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November 12

It was supposed to be the end of the world. To their knowledge, they were the last three left on Earth. With the bomb no longer an option, they were out of ideas. When Chuck appeared, the trio braced for their fate.

“I’ve made a mistake.” Was all he said. Dean, Sam, and Jack stood in shock, not knowing what to expect, or what he meant. A snap of his fingers and, whoosh, he was gone.

The sound of the snap was like a nuke going off. It shook the ground. For a split second the world went dark. Then they were back in the bunker.

To say he “fixed” everything would be a vast understatement. It’s funny how much can be accomplished by a simple flick of a celestial diety’s finger. The snap surged through the heavens. It took down the walls and freed the souls. It tore through hell, rattling the damned. It pierced the ears of the monsters in purgatory, and it woke up those sleeping in the Empty. It flowed over the universe bringing back all Chuck had taken away.

The three looked at each other, unsure of what really had just happened. The sound of banging from the bunker door filled the room. Weapons in hand they slowly ascended the stairs. Dean was first to the door, swinging it open and shoving his gun in the face...of his Mother. She smiled at him and stepped inside, placing her hand on his, and lowering the gun, before pulling him into her arms. Tears filled his eyes as another figure stepped into view. “Dad?”

The man simply gave a tight lipped smile and wrapped his arms around his wife and son. He looked up to Sam and extended a hand, which the younger brother eagerly took and was pulled into the group.

“I don’t understand.” Sam said, finally pulling away from them.

“Chuck.” Mary laughed, with a shrug. “And it’s not just us.” She took her son’s hands and led them out of the bunker. Gathered outside were many familiar faces.

“Sup Bitches!” A voice called to them. Sam and Dean both turned to see the bubbly redhead, their bubbly redhead, all smiles, walking towards them. She threw her arms around both their necks, and they glanced at each other in disbelief.

“Jack!” Cried another voice. The woman ran through the crowd towards the bunker.

“Mom?!” Jack gasped, running to meet her. He grabbed her and the two collapsed to the ground, sobbing.

“I don’t believe this.” Sam turned to look at Dean, shock, excitement and tears covering his face. “Bobby… K-Kevin!” He walked off towards the men, and they were approached soon after by Ellen, Jo, Ash, and even Ellen’s husband Bill.

Off in the distance Crowley stood with Meg. He waved at the boys and they both disappeared.

“Hey brotha!” Benny said, emerging from the crowd. He reached for Dean’s hand and shook it, pulling him into a hug.

Then there was a bright light, and three beings stepped into view. “Weeee’re back!” Gabriel smiled mischievously. Michael and Anna stood on either side. The latter smiled, although she seemed ashamed in the presence of the brother’s.

“All of you…” Dean questioned, almost nervously.

Gabriel smiled. “Well Lucy is back where he belongs.” He pointed towards the ground. “Those who have caused a great disservice to Heaven will be held accountable, we’re the only three with true vessels, and...”

“Cas…” Dean was embarrassed by how small his voice seemed, especially in front of all these people.

“I don’t know.” The archangel sighed. “He was with us when we woke up in The Empty. But... I couldn’t find him once we were out. I’m sorry Dean…” Gabriel bowed his head, as did his siblings.

“Where will you go now?” Sam asked.

“Back to Heaven.” Michael spoke up, moving forward in the group. “We are still in charge of watching over the souls, both there, and here.”

“So what he’s saying is we will be in touch. If you need us…” Gabriel made a telephone with his hand. “Ya know what to do.” Then he put his hands together like he was praying, and the angels all disappeared.

“Was that….Adam?” John muttered quietly. Sam and Dean gave each other an awkward look and returned their attention to their reunion.

Many hours later the brothers had those who needed a place to stay settled in the many rooms of the bunker, and said goodbye to those who were ready to go.

Dean finally got a moment and snuck off to his room, closed the door and collapsed against it. He forced a smile, even though his heart was still in pain. He had just got so many loved ones back, yet he felt incomplete. Cas would want him to be happy, to move on with his life, to live. Dean knew that.

Images of the angel smiling as the empty engulfed him flooded his memory. He hung his head and allowed his guilt and grief to take over. “I love you too….” He tearfully whispered.

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“Why are you looking at me like that Dean… is there something on my face?” The angel proceeded to wipe at his cheeks, nose, and mouth, causing Dean to chuckle. “What…? Did I not get it?”

“Nothing is on your face, you idiot. I’m just… looking at you.” Dean took a deep breath and continued staring. 

Things were intense with their quest to stop Chuck. This had been their first moment of calm in a while. Sam and Jack were out doing… whatever, they hadn’t heard from Billie, and there was nothing more to do than sit… and apparently stare.

Now feeling awkward, the angel began fidgeting in his seat. “It’s just… Why are you looking at me like that Dean?” 

“I don’t know, man… I can’t help it…” the hunter sighed. “‘M Sorry… I’ll stop.” He stood to leave the room. 

In an instant the angel was in front of him, just inches from his face. Dean looked confused, but didn’t object to how close they were standing. “Actually…” Cas said quietly. Time seemed to stand still as he slowly, cautiously, reached up to cup the hunter’s cheek, and Dean surprisingly didn’t stop him. “…I don’t think I want you to.” 

Blue eyes became lost in green, and it just happened. Their lips were pressed together in an awkward, yet somehow still passionate kiss. Dean made a strange whimpering noise against Cas mouth, and he stopped, pulling back to see if the hunter was unhappy or uncomfortable. “Dean?”

Everything he had ever told himself about them never being able to work. They were just friends. He was not into guys and angels were not into… anything . Every doubt, every fear, everything went out the window, and Dean damn near slammed his mouth back into Cas’.  

His hands made their way up to Cas’ face, and suddenly he was being lifted up and flipped around onto the table. But then it wasn’t the table, it was a bed, his bed. Their lips ravaged each other, their hands frantically snatched off clothes. Dean's heart felt like it was about to beat out of his chest. 

“Cas…!” Dean cried out. And they crossed that line. They were doing this, really doing this. It was heated and rushed and it hurt. It was so overwhelming, but was everything either had ever hoped it would be. They clung to each other and moved together in perfect rhythm. Cas reached up and gripped Dean’s shoulder, lining his fingers perfectly with the now faded and barely visible handprint. It felt like electricity pulsed through them. “What was that?” Dean gasped, and Cas stopped to see if it had hurt him. 

“I’m not sure.” 

Dean smiled, wrapping his legs around the angel’s waist and pulled him back down.

“Do it again.”

Chapter one 

January 1 

Dean hovered over the toilet. He took a couple heavy breaths. Why was he the one getting sick today? 

Oh yeah… Probably because he had spent the last two weeks running himself on E, planning out tonight. It had to be perfect. He went completely overboard, but in the end he did a pretty damn good job. He heard so from everyone as they made their way into the fancy venue.

He smiled proudly, then the nausea came flooding back and he heaved once again into the bowl. Thankfully he had a pack of gum on him to get rid of the awful taste and smell. He popped a couple pieces in his mouth and leaned back against the wall for a moment. 

There was a knock on the door and Charlie peeked in. “Hey it’s almost time!” She said, her face becoming concerned when she saw how pale Dean looked. “You ok?”

Nodding and giving her a somewhat convincing smile, he followed her out of the room. “Bad take out.” He lied with a laugh.

The two quickly got to their place in line. First to walk in were Jack and Claire. Next, and to most of the hunters and all the men of letters, shock and horror, Benny and Meg walked through the doors, followed by Crowley and Rowena. All had made ultimate sacrifices for the brothers, and it just felt right to include them. Kevin and Alex followed, then Adam and Jo. Lastly Charlie and Dean made their way to the front of the room where Gabriel stood front and center, suited up, and grinning like a Cheshire Cat. 

“You seem nervous, Sammy.” Dean whispered after he took his place next to his little brother. Sam turned, eyes glaring at Dean, and huffed. He was about to say something when the crowd went silent, the infamous wedding march started, and everyone stood. 

“Wow…” Sam gasped when Eileen appeared, arm in arm with Bobby, and he walked her down the aisle. Dean beamed beside him. For a moment, he felt a tinge of sadness, knowing he would never have this. He quickly pushed the feeling aside, forcing his smile back, and watched as Sam met them. Bobby patted the younger brother on the back, then nodded at Dean. 

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding. 

The reception was wild. Garth DJ’ed. There were drunken speeches, hilarious stories, and some pretty outrageous dance moves, mostly from a mischievous archangel, who was about three shots to the wind. Dean sat with Jack and Kelly, Adam, and his parents. He proudly watched Sam twirl around the floor with his new bride. The party lasted well into the night.

Mary hugged Adam. “Hope we see you again, soon!” She smiled warmly. Surprisingly she was very understanding of the news John had a third son. “And tell Michael we said thanks for allowing you to be here.”

Adam’s eyes shone bright and he sighed. “You know I am here too.. I can still hear you” came Michaels voice. 

“Oh… right. Well… then thank you both for coming.” Dean couldn’t help but laugh at how strange their family was. 

Michael left to help Anna fetch Gabriel, and attempt to pry him from the open bar. “Mikeyyyyy! ‘M not drunk?!” The archangel laughed, then hiccuped.  “You Winchesssers really know how to part...tay!” 

The eldest angel rolled his eyes, then nodded at the crowd. He and Anna held their brother, and they all disappeared. 

“Angels.” John said, shaking his head, still in disbelief of all the allies they now had. He looks up just in time to see Crowley next to Sam. “...and Demons.” 

“Well, Moose, you did good.” The king of hell said with a devilish smile, before winking at Eileen. “I would love to stay longer, but…” He looked over to where Rowena was making out with Ketch, now that Gabriel was gone. “...if I don’t get away from that… I just might gank myself… again. So if you’ll excuse me.” and he was gone.

“It’s funny…” Mick said dryly, approaching the newly weds, with Toni close behind him. “…we were killed for simply agreeing with the enemy…” He watched the two attempt to swallow each other's tongues and shook his head. Toni laughed, wrapping her arm around her son, who was yawning and clearly over the party. They both congratulated them and left. 

It all seemed so surreal. Sam glanced around the room at everyone. Charlie was steadily making moves on Jo, and getting side eyed by her parents, not that they cared they just felt it was inappropriately timed. Kevin and his mom were talking with Donna and Garth, while Bess and Gertie were busy chasing the twins around. Jody was sitting with Bobby, and if he wasn’t mistaken he had seen the older man sneak a kiss a couple times. 

Dean joined his brother and threw an arm over his shoulder, taking a swig of his beer. “Looks like we finally caught a break, huh Sammy?” 

“Yeah. I mean… it’s perfect.” The younger brother said happily, then immediately felt guilty. 

“Well...almost perfect.” The older brother sighed. 

“We’ll find him.” Sam said encouragingly. “If he was with the others in The Empty he might have gotten out too.” Dean tried to seem optimistic, for the sake of not dampening the mood on his brother’s big day, but in his heart he was convinced Cas was not coming back this time. 

January 2

Dean woke up to the aroma of bacon. He let it lift him off his bed and carry him to the kitchen. Mary laughed as her oldest plopped down onto a stool and watched her cook. “Mornin’” he sighed, inhaling the heavenly scent. She grabbed a couple already cooked pieces and handed them to him. “You... Are... The best mom ever! You know that?” She lifted her hand to caress his cheek, then pinched it. 

“Man, it smells good in here.” John said, entering with a yawn and a stretch, before wrapping his arms around his wife, placing his lips to her neck. Dean made a face and quickly left the kitchen. Sam was bringing their new suitcases to his and Eileen’s room and smiled when he saw his brother. 

“I don’t think I’m gonna be able to deal with those two.” Dean grimaced looking back towards the kitchen. 

“Oh? I thought you wanted this since you were, like, four.” Sam teased. Dean rolled his eyes and lifted the bacon to his lips, the smell filling his nose again. Only this time, it made his stomach turn. He snatched the food from his face and turned his head, gagging. “Dean?” Sam asked concerned. 

“Take it…” he gagged again and tried to hold the strips as far from his nose as he could. “TAKE IT!” he repeated louder, shoving the bacon at Sam. The younger brother took the food, and Dean high tailed towards the bathroom, collapsing and hurling into the bowl.  

“Uh, Dean?” Sam called, a few moments later. He knocked, but got no response.

The door began to open and Dean pushed his foot against it. “Sam, I’m fi...” He couldn’t finish, instead he lurched back over the bowl.

“You don’t sound fine.” Sam heard Dean groan and tried the door again. “Dean, if you’re so fine then let me in!” Dean took a couple deep breaths and his stomach finally. He removed his foot from the door and Sam opened it. “Dude! What the hell was that?”

“I don’t know.” Dean pulled himself up to the sink and got a handful of water. He splashed his face, and used another to swish the awful puke taste out of his mouth, then exited the bathroom. “Hangover, probably. Courtesy of your open bar.” 

“Which was your idea.” Sam laughed. Then his face went soft. “By the way… I wanted to thank you, again, Dean. You know, for insisting on us having a real wedding. It was amazing… because of you.”  

“It was no big deal.” Dean insisted.

“It was a big deal to Eileen… and to me.”

“Alright, well you’re welcome… where’s my bacon?” He narrowed his eyes at his brother's sudden guilty expression, as he looked toward Jack, happily munching on the strips. “You gave Jack my bacon, Sam?!” 

“You basically threw it at me!” Sam laughed, but put his hands up in defense. “Besides, mom made plenty. Just go get more” Dean gave his brother a final disgusted scowl. Sam watched him storm off, and crossed his arms. He couldn’t remember the last time Dean ever got that sick from a hangover. The older brother had gone pretty overboard last night, though, so Sam let his attention go back to packing for his honeymoon. 

“JuSt gO gEt MoRe.” Dean angrily mocked, plopping down at the already set table, arms crossed and pouting. Mary came from the kitchen with the rest of the bacon on a large platter, immediately brightening his mood.

That was until she placed the tray directly in front of him and the smell attacked him once more. “Oh… god...” he shoved his chair back, holding his nose and gagging, fleeing the room. Mary looked back to the kitchen where John stood, both confused. 

January 3

Dean woke up to cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. The smell was so strong and usually would have had him up and ready for the day. This morning, however, it had him pressing his face into his pillow as hard as he could, attempting to block out the smell. Sundays were usually Dean’s “lazy” days, so no one questioned him sleeping in. When he hadn’t come out by noon everyone began talking. 

“You think he’s sick?” Charlie worriedly looked towards the closed door. “He threw up before the wedding too…”

“He did?” Sam asked. If he was sick before the wedding it wasn’t a hangover. 

Charlie nodded. “Said he thought it was food poisoning or something…” 

“Huh…” Sam decided to check on him, even though he had a strict Do Not Disturb Me on Sunday policy. He was getting worried. 

He could hear him from the hall. Gently opening the door, Sam peeked inside. Dean was clutching his trash can. “Oh… God!” He breathed out when it finally stopped. The smell gagged him again and he put it on the floor and laid back down, noticing Sam watching him. “How long have you been there?” 

“Long enough.” 

“I’m fine Sam… I told you… hang…”

“Hangovers don’t happen before you even get drunk, Dean.” The older brother rolled his eyes and curled up in his blanket. “Charlie told me you got sick before the wedding too.”

“Yeah, so… then it’s just food poisoning.” 

“I really don’t think so, and neither does anyone else. We’re worried man…” 

Dean sighed, and forced himself out of bed. “Sammy, please, it’s nothing. Now… stop worrying about me. Don’t you have more planning to do for your… hon-ey-moon…” Trying his hardest to give off a convincing smirk he wiggled his eyebrows at Sam. 

January 4

Dean convinced everyone to go home. Swore he was fine and waved them off. Then he locked himself in his room and quietly suffered alone. 

“He’s such a child…” Sam fumed. 

Eileen watched her husband pace back and forth. He wasn’t looking at her enough to read his lips, but she knew he was upset with Dean. 


“And hard headed. Always so damn hard headed!” 


“Why can’t he accept that people care about him too. People worry about him TOO?!”

“Sam!” Eileen stepped in Sam’s way so he would notice her. “Babe I have no idea what you are saying. Talk to me so we can figure something out together.” 

Sam sighed. *I’m worried about Dean* he signed. 

“I know. Me too.” She smiled and leaned in to kiss Sam’s lips. “I think we should postpone the trip.” 

“Eileen…” He began, but she covered his mouth. 

“Dean is important to me too, Sam. I want to make sure he is ok.” 

“Thank you…” He grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms, kissing her again. “I love you.” 

“And, I love you.”

January 5

“Sammy, don’t do this. I’m fine.” Dean begged as the younger brother cancelled his and Eileen’s flight. “Please…”

“You’re not fine, Dean.” Sam argued back, while he sat on hold. “And we won’t be able to enjoy ourselves until we know what’s going on with you.” Dean sucked in a sharp breath, looking suddenly overcome by emotions. Sam wanted to say, Look at you Dean, you’re about to cry, when do you just randomly cry?! But he knew it would do more damage than good. “Look, it’s fine. We will go as soon as you’re better or we know what’s going on. Ok?” 

“Yeah… Whatever.” Dean mumbled, storming off towards his room. He sat on his bed and tried to control himself. It never fails, even when everything is good, I ruin it, he bitterly scolded himself. 

Jack walked down the hall towards his room. As he passed Dean’s door, he swore he could hear soft sobbing. Confused, he knocked. There was silence, then he heard Dean clear his throat. “Yeah, um, what..who is it?” He stumbled through his words. Jack opened the door and peeked inside, seeing Dean quickly wipe at his eyes. “Oh. can come in.” 

“Okay.” Jack smiled and entered the room. “Have you been feeling any better? Sam said everyone is really worried about you.” The young man sighed, realizing he wasn’t supposed to actually repeat that to Dean. But he didn’t seem mad, instead he actually laughed. “What’s funny?” Jack asked, now more confused. 

“Nothing. You just…” Dean paused, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath to push back new emotions. “ remind me so much of Cas.”

“Everyone says that. I miss him.” 

“Yeah, kid, me too.”

Jack felt something. He wasn’t sure what it was. But it was coming from Dean, like a pulse, or a wave of energy. It was almost radiating off of him. But he didn’t want to ruin the moment, so he didn’t say anything. 

January 10

Dean looked at himself in the mirror. He looked like shit. He smelled like puke. He was tired, irritated, nauseous, overly emotional, and if he was being completely honest with himself, also beginning to worry something could be wrong with him. He ran a clammy hand over his face, waiting to see if the new wave of nausea was just that or about to require him to be curled around the toilet again. Thankfully it slowly faded away. He picked his tooth brush up, stared at it for a moment then tossed it back into the cup. “What’s the point..” he muttered walking out of the bathroom. 

Charlie had tried. John had tried. Bobby had tried. Hell, Ellen, Jody, and Donna even took a trip down to the bunker to team up with Mary, and they couldn’t even get through to him. It was finally Sam’s turn. If he couldn't break through Dean’s incredible stubbornness, it was hopeless.

He took a deep self encouraging breath and opened the door. “Dean, we have to talk about this… it isn’t normal. It’s not food poisoning. It’s not a hangover, and it's not some stomach bug. You’re out of excuses.” The older brother sighed. 

“You’re right Sam.” 

“Dean, something's wrong with you! You have to… wait… what?” He couldn’t believe Dean caved… that easy. “I am? I mean... I know I am.” 

“Don’t push it…” Dean weakly smirked. “I feel like crap, Sammy. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. It’s screwing with me, man.” 

He let Sam schedule him an appointment. Vitals were taken, blood was drawn, tests were run. Everything came back normal. They prescribed him something for nausea. It didn’t work. 

January 24

Dean sat on his bed. The smell of the pie his mom was baking for his birthday should be amazing, but it wasn’t. The smell of anything made him feel sick. 

He had been taken to the ER three times in the past two weeks to get fluids because he just couldn’t hold anything down. This is it. He thought. I’m gonna puke myself to death. What a way to go. He laid back, as the nausea intensified. 

“I’m calling Gabriel.” Sam said, walking into the room. The older brother rolled his eyes. “Look, it's Gabe, we can trust him. We are out of options, and you can’t keep living on a few sips of water a day.”

Dean sighed. “I know. I just… hate being examined by angels.” He winced at the thought of it. “Cas did it all the time… it’s just weird.” 

“Wow, Sammy, I really love what you’ve done with the place.” Gabriel said mockingly. “The updated angel warding is such a nice touch. You do know though most of them already know where this is.” 

“Doesn’t mean they can get in.” Sam quipped back with a wink. He opened the door, walked inside, and watched as Gabriel realized he actually couldn’t enter. Sam welcomed him in and the invisible force was removed. 

“I’m impressed.” 

“Look, Gabe, we know we can trust you … or at least we hope we can.” 

“Ouch.” The archangel gasped, holding a hand to his heart. 

Sam rolled his eyes. “But not every angel that came back died on such… heroic… terms.” 

“Oh Sam, now you’re just making me blush.” He wiggled his eyebrows at Sam and blew a kiss. “I can’t say I blame you for being precautious… I wish I could ward myself off from them some days. But back to business… Why did you call?” 

“Somethings wrong with Dean.” Sam sighed. Gabriel instantly dropped his goofy grin and became serious. 

“What’s wrong with him?”

“We’re not sure. He has been puking his guts out since the wedding.” 

Gabriel’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “And you’re just now asking for help?!” 

Well… the whole reaching out to Michael and Adam is still… awkward. Anna tried to kill our parents last time we saw her… and we hate to always call you when we need something, but you’re the only one left… now.” 

Gabriel sighed, but smiled. He didn’t really mind, he liked the Winchester’s, always had really. Dean made his way towards the stairs. The archangel looked at him and made a face. “You look rough.” Dean narrowed his eyes. Gabriel was their friend, he knew that, and he did trust the archangel. He had, like many of the resurrected, sacrificed himself for them… multiple times. 


Suddenly a warm and fuzzy feeling washed over Gabriel, and he tilted his head in confusion. It seemed to be coming from Dean.

“What?” Dean asked, uncomfortable from how long the archangel had been staring at him. 

“I dunno…” Gabriel stared for a second longer before shaking his head, snapping himself back. “Mmmm mmm, what is that heavenly smell?” 

Mary walked from the kitchen carrying the pie. “It’s Dean’s birthday pie.” She smiled, as she pushed a couple candles into it. “You’re more than welcome to stay for a slice.” 

“Oh Mrs. Winchester…” the coy archangel said, sliding over to her side and lifting her arm. “I would love that, very, very much.” He kissed down her arm Gomez Addams style. John cleared his throat behind him. Gabriel turned and smiled innocently. “So Dean, how old are you?” He was only answered with a glare. 

After eating two pieces of pie, drinking down a few sodas and managing to make room for ice cream, Gabriel finally really took a look at Dean. The hunter had already thrown up twice since the archangel had been there, and was currently sitting on the couch hunched over because he still felt nauseous. At first glance, other than the fact physically he looked one upchuck away from meeting whoever the new death was, he seemed fine. 

There was no heat wave radiating off of him signifying fever. No foul smell saying there was poison from any sicknesses in his body. There were also no reapers looming around waiting to try to snatch up his soul. And if Dean Winchester was anywhere near kicking the bucket the reapers would be practically fighting each other to get to him. 

“Sorry, to not be much help, fellas.” He said, offering a smile. “I don’t see anything that could be causing this.” He stared at Dean, unable to shake the feeling something was there and he was just missing it. “It’s strange.” 

“Well thanks anyway, Gabe.” Sam said as he stood to walk the archangel to the door, and Dean stood to go curl into a ball on his bed. Suddenly Gabriel got that feeling again. 

Friend. Trust. Help.

“So strange.” He squinted his eyes, walking over to Dean. He put his hand on his forehead, definitely no fever. He listened to his heart beat, steady and strong. His blood flowed through his veins with no blockages anywhere, his organs were all working as they should. He clicked his tongue and as he looked at his body. He closed his eyes and sighed, and when he opened them they were glowing. Once again he scanned over the hunter’s body, now seeing into it. He saw the enochian etched onto his ribs, and smiled. “One heart, two lungs, good kidneys, stomach, pancreas, liver… which is surprising. I don’t know what to tell you Dean-... Oh ...” He froze as he passed something that definitely wasn’t supposed to be there. His eyes dimmed. “That’s… interesting…”

“What?” Dean asked, slightly worrying. 

Gabriel looked at Dean’s middle, then at him. He placed a hand over the hunter’s stomach, and gasped. “How is this possible… how did we not know?”

“W-what!?” Dean now knew he was dying. He wanted to pull away from the archangel, and run to his room, but he couldn’t move, or breathe, or think. 

“I don’t even know how to process this… but I guess congrats are in order!?” Gabe babbled, staring at his hand. 

“Gabe! What are you talking about!?” Sam snapped, growing impatient. By now everyone was gathering around. 

Gabe simply smiled. He stepped back and  pointed to Dean’s Stomach. “The Nephilim.” 

Chapter Text


Dean snored softly, his face buried in Cas’ neck, an arm wrapped tightly around him as if holding on for dear life. The angel lay awake trailing his fingers along Dean's arm. This felt right. He felt like this was where he should have always been, and where he always wanted to be… everyday… forever. 

Cas slid a bit too lightly up the back of Dean's arm and it tickled him. The hunter flinched and laughed, still asleep, and shifted his body. His other hand reached up and grabbed Cas’ intertwining their fingers, and his head now rested on the angel's chest. He was smiling. Cas didn’t think he had ever seen Dean look so at peace, so happy. 

Oh. Dean wanted this. He wanted… Cas. This wasn’t some stress relief one night stand. The realization should have had the angel jumping for joy, it was the one thing he had wanted for so long and it was finally his, but it wasn’t… it couldn’t be. Instead of being his moment of true happiness, this was probably the saddest moment of the angel's existence. 

Cas closed his eyes, and mentally screamed at himself for allowing this to happen. He should have just let him walk away. They never should have crossed that line. They couldn’t have this. Or the Empty would come for him. He cursed himself for what he was about to do because it was going to hurt the one he loved, who he finally realized loved him back. 

He slipped free from Dean’s arms, accidentally waking him. “Cas…?” Dean called, his voice still hoarse from the night before, but it somehow sounded soft, and loving. This was going to be the hardest thing Cas had ever done. The angel shuffled back into his clothes and disappeared, with no explanation. He didn’t even turn around. 

Oh. Cas didn’t want this… he didn’t want Dean. All it was, was a stress relief one night stand. He told himself he should have known better. Did he really think last night meant something? That didn’t stop it from hurting, or from him feeling used and abandoned. But if Cas wanted to pretend it never happened, then fine, they would pretend it never happened. Dean never mentioned it and once again he became distant with the Angel. 

Then shit hit the fan, they were trapped, about to be killed by Billie. Cas revealed there’s another way, something that could stop her, then told Dean about his deal to save Jack. The hunter was stunned… He fumbled for words as Cas rambled on and on and he was trying to process exactly what the angel was saying. 

“My true happiness was something I never thought I could have… I love you… Goodbye, Dean.” 

Then he was gone… Cas loved him… He didn’t get to say it back… Cas would never know how much Dean loved him too. 

He sat on the floor, eyes opened… heart broken… alone, and cried for what would now never be. 

Chapter Two

January 24

“I think he’s in shock.” Sam suggested. 

“Dean. Honey. Can you hear me?” Mary called softly, running her hands through Dean’s hair, and down the side of his face. He blinked, a tear slipping from his eye. 


But that wasn’t physically possible, right? Right?! He slowly became re-aware of his surroundings. He was sitting on the couch again. Had he passed out…? He couldn’t remember. He wasn’t alone… Gabriel, his parents, and Sam and Eileen were there. Everyone now knew. Shit. 

At least his nausea was gone… He finally lifted his eyes to meet his mothers. She smiled. That’s good, that’s comforting . He moved his gaze over to Sam and Eileen, also smiling. Ok, no one is judging . Then to his dad… Nothing. He quickly looked back to his mom. His nausea came creeping back.

“So I’m gonna ask the question I know everyone here is thinking…” Gabriel chimed in, “…is it Cassie’s?” He paused for effect then burst into laughter. “Who am I kidding? We all know it’s his!” 

“Gabriel, please!” Mary sighed. “How is this even possible?”

“Well…! When two people love each other very much… and we all know, they loved each other very much…” the woman glared at him. “You do remember Castiel was an ANGEL right? You know, I’d expect a normal human to be confused, but a hunter, a woman of letters, a person who has been brought back from the dead… twice? Come on, does anything really surprise you anymore?” Mary sighed and turned her attention back to comforting her son. 

“This can’t be happening.” Dean whispered. Could his luck really be that bad? John sighed, deep and very clearly upset, then turned and walked back into the kitchen. “Great…” Dean mumbled, feeling like a kid again, constantly a disappointment. 

Mary leaned forward and pressed her lips to her son’s forehead. “Don’t worry about him.” She said, her voice was soft and calming, she held one of his hands tight and just kept smiling at him. It helped, a little. 

“Aren’t Angels supposed to know the second a nephilim is created?” Sam asked, having to forcefully shove the mental image of a nephilim being created by his brother and Cas out of his head. 

“Yes… but to be fair there weren’t many angels left at the time. It was also pretty hectic, I’ve heard, with Dad having his little mental breakdown. Maybe they just missed it.” He stopped to gawk at the hunter. “Dean, I have to admit… I did NOT peg you for a bottom. You Winchesters never cease to surprise me.” Dean slowly glared up at him. “I’m sorry, it’s just… it’s so Deanesqué. Getting knocked up during the literal end of the world. It's so… poetic.” 

Normally, Dean would have had some smart ass comeback, or at least told him to shut up. But in that moment, however, he just felt like his world was turning upside down. He sighed and looked down at his stomach. There was something in there, half him… half Cas, and suddenly he was about to be sick. He quickly stood, hand clamped over his mouth, and started towards the bathroom. Mary tried to follow him but he put his free hand up and shook his head, quickening his pace as the bile moved up his throat. 

“Poor Dean.” Eileen sighed, grabbing onto Sam’s arm. “Did you know…?” 

Sam shook his head. “I knew there were feelings…” he gave a half hearted laugh. “…that they both tried to hide. But I never would have thought they acted on them.” He sighed, turning his attention back to the archangel. “When Cas found out about Jack, he damn near had a seizure… I don’t think the angels would have missed that.” Sam said, rubbing a hand over his face, still trying to process what was going on. 

“Yeah I know.” Gabriel admitted now that Dean was out of the room. “It’s strange, Sam. It’s hidden. I only found it because I looked into his body… and…”

“And?” Mary asked curiously. 

“Well… most men don’t have a womb.”

“A womb?!” 

Gabriel nodded. “When I felt his stomach, I was searching for new grace.” He saw the confusion and sighed. “When a nephilim is created, much like when a human baby is created, they are part of their parents, but only part. They have their own DNA… their own soul, and also their own grace. That’s what we are alerted to. We sense the souls of new babies being made all the time, but new grace doesn’t just appear… unless an Angel… or nephilim… has come to be.” 

“But you didn’t feel a new grace...” Sam was beginning to understand what was puzzling Gabriel. 

The archangel laughed, and shook his head. “Not only that… I didn’t feel a new soul either…” 

“What does that mean?” Eileen asked. 

“I’m just guessing here…” He put his hands up defensively. “But because it wasn’t a traditional conception… there was no egg… no sperm… it seems to be created entirely of Dean’s soul, and Cas’ grace. I think we didn’t feel it, because technically it already existed.” 

“So then there is a good chance no one except you, and us, know about it?” Mary asked. She sighed, seemingly relieved, when Gabriel nodded.

After emptying his stomach, Dean sank to the floor, his whole body shaking. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, flushed the toilet and leaned back against the wall. 

A Nephilim…   

He slowly lifted his shirt. And looked at his still completely flat and firm stomach. It was going to get big and round. He would eventually feel it kick and move and grow. 

A Nephilim…

All this time it had been morning sickness. The emotions and the fatigue… They were all signs. They just missed them because why would they think this was a possibility. 

A Nephi… No… A baby…

Regardless of what angels called it, what was inside him was also a baby. A more than likely incredibly powerful, half angel baby, but still… a baby. Their baby. For a moment he let his mind not think about how ridiculous, and dangerous, this was, and he felt...


A sudden burst of warmth flowed through him. He was going to be a dad. He had wanted kids. He never talked about it to anyone. He knew it wasn’t smart to bring a family into this life. He knew he could never truly get away from hunting. But it was still a thought he let himself dwell on sometimes. And with Cas…? That was just icing on the cake. He smiled, lost in the daydream. As if everything was fine. 

As if he wasn’t a pregnant man . As if he wasn’t carrying a Nephilim. As if he wouldn’t be hunted . As if he wouldn’t be looked at differently by everyone he knew. As if Cas wasn’t… gone . As if he could ever really have something good. The warmth began to fade, and reality set in. 

Because he was a pregnant man, and he was carrying a nephilim, and he would be hunted, and everyone was going to look at him differently, and… He took a deep shaky breath, putting his shirt back down, and pulling his knees to his chest. …and Cas was gone. 

“We’re home!” Jack called from the top of the stairs, his mom close behind him. The two had spent the week with Kelly’s parents, letting them in on the reality of what existed out there, and who Jack was. It was a lot to take in, but eventually they came around. They were just happy to have their daughter back. “Gabriel…” Jack smiled warmly at his uncle “Did you figure out what’s wrong with Dean?” 

“Uh… well…” The archangel looked between Sam and the others.

“Stress.” Everyone turned to see Dean coming from the hall. 

“Stress?” Jack asked, confused.

“Yeah, who knew, right.” He laughed. “I guess I just went too hard for the wedding, putting a lot of stress on my body. The sickness was its way of saying to chill out. Then I was stressed about the sickness, and it just got worse. But, I’m good now.” Dean looked at the others, pleading with his eyes for them to just go with it.

There was a moment of silence. “ Well…” Kelly finally spoke up. “…at least now you can get to feeling better. Happy Birthday, by the way!” She smiled and hugged him then continued to her room.

“So you’re ok…?” Jack pressed, still unconvinced. 

Dean hung his head, and sighed. “Yeah…” he lied. “I’m… peachy. I'd be better if I could get this…” He handed Gabriel a piece of paper with Zofran written on it. “I read it’s really good for… stress… sickness.” 

The archangel gave him a sympathetic smile and disappeared, reappearing seconds later with a blank bottle of the pills, so no one could see what they were for. “Hopefully these make it a little easier…” Dean took the bottle, and nodded. “I’ll… uh… I’ll be back to check on things soon.” There was a sound of wings flapping and Gabriel’s gone.

After another long tense silence Jack went into one of his bags. “Dean, I got you something!” He pulled out a Rubbermaid container and handed it to Dean. “I made it myself…” He was smiling ear to ear. “Obviously.”

The hunter opened the lid and laughed at the Rice Krispie blob, with ‘Happy Birthday Dean!’ written on it. “Wow… Jack, I love it.” He looked up with new tears in his eyes. “Thank you.” Jack hugged him and walked away. 

“Dean…” Sam tried, but the older brother sucked in a shaky breath and shook his head. 

“Please don’t…” He looked at his brother sadly. Sam sighed, but dropped it.

Beginning of February

“Dean, you have to talk about this…” Sam tried again, multiple times. The older brother would just say ‘not now’ or ‘don’t tell me what I need’, then walk away. The hovering and concern from his mom Sam and Eileen, mixed constant disappointed looks from John only managed to sink him further into a funk . 

When Gabriel returned with Micheal, Sam just stared at them in shock. Why he would bring the older archangel to where apparently they were hiding a nephilim? Gabriel left Michael outside the bunker, and walked in with Sam. “It’s a test. ” 

“And if you’re wrong…?”

“We… uh, well… I haven’t thought that far.” He admitted, and Sam annoyedly rolled his eyes. “But if I’m right…”

“That’s a big if… don’t you think.” 

Dean was leaning against the wall, arms crossed looking up the stairs where the two were going back and forth. “Look, Sam, I appreciate your concern, but I’m with Gabe on this.” He said finally ascending the steps. “It would be nice to not have to look over my shoulder, or stay hidden, for… however long this takes.” He motioned toward his stomach. 

They walked out of the bunker. The eldest angel was standing in the same spot, impatiently waiting. He looked between the three men. “What exactly is this about?” Dean stepped closer, and Michael looked his true vessel up and down. “You look rough.” 

“So I’ve heard.” Dean said, rolling his eyes. 


Gabriel’s head slightly turned towards Dean. Michael didn’t react and like Gabriel suspected could not sense the tension coming from the Nephilim. “So Mikey… anything seems off about Dean-O here?” Sam shifted, uncomfortable with testing their luck this way. 

Michael tilted his head, looking harder at Dean. “Is there supposed to be?” 

Gabriel shrugged. “Just trying to convince Sammy here there’s nothing to worry about. Dean has been sick, as you can tell.” 

The older angel huffed. “Probably all the junk food and booze he fills himself with.” Dean glared at him.


Gabriel silently laughed at the aggressional energy directed toward the archangel. “You’re not wrong…” he whispered, more to the nephilim than Michael. “Well thanks anyway big bro. See Sam, it’s all good!” They all stared at the now empty space.  

Just to be safe they also tried with Anna, using the same excuse. She squinted her eyes, for a moment Dean was scared she knew. “Have you tried eating better?” Dean shot his eyes at Sam who was trying to stop himself from chuckling. 

When she was gone the three walked back into the bunker. Sam went to find Eileen, leaving the archangel and his brother alone. “How are you?” Gabriel asked. 

“The medicine helps.” 

“You know that’s not what I mean.” Gabriel sighed,  when Dean didn’t respond and kept his eyes glued to the floor. “Dean…”

“I’m fine…” 

“Dean, it's ok if…” 

The hunter jerked his head up and laughed. “It’s ok… it’s, O. K. I’m so sick of hearing it’s ok, or it’s going to be ok.” He knew if he kept going he was going to start crying, and he didn’t want that, not in front of Gabriel, but he was so frustrated. “It’s not OK!” He said quietly, trying to calm himself. “It’s never going to be ok!” Gabriel watched him hurry off to his room, passing Sam on his way. The archangel gave the younger brother a half hearted smile and disappeared. 

Dean sighed when he heard the knock on his door. “Sam… I don’t want to talk about it.” 

“I know.” The younger brother said, pushing the door open and walking in. “Just thought maybe we could not talk about it… together.” He smiled at Dean’s eye roll, and sat down beside him. 

“Fine.” Dean grumbled.


About five minutes passed of silence, when Dean cracked a smile. “This is stupid, Sam.” 

“I agree. So… why don’t you just talk to me, then I can leave you alone.” 

“Or… you could leave me alone without the touchy feeling therapy session crap.” Sam shrugged and stretched out on Dean’s bed, folding his arms behind his head, crossing his ankles, and closed his eyes. “Seriously…” 

“Your move… jerk.” Sam smirked. When Dean didn’t clap back, he opened his eyes. 

“It’s not like we were secretly dating or anything. It was just one time. But...” Dean sighed and laid back next to Sam. “…then he told me he loved me…” 

“Ah… is that what led to the one time ?” Sam bounced his brows, then immediately cringed after. 

“No…” Dean laughed. “It was after that… before the empty…” he let out a long shaky breath. “…I didn’t say it back, Sammy…” The younger brother watched as Dean blinked and the building tear finally fell, which he quickly wiped away. 


“And I…” he was beginning to tremble, and a part of him screamed at himself to stop before he ended up a crying mess… though he knew Sam would support him through it. 

“You love him too.” Dean clamped his mouth closed to muffle the sob before it was able to come out, but he nodded. 

This wasn’t even what Sam had wanted Dean to talk about, but he was glad he did. He decided to put off the Nephilim conversation to another day… there was no point in upsetting him anymore. They sat quietly together until their mom came to let them know dinner was ready.

End of February 

“Have you heard more from Gabriel?” Mary asked handing Sam a cup of coffee and joining him at the table. It had been a couple weeks since they had seen the archangel. He shook his head, flipping through their research on Nephilims from Kelly’s pregnancy with Jack. 

She took Sam’s free hand in her own. “We’ll get through this.” 

He smiled, squeezing back. “We always do.” He thought for a moment then laughed. 


“I just… it’s ridiculous and Dean would kill me for bringing it up… but I couldn’t help thinking that this means you’re going to be a grandma.” He laughed harder as her soft expression soured. 

“Oh god.” She began laughing with him. “Grandma sounds so old.”

“Nana maybe?”

“Nana’s better.” They continued giggling until John walked in the room. Since finding out, he also hadn’t spoken of it. He hadn’t spoken to Dean either, or even looked at him, for that matter. “Morning Love.” Mary tried.

“Yeah.” Came his gruff response as he poured himself a cup of coffee. Sam eyed his father, old feelings beginning to bubble up were kept at bay by his mother’s hand brushing along his cheek. 

“Just give him time.” She whispered, to which Sam just rolled his eyes and exhaled hard through his nose. 

She stood and followed him back to their room. Biting her tongue as he passed Dean’s door and shook his head, mumbling under his breath. “You can’t keep doing this.” She said, closing their door behind her.

“And what exactly am I doing, Mary?” John scoffed, slamming his cup down onto the bedside table.

“That.” She said softly. “Why are you so angry? We have our life back. Our boys, our family. Our friends are all alive and thriving. You should be so grateful.”

“I am grateful. I just…” he took a deep breath to calm himself. “What was he thinking?” 

“You act like he knew this could happen, John. The pregnancy? That it was with an Angel…?” She turned to look him in the eyes. “Or that it was a man…?” 

He inhaled deep, a scowl crossing his face. “Mary…”

“Our neighbors were gay back in Lawrence. You had no problem with them.” 

“That was different.” He said through a clenched jaw. 

“How so?” She sighed and took his hand. “It’s still Dean. It’s still our son, and he’s hurting, John. Don’t you remember how you felt when you lost me.” The older man closed his eyes, seeing her burning on the ceiling, Sam screaming from his crib. “Now with the baby…”

“Baby? It’s not a baby, Mary. It’s half angel, they call it an abomination, a monster.” She narrowed her eyes at him. 

“Jack is a Nephilim. You seem to have accepted him just fine.” John couldn’t argue the fact he had indeed taken a liking to the young man. 

Still there was so much he couldn’t wrap his head around. “I just wish he would think things through, sometimes…” 

“Like you did… when you dropped your life and became a hunter, dragging two little boys into that kind of life…?” John flinched at the sting of Mary’s words. She sighed and took his hand. “You have to let this… this ridiculous disapproval that Dean didn’t turn out exactly as you wanted and accept him for the amazing man that he is. He’s a hero, one of the best hunters to walk this earth, but most importantly he is your son. He needs us, needs you , to be there for him, accept him, love him. If not, you're gonna lose him, and Sam… and Me .” John hung his head. She was right, he knew that. He lifted Mary’s hand to his lips. 

“I… I’ll try, ok?” She smiled, half heartedly. It wasn’t the answer she wanted to hear, but the old hunter was stubborn. She felt sure he would come around, eventually. 

Eileen knocked on Dean’s door, slowly pushing it open. “Hi Dean.” She called softly, entering the room, she handed him a cup of coffee. “It’s decaf, so it should be fine… you know… for the baby.” She sighed when Dean tensed at the mention of the pregnancy. She quickly changed topics. “I can’t drink regular coffee, it gives me headaches.” She smiled warmly. 

“Thank you.” Dean said, with a sloppy attempt to also sign it. Eileen laughed, and took his hand straightening his fingers properly, then demonstrated the proper motion.

“Very good.” She said, after he copied the sign back correctly. Then she signed something new, Dean cocking a brow for her to elaborate. “No worries.” They both laughed. 

“Is this… happiness I hear?” Sam joked walking into the room. “How are you feeling?” Dean shrugged, avoiding Sam’s puppy dog eyes, tempting him to open up and blab more feelings . “Dean, we need to tell Jack. He’s worried, he can tell something’s wrong. And maybe Kelly can help us prepare for what’s to come ” Dean sighed, he knew he couldn’t hide it from them forever so he nodded. 

“I’ll talk to him tonight.” 

“Oh...” Jack stared at Dean's stomach in awe. “ That’s what that is…” It was beginning to make the hunter uncomfortable and he cleared his throat, regaining Jack’s attention. “But how?” He asked, looking up at Dean. To be as powerful as he was, he was still so innocent. 

“Do I really have to give you the birds and the bees talk…” Dean groaned. 

“No. I got that part, but you’re a man.”

“Well apparently angels sper… um angels don’t have to abide by the laws of human biology.” Dean shifted on the bed, thinking he should have let Sam do this. 

“It is Castiel’s, isn’t it.” Jack said quietly. Dean tensed and nodded. “Are you nervous?” 

“About what, potentially being hunted and killed, the months of supernatural pregnancy or the giving birth to a baby with no actual baby birthing parts.” Jack winced at the thought of all of them. “Yeah, I guess I’m a little nervous.”

“Castiel was like a father to me, and honestly so are you. I’ll try to be as good a big brother as you are to Sam.” Dean felt the tears stinging his eyes, and cursed the stupid hormones raging thought his body. “Are you alright, Dean? I’m sorry if what I said upset you.” Jack hung his head, but was shocked when Dean grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. 

“Thank you, Jack.” The older man said softly. “You… uh... will be an awesome big brother.” Jack smiled and wrapped his arms around Dean.

Chapter Text


“Dean…” Sam whispered from his bed. 

“What Sammy…” The 14 year old turned over to glare at his little brother. 

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  

“What are you five… it’s late… I’m tired…”

“Come on, Dean!”

The older brother groaned, turning over to face Sam. “When I grow up I’m probably gonna be just like dad.” Sam made a face. “What’s wrong with that?”

“You’re nothing like dad.”

“Oh yeah how so…” 

“Dad doesn’t care when I’m sad. Or hurt. Or scared. Not really… not like you do.” Dean stared at Sam, seeming confused. “Dad’s brave and tough, and I guess you are like him there. But you’re also caring, and funny, and…” Sam sighed, with a lopsided smile. “…and the best big brother I could ever have.” 


“I mean it Dean. You are way better than him.” 

Dean bit his lip, trying to not turn into some girly ball of emotions. “Th-thanks Sammy.” 

“You know what?” 


“When I grow up… I want to be just like you.” 

Chapter Three  


Beginning of March

Dean stood under the hot water until it finally ran out; which must have been hours, because the bunker's hot water had never run out on one of the women, or Sam, before. Then he leaned against the shower wall, until the steam was gone, and he felt a chill run through him. Finally he stepped out, wrapping a towel around his waist. 

He grabbed his dirty clothes and headed towards the door, catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror. There it was, unable to be sucked in anymore. The small curve of a bump. A freaking Baby bump. He usually tried to avoid looking at himself without a shirt, because if he couldn’t see it, it felt less real. Then, without even thinking he turned to the side so he could see it better. 


He tried to push the feeling away. He didn’t want to feel anything about it, he didn’t want to get attached. Because like everything else in his extremely complex and screwed up life this would probably only end bloody… and he just couldn’t handle losing something, or someone, else. 


Tiny flutters erupted through his stomach. Dean thought back to what could have given him such strong gas, and remembered the anchovy sandwich. He wanted to put jelly on it but they only had jam, which he usually was fine with… but it grossed him out all of a sudden. He settled for honey. It was delicious, and grossed Sam out. Win, win. Dean smiled at the thought, then grimaced when the flutters came back stronger. 


He pressed his hand to his stomach and tried to force it out of either end, but it didn’t work. “Whatever…” he grumbled, and walked out of the bathroom. 

Sam was sitting at one of the tables in the library, watching his phone ring. Even though they had assured everyone Dean was doing better, it didn’t stop the constant calls, ‘just checking’. Mary walked in and looked at the phone vibrating on the table. *Jody* written across the top of the screen. About two seconds after it stopped *Bobby* popped up, accompanied by texts from both Claire and Alex. 

He rubbed his face and silenced the phone, sliding it across the table away from him. “They’re gonna keep calling, and eventually show up. You know that, right?” She said softly, pulling out a chair next to him. Sam sighed and just nodded. “Has he said anything to you… about what he plans on doing once the baby’s here?” 


“Do you think he doesn’t want it?” She asked. Sam was going to say, probably not… simply because of how much he refused to even talk about it, but the more he thought, the less he believed his brother would just abandon his kid. Especially his kid with someone he finally admitted he was in love with. He simply shrugged and laid his head down on his arms. “Sam, you know him better than I do… Do you think he’s gonna be ok?”

Sam looked over at his mom and sighed again. If she only knew half the shit they had been through prior to her first coming back. The pain, the heartache, the death and hell, and all over just horror… If she only knew that through all that Sam had never seen Dean get so low. If she only knew that Sam really didn’t know, and part of him actually didn’t believe, Dean would be ok this time. “Dean’s strong, mom… He is stronger than me, stronger than dad… stronger than anyone. This is just… a lot.” 

That must have told her all she needed, because she didn’t push it further. There was a moment of silence and the phone began vibrating again. *Donna* Sam groaned and pushed his seat out walking towards the kitchen, leaving the phone on the table.

“Bobby, I just want to see for myself that he’s fine!” The sheriff fussed, slipping her shoes on, and then her coat. “He looked half dead when we FaceTimed him on his birthday, and so sad…” 

“It just ain’t right…” the older man said quietly. “We all got our happy ending…” he wrapped his arms around Jody, and pulled her closer to him. “…all of us, except him.” 

She sighed and leaned her head into Bobby's chest. “ Yeah… I know.”

“Let us know as soon as you know something!” Claire said, bringing Jody her purse and some food for the trip. 

