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Hidden Fireworks

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For months, Ayaka and Yoimiya held onto countless secrets. Most prominently, their role in the resistance to the Raiden Shogun’s Vision Hunt Decree. They hid the true purpose of Komore Teahouse as a safehouse for resistance members within Inazuma City. Besides that, the manufacturing and distribution of fake visions to protect the real ones from being seized by the Tenryou Commission were also kept hidden from the wider public. With the end of the Vision Hunt Decree at the hands of the traveller, these secrets were no longer necessary. It’s not that their role in the resistance became public knowledge, but rather that their history with the resistance became irrelevant.

There was still, however, one secret that the pair would retain. One they would indulge in any night that an opportunity presented.

Each other.

And, for the first time in far too long, they were alone, together. Somewhere far from the potential disapproval of the elders of the Kamisato clan.

With Yoimiya spread out beneath her on the floor of the country house, decorated with streaks of pale moonlight and the amber glow of the lantern, Ayaka cautiously pried a finger between linen and skin as she peeled away at the bandages of Yoimiya’s sarashi. They were wrapped so tightly as to dig into Yoimiya, demanding delicate yet forceful fingerwork to remove to not irritate the sensitive skin underneath. As Ayaka loosed the first yard of bandage, the tension that was held back recoiled. Pink flesh, once painfully confined, peeked through the gaps in their bindings. It pushed out against them, growing those gaps until the whole assembly unravelled into a triumphantly eye-catching explosion of now-nude skin. Yoimiya’s own ‘little’ fireworks, as Ayaka had heard her describe it. It was not at all an accurate description.

Now no longer awfully hidden away from her view, Ayaka greedily took advantage of viewing Yoimiya’s huge tits in their full, unveiled glory. All that tightly wound linen served some purpose, keeping them contained as was necessary for Yoimiya’s active lifestyle. There was so much glorious boob that they’d only get in the way if clothed by conventional means. All that bouncing and jiggling wouldn’t do when Yoimiya was busy running to and fro with gunpowder and fake visions and any other activity she found her energetic self drawn into, and she had turned to such tight restraints to keep them in check as best she could. Worst of all was archery, where one loosed bowstring catching on them was enough to make sure she’d always wrap them up for that.  It wasn’t about hiding them away. For Yoimiya, it was just a matter of practicality.

“You look lovely as ever, Yoimiya,” Ayaka said, bringing a gentle palm down to one of them, pressing lightly against the skin as it wobbled in time with the deep breathing of the girl below. Pillow soft beneath her, they were too big to really cup; even with fingers spread out, Ayaka couldn’t contain their size within her hand. Instead, it was more something to sink her fingers into, letting the skin contour and roll within her grip. She alternated this with focusing her efforts at Yoimiya’s rosy nipples, firm and begging to be played with, but still too sensitive from their confinement for anything but the lightest of caresses.

“Thanks...” Yoimiya rasped, the relief of finally letting these out into the open bringing pleasure far greater than the meagre sensation of Ayaka’s touch.

When Yoimiya had first confided in Ayaka about their size, back when she first revealed her nudity to her friend, she uttered nothing but hatred for them. They were just so inconvenient, she had said. Since then, Yoimiya had realised that her assets did have their own appeal and bring some enjoyment, even if they could get in the way.

There was just so much sexy, laid bare before her, that Ayaka found herself lost as to where to begin. She bit her lip, scanning over her options as her eyes flicked between all the details of Yoimiya’s breasts, the surrounding flowers formed from scarlet ink, and her adorable face. At that last one, the impatient look on Yoimiya’s face prompted her to take action. A kiss. That’s what they needed.

Ayaka dove forwards, planting her lips upon soft warmth to a yelp from the girl beneath her. Yoimiya’s eyes flew wide at the suddenness of the move, but as she eased further into the kiss, feeling Ayaka’s tongue begin to press up against her too, she relaxed her eyes. Amidst the crashing of lips, wrapping her arms around Ayaka, Yoimiya pulled her deeper into a hug, only to jolt again at the unexpected sting of icy steel pressing against her still over-sensitive breasts.

Yoimiya squirmed beneath Ayaka, pushing her hands against Ayaka’s shoulders to break the kiss. “Hey, come on Ayaka! You can’t have sex while wearing all that metal, it’s way too uncomfortable!” She paused to give the breastplate a firm poke, the metal entirely unyielding beneath the tip of her finger, and then giggled. “Besides, with all this in the way, I can’t get at your best bits!”

