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This Knit Happens

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It was a quiet night in Paris and Ladybug and Chat Noir found themselves resting on an empty rooftop after an uneventful patrol. The two of them were leaning back against a wall, doing nothing but enjoying the other’s company.


“Hey My Lady, you wouldn’t happen to know how to knit, would you?” Chat Noir broke the silence suddenly and Ladybug stirred.


“Knit?” She repeated, brows drawing together in confusion. “Yeah, why?” 


He scratched the back of his neck. “Do you reckon you could teach me? One of my friends’ birthday is coming up soon and I really want to make her something. She’s always making little gifts for other people and I wanted to do the same for her. I thought maybe I’d try a scarf or something but I don’t actually know how to knit or anything and I tried googling for tutorials but, well-“ he pulled the beginnings of a pink scarf out of his pocket and stared at it dejectedly as he held it up to show her. “It didn’t turn out too good.”


Ladybug bit her lip to stop the giggle that threatened to escape. “It’s uh- it’s a good start, Chaton.” She said gently, and he pouted at her.


“My Lady, it’s not even going to make it to being a scarf, it’s doomed to be a triangle . Look at it!” He exclaimed. “And please don’t laugh, Bugaboo, it’s really not funny. This isn’t even my first attempt. The others were even worse .”


“It’s not that bad.” She assured him. “It’s not going to be a triangle, you’ve just... got to try not to drop any more stitches.”


“Easy for you to say.” He grumbled as he tugged at the edges of the scarf in an attempt to make it look more straight. When that didn't work, he turned his pleading eyes on her again. Please say you will help me. I don’t know anyone else who can knit.” 


Ladybug didn't even bother trying to resist the sad kitten face he was pulling. “Alright. I think it’s really sweet of you to want to make something for your friend. Of course I’ll help.”

Chat perked up instantly. “Oh, thank you, My Lady! I was starting to think I would have to ask Plagg again. He tried to help before but, you know, kwami arms are really not made for knitting.” His grin faded then. “Her birthday is in exactly two weeks, though. Is it gonna be enough time?”


She paused. Exactly two weeks? Exactly two weeks was exactly when her birthday was.


“It should be.” She said eventually, upon realising he was still waiting for her to answer. “If you bring all your stuff tomorrow, we can get started. Although,” she paused and picked up the scarf he’d begun. It really was starting to get rather triangular in shape. “Perhaps we should start over?”


Chat Noir nodded earnestly. “Definitely. I’ll see you tomorrow then, My Lady!” And with that, he pressed a kiss to the back of her hand, stood up and vaulted off the rooftop.


She watched him go with a fond smile before pulling herself to her feet and swinging off in the direction of the bakery. As soon as she was through the trapdoor, she let her transformation fall and she flopped back on her bed. Tikki darted straight into her pile of cookies. 


“It’s kinda weird that Chat’s friend’s birthday is my birthday too, don’t you think, Tikki?” Marinette said after a moment of watching the shadows dance across her ceiling.


“Lots of people share birthdays, Marinette.” Tikki reminded her gently. She grabbed one last cookie from the plate and flew over to rest on the pillow.


“Yeah, but do they just so happen to both know the same person?”


“It’s not unlikely. Chat Noir could also know a lot of people.”


“Hm, I suppose you’re right.” Marinette yawned and Tikki nuzzled her cheek. “Well goodnight, Tikki.”


“Goodnight, Marinette. Sleep well.”



The next night Chat Noir showed up armed with knitting needles, an armful of soft pink yarn, and a determined look in his eyes. “I’m ready!” He announced, and she turned away from the view of the city to look over at him. “Show me what to do, My Lady.” He plopped himself down in the middle of the rooftop.


“Someone’s eager to start.” She observed with a laugh as she took a seat next to him and pulled out her own needles and yarn she had come prepared with. 


The next hour was spent showing Chat Noir how to get started on the scarf. It wasn't long before he was starting to make slow but sure progress and it was starting to take shape, this time less triangular, much to Chat’s delight. 


The rest of the two weeks flew by in a similar fashion. Every night, the two of them would meet up on the rooftops for what Chat Noir liked to call their “knitting dates” and they would sit in companionable silence as they each worked on their projects, Ladybug occasionally pausing to help Chat with his. 


On the last night before his friend’s birthday, Chat Noir arrived with what looked to be a completed scarf. 


“It’s done!” He exclaimed triumphantly, scooping Ladybug up into an excited hug. “And just in time too.”


She laughed as he pulled away. “I told you you could do it.”


He held the scarf out to her so she could get a better look at it. “Well, what do you think? Is it good?” He asked anxiously. 