“And tell everyone we said hi!” Alex added as she pinned her badge to her scrubs. Both girls hugged their adoptive mom. “You coming today?” Alex asked Claire as she started for the door. The blonde nodded and waved bye to Jody and Bobby before following Alex out the front door. 

“What are you going to the hospital for?” Bobby asked.

“Uhh… just sitting with some of the patients, it’s a… community service thing… for school…” The girls rushed out the door before he could respond. 

“Those poor patients…” the older man teased. 

“Hey… she can be caring… sometimes.” Jody hugged Bobby once more. “Make sure everyone else eats.” Bobby laughed and nodded. “And does their homework…” He rolled his eyes and turned Jody towards the door gently pushing her out. “And make sure Claire doesn’t sneak Kaia into her room again tonight.” 

“Dammit Jody I got this! Go nag the Winchester’s some!” She narrowed her eyes at him but smiled. 

Once in her car she pulled out her phone and texted Donna and Ellen. *ON MY WAY!*

Early the next morning Dean forced himself out of bed and to the kitchen. There was one more can of anchovies left and they were calling him. He actually seemed to be in a fairly good mood, humming as he laid the little fish in a row on the plate, and squeezed the last of the honey on top of them. Smiling at his breakfast he grabbed a fork from the drawer and turned back towards… a group of shocked faces. 

“What in the hell are you eating…” Ellen asked, crinkling her nose at the smell. 

“Whoo… it’s no wonder you've been so sick Dean…” Donna added. 

Jody, having known him the longest, and experiencing first hand the strangest ranges in appetite of the older Winchester brother, just stared. “Dean… what’s going on with you.” She finally asked. 

The women were slightly taken aback when tears began to fill Dean’s eyes. He opened his mouth to speak, thinking he might as well just tell them the truth, but nothing came out. Sam and Mary glanced at each other, then back at Dean, waiting for a sign he was ok with the women knowing. “I… I’m…” He looked between the women. “I can’t do this…” He partially laughed, then sat his plate down and hurried back to his room. 

“What was that!?” Jody looked for an explanation from Sam or Mary, but they didn’t know what to say either. “But he’s fine… right…” Sam sighed and went after Dean. Leaving Mary to try to keep the women pasified until they knew what Dean wanted them to say. 

“Dean…” he knocked on then pushed open his brother's door. He was sitting on his bed with his head in his hands. “What do you want to do?” Dean didn’t say anything, but Sam heard him sniffle. “You don’t have to tell them, or anyone… Dean. When it gets here we can figure out what to do with it then…” 

“It…” Dean whispered. “It?” His voice sounded offended. Sam was confused. “And what do you mean we can figure out what to do with IT?!” 

“Well… are you planning on keeping… the baby? Raising i… him or her .” 

Dean blinked. “I…”

“Because if you are Dean… you have to tell them. You have to tell our family, our friends... How could we explain a kid just appearing?” 

“This is all too much…!” Dean gasped. He wiped his face and thought for a while. “Will you tell them… I… I can’t do it.” Sam sighed and left the room.

“I’m sorry… Dean’s wha… preg...WHAT!?” Jody couldn’t find the right words. 

“Sam, how is that even…” Ellen started then sighed, putting two and two together. “How is he taking it?”

“He doesn’t talk about it.”

“Course he doesn’t…” the older blonde shook her head. 

“Jodes you ok? You’re white as a sheet.” Donna looked over at the sheriff concerned. 

“I’m fine… just in shock I guess.” Jody finally was able to snap herself out of it. “…pregnant. Wow.”

Before they left each woman took turns speaking to Dean. Giving him as much love as they could, and reminding him they were just a phone call away. He smiled and hugged each of them, with a simple thank you. 

After dropping Ellen and Donna off, Jody finally got home, and broke the news to Bobby and the girls. 

“Dammit. He hasn’t even had a chance to properly grieve the ol winged idjit.” The older man sighed and shook his head, his heart heavy for Dean. 

“Well everything just got a whole lot more complicated…” Claire whispered to Alex. The latter dropped her head into her hands, overwhelmed. 

They decided to tell the rest of their family and friends. It wasn’t like they could hide it much longer, and it would be nice to have back up if things got bad. Sam made a list of who they should tell. 

Garth and Bess happily offered to bring Dean all the twins hand-me-downs . 

Benny was supportive, and Kevin thought it was hilarious. 

Rowena said she could give them herbs to help make it easier on him, and Crowley and Meg made ridiculous jokes. 

Mick, Toni, and Ketch agreed to secretly find any information they could to help from their own immense collections. 

Oddly enough, to just Dean, everyone was only shocked about the pregnancy, mainly because he was… well a HE; no one actually seemed surprised about it being Cas’. 

Everyone knew to keep it a secret. Everyone vowed to help if Dean needed them. And he realized he had an amazing, albeit misfit, family. 

Dean asked Charlie to come by. She was like his little sister and one of his best friends and he wanted to tell her personally. 

“Sup bitch!” She said grinning as she entered his room. “Dude! You look terrible!” She wasn’t wrong, he was overly stressed, still a little nauseous and extremely sleep deprived.

“Yeah… i know…” he smiled, but it took everything in him to do so. 

“Dean… are you ok?” 

“N-no…!” He said, voice getting shaky. Charlie stared at him, opening her mouth to say something. “I slept with Cas…” Dean blurted out before she could. 

Her eyes widened. “You… you did?” She sounded almost amused, as if she had been waiting to hear this news. Her light mood quickly changed to guilt. “Oh… oh Dean, I’m so sorry.” She sat beside him, and wrapped her arm around him. 

“There’s m-more…” he said, wiping his eyes. “Charlie… I… I’m pr…” he realized he had never said it out loud. “I’m pregnant.” 

Charlie stared for a second, then laughed, obviously taking it as a joke. She waited. He kept his eyes focused on the floor. “Wait…” She whispered. When he finally looked at her, tears were blurring his vision. She realized he wasn’t joking. “Oh my god.” She put her arms back around him as the tears began to fall. “Oh… oh my god! You’re serious.” She had never seen Dean cry, and it was honestly breaking her heart. “I can’t believe you two were a thing!” She said, pulling back and wiping away his tears, and her own. “I mean I suspected…” she smiled playfully.  

“We weren’t… we might have been.” He leaned his head on her shoulder, picking at the skin around his nails. 

“So you’re really…” she looked at his stomach. He could feel his face heat up, and nodded. “...that’s amazing.” He shrugged. He still wasn’t completely comfortable with the whole idea. “Dean… you are gonna be such a badass dad. Like you’re badass at everything else you do. This kid is hella lucky.” 

“I don’t wanna do this alone…”

“You’re not alone. We are all here for you.” She squeezed him again. “You know that, right?”

“But I… I want him…” he whispered, feeling his hormones about to go crazy, again. Charlie pulled him back in and they sat silently while he rode out his emotions. He felt so empty. 

You have me…

A strong  warmth flowed through him, reminding him he wasn’t empty. He had a part of Cas within him. He smiled at the thought, for the first time, and his hand slid over his stomach. 

End of March

He was actually starting to show, even through clothes. So, with encouragement, or more so begging, from everyone, he agreed to not leave the bunker anymore unless he absolutely needed to, or he wasn’t alone. It wasn’t worth someone, or something, seeing him and figuring out his secret. 

One by one everyone showed up, giving their thoughts, advice, and plenty of love and sympathy to Dean. Slowly he began coming around to the idea of being a dad. Though the whole being pregnant part still was… uncomfortable, mentally and physically. 

Finally Bobby made his way to the bunker. As far as being worried about someone’s opinion of his situation, his father came in first, like always, and about a fraction behind was Bobby. He felt sick to his stomach at the thought of his only other father figure also being disappointed in him. 

Dean heard a knock on his door and assumed it was Sam or his mom. “I’ll be out in a minute…” he said quietly. 

“Or I’ll just come in now…” Bobby replied gruffly, stepping in the room and closing the door behind him. Dean stared wide eyed at the older man. “Hey boy.” He smiled.

“Hey… B-Bobby…” Dean fidgeted nervously on his bed, but managed a smile back. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. DO NOT CRY. He told himself as he crossed the room. When he was in front of the man he stalled, wanting to hug him like he always did, but unsure of if he should or… 

Bobby reached out and clapped a hand on his shoulder, pulling him into the hug. 

Stop crying. Stop crying. STOP CRYING! 

Bobby just squeezed him tighter. “I know, Dean. I’m listening.” he said softly, when he felt Dean take in a shaky breath, and the younger hunter wondered why he doubted Bobby’s understanding in the first place. It was Bobby. Somehow through the sniffling, and snot and tears, he managed to tell him everything that had happened. 

The next morning, as Sam walked towards the library, he heard what sounded like the beginnings of a screaming match coming from down stairs. Eileen saw he was distressed and signed *what’s wrong*. 

He signed back *screaming*, and pointed down toward the stairs. She approached him and he leaned down to press his lips quickly against hers. *Stay with Dean* he signed before heading down stairs.

“Don’t try to tell me how to be a father, Bobby!” John yelled loud enough to shake the room. 

“Well obviously someone has to, ‘cause you sure as hell forgot a long damn time ago!” Bobby snapped back, just a loud. Mary was pacing back and forth between the two men as they continued back and forth, trying to calm them both. Sam had told Bobby about the tension going on between Dean and John before he came.  

“Please you two, Dean is going to hear…” 

“Jesus Mary, stop acting like he is going to break!” John turned his anger to his wife. “He’s a grown ass man, do you think he wants everyone tiptoeing around his feelings 24/7!”

Sam had finally had enough and stepped in. “How the hell do you know what he wants? When was the last time you even spoke to him?!” Mary grabbed Sam’s arm, putting herself between him and John before they could get within swinging distance. “God, we were so stupid to think you had changed. That maybe now that you finally had mom back, we would be a real family, you would be a real father. But you are the same cold hearted bastard you’ve always been.” Sam braced himself for the retaliation, knowing his words had to have struck his fathers ego, but it became quiet. 

Sam turned to see Eileen running from the stairs toward them frantically signing *gone* over and over. Sam signed *what?* She grabbed his shoulders and almost screamed, “Dean is GONE!” 

They all ran up stairs, searching through each room. Sam took Eileen to the couch trying to calm her so she could clearly explain what happened. She took a couple deep breaths, tears in her eyes. “He came out and just stood in the middle of the room for a while. Then he asked me if I had any more of my coffee. I told him I would make him a cup. When I came back…” she hung her head and signed *gone* again. 

“The impala is gone.” Mary called coming back in from the garage. They all looked between each other, worried. “I knew he was going to hear you fighting.” She covered her face with her hands. “What if he gets hurt!?” Eileen was at her side immediately, trying to comfort the worried mother. 

Dean didn’t know where he was going, he just had to get out of the bunker, away from everyone. Every fiber in his body was yelling at him to turn around, but his foot only pressed harder on the gas pedal. 

“And just what do you think you’re doing?” Gabriel asked, appearing in the passenger seat. The shock caused Dean to run off the road. 

“Sonofabitch!” He cursed, slowing the car to a stop. 

“So Dean, is there any reason I’m being prayed to, this early in the morning, that you decided to go joyriding, out of the comfort and safety of that lovely, and heavily warded bunker, carrying an I dunno FREAKING NEPHILIM?” Dean didn’t respond, just gripped the steering wheel tighter and kept his eyes straight. “Well…?”

“You said no one can sense it. So what does it matter!?” Dean hissed. 

The archangel gave an annoyed sigh and grabbed the hunter's coat, snapping his fingers. “SONOFABITCH!” Dean yelled, now sitting on his bed. He jumped to his feet pointing a finger at the archangel. “Gabe what the fu…”

Gabriel flashed him an innocent smile. “Now as I was saying. You’re getting farther along… you should really stay put.” Dean rolled his eyes and groaned. “Look, I get you like having your freedom. But it’s still safer here… for you and her.” 

“Her?” Dean felt his knees buckle and he had to sit back down. 

Gabriel sighed. “Yeah, her. And if you give half a shit about her, you won’t run off alone like that again.” He sighed.

“Dean!?” Sam burst open his door and walked in, followed by everyone else. “Gabe? What the hell happened.” 

“Just busy cleaning up a bunch of messes I didn’t make!” The archangel hissed bitterly. “Try to keep a better eye on Dean-O here, I’m KINDA BUSY! Thanks in advance.” 

Sam stared at the now empty space, then at Dean. “Dude! What the hell?” His brother’s eyes were fixated on the floor. “Dean… Dean?!”

“Her…” he whispered.


“N-nothing…” Dean stood up and pushed through the group heading toward the garage. Realizing he was being followed he stopped. “I’m not gonna run away again…” he said annoyedly. “I just need to get something out of…” he suddenly remembered how he got back to the bunker, and that Baby was not left in park. “uuuuUUUUUGH!” 

John and Bobby went to get the Impala. Luckily for Dean he hadn’t gone very far and the roads leading to the bunker stayed mostly empty. They found it about 15 miles away. It had run down into the ditch. 

John climbed inside and put it in reverse, of course the ditch was muddy and the tires spun in place. “Damn it, Dean.” He mumbled.

“Is that all you know how to do is blame that boy for everything.” Bobby said gruffly, leaning down to look in the window. John shot him an angry glare. “Look you weren’t around for the arrival of the angels, the first time. You don’t understand that when they zap you somewhere you don’t have time to do things like park your car properly.”

“For you all to trust them so much, you sure make them sound like a bunch of dicks.” 

Bobby couldn’t help but laugh. “They are a bunch of dicks. So are most hunters. Doesn’t make us any less of the good guys.” 

“Then why is Dean having to hide from them?”

The older man sighed. “Same reasons we wouldn’t want all the hunters to know, or the rest of those fancy smancy British Men of Letters. We are trained to kill monsters. Shoot first, ask questions later. End of story. Now look at us. Some of our closest allies are the things we've hunted all these years.” 

“And this… Castiel, he was really one of the good ones.” 

Bobby chuckled and nodded. “Cas was… one of the best.” He turned and leaned back against the car, crossing his arms. “Cas was fiercely devoted to humans, the way angels were intended to be. He was one of the best friends Dean ever had. He was there even when Sam wasn’t. Not saying he did no wrong, he made his share of mistakes. We all do. I think he more than made up for them.” 

John took a deep breath. He truly loved his boys, and he was beside himself getting his family back. He didn’t know why he acted the way he did, he just couldn’t help it. He still had so much pent up anger, even though he had nothing to be angry about. He exhaled and rubbed his eyes. “Think we can get it out?” 

“Think you can help push it, old man?” 

About an hour later the two men came strutting in from the garage, covered in mud, and laughing with each other. Mary, Eileen and Kelly were sitting on the couch talking. “Shoes off, both of you!” Mary warned, eyes daring either of them to disobey. 

“Yes ma’am.” John teased as he and Bobby both slipped out of their boots. 

Sam stepped in, smirking at the state of the two older men. “Did you get the car?” 

John tossed the keys to his youngest son. “It’s gonna definitely need to be washed.”

“Speak for yourself.” Mary giggled walking up to her husband and looking him over. “Go get showers and I’ll see if these clothes are going to be salvageable.” She pulled on his jacket, crinkling up her nose at the mess. 

Jack overheard the conversation and went to Dean’s room. The door was partly open, so he peeked inside. Dean was lying back on his bed, staring intently at the ceiling. “Dean?” He called softly.

“Yeah...Jack?” He replied, not moving his eyes. He was having the strange gas bubbles again and was trying to make it go away. 

“What’s wrong?” The hunter shook his head.

“Nothing, just… nothing… Did they get my car?” Dean asked, sitting up. Jack nodded. “Good!” He stood up and walked out of the room, looking towards the living room where everyone was still talking. He headed the other direction, hearing footsteps following close behind him. “Jack, I'm not going to leave again, you don’t have to follow me.” 

Jack insisted and Dean rolled his eyes but smiled at the protectiveness of the young man, it reminded him of… Shaking himself from his own thoughts he turned and started walking again. Jack hurried to keep up. “She seems to be getting stronger.” He said smiling, which caused Dean to abruptly stop again. 

“You… can tell it’s a girl too.


“Gabe told me earlier… I just didn’t really believe it. You can see… her… too?” 

Jack nodded. “It’s more of a feeling, though. I can’t see her, I can feel her presence.” He shrugged in his innocent childlike way. “Pretty weird, huh?” 

“Very weird. But also cool, I guess….” Dean sighed, glancing down at his stomach. “Wow… you’re really a girl then...” Jack watched silently as the hunter ran his hand over his stomach. When he saw a tear slip from his eye he reached a hand out to the older man's shoulder, offering a warm smile, which Dean returned. 

They walked into the garage and Dean groaned when he saw the mud coating the front and up the sides of his car. He opened the door and grabbed his green jacket from the car. He heard his name being called inside and closed the door. “Dean?” His mom called from the hall.

“I’m here.” He said back. She turned the corner and let out a relieved sigh. “No more joyriding. Just needed to get something.” She looked at the balled up jacket, noticing the dark red stain.

“I’m starting a load, you want me to wash that for you?” She asked, reaching towards it. 

“No!” He snapped, then immediately felt bad for it when she jumped back. “I mean… no. It’s fine.” He protectively pulled the jacket closer to him. He went back to his room and crawled into his bed, unballing the jacket and sliding it on. He quickly wiped away the tears falling from his eyes, and wrapped his arms around himself. Cas’ scent still lingered on the material from holding him as they fled from Billie. Dean buried his nose into the sleeve and inhaled. A sob escaped his throat as he let the breath back out. 


God I’m pathetic… He snatched the jacket off and threw it across the room. He felt a soft flutter in his stomach.


Man up Winchester… he’s gone. What is crying like a damn girl gonna do about it. Another flutter, this one stronger. He was wringing his hands, eyeing the crumpled jacket. He was beginning to realize that it wasn't gas. 

I love you…

More flutters. He slowly walked over and picked it up, taking it back to the bed. He laid down, clinging to the jacket, and let a hand slide down to his stomach. We’re having a little girl, Cas… 

This hurt. It hurt worse than any loss he had ever experienced before. He wanted… no… he needed him here, with him… with them. He felt the tears pooling in his eyes, closing them so they could pour over. The flutters intensified, only making him cry harder. Then his shoulder suddenly began to ache. He moved the hand from his stomach up his arm, lining his fingers with those of the handprint. He closed his eyes, and his soul screamed out for the angel. 

Hundreds of miles away, in a hospital bed in Sioux Falls, an unidentified patient’s body twitched. Blue eyes shot open, turning bright white. 

Dean Winchester is saved.

In Heaven, the angels looked at each other, confused. Anna quickly made her way to Gabriel.

“Well… that was... odd…” he said quietly, and disappeared.

Chapter Text

Resurrection Day

Gabriel was at peace, he thought, or maybe he didn’t… or maybe he wasn’t. He wasn’t conscious, but he also wasn’t unconscious. He wasn’t happy, or sad, or scared, or angry. He wasn’t really anything for that matter. He was just… nothing… there was… nothing…. but silence. 

Then there was a loud crackling bang, like lightning. And the archangel opened his eyes. Slowly he stood in the vast empty. He looked around as other forms stirred. His brothers and sisters began to rise around him.  

“Gabriel.” A deep familiar voice called from behind him. He turned to see Castiel, wide eyed, staring at him and the other angels. 

“Cas… why are you here?” The archangel asked.

“I... sacrificed myself. For Jack… and Dean.” 

Gabriel smirked. “Of course you did.”

Then a bright light appeared and all the newly awoken beings were drawn toward it. Gabriel reached a hand to Cas. “Let’s go home, little bro. Though I’m sure home for you, is a particular old bunker in Kansas.” The archangel smiled, but Cas was not. A loud high pitched shriek pierced the air. 

“It won’t let me go… not again.” Cas’ eyes sadly met his brothers. “Please watch over him for me.” 


“Promise me, Gabriel!”

You can watch over him!” Gabriel insisted. The light engulfed him… 

…but not before he grabbed Cas’ arm.

Gabriel opened his eyes. He was laying in a field. Bright lights surrounded him. His eyes focused and he realized the beams were his brother’s and sister’s as they cast themselves from their vessels. Their true forms radiated a heavenly glow he had all but forgotten. He watched as the vessels disappeared leaving only the souls and they floated away into their Heaven. 

“Cas, we made it!” He looked around, but Cas was nowhere to be seen. He smiled telling himself the angel probably was already back with Dean. “Little lovebirds…” he said under his breath. 

“Gabriel!?” A voice called to him. Michael, still donning Adam’s vessel, slowly approached. 

“M-Mikey?!” Gabriel gasped, as the eldest angel pulled him into his arms. 

“I have missed you little brother.” He stepped back and smiled at the younger archangel. 

“What happened…” Gabriel finally questioned. “ are we back?” He looked around at the angels, some of them standing quietly, some rejoicing, flying around the sky. He remembered this place. The garden.

“Father… He has returned many souls from heaven as well.” 


“Many hunters.” Gabriel's eyes widened.

“Well aren’t you a couple sights for sore eyes.” Gabriel and Michael turned to see Anna smiling at them.

Gabriel stared for a moment before he realized who she was. “Anna…?” He gasped and grabbed the red head. She hugged back tightly, then glanced over to Michael. 

“Anna… I…” He looked at her with remorse, and sighed. 

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “ I was in the wrong, Michael. I am sorry. You were only following our orders.” 

“Look where that got me.” He mumbled. “A decade trapped in Lucifer’s cage… and he wasn’t even there half the time.” 

“Speaking of Luci… and not being in the cage…” Gabriel gave a nervous laugh. “…last time I saw him he was stuck up in some other world… sooo…” He remembered his last encounter with the devil himself, more so how said encounter ended. 

“He has been returned to where he belongs... Kicking and screaming… of course.” Michael laughed.   

“Cas…” Dean said quietly. His voice sounded so desperate. It was clear the angel had not been there. Gabriel worried he might not have made it out. 

He told Dean the truth. “I don’t know.” The archangel sighed. “He was with us when we woke up in The Empty. But... he wasn’t once we were out. I’m sorry Dean…” Gabriel could see the pain and longing in Dean’s eyes and wondered if the hunter really thought no one had ever recognized his true feelings for Cas. 

The angels returned to Heaven. Gabriel went back to the garden. It had been so long since he had been there and he walked around enjoying the beauty of it. Then he heard voices. 

There was a commotion going on amongst a few angels and Gabriel quietly approached to hear. He recognized them as Hannah, Balthazar, and Samandriel. 

“Is he dead?”

“No he’s breathing.”

“The vessel is breathing. Doesn’t mean he’s in there…”

“It can’t be the human… he is with his wife in Heaven… besides he couldn’t be in the garden if it wasn’t him.” 

“What do we do with him?”

“I’m sure many of the others will say to do what we did to all the ones who betrayed Heaven…!” 

“I… I don’t know… I mean come on it’s…”

Gabriel’s eyes widened as he stepped closer and got a peek at the tan heap lying before his siblings. “Cas…” The other angels allowed Gabriel to approach. “Hey… hey, wake up sleeping beauty…” Nothing. “Who else has seen him?” 

“Only us… he just appeared…” Samandriel said. “But it won’t be long… Everyone will soon be alerted to his presence here. There are many who want him dead.”

“Can’t say I fully blame them…” Hannah mumbled bitterly. “He changed so much after rescuing… him.

Gabriel glanced around at the still empty garden they were in, keeping his hands on Cas’ body. He looked up to the younger angels sternly. “This never happened. You haven’t seen him. Understand?” Balthazar and Samandriel nodded. “Hannah…”

She shifted, but looked again at Cas. He was her friend, her brother. She sighed and nodded as well. Gabriel smiled and they both disappeared. 

Chapter Four

The First Week of April

Stupid Sam…” Dean was fuming as he paced the kitchen, grumbling to himself. “...and his stupid long arms...” He went back and tried again to reach where he saw Sam put the jar. “…and his stupid... health freak... no stir... all naturalstupid almond butter.” Thinking about the spread made Dean’s mouth water. 

Of course today he was all alone; the girls were hanging out, Sam had taken Jack to the movies, and Bobby was spending his last day there fishing with John; or so he thought. A deep chuckle nearly caused him to topple off the step stool he had finally broken down and used. He looked over to see his father leaning against the door frame. Instantly he felt about two feet tall. He had been trying to avoid this encounter. 

John smiled and held up his hand. “Looking for this?” Dean narrowed his eyes at the jar. “You know, they say you shouldn't do a lot of reaching over your head when you’re pregnant, something about the cord could get twisted.” The younger hunter glanced at him confused, but quickly looked away again. John shrugged, handing the jar to his son. “I mean I don’t know how it works with angel babies, but that’s what the doctor always told your mom. She made me take everything out of the cabinets, both times, and kept it on the counters so she could get to it easily.” He laughed at the memory. 

Dean wasn’t sure how to even respond. He hadn’t held more than a two or three word conversation with his dad since they found out about the baby. And thanks to the pregnancy making his hormones so out of whack, he was constantly afraid of causing a scene and looking even less of a man. He fumbled with the butter knife in his hand, trying to focus on the sandwich he had been looking forward to, and avoided looking John in the eye. 

His dad studied his body language, quite possibly for the first time in his life. Was he always this on edge around him? John sighed. “So I overheard your mom and Sam the other night. Little girl, huh?” Dean held his breath and nodded, eyes still looking down. “Son.” John moved until he was beside Dean. “I’m sorry.” Slowly Dean turned confused eyes to his father. 

“S-sorry? F-for what?” 

“For how I’ve acted these past couple months, it wasn’t right, and it wasn’t fair to you. You have enough on your plate…”

Dean quickly shrugged. “N-no.. It’s fine…I’m fine... y-you’re just…”

“Dean… don't try to make excuses for me.” Did he always try to make excuses for him? “My God, Sam was right. Have I conditioned you that much?” Dean avoided his dad’s eyes. He felt like turning and running from the room. “Damn it. Dean.” John sighed. “I never meant for this. This was my fight. It was supposed to end with me, with yellow eyes.” Dean felt a lump building in his throat. “And now you… you are a grown man.” Dean braced himself. “And I am incredibly proud of you.” The younger hunter bit the insides of his jaws, and tried to steady his breathing, telling himself not to ruin this moment with stupid emotions. “I guess that I had hoped, eventually, that you would get yourself a normal life, a peaceful life…”

“A family?” Dean was ashamed of how small and broken his voice sounded but he couldn’t help it. John smiled, and nodded. 

“But… I guess you do have a family.” He motioned towards Dean’s stomach. That did it. Dean felt the tears topple over from his eyes. He let out a shaky breath, preparing to look like a big crybaby. “You know it’s weird… I just got this… Déjà vu feeling.” Dean looked back at his father, and laughed, then laughed harder. Suddenly he felt calmer, and wiped his eyes, letting his body shake from the humor of it all. John stared at him confused. 

“That’s because you’ve said it before.” He admitted. 

“I have?”

Dean nodded, explaining while he made a second sandwich. “A couple years ago, we got a pearl you could use to make a wish. I was going to wish an angel out of my head…” he shook his head at how weird most things he said sounded out loud. “...instead I guess what I really wanted was you back. We had mom... perfect right? Of course the ‘you’ that came was from 2003 and you couldn’t stay.” He sighed thinking about the family meal and heartbreaking goodbye, relieved it was only short lived and he got them both back again. “You gave that same speech, just under… different circumstances.” John smiled, and patted his son on the back.

“Yeah?” Dean nodded. “Alright, then what’s next?” 

Again Dean laughed. He put the second sandwich on a plate and handed it to his dad. “We eat.” 

Sam and Jack entered the bunker, shocked to hear it filled with calm and happy voices. Sam looked down to the living room to see everyone, John and Dean included, sitting on the couches carrying on a conversation. He breathed a sigh, relieved to see his brother really smiling again. “Sounds like a party going on in here.” He joked descending the stairs with Jack close behind. 

“Nah, everyone’s just been filling me in for the past 13 years.” John said, pulling a beer from the cooler beside him and tossing it to Sam. “Since I’m the one who’s most out of the loop on everything.” He grabbed another beer and looked at Jack. “Are you old enough to drink?”

“Well I’ll be four this year.” Jack said enthusiastically. The group went silent. John’s face was priceless, his mouth slightly hung open. Mary was the first to giggle, followed soon after by Kelly, Sam and Bobby, then Eileen and Dean were practically falling into each other. John stared at Jack for a moment, before succumbing to the humor of it as well. Jack was confused. “So can I have it?” He asked, reaching towards the bottle. 

“Fucking angels!” John shook his head with a smile and handed the beer to Jack. 

“And then this idjit stabs him with a demon blade.” Bobby said, shaking his head . 

“How was I supposed to know it wasn’t gonna work?” Dean chimed in. Somehow their stories had shifted to Cas, and for once he was comfortable talking about him. “Bastard pulled it out like it was nothing.” Dean was reclined back on the couch against his mom, she had an arm around his shoulder running her fingers through his hair, which was helping keep him calm. “Then knocked Bobby out and just started talking like nothing was wrong.” Dean hadn’t even realized his hand was on his stomach, running up and down over the bump. 

“Cas just had an… awkward… way of things.” Sam added.  “Hey Bobby… remember how it always had to be Dean making the call, or he wouldn’t answer.” Dean rolled his eyes. 

“NoT LiKe CaS LiVeS iN mY AsS..” Bobby mocked

“Cas get out of my ass…” Sam continued. Dean was giving him a death glare through narrowed eyes. “I was never in your…” Sam finished in a deep voice. “Well… Guess that was a lie…” Dean’s face was so hot he thought it might catch on fire. 

“Sam, leave your brother alone.” Mary said with a smile. Sam put his hands up in surrender. “Though I have to admit, I did see it, the way they held each other in the bunker after Amara brought me back.” 

“Moooooom!” Dean whined. She giggled and pulled her oldest son into a hug. 


There was a slight ache in his shoulder, but he ignored it.

Bobby packed up the next morning and headed home. He called Jody as soon as he got on the highway but it went straight to voicemail. After trying a second time he figured she was called into work and left it alone. He spent the five and a half hour drive listening to a conspiracy theory podcast Claire and Alex got him hooked on. 

He pulled into the yard surprised to see Jody’s car. “Hey Hon! I thought maybe you were working…” he said, stepping through the front door. “…you didn’t answer my calls.” Jody and the girls were sitting on the couch, Gabriel standing next to them. “What’s going on here…”

They were clearly upset, which sent him into panic and protection mode. He glanced towards the closet where his weapons were kept locked away. “No… it’s nothing like that.” Jody sighed, finally walking over to him and hugging him. 

“Well… what is it then?” 

“This is such an immense and intriguing collection of lore you have…” a familiar deep voice said from the kitchen. “…I’m very impressed.” Bobby’s eyes widened as Cas stepped into the living room. He smiled a very small serious tight lipped smile, one Bobby hadn’t seen since he first met him. “Hello.” His voice was flat and somewhat unfriendly… as if he didn’t even recognize him. 

The Second Week of April

Ever since the resurrection brought many hunters, plus some of the BMOL back, hunts seemed few and far between. Then, when they learned about the baby they tended to not stray off very far when they did find one, in case anything happened and Dean needed them. Usually only Sam and John would go, but occasionally they would take Jack. Lately, though, nothing had come up. 

The days were mostly calm or as calm as they could be dealing with a hormonal pregnant man . Dean was usually in good spirits, unless he didn't get his way, or he was hungry, or tired, or bored… or something reminded him of Cas, which almost everything reminded him of Cas. 

“How about burgers?” John suggested and Dean sadly sighed. “Oh god. What did I say?” The older hunter threw his hands up defeated. 

“Hey Sam… you remember when we were dealing with Famine?” Dean said quietly. The younger brother nodded. “And it had Cas, well his vessel, all messed up.” 

“He ate like a few hundred burgers .” Sam looked at John who closed his eyes so he could roll them unseen. “Yeah Dean. I remember.” 

“That was the f-first time I ever really saw him s-smile…” 

“Ok… what about pizza?” John tried again. Dean shook his head hard and rushed to his room before anyone could see him bawling.


He held a pillow over his face to muffle the sobs he couldn’t control, and used his free hand to rub his shoulder that was starting to throb.

John swept Mary away from the bunker, and Dean, for a date night, which they hadn’t really done in over thirty years. He took her back home to Lawrence. They visited some of their old stomping grounds, and ended up at the spot he asked her to marry him. They were completely lost in the romance of it all. 

“This is just…” they both looked to see Gabriel fake crying. “… soooo adorable!” 

Mary rolled her eyes. “Gabriel… is there a reason you won’t answer Sam’s prayers but show up to ruin our date?” 

“Welp… I needed to catch you away from the bunker.” 

“And why did you need that?” John asked, equally as annoyed as his wife. 

Gabriel sighed and snapped his fingers. They looked around and realized they were at Bobby and Jody’s. 

“What is this about…” Mary eyed the other couple, standing quietly on the porch. 

“It’s about your son’s baby daddy.” Gabriel quipped, with a half hearted smile, leading them inside. 

Sam opened Dean’s door to tell him everything was set up for the family movie night that he begged for, and that they were going to start without him if he didn’t come on… but he wasn’t in his room. “Dean…?” He shut the door and walked toward the bathroom. “Dean…?!” 

“In here…” the older brother called from his favorite place in the bunker. Sam walked in and saw Dean standing in the middle of the room. “I think I’m gonna make this her nursery…”

“You’re gonna give up the ‘Dean Cave’.” Sam laughed. 

Dean shrugged and Sam noticed he was cradling his bump, something he had just recently started doing now that he was pretty visibly pregnant. It seemed to just come natural but he usually got embarrassed and stopped once he saw anyone looking, so Sam quickly looked away. 

“Hey, the popcorn is gonna get stale! Let’s go…!” He urged finally drawing Dean from the room. 

They watched an action movie first then let the girls pick, which of course stuck them sitting through a romcom. The classic boy meets girl. They don’t really like each other, then something changes. Finally they fall… hard. One of them does something stupid and has to win the other back. They confess their love and bada boom fireworks, happy ending, marriage, and the whole shebang. 

Dean was shockingly more invested in the movie than he had ever been in any movie, ever. The ending scene had them lying in bed. She was heavily pregnant and he was talking to her bump. She laughed and said the baby liked hearing his voice, and he laid his hand on her stomach talking softly, and smiled when the baby kicked in response. 

After the credits rolled, Dean, very visibly upset, quickly wiped his eyes. He pushed up off the couch and rushed into his room. Then he opened his bedside table drawer and frantically rummaged through it. “Dean…” Sam called from the doorway. The older brother pulled out one of his older phones. 

“Dammit…” Dean cursed when he realized the battery was dead. He looked at the charging port, but it was different from the chargers they used now, and he wasn’t sure if they even had one still, or if the phone would even work. He sat it down, hung his head and covered his eyes, but could still hear Sam at the door. “I’m fine Sam… please…?” 

The younger brother sighed and walked back to the living room. As soon as he heard the door close Dean allowed himself to break down. 

“She’s not even gonna know your voice…” he tearfully whispered.


His shoulder hurt. It wasn’t an ache anymore, it just simply hurt… but at that moment he didn’t really care. He curled up on his bed and cried himself to sleep.

Kelly and Eileen had been hanging out more lately, bonding over their ties to the Winchesters and the hunting world... and their resurrection experiences. They were out shopping, looking at baby things, ready and willing to spoil Dean to the max. 

*I love this* Eileen signed, holding up a bumble bee mobile. 

“Cas liked bees, he talked about them a lot.” Kelly informed her. “I think Dean will love this too.” They we’re happy to see it was a part of a whole nursery set. The women exited the store hands full and happy with themselves, excited to get back and show Dean what they got. 

“Ladies!” Gabriel appeared between them, an arm around each. “See y’all are becoming accustomed to a hunter’s way of paying for things.” Both women giggled and bowed their heads apologetically. “Hey I won’t say a word… for the right price.” He bounced his brows and puckered his lips to each of them.

“Sam has been trying to get in touch with you, Gabriel.” Eileen said, shrugging off his arm. “Is there a good reason you are avoiding him, but out here flirting with us.” 

“Ehhh… I think so.” The archangel said mid-snap. He brought them back about an hour later. “Remember… not a word to anyone. I’ll tell Sam… when I can figure out a way to do it.” He looked at Kelly. “Same goes for Jack. I’m sorry to put this on you. But I had to try.” 

The women stared at the empty space in front of them, then at each other. “You weren’t kidding about their lives revolving around drama.” Kelly said, sitting her bags in the back seat. They decided to wait until later to give Dean their gifts. 

The Third Week of April

Sam sighed. He figured it was only going to be another pointless attempt but he bowed his head. 

“Gabe… uh I’ve been calling for a while now… We haven’t seen you in over a month… would be nice to…”

“What’s kicking Samsquatch.” Gabriel said, appearing lounged back on Sam’s bed, his arms crossed behind his head. 

Sam jumped then rolled his eyes. “About time.” 

The archangel groaned and rolled his eyes. “I’m a very busy angel, Sam. I can’t whoosh down here every time you wanna talk.” He climbed off the bed and began plundering through the room. 



Sam sighed. “Have you even been listening to my prayers?” 

“I have…” Gabriel said, still nosing through a dresser drawer. 



Sam waited for some reasoning to back up the ‘no’ but none came. “N-no…?”

“Yep… no.” Gabriel finally turned and looked at Sam. “It won’t work.”

“But it worked when Jack sent Cas… I mean it's risky, and don't get me wrong I don't want to send Jack to the Empty, especially after he just got his mom back. But he has made it very clear he is going to try to go save him with or without my help.” Gabriel sighed and shifted uncomfortably. “I managed to convince him to wait until I could talk to you… so I am going to need more than just a no… and… it won’t work.”

“Well… because…” 

“Because….?” Sam repeated, growing annoyed with the stalling. “ Gabriel ! What aren’t you telling me?!”

The archangel took a deep breath. Here goes nothing. “Because… Cas… isn’t in the Empty…” 

“I’m sorry… what…?” Sam said quietly, not even registering when Gabriel snapped his fingers, until a cool breeze blew across his face. 

Sam looked around. He saw a sign that read ‘Fall’s Park’. They were in Sioux Falls, but why? Before he could question anything… he saw him. Out in the distance, sitting on a bench, watching the river. Castiel. He opened his mouth to speak, or call out his name, or scream at Gabriel but nothing came out. The archangel heard a long, deep, angry, sigh come from Sam, but didn’t look at him. “Look… I know you’re probably feeling some type of way about this… but…”

“Feeling some type of way?! What the hell!? Gabe, what the hell! We thought he was dead! Dean… thought he was dead ! What… How… And you knew he wasn’t… you’ve seen Dean, Gabe… he’s not ok.” 

“I know.”

“You obviously don’t seem to care...” Sam asks dryly. 

That seemed to strike a nerve with the archangel. “I’m doing this because I care… It’s complicated, Sam. Please… just don’t let him see you. Jody will pick you up at the front...”

Jody knows !?” Sam all but screamed, but when he turned to glare at Gabriel he was gone. He turned back to look at Castiel, unsure if he was thrilled to see him, or furious he was here and not with Dean. He contemplated ignoring Gabriel and confronting him. Instead he walked away, looking back once more, just to be sure he wasn’t hallucinating, and waited for Jody to arrive. “This should be good…” he bitterly muttered. 

The ride back to the house was awkwardly silent. Jody would sneak a peek at the hunter she thought of as a son, who was beyond pissed at her at that moment; rightfully so, she knew, but still. “How long…” he finally asked, keeping his eyes on the road. 

“A while.” She admitted, gripping her hands tightly on the steering wheel. “Gabriel brought him to the hospital the day of the resurrection. He was in a coma… or something. And at that time we didn’t know Dean was...  well...” Sam took a deep breath and let it out. “Then everything just…. It got complicated… it's all so complicated. Sam you have to know we are doing this for Dean’s own good.”

“Please tell me ‘ we’ is only you and Gabriel.” Jody sighed and avoided looking at Sam. He tried to remain calm, but it was getting harder by the second. “Ok. Who else…”

“Originally, it was just me and the girls. Alex was the nurse who watched over him, and Claire was with me when I found out. They hated it, but Gabriel insisted we keep it a secret, until we knew what was going on, or if he was going to even wake up.” Sam shook his head with a sharp laugh. “But… after he woke up… and he… well then Gabriel brought in more…”

“More? Like who… ?” He straightened in his seat, now fuming. 

She nodded towards her house as they pulled in the yard. Gathered in front was… well a lot more than the  ‘more’ he expected. 

Ellen and Jo. Kevin and his mom. The BMOL. Crowley… Rowena… Garth… Benny and Charlie… Those were hard to swallow, they were Dean’s best friends. One or the other… or both... had been to the house almost every weekend, and they talked almost everyday… How could they? But what was worse than everyone else was the small group of people who lived under the same roof. His parents… Kelly… His wife. “Wow…” he gasped in disgust when he stepped out of the car. 

Everyone looked ashamed, but no one said anything.

Sam looked between his mother and Eileen. “I really hope yall have a good ass explanation for this…” he said. 

“You need to watch your tone, Sam.” John warned. “Just hear Gabriel out… this is... for the best.”

Sam laughed sarcastically. “Yeah… yeah ok… by all means… I’m listening.”

“Where is everybody?” Dean said finding Jack in the living room, also looking confused at the empty bunker. 

“I’m not sure… I just saw my mom in her room. She didn’t say she was leaving.” 

Dean pulled out his phone and called Sam. Voicemail. His mom. Voicemail. Eileen, Kelly, His dad. Voicemail. “That’s… concerning.” 

“I’ll go find them…” Jack said, disappearing. 

Dean sighed and looked around. “Well… what do I do…” He mumbled. 

Food is good…

He smiled and rubbed a hand over his bump as his stomach growled. “Food is always good!” He looked through the massive freezer and found some steaks. “Yessss.” 

“So... what? He has amnesia?” Sam asked, arms crossed, a look of frustration and confusion on his face. 

“Something like that.” Gabriel explained. “He knows who he is, what he is. He even knows who Dean is, he just…” 

“...thinks it’s 2008. And he just raised Dean from hell. Yeah I got that part.” He rubbed his eyes, wishing he could reach through them and scratch his brain.

“I convinced him to stay around here, so we could keep an eye on him. He has been trying to find Dean since he woke up. He has even looked for you, to lead him to him, but because of the sigils he put on your ribs… he can’t find you.”

“I guess this is why you want Dean to stay in the bunker…” Sam guessed.

“Well now, yes, but before he woke up… the angels were divided on what to do with him… I… in the empty he asked me to watch over Dean… I didn’t want to risk him… them... getting hurt.”

Sam was shocked. Gabriel had… feelings. “Wow… well… thanks for that then… I guess.”

“I’m not heartless, Sam. I might not be as soft as Cassie, but I’m also not as hard as most of my siblings. This wasn’t an easy decision. I have tried everything to get him back to Dean.” Gabriel sighed. “Nothing has worked. It’s part of the reason I brought so many people he knew in. He doesn’t remember the past thirteen years. He doesn’t remember Jack or Kelly. Your mom. Purgatory… You. He doesn’t remember anything past saving Dean from hell. He is the hard ass no emotion soldier that fought through hell to bring a vessel back for his brother. And that’s all he is going to see him as. Don’t you think that will be a lot harder of a pill to swallow, than just thinking he’s gone.” Sam wanted to argue, he felt deep down hiding this from Dean was wrong, and would backfire tremendously. Ultimately he agreed.  “I’m sorry Sam. I wish there was another way. As soldiers we were conditioned to believe Nephilim’s are abominations. If he finds Dean, he will want to kill her.” He hangs his head, Sam realizing he truly is upset about the situation.

Claire stood, arms crossed, at the back of the group. She had felt sure Sam would agree with her. That they needed to tell Dean about Cas. But he sighed, nodded in agreement to Gabriel’s speech. This is bullshit. She thought angrily. 

Gabriel hung his head, and snapped. Everyone was back home. He was standing outside the bunker with Sam and the other’s. “This sucks…” he whispered, looking at each of them. “...but I am going to fix it. I’ll figure something out. I just need… more time. I hate to ask you to lie to him…”

“It’s… for the best. Thank you for protecting him, Gabe.” Sam smiled. Gabriel returned it and disappeared. In his place was… Jack. Looking shocked.

“J-Jack… what all have you heard…?”

“Everything.” The young man said quietly. He used a tracker on John’s phone that he didn’t know how to turn off to find them. He stayed hidden and listened to the whole conversation.  

Sam hesitantly looked at Jack. Castiel was basically his father. Now, Dean had really stepped into that spot. Would he be able to hide this?

“This is wrong Sam!” Jack argued, shaking his head. “Dean needs him here!” 

“Jack, try to understand. He doesn’t remember him.” Sam urged. 

“What if he remembers when he sees him?”

“That’s too big of a risk. Jack, he could try to hurt the baby. I know we have enough power on our side to stop him. But what do you think that’s going to do to Dean. Get him back to go through that then just lose him again. It’s not worth it.” Jack took a deep frustrated breath. 

“Fine.” He said through a clenched jaw. 

Jack stormed into the bunker, down the stairs and through the library. Dean heard him coming from the kitchen. “Hey kid! Find them?” he called out.


“Is everything… ok?” Dean asked, waddling… no walking… he was not waddling… out of the kitchen. Jack sighed and nodded. “That’s good… Hey, want to help me make dinner?” He held up the tray he had been busy tossing seasonings on. “Look at these steaks! Eh, EH?” His smile dropped when Jack shook his head and started walking again, turning down the hall to his room. “What’s up with him?” Dean asked Sam as the younger brother also appeared from the library. Sam gave a half heart, barely convincing shrug, but Dean accepted it. The steaks smelled too good and he was too eager to get them started to care.

“Oh my goodness, Dean!” Kelly rolled her eyes dramatically. “This is the best steak I’ve ever had.” 

“Stop! Please! Don’t make his head bigger than it already is.” Sam warned, but took another bite.

“Since when do you even eat meat…?” Dean asked, eyeing his brother, who all but begged for Dean to make him a steak too. 

“I mean, you’re just kinda decent in the kitchen… Thought I would try one.” Sam insisted, swallowing the bite in his mouth. “It was a good decision.” 

“Uh… ok…” Dean still was confused but was beaming with pride as the others joined in, complimenting his cooking. “Well… You are welcome!” He smiled, finishing his own plate. He looked over to Jack’s empty seat. “Is Jack ok?” 

Kelly and Sam exchanged quick glances. “He’s just bored.” Kelly quickly thought up. “Not many hunts anywhere since the resurrection, I think it’s just odd for him to have nothing to do.” 

“Well since it has been so quiet, maybe I can take him out tomorrow.” Dean suggested, excited to get out of the bunker himself. 

“Er.. about that… maybe it’s best you stay put…” 

“Sam…” Dean shot his brother a deadly glare. “I’m getting really tired of staying put...” 

“I know… but better safe than sorry right. Please.” Dean huffed out a breath, and crossed his arms over the top of his bump. Feeling it he knew Sam was right. She was more important, so he didn’t press the matter again. 

The Last Week of April

Jack did his best to avoid Dean, shooting down even the hunters best attempts to spend time with him.

“Wanna watch a scary movie?”

“Wanna play go fish?”

“How about I teach you how to shoot the grenade launcher?”

“We could put nair in Sammy’s shampoo bottle!” 

“I will give you Baby, Jack, just… talk to me.” That one he took back quickly. “Well I’ll let you drive her more often.” Still nothing. 

Dean sighed and walked out of Jack’s room. Closing the door he felt the baby kick. Not a flutter, a kick. It was strong. He placed a hand on his stomach and felt another, both from inside and against his palm. He quickly re-entered Jack’s room. Jack was sitting at his desk, doodling in a notebook, a hand propping his head up. 

“Hey Jack…” Dean took a deep breath mortified at what he was really about to do. “I’m gonna show you something… and I swear if you tell Sam, or anyone else...”

“Let me guess… you’ll kill me.” 

Dean narrowed his eyes at the sarcastic response. “” He grabbed Jack’s hand from under his chin and with a deep breath placed it on his stomach. Jack straightened up, looking at his hand, then at Dean. “Just wait…” he assured him. 

There was a small kick, followed quickly by a stronger one. Jack’s eyes widened, an excited smile crossing his face. “Wow… that’s awesome.” he whispered. Dean sighed when he felt tears prickling the edges of his eyes, he tried to blink them back, but it just pushed them out. “I’m sorry for how I’ve been, Dean.” Dean just smiled and squeezed Jack’s hand. 

“Hey… whoa, are you good?” Sam asked, catching Dean coming from Jack’s room, the younger man right behind him. Dean nodded, and wiped his eyes better. “I found a charger for that old phone.” Sam said as he walked them to the shelf it was sitting on. “I charged it yesterday and meant to give it to you.” He handed it to Dean, who slowly took it and pressed the power button. His heart skipped a beat when the screen lit up and although it took a while to fully boot, it worked. “Why were you trying to get it on anyway…?” 

Dean didn’t respond, just opened the files and found the video album. Everyone gathered quietly as he stared at the only video he had in it, his thumb hovering over the file. Finally he pressed it. A smile spread across his face when it began to play. 

“Dean. I don’t understand what you are laughing at…”

Sam remembered that day. Dean had been in a pranking mood and instead of starting with Sam, who would have retaliated, he set his sights on the clueless angel. Cas fell for each one of them. In the video Dean had got him to look through the geoscope, which at the time they just thought was a giant telescope, and now he had a black ring around his eye. 

Dean was wheezing. “…maybe… maybe you should try the other eye…” Cas shrugged, and proceeded to look again. 

“I still don’t see anything. Perhaps it’s broken. Sam… why are you laughing now?!” 