 “Hmm, I suppose it is getting in the way now...” Ayaka said, knowing it wouldn’t be fair for Yoimiya to be the only one getting undressed. She was a bit self-conscious about it all, but the thought of all her bare skin pressing up against Yoimiya’s own was simply too enticing to pass up. Besides, she’d need to take this all off eventually. Bitterly withdrawing from kissing, lifting her hands away from those glorious tits, Ayaka took a deep breath, stood up, and brought her fingers to the first of many knots that held her armor in place.

Ayaka worked her way through the overly complicated fixings of her armor, made more difficult by the lustful anticipation surging through her nerves. Simultaneously, Yoimiya removed what of her clothing Ayaka hadn’t already dealt with. Her outfit was a chaotic mess of asymmetric details, but it was swiftly flung aside with a single motion, leaving behind the only matching part. Those same linen bandages were wrapped around Yoimiya’s waist, and they too were deftly removed, one pull unravelling the entire arrangement and leaving Yoimiya gloriously cloaked in naught but the pale moonlight atop her skin. Ayaka’s gaze was immediately drawn to the space between Yoimiya’s ample thighs, glistening with arousal already. Desperate as she was to get a taste of that, her fumbling efforts grew more focused.

With the last knot unravelling, Ayaka’s breastplate parted like the opening of a shell, before falling to the ground with a firm thud. She was certain that many potential suitors who saw her wondered what noble sights her armor kept hidden away. However, far from the explosive reveal that Yoimiya’s tits always presented, Ayaka’s slender curves were far more modest, and her breastplate, if anything, made her look like there was far more underneath than there really was. The greedy look on Yoimiya’s face, practically drooling as she watched Ayaka blushing in front of her, put aside any notions of concern or jealousy. Ayaka knew Yoimiya loved them. That’s all that mattered.

“Damn, you’re hot.” Yoimiya grinned. “Get back down here, I want you. No, I need you.”

All remaining barriers removed, Ayaka planted herself atop Yoimiya. Her flatter chest pressed up against Yoimiya’s far more bountiful cushioning, the sensation of so much warming, soft skin on skin contact set sparkles surging through her body. Again, Ayaka’s attention was drawn to the magnificence of Yoimiya’s tits, this time adding her mouth to the groping. She let her lips purse around a nipple, kissing it, and then sucking at it, encouraging the first of what she hoped would be many sweet cries to escape from the girl beneath her. Of course, she couldn’t get off Yoimiya with her tits alone. The firework display all was laid out, but now Ayaka had to light the fuse.

Still giving Yoimiya’s breasts the attention they deserved, Ayaka trailed a lingering hand down Yoimiya’s torso. Far too distracted with watching Yoimiya’s face for her reactions; she had to navigate by touch. Following gentle, smooth contours, she worked her way towards her goal, eventually bringing her finger down between Yoimiya’s thighs and pressing it up against her hot wetness.

Yoimiya put on an exaggerated, pouty face. “Come on, Ayaka! You can’t have forgotten what comes next already! Fuck me!”

“Okay, I get it, you’re just too damn horny to wait any longer,” Ayaka said, putting a finger to Yoimiya’s mouth to shush her only to recoil when she responded by licking it. Yoimiya playfully beamed a smile, drawing a sigh from Ayaka.

“Yep! Now stop messing around and put those beautiful fingers to good use.”

This girl just has no indoor voice, Ayaka thought. “Not so loud. We don’t want anyone to overhear us.”

“Overhear? We have your clan’s vacation home all to ourselves tonight, remember? We’re not having to do the usual of hiding away in your bedroom at the Kamisato Estate, or at the back of the Komore Teahouse.”

“Ah, never mind. I suppose keeping quiet became a bit of a habit.” Ayaka sighed. All this planning for a weekend getaway, beyond the reach of the rest of the Kamisato clan, and she was still acting as if she had to hide her relationship with a commoner from any eavesdroppers. She wasn’t used to such freedom. “Okay, let me hear every lovely sound you want to make.”

