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Opening Day

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Leaning against the doorframe to watch his sleeping lover, Christos is glad he didn't go with his first impulse and book them Citadel time for this. He had thought the professional treatment would be nice, but then realized he wants to inflict this pleasure all by himself. Pampering, petting. Relaxing Alfonso before the show opens tonight.

Alfonso stirs, adjusts his position and re-settles, determined to stay asleep until his alarm goes off, knowing he'll start worrying the moment it does.

With a small smile, Christos returns to the kitchen. Flips the bacon and stirs a small bowl of crepe dough before pouring some into a waiting hot pan.

The smell of breakfast reaches the bedroom - and Alfonso's nostrils - before long. At first he thinks it's part of his dreams but as he rouses it becomes clear that it's not, that it's real, god, bacon, coffee and other good things. A sheet wrapped around his waist he trails into the kitchen, still rubbing at his eyes, and smiles at Christos. "You're very busy this morning..."

"It's a big day," Christos says with a grin for his adorably sleep-rumpled lover. He flips a crepe and lays the pan back on the stove. "Lots to do."

"Si?" Alfonso steps closer, offering his face for a kiss.

"Si." Christos kisses Alfonso, lingering for a moment before he pulls back. "Are you hungry? We're almost ready for breakfast."

"Starving," Alfonso says. "Should I dress?"

"Don't bother. I'll bring it to you in bed," Christos answers, plating a crepe and pouring another.

"Gracias," Alfonso says, pressing another kiss to the corner of Christos's mouth. "Can I do anything? Pour coffee?"

"Sure, that'd be helpful. Go on and put them on the tray," Christos says, nodding towards the small breakfast table where he's already loaded up a tray with cutlery and napkins.

Struggling to keep the sheet around his hips, Alfonso manages to pour two cups of coffee and add them to the tray.

Christos chuckles. "What's with the modesty?" he asks. Alfonso's place has huge bare windows, true, but they're also very high up. He turns off the burner and sets the crepes on the tray as well, along with a bowl of fresh strawberries and one of whipped cream.

"I didn't want to drag the sheet on the floor," Alfonso protests, laughing. "Or burn myself on the coffee or anything else."

"All right. Back to bed now," Christos says, giving his lover a light swat on his ass. "Get comfortable," he adds, and hefts the loaded tray.

"Si, Senor," Alfonso says, laughing as he heads for the bedroom and jumps back in bed.

It thrills Christos to see Alfonso laugh that way, when laughter has been rare these past few weeks of intense rehearsal. He sets up the tray carefully on the bed, moving drinks to the night tables. Hands his lover a plate full of fluffy crepes wrapped around strawberries with whipped cream on top. Bacon on the side.

"You won't be able to do this too often while I'm working," Alfonso points out, happily taking the plate with an anticipatory groan. "They'll have to let my costumes out."

Christos chuckles at the thought and sets himself up with his own plate. "This is special for today," he agrees. "Today is all about not worrying."

Alfonso glances at Christos, mouth full of crepes, clearly doubtful.

Catching that look, Christos adds, "I mean it. You're going to relax today, even if I have to make you do it. Tonight will get here without us thinking about it."

"Okay," Alfonso agrees, taking another bite of breakfast. "This is so good. I've never eaten this well before."

Christos just smiles. "I'm happy to have you to cook for," he says, leaning in to lick a fleck of whipped cream from his lover's top lip.

Alfonso smiles at that. "Are you happy here?" he asks. "You're not bored?"

Christos hesitates. "I'm a little bored," he allows. "My days now are nothing like what I used to do, back in the day. But I'm getting more familiar with this part of the city, and I go for a long run every day. That helps." He lifts his hand to cup Alfonso's cheek. "I'm very happy with you."

Tilting his head into that touch, Alfonso smiles again. "I'm really happy you're here," he says. "I know it's not always easy with me being so worked up over the play but I will settle again as we get going, once the reviews are in."

"Promise?" Christos asks with a chuckle.

"Promise," Alfonso says, crossing his heart.

* * *

"Sing something for me," Christos says, drawing a washcloth over Alfonso's arm. They're in the huge tub, the burn of the silky scented water just fading. "The acoustics in here are amazing."

"Uh huh," Alfonso smiles. Christos is always looking for ways to get him to sing more. And mostly he gives in.

Buenas noches, mucho gusto
Eras un chico más
Después de cinco minutos
Ya eras alguien especial
Sin hablarme, sin tocarme
Algo dentro se encendió
En tus ojos se hacía tarde
Y me olvidaba del reloj

Settling his head back against the rim of the tub, Christos smiles. Alfonso's voice never fails to stir his heart. "Bravo."

"Gracias," Alfonso says, leaning back against Christos. "I like singing for you."

"I'll remember you said that, next time you complain," Christos chuckles. He lazily drags the cloth across his lover's chest, enjoying the feel of firm muscles beneath his fingers. And he ignores the way his cock is starting to harden against Alfonso's ass.