“Cas look in the mirr… ow!” Sam flinched as Dean smacked his arm. Cas squinted at them confused then walked to the bathroom. 

“What the…” the brothers could still be heard chuckling as the camera faced the cracked bathroom door. “Why is it not coming off?” He threw open the door and the ink was smeared around his eyes, but still very much in place. “Dean!? It’s not funny Dean, how do I get it off… Dean… are you making a video… Dean, give me the phone… Dean!?” 

Dean stared at the stilled image, Cas’ lips had begun to turn up into a smile, he eventually thought it was funny as well. He also looked like a raccoon for about a week. A tear fell onto the screen. He replayed the video, then placed the phone against his stomach. 

“Dean. I don’t understand what you’re laughing at…”

He tried to stop himself because everyone was watching him, but he couldn’t hold the tears back when she started kicking at the sound of Cas’ voice. 


“That’s him…” he whispered to her. His shoulder began to ache again, and he reached up and rubbed it, as Mary pulled him into her arms. 

Everyone looked guiltily at each other. Jack sighed and walked to his room. This wasn’t right, and he couldn’t stand to see Dean hurt like this. 

Claire stood with her arms crossed watching the angel studying an ant hill. How could they think he was a threat to Dean? He seemed like the same awkward weirdo he always was… just more confused now. He suddenly looked up and his eyes were glowing, but she got distracted by her phone vibrating and didn’t notice. She pulled it out seeing she had a text from Jack.

*You’re right. We need to tell him.*

The blonde smiled and turned to go back to her room so she could tell Jack her plan. 

Chapter Text

Resurrection Day

“Alex I got your text, what's going on?” Jody nervously ran to the desk, Claire right behind her. The young woman stepped out and took her adoptive mothers arm, leading them to one of the rooms. Gabriel met them at the door, and introduced himself. 

“Gabriel… as in the archangel Gabriel…” Claire laughed. He nodded. “I heard you were dead.”  

“I was. Apparently pops had a change of heart. Brought everyone back… more than everyone, actually. You should probably get up with Sam and Dean.” He said to Jody. 

“That’s amazing! But why are you here?” The sheriff asked. Gabriel sighed, stepping aside so they could see into the room. “Cas…?” She gasped. “What happened… is he…”

He briefly explained what happened. “I don’t know what’s going on. I just need somewhere he can...” 

“Why don’t you take him to Dean…” Claire blurted before he could finish. “…I mean I’m sure they would both want that.” 

“Not like there’s much we could do for a comatose angel here…” Alex added. 

“Dean doesn’t need to know he’s back right now… he… he thinks he’s dead. Until he wakes up…if he wakes up... it would probably be easier to keep it that way.” Gabriel sighed, looking at the three desperately. 

“You want us to hide this from Dean… but he… they…” Claire tried to find the appropriate words. “… I think that’s a bad idea… they would, both , be so upset…”

“Yeah I know. Just for now… until we know if he is even going to wake up… please? The angels don’t know he is back… and they are always watching the Winchesters. This is for the best… for both of them.” 

January 24

Gabriel waited until Claire and Alex were gone for the day. Knowing he wouldn’t see them back because they were going to be calling Dean with Bobby and Jody for his birthday. He sat beside Cas’ bed. 

“I don’t know if I should congratulate you… or slap the hell out of you…” He laughed. “Cas… you gotta get up… You gotta be there for them.” He closed his eyes and searched the vessel. His grace was there. It just was… not working. He sighed and sat quietly with his brother for a while. 

When he returned to Heaven, he was greeted by Anna. “So… where have you been.” she asked, condescending… as if she already knew the answer. “How long do you think you can hide him, Gabriel? Everyone has felt his grace. They all know he is back. You will have a target on you, for helping him.”

“He is our brother, Anna.”

“He also caused a lot of damage to Heaven, to our other siblings… I have heard the stories.”

“Don’t act like he is the only one who has hurt heaven. Everyone screws up eventually. Cas tried to fix what he did wrong.”

Anna sighed, but agreed to not say anything.


The archangel stood at the foot of the hospital bed, staring at the body still lying comatose. “Hey little bro… she is something… amazing. You need to wake up so you can see for yourself...” He turned to the women watching from the doorway, nodded and disappeared. 

“I don’t understand why he wants us to still keep this secret.” Alex sighed. 

“Because Dean is going through enough, and Cas might not even wake up. He’s already mourned for him, but has accepted he’s gone.” Jody whispered, putting her arms around her girls. 

“It’s not fair… Dean deserves to know, especially now.” Claire argues, her arms crossed tightly in front of her. 

“I know sweetie. Let’s just keep hoping for a miracle.”

“What’s the chance of another miracle…” Alex looked up at Jody, tired from her long shift, and tired from this huge burden bestowed upon them. 


Back in heaven Gabriel met with Anna. “Any change?” She asked, trying to sound hopeful. He shook his head. “Are you even sure…”

“It’s him.”

“It could just be the vessel.” She urged.

“I can feel his grace. It’s there. It’s just… I don’t know…not active.” He walked away from his sister, leaving her confused. Then he heard Sam’s prayer. Dean was out of the bunker. Gabriel rolled his eyes and flew back to earth.  

CAAAAAS ! Dean’s voice rang  through the hospital room, unheard by Claire, as she sat flipping through a magazine. Castiel’s whole body jerks. Suddenly his insides felt like they were on fire. Claire looked up to see Castiel convulsing on the bed. “Alex!” She screamed running from the room. Pain surged through him as his grace ignited and suddenly his eyes shot open, glowing. *Dean Winchester is saved.* his voice rang out. To the humans in the hospital it was more like a high pitched screech, shattering windows and shaking the walls. Alex and Claire fell to the floor, ears covered. 

Gabriel appeared touching the girls to stop their searing headaches, then walking towards the room. “Stay here.” He told them before entering. The room was dim and glass was scattered over the floor. Castiel stood motionless in the center. Gabriel moved towards him, hand on his angel blade, just in case. “Heya Cassie. You ok?” 

Castiel slowly turned to look at him. He squinted his eyes, then slowly got a look of recognition. “Gabriel? Brother, you have been gone so long. I never thought I’d see you again.” 

Huh ?” Gabriel was now squinting, confused, at Castiel. 

“I hate we have to meet on such devastating terms. I had honestly hoped the apocalypse would never happen.” Castiel sighed and turned from his brother. 

HUH?!” Gabriel scratched his head. “Cas what are you talking about, what apocalyp….oh… oh no…” 

“I have done it though. I have found the righteous man and brought him back from the pits of hell. I just… can’t seem to find him now.” 

Gabriel stared at his brother. “…fan-freaking-tasting…” 

Chapter Five
May 1

Dean sat back on the couch in the Dean Ca… the soon-to-be nursery. He was packing all his things away, and almost through another story. “...and then he spread his wings… which he always did before a big fight… all the angels do that, actually… like a way to assert dominance, or something…show offs...” He laughed and rubbed over his bump where she was kicking, or punching, to his every word; as if saying I’m listening, continue. “Of course, I never really saw his wings… it was always their shadow… I should have asked, he probably would have let me see them… I guess I could ask Jack…”

I’ll show you my wings…

“Or maybe you can show me yours when you’re here…” He smiled down at his stomach, as she pushed out some appendage in agreement, and dragged it down the side of his stomach, making him wince. “Ok… ease up, Bee… that kinda hurts.” 

Oops… sorry…

Dean watched the lump instantly pull back in and she stopped moving. “I swear it’s like you can understand me…” he laughed, rubbing the sore spot, and feeling, what felt like, her hand rubbing back from the inside. “...wait… can you understand me?!” It was more of a joke than a question but a quick single kick answered it for him. “Whoa…” 

About time…

“Hey Dean…” Kelly called from the door, smiling. “Can I?” She reluctantly held her hand out towards him, and he nodded, allowing her to lay it on his stomach. “Oh… I miss this part…” 

“It’s… amazing…” Dean said, then cringed at how girly it sounded.

“I used to forget what exactly I was carrying… and would just let myself get lost in the little movements.” she sighed, as the baby kicked softly in response. “I wish he hadn’t had to grow up so fast. But… I’m glad he had you, Cas, and Sam to be role models for him…” 

Dean hung his head, embarrassed. “I could have been a lot better… Sam and… Cas… they never doubted him… I wasn’t always so… understanding. I’m sorry…” 

Kelly reached up to his chin and lifted it to look at her. “Jack thinks the world of you, Dean. Which tells me he trusts you, more than I think you realize. You are a good person. We just wish you would let yourself believe it, too.” She looked down to his stomach. “You know he’s a good person, don't you?” The baby kicked repeatedly, making Dean and Kelly both laugh. 

He should have felt as if he had it made. His mom was baking him pies like every other day. His dad would randomly just spend time with him… and do ‘dad’ things… like tell him he loved him. Eileen taught him how to make fun of everyone in sign language and how to say curse words; which he was trying to use in place of the actual words because if she could understand him… well she shouldn’t hear those things. 

Sam. Sam was doting… DOTING… over him. He was like his personal butler. He stopped complaining about all Dean’s bad habits and waited on him hand and foot. He laughed at all the stupid, completely not funny, jokes. He ‘fell for’ all the childish pranks. He was just being… weird…er. Everyone was being nice, overly nice… too nice. 

Dean sat at the table, head propped up on his hand, looking into the kitchen where Sam was making them both a plate… of something… he didn’t even know what it was he just told Sam to make him some too. He didn’t even ask… he basically demanded, just to see if he would really do it.

“Sure thing!” Was what Sam said. Sure thing ? Dean was beginning to think they were all hexed. 

A loud bang on the bunker door brought him out of his thoughts on how to find the witch responsible without actually leaving the bunker. He watched Jack hurry up the steps. “It’s Claire!” He informed everyone as he opened the door for the young blonde. 

“Claire?” Mary said, surprised. “What are you doing here?” 

She bounced down the stairs. “Just came to visit!”

“Visit…?” Dean asked as the teen wrapped her arms around him. 

“Well… yeah!” Claire laughed. “I mean you’re carrying like basically my little sister… kinda.” She patted his stomach, and was rewarded a couple kicks. “Getting big there, squirt!” They played with each other for a moment, the baby kicking and Claire poking her back.


Sam walked out and sat the two plates on the table. “Is Kaia or Patience with you?”

“No… just me…”

“That’s a long drive to make alone…” Mary added. “ everything alright?”

“Uh, well… yeah...”

Jack jumped in and grabbed Claire’s arm. “Come on… I want to show you my new snakes!” He quickly pulled her towards his room.

Sam and Mary watched Jack and Claire whisper to each other as they disappeared down the hall. “I guess I’ll make extra for dinner…” Mary said, shrugging and walking back towards the kitchen.

Dean sat down and began picking at the plate in front of him, his face scrunched up in disgust. “What is this…” he used his fork to move the greens and sprouts around. 

“It’s a salad, Dean.” Sam laughed, taking a huge bite from his own plate. “It’s good for you.”

“It’s rabbit food...” the older brother sighed, lifting his fork to his mouth. He grimaced at the taste. “Mmmph. It tastes awful…” Sam watched with a goofy smile as Dean chewed, swallowed, shuddered, then took another bite. The pattern repeated a couple times. “How do you eat this stuff..” he pretended to gag, before shoving another mouthful in. In no time his plate was empty and he was side eyeing Sam’s. 

“That bad, huh?” Sam laughed. Dean nodded and sat back wiping spilled bits off his shirt. He licked his lips, secretly savoring the taste of some organic, probably ridiculously expensive, vinaigrette Sam had used on it. One more longing glance at the plate in front of Sam, and the younger brother slid it over to him. 

“Thank you…” Dean said quietly, smiling. 

Mary was searching through cabinets trying to find extra ingredients for her casserole. 

“Sup Momma.” Gabriel chimed from behind her.

“AaHh!” She jumped and spilled the box of pasta she had finally found. “Seriously…”

Gabriel smiled apologetically and snapped. All the pasta was now in a bowl on the counter. “Five second rule…right?” Mary rolled her eyes and took the bowl to the sink. “I was going to Sam but he is busy bonding with Dean over rabbit food… so I found the next best Winchester.”

“Lucky me…” she sighed. 

“Ooo… she’s feisty!” Gabriel said then growled. “Listen… something happened… with” he looked around to make sure Dean wasn’t near. “you know who!”

Now that the archangel had Mary’s full attention, he snapped them to a different room. “Well…? What happened! Is he remembering?!”

“No… well… maybe… I’m not sure.” Gabriel said. He put his hands up to stop Mary when she began to look annoyed at his run around response. “He has been having these… moments… where his eyes light up…” He stopped to see if she was following, which she was not. He groaned and powered up his grace so his eyes lit up. “Like this…” He said pointing to his face.

“Ohhh… ok?”

Gabriel’s eyes returned to normal, and narrowed at Mary. “Well… The last time it happened… He called out Dean’s name… not all stern and soldier-y. It was… emotional. Almost sad. But…!” He said, before she could get excited. “When I asked him about it… he didn’t know what I was talking about.” Mary sighed.

“I mean… that's an improvement… right?” Sam said, trying to be hopeful with the information he was just given. 

Gabriel gave a half hearted smile. “If that’s how you want to look at it… I suppose.” 

“What are y’all whispering about…” Dean’s voice startled all of them which, in turn, startled him, too. “Gabe…? What are you doing here?” 

“Just came to check up on the little mommy-to-be!” He smirked, pinching Dean’s cheek, and laughing when the hunter quickly slapped his hand away. 

“I think I have enough babysitter’s as is…” Dean mumbled. 

“Trust me… You can never have enough help with a baby.” Mary laughed, turning Dean towards the door and glancing back at Sam and Gabriel as she ushered her oldest son out of the room. 

“Is he ever going to remember...?” Sam sighed. Gabriel didn’t answer, because he wasn’t so sure himself. “yeah… well thanks for the update, Gabe…” The archangel nodded and was gone.

After she got dinner in the oven Mary snuck off to find Sam. He was still in his room and had his nose buried in a book on the human brain, flipping through the section on memories. “Do you think it works the same for multi dimensional beings…?” She asked, sitting beside him, and looking at the words. 

“Probably not… But I doubt they have a book on angel’s with memory loss… even here.” Sam closed the book and sat it beside him, then fell back on the bed. “This feels wrong…” 

“I know… but Gabriel said…”

“I know… I know.” Sam groaned. “Doesn’t change the fact that we are lying to Dean… and that never ends well… we both know that.”

“Are you saying we should tell him?” 

“I’m saying… maybe... we should think about it…”

“I’m starting to think Bee likes you two more than me…” Dean said quietly, his attention being pulled away from the current episode of Dr. Sexy, as Claire and Jack took turns speaking to his stomach and the baby kicked and punched in response. 

“Bee?” Jack asked. Dean’s face instantly turned pink, then red, then dark red, as he realized he said the nickname he had only been using in private, out loud. 

“uhh… well…”

“Awwww…” Claire gushed dramatically. “You gave her a nickname!!” 

“Oh shut up…” Dean snapped, but not like he was actually angry. “It just sorta happened… her kicks used to feel like flutters… and it made me think of a bee… and Cas… he…” 

“Dude… you don’t have to defend yourself… no judgement here!” Claire smiled and patted his stomach. “Right, Bee?” 


Dean laughed as she kicked hard against Claire’s hand. “Yeah… ok.Thanks for coming, Claire.” He said, laying his hand over hers, and smiled at the teen warmer than he had ever done before, then turned his attention back to the TV. She looked at Jack, neither saying a word, but both trying to keep the courage to go through with their plan.

Gabriel leaned against a tree and watched Castiel. He was sitting on a bench in the park and seemed lost in thought. The archangel appeared beside his little brother. “What’s on your mind, Cassie.” 

“It’s strange. I keep getting this… feeling… like I’m supposed to be somewhere…” He hung his head, then gasped. His eyes widened and lit up. “Bee?” 


“What?” Cas said as his eyes returned to normal. 

“You said…” Gabriel started then sighed, seeing Castiel didn’t realize what just happened. “This is… hopeless…” 

After dinner Claire got some gifts from her car and brought it in the bunker, handing it to Dean. “This is from everyone back home.” 

Dean stuck his bottom lip out, pretending to pout at the gifts. “Y’all didn’t have to…” He tried to hide the sniff. Everyone gathered around to watch him open it. 

“Well… we did anyway. And this…” she said, handing him a poorly wrapped blob. “... is from me.” 

He unwrapped it, and gasped. “Claire you… you don’t have to give me this.” Dean cried as he held up the grumpy cat plush. “Cas… got it for you.” 

“Well, I wanted the little squirt have it.” She laughed. Dean hugged the toy to him, tears now flowing down his face. Claire nervously fidgeted in her chair, as did Jack. 

Mary could feel the tension pouring off the two as she handed Claire a drink. “Is something wrong?” She locked eyes with Jack who nodded. 

“Actually there is…” she began. “Dean there’s something I… we need to tell you.” She motioned towards Jack. “Something we have all been hiding…” 

“Claire…” Sam warned, giving her a stern look, but pleading with his eyes for her to stop. 

“What is she talking about...?” Dean asked but Sam remained silent, eyes locked on the teen. 

“He deserves to know, Sam.” Jack spoke up.  Dean looked between everyone, growing more anxious. 

“I deserve to know... what…” he said quietly. 

Sam gave one last pleading glance at Claire, but she looked instead at Dean, took a deep breath and spoke before she could change her mind. “Cas is alive.” 

It felt like someone had punched him in the gut and was squeezing the air from his lungs at the same time. “Wh-what?” He looked at Sam, feeling the familiar sting of betrayal creep in. “ she telling the truth?” Sam sighed, avoiding his brother's eyes. “Oh my god.” He breathed. Just like that, his little world, a world that, although without Cas, was filled with everyone else he loved; his world that was finally becoming bearable… happy… started to crumble. 

“Dean…” his mother spoke softly, but the guilt was thick in her voice. Another sharp blow.

“Y-You too…?” Dean’s own voice was so small, he was barely audible. He began taking quick gasping breaths. Mary tried to reach out to him but he flinched away. “Who else…” 

Sam looked disappointedly at Claire, knowing the dam had broken, and there was no use in trying to stop the flood now. “Everyone… but you.” 

The look Dean gave him, Sam knew he would never forget. It was worse than when the hellhounds were scratching at the door. Worse than when he watched Sam tumble backwards into hell. Worse than when their mom turned to the men of letters. Hell, it was worse than when he told them the Empty had taken Cas. He watched his brother let out a long shaky breath. 

“So… where is he…”

“It’s complicated.” Sam tried. 

“Where is he?”

“Dean, it’s not safe.” Mary added.

“Where. Is. He.” Dean looked at them, almost through them and was surprisingly calm. Too calm. It was putting everyone on edge. 

“We honestly don’t know… Gabriel…”

Dean laughed. “Of course he’s part of this… Does he know about her?” His hands ran over his bump. She was being unusually still. 

“No.” Sam said dryly.

“Why…? Are you all afraid he might come back to me… to us.” 

“Possibly.” The archangel appeared directly in front of the hunter. “Just not in the way you think.” Something snapped inside Dean. His whole body trembled in anger seeing Gabriel. 


“You sonofabitch!” Dean screamed, lunging at Gabriel, but Sam grabbed him first. “Let me go, Sam!” Dean’s whole body was trembling, he was so torn between anger and grief he didn’t know if he wanted to fight or cry.

Let Go!

Sam felt a stabbing pain in his hands and he gasped, releasing Dean’s arms. Dean stepped towards Gabriel, who took a step back, feeling the anger radiating from both Dean and the baby. 

Bad Friend! 

Dean’s iris began to glow bright green and he swung his fist, hitting Gabriel hard in the jaw. The blow actually hurt the archangel, he stumbled backwards, and Dean took off toward the stairs. Everyone followed after him. Claire reached down and picked up the cat plush, looking at it guiltily. Her and Jack shared a regretful glance before joining the others. Dean reached the top and grabbed the bunkers door, just as Sam grabbed his arm. “Sam get off! Get the fuck off of me!” He all but shrieked, struggling to break free from his brother's grasp. 

Sam readied himself for the baby to attack him through Dean again. “Please… Just listen…”

“I said… get off!” Dean grabbed his arm and squeezed. Sam grunted, but kept his hold, until his bone snapped. The sound brought Dean back for a moment and he seemed sorry. He looked down at Sam’s arm and ran his hand over it, and it was healed. 


“Cas…” Dean whispered. He pulled away from Sam, opened the door and rushed out. “Cas…!?” He snarled as Gabriel appeared in front of him.


Again his eyes glowed and he held up a hand towards the archangel, an unseen force shoving him far away. “Cas!?” He cried out. Everyone was begging him to stop, even Claire and Jack, now realizing they had made a huge mistake. Dean collapsed to the ground sobbing. “Cas! Please! I’m here!” 

Cas! Here!

Mary and Sam quickly joined him on the ground, trying to console and contain him. His shoulder hurt so bad it was almost unbearable. He held it and closed his eyes, screaming for Cas as loud as he could... praying to him. 

Here! Come HERE! 

They couldn’t see the handprint through his clothes but it began to glow, and for Dean it began to burn. He hissed in pain, as his eyes glowed even brighter. 


“Dean, you don’t understand. Stop calling him, please! Let us explain.” Sam begged, trying to shake his brother back to sanity. Everyone nervously looked around for the angel to appear. 

John knelt down by his family, also trying to speak sense into Dean. “Son, it's not what you think. We’re only trying to help you…” 

Dean fought against them all screaming and crying and calling out to the angel. His body felt like it was on fire and Sam was afraid his eyes were about to burn out. Then, they faded back to normal, and the pain dulled to its normal ache. Dean finally gave up, and allowed John and Sam to lift him to his feet, though his legs were so shaky he could barely stand. They moved slowly back towards the bunker when suddenly the two stopped. Dean could feel his eyes burning into him, his shoulder began throbbing again . He was scared but he looked up. 

“Hello Dean.” Came the deep gravelly voice.

“Oh my god…” Dean gasped, and his legs gave out. John and Sam struggled to hold him up. The angel slowly approached, the men steadily pulling Dean away, but he had become dead weight, too focused on the angel in front of him, his angel, his Cas… who was really standing in front of him. Who was staring at him… confused.

“You are with child.” He said flat and emotionless. He was so close Dean could touch him, if he had use of his arms. The angel reached out and placed a hand on the bump. She kicked happily.

You’re here!

Castiel gasped. “A nephilim.” 

Dean smiled, he couldn’t believe it. His eyes moved over his face, over the tan trenchcoat and down to his hand placed gently on their child. “You’re really here…” He cried. A glimmer of silver caught his eye. Dean turned his focus to Castiel’s other hand, just as the angel blade slid down the sleeve into it. 

“An abomination.”


“W-what…” Dean stammered, feeling the hand on his stomach turn from gentle to rough, the angel's fingers digging into his skin. “C-Cas…what are you...” 

“It must be destroyed.” He raised the blade, and Dean flinched as he thrust it forward. A bright light shone from his body and he screamed, disappearing. Everyone looked up to see Gabriel, who was pulling his bloody hand from the banishing sigil. The two men attempted to lift Dean back to his feet, but his body was completely slumped over, a distraught look on his face. 


“We have to get him inside.” Mary urged John. He nodded, putting an arm around Dean’s back and one under his legs lifting him off the ground, and he carried his son towards the bunker door. 

“Gabriel… What is this!?” Michael's angry voice called. “What all have you been hiding from us little brother!?” 

“Please, Mikey... Can we talk inside?” Gabriel insisted, following everyone through the door. Anna appeared beside Michael and they waited at the entrance. Gabriel sighed and looked at Sam, who hesitantly invited the angels in, and sealed the door behind them.

Gabriel drew multiple banishing sigils around the room, and avoided his siblings' glares. Everyone else was huddled around an uncomfortably quiet Dean. A loud bang made everyone jump.

“Dean!” Castiel’s voice boomed from the door. Dean turned his swollen eyes up and sobbed. He pulled away from his mother’s arms and tried to stand, but his legs were too wobbly. 

“Nononono!” Sam tried to get Dean’s attention, but it was too late.

“Cas…” he cried out to him, and it was enough of an invitation. The angel burst open the door. Sam John and Jack protectively guarded Dean from the angel, as Gabriel banished him again. “Please…” Dean said quietly, slumping back into Mary’s arms. “I need him…” Jack hung his head and couldn’t look at Sam or John, or anyone else. 

“There’s an angel trap in the dungeon… We could take him there.” Sam suggested. Gabriel nodded but groaned because it would be annoying to do alone. 

“Look… I get you two are pissy… but can you help?” Gabriel hissed to his siblings after banishing Castiel again. 

Michael and Anna both sighed but stood ready. When Castiel reappeared the angels were quick to attack. He fought back against them. “We must kill the nephilim!” He insisted, causing Dean to cry harder. 

Mary firmly held Dean’s face, making sure he looked at her and not the commotion going on. “That’s not your Cas. You know he would never hurt this baby, or you.” Dean just stared at her taking unsteady breaths. She leaned her forehead against his, and he closed his eyes. Sam, John and Jack helped lead them to the basement where Castiel could be contained in the Angel Trap, as he screamed how he would kill the nephilim even if it meant killing the righteous man. Dean felt his already broken heart crumble into dust. 

Dean Winchester had finally snapped. He no longer cared about the tough guy image he had thought he needed to uphold. He curled into his mother’s arms and screamed until his voice was gone. He didn’t care about the people watching him, even John. They could think what they wanted and if they thought any less of him for how he felt, good for them. He was so angry at all of them anyway, even his mom and Sam. 

But in that moment, he needed her rocking him, telling him to let it all out, and that she was there. He needed Sam next to him, holding his hands, looking at him with those stupid calming puppy dogs eyes. Neither said it was ok or that it would be, they knew better. They just held him. For a split second he thought about how stupid they probably looked, three trembling, sobbing, heaps huddled together rocking on the couch. He didn’t smile at the thought, just closed his eyes and finally passed out from exhaustion. 

Mary sniffled. She felt Dean’s body untense and go limp in her arms. “I… I think he’s asleep.” She let out a shaky breath and wiped her eyes. “Sam, do you think you can carry him to his room?” 

The younger brother wiped his own eyes, and nodded. “Yeah… yeah I got him.” He rolled Dean’s body towards him and lifted him off the couch, cradling him against his chest. The movement caused Dean to stir and he whimpered against Sam. It took everything in The younger brother to hold himself together. He had never seen Dean break like this. Mary pulled the bedding back and he carefully laid his brother on the bed. Dean instantly curled into a fetal position and wrapped an arm protectively around his stomach.

Michael stood in the center of the room, while everyone else sat nervously and waited for the eldest archangel to say something… anything. 

“It is our orders…” he began. “...we already have turned a blind eye to one of them.” 

“Screw your orders!” Sam interrupted. “You can’t kill them.”

“The orders are to kill the nephilim and the parent angel. We can spare your brother.” He offered.

“Dean wouldn’t want to live after that…” Mary wrapped her arms around herself, and looked towards Dean’s room. “...please… there has to be another way.”

“Mikey… times are different than when that rule was put in place. The nephilim Jane never hurt anyone. Jack has proven his loyalty. We have no reason to feel this child is a threat.” Gabriel stayed in his place, but begged with brother. 

“And what of Castiel.” Michael asked.

“Do you think he knew this was possible? None of us knew this was possible. He wouldn’t have touched Dean with a ten foot pole had he known…”

Michael still was unmoved. “I can not bend Father’s will because you all have an attachment to them.” 

“Michael…” Anna finally spoke up, turning to her older brother. “I will not stand with you for this. This feels wrong.” 

“Ahh… the rebellious Anna… doubting Father’s orders again.”

“You feel it too, Michael. I can see it in your eyes.” 

“Michael!” Adam’s voice rang through the archangel’s head. His eyes lit up and Adam looked around the room. “If you won’t let them go… all of them… I want you out.”

“Out?!” Michael’s voice could be heard booming through Adam’s ears. 

“Yes. Out. I will not allow you to use me for a killing spree of my family.” 

Everyone watched anxiously. Michael was quiet. Then he regained control of the vessel, and rolled his eyes. “I hate being the oldest.” He groaned. “The first slip up… from either of them! I swear they will be dead on the spot.”

“Oh! Thank you!” Mary cried, hugging the archangel. He hid his smile on her shoulder, and partially hugged back. “And thank you Adam.” She said looking deep into his eyes. 

“I will tell the angels to stand down. Castiel will remain on earth… he belongs here anyway.”

“What will you tell them about the nephilim…” Gabriel added.

“I… I don’t know… I’ll figure that out when I get there. I can’t promise everyone will be as… persuadable… as me.” 

“That’s good enough.” Sam assured him. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Michael and Anna went back to heaven. Gabriel stayed with the hunters, to figure out what to do now. 

A couple hours passed before sobbing could be heard down the hall, coming from Dean’s room. Mary and Sam looked brokenly at each other and hurried to him. They passed Claire and Jack on the way, both giving a disappointed look. 

“Well this was an epic disaster…” Claire sighed, burying her face in her hands. Jack nodded and they listened as Dean’s door was opened. His sobs turned to him screaming for Cas, again. John, Gabriel, Eileen, and Kelly all sat quietly, as the sound carried on for a moment before finally fading and the bunker was silent. Jack hung his head, and prayed to the angel to come to his senses and fix this.

Chapter Text

Loving Dean came unexpectedly. 

It started when he grabbed his soul in Hell. The angel fought through the demons and tortured souls until he finally found him. His soul hanging from the chains Alistair kept him on when he wasn’t using him. Dean never even saw him coming. He grabbed Dean’s shoulder. A surge flowed through them both, unlike anything either had ever felt before. Dean closed his eyes, finally feeling peace after all the torture. Cas pulled him free and carried him out of Hell. He had done it. He had saved the righteous man. 

Cas held the soul close to his body as he flew toward Dean's resting place. The angel sat on the ground by the cross and stared at the soul. It was truly wounded, just touching it he could feel all it had been through. Loss, pain, and anger were very present. However, the majority of it was made of something…  much stronger. Devotion, strength, bravery… and love. Cas had heard of the feeling before. Many of the angels referred to it as a weakness. But… it made his soul shine, so bright. There was so much of it. It was beautiful. 

He looked at the ground, seeing through into the pine box holding the pile of ash that remained of Dean’s body. Extending a hand over the grave, he watched as the ash shifted, then swirled, slowly spreading and taking form. His eyes moved from the body back to the soul. He traced his fingers slowly across it, almost not wanting to part with it, then lowered himself through the ground and hovered above the body. He was a beautiful man. Even an angel could appreciate the human's good looks. They matched his soul well. With a final look at the soul he placed it into the body. It flowed through the veins, the muscles, the organs, the skin, becoming one again. He looked over his work, pleased with himself. There was something different, though. On his shoulder… there was a handprint. Cas looked at his hand, then back at Dean’s shoulder, and placed his hand over the mark. 

Cas felt a jolt through his being. Then, Dean twitched and gasped, life once again filling his lungs. Quickly the angel flew off, the force of his wings flattening the land around the grave. 

He got a glimpse at that part of Dean’s soul again, a few years later, in purgatory. After all the angel had done, the hunter scoured the endless forest, filled with monsters, to find him. He forgave him. Cas didn’t fully understand, at the time, what the feeling was that revelation gave him. He sat by his side, one night, on their way to the hatch, and watched him sleep. For the first time, since really getting to know Dean, he took in his whole being. His eyes looked through the body, and watched his soul flicker around. The different emotions fought over which would take over, but love was, as always, the strongest. It radiated through the unconscious man. 

Cas pulled his sight back, looking at his body. He would never admit to Dean he could see through his clothes if...  or when… he wanted. That would make him uncomfortable… probably angry… and it’s not like he went around doing it… often. His eyes traced over the faded handprint, his handprint. He felt a strong urge to reach out and touch it, but hearing Benny rustling nearby he decided against it. Then he looked up at Dean’s face. Even through all the dirt and blood, he was so… beautiful. His sweaty tousled hair. His, somehow, fairly clean shaven face. His stunning green eyes, hidden behind the closed lids lined with long lashes. His full pouty lips....

Cas sighed, feeling a heat rise in him he had experienced once before. He thought back to the pizza man, and how when he shoved Meg against the wall, Dean’s lips were what he imagined when he met hers. Dean stirred, and Cas knew he wouldn’t like to know he was watching over him, so he turned away. He knew he didn’t deserve his friendship, he had betrayed and hurt him so much. But, he also knew Dean wasn’t going to willingly leave without him. So he followed them to the hatch, and as soon as Dean was safely through, he let him go. 

For the first time in his existence he felt love.


He felt it again when Dean said he needed him. It hit him so hard it broke the trance Naomi had him under. 

Again, when Dean said he lied so April would revive him… Even though that wasn’t what really happened… it counted, alright?

When he saw Dean, alive and well, after he thought he lost him to the bomb meant to kill Amara, he knew. He didn’t just love. He loved Dean. 

Of course… he didn’t tell him… until it was too late. 

Chapter Six
May 2

Sam sighed and pushed the heavy door open. The angel kept his head down and listened to him enter the room and pull a chair in front of him. “Hey Cas…” 

“Samuel Winchester.” Castiel said, lifting his eyes to meet Sam’s. “The boy with the demon blood. Lucifer’s true vessel. Brother of…” he shifted his gaze to the ceiling. “...Dean Winchester. The righteous man. Michael’s true vessel. And apparently, as I’m sure you're going to tell me as well, the carrier of my unborn child.” Sam stared at the angel. It had been so long since Castiel had looked at him with dead eyes, he forgot how uncomfortable it was. He hadn’t missed this Castiel at all, no one had. “What do you want… Sam .”

“What do I want?” Sam laughed. “I want my brother to not be curled up on his bed mourning someone who isn’t even dead. Who is under the same roof as him. I want you to get your head out of your ass and try to remember him, us, all of this! I want you to fix this…” 

“I don’t know why you are so angry with me for your brother’s weakness…”

“Because YOU” Sam sighed, and hung his head. “... Cas, you are his weakness! He needs you…” He looked into the angel's emotionless face, feeling hopeless. 

Dean was awake, but he kept his eyes closed so everyone who kept coming in… just to talk … would think he was asleep and leave. It wasn’t fair. None of it. He felt broken, and betrayed, in a way he never had before. Were they not all past the secrets and lying. Did they not realize how stupid and pointless it always was, and that it always blew up in their face. Now look what it caused… Cas wanted to kill her… He tried to kill her. Dean held his breath to try to calm himself before the tears started again and he needed his mom or Sam to soothe him back to sleep. He didn’t want to see any of them. He just wanted Cas… but Cas didn’t want him. He didn’t want them. 

They had explained to him what was happening. How he didn’t remember anything about his time after rescuing him from Hell. Dean listened, but didn’t respond. It didn’t make him feel any better… nothing would. He just laid in his bed and fully shut down. 

Mary slowly pushed his door open. She carried a bowl of tomato and rice soup and sat it on his night stand, next to the uneaten bowl she made the night before. Sitting down on his bed she ran a hand over his back. “I know you’re awake. I know you’re angry… and hurt. We are all so sorry, Dean…” He sniffled and turned his face into his pillow. She sighed and wiped the tears from her own eyes. “Please eat…” She whispered, before leaving. 

She walked through the halls of the bunker, passing Jack’s room. She could hear him and Claire inside, where they had been hiding out, avoiding everyone. She was too tired to eavesdrop and continued to her own room. 


“We really screwed up…” Jack groaned. He flopped back on his bed and stared at the ceiling. “... why didn’t we just wait it out… like they told us to…”

“He deserved to know…” Claire mumbled, still holding the Grumpy Cat toy. “... but... I should have told him in a different way… than that !” She looked at the unopened box from Jody, and dreaded the scolding the sheriff was going to give when she found out… if she hadn’t already. She pulled out her phone. It was dead, and she decided to just let it stay that way for a little longer. 

“Did you hear him…” Jack lifted his head to look at her. “...I have never even seen Dean cry. Maybe a tear here and there… but never… anything like that. He is so upset. And it’s our fault, Claire.”

“No… it’s everyone’s fault who chose to keep this hidden from him…” She crossed her arms, still certain they did the right thing. 

“Maybe we should keep someone in there with him.” John suggested. He stood behind Mary and ran his hands up and down her arms. “Just… you know… in case…”

“He wouldn’t try to sneak off…” She sighed. “He wants to, I’m sure… but he wouldn’t put her at risk like that.” 

John pressed his lips into his wife's shoulder.  “Well, I would still feel better if we keep an eye on him. He’s refusing to eat, as is. His mind’s just not in a good place right now… I would know…” Mary nodded, and John decided to go in first.

Dean heard him open the door, and closed his eyes. John pulled a chair up and sat beside the bed. He didn’t say anything, just reclined back and watched Dean pretend to sleep. 

“I’m here for you, son. We all are.” he said quietly. 

He didn’t want him there though. He wanted to waste away on that bed. He had been through so much and this was the first time he actually just didn’t want to exist anymore. It was just too much. 

I’m here for you 

A small kick pulled him back from the dark thoughts clouding his mind. He put his hand over the spot and she pushed out against it. He thought about what Cas had said. He called her an abomination. Had she heard that…? She understood when he talked to her, so she must have understood his threats. His heart couldn’t break anymore if it tried… but the pain somehow got worse. I’m so sorry, Bee… he thought, rubbing over his bump. 

I should have never brought him here…

That’s not really him… 

He doesn’t like me…

Cas… the real Cas… would love you… so much…

I don’t want you to be sad.

I just want him back…

I’ll bring him back.

Her kicks became stronger, and the ache in his shoulder intensified. 

May 5

“Mary Winchester. Born Mary Sandra Campbell on December 5, 1954 to Samuel and Deana Campbell. You married John Winchester, and had two sons, Sam and… Dean. And you died November 2 1983. Yet… here you are. Interesting.” 

Mary stood against the closed door of the dungeon as Castiel looked her over, feeling uneasy with how much he seemed like a stranger now. 

“I don’t know why you all keep acting like I am so confused… I know everything about everyone here.” 

“Yeah but you are forgetting all the important details.” She said, wishing she could just shake the sense back into him.

“What details…? My feelings for your son? They aren’t real… I can assure you…”

“How could you know that? You don’t remember them.” 

“I am a multi dimensional celestial being. What reason would I have to fall… in love… with a human. One destined to be my brother’s sword, at that. Even more so, why would I create an abomination with him, that would have Me executed. He is nothing to me.”

How can you say that?!” Mary snapped. Castiel only laughed and tilted his head back, closing his eyes. She screamed in frustration and left him alone. 

Castiel sighed and looked around the room. They were all very interesting . Human’s had always spiked his curiosity. But they were weak, and naive. Whoever he had become in the time before he awoke in the hospital room must have been very manipulative to have convinced them he cared as much as they claim. 


I wondered when you would reach out to me again.” the angel’s lips curled into a smirk. “I haven’t felt you since I got here.” 

Remember .

“You are… strong. I suppose I should feel pride in that…” … I do… I am so proud of you. Castiel’s eyes flickered, he blinked, confused. 

May 7

Claire sat terrified on the couch as Jody stormed down the bunker’s stairs. “What were you thinking, Claire?!” she hissed. The teen flinched and Jody eased her expression, knowing it wasn’t Claire’s intention for things to take a turn like this. Sam walked up and hugged her. “How is he?” 

“It’s bad… We have to figure out how to fix this...” 

Jody sighed. “Bobby will be here in a few hours. He stopped at Ellen and Bill’s to fill them in. I called Donna and Charlie. They’re trying to get off work.” She cupped Sam’s tired and distraught face in her hand. “I’m sorry, Sam… I should have insisted we fill you in from the beginning… maybe this…”

“Jody.” Sam took her hand and smiled, that crooked lovable Sammy smile. “We will figure it out. Just like we always do. No reason to feel sorry for what we coulda shoulda woulda done.”

Eileen came up and hugged the sheriff, then signed *your turn* to Sam. 

*For what* Jody signed back. Sam looked shocked, and impressed, and she winked at him. 

“We have been keeping someone in Dean’s room with him… just to keep an eye on him.” Sam explained.

“Oh.” Jody looked towards the hall. “Mind if I take your place?” Sam smiled and nodded.

Dean was sitting back against the headboard running his hand back and forth over his stomach. He looked worse than he did when he first found out about the baby. He glanced up at her when she walked in. She couldn’t even find her voice, just ran to his side, threw her arms around him and cried. 

May 8

As soon as they heard they were needed, everyone rushed to the bunker. They gathered in the library, trying to make some kind of plan. Claire and Jack sat at a table in the far corner. Periodically someone would glare over at them, making them sink deeper into their own skin. 

“Man… we really screwed up.” Jack groaned, again. Claire wrapped her arms around herself tighter, just hoping this would work itself out, and soon. 

The bunker door opened and Charlie slowly walked in. Jo met her at the bottom and kissed her cheek. “How was the drive?” 

“Nerve racking… I don’t wanna face him…” Jo hugged her tight.

“Hey, Red.” Benny smiled as he joined the two women. “Ready to get this over with?” Charlie shook her head hard, tears already pouring down her face. “Yeah, me neither…” He held out his arm. Charlie walked under it so it was wrapped around her shoulder, and they headed towards Dean’s room. 

“Maybe if we brought in Naomi.” Michael suggested. He had heard the angel had gotten into Castiel’s mind before. They were all out of options and throwing out any idea that came across. 

“After the things she made Cas do. No.” Sam quickly shot that down. “If it’s going to make Dean uncomfortable, it’s not happening. And we’re not keeping any more secrets.” He said firmly. 

“Then what do we do, Sam…” Mary whispered, John’s arm wrapped around her, they both looked like they hadn’t slept in days… because, well, they hadn’t. “It feels like we’re just waiting for him to grieve himself to death.” She shook her head, trying to stop thinking about it. 

Claire flinched at the mention of Dean dying, guilt filling her. “We have to do something… and fix this…” she finally whispered to Jack, sitting forward to be sure only he could hear.

“Haven’t we done enough.” Jack replied, bitterly.

Claire sighs, shifting back into her seat, recrossing her arms.

Just as Charlie and Benny entered the hall they saw Dean come out of the bathroom. He looked at them and sighed hard, then turned and continued towards his room. The two glanced at each other guilitly and followed after him. 

“Dean…” Charlie said, stopping him from closing his door on them. “... we know you don’t wanna hear we’re sorry. You’ve probably heard that enough from everyone else.” Dean softly laughed and rolled his eyes. 

“Brother you know we didn’t mean for you to get hurt like this…” Benny added.

“We thought we were doing the right thing…”

Dean wanted to lash out. He was so sick of hearing that. Everyone always thinks they are doing the ‘right thing’. John did, Mary did, Sam did, Cas… did. Dean did... He wasn’t without sin. He used to turn a blind eye to his own ‘right things’. Selling his soul. Tricking Sam into getting possessed by an angel. Throwing Cas out. How he treated Jack. Throwing Cas out… again. He sighed and looked up at Charlie and Benny. “We always do…” 

Charlie wrapped her arms around his waist, smiling when she could feel the baby kicking against her, and Benny quickly joined in. 

Everyone was stumped. Crowley talked to Cas and got as much of nothing as everyone else. Rowena tried spells, and even reached out to other covens. The BMOL searched their database. There was just no answer for how to fix an amnesiac angel. 

Cas twiddled his thumbs as Michael, Gabriel, and Anna left the dungeon. They went as far as to show him their memories of their time with him since they came to earth. It’s not that he thought they were making what he saw up. He just didn’t remember, so he didn’t care.

Remember !

“You again.” Cas sighed as he felt her calling out to him. The connection strengthened and his eyes lit up. He could hear Dean softly crying, but he couldn’t see anything. “What is this…” 

What are you talking about man… he heard Dean’s voice in the darkness.

Remember !

Why does this sound like a goodbye?

Remember Remember REMEMBER!

Don’t do this...Cas… Cas!

He could feel something grab onto him. “What the…” he wiggled in the chair. 

“Don’t do this...” Dean whimpered in his sleep. “Cas… Cas!”

Mary was next to him lightly shaking him. “Dean, sweetie, it's just a bad dream… wake up.”

“Noooo…!” He cried as he watched the black goop reach out and grab the smiling angel. “Cas!” 

He jolted awake.


Welcome home, Angel… a shrill voice laughed. 

“Home?” Castiel looked around but it was still black. The Empty

Pity you had to go so soon… I would have loved to take you right after you found out… 

“Found out what…?” Dean was… but that’s not possible. Oh god what have I done? 

Or maybe you could have held back your happiness even then… I could have taken you the moment you found out it was a girl… the moment you first felt her kick… when you first saw her face… oh that… would have hurt something fierce. 

You knew about me…

“I… I don’t know...ugh?” Castiel seethed in pain. His grace lit up throughout his body. He felt like he was on fire. I’m so sorry… Dean, I am so sorry… 


“I can’t.” It won’t let me go.

Remember them. Remember your family. Remember Dean. PLEASE!

“I’m trying!” Castiel screamed, clutching his head, which felt like it was about to explode. His eyes dimmed and he saw Jack. Instantly the stone cold expression fell back over his face. “Ah… you.” 

♪Hey Jude…♪ Mary sang as she rubbed over Dean’s back, trying to calm him from another of many panic attacks stemmed from a nightmare. ♪...don’t make it bad… take a sad song…♪ 

♪...and make it better…♪ Dean finished. His eyes finally focused, no longer seeming to look through his mother, but at her. 

She smiled and wiped his tears away. “How about you go sit in the tub for a while?” He sighed and tried to shake his head. “Please, baby…” There was a time when calling men who were technically older than her, baby, or sweetie, or even son was far too strange… But that’s what he was… her sweet little Dean. It eventually became second nature to her. She ran her fingers through his hair. 

“... ok”

John helped him walk to the master bathroom, then left him alone with his mother. Rowena was sprinkling her something into the water, and smiled at him when they walked in. “This should help, dear.” She ran the back of her hand down his face and walked out. 

“Um… Mom…” he said quietly… feeling awkward about undressing in front of her. She gave him the privacy of turning the other direction, but refused to leave the room until he was settled down in the tub. He relaxed against the backrest.

The water felt amazing. Whatever those magic Wiccan spices were, they definitely helped. He felt extremely calm and closed his eyes. He heard the bathroom door open. Expecting his mom back, he jumped, sloshing water everywhere, when he heard Sam snort.

“The hell?!” He gasped hoarsely. Lowering himself further in the water, attempting to hide his naked body. “I can bathe by myself.” 

“Sure you can. But I’m still not leaving.” The younger brother hopped onto a counter and leaned back against the wall, still smiling. 

“Whatever...” Dean grumbled.


Dean softly laughed. “Bitch.” He relaxed again. Letting the water soak his sore and tense body. He ran a hand over the swell of his stomach. 

It’s working!

“Sssshit…” he hissed, sitting straight. His shoulder was stabbed with a throbbing pain. He grabbed it and grit his teeth. 

“Uh… Dean?” Sam said, as the pain turned to burning. “Has it ever done that before...” Dean turned his head to look at the handprint. It was glowing white. 


“I’ve heard about you.” Castiel said, narrowing his eyes. “The son of Lucifer.” Jack felt small from the look of disgust he was receiving. Castiel never so much as raised his voice to Jack, so this rejection hurt. “Another abomination.”

“That’s not how you felt when you fought against heaven and hell to protect me and my mother.” Jack said through a clenched jaw. “There was a time you thought of me as a son.”

Castiel laughed. “I highly doubt that.” 

“It’s true. We’re a family. Sam and Dean, you and me. Team Free Will 2.0. How can you not remember that?” The angel sat silent. “You died because of a deal you made to save me. And when you needed to save Dean you fulfilled it by letting the Empty finally take you.” 

We’re a Family. 

Castiel shifted in his seat. His eyes flickered again and his skin began burning hot like he had been dipped in holy fire. Jack watched, curiously. His veins seemed to be glowing. My family.

Sam helped Dean out of the tub. The older brother quickly slipped his pants back on, and they moved into the living room with Dean still clinging to the glowing red handprint. “Guys look at this.” Sam called, getting the group's attention. Dean sat down, the pain shooting through his arm, it was so hot it felt like it was about to burst into flames. “Does anyone know what this means?!”

The hunter’s gathered around, all dumbfounded. “Who did this?” John finally asked. 

Dean looked at the ground slightly embarrassed. “Cas… when he pulled me out of hell.” 

“It hasn’t always looked like this though. Before, you could barely even see it.” Sam added. He reached a finger out to poke the mark and Dean slapped his hand away. “Sorry.” 

“Leave it to Dean Winchester to be bound by yet another mark.” The group parted, looking toward the voice. Death, the original Death, the Pale Horseman Death, was seated at one of the tables. “Though I’m sure you will find this one is much more… rewarding.” 

“Cas…?” Jack said softly as the angel began to take deep breaths. 

“I have to get back to him… to them…

“What?” Jack stepped closer. Cas looked up and his eyes were now fully glowing again. “C-Cas… are you ok?”

You are never leaving!


“Uh.. no it’s Jack…”

“It won’t let me leave… Please watch over him… and her…”

You will not get out of here again!

He felt like his brain was being ripped in half. The light coming from his eyes was projecting out like a flashlight. Jack became worried. He reached out and touched the angel’s arm. His body stiffened and he could see it all. 

Dean’s eyes went wide with shock, and fear… mostly fear. “Do not fret, Dean. I’m not here for revenge. If anything I should be thanking you.”

“Th-Thanking… me?” 

