!” Hizashi shouted. Izuku jumped a little as he was deeply engrossed in his daydreaming.

"Alright, let's get you settled in," Aizawa said as he exited the car. Izuku started tugging at his seat belt. He tried to pull the tongue out of the buckle, but yanking on the webbing did nothing. He then tried to pull both the webbing and the buckle into opposite directions, but that failed as well. He then started pulling the webbing over his shoulder as far as it could go and was surprised when it locked into place and wouldn’t move. He squirmed in annoyance and frustration. He already had trouble putting it on and taking it off proved to be just as embarrassing. “Need help?" Aizawa offered.

"I need to do this on my own. I can't depend on others to do everything for me." Izuku replied stubbornly.

"It's okay to ask for help. You were never in a car before," Aizawa reassured him.

"I was… I just don't remember." Izuku mumbled.

"Push the button down." He instructed. Izuku did so and got the seat belt off.

"Thank you," Izuku said.

"No problem, problem child," Aizawa said. Izuku looked confused and slightly startled by the nickname. “I get the feeling you are going to be a problem child," Aizawa explained, though that did little to help the poor, confused Izuku.

“You will be staying in this building. This building might be used as dorms for students later, but as of now, you will be living here. There is a common room, kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms." Nedzu explained during the tour. Izuku was very overwhelmed, but he nodded. “Aizawa will be watching you the whole time. He will also train you. That covers the basics. I will tell you more tomorrow. For now, you should get settled in." Nedzu said.

"Th-Thank you! This means a lot. Everything you have done for me does." Izuku said, as he bowed.

Nedzu chuckled as he said, “Oh please, I am more than happy to help! Now settle in and make yourself at home."

It didn't take long for Izuku to settle in. He did not like how empty everything felt. It wasn't a new feeling, but he was not a fan of it. He waited in a common room for Hizashi. Hizashi wanted Izuku to experience watching movies. Aizawa was helping Hizashi. “You are spoiling him too much," Aizawa stated.

"I am not!" Hizashi argued.

"Do you wanna see the credit card bill?" Aizawa challenged him.

"Can you blame me?" Hizashi said defensively. "I get it, but you need to control yourself," Aizawa told him.

"Yeah, yeah I know. Popcorn is done, Little Listener! Have you decided what movies you want to watch?" Hizashi asked.

Izuku looked at his options and still couldn't decide. "No, I haven't. Maybe this one?" Izuku said as he held one up.

"Great! Had popcorn before?" Hizashi asked.

"I don't remember..." Izuku replied.

"Well, you are having some now!" Hizashi said as he handed him the popcorn bowl. Izuku tried some popcorn and he loved it. Aizawa watched them from the doorway and noticed Izuku was intrigued by how Hizashi set the movie up. While FastPlay showed previews, Hizashi and Aizawa pushed a black couch closer to the television that looked new. Hizashi sat down and leaned against one arm while Izuku sat next to the other arm. Aizawa sat close to Hizashi and laid his head on the other’s shoulder.

Izuku loved every second of the movie. Aizawa quickly fell asleep and Hizashi fondly watched Izuku enjoy the movie. As the movie came to an end, Hizashi fell asleep. Izuku was the only one still awake.

Aizawa opened his eyes, expecting Izuku to be asleep. So when he glanced over at him wide awake, re-watching the movie this late, he was a little surprised. "It's late, kid. Why are you up?"

Izuku hadn’t felt any movement before Aizawa spoke, so he froze for a second before registering his voice. Izuku turned to look at Aizawa and explained, “I-I can't sleep. Plus I don't want to sleep."

"Kid, you should sleep," Aizawa suggested. Izuku shrugged, clearly not planning on it. "I'm only up because I work at this time," Aizawa added. Izuku remained silent, to which Aizawa sighed in response. He lifted his head off Hizashi and popped his joints. He was about to stand when Izuku opened his mouth to say something.

"I may not remember much but the feeling of certain things bothers me… Being alone all the time is one of those things." Izuku confessed. He was choosing to be very vulnerable by sharing this with Aizawa. Hopefully, Aizawa would not say the wrong thing and cause Izuku to withdraw again.

"I understand how you feel." Aizawa said, gathering his thoughts before continuing, "When I found you, it reminded me of something and it cause a feeling I hadn’t felt in years to resurface. It kind of sent me into a panic so I understand how you feel." Izuku nodded, relieved to hear that it was normal to feel this kind of way. "Now try to set some rest or you will regret it later," Aizawa advised.

It took a few minutes for Izuku to fall asleep. When he did, he wasn't aware that Aizawa was still there. Izuku didn't realize that when he moved over a bit, he had started using Aizawa as a pillow to fall asleep.

Aizawa knew he couldn't just leave Izuku, but he didn't know how to react when the kid leaned on him and used him as a human pillow. Aizawa didn't move Izuku right away. He wanted to wait before moving him.

When he was sure Izuku wouldn't wake up, he used his scarf to help carry Izuku. He brought Izuku to the room he had set his things in, tucked him into bed, and watched for a couple of minutes just to be sure he was asleep before going to wake up Hizashi.

He whined about it, but Aizawa ignored him. They went home and got as much sleep - napping for a few minutes in Aizawa’s case - as they could get before getting ready for work.

Izuku woke up the next morning surprised by multiple things. Firstly, he was in a room instead of the common room. Second, he slept well, and third, he could smell something. Izuku changed into a different outfit before heading downstairs. What he saw shocked him. Hizashi and Aizawa were bickering over breakfast. "He needs to eat more!" Hizashi exclaimed.

"He can't eat something that heavy yet!'' Aizawa argued. The couple went back and forth while he watched.

"Uh, good morning..." Izuku said hesitantly, breaking through the tension. The married couple stopped and turned their attention to him.


"Good morning Little Listener! Breakfast is ready, Shouta just needs to make more-" Aizawa cut him off,

"For the last time, no!" Izuku watched them begin to bicker again as he sat down at a small table with three chairs.

Even though Aizawa and Hizashi were bickering, Izuku enjoyed it. He didn't feel alone and was really happy to see them. "So what's for breakfast?"

Chapter Text

Normally, Aizawa would be on patrols, hanging out with his cats, or spending time with his husband. This time, however he spent all of his time with Izuku. Did it bother him? No, not really. He knew it was important that he helped Izuku get back into society and learn how to function in this new world. It had only been a week since Izuku moved into UA. 


Izuku and Aizawa had planned a training session on how to control his quirk. Izuku did not want to use his quirk ever again, but Aizawa argued that Izuku needed to learn to control it. He agreed with him, so Aizawa began finishing up his training plans.


Izuku was passionately asking Aizawa about his quirk once more. Aizawa answered them absentmindedly. "Why does your hair float? When you use your quirk, it floats. Why does it do that?" Izuku inquired.


 "That's a really good question to ask. There is an interesting reason behind it. So you see-" Aizawa was cut off as he heard the door open. Izuku jumped up a little and Aizawa moved to see who it was. It was the bear-rat god thing. 


"Knock next time. It's fine, it's just Nedzu." Aizawa reassured Izuku. He relaxed once he confirmed it was indeed Nedzu.


"I need to speak with you Aizawa privately before you start your training with Izuku. All Might wishes to talk to you Izuku." Nedzu informed them. Aizawa nodded and led Nedzu into a private room.


 “So what do you want?" Aizawa said, getting straight to the point as he leaned against a wall.  


"I think Izuku should join your class with your new first years," he stated. 


“Now why the hell would we do that?" Aizawa asked, while wondering what the hell Nedzu was planning. 


“I think it would be best for him to interact with kids his age. He would be able to catch up quicker, you have to watch him when school begins, and hiding him would be useless since students will question a new building that appears to have no use to them," he explained.


On one hand, Aizawa thought it was a bad idea, but he also knew that students would be suspicious even if he was hidden away. It might help Izuku be more comfortable with this world and the whole point of him being frozen was for him to start a new life. “I want to test it out first. If it's too much for him, I won't continue whatever little experiment you are pulling. Plus, what are we going to tell the students when they see a kid there that isn't a student here?” Aizawa asked, knowing Nedzu likely had a plan already.


 "Well, I did come up with a plan," Nedzu said with that crazed look in his eyes.




Izuku was waiting for Aizawa and All Might when there was a knock at the door again. Izuku walked to the door to ensure it was All Might. He looked through the peephole and then opened the door for All Might. "H-Hello All Might. You wanted to speak with me." Izuku stated.


“Yes I did. Please call me Toshinori. I am guessing you are aware of One for All. I wanted to talk to you about your uncle," he said. Izuku nodded and quietly chuckled to himself.


“Yes, I am aware of One for All. I can sense my uncle within you. It is hard to explain, so let's sit down and talk." Izuku offered. 


Yagi sat across from Izuku and studied him. It was awkward for Yagi because he didn't know how to handle him, but he wanted to talk to Izuku. “Thank you." Izuku suddenly said.


 "Thank you? For what?" Yagi asked, slightly confused. 


"You defeated my father and I can live in peace, thanks to you. I owe you my life for that." Izuku explained sincerely. Okay, be sensitive, Yagi was the only thing going through Yagi's head. 


"There is no need for that! I did what I had to do-" Yagi started before being cut off by Izuku. 


"Yes, he was a villain you had to defeat. So your mentor's death wouldn't be in vain and you could keep hundreds, if not thousands, of people safe. To me, even though he is my father, you killed my abuser. You freed me from him." Izuku explained reverently. 


Izuku started to cry, so he wiped his tears away. "Can I-Can I ask you something? About you and your father?” Yagi asked. He felt rude asking, but he had to know. Izuku calmed himself down and nodded. "Do you miss him? I know it's rude, you don't have to answer." Yagi added quickly.  


Izuku considered it before finally saying. "As a son, I will miss him and continue to love him. Even with the very few memories I have, I know I have good memories of him. He was my father and as his son, I will always miss him and love him but as another human being I..." Izuku hesitated before finishing, “I hate him more than anything else in the world. I am thankful he died. He was a cruel person, not just to me, but to many others. Knowing he won't hurt anyone else helps me sleep at night."


Yagi nodded while processing everything. He knew it was complicated, and he was glad Izuku was being honest. “Thank you for being honest with me. You didn't have to," Yagi said. 


Izuku smiled before asking, "My uncle, you still speak to him?"


 "Yes I do, I can talk to all the former One for All Users. He wanted me to apologize on your behalf for not looking for you." Yagi said.


“I don't blame him. It was far too dangerous to look for me. He had to focus on my father. I am glad his hard work didn't go to waste, I just hope not to fail my mother and uncle." Izuku said. So many people sacrificed themselves for him and he knew he couldn't fail them. 


"Believe me, you haven't. Your uncle is proud of you." Yagi comforted him. Izuku started to tear up again. Yagi leaned forward to pat him on the back. 




Shigaraki planned to discuss another idea with All for One. However, he seemed to be a bit distracted. All for One was sensing something, something familiar. It reminded him of his son, who he missed. He loved his son and his usefulness. He could only imagine how far he would have come if it wasn't for his mother. She ruined everything, but that was just who she was. That's what he loved about her and their son, their determination. He loved his family, he even missed them. If only his beloved Inko hadn’t messed everything up. 


"Master, is everything alright?" Tomura asked once he realized he wasn't listening to him.


 "Forgive me Tomura, I am a bit… distracted." All for One replied as the thing he was sensing disappeared. Tomura was not aware of his former family and All for One was not going to tell him unless he had a reason to. There was no point in telling him about a family that was no longer relevant. 


 "I can-" Shigaraki began to suggest before he was cut off. 


"No Tomura, it's alright… It's just that I sense something familiar. Don't worry about it Tomura, I will worry about it later." He stated. Tomura nodded and started explaining his idea once more. All for One could almost feel Izuku again.


Izuku, why am I thinking of you now?

Chapter Text

Izuku set his cup of tea down with a soft thump. And gestured animatedly as he talked about his favorite comic books that he read as a child.

Once Aizawa finished his chat with the rat god, he walked back to Izuku with Nedzu trailing behind him. Izuku heard him walking back and cut himself off while turning his head towards the sound. “Problem Child, how did your chat go?" Aizawa inquired.

"It went well. Thank you so much for visiting Toshinori." Izuku said warmly.

“Thank you for this. I will get out of your way now.” Yagi smiled at them while getting up.

“I need you to stay here longer,” Aizawa asserted, before turning to look at Izuku.

“Izuku, this remote controls the quirk suppressants you are wearing,” Aizawa began, as he pulled a remote out of his pocket. Nedzu stood straighter and clasped his hands together while intensely staring at Izuku with his head tilted.

Aizawa set the remote upright in Izuku’s hand. “This button stops approximately 50 of your quirks,
this button allows you to use one quirk, and this button will unlock your cuffs in case there is an emergency," Aizawa explained as he pointed each button out to Izuku. The first was labeled “Stop", the second button was labeled “Control", and the last one was labeled "Release."

“Why are you telling me this?" Izuku asked, while handing the remote back to him.

“I think you have the right to know. You should also know I will be taking temporary guardianship over you as well," Aizawa paused, then continued, “I want you to use your quirk on me." Izuku stared at him in utter disbelief. Nedzu grinned manically and stared without blinking at them. Yagi internally debated how wise Aizawa’s request was.

“You want me to do what?!” Izuku questioned Aizawa with a deep frown as he peered intently at his face.

“I need to understand every aspect of your quirk that I can. The best way to accomplish that is to experience it firsthand. I trust you will give it back." Aizawa said solemnly. Izuku was anxious about using his quirk on Aizawa, but Aizawa did ask him to. Izuku knew he could do it… and he didn’t want to disappoint Aizawa when he had done so much for him.

Izuku fidgeted before nodding his head and saying, “G-Give me your hands. I need to have direct skin contact to activate my quirk. I feel like I should warn you, this is… Going to hurt. A lot, so be prepared..." he advised. Aizawa moved to sit down next to him and held his hands out. He mentally prepared himself for the pain.

Izuku shut his eyes as a green aura began to emanate around him and some green lightning started sparking around him. When he opened his eyes, they were glowing an earthy green. Aizawa fought the urge to use his quirk as his intuition warned him he was in danger. He trusted Izuku, so he allowed Izuku to place his hands on Aizawa's hand.

Aizawa could feel it happening. It frightened him. The sensation was reminiscent of an organ forcibly being pulled out of him. He felt himself try to activate his quirk, but he was in too much pain to use the last wisps of his quirk. Once his quirk completely left his grasp, he entered a new threshold of pain. His eyes burned so strongly he was worried the water in his eyes would evaporate. He couldn’t move to anything, yet his arms burned as badly as his eyes. He felt like he was set on fire and his skin was on the verge of simultaneously melting and becoming crispy. He hated every millisecond of this experience.

“Fascinating! What does it feel like?" Nedzu asked with bright eyes and a wide grin.

“He isn’t able to talk. It will be too painful for him to even move. He is still in the early stages." Izuku explained. Aizawa couldn’t imagine a worse pain, but he did not doubt that it would come. Aizawa felt a little relief as the burning in his body lowered in intensity.

Izuku felt Aizawa getting weaker while he took his quirk. He felt him try to fight back at first, but he knew Aizawa would be unsuccessful. He trained the quirk long enough that he could overpower any user’s attempts to fight back. Aizawa fell back with a lifeless look. It was all too familiar to Izuku, and he hated it. “This is truly interesting! What does it feel like?" Nedzu asked Izuku this time.

"It’s hard to explain since it’s so mind-numbing, but it’s the worst pain most people will ever feel. It feels like being burned and melting at the same time." Izuku explained as he began giving Aizawa’s quirk back.

He carefully continued the process of returning his quirk. For Izuku, taking a quirk was easier than giving it back. His father never instructed him on how to give someone's quirk back safely, he didn’t see the point in preserving useless people’s lives.

Aizawa slowly started regaining his strength. As his strength increased, so did his awareness of his surroundings. "Is it difficult for you to return his quirk?" Yagi wondered.

“My father never taught me how to return a quirk gently. It would hurt more for him if I attempted to rush it." Izuku explained. Yagi nodded in understanding. Aizawa got his quirk back, but it was a while before he collected himself.

“That was… an experience," Aizawa said once he completely regained his senses. Izuku lowered his eyes in guilt while wishing his quirk didn’t cause so much pain.

“I-I am sincerely sorry. I wish I could have spared you the pain of the experience, but-" Izuku abruptly stopped as Aizawa held a hand up to him.

"I understand and don’t blame you for how your quirk works. I just need a minute.” After a while, Aizawa asked, “What else can your quirk do?" Aizawa stood up and stretched his whole body.

“I-I can enhance a quirk’s strength when I take it. I can return someone's quirk when it's stronger, but they normally don't survive..." Izuku replied softly.

“Okay, we will begin training now," Aizawa added. Izuku inclined his head in agreement and followed after Aizawa. Yagi joined Nedzu in observing the two.

Once they stopped outside, Izuku felt his stomach flutter. He wasn’t taught how to fight, and he didn’t want to disappoint Aizawa or embarrass himself.
"Have you been instructed in combat before?" Aizawa inquired.

“N-not really, no..." Izuku confessed as his stomach fluttered harder.

"Alright, try to attack me. Do not hold back." Aizawa advised as he pressed “Release.” on the remote.

Izuku felt nauseous and his hands began sweating. His green aura and lighting returned as his eyes began to glow once more. As Izuku summoned a quirk, Aizawa activated his and started running towards Izuku. Feeling the first quirk's absence, Izuku used a teleportation quirk. Aizawa stiffened in surprise as Izuku disappeared and reappeared behind him. Aizawa quickly erased that quirk. Izuku retaliated by using a speed quirk to evade Aizawa. Aizawa blinked and Izuku used both his invisibility and speed quirk. He managed to evade his gaze for a few seconds, but Aizawa glanced at his form and punched him simultaneously.

They spent most of their training session like this, with Izuku switching between four quirks. He used teleportation, invisibility, strength, and speed quirks. He could combine two at a time, but he couldn’t avoid Aizawa’s direct attacks and the binding cloth. Aizawa examined the simplistic quirks he used and wondered why Izuku felt comfortable using only those. Most likely Izuku was scared of using them. Whether that was due to a lack of control or just a reluctance to use them, Aizawa wasn’t sure.

Aizawa once more released Izuku from his binding cloth before telling him that their training session was over. “It’s been three hours. You should go clean up before we have another important conversation.”

Aizawa walked towards the two onlookers while wincing. He had tried to be less tough with Izuku, yet Izuku ended up with some dark bruises. Hizashi was certainly going to kill him for it, Aizawa thought.

Nedzu waited for Izuku to pass with his towel and clothes before he began his conversation with All Might and Aizawa. “He, at least, has a basic understanding of his quirks. He requires a lot of training. and we have yet to see all the quirks in his possession." Nedzu started.

“I agree. Should we call Recovery Girl to treat his injuries?" Yagi wondered aloud.

“He only has bruises. We don't need to call her for that. You will need to call her for me." Aizawa deadpanned. Yagi stared at him in confusion.

“Yamada will have your head for roughing him up," Nedzu observed.

Hizashi was having a bad day. He started the day off worried about the training Izuku would experience later. Hizashi knew Aizawa tends to train his students harder than most teachers would. But Izuku wasn’t a student of his, he hoped Aizawa would remember that and be gentler.

Then he arrived at work to see that the equipment wasn’t set up. He had a tech hand to help him, but yesterday was his last day on the job. Hizashi was so distracted by Izuku that he forgot to look for a new tech hand. So the podcast was a disaster, and he was upset at himself for allowing it to slip his mind.

Thoroughly upset, Hizashi ended the show early and resolved to hire a replacement as soon as possible. He spent the rest of his time at work interviewing people and finally chose a suitable candidate.

As he filled out the paperwork so his new tech hand could start tomorrow, his eyes wandered over the clock and he froze. In disbelief, he checked his phone to confirm the time. The clock on the wall was indeed accurate. He was very late. He rushed to pack everything up and check on Izuku.

He heard quiet voices coming from the kitchen, so he set his bag down and hurried over towards them. His eyes widened when he noticed that Yagi and Nedzu were still there. They were talking to each other while Aizawa finished making dinner.

“Hey, I’m sorry for coming back so late,” Hizashi said sincerely while walking towards his husband. “Where is Izuku?" Hizashi inquired after pressing a quick apology kiss to Shouta’s forehead.

“He was tired from training and fell asleep once we finished talking to him about our plan,” Aizawa explained while adding some seasoning.

"Our plan?" Hizashi echoed.

“I still think it will be risky," Yagi added.

“There are many reasons why we can't keep him locked up here when school starts,” Nedzu reminded him. They already talked about them earlier with Izuku.

Hizashi thought about it for a second before apprehensively asking, “Do you think it would be better for him to be around other kids?"

“I need to keep an eye on him. Students will wonder why we have an empty building that is off-limits, and it would negatively affect him if he was locked up here. I think it would be more beneficial for him to be around his age. We already created a cover story and Izuku thinks it would be helpful,” Aizawa explained.

Hizashi frowned while chewing on his lip. He was worried about Izuku but he trusted his husband. “Well, since you guys already deeply considered this and Izuku agreed to it, I don’t see a reason to argue. I just worry about him." Hizashi confessed. Aizawa nodded in understanding, and Hizashi offered to help cook dinner.

"Is it okay if I stay longer? I would like to know more about Young Midoriya." Yagi asked, while staring at the floor.

"Of course," Hizashi assured Yagi.

"Yamada?" Izuku called as he walked into the kitchen.

"Hey, Little Listener! How did training go?" Hizashi asked.

"It was long but useful," Izuku answered while rubbing his eyes.

“I am glad that-Shouta..." Hizashi hissed with slanted as when he spotted Izuku's bruises.

“I held back more than I have on any other kid,” Aizawa defended.

"Held back?! Look at him!" Hizashi gestured while trying not to yell at his husband. Though he wasn’t completely successful.

Yagi gestured for Izuku to follow him to a different room so he wouldn’t have to listen to the couple's fight. Izuku was relieved to have a reason to leave. He and Yagi went to his room and talked about Yagi's job.

Nedzu grinned while watching the drama continue. Hizashi scolded his husband for a while before they went back to cooking dinner.

While waiting for dinner to be done, Yagi got to know Izuku better. He was a very curious kid. Izuku enjoyed talking to Yagi because he was an interesting hero. He also had a lot of exciting stories about his job as the Number 1 Hero. He also liked talking to Yagi because he reminded him of his uncle. He has very few memories of his uncle, but he felt safe when he thought of him. He could feel his uncle's spirit within Yagi. It made him feel as safe as his memories of his uncle. He felt like he still had a family with him.

Dinner went well. Izuku liked having more people he felt comfortable with, eat with him. Nedzu and Yagi were fun to talk with. After Yagi insisted on taking the plates to the sink and washing them, Nedzu turned to look at Izuku once more. “I want to inform you, Izuku, that you will be meeting three older students from this school. We call them… The Big Three."

Chapter Text

Mirai was working late when his cell phone went off with a familiar tune. It was the custom ringtone he set for All Might. He hadn’t heard it since their fight. He immediately dropped his pen and grabbed his phone. He was so nervous he dropped it. They didn’t talk for long. But Yagi promised to come to his agency to talk to him tomorrow.

Mirai didn’t sleep well that night. Because of all the visions he had seen, he usually didn’t. He wondered why, after all this time, did Yagi want to talk to him? He also wanted extra time to gather his thoughts. This may be his only other chance to convince All Might to listen to him before his vision came true.

The first time they met, it didn’t go well. Yagi had wanted them to talk through their issues, but he didn’t anticipate how passionate Mirai would be. Even with dark circles under them, his eyes shone with conviction. Yagi was just as firm on his position in the argument.

After days of arguing, they finally understood the other’s feelings. Mirai would always worry over his idol, and Yagi would reluctantly consider early retirement. After two more days spent catching up on each other’s lives, Yagi brought up Izuku.

There was a knock on the door that brought a smile to Mirai’s face. He opened it for Yagi and started preparing jasmine tea. Mirai set a hot cup in front of Yagi before placing his down. “What’s on your mind?” Mirai inquired between sips of his drink.

“I was speaking with Nedzu and I want to meet Young Toogata. I believe he would be an amazing successor,” Yagi began hesitantly.

Mirai tried to keep the proud smile off his face as he replied, “Oh, and what makes you think that?”

“I watched the video of last year's sports festival. While he did receive a low score, he tried hard and smiled the whole time,” Yagi explained while his lips twitched upwards.

Nighteye smiled for a second. His personality was the reason Nighteye believed he would be the one to replace All Might.

“I also learned that his hero name is “Lemillion” because he knows he can’t rescue everyone, but he still plans to rescue at least one million people. His tests show that he is very knowledgeable about hero protocols and he genuinely wants to save people. I believe he has the heart of a true hero.” Yagi coughed hard, and some blood flew out onto his sleeve. “I also would like to talk to him about One For All as soon as possible. Not only so he can be my successor but also so he will be ready when he meets someone else who is deeply connected to One For All.”

The day before Mirio was supposed to meet someone at UA with his friends, Mirio was surprised to be called to Sir Nighteye’s office. Mirio sat across from Sir Nighteye and was startled by a harsh cough. He looked at the entrance and was concerned to see a skeleton-looking blonde man.

Mirio jumped to his feet and asked, “Are you alright sir? Should I call an ambulance?” The man shook his head and pushed him away.

“There’s no need for an ambulance. I called him here,” Nighteye explained.

“Are you sure he shouldn’t be in a hospital?” Mirio asked while staring at the blonde.

“I’ve already been to many hospitals. This is
me at my best.” Mirio frowned, but sat down and turned to Nighteye.

“Mirio, I apologize for calling you suddenly. We have a very important matter to discuss." Sir Nighteye said. Mirio nodded in understanding.
“Meet Toshinori Yagi. We have a lot to tell you. Yagi, you should explain." Sir Nighteye said.

“My quirk is called One For All. I am the eighth user of my quirk.” As he said the last sentence, he transformed into All Might. Mirio jumped in shock while wondering why he was sharing his secret with him.

“All Might?” Mirio asked as he leaned towards him.

“I am here!” All might replied, while smiling brightly. Then his shoulders slumped, and he transformed back into the emancipated man from before.

“My name is Toshinori Yagi and I want to pass my quirk onto you. Of course, it’s your choice and I will explain everything important before asking you to make a decision.” He assured Mirio before taking a sip from a steaming mug.

“One For All is a quirk that is cultivated by its holder before it is passed down to the next person. It is then refined before being passed on again. In this way, those calling out to be saved and those with noble and true hearts link to form a crystalline network of power!” Mirio furrowed his brow as he realized the chaos that would ensue if the public found out about All Might's quirk.

“One For All can only be transferred willingly and through the absorption of my DNA. It is a stockpile quirk that increases one’s physical abilities to a much higher level. It increases strength, agility, speed, and durability.” Yagi paused to cough more and observe Mirio’s reaction to this new information.

“When it’s transferred, the new user’s body is not naturally adjusted to handle the quirk. One For All is a lot of power, so if you choose to become my successor, you must start doing even more intense physical training. I’ll help you so you won’t overdo it, but it would be a lot more work than training your quirk. However, I know that you would be able to handle it. You’re extremely driven and dedicated to what you want to do.” Yagi added with a warm smile. Mirio looked down at seeing his idol smile so sweetly at him while complimenting him. His hero name was also inspired by the video where the reporter said that, “he saved like a million people.”

“I plan to retire soon after I’m sure my successor is ready to carry on my legacy.” All Might added, which surprised both Mirio and Nighteye.

“Every host since the second has been entrusted with the quirk as well as the duty of using it to stop the evil of All For One.” Nighteye’s expression darkened as he stood to refill his and Yagi’s teacups. Mirio shook his head when he was silently offered a cup by Nighteye.

“The first host of One For All was All for One’s brother. Several decades ago, when quirks began to manifest for the first time, All for One’s quirk manifested. His quirk allowed him to take quirks, use them for himself, and transfer them to others. He manipulated victims of bad quirks into being loyal to him and he imprisoned Yoichi, his quirkless brother.” Yagi made sure to emphasize quirkless.

“All For One forcibly gave a quirk to his brother that allowed him to stockpile power within his body. However, Yoichi already had a quirk. His quirk allowed him to transfer it to another person. The transference Quirk and the power stockpiling Quirk merged to form One For All. Yoichi eventually realized this. He knew his brother had to be stopped, and he tried to defeat All For One, but due to the large difference in their strength, he failed. He chose to entrust the Quirk to future generations of heroes and hoped that they would be able to cultivate One For All and one day put a stop to All For One. He passed it onto the second user who was of the heroes who had freed him from the prison cell where his brother was keeping him.” Yagi paused here to clear his throat.

“All For One sought out One For All and as a result, almost all the users of One For All fought him and were killed by his hand, but not before they each had the chance to pass on the Quirk to a successor so that it could reach the future and elude the villain. The fourth user, Hikage, believed that he would not be able to defeat All For One and decided to use his "turn" with One For All to seclude himself and train the Quirk to be as strong as possible. However, after eighteen years, his body unexpectedly started to deteriorate. All For One attempted to steal One For All twice, first from the fifth user, Daigoro, and then from the sixth, En, but had failed both times.” Yagi trembled and looked away for a second before he continued.

“The seventh user, Nana, was the last holder killed by his hand. I fought All For One and won the battle, but I was severely injured in the process. Sir Nighteye tried to convince me to stop fighting, but I chose to continue fighting without choosing a successor, until recently. You have a selfless spirit and incredible drive to become a hero. I know that if you become my successor I’ll be able to retire happily.”

Mirio held a tight grip on his chair for most of Yagi’s explanation. Mirio was too overwhelmed by all the information to do anything beyond staring. He was honored and happy that Yagi wanted to give him One for All but he didn’t want to agree without seriously considering the consequences and if he was the best choice to succeed All Might.

“You don’t have to give me your answer yet. It’s better if you have time to process what I told you and consider it carefully. However, there is one more thing I would like to talk to you about. It pertains to why you and your friends are being called to UA over the break.” Yagi started, while Mirio tilted his head.

"You and your friends will be helping a boy. He is certainly a special case. He is the son of All for One." Sir Nighteye disclosed. Mirio wrinkled his nose when he heard that. Why would they be helping the son of such an evil man?

Yagi ran his hands through his hair before clarifying, “His name is Midoriya Izuku and he has gone through more than any 15-year-old ever should. His father kidnapped him and treated him badly. He never truly had the chance to be a child. He’s malnourished and can barely eat anything. While he didn’t tell me this explicitly, we had him use his quirk on someone he trusts, and that made it clear that he was forced to do things he didn't want to do. He described the use of his quirk as “mind-numbing,” “the worst pain most people will ever feel,” “being burned,” and “melting at the same time.” Yagi paused as Mirio’s eyes widened in understanding.

