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Only Human

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By the time he ran into the clearing, it was all over bar the cleanup. It looked like Stiles had gone ape-shit with his new bat: there were bodies scattered around, and Peter sincerely doubted that any of them would be walking out of there. The man in question was leaning against a tree, carefully wiping the blood from his baseball bat. He didn’t appear to be injured at all and Peter blew out a sigh of relief.

“I keep tellin’ ya, forget fucking demons, it’s humans you need to keep an eye out for! If I had a pound for every one of my plans those ruddy scoobies messed up for me, I’d be rich!” Spike had finally caught up with him and Peter smirked at how out of breath the vampire was. He kept telling him he needed to do more cardio than what he got up to in the bedroom.

Stiles had heard Spike and he walked over, twirling the bat expertly.

“Where the hell were you two? I could have done with some back-up – only human, remember?!” With a laugh, Peter dragged Stiles into his arms and kissed the protests from his lips. Only human indeed!