“Like I have said before, I am very old. Call it a… much needed break, if you will. Did you really think I gave you my scythe thinking you would actually kill your precious baby brother, even with the mark of Cain, your fierce devotion to protect Sam was too strong.” He smacked his lips, letting his eyes search the room. “Say, do you have anything to eat around here?” 

“Eat..? What… who are you!?” John demanded, moving closer to his son. 

“Um, Dad…everyone… this is...whoo…” Sam laughed thinking of what he was actually about to say. “Well this is… D-Death. Like… the original one…” The hunters stirred, whispering to each other confused. 

“Excuse me… did you say Death?” Jody chimed in. 


“Death?” she repeated. 


Charlie moved forward, eyeing the horseman. “You mean to tell me this is Death? Black cloak, scythe and all.”

“Yes!” The brother said in unison. 

“Minus the ridiculous black cloak of course.” Death added. “Now, about that food.” 

A meal-run later and the group gathered around the table, watching Death eat. 

“How exactly are you… alive?” Sam asked, shaking his head at how ironic the question was. 

“I am not alive, so to speak. I am simply… here. And because of that, I can also not die… contrary to what that coy reaper might have led you to believe. I was merely… resting…” He picked up a fried pickle and popped it in his mouth. “My this is delicious.” 

“Uh… so where were you then?” 

“Same place all celestial beings go to rest. Though, now it’s not called rest… I believe they call it an eternal sleep.” 

“The empty…” Dean whispered, Death nodding as he picked up his drink, slurping it obnoxiously.

“Once upon a time…” he said, setting the cup back down and leaning back. “...the empty was not the place for eternal sleep. Just the place for celestial beings to go to…rest… to recharge. Same idea, different execution. But the empty became tired of being disturbed to release the beings in its care, so it began refusing to wake them when their time came. Thus becoming the empty you know now.” 

“If you knew that, why did you willingly go there?” Mary asked. The hunters were all zoned in focused on the story. 

“Because up until recently, the empty’s rule did not apply to me. You see I am Death, it is where celestial beings go when they ‘die’, there is sort of a harmony there, or rather there was.” Some of the hunters leaned in, eagerly waiting for him to continue. He picked up a pickle and dipped it in ranch, tossing it into his mouth. “When I was ready to return, the shadow appeared, angry from being disturbed so many times by the angel Castiel. It demanded I send him back upon returning. I told it I could not, and without getting the full explanation as to why, it put me back into my eternal sleep. I awoke again with the others, when God decided to undo all his damage.”

“Well why couldn’t you send him back?” Donna asked, quickly throwing her hands up defensively when she felt Dean glaring at her. “Not that it would have been a good thing… just curious.” 

“I could not send him back, because his story was not over, and it still isn’t. When the Empty took Castiel the last time, it was not able to put him into his eternal sleep. You see, the Empty is a rash entity, it will inflict the greatest pain on those who disturb it. For Castiel, his punishment was to be taken in a moment of true happiness. What the empty did not know was Castiel’s true happiness bound him to earth… to Dean.” 

“Wha….? Me?” Dean said surprised, and Death nodded. 

“When Castiel gripped you in Hell, he wasn’t touching flesh. His grace was touching your soul, and they briefly intertwined as he was pulling you out. When you rose on earth you were left with a mark.” He pointed to his shoulder. “That handprint is a direct link to Castiel's grace. The part of it that stayed with you… For years your little ‘bond’ pulled you back toward each other, attempting to reconnect.” 

Immediately Dean’s mind flashed through all their closest moments. When they would be so close they were practically touching. How he felt like he was being pushed to pounce on the angel, but never had the nerve to make a move. Then his mind went back to that night with Cas. How literal sparks flew when Cas touched the handprint. 

His slightly blushed face must have told Death he understood. “Once you succumbed to the pull, the bond was sealed, it forfeited his deal to the Empty. When the resurrection happened and the beings there were freed it had no choice but to let him go. However, in a last ditch attempt to make him suffer, it managed to keep a part of him there.” 

“Part of him…” 

“Your attempts to jog the angel's memory will continue to be useless. He has not forgotten his time on earth. That part is simply still trapped in the Empty. 

“Does that mean… will he never…” Dean hung his head hopelessly. His shoulder was still in a tremendous amount of pain and glowing, at least now he knew why. 

Claire had an idea. She snuck off from the group and went to the dungeon to find Jack. They met at the stairs both eager to tell the other what they knew.

“I know what’s wrong with him!” Jack said. “The empty basically split his mind in two. Our Cas is still there, but he is trying to get out! He has been reaching out to the baby. It’s just as soon as the connection is broke this Cas forgets” 

“I think I might know how to fix it!” Claire added. “That goofy profound bond Sam always teased Dean and Cas about… it’s real! And it’s apparently pretty strong…” Castiel hissed in pain and the two looked into the dungeon at him. He was lit up like a glowstick. “Maybe that’s it… reconnect the bond…?”

“Can it really be that simple…” 

They both hoped so. 

They heard Dean scream from up stairs and ran back to the group. He was holding his arm, glowing streaks were starting to stem from the handprint and run over his shoulder. All three angels were trying to stop or at least ease his pain, but it wasn’t working. 

Death looked at him, intrigued, as he screamed. “How interesting.” He stood and strode over to Dean. He placed a hand on his arm, and one on his stomach. “A Nephilim conceived of a grace and soul that have bonded. This is rare… if any others exist at all. You are special, little one.” 

“Hey guys. Cas is kinda doing the same thing.” Claire said, pushing through the crowd. “He’s all glowy and in pain.” 

“Cas...?” Dean gasped. 

“Yeah you know the one who gave you the handprint.” The hunter glared at her sarcasm. “Maybe that’s it… you know… they should reconnect the bond.” 

“I don’t know.” Mary spoke up, looking around at all the hunters' equally skeptical faces. “Is it safe to let them get that close?” She looked to the angels who were also unsure. 

Gabriel sighed. “Well… The way I see it…we have more than enough back up. I guess it’s just up to Dean-O here if he wants to try.” He smiled at Dean and shrugged. 

They moved everything in the living room, making a large open space. Anna drew a new  angel trap as Gabriel and Michael retrieved Castiel from the dungeon. 

Dean waited in his room. He asked to be alone. He felt stupid for even partially thinking this could work. Nothing ever worked like it was supposed to. Not for hunters. Especially not for Winchesters. He ran a hand over his stomach, feeling the strong kicks inside, and the other rested on the handprint. Please let this time be different.  

It will be. I promise!

There was a knock on the door. Sam opened it and walked in. “They’re ready when you are.” He said softly. 

“I don’t know if I can do this, Sammy.” Dean's voice was quiet, and hopeless, and he was taking unsteady breaths, like he might have a panic attack. Sam looked back out catching his mother’s eye, holding up a finger and closing the door. 

He sat beside Dean, putting an arm around his shoulder. “You remember when he went ‘on a bender’ when we were hunting the fake prophet?” Dean cracked a smile, and his breathing slowed. “Or… or the time he thought Bugs Bunny was a hybrid insect rabbit.” That one got a laugh. “Or when he showed up naked on the impala…”

“...covered in bees.” They both laughed, and both had tears in their eyes. 

“I’m still not sorry I missed that. Though I’m thinking now you might have actually liked it.” He nudged Dean with his elbow. 

“I miss him.” Dean whispered. 

“He’s right out there.” Sam nodded toward the door. “I don’t know. I got a good feeling about this, Dean. And if it doesn’t work, we will take him somewhere safe until we can figure out something else. Ok?” 

Dean took a deep breath and nodded. “Ok…”  He stood with Sam and walked into the living room. 

Slowly Dean moved through the group of hunters. Castiel stood in the center of the room locked in the angel trap, a sort of angelic glow beaming off of him. The hunter felt his heartbeat speed up. The angel watched him as he crossed the floor. His eyes moved over the figure in front of him. The handprint began to glow brighter the closer he got, as did Cas’ vessel. Then he let his eyes focus on Dean’s stomach, the child inside seemed to be becoming distressed. Dean let out a low moan, suddenly gripping his stomach as pain ripped through it. “What’s... happening” he whispered weakly. 

“It appears the baby is connected to the bond as well. She is the one causing this reaction. She’s calling out to him.” Death informed them all. He was seated nonchalantly across the room simply watching. 

Dean steps to the circle and looks into Castiel's eyes. “Cas…” he whimpers as the burning and the streaks from his arm make their way down his chest and encircle his stomach. His body feels like it’s being cooked from the inside out. He closed his eyes, seeing his Cas smiling at him. 

He won’t hurt you. Or me. It will work.

Castiel’s eyes lit up. Dean sighed and lifted his foot, scratching it across the circle, breaking it. 

“Dean… no!” Sam screamed. 

Everyone immediately had their weapons at the ready. Dean slowly lifted his eyes to Castiel’s. He was face to face with the now freed angel. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. 

You remember…?

Castiel blinks and his eyes are normal. In a quick motion he reached to grab the angel blade from Anna, but Dean was faster and grabbed Castiel's face. He didn’t care that everyone he had tried so hard his whole life to prove his manliness to was watching. He didn’t care that Sam and Charlie, maybe even Jo and Kevin might tease him for it. He didn’t care that it might be the last thing he did before an Angel blade was thrust through him. He leaned into Castiel’s face and kissed him. As if being pulled, Castiel's hand let go of the blade and moved up to Dean’s shoulder, lining his fingers perfectly with the handprint. The white glow brightened and everyone in the room, save Death and the Angels, had to look away.

For him, everything was dark.

“Say it again…” Dean whispered

I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition. 


My superiors have begun to question my sympathies. I was getting too close to the humans in my charge. You.

“Can you hear me?”

I'm hunted, I rebelled, and I did all of it for you.

“I’m sorry…”

Dean and I do share a more profound bond... I wasn't going to mention it.

“I need you…”

Dean, I do everything that you ask. I always come when you call, and I am your friend.

“Come back to me… to us”

I know. I know how you see yourself, Dean. You see yourself the same way our enemies see you. You're destructive, and you're angry, and you're broken. You're “daddy's blunt instrument.” And you think that hate and anger, that's... That's what drives you, that's who you are. It's not. And everyone who knows you sees it. Everything you have ever done, the good and the bad, you have done for love. You raised your little brother for love. You fought for this whole world for love. That is who you are. You're the most caring man on Earth. You are the most selfless, loving human being I will ever know. You know, ever since we met, ever since I pulled you out of Hell... Knowing you has changed me. Because you cared, I cared. I cared about you. I cared about Sam, I cared about Jack... I cared about the whole world because of you. You changed me, Dean.

“Cas, Please. Say it again.”

“I love you…” Dean let out a soft gasp. The pain and burning completely disappeared, though Cas’ hand was still on his shoulder. He was afraid to open his eyes. Then he felt the hand move up to caress his cheek. “Dean. Look at me” 

“I c-can’t…” 

“Just open your eyes…”

Dean's eyelids fluttered, opening to look into the pools of blue. “C-Cas?” 

“Do I get one back this time?” The angel smiled, rubbing his thumb over Dean’s cheekbone. 

He cried, for once, the happiest tears, leaning his face back into Cas’ and placed another kiss on his lips. “I love you.” He breathed against his mouth. “I love you. I love you. I love you.”

I love you too! Both of you!  

Dean laughed at how active the baby suddenly became. He grabbed the angel's hand from his face and placed it against his stomach. 

“Oh..” Cas brought up his other hand to cradle the fairly large bump. “I’ve missed so much. I’m so sorry, Dean.”

“You’re here now.” Dean sighed, pressing his forehead to Cas’. The angel hummed, lowering himself, until his face was level with Dean’s stomach. The hunter watched him tenderly run his hands across the rounded bump, the baby kicking back against him.

“You call her Bee…?”  he whispered, keeping his forehead pressed against Dean’s stomach.

He felt like his heart was going to explode. “Y-yeah… how… how did you know that?” 

“She showed me…” 

“Oh…” Still smiling, and on whatever is higher than cloud nine, he took his eyes off Cas for a moment, and looked up… at the still very crowded room. “Oh god.” He had forgotten they weren’t alone. 

No one said anything. They were slightly taken aback, that was clear, but no one was laughing or anything. Still… he could feel all the eyes on him and embarrassment started creeping in. His face was so hot it was beginning to feel like his shoulder, he only could imagine, in horror, how red it was. “Uh… Cas.” There was no response, so the hunter started poking his head. “Cas…” 

“Hmm.” He said still fully focused on whatever he was doing to his stomach. Dean thought he could hear him whispering something in enochian, but he was more focused on the few dozen eyes staring at him. 

Cas… ” Dean hissed, finally getting the angel's attention, he looked up and smiled.

“Yes Dean?”

Get up …” he whispered. He was given a classic Cas head tilt. “Dude, they’re all watching us.” 

“Oooh..” the angel stood and bowed his head. “my apologies.” 

“Soooo…” Of course it was Gabriel who spoke first. “I don’t think it worked.” He joked. 

Cas squinted his eyes. “My memory has been fully restored, Gabriel.”

“Oh yeah… he’s back.” Claire chimed in. The whole room erupted into laughter. 

Everyone made their rounds. Hugging the couple, and welcoming Cas home. When John and Mary approached, Dean could feel Cas stiffen. The eldest Winchester extended a hand to the Angel, with a stern but friendly smile. Cas shook his hand, and John turned to Dean pulling him into a hug, as Mary threw her arms around Cas. “Welcome home! We all missed you!” She leaned up and kissed his cheek before grabbing her son. “Oh I’m so happy for you Dean.” The hunter buried his face in his mom's hair, tears, again, threatening to fall. 

Claire and Jack stood out from the crowd. Watching happily as everything fell into place, but still too guilt ridden to say anything to them. Dean looked over and smiled at them, taking Cas’ hand and leading him to where they were. 

Cas hugged Jack. “Thank you.” He said, then turned to Claire, pulling her in as well. “Both of you.” 

“But we didn't…” 

“This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you two.” Dean said. They both hung their heads. The hunter pulled them into his arms. “It was all worth it… Thank you…” 

“Well, Bee did most of the work.” Claire laughed, patting his stomach. 

Thank you very much!

Dean laughed and placed his hand over hers feeling the kicks in agreement. This was all he could have ever dreamed of. 

Death, who had quietly watched the reunion, finally stood up. He nodded and smiled at the group then turned toward the door. 

“Wait. I probably shouldn’t press my luck, but I have to know.” Dean said, stepping closer to the horseman. Cas moved with him, keeping a hand protectively around his back. “Why did you help us?”

Death slowly turned. “Call me a sappy romantic, but I do enjoy a happy ending. I, also, am very tired of reaping you Winchester’s” Cas looked sadly at Dean, the realization he could have been responsible for Dean’s death stung. “In the eons I have existed, the years after I met you and your brother have been… exhausting.” He turned to look at the hunters. “You have all been given a second chance at life. You have new knowledge for what you do, and soon you will need it, so I suggest utilizing it well. I do hope I don’t see any of you for a… very long time.” With a final nod he walked out the door, disappearing into the night. 

“What does he mean, soon we will need it?” Dean turned to Cas, with worried eyes. 

“Dude.” Sam said walking up and putting an arm around his brother. “Whatever he meant, we can worry about it later.” 

Who needed a motel when they had the bunker. It was one of the many things everyone loved about the large building. Free housing. The Angels said their goodbyes, and returned to heaven. Of course not without Gabriel making kissy faces and heart hands at his brother and Dean. He winked and they were gone. Everyone dispersed into their rooms. Cas stayed as close to Dean as physically possible. He watched as Charlie entered the room he usually stayed in, Jo turning in behind her. 

“Cas…” Dean said. The angel gave his attention back to the hunter, and Dean pulled him into their room. As soon as the door closed Cas gently pushed Dean against it. Leaning into him and locking their lips. A shaky breath from Dean broke the kiss and Cas pulled back, eyes squinted in confusion. Dean reached up and held Cas’ face in both hands. “We should have done this a long time ago.” He sighed.

“Our daughter might have been a lot older.” Dean laughed and came back to Cas’ lips. The angel ran his hands over the hunters back, then down to his legs, lifting him up and wrapping them around his waist.

“ strong…” Dean whispered against his lips. 

“I am an angel, Dean.” 

“Mmm..” Dean sighed and reclaimed Cas’ mouth, his arms wrapped around the angel's shoulders, with one hand going up and tangling itself in his hair. Cas carried him to his bed, gently laying him down. He grabbed Dean’s hands, lifting them to his lips, then leaned down and kissed his stomach. “What were you doing earlier?” Dean asked, running his fingers through Cas’ hair, as the angel sent more kisses to their child. 

“I was talking to her.” 

“She can understand enochian?” 

“She is half angel, Dean.” Cas looked up and smiled. 

“Hmm.. What did you say to her?” Dean closed his eyes, feeling so relaxed for the first time in… his life. 

“That I was sorry for not being there in the beginning. And I promised to never leave either of you again.” He looked at Dean. “You should get some rest, it’s been an eventful night.” 

“Will you watch over me?” Dean heard the angel let out a soft laugh and opened his eyes. 

“I always have.” The angel sat on the side of the bed, looking down at Dean, but the hunter tugged on his arm, pulling him down to lay next to him. “What about your personal space?” Dean smiled and snuggled into Cas’ arms. 

“Cas, you are my personal space. He breathed against the angel’s chest. Here he felt safe, and loved. Here was home, and family, and forever, in a way he never felt before.

“Sleep now. I’ll be here when you wake up.” 

For once… or maybe he had always liked it deep down… he would be so happy waking up to Cas watching him. 

Chapter Text

Loving Cas came unexpectedly. 

The first time Dean felt something towards Cas was when he pulled him back from the future. Not saying he despised Future Cas. It was actually really interesting, seeing the angel with more defined emotions. His blind loyalty to Future Dean, which led to his demise, was gut wrenching, though… and that Dean didn’t even seem to care. 

Two things were certain, and he swore them to himself. One, he would never allow himself to turn into THAT Dean, no matter what. Two, he never wanted Cas, his Cas… to change. And so he told him so. Smiling under the moonlight with the angel, he felt… something. 

He felt it again when Cas came back after the leviathans, instantly his anger toward him was gone and he desperately wished they had just a little more time. 

He felt it when Cas finally agreed to go with him to fight Dick, even if it meant dying. He felt it in purgatory when he realized Cas was only trying to protect him. 

He felt it when he was being beaten senseless at the Angel's hand. He felt it when he saw his body lying lifeless after being stabbed by April, and again when Gadreel brought him back. 

He felt it when he watched him go off on a date, and it hurt that it wasn’t with him, and would never be with him. 

Even when he made so many stupid mistakes, and Dean swore he couldn’t forgive him, he felt it. 

Sometimes it pissed him off how strongly he felt it. 

Sometimes he needed to feel it to be able to sleep, so he would open his mind and let it wash over him, causing dreams he would never tell anyone about, but always looked forward to. 

Feeling it caused a numbness when Lucifer killed him, and when Cas came back he felt it stronger than ever. He wanted so badly to tell him, but angels don’t feel things like that, and Dean was never one to take rejection well. So he buried it. Let his ego and the anger in his soul take over. He said things to him he  knew he didn’t mean, out of rage. 

After they went back to purgatory, after he said what he needed to, and forgave Cas for things he knew he couldn’t really even blame him for, he couldn’t hide it anymore. It was like he could see him differently. See more than just him, or see into him, he didn’t know. 

Cas caught him staring, and it just happened. He wanted to tell him then, but he fell asleep. When he woke up Cas rushed off and he thought it had all been a mistake. 

He tried after Cas finally said it to him. His mind was like a whirlwind and he opened his mouth but the angel shoved him towards the wall. Everything happened so fast and then he was gone. 

Chapter Seven

May 9

Oooooh my love… my darling… I’ve hungered for… your touch… a long… lonely time.

And time… goes by… so slowly… that time can do… so much… are you… still mine…!?

I need… your love… I… I need your love… Godspeed your love… to me.  

That’s a good song… Dean thought as he slowly woke up to the tune being played… by, he guessed, whoever was babysitting him at the moment. And that was a good dream, too… He took a deep breath and just laid there with his eyes closed. 

“Alright, love birds…” Ellen called from the door, with a few knocks. “…time to join the living. Breakfast is hot.” 

Lovebirds…? Dean’s eyes shot open. Reality hit him like a brick as he became aware of the body laying behind him. He breathed out a shaky sigh of relief. It wasn’t a dream. 

“I believe they require our attendance…” Cas said quietly, as he clicked his phone off and pulled Dean closer to him. 

Dean shivered when the angel kissed the side of his neck. This was real. Cas was here. He was alive. He remembered. He was in Dean’s bed. Their… bed. Holy shit. He was holding him, rubbing his stomach. His stomach. He was pregnant. Holy shit… He was pregnant. They were having a baby. A baby girl. They were having a daughter. They were going to be parents. Holy shit

He was taking really deep breaths. He might have been hyperventilating. He was definitely crying. He tried to stop but it only made him make a strained sobbing noise. He felt stupid for being so emotional. He felt emotional for feeling like he was being stupid. And he still hadn’t turned over to look into those dreamy blue eyes. Holy shit. 

“Dean… are you alright?” Cas asked, slowly turning the hunter over to face him. For years Dean wondered what Cas’ touch would feel like. To have him hold his face, kiss his lips, do whatever it was he was doing at that exact moment. 

Dean just stared at him for a while. They were experts at deep speechless stares after all. He felt his lips curl into a goofy, sappy, lovesick smile he would have gagged at seeing on someone else. He ran his fingertips across Cas’ slightly scruffy jaw. His eyes tried to focus on every detail of the angel’s face. 

Tears were still falling from his eyes and Cas gently wiped them away. “Why are you looking at me like that, Dean?” He asked, only this time it wasn’t with confusion, because he now knew the answer. 

“‘Cause I love you… S-so much it hurts. So much it scares me.” He sniffled, and Cas inched his face closer. He kissed his forehead, then his nose, then lips. 

Any other time Dean would have been annoyed with how girly he was acting, crying, and shaking, and needling cuddles to calm him. But he had waited so long for this, and up until a week ago, thought he would never get it. So for once, while they laid about as close as two people could without merging into one, he opened up. 

“I was so hurt, because you acted like you were upset about the night we…” he blushed and rubbed his bump, Cas knew exactly what he meant. “Then you told me you loved me… and… I didn’t get to…” he closed his eyes, tears flowing faster now. “I was so horrible to you… for so long… I know I apologized… but it didn’t fix the things I said… and done… and then when I didn’t get to say it back. I was afraid you didn’t know… that you would never know.”

“Dean…” the angel held his face so tight, but so lovingly. “...I knew.” Dean looked at him confused, making Cas smile. “I saw it… in your smile, when I held you that day… and when I told you… I saw it in your eyes…” 

“Oh…” Dean’s cheeks darkened. 

Another loud knock echoed through the room. “Dean! Cas! Food!” John boomed, making both of them jump. They looked at each other, stifling laughs like a couple teenagers. Dean slid the hand, still touching Cas’ face around to the back of his neck and pulled him in, kissing him deep. 

May 10

Charlie and Jo were the last two still at the bunker.

“So now that everything is finally chilled out. We need to start planning your baby shower…” Charlie said as she plopped down next to Dean on the couch. 

Jo nodded eagerly. “Ooo yes!” Dean gave a dramatic sigh, and she laughed. 

“What is a baby shower?” Cas looked between the three. 

“It’s a party you have for the mama-to-be…” Jo informed him, rubbing Dean’s stomach. “…I’m sure Dean here will change his attitude when he is getting spoiled with attention and gifts.” 

“I’ve had about enough of everyone’s attention… thanks…” the hunter mumbled back. “…and they aren’t even my gifts…” 

Charlie laughed. “Yeah, well you're still having one. So suck it up.” Dean tried to pout at her. “Suck. It. Up! How about we go out and make the registry today?” 

“Go out… but I can’t… wait…” He remembered he actually could now. “I can leave the bunker.” He gasped, practically bouncing off the couch, and grabbed Cas by the shoulders. “ I can leave the bunker! ” 

“Youuu can leave the bunker…?” Cas repeated confused as he watched Dean rush towards his room. Charlie and Jo both giggled. 

He came back with his jacket and car keys. “What are y’all waiting for? Let’s go!?” 

“Let me grab my bag!” Jo said, walking towards the library, and Cas went to get his trench coat from their room. Dean couldn’t wait, leaving the others behind. 

“Hey baby!” Dean almost cried seeing his car. After the whole scene with Gabriel… well after he finally scrubbed it clean… he hadn’t even been back in the garage. 

“You good?” Charlie laughed, as they came through the door, at Dean, who was laid across the front of the car, hugging her. 

“Gimme a minute…” the hunter sighed, rubbing his hands over the hood. Finally he stood up and wiped the tears he actually shed from the reunion. “…ok, I’m good.” He opened the driver door and slid in… barely. Seriously… he groaned mentally. He was all the way back against the seat and his stomach was almost touching the steering wheel. 

Cas couldn’t help but stare at Dean the whole drive, and Dean would randomly take his eyes from the road to sneak a peek back. Charlie and Jo watched them and gushed, quietly so they wouldn’t feel the need to stop. Finally… They all thought. 

Dean pulled into the parking lot of the shopping plaza Charlie directed him to, and felt a sudden panic. He looked down at his shirt, stretched pretty tight over his stomach. Cas could see he was distressed and slid closer. “What is it, Dean?” 

“I… I can’t go in there... like this…” 

Cas squinted and looked him over. “Like what?” Dean sighed and turned so his front was more visible to the angel, motioning towards his body with his hands. He furrowed his brows and looked harder. “I see nothing wrong with your outfit Dean…” 

Jo and Charlie both shook their heads at the angels' lack of understanding. “Cas… he’s talking about the obvious baby bump…” Jo laughed.

“Oh.” The angel now understood. “Well I highly doubt anyone would actually think you’re pregnant since that is… in any other case… physically impossible. They’ll probably just think you’re…”

“Don't say it…” Both girls warned, too late.

“…overweight.” He finished. 

“He said it.” Charlie sighed. 

“Yep.” Jo added. Dean’s eyes widened and filled with tears. 

“Dean… why are you crying?”

“Are you saying I look… f-fat…?” Dean choked out.

“What? No. You look pregnant.” Cas said, even more confused. He glanced into the back at the two trying to contain their giggles at his screw up. “I was only saying what other people will probably think.” 

“They’re gonna think I’m fat!?” Dean sobbed. 

Jo facepalmed herself as Charlie pushed her out of the car. “Have fun with that one.” The redhead sighed passing Cas’ window. “We’ll be inside.” 

Cas watched them walk away. Dean tugged his jacket around to cover his stomach, but even it didn’t fit well. He knew his clothes were getting tighter. He hadn’t really cared because it wasn’t like anyone would see him anyway. And to be honest he had sort of liked being able to see the curve of his stomach through his shirts, it was a constant reminder she was in there. He didn’t want to feel ashamed of it, and felt guilty for being, but he also didn’t want to get stared at. Part of him now wished he was still stuck in the bunker. 

“Dean…” Cas said, closing the space between them and turning the hunters face to his. “…I’m sorry if I upset you. I wasn’t trying to.”

Dean smiled and wiped at his eyes. “It’s ok…”

Cas sighed. He took Dean’s hand and lifted hair to his mouth. “Back only a day and I’m messing up.” He joked. “I’m sorry… I have know idea what I’m doing.”

“Neither do I…” Dean admitted. “I’m sorry, too… for acting like a big baby…” he said, inching closer to Cas. “I know what you meant…” 

“Dramatic shifts in one's attitude are common in pregnancy. I believe they are called mood swings.” 

Dean laughed, and then he was crying again. “Dammit, Cas…” he sniffled and leaned his head onto Cas’ shoulder. “…I missed you…”

Cas pulled him closer, wrapping his arms around him and rubbing his back. “I missed you too… are you ready to go in now?” Dean buried his face in the angel’s chest and shook his head. “I could let you wear my trench coat… it’s fairly large, it should cover you.” 

“Um… no thanks…” Dean laughed, scrunching up his face. 

“Well… you could fold it in front of you… and use it to hide your stomach.” He suggested as he slipped it off and demonstrated what he meant. Dean finally agreed to the idea and they exited the car, Cas quickly popping up by Dean’s door to open it for him. Then came the next challenge. How were they supposed to act in public?

If Dean was 100% honest with himself, he wanted to be just like Jo was being with Charlie, as they walked ahead of them. Holding Cas hand standing super close and clingy to him. But people don’t judgingly gawk at two petite cute girls all over each other, not like they would to two 6 foot tall extremely masculine dudes. 

So he settled for walking fairly close and exchanging loving glances every few steps. Of course randomly Cas would lean in and say something sweet or cute and leave Dean embarrassed and blushing. Or how he kept opening the door for him at stores and held his back walking up steps. The hunter couldn’t help but feel like he could easily get used to this. 

That night he was pouting in his room, hanging up his new stupid double XL shirts. He heard a flutter and felt Cas’ arms around him, bringing him from the sour mood of needing bigger clothes. The angel took his hand and spun him around to face him... like a fu… reakin’ princess, and Dean let him, with a horrifically sappy giggle and rosy cheeks… oh my god what’s happening to me. It… it’s gotta be the pregnancy… hormones… and… stuff…

“You know… you don’t have to wear this suit all the time…” Dean said, playing with Cas’ tie. 

“It’s really all I have.” Cas replied, leaning in and pressing his lips to Dean’s neck. 

“I mean… you could wear some of m-my… clothes…” he shivered at the feeling, as the angel continued up towards his ear. “…’least until you get your own.” 

“Hmmm…” His voice pretty much growled deep in his throat. Finally the lips trail landed on the hunters mouth. 

The kiss was deep and much more passionate than anything they’d had since he came back. Dean slid his hands into the suit coat and pushed it over Cas’ shoulders, the angel letting it fall from his arms. He quickly wrapped them back around the hunter, holding him tight as he slowly walked him towards the bed. “Do you want to stop…” He asked, when Dean's legs bumped the mattress and he gasped. 

“Please don’t…” Dean whispered, almost needingly. 

Cas didn’t waste any time and quickly laid Dean out on the bed, hovering over him as they went back to their heated make out. This hadn’t even crossed Dean’s mind and now he felt deprived and needing it more than anything. He slid his hands between them and began fidgeting with the tie again, trying to get it loose. 

“I got it…” Cas huffed, also flustered with his own need for Dean. He sat back and pulled the tie loose, tossing it to the floor, and began on his shirt buttons. Dean took deep, nervous although excited, breaths and held eye contact until the shirt was completely open and his bare chest was exposed. That was when he realized he had never really looked at Cas without clothes on. 

Dean’s breath caught in his throat as his eyes wandered over Cas. The last time he hadn’t really paid attention to anything. Now he was really looking at the angel, and his oh god he’s perfect body. Cas slipped the shirt the rest of the way off, and Dean pulled him back.

“Hey Cas!” Sam called from the door. “Got a minute?” 

Both men groaned. “What do you need, Sam?” Cas asked, trying to keep his voice as normal as possible. 

“It’s for a potential case.” The younger brother continued. 

Cas rolled his eyes and was about to tell Sam he would have to wait, but Dean sighed and smiled. “Go on…”


“We have forever… right?” He looked up at the angel lovingly, making him want to leave even less. 

“Alright…” he finally called out to Sam. “I’m coming.” 

“Should probably do something about… these, first…” Dean motioned towards the tent in both of their pants, and laughed. Cas waved a hand, and he was fully redressed and it was gone, but Dean’s wasn’t. He looked confused and tried again. “Hey… it’s fine…” Dean insisted, shooing him towards the door. “I’ll take care of it…” 

“How?” Cas seemed legitimately confused. 

“Dude… don’t ask me that! Just… go!” Dean cringed and pushed Cas out of the room, and closed the door immediately behind him, turning the lock.

Cas came back to find the lights off and Dean softly snoring. There were some clothes laid out for him. Cas quickly shuffled out of his suit and into the sweat pants and tee, then slid under the covers to spoon against Dean’s back. A hand instantly ran over the swell of his stomach, and he smiled as she moved against it. He let his eyes drift closed, and actually fell asleep. 

May 24

After Charlie and Jo left, life in the bunker fell into a strange normalcy they never thought they would have. Things were still relatively quiet, but a couple random jobs had popped up here and there. When they did, the guys would hop in one of the extra cars and take off. Dean wasn’t exactly fond of being left behind, but Cas obviously stayed with him and the constant kicks to his rib cage and bladder would remind him he had more important things to take care of. 

Other than his clearly there now waddle-walk and his ever growing round d bump making it impossible to overlook the fact that he was clearly pregnant, Dean had fully reverted back to his normal self. Of course the whole kissing Cas in front of everyone, and the bashful look he got when the angel would go on and on about how much he loved him took a small while to get used to. But really the strangest part of it all, mainly for Sam, was watching Dean finally allow himself to be really, truly, happy. 

Though the one problem, that wasn’t really a problem at first… but was quickly becoming a problem was the complete lack of privacy. It seemed every time they got some time alone, it was interrupted.  Even worse every time they tried to do anything more than just a rushed heated make out, it was also cut short. 

Kelly and Eileen were coming from the garage with a couple new handfuls that may or may not have been intended for Dean and the baby. They passed the couple’s room and Kelly heard him and Cas talking inside. Or rather Cas talking because Dean sounded like a mix between a broken squeak toy and a dying cat. (Picture spongebob’s crying scene in the pizza episode…) Kelly leaned in closer and signed what she heard to Eileen. 

“Dean… you’re too tired… let’s just go to bed.” 

“bu werr soo clse*sniff*iontna stpp nw*hicup*”

Kelly didn’t even try… just waited for Cas to respond.

“I know we were, but Jack wanted to watch the new Scooby Doo movie with us and wanted to see it too... and it just ended later than we both thought. We can try again another night…”

“Iontna trr gan…” 

“But you’re not even in the mood anymore… you’re just fighting sleep…” There was loud sobbing. Sam turned into the hall and both women shushed him before he could say anything. “Dean please stop crying… it’s just intercourse…” the younger brother's eyes nearly popped out of his head and his ear glued itself to the door next to Kelly’s.

“Sssnt js sxxx Cassss! Rru nt ntrstedn *sniff* meee lktht!?”

“Of course I’m interested in you like that, Dean… don’t ever think that…” 

“Y-yr nle w-wth mmm cz oogt mprgnnnt!!” 

“I am not just with you because I got you pregnant. I love you Dean.”

Mary and John started down the hall to their room. Confused by the crowd outside Dean and Cas’ room. 

“Dean please… you are being ridiculous…” they heard Cas sigh loudly. There was a gasp, they assumed from Dean. “Dean…wait… I…” then there was what sounded like the squeal when the air’s let out of a balloon but the end is stretched out so it can barely exit… “I’m sorry… listen… we can go away, if we have to, for a few nights… then we can’t be interrupted.” 


Everyone sighed. They all walked back to the living room, feeling guilty. Realizing now the couple hadn’t really had any sort of alone time in the two weeks Cas had been back. 

May 25

Sam walked into the kitchen to Dean humming as he cooked. A hand placed lovingly on top of his rounded stomach. “I gotta say Dean, you are actually glowing.” His brother looked at him incredulously, rolling his eyes. “No really. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this happy before. It’s nice.”

“I am happy, Sam.” The older brother smiled. “Man, everything is finally perfect. We got mom and dad back. Jack got his mom, you got Eileen. I got…” he ran his hand over his bump, and looked into the living room where Cas was talking with John. “...everything…” 

“Dean…” Sam said, trying to pull his brother back to reality. “The stove’s on fire.” 

“Shit!” Dean hissed as the bacon grease popped into the burner causing the flames to spark higher. Instantly Cas was there pulling Dean away from the stove. Sam quickly put out the fire, laughing “Cas I’m fine.” The angel was looking over the small grease burns on Dean’s hands. For some reason the angels couldn’t heal Dean, they all assumed it had something to do with the strange pregnancy, but it drove Cas crazy not being able to take Dean's pain away. 

“I’m sorry.” The angel whispered, kissing each of the red dots. 

“Well now they don’t even hurt anymore.” Dean smiled, and the angel leaned up into his lips. “Did it burn? I was trying to get it done before y’all left.” 

“Looks fine to me.” John assured him, helping Mary get out plates for everyone. 

They ate quickly, about to head out on what seemed to be a simple case. Someone was attacking parents, killing the fathers, and kidnapping the kids. John recognized the MO and when the police sent them a picture of the sketch he found a case he worked on in his journal. They suspected it to be vampires. 

“Are you sure y’all want to go…” Dean said, as he watched Kelly sling her bag over her shoulder. 

“Yes!” Mary insisted. “Besides… this way you and Cas can have some time to catch up… just the two of you.” 

Dean couldn’t hide that the idea of having the whole bunker to just him and Cas was an exciting thought. “Well… just be careful!” He said, mostly to Kelly, who knew literally nothing about hunting. 

Dean and Cas stood at the door to the bunker and watched as the three cars drove away. The angel wrapped an arm around Dean, pressing his lips into the curve of his neck. “Alone at last…” he breathed into the skin. 

“What do you have in mind?” Dean teased, just as Cas zapped them back to their room. They stared at each other for a moment, because this was really it… no interruptions. Dean took a deep breath. “O-ok…” He leaned in and gently pressed his lips to Cas’, sighing as the angel wasted no time deepening the kiss. 

It was also only their second time, and the first had felt so heated and rushed. They wanted this time to be special. Cas finally pulled away and smiled. He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor, as Dean began working on the layers he had on. 

He stopped when he got to his undershirt. Cas grabbed the hem of the shirt pulling it up. “Wait…” Dean whispered, Cas looked at him, confused, as the hunter's cheeks turned pink. 

“Dean… trust me…?” The angel said, again trying to pull the shirt off. Dean allowed him but looked away. He was trying so hard to not let his insecurities ruin this moment. But they had gotten so strong. He had always prided himself on his looks, so when they started changing he took a big hit. 

“Lie back.” Cas instructed, helping him get adjusted into the stack of pillows. He eyed the hair tie Eileen gave Dean to use as an extended fastener for a pair of the larger jeans that were already not fitting. It was extremely stretched out and the pants were still digging into his hips. His face darkened more and he turned his head farther away from Cas.  

Carefully the angel undone them and pulled them off with his boxers. Dean fidgeted on the bed now fully exposed, and feeling awkward, ashamed and very unattractive. He tried to wrap his arms around himself, as if to hide. Cas pulled them apart and looked at him. Dean could feel the heat in his face rise. 

There were many physical changes brought on by the pregnancy. He had acne scars from constant breakouts. Cas tenderly kissed them one by one. He held the hunters arms moving his lips down each, lingering on the biceps where they had become slightly flabby from a lack of workouts. 

Dean squeezed his eyes shut, he didn’t want to cry, but Cas always made him feel so special, and his stupid hormones were so out of wack. His pecs were still there, just much less defined, and his abs were completely gone, replaced by the swollen round bump. Cas continued down, Dean’s body showing love to each ‘flaw’. 

There were thin red lines along his sides where the skin had been stretched out, and they would probably get bigger and darker the more he grew. Cas used his tongue to trace each one. The sensation gave Dean goosebumps. At his hips Cas gripped the extra weight, Dean called them love handles, and though the hunter hated them, Cas loved them.

His thighs also had stretch marks, and again Cas licked over them, smiling as Dean’s body trembled. His calves were swollen down to his ankles and he had begun to get varicose veins. Cas sat up, running his hands over the sore legs and feet, massaging them, all while he looked at Dean like he was made of gold. 

After a few minutes, Cas leaned over and kissed him. “You are beautiful.” He whispered the words he had waited so long to say, against his lips, and that did it. Dean sucked in a shaky breath and completely broke down. 

He covered his face with his hands, and sobbed. Cas smiled, for once he was not confused by the strange random emotional outbursts of one Dean Winchester. He pulled the hunter to his chest and held him until he was calm. 

For the first time in his life, he was the one that got called beautiful. He was the one whose body got worshiped. He had never felt anything like being loved by Cas, even with Lisa. He had truly loved her, but that love paled in comparison to how Cas made him feel. 

The angel took his time. He touched every sensitive part of Dean’s body, if not with his hands, with his lips. All the while letting him lay and do nothing but enjoy every second. Once he had done everything he could possibly do to the hunter to loosen his body and nerves he settled between his legs, hovering above him. “Cas…” Dean sighed, gripping onto the angel's back and slowly pulling him closer. 

He waited until Dean’s breathing was slow and steady, before slowly pushing in. Last time they didn’t have time to prepare. While it was done out of love, they didn't do it with love, and it was painful. This was completely different. There was so much love pulsing between them Dean was surprised it wasn’t bursting out of his pores. Cas leaned down, carefully maneuvering over the bump between them, and pressed his lips to Dean’s.

It felt like an eternity before Cas finally bottomed out, and when he did the hunter whimpered against his lips. “Are you ok?” The angel checked before moving, and even though new tears were flowing down his face from the build up of it all, Dean nodded. 

Cas’ movements were almost therapeutic, and between that and Cas rubbing every inch of skin he could reach, Dean was stuck between wanting to cry out in pleasure and just close his eyes and drift off to sleep. 

They loved quiet this time. Before they screamed each other’s name, along with other more explicit things, the years of hidden feelings finally being released. The only sounds they made now were soft moans, mixed into their heavy breathing. 

Cas began to speed up, feeling his own release building. He moved in a way that each time he was rewarded a cry from Dean. The hunter took his hands from Cas back and gripped onto his arms, and wrapped his legs around Cas’ back the best he could. He could feel himself getting close too. 

Whether it was the bond or just luck, they climaxed together. For lack of a softer descriptio n, it was the best orgasm either had ever experienced. Dean eventually floated back to earth, and Cas pulled him into his arms. Dean buried his face in the angel’s chest, and he soon was asleep. 

May 26

Cas woke Dean up with gentle kisses. “Let’s take a shower.”

“Mmm…” Dean curled away from him. “Can’t you just use your angel mojo.” 

Cas smiled, placing a second kiss on the top of his head. “I could, but that wouldn’t be as nice. Come on.” He stood up and gently scooped the hunter into his arms. He carried him into the bathroom, and stood him up in front of the shower. 

He made Dean let him do everything. They both stood under the water as Cas ran the rag over Dean’s body. The hunter leaned forward catching Cas’ lips. He moaned softly when the angel deepened the kiss, pushing him back against the shower wall. A short while later Dean laughed as Cas playfully griped about having to wash them off again. 

May 27

Cas took Dean’s hand, pulling him towards the kitchen. Dean watched, starry eyed, as Cas pulled a package of chocolate covered strawberries out of the fridge, then led him to the table with them. “Are you gonna feed me, too?” Dean joked. The angel cocked his brow and picked up a strawberry, making Dean giggle... like a damn girl… and held it in front of the hunter's lips. Dean leaned in for a bite and Cas teasingly pulled it back. “Please?” Dean smiled, and the angel fed it to him.

Dean licked the chocolate from his lip, eyes locked on Cas’ and then they were on each other again. Both pulling back for only moments for air. “Where now?” Dean gasped, as Cas’ lips went wild over his neck. Cas lifted him off the chair, his mouth still attached to Dean’s skin. 

The hunter didn’t recognize the noises coming from his own mouth as anything he had ever made in the heat of a moment before. Cas carried him to the couch nipping and sucking at his skin the whole way. He laid him down and lifted one of Dean’s legs, hooking the ankle around his neck. “What are you carrying that around in your pocket…” Dean tried to joke through panting, as the angel squeezed the lube onto his hand. 

“Maybe…” Cas smiled and thrust forward. This time was rough, and Dean screamed Cas’ name. 

May 28

Dean stretched his arm out across the empty bed. He whimpered and called out for Cas. “I’m here, Dean.” The angel climbed back into the bed wrapping his arms around Dean’s body. “I just made you some coffee. Eileen said to use her decaf.” Dean just smiled and curled into the warm body holding him. 

“You’re spoiling me.” He sighed.

“You deserve to be spoiled, Dean.” The hunter smiled, snuggling closer. 

“What happens when I become needy?” 

“Dean, you have always been somewhat needy.” The angel laughed, and Dean lightly punched his arm. 

“I have not always been needy.” He fussed, leaning into Cas’ lips, before whimpering. “I need to take a leak…” he sighed, pushing the covers back.

Cas' eyes widened, noticing something he did not mean to put there. “Uh… Let me..” he said, trying to just zap him to the bathroom… preferably the one with no mirror. 

“Cas I am perfectly capable of walking ten feet.” Dean insisted but leaned in for a kiss first. The angel watched him scurry into the bathroom and braced himself. “CaAaaSss!” Dean screamed a moment later. Cas appeared behind him, looking guilty as Dean glared into the mirror at the string of hickies across his neck. 

“I am sorry, Dean.” The angel said from the passenger seat of the impala. “I wasn't trying to leave marks.” He was having to take deep breaths to keep himself composed, finding humor in the situation, but not wanting to get himself into deeper trouble. Dean only narrowed his eyes, keeping them on the road, and fixing the ascot covering his neck, glad he decided to keep it. 

They pulled into the parking lot of the new drug store in town. Cas appeared at Dean’s door, opening it for him, the hunter grumbling as he pushed past him. Cas sucked his twitching lips in, but a smile was still visible. Dean wrapped his jacket around his stomach, attempting to make it less noticeable, as he passed other shoppers, Cas trailing close behind. “This is so embarrassing…” he hissed. 

“Why are you looking at make-up Dean?”

“I’m looking for something to cover this up!” Dean shot back, tugging at the ascot. 

“I don’t understand, I have seen them on your neck plenty of times. Why is this different?” 

Dean sighed, groaning loudly at Cas’ obliviousness. “Just because it is! Besides this isn’t just one… it looks like you tried to strangle me…” he turned back to the shelf, a small blush heating his cheeks. 

A young worker walked up, smiling politely at them. “Can I help you find something?” She basically chirped. 

Dean shook his head.

“He is looking for something to cover a hickey…” Dean glared at Cas. “...well multiple hickies.” The hunter angrily mouthed *shut up* 

“Oh well… sure. I can help with that!” The girl responded, slightly confused, but still friendly. “Do you know your shade?” 

Dean was too embarrassed to turn back towards her, and was still trying to burn a hole through the angel with his eyes. “No, I don’t think he does.” 

“I hate you.” Dean whispered as the girl took his arm, pulling him toward the full coverage foundation. She had him hold out his wrist so she could swatch a couple. 

“Oh this one is perfect!” The girl beamed, revealing the almost invisible patch to Dean. 

“Thanks..” he gives her a half hearted smile.

She smiled sweetly. “Sure thing! Can I help you with anything else” 

“We should probably get more of the lubricant, Dean. We’re almost out” The girl nearly choked on air, as she tried to withhold her laughter. Dean could have killed Cas, again. 

He let Cas drive home, so he could stare out the window and pout. Cas sighed, and looked at the gas gauge, sitting almost on full. “We need to get gas.” He said surely. Dean rolled his eyes knowing he just filled the tank and looked over at the needle pointing to the E. He frowned, then shrugged and looked back out the window. Cas pulled the car into the gas station. “Just stay here.” 

“Was planning on it.” Dean snapped back. The angel went inside and returned with a big paper bag, immediately getting Dean’s attention. Dean knew that store sold pie, and Cas knew that store sold pie, and Dean knew that Cas knew… that store sold pie. So when he put the bag through the open window, he had to quickly swat plundering fingers away. Dean mumbled something under his breath and re-crossed his arms. 

Cas pumped the gas and climbed back into the driver's seat. “Do you want this?” He asked, lifting the bag. Dean huffed peeking at the angel and the bag from the corner of his eye. Cas inched the bag toward Dean, knowing he could smell the apple cinnamon scent wafting out. 

“Are you really trying to bribe me with pie?” 

“Is it working?”

Dean looked longingly at the bag, but held his ground. “Nope.” He said as matter of factly as he could. 

Cas clicked his tongue. “Ok, what if I throw in a foot massage?” Dean smirked, but still shook his head. “What if… I also say how incredibly sorry I am, and I promise to be more cautious next time. Then spend the rest of the day telling and showing you how much I love you.” Cas had moved across the seat, and was now in Dean’s face. 

“That… sounds nice…” Dean whispered, sighing against Cas’ lips as they brushed across his own. “I guess I can forgive you, if you’re offering all that.” He leaned into the kiss. 

“Get a room!” Came a disembodied yell, and they both laughed. Cas got back behind the wheel, and turned the key. He reached over and grabbed Dean’s hand, bringing it to his lips before letting it rest back onto the seat, their fingers woven together. Cas turned the wheel and took off towards the road. 

“Cas look out!” Dean screamed as a scruffy fur ball darted in front of them.

May 29

The hunters all tiredly walked up the steps from the garage to the bunker. “Never again.” Kelly sighed, Mary and Eileen softly giggled at the newest members' distaste for the job. 

Sam held the door for everyone to enter. “Dean. Cas. We’re home!” He called into the vast building. 

“In here!” Dean's voice replied from the direction of the master bathroom. He walked out, trying to force stop the waddle he was still in denial about, to greet his family. “How’d it go?” They all looked confused at his soaked clothes. 

“We got the kids, and took out a whole nest. It was pretty wild! Dad almost got impaled on a rebar they had sticking out of a post.” Sam said, scrunching his nose at the strong smell lingering in the air. 

Dean winced. “That would have been a hell of a stupid way to go.” (Yeah I’m not over it…)

“Dean…” John sniffed the air and looked around. “…why does it smell like a wet dog in here?”

As if on cue the source comes bolting into the room, Cas chasing after him, jumping up onto John, and licking at him. “Miracle!?” Sam gasps.