Want didn’t play any part in it. Yoimiya yelped as she finally felt the tip of Ayaka’s finger, long waiting at her entrance, slowly pushed into her, eased by just how soaked she was. It was just one, and it was barely inside her, but the sweet feeling of relief at weeks of pent-up lust getting just the slightest satisfaction was amazing anyway. Especially as that finger, pressing up into increasingly good spots inside her, combined with hands and lips at her breasts to create a trio of wonderful sensations. But, that only left her wanting more. Reaching down, Yoimiya grabbed Ayaka’s wrist, then pushed it into her, rushing the achingly slow process that Ayaka had begun, and ground down onto her hand. Still not enough.

“Another finger... Quickly,” Yoimiya whined, releasing her grasp on Ayaka. “I need to feel more of you.”

Ayaka was more than happy to oblige. She withdrew her hand to a disappointed, needy gasp from Yoimiya, then returned with two, drawing satisfied moans from Yoimiya’s inviting lips as she slipped their entire length into her. Leaning down, she claimed Yoimiya’s lips with her own. With the usually energetic girl entirely under her thumb, Ayaka was free to practically drink from Yoimiya’s mouth as much as she desired, capturing every one of her delicious rasps and whimpers with her increasingly deep, lust-fuelled kisses.

Yoimiya untangled herself from the kiss, desperate to get some words out between her increasingly vocal moaning, panting for air, and Ayaka’s intoxicating lips. “Damnit, Ayaka, your fingers feel too good for you to be so stingy with how you use them. Harder! More!” What Yoimiya wanted out of sex is exactly what you’d expect if you ever met her. Loud. Energetic. Explosive. And most importantly, it had to end with a bang.

The next move for Ayaka was obvious. The nipples at Yoimiya’s chest were just so squeezable and pinchable, and Yoimiya was undoubtedly turned on enough by now that it would feel amazing for her. The adorable squeals escaping Yoimiya’s lips as Ayaka tugged at her nipple confirmed that she’d made the right move. Then, the squirming and flailing of legs beneath was proof that Yoimiya’s fuse had been lit.


With Yoimiya right on the cusp of her climax, Ayaka returned to kissing her, silencing some of her otherwise painfully loud squeals of excitement. She was just as loud in bed as she was anywhere else, Ayaka knew. With that sorted, and Yoimiya rapidly approaching her limit, Ayaka redoubled her assault on Yoimiya’s clit. Sure, she’ll be screaming through her orgasm, but seeing Yoimiya’s fireworks was absolutely worth it.

One last breathless cry into Ayaka’s mouth, and Yoimiya came hard, exploding with motion, frantically pushing her hips up to grind even more against the source of pleasure. Ayaka had to practically restrain Yoimiya’s legs by entangling them with her own. Pulling back from the kiss to give her space, Yoimiya’s muffled cries were replaced with desperate pants for air, and then quiet as Yoimiya’s chest rose and fell in time with her deep breaths.

There was a limit to even Yoimiya’s energy, and that wonderful post-climax fluffiness was the one thing that could get her to lay still for a few minutes, granting Ayaka plenty of opportunity to survey her handiwork. Yoimiya’s hair, already messy, had turned into a scruffy mess covering half her face. Bringing a hand to Yoimiya’s burning-hot forehead, Ayaka brushed some of that hair aside, revealing a deeply blushing face decorated with half-lidded eyes and a beautiful, relaxed smile. Being so blissed out like this had only made her even sexier.

“That... was...” Yoimiya breathed deeply, filling her lungs, building up to the last word. “Awesome!”

“Yoimiya,” Ayaka sighed. “Not so loud. But, uh, thank you.”

With shaky arms, Yoimiya propped herself up. “So, you know what’s next?”

“Maybe – ”

Before Ayaka could suggest anything, Yoimiya had summoned the energy to pounce at her, pushing her shoulders down to the bedding-covered tatami.

“My turn!”

With Ayaka easily pinned beneath her, waiting with bated breath for Yoimiya’s move, she began to trail kisses down Ayaka’s body. Starting at Ayaka’s neck with a quick peck, setting Ayaka’s all too horny body fluttering, she moved on to her breasts. Small, but oh so sensitive, she encapsulated one within her lips, gently suckling and absorbing in the sweet, muted gasps that Ayaka was unable to contain with the hand over her mouth. Yoimiya pulled back to let out another giggle – even in this vulnerable position, Ayaka was trying to maintain some semblance of modesty. Well, that just made the challenge of making her let loose and get off even more enticing a prospect for Yoimiya.

