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The Dangers of Alcoholism

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The night came to a quiet close as usual. The Angel Share’s usual patrons had finally filtered out, drunkenly singing, and stumbling into the night.


Despite Diluc’s repeated protests, Mondstadt’s Cavalry Captain was once again the last one left in the tavern, passed out drunk at Diluc’s counter. Now that the bard had left for the night, Kaeya’s peaceful snoring filled the room. 


Diluc felt a slight crack as he almost shattered the glass he was trying to dry. Kaeya had been making this occurrence an almost nightly habit by this point, and Diluc had made his displeasure very obviously known. He was sick of having to call Jean or Lisa down just to pick him up. He wasn’t going to bring him to Diluc’s private room above, not when Kaeya brought this upon himself and would likely puke all over his nice carpet.


But Diluc’s patience had worn thin. Just a few nights ago, Diluc was unable to contact anyone to drag the unconscious captain home, and so he had been forced to lug the man back to his apartment himself. It wasn’t his weight that was an issue, Kaeya was impossibly light and even if he wasn’t, Diluc wielded a claymore and would have no trouble with carrying double his weight. 


No, what truly drove Diluc Ragnvindr over the edge was hearing Kaeya Alberich mumble his latest conquests name, shortly before puking all over Diluc. 

It took every ounce of goodness and patience Diluc had cultivated over decades not to dump the sorry drunk right there in the middle of the street and let him sleep in the cold Mondstadt night air. 

Thankfully for Kaeya’s sake, they were not far from his apartment and Diluc just furiously stomped over, broke his door down and dumped him on his couch. Even if Diluc could afford it, he was not paying for the door’s repair.


The next night when Kaeya had returned, Diluc resisted the urge to clock him over the head with the bottle had been holding, and instead, very sternly impressed upon Kaeya that he needed to stop these almost nightly binges. Diluc would not be there to help him next time.


And yet here they were again, Kaeya passed out and drooling onto Diluc’s counter, and Diluc weighing the options of whether he should either stab Kaeya with the nearest utensil or if he should bother to get his claymore out for the occasion. 


At this point, Kaeya was not going to learn from lectures alone. He needed a lesson in consequences.


He needed a scare.


Diluc moved onto the next glass as he thought. 


What would scare Kaeya into learning his lesson? He could rob him off all his valuables and even his shoes and make him walk home barefoot tomorrow in humiliation. 


No… Kaeya had far too much of an ego for something like that to even make a significant dent in him. Besides, he’d know just who robbed him. Maybe Diluc could burn his possessions so there was no evidence. That would at least be satisfying in its own way.


But no, that still wasn’t enough.


Perhaps Diluc could haul his ass to a barn or stable and dump him there. He’d fit in, he was the cavalry captain after all. And if he dumped him in hay that wasn’t so fresh… Well, that's just the luck of the draw when you pass out in someone else’s establishment. But grudgingly, Diluc knew that also wasn’t enough. Kaeya was an accomplished captain, he’d slept rough many a time before, this wouldn’t be much different.


No. Diluc needed something Kaeya would remember. He needed to understand the importance of how it looks for the Mondstadt Cavalry Captain to be stumbling home every dawn, hungover and a mess from the night before. The Knights of Favonius were already so inefficient, this wouldn’t help their reputation at all. 

There was also an element of danger to it - if Mondstadt was attacked, how could Kaeya hope to lead a defence, let alone a counter attack if he was constantly inebriated? It would be once again left to Jean and the Dark Knight. Again, so inefficient.


Besides, how could Kaeya protect Mondstadt if he probably couldn’t even stave off the unwanted advances of the other seedier patrons of the bar?

Diluc found himself frowning angrily at the thought. He’d seen it happen, Kaeya was naturally popular in Mondstadt given his status, good looks and natural “charm”. It led to some drunken - some calculated - advances from others. They’d put their arms around him (one even tried to put his hand on his waist, but Diluc’s hand slipped and a glass was accidentally thrown into the wall directly behind him, missing him by an inch and discouraged him), try to lead him away, encourage him to drink away. Diluc could see the way their lustful eyes greedily sucked in the sight of Kaeya’s Adam apple bobbing as he downed a drink. He’d watched the way they’d stared unashamedly at Kaeya’s ass as he bent over to grab a drink or speak to someone. 


Imagine what animals like that would do to Kaeya when he was vulnerable like this. When he was sober, he could politely and subtly reject their advances without offending them, and gently manoeuvre out of unwelcome grips. But when he was drunk, he could barely stand straight, never mind push a ravenous bastard off.