That night Dean was in the nursery, finally ready to finish packing it up. Miracle walked around sniffing the packed boxes and finally came to a stop at Dean’s feet laying down and quickly dozing off. Dean could feel Cas watching him from the door. “What are you doing?” He asked, walking up behind him and wrapping his arms around his stomach. 

“Kid needs a room.” The hunter turned his head to press his lips against Cas’ cheek, resting it back on his shoulder as they swayed slowly. “And this one is right down from ours.” He looked at the boxes he had packed months ago. “I started it, but… I don’t know, it just made it all too real… and I wanted you here…” he rolled his eyes, damn hormones. Cas could tell he was becoming emotional, and turned Dean to face him. “I guess I just a-always hoped you might come b-back... I don’t think I could have done this alone.” 

Cas kissed the trembling lip. “Shhh.. I’m here now.” The angel glanced around the room, letting himself picture it full of life, a small girl playing with her toys, or being spun around lovingly by Dean; he smiled. “Tomorrow we can finish getting it emptied. Then we can go shopping.” 

May 30

Cas wrangled the household to help. The men, minus Dean of course, carried out the bigger items. They took the cans down from the ceiling and rearranged the bookshelves to Dean’s liking. 

The girls came in next dusting, sweeping, and mopping. And when Dean tried to help he was told to just instruct what he wanted done next. Soon the room was clean, and ready to be transformed into a nursery. The girls, and Dean were giddily exchanging ideas as the men sat bored, drinking beer. 

Some hours and a few hundred stolen dollars later and the Dean Cave was no longer recognizable. There was a crib where the TV had been, a couple glider rockers replaced the couch, and a changing table was put in place of the foosball table. They still needed to decorate, and buy a few more items, but Dean was satisfied with the progress that had been made, and to everyone’s relief called it a day. 

Dean sat in one of the rockers, letting out an exhausted sigh. “How are you tired, you barely even did anything.” Sam joked sitting in the second chair. His brother just reclined back rocking himself almost to sleep. Sweat beaded over his face, and had run down his neck. 

Sam leaned in to get a better look because it looked like he was melting. Quickly he swiped a finger over it, pulling away the foundation and revealing the dark hickey beneath. Sam caught the chuckle in his throat, swallowing it back down as Dean’s hand slapped over the spot. The older brother slowly opened his eyes, turning them to Sam, who was trying his hardest not to smile. “I know, I know. Not a word.” 

Chapter Text

June 10

1:12 AM

He was walking through… a forest. Screams could be heard off in the distance. Where am I… he thought looking around. A loud snarl from behind him made him jump. Red eyes appeared in the dark and moved towards him. H-h-hellhound. He turned to run and nearly collided with his mother. 

Mom…? he tried. Nothing. 

She smiled and lifted her hand to his cheek. “You… are my little angel.” Dean looked at her, confused. Then he really looked at her. The white nightgown seemed to glow in the moonlight streaming through the trees. “What’s the matter, sweetie...?” She asked, as he took a step back. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” A red stain poured out across her stomach. 

Smoke began to rise off her skin and she reached out for him, her smile fading and she screamed out in pain. Then she burst into flames. Dean couldn’t move, he couldn’t scream, he could only watch the fire engulf her and she crumbled to the ground to a pile of ash.

“Tell me, have you ever heard the expression, if a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is...” A voice echoed. Azazel…  

He heard the low growl again. “Dean, run!” He turned to see his dad trying to outrun it. The invisible beast finally caught him, tearing him to shreds. Dean felt like he was going to be sick. 

“You, of all people, should know what’s dead, should stay dead.” Dean frantically looked around. 

He finally was able to pull his eyes from his father to see Sam running towards him clutching his shoulder. No… Tears poured from his eyes. He saw Jake appear from the dark. Sammy! Behind you! He screamed in his head. Sam smiled as the knife was plunged into his back. 

The screaming grew louder. He began picking voices out of the noise. Charlie. Jo. Ellen. Kevin. Benny. He could hear them all. Dying. They were all being taken back. 

Then he saw Cas… he’d seen this so many times… too many times… When the angel began walking toward him he collapsed and tried to cover his eyes. I can’t… he silently cried. Cas grabbed Dean’s face. He looked into the angel's eyes… but there were no eyes there. Just black holes. Dean flinched trying to get away, but the grip was so tight. He was forced to stare at the lifeless face. 

Bloody lines zigzagged over his whole body, pieced back together from Raphael and Lucifers explosive attacks. His patches of skin had boils and burns on it from the souls he had  consumed, and the veins on his neck were black from the leviathan. On his white shirt there were two bloody holes from being stabbed by April and Lucifer. He opened his mouth, blackish water pouring out. “You’re going to be all alone…” he whispered, voice distorted and raspy. A black mass appeared wrapping around him and he was gone. 

Dean couldn’t move. His whole body was shaking and he felt like he couldn’t breathe. 


The word rang out through the dark woods. He held himself and sobbed. 

‘Oooh Death…’ a voice sang softly. Slowly the trees around him faded to black. ‘Oooh oooh Death…’ Dean looked up as Billie stepped into view. ‘OooOhh Death…’ 

She stepped closer and Dean tried to move, but couldn’t. Billie smiled.

‘My name is Death and the end… is here…’ 

He felt a tightness in his stomach, and a gush of warm wetness flow down his legs. No . He looked down as the dark red spot soaked through his pants. 


“Noooooo!” He screamed.

Chapter Eight

June 8

11:22 AM

It was almost noon… he had slept in, again. Dean groaned and flipped over, feeling well rested, but still frustrated no one had gotten him up sooner. 

After much begging and bribing by Cas and angry crying by Dean, he had finally given up his jeans. So, the first thing he did was grab some lounge pants and slip them on. He pouted as he looked through his shirts, that would have swallowed him at one time. Pulling his choice over his head and tugging it down over his stomach. It was tight but still covered him, and as long as that was the case he refused to go up another size. His over shirt had no chance of buttoning so he didn’t even bother. 

He made his way into the living room where everyone had already started their day. Sam was on the phone with Bobby. His parents were cuddled up on the couch watching TV. Eileen and Kelly were having a conversation in the library. Cas was heading up the stairs with Jack to take Miracle out for a walk. It was like an episode of Full House, and he loved it, he really did. 

However, there was a part of him that was becoming increasingly miserable. Not just physically miserable, either. It was an emotional and mental roller coaster style… miserable. He was so bored. He had been cooped up in the bunker for months now. Even though he was free to go out, he was being coddled constantly. By Cas, his mom, Sam… even his dad hovered. No one let him do anything for himself. No one included him in anything anymore. 

And he got it... kind of. He was, they estimated, about eight months now. That was bypassing Kelly’s pregnancy with Jack by… a lot, and looked more like he would carry the length of a normal pregnancy. They estimated. They didn’t know. There was no way for them to know. Everything about this pregnancy was… different. Which left everyone on edge at his every move. 

For a while he liked not feeling like he had to be the backbone of the family. For a while he liked the support and sympathy. For a while he even started liking the constant attention, again. But he had reached his limit. He walked over to Sam, who had that look he always got when he was certain it was their type of thing.

“Alright Bobby, we’ll be there later tonight.” Sam sighed as he ended the call, tiredly rubbing his eyes. They actually had been pretty busy lately, and had just gotten home the day before. “Looks like we might have something up near Sioux Falls.” He said as Dean leaned back against the table.

“What does Bobby think it is?” 

Sam shrugged. “He is going out to see the coroner tomorrow… figured we could join him… all get filled in together.” The younger brother stood and headed to inform John of the case. Their dad groaned at the news. “Yeah I know… but this one seems bad. There’s ten dead already.” 

“I’ll get my bag.” John huffed and pushed to his feet. Sam followed behind him to pack his own. 

“Well if it’s this bad…” Dean said quickly, tailing them. “…maybe…” he took a deep breath because he knew what the answer was going to be, but he planned on standing his ground.”…y’all could use some help…?” Dean eyed the two men somewhat enthusiastically. 

“Uhh… I mean… yeah I guess.” Sam said, confused. Dean looked like he had just won the lottery, and was about to turn and run to get his stuff when Sam finished his sentence. “But… I don’t think Cas is going to be willing to leave you.” 

“Cas!?” Dean almost screamed. “Not Cas… ME!” 

You!?” John laughed. He and Sam waited, only to realize Dean was actually serious. “Dean, are you crazy? You’re not hunting.” 

“But I…”

“No buts Dean…” Sam added. “… it’s too dangerous. Cas would never let you go.” 

Dean lifted his brows in disbelief. “Cas… would never let me go…?” He turned and walked away laughing bitterly. 

“Cas would never let you go…” Dean mumbled as he shoved another shirt in the bag. 

The angel paced the room behind him. “Dean, I don’t think this is a good idea.” He argued as the hunter snatched another shirt off a hanger. 

“I didn’t ask what you thought… I asked if you wanted me to bring you a change of clothes… or are you just taking your business suit” As Dean had begun calling the seldom worn trench coat and suit. He gave the angel a playful smile. 

Cas sighed and took Dean’s hands begging him to change his mind. “Please… I don’t understand where this is coming from… why are you so hellbent on going on a hunt.”

“I just… Cas… I need this.” Dean said quietly, leaning his forehead against the angel’s. “Please…” he added, laying the saddened and pleading tone on thick. 

Dean couldn’t hide the satisfied smile when Cas finally let out a deep breath and agreed with an annoyed “Fine…”. He stopped Cas from grabbing the suitcase for him and carried it into the living room where Sam John and Jack were gathered, ready to leave.

“What do you think you’re doing Dean?” Sam asked, eyeing his brother.

“We’re going with you.” Sam and John turned to Cas who rolled his eyes and shrugged. 

“Dean, have you lost your mind?” Mary spoke up. “Cas… do something…” she hissed swatting at the angels arm

“I have tried. His mind is made up.” They should have known the angel would only go against Dean’s wishes so far. To put it simply, Cas was extremely whipped. 

“Look, I am going stir crazy here. So either I’m going to at least HELP kill some monsters or I’m going to start offing some of you.”

John stared at his son for a moment, with Dean staring back unmoved. “Alright, fine…” He finally said, grabbing his bag. Dean seemed pleased and pulled out his keys, which John hastily snatched away. “But you are doing this our way…” 

The five of them pulled out of the garage in Baby, with Dean put protectively in the middle of Jack and Cas in the back seat.

Though he insisted he was ‘as up to this hunt as he had been to any hunt they had ever done… ever’, about three hours into the drive he was already complaining. He was stiff from being so cramped, he was getting tired, hungry, and he had to pee. 

“We could stop by the RoadHouse… get some food...” Sam suggested, not knowing what was going to be worse, putting up with a more whiny than normal Dean or a grouchy, because of the whining, John. “’s on the way.” 

2:02 PM

“Dean Winchester! What are you doing this far from home!” Ellen smiled and threw her arms around him, squeezing him tight. 

“Hunting…” he said bowing his head sheepishly, knowing the older woman would feel the same as the others. 

She looked at the others surprised, realizing he was serious. “And y’all allowed this…” 

“You know… I am a grown man…” Dean pouted. She looked back at him and smiled, understandingly. They walked into the bar, and were greeted by Bill and Ash. “Where’s Jo?” Dean asked, looking around for the blonde. 

“She would be off galavanting as Princess Leia at a ComicCon … with one Charlie Bradbury.” Ash wiggled his eyebrows at Dean. “Who is of course Hans Solo.” 

“Huh… I can picture the outfits now.” Dean joked with a knowing smile. Ellen pulled Dean off to the side making over him and his bump, while the others filled Bill in on their hunt. “Place looks good, El.” Dean complimented looking around the newly rebuilt bar. “Has everyone realized it’s here again?” 

“Yeah… more than before actually. So many hunters were brought back. It’s amazing really.” Ellen smiled, a hand on Dean’s bump feeling the baby kick. Dean had become accustomed to there almost always being someone’s hand on his stomach. “Not as amazing as this, of course.” She laughed. 

“You’re telling me!” Dean still had moments when walking by a mirror shocked the hell out of him. His body was distorted and almost unrecognizable, and it looked like he was smuggling a soccer ball under his shirt. He took a sip of his ice water, cringing at the lack of flavor, but insisted it was fine when Ellen offered him a soda. “It gives me heartburn, and makes her restless.” She smiled as he lovingly rubbed his stomach. 

“Hate y’all can’t stay longer.” Bill said, as John ushered everyone back out to the car. “Tell Bobby and the gang we said hi.” He wrapped an arm around Ellen as they waved them off. “And call us if ya need help with this one.” 

They had barely settled back onto the road and loud snoring could be heard from the back seat. John looked into the rear view mirror to see Dean passed out on Cas’ shoulder. “Maybe if you floor it we can get there before he wakes up.” Sam whispered, getting a hopeful laugh from the whole car. 

5:15 PM

Sam smiled at the newly painted sign by the driveway. *Jody and Bobby’s Home for Wayward Youth* was written in bold black letters, and it was decorated with sigils and symbols so it would be recognized by hunters as a safe house. 

“Hey... we’re here.” Cas kissed Dean’s forehead as the hunter sleepily fluttered his eyes, opening them just in time to see a gaggle of girls darting towards the car. 

“Dean!” They all sang out. He barely had time to get out of the car before they were on him. The hunter laughed as Cas was practically pushed out of the way so hands could attack his bump, jostling the baby inside so she would kick for them. 

“Girls leave Dean alone and help set the table!” Jody called from the door, the girls all obediently running back inside. “I can believe y’all let him come!” She quietly hissed at Sam as he approached her for a hug. “But god it’s good to see him smile like that.” She stood with an arm still around Sam watching Dean laugh about something Cas was saying. 

“Hey gorgeous.” Dean grabbed Jody and hugged her. 

She pulled back and squinted at him. “Don’t sweet talk, I should kick your ass for coming on this hunt.” He pouted and she grabbed his chin. “Just be careful! OK? Come on everyone, dinner’s ready!” 

Jody had needed a bigger table now that they had decided on taking in more kids, and Bobby put some of his handyman skills to use. The new table seated 12 comfortably and could be extended if need be. Alex and Claire were placing plates down for each person, with Patience and Kaia following behind them with the silverware.

 A couple new faces peeked around at the men nervously from the kitchen, a boy and girl, before being booted out by Bobby. “Go on you two, they don’t bite.” He said gruffly, following behind them. Their hands were full of napkins and they quickly put them by the plates and scurried off, avoiding eye contact with everyone. Bobby sighed. “That’s Carrie and Connor. They were orphaned a few nights ago. CPS asked if we could take them until they locate the next of kin.” 

“Awe man. What happened?” Jack asked.

“Well that’s why you’re here. Their parents were the third attack this month.”

“Get this…” Claire said, jumping into the conversation. “...I heard that with each vic…part of the  brain was gone.” 

Dean freezes. “W-what…” 

“She’s right.” Jody chimed in, quietly so the two kids wouldn’t hear. “I was at the last crime scene… I checked and this wasn’t a wraith…” She looked over at Dean who had paled. “Are you ok?” 

“I…” He gasped, avoiding Sam’s eyes, that he could feel locked on him. “I think I’m gonna be sick…” 

He rushed off to the bathroom, leaving most everyone confused. Sam let out a heavy sigh.

7:06 PM

Jody watched Dean pick at his plate. “I thought you loved meatloaf?” She asked when he laid his fork down, with a sour look on his face. 

“I do… it’s just…” he sighed, shifting in his seat. “I’m kinda tired…” he pushed away from the table, excusing himself. He put a hand on Cas’ shoulder telling him to stay with the group. “It’s ok, I’m just gonna lay down.” The angel puzzled then nodded, and they all watched Dean disappear into his assigned room. 

“Sam, do you know what that was about?” John asked, having easily sensed the sudden tension between the brothers. 

“Yeah… I do.” Sam stood and followed after his brother. “Dean…” he said, knocking on the door before entering.

“Please. Not now, Sammy…” Dean was seated on the bed with his head buried in his hands. “...I already know.” 

“Look, there’s no reason to sit here and mope about something that happened years ago.” Sam said, sitting beside his brother. “What matters now is, if this is a Kitsune, if it's Jacob, ten people are dead.” 

8:12 PM

“So it sounds to me like you half assed a job.” John said sternly, causing Dean to sink into himself. Cas stepped closer, protectively, and John caught on quick to watch himself. “What were you thinking, not taking the boy out too.”

“He was a kid.” Dean defended. 

“He was a monster, Dean! A monster that might be responsible for ten deaths, now.” 

“I don’t need you to put that on me, believe me, I take responsibility. But not because I let him live, it’s because I didn’t let her.” 

John sighed. “Son, listen to yourself. Feeling bad for a monster… hell you said yourself she had killed people.”

“Bad people, Dad. She killed bad people, and it was to save her son. How is that any different from us? Look at the crazy shit we’ve done for our family.” 

“So what are we supposed to just turn a blind eye, pretend they aren’t…”

“Monsters? Stop using that word. We trust Garth. He’s a werewolf. Or Benny, a vamp. Rowena, witch. Crowley, Gabriel… Cas.” He looked down at his bump, running a hand over it, knowing even his baby wasn’t fully human. “At some point we looked at all of them the same. And at some point each of them risked their lives, or lost them, for us… hunters. Maybe sometimes we’re not the good guys.” 

The older hunter hung his head. Time had changed, or maybe things were just clearer now. His son was right, they owed a lot to beings they would have never given a chance before. “You’re right, Dean. But... that doesn’t help our situation now. These are innocent people dying.” Dean hung his head in guilt. “Let’s get some sleep. We'll get a game plan together tomorrow.”

June 9

12:11 PM

The next morning Dean slowly opened his eyes, looking over at the clock. Those bastards!

Sam looked at his phone, *Dean Calling*, and silenced it… again. He gave his attention back to the coroner who was showing them the third victim and her husband in the morgue. He pulled their tables out and allowed the men to view their bodies.

 “Sicko got ‘em good. Never seen anything like this.” The old man said, shaking his head disturbed. He excused himself back to his paperwork and left the men alone. Over the next several minutes each one received a phone call, and each one declined it. He was going to be pissed, but they had decided it was best to do this without him. 


Sam noticed the distressed look on the angel's face. “Cas?” The angel shifted. 


Sam groaned and called his brother. “You bunch of low life… two faced... b-backstabbing…” he tried to think of more hurtful words, but just screamed in frustration. “Why did you leave me!?” He demanded.

“Look Dean…” 

“Don’t you ‘Look Dean’ me! Put the angel on the phone.” Sam sighed and handed his phone to Cas. 

“Uh… Hello Dean…” was all he got out before the phone was rattled with screaming and inaudible threats, all of which Cas took in calmly as he held the phone out from his ear, then the screams turned to sobs, and Cas’ face softened. “Dean… Don’t say that… you know I love you, very much. Why should I not say that out loud... Ok... I’ll be right there…” the angel looked apologetically at the other hunters before disappearing, Sam’s phone crashing to the floor. 

Cas appeared in Jody’s living room. Claire was sitting on the couch, arms crossed, a sassy smirk on her face. “Somebody’s in trouble.” She teased as the angel headed into the room. 

“Dean…” Cas said softly approaching the hunter, who was standing at the window. Dean stiffened his stature and quickly wiped at his damp eyes. 

“I’m sorry, Cas..” he sniffled as the angel moved in front of him, pulling him close. He dipped his face into the curve of Cas’ neck. “I just… I need this. Now more than before. Please.” Cas sighed, laying his hands on Dean and bringing them both back to the morgue. “Thank you.” He whispered.

“Ok. Now that we’re all here.” John said, eyeing Dean. “I think it’s very obvious…” he pulled the sheets off the wife and pointed out the hole in her head, just behind her ear. Dean flinched and looked away from the mother taken way too soon. 

8 PM

Dean watched the impala pull away as everyone, minus him, left in an attempt to catch the kitsune, which was more than likely Jacob. He sighed and walked over to the couch, plopping down and crossing his feet on the coffee table. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a head peek out from by the stairs, quickly pulling back when he looked up. He turned the TV on and flipped through until he found an episode of Scooby Doo, watching for a reaction as he turned the volume up. 

“I love this show…” Conner  said, stepping into view. 

Dean looked pleased, and patted the couch next to him. “There’s plenty of room.” The little boy ran over and sat beside him, smiling. “What about you…?” Dean called toward where he knew Carrie was still out of view. “Or are you more of a My Little Pony type?”  

“Don’t disrespect the power of friendship!” She giggled, finally appearing from her hiding spot.

Dean put his hands up, defensively. “Hey, I didn’t say I didn’t like it! Rainbow dash is… well, pretty awesome.” Carrie looked happily surprised, and sat on the other side of Dean, while Conner made a face of utter disgust. 

After a while Dean caught Carrie staring at his stomach. “Um… Dean…” she said, and he knew she suspected. “Are you… um…” she pointed to his stomach. “Ya know…”

“Wow… Carrie!” Conner cut in. “Rude… you can’t just stick your nose into people's personal business.” 

“I’m not being rude… Conner! I'm curious! And you are too… you said he looked pregnant the second you saw them walk in.” She argued, crossing her arms. Dean didn’t really know what to say now, so he let them go at it. 

“Wha… Well....”

“Mmhmm… who’s rude now.” They both stared for a second, before ignoring the topic to go back to the show. 

The group drove to the rest area most of the attacks happened at and parked. John and Jack walked into the bathroom. While the rest sat waiting for any sign of a disturbance. There was one more vehicle in the lot, and it turned its lights off after the hunter’s arrived. 

“Could that be something…?” Cas asked, eyeing the car. 

“I dunno… Maybe…” Sam said. 

After a while a woman stepped out of the car and walked into the women’s bathroom. Cas and Sam looked at each other briefly before a blood curdling scream had them running towards the stall. Two men dragged the woman, kicking and screaming back outside. John and Jack ran from the men’s room and Bobby came from his truck. They all meet the commotion, unaware of the other person, who quietly exited the first car. 

“Let her go!” John yelled, his knife at the ready. The man turned and looked at him, smiling. The woman on the ground slowly stood, her yellow slotted eyes bright and sinister. 

“Well well… the rumors are true. John Winchester is alive... once again.” Sam stared at the woman, she looked familiar. She turned her gaze to him. “Hello Sam.. what’s the matter, see a ghost?” Then it hit him, the woman was Amy’s mother. 

She was about to slice her long claws into Sam when something yanked her back. Again Sam stared in shock. “Amy!?” The mother was about to attack again when a form appeared in front of her. Cas laid his hand on her head and smited her. He looked to the two men and they took off into the woods. “Wait!” Sam stopped the angel from coming for Amy. 

“Sam…” she said, frantically looking around. “Where’s your brother…?”

“My brother…? What… Amy…” Sam couldn’t find his words. “...How are you alive?!” 

“It’s a long story.” She glanced over her shoulder at her mother’s corpse, then quickly moved to her car. “We need to get to Dean… NOW .” Before anyone else could react a look of terror crossed Cas’ face and he disappeared.

10:17 PM

A loud thud woke Dean up. He groaned stiff from falling asleep sitting up and looked around, then down at the two sleeping children at his sides. Conner was snoring into his shirt and Carrie was curled under his arm, with a hand placed on his stomach. She clearly came to the correct conclusion. A second thud shook Dean from the warm and fuzzy moment and he carefully slid from the two to investigate. 

First thing he noticed was the back door cracked open. Shit… someone was in the house. He slowly moved back to the couch, reaching under for the knife he hid earlier. Footsteps could be heard moving through the kitchen. Dean hesitantly woke the kids and told them to follow him. 

“W-what’s going on…?” Carrie asked, scaredly clinging to Dean’s side. 

“Shhh… stay close.” Dean instructed, opening the closet and checking inside. When he knew it was empty he put the two children inside. “Do not open this door. No matter what you hear.” Both kids nodded and held each other as he closed the door. Dean took a deep breath and crept across the wall towards the kitchen, where he could hear the footsteps coming towards him. “AGHHH!” He screamed and jumped around the corner knocking down the intruder. 

“Oh god!” The figure cried covering their head protectively. “Please d-don’t hurt me… a-again!” 

“Again… the fu…” Dean reached down and grabbed him by the hair and tilted his head back so he could see his face. “W-wha…” He gasped, letting him go and stepping back. “How are you… I killed you…” 

“Yeah… Don’t remind me.” Cyrus Frankenstin said with a sarcastic laugh and he stood himself up, fixing the cracked and extremely patched glasses on his face. The sound of glass breaking came from Dean and Cas' room, and the two looked at each other and walked toward it, Cyrus staying a few steps behind Dean. He grabbed the knob, turning it hard then throwing the door open. The room was empty. He heard Cyrus grunt and turned to see a man fling him across the room, then he turned and looked at Dean.

“Jacob…” Dean whispered, instantly recognizing the young man. 

“Hello… Dean…” His lips twitched and curled into a sinister grin. “I’ve been waiting for you.” 

“I see you’ve been busy… What happened to only killing me…” Dean said slowly backing away with each step Jacob took towards him. 

“I didn’t touch those people. She did. She said it was necessary… to lure you here.” Jacob laughed. “...and it worked. But what I couldn’t figure out… was why the big bad Dean Winchester would stay behind while the others went off to kill the monster.” He flicked his yellow eyes down to Dean’s stomach, his grin widening, and Dean knew he knew. 

“C-Cas...” Dean called quietly, he went to take another step back and hit the wall. What could he say to stop him? Nothing, really, he knew. The young man took another step and was in Dean’s face. He lifted his hands, as his claws emerged, laying it on Dean's chest and with a quick swipe slashed across through his shirt and into his skin. Dean sucked in a deep breath, and Cas appeared behind Jacob about to smite him. “N-no…” Dean begged. “D-don’t…” 

The split second Cas gave his attention to Dean was enough for Jacob to shove him back and dart across the room and out of the house. Cas hurried to Dean who was clutching at the open gashes that were pouring blood. 

“Oh… that… that looks bad…” Cyrus gasped, finally getting up. 

Cas stared at him in disbelief. “What is going on…” he whispered.  

“That… little bro… is the million dollar question.” Gabriel said, suddenly on the other side of Dean, looking over his wounds. “Hey… hey kid…” he said towards Dean’s stomach. “This is supposed to be your job.” He touched Dean’s forehead, and nothing happened. “Huh…” Then laid a hand over the wounds. Still nothing. 

“I told you, Gabriel, it doesn’t work anymore…” Cas sighed. He disappeared and was back with a towel and pressed it into Dean’s chest. 

“That’s... strange…” Gabriel shook his head and looked over at Cyrus. “Well, anyway.” He snapped and everyone was back. 

“What the hell!” John snapped, shaking his body from the still uneasy feeling of being zapped somewhere by an angel. 

“Dean?!” Sam rushed to his brother’s side. “What happened…” 

“J-Jacob…” he said, breathing heavily as Cas pushed the towel harder into the wounds. He pulled it back and they still poured blood. 

“Those definitely need stitches…” Amy said, stepping forward in the group. Dean’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. 

Jack took the kids from the closet to their room, and stayed with them attempting to calm them down. Both were clearly and understandable traumatized. 

Dean was laid back on the bed while Amy stitched the slashes closed. Cas sat next to him holding his hand. Amy kept offering him a smile when he would glance down at her, but Dean would quickly look away. “Ok… There.” She said, bandaging the last one over. 

“Th-Thanks…” Dean sat up, but kept his eyes down. 

“I should thank you… for not letting the angel kill Jacob.” Amy sat on the bed beside Dean, and took his hand. She couldn't help letting her eyes fall on his stomach, and he gave a small laugh. "I'm sorry..." she said blushing some as she looked away. 

"I'm use to it... it's not everyday you see..." he motioned to his bump. "Even with how crazy we know the world really is." He smiled down as she kicked against his hand. 

John pushed the door open and looked in. “If yall are done… get out here… so we can discuss this.”

“A portal to purgatory.” Amy said quietly leaning against the wall. “We don’t know how it happened, or who created it. But when it opens anyone can pass through.” 

The hunters looked amazed and shocked and terrified. 

“Believe it or not there are many others there who were killed simply for being what they were…” Dean felt like he was shrinking into himself, or he wished he could. “That’s how I found Cyrus. We, and some others, looked out for each other as we made our way to the portal. He agreed to help me find Jacob when we got out. Jacob was the only reason I wanted back out. Other’s, like my mother, came with a pack. She was hell bent on revenge. So was he..” she glanced over at Dean who quickly looked the other way. “...both looking for Winchester’s it was easy for her to find him first. He wasn’t ok with the killings, but she said it would draw hunters, and would lead to the Winchester’s, so he didn't stop her. When I finally found him he was so far gone with rage, he didn’t care anymore.”

“This is… so much to take in.” Jody said, shaking her head at what she came home from work to. “Who would open a portal to purgatory… Chuck? Was this a catch to the resurrection?” 

“I don’t know this Chuck. But we all heard about the hunter's resurrection. Whether the two are connected, I’m not sure.” 

“It’s always connected. Nothing good ever happens without something bad right behind it.” Dean sighed, hanging his head into his hands. “So, now what, everything we have hunted and sent there has a free pass to come back for us. Fucking great.” He slid a hand into his jacket, rubbing over his stomach where their daughter was busy doing cartwheels, and looked up worriedly at Cas. 

“It’s not that simple, many don’t know where it is, or that they can really pass through. Some don’t even care. It’s only open for a moment, so it’s almost impossible to get through.” 

“Almost isn’t good enough. We have to figure out how to close it.” Sam said, with everyone agreeing. 

“Easier said than done.” Everyone turned to the exasperated voice of Gabriel. 

“You knew about this?” Cas asked his brother. Gabriel nodded. “Why didn’t you let anyone know?” 

“Figured you all had enough to worry about.” He eyed Dean. “And speaking of that, why was Mr. Mom even here?” 

Cas rubbed his eyes. “It’s a very long story…”

11:15 PM

Cas had taken Dean to the room to rest, but instead the hunter was frantically pacing the floor. “Dean…” Cas said calmly, reaching out to grab his arm and pull him to the bed. 

“Do you know how many things we’ve killed and sent to purgatory, Cas?”

“Yes.” He sighed when Dean stood up and began pacing again. 

“V-vampires, werewolves… oh god… levia…” Dean let out a shaky breath, tears filling his eyes. “Cas the leviathans…” he choked out.

The angel grabbed him and pulled him back down into his arms. Wrapping one behind him and rubbing his back soothingly. “We will close the portal. Please calm down, my love.” He could feel Dean smile against his neck. 

“My love?” The hunter repeated.

“Yes, that’s what you are. My love, my life. Dean you my main reason for living.” He gently caressed his bump with his free hand, leaning in to cover Dean’s face with kisses. “We will be ok.” Dean bit his lip, he was scared of what they were about to have to face, but he felt safe in Cas’ arms. “Will you rest now?” 

The hunter nodded, climbing under the covers, Cas sliding in beside him. In no time Dean was asleep, snuggled against Cas’ side, his head resting on the angel's chest, and an arm draped over him. Cas didn’t need to sleep, but when he was stuck in a spot, like he was in that moment, he would let himself doze off. 

“Cas… Cas!” Sam whispered, a while later, trying to jolt the angel back to consciousness without disturbing his brother. He couldn’t help but smile at the two snuggled against each other. “ CAS !” He hissed a little louder. The angel jerked, opening his eyes and blinking until they focused on Sam. “Hey man, we need to talk to you for a minute.” 

Cas nodded, and tried to move, only causing Dean to hold him tighter. Sam was quietly laughing at the angel as he squirmed, peeling off Dean's death grip and untangling their legs. He slipped off his trenchcoat and laid it over the hunter, who instantly pulled it tightly around him. 

“Well now you look naked.” Sam joked and they exited the room, while Dean’s eyes darted around under his lids. 

June 10

1:12 AM

“Lock him in the bunker… again?” Cas sighed. “Dean’s not going to like that…” 

Gabriel put a hand on Cas’ shoulder. “Hopefully it’s only temporary, little bro.” The archangel tried to reassure him.

“I know… and I agree with you. It’s what’s best for Dean and the baby… I just hate to…”

“Noooooo!” Dean screamed from the room. Cas was instantly by him, as the others scrambled to get inside. “Please! No!” He sobbed as he curled around his middle clutching at his bump for dear life. Tears poured down his face as the angel lifted him into his arms, trying to wake him. 

“Dean, please open your eyes.” He whispered into Dean’s ear. 

“Alone… I’m alone.” He whimpered, melting into the strong arms. “I don’t wanna be alone.” 

“You’re not alone.” The angel looked around the room at the other’s. “We’re all here with you, Dean, look…” He rubbed down Dean’s cheek with the back of his hand. 

Finally, with a shaky breath, Dean opened his eyes. They were red and puffy, as they focused on the faces looking at him. He felt his cheeks heat up, and turned to hide his face in Cas’ neck. He was embarrassed now, knowing how weak and vulnerable he just made himself look. 

“It was just a bad dream. You’re not alone.” Cas said again, holding him tight. That, mixed with the fact the child inside him was doing cartwheels from all the commotion, solidifying she was still in fact there and alive, helped finish calming him. 

“We will enhance the warding on the bunker and add more to the outside and surrounding area. You will not be able to leave. No one will be able to enter.” 

Dean sighed. He had argued against the idea until his voice was gone, and cried out every ounce of fluid from his body. “How long…”

“However long it takes for us to find and destroy the portal, and figure out what all has been released.” Cas laid a hand on Dean’s stomach, feeling the movement within. “This is the only way to keep you both safe.” 

“What about everyone else… I’m not the only one they will be after.” 

“You’re the only one carrying such precious cargo.” The angel caressed the bump, kneeling down to press his lips to it. “If Jacob tells others, they will be looking for you the most.”

“I’m scared, Cas…” Dean cried, his voice small and broken. “I can’t lose you again. Any of you. I’m so scared.” He pulled Cas backup so he could wrap his arms around the angel. 

“You won’t. We are prepared. We have connections. Amy and Cyrus, and Benny all know purgatory well. We have the hunters and the British Men of Letters, and most of heaven and hell on our side. We will win this, I know we will.” Dean just hummed against him. 

“What if… what if she comes and you’re not here...” Cas’ heart broke as Dean let out a soft sob. 

“We hopefully still have a couple months left. We will just have to fix this quickly.” He pulled back so he could see  Dean’s face, smiling at him. Dean reached up tracing the smile with his fingers. He loved Cas’ smile. How he flared his nose, and squinted his eyes. How his cheeks dimpled and his lips drew way back. “I love you.” 

“And I love you.” Dean leaned up and brushed his lips over Cas’. The angel wrapped his arms tighter around him, letting one trail up and his finger’s twisted into Dean’s hair. The kiss quickly turned passionate. “Cas..” Dean gasped, breaking away. “...lock the door.” The angel flicked his finger towards the door, making the lock turn. 

A while later they were lying tangled in each other, skin to skin. Cas lightly ran his hand over Dean’s shoulder. The connection tingled through his body, and the baby kicked in response against Cas’ side. The angel sighed. “Dean..” 

“Hmm?” He replied sleepily. 

“Are you happy with me?” 

Dean softly chuckled. “Mmhmm.”

“And you want to spend the rest of your life with me?” 

“I was planning on it.” The hunter said and looked up into the bright blue eyes. “You want that too… right?” 

“Of course.” Cas smiled and kissed Dean’s forehead. “Go to sleep, my love.” Dean eyed him a moment, then laid back onto the angel’s chest. In no time Cas heard soft snores. He took the hand on his chest into his own, running a thumb over the bare ring finger. 

June 11

The next morning was hard. Dean clung to Cas as they said their goodbyes. Same went for Eileen and Sam, John and Mary, and Kelly with Jack. The girls decided to stay behind with Dean, and were joined by Charlie, Jo, and Jody's girls. 

“Come back to us…” Dean tearfully whispered into the angel’s ear. 

“I swear it..” Cas sighed back. 

The crowd stood in the living room as those leaving walked up the steps and out into the unknown. The bunker door closed behind them and the locking sigil on it lit up, sealing it closed. Same went for the door leading to the garage. 

Chapter Text

Purgatory. The afterlife of the monsters. 

There was a loud crackling boom that echoed through the sky. Rattling the trees and shaking the ground. The monsters held their ears in pain, snarling and growling at the noise. Then it was quiet. They looked around confused, and went back to their constant fighting. 

Time passed, and a rumor began in the endless forest. A portal. A way out. Back to earth, back to the easy life, and for some, back to the infamous Winchester brothers who sent them to their hell. 

Many were wary of trusting the word of an enemy, who heard from an enemy, who heard from an unknown cloaked figure about the portal. But when a vampire clan began spreading the news they had seen it themselves, more joined in to find it. 

Soon groups began to form. Monsters allying together planning to go in search of this mysterious exit. 

Some enjoyed the murderous constant battlefield of the monster wasteland. 

Some didn’t want to put in the effort.

Some just wanted to go home. They couldn’t help that they were destined to be what they were. As cruel as It must have seemed to be living as a TV show for Chuck, it was just as cruel to be put on the earth as something that’s purpose was to be hunted and killed… just because that’s how it was written. Why should they be trapped there?

Purgatory. The afterlife of the monsters. Monsters like Sparkle the Manicorn. Monsters like Madison the Werewolf. Monsters like Lenore the Vampire. Monsters like Cyrus Frankenstein.

Monsters like Amy Pond. 

Chapter Nine

June 11

Sam was behind the wheel of the impala, with Amy riding shotgun. Cas and Jack sat quietly feeling some relief at the added space since they dropped Cyrus off at a bus station. He had done his part and was not interested in being involved in any more violence. 

“Pull over here.” Amy instructed, pointing to a clearing on the side of the road. He turned off the car and they all climbed out. 

“Talk about middle of nowhere…” John grumbled as he stepped out of the truck he drove, looking around at the dead highway hidden by acres of woods. 

“We still have a ways to go…” Amy reminded him. “…it’ll just have to be on foot from here.” 

“Alright…” he sighed. He was still a little bitter about trusting a monster, especially one leading them back to a door to monster land. “… lead the way.” She smiled, though she could read his face like a book, and started into the trees. 

“Sorry about my dad…” Sam whispered. 

Amy laughed and shook her head. “It’s fine. He’s a hunter. I’m a monster. It’s just how it is.” 

“That doesn’t make it ok.” He mumbled, letting himself fall back to where Cas was tailing the group. “Hey… you good?” The angel nodded, not even trying to be convincing, keeping his eyes on the ground ahead of him. “You’re such a bad liar, Cas.” 

“I know…” Cas said with a forced laugh. “… and I know he’s fine… that they are both going to be fine. I just still…” 

“Worry? Yeah, me too.” 

“I hope we make it back… before she’s...” Cas sighed, and looked up to where Jack was walking beside John, whispering something eagerly to the hunter. “… I have to be there, this time.” The angel hung his head, and Sam decided to not push him into talking about it anymore.

“We’re almost there.” Amy said, seeing half the group was beginning to feel the aftermath of hiking nearly 10 miles through the rough terrain. They stopped for a moment so John and Sam could rest. 

“Cas…” John huffed. “Shoulda probably asked this three hours ago. But why didn’t you use your angel magic and take us there.”

“I assume you value your internal organs?” Cas said, straight faced. 

“Uh, yeah… kinda need those.” Cas just stared, assuming his point was made clear enough. 

A couple more miles and they were at the opening of a cave. 

Amy looked up at the sky. “They said it opens every full moon.” 

“Well that’s… cliché…” Sam laughed. 

She shrugged, still focused on the waxing gibbous moon shining through the trees. “I don’t think I ever saw the moon not full there. Which only made it harder to determine when the portal would open.” 

“The next full moon is tomorrow.” Jack said after also looking at the current phase. Sam quickly searched it on his phone and, sure enough, Jack was right. He laughed, wondering why he doubted him in the first place. 

“Then let’s stop chit chatting and get to it… so we can close it before more monsters get out!” John pushed back to his feet and walked into the opening. 

The rushing sound of water could be heard in the distance, but it was pitch black. Of course Amy could see just fine, as well as Cas and Jack. Sam and John depended on mini flashlights to light their way through the tunnel, keeping close to the others. 

Eventually they came to a large lit opening, now seeing where the sound was coming from. There was a large pool of water, being filled by a waterfall pouring in from an opening in the top of the cavern. 

“Hope you all can swim…” Amy said, with a halfhearted laugh. “…cause it’s down there.” She pointed into the water. They all looked and sure enough, near the bottom, directly under the waterfall, was the flickering hint of a portal. “It never fully closes. It’s how we were able to find it. The rumor said to not pass before it fully opened. We learned why the hard way.”

“What happens if you try to pass through it before it fully opens…” Jack asked.

Amy shuddered. “I’m sure many tried before we got there… but there was this… I think he called himself a Zanna… weird looking guy, with a horn.” 

“Sparkles?!” Sam was shocked, but it made sense that’s where he would go. 

Amy nodded. “Yeah… that was his name. You, Uh, know him?”

“It’s a long story… continue…” 

“Well he tried to pass through when we got to it… stuck his arm in…” a disturbed look crossed the Kitsune’s face. “…and it disintegrated. So, like I said. It’s not exactly easy to get through.” 

They sat by the water, watching the portal, as the moon rose higher in the sky. 

“So how do we even know when it’s fully open?” John sighed and looked to Amy for an answer.

“You’ll just know…” 

“Uhh guys… look…” Jack pointed to the opening, as the moon finally peaked through it, illuminating the waterfall. The light travelled all the way down into the pool and the portal seemed to flow as the light hit it. 

“I think I’m starting to connect what part the moon plays in this…” Sam said, looking from the portal to the sky. “…and why it only opens for a moment.” 

“Alright… but that doesn’t help us with who created it… or how it’s supposed to be closed.” John added. “Amy… what do you know about who started the rumor that this was created…”

“Well… it was a while before it got to our little group. So it could have been twisted a dozen times.” Sam hit her with his puppy dog eyes, as if pleading for her to go on anyway. “The rumor was she appeared in the middle of a battle between a pack of djinn and sirens.”


Amy nodded. “They said she was extremely powerful. Able to take down multiple of them at a time when they tried to attack her. The rest, I guess, decided to listen rather than fight. She told them where to find it and how it worked.” Sam sighed and looked back at the portal. “I’m sorry… that probably doesn’t help much.” 

“It’s fine. We’ll figure it out.” He sighed. “No point in sitting here all night, if nothing’s gonna happen.”

They checked into a motel and Amy said goodnight before going into her room. John and Sam sat at their table tirelessly looking for lore on portals linked to the full moon. Nothing. Sam’s phone rang and he laughed seeing *Bobby Calling*.

“Hey Bobby! Was just thinking we could use some of your knowledge right about now.” 

“Alright hit me.” The older man replied, walking towards his bookshelf. Sam filled him in on all the knew. “Well… that sounds complicated, like always.” He huffed and began pulling out books. “Was calling to tell ya we found the kids next of kin. A man named Jesse Turner.” 

That name instantly grabbed Sam’s attention. 

“He’s going to be here in about a week to pick them up. I’ll do as much digging as I can. It’s a shame we can’t have them check in y’all’s library…”

Sam sighed and looked over at Cas, who was sitting quietly on one of the beds, looking at the useless cell in his hands. The cell only ever really used to call Dean, and it can’t do that now. The heavy wardings and magic surrounding the bunker seemed to be tampering with the cell reception, because of course it would, that’s just how their luck worked. 

“Well I’ll let you know if I find anything. Y’all be careful out there, and call me if you need me.” Bobby said before hanging up. 

“Jesse Turner…” Sam whispered. It couldn’t be … he thought, trying to remember the kids' parents' names. It was all just too much and too connected and too weird and he was too worn out already.  

“Hey son…” John said, breaking through his thoughts. “…you alright?” Sam nodded and rubbed his tired eyes. “Why don’t you get some shut eye. We’ll keep looking.” 

“What about you, dad? You need rest too.” 

“Ah, I’ll be fine.” 

“So that’s where Dean gets it…” Jack mumbled as Sam passed. 

The hunter laughed. “You got that right… Good night Jack.” He sat on the bed and turned to Cas, still staring at his phone. *Calling Dean* written across the top, no ringing just silence, then *Call Failed*. The angel sighed. “Still nothing…?” Cas shook his head sadly. “He’ll be fine Cas… cause… It's Dean.”

June 12

“Saaaam….” A voice whispered into his ear, but he barely reacted. “Sssaaaaammmmm…” it hissed louder. He flinched away, and flipped over pulling his pillow over his head. “Oh you wanna do this the hard way.” Gabriel smirked, grabbing the mattress and flipping it over, tossing Sam onto the floor. 

“What the..!?” Sam gasped, jumping up with his gun, sleepily aiming it around the room. “Gabriel!? What the hell!” 

“Morning to you too sunshine!” The archangel smiled. 

Back at the cave Gabriel peered down into the water at the portal. 

“At least we know when to expect the ambush.” He sighed warily. 

“Not to come across bitchy or anything…” Amy said, stepping closer to Gabriel. “… but why do you seem worried? Aren't you like some of the strongest beings in existence? Why can’t you just snap your finger and make this go away…” 

“Yeah I was wondering that too…” John added. 

Gabriel glared annoyedly at them for a moment. “We are some of the strongest beings in existence. And we could easily snap this away… if we had created it. This was not made by an Angel…” he looked down at the portal he had already tried tirelessly to close. “…whatever made this was… stronger.” 

“I thought nothing was stronger than a fully powered archangel… other than Chuck?” Sam mused. 

“Now Samuel… I have told you about flirting with me like that in front of people.” Gabriel blew a kiss and winked. “But aren’t you forgetting the horsemen… or my lovely Auntie Amara.” 

“The Empty…” Cas added, and Gabriel nodded in agreement. 

They sat in the darkness, waiting for the moon to rise to position. A faint orange glow emitted from the water giving the only light in the cave. 

“What exactly is our plan here…” John asked, after the silence finally began to be too loud. 

“Well we know we can’t close it.” Sam said quietly. “We also know we have almost a month after tonight to figure something out. At least for now we can stop whatever makes it through from getting far.”

Slowly the cave lit up from the moonlight as the orb rose through the night sky. It felt like an eternity but finally it reached the edge of the opening. They all stood ready to fight whatever might come through. Sam tightened the grip on his gun loaded with silver bullets, also clutching a demon blade in his other. The moon peeked into the hole sending its light flowing down the waterfall. 

It connected with the portal and the orange glow sparked then stretched wide. The water began to stir and suddenly it parted, fully  revealing the portal below. Nothing. Gabriel looked up at the moon as it continued its slow journey into view.

“Somethings off…” the archangel finally said. “…they have fought to get through there every other time.”

“They know we’re here…?” Sam suggested. 

Before anyone could respond, the portal sparked and a body jumped through. The moon’s light broke from the waterfall and the parted water crashed back together against the stranger. They peered through the dark waters. “Where did she go…” Cas whispered. 

“Looking for me?” A voice called from behind them. They turned to see the woman standing dry and calm, smiling at them. She smiled unfazed when both Sam and John cocked their guns, aiming them at her. “Boys please. Those won’t hurt me.”

“She’s a reaper.” Cas informed them, taking a step towards her. 

“BINGO! Ding ding ding…” she laughed. “Names Betty.” 

“I don’t care what your name is.” Cas said angrily, approaching her. “What’s going on here? Who is responsible for this?” He was quickly in her face and had her by the arms. 

“Ooo… you’re so scary, Castiel.” She teased.

“You don’t want to see me scary.” He shot back, his eyes lighting up and he tightened his grip. 

Gabriel cut in, waving his hands in front of Cas’ face. “Whoa! Down boy.” He said, clicking his tongue. “Don’t kill the woman before she can potentially help us. Are you going to potentially help us… and I’d say yes if I was you…” he whispered the last part behind his hand. 

“Billie…” Sam almost laughed. 

“Don’t sound too surprised Sam.” Betty rolled her eyes when he glared at her. “She has quite the chip on her shoulder, don’t you think. Devised such a devious plan only to have it thwarted by a human and his… lover?” She looked at Cas and smiled. 

“So what… she is releasing monsters from purgatory… how does that help her.” Sam argued.

“Think about it Sam… every monster in purgatory was sent there by a hunter. How many have you sent there? She needs an army. She knows you hunters will be after her, and she knows many of them will be out for revenge.” 

“Well… can you close this?” Sam pointed down to the portal. 

“Unfortunately, no. Billie is the mastermind… but the power behind this surpasses her, even as Death.” 

The reaper actually looked sorry, then looked at Cas and Gabriel. “Can’t you just call Daddy to come fix it?” 

“Wish it was that simple…” Gabriel sighed. “We haven’t heard from him since he reverse carded everyone back. Can’t say I’m surprised…” he added bitterly. 

“Well… I guess you have 29 days to find him.” She shrugged and disappeared. 

Cas groaned and stormed towards the exit of the cave, Sam and Jack rushing to catch him. “So much for getting this done quickly.” He mumbled. 

July 10 

Cas stared at his phone. *Calling Dean* *Call Failed* He sighed and watched as the call screen disappeared revealing a picture Dean doesn’t know exists. Cas sneakily took it the day everyone began to leave after he regained his memory. 

Dean was seated between Jack and Claire, who were both poking and jolting his stomach causing her to roll and flip. Dean was smiling so big that even though Cas could perfectly remember every detail of that moment, he still slipped out the cell phone they had given him and quickly snapped a picture. 

He ran his hand over the thick stubble on his face he probably could just mojo away. However, he was mojo’d out. He was sick with worry from not being able to hear from Dean, and tired from worrying about how worried he knew Dean was about him and the others. 