"Just as long as you don't ever expect me to do it in public," Alfonso says with a smile, amused, shifting to tease Christos's cock.

"Stop that. I have plans for you," Christos orders, but he's grinning.

"Plans where I don't get to do this?" Alfonso says innocently, not stopping for one second.

Christos sighs, a sound of long suffering. "I suppose you can do that if you want to," he says, like it's some big concession. Like he's not wildly turned on by the way his lover is initiating sex. He reaches for the bottle of lube they keep on the window sill and slicks his thumb. Reaches down and works it into his lover's tight hole.

Alfonso moans, hips stilling for a moment to give Christos easier access, but then he's moving again, fucking himself on his lover's thumb.

Christos grits his teeth against a groan, his cock now spike-hard. "I didn't know you needed it so bad," he whispers against his lover's throat. "So fucking desperate. Like a horny teenager."

Alfonso whimpers, cheeks and throat flushed hot. "Can't help it," he moans. "It's what you do to me."

"I was planning to rim you boneless," Christos says conversationally, "but now I think that will have to wait." He pulls his thumb out and pushes two fingers inside in its place, curving them to change the angle. To rub against that sensitive bundle of nerves inside his lover.

"Ay dios," Alfonso whispers, achingly hard, his cock jerking with every brush to his prostate.

Reaching, Christos closes his other hand around Alfonso's cock. He keeps up the unrelenting pressure on his prostate and begins to stroke, demanding response.

"Don't you want to fuck me?" Alfonso blurts out, even as his body arches into Christos's touch.

"Do I want to? Always. But you're going to come for me first," Christos says, and licks Alfonso's nape.

Shuddering at the touch of Christos's tongue, Alfonso moans, hips rocking between his lover's hands. "Por favor..." he whispers.

"Yes, my love. Come for me." Christos scrapes his teeth along Alfonso's throat, then bites down on his shoulder.

That does it. Alfonso arches up again, spilling into the hot water and over Christos's fingers with a sharp cry of pleasure.

There's nothing sexier than Alfonso in the throes of orgasm. Christos gentles his hands but draws out every last aftershock while he licks over the fresh mark.

"Dios," Alfonso breathes, leaning his head back a little more, tongue flicking out over his lips. "What you do to me."

"You're just so delicious when I do it," Christos tells him with a smirk, and kisses Alfonso's cheek. "Out. Dry off and get on the bed."

"Si, senor," Alfonso smiles, getting out of the water and reaching for their towels, one of which he hands to Christos.

"I love it when you talk sexy to me," Christos says, his face straight but his eyes dancing. He rubs the towel over his hair, then snaps it at Alfonso's legs.

"Hey, no fair, no bruising the star of the show," Alfonso says, laughing.

"The star of the show had better get his sweet ass in bed, before I go to town on him right here," Christos teases back. He hangs up their towels and sets the tub to drain, then stalks towards his lover.

Alfonso yelps and runs into the bedroom, throwing himself on the bed.

Grinning, Christos follows. He stretches out and brings his lover in for a kiss, lazily exploring Alfonso's mouth.

"You are the best kisser," Alfonso murmurs, licking back, their tongues tangling, his hand buried in Christos's hair.

"It's because you taste so good," Christos tells him with a grin. He slides his hand over Alfonso's ass. "Sometimes I just want to eat you alive."

Alfonso smiles at that, drawing back a little to look into Christos's eyes. "I love you," he whispers. "I am so thankful you came into my life."

The naked emotion surprises Christos, makes him glance away. "I love you," he murmurs back, feeling stupid for his reaction. "I'm still not used to hearing that."

"But you want to hear it, si?" Alfonso says softly, lifting his head, gauging Christos's reaction.

Christos nods, meeting his lover's eyes. "Yes. I very much want to hear it." He lifts a hand to stroke his lover's dark hair. "You're so different. So different from anyone I ever knew."

"How so?" Alfonso asks.

"No games," Christos answers softly. "You're not trying to fuck with my head. You're just yourself. And that's perfect."

Alfonso smiles. "Your head is definitely not the part of you I want to fuck with," he teases, leaning in for a kiss.

"Lucky me," Christos murmurs against his lover's mouth. He grins and tightens his hold on Alfonso's hair for a moment. "For now, though -- on your hands and knees."

"Si," Alfonso says with another kiss before pulling away and moving into position.

Christos can't help the smirk that rises to his lips. Alfonso is just so fucking gorgeous, and he's chosen him. Standing, he circles to the foot of the bed and trails his finger down the crack of Alfonso's ass.

Alfonso whimpers at the touch, his hole contracting and then flaring again, aching to have Christos inside him.

Laying his hands on Alfonso's ass cheeks, Christos gently spreads them apart. Kneels down, and licks between them.

"Ay dios," Alfonso blurts out, hips rocking against in response to the touch.

It tastes good. No lube in the way, nothing between them. Christos licks lasciviously over Alfonso's hole, getting him good and wet before he begins to dip the tip of his tongue just inside.