Skipping the rest of her teasing, Yoimiya grabbed Ayaka’s knees and parted them, putting her target on full display. Ayaka was already plenty wet, no doubt brought on by what she did to Yoimiya. Bringing herself down between Yoimiya’s thighs, she hadn’t even closed in on her pussy before Ayaka hitched and moaned beneath her. So sensitive that even her breath hitting Ayaka’s pussy was getting a sweet reaction from her.

“Whoa, just how pent up are you?”

“When did we last do it?” The way Ayaka’s face was burning up only added to the scene laid out for Yoimiya. “Two months... Was it?”

Yoimiya nodded, realising now the full extent to which Ayaka must be burning up inside. As the resistance’s fight against the Vision Hunt Decree reached its nadir, Yoimiya and Ayaka couldn’t use their clandestine meetings for sex. And, of course, Ayaka would be too prideful to quell her needs with her own fingers, no matter how wonderful those fingers might be. At least Ayaka would get far better than resorting to that tonight.

With Yoimiya’s tongue finally at her folds, starting with long, gentle caresses, Ayaka desperately tried to muffle her increasingly vocal reactions with the back of her arm, but she was powerless to hold back. Yoimiya was just far too encouraged by the sounds leaking out to let Ayaka get away with modesty.

“It’s been, ah - ” Ayaka gasped as Yoimiya drew her attention towards her clit. “Too long... I can’t...”

Yoimiya paused, looking up towards Ayaka’s face, cheeks lit with crimson lust. “Oh? Can’t what?”

Ayaka grabbed the back of Yoimiya’s head, forcefully pushing her down, and then hitched her hips to grind her pussy against Yoimiya’s face. “Just shut up and do it!”

The instruction was clear enough without the words but did serve as plenty of encouragement. Held tightly against Ayaka’s drenched core, her only option and impulse was to dutifully massage the noble’s most sensitive spots with her tongue, soaking in the sounds and sensations of Ayaka’s composure crumbling entirely beneath her.  With increasing intensity, Ayaka writhed beneath Yoimiya, squirming atop the sheets and pressing Yoimiya down firmer, directing her to focus her lips directly at her clit.

So pent up, it didn’t take long for Yoimiya to bring Ayaka to her climax. Arm too shaky to muffle her voice any longer, Ayaka let out declarations of adoration, half-finished cries of Yoimiya’s name, as the girl between her legs continued to work her senses and draw out her orgasm as long as she could. Finally, breathless, gasping, Ayaka began to calm, the explosion fading to a soft, cuddly warmth as Yoimiya slid up alongside her to plant a kiss upon her cheek.

“Hah,” Yoimiya smiled, watching Ayaka as her body recovered. “How was that, my adorable Ayaka?”

“Nice...” Ayaka couldn’t summon the words to describe it in more detail, and what did the words matter when her earlier reaction was already plenty an explanation? “It felt really good, Yoimiya.”

“Wow, I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. And, I loved doing that for you so much that I think I’ll go back for seconds!”

One more kiss upon her lips, and Yoimiya was already diving down beneath her legs for more. Feeling that wet pressure pressing up against her clit once more, Ayaka knew this was going to be a long, intense night. Yoimiya only did intense.


“So,” Ayaka said, slipping under the covers at Yoimiya’s side. “We’re here for another three days, but we didn’t make any plans for what we’d be doing with the rest of our time together.”

It had been easy enough for Ayaka to arrange this trip with Yoimiya. While she had her responsibilities to maintain a respectable image as a Kamisato, the role of the Yashiro Commission in arranging festivals meant that meeting with Yoimiya wouldn’t raise any eyebrows. The lie, should it be necessary, was that it was all just work; they were exceptionally busy with sensitive negotiations for firework prices and designs, and not to be interrupted any more. Still, while she had a cover story if she was merely seen with Yoimiya, it wouldn’t suffice if she was seen doing something else with Yoimiya. She couldn’t merely use the days to go on a romantic stroll with Yoimiya. The true nature of her relationship with someone of far lower social standing had to be cruelly confined within these walls, at least for now.

“Plans?” Yoimiya laughed, only to be met with a disappointed pout from Ayaka. “Sorry, but I thought it was obvious.”


“Yep, and you’ve already had a sample. Even more mind-blowing sex, all day long! We’ve got a lot of it to catch up on, after all.”

“Even more mind-blowing, huh?” Ayaka smiled, placing a kiss on Yoimiya’s forehead before pulling the light sheets up. “I’ll hold you to that.”