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November 12

It was supposed to be the end of the world. To their knowledge, they were the last three left on Earth. With the bomb no longer an option, they were out of ideas. When Chuck appeared, the trio braced for their fate.

“I’ve made a mistake.” Was all he said. Dean, Sam, and Jack stood in shock, not knowing what to expect, or what he meant. A snap of his fingers and, whoosh, he was gone.

The sound of the snap was like a nuke going off. It shook the ground. For a split second the world went dark. Then they were back in the bunker.

To say he “fixed” everything would be a vast understatement. It’s funny how much can be accomplished by a simple flick of a celestial diety’s finger. The snap surged through the heavens. It took down the walls and freed the souls. It tore through hell, rattling the damned. It pierced the ears of the monsters in purgatory, and it woke up those sleeping in the Empty. It flowed over the universe bringing back all Chuck had taken away.

The three looked at each other, unsure of what really had just happened. The sound of banging from the bunker door filled the room. Weapons in hand they slowly ascended the stairs. Dean was first to the door, swinging it open and shoving his gun in the face...of his Mother. She smiled at him and stepped inside, placing her hand on his, and lowering the gun, before pulling him into her arms. Tears filled his eyes as another figure stepped into view. “Dad?”

The man simply gave a tight lipped smile and wrapped his arms around his wife and son. He looked up to Sam and extended a hand, which the younger brother eagerly took and was pulled into the group.

“I don’t understand.” Sam said, finally pulling away from them.

“Chuck.” Mary laughed, with a shrug. “And it’s not just us.” She took her son’s hands and led them out of the bunker. Gathered outside were many familiar faces.

“Sup Bitches!” A voice called to them. Sam and Dean both turned to see the bubbly redhead, their bubbly redhead, all smiles, walking towards them. She threw her arms around both their necks, and they glanced at each other in disbelief.

“Jack!” Cried another voice. The woman ran through the crowd towards the bunker.

“Mom?!” Jack gasped, running to meet her. He grabbed her and the two collapsed to the ground, sobbing.

“I don’t believe this.” Sam turned to look at Dean, shock, excitement and tears covering his face. “Bobby… K-Kevin!” He walked off towards the men, and they were approached soon after by Ellen, Jo, Ash, and even Ellen’s husband Bill.

Off in the distance Crowley stood with Meg. He waved at the boys and they both disappeared.

“Hey brotha!” Benny said, emerging from the crowd. He reached for Dean’s hand and shook it, pulling him into a hug.

Then there was a bright light, and three beings stepped into view. “Weeee’re back!” Gabriel smiled mischievously. Michael and Anna stood on either side. The latter smiled, although she seemed ashamed in the presence of the brother’s.

“All of you…” Dean questioned, almost nervously.

Gabriel smiled. “Well Lucy is back where he belongs.” He pointed towards the ground. “Those who have caused a great disservice to Heaven will be held accountable, we’re the only three with true vessels, and...”

“Cas…” Dean was embarrassed by how small his voice seemed, especially in front of all these people.

“I don’t know.” The archangel sighed. “He was with us when we woke up in The Empty. But... I couldn’t find him once we were out. I’m sorry Dean…” Gabriel bowed his head, as did his siblings.

“Where will you go now?” Sam asked.

“Back to Heaven.” Michael spoke up, moving forward in the group. “We are still in charge of watching over the souls, both there, and here.”

“So what he’s saying is we will be in touch. If you need us…” Gabriel made a telephone with his hand. “Ya know what to do.” Then he put his hands together like he was praying, and the angels all disappeared.

“Was that….Adam?” John muttered quietly. Sam and Dean gave each other an awkward look and returned their attention to their reunion.

Many hours later the brothers had those who needed a place to stay settled in the many rooms of the bunker, and said goodbye to those who were ready to go.

Dean finally got a moment and snuck off to his room, closed the door and collapsed against it. He forced a smile, even though his heart was still in pain. He had just got so many loved ones back, yet he felt incomplete. Cas would want him to be happy, to move on with his life, to live. Dean knew that.

Images of the angel smiling as the empty engulfed him flooded his memory. He hung his head and allowed his guilt and grief to take over. “I love you too….” He tearfully whispered.