Ladybug ran her hand over the scarf. She wished she could feel it with her bare fingers. It just wasn't the same through her super suit. “It’s lovely, Chaton. Your friend is gonna love it.”


Chat Noir bounced on his toes. “Are you sure? Because she’s so good at everything and I wanted to make something really nice for her.”


“This is really nice.” She insisted. “You did great, especially since it was only your first time knitting.”


His face split into a grin. “Thanks My Lady.” 

The second Marinette walked into the classroom the next day, Alya caught her in a hug. “Happy birthday, girl! You still good to come over to my place after school?”


Marinette laughed and returned the hug. “Of course!”


The two of them headed to their seats, pausing to say good morning to Adrien and Nino, who echoed their greeting before directing birthday wishes to Marinette. As the girls sat down, Nino gave Adrien a pointed look. Adrien twisted around in his seat to face them. “I made you something, Marinette.” He said with a warm smile, holding the neatly-wrapped gift out to her. 


Alya nudged her friend when she made no move to take it and Marinette slowly reached out in a daze. Adrien had made her something? “O-oh thanks.” She squeaked. She didn’t trust her voice to try say anything more. 


“Open it!” Alya whispered to her.  


She undid the ribbon holding the gift together, pulled the paper away and froze. There, nestled in the wrapping paper, was the scarf Chat Noir had made for his friend. She knew it was because she had just spent the last few nights helping him make it and she knew exactly what it looked like. With shaking fingers, she reached out and lifted it out of the paper. It felt just as soft as she thought it would be.  But Chat Noir had made this for his friend. She couldn’t breathe suddenly. 


If Chat Noir said he was making the scarf for his friend’s birthday, which just so happened to be her birthday as well, and then she received the scarf, the exact same scarf, from Adrien , who said he had made it and was not a liar, then logically that would mean that Adrien was Chat Noir and Chat Noir was Adrien and she was the friend he was talking about, right?


She wasn’t quite sure what to do with that information. Tell him ? Say, ‘Thank you for the scarf, Adrien. By the way, you wouldn’t happen to be Chat Noir, would you?’


“Do you- do you like it?” Adrien asked, in the exact same way Chat Noir had asked if it was good the previous night. 


“I-“ She choked, blinking back to the reality where Adrien -Chat Noir?- was nervously awaiting her approval of the scarf. “ Yes , it’s beautiful. You made it?”


“Well, I did have a bit of help.” He rubbed the back of his neck. 


“Help.” She repeated numbly. 


He nodded. “Yeah, uh- a friend of mine is very good at knitting. They showed me what to do.”


There was no doubt about it. Adrien Agreste was Chat Noir. 


Marinette wrapped the scarf around her neck and tucked it up over her face to hide her rapidly reddening cheeks. “Well, thank you, really. I love it.”


He shot her a dazzling grin before turning back to the front and she bit her lip against the wild giggles that threatened to burst free. This was Chat Noir in front of her. This was her partner


“You alright?” Alya raised an eyebrow. 


“Uh huh.” Marinette breathed, sinking down in her seat. “Just perfect.”


So , did your friend like the gift?” Ladybug asked that night as she landed next to Chat Noir. He turned and grinned at her. 


“She did. Thanks to you, Bugaboo.”


“Good to hear. Hey, did you know today was also my birthday?”


Chat Noir blinked, surprised both at the new knowledge and at the fact that she was sharing something like that with him. Then he frowned. “ Aw , My Lady, I had no idea. I wish you told me earlier, I could’ve made something for you as well. I'm getting quite proficient with the knitting needles, I'll have you know.”


“I'm sure it’s only because you have an excellent teacher.” She teased. “But I received a wonderful gift from a friend today.”


“Oh?” He tilted his head and leaned in closer to her. “And are you gonna tell this curious cat what it was now that you’ve sparked his interest?”


She pushed him away by his nose. “I could... But how about I show you instead?”


“Show me?” He repeated, puzzled.


She reached behind her, where she had looped the scarf earlier. Chat Noir still hadn’t seen it. She pulled it out and held it up for him to see. “Isn’t it nice?”


He stared at it for a long moment, recognition slowly dawning on his face. “Wait… That’s my scarf! The scarf I gave-“ He broke off, a delighted grin stretching his cheeks. “ Marinette .”. He said her name with so much adoration she felt lightheaded. “Of course it’s you.” He paused. “Does this mean we can keep having our knitting dates, Bugaboo?”


“Come here.” She laughed, and she looped the scarf around his neck and used it to pull him into a kiss.