“If the pain was that bad, they wouldn’t be able to tell him. And he used such descriptive words because he’s experienced a lot of pain. And maybe even been burned badly before?” Mirio asked while paling.

“I fear so. He had many scars. In a lot of places. Many of them didn’t appear self-inflicted and were consistent with repeated child abuse.” Yagi affirmed with a curled lip.

“He also said that he can enhance a quirk’s strength when he takes it. That he can return someone's quirk when it's stronger, but they normally don't survive." Mirio and Nighteye both looked green, and Mirio walked to the nearby bathroom to vomit. 15 was so young and if he had a lot of scars, that meant he’d been with his father for a long time. How many dead bodies had he seen? How many corpses did he blame himself for creating? How young was he when it first happened? How many blamed and cursed him as the light left their eyes? Mirio took a few minutes to wipe his tears and breath deeply before he returned.

He accepted the cup of chamomile vanilla tea from Nighteye with a grateful smile that looked more like a grimace. He swished the drink around his mouth to rid himself of the taste and then turned to look at Yagi and Nighteye.

“His mother helped him escape from that monster, but Izuku doesn’t remember much of what happened after. He just knows that his mother came up with a plan that did not end well.” Yagi paused while the implication of what happened to his mother hung unsaid in the air.

“Less than a month ago, a pro hero responded to a call about a collapsed building. He evacuated everyone and returned to the scene to ensure that he saved everyone when he noticed a trap door. He went through it and found himself in a basement. In it was a frozen boy with a carving pronouncing him the son of All For One. I was informed of this as he was rushed to the hospital. He eventually awoke and later had a terrible panic attack. That activated his quirk and scared the nurse tending to him. Thankfully, the pro hero who saved him was able to calm him down.”

Mirio fought the urge to expel his guts with a long swallow of tea. It grounded him enough to focus on Yagi’s words once more. "He is at UA, where we can keep an eye on him. We invited you and your friends so he can be around kids his age. Well, close to his age." Yagi amended. Mirio nodded and promised to do his best to help him and to tell Nighteye as soon as he made his decision.

They stayed for a few more minutes in silence while finishing their respective teacups. Yagi left first, in a hurry to go stop a nearby criminal. Mirio started to leave when Nighteye called him back, “Sir Nighteye?” He asked in response.

“I’m proud of you for coming this far. I know you’ll make a great successor.” Nighteye said, before turning back to his paperwork.

Long after Mirio had said goodnight to Nejire and Tamaki and agreed to meet them at a cafe for breakfast, he laid in bed staring at the ceiling. He would never be able to imagine what Izuku went through. The closest he could fathom was terrible enough. Though he couldn’t carry or remove the pain from Izuku, there were still ways he could help him. In his empty room, he promised the ceiling that he would help Izuku no matter what.

“You two are so mean! How dare you run away and leave me to pay the check? We all had breakfast there.” Nejire huffed as she caught up to the other two, who were walking close together.

“Maybe if you paid more often, we would have suggested splitting the bill.” Mirio teased her.

Tamaki whispered in Mirio’s ear, “Paid more often? She hasn’t paid since we met her.” Mirio laughed.

“If you two lovebirds just wanted privacy to flirt, you could have asked me to leave and then paid the bill yourselves.” She emphasized the last part unhappily. Tamaki reddened and looked down.

“I’ll pay next time,” Mirio assured her while ruffling Tamaki’s hair.

“You better. I’m not made of money.” She grumbled with a grin. Their conversation ended as they arrived at their destination.

“Wow, this new building is huge! And it’s all for one person?" Nejire questioned.

“Yes, it is! We’re here to help him, remember? So let's not overwhelm him!" Mirio cheered.

“Why give us this responsibility? I'm sure there are far better people that could help." Tamaki muttered.

“Well, Nedzu and Aizawa thought it would be better for him if he interacted with kids his age. Plus, as heroes, it's our job to help someone in need!" Mirio stated proudly. Tamaki shuddered in fear, and Nejire cheered on Mirio.

“With all this positive energy, he will surely adjust to his new home! I wonder what he looks like." Nejire said while bouncing towards the building.

“Well, we’re about to find out," Mirio said. Tamaki was shaking but started walking with help from Mirio's encouragement.

This must be really important to Mirio. He’s really determined to help. I don't blame him after hearing his story, Tamaki thought, seeing Mirio run towards the building.

Izuku had just finished training with Aizawa and he was exhausted. His body wasn’t used to constant training, so it was tiring for him. “They're here. Be cautious, they can be… A lot sometimes, but they are great heroes." Aizawa informed him. Izuku nodded and was waiting for a knock to come from the door when he noticed that the wall looked wrong.

With his head tilted, Izuku went to investigate the wall before jumping back in fear. Someone's head was sticking out of the wall. Izuku screamed in terror and curled in on himself. He was shaking and rocking back and forth.

Aizawa ran back in prepared to fight but untensed once he saw what caused Izuku’s distress. He pinched his nose and opened the door to let the other two in.

Then he walked back towards Izuku and offered him a hug. He shakily accepted and calmed down once he noticed that Aizawa wasn’t worried.

“I thought you said not to overwhelm," Tamaki said dryly as he entered the room.

Izuku pulled away with a frown, “I-Is this… Normal?" he asked.

“Yes, it is!" Nejire chirped.

"Oh, I’m sorry!" Mirio apologized.

"Mirio, you should change back in that room, you startled Problem Child enough," Aizawa said while pointing to an empty room.

"Wow, he already has a nickname for him," Mirio marveled.

“Here are your clothes," Tamaki said as he held a messy bundle of clothes up.

"Get changed in another room. You have freaked Izuku enough for one day," Aizawa sternly insisted.

“Oh, I am really sorry! This is probably really weird for you, huh?” Mirio realized.

“Go to the room next door so you can change,” Aizawa ordered. Mirio quickly fled and Tamaki followed to give Mirio his clothes.

“These are the-the students you talked about?” Izuku asked. He had sat down on the couch next to Aizawa while waiting for the other two to return.

“Yes, they are. Introduce yourselves.” Aizawa commanded.

“My name is Hadou Nejire, that boy with the dark hair is Amajiki Tamaki, and the boy with the floating head is Toogata Mirio," Nejire said.

“I am Midoriya Izuku, it-it's a pleasure to meet you," Izuku said as he stood to give a small bow.

“Aw, aren't you so cute? How many freckles do you have? Is your hair naturally that color? What's it like living here? Is Aizawa really watching you? Why are you so skinny?" Nejire fired question after question without stopping to take a breath.

Izuku was a little flustered by the last question. “Thanks. I don't know, I haven't counted in a long time. Yes, my hair does look like this. Living here has been really nice. Yes, Aizawa has been watching me. I uh..." Izuku looked down at the floor, hesitant to answer the last question.

“That's irrelevant. Nejire, please control yourself and your questions." Aizawa answered for him.

“Oh, right. We aren't supposed to overwhelm him. My apologies." Nejire said as she stood from her couch and offered a bow.

“I invited you three here to help him, not to freak him out more," Aizawa reminded them.

"So sorry about that, it's a habit of mine!" Mirio interrupted as he entered the room.

“I-It’s okay… I was just startled." Izuku assured him.

“Please forgive me, I was excited!" Mirio apologized.

“I-It's fine really!" Izuku insisted.

"It's nice to meet you! I heard a lot about you!" Mirio said cheerfully as he sat down next to Nejire.

“U-Um… Thank you?" Izuku said, while tilting his head.

"I'm so useless here I really shouldn't be here…" Tamaki lamented as he pushed his face into the wall.

“N-No! Please don't be upset! I just—don't know what I am supposed to do…" Izuku apologized while drooping.

"Give him some time for him to get used to you. He can get nervous. Anyways, why don't we do something! Put a smile on your face and let's have some fun!" Mirio cheered. Nejire cheered with Mirio and Tamaki groaned into the wall. Aizawa sighed while wishing he made more coffee before they arrived. Izuku twitched his lips upwards, but it didn’t feel comfortable or right.

As Izuku struggled to smile for a bit. Mirio stared at Izuku in surprise, and Aizawa’s eyes widened. Izuku hadn’t smiled once since he had awoken from the ice. He couldn’t blame the kid. He has been going through a lot and probably hadn’t found a reason to smile yet. "I-I'm sorry! I haven’t smiled in a long time… I think the last time I smiled was when I was 5, I believe. I… I’m sorry…" Izuku apologized while staring at the floor. He was ashamed and embarrassed that he couldn't do something as simple as smiling.

"Don't apologize, sweetie. We heard what your life was like. I am sorry you had to go through that. We are here for you if you need it." Nejire promised, Izuku nodded slowly in response.

“We can make some food if you want..." Tamaki murmured while removing his face from the wall.

“That's a great idea! Let's do that!" Mirio said excitedly. Nejire congratulated Tamaki, and he shied away from her. Izuku watched them and felt a little excited.“Hey, Izuku, can I talk to you privately?" Mirio asked softly.

Izuku inclined his head in agreement and the two walked into the room Mirio had changed in earlier.

"I know what happened to you. I am so sorry for everything that has happened to you." Mirio sincerely offered.

Izuku turned pale and shuddered. "I, I am going to be the next One for All user. I wanted to tell you since it's your uncle's quirk." Mirio explained.

“No, it's not. It hasn't been my uncle's quirk for years." Izuku said somberly.

"Izuku, you are so brave. I can’t ever accurately imagine what you are going through. I want to help in any way possible."

"Thank you Toogata, it means a lot to me," Izuku replied. As Mirio stared at the freckle-faced boy, he had a realization. He now had a mission. He was determined to complete this mission.

“Midoriya, I have a new mission that involves you!" Mirio declared and Izuku stared in bewilderment. He smiled excitedly as he grabbed Izuku’s hand. Izuku blinked at him in response.

"I am going to get you to smile no matter what!"

Chapter Text

Izuku was staring at the ceiling. He hated his bed. He liked how comfortable his bed was, but he despised what lying in this bed meant. He always woke up terrified, but he couldn’t remember any of them. It drove him crazy. 


His eyes traced the patterns in the ceiling while he wished Aizawa or Yamada were here. He felt safest with them. He recalled Yamada saying he was going to bring their cats. He was excited because he had never been around animals before. He was forbidden from being near animals. He had seen cats from afar and he thought they were cute. He slowly drifted off to sleep while imagining what petting them would feel like. 








Izuku had just misbehaved for the first time. He hadn’t wanted to kill anyone. He knew it wasn’t right. He told his dad so and was shocked when he was yelled at and had to witness his dad kill the other. His father slowly and brutally took the other’s life. 


He even healed him after he was on the brink of death, only to start all over again and, eventually, end his life. Izuku vomited multiple times before his dad tossed the corpse aside and grabbed his arm. Izuku knew something bad was going to happen and fought to free his arm. He ended up being dragged so hard that his arm dislocated and his legs had rug burn. 


He was shoved into a dark room he’d never seen before and his dad said, “Here’s your new test subject. I trust that you will return him breathing.” Then his dad closed the door and left. 


Izuku stared terrified at this stranger and his frightening room. There were boxes with weird names and a lot of refrigerators labeled things such as, “limbs,” “organs,” and “brains.” 


He started shaking as the stranger forced him into a wooden chair and pulled his shirt off. He tried to fight him, but one can only do so much with a dislocated arm. He was quickly restrained and wiped down with circular wipes. Sticky circles connected to wires were placed on him and he shivered from the cold in the man’s expression. 


He wasn’t sure what to expect when the man pushed a button. But a tingling, uncomfortable sensation was not what he expected. The stranger frowned and moved a dial near the button. It quickly moved from uncomfortable to a piercing pain in his arms, legs, and stomach. He started crying and screaming. The doctor turned the machine off and dug through his equipment. He put headphones in and grinned at Izuku. “The room’s soundproof and I have loud music playing now. Scream until your throat is raw, little one. No one will save you. Your dad knew what I would do to you. Yet he brought you here.” The stranger laughed maniacally before turning it up even higher. 


Eventually, it was turned up so high that Izuku couldn’t scream if he wanted to, and there was a faint green aura surrounding him. His muscles spasmed, and he was worried he would die. He knew his dad wanted him back breathing. But what if the man killed him anyway? The pain was so intense and burned him everywhere. 


Then, after a while, it stopped. Izuku was left in extreme pain, with a headache, and blurry vision. The man came up to him and touched his electrical burns. He traced them for a few seconds before pulling away. Izuku was too tired to consider struggling, but he didn’t like the weird sensation. Then the burning pain disappeared, and the man walked away. Izuku fainted as the sound of the door closing reached him. 


Sadly, he soon regained consciousness while his arm was being popped back into the socket. The pain was immense, and he saw white for a minute. As he blinked it away, he realized he was face down on something. It reminded him of a bed, but thinner and harder. He tried to move but his limbs felt too heavy to do more than twitch. 


“Hello, Izuku. I’m The Doctor. Have you heard of acupuncture?” The Doctor waited for a beat before adding, “I don’t think you would have. Acupuncture comes from Ancient China. One pricks another’s person’s skin with needles. But they can only prick certain spots, or else nerve root compression may occur. Which could require surgical treatment.” The doctor explained with an animated voice. Izuku was too exhausted to shiver, but he resolved to avoid unnecessary movements. 


The Doctor began inserting needles into Izuku. He wondered if Izuku’s quirk would be activated by the intrusions. Izuku started to squirm a bit from how uncomfortable it was. “Oops, I placed it in the wrong spot. Are you in any pain?” The Doctor asked without removing the needles. 


“It rea-really h-hurts.” Izuku gasped out, hoping he’d remove the needle. 


“Oh really? Why don’t you describe it?” The Doctor asked with faux innocence. The needle was still there. 


Izuku stayed silent while the spot burned. The Doctor frowned at his refusal to answer and left. Ensuring he slammed the door behind himself. 


Izuku was unsure how long he laid there with multiple needles in his back while waiting helplessly. He just knew it was too long. Eventually, The Doctor returned and removed the needles.


 He examined Izuku’s back and announced, “It appears you have nerve root compression. Which means I’ll have to cut you open.” He gleefully explained. 


Izuku wanted to cry or shout his refusal, but he was too tired. He just lay there waiting for more pain to be inflicted upon him. “I can only heal what I can touch. So I’ll have to open you up and then touch your nerve and the surrounding areas,” The Doctor claimed. 


Izuku blinked in confusion before remembering the man’s quirk and how it felt. Some adrenaline ran through him and he was able to briefly sit up and plead that he did not do that before his eyes rolled back into his head. 








He sat down on his bed and rubbed his eyes hard before a sob escaped him. He began shaking and curled up into a ball. He didn't want to hurt anyone. He tried so hard to keep everyone safe, but no matter how hard he tried, it didn't work. Nothing ever worked. He was tired of people dying in front of him. He wanted to save them, but he couldn't. He kept shaking and sobbing until the door opened and Izuku heard his footsteps. 


He quickly uncurled from the ball and started painfully squeezing his wrist to stop crying. His father beckoned him to follow him. As he succeeded, he started following his father while wiping his eyes and mouth. He didn't want to do this. Please, don't make him do this again… he thought while trembling. 


As they entered the room, Izuku stared at the next victim. He couldn't have been older than 19. The boy looked terrified for his life. He struggled to free himself from being strapped on the table, but it was pointless. Then his eyes met Izuku’s.


“H-Hey kid! Help me out here! Please!" He pleaded. Izuku wanted nothing more than to help him; however, he knew it was useless. 


"His quirk is simple but has the potential to be powerful. He can manipulate ‘earth.’ It is currently extremely weak, you know what to do.” His father explained.


“I-I can't..." Izuku protested. 


"Yes, you can, little bunny." His father said darkly. 


“H-He is going to die! I don't want to kill him!" Izuku cried out. He couldn't do it again! He knew they were going to die no matter how hard he tried to keep them alive.


 “If you only try harder, then they wouldn’t die, bunny." His father sneered.


 "I do! It won't work! Please don't make me… Not again." Izuku was crying. He couldn't take it anymore. 


"Bunny, you have to work harder to keep them alive. After all, you have the power. It is not my fault if they do not live. It's yours. Now stop complaining or I will kill him myself, on purpose,”  he promised. 


Izuku blanched. He was going to die one way or another. “W-What… No, please! I don't want to die! Kid, please help me!" Izuku’s victim shouted. 


“Lamb, you know he has a chance of living. You need to become better at this, through practice," his father insisted icily.


“K-Kid, please help! Do whatever it is, I just don't wanna die!" he pleaded. 


“No, he won't make it! He will-" Izuku argued while staring at his next victim.


“Yes, he will if you try harder. Do I have to kill him because you are being difficult?" his father asked sharply.


“No please-“ Izuku cut himself off when his father abruptly moved to block his view of the young boy. 


“Then do it or you will make it worse." His father said as he looked down at his son coldly. Izuku shuffled his feet and gave in. Izuku knew his father wouldn't show this victim mercy. He would make sure his death would be brutal as a form of punishment for Izuku's refusal. 


"Good, now hurry up." his father said. Tears fell down Izuku’s cheeks as he went over to the man. He offered an apologetic look. He took this man's quirk, made it stronger, and gave it back. Izuku watched as his body began to destroy itself. He tried to heal it as much as he could. Please, please don't die! Izuku thought as he tried desperately to keep him alive.


“You-You brat! What the hell did you do to me?!" He shouted weakly at Izuku. He ignored him as best as he could. "You-You are trying to kill me! I'll kill you when this is over!" He continued and started cursing Izuku out. 


He can't die, don't die, please, please, don't die, were the only thoughts running through Izuku’s head. The poor child was trying to keep this man alive as much as he could. He turned his head to look for his father. Only to find he had already left the room. He should've expected it, but he hated being alone. The boy did his best, but it wasn't enough. It wasn't working. He needed to save the stranger, but he was failing. 


He was dying right in his arms and Izuku could do nothing. The light left his eyes soon after. He heard the door open from behind him. "Izuku, what went wrong?" his father asked in a cloyingly sweet tone. 


“I-I tried, I really did, I swear! N-Nothing was working and-and..." Izuku started bawling. He felt a hand brush through his hair. He stiffened in confusion. 


“Izuku, there is no need to stop yourself from crying. I am sorry for being mean, you just can be very difficult sometimes. Now, what was something you learned?" His father delivered lovingly. He sounded like his real father, the man that would help him with nightmares, make him feel better, and would hug him when he was sad. 


That man, however, was no longer here. He hadn’t been there since Izuku’s quirk manifested. “The-The yelling is distracting..." Izuku said. 


"See? You can always learn something. Good job my son." He said as he picked up his son. He was still shaking but was no longer crying. The thing he hated most about this was he had taken that poor man's quirk. As a last-minute attempt to save him, but it was too late. Izuku had killed another person.



Izuku is taller now, yet his dad could still make him feel tiny. He learned a lot in the years he spent with his father. Being obedient and silent was the only way he could survive. And avoid being punished or seeing The Doctor. His father was a curious man. He wanted to learn more about quirks, how they affect a body, and what they could do to make them stronger. However, his father wasn't a willing subject. On the other hand, he was completely fine with his son filling that role.


He only allowed his son to be experimented on whenever he disobeyed him. Today was one of those days. Izuku was sitting strapped to a chair. Reminiscent of one found in a dentist’s room, but Izuku was not visiting a dentist. Izuku’s anxiety was slowly consuming his thoughts. He just wanted it to start so it would end faster. That was when he walked in. The Doctor came in with a bright smile. As if nothing was wrong in the world. 


"Good day Izuku. How is everything?" He asked. Izuku hated how relaxed he seemed. He unconsciously flexed his still bandaged nail beds. They had only just begun to grow back. His toes’ nail beds hadn’t even started growing back yet. 


“I-I am okay," he stated. It wasn't a lie. He just didn't want to be here, nothing good ever happened when he was near The Doctor. 


“Now Izuku, we are going to try something new. You know every living being has instincts. Even humans, granted, we don't rely on them as much as other animals, but we have them, nonetheless. Now that we have quirks, our instincts might change. I want to see just how much they have changed." The Doctor announced. Izuku was terrified to see how this was going to be tested. 


"I recently got my hands on a new drug! Let me tell you about it, it is very interesting. You see, it prevents you from being able to move your body at all, but you are still aware of everything. You can still move your eyes and feel pain too! Isn't that exciting?!" He said as he examined Izuku’s arm. He injected the drug into Izuku’s largest vein. Terror rushed through Izuku. The drug was slow-acting yet he could feel the effects slowly hitting him. His arms began to feel heavier, as did his legs. Soon he couldn't even twitch his toes."So our experiment today is to see how much our instincts have changed since quirks. We are going to test it today." 


It started with small cuts. Which didn't bother Izuku that much. He could handle it. The cuts quickly became bigger and deeper. Izuku wanted to scream, but all he could do was cry. He was unable to flinch, move, or defend himself. He was forced to stare through blurry eyes as The Doctor inflicted more and more injuries. Izuku began to feel more and more helpless. All he could do was sit there pathetically. 


His cuts began to burn. The Doctor was rubbing something in the wounds. Izuku didn't have a clue when was being put in his wounds, it might have been salt. Izuku didn’t care. What mattered was that it was unbelievably painful. 


He desperately wanted to scream or defend himself. He was unaware of the green lighting surrounding him. “Interesting response, Izuku. Well, it's time to increase the severity of injuries being inflicted. I will now start breaking your fingers and we will continue to work our way up. We might even do burning. Now don't give me that look." The Doctor said with pure joy written all over his face. 


More tears streamed down Izuku's face. The Doctor started to trace the wounds with his fingers. Izuku hated this. He felt like bugs were crawling under his skin. As he stopped tracing the wounds, they began to heal themselves. His quirk was useful for his work. Once all those wounds healed, The Doctor brought the scalpel to his face and began to cut an 'X' on his face. Izuku wished he could move or even scream, but it was useless. All he could do was cry.


"We have only just begun. I can't wait to see what more we can do. Tell me Izuku, how much pain can you handle?







Izuku sprang up in bed. He had tears falling down his face and he couldn't stop shaking. Izuku breathe, he told himself. Once Izuku felt more relaxed, he looked around his room. Nothing new was added except some clothes. Izuku got up from bed trying to recall his dreams, but he was failing. Slowly, his dreams and his memories were being forgotten. Izuku laid down on his bed, frustrated that he forgot his dreams once more. He got up and read the time. It was 6 in the morning. Not ideal, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again anytime soon. 


He went downstairs to see Aizawa sleeping on the couch. Yamada was looking in the fridge but turned when he heard Izuku come down. “Morning Little Listener! Nice to see you up and about. Our cats are in the living room," he said with a smile. 


Izuku instantly felt last night’s excitement return and chase away the last of his nerves. He ran to the living room to see three cats. A gray cat that was sleeping with Aizawa, a white fluffy cat that was exploring their new surroundings, and a black cat that was lying on the ground looking like it owned the place. 


“The gray cat, his name is Hiccup, the white cat, her name is Cloud, and finally our black cat, his name is Ace. Careful with Ace he is super dramatic,” Yamada warned. Izuku fiddled with his shirt. He was scared he was going to hurt them. “Hey it's okay, they won't bite. Well, Cloud won't, she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Hiccup is too tired to do anything, and don't bother with Ace," Yamada informed Izuku. 


Izuku stared at their pets and moved to sit on the floor. Cloud was the first cat to pad up to him. She was gentle with him, which was helpful for Izuku. "Cloud is a good girl. You can pet her, don't be scared," Yamada encouraged him. It took a while but Izuku did start to pet the white fluffy cat. He enjoyed it a lot, so did Cloud. Ace stood up and walked over to Izuku. Izuku stared at Yamada, not sure what to do. 


"Pet him! He never does this!" Yamada shared, somewhat jealous. Izuku did, and Ace enjoyed it. Ace liked being petted by Izuku. He lit up. Izuku had never been more excited. "Shouta! Look! How come Ace doesn’t do that with me?!" Yamada questioned his husband. 


"You're loud," Aizawa said without bothering to open his eyes. Yamada kept questioning his husband while Izuku continued petting Ace and Cloud.


I really like cats. They are really cute. Izuku thought as he petted them. 

Chapter Text

Before Aizawa knew it, the entrance exam was coming up. Izuku has been living in the UA dormitory for about 2 months now and he was showing small signs of improvement with both his social skills and his quirk. Izuku hadn't completely caught up with modern times since Yamada was too busy/tired to help. On the other hand, Aizawa didn't help as he himself didn't understand/care for modern things — such as social media — and the Big Three were no help. They were too busy trying to make Izuku smile. Which was proven to be quite difficult. 


The kid had zero understanding of social cues. He was unaware of kind gestures, jokes, and the idea of kindness in general. So the Big Three spent most of their time teaching Izuku all of this. Even though he was aware of this, he still had a hard time processing it. He couldn't accept that someone would be nice without an ulterior motive. It was both very frustrating and depressing. However, the Big Three were determined to get Izuku smiling, even though they continued to fail. 


Izuku was reading The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide. Tamaki had given him the book. He was hesitant to accept it, but Tamaki pointed to the cat on the cover and said that Chibi reminded him of Ace. Izuku thanked him before setting it aside and giving him a quick hug. Tamaki was surprised, so he didn’t hug back before Izuku sat back down, but he was pleased that Izuku decided to hug him. Izuku was thankful for the book, but he was still trying to figure out the actual reason behind the Big Three’s kindness. 


He jumped slightly when he heard a knock on the door. Then he remembered why he was waiting near the door. He put the floral bookmark back in and then opened the door. 


“Hey, Midoriya! I will get you to smile today!” Mirio greeted him as he walked into the room and ruffled Midoriya’s hair. Tamaki followed close behind while tugging on his black sweater’s sleeve. Nejire sauntered in with her phone in her hand. 


“Hi Midoriya, today we’re going to listen to music together. And we also brought ice cream for later. We weren’t sure which was your favorite, so we bought five and some cones. Which we will show you later. All three of us have picked a few songs we like and think you might like and made a playlist of them.” Nejire informed him while waving her phone. The other two took a bag and a small box to the kitchen. 


“Are we going to listen to this playlist on your phone?” Izuku asked curiously while watching Nejire move to sit on one of the sofas. He knew that people could talk to each other on phones. He’d seen Aizawa do so with Hizashi and other people before. Aizawa tried to explain it, but Izuku still wasn’t sure how it worked. 


“Yep! I can show you how to access music on a phone if you’d like?” She asked him. Izuku nodded his head while he moved to sit next to her. Tamaki and Mirio returned and sat on the couch across from them with a lot of space in between them. 


He watched with interest as she scrolled through a lot of colorful squares before selecting a green and black square. He watched as she pressed your library and then playlists. “That’s a lot of mixes.” He noted aloud. 


“I really enjoy listening to music.” She offered. She pressed the playlist titled smile. He was surprised to see that he couldn’t read every title. While he could read some songs like ‘Bubble Tea,” “Dreamscape,”  and “PONPONPON.” He noticed that the other song titles weren’t in a language he was familiar with. 


“What does that say?” He asked while pointing to one of the unfamiliar titles. 


“Oh. Those are English songs. This one is ‘Would you be so kind,’ that one is ‘Sunkissed,’ this one is ‘Sofia,’ and that one is ‘Hall of Fame. If you want, I could pull up the translations for you when they’re playing?” 


“I don’t think we have a Japanese-English dictionary.” He replied while moving to get up. He was going to find Aizawa to ask about one when Nejire’s voice stopped him. 


“You don’t need to go find one. The translations are also on my phone. I’ll show you when the English songs come on.” 


“Oh.” He replied while awkwardly sitting back down. He liked the first few songs, but he didn’t think they were life-changing. He glanced at Nejire sitting beside him before turning to look at Tamaki and Mirio. 


They sat close together and Tamaki had his head on Mirio’s shoulder. Izuku looked back at Nejire and was surprised to see that she was on a different screen. “‘Hall of Fame’ is the next song, and it’s really inspiring. Even if you can’t understand the lyrics, I think you’ll enjoy listening to it more with the lyrics. So I was pulling up the translations. Tada!” She said proudly, handing him a screen that showed lyrics for “Hall of Fame.” 


“Wow, thank you.” He said while looking at the screen. Out of all the songs they listened to, he ended up enjoying “Hall of Fame” the most. The music and the lyrics paired together stirred an unfamiliar feeling in him. Though he still couldn’t smile, he felt lighter while listening to the song. Especially as he glanced at the three in the room and thought about how much they did for him in the short time he’d known them.  


As “Sofia” was ending, Tamaki and Mirio offered to grab the ice cream and cones. Nejire stood up to help but Izuku’s voice stopped her. “Does it upset you that they seem to be closer friends with each other than you?” 


She sat back down and looked at him quizzically. “What do you mean?”


He fidgeted before replying with, “They usually sit together and hold hands or lie their heads on each other’s shoulders.” 


Nejire laughed for a second before claiming, “I don’t like physical touch as much as them. I also like sorting next to you. How else could I count all of your face freckles?” She reached out her hand and ruffled his hair while laughing. “It’s sweet of you to worry, but we’re definitely all best friends.” 


“We’re back!” Mirio announced excitedly with four ice cream boxes held against his chest. Tamaki brought one more in and a box of sugar cones. They both set the containers down and Mirio went back to the kitchen to get a spoon while Tamaki turned to Izuku. 


“We weren’t sure which ice cream flavor was your favorite, so we bought a few different ones. You can have three scoops, which flavors do you want?” Tamaki murmured. 


“Thank you, umm…” Izuku trailed off while staring at the containers. He wasn’t sure which ones he would prefer. Mirio returned with two freshly washed spoons and handed one to Tamaki. 


“I recommend having a scoop of chocolate. It’s really good.” Mirio said enthusiastically as he added one scoop of Vanilla to her cone. 


“The best flavor is clearly cookies and cream. And it goes well with chocolate.” Tamaki offered as he smiled at Mirio, who looked up from where he was adding a scoop of matcha to Nejire’s cone. Mirio smiled back before they both returned to their previous tasks. 


“You should definitely have some vanilla. It's my favorite, and it’s the most popular flavor of ice cream. “ Nejire suggested as she grabbed the ice cream cone from Mirio and thanked him. 


“Then I’ll have those three, please,” Izuku answered Tamaki warmly. Tamaki added one scoop of each in the order they were suggested before giving the cone to Izuku. “Thank you,” Izuku said before trying the vanilla ice cream at the top. 


“We’re also going to leave the leftover ice cream here so you can try soda and matcha another time,” Nejire informed him. 


Izuku licked his ice cream while watching as Mirio finished Tamaki’s cone and Tamaki quickly made one for Mirio. Mirio’s was two scoops of chocolate with a scoop of soda in between them. Tamaki’s was just cookies and cream. 