They wouldn’t pass up a chance like that up. And perhaps that would finally teach Kaeya a lesson about the dangers of excessive drinking. Diluc would even relish Kaeya coming to him, begging for his help, for him to save him from those that would hurt him. Beg him to walk him home from then on.

Diluc could be that saviour.


It’d make Kaeya depend on him, as he should, just like when they were younger. It’d make Kaeya his and give him an excuse to weed the rats out of his tavern.


But Diluc didn’t like the idea of others touching what was his.


Diluc put the glass he’d long grown distracted from down, hairline fractures cascading across it.


Maybe Kaeya, drunk as he was, would even let it happen. Let their greasy fingers trace over his body, grasping and groping at his curves and soft skin. Let their wet lips mouth at his sensitive ears like dogs in heat.

Maybe he’d even enjoy it.
Maybe he’d gasp and moan at their dirty fingers.
Maybe he'd like the burn of them pulling at his silky hair and ripping at his clothes.


Maybe he'd like to tousle with beasts like that.


Maybe he'd like the feel of being filled by more than one.


Diluc growled at the sight of Kaeya sleeping defencelessly at his counter. 


Maybe Kaeya would enjoy being treated roughly… Maybe it wouldn't be punishment for a whore like him.


Diluc walked around the counter to Kaeya’s side. He bent himself over the sleeping form, placing his arms on both sides of his body, caging him in.


"If I didn't stop you, you'd just open your legs for anyone wouldn't you?" Diluc made a disgusted sound, but his face was hot.


Diluc thought back to the name Kaeya had mumbled that name out a few nights ago as Diluc carried him home. It was just another citizen of Mondstadt yet the name was burned into Diluc’s mind.


"Just how many have had you?" Diluc trailed one of his hands from Kaeya's shoulder down to his hip. He gripped his hip, kneading it with his gloved fingers. Kaeya was packed with muscle, but it was the lithe kind, allowing his skin to keep its soft feel. He liked how it felt in his hands, just right.


Diluc hung his head over Kaeya's, breathing in his delicate scent from his hair. There were hints of his usual minty fresh scent, but it was mostly overpowered by notes of Diluc’s own famous Dandelion Wine. He smelt like Diluc’s place, and it was intoxicating. He wore the scent of Diluc like perfume and it suited him.


Kaeya’s hair hung over his shoulder, pooling partly on the counter as he slept, leaving his neck exposed. It was usually hidden by the captain’s dark locks, but now it was on display, a hidden spot all for Diluc. It looked soft supple, like it was made for teeth to mark it.


Diluc’s pants felt tight. Without really thinking, he pressed up against Kaeya’s slumbering body and rocked his erection against it. 


The pleasant sparks from the friction momentarily blinded Diluc before he came to and realised what he was doing.


His breathing was becoming laboured as he caged Kaeya against the counter, their bodies flush against each other, and Kaeya’s ass against Diluc’s rapidly growing erection.


His mind was full of heat and muddled, like he was drunk too, though he’d had no alcohol that night.


It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that Kaeya gave this body to others and not to Diluc. Diluc’s only claim was the scent of his signature liquor on his skin, which paled in comparison to the way others had had Kaeya. Diluc wanted to be beneath his skin too.


Diluc rolled his hips against Kaeya once more. Kaeya’s breath barely even stuttered. He was completely, and utterly passed out.


And completely at the mercy of Diluc.


Diluc leaned down and bit gently into Kaeya’s neck. Not too hard, just enough to pinch it and leave a mark. He then licked it long and deeply, tasting Kaeya. The body beneath him shivered, but otherwise didn’t react.


“I see your body remembers the touch of another. Used to it are you? The filthy touches of men?” Both of Diluc’s hand’s gripped Kaeya’s hips.


“You’re just like a bitch in heat, looking for a man to drag you into an alley and use you.” Diluc pressed himself against Kaeya. He bit at the side of his neck.


“Is that why you were drinking so heavily? Just waiting for someone to take advantage of you?” the thought of it made Diluc’s blood boil, and it was already heated for another reason. Kaeya was his, he wouldn’t let anyone have him, even if Kaeya wanted them back.


He looked down at the body below him, mostly undisturbed by him. A dark idea crossed Diluc’s mind. The patience that usually held him back was nowhere to be found.


“Shaking your hips like you were putting on a display. You were asking for this weren’t you?” He held Kaeya’s hips tightly, lifting him so most of his torso lay on the counter, only his hips and below hanging down and into Diluc’s grip.