Alfonso moans and curses under his breath, shifting slightly away and then back again, over and over, his cock leaking, aching and wet at its tip.

Christos growls, shifting his weight on his elbows and reaching to close his hand around Alfonso's balls. He holds him in place and tongue-fucks him hard now, giving no quarter.

"Please!" Alfonso whines, being held so tightly, forced to just take this, shoving him hard up against the edge of his orgasm.

"Come!" Christos orders, barely breaking his rhythm. Ruthless.

Alfonso does as he's told, crying out, his whole body quaking around Christos's tongue.

Yes. Christos smirks, sliding his hand along Alfonso's cock and spreading semen over his fingers. He draws his fingers over the small of his lover's back, painting him, then grabs for a condom and lube. Two slick fingers plunge into Alfonso's ass, three, and Christos opens him up, pressing the head of his cock to the tiny hole and pushing slowly inside.

There's a low guttural moan, Alfonso arching his back to welcome Christos in, wanting him inside him, wanting him deep, despite having just come.

Shutting his eyes Christos concentrates on sensation, his muscles working against his lover's. He rocks into Alfonso, slow and deep, penetrating further each time until he's buried inside his lover, only thin latex between them.

Alfonso cries out with each thrust, shifting a bit, his legs spread wider. "Si, si, por favor..."

"Yes, my love," Christos whispers. He digs his fingers into Alfonso's hips and begins to ride him, every thrust deep and true.

"Mas, mas, mas duro," Alfonso chants, crying out, his back arching, meeting every movement.

Mas duro. Christos growls and folds himself over Alfonso, covering him. He braces his hands on the bed and slams into his lover again and again, slowing down only enough that he can sink his teeth into his lover's shoulder.

Alfonso's cry pierces the air around them and his body quakes again, shoved into another orgasm that clenches every muscle, his cock spitting the few drops of come it has left.

Christos loses control when Alfonso tightens impossibly around him. He comes with a shout, filling the rubber with his seed. It's a long moment before his breathing steadies to the point that he can pull out, wrapping one arm around his lover.

"Ay dios," Alfonso breathes, swallowing against a throat gone dry, his cock still throbbing, ripples of pleasure washing through him. "What you do to me..."

Christos swiftly disposes of the condom, then pulls his lover into his embrace. "Mind blown?" he asks in a hopeful tone. "That's what I was going for."

"So, mind blown," Alfonso agrees, curling in close. Quiet for a moment before he asks, "Have you ever gone without?"

It takes Christos a moment to catch up. "Years ago, yeah," he answers, brushing his lips over Alfonso's hair. "Not in a long time. You?"

"A couple times when I was younger, and stupid, and very very lucky, I guess," Alfonso admits.

"Very lucky, right. I'm amazed sometimes by how crazy I used to act," Christos murmurs. "Do you think it's time we stopped using them together?" The idea seems so alien to him. And exciting.

"I've been considering it," Alfonso confesses. "What do you think?"

Christos lifts his head so he can meet his lover's dark eyes, and he smiles. "I love that idea."

Alfonso nods. "We haven't been with anyone, si? Since each other?" It feels weird to ask but he knows he shouldn't assume. It's not like they ever promised each other exclusivity.

"There's only you," Christos says, which wasn't quite what Alfonso was asking, but he figures it's close enough. And true.

"Then yes, I think we should give them up," Alfonso nods. "That way you won't have to move so soon."

Bemused, Christos asks, "Is that what... what has the most impact for you?" he asks, feeling his way through the language barrier. "Being close to me?"

"You mean why I want to give them up?" Alfonso asks.

"Yes," Christos whispers, trailing his fingers along Alfonso's jaw.

Alfonso's face heats again and he drops his gaze for a moment. "That's part of it," he says. "A big part but not all."

It's unlike Alfonso to be so shy, and Christos finds his curiosity piqued. "What is it, my love?"

"I want to feel it," Alfonso answers softly. "I want to feel skin against skin... and when you come..."

"You want to feel me inside you." A wave of tenderness rises in Christos, one that's got nothing to do with post-coital hormones. "I want that too."

Alfonso pushes up and kisses Christos on the mouth. "Te quiero mucho," he whispers.

Christos smiles, still shocked at his own response. "Te quiero mucho."

Alfonso smiles back then glances at his watch. "Want to take a nap with me?"

"Yes," Christos agrees, although he doubts he'll sleep. Hell, he's not so sure Alfonso will, either. Not with the debut only hours away. "Come here, let me hold you," he says, nudging Alfonso to turn over so he can spoon him from behind.

Alfonso turns, curling back into Christos's embrace, his lover's arm pulled tight around him. "I'm trying not to think about tonight," he whispers.

Christos huffs a chuckle into Alfonso's hair. "I know. That's what today was about."

"You did a good job of distracting me," Alfonso says with a smile, after-sex hormones making him actually sleepy.

"Good. Rest, my love," Christos tells him, rubbing his cheek against Alfonso's hair. "Tonight will get here on its own."