As Izuku reached his second scoop of ice cream, he asked curiously, “Which song did you all like the most?” 


“‘Sofia’ is my favorite,” Tamaki replied quietly. 


“It’s a tie between ‘Dreamscape’ and ‘Would You Be So Kind,’” Nejire chirped. 


“Mine is definitely ‘Hall of Fame.’” Mirio passionately added. 


“It’s mine too. I love how the song makes you feel.” Izuku agreed. 


“Me too. It’s my favorite because it’s a song for everyone about how we all can strive to be our best selves and help people with a smile.” Mirio described. Izuku nodded while finishing the second scoop of ice cream. 




On the day of the entrance exam, Izuku found himself speaking with Nedzu before he left. "Are you sure I can come?" Izuku inquired. 


"Yes, you can. You know the layout of the school, so you can guide yourself if you are okay with that?" Nedzu questioned.


“Yes, I think I can manage… Can-Can I make a request?" Izuku asked hesitantly. Nedzu nodded.


"Can you find out what happened to my mother?" He asked. Nedzu stiffened at the question. 


"It-Its just I wanna know how she… How she died, maybe where she is buried. I want to pay my respects properly and see her again..." Izuku explained. 


"Midoriya Inko was her name correct?" Nedzu asked and Izuku hopefully bobbed his head.


“I will find her for you. I promise." Nedzu said. Izuku sighed out of relief before thanking him profusely. He turned to leave before the clearing of Nedzu’s throat stopped him. 


“Do you remember what she looked like?” When Izuku didn’t answer fast enough, Nedzu frowned and added, “Do you remember her ever mentioning her family?” Izuku felt dread after the intense look in Nedzu’s eyes but tried to push it down. “Do you remember her hobbies or any friends she had?” Izuku shook his head nervously. 


Nedzu blinked before relaxing his posture. “I’m sorry for asking so many questions, but it would be easier to find her if I knew more about her.” He explained.


“I understand.” Izuku tried to say honestly, he knew it made sense, but he felt uncomfortable after talking to him. 


Izuku decided to watch some shows before making his way to school. After observing other students, Izuku began to realize how out of place he was compared to everyone else. “Hey, Midoriya!" Izuku turned to see Mirio, Nejire, and Tamaki coming towards him. 


“H-Hey guys!" Izuku said.


 “What brings you here?" Mirio asked. 


“I-I am trying to find Aizawa...We are going to observe the entrance exams," he explained. 


"Oh, have fun with that! You will get to see many quirks there! Did you bring your notebook?" Mirio asked. Izuku nodded and held his notebook up for a few seconds.


Izuku loved to write about quirks. He found every quirk amazing. Mirio remembered the first time Izuku asked him questions about his quirk. He gave Nejire a run for her money with questions. However Mirio loved it, it showed progress. “Better hurry! We don’t wanna keep you waiting! I will get you to smile today!” Mirio said. 


“You-You say that every time you see him." Tamaki pointed out. 


“He is being optimistic!" Nejire said. Izuku fondly watched them banter between themselves.


“I need to go. I will see you guys later!" Izuku said before hurrying away. 


Izuku was headed towards the entrance. He kept staring at everyone because there were so many quirks, and he wanted to learn about them. He wasn't paying attention when he tripped. Izuku braced himself, but he didn't fall to the ground. It took him a minute to realize he was floating. He freaked before he heard someone say, "S-Sorry! I should've asked to use my quirk!" Izuku looked up at a girl with brown hair and brown eyes.


“It's okay… Can you put me down, please?" Izuku pleaded. She tapped her fingers and Izuku fell. She offered her hand and Izuku used it to get up. 


"Your quirk, is it a levitation quirk, or can you manipulate gravity?" Izuku asked without thinking. 


"I… Something like that." the girl answered. 


“Hey! Can you leave her alone! We have an important test to focus on!" Shouted a tall boy, with dark blue hair, and glasses at Izuku. Izuku jumped at the unexpected shouting. 


“I-I'm sorry! I need to get going!" Izuku bowed as he ran off. Izuku started mentally freaking out as he realized he had just talked to a girl for the first time and he was late. Aizawa was going to kill him. 


While Izuku was hurrying towards the entrance exam observation room, he noticed Hizashi. 


Hizashi was searching for Izuku. He was supposed to show up but he wasn't here. He knew they should've walked with him. What if he got lost?! “Yamada! I-I'm sorry I'm late! I got distracted!" Midoriya apologized loudly as he ran over to him. 


“Everything alright Little Listener?" he asked. 


“Y-Yeah, I talked to someone that was the same age as me!" Izuku answered excitedly. 


“Really? Tell me more about it later, okay? Now head to the back. I have to talk to our potential new students." Hizashi said. Izuku nodded as Hizashi went the other way. 


Aizawa was worried about his Problem Child, so when his husband went to look for him, Aizawa felt a little relieved. He knew Izuku was going to find him soon, but he still couldn't help but feel paranoid until Izuku came up to him. “Problem Child, you took your time.”


"I-I'm sorry! I got distracted." Izuku apologized while fidgeting more than he normally did. 


“What happened?" Aizawa asked.


“W-Well, I met with Mirio and his friends for a bit. Then I tripped, but someone used their quirk to keep me from falling! I talked to her, to a girl for the first time! She was really nice. Her quirk is some kind of gravity quirk. I wish I could've talked to her longer. Anyways, a boy told me to stop bothering them and I realized I was late." Midoriya rambled.


Aizawa frowned when Izuku mentioned to him that another kid told him off, but he assumed it was due to stress. This test was a big deal and Izuku would have stood out to them. “Well, you are here now. So you get to watch everyone take the test.” 


Aizawa’s next sentence was interrupted by, “Shouta! Is that him?!" Izuku jumped up and Aizawa let out a loud groan. 


 "This is going to be a long day," Aizawa said. 


Izuku turned to the voice and introduced himself, “I’m Izuku M-“ 


“I know,” Kayama interrupted. “Shouta just told me you were coming. Do you know who I am?” Izuku shook his head nervously. 


“Shouta! I can’t believe you never mentioned me to him. I’m Nemuri Kayama. Also known as the Pro Hero Midnight. I teach Modern Hero Art History.” 


“It’s nice to meet you. Do you have a quirk?” Izuku asked hopefully. 


“I certainly do. My quirk is called Somnambulist, and it allows me to release a pink aroma from my body. It can put others to sleep almost instantly. My quirk seems to work better on men than women.” 


“Why do you think that is? Can it change colors? How far does it spread? Is it affected by things you eat or drink? Do-“ 


“One question at a time, please,” Kayama said while smiling at his enthusiasm. 



Izuku and Kayama spent the whole written test chatting their lungs out. They jumped from different topics quickly, such as what he thought of Aizawa, if he’d met their cats yet, and what Izuku’s hobbies were. 


It was insane to Aizawa, however, the physical test was about to start. Which Izuku was excited about. “He is adorable! Zawa, how could you hide him from me?" Kayama complained. 


Aizawa hated lying to Kayama. She was one of his closest friends and helped him through tough times. So lying to her about Izuku was tough on not just him, but on his husband as well. They had to for Izuku's safety, but Aizawa still hated it. “We had to for the ongoing investigation, anyways, pay attention," Aizawa replied.


“I will get answers out of you both later." Kayama declared. Great, that was going to be fun, Aizawa thought pleasantly. As the physical test continued, Izuku kept muttering a lot. The other teachers would stare at him in confusion until Aizawa gave them a "Look away or else you'll deal with me" look. Luckily, the teachers listened. 


“O-Oh, that's her!" Izuku said excitedly while he pointed at the screen. Aizawa inserted “girl” into the filter and searched through the files until he got her name. 


“Her name is Uraraka Ochako," Aizawa told Izuku. 


“H-Hey what is happening?!" Izuku asked. He started freaking out upon seeing Uraraka get buried under rubble as a Zero-Pointer approached her.


Chapter Text

Shouto had just finished getting ready for the day when his father threw Shouto’s bedroom door open. “It is time for you to train.” Endeavor announced before staking off to the training room. Shouto followed him silently.

They began sparring without powers to warm up. After eight minutes, Endeavor began using his flames. Shouto easily blocked it with some ice. Endeavor’s lips pressed together as he sent more flames towards Shouto. They were also blocked quickly.

Endeavor narrowed his eyes and said, “The recommendation exam is coming up soon. You need to start training with your flames so you can fulfill your destiny. You need to learn how to control your flames if you’re ever going to surpass me.”

“I don’t need to use your power to surpass you. I’ll do well in the exams using only ice and then I’ll become the number one hero without ever using your flames.”

“No, you need to use your flames. You weren’t blessed with two quirks, only to use one. It’s your destiny to become my masterpiece by using both of the quirks you have.”

They continued to argue with slightly raised voices for a while. Eventually, Endeavor’s face turned red, and he threatened to not recommend Shouto. “Go ahead, I'll still pass the exam using only my ice powers,” Shouto challenged.

“It is harder to secure a spot without a recommendation. A lot of kids compete to get into UA there,” Endeavor warned.

“I vow that I will become the number one hero without ever using your destructive fire abilities,” Shouto promised.


Aizawa observed Izuku, who he had never seen look more panicked. Well, Aizawa really could not blame him. There was a huge machine about to crash into this girl. “Y-You have to do something! She's gonna get crushed!" Izuku insisted.

“It's a part of the test so I can assure she is safe,” Aizawa tried to reassure him. Izuku gave him a doubtful look, which Aizawa didn't fault him for. “Just watch, trust me, it won't hurt her."


Shinso Hitoshi was swinging around the building with his binding scarf. Was he a little inspired by his favorite hero? Maybe, but who cares? No one really knew who Eraserhead was and his scarf wasn't exactly the same as the one Eraserhead wore. In fact, this scarf ripped. A lot and he often had to replace it since he couldn't afford to buy the proper materials. He knew he would need a weapon with him for this particular exam if he, at least, wanted a chance. That was when he saw it.

The Zero Pointer. Hitoshi hated to admit it but deep down he was terrified. He swallowed as he noticed that it was basically a giant. It didn't help that he was WAY too close to it for comfort. Why the hell would I have this for the exam?! Hitoshi thought. He was about to make a run for it when he heard her. He looked down to see a brown hair girl trapped under some rubble. She screamed when the Zero Pointer was getting closer.

Uraraka felt fear flow through her veins when the Zero Pointer arrived. Her eyes widened as it punched the ground and smoke attacked her eyes. Her ears hurt as people near her began screaming. She tried to run away, but she suddenly felt herself get knocked down. She struggled to get up for a second before she felt that something heavy had landed on her.

Her heart started racing and, she struggled to stay still. Her parents worked in the construction business, so she knew how potentially dangerous her situation was. She also was unable to see the tall robot that might step on her and end her life. She couldn’t die. She needed to live so she could pass and help her parents. She tried to calm down and use her quirk a few times, but it wouldn’t work. She began screaming as she hoped that anyone nearby would hear her and help.

Hitoshi originally planned to run for it and gain more points. He doubted the robot would actually hurt her. He was almost positive the girl was going to be fine. Yet, as the last of the smoke cleared, he watched her panic and turn as white as a sheet. He changed his mind. She looked so scared and small. He just wanted to make sure she could escape on her own. He noticed that whenever she tried to use her quirk, it failed every time. Dammit, she can't use her quirk. Hitoshi stared while trying to figure out what to do.

Normally, Hitoshi would have left and continued with the exam. It just struck a chord with him. He knew the feeling of wanting help from others while no one would move to stand up for him. He really wanted to just run off, so when his legs betrayed him he decided to go with it. He jumped down and tried to use his scarf to lift the ruble, only it ripped. What wonderful timing.

Todoroki Shouto was passing the Zero Pointer. He had no plans to focus on the robot. He knew it wasn't going to hurt the girl, the teachers wouldn't allow it. “Shit!" he heard another voice say from behind him. He turned around to see a purple-haired boy trying to help out the girl. He was using a scarf to lift the ruble, but it ripped.

He wanted to continue, but he decided to help. He wasn’t sure why he wanted to help at the time. He just felt he should, even if it didn’t benefit him. Later, he would think more about it and realize that he wanted to help them because he knew what it was like to have your suffering minimized. And how much it hurt to see those helping you get hurt. He was also touched to see that the purple-haired boy chose to help a stranger he’d just met, as the testing sections kept people who knew each other separated.

He stepped on his right foot to create an ice wall between the Zero Pointer and the two other kids. The boy looked over at Todoroki in confusion, but he didn't waste any more time with them. He hastily ran farther away to gain as many points as he could with the little time he had.

Uraraka was very thankful for this boy's help. “L-Look, I can't pick this up without your help. Think you can manage?" He asked while keeping an eye trained on the Zero Pointer.

“I-I can try..." she said. Uraraka took a steadying breath and forced herself to use her quirk to lift the ruble. The boy helped her up, and she shakily stood. Just as she was stable, she puked. The boy wrinkled his nose and flinched while continuing to watch the Zero Pointer.

The robot suddenly stopped, an alarm went off, and a tiny old lady was coming towards them. "Is everyone alright? How bad were the injuries this time?" the old woman asked.


Izuku let out a huge sigh of relief when he saw that Uraraka was saved by a purple-haired boy and another boy helped block the Zero Pointer. “See, it's a part of the test," Aizawa said.

“Looks like there is a mini-you, Aizawa!" Hizashi teased. Aizawa ignored him and inserted “boy” into the filter. He searched through the files until he found his name, Shinso Hitoshi.

“Very funny, alright Problem Child you should get back to the dorms. I'll be with you soon." Aizawa said.

Izuku left after he said bye to Aizawa, Hizashi, and Kayama. Kayama had jokingly asked for a goodbye hug and Izuku had given her a quick one. Hizashi smiled at the sight. Aizawa pulled up a second file. He knew who he was. Todoroki Shouto Endeavor’s son. Those were the two kids who had helped Ochako. Shinso Hitoshi and Todoroki Shouto, Aizawa couldn't wait to interact with these two students.

Chapter Text

“I really think I should have a uniform," Izuku said while tugging at his own sleeve. 


“Then it would look like you are a student here," Aizawa explained, for god knows how many times. 


“But I look so out of place!" Izuku stressed.


“He does have a point." Hizashi agreed. Aizawa shot a 'Not helping' glare at his husband. Hizashi responded by winking at him. Aizawa groaned in response to his husband.


“Geez, thanks for the help. I think your outfit is fine." Aizawa said. 


Izuku fidgeted with his shirt’s hem. He wore a long sleeve shirt, with simple jeans. A very casual outfit for going out, however, Izuku believed he stood out too much. Izuku wasn't planning to draw any more attention to himself than he already was going to. 


“You will be fine." Aizawa said before pausing and adding, “If you are feeling overwhelmed you can go to the teachers’ lounge, okay?" Izuku stared at Aizawa and simply nodded in response. 


Izuku frowned and glared at his shoes. Hizashi noticed and cleared his throat. “Most people are nervous for their first day of school. Do you want to hear about our first day of school?” He offered. 


Izuku nodded curiously. “I got up early for school because it takes a while for me to do my hair. I was so nervous I messed up once and had to restart the whole process. So I barely had any time to eat breakfast,” Yamada paused and sent a teasing glance to Aizawa. 


“I remember walking into school and noticing how nervous Shota looked at his desk. He was-“


“No, I wasn’t,” Aizawa refuted. 


“You definitely were,” Yamada insisted while laughing. 


“I was not nervous, you were, ” Aizawa argued in a calm voice. 


“I was, but not as much as you,” Yamada said matter-of-factly. 


“I remember walking into class and seeing you. You were nervously fiddling with your pencil and you kept glancing at the clock on the wall,” Yamada recalled. 


“I wasn’t nervous about school, idiot. I was worried when someone was almost late to class on our first day.” 


“Aww, you were worried about me?” 


“Of course, you were so excited about us getting into this school and sharing classes that I expected you to be there early.” Aizawa turned back to Izuku and added, “I’ll be there to make sure no one bothers you, Izuku. You’re safe here.” 


“You are. Shota can be very scary. Remember how he was last week when I didn’t do the dishes?” Yamada asked with a shiver. Izuku shivered in agreement. Izuku didn’t realize that someone could be so scary without yelling until last week. 


Listening to their story did make Izuku feel a little better, mostly because it distracted him from his own worries. Being reminded of how scary Aizawa was made him feel more confident about being there but he really didn't want everyone to stare at his outfit and judge him.


Izuku went to visit the Big Three before heading to Aizawa’s class. He wanted some more moral support before heading to class. 


Mirio had received One for All on the day of the entrance exam and he was able to control the quirk well. Mirio’s training was going well and Izuku was surprised to see that his own training was going better than he thought. 


He soon found them. Mirio had an arm around Tamaki and Mirio was pressing his lips gently against his cheek. Nejire trailed behind them while glancing at her phone. "Hadou! Amajiki! Toogata!" Izuku called out. They stopped and turned to him.


“Midoriya!!" Toogata said as he turned and gave him a hug. Nejire also gave him a hug and poor Tamaki was left on his own. 


"Are you excited for your first day?" Nejire asked as they both let go of him. Tamaki moved to grab Mirio's hand, which he gladly held.


“I’m more terrified than excited. Look at my outfit!" Izuku stressed. 


“You look great! Don't worry about it, it will go great!" Nejire assured him. 


“Yeah, and I get the feeling you will smile today!" Mirio said with a knowing grin.


“You always say that when you see me." Izuku pointed out. 


"He is determined." Tamaki reminded him.


“We need to get going. So you should get going too!" Mirio said. Izuku waved them goodbye as he went to the classroom. 


He entered the classroom and noticed where he was sitting. His desk was right next to the teacher's desk. Who thought this was a good idea? Izuku thought. Izuku knew this was going to end in disaster. "Move out of the way!" Someone shouted behind him. Izuku jumped back, getting out of the way.


“There is no need to shout at our classmates!" Someone else shouted at them. 


Izuku stared at the students. He knew some of their names as he had read a few of his classmates’ files. The boy that yelled at him was named Bakugou Katsuki. He was familiar to Izuku in a way that his other classmates weren’t, but he was not sure why yet. 


The other boy was the same boy that yelled at him the day of the entrance exam. His name was Iida Tenya. “Look, just because you went to a high-class school doesn't mean you get to boss us around." Kacchan? Bakugou yelled at Iida. 


Izuku slowly moved towards his desk. When Bakugou turned his attention back onto Izuku. Noticing he was heading to the desk next to the teachers, not wearing a uniform, and that he hadn't seen him in the entrance exam, Bakugou could tell something was off. "What the fuck are you doing here?" 


Izuku flinched at his voice and looked around, hoping he wasn’t talking to him. Bakugou scowled and moved closer. Izuku could smell vinegar, ash, and burnt sugar. He squeaked as Bakugou slammed a foot on his desk and set off a small fire in his palm. He slowly let the fire simmer out as he glared at Izuku. “Now, answer my question, villain ,” Bakugou said venomously. 

Chapter Text

“I-Uh… What?” Izuku was slightly startled, but then his eyes widened as he realized he should have expected a strong reaction to his odd appearance.

“You heard me. What the fuck are you doing here?” Bakugou repeated loudly with a sneer.

“He can’t be a villain. He looks like a student-" A girl with pink hair, pinkish skin, and tiny horns began. Izuku believed her name was Ashido Mina.

“No, he is clearly not," Bakugou argued loudly.

“He is right. He is not wearing the school uniform." Iida stated In a suspicious tone.

This was a lot for Izuku to process. He was unable to remember much of his time before waking up in the hospital. Since he woke up in the hospital bed, he was treated kindly and was unsure how to respond to such aggressive behavior. He tugged lightly at the collar of his shirt and hoped that Aizawa would arrive soon. He could tell that Bakugou wouldn’t let him leave.

“Well, are you going to say something or just stand there?" Bakugou snapped as he took his foot off the desk and moved to loom directly over Izuku. Izuku backed up instinctively and felt a sharp pain in his back from hitting the chalkboard ledge.

“Yes, if you are not a student, then why are you here?” Iida asked loudly while moving within a foot of Izuku. Before Izuku could say anything, another student interrupted him. Oh boy, this is going to be a long day, Izuku thought bitterly.

Hitoshi was walking to his new classroom with light steps. He still couldn't believe it. He had made it into UA and was going to become a hero. He couldn’t help but feel like a little kid again. A little kid whose dreams were coming true. His dream was already coming true. He was proud of himself and was genuinely happy he helped that random girl. It turned out he was right to save her. Saving her helped him pass the test.

“Hey, it's you!” Hitoshi turned around to see it was the girl. She was walking towards him. “I—I wanted to thank you for saving me!” she said as she bowed to him. Hitoshi stiffened as he stood there, awkwardly processing everything.

"Uh… You're welcome?" he responded.

"My name is Uraraka Ochako. Yours?" she asked with a bright smile.

“Look, I am not here to make friends." He stated.

“I-Fine, if that's what you want. Can you tell me your name at least?” she asked as her smile dropped.

Was it a strange thing to ask? Hitoshi thought so, but it was harmless. They were going to be in the same class, so there was no point in not telling her “Shinsou Hitoshi." He said, and she nodded as she led the way to class. He knew he was being harsh, but he truly just wanted to focus on his hero career. He wasn’t planning on making friends — spoiler alert, he fails.

“I noticed you use your scarf during the exam, before it ripped. It looked really cool! Were you able to fix it, or did you have to get a new one?” Uraraka asked excitedly after a few seconds of walking in silence.

Shinsou tugged at his tie while he debated answering. He didn’t want to walk to his homeroom in awkward silence, and it was only one conversation. “Thank you. I fixed it at home.”

“That’s so impressive! The rip looked pretty serious. I’m so excited to meet everyone. What do you think our homeroom teacher will be like?”

Shoto did not intend to make friends. One because he didn’t know how to due to being isolated — thanks to Endeavor’s Plus Ultra parenting. Two, he truly did not want friends. He just wanted to focus on being a hero and proving his father wrong. He hadn't used his fire quirk in the entrance exam to spite his father. It worked out well, and he was planning to do the same at the Sports Festival.

That being said, a part of him wasn't opposed to having friends. A part of him really wanted to have friends and be a normal teenager for once. Being away from his father would allow him to finally make friends. He couldn't help but feel a little excited. However, he wasn’t sure how he would — or if he was going to — accomplish this.

So when he entered the classroom, he was anticipating something different from the scene he walked into. He was expecting to see some of his classmates sitting or talking with one another. However, a couple of his classmates were surrounding a boy. He had wild green hair, green eyes, and freckles all over his face.

Now Shoto will admit he did have a hard time understanding social cues. He struggled to notice when people were upset or mad unless he was told directly. That being said, even he knew this boy was having a panic attack or was on the verge of having one. He knew because he had witnessed his siblings have them. He even experienced them.

“Fucking talk to us already!" one of his new classmates yelled at the boy.

“I could bind his legs and arms with my quirk until our teacher arrives.” A student with dark hair and a wide grin offered. As he moved to do so, Shoto felt a spike of worry. Someone experiencing a panic attack would only suffer from being restrained. He wasn’t sure why his classmates were being so cruel, but he didn’t see any malice in the freighted boy’s face. His face didn’t look anything like Endeavor’s when he was yelling at Shoto or his siblings.

“Is there something going on?" Shoto asked. He hoped that would distract the grinning classmate from restraining the scared boy. Everyone turned their attention to him.

“Yeah, this fucking idiot won't answer us!" The classmate that was yelling at the boy had spiky blond hair and red eyes.

“Hey what's going on?" A confused voice asked. A girl walked in with brown hair. Beside her was a boy with purple hair. Everyone turned their attention to the boy so Shoto quickly moved.

Shoto walked over to him and noticed he was shaking hard. “Hey, I am going to touch you. Is that okay?" Shoto whispered to the greenette. The boy shakily nodded his head. So Shoto slowly placed his right hand on his shoulder. The boy reacted by tensing up and his shaking grew more pronounced. So he doesn’t like the cold. Shoto made this mental note as he switched hands. The boy relaxed little by little.

“Come on, you guys won't get him to talk if you're surrounding him like that!” The girl argued with the blonde.

“I'll do whatever the hell I want until I get answers!" he shouted. Shoto didn’t see a reason to focus on their bickering so he refocused his attention on the boy.

“Do you want to go somewhere safe?” Todoroki asked him gently. Before the other boy could get an answer out, there was a sudden loud thud. Everyone looked at the door.

A hobo-looking man in a yellow sleeping bag fell onto the floor. As he lay there, he stared at the scene he was witnessing. “You brats haven't been here for more than an hour and you are already causing trouble.”

Chapter Text

Ochako really wanted to be friends with Shinso. She felt conflicted about taking up Shinso's time, but she really couldn't bring herself to feel too bad. After all, him saving her helped him get into the hero course and he was willingly having a conversation with her. So she smiled brightly while she hoped she could become friends with him as they become more comfortable with one another.

Once they got to their new classroom, the scene waiting for them greatly confused them. Two boys were surrounding the boy with green curly hair she had seen during the entrance exam. Then a few other classmates were glaring at the boy farther away and one other boy was staring at him in concern. She recognized the concerned boy. He had helped save her from the giant robot. She stared at his half-white and half-red hair for a second while she tried to recall his name. She blinks as she remembers that it’s Todoroki Shoto. She returned her gaze to the green-haired boy, who was shaking and clearly in a state of panic.

“Hey, what's going on?" She asked. Her voice drew everyone’s attention towards her. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Todoroki move closer to the frightened boy.

“We are trying to figure out why he is here." A tall, blue-haired boy with glasses replied coldly.

“Yes, surrounding, yelling at, and cornering him is a great way of convincing him to tell us anything," Shinso remarked sarcastically.

"Well, maybe if he would just fucking say something we wouldn't-" A loud spiky blond began angrily before Ochako interrupted him.

“Well, of course, he doesn't want to say anything! He looks terrified!" Ochako pointed out calmly. She released a long sigh at her classmates’ stunned looks."Come on, look at him! We are supposed to be heroes! We should notice when someone is panicking or in distress." Ochako scolded.

Some of the students began to notice the poor boy's distress. Their glares softened, and they slowly backed away. However, the spiky blond just didn't know when to give up. So he returned his attention to the boy. Shinso looked ready to punch this blond asshole. Surprisingly, Ochako also looks ready to punch the blond, even though she was smaller than him.

“Well, I still need some fucking answers!" He yelled, turning back to the boy. This time Todoroki glared at the spiky blond. He gave an "If you try anything I swear" glare, which freaked Shinso and Ochako out a little. The blond looked unfazed and started walking towards the pair. Todoroki froze his shoes to the ground.

The blond snarled and caused explosions near his shows to unfreeze them. After he could move again, he began creating more explosions while walking menacingly towards them. Ochako frowned and floated a nearby desk in front of him. Todoroki thought about creating a wall of ice to block him but decided not to since the scared boy reacted badly to the cold.

“I'll do whatever the hell I want until I get answers!" The blond shouted.

“Come on, you won't get him to talk if you're surrounding him like that!" Ochako argued with the blond.

“Hey, angry Pomeranian,” Shinsou called casually.

“What did you say? You sh-“ Shinsou smirked as he used his quirk to influence the blond.

As Shinsou commanded the blond to sit down, some of the students shot him nervous looks while they backed away towards their desks. He signs at their overreaction and nervously glances at Ochako.

“Great thinking, Shinsou. I wondered what your quirk was. That’s so cool!” Shinsou rubs the back of his neck and looks away in embarrassment.

Then they heard a loud thud. They stared at the sudden appearance of a hobo-looking man in a yellow sleeping bag.

“Fucking say something already!"

“We just want some answers.”

“Why are you wearing those cuffs?”

“Is the staff aware of you?”

“What the fuck is up with you?!”

“Can you fucking say something already?!”

Izuku didn't know what had triggered it. Maybe being surrounded did it, or being yelled at. Izuku just knew he was terrified. He was too overwhelmed, and he just wanted to leave. Yet all he could do was shake. He felt cold and couldn’t stop trembling, but he also felt really sweaty. His vision was starting to blur and his stomach hurt badly. How could he get out of here?

“Hey, I am going to touch you. Is that okay?" Izuku tried to figure out who said that, but he wasn't sure. Maybe he can help. He hesitantly nodded. He suddenly felt extremely cold. He felt a few tears drop from his eyes. No, nope, no, no, no, not again. Please not again... Before Izuku's anxiety could get any worse, the temperature changed. The cold was replaced with warmth.

He felt his body relax slowly as he took deep breaths. He was becoming aware of his surroundings. Granted it was taking too long for Izuku's liking. He blinked a few times as the blurriness in his eyes began to clear. As his shaking slowed, his gaze settled on the boy who was helping him. He stared at the boy… He remembered watching his entrance exam. His eyes, well more so his right eye, looked so familiar. Izuku was wondering why he looked so familiar, however, his thoughts were cut off by yelling. "Do you want to go somewhere safe?" the boy asked softly.

Before Izuku could answer, he heard a loud thud. Then he saw Aizawa in his sleeping bag. "You brats haven't been here for more than an hour and you are already causing trouble,'' he said. Izuku had never felt more relieved to see Aizawa than at that moment.

Chapter Text

Aizawa knew Izuku attending school would be difficult for him. He had never gone to school, he barely interacted with kids his age, and his unique situation would instantly make him stand out. However, Aizawa was trying to be more positive for Izuku's sake. 

So when he walked towards the classroom with his sleeping bag and Konnyaku jelly drink, he was greatly disappointed. His new students were already arguing about Izuku and how to handle him. He understood their line of thinking. However, for future heroes, you'd think they would be more reasonable. 

He was slightly pleased to see there were at least two students trying to urge the rest of the class to be reasonable. Aizawa put the sleeping bag on and allowed himself to fall and create a loud thud. All his students quickly turned to face the noise. “You brats haven't been here for more than an hour and you are already causing trouble." He scolded them. 

Their reactions were mixed. Some jumped up, others appeared terrified, and some stood there in bewilderment. Izuku was the only one that wasn't severely affected by Aizawa. It wasn't like he hadn't seen Aizawa do this before. Oh, he did this a lot. In fact, Izuku found it amusing. “Are you alright, Problem Child?" he asked. 

“I-I'm fine… Just overwhelmed..." Izuku replied. 

“Need to leave?" Aizawa asked with a hint of worry. 

“N-No I'm good. I-I'm sorry for causing a scene!" Izuku bowed in Aizawa’s direction. 

“Alright everyone, sit down. We have a lot to discuss." Aizawa said as he got up from the sleeping bag. He tossed his empty jelly drink container out while all his new students moved to their seats. Izuku was sitting at his desk and scratching the back of his neck. Aizawa sighed and knew this was going to be a long first day. 