“Well isn’t he glowing…” Gabriel smirked and plopped down on the bed beside Cas. He grabbed the phone from the younger angel before Cas could stop him and better examined the picture. “…aww look at mama Dean with all three of her… er… his babies.” Cas rolled his eyes and tried to take the phone from him. “So tell me bro… when’s the wedding?” 

“What wedding?” Cas squinted his eyes at the archangel. 

“You mean you haven’t asked him yet!? Tsk tsk tsk. Shame on you Castiel.” He patted his little brother’s cheek and disappeared, leaving Cas alone and confused. 

One more day… He told himself half heartedly hopeful. 

Sam was sitting at the large family table in Bobby and Jody’s dining room looking at the piece of paper Jesse gave Bobby to give to him. If you need me. With his number. He smiled. They could have so easily killed him, or at least tried. He could have turned out… exactly like Jacob, hell bent on revenge against them. He, like Jack and many others they have met along their journey, was proof everyone was worthy of trust. 

Amy walked in and sat in front of him. “Hey. Ready to end this mess?” 

“I’m sure it’ll just jumpstart something bigger… but I am ready to get home to my wife.. and my family.” He gave her a tight lipped smile. 

“Hopefully I get mine back.” She fidgeted in her seat. She had missed so many years of Jacob's life, and though he was doing this for her, she wondered if she would be able to get through to him before he got himself killed. 

“You will. Just… keep that mindset.” 

“Alright. Let’s head out!” John called from outside. 

Standing back at the waterfall they had no more of an idea now, than they did before of what to do. They had called and prayed and searched for Chuck, with no luck. Michael and Anna joined them in the Cave, as well as Betty. 

“Have you found Billie?” Sam asked when the reaper appeared. 

“No.” She sighed, “We have someone guarding hell’s backdoor and she hasn’t been through there. All the reapers are keeping an eye out.” 

“Same with the angels. No one has seen her.” Anna added. 

The moonlight began to brighten the cave. “Won’t be long now…” Sam groaned, hoping this time goes better. And of course he got what he wanted.

“Well well well…” her voice called from the darkness. “… what do we have here…” she stepped into the light, her face hidden under the black cloak she wore.

“Billie…” Michael stepped towards her. “…why are you doing this?” 

“Oh cousin, because unlike you… I am tired of living in the shadow of an old outdated uninvolved father.” Her eyes lit up red through the shadow the cloak hood cast over her face. 

“But you don’t just want to be Death. You want To be God.” Betty snapped.

Billie laughed and stepped closer to the reaper. “I decided I want it all. I’m tired of this universe. All of it… you’re all so unwilling to stick to the natural order. Even God won’t leave anything dead. He makes rules and breaks them as soon as he doesn’t like the outcome.” 

“So you’re back to your original plan then.” Cas said, narrowing his eyes at her. 

“Castiel. We missed you after your little oopsie managed to break… the rest of you… out.” She scowled at him for a moment. “No. I don’t want to get this universe back on track. I want to make my own universe. This one… well… you’ll see…”

“Yeah… that plan sucks, cousin .” Gabriel mocked, now behind the rogue reaper. He thrusted the angel blade into her back. Nothing. Everyone watched in shock and horror as Billie reached up and pulled her hood back. 

“Oh you shouldn’t have done that… !” Black tendrils shot out from the cloak and grabbed Gabriel, he fought against them but it was useless. Billie yanked the blade from her back and waved it in front of Gabriel’s face. 

She was about to stab him in the chest but the blade was struck from her grip. Michael lowered his glowing hand and strode towards her. “This is enough, Billie.”

“Oh, do you think you can stop me?” She laughed as another tendril grabbed the eldest angel. Then one slithered out to Anna and Betty, then made their way over to Cas and Jack. Billie looked up at the moon as it neared the opening. “Almost showtime…” she grinned as the black sludge spread to Sam and John. 

The moon peeked over the waterfall and the light flowed down, through the water and collided with the portal. It sparked and twitched and the water began to swirl. Then a loud crackling snap rang through the cave, and the portal flickered, then disappeared. 

“I think not.” Everyone turned to see Chuck standing by the cave entrance. “Let them go, Billie.” 

She looked back at where the portal was, then at Chuck, her eyes red and furious. The tendrils around the angels tightened. 

“I said…” what looked lightning bolt shot from the sky and hit her, causing the grip on Cas and Jack to be released. “Let…” another bolt and Betty and Gabriel were freed. “Them. Go.” two more and Michael was dropped to the cave floor. She stumbled from the attack, looking at the pool where she had carefully worked so hard creating the portal. A loud shriek escaped her throat, and the tendrils shot out again encircling her and sinking into the floor. 

“Where did she go!?” Sam stared worriedly where Billie and the Empty disappeared. 

“I don’t know…” Chuck answered “but they will definitely be back… it will take her sometime to find a new spot and strengthen herself enough to rebuild a new portal though.” He turned to Michael. “Tell your siblings to be ready.” 

Michael stared at the father he had never met. “Why don’t you tell them…”

“Yeah pop… because that surely seemed to be such an easy fix, yet you have let it sit open for us to deal with all this time.” Gabriel added. “Only showing up when she mentions going after you…” 

“You’re both bitter with me…” Chuck sighed. “I probably deserve that…” 

“Probably…” Sam laughed not so much to himself. 

“I don’t understand what you all want from me. You fail to get you either get me all the way out, and then you are constantly searching for me or you get me all the way in… which we all see how corrupting making myself a part of the story can be.” 

“Then why are you even here?” Anna screamed, frustrated with finally getting to see her father face to face only to realize she hated him. 

“Because I won’t let her destroy my creations…” he said. The angels visibly retreated, assuming he meant earth and his precious humans. He smiled warmly and lifted Anna’s face to look at him. “…any of them.” 

“How did you even find this place… it was warded against you.” Gabriel said, confused.

“I had a little help.” Chuck looked back to the entrance, and a head peeked in. 

“M-mom…” a voice called out. 

“Jacob!?” Amy cried and ran to her son.

They all slowly, tiredly, walked out of the cave. 

“Look… I can’t speak for him…” John groaned, motioning to Sam. “…but I’ll take liquified insides to not have to walk through these woods again…” Chuck laughed at the man and gave a small nod. They were all back at Bobby’s, who was sitting in his recliner and looked up from his magazine, unfazed. 

Jody almost jumped out of her skin when she turned the corner and the living room was full. “Jesus!”

“Wrong brother.” Gabriel joked, and the sheriff rolled her eyes at him. 

John looked out the window pleased that the cars were parked outside. “Man y’all need to take tips from him.”

“Sorry we can’t all be God level for your convenience.” The archangel snapped back. 

“I’m sorry, God level…” Jody said looking around the room confused. 

“You got it. Pop, Jody, Jody… God.” Gabriel smirked as the woman’s face paled at the realization of who the short nerdy looking man was standing in front of her. 

“Hey Jody.” Chuck smiled, but only got a strained squeak in return. 

July 11

Cas was practically bouncing as he waited by the car for the others to come out. He looked down at the phone in his hand. *Calling Dean* Still annoying but he would be there soon so it didn’t bother him as much. 

“We’ll be there this weekend to get the girls.” Jody told Sam as they walked out onto the porch. She hugged the younger brother tight and waved as he walked to the car, then pulled in Jack. “Bye y’all!” 

“Could I drive the truck this time, John?” Jack asked with a big hopeful smile. 

John was about to protest but was too tired and figured if he was asleep he wouldn’t feel the impact of whatever Jack could potentially wreck into. “Sure kid.” He sighed, tossing him the keys. 

“Yesss!” The young man grinned and hopped into the driver seat. 

“You seem a million miles away, Cas.” Sam said, peeking at the angel in the passenger seat who had been silently staring out the window for the past few hours. “Or more like three hundred miles, already back home” Cas turned to stare at him confused. Sam laughed. “What’s on your mind?” 

“Do you suppose I should ask Dean to marry me?” The angel blurted out, as if it wasn’t some majorly important question. 

“Uhhhh. I don’t know, Cas, do you want to ask Dean to marry you?” 

“I never thought about it before. But seeing as we are bound to each other anyway, and we are expecting a child together, it seems logical we would marry.”

“Hey… Look... I think Dean would be over the moon to marry you. But don’t ask him just because you think you should, ask him because you want it too.” Cas nodded even though he didn’t fully understand what Sam was saying. If it would make Dean happy shouldn't he do it for that alone. Human emotions and reasonings were so complex. 

“Regardless, I know it’s customary to ask the father, but I believe you mean much more to him…”

“Dude… you don’t even have to ask. Of course you would have my blessing.” Sam reached over and patted the angel on the back. “You make him happier than I’ve ever seen him. It would be an honor for you to officially become my brother.” 

“Thank you, Sam.” The angel smiled and turned back to stare out the window again, as they finished their drive home in silence. 

Chapter Text


“You won’t be alone, sweetie, Stacey is coming to stay with you… We will only be gone for two days… and then when we come back Sammy will be here!”

But… I don’t like Stacey… she’s mean and calls me a crybaby… she sneaks her boyfriend over after you leave and they eat all the snacks and watch scary movies and lock me in the room so they can kiss. 

“You are going to stay here with Sammy. You’ll be fine. Lock the doors and don’t open for anyone. I left the shotgun, and you know what to do if you see anything. Suck it up Dean I need you to look after your brother. This is your job when I’m not here!”

But… I don’t want to shoot the gun, it's loud, and it hurts when it goes off. He cries for you when you leave and I can’t make him stop, and I miss you too. I know I’m supposed to be brave for him, but I’m also scared of the monsters. 

“Pack some clothes, you’re coming... I need you with me on this one, son. Sammy is too young to drag into this, yet. Don’t worry about school, this is more important. Stop acting like a baby and man up, we are doing this to save people.” 

But… I don’t want to leave him. And Sam is so much older than I was when you taught me… and if I keep missing school they are going to kick me out… and… and I know we are saving people… but I am just a kid too…

“I have a good life now, Dean. I don’t want to go back to hunting monsters… not knowing if I’m gonna live to be an old man. I’m going to college. I’m going to find someone and have a family. I’m going to be free.”

But… don’t you think that’s what I want too… I want to get away from this life. I want to get away from the hunting and the danger… and even dad… I wish I could go to college and have a normal life. I could have left years ago and been free. But I couldn’t leave you… because you are my family. 

I sold my soul because I would rather be dead than be alone.

I was going to say yes to Michael because I would rather be an angel's meatsuit than be alone. 

I went to Lisa because I would rather put my baggage on them than be alone. 

I made a pact with a vampire because I would rather befriend a monster than be alone.

I went against my brother's wishes because I would rather let an Angel secretly possess him than be alone. 

I killed death because I would rather live with a mark that makes me evil than be alone. 

I don’t want to be alone… I can’t be alone. 

But I make stupid mistakes and I lash out on the ones I love. And no matter how hard I try, no matter how good things seem… I will always end up alone. 

Chapter 10

June 10

He watched them go up the stairs. His father. His brother. His kid. His… boyfriend… no… partner… maybe… baby daddy…? Cas… 

The heavy door thudding shut hit harder than any time any of them had ever walked out before, because this time they might not walk back through. He could feel his chest tighten and really didn’t feel like becoming emotional in a room full of… women. Even though it would probably be the most welcoming place to be emotional. Miracle nudged his hand and he pet the dog's head.

“Well...” Mary said, after the door was sealed closed. “Let’s get you girls settled.” She headed towards the hallway with Jody’s girls following behind her. 

“You ok?” Charlie asked softly, walking up and putting her hand on Dean’s shoulder. He gave a small nod, with a weak smile, and she couldn’t help but laugh. “Yeah… I guess that was a stupid question…” She wrapped her arms around him, and he felt Jo latch on to his other side. 

“But that’s why we’re here!” The blonde said, squeezing him tight. “To give you all the love until he gets back.” The dog squished between them licked his hand, as if agreeing.

If he gets back… Dean thought. He wiggled his arms loose and hugged the women back. “Thank you.” 

“Sooo…” Charlie grinned, pulling free of the embrace. She walked to her bag and took out a folder. “Since we are gonna be here together… and have literally nothing else to do…” Dean rolled his eyes and groaned when she handed him the loaded and overly decorated packed boldly labeled *BABY SHOWER* 

“Seriously…” he whined looking up at her.

“Yes. Seriously.” She took his arm and pulled him towards the couch. “Just think of it as a way to keep your mind off all the stress.” 

“By stressing me with something else…” he mumbled, sitting down.

“It’s not stressful. It’s fun!” Jo chimed in, plopping down beside him. 

“For you two maybe…” Dean crossed his arms, now full on pouting. 

“Why are you so against it…” 

“Because…” because what’s the point… everything is going to mess up anyway… it always does. “I don’t know…” he sighed and opened the folder. “Damn Charlie…” he flipped through the thoroughly detailed plans. The food, the gift ideas, the games. “…this is a bit much, don’t you think.” 

“No way.” She beamed, hooking her arm around his and laying her head on his shoulder. “I just want it to be perfect for you!” She felt him sigh and smiled over at Jo.

“But I mean… if it’s that big of a deal…” the blonde said reaching for the folder, and had her hand swatted away by Dean. 

“Shut up…” he groaned and lightly shoved her. “You know I can’t say no to either of you… and it’s bullshit.”

“Aww we love you too!” Charlie laughed.

Dean finally managed to get away from everyone and snuck to his room, Miracle trotting behind him. He pulled his phone out and tried to call Cas, not really caring if it made him look overly clingy. He needed to hear his voice again. 

*Calling Cas*

He anxiously waited for the ring… which never came. What the hell. 

*Call Failed*

Nononono… he thought, sucking his bottom lip in between his teeth and chewing on it. The dog could sense his rising tension and nudged his arm, whining.

*Calling Cas*

*Call Failed*

Shit… There was a knock at his door and he looked up to see Eileen peek inside. 

“Hey.” She said with a smile, and looked down at his phone where it was trying to send the call through, again. “Yours not working, too?” 

He sighed, and nodded, sitting the phone on his table rather than bothering with it anymore. Eileen sat beside him and took his hand. 

“They will be alright. I know it.” She took his face and turned it to her and sighed *Have Faith*

Dean laughed and replied with a sloppy, *Long Gone*

“Not that kind of faith.” She smiled and made him look at her again. “Faith in our boys.” She brushed away a tear as it fell. “You could also throw in a little Faith in yourself. It would work wonders. Right boy?” She reached over and scratched Miracle’s ear, and the dog wagged his tail happily.

He squeezed the hand still holding his and tearfully nodded. She sat with him for a while then stood to leave. Dean waved at her until he got her attention back. *You are awesome* he sighed with a smile. 

*I know* she replied with an eye roll and they both laughed. *You are too!* She blew him a kiss and closed the door. 

Dean laid back on his bed, his hand running over his stomach. For the first time he realized she didn’t kick back against his touch. He could feel her moving, so he knew she was fine. Things had been so crazy the past month, then with this new threat, he hadn’t really sat and talked to her like he used to. 

Guilt set in and he was about to say something when his phone went off. 


He gasped and sat up, hitting the answer button as fast as he could. “Dean…” he heard on the other end, it was staticky and almost distorted, but it was him. 

“Cas!? Oh man I was freaking out… I thought something was going on with the phones and I wouldn’t be able to call you… not gonna lie I would have been really sad… I miss your voice already.” He waited, confused at the sudden silence. “Cas?” 

There was a ragged breath. “You are going to be… alone…” 

Wake up!

Dean jolted and looked around his room. Still laid back against his pillows, a hand rested on top of his bump, his phone back on the table. It felt like she was trying to escape. She was pushing out and kicking so hard. Miracle was looking at the movements confused, and would randomly poke at Dean’s side with his nose. He hissed after a sharp kick to his bladder. “Ok, ok. I’m up.” He fumbled off the bed and reached for his phone. Alone…  A lump formed in his throat and he left it sitting on the table. 

July 1

Three weeks passed of them hearing nothing from outside the bunker. It was stressful and nerve racking, but the girls managed to find comfort in each other to get through it. Dean, on the other hand, only managed to let himself sink further into his own thoughts. Thoughts of everything going wrong, thoughts of death and despair, thoughts of being alone. 

You are not alone.

She pushed against the bed as he laid curled up on his side. He sighed and flipped to his back, to which she aimed her blows at his spine. “Jeez, Bee!” 

Finally he just rolled out of the bed. Miracle, who stayed glued to his side as often as he would let him, stretched before following behind him. The girls were sitting in the living room watching a movie, and looked up at him as he walked from the hall. Charlie moved closer to Jo and patted the space beside her, pouting when Dean shook his head and continued towards the library. 

Everyone had tried to talk to him, and everyone was tired of talking to a brick wall. He knew he was getting on their nerves with his constant moping, and he wished he could just pull himself out of this stupid funk. Instead he did what he did best, and tunneled down further, shutting the ones out who only wanted to help. He roamed the massive bunkers halls, eyes glued to his phone. It had full bars, and 5G… whatever that meant… yet calls still would not go through.

He wondered if Cas was as worried as he was, then felt selfish for thinking it. Cas, and the rest of them, needed to be focused on the hunt. He didn’t need to be the angel’s concern. He wasn’t worth the angel, or any of the other’s, concern. He wasn’t…

You are very depressing…

She twisted her body so it was uncomfortable and he would have to notice her. “Ow…” Dean stopped and poked his stomach. “You know… you could be a little nicer to me…” he groaned with a small laugh.

You could be a little nicer to you…

She settled and he could breathe again. “Thank you…” he sighed, and looked back up… just as he heard a loud thud. Instantly he pulled his gun from the back of his pants, and moved towards the sound. Miracle whined as he followed behind Dean. 


She began kicking hard, trying to get him to stop walking. Taking one hand from the gun and rubbing the underside of his stomach to try to calm her, then patting Miracle on head to calm him, he proceeded forward, stopping at the end of the hall. He leaned against the wall to peek around. Nothing. Hmm. Then he heard screaming… from the living room. 


Dean ran through halls, through the library, and into the where the girls were. Miracle was close behind him and almost collided into the Hunter who abruptly stopped at what he saw. All of their mangled, decaying, bodies lying against each other. “Oh god…” he gasped, stepping closer. A stench hit him, rotting meat, and he covered his nose with his arm. 

They looked like they had been there for weeks, but he had just been in here. It didn’t make sense. Miracle whined and nudged his hand. His heart was pounding so hard at the gruesome sight, and he was so far in shock, he couldn’t even freak out. “What have you done?” a voice called from one of them. “You left us alone…”

“I… I didn’t…” he began to tremble. Miracle licked his hand, trying to calm him. “I didn’t know…” 

Don’t listen to it!    

“You caused all this.” a voice moaned. Dean looked around and saw Sam lying face down in a pool of blood. 

“You don’t deserve to be free.” Came John’s voice, and his eyes turned to his body slumped against the stairs. 

It’s not real!

“You don’t deserve to be happy.”  Dean heard a thud and saw Jack fall back and slide down the wall. 

“You don't deserve to be loved.” 

Dean frantically looked around for him but didn’t see him. He turned to run from the room and there he was. The same Cas from that horrible nightmare, paled and pieced back together, and very much dead. “You deserve to be alone.” Dean was hit by the words like a fist to the face. 

The foul smell intensified and he felt like he was going to be sick. He walked toward the hall, trying to get away from it all. Miracle barked, jumping at Dean and licking at his face. His stomach tightened into a hard knot, and she kicked hard as he collapsed against the wall. “N-noo.” He gasped.

Wake up! 

Charlie stirred from the dogs barking and yawned, forcing her eyes open. “Oh man we fell asleep…” she groaned, nudging Jo’s arm. The blonde mumbled and pulled the blanket around her arms better. A pained grunt startled them both and they looked over to see Dean leaning against the wall, holding his stomach. “Oh shit!” Charlie gasped and rushed over to him, Jo right behind her. The commotion woke the rest of the women, who also hurried to Dean’s side. 

Mary grabbed his arm and tried to get his attention. After a moment he finally looked up at them, paled and hurled forward, throwing up at their feet.

“Dean.” Mary tried again. “The warding on this place is strong. Nothing can get through it. You know that.” 

“You don’t understand…” he sighed, turning his head away from her.  

“You saw a bunch of people you loved dead. I get how scary it must have been. But it was just a dream.” She pulled his face back towards her. “A lot is going on right now, and you’re stressed and worried. But you are driving yourself crazy, Dean. You have to stop.” 

“I…” I don’t know how… “I know… I’m sorry…” 

Mary leaned in and kissed his cheek. “I’m going to make you something to eat, ok?” He nodded so she would leave. 

She is right… you know.

He moved his arm away from his stomach when he felt the small kick. They don’t get it. They didn’t see it. They don’t feel what he feels.

Then tell them…

As soon as everyone was occupied and away from him, he got up and went to his room. Once stretched out under his covers he slid out his phone, looking at the perfect signal, and knowing it meant nothing. He flung it at the wall and covered his head, closing his eyes tight and willing himself to fall asleep. 

Miracle was dozing as well, curled up against Dean’s back. His ears suddenly perked and he lifted his head, giving a soft whine. 

♩At Last… my love has come along…♩ 

“What the…” Dean’s eyes popped back open, and he pulled the cover’s down enough to see over them. A woman was in his room. She leaned down and picked up his phone. Miracle shifted on the bed, and growled, Dean petting him so he would stop. 

♩My lonely days… are over… and life is like a song...♩ 

Dean slowly sat up and she stopped moving, sensing her presence was now known. He knew that voice… “Missouri?” 

She turned and looked at him, and sighed. “Boy… I could smack you. Do you know how hard it was to not only get through the veil, but also all this magic and spells and warding mumbo jumbo.” Dean just stared at her, his mouth hanging open. The woman made a face and swatted her hand up, his mouth snapping shut. “Well… are you just gonna sit there and stare at me all day?”

Dean laughed and stood up, walking over and wrapping his arms around her. “I don’t believe it…” 

Missouri pulled back and cocked her brow. “Crazy as your life is and you're surprised by a visiting spirit?” She clicked her tongue and smiled. “Well then, let me look at’cha. Ooh... it won't be long now.”

He stared at her wide eyed as she patted his stomach.  “It… It won’t?” 

“Now I’m not saying it's happenin’ this second, she is just so ready to meet you.” He felt her kick against Missouri’s hand. 

“She is…” Dean ran his hand over his stomach, and she quickly changed her aim to him. 

“Why are you not ready to meet her?” Missouri asked moving her hand to his. He avoided her eyes, and bit his lip. “Dean, you can’t keep assuming every good thing in your life will eventually go away.” She laughed when he looked up at her confused. “Psychic…” 

“Oh… yeah.” He laughed.

“Oh honey…” she looked at him and sighed. “So afraid of being left alone, yet you push everyone away until you are just that. You have so many people who care about you, you need to start taking advantage of it. You are so loved.” A tear began to fall and she swiped it off his cheek. “Life has never been fair to you. It gives then it takes, and you have become so accustomed to it that you prepare for the worst the second you get a taste of happiness. You have to stop that.”

“I… I can’t. I try… I just… I don’t know how.”

Missouri led him to the bed and they sat down. Miracle inched closer and sniffed at Dean to see if he was ok. “Dog if you bark at me I’ll knock you across this room.” she warned and he just gave a quick protective growl and laid back down. She shook her head and looked back at Dean. “You could start by talking to the people around you. Let them in, let them love you, let them pamper you if they want and, for the love of god, let them take care of you for a change. They are trying so hard to get through and help but you just keep building these walls up higher and higher to keep from facing your feelings.”

“I’ll try…” 

He was caught off guard by her smacking him in the forehead. “Don’t you make me have to visit you again. No trying , you understand me?” 

“Yes ma’am.” Dean laughed, and Missouri pulled him into a hug. “Thank you.”

“Everything is going to be just fine, you hear me?” he nodded and she smiled one more time, then disappeared. 

Dean wiped at his eyes and ran a hand through Miracle’s fur. “Super strong wardings though, huh?” 

“Yeah, but my grandmother is just a lot stronger.” 

He looked over to Patience at his door. “Hey…” 

“Did she make you feel any better?” she asked, sighing when he nodded. “Why am I surprised you wouldn’t tell me the truth. 

“Look I just had to deal with one mind reader invading my thoughts…” Dean sighed

“Well I can’t really invade your thoughts like she can, you’re just kinda bad at lying…” she giggled at his dumbfounded face. “...most of the others are just too afraid of pissing you off to tell you that.”

Kaia popped her head in the room. “Hey, we're waiting for you out here.” She said to Patience. 

The girl turned to walk out, then looked back at Dean. “You coming? Or are you gonna add a new row to that wall?” 

Dean sighed. What the hell… he stood and patted his leg for Miracle to follow. 

About time!

He laughed as she kicked more like she usually did, and he laid his hand against the spot.

“Dude. I thought you were in labor!” Claire said, holding her head in frustration.

“We all did!” Charlie added. 

Dean blushed and hung his head. “Sorry if I scared you guys.”

“Speaking of labor…” Alex said through a mouthful of popcorn. “...How exactly is that gonna work?”

“Uhh…” Dean never actually thought much about that. “...I don’t... know…?” He looked to Kelly, but her birth with Jack had been just a normal delivery, up until things got crazy, so she couldn’t help much. 

“Maybe she will just… appear?”

“Or bust out like in alien…”

“What if she like… comes out your… ya know?”

At some point one of them pulled up a birth video and synced it to the TV. They all watched in horror, and the two mother’s giggled at all the freaked out faces. Between the video and all their assumptions Dean was sure he was about to be sick and had them turn it off. 

“Well…” Dean said after the queasy feeling finally subsided. “ least I don't have any of the parts to do all that I guess.” 


July 11

Dean sighed as his mom put the frilly Mama-2-Be pin on his shirt, with the word Mama crossed out and Papa written over top. 

For the past week he had allowed himself to be completely and utterly taken over by the girls. The days were filled with constant ‘awes’, touching his bump to feel her kicking, and making a fuss any time he tried to lift a finger to do anything for himself. They would push him to talk about feelings which usually resulted in them all crying together. It was nice, but also smothering, but comforting, and Dean didn’t know if he loved or hated it most of the time. 

Today, however, he wasn’t particularly caring for it much, if at all. The day he had been dreading since Charlie excitedly decided it was happening whether he wanted it or not. His baby shower. And of course the always prepared redhead  had brought everything she needed for it with her to the bunker. 

“Is this really necessary?” He grumbled, looking at himself in the mirror. Nine months of pregnancy stared back at him, and man, had it hit him hard. He was wide and round, all his muscles were gone… he barely even looked like Dean anymore… at least that’s what he told himself. “I look ridiculous…” He looked away from the image in the mirror, feeling his face heat up. Mary smiled, reaching up to hold her son’s face. 

“Ridiculous?” She laughed. “You know what I see…?” she gently turned him back towards the mirror. “I see my little freckle faced sweet boy, all grown up. So handsome, brave, and already the most amazing father a child could ever have.” 

She looked down at the shirt Charlie and Jo had gotten him for the day, trying not to laugh. It was one of those goofy pregnancy shirts, but they had it custom made and it said *Future Hunter* with an arrow pointing at his stomach, and angel wings on either side of the large bump. 

“This is a bit much, though.” They both began to laugh, helping the lump in Dean’s throat go away. 

Eileen opened the door and peeked inside, smiling at them. She signed *are you ready* and Dean sighed, but nodded. The two women led him into the living room that had been completely decorated. He smiled bashfully, as much as he tried not to, at the scene. “Surprise!” They all sang out. For what he deemed the girliest party they could have thrown him, he had to admit Charlie had done amazing. 

They had a table set up with a spread of different foods. Everything Dean liked. And instead of a cake, of course, there was a pie, topped with whipped cream and a small rattle with the protection sigil on it. Dean loved all the decorations, all somehow cutesy baby things but redesigned to fit Dean’s style. He laughed but teared up a bit at the tiny band tee onesies strung out above the couch. Mary informed him Claire and Kaia had handmade each one. 

“Ok! We have games planned out…” Jo said more bubbly than he had ever seen her before, as she led Dean to a chair in the center of the room.. “...and we will open gifts a little later!” He looked over to the large pile of gifts, and felt tears begin to build. Maybe he would enjoy them being spoiled today after all. 

They were all laughing so hard playing the ridiculous baby shower games, they had begun crying. “Hopefully she isn’t this misshapen!” Charlie almost snorted, trying to fasten a rag diaper around a cookbook. “There! It’s done!” She laid the ‘baby’ next to the others, a bottle of scotch, a lamp and a boot. Dean could barely breathe. He hadn’t laughed this hard in a while. It almost had his mind fully off the uncertainty of the fight potentially still raging outside the safety of the bunker. 

They all ate until they felt like they were going to pop, even though Dean felt like that all the time lately. Then, while Mary was passing out the pie, everyone took turns guessing the baby’s birth date, weight and appearance . “What’s your guess, Dean?” Alex asked, taking a bite of her pie. 

“M-mine..?” She nodded and the other teens eagerly leaned in for his answers. He felt his stomach tense, he hated being put on the spot. “Well… I was 9 pounds and Cas’ true form is apparently the size of a skyscraper… I guess I just hope she isn’t that big.” that earned him some giggles. Eileen felt her phone vibrate as Claire asked when Dean thought she would be born. He sighed and rubbed his stomach. “I just want her to hold out until Cas gets back…”

You got it...

He laughed and ran a hand against her kicks. 

Seeing Dean wasn’t paying attention, Eileen quickly showed Mary and Charlie her phone, their eyes widened excitedly and they hurried away from the group towards the library.

“Time for presents!” Charlie said excitedly as she and Jo gathered the gifts and brought them over to Dean’s chair. He groaned, as the tears already started flowing, knowing he was going to be a mess by the end of this… Not realizing how much just yet. 

“Oh…” He gasped pulling out the bee mobile, and laughed when he saw the matching bedding. “I love this!” Eileen and Kelly both hugged him. 

“Aww a Bee room for Bee!” Claire said, reaching over and patting his stomach. 

“Ok…” Charlie said, taking Dean's hands. “The last one is pretty big… sooo, close your eyes!” Dean gave her his best ‘seriously’ look, but rolled and closed them anyway. He heard shuffling and was about to peak when hands quickly covered his face. “Don’t even think about it.” Charlie scolded, so he assumed she was the one behind him. 

Dean heard more shuffling and Miracle began barking. He turned towards the sound, eyes still closed, but causing the hands to press into his face. “Jeez Charlie, all that hacking is wearing your hands out… ever heard of moisturizer..” He hears giggling, but something is off, some of it was too deep to be any of the girls. “What the…” he said, grabbing the hands on his eyes and tugging them off. The first thing he saw was Sam, his arm around Eileen, both chuckling at his shocked expression. Then both of his parents, and Jack sitting cross legged on the floor  petting Miracle. Relief flooded his body realizing his family was home and safe. But where’s...

Then he saw Charlie in her seat next to Jo, she was smiling at him. Charlie was smiling at him… Charlie was in front of him… but she was covering his eyes… who was covering his eyes…? He quickly looked behind him, green eyes meeting blue. “Oh my god!” He cried, trying to get up from the chair. Cas laughed and walked around to face him, then helped him stand. Dean threw his arms around the angel so fast it almost knocked them both over. 

“Hey, hey...nO cHiCk FliCk mOmEntS..” Sam mumbled. Dean glared at him over Cas’ shoulder, but only for a moment so he could bury his face back into the crook of the angel's neck, as he rubbed circles into Dean’s back. 

“I have missed you too, my love.” Cas whispered into Dean’s ear, causing the tears now bulging in his eyes to spill over. 

Well that was quick!

“Does this mean…”

“The portal is closed.”

“What about Amy... and Jacob…”

“They’re fine.” Sam spoke up. 

Dean breathed a sigh of relief. “How?” He finally asked. 

Cas kissed his cheek. “That is not of import right now, I believe you were in the middle of a party.” 

Well since you’re here now...

“Yeah..” Dean smiled and began to move back to his seat when he felt a jolt in his stomach. “What the…” followed by a sudden sharp pain he could only explain as getting struck by lightning… in his crotch. “Ssshit!” He hissed, crossing his legs at the excruciating feeling. 

The room fell silent. “Are you alright?!” Cas worriedly looked him over. 

As quick as it came the pain was gone. “I… I think I’m fine…” he gasped, trying to steady his breathing. He uncrossed his legs and tried again to sit, but the second he moved he felt a pop and a gush of fluid poured down his legs. “Oh my God…” he whispered, his body beginning to tremble.

“Dean…” Sam said, looking shocked as his grey pants darkened. “Please tell me you just peed on yourself.”

Chapter Text

It was never Chuck's intention for nephilims to be abominations. He had hoped, when he decided to allow his first creations to be fruitful and multiply with his favorites, that it would be something beautiful, holy even. But, he was wrong. 

The angels didn’t feel. They didn’t have emotions. They didn’t love… and that was his mistake. He created them to be warriors. He put all his focus on their strength and loyalty to him that he left very little room for much else. 

When he created the humans, he gave them morals and a conscience. They cared, they worried, they loved. So he sent the angels to watch over them, in hopes they would learn and become more like them. He allowed some of the angels to fully interact with them. Eventually the humans began to care for the angels and the first nephilims were created. 

But the angel’s weren’t affected by the gift of new life, and left the mother’s alone to return to their duties. Without the aid of the angels for the deliveries the mothers died. The nephilim, unimaginably powerful and filled with rage from their abandonment, ultimately turned evil. When they fully grew into their powers they were almost unstoppable and destroyed everything in their paths. 

Chuck eventually had to intervene and destroy them. Saddened by his failed attempt, he forbade the creation of nephilim, and accepted that the angels, his first creations, his children… would never know the love he had instilled in the humans. 

Until one did.

When Castiel gripped Dean in Hell, he wasn’t touching flesh. His grace was touching Dean’s soul, and they briefly intertwined as he was pulling him out. When he rose on earth he was left with a mark.

The handprint was a direct link to Castiel's grace. A part of it that stayed with Dean. For years their little ‘bond’ pulled them back toward each other, attempting to reconnect. Once they succumbed to that pull, the bond was sealed.

Never before had an angel's grace bonded with a human soul. When the bond sealed it created a spark. A spark that danced through their body’s that night, touching Dean’s soul and Cas’ grace and taking the best parts of both, creating something new. 


Chapter Eleven

July 11

Dean felt frozen in place, listening to the commotion going on through the bunker. He might have been panicking had the others not been doing enough of it for him. A combination of Miracle sniffing at the wet spot on his pants and a small kick brought him back to the reality of the situation. 

She was coming, now. Not in another month, or another week. Maybe he would get lucky and get one more day, though if this was going to be anything like that video he wasn’t sure he wanted it to last a whole day. 

Thinking of the video brought on a whole new set of questions. If his water had really just broken, did that mean… he brushed a hand across himself and, no, it was still there. Then where did it come from? He felt queasy thinking about what one of the girls had said.  “What if she… comes out your… ya know?” 

Now he was starting to panic.

“Are you alright?” Cas asked, running his hand over Dean’s back, then pulling him into his arms. Dean was, for once, honest about his feelings. He shook his head and leaned into Cas' shoulder, beginning to allow the weight of the situation take over. “Let’s go to our room.” He suggested, and Dean agreed, following him away from everyone. 

Cas helped Dean change pants and led him to their bed, pulling the covers back so Dean could get under them. “What the…?!” Dean gasped when he felt more fluid pour out the second he sat down. It soaked through the new pair of pants and into the mattress. “It’s gonna get ruined…” he sniffled looking at the large wet spot under him. 

“We can get a new mattress…” Cas assured him, gently pushing him to lay back into the pillows. Dean groaned at the thought of losing his beloved memory foam bed. 

“Welp…” Gabriel chirped, appearing in the room, and moving past Cas so he could lay his hand on Dean’s stomach. “She is definitely a Winchester. Predictably unpredictable.” 

Dean swatted Gabriel’s hand off him and was about to clap back, when he felt the first contraction. He gasped as his stomach tightened. Cas sat beside him and took his hand. The hunter squeezed gently and closed his eyes, as he breathed through it.

“Sooo… I’m gonna step out, and give you two some privacy.” Gabriel nodded to his brother and exited the room. 

“Is it painful?” Cas asked, thinking maybe it was a stupid question, but when the contraction finally eased Dean shook his head. “Do you need anything?” 

“Can you just… hold me…?” Dean sighed, and Cas laid next to him in the bed, wrapping himself around the hunter. They laid there quietly for close to fifteen minutes before Dean began to tense again. This one brought some pain with it, and he grimaced as it intensified. Cas tightened his hold and pressed kisses into Dean’s neck. 

Everyone bustled around the bunker, trying to keep busy so they weren’t tempted to check on Dean every few seconds. Kelly and Eileen gathered Jody’s girls and they took all the gifts to the nursery to finish setting it up, lugging a very willing to escape this crazy, John along with them. 

Sam was sitting on the couch, leaned forward with his arms resting on his knees, the right one quickly bouncing up and down. “His water broke…?” He mumbled.

“What’s that, Sam?” Mary asked, bringing him, Charlie and Jo some coffee. 

The younger brother ran a hand over his face. “I mean… is he really about to… just give birth…” 

“Typically that’s what happens with labor, yeah.” Mary laughed. She put a hand on Sam’s knee, and it stopped bouncing. “But they are both waygoing to be fine.” 

“I know I just…” Sam grabbed his cup of coffee and took a big sip. “… shouldn’t we be in there or something…” Mary smiled and squeezed her son’s knee. 

Gabriel had called Michael and Anna, just in case something went crazy… which when dealing with the Winchester’s, that wasn’t a far fetched scenario. Though with how quiet and slow the hours were ticking by they felt pretty useless being there. 

Eventually Cas walked out, taken aback at how quickly he was flocked to by curious and questioning eyes. “He is asleep… finally. His nerves seem to be bothering him more than the contractions.” 

“So what now… I mean does anyone here actually know anything about delivering a baby?” Mary asked. “Because I have done it twice and I have no idea what to do.” She looked to angels for some sort of guidance. 

“Don’t look at us!” Gabriel exclaimed, throwing his hands up. “This is way above our pay grade.” Anna laughed, but Michael and Cas both rolled their eyes at their brother's senseless sarcasm… angels didn’t get paid. 

“Caaaassss!!” Dean screamed, causing everyone, even the angels to jump. Cas was instantly by his side, checking him over. His whole body was seized up and his face was turning red.

Sam was next to get to the room and gasped when he saw him. “Dean… are you pushing?!”

“I… I c-can’t help i-it…Aaahh!” Dean gasped, grabbing for Cas’ hand. Thankfully it didn’t last long and he was able to relax again. Sam took a deep breath and grabbed the blanket pulling it off. “What the hell!?” Dean cried, clamping his legs together. He had finally given up on pants after ruining the second pair and was fully exposed. 

“Dean… someone has to look. Cas can or I can get mom, but you have to let one of us see what’s going on down there. Or if you should even be pushing yet.” Sam tried to explain. Dean groaned but finally agreed. 

He decided to have Mary look, so Cas could stay by his side. Reluctantly he let his knees fall apart. She gasped at what she saw, and Sam, who didn’t mean to be able to see, also got an eyeful and had to sit himself on the foot of Dean’s bed. 

Dean was trying to decipher what their expressions could mean when his mom suddenly reached forward. He flinched as she lifted what was supposed to be there to get a better look at what wasn’t. She looked up at Sam and shook her head, unable to tell anything just by seeing it. “Maybe you should try to see if he is… you know… dilated…” Sam suggested, to the horror of both Dean and Mary. 

“S-see if im what!?” Dean choked out. 

“I don’t know how to do that, Sam.” Mary added. “And how do you even know what that is!?” 

“YouTube…?” Sam laughed, pulling out his phone. Luckily… or maybe unluckily… for them there were plenty of reference videos. 

Mary apologized a dozen times before she even attempted to copy the video. Using some of their lube, which caused Dean to turn a dark shade of red at having to admit they even had, she slowly pushed into the opening. Sam had warned the video said it would be uncomfortable, but that didn’t stop him from crying out the further she went. 

He tightened his death grip on Cas’ hand and squeezed his eyes shut, gritting his teeth. When she found what must have been a makeshift cervix, Mary mimicked the video, and tried to determine how wide it was. When she felt she had a good enough idea, she slowly pulled her fingers back out. 

“I’m not entirely sure…” she said as she stood to go wash her hands. “…maybe about four centimeters… but it is very thin.”

“The video said you need to be ten to push, Dean, you have to try to stop yourself.” Sam warned.

“That's easier said than done…” Dean mumbled, and they both gave him a sympathetic smile. 

It was way easier said than done. 

As the hours passed the contractions were getting more and more painful, but Dean had been through worse. He had been shot, stabbed, strangled, hexed. He had been mauled… to death… by hell hounds and tortured in hell for longer than he cared to remember. The pain was bearable. 

The urge to push when you’re being told you can’t was something completely different. The contractions were coming every five minutes, and only would last a minute, tops. However, fighting against his body as it tried to push with each one made them the worst minutes of his life. 

Sometimes he would scream through them, clawing at the bed or Cas’ arm or his own skin or whatever he could reach. Other times he would simply sob in Cas’ arms, begging the angel to make it stop. Each time he would be left feeling exhausted and wishing for it to just be over. 

Eileen handed Mary a new cup of ice chips and smiled over at Dean and Cas before pulling the door closed. Dean was drenched in sweat and trembling from exhaustion. Mary scooped up a spoonful of the ice and offered it to him, but he shook his head. 

“P-Please… check m-me… again.” He begged, willingly letting his knees fall apart. Even though Mary had just checked, and doubted he had progressed much, if at all, in less than half an hour, she moved to the end of the bed. When she told him he still wasn’t there yet he cried, feeling another contraction starting. 

Sam and Charlie were scouring the internet for anything to speed up labor, when they heard an extremely loud screech from Dean’s room.

“I… I c-can’t... stop…it...” his voice was shrill and cracking from overuse. He was curled forward, bearing down against his will. Cas was wrapped around him protectively, but looked anxious and confused. Gabriel and Anna appeared on either side of him both began trying to at least dull the pain, but to no avail. 

He let out a high pitched scream and felt a tearing and burning as his body forcefully pushed her down, ultimately ripping the ‘cervix’. When the contraction finally let up, Dean collapsed back against Cas, whimpering. Mary hesitantly reached between his legs and checked him. He hissed as her fingers passed over the fresh tear of the opening. 

“I’m so sorry.” She said, but her heart broke from causing him more pain. “Sam, I’m pretty sure he’s fully dilated now.” The younger brother sighed, going back to his phone for instructions. 

“Then on to the next step, I think it’s time to push.” 

“You are so strong...” Cas whispered. He was seated on the bed behind Dean, with the hunter leaned back against his chest. “…and I am so proud of you.” He gently pressed kisses into Dean’s neck, as the hunter whimpered from the pain and exhaustion. 

Even though Dean was more than ready to begin pushing, the wait for the next contraction was excruciatingly nerve wrecking. Is she going to be ok? Will she be an actual nephilim? What if something goes wrong? What if she doesn’t make…  he squeezed his eyes shut, forcing the bad thoughts away. 

Everyone was waiting anxiously in the living room, save for John who had taken Miracle out. The dog was going crazy trying to get into the room with Dean. He said he would come back once everything was over. Not that he didn’t want to be there… it was just a lot to take in and John was… well John. 

Charlie and Jo, were nervously pacing circles around each other. Jack had tried to be in the room with Dean but fainted after the first scream, so he was in his room with Claire, who was also too scared to be around Dean. 

Michael stood watch over the chaos going on in Dean’s room, aiding when needed. Gabriel and Anna kept trying to help with Dean’s pain, but were really just offering a lot of moral support. Sam and Mary were busy setting everything up for the delivery. 

It was not conventional, and they had no actual medical equipment, save for bandaids. Mary’s hands had been scrubbed raw from the constant washing all day, but she was not going to risk not being safe and Dean or the baby getting an infection. Dean was so thankful for the support team around him. 

Then there was Cas, who was his rock. He never strayed from his calm and composed stature. He was beside or behind him at all times. Constantly talking to him in a soothing voice, praising him, loving him. When Dean felt like he was close to giving up, Cas was in his ear encouraging him. 

Even when he was trying to break his hand or claw off his skin. When he was screaming Cas was awful for ‘purposefully’ doing this to him, and he better never touch him again, still he stayed by his side. He felt he didn’t deserve him and he loved him so much. 

Of course Cas felt the exact same. Watching Dean endure the many hours of labor. Not fully knowing what was to come and without any relief coming from the angels. Cas felt useless, only able to offer his words, and gentle hands, while Dean lay writhing in pain. 

He was truly the most amazing being in existence, and he loved him with everything he had. He wanted to spend eternity with this being, this human, this man. He wanted them to have what the TV called a happy ending. They more than deserved it, right? 

“Nnnnggg….ah...ahh. OW!” Dean cried out bringing Cas back to reality. “Please… can I now?” Mary and Sam got into position at the foot of the bed. 

“Yes Dean…” She told him.

Dean took a deep breath and finally allowed his body to push down. He could feel her move down, her body rubbing against the tear and sending pain shooting through his whole body. He gasped and stopped pushing for a moment, quickly preparing himself for the fact that this was gonna hurt like a bitch. 

“Oh sweet mother…” he mumbled before bearing down again. 

Almost an hour after Dean started pushing they were just able to see the head clearly from the opening. He was beyond exhausted. His whole body violently shook during the small breaks he got between contractions. He was crying, or at least he felt like crying, his body was too tired to produce tears. 

“I… c-caaaaan’t.” He whined when he felt the pressure start to build… again. Even the angels were starting to get uncomfortable with how long this was taking, and the uncertainty floated around in the air like a thick fog. Cas kept his arms firmly around Dean, rubbing over his bump, feeling it distort as it tightened around their daughter trying to force her out. 

She was proving to be as stubborn as Dean, and they might be in trouble. He smiled to himself at the thought of her running around throwing fits to get her way. 

By this point Mary was trying to stretch the opening with each push. When she was finally there Mary saw a problem. It just wasn’t big enough. They could clearly see the outline of her head pushing against it but it wasn’t opening enough for her head to come through. 

Sam stared at his phone. Videos had popped up about this multiple times through his search. He looked at their scissors, wondering they would work, because using a knife would be too dangerous.

 “Dean…” Mary said softly, dreading everything about this. “We’re gonna have to cut you…” Dean almost laughed, because of course they were, he sank further against Cas. It made Mary want to cry, more than she already was. “...I’m so sorry, it’s just not big enough… and you’re so tired already, this will speed things up.” He was too tired to protest, and just shrugged. 

They let him breathe through a few contractions, which is was horrible but allowed everyone to prepare mentally for what they were about to do. Sam attempted to sharpen the scissors, and sterilized them in boiling water he had asked Eileen make. Mary slipped her fingers inside the opening, running them across the baby’s head. 

“Got a head full of dark hair, Dean.” She smiled, hoping to give him some motivation. It worked. His eyes widened and he looked back at Cas, who seemed just as surprised and curious. The angel leaned around to see for himself, then quickly pulled back, paled. “You pass out, Cas. I will murder you.” She warned, her momma bear voice in full use. Cas nodded and went back to trying to comfort Dean. 

The contraction came on fast, and strong. Dean grunted and instantly began pushing against it. He closed his eyes when he saw Sam hand Mary the scissors. She pulled the opening as far from the baby’s head as she could, sliding the scissors in front of her finger. She felt her own stomach drop when she snapped them closed. 

The sound mixed with the blood, and Dean’s scream, made even Sam feel queasy. The contraction was still raging and Dean pushed through the pain. The baby moved down and began sliding through the now big enough opening. “It’s working, Dean, her head is almost out.” Sam assured him, relieved himself. 

The contraction finally died down, Dean felt a sharp burning, and slumped his shoulders.  He was wrong… this was the worst pain he had ever felt. He had lost count on how many hours of this he had gone through, and it just kept getting worse. 

Before he could get a solid breath in, the pressure flipped and began to build again. “Mmmmm….. nooooo.” He cried. He leaned up and started pushing weakly which wasn’t moving her at all. Mary watched him struggle for a second then suddenly grabbed one of his hands from Cas and tugged it forward, placing it on the small wrinkly head. 

“Feel that, Dean, that’s your baby. She’s right there!” His mom urged, soft but stern. “You’re so close, but you gotta give this last bit all you have.” Dean moved his fingers, feeling the actually pretty long hair. He laughed, tears once again filling his eyes. 

As the contraction peaked he pushed as hard as he physically could, keeping his hand on her head until it finally popped out. He gasped and moved his hand around the back of her head towards her face. He touched her brows, her nose, her lips. Our baby…I’m touching our baby…

July 12 3:34AM 

His eyes were locked on his mother’s. She smiled remembering this feeling. “Let’s meet her.” She said, placing her hand over Dean’s. He took a deep breath and pushed again, keeping his hand on his daughter as she slowly but surely slid down. 

Mary guided one shoulder out, then the other. Dean gasped, in relief and pain, as the rest of her body slipped into his and Mary’s waiting hands. A long dimly glowing cord, Mary assumed was the umbilical cord, kept her connected to Dean. 

Sam was standing behind his mother, his fist balled in front of his mouth, trying so hard not to cry, and failing. Gabriel walked up to him and clapped a hand on his shoulder. Sam couldn’t believe it. There were actually tears in the trickster's eyes, too. 

Mary lifted her up to Dean. She was so tiny. He ran his hands over her body, covered in blek and blood, laughing because normally he would be grossed out by how disgusting she felt. But he didn’t care, he had to hold on to her to remind himself she was real. He fidgeted with her small body, trying to turn her towards him. 

