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Interrupted Intimacy

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Once the groceries were put away, Akinobu followed the sound of the TV to the living room, and froze.

Jou and Ryuu were sitting on the floor, turned away from the doorway. Even with the furniture in the room blocking much of his view, it was immediately apparent why they hadn't noticed him come in. Jou's eyes were screwed shut, his head tilted back as Ryuu kissed his neck, both their hands occupied below the low table with an activity that wasn't difficult to guess from the rhythm of their breathing.

They were hardly making a sound, which was strange, when normally they argued so much. You'd never think they could be so gentle with one another.

Akinobu stumbled back into the hallway. After a dazed few seconds, he recovered the sense to duck into the toilet, locking the door behind him. His heart was pounding as he closed his eyes and reached with shaking fingers for the button of his slacks.

With his vision dark, the tableau he'd just witnessed was impossibly vivid in his mind. He'd had Ryuu's hands on his own body so many times that he knew exactly what it must feel like now for Jou -- for both of them. He could recall all too clearly the softness of Ryuu's lips at his throat. The unexpected carefulness of Jou's touch, like he was scared of leaving bruises. The noises Jou made, when he was close -- he'd have to be close by now -- and the way Ryuu didn't make any noise at all when you touched him, but would nevertheless lean into your ear at the most unbearable moment, and with that deep voice of his murmur something that made your spine tingle.

Akinobu never got like this. What was wrong with him? He felt strange, almost ill, but despite his burning embarrassment he couldn't find the willpower to still his hand. He'd never been so aroused. He flushed to imagine both of their eyes on him right now, watching as he touched himself; and then an even more impossible heat swept over him as he thought, If they knew you liked it so much, they'd probably let you watch next time.

He spent into the toilet with a gasp. He felt so lightheaded that he had to brace an arm against the wall for several seconds before he could find the strength to straighten up again.

He washed his hands very thoroughly and straightened his slacks several times before stepping back out into the hallway. He wandered into the kitchen and, to steady his hands, began chopping the vegetables he'd bought.

It was another ten minutes before Ryuu wandered in.

"Aki," he said, eyebrows raising. "When did you get home?"

"Just a few minutes ago," Akinobu mumbled, unable to meet his eyes. He could feel himself blushing.

"You should come into the living room. We're just watching TV."

"I will. As soon as I'm done with this."

The sound of footsteps gave him enough warning to put his knife down before Ryuu's lips met the back of his neck. It must be the hundredth such kiss he'd given Akinobu, but the warmth it sparked inside him was as hopelessly dizzying as it had been the very first time.

"Mm. Don't take too long."

Ryuu left him alone then, but the heat in Akinobu's cheeks lingered for several minutes more.