"So I know you kids want to know about him. After all, I could hear all of you yelling from down the hallway." Aizawa stated with a deep frown. There was an awkward silence before Aizawa continued, “His name is Midoriya Izuku. He was rescued a few months ago and now is under UA's protection. He is under my supervision, which is why he is here." Aizawa explained.

“How come we haven't heard of the rescue?!” yelled a spiky blonde.

“We are keeping him out of the media for his safety. Which leads me to my next point. We are keeping him out of the media for his safety, ” Aizawa emphasized slowly while glaring at his students. 

“Some of you kids are going to be heroes and need to understand that we have to keep certain things private. For Midoriya's safety, we need the media to know nothing about him. If I find out one of you students leaked any information about him, I will not only expel you, I will make it my personal mission to make sure you never become a hero. Is that clear?” Aizawa asked while staring directly at the angry blond. 

To say the classroom was terrified of Aizawa was putting it lightly. Even though Aizawa spoke calmly, his threat was made clear to everyone. So everyone decided to nod. Most of them quietly hoped that they’d find out more about the boy who their teacher protected so scarily. A few of them considered trying to talk to him in the morning before their teacher showed up. 

But the frustrated blond wasn’t satisfied with Aizawa’s answer. While he was impulsive, he wasn’t stupid. Only special and dangerous circumstances would call for a teenager to be under UA's protection for months. The fact that their teacher was supervising him and seemed protective of him was even more strange. The teen himself didn’t seem very dangerous. His breakdown over a few questions made that glaringly obvious. But if he wasn’t strong and useful, why would UA be protecting him? The police usually dealt with the victims heroes saved. The green-haired boy must be more powerful than he let on. He most likely was acting earlier to deceive all of them. Which means he was looking down on them. On him. The blond turned to glare at the teen when he noticed him shake slightly. He really dared to laugh at him.

When the fiery boy failed to nod or respond, Aizawa strode towards his desk and towered over him. The blond stared up at him for two long minutes. Aizawa’s frown only grew as the seconds ticked forward. Until the blond turned to glare at Izuku and then nodded curtly towards Aizawa.

While the blond was trying to figure him out and Aizawa was trying to glare him to death, Izuku was mentally dying of embarrassment. After this scene, he was sure he would never have make any friends. His earlier worries about his outfit made him laugh for a second. He was definitely not prepared for his first day of school. 

“Now that we have established that. Get changed." Aizawa announced while walking to the door. Izuku collected his notebook and pens excitedly, but Aizawa’s students stared at him in confusion. 

“We are going outside. I want to see how you all use your quirks. Now get changed.” Aizawa explained. 

“Don't we have an orientation?” Someone questioned. 

“We are going to be doing this instead. Now get changed, Problem Child, come on.” Aizawa said. 

No one else protested as they moved to get changed quickly. Most of the students were still too frightened to attempt to. 

As Aizawa waited for his students, he asked quietly, "Do you still feel up to this? You can go to the dorms if you’re still overwhelmed." 

“I'm fine, Aizawa. Really, I am…" Izuku said unconvincingly.

“Don't be too hard on yourself. This is all still new for you." He said.

“I-I know, don’t worry about me." Izuku insisted. Before Aizawa could protest, students started arriving in groups. Only the angry blond was brave enough to stalk over there by himself. 

"We'll talk later," Aizawa promised him with a head pat. Izuku had to fight the urge to hide while they waited. The whole time everyone stared at him, though some were more obvious about it than others. 

Eventually, the last student arrived, and he recognized him as the boy who helped him. After a few seconds of arguing with himself, he waved at the kind boy and deflated slightly when he looked away. Soon enough, Aizawa started class."Now that everyone is here, let's begin our lesson."

Chapter Text

Izuku flipped to a clean page in his notebook as Aizawa began class. “All of you will use your quirks during this ‘competition.’ I will be testing your speed, strength, and tactics. The person that has the lowest score will be expelled,” he explained seriously.  

Immediately, the students began to protest. “That's not fair at all!” One of the students insisted. 

“Are natural disasters fair? Are illnesses fair? Life isn't fair, and you will have to deal with it." Aizawa said in a clipped tone. Everyone stopped protesting after hearing the frost in his voice. 

A boy slowly raised his hand. It was “Mini Aizawa” in the words of Yamada. “Yes?" Aizawa asked. The boy nervously adjusted his scarf before speaking. 

“Can-can I use my scarf? I used it in the entrance exam," he explained. 

Aizawa thought it over before replying. “I don't see why not, since you already have it.” The boy looked relieved. Aizawa and Yamada had explained to Izuku that his scarf was support gear. 

“Great now, Bakugou. You scored the highest on both exams. Throw this ball without your quirk and then with your quirk." Aizawa said. Aizawa threw a baseball at him and he easily caught it. 

“67 meters, now throw it with your quirk,” Aizawa said monotonously. 

Bakugou smiled as he threw the ball and yelled, “DIE!” Wow, Kacchan is really powerful… Wait, who is Kacchan? Izuku thought to himself in confusion. 

Izuku repeated the name to himself a few times and felt a lot of complicated emotions. After a few minutes of thinking over the name, he felt a pulsing ache in his head. He briefly wondered if the name was erased when his memory was wiped. Then his headache grew worse and his eyes teared up. 

Izuku frowned and started a separate page on “Kacchan” where he wrote only a few sentences. 

Then he started taking notes on the other students. Though he did briefly return to the separate page to note his fleeting headache. 

Izuku diligently wrote down the times his classmates got on the fifty-meter dash. While most of his classmates received average numbers, Bakugou’s time was 5.58s. As Izuku made a note about his exceptional speed, his mind started to drift towards the second page he made for Bakugou. Then he felt more pain in his head. He was unsure if it was actually linked to the memory wiping he underwent or if he was just imagining things. 

Izuku continued watching the class from his spot. He wanted to continue thinking about who the hell this Kacchan was, but he decided that it would be better to think about it later. So he focused on adding a lot of details and theories to his notes. 

“Problem Child! We are going to wrap this up soon, so head to your dorm." Aizawa called. Izuku jumped when he heard Aizawa’s voice because he had been intensely staring at his notes while muttering to himself for the past few minutes. 

“Shouldn't you be coming with me?" Izuku pointed out. 

“Not today, for now, Present Mic and Toogata will be watching you,” Aizawa informed him. Izuku nodded and started walking toward his dorm. 

Aizawa watched Izuku head back to his dorm. He was going to scold his students properly now. He wanted to make sure Izuku wasn't here, since he was already embarrassed. “Before you brats get your scores, I want to make something very clear,” Aizawa began. While his demeanor was calm, his tone was the opposite. “To put it simply, the way most of you treated Midoriya was completely unacceptable. Being teenagers is not an excuse. As future heroes, you should have known better. If you ever hope to become a hero in my class, you will treat others with decency and respect. I have expelled 154 students in my career and I won't hesitate to add to the number. Is that understood?" 

His class nodded quickly, and Iida raised his hand. “May I speak to him after class? I would like to apologize for my behavior!”

Uraraka also raised her hand. “Can I also see him? I would like to speak with him.” Soon half the class wanted to see Midoriya. 

“Look, if you kids want to see Midoriya come during or after school. Now let's get back to our competition,” Aizawa said. The class quickly began their grip strength test. Shoji went first and had a grip strength of 46. 


“It was so embarrassing!" Izuku cried as he curled up into a ball on the couch. Cloud and Ace were trying to play with him, but he was neglecting them. 

“I'm really sorry that happened to you, Midoriya,” Mirio said consolingly. 

“We… We all have a rough first… Remember when we first met Mirio?" Tamaki asked with a blush. Mirio smiled fondly in response. 

“Yes, I do! Tamaki was new to our class, and I became his friend that day." Mirio said as he held his hand and rubbed small circles into it.  

“It was still embarrassing! I thought I would be able to handle it but I couldn't! I just stood there and cried like a baby!" Izuku insisted while gently brushing away a paw on his leg. 

“Hey, just because you cried doesn't mean you won't make friends. You were overwhelmed and panicked. If no one in that class is understanding of that then they aren't worth being friends with." Mirio explained. 

“Y-Yeah, you shouldn't let this one bad day define your relationship with this class,” Tamaki said wisely. Izuku stared at him unblinkingly, which freaked him out. So he went to hide in a corner. 

Mirio chuckled as walked towards the corner. He gently grabbed and held Tamaki's hand. “Just remember, if they judge you for panicking, they aren't worth being your friends!” Mirio said. Tamaki agreed with a small nod. 

Izuku sighed and decided he would stop neglecting

Ace and Cloud. As he was playing with the cats, Mirio managed to convince Tamaki to go to the kitchen and make something.

Eventually, Aizawa finally entered the dorm. “Where's Hizashi?”

“In the bathroom, dinner is on the stove,” Izuku answered while briefly looking up. 

Aizawa thanked him and left for the kitchen. Izuku was playing with the cats when he heard knocking coming from the door. “Someone's at the door. I'll answer it!" Izuku shouted. He picked up Ace and answered the door. It was Class 1A. He stared at 1A until Uraraka began to talk. 

“Hi! I am Uraraka Ochako! It's nice to meet you!" She said as she held her hand out to Izuku. He instinctively flinched away. Which startled Ace. He apologized with a few careful pets that calmed Ace down. 

“S-Sorry!” She apologized, pulling her hand away. 

“I-It's okay… So why are you all here?" Izuku asked curiously. 

Iida Tenya came forward and bowed. “I want to apologize for my behavior! I should've recognized your distress!” He confessed guiltily. Once he finished, other students chimed in, in agreement.

“I—I… You're apologizing to me?" Izuku asked with uncertainty. Izuku was so absorbed in his conversation that he failed to notice Hizashi, Mirio, and Tamaki enter the room. 

"Yeah, we fucked up. Just accept the damn apology." Kacchan said as he gave him an assessing look. 

“We got off on the wrong foot. So let's start over." Uraraka said encouragingly. Izuku’s eyes widened as he realized that some of them wanted to be friends with him. Friends, Izuku felt his heart light up at the thought. Ace purred in agreement. 

“The cat is cute,” Shinso added.

“Th-Thanks! It's Aizawa's cat… Yeah, I think I would like to be friends." Izuku said as he smiled. As he did so, there was a loud gasp. Izuku immediately turned his head to see Hizashi and Mirio gasping. Even Tamaki looked surprised.

“You smiled!” Both of the blondes shouted in unison. 

 “Did you get a photo?” Hizashi asked eagerly. 

“Yes! I have some!” Mirio excitedly shook his phone and then turned his brightness all the way up. He showed the photos to Hizashi, all the photos only caught the left side of Izuku’s smile. They were good, and Mirio enthusiastically sent a few to Nejire. 

“Shouta!? Izuku smiled for the first time! Come look!" Yamada yelled animatedly. Izuku smiled again and turned his attention back to 1A.

“Oh! How rude of me! Do you want to come in for dinner?” Izuku asked while looking down. 

“Sorry, I really can't, but next time I can! Can I give you my number?" Uraraka asked.

“I-I don't have a phone," Izuku admitted with a small frown. 

“No worries, I'll still write it down.”

“Me too!”

“Same here!” Izuku couldn't help but smile again. He had friends, real friends. He liked this, having friends and smiling. He didn't even realize how much he missed smiling before this. 

“I got paper!” Someone shouted and everyone began to write their numbers down. Izuku liked this a lot. Smiling felt great.

While Izuku was happily talking to his classmates, Mirio showed the photos to Aizawa. Aizawa half-smiled at the pictures and asked Mirio to send them to him. After Aizawa gave Mirio his number, he sent him the three best pictures. 

Mirio noticed that Izuku was still smiling, so he started heading to another room to use his quirk to get a few more pictures. He felt a hand stop him and he turned to stare at Tamaki with a question clear in his eyes. 

“This is the first time Izuku has smiled in a long time. We should let him enjoy the moment in peace.” 

Before Mirio could reply, one of Izuku’s classmates asked, “Who are they?” Izuku turned his smiling face towards Mirio and Tamaki in response to the question. Mirio took a quick picture of Izuku’s full smile before he replied.

Mirio cheerily said, “We’re just his friends.” Tamaki nervously flashed Izuku a smile before hurrying to a different room. 

When Mirio went to check on Tamaki, he noticed that Tamaki had his head against a wall. Mirio sighed fondly and walked over to Tamaki. 

“I’m so proud of Izuku for making more friends and smiling again after all he went through.”

“Me too. He had an adorable smile,” Tamaki agreed with a soft smile. The ringing of Mirio’s phone startled them both for a second. “Who is it?” 

“Nejire,” Mirio answered while accepting the call. 

“I can’t believe it. Izuku finally smiled! Tell me everything that happened. Also, do you have any other photos?” 

Chapter Text

Izuku loved his new friends. It was so exciting to have them. It was also completely nerve-wracking. He found himself anxiously asking Mirio and Yamada for advice. Well, more so interrogating them than asking them. He wanted to become the perfect friend. However, he quickly learned that was impossible. According to his notes, he just needed to be himself. That was it. Why was something so simple yet so complicated? 

Izuku watched Class 1A freak out over picking their class representative on the second day. He gladly helped out when the class asked him his opinion. He had categorized all of their quirks and skills. Many thought it was creepy, however, others thought it was impressive. “Then there's Yaoyorozu's quirk, which is extremely useful and-” Izuku stopped himself as his rambling was cut off. 

“Problem Child, let the class pick their class representative themselves.”

“S-Sorry Aizawa!” Izuku apologized as he quickly sat back down. 

Yaoyorozu had the most votes for class representative and Iida became the deputy representative. After class, Izuku managed to talk with his friends before leaving. 

“Congratulations Yaoyorozu!” 

“Thank you Midoriya, for explaining why my skills would help me be the best student representative. It’s impressive how much you noticed the other day.”

“Yeah, Midoriya! Your analysis was amazing. Do you enjoy observing quirks, or do you just naturally notice a lot of things?” Uraraka asked curiously. 

“While both are true, I really love analyzing quirks, and I even started thinking about combat strategies that some of you could use while fighting,” Izuku replied. He was about to suggest a few moves to Uraraka when Aizawa cleared his throat. Izuku smiled and said goodbye to both of them before he moved to follow Aizawa. 

He caught up with Aizawa before he voiced his thoughts out loud. “Aizawa, why would you do that?!” He scolded him.

“What?” Aizawa asked innocently.

“It's only the second day, and you made them pick their class representative?" Izuku asked in exasperation. Aizawa continued to deny everything. So Izuku continued to pester him about it. 

1A was on their way to visit Midoriya. At first, it was only going to be Uraraka and Hitoshi visiting, but when the alarms went off, everyone wanted to check up on Midoriya. They were worried that the alarms might have caused him to have another panic attack. “I hope Midoriya is alright!" Uraraka murdered. 

“He was with Aizawa, so I am sure he is okay,” Hitoshi reminded her. 

1A had an unspoken agreement when it came to Midoriya. Well, more so, two rules that were not to be broken. Rule 1, show Midoriya everything. Even though they just started hanging out, it was clear to everyone that Midoriya was a bit out of touch. He didn't know how to work a cell phone, wasn't aware of popular movies, and just seemed like he lived under a rock. Mina and Sero were making it their personal mission to show him how to work a phone. They already began to show him yesterday, though it was a slow process. 

Yesterday, Mina suggested watching videos on her phone. So Midoriya asked if that was like watching movies on television. When she nodded, he exclaimed in excitement, “Wow, phones can really do a lot. Not only can you talk to people with phones, immediately translate other languages, and play music, you can also watch videos?!” 

Mina and Sero both stared at him until he shrunk in on himself. Then they both moved to sit on either side of him. Mina put her arm around him and said, “I’ll show you my phone and what you can do on one, okay?”

“Me too. I have some fun games,” Sero offered. 

Sero and Mina spent the rest of their time there showing Izuku how to screenshot, how to use google, and YouTube. She clicked on the first video and it was Edward Cullen being a dumbass for 12 minutes straight.

After a couple of minutes of staring in confusion, Izuku asked who that was. Mina asked if he’d ever heard of Twilight and he shook his head. “Oh, we are watching all of the movies!” 

Sero protested for a few minutes before he unlocked his own phone and began to show Midoriya some of his favorite games. 

Mina and Sero argued over Genshin Impact for twenty minutes before they both had to leave because it was getting really dark. 

Rule 2, no one could ask or talk about Midoriya's past. It was clear to everyone that Midoriya's past was twisted. After all, he had to stay at UA for his safety. Because of how they treated him on the first day, they really wanted to make up for their mistake. So they went to see Midoriya when the alarms went off. It was a false alarm thanks to the press this morning. 

“Hey is Midoriya okay?” Uraraka asked the minute Present Mic opened the door.

“He is fine. He panicked a little, but Aizawa handled it. I'll get some snacks for you Little Listeners!" He shouted. 1A followed him to the kitchen and noticed that Midoriya was in the kitchen helping Present Mic cook. He was placing some vegetables onto a blue cutting board. 

“Hey, Midoriya!” Uraraka called as she ran over to the kitchen. 

“H-Hey guys! What are all of you doing here?” Izuku questioned as he stopped cutting up vegetables. 

“We wanted to check up on you,” Momo explained. 

“Aw, thanks Yaoyorozu! You guys didn't need to come.” Izuku said. 

“Please call me Momo. We all chose to come,” Momo added. 

“M-Momo, got it…” Izuku mumbled. 

“Are you okay, Midoriya?” Kirishima asked. 

“Oh, I'm fine! I didn't go into a state of panic. I was just terrified.” Izuku explained, while rubbing the back of his neck.

“Well, that's good to hear!” Uraraka cheered. 

“Anyways, let me get you guys something to eat!” Izuku smiled. 

As the time passed, Izuku found himself zoning out. He still hasn’t figured out who Kacchan was. “Also Midoriya we should-“ 

“Deku,” Izuku blurted out suddenly.


“Call me Deku Uraraka,” Izuku insisted.

 “W-What?! No, why would I-“

“An old friend used to call me that. It was… a nice joke, I think. Since you guys are my friends, I think it's only fair you call me that.” Izuku clarified. 

“Oh, who was this old friend?” Uraraka wondered. 

“I knew him when we were really little and it has been many years… However, I remember I used to call him Kacchan…”

A lot of Izuku’s classmates left after checking up on him. Only Sato, Asui, Jirou, Tokoyami, Sero, Shinso, and Uraraka remained. Though Yaoyorozu and Hagakure promised to return later. Mina left to get the first two Twilight movies.  

While they waited for Mina’s return, Shinso, Uraraka, and Izuku played with the cats. Uraraka and Deku started talking about her quirk and how useful it was. Which eventually led to Izuku asking why she decided to become a hero. 

“I want to become a hero so I can make money for my parents. So they can live an easy life,” Uraraka answered with a smile.

“That’s a very good reason, Uraraka-san,” Deku said while Shinso hummed in agreement. 

“What about you Shinso-kun?” Uraraka asked curiously. 

“I want to become a Pro Hero to prove them wrong.” 

“Prove them wrong?” Uraraka repeated in confusion. 

“My quirk is brainwashing. It’s a villainous quirk. That’s what everyone always said,” Shinso answered with frustration before getting up to leave. 

“Where are you going Shinso-kun?” Uraraka asked. 

“I’m going home. I just remembered that I need to make dinner tonight,” Shinso mumbled before quickly leaving. Izuku and Uraraka watched him go with a frown. 

“I’m back! We’re watching both of the Twilight movies.” Mina announced as everyone moved to the room with the television. 

Deku asked a lot of questions during the movie out of confusion. He had no idea what a vampire was or why it would be sparkly. 

“I want something sweet,” Uraraka randomly shared. 

“Now that you mention it, me too,” Mina agreed. 

“Do you have anything, Deku?” Uraraka asked hopefully. 

“No, sorry…” Midoriya replied. 

“If Midoriya will let me, I could bake a cake?” Sato offered hesitatingly.  

“Of course you can. Would you mind if I helped?” Deku asked. 

“Sure, you do know this kitchen better than us,” Sato replied. 

“I want to help too,” Asui volunteered. 

“The more, the merrier,” Sato replied before heading to the kitchen. Deku and Asui followed him in excitement. 

They decided to make a basic vanilla cake. So Deku pulled out the baking equipment while Asui grabbed the butter, eggs, and milk. Sato found the sugar, baking powder, and flour before delegating tasks to everyone. Deku grabbed the salt and the vanilla before he began to cream the butter and sugar together. 

After they finished, Deku cleaned the flour off of him and then returned to the room where everyone was waiting for the cake. 

Jirou and Tokoyami were discussing music when Deku walked in. They mentioned Mother Mother and Mitski animatedly. 

“You both seem excited. What are you talking about?” Deku wondered. 

“Our favorite artists. Have you heard of Mother Mother, Mitski, or Sir Chloe?” 


“They make really good music.” 

“The cake should have at least twenty more minutes left. We can listen to their songs while we wait if you want?” Izuku offered in excitement. He enjoyed listening to music with The Big three and wanted to hear more amazing songs. 

“Thank you for the cake,” Everyone said as they began to eat the vanilla cake. 

“Woah, this is really delicious!” Uraraka exclaimed. 

“Yeah, the frosting is delicious and the cake is very moist,” Mina agreed.

“Sato was very good at giving instructions,” Asui said and Deku agreed with a nod. 

As Izuku took his plate to the kitchen to watch, he heard a knock. “Yaoyorozu and Hagakure, you’re back. We just finished baking a cake a few minutes ago, and I saved you both slices. It’s vanilla,” Izuku informed them as he grabbed two plates. 

“Thank you Midoriya, but please wait. I have some things for you.” 

“For me?” Izuku questioned as he set the plates down on the counter. 

“Yes, we went shopping to get you a few clothes,” Yaoyorozu explained. 

“Oh, you didn’t have to,” Izuku assured her. 

“I wanted to. I wanted to thank you as the student representative for today and I also wanted to apologize for your first day. I wasn’t sure what I should do to thank you until Hagakure suggested I get you a few things, so she offered to come with me to help.” 

“Thank you, Yaoyorozu and Hagakure,” Izuku said as he enthusiastically took the bags and glanced inside. 

“We noticed that you prefer casual and warm clothes, so we bought you a few different hoodies. Then we passed a store that sold really cool All Might hoodies and we decided to buy you a few!” Hagakure happily informed him.  

“Thank you, All Might is one of my favorite heroes,” Izuku told them after he looked at all the clothes. Then he set the bags neatly on a chair and served them some of the cake.


“Good morning, Midoriya,” Yaoyorozu greeted him as she entered. 

“Good morning, Yaoyorozu,” Midoriya happily returned. 

“I see you’re wearing one of the green hoodies we got for you. Are all the clothes comfortable?” 

“They really are, thank you,” Izuku answered with a bright smile. They talked for a few more minutes before Aizawa started class. 

While they were talking, two blondes were listening to them. Bakugo glared at them as he wondered why she was being so friendly to their strange classmate. Meanwhile, Aoyama smiled and was inspired to give his own gift to Midoriya. 

Midoriya was reading on the couch when he heard light knocking. He opened the door and was surprised to see Aoyama standing there. 

“Bonjour, I come bearing gifts,” Aoyama announced as he strutted into the room. 

“I brought you my favorite cheese and some more clothes,” Aoyama explained while putting the cheese into the fridge. 

“Clothes?” Deku repeated. 

“We’re only an inch apart, so I brought you some of the clothes I own that I never got around to wearing.” 

“H-huh?” Deku asked. 

“I know what it’s like to be so scared you can’t speak. I used to feel like that before I started wearing more dazzling clothes,” Aoyama explained. 

When Deku failed to say anything, Aoyama looked down and added, “I’m sorry, I didn’t speak up on the first day. I saw your face, but I was too frightened to say anything.” 

Deku assured him that he didn’t hold it against him and that he was very thankful. 

Aoyama smiled at that and insisted he try on the clothes he bought. 

“What?” Deku asked. 

“If you wear clothes as fabulous as this, you are legally required to put on a défilé de mode. A fashion show. I’ll start my favorite fashion show playlist while you get changed,” Aoyama cheerily said. 

Deku blushed at the thought of “putting on a fashion show,” but no one else would see him and he was grateful that Aoyama wanted to personally apologize to him. Plus, he wanted to get to know Aoyama more, so he changed and came out covering his face in embarrassment. 

Chapter Text

“Are you ready, Tomura?” All for One inquired. 

“Yes, master, I am,” Tomura replied through the screen. 

“Good, the Nomu is ready. Now prepare to gather as many villains as you can. You will soon be able to kill All Might once and for all." ____________________

“Are you coming on the field trip with us, Deku?” Uraraka asked once she finished class and was able to visit him. 

“What is a field trip?” Deku asked in confusion. 

“Field trips are trips students go on to study things first hand. Aizawa-sensei was talking about it in class earlier. It’s an off-campus training ground, but it’s still considered a part of UA.” 

“Oh, I wasn’t listening because I was thinking about…” Deku stopped himself abruptly. When he was making his way to his seat, he overheard Ashido talking to Sero. They’d been discussing Ashido’s mom and the gift she planned to get her for her birthday.

Izuku felt sad after hearing about Ashido’s mom. He barely remembered his mom and had no idea when her birthday was. He knew logically that she had died, but he had no idea when. How many birthdays did she celebrate alone before she died? Did she have anyone else to celebrate with her? Has her birthday passed since he was freed from the ice? Was it yesterday or today? 

Uraraka recognized the look in his eyes and tried to distract him. “So, will you join us on the field trip? It would be a great chance to observe our quirks,” Uraraka asked him with a smile. 

“I’m not actually a student here. Do you really think he’d let me go?” 

“Of course! He and All Might will be there. All Might is the number 1 hero and Aizawa-sensei is a teacher at UA, so he must be very skilled at fighting.” 

Izuku agreed, and they talked for a while before Uraraka left. Izuku thought about the best way to ask Aizawa to let him go and then waited for Yagi and Aizawa to return from a meeting. 

As soon as they returned, Izuku jumped up in excitement and hurried to the door. 

“Hello, Young Midoriya,” Yagi greeted him. 

“Do you need something, Problem Child?” 

“Well, I wanted to ask if I could join your class on their field trip to-“

“No, you won’t be joining us. You’ll stay here.” 

“But you didn’t even let me finish my sentence,” Izuku pointed out. 

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve already decided that you’ll stay here. You’re not supposed to leave UA,” Aizawa said firmly before quickly walking away. 

“I’m sorry, Young Midoriya. I wish you could come with us, but it’s not my decision to make. Aizawa is the one who’s in charge of your safety for a reason.”


“I understand that you want me to be safe, but wouldn’t I be safer with three Pro Heroes, than I would be if you left me alone?” Izuku asked while following Aizawa into the Kitchen. 

“All three of us will be busy focusing on the students. Even if one of us wasn’t focusing on them, All Might isn’t the best at watching people and is easily distracted. If Thirteen was watching you and you suddenly were attacked by a villain, then you’d be captured because she specializes in search and rescue. Her powers aren’t suited for defensive combat, as she’d kill the villain if she used her powers on them.“ 

“I wouldn’t wander from the training facility, so if a villain chose to attack me, you and Yagi would notice,” Izuku pointed out. When Aizawa continued to spray the contents and did not answer, Izuku wondered if he wore him down. “Even if a villain managed to miraculously slip in without you, Yagi,  or the other students noticing, we’ve been training some of my quirks. I think I could protect myself long enough for someone to notice the villain.” 

“The answer is still no Izuku,” Aizawa replied tiredly. 

“I could stand close enough that you’ll notice if I start fighting a villain,” Izuku offered, undeterred.

“We’ve had this conversation multiple times since yesterday. No, Izuku, you are not allowed to come on the trip with us,” Aizawa asserted while wiping the fridge. 

Izuku sighed loudly before loudly stomping to the couch. He huffed loudly and then began to glower at the wall. He spent a lot of time yesterday thinking of different arguments to convince Aizawa to allow him to come on the field trip. He mentioned them to Aizawa, multiple times, and still wasn’t able to convince him. He just wanted to go on the trip and observe his classmates so he could ignore the fact that his mom was dead and he barely remembered her. 

Ace played with Izuku’s pant leg for a while before he curled up in a ball and fell asleep. Hizashi returned and noticed immediately that Izuku was glaring at the wall. When he was about to call for Aizawa, he noticed that he was cleaning angrily. He made more noises than normal and Hizashi gulped before walking into the kitchen. 

“I’m home. What’s wrong?” 

“Izuku was upset about something but we talked it over and I’m sure that he will be over it soon,” Aizawa responded calmly. 

“Are you sure? You smell like bleach and artificial lemons,” Hizashi informed him with a wrinkled nose. 

Aizawa finished cleaning the floor and smelled himself before also wrinkling his nose. “I didn’t realize that the smell was me.”

“You usually don’t when you get really into cleaning. You should go shower before you end up with another headache,” Hizashi advised. 

“You’re right. Thanks,” Aizawa said while putting away cleaning sprays and sponges. 

Hizashi follows him out of the kitchen to go put his stuff away before he checks on Izuku. Before he could announce his presence, Izuku was speaking to Ace. 

“Lately, I’ve tried to remember more of my mom, but I just can’t. I know that even if I still had my memories, I’d be upset that she died. But I think the fact that I barely remember her makes it hurt worse. I have no idea when her birthday was or when she died. I can’t remember if she was shorter or taller than me. I just wish I could remember her,” Izuku confessed to Ace in a broken whisper. Izuku was petting him with one hand and wiping his tears with the other. 

Hizashi stood conflicted at the doorway. He wanted to comfort Izuku, but he wasn’t sure if he would appreciate it. So Hizashi quietly walked back to the room he came from before walking loudly towards Izuku. That way, Izuku could decide whether he confided in him. 

When Hizashi reached him again, Izuku was smiling down at Ace. If Hizashi hadn’t accidentally overheard Izuku, he would have thought he was actually happy. Hizashi ruffled his hair before sitting down next to him and asking how his day was.


“For the last time, I said no,” Aizawa sighed.

“Come on! I am supposed to be with you 24/7!” Izuku argued angrily. Izuku opened his mouth to continue protesting but was silenced with a hand.  

“It is not safe for you to come with us and you need to stay at UA,” Aizawa retorted while clearing the table for the groceries that would soon arrive. 

“Yagi, Thirteen, and you will be there. I think I’ll be fine. Plus, I will just be standing off to the side,” Izuku pointed out. Aizawa rubbed his pounding head, not wanting to continue this debate.

“Hey, I just got back from the supermarket and I… What's happening?” Hizashi asked after noticing that his husband and adopted son looked very annoyed with one another. 

“It's Aizawa he won't-“

“Problem Child wants to- '' Hizashi stared in confusion as the two began to talk over each other.

“Yamada here are-Oh, are they still fighting?” Yagi asked while bringing the groceries inside. 