Her eyes were closed. Why were her eyes closed? Dean sucked in a sharp breath, panic setting in. She was limp. “Why isn’t she moving…” he cried, looking back at Cas. A heavy feeling quickly filled the room, and time seemed to slow. Mary looked down to see blood flowing steadily from Dean, but stayed calm and quickly tied off the cord. 

“Cas…” she said, holding the scissors over to him, breaking his focus on the small infant in Dean’s arms. He took them and quickly snipped where she showed him. The glow faded from the cord still connected to Dean, and the light travelled up the other end into the Baby. The angels felt a sudden surge, signaling a Nephilim had come to be. 

“Now that was… weird…” Gabriel looked to his siblings, who were also confused. 

Sam came over with a towel and Mary reached for the baby. “No…” Dean cried, pulling her closer to him. 

“Dean, let Sam clean her off.” Mary said softly. Dean whimpered as she lifted the baby from him, handing her to Sam. He carried her over to the dresser, Gabriel bringing a pillow to lay her on. 

Mary asked Anna to help her and they worked on getting the placenta, or whatever was attached to the end of the cord, out of Dean and stopping the bleeding. Dean and Cas kept their eyes glued on their brothers, and the small silent body between them. 

“Come on…” Sam whispered as he wiped the baby off. 

He gently ran the cloth over her face and her eyes popped open. Both he and Gabriel gasped and leaned over to see them better. They were bright green, and matched Dean’s perfectly. 

“Shouldn’t they be gray…” Sam thought out loud, quickly remembering she wasn’t exactly a normal baby. She blinked a few times and began to look around the room, furrowing her brows as if trying to find something… or someone. “He’s right over there.” Sam laughed, and her head snapped to him. “Whoa…” he gasped as her eyes locked onto his. 

“Sam…. Look at her lips.” Gabriel said quietly, bringing the younger brother back to reality. He looked and his heart began to race. They were turning blue… she wasn’t breathing. Gabriel pressed two fingers to her head hoping to make her breathe but it didn’t work. 

“Sammy… is she ok…” Dean called. His voice sounded almost hopeless, and Sam prayed to whoever was listening to fix this.  

He began to rub and pat her back. “Hey… come on… breathe… please.” 

Her brows furrowed, just like Cas’, like she was trying to understand what he wanted from her. He couldn’t help but laugh, it was adorable. But… she still was not breathing. 

“Oh I don’t want to do this…” he sighed, but lifted her hip and swatted her bottom hard enough to sting. Her eyes widened, still locked on Sam’s. Her fists balled up and her bottom lip poked out and began trembling. Then she sharply inhaled and let out the most pitiful cry. “Finally…” Sam sighed in relief.

“Oh wow Uncle Sam, you’re a terrible person.” Gabriel said, as the baby continued crying. He leaned over and grabbed her tiny hand. “Don’t worry cutie, Uncle Gabe isn’t mean like him.” Sam rolled his eyes and picked her up, carrying her back to Dean. 

“Oh…” Dean gasped as Sam laid her in his arms. Pouting she looked up, and her eyes widened like she recognized him, she instantly stopped crying, and smiled. “Cas… look at her.” 

The baby shifted her gaze to the angel. Cas reached down and ran a finger across her cheek. She was so perfect and they were both awestruck. 

“M’ tired…” Dean mumbled, starting to get light headed. He began to feel really hot, but his skin was ice cold. Cas looked up at Mary who was fully focused between Dean's legs. Anna was pressing down hard on Dean’s deflated, but still swollen, stomach, causing him to wince in pain. Blood was pooling under him. He was hemorrhaging. 

“Shit... Shit!” Mary cursed. “It’s not coming out.” She looked up worriedly at Cas. The angel pressed two fingers to Dean’s forehead, a useless attempt to heal him. He was confused, it should work now that the baby was out. 

Unless.. he thought. Unless it had nothing to do with the pregnancy. 

He tried again. Nothing. Again. Again. Gabriel joined him, followed by Michael and then Anna. They tried repeatedly to heal him and it just didn’t work. Dean sighed and ignored the commotion, trying to focus on every detail of her. She had Cas’ dark hair, and his green eyes. She was already covered in freckles, and he couldn’t tell who she looked more like, because she looked so much like them both. 

“I love you.” he cried, and she leaned her head into chest, her smile widening. “S-so much…” 

I Love You. 

He thought. Or he heard… or he thought he heard. Or maybe he felt? He just continued to look at her. She was fully focused, staring up at him, their eyes locked, and he felt calm. A figure moved through the room. Dean glanced up, his vision was blurring, but he knew immediately who it was. “Chuck…” he almost hissed, pulling the baby closer to him. 

Everyone’s attention fell on the being now standing at the foot of Dean’s bed. His eyes were heavy, almost as if he was sad. He slowly moved to Dean’s side. The hunter weakly tried to move away from him. 

It’s ok.

She lifted her hand towards his face, bringing his attention back to her. She looked at him with much more focus than a newborn should be able to. Then her expression softened, she cooed, and Dean was pretty sure his heart actually exploded. His attention no longer on Chuck, the being reached over and placed a hand on his stomach. 

Dean flinched but suddenly wasn’t dizzy anymore. Mary felt the tension on the cord loosen and with a small push from Dean the ‘placenta’ slid out. He was still in a decent amount of pain, but at least he felt like he was no longer dying. 

Chuck looked between his children. “Performing a miracle loses its effect when overdone. I think enough of a miracle has happened today already.” He looked back to Dean, with a soft smile. “I stopped the hemorrhage, but you are strong. I think we can all agree on that. You can heal on your own.” 

The baby turned her head to look at Chuck. He winked at her and disappeared. The weight of the room lifted, and they all looked at each other confused. 

Cas and Sam quickly explained to Dean, Chuck was the one who closed the portal. They told him about Billie and her plan, and how Chuck had told them to prepare for her to return. 

Dean sighed, leaning back into Cas. There was always something, but for now he just wanted to enjoy the moment. He looked down at their daughter. She studied the room, looking from Mary to Sam, to the angels, and then finally back to her parents.

What a day… 

She yawned, and leaned her head into Dean's chest, letting her eyes close, and was quickly asleep. In no time, so was Dean. 

“Wow…” Jack said in a hushed voice. Gently rocking the small baby in his arms. “She’s so tiny.” Claire was perched next to him waiting for her turn before she had to leave. She was making faces and baby noises. The baby looked between the two of them, cooing and laughing. Dean slowly walked back into the room, Cas holding his arm as he lowered himself beside Jack. 

“So what’s her name?” Claire asked, when Jack finally handed her over. Dean blushed, making the teen laugh. “Oh god is it bad?”

“No… it’s...” he rolled his eyes, because he actually loved the name. “It’s Liane.”

“Liane… Bee Winchester.” Cas said proudly wrapping an arm around Dean. 

“Awww!” Claire gushed dramatically, and bounced Liane in her arms. “I’m still calling you squirt though.” She whispered, and Liane laughed, as if she understood.

“Why did you choose it?” Jack asked, Claire nodding also curious. 

Dean sighed, his blush deepening. “Liane… means bond…”

“Bee was already being used, but it also means ‘She who brings happiness’” Cas added. 

“Well…” Claire looked down at Liane. “...I think that’s perfect.” 

“Me next. Me next!!” Jody exclaimed, rushing over to take Liane from Claire. “We have a long drive back but I’m not leaving without some baby snuggles.” She squealed when the tiny girl squeezed her finger, locking eyes with the sheriff immediately. “Oh Donna and Ellen are gonna be so jealous!” She laughed evilly. 

Bobby laid a hand on Dean’s shoulder. “You did good, boy. She’s beautiful.” He patted Cas on the back, then attempted to convince Jody and the girls to stop fussing over her so they could get back before midnight. 

Chapter Text

November 5

At first everything was dark… and quiet. Then there were voices but they were muffled. Then everything hurt, and then it didn’t. Then there was a sad muffled voice. Then everything jerked. Then he was sad. 

But then he was happy and there were a lot of muffled voices. Then it was quiet, and he was sad again. But she was too little to do anything. So she just settled into her spot and was sad with him. 

She could sort of hear the voices now. A man voice was talking, and she recognized the voice as who he called Sammy. 

“Eileen… will you marry me?” 

Then all the voices cheered, and He was a weird happy sad. And He moved around a lot and didn’t sleep because He said He wanted to give Sammy the perfect wedding… He would never have. 

She was asleep when she felt everything tense around her. He was throwing up. Was He sick? 

He was sick for a long time. Everyone worried and fussed and she worried too. 

It must be a special day, because everyone kept saying Happy Birthday Dean. The woman voice he called mom was going to make a pie. 

When she felt the funny man’s presence she knew he was different from the other voices. She called out to him, like she had tried to do with the others, but he felt her. Finally… but wait. Now He’s sad again. 

He kept calling out for Cas. Who’s Cas. Why wasn’t he here… He was sad because of him.

Everyone now knew about her, and they came and talked to him. They all seem nice. He still isn’t very happy. 

She had a brother, named Jack. 

She also now had legs and arms and constantly flailed them around. But finally, she thought, He could feel it. Or maybe He couldn’t… She decided to keep trying until he did. 

The funny man came back… they all called him Gabriel. He told Him she was a girl. He was happy… but then really sad and it made her really sad and she called out to Cas… hoping he could hear her

Everyone was being extra nice. He was so happy for a while. She met her sister. Then her sister told Him Cas was alive. And He was really sad… then mad. 

Gabriel knew… he lied… he made Him sad. She screamed at Gabriel. Her anger poured into Him and He swung and hit Gabriel. Then he was running and Sammy was trying to stop Him… but he lied too… he made Him sad too. She felt Him squeeze his arm and she just wanted him to let go! But she didn’t mean to hurt him… so she fixed it. 

Then He was crying and screaming and she was screaming and crying and they were both calling for Cas. She felt him. He was there. He… he tried to kill her. He called her an abomination. Now she was sad, and He was sad.

She had to fix this. He said Cas just couldn’t remember. She would make him remember. And he would make Him happy again and she would be happy and they would all just be happy… forever! 

She called out to him and he was cold and mean… but then she heard him again… and he was him… but not him… 

It was taking all her strength to reach out to the other him, but she was determined to bring him back. She heard Him scream. He was hurting. She didn’t want to hurt Him but it was the only way. Cas was hurting too. Then they touched, and the spark that created her flowed through His body again. And Cas was back.

He was so happy now and it made her so happy. And Cas was so nice now and talked to her and loved her and loved him and everything was good

He was bored and wanted to go with them on something they called a hunt. Talking about it made him sad again. 

He was watching tv and talking to little voices she didn’t recognize, and then he fell asleep. 

Then there was a loud noise and he was upset. Then another voice was really close to him and he hurt him. 

Cas said that he was going away, and He had to be locked in the bunker. 

He was really sad again. 

He was having really scary nightmares, even when he was awake. But he wouldn’t talk to anyone about them and it was making him feel worse than when Cas was gone. 

Then a lady was singing and he talked to her and she made him feel better. 

The lady voices that have been there with him since Cas left, threw him a party. It made him happy. He asked her to wait until Cas came back to be born. 

Then… Cas was back! 

And she was born.

Chapter Twelve 

The First Day

She had been passed person to person and was… very much so… over it. Now Charlie and Jo had her, simultaneously gooing and gaaing in her face as much as they could before heading out. 

Where was he? Why had he handed her off to these maniacs? She twisted her head trying to find him, and spotted him sitting on the couch. 

Help me!

She kicked her foot out but he didn’t move. Her brows furrowed and she kicked both of her legs. Nothing. She kicked them harder, and added a few punches as well. 

Why isn’t it working?  

“Aww… aren’t you feisty?” Charlie laughed. She grabbed her wrists and pretended to punch the air, throwing in her own sound effects. Jo giggled beside her. 

Why aren’t you saving me!? 

She looked back over to where he was sitting and pouted. “Oh my goodness!” Jo gasped. “Look at that face!”

Come… Get… Me!

Liane inhaled as much as her tiny lungs would allow and cried as loud as she could. Dean’s head snapped up immediately, and he pushed up off the couch, wincing in pain from the sudden movement. He hurried over and scooped up the screaming infant from Charlie’s arms. 

“Shhhh… I got you.” He whispered, cradling her in his arms. Her cries quickly turned to whimpers and finally quieted. 

About time.

She looked up at him, taking quick gaspy breaths. He said goodbye to Charlie and Jo and carried her back to his room, climbing in the bed. 

“Aren’t you hungry…?” He grabbed her bottle from the bedside table and held it to her lips. She looked at the bottle, then back at him confused, and turned her head away from it. 

I don’t want that…

“Here…” He urged running the nipple across her lips. “You have to eat… I… I think.” 

When she still refused it, he sighed. Cas appeared beside him and joined him on their bed. “Dean, what’s wrong?”

“She still won’t take it…” He sat the bottle down and covered his face, frustrated, though not really sure why. 

“Perhaps she doesn’t need to eat, like Jack.” The angel suggested. 

“Jack’s isn’t a baby. And ‘perhaps’ isn’t good enough, Cas… what if she’s starving…” 

Cas couldn’t help but laugh at the hunter. “She is only a day old. I doubt she is starving already.” He wrapped his arm around Dean, and pulled him closer. Dean sniffled and Liane tilted her head. 

Why are you sad…

“I just… I don’t want to mess up…” Dean said as tears began to fall. Liane wiggled in his arms to get his attention. He wiped his eyes and looked down at her. 

Fine. I’ll take it.

Dean stared at her, and she stared at him. He raised his brows confused and she furrowed her getting frustrated. And the bottle tipped over. Dean picked it up and held it in front of Liane. “Did you do that?” 

I don’t know… just give it. 

She fidgeted and smacked her lips reaching up towards the bottle. Dean looked at Cas and the angel shrugged. Liane began fussing, making little grunts and coos. “Ok, ok… here.” He laughed, turning the bottle towards her mouth. 

Now what. 

Liane looked between Dean and Cas, holding the bottle in her mouth. She bit down and some milk came out. 


She bit down again, and her eyes widened. Dean watched her, confused and a little humored. 

This is… really good…

She bit down faster, until she finally fingered it out and latched onto the bottle. She seemed to sigh in relief of finally figuring out how to drink from the bottle. Blinking up at them while she ate, her eyes started to get heavy. Then Dean pulled the bottle away and sat it down. 

Hey! That’s mine!

“Don’t look at me like that…” Dean laughed at her shocked face with her pouty lips still sucking at nothing. He gently maneuvered her to lay on his shoulder and began patting her back. 

Why… are you… hitting me…?! Oh…

Liane tensed and burped, spitting some of the milk over his shoulder. Dean laid her back into his arms and wiped her mouth then returned the bottle. He leaned back and watched her for a while before he could feel Cas’ staring at him. 

“What…?” He blushed when he looked up and the angel was smiling. 

“I love watching you with her.” Cas says moving closer to him. “You’re such a good father.” 

“I just burped her…” Dean could feel his face get hotter, and rolled his eyes to downplay Cas’ words. 

“You have done a lot more than that, Dean.” Cas tilted the hunters chin towards him and pressed their lips together.

“Dammit Cas…” Dean covered his eyes as he felt more tears build. “Can you give me a break from all the emotions…” 

“My apologies…” He smiled and pulled Dean back in his arms, kissing his temple. 

Liane’s eyes had finally drifted shut and Dean took the bottle from her. He laid her forward on his chest and patted one more burp out of her. His own eyes were beginning to droop and Cas shifted so Dean was laying against him. Then rubbed over his back until he was also asleep. 

The First Week

I don’t like this…

Liane wiggled against the tightly wrapped blanket, holding her arms and legs in place. Dean tucked the end piece into a flap like the video instructed, and lifted her up. “There, now you can’t get to your face.” He was trying not to laugh at how unhappy the baby looked. “Swaddling is supposed to help you feel like you’re still in here, anyway.” He pointed to his stomach.

This feels nothing like that…

Liane scrunched up her face and looked up at Dean. “Do you not like it?” 

I don’t. I really don’t…

He laughed at Liane’s frustrated expression. “Well if you kept your gloves on… and didn’t claw up your face… we wouldn’t have to make you a baby burrito.” Liane glared at him, making Dean laugh harder. “Ok, little miss attitude, here…” he pulled out a pacifier and held it to her lips.

Ok… You win this time…

Liane took the pacifier, and Dean carried her into the library. He laid her in the bee swing that was part of her nursery set, and turned it on. She tried her hardest to fight it, but the soft music mixed with the rocking and the pacifier quickly lulled her to sleep. 

Dean smiled at her from his seat then reluctantly buried his nose in one of the many books he was looking through. As much as he, and Cas, and everyone else, would love to just enjoy life with a new baby… there was a big threat coming, and they needed to be ready.

Even if they didn’t know exactly what… or how to prepare. 

The swing finally stopped and after a while Liane woke up. She blinked a few times as her eyes adjusted, then she watched everyone busily moving around the library. She yawned and the pacifier in her mouth fell out. 

Dang it…

She fidgeted in the tightly wrapped blanket, and tried to get someone’s attention. The only one who noticed her was Miracle, who was laying under one of the tables. He stretched and stood up. Then walked over and sat beside the swing, looking at Liane. She blinked back at him. 

Don’t you do it…

The dog leaned forward and licked her face. She squinted her eyes at him and considered crying so someone would save her before he covered her in more dog drool. 

Miracle leaned back in and Liane closed her eyes, ready to scream, when she felt something push against her lips. He nudged the pacifier until she had it securely back. 

Ok. You’re not so bad, stinky breath.

Miracle laid his head on the swing against her body and stared at her, and she smiled back around the pacifier. 

Two Weeks Old

Liane was screaming so hard her face was red. Her tiny fists were balled up and punching air. Dean had hold of her legs or she would be kicking too. 

It hurts!

“If you would just hold still…” he sighed, trying to rub the cream onto the blistering rash, accidently pressing too hard on the worst area. 

How could you!

She sucked in a sharp breath, looking at him, betrayed, like he had done it on purpose. “Oh… Bee, I’m sorry.” Dean quickly picked her up, cradling her tiny body to him as she wailed in pain. He felt defeated. 

Cas appeared at the bedroom door, finding Dean crying along with Liane as he rocked her. The angel quickly pulled Dean into his arms and placed kisses to both of their heads. 

“This isn’t fair…” Dean cried. The angels no longer could heal at will, and for the most part Dean got it. Chuck’s whole spiel on ‘over doing miracles’. He knew he was being selfish, wishing Cas could make an exception for Liane. But hearing her cry, knowing she was hurting, was mentally draining. 

There was also the frustration, and confusion, of her even having human issues like diaper rashes, or colic, or gas, in the first place. Unlike Jack, she needed sleep, food, and medicine. She also seemed to be aging like a normal baby. 

However she seemed to understand when she was being talked to, though she didn’t always understand what everyone was saying and she couldn’t respond back. Which was crazy in and of itself for a newborn, and usually resulted in the most adorable Cas’ like head tilts or furrowed brows. 

She had knocked a couple things over, and opened or closed a couple doors. She levitated a fully naked Dean back into the room when he left her to shower once, and thankfully only once. And that was the extent of her abilities… so far. 

Mary had also heard the cries and came to the room. Her heart broke at the sight of her son, eyes swollen, red, and exhausted. “Hey Dean, why don’t you let me look after her for a while…” she offered. “ can get some rest, maybe even some sleep.” Dean tried to protest, but she insisted, as did Cas. “I’ll lay her with you once she’s asleep.” Mary promised. 

Dean let his mother take Liane and crawled in his bed. He struggled to get comfortable on the noisy mattress cover. Cas made a mental note to go as soon as possible and find a new bed for them. He laid beside Dean and pulled him close, rubbing his back until he finally fell asleep. 

“Hey pretty girl!” Mary cooed at Liane. She had her soaking in her small tub filled with warm water and an oatmeal treatment for the rash. Liane splashed and giggled, a sight that easily melted her heart. “John, can you get her out? I’m gonna get her some clothes.” The man looked terrified. 

“I… uh… ok.” He said, not being able to decline as Mary had already left him alone. He looked into the tub at the baby. She was mimicking his stern face back at him, making him laugh, which she also copied. “You are something… ” he said quietly, lifting her from the tub and wrapping her in a towel. 

He sat down and waited for Mary to return, gently drying her, all while keeping eye contact. At some point her tiny hand found one of his fingers and wrapped around it, unintentionally wrapping him around hers. 

“Still can’t believe we’re grandparents.” Mary said reentering the room with a clean change of clothes and diaper. She sat beside John laying her head on his shoulder, and they both stared at her. Liane looked between the two. 


Mary quickly rubbed her down with lavender scented lotion and like magic she was yawning by the time she was fully dressed. In no time Liane was out. 

She walked her to Dean and Cas’ room, and seeing Cas still awake, handed the sleeping baby to him. The Angel stiffened and looked nervous, realizing he actually hadn’t yet held her. Dean was who she preferred and he always just hovered near them.

“Have you never held a baby before?” Mary laughed, adjusting Liane in Cas’ arms. 

“I have… it’s just…”

“Different when it’s yours.” The woman finished, with an understanding smile.

Cas nodded and looked down at Liane, peacefully sleeping. She was so small and seemingly fragile. He gently brushed his finger over her face, and her eyes fluttered open. She stared up into the blue eyes and he couldn’t look away if he tried. Mary smiled at the two and quietly snuck out.

The intense staring battle continued until Liane suddenly sneezed, snapping both of them out of the trance.

“I suppose it’s long overdue…” He finally said, turning her so she was laying down his arms with her head in his hands, and leaning down close to her face. “…but thank you.” She tilted her head, and he laughed, rubbing her cheek with his thumb. “For saving me… and bringing me back.”

He needed you.

She turned her head towards Dean, then back to Cas, and smiled. 

We needed you. 

Reaching up towards the angel Liane touched his face. Her small hands moved over his cheeks and grabbed at nose and ears and hair. He sighed, and closed his eyes, pressing his forehead against hers. The mattress cover crackled and Cas looked over to see Dean watching them. 

“Here…” Cas said holding Liane out towards him. 

Dean gently pushed his arms back and shook his head. “I love watching you with her.” He said scooting closer to Cas and leaning on the angel’s shoulder. “You’re such a good father.” 

Three Weeks Old

Liane sat quietly in her swing, staring at the TV. They weren’t proud that it only took three weeks before they realized YouTube was an amazing babysitter… but… it was. A new video started itself and she was watching a woman sing and sign a song about families. 

Eileen instantly was interested in the video, and sat next to her. She looked over and gasped, seeing Liane copying some of the signs. The woman quickly paused the video and turned the swing towards her. 

*Aunt* Eileen repeated excitedly. “Aunt.” She clarified, pointing to herself, then signed it again. *Aunt*

Liane kicked her legs quickly, making little noises and smiling at her. She watched Eileen repeat the word once more then lifted her fist to her chin and copied it. 

“Wow!” The woman all but shrieked. “*You are so smart*” Liane giggled and cooed back at her. 

“What’s going on in here?” Sam asked, joining Eileen on the couch, and reaching down to grab at his niece flailing feet playfully. 

“Watch…” Eileen said, then repeated the sign a couple times for Liane. The baby instantly signed it back, and Eileen clapped proudly. Then she began signing uncle. “*Uncle, Uncle*” She pointed to Sam and Liane’s eyes followed. 

Sam laughed. “I mean she does swing her fists around all day… could be a coincide…” Liane narrowed her eyes and formed a perfect letter U sign, circling it around her forehead. The two blinked silently at each other before Liane’s face softened and she cooed at him. 

“Looks like you're not the only smart one anymore, Sammy.” Dean laughed passing by them to get his third… or maybe it was the fourth… cup of coffee.

Sam rolled his eyes, and noticed Liane trying to twist her head to see where Dean had gone. She grunted and opened her hand tapping her thumb against her chin. Eileen laughed and lifted it to her forehead, but Liane snatched her hand back to her chin. 

“Mmmmmmm….” She bumped her chin harder, then began to cry. Eileen and Sam looked shocked, but didn’t say anything as Dean rushed back in and scooped Liane out of the swing. 

*Dog* Liane repeated easily when Eileen pointed to Miracle. 

“Good job!” She praised the baby, who giggled happily. “How about…” Eileen called Jack over and he sat in front of Liane. “Who’s this?” 

*Brother* It was sloppy, but understandable and everyone was impressed. 

“That’s amazing.” Kelly laughed, sitting beside her son, and staring at the, far too young to know any of this, infant. 

Liane looked back at her and smiled. *Aunt* she signed. 

“Oh.” Kelly blushed. “I’m probably more of… *Friend*” she suggested. 

Liane stared at her. *Aunt* she signed again, more serious.

“Ok, fine.” The woman laughed. 

She went through each person, correctly signing their roles in her life. Cooing and giggling at the shock and praise that came with it. 

Eileen pointed to Cas, and Liane smiled. *Dada* She looked at Dean, moving her hand to her chin. *Mama* The hunter glared over at Sam who was covering his mouth trying to laugh. He tried to move her hand back to her forehead, but she pulled her arm away and repeated *Mama Mama Mama* smiling. 

“Maybe she is just trying to differentiate between you two.” Jack suggested. 

“I mean she’s not exactly wrong…” Cas added. Dean turned his glare to the Angel. “…what? You did play the role of the mother. I’m sure when she starts talking she will use the correct word…” 

“Yeah yeah.” Dean mumbled. Liane continued to sign mama at him until he finally picked her up. She looked into his eyes and smiled. 

One Month Old

♩Na na na nananana, nannana, hey Jude...♩

Dean looked down and, nope, she was still awake. 

*Again* Liane giggled and squirmed in Dean’s arms. *Again, Again!*

“I’ve sung it three times, Bee.” Dean groaned, laying her on the bed. “Please… go to sleep.” 

I’m not sleepy!

Her seemingly heavy eyelids said otherwise, but she fought against it. She kicked her legs and started whining, reaching out towards Dean. “Mmmmmm!!! Mmmmmmm!” 

Dean couldn’t stand hearing her pitiful cries and gave in. “One more time… ok?” She smiled and willingly took her pacifier, as he started the song again. He didn’t even get through the first verse and her eyes were sealed. “Finally…” he sighed, laying her in the middle of the bed, grabbing the baby monitor, and sneaking out. 

“Is she asleep?” Cas asked as Dean plopped down in the chair beside him. The hunter nodded and yawned, opening the laptop in front of him. “You should get some sleep too.” 

The angel looked him over. His eyes had dark circles under them and were sunken in. He was beyond any form of tired he had ever experienced… in his life, but he still shook his head. “I can’t… we have to figure something out to fight Billie.” 

“But Dean…” 

“No buts, Cas…” the hunter slammed his hand down on the desk, looking at Cas with tired, but begging eyes. “I’m helping this time… got it?” He wasn’t trying to be a jerk, but everyone’s lives, their lives… Liane’s life, it rested on them figuring out how to beat a cosmic entity strong enough to devour God and the universe. He looked at the small screen in front of him showing Liane, still sound asleep, and a tear fell. 

Sam waited until it wouldn’t be obvious he could hear them, and joined them at the table. “Ok. Kevin agreed to help anyway he could… and so did Donatello. Mick is going through all of their research for anything on the empty, and every hunter, monster, demon and angel we know is keeping their eyes and ears open for Billie, or a new portal.” He sighed and dropped to an open chair. 

“So… Now, what…?” 

“Now I guess we just wait…” Sam laid his head down. He could also use a good night's sleep. Everyone could. 

Dean leaned back in the chair, and looked at the monitor. Liane was almost on the edge of the bed. “Shit!” He hissed and shoved himself to his feet. He burst into the room, catching her just as she tipped over the side. It jolted woke her up and she gasped, then began screaming. 

“Mmmmm…Mmmmm!” She mumbled against Dean’s chest as he tried to calm her. 

Two Months Old

*Up* Liane wiggled against the swing's straps. *Out*

“Mmmmmmmmm!” She cried, waving her arms to get someone’s attention. Miracle sat up from his usual spot under her swing and started barking, quickly getting Dean to look their way. 

Thank you, stinky breath. 

“MmMMmMmmM…” Dean mocked and walked over to her, laughing as he unhooked her and lifted her out. She wiggled in his arms and he laid her down on a blanket on the floor. She quickly flipped over and lifted her head. “And that’s why you get locked up now. 

She propped herself on her elbows, and studied her hands. She wiggled her fingers around, turning her hands over to look at her palms. She looked over at him, shifted her body to face him better, and smiled. “Mmmmm...mmmm!” she cooed, trying to move toward him. 

“Wait…” He pulled her up into his arms. “Are you trying to talk…” He whispered. 

She furrowed her brows, and pursed her lips. “Mmmmmm!!” She tried again. 

“Ok I’m listening.” He laughed leaning towards her. “What are you trying to say?”

“Mmmma! Mmmmma! MMMA!” She said looking accomplished. “Mmmma. Mamamamamama.” She smiled happily and reached out, touching his face. Then tapped her chin and signed *Mama* “Mama” Dean was in shock… and a teeny bit annoyed… but mostly shocked. 

“Uhh… how about *dada*?” He tried to correct her both ways, she squinted her eyes and looked over where Cas was looking through some old large lore book. “No… well… I mean yeah he is… but me too.. dada?” 



Liane grabbed Dean’s face, looking him directly in the eyes. “” *Mama* “Mmmmammmma” Dean laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of arguing with an infant and Cas looked up at them. “Dadadada.” She cooed towards him. *Dada*

“That’s incredible.” Cas gasped, walking over to run a finger over her tiny cheek. 

“Seriously?!” Dean was laughing harder, and both Cas and Liane stared at him confused. Dean held up a finger to hind. “Who am I?” He asked her, all doubt they were looking too deep into her intelligence gone now. 

Liane smiled. “*Mama*” Dean rolled his eyes, lifting her up to press his forehead to hers. She wrapped her arms around his head grabbing at his hair. 

“I still say she isn’t wrong.” Cas smiled, pulling them close. 

“Yeah yeah.” 

Then things, like they always did for the Winchester Clan, went bad. A surge in monster attacks had them all believing either Billie had recreated the portal, or unleashed the ones she smuggled through the first time. 

The hunters flocked to the bunker for help or to help with figuring out what to do. The BMOL were forced into contact with their estranged home base. Heaven was in a frenzy and Hell was no better. 

“They’re here!” Sam called into the bunker, taking the bag from Ellen then giving her a quick hug before taking her stuff to find an empty room. Bill was at the top of the stairs talking to John about everything. 

“Hey!” Mary smiled. “How was the drive?” 

“Would have been nice if it didn’t feel like we were driving to our own funeral.” The older blonde half heartedly joked. 

“Ah the life of a hunter…” Mary sighed. The two women walked into the living room, where a majority of people had gathered. 

“My goodness she is even cuter in person!” Ellen beamed at Liane, who was sitting in a Bumbo chair in the middle of the floor, copying signs with Eileen. “Wow…” the older woman gasped, watching the infant in amazement. 

Dean walked into the room, threw his arms around Ellen, and kissed her cheek. “Hey gorgeous!” Ellen squeezed him, pulling back to smile warmly. They both watched the baby as she copied Eileen’s hands. “Still can’t believe it sometimes…” he whispered. 

“I don’t think any of us can. But… there she is.” Ellen wrapped an arm around Dean’s back and noticed spit up spots all over his shirt. “Well don’t you look like a true dad.” She laughed. 

“Oh.” Dean looked at himself. “I didn’t even realize.” He laughed too, and began pulling the shirt off, walking towards his room. As he passed Liane she reached up for him, but he didn’t see her. She watched him walk out of the room, stuck out her bottom lip and whimpered, before letting out a soft cry. Eileen picked her up as everyone went silent. 

“Just wait.” Sam laughed.

“Maaaammmaaaaa!” she cried loudly into Eileen’s chest, and Dean rushed back to take her. 

She immediately stopped crying, and looked pleased with herself. There were suppressed giggles and tight lips everywhere. Dean felt his face heat up. “Not. A. Word.” He hissed and walked back to his room. 

“Mamamama…” Sam said quietly, causing everyone to laugh. He barely ducked out of the way as a boot came flying across the room toward his head.

Chapter Text

“Poor poor little reaper… it seems they’ve forgotten you.” The raspy voice circled Billie, laughing tauntingly. 

“Go away.” She rolled her eyes and rested her head on the cold hard floor, or ground, or whatever it was beneath her. 

“Such a pity… you were so close to your goal…” 

“I see why the goofy angel despised you so much…” the reaper groaned, trying to cover her ears. She closed her eyes and willed her body to go to sleep. 

“Do you think I will let you rest… when I can’t?”

“And why can’t you? It’s quiet now. Everyone is gone… I just want to be alone… By all means, please, go back to sleep.” The shadow reached out a long black limb, snatching the reaper up by her leg. It held her, upside down, and slowly appeared from the darkness. 

The being approached Billie, donning a botched Castiel; the part of him the empty held onto. Slashes were missing throughout the vessel revealing the dark shadow within. “I can not sleep after what he has done. He has taken all their power from me. I am weak.”

Billie clicked her tongue and smiled. “Poor, poor little… whatever you are.” 

The shadow tightened its hold on Billie's leg, bringing her closer until she was hanging directly in front of the broken face. “I am weak… but not for long…”

“And why is that?” Billie asked, raising her brows. 

“Because you are going to finish what you started… and give me God…” The tendril around her leg lowered her and wrapped around her body and then sank into her body.

A devious smirk crossed the reaper's face. 

Billie stepped back and admired the portal. It had taken her months to securely ward off the cave so nothing could find it. Satisfied with her work she used the part of shadow within her to bring her back to the empty. 

When she returned she found the shadow groaning and clutching at the vessel's head. “Since when did cosmic entities get headaches?” She asked sarcastically. 

“She is so loud!” The shadow screamed.


“The nephilim! She keeps calling out to him…” 

Billie laid down and sighed, not concerned with whatever was going on with the shadow. The being twitched and screamed and suddenly the vessel's eyes lit up. 

“Say it again…” Dean’s voice echoed through the empty. 

“Dean…?” the broken Castiel stood, clearly now in control. 

“Cas…? Can you hear me… I’m sorry… I need you… come back to me… to us…” 

The vessel twitched as the shadow tried to break the connection. Billie watched on in amusement.

“Cas, please… say it again.” 

The light got brighter and enveloped the vessel, and when it dimmed the rest of Castiel was gone. A loud shriek rang out through the empty. 

“Wow…” Billie laughed, clapping her hands. “Gotta love a happy ending.” Black tendrils shot up from both sides of the reaper, covering her body and slowly merging into it. She laughed as the shadow settled into its new vessel. “Now you didn’t have to be so forceful, all you had to do was ask…” 

“Dean Winchester does not get a happy ending…” 

Billie smiled. “I couldn’t agree more.”

She walked through the forest until she came to a fight raging between some djinn and siren. The reaper walked right into the middle of the battle. “Fools…” she hissed, as they stopped and looked at her. “Fighting each other when you could be free of this place…”

“Who are you?” A djinn barked, puffing out his chest and getting in Billie’s face. 

“Just a friend… trying to help.” Billie flashed a smile at the monster. 

“We don’t need friends… and we don’t need your help!” He raised his hand to attack her and her eyes turned black with lines streaking from them and running across her face. A tendril slithered out from the cloak she wore and quickly wrapped around the Djinn. Coiling its way up his body to his neck. 

It squeezed and snapped the bone inside with ease. The monster was then absorbed into the shadow. Billie's eyes glowed Djinn blue and the monster's tattoos appeared across her face before fading away. 

The remaining monsters looked at each other, then two more Djinn and a couple sirens lunged at her. The shadow sent out multiple limbs grabbing the monsters and easily killing them, absorbing them as well as their power. 

That was enough to convince the rest not to try to fight her. “Now…” the reaper sighed, turning to the remaining monsters. “…as I was saying…”

“So explain to me, again, what is the purpose of releasing them” the shadow said from within Billie’s head. They hid in the shadows of the cave and watched the first monsters escape through the portal. 

“We need an army. The hunters may only be human, but they are smart. They also have heaven and hell on their team.” 

When the moon passed and the portal closed, those who tried to pass through anyway disintegrated, their power being transferred to the shadow. 

As the monsters who made it through climbed from the water Billie stepped into view. “Well well well… aren’t we a lucky few.” 

“We’re free!” A werewolf snarled. 

“Yes… about that…” Billie stepped closer to the group. “I need you to lay low for a while… we can’t have you bringing attention to yourselves… yet. Understand?” 

A leviathan laughed, walking up to the reaper, unfazed. “And what happens if we say… fuck you?” 

Billie’s smile widened, the shadow sending out an arm towards the leviathan's foot, unseen by him. “I don’t think it will be hard to convince you to not do that.” 

“You don’t intimidate me, puny reaper.”

“I’m sure I don’t… But I do!” Her voice switched to the shadow and it grabbed him. One tendril wrapped around his body and another quickly slid up the leviathans back over his head and into his mouth. A sharp jerk back and it pulled the top of his head off. 

The other monsters watched in horror as the leviathan's body went limp and was absorbed by the shadow.

“Does anyone else have any objections?”

She watched as Gabriel found the portal. Laughing when the weakest of the archangels tries to destroy it. 

Then the stupid kitsune went agaisnt her orders and with began killing to lure the Winchester’s to her. She succeeded and Billie watched in the shadows as the angel smote her. She watched as Amy joined the hunters after Cas heard Dean’s prayer. 

She watched as Amy told them about the portal and they made a plan to go find it. She stood in the shadows of The room and watched Dean sleep. 

“We could kill him right now…” the shadow hissed, reaching out towards the sleeping man. 

“No.” Billie said calmly. “Not yet. You are not strong enough to fight off the war the angel will start if you kill him.” 

She hovered over Dean and began singing in his ear. He tossed and turned in his sleep, whimpering as he was thrust into a nightmare.

The shadow was strong enough to restrain the angels but not kill them. But they had the archangel blade, and the portal would soon open releasing the massive gathering she had instructed to come. Then Chuck appeared and ruined it, again! 

The shadow got them away just in time. Billie screamed into the vast empty. “We were so close. We would have had more than enough power with two archangels and the stupid love sick one.” 

“Then we just have to try harder next time.” 

Chapter Thirteen


“Seriously Cas…” Dean whined as the angel pulled into the parking lot of the mall. “… we have much bigger problems than a noisy mattress cover.” 

“Dean you are barely sleeping as is…” Cas parked the impala and looked over at the hunter. “…at least with a new bed the sleep you do get will be pleasant.” He appeared at the passenger door. 

“You know… I do know what a door handle is…” The angel narrowed his eyes and Dean laughed. He took his hand anyway and let Cas help him out, and as soon as he was on his feet Cas pulled him into a kiss. 

“You talk too much…” Cas smiled against his lips.

Dean drew back and blushed when an older couple made a snide comment as they passed. 

“My apologies… I shouldn’t have done that in public.” Cas sighed, still holding Dean’s hand out of view. 

“No…” The hunter smiled and inched closer leaning in for a second kiss. “…screw what others think. I’m not ashamed of us.”

“Um sir… sir… you're not supposed to actually sleep on the beds…” an associate tapped Dean on the shoulder. The hunter grumbled and flipped away from the woman. “Sir…?!”

“I think we’ll take this one.” Cas interrupted before she pushed the wrong button on Dean and ended up floored… or shot. He pulled out his wallet and looked inside, then at the price tag. The unholy things I do for this man… he thought as handed her a newly opened credit card. 

“I’ll be right back Mr… Sheeran.” The woman sighed, looking at the card. “Please get him off my display bed.” Cas nodded and watched her walk to the register. 

“Dean… Dean!” He hissed, shaking the hunter's shoulder, and dodging a fist as he jolted up. 

Dean rubbed his eyes, and yawned as the woman walked back with the receipt for Cas to sign. She stared at Dean annoyed and the hunter blinked his eyes until they focused, then looked at the paper. “Oh… is it really the 18th?”

“Yes it is. Here’s your copy for pick up, and have a nice day…” she said harshly and walked away. Dean watched her for a moment and shrugged it off. He turned back to Cas and smiled, taking his hand and kissing his cheek as they exited the store. 

“You’re in a better mood, that must have been a good nap.” The angel smiled as Dean slid a hand down his arm and linked their fingers. 

“Well… yeah. Plus, it’s a special day.” Dean was absolutely bubbly, and as happy as it made Cas, the change in Dean’s attitude equally confused him. 

“It is…?” He asked, and dreaded it immediately as he watched the hunter's face instantly drop. 

“You… you don’t know what today is… what happened?” Cas saw tear building in Dean’s eyes but he quickly blinked them back. He mentally kicked himself for acting so insensitive, because of course this day would mean as much to Dean as it did to him. 

“September 18…” Cas squinted his eyes and thought back to all the significant things to happen. “It was the day Philip Augustus became king of France… at the age of fifteen, by the way. It was the day the Voyager I took the first distant photograph of the Earth and the Moon together.” 

Dean rolled his eyes, and smiled. “Uh huh…” 

“It was the day of the first mailing of anthrax letters from Trenton, New Jersey in the 2001 anthrax attacks… and also the day Buddhist monks joined anti-government protesters in Myanmar, starting what some call the Saffron Revolution.” 

“It’s a pretty important day…” 

“Indeed. And the very next year… on this day…” Cas leaned in and kissed Dean’s forehead. “… I gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.” 

“When you say it like that it just kills the whole mood…” Dean laughed. 

“I didn’t even know you remembered. You’ve never said anything before…” 

“This year is different…” Dean sighed. “…we’re together now. It makes it feel special.” Cas reached up and wiped away the falling tears. 

“Had I known… I would have gotten you something nicer than a mattress…” 

“Hey, that mattress is amazing, and it comes with a remote!” Dean insisted, wrapping his arms around Cas. “Besides… a new quiet bed will come in handy tonight.” 

“Hmmm… that does sound amazing.” He hugged the hunter back and looked over his shoulder to the poster hanging in front of a jewelry store. 

The perfect gift to tell that special someone how much you care. With a few different ring designs.

The bunker was rumbling from all the voices talking against each other. 

“Everything has just started attacking at the same time.”

“They aren’t even being sneaky about it.” 

“It’s like they want us to find them.”

“Maybe they do.”

“Is this a set up… a trap…”

“But if we don’t do anything innocent people will die.”

“What do we do?!”

The brothers stood in the front of the group, listening to all the comments and concerns, with no actual idea on how to answer them. 

“It would be nice to have that right about now…” Dean sighed, looking at the map table. 

“Perhaps… I could help with that…” 

A snap was heard and the bunker came to life. The crowd parted to see Mrs. Butters smiling at them, holding Liane. Dean stiffened as did Cas as the wood nymph, who had tried to kill Jack, bounced their daughter. 

“Dean… she is such a beauty.” Mrs. Butters said, bringing the infant through the hunters to him. He stared at the nymph confused. “Oh I suppose you are all wondering why I’m here.” 

“Uh… yeah. That… that would be nice.” Sam said. 

“Well, I couldn’t help myself, and I checked up on y’all a few times.” She admitted, with a kind smile. “I learned about Dean’s pregnancy and his reunion with Cas… and oh I always knew there was something more there…” she winked at the hunter and he blushed. “I never intruded… because I didn’t think you needed me… until now.”

Sam and Dean filled everyone in on the wood nymph and her importance to the bunker. Then, they gathered at the map and were shocked at all the lights. 

“Oh my…” Mrs. Butters gasped. “This is bad.” 

They sent groups out to the attacks nearby, and reached out to other hunters for the farther out hunts. Through the BMOL they learned of more branches in other countries. They worked for days. And when they regrouped in the bunker the map seemed to be more lit up than before. 

“I don’t understand…” Sam cried, slumping into his chair. “It’s as if we didn’t even do anything.” 

Gabriel, Anna and Michael appeared at the map table. “Alright, sarge, we are here for your disposal?” The archangel said in a mock lieutenant voice, his hand in a salute. 


Michael looked over at his brother and groaned. “What my… idiot… brother is trying to say is we are here to help.” 

Sam looked between the angels, and smiled. “We appreciate it.” 

“So where do you need us to go?” Anna asked.

They split them up with the groups of hunters, and sent everyone out again. Still not much changed. More monsters popped up across the map. 

“Hello boys.” The scratchy voice called. The brothers looked up from their computers, tiredly, at the king of hell. “What can we do to help?”

With him was Rowena, Meg and a group of demons. Some of the hunters came to see his intentions, and looked uneasy with the demons. 

Crowley sighed. “They are not possessed. I found a couple body’s lying around… it is a madhouse out there after all. Now… Do you want our help or not?” Again they split them up with groups. 

Rowena reached out to some covens she knew would willingly help in exchange for the hunters leaving them be. Sam contacted Amy and asked for her help, and she reached out to the others who escaped with her. In no time word had spread that hunters were working with monsters, and monsters began coming out of hiding, offering their assistance. 

There was a heavy knock on the bunker door. Dean climbed the stairs and opened it. “Hello…?” He said as the figure stepped forward. 

“You probably don’t remember me… it’s been a while.” The man said with a smile. 

Dean squinted his eyes and tried to think of where he had seen him before. “Hey! Jesse!” Sam called from downstairs. 

“Jesse…?” Dean said looking at Sam surprised, then back at the man. “As in Jesse Turner… half demon… turned Cas into an action figure…” 

“In my defense… he was trying to kill me.” Jesse laughed. “Congrats on finally making that move though… I thought I could feel a strange connection between you too.” 

Dean rolled his eyes and smiled. “Yeah… seems like everyone did…” 

“Well, I’m here to help however I can. Had to bring a couple extra helpers though.” Jesse looked back out the door and Carrie and Connor peeked in. 

They shyly waved at Dean and the trio followed him down into the bunker. Cas met them at the bottom holding Liane and the children looked from her to Dean, to Dean’s now flat stomach. “I knew it…” Carrie whispered to her brother

Somehow, even though the monsters seemed to be never ending, they were making it work. They had enough manpower, angel power, demon power, and  monster power, to handle whatever came up. For the first time in weeks they could breathe. 

“Nnnnannnnna” Liane said, earning a high pitched squeal from an extremely proud Mary, and multiple laughs from the many people crowding the bunker. 

“Finally!” The woman cried triumphantly, peppering the infant's face with kisses.  

Dean was standing at the map table trying to decide where the worst cases were and who to send to them. 

Sam was introducing Sully and some other Zanna to the hunters. 

Eileen was teaching some of the group's simple signs to help quietly communicate on the hunts.

Jack was helping the younger people, and younger monsters learn how to use some of the weapons. 

And Cas… was sneaking out a small group so he could speak to them in private. They quickly and quietly filed into a back room. 

“Ok, be quick… before they notice we're missing!” Jo whispered.

“Did you get it?!” Charlie added. 

Cas reached in his pocket and pulled out a small box. He handed it to the red head and he popped it opened. Instantly Benny and Kevin were in tears, laughing. “What…” Cas hissed. “The lady said this is what most men come in looking for.”

“Man… that’s because they are looking for a ring a woman likes…” Garth snorted, shaking his head. “Dean would die before he walked around wearing a rock that big.” 

Charlie swatted Kevin and Benny to shut them up before their obnoxious laughter alerted someone. “Look, Cas… find something more subtle… more Dean… something that shows how well you know him. He would be much happier with the sentiment over the price.” 

The angel sighed and took the box back from Charlie, glad he kept the receipt. “Don’t worry… you could ask with a lug nut and he would still say yes!” Jo said, smiling. “He is going to be so happy!” 


Donna and Jody took all their vacation days at the same time and came to help, against the consistent opposition of the brothers and most of the hunters.

“You two fight bad guys enough! Enjoy your vacation.” Mary tried to insist. The women both laughed.

“Not much to enjoy when the world might be coming to an end… again.” Jody smiled and walked off to find her girls. 

“Really though…” Donna added. “… we are more than happy to be here. This is our fight too.” 

“Well then… Thank you for coming.” Mary said, pulling Donna into a hug. 

“Oh you betcha!” 

“I just don’t get it…” Sam sighed, as the women joined him at the map. “…this doesn’t make any sense.”

“What’s going on?” Jody asked, putting her arm around the younger brother’s back. 

He held her back and pointed to the table. “It’s quiet.” 

Everyone looked down. There were 3 lights throughout the whole map. “That’s a good thing, right?” The sheriff continued. 

“It was fully lit up this morning…” Dean explained. He and Cas joined everyone at the map. “…why would they just disappear…”

“Maybe we’ve scared them…” Mary suggested. 

“I don’t know… it doesn’t feel right…” 

Dean was sitting in the middle of the floor holding Liane’s hands as she stood wobbly. She lifted a foot and moved it forward. Claire and Kaia were sitting in front of Dean and reaching out towards the infant, encouraging her to come to them. 

“Come on squirt! You can do it.” Claire said waving the grumpy cat plush around and Liane tried to step toward it. She let go of Dean’s fingers and reached for the toy, falling back. She pouted at the teens and Claire handed her the cat. “Don’t be sad, squirt… I’d say that’s pretty impressive for a newborn.” 

“It’s amazing she is already trying to walk.” Kaia added and the crowd around them all agreed. 

Cas was standing behind Dean and Charlie came up and tugged on his arm. He quietly walked with her to the outskirts of the group. “Well…?” 

“Ughhh…” Cas groaned. “This is hard… The bands all look so plain. I don’t know what to get.” He flinched when the redhead punched his arm.

“Dude! You love him right?”


“And you want to make him happy… Right!?” 


“Then get it together and figure this out!” 

Cas sighed. Why did something so simple have to be so complicated?