“You’ve probably had most of the men of this town.” Diluc grit out as he kneaded the soft ass below him. 


Diluc undressed Kaeya and pulled it all down, exposing his tight ass to the cold air of the bar. With those tight pants that Kaeya wore, it was no secret that his ass was the best in Mondstadt but seeing it in all its glory was an experience in itself. Diluc let one side of Kaeya’s hip go just to cup it and greedily squeeze the flesh there. 


An ass fit for a whore like him.


“’s only fair I get my turn too.”


It was like a crack in a wine glass finally buckled, and cause the whole thing to shatter to pieces, spilling the wine all out. Diluc used his hand on Kaeya’s ass to spread him open wider. There wasn’t time to go upstairs and find some lube or appropriate substitute, Kaeya would have to deal with what Diluc could get. Not that he’d probably mind, Kaeya was probably familiar with making do with what was given to him, desperate to take what was shoved into him. Diluc unzipped himself and brought out his own length, throbbing and eager to teach Kaeya a lesson.


Diluc reached for the nearby Dandelion Wine bottle Kaeya had been drinking from. It wasn’t even half finished, Kaeya passing out before he could get very far, as he’d been several bottles already in.


Diluc ripped the cork off with his teeth and poured the wine over Kaeya’s ass. Kaeya’s body twitched from the cold sensation, and he mumbled something in his sleep. Diluc poured some more of it on his cock too, making sure it and Kaeya’s bud was as wet as he could get it. 

Diluc wasted no time after abandoning the mostly empty wine bottle on the counter, to massaging Kaeya open with his still gloved fingers. 


“You’re filthy Kaeya. I can’t even touch you without my gloves on, I don’t know whose sloppy hands have been all over and inside you.” Diluc leaned over him, biting at Kaeya’s ears as he mocked him. He was naturally met with resistance given the substitute he was using, but he persevered and was rewarded. Once his first digit was in, Diluc pressed his second in. Kaeya tensed at the intrusion and whimpered at the sensation. Diluc groaned as he felt his gloves soak with wine and press at Kaeya’s tender flesh, drinking up the soft sounds dripping from Kaeya as he adjusted to the fingers inside him.


It wasn’t long before Diluc could fit his third finger in. Of course Kaeya would open up so easily. Diluc moaned into Kaeya’s neck.


“Do you like that? You open up for me so easily. Just completely ready for me. You’re such a whore Captain Ablerich, so eager for another man’s cock.” 


Kaeya wasn’t even conscious and yet his body was reacting to him, blooming open like a flower of the night, ready for Diluc to cradle and crush.


Diluc leaned back upright, one hand still on Kaeya’s hip holding him up and steady, while his other pumped his own cock at satisfaction at the sight. 

Kaeya was spread open before Diluc, across his tavern counter, face flushed and breathing heavy, his clothes in various states of disarray, and smelling heavily of Diluc’s own signature liquor. Wine leaked from his pliant and ready hole.

But the picture was not yet complete.

Diluc lined himself up with Kaeya and plunged into the wet tight heat of Kaeya’s hole. Diluc could not hold back the groan ripped from his throat as all his instincts sent him into overdrive to breed this whore, fill him up with only you, make his hole remember the shape of your cock, make it so only your cock can satisfy him-


Diluc slammed into the unconscious body of Kaeya beneath him, perfectly spearing him on his cock. Kaeya gave a muffled cry of surprise and his body tensed. Diluc set a brutal pace of hammering into his greedy hole, the wet squelch of leftover liquor and their skin slapping together filling the space. Kaeya didn’t rouse as he was well and truly unconscious, but he did instinctively give a pathetic mewl and seemed to arch away from the thrusts.


“Come back here slut.” Diluc gripped both of his hips and roughly snapped him back onto his cock, smirking in satisfaction when he heard Kaeya’s strained moan. “We’ve only just started.”


Diluc continued his relentless thrusts, chasing his own release as he watched Kaeya bounce on his cock below him, Kaeya unable to stop the little moans falling from his plump lips. Diluc swooped down, his pace not pausing, and kissed Kaeya, freeing a hand to angle his face into it. Kaeya didn’t resist it, but Diluc bit at and bruised his lips anyway, devouring his mouth once he was in. It was fierce and clumsy, but surprisingly even in his passed-out state, Kaeya’s tongue reacted by pushing back at him. It was minor and infrequent, so Diluc couldn’t tell how much of it was Kaeya’s natural instincts as the whore he was to attempt to kiss him back, or his bodily instincts trying to push out the foreign member so he could breathe. With Diluc controlling and doing most of the work, trails of saliva trailed out of Kaeya’s mouth.