“What are they fighting about?” Hizashi asked, hating to be left in the dark.

“Aizawa, you didn't tell him?” Yagi questioned, his tone tinged with surprise. 

“There is nothing to tell because I said no,” Aizawa said sternly before he began to put the groceries away loudly. 

“Come on! What's the worst that can happen?” Izuku protested. Yagi sighed, tired of the bickering. 

“Young Midoriya wants to join Class 1A on our trip to USJ. Aizawa wants him to stay here.” Yagi explained. 

“Oh...I see.” Hizashi said, now conflicted. He understood both sides. Aizawa just wanted Izuku to be safe and Izuku just wanted to get out of UA. It's not that he hated UA, it's just that he had been stuck in UA for months. Now that he had friends, he wanted to hang out with them outside of the classroom. 

“Alright, the trip isn't until next week. So let's talk about it like civil people.” Hizashi said and motioned for them both to sit down. Both Izuku and Aizawa sat down but remained tense. 

“Should I start cooking?” Yagi asked, clearly eager to avoid their repetitive argument. 

“No, I would actually like your input," Hizashi said with an apologetic smile. Hizashi had to admit that it was strange that he and his husband were friends with the Number 1 Pro Hero. However, it was bound to happen with how often Yagi came to visit Izuku. 

They spent a lot of time watching Izuku and caring for him. The friendship just happened, and no one was really bothered by it. Well, maybe Aizawa, but he tolerated the Pro Hero. “Well, let's hear both sides before coming to an agreement,” Yagi offered. Hizashi nodded and moved to sit next to his stressed-out husband. Yagi stood beside Izuku. 

“Who will go first?” 

“I will!” Aizawa and Izuku said at the same time. 

“How long have they been fighting over this?” Hizashi asked. 

“About two days straight,” Yagi said with a deep frown.

 “Oh great, Shouta you go first,” Hizashi said. 

“It's not safe. It's meant to be a training ground. You need to stay within UA and I can't keep my eyes on you the whole trip.” Aizawa explained evenly. 

“Alright, fair points. Young Midoriya, what are your views?” Yagi questioned. 

“I understand that it is a training ground. However, I won't be training. I would simply watch, USJ is a part of UA, Yagi can watch me when you're not watching me, and I just want to go out. I haven't been able to since I woke up from the ice.” Izuku argued while trying to keep his voice calm. 

“Kid, I know you want to go out, but we haven't had the time. Plus your quirk-”

“I have these quirk suppressants for a reason.” Izuku snapped back. 

“Alright, no need for an attitude. Let's try to stay calm, okay?” Hizashi said placatingly. 

“Look, I see both sides and concerns," Hizashi assured them. Then he paused to think about it before making up his mind. Hizashi’s thoughts wandered back to yesterday when he overheard Izuku talking to Ace. He clearly didn’t want to share his feelings with anyone, but being around people might help him realize he’s not alone now that his mom is gone. 

When Hizashi lost someone important to him, he was really upset and smiled around others while crying at home. He was able to learn how to deal with his loss with the support of Shouta and Kayama. While Hizashi was really worried, he knew that Yagi, Shouta, and Thirteen would be there. Plus, Izuku had strong quirks and was learning how to defend himself. 

“Well? What do you have to say?” Aizawa asked after a few minutes of silence. 

“I say let him go,” Hizashi said evenly. The other three wore matching expressions of shock. “Shouta, I understand your concerns and we will keep them in mind. However, keeping Izuku locked up isn't good for him either.” Hizashi pointed out. “But that doesn't mean we should leave him unsupervised. So he should stay with a teacher at all times. Can we agree on that?" Hizashi asked, somewhat pleadingly.

“I'm okay with that,” Izuku said. Aizawa simply nodded. 

“Good, now help me finish putting the groceries away!” Hizashi told Aizawa. 

“Young Midoriya, I bought you some snacks you should try,” Yagi said, and Izuku quickly followed him. 

“Do you really think it’s a good idea to bring him?” Shouta asked anxiously. 

“Yes. I am worried just as much as you are, but we can't keep him locked up here forever. After all, the whole point of being frozen was to give him a better life, right?” Hizashi pointed out. Shouta sighed.

“I know you're right,” Shouta confessed. Hizashi held his husband's hand before placing a soft kiss on his lips. He quickly pulled away with a grin. 

“That just means you care about him. Dare I say you love him like a son-” Hizashi teased before Shouta let go of his hand and returned to putting the groceries away. 


“Aw, come on, Shouta!” 


“You are a father in denial!” Hizashi teased his husband while picking the scattered bags up. Izuku watched from the doorway and felt guilty for how he acted towards Aizawa.

“Is everything alright Young Midoriya?” Yagi asked. 

“I-I just wish I acted better towards Aizawa,” Izuku admitted.

“You can always apologize to him, and it's okay to be upset. You shouldn't feel guilty every time you get upset with someone.” Yagi said. Izuku smiled gratefully at Yagi before he tried another snack from the assortment that Yagi bought him. 

“Aizawa, I am sorry for my behavior,” Izuku said to Aizawa later on. 

“Well, I'm sorry for not considering your feelings about the trip. Apology accepted?" Aizawa asked with a small smile. 

“Y-Yeah, apology accepted," Izuku said as he smiled. He gave Aizawa a hug and Aizawa patted him on the back.

“Well, I am happy to see that the both of you have made up!” Hizashi said.

“I'm happy too! Thank you for helping us come to an agreement,” Izuku said.

Hizashi just smiled at him and ruffled his hair. 

“Well, I might have overreacted, but what I said still stands,” Aizawa said.

“Fair enough,” Hizashi said. 

“Besides… What could possibly happen?” Izuku asked. 

Chapter Text

It was a lovely day, a normal one. No one would expect anything to go wrong. Everything was perfect, a little too perfect. By the end of the day, everyone's life changed.

Nedzu was in his office drinking peppermint tea and looking through a thick packet of paper. There were names and phone numbers on most of the pages. A lot of them were crossed out, but others had stars next to them. He also had a few library cards scattered across his desk. He grinned while looking through the packet and took out a small green notebook. After writing for a few minutes, he took another sip of his tea.

Izuku decided to sit on the bus between Uraraka and Shinso. He sat down and smiled at them. As they got closer to their destination, they decided to discuss quirks.

“My Hardening's super strong and can destroy
bad guys in a fight, but it doesn't look all that impressive,” Kirishima lamented.

“Oh, no way. I think it's really impressive and useful. You're definitely pro material with a Quirk like that,”

“You really think so?” Kirishima asked hopefully.

“Of course, your quirk is very versatile and can be used for both offense and defense purposes,” Izuku assured him. Kirishima smiled brightly at him in response.

“My Navel Laser's got the perfect combination of panache and strength,” Aoyama bragged.

“That’s true, but the drawback of your quirk really hinders your ability to show it off,” Izuku reminded him gently.

“Well, if any of our classmates have pro Quirks, it's
Todoroki and Bakugo,” Kirishima said.

“Sure, but Bakugo's always angry, so he'll never be that popular,” Asui stated.

“What'd you say? I'll kick your ass!” Bakugo growled.

“See?” Asui said calmly.

“Y'know, we basically just met you. So it's kinda telling that we all know your personality is flaming garbage steeped with crap,” Kaminari grinned.

“You're gonna regret the day you applied to this school, you loser...!” Bakugo shouted.

“We’re here. Stop messing around,” Aizawa announced.

“Yes, sir.” Everyone agreed at once before slowly leaving the bus. Izuku left last and went to stand near Aizawa. They were standing a few feet away from the group. While Aizawa dialed a number, his other students were being introduced to USJ by Thirteen.

“What do you mean you haven't seen him?!” Shouta hissed angrily through the phone.

Hizashi understood why Shouta was stressed, but he knew that Shouta and Thirteen could handle the children by themselves. “Yagi is running a little late. Did you not read the articles?" Hizashi inquired.

“Yes, I did! That absolute idiot! What was he thinking?! If he keeps using up his time like that-”

“I know, I know. I'll make sure he gets to you as soon as possible,” Hizashi assured him. “For now, go on ahead or else you all will start late,” Hizashi reminded him.

Shouta groaned, “I swear when I see him, I am going to strangle him.”

“Careful, that's not very heroic, Shouta. Plus, wouldn't that be too much press coverage?” Hizashi teased. Shouta let out a long sigh. “Come on, that's funny!” Hizashi said.

“Bye Hizashi. Oh, Problem Child said hi and is very excited about the trip,” Shouta said with a hint of a smile.

“Tell him what I said and have fun! Love you both!” Hizashi said.

“Yeah, yeah, love you too,” Shouta whispered so his students wouldn't hear.

Hizashi laughed to himself a little. Hearing his husband rant about the Number 1 Pro Hero the whole morning. It was a little amusing when he thought about it. Considering how much time they all spent together over the past few months. Hizashi poured himself coffee and chatted with his friends in the teacher’s lounge. Yagi burst through the door. He seemed exhausted and looked like he was going to pass out.

“Yamada, I am so sorry for being late! I'll be heading over there soon. I'll just grab some tea and drink it on the way-” Yagi rambled before Hizashi cut him off.

“Absolutely not. Look at you! You need to rest,” Hizashi said.

“What? No, I’m already late and I need to get there so Aizawa-”

“You are staying here for at least 30 minutes to rest,” Hizashi said as he began to drag the Pro Hero towards the sofa.

”Yamada I don't think-”

“I'd rather you rest before going on the road like this. Please, just stay for 30 minutes. It's not like I'm asking you to stay the whole day. You just need rest. What kind of tea would you like?" Hizashi asked firmly.

“You're persistent,” Yagi commented.

“Well, you need to take care of yourself. Now, what tea would you like?” Hizashi repeated himself sternly. Yagi caved in and sat down as he told him his favorite tea.

“Of course, you’d pick Earl Grey,” Hizashi laughed.

“What do you mean?” Yagi asked while slowly letting himself relax on the sofa.

“It’s very like you,” Hizashi grinned knowingly.

Yagi stared at him in confusion while Hizashi laughed.

“How are your cats doing? I know Young Midoriya enjoys spending time with them.”

“They’re all as healthy as ever. Though I’m jealous that Ace likes Izuku so much more than me,” Hizashi sighed dramatically.

Yagi laughed for a moment before accepting the tea from Hizashi with a smile, “Thank you. It smells delicious.”

As Yagi began to drink his tea, Nedzu came by. “Hello, Nedzu, what brings you here?” Hizashi asked.

“I wanted to check on Yagi, considering you were quite busy this morning.” He said while turning to stare at Yagi.

“I get that it's our job to help people, but you can't do it all Yagi,” Hizashi scolded. Yagi laughed nervously.

“Bad habit?” Yagi laughed off.

“Haha, very funny. But you need to be more responsible, Yagi.” Hizashi continued.

“Yeah, I know. I still have Aizawa to deal with later,” Yagi said nervously.

Hizashi laughed, “He is going to rip you apart.” Yagi groaned and Nedzu let out a small, devious giggle. Despite the rough morning, everything seemed to be peaceful.

“How long do you intend to rest?” Nedzu asked.

“I have to leave in 15 minutes,” Yagi said, realizing how much time passed.

“Yagi,” Hizashi warned.

“I agreed to stay for 30 minutes,” he protested. Hizashi really couldn't argue with that.

“Fair point,” Hizashi acknowledged.

“How is Midoriya's progress going?” Nedzu asked abruptly.

“He is making a lot of progress. He has been smiling more, becoming a little more social, and he now has friends!” Hizashi exclaimed excitedly.

“His memory hasn't had any improvement, his training is going better than expected, and his therapy sessions haven't changed much,” Yagi added.

“Hm, interesting,” Nedzu said with a gleam in his eyes. Hizashi didn't like Nedzu's tone or the look in his eyes.

“Why, wanted to check up on our Little Listener?” Hizashi asked.

“Well, I have been observing him. I have a small theory about him that could help us get more answers,” Nedzu answered.

“What are those theories, exactly?” Hizashi said, now feeling nervous and terrified on Izuku's behalf. Before they could go any farther, the door slammed open.

Hizashi was struck with fear when he saw Iida Tenya panting against the door, looking terrified. Then what he said made time stand still. “We are being attacked at USJ. There are villains at USJ and we need help!” Iida shouted, terrified he might have been too late.

Hizashi's thoughts went straight to his husband and Izuku. Izuku would be defenseless and his husband, at this very moment, was fighting to keep his kids safe. God, please don't let it be too late! These thoughts repeated themselves over and over in Hizashi’s head.

Today had been a lovely day, but it was also the day Hizashi received the most terrifying news.

Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

Aizawa waited impatiently for All Might. You'd think the number on Pro Hero would be more responsible but no he had to fight some villains before getting here. He get it was their job as heroes however All Might liked to do things himself. Not willing to trust others to do their job was a little annoying. Izuku was worried since All Might hadn't shown up and Aizawa was busy ranting to his husband. 

"Huh...Aizawa?" "Yes, Problem Child?" Aizawa said after getting off the phone. "Will I need to stay behind since Ya-I mean All Might isn't here." Izuku asked. He looked upset at the idea being behind but they did have an agreement. Then he remembered what his husband said, "We can't keep him locked up here forever. After all, the whole point of being frozen was to give him a better life right?" He knew he was right. 

Sheltering him wouldn't help at all. Plus Aizawa knew Hizashi would send Yagi as soon as possible. "You can still come but you follow every order I say. Understand?" Izuku nodded excitedly. "Good-" Aizawa was cut off as Izuku hugged. He stood there a little awkwardly before putting him on the head. "S-Sorry!" Izuku said, pulling away. Izuku then ran off to reunite with his friends. 

The bus ride was loud and Aizawa hated it. The only comfort he got was being in his sleeping bag and seeing Izuku so happy. He hated to admit how close he got with his Problem Child but he cared about him. Seeing him happy just made Aizawa happy. He wanted to protect Izuku and make sure he would never be harmed again. This was a feeling he had deep down and was never going to admit out loud. 

Hearing the students chat among themselves over meaningless gossip. The bus stopped and they entered USJ. Everyone was excited, Thirteen greeted Aizawa as the students talked with one another. "That's Thirteen right?" Izuku asked. "Yes it is! She is a rescue hero and that's the kind of hero I want to be." Uraraka explained. "I think it fits you well since your quirk could be really useful. Such as moving rubles that can't be physically picked up." Izuku started rumbling. 

"Alright settle down class. This Thirteen, she is a rescue hero some of you might have heard." Aizawa said. The class listened as Aizawa started his lecture. "Even in disasters you need to know how to handle this." Kirishima cut off Aizawa. "Wow, those villains look real! I didn't know they were a part of the course!" Kirishima said pointing. Aizawa turned to see what Kirishima was talking about. 

There was a large purple mist and villains were pouring out. There were two that stuck out, a blue-haired man with hands wrapped around his arms and face. Then there was a bird-man creature standing next to him with its brain showing out. "I-I thought we were just doing rescues?" Kirishima said. Aizawa put on his goggles, "This is real. Those are real villains." 

Aizawa used his scarf. "Thirteen protect the students. Thirteen here! That controls Midoriya's quirk suppressants. I trust you will make the right decision." He throws the remote to her. She was easily caught. "Aizawa! You can't fight them all on your own!" Izuku said as he ran over towards him. "Problem Child you stay here! Do you understand?" Aizawa asked. "I-" he hesitated. "Izuku don't argue with me. Listen to orders, got it?" Aizawa cut him off. He was straddled but nodded in agreement. Then Aizawa jumped into battle. 

"We have come here to kill All Might!" The blue-haired man shouted. Aizawa was quickly surrounded, he used his quirk and watched their confused reactions. Aizawa immediately started taking down villains, he just needed to take down as many as he could. Shit what the hell happened to the alarm?! It has to be someone's quirk , Aizawa thought. He was able to handle this. Somehow he was managing to handle the villains. 

Aizawa knew he couldn't do this too long. He can manage but he will ether get tired out or overwhelmed. Either way he is going to get screwed no matter what. "Eraser Head, I'd like to consider myself a huge fan of yours." The blue hair man said. Aizawa draw his attention to him. Shit he too close Aizawa thought as he cursed himself. "How rude of me, I am Shigaraki Tomura." He introduced himself. 

Aizawa had already taken care of more than enough villains. He faced them, all at once. He knew as a hero it is his job to fight these battles but he also needs to be smart. He knew he couldn't fight them all, not by himself. He just needed to stall a little longer, "Your quirk, it's quite interesting. How does it work?" Shigaraki rambled. 

Aizawa looked at the giant muscular bird thing just standing there. What is that?! Why is it or are they just standing there. "Ah, I figured it out. Your hair, it stands whenever you use your quirk. I get it now." Shigaraki concluded. He may be cocky but he is smart, Aizawa thought. "Well this is getting boring, I suppose I'll get rid of you myself." Shigaraki said. He reached out towards him, and Aizawa jumped back. They kept this dance around longer. 

However Aizawa slipped up, he felt it happen. God was it painful, he felt it. It was like it was being set on fire in slow motion. Aizawa instinctively grabbed his elbow, "I'm getting bored. Nomu kill him." Shigaraki said in a nonchalant tone. The giant bird thing moves, as if given permission to do something. Dammit...Hizashi is going to kill me for this later, Aizawa thought. 

It happened so fast. In a blink of an eye even but the pain felt like it was lasting for years. Feeling his arm snap like a twig, getting his head bash over and over again, and he could feel his body betraying him at times. He was fighting to just stay conscious while his body was trying to shut down from all the pain. His students need him; he can't pass out, not yet. Aizawa noticed he wasn't being bashed into the floor anymore. He opens them to see Shigaraki about to touch his student. 

He didn't even hesitate using his quirk. He could be his student and Izuku. The looks of pure terror was written in their faces. "You're...really cool Eraser Head." Shigaraki said. Aizawa refused to remove his glaze from Shigaraki. "I am here, sorry for being late." Hearing All Might's voice was enough for Aizawa to know they were going to be okay. Aizawa felt someone grab him and felt a weird sense take over his body. 

"Young Midoriya, you need to get out of here." All Might said. "No! N-No! I can...I can heal him! Aizawa please, please, please, be okay! I'm sorry, this is all my fault...I thought we...I thought..." Izuku ramble. Kid, please stop blaming yourself for things that aren't in your control , Aizawa thought. "Shouta! Izuku! Hey, hey, hey, we are here." Aizawa could hear his husband. He sounded like he was going to cry soon. "You're getting help just-just hold on! Everyone is safe, the kids are safe, you-you did an amazing job. Just-just focus on yourself." Hizashi said, holding his hands. Aizawa knew there was a conversation going on but he couldn't hear anything anymore. 

He couldn't make out what it was. He wanted to know what was happening but his body was betraying him. He felt it happening as his vision started to darken. He was consumed in the darkness hoping the fight was finally over.

Chapter Text

Izuku was having a good day, it was a great day actually. He thought his good day was going to be cut short when Yagi didn't show up. He thought he was going to be left behind but was thrilled when Aizawa allowed him to stay. Everything was going perfectly, he was busy mindlessly chatting with his friends. Getting to learn more about heroes' work. It was all honestly really fun. 

Izuku was having a lot of fun. It really was a good day. Aizawa was in the middle of lecture when they saw them. "Wow, those villains look real! I didn’t know they were a part of the course!" Kirishima said. Everyone turned to see the villains leaving a purple mist. "I-I thought we were just doing rescues?" Kirishima said. "This is real. Those are real villains." Aizawa said as he put on his goggles. 

Izuku froze as he was processing everything. The shock quickly wore off, panic took over the class. No one didn't know what to do. Izuku's attention was brought to Aizawa as he was preparing to fight. "Thirteen protect the students. Thirteen here! That controls Midoriya's quirk suppressants. I trust you will make the right decision." Aizawa threw the remote to Thirteen. She caught it easily and Izuku was terrified. "Aizawa! You can't fight them all on your own!" Izuku said, running towards Aizawa. "Problem Child you stay here! Do you understand?" Aizawa said. "I-" Izuku hesitated. "Izuku don't argue with me. Listen to orders, got it?" Aizawa cut him off. He was straddled but nodded in agreement.

Izuku watched as Aizawa jumped into the fight. Izuku instinctively ran towards him but Uraraka grabbed his arm. "Deku, it's not safe! You're not a hero or hero in-training and you can't reckless!" She said, Before Izuku could say anything the blue-haired man spoke. "We have come here to kill All Might!" He shouted. To kill Yagi? How would they even do that?! Izuku thought. 

"Ha! Like hell they can do that!" Kacchan Bakugou shouted. "Kids stay close to me! Do not engage unless needed! The alarms should be set off soon!" Thirteen said. Uraraka was dragging Izuku away, however Izuku's eyes were glued onto one person. Things? He really didn't know what it was. He knew it wasn't human. The bird-like creature was familiar. Izuku hated how familiar that thing was. He kept staring at the thing feeling guilty for some reason. 

"Midoriya you stay by my side no matter what. Do you understand?" Thirteen said. "Y-Yes I understand!" He said. "I think someone's quirk is blocking the alarms. It would explain why the alarms haven't gone off yet." Hitoshi pointed out. "Alright, we need to exit the building and alert the school as soon as possible." Thirteen instructed. The class nodded and started running towards the exit. 

"I am sorry but I can't let any of you leave." The purple mist said as he blocked the path. The purple mist was starting to surround them. Thirteen deactivated Izuku's quirk suppressants, Izuku didn't have enough time to process. Everything went dark, he couldn't breath. He didn't have a clue what was going on but just as sudden everything went dark, he was falling into a lake. 

I can't swim! Was the only thought that went through Izuku's head. The cold water hit him hard. At first he was floating a little, he was in control for a brief moment. Then he was losing control, he was sinking and fear started to kick in. He tried to swim up but he really didn't know how to swim. He was going to drown here. 

He felt something wrap around his waist. He flew out of the lake and onto a boat. He gasped for air as he was processing everything. "Sorry Midoriya!" Tsuyu said. "Th-Thank you Tsuyu!" Izuku said. "Call me Tsu! We are friends!" Tsuyu Tsu said. "Right! Sorry!" Izuku said. "Hey guys! A little help!" Shinsou said. Tsuyu Tsu helped Shinsou out of the water using her tongue. "You guys alright?" Shinsou asked. 

"Yeah, thanks to Tsuyu-" "Tsu! Call me Tsu!" "R-Right sorry!" Izuku stuttered. "Never mind that. Tsu, are there any more students in this area?" Shinsou said. "Nope, I searched the rest of the area. It only seems to be you and Midoriya but there are some villains around." Tsuyu Tsu informed me. "Well that's great ." Shinsou said sarcastically.

"S-So they separated us? Well they did a poor job..." Izuku muttered. "What do you mean?" Shinsou asked. "W-Well I'm assuming they separated us to make it easier to pick us off since they put villains with us. So why bring Tsuyu-I mean Tsu to a lake? They should've put her in a warmer or colder environment. Putting her in a lake would've been a poor judgement call." Izuku pointed out. 

"Actually you are right about that." Shinsou said. "So that means they really don't know anything about our quirks." Tsu said. "Yeah just because they are unaware doesn't mean they are going to be reckless either. Notice how they haven't approached the boat yet. They aren't going to understatement us." Shinsou said. "We still need to come up with a plan. Let's talk about our quirks so we can come up with a plan." Tsu said.

"Should I even use my quirk?" Izuku asked. They looked at him a little confused. "You guys will get a pass for using your quirks to defend yourself. I'm not allowed to use my quirk without Aizawa supervision." Izuku explained. "I think Aizawa will make an exception. How much control do you have of your quirk?" Shinsou asked. "I-I have some..." Izuku admitted. "Do you think it will be enough to help us?" Shinso asked. 

Izuku was terrified of using All for One. He knew if he took their quirks he would expose himself. However he also knows that they could die if he doesn't do anything. Yagi and Aizawa will hopefully understand. "Y-Yeah I have enough control." Izuku finally said. "Good now let's come with something." Shinsou said.

Chapter Text

"Y-Yeah I have enough control." Izuku said after a brief moment of silence. "Good now let's come with something." Shinsou said. "I'll go first!" Tsu said. They turned their attention to her. "Well my quirk is frog. Which is really self explanatory, I can do anything a frog can do. I can jump really far, I am a good swimmer, stretch my tongue, and sometimes I can release poison too!" Tsu explained. 

Shinsou hummed to himself. "Well I'm not sure how useful my quirk will be but my quirk is brainwashing. Basically I ask a question and the person that responds to me I can control them. The best I can do is make one of them attack each other. However I can only control one person." Shinsou explained.

"What about you Midoriya? What's your quirk?" Tsu asked. "It kinda works like a copy quirk. Basically I copied many quirks when I was younger and now I can still use them. It's kinda like saving them and using them later. I can still copy others' quirks but it affects the person I copy now. It makes the person immobile it only wears off when I stop copying the quirk. I can only stop copying the quirk when I touch the same person again." Izuku explained.

"Wow, that's actually a pretty powerful quirk, Deku." Tsu said. "Yeah it is. Thought about being a hero?" Shinsou asked genuinely. Izuku hated questions like this as it was still kinda weird to him. "N-Nope, I don't think I need any more excitement in my life." Izuku said. "Wait, why did your quirk change?" Tsu asked. "O-Oh I always needed to touch someone when I copied their quirk, however when I was younger I only needed to do it once. Now it doesn't seem I am able to do that anymore." Izuku said.

"I've heard of that happening." Shinsou said. Izuku was relieved that this story actually made sense. "Let's not focus on that right now. Is there a quirk that you use that can help us?" Tsu asked. "I-Well I uh, don't..." Izuku began but he stopped himself. "I can control water!" He said excitedly. Izuku didn't remember taking a water quirk but he knew he had one. 

"Wait really?!" Shinsou said. "Y-yeah I do. I have a plan...If you are willing to hear me out." Izuku said. "We are all ears." Tsu said. "Shinsou uses your brainwashing to distract the villains while I create a whirlpool so the villains will get sucked in it. Tsu can get us out of here and hopefully the whirlpool can tire out the villains." Izuku explained. 

"That seems like a solid plan to me." Shinsou said. "I agree." Tsu said. "Alright buy me some time then." Izuku said. Shinsou faces the villains. "About time!" One of the villains said. "Geez you'd these kids would be brave enough to face us." Another villain said. "Geez you'd think villains would have the guts to fight real heroes instead of a bunch of teenagers." Shinsou retorted. 

Izuku took a deep breath and focused. He thought about the body of the water they were in and tried to imagine moving the water. "Who the hell do you think you are talking to kid?!" Come on Izuku focus, move the water... "A bunch of cowards." Izuku instinctively moved his arms "Cowards huh?! Why don't you fight us yourself smartass!?" The water started moving slowly in a circular motion. "Why would I?" 

"You got this Deku!" Tsu whispered, encouraged to see it was working. "Come on you cocky bastard!" Make the water go faster Izuku. "I mean I'm not a coward. I mean come on. You guys are so scared of heroes. That you'd rather fight inexperienced teenagers. What does that say about you?" It was moving faster. Keep going! "Listen here you little-" The villain stopped talking. 

"How much longer Midoriya?" Shinsou whispered. "A...A little longer..." Izuku responded, he was completely unaware of difficult it was. Trying his best to keep his quirk under control while being stressed out turned out to be a lot harder than he thought. "Got it none of them noticed. We need to work faster." Shinsou said. Izuku nodded. 

"Now back to this. Fight that shark looking one." Shinsou said. The hypnotized villain followed Shinsou's orders and attacked. The other villains were very confused by this sudden change and tried to stop them. Izuku's was starting to get better control and making their whirlpool bigger and stronger. Luckily no one of them noticed yet. Tsu was getting ready, seeing their escape was going to work. 

The villains were having an all out brawl with one another. Luckily Shinsou didn't need to antagonize them any more. Izuku allowed the whirlpool to take over and basically consume all the villains. Tsu wrapped her tongue around Izuku's waist, he grabbed Shinsou's hand, and she jumped off the boat. 

Shinsou was able to swim on his own while Tsu was helping Izuku. They swam to the edge of the lake to see a fight. Izuku felt his blood turn cold. His eyes were glued to the scene. He watched helplessly, he wanted to run in and help but couldn't. He knew he couldn't since Aizawa would kill him. But how could he just stand there and watch?

Watching the blood covering his face, as that thing breaks his arm, and just watching knowing he can put an end to it all. Izuku knew he could stop it, he did it before and he can do it again. He just needs to get closer.

Izuku only was snitched out of his thoughts when a hand reached out to touch Tsu's face.

Chapter Text

No, no, no, please no! I had gotten rid of them! I swear I did! B-But there is one...Right there...How?! Did he figure it out?! N-No this can't be possible! I need to get rid of it! I-It's going to kill Aizawa!

"We are getting closer to perfecting it, Izuku." 

N-No this is wrong...

The Nomu bashed Aizawa's head on the floor. 

"With your help it will be perfect."

I don't want any part of it!

The Nomu proceeds to break Aizawa's arm.

"We are going to do great things with our discovery."

I want nothing to be a part of this! 

They broke Aizawa's other arm

"Let's try again Izuku. This time the Nomu will survive longer..." 

T-The Nomu...I-No, that's impossible. My father is dead. He is dead. Yagi killed him, he is dead. Gone. He died, he can't hurt again. Aizawa wouldn't let him get hurt (He is getting hurt because of him). Yamada would keep him safe (He would hate for letting Aizawa get hurt). Yagi wouldn't get rid of him, right?

Izuku snapped out of his head when saw the hand reach out towards Tsu. Fear froze him in his place. They froze as he touched Tsu's face, Izuku waited for the quirk to take effect but nothing happened. Izuku looked at Aizawa. His eyes were glowing, small parts of his hair were floating, and the pure rage and determination was written all over his face. 

"You're...really cool Eraser Head." he said, turning his attention away from them. "Master Shigaraki, one of the students, managed to escape. The Pros will be coming soon."  The purple mist said as it appeared. "That-That is unfair!" Shigaraki shouted. He began to rant and Izuku slowly tried to back away with his friends. 

"Well if this is how the game is going to end I'm going to kill a few of these brats. A gift for the heroes." Shigaraki said, reaching over to them. Izuku without thinking grabbed Shigaraki's wrist slowly taking his quirk. The look of pure shock as Shigaraki stared at Izuku. As if he knew what he was doing. 

Izuku stopped taking his quirk and a loud bang came from the entrance. "I am here, sorry for being late." Yagi said. Izuku had seen Yagi's other form but this was the first time he saw it in person. He ran towards them, he got to Aizawa and Izuku grabbed Shinsou and Tsu's hand to teleport closer to him. 