“Oh my god! Cas get over here!” Dean screamed and the angel hurried just in time to see Liane take a step. She wobbled for a second and took another before falling. “You did it, Bee!” Dean cried, scooping the baby up and hugging her. 

“Mmm…” Liane began, then looked around at all the people, remembering how embarrassed Dean gets from the giggles that follow her calling him Mama. She reached up and touched Dean’s face and puckered her lips. “P-p-p… Papa…” and tapped her hand to her forehead.

Dean smiled, and pulled her hand to her chin. “*Mama*” he corrected, and her eyes lit up. She giggled and cooed in his arms. Everyone awed at them and Dean looked back at Cas smiling bigger than he had ever seen before. He seemed so content. The angel looked at him and wondered. 

Dean rocked Liane long after she fell asleep that night. The uncertainty of what was coming with the sudden silence loomed in the air. He looked down at his daughter, peacefully sleeping, a small smile on her face. She yawned and snuggled into his chest. 

The hunter felt his chest tighten. He swallowed past the lump in his throat, and shifted the baby in his arms, bringing her up so he could kiss her forehead. Hearing Cas coming towards the room, he held Liane with one arm and wiped his eyes with the other. 

He held it together as he laid Liane in her crib, turned her sound machine and night light on, and left her room. He held it together when he passed Cas in the hall, and told him he would be out in a minute. He held it together until he got to their room and closed the door. 

It can’t end like this. 

“We will win, Dean.” The angel said, confidently. Dean turned and looked at him. His eyes were puffy, red, and full of doubt and fear. Cas smiled, and crossed the room to him. “We have fought evil many times, thinking it would be the end of it all. Each time we come out triumphant.” 

“I just…” Dean sighed and buried his face in Cas’ shoulder. “I just want Bee to grow up… to have a life… even if it will never be normal… she still deserves a life…”

“She will have a life, Dean. You have to have faith that we will beat them.”

“I’m trying to…” Dean sniffled. Cas wrapped his arms around the hunter and held him tight. 

“I love you… so much.”

Cas felt the tension flow out of Dean and the hunter melted into the angel’s arms. A smile now sat contentedly on his face. Such a simple gesture and yet it seemed to work wonders. Then it just… clicked

Mrs. Butters was quickly moving through the bunker. She had just made 4 trays of finger sandwiches and a huge batch of cookies, and was trying to get some cleaning in. She was dusting down the walls when she heard commotion down in the dungeon. 

She quietly creeped down the stairs. There was a tall man with a very bright yellow fuzzy jacket, facing one of the walls, whispering. “H-hello…” Mrs. Butters called to him. The whispering stopped and the man slowly turned. He had long blue hair pulled back in a messy ponytail, a long horn poking out of his forehead, and one arm. “What are you doing down here…?” The nymph asked.

“Oh…hehehehe…” Sparkle laughed, covering his mouth. “I got lost… this place is sooo big!” He smiled friendly at Mrs. Butters and she returned it. 

“Well come on, I’ll show you back to the others.” Sparkle followed her back up the stairs, quickly looking back at the broken sigil on the wall, and smiled. Black sludge sucked back into the stub of his missing arm. 

Cas brought Dean back to the library, where he had asked Charlie to gather the everyone who were all clearly trying to hide their excitement with tight lipped smiles. 

Dean looked around the room, confused. “Dean…” Cas finally said, breaking the awkward silence. “I told you the day I summoned the empty I had figured out happiness wasn’t in the having… it’s in just being…” 

“Yeah…” Dean cocked brow, not sure he was following the rambling angel. 

“I watch you… and it amazes me… with all that’s going on in our lives… we often have very little cause for happiness. Yet you… you find it in such little things.” 

Dean tilted his head, and tried to speak but Cas stopped him. 

“Things like cowboy movies, and driving Baby down old back roads, your music you sing loudly to in the shower, and the obnoxious cartoons you watch.” 

The flips began to switch in Dean’s head and a tear fell. Cas smiled and quickly wiped it away. 

“Things like our daughter learning new things or taking her first steps, and being reminded you are loved. I have racked my brain trying to think of the perfect way to do this… a way that was unique and meaningful and perfect. Now, I think I know…” 

Dean quickly looked around the room. Everyone, the hunters, the monsters, the angels and demons, were quietly smiling at them. Jody’s girls were practically bouncing. “Cas…” he said tearfully. “Are you…”

“I think I have wanted to do this since I first touched your soul… I just didn’t understand what I was feeling at the time.” 

Blue eyes finally locked on green and, by god, Cas was crying. That was so rare and Dean thought he was about to pass out from the suspense. 

“Dean will you…”

There was a loud pop and the bunker went black. A loud scream rang out. “Mrs. Butters…” Sam whispered. 

“I'm sorry…” Billie’s voice, called through the darkness. “Am I… interrupting something…?” 

Chapter Text

Chuck sat on a mountain top, trying to feel content with himself, but he… couldn’t. He closed his eyes and listened. No birds. No crickets… no prayers. Nothing. 

“You seem troubled brother.” Amara called out from within his head. “Why? This is so peaceful.” 

“It’s so quiet.” He said looking out into the world he created. 

“That’s because there is nothing left to make noise. Except, of course, the brothers and the nephilim. Well… nephilims… but soon they will be gone too.” She sounded almost giddy. 

Chuck sighed. Was this what he wanted? What he really wanted? Eons wasted, because he couldn’t have something his way. He was the one who decided to give them free will. He was the reason they could decide to go against what he wanted. What right did he have to be angry with them when they did…?

“You have been through this before.” Amara said. “Many times…”

“What do you know… you were locked away.” 

“I am a part of you now, remember? I know what you know, and see what you see. I can hear your thoughts… and feel your memories.” 

Chuck hung his head. This was why he left in the first place. He was hoping to avoid… exactly what had happened. 

So many times had he destroyed his creations when he was unsatisfied; the meteor, the ice age… the flood. So he left. He stayed gone for so long, until he felt the Winchester’s story begin to unfold. 

“If you undo this… you know the chain of events it will cause.” Amara warned, feeling Chuck’s regret, and seeing his plan to fix it.

“I do.”

“You will only be dooming them all, anyway.”

“I might.”

“Then… why?”

“Because…” Chuck said standing up with a smile. “…I have faith in them.”

Chapter Fourteen

The red light blinked on and off.

“Liane!” Dean looked at Cas, panicked. “And the kids!” Cas disappeared, returning with all three of them.  

Finally the bunker's stand by lights came back on. Everyone looked around, but Billie was not there. 

A groan came from the map table, and they found a wounded Mrs. Butters leaning against it. They rushed to her side, and she laughed weakly. 

“I’ll be fine.” She said, through sharp gasping breaths. 

Sam helped the nymph up, revealing a bloody stab wound in her side. “Who did this?” He asked, as Dean unwrapped Liane from her blanket, and handed it to him. He wadded it up and pressed it against the wound. 

“Oh. Thank you boys.” She smiled. “It was the… funny looking man… with the horn…”

“Sparkle did this?” Sully gasped.

Mrs Butters nodded. “She has some kind of control over him…” the nymph lifted her hand and snapped trying to power up the bunker. The lights surged then went back to standby. “Oh dear… I’m sorry boys…”

“It’s ok Mrs. B.” Dean said, and took the nymphs hand. “All that matters is making sure you’re ok.” 

“That’s sweet. But I can not be a top priority right now.” She laid her hand on the map table using the little strength she had to power it up. Everyone gathered around and watched as lights appeared, circling the bunker. With each flicker they moved closer. 

“My god…” Jody whispered, and Bobby wrapped an arm around her. “What do we do…” 

Dean sighed and looked around the room. Then he looked at Cas, then Sam. They both nodded, knowing the only answer. 

“We fight.”

They helped Mrs. Butters down to the dungeon. The angels and demons put up the most powerful wardings they knew along the walls. Jesse told Carrie and Conner they would stay in the room with the nymph until he came back for them. 

Jody convinced Alex and Patience to go inside, but Claire refused, and Kaia wouldn't go without her. They gave everyone the option, and even the timid Cyrus chose to fight with them. 

The kids called Miracle and he looked up sadly at Dean. The hunter petted his head and told him to go. He trotted into the room and sat beside Carrie. 

Dean let the others have a moment with Liane before he took her. She stared at him, trying to figure out why he looked so sad. “I…” he tried, but his voice caught. 

She reached up and touched his face, getting him to look at her. She held up her hand signing *I love you*. He nodded as his tears fell, and pulled the infant to his chest holding her tight. 

“I love you, Bee…” he cried. Cas appeared beside him and pulled them into his arms. “Ok…” Dean sniffled. He kissed Liane’s forehead before turning and carrying her to Kelly. “Will you stay with her…”


“Please, Kelly.” He begged. 

She took Liane from him. “Is this your way of saying I’d be no help out there.” They both laughed and she used her free arm to pull the hunter into a hug. “I’ll take care of her.” She promised. 

“Thank you...” 

Once they were all settled in the room, they shut the door and sealed it. 

The hunters bustled around the bunker grabbing weapons and forming groups. Then they filed up the stairs, and out the bunker door. 

“Perfect weather for a doomsday… don’t ya think.” John muttered, looking up at the cloudy grey sky. 

The wind blew against them as they walked into the open field. In the distance they could hear them coming. The monsters, whatever all they were, sounded like a stampede. They looked around awaiting the attack. 

“There!” Jack said, pointing towards the woods as the first monsters ran towards them. 

Dean looked at Sam. His baby brother, who just wanted a normal life, who fought so hard to get away from all this, who had finally found his happy ending. Sam smiled and pulled out his gun, a demon blade in his free hand, and began shooting towards the monsters. 

He looked at Cas. His angel, his best friend, who had stood by his side through every battle they have come to. The one who had sacrificed everything, more than once, for them, for him. Cas looked back at him and Dean slid his hand down and linked their fingers. The angel squeezed Dean’s hand as he slid his angel blade into his other hand, and they started off toward the fight. 

Snarls and howls and screams mixed with gunshots and knives slashing filled the air. But miraculously they were fighting them off. 

“Hah!!” Sam swung his arm, and a vampire head rolled off toward the sea of mutilated bodies. He breathed heavily and looked around. “Is that all of them?”

“I… I think so.” Dean called back, yanking his knife out of a werewolf’s chest. 

“Don’t take this the wrong way…” Claire sighed, and  collapsed to the ground, exhausted. “…but didn’t that seem too easy?” 

Before anyone could answer the sound of clapping could be heard, followed by laughter. “Very good…” Billie said, as a black puddle poured out from the ground. It spread and began to rise, taking form and then disappeared into the reaper. 

Billie stood in the middle of everyone, looking around at each of them.

“Isn’t this a sight.” Her lips curled into a smirk. “The hunters and the hunted working side by side.” She walked past Amy and winked, and the Kitsune snarled back. “I only planned for the holy and demonic minions to run to the aid of their little human besties. Imagine my surprise when I saw this.” 

Dean and Sam looked at each other confused. Billie noticed and laughed, strolling towards the brothers. 

“Like Betty said, I created myself an army. Only she was wrong about one thing. I didn't need them… I used them…” 

“They were a distraction…” Sam realized. He sighed, almost wanting to laugh at their mistake. “So we wouldn’t be looking for her… so she could recreate her portal. 

Billie smirked at the younger brother. Lighting struck across the sky and the wind picked up. “Close… but no… I needed a distraction so I could go find these…” she said, holding up the horsemen's rings. She laughed at the brothers' shocked expressions. “Now the real question is…” she held up her other hand, revealing she still had her Death ring. “…Will mine still work?” 

They watched her remove her ring. She held it towards the others and they jerked and sprung together, just like before. 

“Hey Billie…” Gabriel stepped forward, and the reaper turned her attention towards him with an annoyed eye roll. “I don’t know if you’ve ever met my brother… but Luci is kinda a dick. What makes you think he is gonna just jump to help you.”

“What makes you think I was going to ask for his help?” She said slyly, and tossed the rings to the ground, which shook and began to crumble inward. 

“Dean.” The hunter heard and a hand grabbed his shoulder. 

“What the…” Dean gasped looking around. In front of him seated at a table, eating, was Death. “Where are we? Why would you take me away from them!” 

“It is time, Dean.” The horseman said, wiping his mouth and standing up. 

“Time for what…” 

“For you to finally fulfil your destiny.” 

Billie looked into the hole. A long tendril slithering out from the cloak, and dived down. A loud screech pierced the air and everyone, minus the angels, covered their ears. Sam and Cas looked around for Dean, realizing he was gone. But their attention was quickly brought back to Billie as Lucifer was pulled from the hole. 

Still using Nick as a vessel the archangel fought against the shadow. It tightened its grip on him, pulling him towards Billie. “Let’s see how much Daddy really loves you…” she hissed, pulling out Gabriel’s angel blade. 

“Billie stop!” Everyone turned to see Chuck. He stepped toward the reaper. “Please. Take me.” 

“Awww… he does care.” The reaper mocked, then turned back and shoved the blade through Lucifer's chest. 

Michael screamed, and lunged at Billie. She swiftly got him with the blade as well. The shadow wrapped around the two archangels and absorbed them. Their grace lit up through it and traveled into Billie. 

Chuck stared at the reaper in shock. 

“Well… I don’t need this anymore…” she said, tossing away the archangel blade. She inhaled deep and her eyes lit up. 

A bright light flashed across the sky, and there was a loud boom. Everyone, including Billie, looked up. 

“Sam…” Cas said quietly. The younger brother leaned his head in so he knew he was listening. “You need to get everyone in the bunker… now.” 

Sam furrowed his brows, looking at the angel confused. 

“Now!” He screamed and Sam grabbed Eileen's arm turning her towards the bunker. “Go!” He instructed everyone. 

“Get inside!” Sam added. 

“Jack, go with them.” Cas said, looking at him. 

“What… Castiel, no I’m not leaving you.” Cas put a hand on Jack’s shoulder looking into his son’s eyes and smiled. “Father…” 

“They need you. Go, Jack… Please.” 

A tear fell from the young man’s eye, and he nodded. He quickly hugged Cas and ran towards the crowd. 

The clouds parted and the angels appeared. “No…” Chuck gasped. 

Cas watched until everyone was safely away then looked at Gabriel and Anna. The three angels cast themselves out of their vessels and joined their siblings in the sky. Though still not in their full true form the angels were much stronger without a vessel, and they began attacking Billie. 

She easily fought back, and reached out with the shadow grabbing one from the sky. Anael screeched in the shadows clutches. It pulled the angel down to Billie and covered her completely, and Anael was gone, her grace transferring to them. 

“Take me!” Chuck screamed. “I will not let you have any more of my children. You want me fine, take me.” He began blasting her with everything he had. His blows barely even affected her. 

She turned to him and laughed, lifting her hand. “You think you can stop me…?” The grace flowed through her body and it shot out mixed with the shadow. 

“Brother!” Amara screamed. Chuck's body lit up and Amara split away from him. She guarded his body and took the hit. “Go…” she whispered, zapping him away as the shadow pulled her in.

Chuck appeared in the room with Dean and Death. 

“What do you mean fulfil my destiny?” Dean repeated, not paying much attention to the fact Chuck was now there, and on the verge of tears. 

“It has to be you…” Chuck said as he wiped his eyes. “You have to save the world.” 

Dean laughed, waiting for them to correct themselves. “I’m sorry… but have you two not seen exactly what we’re fighting against. How do I beat her!?” 

“With this…” Death said, holding out his scythe. “I trust you will actually use it on who you are supposed to this time…” 

This is powerful enough to kill the empty?” Dean asked, not fully believing him.

Death held out the blade, and his body lit up, the light flowing from him to the scythe. “It is now.”

“Actually… it’s not.” Chuck said, sadly. “They have Amara… she sacrificed herself to save me.” He hung his head. 

“Well, that does cause a problem…” Death turned to Chuck, narrowing his eyes. “… I guess it just needs more power.” He said as held the scythe towards him. 

Chuck sighed, and nodded. He grabbed the scythe and looked at it. Before his eyes lit up, and he also transferred his power to the blade.

“Wait… why can’t one of you just do it.” Dean said as Chuck handed the scythe to him. 

“Because Dean, it has to be you.” Chuck said, sounding tired. 

“But why… Why me?”

“Because that’s how it is written.” Chuck replied. 

“Then why did you write it that way?” Dean hissed. “It shouldn’t be me.” 

“To be so strong, you have so little faith in yourself Dean. It is truly your greatest weakness, and one you created on your own.” Chuck looked at him with pity. 

“You’re god…” Dean said quietly, avoiding both the deities' eyes. “…can’t you just change it?”

Chuck laughed. “I tried…” Dean looked at him confused. “Everytime I tried to give the glory to someone else… you were there. I gave Michael a second vessel and you still were there to pull your brother back so he could stop the apocalypse… I sent that woman to change Amara’s heart, but you are the one who changed her mind.”

Chuck stepped closer to Dean, and put a hand on his shoulder. 

“You were strong enough to fight the mark of Cain willing you to kill your brother. You were strong enough to lock an archangel inside your mind. You were strong enough to let go of your grief and not kill Jack. I think I can confidently say you are my strongest creation.”

“But all of that only happened because that’s how you wrote it…” Dean argued.

“No… all of that happened because you went against how I wrote it.” Chuck smiled and held the scythe towards Dean. “It will never stop. There will always be a new fight… a new threat to end the world… until you finally do what you were meant to do. Be the hero, save the world.”

Dean took a deep breath. “Alright.” He grabbed the scythe and the power flowed into him. His whole body glowed and the lights in the room blew out. 

On the battlefield the angels watched as Billie and the shadow gained Amara’s power. The reaper's body jolted and surged to contain so much, and when it finally settled she smiled. They were now strong enough. 

She breathed a sigh and held out her hands, causing the ground to shake and the shadow began to spread out from her towards the bunker. Dean, Death and Chuck watched in the distance. 

“And you’re sure this will work…” Dean asked, looking at the scythe and then at Billie. It seemed too simple, and so hopeless. 

“If you go down there expecting to fail… you will fail.” Death told him. 

“Dean…” a familiar voice called. The hunter looked at the ground around Billie, but he wasn’t there. Chuck tapped Dean’s shoulder and pointed to the sky with a smile. 

“C-Cas…?” Holy shit! He stared up at the angel’s, his angel’s, true form. 

He should have been terrified, and he might have had this just been a normal occasion, but in that moment, he wasn’t. The angel slipped away from the rest and flew down to the trio. Stopping in front of Dean and landing. 

He was huge… not as big as he should be… but nonetheless Cas now towered over Dean. The hunter gasped, taking it all in, his strange body, long limbs… his wings. God they were beautiful. He reached out and ran his hand through the feathers. 

“I… I don’t think I can do this Cas…” Dean finally said, quietly. He looked back up into the blue orbs that were Cas’ real eyes. “I-it’s too big…” 

Cas reached out, and caressed his face. Dean could have laughed at the humongous hand, but instead just leaned into it. Then Cas moved his hand to Dean’s shoulder, laying it over his handprint and the being glowed brighter, the angel slowly returned to his Cas. 

He looked at Dean with such a loving and trusting stare, and grabbed the hunter's face, pulling him into a kiss. “I have faith in you… I have more faith in you than I have had in anything in all of my existence. You can do this.” 

The shadow flowed across the ground, reaching the bunker door and breaking it open. Everyone inside watched it pour over the stairs. “Sam…” Eileen gasped, taking her husband’s hand. He looked away from the shadow and smiled at her, squeezing back. 

Jack tried to attack it as it came closer but to no avail. They all turned and ran towards the stairs to the basement. Easily it caught up and began devouring them one by one. 

Kelly had just rocked Liane to sleep, when she heard a crash outside the dungeons door. She looked over at Mrs. Butter’s who was equally confused. There was a thud against the door and they all jumped. Carrie and Connor hid in Alex and Patience’s arms. It woke Liane and she looked around, whimpering. “Mama…” she called softly. Miracle sat up and gently nudged her leg with his nose. 

Kelly cradled the infant to her chest. There was another loud thud, and the door began to crack. “Oh my…” Mrs. Butters gasped. 




Liane jerked at the loud noises and began crying. She clung to Kelly's shirt and called out for Dean and Cas. Kelly and Mrs. Butter’s moved over to the floor where Alex and Patience and the kids were huddled together. They wrapped their arms around everyone and the dog and they held each other. Another loud thud and the shadow began to fill the room. 


The reaper slowly turned around to face the hunter. She smiled. “Hello Dean…” 

The shadow spread out in all directions. Dean watched as it swallowed the bunker and made its way out through the trees. It reached out and grabbed Dean, wrapping around his body. “I’ve been waiting for you…” it hissed. 

“Aww…” Dean smirked, fidgeting in the strong grip. “…you shouldn’t have… you might regret it.”

It laughed, raspy and deep, pulling the hunter closer towards Billie. “You don’t intimidate me, Dean Winchester.” 

“Well I’ll just have to try a little harder…” He said with a wink. 

Billie turned her head towards Chuck and the others. “This is really who you chose. This is your great hero.” She looked back at Dean and laughed, the shadow tightening around his body. “This sad… pathetic… broken, man child… He can’t even fight his own demons, yet you think he can beat me… Beat Us?!” 

The shadow extended out and grabbed them all. Dean watched as Death and Chuck let it take them with no fight. He looked at Cas. The angel smiled, and once again Dean watched the dark entity that was the empty take him. 

Billie turned back to where Dean was surprisingly chuckling. “That was… quite a show. I’d clap but you sort of have me all tied up.” 

Your sarcasm doesn't become you… ” the shadow twisted tighter and Dean grunted, feeling like his bones would break any moment. “I can see right through this tough guy act.

“I really… don’t think… you are looking hard enough…” He choked out, making the shadow only squeeze his body more. 

I have taken everything from you. Your family. Your friends. Your brother. Your lover… Your child! ” Dean noticeably flinched at the mention of Liane, and it laughed. “You will have nothing. You will be alone. Forever.” 

“Yeaaaah.” He gasped, trying to twist his body for air. “That sounds like a solid plan… except it won’t… work.” 

The shadow tightened once more, yanking his body towards Billie. “And why is that…” She hissed.

“Because this time…” a voice said from behind her as the being in her grasp shifted back to Gabriel. “I won’t miss…” Billie turned just as Dean swung the scythe, plunging it into her side. The reaper's eyes widened and the shadow dropped Gabriel.

Dean and Gabriel backed away as Billie looked From them, down to the blade and her whole body jolted. The shadow screamed and began to recede towards Billie. Releasing those it had absorbed as it hurdled back. 

Billie grabbed the scythe and yanked it from her body, dropping it to the ground, and took a step towards Dean and Gabriel. Black ooze began to pour from her mouth and the shadow wrapped around her body. She took a strained breath in and screamed, as it engulfed her.

There was a bright light from within the black mass and Gabriel and Dean dropped to the ground as it exploded. 

Dean waited until it felt like everything settled before he lifted his head. The blast had leveled quite a bit of the area, even tearing down the large building above the bunker. 

The scythe lay on the ground where Billie had stood. Walking up to it Dean saw Chuck and Death coming towards him. He picked up the scythe and snapped it in half, returning the power to the two deities. 

“How did you know that would work?” Chuck laughed. 

Dean shrugged and tossed the pieces to the ground. “I just… couldn’t think of anything else…”

“Dean.” The hunter quickly turned to the voice and almost jumped into Cas arms when the angel got to him. “I knew you could do it.” Cas whispered in his ear. 

Amara, Michael, and Anna also approached them, congratulating Dean for his victory. 

At the edge of the field Lucifer stood and was about to escape when Chuck snapped and he was promptly returned to his cage. 

Dean looked up at the sky squinting now from the brightness, but it surprisingly now wasn’t enough to burn his eyes out. Chuck snapped again and the angels were standing around them, back in the vessels they died in. 

“You mean you could have just given us bodies this whole time…” Balthazar gasped looking down at himself, then to Chuck. He shrugged and the angel scoffed, rolling his eyes. 

“Liane.” Dean gasped. 

“Allow me.” Chuck smiled and snapped one more time. They were all standing in the library, as the others came up from the dungeon. 

Sam got to Dean first and hugged him, and Jack ran to Cas. Then they swapped. 

“Mama, mama!”  

Dean turned towards her voice and he saw her trying to jump from Kelly’s arms. He hurried to the woman and grabbed his daughter.

“I got you… I got you…” he cried as she grabbed at his shirt, burying her face in his chest. 

“Dada!” She squealed and reached towards Cas as he walked up behind Dean. 

“So… it’s over?” Sam finally asked. 

Dean sighed and nodded. “Yeah, Sammy, it’s over.” 

A loud rustling came from the kitchen and everyone watched as Death strode out carrying a plate with a large piece of pie on it. He sat at a table and took a bite. 

“Hey… that’s my pie…” Dean mumbled. 

“And it’s delicious.” Death said after a second bite. 

Dean pouted. “No offense… But why are you still here?” 

“I told you… I do love a happy ending…” he said, and… to everyone’s surprise… smiled. “Cas… I believe you had been in the middle of something.” 

“Oh…” Dean gasped remembering what was happening before Billie appeared. Sam stepped up and quickly grabbed Liane from his brother, and Dean laughed at how misty eyed Sam already was getting. 

Cas took Dean’s hands and kissed him. “Would you prefer I go fully traditional?” 

“Um… traditional…?” Dean asked. 

Cas began to drop to one knee. 

“Whoa whoa… wait…!” Dean stopped him, thinking it would be way too cheesy. Cas began to stand back up and Dean stopped him again “Actually, go ahead.” He said and Cas lowered the rest of the way, looking up at him. “Ok, get up… it’s too weird.” 

Everyone laughed as Cas re-stood. “Dean…” he began, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the small box. 

Oh my god… this is really happening… 

He opened the lid, revealing a simple black and silver band. Dean looked closer and laughed, and cried and couldn’t believe he remembered that name. Destiel was inscribed across it, after the goofy high school musical Dean may or may not have gone back to see multiple times. 

“Will you marry me?” 

Yes! Yes yes yes yesssss! Oh god yes! One hundred times over yes! YES! 

The room was silent as Dean stared at the ring crying like a baby. 


“Hmm.” The hunter looked up into those beautiful blue confused eyes. “Oh… Yes.” The room erupted with laughter and cheers, and Cas grabbed him all but slamming their faces together. 

Dean pulled back long enough to take the ring out so he could see it better. It was perfect. He ran a finger over the name and laughed again. Then he noticed something written on the inside. 


He felt tears pouring out again. That was maybe the saddest day of his life… Why would Cas use it? “Look again.” The angel sighed, as if hearing his thoughts. 


“The year’s wrong…?” 

“It doesn’t have to be…” 

Dean stared for a minute then got what he was implying. “Oh. Ok.” He smiled and leaned back into Cas' lips. 

“Eeeek!!” Charlie squealed. “I need a new folder. We have so much to plan! The clothes, the food, the date.”

“We have a date…” Cas said with a smile. “November 5…” 

“November 5…? As in this November 5?!” The redhead gasped and both nodded. “That’s only like…” she pulled her phone out and her eyes nearly popped out of her head. “…that’s only two weeks away!” 

“Guess you better get busy…” Dean teased. Charlie narrowed her eyes and punched him in the shoulder. 

“Um… I think you mean we !” She said grabbing his arm and lugging him away to plan.

Chapter Text


Once upon a time, there were two brothers. When they were very little their mom was taken away by a monster. Heartbroken by the loss of his wife, their dad began learning about and hunting all kinds of monsters, looking for the one who took her. The brothers were made to learn how to hunt as well, whether they wanted to or not. And that was their life for 20 years. 

Then one day the younger brother decided he didn’t want to hunt monsters anymore. He wanted a normal life. So he left… He went to college and he got a girlfriend, and he was happy. 

Two years later the older brother showed up asking for help, because their dad was missing. Eventually the younger brother agreed to go and off they went on yet another hunt. They didn’t find their dad but they solved the case and like he promised the older brother brought the younger brother back. But the monster who took their mother came back, and took the younger brother's girlfriend. 

Just like his dad the younger brother was now determined to find this monster. So again they hunted, just like old times. 

Then the monster took their dad, and the brothers only had each other. 

The younger brother had begun gaining powers, and it turned out the monster had chosen him and some other “special children” to do a very big task. But he only needed one. So he made them fight to choose the winner. One by one they were taken out by each other. Until there was only the younger brother and one other. And the other won. 

The older brother was now alone. 

He didn’t want to be alone, so he made a deal, and brought his brother back. But the deal had a catch, and in a year he would be taken away. They tried to find a way to save him but when the year was up, he had to leave his little brother… and go to a very bad place…

“And then the angel gripped him tight and raised him from p-pe-perrr…” 


“Yeah! Perdition! And then the older brother and the angel fell in love!” The little girl giggled as her dad tickled her. 

“It didn’t happen quite that fast. But yes.” 

Chapter Fifteen

A lot can happen in just two weeks…

If there was one thing this fight had taught them, it was they had many allies in very unlikely places. Now they planned to strengthen their new relationships.

Chuck fully powered up the bunker, so Mrs. Butters could come and go as she pleased. 

The hunters and American MOL now worked closely with the BMOL and all the other branches throughout the world.  

They also had gained quite an ally army in the ‘good’ monsters, who now fought with them.

Bobby and Jody opened their home to not only wayward kids and hunters, but wayward monsters too. The roadhouse also became known as a welcome and safe spot, with Charlie and Jo taking over to run it.

With help from fellow brainiacs Kevin and Ash they planned to create a server monsters trying to live normal lives could use to connect them with the bunker for immunity from being hunted. 

It would take a while for all hunters to get on board with the thought of ‘good monsters’ and the monsters would have to prove their benevolence, but it was a start to a safer world, and that’s all everyone wanted anyway. 

The angels, with their new bodies, could now visit earth whenever they wanted, on the solitary rule they were not to interfere with the natural order of things. 

Crowley also made a rule that deals to bring back people from the dead were no longer allowed. 

With the empty gone, purgatory doubled as hell for the angels and demons, though none planned on dying anytime soon anyway. Chuck also made it so when, or if, the ‘good’ monsters died, they would go to heaven like all other ‘good’ souls. 

And for the first time, there was Peace. 

Kelly decided to venture out of the bunker and got an apartment in town, close enough Jack could stay equally with either her or his dad(s). 

John surprised Mary with the keys to their old house in Lawrence, which had been having issues keeping owners because of multiple accounts of supernatural activity. 

Which left Sam and Dean to decide what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives. 

Dean stared at his left hand, or more so the ring on his left hand. He slowly slipped it off so he could give it to Charlie to keep with it’s match, until tomorrow when Cas… Castiel… the Angel of Thursday… was going to put it back. 

He breathed out a shaky sigh. 

“Are you having second thoughts?” Cas said from behind him, and Dean nearly leapt from his skin.

“Dammit… Cas!”

“Thirteen years you’d think you wouldn’t be so easily spooked by me.” The angel walked up to the hunter and pulled him into his arms. Dean rolled his eyes, and smiled, leaning into the strong embrace. “…should I have asked you in private. Where you could think more clearly.” 

“What… no!” He reached up and grabbed Cas’ face, and kissed him. “It was perfect.” 

“So you are happy?”

“Of course I’m happy, man.” And now I’m crying… you assbutt… The angel watched him go from sobbing to laughing, and tilted his head. Dean smiled, pressing his lips against Cas’ again. “I’m so happy… I love you.” 

“And I love you… you confusing little human.” 

Two weeks ago Dean would have argued that he was not little… in fact he had a couple inches on him… but after seeing Cas’ true form he felt tiny next to the angel. He looked back at the ring, re-reading the name and date, and sighed. “It's gonna feel weird… not having it on…” 

“It won’t even be for a whole day.” Cas laughed. 

“Alright, hand it over!” Charlie grabbed the ring, hugged both men, and rushed off. “You can have it back at 1pm tomorrow!” She called over her shoulder as she hurriedly grabbed Jo and pulled her towards the stairs. 

Dean and Cas waved them off. “I’m going to see if Jack has everything ready to go.” Cas said, and lifted Dean’s hand, kissing over the now bare ring finger. 

The hunter watched him disappear down the hall. He looked around. The floor was messy with Liane’s toys. She was strapped into her car seat ready to go, and had long since fallen asleep, with Miracle curled up beside her. 

“Willis FBI…” Dean heard and turned to see Sam on one of the many cells he recently had activated. “… well if you have any more questions, I will be out for a few days but just leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.” He thanked whoever it was and hung up. 

Doing Bobby’s job wasn’t as thrilling as actually being in the middle of the action, but it kept them close enough they didn’t feel the need to constantly worry. 

“What do they got?” 

Sam shrugged, laying the phone back on the table with the others. “Krissy and Aiden are working on a potential wraith case. Just needed some verification.” He stood next to Dean and noticed his hand. “Well now you just look naked…” 

Dean rolled his eyes, and smiled. He couldn’t believe this was his life. Dean Winchester had settled down. He had his amazing family and friends, he had a beautiful little girl, he had two pretty badass bonus kids, he had his brother by his side, and he finally had the love of his life, who would officially have a title in less than one day. 

Cas, Jack, and Eileen joined them, and they just stood quietly. The feeling of ‘Home’ seemed to hang in the air around them. 

“We better get going.” Mrs. Butters said, breaking the silence, and ushering the group towards the stairs. They grabbed their bags and Dean grabbed Liane’s seat, waking Miracle who stretched and followed the group up the steps. 

Dean was the last out and looked back into the bunker, smiling at his home, that finally felt right. He switched the lights off and the bunker went dark. 

“…just stuff as many chairs as you can fit in there… we need a lot… then the ones who don't get a chair can stand… It doesn’t matter why he chose such a small place, it’s important to him, so that makes it important to me… and if you want your money it better start sounding like it’s important to you, too!” Dean laughed as Charlie shoved her phone back in her pocket. 

The redhead muttered to herself and went back to fixing his hair. “You’re awesome…” He said, and she smiled. 

“I know.” A couple more tweaks and she finally said he looked perfect. He slipped on his shoes and jacket, looking up just in time to see the tear slipping down her cheek before Charlie quickly swiped it away. “And they said hunters didn’t get happy endings…” 

And… he was crying… Dammit Charlie!

They laughed and tried to wipe away each other’s waterfalls when her phone beeped, letting her know everyone was ready and waiting for them. 

“You ok?” Charlie took his hand and smiled, as suddenly Dean felt like he weighed a ton. He tried to speak or nod but he couldn’t move. His stomach was beginning to turn somersaults, and Charlie squeezed his hand. “You don’t have food poisoning again… do you?”

“What… no?!” 

Charlie laughed and hooked her arm through his. “Then let’s do this.”

The shed was in shambles when they found it. Luckily Bobby had an amazing memory and outstanding leadership skills. That paired with all the extra muscle they now had and it was identical to that night, spray painted markings and all. 

There was only one way in, so Dean technically would be the first to walk down the aisle. It was freezing, and there was a slight drizzle. Thank Chuck for all the magic they had powering numerous space heaters or this might have been a bad idea. Charlie parked her new little yellow car amongst the others in the crowded field, and Dean tried to stay calm. 

This is it… 

He laughed as they passed the Impala, parked nearest the doors. ‘Newly Weds’ was painted across the back window, and beer bottles were tied to the bumper. Charlie led him through the doors, there was a small closed off area on both sides and he could hear voices behind the curtains. 

It was packed. He felt bad for the person Charlie had chewed out about the seating because it really was a tight squeeze. And he had to walk right through the middle of it to get to his spot. Charlie squeezed his hand once more, and sent him on, disappearing into the curtains. He took a deep breath and the first step in, and they must have all had their spidey sense turned on because everyone looked at him. 

He slowly breathed out and began walking. Everyone smiled as he passed, some reaching out and patting his back, some whispering congrats. He felt like he was floating about half way through. His parents met him at the end. 

Mary grabbed a tissue from the pack she had John holding in preparation and patted her eyes, trying to salvage her makeup as long as possible. “Look at you!” She sniffled, straightening his tie, and pulling him into her arms. He held her for a moment and pretended he didn’t see John pull out a couple tissues for himself. 

“I’m happy for you, son…” his dad said, clapping a hand on his shoulder. “… and so damn proud.”

Dean swallowed down at the lump already forming in his throat. His parents returned to their seats and he finished his walk, taking a deep breath before turning to now face the large crowd. 

“It seemed much… bigger… when there were only three in here.” Dean laughed and turned to see Chuck smiling back at him. “I appreciate you asking me to be the one to do this.” 

“I don’t think anyone else would have qualified.” 

They looked out at all the faces. The hunters and the men of letters. The angels and demons. The witches and vampires, the werewolves and all the other monsters. Once enemies were by now seated side by side, in no particular order. His family. 

And I’m crying… 

Dean laughed at himself and tried to blink back the tears, only pushing them out. 

“Are you ready?” Chuck asked. 

“Oh yeah!” Dean laughed shakily, and Chuck snapped. 

The whole room jumped with the speakers screeched, and Kevin popped out from the curtains. “Sorry!” He called out to the crowd and fidgeted with the laptop. He selected the song and rushed back to his spot as the music began to play. 

♪ The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful, stop me, and steal my breath ♪

The first to walk out were Jack and Claire. They were smiling so hard their cheeks hurt, but it was a welcome pain. They both hugged Dean when they reached him then they split and stood on opposite ends of the barn. 

♪ And emeralds from mountains, thrust towards the sky

Never revealing their depth ♪

Next was Benny who was paired with Amy this time, and they were followed again by Crowley and Rowena. 

And rain falls, angry on the tin roof as we lie awake in my bed

Kevin and Alex made their way to their spots with Adam and Jo close behind. 

And you're my survival, you're my living proof, my love is alive and not dead

Gabriel proudly walked beside Eileen and winked at Dean as he passed. The hunter smiled back at him and watched as Sam and Charlie stepped out of the curtains.

“Alright, you’ve walked down with Dean, and now me… does that mean he and I go together when it’s your turn?” Sam joked as Charlie took his arm. The redhead laughed through her tears and they made their way down the aisle.

♪ Well, I've dropped out, I've burned up, I've fought my way back from the dead ♪

“You seem nervous, Dean.” Sam teased as he took his place next to his brother. Dean looked at him and smiled. 

“Shut up… Bitch.”


♪ Tuned in, Turned on, Remembered the things that you said

There was a pause, and everyone looked to see what was happening. Kelly could be heard trying to shoo Liane from the curtains. Finally she walked out carrying her and placed her at the start of the aisle, adjusting her poofy white dress. 

Everyone laughed as Miracle trotted out to them, wearing a bow tie, and holding a small pillow in his mouth with the two rings tied to the top. Kelly handed  Liane a little basket of red rose petals. She took it and looked around at the full room. 

“Noooooononono.” She whined, turning to hide in the dog's fur. Claire and Jack tried to call her to them, but she wouldn’t budge, so neither did Miracle. She turned her head enough to peek at the room and her eyes caught sight of Dean. Instantly she smiled and wobbly bolted toward him, Miracle right beside her.

“Bee, Wait!”

“Throw the petals”

“Like we showed you..”


She ran straight to Dean. “Mama! Mama!” She cooed the whole way. The barn filled with soft laughter mixed with many awes. She finally reached his leg and he lifted her into his arms, covering her face with kisses. She looked down at the still full basket in her hand, suddenly realizing what she had forgotten to do, and dumped it out at Dean’s feet. 

And I’ll be your crying shoulder

The crowd fell silent. And the doors were pulled open. Everyone turned and looked back, and Dean held his breath… 

There he was. 

I’ll be loves suicide

It was Dean’s idea for Cas to walk down the aisle. Cas suggested they both enter together, but Dean insisted. The angel argued that Dean was, as Gabriel said “the bottom”… he was the one who carried and birthed their child… he was the more emotional one in all aspects… and also Cas had been the one to propose. 

So technically that puts Dean in the bride's place, right? 

But, Dean wanted it to be Cas.

He wanted it to parallel that night.

So Cas walked in.

♪ And I’ll be better when I’m older ♪

Dean seemed to light up when he saw Cas. Not just his face, or his mood… His whole soul shone brighter. It took Cas’ unnecessary breath away. He would have dosey doed down the aisle dressed like a cowboy to Dean,  if that was what he had wanted, just for that reaction.

♪ I’ll be the greatest fan of your life ♪

They locked eyes, and Cas’ wings appeared. Unfolding out through openings tailored into his suit and trench coat. Massive and once again whole… and just beautiful. Dean, who had made sure he got to see them quite a few times through the two weeks, chuckled at the chorus of gasps from everyone. 

♪…the greatest fan of your life…♪

It seemed like Cas floated down the aisle… maybe he did, or maybe he flew… Dean wasn’t quite sure but within seconds he was in front of him, and the wings tucked back and disappeared. 

Sam took Liane and was bouncing her, watching the two lovesick fools get lost in each other’s eyes, like they so often did. 

Dean grabbed Cas’ hands and held tight, like he was afraid he might float away, as Chuck began to speak. Dean was so happy he wasn’t even really listening until suddenly the voice was Cas’. 

“I know we were going to recite a simple vow, and I apologize for changing it, on you at the last minute…” He squeezed Dean’s hands. “But I don’t think recycled words will do justice to what I am feeling today. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Ok.” Dean squeezed back and tried to will his eyes to wait a little longer… and his brain to think of something to say back. 

The angel looked deep into the hunter's eyes and smiled. “From the moment I touched your soul, I was captivated by the love that was such a large part of it. I wanted to learn it and feel it and at some point in our time together I began wanting to find a way to replicate it back to you. For all my existence I was a soldier, an emotionless machine, that only knew how to follow orders… But then I touched your soul, and eventually, your soul touched me… You set me free, Dean. You have given me a life, and a family. And I love you for that… And I plan on loving you with everything I have for the rest of my life… or forever… whichever is farther away.” 

Dean was struggling to keep it together, but he was managing. Silence fell over them again and he realized it was his turn. “How am I supposed to top that…” He shakily laughed. 

“You don’t. You match it.” Chuck said with a wink. 

“Right…” Dean took a deep breath, his mind whirring trying to form words. “I’m not very good at… words… you already know. But I promise to work on that.” He sniffled, and a couple tears finally fell. “A year ago… I was… broken and lost. I tried to be happy… with all that we had been given back, it almost felt selfish to not be. But I didn’t have you… Then I found out about Liane, and I was happy, but it still hurt because I wanted you there. And then you came b…” He clenched his eyes shut and tried to stop a full on breakdown. Cas reached up and caressed his check, brushing away tears with his thumb. “…you came back. And even when it was crazy. Even when it felt like everything was falling apart… I was complete. You complete me.” 

“Well…” Chuck said, looking from the two, and out into the crowd. “I don’t think there’s much left to say after that… Miracle?” The dog walked between them and sat. They each grabbed the other’s ring, said their I Do’s and slipped them on. Their lips were locked before Chuck could even get the words out.

It was a beautiful wedding.

“My apologies in advance… if I step on your feet…” Cas whispered as he held Dean close. 

They both swore they couldn’t dance and tried to back out of the whole ‘first dance’ scene. Charlie threatened them both if they didn’t, and to be honest, as they swayed across the floor to a slowed down female version of Carry On My Wayward Son, they seemed to be naturals. 

“Was it exactly how you wanted?” The angel asked. Dean simply nodded, his tears freely flowing now, and he had just given up on stopping them. “Good.” 

Eventually Mary swooped in to dance with Dean and Charlie spun off with Cas. Everyone played swap your partner through a number of songs before Dean finally bowed out. He watched Cas twirl Claire around, while holding Liane in his other arm. Jack joined in and danced with one sister, then the other. 

Sam held Eileen tight as the music played on, and his parents never looked more in love. Dean noticed the other couples and wondered if Bobby and Jody or Charlie and Jo would be the next wedding. 

After many hours, the party began to die down, and people began to leave. Michael and Anna were busy trying to pry their siblings from the open bar. Gabriel and Balthazar were the worst, and had begun singing karaoke, even though there was no karaoke. 

“You Winch…*hicup* Winchessers… really know how to party!” Gadreel said, walking… or more like stumbling up to Dean. 

The hunter laughed. “Yeah, I’ve heard.” 

With Gabriel occupied Ketch was making moves on Rowena, and Crowley was seemingly grossed out having to watch it all… again… as was Mick and Toni. Charlie and Jo were over at their table making googly eyes at each other. Cas was talking with Dean's parents. Jody Ellen and Donna were taking turns gushing over Liane. 

Now is it perfect?” Sam asked with a smile, walking up to Dean and putting an arm around his shoulder. As if on cue, Cas appeared carrying Liane.

“Mama!” She reached out to Dean, snuggling into his chest when he took her. Cas wrapped his arm around them both, and used his free hand to turn Dean’s face to him for a kiss. 

“I guess that answers itself.” The younger brother laughed. 

Chuck walked up, with Amara, and sighed. “Well fellas… It's been quite the ride.” 

“You could say that…” Dean laughed, kind of. “So now what?” 

“Now, you live your lives, continuing to write your own story as you go.” Amara answered for her brother. 

“And what about you two?” Sam asked. 

“We will be here. Close enough to watch over you, and far enough to not interfere.” Chuck took his sister's hand. The angels gathered around as the two began to fade to smoke. He smiled at his children one last time and they were gone. 

Back home Eileen was watching Liane while Dean and Cas packed their clothes. Sam heard them coming from the hall and walked out to see them off, only to see way more luggage than two men needed for a week. 

“Uh Dean… are you two not planning on coming back?” Sam joked as Dean brought out Liane’s diaper bag adding it to the pile. “Wait… you're taking Bee on your honeymoon?”

“No… we’re going to take her and Miracle to mom and dad, so Mrs. Butters can go home.” Dean explained and Eileen walked in with Liane, dressed to leave. Sam looked at her and his brother confused, and they both laughed. 

“You know y’all never got to go on your honeymoon… and it’s because of us.” Cas said. 

Dean slapped a hand over Sam’s mouth, as he was quickly trying to protest. “We talked about it… and we decided… we want you to come with us.”

“Really?” Sam mumbled through Dean’s hand, looking suddenly misty eyed. 

“Don’t go getting sappy on me… I’m burnt out with emotions… for a while .” Dean sighed and took Liane kissing her cheek, and she giggled. “So are you in?”

Sam looked at Eileen and smiled. “Well where were you planning on going?” He asked.

“Oh-ho I have the perfect place.” 

One stressful plane ride and two days later… in Waikiki, Hawaii 

“Dean. Is it necessary to wear these ridiculous shirts.” Cas looked at himself in the mirror of their hotel room. He couldn’t deny the thin lightweight fabric was much cooler than any other shirt he had ever worn, which was especially nice in this immense heat… But he looked goofy. 

“Yes, Cas. It is completely necessary.” Dean walked up behind him, in almost an identical shirt, and wrapped his arms around the angel's waist, letting his chin rest on Cas’ shoulder. He locked eyes with Cas in the mirror and smiled. “Sam and Eileen like the shirts… well she got a dress, but still.” He pretended to pout. 

“I suppose…” Cas sighed loudly, “…if it makes you happy.” He turned and hugged Dean, kissing his lips, then his jaw, and down his neck. “I’ll wear it.” Dean bit his lip and goosebumps quickly covered his body from the soft lips. 

Sam opened the door and made a face. “Get a room” 

“This is our room…” Cas said against Dean's skin, “…yours is next door… where you should probably be… now .” He went back to what he was doing, as the younger brother quickly turned and left. Dean was about to laugh when he was lifted and tossed onto their bed, the angel instantly on top of him.

Sam was lounging back in his beach chair, his eyes closed listening to the waves crash. He heard a grunt beside him, as Dean plopped into the empty chair. “Keep that up and Liane is gonna have a sibling.” He laughed. 

“Yeah, that’s not happening… anytime soon.” Dean said confidently. 

“But it is a possibility?” Sam lifted his sunglasses to see his brother better. Dean realized what he said out loud, and felt his face heat up. Sam raised his brows, begging with those big stupid puppy dog eyes for an explanation. 

“I…” the older brother sighed. Truth be told he had been thinking about the possibility for a while. “The idea isn't off the table… if it’s even possible at all. We’ll just see how she is when her little cousin gets here.” He looked over at Eileen, the slightest hint of a bump visible. “Have you thought of any names yet?” 

Sam nodded, a smirk crossing his face. “We are going with Charlotte if it’s a girl.” 

“Aww. That’s sweet, Charlie will go nuts… And if it’s a boy?” 




“Wait…” Dammit… don’t you dare cry. Instantly tears filled the older brother's eyes and poured over. “W-wait, r-really?”

“After the best big brother and greatest man I have ever known.” 

“That’s very thoughtful of you and Eileen, Sam.” Cas said, overhearing the conversation. He dropped into his chair beside Dean, and took the now sniffling mess's hand into his own. 

Eileen looked over, and saw Dean crying. *Did you tell him?* she signed with a smile. Sam nodded, and she laughed, turning her attention back to the ocean. 

Dean wiped his eyes. Leaning back in his chair. They finally changed things. Evil was still out there. It would always be. To think they could just close hell or Heaven, or even purgatory completely was ridiculous, they had accepted that. But now… now they knew the world was safe. 

Chuck and Amara were where they needed to be. The angels were running heaven. Crowley and Rowena were running hell. Lucifer was locked permanently in his cage, alone . Purgatory was in check. Monsters they once fought against, now fought by their side. And the shadow of the empty was gone. 

So there they were. Team Free Will. Sitting on a  beach, toes in the sand, a couple of them little umbrella drinks, with their matching Hawaiian shirts, obviously. There were no hula girls, but Sam got his girl, Dean got his angel and both of them got their apple pie life. And you know why…? Because they freaking earned it.

The End… For Now