Diluc pulled back to see the thoroughly debauched sleeping face of Kaeya, a heavy blush across his beautiful skin, kiss swollen lips, and drool leaking from his lips from the heady kiss. Diluc fucked harder into him, hitting a spot that caused the dark-haired man to jerk and let out a needy whine. His hole tightened and his body instinctively rolled back onto Diluc’s cock. 


Diluc growled at the sensation and gripped Kaeya’s hair like a rein, thrusting himself into that tight heat at a brutal pace to chase that high. He was close, so close.


He had Kaeya in his arms, wet and moaning like a bitch in heat from Diluc’s cock rearranging his insides. 


“I’m better than all of them, aren’t I Kaeya? No one fucks you like I do.” Diluc hit that spot again and Kaeya let out a strangled moan, his fingers curling into a fist.


“Your pussy takes me so good, just like you were made for me. Your body can’t resist the feel of real man inside you.” His words were a little crazed by the high that was filling him, the feeling of Kaeya squeezing his cock and rocking back into his thrusts. “You look so pretty split on my cock.”


Diluc leaned down once more to growl into Kaeya’s ear. “Aren’t you ashamed of how much you're moaning for my cock? Or do whores not feel any shame?” 


“No one else’s cock will be good enough for such a greedy slut like you. You’ll keep coming back to me for more, because your body won’t remember anything else.” He punctuated his words with his rapid deep thrusts, pulling hard at Kaeya’s hair.


“I should just knock you up, make you my pretty little wife-,” Diluc cut himself off with a guttural groan, the thought alone almost brought him to the edge. Kaeya would make a fantastic wife, sitting back at the mansion, waiting for Diluc to come home and bed him every night until he was bred like a broodmare. Right where he belonged, crying out for Diluc to fuck him faster and harder like he deserved, and fill him up so much cum that he’d get pregnant. 


“You always said you wanted the name Ragnvindr, right? I’ll give it to you... and you can give me an heir - your hips were made for it.” Diluc looked at Kaeya’s tiny little waist between his hands. No good girl had any business having curves like his.


Yes, that’s where Kaeya belonged, back at Dawn Winery ready to be bred and carry the Ragnvindr line like he was destined to. 


Diluc didn’t even know he felt this way about Kaeya. He knew he’d always felt protective and a bit possessive of him when they grew up together, but that had been from a brotherly perspective. … Until he no longer saw him as friend, let alone a brother because of that night.

But now… Kaeya was taking his cock like he was a made for it, whining from those pretty red lips of his and Diluc wasn’t sure he saw him as a brother, friend or an enemy. He just wanted to make him his, fill up so much and fuck him so hard he couldn’t walk anymore.


Was it just his instincts talking?


Diluc found he couldn’t care at all. What mattered was that Kaeya was his.


“You’re mine Kaeya.” Diluc bit out, digging his nails through gloves into the soft hot skin beneath him. He couldn’t say much more than that, just panting out Kaeya’s name between desperate breaths as he pummelled into the addicting tight hole beneath him. 


Diluc had left his mark all over the Cavalry Captain beneath him, and now he’s inside him too. Kaeya was finally his.


Diluc pressed his whole body against Kaeya’s, and buried his cock as far as he could, spilling his hot thick seed deep into Kaeya’s pliant body. 


He rode out his orgasm as he began to come down from his high, a satisfied glow coming over him as felt himself empty the last of his seed into Kaeya’s hole. Diluc was buried deep, no one else had the length to get that far. Now Kaeya was marked in a way others couldn’t match. 


It was getting late unfortunately, so Diluc reluctantly pulled out of the comforting heat, his own cum following and dripping out without him to plug it up. Now that he had somewhat calmed down, Diluc noticed that Kaeya had come untouched during it all, painting his nice hardwood counter and floor. A darkly pleased smirk stretched across the red head’s face as he gave a gentle slap to Kaeya’s perky ass that was still overflowing with his cum. 


“I knew you’d enjoy that.” 


Diluc pulled Kaeya’s pants back up and made sure they were buttoned enough they wouldn’t fall down, but not bothering to clean Kaeya up in any other places. He didn’t fix shirt, preferring to leave his bite marks on full display. Unlike Kaeya, Diluc did fix his own appearance.