Izuku immediately went to heal Aizawa. He can't die, please don't die! "Young Midoriya, you need to get out of here." Yagi said wanting them to get out of the battle. "No! N-No! I can...I can heal him! Aizawa please, please, please, be okay! I'm sorry, this is all my fault...I thought we...I thought..." Izuku rambled as he started to heal him. Izuku didn't even know he could heal someone but that wasn't important right now. 

"Heal him somewhere else please! It's not safe here." Yagi pleaded. Izuku nodded first he teleported Aizawa away first then teleported Shinsou and Tsu away as well. When he came to heal Aizawa, he started to feel dizzy and realized that he was using a lot of his energy. It didn't matter that he needed to heal Aizawa, he had to. "Shouta! Izuku! Hey, hey, hey, we are here." Yamada shouted, running towards them. "Yamada! I-I'm healing! I swear I can keep him-" Izuku started. 

"Izuku stop! How long have you been using your quirk?" Yamada asked. "That doesn't matter I-" Before Izuku could continue Yamada removed Izuku from Aizawa. "Izuku please. It's going to be okay. I swear." Yamada said but Izuku still wanted to heal Aizawa as much as he could. "Kid please..." Yamada pleaded, Izuku was tiring himself out and allowed himself to stop fighting.

Yamada went over to husband, holding his hand confronting him. He was speaking to him but Izuku couldn't hear them. Soon Aizawa was getting medical attention and the fight was over. Izuku wasn't even aware of his surroundings anymore. He felt so disconnected with everything. Yamada tapped on Izuku's shoulder. 

He stared at Yamada before hugging him tightly. He started to break down crying, Yamada hugged him back. He needed to let it all out. 

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I am so-so sorry!"

It's all my fault, please forgive me! I'm sorry!

"Izuku sweetie please don't cry. It's not your fault, none of this is your fault. No one is mad at you..."





Chapter Text

Toshinori never felt more disappointed in himself than he did right now. He has had missions that have failed and he has to deal with the aftermath of that. He learned a long time ago the aftermath was always messy. Even when a mission goes well, but when they fail, it's worse. However this was different. 

It might have been that Toshinori cares about Aizawa and Izuku or maybe knowing he could've prevented Aizawa's injuries if he was there. Guilt had been eating him up for these past three days. It was also difficult watching Izuku fall apart. He had been a mess after the attack.

He hasn't been taking proper care of himself since the attack. He was refusing to eat, sleep, and refuse to leave Aizawa. He would keep apologizing to Yamada and Toshinori about the attack. Even after they told him multiple times there was no need to, he still kept apologizing. He was convinced that it was somehow his fault.

Hizashi was carrying a tray for him and Izuku. However today he was determined to get him to eat today. He had to or else Shouta would kill him. He entered the room and it was a disappearing sight. It has been a depressing few days. Hizashi hadn't felt this lonely in a long time, not since Oboro. Shouta is still alive, Hizashi thought to himself. 

"Hey Little Listener. I brought something for you to eat." Hizashi said, trying to cheer him up. Izuku was sitting at the end of the bed staring at Aizawa, refusing to take his eyes off of him. "Thanks Yamada but I'm not hungry." Izuku said. "Izuku, please." Hizashi pleaded. 

"I'm really not hungry." Izuku repeated himself. He sighed and put the trays down. He pulled a chair next to Izuku and sat next to him. "Izuku I know this has been hard for you but you need to take care of yourself." Hizashi said. Izuku didn't move or react, Hizashi placed his hand on shoulder. "Please look at me." Hizashi pleaded.

He didn't expect Izuku to actually look at him. Seeing how exhausted he was broke his heart. "How can you even look at me right now?" he asked. "Izuku, I am not mad at you. There is no possible way this is related to you." Hizashi said. "But it is! I...I recognize Nomu..." Izuku confesses. He froze, what did that even mean? He recognizes it, so does that mean his father was involved...that is impossible though. Yagi he... Hizashi was snapped out of his head seeing Izuku start to cry. 

No wonder he has been blaming himself. If he recognized the Nomu then that would mean it would have something to do with All for One, Hizashi was mentally cursing himself out. "Why didn't you tell us sooner?" Hizashi said genitally. "I...I was scared that I would get in trouble." He confessed. Hizashi hugged Izuku, "Izuku, we aren't going to blame you for anything that happened to you. You were a kid, you still are a kid, it's not your fault." Hizashi said and Izuku started to break down. 

It was a struggle to convince Izuku to get some sleep and to eat but Hizashi somehow managed to do it. He went to look for Yagi and found him very quickly. "Yamada what are you doing here?" Yagi asked. "Hey Yagi, I managed to get Izuku to finally eat and sleep." Hizashi said. "Good, what's wrong then? Did something happen to Aizawa?" he asked. 

"It's Izuku...He recognizes Nomu." Hizashi said. Yagi's shock and horror was obvious and Hizashi sat down letting him process. "I just want to know this...Is there a possibility that All for One is still alive?" He asked. Yagi stretched his head while pacing, Hizashi watched waiting patiently. "I was sure I killed him in our last battle. However with this attack and Izuku being able to recognize the Nomu I will need to investigate to give a clear answer." Yagi said. "So you're unclear?" Hizashi said. Yagi nodded and Hizashi let out a long sigh. 

"We need answers as soon as possible." Hizashi said. "We will but right now you need to be with your husband and Izuku. They will need you." Yagi said. Hizashi nodded, "How are you holding up?" Yagi asked. Hizashi let out a cold laugh. "I am managing." He said coldly. "I am sorry for- '' Yagi began before Hizashi cut him off. "Don't blame yourself Yagi. We should be grateful that everyone came out alive." Hizashi said. "No need to sulk now, for now. Right now let's just focus on the positives." he continued. Yagi smiled and nodded in agreement. 

Hizashi went to check on Izuku. He was still asleep, good he needs it. Then he went to see his husband. He sat next to him, looking at his mummified husband. "I know you were just protecting them. You did a great job but you scared the hell out of me. You are never going to hear the end of it to understand?" He spoke to unconscious husband. He waited as if expecting a response. He grabbed his hand, squeezed it a little tightly, and gave a small kiss to it. "Wake up soon, Shouta. I miss you." 


How did that brat do it? Tomura sat in the bar deep in his head. He is just a background character, not even in their class...So how could he have done that? Tomura cursed to himself trying to figure it all out. Was it just a weird side effect of an eraser quirk? That makes sense but I don't know the answer. He teleported Eraser Head and his friends away too. He was also healing Eraser Head. No, there was some more with that brat.  He isn't a side character. Tomura concluded. 

"Don't be discouraged by this. You will face many failures and successful missions. This is just one of those failures." His master said. Tomura didn't respond to his master as he normally would. He was debating on how to bring this brat up. "What is wrong Tomura? You seem distracted." His master asked concerningly. Might as well bite the bullet.

"You know how there is a kid in Class 1A under the hero's protection?" Tomura said. "Yes, our source assured us he wasn't a threat. Were they wrong?" his master asked, slightly upset at the source. "No, I don't think they're wrong. More so unaware. Thanks to the heroes..." Tomura said before continuing, "He struck me as odd. His quirk was...Interesting." "Well what did he do Tomura?" he asked. 

"He has more than one quirk. Some kind of healing quirk, a teleporting quirk, and a quirk that take someone's quirk." Tomura finally said. "W...What?" His master was stunned by what he had just said. "Yes, he almost took my quirk but didn't. I am sure that was what he was trying to do. I am going base off what you have told me." Tomura continued. "Tomura what did this boy look like?" his master said. 

"Green hair, green eyes, had freckles, and he had a round face." Tomoura said. "That...That is impossible. He is still alive?" His master said speaking more to himself. Tomura was now confused. "Who is he? How do you know him?" Tomura asked somewhat demandingly. "We will need to get his name soon as possible. I believe you ran son." All for One said. Tomura saw red for a moment. Just a moment though.

He wanted to yell and scream however hearing how surprised his master sounded kept him grounded. "Your son?" He repeated. "Y-Yes...When quirks first started showing up. When I had my quirk I had a family at the time. A wife and a son. My son also had my quirk. My wife put up a difficult fight keeping him from me but I did have with me until he escaped. After I...dealt with my wife I searched for him but never found him. I thought he was dead as the years passed. I never thought my wife would've found a way to keep him alive after all these years." 

Tomura listened to his master. Feeling sorry that his master thought he had lost his son. "But now, if there is a chance he is alive...Do not worry about him Tomura I will take care of him." All for One said. "Will you need my help at all?" Tomura asked. "I will let you know if I need your assistance." He said. 

All for One quickly ended the call soon after. His head was spinning, he couldn't believe it. Izuku was alive and he was going to bring him home. "Dr. Kyudai..." All for One called. He came over as soon as he was called. "Yes sir? What do you need?" he asked. "I need you to make a new Nomu. A very specific one." All for One said. "Yes sir, what will this Nomu be doing?" 

"I need this Nomu to capture someone specifically."

Chapter Text

Fucking hell, what the fuck happened?! Shouta thought as he felt a ridiculous amount of pain. He tried to open his eyes and to his surprise he couldn’t open them. "What the…?" Shouta began before he heard some scoffing. "Aizawa! It's okay you have bandages on!" Izuku said in a panic. "Izuku relax, we don’t want to overwhelm him." Hizashi said. He heard more scoffing. "S-Sorry!" "Don’t apologize Izuku you got excited. Everyone is safe Shouta only you and Thirteen were extremely injured. So, welcome back to the land of the living Shouta." Hizashi halfheartedly jokes. 

"It's nice to be back I guess." Shouta said sarcastically. "I can heal you if you’re in more pain!" Izuku said. "No, you still need more rest before using any of your quirks." Hizashi scolded. "but I can-" "I said no Izuku. Until you get full rest you are not allowed to use any of quirks okay?" Hizashi said. Izuku sighed and Shouta felt Hizashi grab his hand. "Healing? Izuku you have a healing quirk?" Shouta asked. "Y-yeah I also found out I have water manipulation quirk too." Izuku added. 

"Well it looks like we will need to add that to our training." Shouta said. "Hey Izuku how about you go get more rest." Hizashi suggested. "You said I can be here when Aizawa wakes up." He said. Hizashi sighed, "Alright but only if you promise to get some rest." "D-Deal!" Izuku said. Shoura felt another set of hands on his other hand. 

"Problem Child you haven't been resting?" Shouta asked. "I-Uh..." he hesitated. "Don't worry about that Shouta. You should focus on yourself right. We should discuss the condition you are in." Hizashi said. Shouta groaned in response. "Just tell me when I can leave so I can go back to work." Shouta said. "Aizawa you can't work in this state!" Izuku said. "I will be fine. How long Hizashi?" Shouta said getting back to the point. 

"Not going to tell you. Anyways your injuries, your arms were broken, you had a few broken ribs, and a broken skull as well." Hizashi said. "Has my quirk been affected in any way?" Shouta asked. "If you mean it's been damaged, it's not as bad as I thought it would." Izuku said suddenly. Shouta was a little surprised to hear from Izuku since there would be no reason for him to know his medical status. 

"You really need to explore that more." Hizashi commented. "Y-Yeah I will work on it too..." Izuku said sheepishly. "Explore what?" Shouta said a little annoyed to be left out. "Izuku can 'read' quirks. Basically he can tell how strong someone's quirk is." Hizashi explained. "Anyways, your quirk is fine, it just won't as long." Hizashi getting back to topic. 

"I see, well its not as bad as I thought it would be." Shouta said. "Yeah, Izuku I think its time you go get rest." Hizashi said. "But I want to-" "Please just for a while." Hizashi instead. Izuku held Shouta's hand tightly and loosened his grip. "O-Okay..." Izuku said. He let Shouta's hand go and Hizashi let his hand go and excoriated him out of the room. Shouta sat in silence processing everything he had learned. 

He heard his husband come back into the room. He grabbed his hand and heard a loud sigh. "You scared the hell out of me." Hizashi scolded. "I'm sorry-" "Don't start that right now. I get it's our job but still. Seeing you like that...'' Hizashi trailed off. "We learned something about the villains." Hizashi finally said. 

Shouta was mentally preparing himself for the worst case. "We think All for One is still alive." Hizashi said. Okay so he wasn't prepared for that. "What?" Was the only thing Shouta could say. "I know, we still aren't clear and-" Hizashi was cut off, "How?! Yagi told us he is dead! Does Izuku know!? What are you going to do!?" Shouta started to fire questions. 

Why the hell is Izuku still here?! He was at the attack and needed to be somewhere safe and- "Shouta, I know this is a lot but I need you level headed." Hizashi snapped Shouta out of his head. "S-Sorry...What are we going to do?" Shouta asked, they needed a plan to keep Izuku safe. Anything would be fine, they just needed a plan. 

"Right now we upped security at the hospital. Luckily no one is questioning since there are a lot of Pros here. When we plan to move Izuku back to UA we have a disguise ready for him. We are also considering keeping in UA only and he needs to be with a licensed hero 24/7." Hizashi explained. 

"Hizashi, it sounds like we are keeping him in prison." Shouta pointed out. "I don't like it either Shouta." Hizashi said. Shouta sighed, Geez universe can't give this kid a break can you? Shouta could only sit and curse at whatever god was out there. Izuku had been through enough, the least that could happen to him was for his abusive-poor-excuse of a father who was actually dead. The possibility that he was even alive...

Aizawa felt two things about this idea. On one hand his heart broke for Izuku now having to worry that his dad was still alive. On the other hand he wanted to find the bastard and kill himself. Despite the urge to go looking for him he was smart enough to like hell he could even accomplish that. "Fucking hell...Hizashi..." Aizawa said. "I know Shou...I know." Hizashi said as he held his husband's hand.

Hizashi sat next to him, Shouta leaned on him needing the comfort, "Don't forget yourself Shouta. You went through a lot too." Hizashi pointed out. "I won't, it's not like you will let me." Shouta half-joked. "Are you joking?" Hizashi teased. "Don't start now." Shouta groaned. "Aw come on! Let me have this!" Hizashi said as he carefully wrapped his arm around Shouta. "Hey careful, I still have ribs that just got repaired." Shouta scolded. 

Hizashi laughed which made Aizawa feel a lot better after the conversation they had. As the laughter died down there was a moment of silence. "Hey, we will get through this." Hizashi said, breaking the silence. "Like we always have." Shouta said. Hizashi chuckled, leaned closer, and gave him a light kiss on the cheek. "I can't kiss you yet but this will do." Hizashi said. 

Aizawa was thankful his face was bandaged as he could swear his face was red as a tomato. Hizashi however probably knew, it was always easy to make Shouta flustered. "I love you Shou..." Hizashi said. "I love you too." Shouta responded.

Chapter Text

Izuku hates sleeping. Wow what a surprise! To literally no one's surprise. There was a bit of a downside however when someone hate's sleeping, they try to avoid it. Oh boy did Izuku avoid sleeping like it was the plague. He would do anything to avoid sleeping. 

You'd think Aizawa had a terrible sleep schedule, Izuku was basically trying to beat Aizawa. He was winning by a long shot. Can you honestly blame him? Izuku had been asleep for about 300 years and now whenever he fell asleep he was reliving his horrible life. The worst part was he could never remember his nightmares yet it drove him crazy. Being able to relive his life but never remember it.

It drives him a little nuts. So in order to keep his sanity he just was trying to avoid sleeping. It wasn't difficult but it was Yamada and Aizawa that made it difficult. They wanted him to get proper rest but Izuku was having none of it. It was basically a fight in the morning whenever Izuku stayed up all night. 

However, ever since USJ, Izuku has been trying his best to listen to them. He didn't want to burden them anymore then he already did so he sucked it up. It's just now they were staying with him more. It was weird, he was used to them leaving and them coming back in the morning. However, they stayed more and more. It was freaking him out a little.

They would start asking him more and more about his nights. He would always deflect their questioning and would just flat out ignore them. Not wanting to worry them, it was just better not to say anything. Tonight was no different. "Good night." Izuku said after finishing another movie night. "Good night Little Listener," Yamada said. "Hey Problem Child, if you have a rough night. You can come get us okay?" Aizawa said. 

"I-I will." Izuku lied. There was a moment of silence before he said, "Alright Problem Child. Night." Aizawa said. Izuku went to his room and went to sleep. Izuku lay down as his thoughts slowly drifted away. His eyes grew heavy and he fell asleep. 


Izuku waited for his nightmare to begin. He waited, waited, and waited...Why wasn't the dreaming starting? Izuku looked around and realized he was somewhere else. A completely different place then he is used to. Where was he?

"Izuku?" A familiar voice said from a distance. Izuku turned around and froze. What? How? "Izuku…" His uncle said, staring at his nephew. Izuku stared right back at his uncle. Yoichi, how was he here? Was this all in his head? "Y—Yoichi…?" were the only words that came out of Izuku’s mouth. 

The two still didn't move, still progressing one and other. The shock was wearing off and Izuku jumped right into his uncle's arm. Yoichi reacted by hugging him tightly. "Are you…Is this really you?" Izuku asked not to be convinced this was real. "Y-Yes! It's me, I am real, I swear!" He cried.

He looked at his nephew's face. Tears of joys were running down his face. Izuku somehow knew this really was his uncle. Izuku started to cry and hugged his uncle. "Yoichi, it's really you!" "Yes, yes it is me." Yoichi said. "I—I miss you so much! I have been so alone and I don't know what to do and I'm sorry—" Izuku started to ramble.

"Sorry? Sorry for what? I should be apologizing to you. I should've looked for you. I am sorry for not looking. I should've done more for you and your mother." Yoichi said. "You did the best you could! You know we would never be mad at you!" Izuku said. The two chuckled on the insanity of everything. "Where are we?" Izuku asked. "I do not know the answer either." Yoichi said.

"Yoichi, I don't know what to do." Izuku said. "What do you mean?" Yoichi asked. "I don't know how to handle my new life! I finally was getting used to this life but no matter how hard I try my past keeps coming back." Izuku explained. "Izuku, they say to leave the past behind you but that's not always the case. Sometimes you need to face your past in order to move on." Yoichi said. 

Izuku listened and wondered how he was going to accomplish that. "You don't have to do this today. You should take your time. You face your demons when you are ready." Yoichi said. "Do you think mom is proud of me?" Izuku asked. Yoichi smiled as he fixed Izuku's hair. "Of course she is proud of you. You are here and trying to start your new life. She would just be so proud that you are even here." Yoichi said. 

Izuku started to cry again. Yoichi hugged him again. "I missed you too, Izuku. I'm sorry again for not saving you and your mother." Yoichi repeated himself. "I missed you two Yoichi." Izuku said. Something was going on, the place started to look blurry. "Yoichi?" Izuku asked. "I think you are waking up." Yoichi pointed out. "What?! So soon! No please not yet! I want to stay longer!" Izuku said as he held onto his uncle. 

Not now, he wanted to stay just a little longer. He wanted to be with his family. "Don't worry Izuku. We will see each other soon. I know we will." Yoichi said. Everything was starting to fade away. Izuku wasn't ready not yet. "Izuku, listen, I am proud of you. Please take care of yourself." Was the last thing Yoichi said to him.


Izuku woke up with tears in his eyes. He searched his bedroom realizing he was awake. Izuku curled up in a ball and just cried. It felt like hours when he finally decided to get up. He went downstairs and was a little surprised to see Aizawa and Yamada weren't there.

Izuku didn't want to dwell on it. He simply went to the bathroom to get himself ready for the day. He realized how much of a mess he looked in the mirror. He brushed it off, really not wanting to deal with it. "Little Listener you up?" Yamada shouted. "Yeah I'm up!" Izuku shouted. 

He left the bathroom to see Yamada in the kitchen cooking and Aizawa was in his sleeping bag. "Wow you look like worse then Shouta!" Yamada jokes. Izuku shrugged and Aizawa reached out to a shopping bag. "Here." Aizawa tossed a green sleeping bag to Izuku. "What's this for?" Izuku asked. 

"In case you need to rest, you can sleep in it." Aizawa said. "I really don't-" Izuku was cut off. "Really don't care, I'm tired." Aizawa said. He fell on the ground due to his exhaustion. Izuku heard Yamada laugh at her husband. Izuku stared at his sleeping bag. He thought what the hell?

Izuku grabbed it, put it on, and sat next to Aizawa. Aizawa sat up and Izuku used him as a human pillow. He quickly fell asleep and Aizawa watched him peacefully fall asleep. Hiccup fell asleep right next to Aizawa and Ace wanted to get Izuku's attention. Yamada came from the kitchen to watch them rest together.

Chapter Text

About a month had passed after USJ. Izuku hadn't been in class for the whole month as he was busy helping to heal Aizawa as much as he could. However, thanks to Aizawa's eagerness they got back to class a lot sooner. Yamda and Izuku are trying to convince Aizawa to rest. They were failing miserably but they were still determined. 

"Deku!" Everyone screamed on their first day back. Izuku was tackled by Uraraka. Everyone was surrounding him and asking him about a million questions. "Alright everyone back off. He just got back here, give him some room to breathe." Shinsou said. "Th-Thanks Shinsou..." Izuku said. 

Everyone backed off and Aizawa groaned. "Enough brats." Aizawa scolded. "Sensei shouldn't you be resting?!" Iida asked. "Yes he should." Izuku said coldly. "I have rested anyways. I'm sure you students are aware of this but, the Sports Festival is coming up-" The class erupted into cheering. 

Izuku sat there really unsure why this was such a big deal. "Alright, alright calm down. This Festival is very important as you will be able to take internships and you will be learning from real pro-heroes. So take this seriously." Aizawa said. Everyone nodded in excitement. 

Izuku smiled at their excitement. Once class was over Izuku went to hang out with Uraraka, Shinsou, Iida, and Tsu. "Hey Deku! Aren't you excited?" Uraraka said. "For?" Izuku asked. "For the Sports Festival." Tsu said. "Uh...Not really..." Izuku confesses.

"Really?" Shinsou asked not to believe him. "I, uh...Never knew about the Sports Festival until recently...Kinda hard to be excited over something you don't much about." Izuku said. "You never watched the Sports Festival?" Uraraka said. "Yeah..." Izuku sheepishly said. 

"We should show you some previous Festivals then!" Tsu said. "Yes I think that would be fun!" Uraraka said. Izuku giggled, and decided why not. As the months passed everyone was training more and tensions were high to say the least. Izuku enjoyed watching everyone and past Festivals. 

Aizawa and Yamada have been busy working their butts off for the Festival. Izuku helped out as much as he could. Even though he tried to help out he was more so pushed to the sidelines. A little annoying but he understood, so he spent more time with his friends and the Big Three. 


The Sports Festival was happening and tensions were high. Everyone was excited, nervous, and stressed out. "You guys will do great!" Izuku encouraged Uraraka and Shinsou. "Well that's easy for you to see. You're not competing." Shinsou pointed out. 

"The encouragement might help you in the competition." Iida said. "We should get going, the festival is about to start." Tsu. Izuku waved them a goodbye and went inside to watch 1-A inside. Aizawa and Yamada wanted Izuku stay even more hidden now that it might be possible that his father was still alive. 

Izuku hated being hidden away. He felt locked away but with more freedom. He really couldn’t complain. At least he knew he was going to be safe. It just was a little annoying to deal with. 

Izuku however pushed his feelings aside as the Sports Festival just started. Izuku watched excitedly as they began. They started the race, oh boy was it intense. Izuku had no idea they took this very seriously. 

Izuku watched Todoroki create an ice wall to pass through while blocking everyone. Izuku cheered on as Shinsou was able to use his scarf to swing past everyone and Kacchan Baukgou was using his explosion to reach Todoroki. 

Izuku was nervous as he watched Todoroki and Kacchan Bakugou were neck to neck. However Todoroki won. Everyone cheered as Todoroki took first place, Kacchan Bakugou took second, and Shinsou (surprising everyone) took third place thanks to a few explosions he used as a way to launch himself.

The Calvary task was also a joy to watch. Izuku couldn’t help but be excited watching all these quirks in action. Everyone was able to use their quirks in creative ways and Izuku wanted to watch and learn about them. He was writing his notes and the poor notebook ended up full by the end of the time the Calvary task ended. 

Todoroki got the most points and managed to keep them from getting stolen. Shinsou managed to rake up a lot more points thanks to the help of Uraraka, Tokoyami, and Tenya. Soon after everyone came back and Izuku went to congratulate them.

"You guys were awesome! I couldn't believe it!" Izuku said as everyone came back. "Aw thanks bro! We only just started though!" Kirishima said. "Still I have never seen such creative ways someone used their quirks!" Izuku said. He started to ramble which some found a little annoying but good luck telling him to shut up if Uraraka's there.

"Shinsou you were very amazing! You learned how to use your environment around you to your advantage. It was amazing!" Izuku complimented. "Whatever…" Shinsou said dismissively. "What's wrong?" Uraraka chimes in. "You like what I did was some big special move. I didn’t even use my quirk." Shinsou explained

"Why would that matter?" Izuku asked. Shinsou scoffed at him. "Why would that matter? Everyone wants to see a big flashy quirk and no one would ever want to route for the kid with the villain quirk." Shinsou said. This pissed off Izuku to say the least. "Really?" Izuku said with clear annoyance. Shinsou was taken aback by this since no one had ever seen Izuku annoyed before.

"Shinsou, your quirk is truly amazing. If you think your quirk is a villain's quirk I could argue everyone's quirk is a villain's quirk. Shinsou I have met villains before, trust me when I say you are far from one. A quirk doesn’t define what kind of person you are, your actions do." Izuku explained. Both Uraraka and Shinsou stood there in shock. This was the first time Izuku mentioned anything about his past.

USJ could've been what Izuku was referencing but they knew better. It was clear Izuku had met real villains before. I mean they knew this since Izuku was being held in the UA after all but to actually hear it from him was different. "Midoriya I…" Shinsou really didn't know what to say. He was literally left speechless. 

"Aw Deku…" Uraraka started but she quickly changed what she was going to say. "Deku's right Shinsou!" "Yeah he is. After all, you helped save us back at USJ. If it wasn't for you I don't know how we could've gotten out of there in one piece." Tsu chime in. Shinsou couldn't help but feel touched by this. To have real friends tell him he wasn't a villain but a hero really just hit him. 

"T-Thanks…I really don't know what to say…" Shinsou sheepishly admitted. "Group hug!" Uraraka shouted. Tsu, Izuku, and Uraraka tackled the poor guy before he had a chance to escape. However he wasn’t really bothered by it. It was nice to have real friends.

Chapter Text

Now Izuku had tried talking to Todoroki in the past. After all he helped when he was having a panic attack however Todoroki was difficult to talk to. In this sense Todoroki seems to avoid people at all costs. Izuku really wanted to be at least friendly with Todoroki but it was clear that wasn't going to happen so he wasn't going to push it…Until now.

After Izuku's pet-talk with Shinsou he knew the battles were about to begin. Izuku got lost trying to head back to the break room he was in. It was separate from the other students so he could be away from everyone else. Izuku found himself extremely lost trying to get back, that's when he heard them.

"What the hell do you want Half-n-Half!?" Kacchan Bakugou said. "I wanted to speak to you Bakugou." Todoroki said. Izuku froze in his place. "Well spit it out already!" Kacchan Bakugou shouted. "Have you ever heard of quirk marriage before?" He asked.

Izuku listened in horror as Todoroki told his whole life story. He felt sorry for him and did even relate to him in a strange way. Having a father that only cared for their quirks and used them to their advantage. Hearing Todoroki talk about his quirk as if it wasn't his was driving Izuku nuts. 

Todoroki's quirk was powerful and he hadn't even stretched the surface of his own quirk yet. There was much to his quirk yet he was limiting himself for what? To "Win" one over his father? He wasn't winning, he was letting his father win by allowing him to have control over his quirk.

Izuku's blood was boiling the more and more he thought about it. What was annoying was why was it bothering him so much? Izuku was never so furious that he didn't realize he teleported into the break room. Which was good since he would've been caught. So Izuku was pacing around the room trying to let it go.

It wasn't his business. It was literally none of his business so he really needs to let it go. After all, who is he to go into someone else's business? He just needs to let it go. Alright Izuku so let it go. In...







No screw that! Izuku left the room without thinking. The more and more he thought about Todoroki, he just got really pissed off. He didn't know how he found him. Izuku was guessing it was another quirk but that really wasn't important. Izuku slammed the door open. Todoroki looked up a little stunned as the door slammed open.

"Midoriya? Can I help you?" He asked. "You are an idiot." He blurted. Todoroki was taken aback by Izuku's bluntness and anger. "Excuse me?" Todoroki said. "You heard me. You are an idiot. Your logic is flawed and the fact that you are trying to 'win' one over your father is failing." Izuku said. 

"You heard everything?" Todorki said. "Yes but that's not important. What is important is that you are an idiot." Izuku repeated himself. "How am I an idiot?" Todoroki said a little annoyed with Izuku. "Not my fault you are." Izuku stated. "Really? Care to explain then?" Todoroki challenged. 

"Because you think you are 'winning' or proving a point by not using your quirk to its full penitential. Because of what? You want to prove to your shitty father that you are better than him? Guess what? It won't work if you hold yourself back. You are letting him still have this control over you. He is still 'winning' because you are allowing him to control your quirk." Izuku ranted. 

Todoroki was listening in stunned silence. He finally gathered his thoughts. "Midoriya understands this. I won't use my father's quirk I-" Todoroki was cut off by Izuku groaning in frustration. "Do you get it?! It's your quirk. It's your power, isn’t it?! It isn't your power because you are letting him control you. Todoroki your quirk is beautiful, more beautiful than you know. When you fully accept your quirk you will be more powerful than you ever could've known." Izuku said. 

Todoroki stared at Izuku. Progressing his words and trying to gather his thoughts. He felt Izuku grab his hands and he brought his attention to him once again. "You helped me out on my first day here. I just...just wanted to return the favor because I know you will be better and better then your father." Izuku said. 

Todoroki never thought he would ever be this speechless yet here he was. Too stunned to say anything. Izuku was starting to realize what he had just done and admittedly teleported out of the room. Todoroki reached out to stop Izuku but it was too late. He was gone.

Chapter Text

Todoroki stood there in the room processing everything that just happened. Midoriya just stormed in the room, called him out yelled at him, then left. Nothing else to stay just left him standing there like an idiot.

After processing everything Midoriya said to him he couldn’t help but be angry with him. Who was he to tell him off like that? What right did he have to come here yell at him and not have the decency to face his backlash? Shouto’s blood was boiling. He needed to calm down, he was about to face a match and he couldn’t be worked up. 

Then his father showed up. Bad enough he was in a bad mood, his father was zero help. He faced Sero in his first match. He froze half the stadium. He was trying to keep his emotions in check, he was failing miserably. 

He kept repeating Midoriya’s words. He was almost over analyzing every single word and detail. He wanted to understand why he said that. Was he right? No, he can’t be. What did he know? 

He knew nothing, he didn’t know anything about him. So why?! Why say that to him? Maybe he have point. Todoroki was soon called in, his match with Bakugou was starting. Focus, prove him wrong. Time to prove his father wrong. 

The two boys stood in the Arena. Their match was about to begin. Todoroki shot an ice wall towards Bakugou, "What the hell is this?! Still holding back Half n' Half?!" Baukgou shouted. Todoroki ignored.

"You are an idiot."

Why now? Focus on the battle. Bakugou easily destroyed the wall. "Come on! Don't hold back now!" Bakugou shouted. He is another and even bigger ice wall.

"You heard me. You are an idiot. Your logic is flawed and the fact that you are trying to 'win' one over your father is failing."

Bakugou blasted that ice wall.

"Because you think you are 'winning' or proving a point by not using your quirk to its full penitential. Because of what?

"Aw what's wrong?! Still gotta prove point to your fucking dad?!" 

You want to prove to your shitty father that you are better than him? Guess what? It won't work if you hold yourself back.

Todoroki created another ice wall. His arm started to freeze, he was over using his quirk.

You are letting him still have this control over you. He is still 'winning' because you are allowing him to control your quirk." 

"This is starting to get old Half n' Half! Come on you coward! Fight me!"

"Do you get it?!

Todoroki felt his arm warm up.

It's your quirk.

A small flame started.

It's your power, isn’t it?!

Bakugou fired a large explosion towards him. He used an ice wall to block the attack then he used his fire quirk to attack Bakugou.

Chapter Text

Izuku watched in amazement as Todoroki started using his fire quirk.l He cheered Todoroki on. He didn't care if he won, he was happy to see Todoroki embracing his power. It was truly beautiful to see. His flames were bright, beautiful, and graceful just like Todoroki himself. Izuku was mesmerized by them.

Watching the fight was beautiful. Something that Izuku didn't realize until now. Quirks were beautiful. The rest of the fight Todoroki went all out. He didn't hold back neither did Bakugou. The fight however was getting intense so Cementoss and Kayama put a stop to the battle. Todoroki flew out of the arena therefore, Bakugou won the round. 

However Bakugou was furious with his win so UA had to chain him up. Izuku went to reunite with his friends. The realization of what he did and said Todoroki started to kick in. Now he was feeling like a merge jerk and felt guilty for how he acted when he was talking to him. As he reunited with his friends they talked excitedly about their fights.

Shinsou was surprised at how far he made it through the matches. He was beaten by Tokoyami but that was rather far for him. Uraraka was reliving her battle and pleaded that Bakugou didn't go easy on her even though Izuku was concerned for her, she didn't care. She was just happy to lose in a fair fight. Tenya was complaining about his battle with Hatsume. Tsu and Izuku listened to them complain. 

However Izuku was overthinking his conversation with Todoroki so it was difficult to listen to them. "Is everything alright Midoriya?" Iida asked. "I uh, well...I was thinking of a conversation I had earlier. I'm pretty sure I was a big jerk throughout the whole conversation!" Izuku said. "Well who were you talking to?" Iida asked. 

Izuku explained his conversation with Todoroki, he left out Todoroki's personal life as he explained him basically yelling at Todoroki. "Well it sounds like you might have overstepped but I think your words might have actually helped him." Tenya said. "You really think that?" Izuku asked. "Did you see him fight?!" Uraraka said. 

"Yeah but-" Izuku was cut off by Shinsou. "I agree with Iida. You did over step however I think it helped. Sometimes you need to be yelled at to get the point across." Uraraka nodded in agreement, Izuku felt a little better. Tsu tapped on Izuku's shoulder, turned in response, and pointed at Todoroki standing there. He jumped straddled to see him. 

"Midoriya can I speak to you?" Todoroki asked. Everyone turned to Izuku, he nodded in response, slightly embarrassed by his reaction. "We will see you later Deku!" Uraraka said as everyone left them. Izuku faced Todoroki with his stoic expression. "I'm sorry for what I said and how I behave! I had no right to say all that stuff you and I-" 

Before Izuku could finish, Todoroki spoke. "I'm not mad at you...I actually wanted to thank you!" Izuku stood there a little stunned. "I-You were right. I was letting my hatred for my father come from my full potential. So thank you." Todoroki said. There was a long moment of silence. Izuku could sense that Todoroki wanted to say something else. "Uh...You're welcome?" Izuku said wanting to leave since it was getting too awkward for him. 

Todoroki grabbed his wrist. "I-I...Sorry, I am not good at this..." Todoroki confesses. "I want to be friends with you...And your friends." He continued. Izuku smiled at Todoroki. "I am not good at making friends either." Izuku said. Todoroki finally let go of Izuku's wrist. "I would love for us to be friends." Izuku said and Todoroki couldn't help but smile.

Chapter Text

Iida Tenya was proud of his family and friends. He inspired to be a hero like his brother. He knew he was lucky and was blessed on how fortunate he was. Tenya never took it for granted. He couldn't be any happy with his life. Then it all changed. All after one phone call. 

After leaving Midoriya to have his conversation with Todoroki he got a phone call. He left to answer the phone call. It was his mother. She told him of his brother's attack. He was soon allowed to leave UA to be by his brother's side. It was agonizing to wait for his brother's health.

Soon they learned that his brother would be alive but he would be paralyze. Meaning he would have to retire sooner. Tenya never felt more rage in his life. It was an injustice. It was all because of one person. One person did this to his brother. The Hero Killer. 


Everyone in 1A was excited for their one week training. Izuku may have been excited on his friends behalf but he was worried about Iida. He had been acting differently ever since the Sports Festival. He didn't just notice it, he could feel it. He noticed he could feel a lot of things now. He could feel everyone's emotions, it was weird.

Whenever his friends were feeling any strong emotions he could feel it. He felt Uraraka's happiness, Todoroki's discomfort, Shinsou's exhaustion, and Iida's anger. Izuku tried talking to Iida about it but he avoided whenever he brought it up. It was extremely difficult for Izuku. 

He wanted to help him but Iida wanted none of it. A part of Izuku wanted to butt in but another part of him figured it wasn't worth it. Izuku was conflicted so he ran to the Big Three for help. 

Izuku knew he could turn to Yamada and Aizawa whenever he needed help. They helped him out a lot however when it came to struggling to fit in, with his self-esteem, and self image. That being said they can't help out when it comes to his problems with his friends.

It's not that they can't help him, it's just that it was awkward to ask for help from them. They would be a bit too overprotective with him and sometimes be a bit defensive. This was due to how his first day went. Now even though Aizawa instead that he wasn't upset with them which was true he was just more defensive of Izuku. Yamada was the same if not worse, he was very protective of Izuku and tended to come up with the worst case scenario. 

So the Big Three were his next best option, they helped him out. Plus they weren't so protective of him. It was honestly refreshing, Izuku went on a search for them. After trying for a while he decided to call them which was always a challenge for him. Ashido was helping him but he was still learning.

It was extremely simple yet complicated for him since he didn't have a phone. A little annoying but oh well. He dialed Toogata number's in the phone. Well he failed the first try but got it the second time. "Hello!" Toogata said. "Hey Toogata I- '' Izuku started but Toogata cut him off. "We will be there in five! See ya!" Toogata said before hanging up. 

Izuku stood there in stunned silence before The Big Three showed up at his doorstep. "H-Hey, how did you know-" Izuku said as Hadou went to give him a hug. "You never call unless it's emergency!" Hadou pointed out. "What's wrong? Is everything alright?" Toogata asked. "I need help with my friend." Izuku said. 

Izuku started to explain his need, wanting to help with Iida. They listened to him and pondered on how to help him. "Well his brother being attacked must be really hard on him. It's really sweet of you Izu wanting to help him. It actually helps him out since he is going through a rough time right now." Hadou said.

"However he might want space to deal with everything." Amajiki countered. Izuku took in their points not knowing where he could find the middle ground. "How about you offer a chance to talk to him?" Toogata said. "Yes I have! Every time I have he ignores me and I don't know what else to do!" Izuku said. "Did you offer to talk any time?" Toogata asked. "I-Uh..." Izuku thought about it.

He only ever just wanted to talk to Iida on the spot and now thinking about it he really didn't offer other options. "Sometime Midoriya people want options so they can think things through. Especially something like this. Iida might not be ready to talk to you now but let him know you will be there for him when he is ready." Toogata explained. 

Izuku thought about it. "Wise words from Toogata!" Hadou cheered. "They were really sweet words, Mirio." Amajiki said as he held his hand. "Thank you so much...For everything." Izuku said he felt grateful for them. "Aw anytime! How about we make cookies?" Hadou offered. Izuku excitedly agreed as the two rushed to the kitchen Toogata and Amajiki stayed behind. 

They soon after joined them to bake some cookies.

Chapter Text

1A was about to leave for one week for training. Izuku was hanging out with his friends before they were leaving. He was trying to get a moment with Tenya one more time before leaving. "Sorry we won't be able to come visit you Deku." Uraraka said before they were leaving. "Aw, it's okay Uraraka! You guys have fun and I hope you guys learn something!" Izuku said. 

"Are you sure you are going to be okay with mentoring with your dad?" Izuku asked Todoroki in a whisper. "As much as I hate the idea, I need to train my fire quirk. He is my only way to get better training. I appreciate you checking on me Midoriya. I'll be fine." Todoroki insisted. Izuku sighed, trusting him.

"Well training under our homeroom teacher will be fun..." Shinsou said. He was convinced that Izuku had a part in this. While he did mention Shinsou to Aizawa however he didn't convince him to mentor Shinsou. "You'll do great! I-Uh be right back!" Izuku said as he rushed over to Iida. "Iida I need to talk to you! Please..." Izuku nearly shouted. He jumped up but seeing everyone draw their attention to them. 

"Well, let's talk Midoriya." Iida said, leading somewhere a little more private. "Look, I just wanted to apologize." Izuku started. Iida perked up hearing him. "I am sorry for pestering you and I haven't been a helpful friend. So I am sorry I just want you to know that you can come talk to me. Whenever you are ready." Izuku said. 

Iida gave a small smile. "Thank you Midoriya. I am also sorry for brushing you off and being rude." Iida said. The two hugged as Izuku could feel Iida appreciation he could still feel his rage. The two reunited with their friends and continued hanging out before they had to say their goodbyes.

"Don't worry about me! Just go focus on training!" Izuku repeated to Uraraka. "Aw alright! I'm calling you!" Uraraka said. "Thanks Uraraka. "Oh please call me Ochako! No need to be so formal!" Uraraka Ochako said. "I...Uh okay!" Izuku said. He waved his friends goodbye as they left. Izuku was getting ready to say goodbye to Aizawa and Yamada. This was the first time in months they wouldn't be spending the night with him. 

He was a little upset but also excited. He was hoping this would help them relax little, they really haven't ever since USJ. "Remember we will be coming in every morning and-" Yamada continued and Aizawa finally stopped him. "It's only a week Yamada. Relax. We will be, Problem Child is going to be in UA safe and sound." "I know! I know, just worry about you." Yamada said checking Izuku again. 

"I will be fine, please you guys will be fine." Izuku said again. Later on that day they left. The first day was fine, it was actually great! Second night was just the same. Third night however was different. Izuku could feel it, it was actually building up but Izuku was ignoring it. Rage, it was Iida's rage building up. Tonight it was going to explode, he knew it. 

He was particularly mentally pleading with Iida to not do anything stupid. He could almost see it, there was an attack so there was a lot of adrenaline. Iida was supposed to follow orders but Iida knew this was his chance. Tenya no! Suddenly he was in an alley and there was blood. He was standing there as he licked the blood off of the knife. He turned his attention to Tenya. There he was, the Hero Killer. 

"Tenya!" Izuku jumped up out of bed. He needed to help him! He needed to get to Hosu.

Chapter Text

Tenya needs help! Izuku's head was running wild while trying to focus. He needed to help him but he couldn't leave UA! It was too risky. Think! Think! Think! Aizawa! Yamada! Izuku ran out of his room to call them. He struggled dialing the number but he managed. One problem, they weren't picking up. 

Why now?! Izuku was in a complete state of panic. He needed to help Iida, things weren't going to plan, and Tenya was in danger! Izuku was pacing around wanting to do something. What can he do? He needed to do something. 

He checked his cuffs, he was allowed to his quirks. Okay think about this, Aizawa and Yamada are going to be furious with him but Tenya needed him more right now. He will regret it later. Izuku needed to figure out where Tenya was. Just focus on Tenya. 

Focus, focus on Tenya. He was on the ground beaten, stabbed, and was about to be killed. Focus on his surroundings. He is in a small alleyway, painting the buildings around him, the ground, and getting to him. NOW! 

It happened all so fast. Granted Izuku was running on adrenaline but that didn't matter. He punched the villain away from Tenya, he noticed another hero there too. "Tenya! Are you two alright?! Hey sir, let me help you! You're bleeding pretty badly." Izuku ran over to the other hero if he remembered correctly this hero was Native? He focused on healing just enough the stab wound wouldn't be severe. 

"Midoriya! What are you doing here?! Get out of here!" Tenya shouted. "I am not leaving you both here to die! Can you get up?" Izuku asked Native. "N-No I can't, it's his quirk." He said Izuku was very confused about who he was referring to. "Who the hell are you?"

There was his answer. The villain stood there pissed off. "Midoriya run!" Tenya ordered. "I am not leaving you both behind!" Izuku shouted. He knew he had no chance in hell surviving this. He wished some had backup, someone like Todoroki .


Shouto was helping his father deal with the Nomu's. Why were there so many? What kind of attack the League is planning? Shouto had many questions but focused on the task on hand. However he felt a pull, it was like a rope was wrapped around him and it was leading him to somewhere. Weirdly enough Shouto wanted to follow it. 

"Shouto where are you going?!" His father shouted at him. "I need to go somewhere. I will text you a location. Come when you finish up here!" He shouted as he followed this imaginary rope. "Shouto!" He heard his father shout for him but he ignored it.

He needed to focus on the rope. It was really important that he followed the rope. He just knew at the end of the rope he was needed.


"Midoriya run! It's not safe for you!" Tenya repeated himself. "I already told you I'm not leaving anyone behind!" Izuku shouted back. "Kid get out of here! That's the Hero Killer, Stain!" Native shouted. "Who? Also that name couldn't be any more obvious?!" Izuku criticized. "How the hell did you get here brat?!" Hero Killer shouted as he threw a knife towards Izuku. 

Izuku quickly dodged it and was mentally thanking Aizawa for his training. "Look kid, this has nothing to do with scram." Stain said. "I am not leaving them behind!" Izuku said. He was a little surprised by his sudden confidence. That was thanks to the pure adrenaline he was running on and how dire the situation was. 

"Aw think you are a hero huh?" He threw two knives towards Native and Tenya. Izuku increased his speed to grab them. He luckily caught them in time. "I don't give a damn about being a hero! I'm protecting them from you!" Izuku stated. He noticed Tenya was starting to cry. 

"Really?" Stain questioned as he moves in for another attack. Izuku again dodged that attack, trying to understand his quirk. He keeps trying to attack me with a knife so he needs to cut? Why? Both Tenya and Native had stab wounds.So he needs to cut someone for their blood? "You really want to protect them both huh?" Stain said impressively. Okay not Izuku was ticked off.

"Of course I do! I'm not going to leave them here to die!" Izuku was horrified by the idea of leaving them behind. "Are you training to be a hero?" Stain asked. Izuku stood there in pure confusion. "No, not really." Izuku answered, not sure on why he did. Stain took that opportunity to attack Izuku again. He felt the cut, panic took over as Stain proceeded to lick the blood. 

Izuku was paralyze, literally. He was actually paralyzed. So that's why he needs to cut someone, if he licks their blood he can paralyze them. Does blood type matter? "I won't kill you. You are a true hero. A hero like All Might. I'll spare you, you have a lot of potential in being the greatest hero." Stain said.

"Leave him, leave them both alone!" Tenya shouted. "Oh right, I forgot about you." Stain said as he walked over to Tenya. "What kind of hero are you? You only fought me out of revenge, even forgot about our injured hero here." Stain pointed to Native, "Now your friend is here being a better hero than you." Tenya may have been in fear but he knew that he needed to save Midoriya.

"Let my friend save Native and do what you want with me." Tenya offered. "Iida what?! No!" Izuku interrupted. "How noble of you..." Stain taunted as he raised his knife. Izuku fought, wanting to help. A bright warmth hit Izuku, well actually hit Stain. The blast of fire was hitting Stain and its source is Todoroki. 

"Todoroki!" Iida and Midoriya shouted. "Iida? MIDORIYA!" Todoroki freaked out seeing Midoriya there. "How many of you brats are there!?" Stain shouted. "Todoroki don't let him lick your blood! You'll be paralyzed and I think different blood types might affect how long you remain paralyze." Izuku explained. 

"Not a bad kid." Stain praised. "I was right about the blood type?! I was just guessing!" Izuku shouted. "Midoriya focus! We need to get everyone out of here! You're not even supposed to be out of UA!" Todoroki shouted as he was fighting Stain. Izuku watched slightly terrified and realized how much he hated being paralyze.

Izuku was soon able to move again. He ran over to help Todoroki. "Midoriya no! You'll get hurt and-" Izuku cut him off. "We need to work together with all three of us!" Izuku said, seeing Tenya start to get up. "I-I can't, my leg is injured and I already failed as a hero. I-" Izuku really wasn't having it. "Tenya I know you are probably going through an existential crisis right now. That's great all but now if not the time!" Izuku snapped. Why was this situation so familiar to him? He'll worry about that later.

"Iida you are our class vice president! Right now we need someone to help us and lead us!" Todoroki shouted. Izuku was using different quirks to deal with Stain. Tenya stood up, "Alright what's the plan?" Tenya said with a little more spirit. "Great! We need to overwhelm him!" Izuku said.


It was a difficult battle but they managed to beat him. Endeavor showing up also helped. Izuku was injured pretty badly actually.  He had a minor stab wound, sprained his ankle, and Izuku was pretty sure he had a broken rib. Todoroki was helping Izuku walk. "You were so reckless." Todoroki scolded, he already yelled at him when they realized he sprain ankle. 

"You already yelled at me...Do you really need to continue?" Izuku complained. "Well you shouldn't be here in the first place. Aizawa is going to be furious with you." Todoroki reminded him. Izuku groaned and responded. "Shouto who's this?" His father asked. 

Before Todoroki could answer he felt Izuku get ripped out of his arms. Izuku barely had enough time to process what happened as a wing Nomu grabbed him. The pure fear that took over him was overwhelming. This was familiar to him, it was just like when his father kidnap him the first time. 

Izuku panicked, realizing he was being taken. Just as he thought it was too late, Nomu fell on the ground and he crawled away from Nomu. He stared at Hero Killer as he had just saved his life.

Chapter Text

Hizashi felt like he was working overtime. The Nomu attack was terrifying to deal with. The more popular heroes were dealing with the bigger attacks. Hizashi was making sure all the citizens were safe. His area was clear and was on his way to help someone else. 

He felt his phone ringing and quickly checked it. It was Endeavor? Okay weird, this must be important if he is calling me. "Well hello! To what do I owe the honor for Japan's top 2 hero to be calling me?" Hizashi light hardheartedly asked. "It's your son." Endeavor nearly growled. "Uh, my who?" Hizashi repeated. 

"I told you he isn't his son!" He heard Todoroki shout at his father. "Shouto not now!" Endeavor shouted back. "You son," Endeavor repeated himself. "I, uh, don't have a son." Hizashi clarified. "Then how is this green hair, green eye, freckled face boy that keeps asking to call you." OH MY GOD HE DOES HAVE MY SON!


"How do you play a part in moments like this?" Shinsou asked. The Nomu attack was big and right now Shouta and Shinsou were playing citizens out through the chaos. "We help citizens through the chaos. Every hero plays their part, the heroes with stronger quirks handle the strong villains, other heroes will do damage control, and we help citizens get to safety so they can remain calm throughout the event." Shouta explained. 

"You really think that?" Shinsou asked. "What are we doing right now?" Shouta sarcastically responded. "Touche." Shinsou said. The two continued and Shouta really liked Shinsou and he really reminded him of his younger self and...His phone was ringing, he checked it, and was a bit confused. Hizashi? Why is he calling me now?

"Hey Hizashi, what's wrong?" Shouta asked. There was incomprehensible yelling for a good five minutes. Shouta had to keep the phone far from his ear so he wouldn't go deaf. After Hizashi finally calms down, "Let's try this again. What's wrong but speak like a human please." Shouta said calmly. "Our son is in the hospital and he might get arrested for vigilantism!" Hizashi explained. "Our son..? Hizashi we don't have a son-Wait, WHAT IZUKU DID WHAT!?" 


Izuku sat in bed waiting for disaster to come. "Do not worry Midoriya, I will take full responsibility for everything."Tenya Iida reassured. "I-I mean Iida, I still need to take responsibility for leaving UA." Izuku pointed out. "Please call me Tenya, I think we are past Iida.." Tenya said. Izuku smiled at him but still couldn't help but be terrified. 

Whenever Izuku got in trouble his punishments were extreme to say the least. He knew in reality Aizawa and Yamada would never hurt him. Not like how his father did but, the fear was still there. "Are you alright Midoriya?" Tenya asked. "You're shaking." He pointed out as he noticed Izuku shaking. "Y-Yeah I'm fine! It's just, I'm used to getting extreme punishments...Old habits die hard I guess?" Izuku said. 

There was a moment of silence before someone spoke. "So Midoriya, did your quirk make me come to you?" Todoroki asked. Izuku looked up. "Y-Yeah, it's a part of my quirk that I am still working on." He explained. "You have a pretty powerful quirk if what Shinsou told me is true." Todoroki said. Izuku smiled and nodded. There was a knock on the door and the three boys turned their attention to the door. 

It opened with  detective Tsukauchi, the chief of police, and Aizawa and Yamada waiting by the door. Izuku knew who Tsukauchi was, a friend of Yagi's. It was first time actually seeing him. He along with the chief explained how they could get away with a slap on the wrist. Todoroki was upset with the idea of his father taking all the credit. Tenya and Izuku stopped the chief from jumping so everything went well.

Soon after Izuku was facing the music. Aizawa was glaring at Izuku the whole time. Yamada was also glaring at him but it wasn't as bad as Aizawa. Izuku was avoiding eye contact from both of them. When the Chief and Tsukauchi soon left, Aizawa and Yamada stayed behind. "Todoroki, Iida, please leave us." Yamada said. 

Izuku tensed up and both Todoroki and Tenya stood up. "It was my fault that Midoriya came!" Iida started. "Midoriya saved Iida's life!" Todoroki defended him. "That's great, now leave. We will handle this." Aizawa said. "But-" They started again. "Kids, we just want to talk to Midoriya. I promise everything is going to be okay." Yamada assured them. 

It took a while to convince them but they left. There was a very long moment of silence. Izuku was about to say something when Yamada ran to hug him. He was in tears before saying, "You worried me so much!" Yamada cried. "What were you thinking?!" Aizawa started. Izuku flinched when Aizawa raised his voice. 

Yamada sighed and Aizawa took a deep breath in. "Do you have any idea how much danger you were in? You could've been greatly injured, or worse someone else could've lost their life. I know you wanted to save Iida. I'm happy you all made it out safe but that doesn't mean you can be reckless.

For god sake Izuku, a Nomu grabbed you!" Aizawa stressed. Yamada's grip tightened around Izuku. Aizawa sat down and hugged Izuku. "You're-You're not mad?" Izuku asked. "Mad? Oh, we are beyond furious." Yamada said. "Yeah, you are grounded." Aizawa clarified. "You're gonna bury me in the ground?!" Izuku asked, terrified. 

"What?! No! It just means we are taking some of your privileges." Yamada said alerted by this response. "Did you really think we would go to that much of an extreme?" Aizawa questioned. "I have never been grounded before...Not like this before." Izuku pointed out. They sighed, "He has a point." Yamada agreed. 

Izuku chuckled a little and Aizawa pulled them both closer as they held each other. This was a lot easier than Izuku thought. He likes this a lot more.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki was a lot of things. He is stronger, born with a powerful quirk, smart, and has the full potential to become the number 1 hero in Japan. So what if he was loud, rude, or was considered annoying? Doesn't matter, he knew he was on top. UA was just different. 

Everything about UA was different. The people, the teachers, and the students were all different. However there was one thing that bothered Katsuki. Actually they were something that everyone was ignoring. That fucking broccoli hair boy, Deku, Midoriya, whatever the fuck his name is. 

Why the fuck was everyone acting so fucking normal around him? Okay, I know it sounds fucked up. It was clear Deku had a fucked up life otherwise he wouldn't be in UA's protection. Katsuki wasn't going to ignore that, however there was something about Deku that was off.

Like he was ripped out of another world and trying desperately to hide that. It was difficult to describe. He didn't know much about any modern thing, almost everything was foreign to him, and he just wasn't right. Katsuki didn't know how else to explain it. "Aw come on bro! Don't you think you are reading a bit too much into it?" Kirishima asked after Katsuki ranted to him. 

"No I am not Shitty Hair!" Katsuki retorted. "I think you are reading too much into it." Raccoon Eyes stated. Katsuki rolled his eyes as the other two nodded in agreement. "He's kinda like an innocent puppy." Dunce Face said. "How the hell did I get stuck with you guys again?" Katsuki asked himself. "You love us! We are...the Baku-Squad!" Raccoon Eyes said.

"Yeah, we are the Baku-Squad and there is the Deku-Squad! I like it!" Shitty Hair encouraged. "We are not calling ourselves that." Katsuki said. "TOO LATE!!" Dunce Face shouted. This is fucking great , Katsuki bitterly thought. "Aye the Deku squad is finally here!" Dunce Face shouted. The "Deku-Squad" was just Half and Half, Four Eyes, and fucking Deku. 

"Hey guys!" Round Cheeks greeted and their group went to talk. Watching everyone act so normal around just bothered him. Why didn't anyone else find him weird? "Hey Deku, we'll be visiting! Bakugou wanna come?" Raccoon Eyes asked. "I have better shit to do." Katsuki said. "Aw its alright Kacchan doesn't have to come." Deku said.

"The fuck did you just call me?!" Katsuki snapped. "What are you talking about Kacchan-I MEAN BAKUGOU!!" Deku quickly realized his mistake and how screwed he was. "Who the fuck do think you are!?!" Katsuki shouted. 

Dekuy flinched in response to the yelling. "Hey buddy, fuck off!" Pink cheeks shouted back. "No! I don't get how you extras are just accepting him!" Katsuki snapped. "So what?! Why do you have a problem with him?!" Uraraka challenged. "There is something off about him!" Katsuki said. 

"Back off buddy. He just lives here sue him." Mindfuck defended. "Oh come on! None of you are actually that naive are you?!" Katsuki questioned. "G-Guys it's fine! I'm sorry I just made a mistake-" Deku started to apologize. 

That just pissed off Katsuki even more. "Enough of the yelling." Aizawa said over all of them. Sensing the tension "Bakugou, go see Principal Nedzu. You need to cool off." Katsuki left without another word. He only had one bitter thought. 

I'm going to get to the bottom of this. No matter. Deku what...

Chapter Text

"What an asshole!" Ochako cursed. As class ended Izuku was trying (and failing miserably) to calm her down. "Don't get worked up over him. He isn't worth it." Shinsou said. "While I don't agree with the aggressive approach, I do agree with Shinsou." Iida said. 

"Guys you didn't need to do that. It was my fault and-" Izuku went on before Todoroki cut him off. "He overacted, just because you called him a nickname. Not to mention it was a completely inappropriate reaction." 

No one should be yelled at over a mistake. Especially someone as kind as Midoriya.  

Izuku stared at Todoroki, slightly blushing. "Do you...?" Izuku asked. "Something wrong?" Todoroki asked and Izuku realized how close they were. He blushed even more and quickly backed away. "U-Uh nothing! I thought you said something!" Izuku stuttered. Okay that is weird...

That kept happening a lot. Izuku was sure someone said something but they never did. Izuku was exhausted by the time he got back to the dorms. Aizawa and Yamada were making dinner. The dorms were a lot more quiet now since he was grounded meaning no friends over. 

I know he needs to learn but it is a little upsetting to see him by himself.

The next exams for each students need a pair so I need to-

"Can you guys be a little more quiet? I had a long day." Izuku said. They turned towards Izuku and turned to each other. "We didn't say anything?" Yamada answered. "Then what?! I've been hearing everyone's thoughts today?!" Izuku asked in frustration. "That could be it actually." Aizawa pointed out. 

"Wait what?" Izuku asked. "Well we still haven't discussed all the new quirks you have discovered."  Yamada said as he finished copping up some peppers. "Yeah we should actually talk about them." Aizawa agreed after he washed his hands. The two came over to Izuku. 

"W-Well, I have discovered I have a water controlling quirk, another quirk that helps me understand someone else's emotions, and I think I have been hearing everyone's thoughts." Izuku explained. "Water quirk, empathy quirk, and mind reading quirk. Interesting." Aizawa said. "How did you discover them?" Yamada asked. 

"Water quirk was during...USJ, well the other two kinda came after the sports festival." Izuku said. "Water quirk kicked in when you were panicked. The empathy quirk I am guessing it kicked in when you were trying to understand Iida's emotion." Aizawa theorized. "Y-Yeah actually." Izuku said. 

"I'm taking a shot in the dark." Yamada started. "I think your quirks kick in the current state you are mentally. Water quirk only kicked in when you were in a state of panic, the empathy quirk kicked in when you wanted to help out and understand Iida's feeling, and I am guessing the mind reading quirk only kicked in to help you have a better understanding of everyone's emotions." Yamada explained. 

"That's a good theory, we should start training these new quirks." Aizawa said. Izuku groaned in response. "We will need to talk to Nedzu about this. Actually I have been meaning to talk to him for a while." Aizawa said. "Can you ask him something for me?" Izuku asked. "Sure what is it?" Aizawa asked as the two adults went back to focus on dinner. 

"How far did you come along to search for my mom? He said he would help me. It's just been a well." Izuku asked. Which he quickly regretted as he felt a wave of rage hit him from the married couple. "Are-are you guys okay?" Izuku hesitated. "We are fine . Let's just get back to dinner." Yamada insisted. 

We need to talk to that rat-god, little pest. 

Izuku turned to Aizawa and was mentally apologizing to Nedzu as he was pretty sure he just sentenced him to a death sentence.

Chapter Text

Now there is nothing wrong with what Nedzu was doing for Izuku. It was actually a sweet gesture. On the surface, however, if you knew that damn rat at all you would know he doesn't just do stuff. Sure he might be sympathetic and even be nice. However most of the time there was something to gain in his end. 