With the ease of someone who wields a claymore, he delicately picked up Kaeya’s still sleeping body. He took the unconscious captain out the back door and used his routes as the Dark Knight to take him to an unused alley just off Kaeya’s apartment.


There were only a short few hours before the sun rose and Kaeya would rouse, so Diluc returned to the Angel’s Share, cleaning up the mess they had left.


The only evidence of what had happened would be between Kaeya’s legs.




Kaeya woke to the first rays of sunlight on his face. As pleasant as that first sensation was, the rest were not as welcoming. He awoke on a pile of boxes in a long unused back alley.


First, the familiar pounding of a migraine from his well-deserved hangover appeared.


Then came the odd feeling Kaeya wasn’t used to. His body was filled with an ache that centred on his lower half. These aches were not the kind he got from pushing himself in training, or the kind he got from a nasty fight. When he tried to move, sharp pains shot down his back straight to his ass and hips. 


Something was wrong - very wrong.


In a panic and still drowsy from his alcohol nap, Kaeya tried to desperate get up, but he just collapsed further into the abandoned boxes around him. He couldn’t get up; he was too weak, the world was spinning and his legs felt like jelly. 


But the worst thing sent a shiver down his spine. When he moved, he felt something leak out from inside him. 


Kaeya made a strangled noise of pain and confusion. 


He was alone in alley at dawn, and there was someone’s seed buried so deep in him it was still leaking out. He felt dirty and scared. 


What had happened last night?


Had he… Had he slept with someone? 


Sure, Kaeya liked to playfully flirt back, tease the easy ones. But he’d never actually… 


He hadn’t planned this - he - he didn’t want to. 


He wanted to wait, he was hoping for… 


A choked sob came from Kaeya’s throat. He was so confused. He was drinking last night like usual - Diluc had told him to stop, gave him a lecture on how it looked and how dangerous it could be - but he didn’t heed Diluc’s warning. In fact, it fuelled him to continue. Kaeya liked the feeling of bucking against rules, especially Diluc’s. He liked the attention he got from him even if it was negative, because it was better than the cold shoulder or complete lack of interest he usually received.


But now look what happened. Diluc was right, Kaeya was an idiot. A big fucking idiot. 


He had ignored Diluc and drank and drank and drank, and drank…. And he must have gotten so intoxicated he slept with someone who didn’t even care enough to get him home but dumped him in an alley. Kaeya hiccupped from his heap upon the ground.


He didn’t even remember anything… vague flashes of something happening, and someone pulling his hair hard, if  the pain in his scalp was anything to go by.


But nothing else. He was alone on the cold ground, absolutely used and thrown away.


He thought of Diluc and his warning. Of his warm tavern, and the way he never banned him despite his threats. Of the way his cold disinterest wounded Kaeya, but also of the way his eyes never seemed to quite leave Kaeya either.


Kaeya knew Diluc still resented him. And yet… And yet, Kaeya forced himself up and forced his wobbly legs to walk through the thankfully empty streets to the door of the Angel’s Share.


Kaeya didn’t know what overcame him – his still hungover mind, delirium, or some foolish hope – but he knocked on that door.


He stood swaying outside of it as he heard the soft sounds of boots make its way to the door. It gently swung open, revealing the red haired owner on its other side. He appeared bored and a little miffed at Kaeya’s sudden intrusion, but seemed to stop himself as his red eyes took in the messy appearance of Kaeya before him.




Kaeya barely held back the sob threatening to crawl up his throat. He spoke before Diluc could, wanting to speak before Diluc could ask.


“I-I don’t know what happened las-last night. I’m sore and I f-feel-, I don’t know what to do-,” The words spilled out, both trying to explain and yet trying to dodge revealing the issue as much as he could. Diluc’s eyes widened at his obvious stress, picking up on the severity of the situation.


“Diluc, D-Diluc please-,” Kaeya was unable to get his words out without sobbing.


Instantly, he was drawn into a warm embrace, gloved hands pulling him close and into the tavern. There was relief and safety there, and Kaeya’s eyes burned with tears. He nuzzled into Diluc neck the same way he had done when Diluc had comforted him after a nightmare when they were kids, breathing in deeply the calming scent of Dandelion Wine and embers. There was something so familiar about it, it must have reminded him of their childhood, but something in it made his nose wrinkle slightly. He pushed the thought down and relaxed into Diluc’s arms.


Kaeya had come to the Angel’s Share, and he had met one at the door.


Buried in the heartfelt brace, he didn’t see the satisfied tug at the edge of the red head’s lips.