Aizawa and Yamada knew this fact all too well. They knew Nedzu always liked to gain something from someone. Sure he did many wonderful things for others but they were experiments. No, not the fucked kid of being stripped to a table more so, he watches you. Watch everything about you, document it all, and get results. Results that might never make sense to anyone but Nedzu. 

Izuku was no exception. As much as he felt sympathy for him, in fact he related to him in many ways. However Nedzu love results at the end of the day. Someone like Izuku, was something no one had ever seen. Not only was born with agreeably the most quirk but he was from a completely different era of time. 

Izuku was always an experiment. He loved watching Izuku settle into his new life, use his quirk, and his behavior and reactions to everything. Aizawa and Yamada were painfully aware of this. So hearing Nedzu was helping look for Izuku's mother was sending alarm bells in their heads. 

So when the married couple busted through the door Nedzu just smiled at them. "Well hello! We are not due for another update on Young Midoriya. What brings you in?" Nedzu asked innocently. "Cut the bullshit, what the hell is wrong with?!" Aizawa shouted. 

"Shouta, sweetie let me handle this." Yamada said. Aizawa backed away and Yamada stepped forward. "Listen here you little rat-god. We know you do a lot for hero society and we are all grateful. Truly we are, but we aren't idiots. So what do you gain from messing with our son?" Yamada said calmly. Even though he was calm Nedzu could see the threat and was slightly terrified. 

"Hizashi, Izuku isn't our son." Aizawa pointed out. "Not now Shouta." Yamada scowled. Aizawa backed off, figuring it was the best move to not piss off his husband. "I haven't done a thing!" Nedzu said. The couple turned their attention back to the rat. "Bullshit!" The couple shouted at him. 

"Why would you promise to find his mother? What do you gain from it?" Aizawa questioned. Nedzu took a sip of his tea while still having his creepy smile. "To learn more about the past." He answered. "You can do that on your own time, why bring Izuku involved?" Aizawa pointed out. 

"He will be useful for helping me learn more about the past and his past." Nedzu said. "Quit the vague terms and get to the point! Plus how would you even be able to do that? Izuku doesn't even remember his life." Yamada stated. In response Nedzu just sipped his tea and smiled at them. 

"Fine don't tell us but I swear if you hurt in any way-"

"Oh goodness never! I would never harm Izuku in such a way."

"Nedzu we know how you are." 

"Have a little more faith in me."

The couple stared at Nedzu debating if it was wise to leave Nedzu alone with this. "I swear Young Midoriya my research won't be hurt but my research will bring him in soon." Nedzu said. The two looked at each other. They knew they couldn't stop Nedzu but they sure as hell weren't going to let this hurt Izuku. They left making a promise that if Nedzu went too far, he was going to pay for it.

Chapter Text

Did Shouta and Hizashi care about Izuku? Yes, they did. They cared about him a lot. Kid has been through hell and deserves something good in his life. They cared deeply about him. Were they protective of him? Yes but they just want to help him. That's it, nothing deeper. They don't see him as a son, totally don't...So here are some few times Shouta and Hizashi offer Izuku as their son. 

It was a joke at first. Hizashi found it a little funny at first, Shouta didn't. Hizashi was busy discussing some plans for Izuku with Nemuri. "I think taking him to the mall would be fun. Last time we went to buy him some clothes. So I was thinking we should first take him to-Nemuri. Are you even listening?" Hizashi asked, slightly annoyed.

"No, no, no I am listening! It's just..." Nemuri teased. "Out with it already. Shouta said annoyingly. "Well I found it so funny how you two treat Izuku." Nemuri teased. "Wait, what do you mean?" Hizashi asked. "Yeah, I am not following." Aizawa said. She started to laugh at them and the other staff chuckled too, even Yagi. 

"What are you talking about?!" Hizashi asked, a little more annoyed now. "Yamada, Aizawa, I mean this in the nicest way. You treat Young Midoriya like your son." Yagi pointed out. Hizashi and Shouta stared at the staff in pure confusion. "I mean come on! If Yagi was able to pick that up, do you have any idea how the rest of us felt!" Nemuri teased.

What followed suit was a lot protesting, laughing, and some yelling for good measure. "Come don't deny it! You see him as your son, it's cute!" Nemuri insisted. "Kayama..." Shouta hissed at her. "Our job is to watch him and make sure he is safe. That's it, plus I think it would be pretty rude." Shouta said. 

"Oh relax! I'm just teasing you!" Nemuri insisted. "But I am not wrong!" She shouted as she left. Shouta rolled eyes, and Hizashi just sighed. "Ignore her Shouta. She is just trying to mess with you." Hizashi said to his husband. Shouta and Hizashi just let it go and decided it wasn't worth it. 

However the couple would be proven that Nemuri was right. A joke before Stain happened. After Izuku decided to fight, Stain then ended up arrested. The couple were in a bit of a predicament when they realized they both referred to Izuku as their son. They swear to never say anything about it to anyone else. 

One big problem, it kept happening. Nemuri picked it up a little too quickly. She got Hizashi first, it was a little more tricky to get Shouta but she accomplished it. Nemuri is a clever bastard and she loves to mess with her best friends. With Hizashi she merely caught him off guard. Shouta just needed to be really exhausted. 


The two were out doing some shopping. "So what are you planning to make today?" Nemuri asked. "Well I'm not sure yet. I want to make something new. Just need to figure out what to make." Hizashi rambled, prefect. "Really? I am guessing you want your son to try something new?" Nemuri asked innocently. 

"Yes, don't get me wrong he loves what we make him but I also want to try more stuff. Izuku just needs to try more things, you know? I have a pretty good idea what he looks like and-Why are you looking at me like that?" Hizashi asked. "Oh nothing, just that you knew I was talking about when I called him 'your son' interesting." Nemuri teased. 

"I-No you didn't." Hizashi denied. "Yes I did." Nemuri insisted. Hizashi blushed in embarrassment. "Should I just print out the adoption papers already?" She teased. "Nemuri was evil!" Hizashi shouted at her. She covered her ears and started laughing. "I am taking that as a yes!" She shouted over him and the two were kicked out for causing disruptions.


Shouta was a tricky bastard. Nemuri knew it would take a miracle to get Shouta but she did get him. All it took was pure luck. Shouta was exhausted and Izuku was trying to help out. "You can go Problem Child. I just need to grab a few more things here." Shouta said. "I can bring some of this stuff to the dorms and have coffee ready..." Izuku muttered. 

"Thanks Izuk, I will see you there." Shouta said, giving him a small smile. Izuku gave a small bow, saying goodbye to the staff, and soon left. Shouta looked proud of Izuku, Nemuri was watching them the whole time. "He really likes helping out huh?" Nemuri commented. "Yeah, Midoriya is getting more comfortable with the stove and likes helping out cook more now." Shouta said with such pride. 

"Proud of your son?" Nemuri asked. "Yeah, he has come a long way and I am happy to see how much he has grown." Shouta said. The staff started to lose it. "Ugh, what now?!" Shouta groaned at them. "You just referred to Izuku as your son!" Nemuri pointed out. Before Aizawa could protest he realized it was true. He simply made a run for it as Nemuri was going after him. It was a really chaotic day for him. 


Now getting the couple at the same time was more of an accident. Nemuri didn't even mean for it to happen. It started with Nemuri watching Izuku for a bit helping him cook for Hizashi and Shouta. Izuku was chopping up some peppers when he cut himself. It was a pretty bad cut. 

Izuku healed himself and explained about his quirk. Nothing much pretty simple right? Well, you'd think that but you'd be wrong. Izuku went to wash his hands as Shouta and Hizashi came in. "Hey! How is everything?" Hizashi asked. 

"Oh everything went well. Your son cut himself pretty bad but-" Nemuri said but was cut off thanks to Shouta and Hizashi's onslaught of questions.

"Is he okay?!" 

"How did that happen to him!?"

"We need to call Chiyo!" 

"No! No! He is okay, he healed himself!" Nemuri insisted. It took about five minutes to convince them he was okay. However seeing Izuku greeting them made them calm down. They settled down but Nemuri was smiling smugly at them. "What Nemuri?" Shouta questioned. "You both did it again." She pointed out. He blushed, Nemuri was about to tease him more, but he wrapped her in his scarf. 

"You say nothing. Got it?" Shouta demanded. Nemuri nodded and she was freed. Little did anyone know Izuku didn't just hear everything, he also heard their thoughts. 

Maybe he is like our son...

Izuku decided to not think about it but deep, deep down he agreed with them.

Chapter Text

Shouto wasn't good with friends. It wasn't that he was a terrible friend, it's just that trying to be friends with someone is a bit difficult. Understand people is just really hard. However there was one person that could understand him. Midoriya Izuku, he truly is an amazing person. 

Midoriya was sweet, gentle, and most importantly kind. Kind towards everyone, even with Bakugou he was polite with him. Something Shouto hoped he could do. He hoped he could just be as kind as Midoriya is. He had no idea how he could be so kind. It was admirable. 

Especially after Stain their friendship grew closer. Despite how awkward Shouto was, Midoriya didn't mind. He was grateful for that and would try to show his gratitude. He would listen to Midoriya ramble on about quirks, help have a better understanding of the hero business, and would hang out at the end of the day. His father would normally be opposed to this but Shoto was making up the excuse that he was just doing some extra training. 

Today was like any other day. Shouto was hanging out with Midoriya along with Iida, Uraraka, Shinsou, and Tsu. He was listening to Midoriya ramble about a new quirk he saw.

Midoriya has a lot of freckles, it suits him.

Todoroki noticed. "Uh Todoroki can I ask you something?" Midoriya asked. He nodded in response. "How are you staying after school?" Midoriya asked. "I-I mean I thought your dad was strict and I didn't think he would allow you to stay..." Midoriya clarified.

"Oh I simply told him I was training." He said. "Todoroki lying to your father about training isn't every heroic!" Iida scolded. Shinsou groaned, Uraraka chuckled, and Tsu smiled fondly at him. "Well lets train then!" Midoriya shouted. Everyone stared at him confused.

"What why not?! I already got training from Aizawa plus more training would help all of us!" Midoriya continued. "I think that would actually be really helpful!" Uraraka said. "Midoriya you really don't need to do this." Shouto chimed in. "I want to! I don't want you to get in trouble for lying on my behalf..." Midoriya said. 

You are such a thoughtful and selfless person.

"Midoriya you really don't have to." Shouto insisted. "Well I want to!" Midoirya insisted. They went back and forward on the topic. "Alright, alright! I guess it would be beneficial for us to train." Shouto relented. Midoriya cheered on his victory. Uraraka was cheering with. 

Seeing Midoriya smile made Shouto feel warm. He was sure it wasn't his quirk but he wasn't sure why he felt warm. It was only around Midoriya. 

Why? Why does he feel like this?

Shouto watched Midoriya excited for training and suggested ideas for training. He giggled a little. Shouto smiled a little.

Who cares...He just really liked being around Midoriya.

Chapter Text

Feelings are hard to understand. Izuku knew that better than anyone else. You'd think the help he was getting from people like Yamada or Toogata would help him understand. Yet he was still confused about his feelings to this day. They were complicated and confusing. The only feelings Izuku knew throughout most of life was fear and panic. 

Even after he woke up from the ice he was still scared. He was getting better at understanding some of his emotions, just not all of them. The best he could do was compare his emotions to his quirk. He didn't fully understand them either but he was still learning about them. 

Such as his mind reading quirk. He can only read the minds he had a relationship with. Such as his friends and UA's staff. It was difficult to tone all their thoughts out since Izuku didn't know how to stop using this quirk yet. So focusing on someone's thoughts was creepy but it was the only way to keep him sane.

He would normally cycle through his friends but recently he has been listening to Todoroki thoughts a lot more. He noticed Todoroki thought a lot about him. Todoroki only said nothing but nice things to him. No one ever thought he was kind. It was weird. 

Izuku wasn't used to people saying kind things about him. He was used to people disliking him. He knew in his past, people would say hateful things towards him. So to hear someone think that he was kind meant a lot to him. He was really flattered. 

Izuku thought it would be okay but he started to notice something. Whenever Todoroki around him, said something sweet about him, thought he was kind, or was just being kind to Izuku; he felt different. It was a different feeling compared to his other friends. 

He tested it out. He was sure this feeling was only with Todoroki. He had waited for the same feeling with Ochako, Tenya, Shinsou, and Tsu. He was sure he only felt like this with Todoroki. So why?! He was really confused. This feeling was weird. 

Izuku thought of the feeling. He would feel a little lighter near Todoroki. He also felt a lot warmer, not physically. It was just more inside, like a mental thing. Izuku really didn't understand what this was. So he decided the Big Three could help him.

Izuku liked going to them whenever he needed help. They help him feel like less of an idiot with his emotions. So they were hanging out and they could tell Izuku had something on his mind. Amajiki and Toogata were in the kitchen making food, the two always had a close friendship. They treated each other differently, maybe that's what I will have with Todoroki. Amajiki is kinda like Toogata's special friend, maybe Todoroki can be his too.

"Hey Izu, you alright? You seem to have zoned out a little." Hadou asked. "I uh...I need your help with something." Izuku confessed. "How can we help?" Toogata asked while coming over while Amajiki was holding his hands. Izuku's face warmed up a little. Why am I blushing? This is so weird...Izuku sighed and figured he needs to explain so he can understand. 

"Okay, recently I've been feeling weird." Iuku started. The Big Three looked slightly confused. "So whenever I am near Todoroki I feel different. Like I am lighter, my stomach feels a little weird, and I always feel warm around him. It's not even his quirk! Just being near him makes me feel warm..." Izuku explained. 

Toogata and Amajiki looked at each other. They gave a 'Oh I know what this is!' look. Hadou was giggling excitedly and hugging Izuku. Okay now he was really confused. What was this about? "Is this a bad thing or...?" Izuku asked. 

Toogata started giggling and Amajiki was blushing. "What do you know what this is about? Is it because Amajiki is your special friend?" Izuku asked. Amajiki’s face turned red, Toogata was laughing, and Hadou started laughing. “Yeah Tamaki is right Mirio?” She teased. “Yeah, my special friend.“ Mirio grinned from ear to ear. “Stop!” Amajiki whined while trying to hide his face.

“So can you help me with Todoroki then?” Izuku asked. “Of course we can help! No worries we won’t tell Aizawa or Yamada a thing!” Hadou said. “Uh…Okay? Do I just do what you two do?” Izuku asked as Toogata wrapped his arms about Amajiki’s waist. He snuggled up to him with the same grin. “Only if you are both comfortable with it. If not you two will find your own way to show affection.” Mirio explained.

“T-try asking him out first…” Amajiki whispered. “Yeah! Like have you two go watch movies!” Hadou suggested. Izuku grabbed his notebook and started taking notes. He was still a little confused on why Hadou was teasing Amajiki so much or why Mirio still kept that grin. Izuku just shrugged it off. Todoroki, you are going to be my special friend! Let’s hope I don’t screw this up!

Izuku couldn’t help but be excited and slightly nervous. He started to feel that weird stomach feeling. Almost like butterflies were flying around his stomach. I am sure it’s nothing…Izuku thought. He continued on with his notes trying to ignore this stomach feeling. 

Chapter Text

Izuku was trying to figure out how to ask Todoroki out. He really didn’t know how to do this kind of stuff since it was pretty foreign to him. However he was determined. One problem was that he was really flustered whenever he was near Todoroki. 

Toogata explained this was normal but it was still annoying. However, today he was going to ask him, no matter what. It's just Izuku nerves tend to get the best of him but not this time! He was going to ask him!

They were all hanging out as normal. Class was ending and everyone was about to get lunch. "I'll be back Aizawa! I need to meet up with someone!" Izuku said in a bit of a rush. "Alright Problem Child better hurry Hizashi made your favorite!" Aizawa cried out. 

Izuku nodded and rushed out. He managed to meet up with his friends. "Hey Deku what's up?" Ochako asked. "I'm good! Todoroki, can I talk to you privately?" Izuku asked. Everyone looked confused but left soon. 

"Is something wrong Midoriya? Do you need my help with something?" Todoroki asked. "Huh n-no! I just wanted" Izuku hesitated. "Yes?" Todorki asked closer. Izuku blushed, backing away a little. 

"I-uh...No I'm fine I just wanted to-to ask you to hang out with me?" Izuku sheepishly confesses. "Oh? I am sure we can have the others-" Todoroki started but Izuku quickly cut him off. "I was thinking, well what I meant was just the two of us..." Izuku clarified. 

Todoroki looked a little puzzled. "I heard you hadn't watched any Disney movies and neither did I so I thought we could watch them together. If you want you don't have to! It's alright if you don't! You know what I am probably wasting your time anyways and I-'' Izuku rambled. 

"I'd like that." Todoroki cut him off abruptly. "Wait...what?" Izuku askewd. "Does later today sound good?" Todoroki asks. "I-uh, yeah! Yeah, later today sounds fine!" Izuku said. "Okay, I will see you later Midoriya." Todoroki before leaving. 

He left Izuku standing there processing how quickly that went. So he hurried back to Aizawa while mentally freaking out. Izuku needed to get ready! That was a lot sooner than he thought. Oh well! He will just have to deal with it!


So later in the day he was setting everything up. He was excited, but nervous. What was he going to tell Aizawa and Yamada? Well he was just hanging out with a friend. It wasn’t a lie so why was he nervous telling them? Ugh! Why are feelings so difficult!? 

Izuku put his feelings aside. He was in the kitchen searching for some popcorn. "Hey Little Listener what are you doing?" Yamada asked. "Yeah Problem Child you've been acting weird since lunch? Something going on?" Aizawa asked. "O-Oh, I asked Todoroki to a movie night? Well that's not how Toogata  described it...What did Hadou call it again? A-A movie date?" Izuku explained.

"What?!" "A date?!" Before Izuku knew it, Yamada and Aizawa were asking a million questions. Izuku tried to answer but they kept talking one after another. Their thoughts were no help either. He heard knocking on the door. "Th-That's him! I'll answer your questions later!" Izuku said before rushing to the door. 

Todoroki stood at the door with his same stoic face. "H-Hey Todoroki! Come in!" Izuku greeted me. "It's nice to see you again, Midoriya." Todoroki greeted and he went to say his greetings to Aizawa and Yamada. While they were civil, their thoughts said otherwise.

"This might just be a friend's thing. Izu can have friends. Just friends, just friends."

"If he hurts Izuku in any way possible I'm failing him and then I'll kill him. I don't give a damn if he is Endeavor's kid, he isn't hurting our son."

Oh boy this is going to be a long day. Izuku thought bitterly. "Come to the living room. Pick a movie, I really could care less which movie we start. I'll get some drinks if you want some." Izuku offered. "I can get it Midoriya." Todoroki said.

"You're my guest! It won't be too much! Anyways, pick a movie!" Izuku insisted. Todoroki wanted to protest but he accepted this defeat. Aizawa and Yamada were watching Todoroki, he was trying to ignore it but it was kinda hard to ignore death glares coming at you. 

Izuku scolded at his dad s Aizawa and Yamada after getting the drinks. "Picked a movie yet?" Izuku asked, handing him his drink. "Thank you, I was thinking of this one." Todoroki hands over a movie with the title "Aladdin" and Izuku examines it. "Great! I'll put it on." Izuku said.

The date couldn't have gone worse if it wasn't for Aizawa glaring at Todoroki and Yamada having to drag him away from the boys. Izuku hated to admit it but he did fall asleep at some point in the movie. He was already stressed out and he had a terrible night. Todoroki would pause the movie and wait for Izuku to wake up. 

Even though he was embarrassed, Todoroki wasn't bothered though. After the movie was finished it was a lot later than Izuku planned. Izuku was escorting Todoroki out. Well, more like get away from Aizawa and Yamada. "I'm really sorry Todoroki!" Izuku said when they were outside. "For what?" Todoroki asked.

"For a lot actually. I slept for like half the movie, you stopped the movie just for me, and well, this is embarrassing..." Izuku started to explain. Todoroki listened patently. "I, well...I discovered that I can read minds and I've been reading yours b-because well you think a lot of nice things about me." Izuku explained.

"I-Midoriya..." Todoroki said. "It's a huge invasion of privacy and I will stop if it bothers you. I just felt you should know..." Izuku said. "I don't mind, does it help?" Todoroki asks. "Y-Yeah, help tone out everyone else. Plus I'm not use to people saying a lot of nice things about me." Izuku explained. 

Todoroki grabbed his hands and Izuku flushed seeing how close he was. "Midoriya, you are the sweetest and kindest person I have ever met. I hope one day I could be just as kind as you. Whoever told you otherwise is a fool. If this helps you then I want to help." Todoroki explained. The two stared at each other and Todoroki slowly backed away. 

"I need to go, we should do this again. It was fun if that's alright with you."  Todoroki suggested. "Yeah I'd think I would like that." Izuku said. Todoroki soon left and Izuku waved him goodbye. He came back inside feeling so light and warm.

That feeling only lasted for less than a minute as Aizawa and Yamada onslaught him with questions. He grabbed Ace and made a break to his room. Reliving the whole afternoon and couldn't help but gush over the time.

Chapter Text

Aizawa and Yamada didn't know what they were thinking when they saw their son Izuku cuddling with the Todoroki Shouto. AKA the youngest son the number 2 pro hero Endeavor. How the hell do you process that? 

Answer, you don't. You simply ignore it and wait for your friend, Yagi to come over so you can rant to him about it. Was it a little inconvenient? Yes. Was it the only way for the married couple to cope? Also yes. Was Yagi getting tired of them doing this every single time instead of going to therapy since they are new parents? 100% yes but he couldn't stop them if he wanted to.

Yagi should've known better when he went to check on them. They were weirdly quiet and Izuku was extremely cheerful. He was talking about how wonderful their movie night was and how he was planning for another movie night. Yagi listened proudly to hear how close him and Todoroki were. 

He was worried for Young Todoroki but he was thrilled to hear that he was friends with Izuku. Izuku would be a great friend to him and he knew Young Todoroki was in good hands. However he noticed that Aizawa and Yamada looked annoyed whenever Izuku was talking about how much fun he had with Todoroki. 

He soon would leave and Yagi could feel the tension in the room even with Izuku's absence. "Alright what happened? Why are you two so tense?" Yagi asked. Before Yagi knew it he was ambushed by their explanations. More so them ranting then explaining. 

Yagi was trying to understand them but he was clueless. "One at a time please!"  Yagi shouted over them. Yamada luckily explained everything. Yagi sat their processing, "So, Izuku and Young Todoroki...were on a date?" Yagi finally asked. 

"Well that's what Izuku called it." Yamada clarified. "And you think Izuku has a crush on Young Todoroki?" Yagi asked. "Yes." Aizawa growled. "What's wrong with that?" Yagi asked blatantly. "It's Todoroki!" Aizawa protested. 

"He is a good kid." Yagi snapped back. "He is too young!" Yamada jumped in. "He is 15, that's normal for him to have a crush. Plus did he say he had a crush on him?" Yagi asked. "No..." Yamada confesses. 

"You should've seen them! They were cuddling with one another!" Aizawa snapped. "And?" Yagi laughed. Aizawa groaned in response and Yamada was shaking his head like Yagi was missing the point. 

Yagi laughed even more. "You two need to lay back." Yagi finally said. "What?" Yamada asked. "Come on, don't you think you are being overprotective of him?" Yagi pointed out. "If we are, so what?" Aizawa defended. 

"Izuku might need our help! Plus what if Todoroki hurt him? What if he does something that could affect Izuku? What if-" Yamada rambled. Yagi laughed again, these two were going to be the death of him. 

"I am pretty sure if Izuku needed help he would go to you. From what it sounds like, it sounds like he has everything under control. I know you two worry for him but he can do this. Have a little faith okay?" Yagi explained. The married couple looked at each other. 

"Okay?" Yagi repeated himself. 

"Yeah, yeah we heard you." Aizawa grumbled. 

"I guess you are right...Only a little." Yamada agreed. 

"You two are too overprotective, you know that?" Yagi commented. 

"Can you blame us? He doesn't make it easy. Look at Stain!" Yamada pointed. 

Yagi chuckled and understood their protectiveness but he felt Izuku needed some room to breathe too. 

"You are being a little too quiet Aizawa." Yagi said. 

"If Todoroki hurts him in any way...I'm killing him." He stated. 

"Now Aizawa..." Yagi said concerned. 

"Oh, I totally agree!" Yamada agreed.

"Yamada..." Yagi warned. "He is Endeavor's son." He reminded them. 

"So?" Aizawa asked. 

"Aizawa please." Yagi pleaded. 

"I think you might actually get away from it if we get Kayama's help..." Yamada offered. 

"Don't encourage him!" Yagi shouted. 

"I think we can get her help." AIzawa agreed. 

Yagi had to past the last hour trying to convince Aizawa and Yamada to murder Young Todoroki. He did succeed on preventing a murder...For today at least.

Chapter Text

Ochako and Shinsou needed to help Midoriya. Poor guy was struggling. They could see his poor attempts and like the good friends they are, they were going to help him. When they explained their plan to Iida and Tsu, Iida said it was an overstep of boundaries while Tsu thought it was a good idea. So they went on with their plan. 

"I still say this is a massive overstep." Iida insisted. "We are helping Deku out!" Ochako said, brushing off Iida's concerns. "Yeah Midoriya needs help desperately. It's too painful to watch." Shinsou said. Tsu giggled at this. Ochako led the way to the dorms. 

"Hey Deku!!" Ochako shouted as she burst into the dorms. "Hey Ochako!" Deku greeted. "Hello Midoriya, how have you been?" Iida asked. "Oh great!" 

Soon small chat started happening. Shinsou was the one that brought up the topic. "So Midoriya, we see you've been hanging out with Todoroki a lot recently." Shinsou said. "Huh? Oh yeah! I hope you guys don't because I have been spending a lot of time with him." 

Izuku seemed to be genuinely sorry but they didn't mind. "We don't mind Midoriya at all." Iida reassured. "We actually wanted to help you with Todoroki." Ochako chimed in. 

"Oh?" Izukiu asked. "Uraraka no!" Iida pleaded. "Yeah we see you two have been getting close. We wanna help you with that." Shinsou joined in. "Both of you stop it!" Iida scolded. 

"I also want to help!" Tsu added. Iida let out a sigh of defeat. "Help? Help with what?" Izuku asked. "For you two to get closer." Ochako said. He blushed slightly, "I uh-Toogata and Amajiki are helping me out." Izuku said. 

"Well we want to help too!" Ochako said. "Plus we might get you guys to go on a super romantic date too!" She added. Izuku looked confused while Shinsou laughed. "How are you going to help us?" Izuku asked. 

"Okay so we have been seeing you two try to flirt with each other and you both are failing miserably so we are helping out." Shinsou said. "Flirting?" Izuku asked. "Don't worry, we all will help!" Ochako reassured. 

"We?!" Iida asked. "Yes we are all helping." Tsu said. "Uh guys...I'm a little confused." Izuku said. "What do you mean?" Shinsou said. "Romantic date? Do you mean like in a movie?" Izuku asked. "Well yeah. You like him don't you?" Ochako asked. 

"Y-Yeah I do but I kinda see him like my special friend." Izuku explained. "Special friend?" Shinsou said. "Yeah Like Toogata and Amajiki." Izuku explained. Shinsou started laughing, Ochako was trying not to laugh, Tsu gave a sympathetic look, while Iida was scolding everyone else. 

"W-What?" Izuku asked. "Deku...Izuku, they are dating. Like they are boyfriends." Ochako said.


Chapter Text

"No they aren't." Izuku denied. He would've known if they were dating, they would've told him. "Yes they are!" Shinsou said. Ochako started laughing her head out. "No they aren't!" Izuku insisted. 

"Deku, they are dating." Ochako said through her laughter. "How do you know that?" Izuku questioned. "They hold hands, kiss each other, and go on dates." Tsu pointed out. Izuku started blushing learning this new information. "W-Wait couples do that?" Izuku asked. 

"Not all couples but yeah most couples do that. Really depends on their boundaries." Ochako explained. "Wait, did you ask them for advice?" Shinsou teased. Izuku proceeds to bury his face in a nearby pillow. "Alright that's enough teasing!" Tenya scolded. 

Shinsou and Ochako were losing it while Tenya was scolding them. Tsu was comforting Izuku. "How did you not know?" Ochako asked through her laughter. Izuku just continued to blush, wishing he could disappear. 

"I-I have never met that kind of relationship before!" Izuku explained poorly. This just causes them to lose it even more. "You need more exposure." Shinsous laughed. "Alright that's enough teasing him! We came to help him right?" Tenya said desperately to change the topic. 

"Wait do you like Todoroki?" Ochako asked a bit seriously. "Well, I..." Izuku hesitated. He thought about it and maybe if he described his feelings this might help him. "Well, whenever I am near him, I feel funny. It's only with him. Like whenever I hold his hand I feel all warm fuzzy inside." Izuku muttered. 

"That was cheesy." Shinsou said. Ochako smacked him on the side. "It sounds like you have a crush on him!" Ochako said quickly. "Yeah I agree, but we still wanna help you!" Tsu added. "H-Help? How?" Izuku asked. 

"Maybe we can go out, like the mall! Aoyama and Hagakure mention going to the mall." Ochako said. "Really? I don't think that's a good idea..." Izuku said. "Why?! You and Todoroki can go on a date!!" Ochako offered. "Last time I went out, we ended up getting attacked." Izuku reminded them. Tenya and Izuku looked at each other before looking away. No one in 1A knew Izuku snuck to help Tenya with Stain, and they preferred to keep it like that. 

"You got to be bored here. Don't get me wrong, the idea of staying inside with these cats sounds like paradise for me but you've been staying here for months." Shinsou said. Izuku would be lying if he said he didn't want to go. Truth was he wanted nothing more than to just go out and hang out with his friends but he was also terrified. 

"Okay how about this, you guys will have to come up with a plan to go out and you'll have to convince Aizawa. Deal?" Izuku offered. Ochako, Shinsou, Tsu, and Tenya looked at each other. "You want us to plan going out?" Tsu asked. 

"Look I want to go out more than anything but unless you have a decent plan and manage to convince Aizawa, I won't go out. I don't want to repeat USJ..." Izuku confesses. Tenya stepped forward, "We will come up with a decent plan for our hanging out! Even though I think we shouldn't you've helped Midoriya, so it's only fair that I help you!" Tenya shouted. 

"Yeah that sounds fair to me!" Ochako said as a plan was already forming in her head. "You're friends with the Big Three right?" She asked. Izuku nodded and a grin formed. Shinsou looked concerned. "Uraraka, what's with that look?" he asked. 

"Don't worry about it!" She said, "I'm completely worried now." Shinsou said. "I'm already regretting this." Izuku groaned. This was going to be fun, he thought bitterly.