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Lila’s Ass-assination

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Mentions of unwanted groping of a derrière

Adrien was annoyed.

Here he was on a Saturday afternoon, granted time to hang out with friends, and yet again, he was being accosted by Lila. It was becoming too much for the blonde.

Usually it was slightly more bearable, as normally he was able to use other people as a divider between him and the Italian, more often than not it was Marinette. This time however, everyone seemed to be paired up by the time he arrived, and he noticed that the only other person who was standing without a partner was Lila; Marinette was nowhere to be seen. There, he found himself, standing with the group, waiting for the screen doors to open so they could take their seats, with a snaking hand blatantly trying to feel his behind.

Just the feel of her shuffling next to him was enough to make his skin squirm.

He had already tried to dodge her, by moving between other couples, but somehow, he always ended up next to her, and no one else seemed to notice. Nino was paired up with Alya, Ivan and Mylène were huddled together, Juleka and Rose stood hand in hand and Kim and Odine had also joined them this evening.

He felt as though it was meant to be a couples thing that him and Lila had unfortunately interrupted on this occasion, as some of his other classmates had not been able to make it. The blonde just wished Marinette had arrived already. At least if Marinette was there, he could buddy up with her and know that his bottom was safe from assault. Plus, it would definitely have been much better being on a couples outing with Marinette. Even if they were just good friends.

There was still light at the end of the tunnel for the blonde however, and his chest had immediately swelled with hope and relief. After hearing Alya say that her best friend was running late, Adrien had taken it upon himself to buy her ticket already so his good friend would not have to wait in the queue. That way, she could join them straight away, and then he could ask her to accompany him to the concession counter. It was his turn to buy their snacks this time as they had become accustomed to sharing, and frankly, it was another excuse he seemed to fall back on when Lila was getting too close. Tending to successfully sandwich himself between Marinette and anyone apart from Lila, the model only needed to hang on a few more minutes and he would have his cinema buddy to save him.

He was hoping he could start asking her to accompany him to his shoots, as she and Kagami were the only ones who seemed to notice how uncomfortable Lila made him. Asking Marinette would surely be win-win for both of them, as she would gain from being in that environment and his abs could escape without being touched inappropriately. The Italian always seemed to be way too handsy with his body, something which had ceased when Kagami accompanied him to shoots. Her visit to the States had resulted in her staying over there however, meaning he was regularly finding himself, once again, the target for Lila's full frontal assaults when no one was looking. Chloé had also seemed to notice the unwanted behaviour, but as much as he loved his childhood friend, her own advances sometimes had the same effect on him. Plus, Adrien was not sure if Chloé was also acting that way due to her own possessiveness that she seemed to think she was entitled to over him. That behaviour was not one he wanted to encourage, no matter how important her friendship had always been to him.

He was too worried to say anything about Lila and her behaviour.

Adrien figured she would eventually get the message, but in fact, it was getting considerably worse.

Even his friends, in the circle they were standing in at that moment, failed to notice how uncomfortable he was. How was he meant to get anyone to believe him, if even the people who were currently in their presence were none the wiser?

Just as he was about to lose his cool, a mixture of irritation, frustration and anger bubbling in his chest, Marinette made her appearance. The arrival of his cinema buddy gave him the perfect excuse to covertly escape Lila and her hands, as he made sure to keep his saviour close. The intense anger that was threatening to boil over dropped immediately, as soon as he heard her voice.

As always, Marinette was running late.

After becoming distracted by her latest creation, it was not until her ever observant Kwami reminded her about the time, that she realised how long she had been buried in the now complete garment. Pleased with how it had turned out, Marinette decided she would wear the item to the cinema, a little green and black number she had made inspired by her partner. Worn with black leggings and white trainers, the thigh length flowing black skirt under a mint green fitted bodice, was complete with elbow length sleeves and a square neckline. The panel seams, highlighted with black accents, accentuated her slim figure and the small paw shaped buttons up the back were an obvious nod to Chat. The ensemble brought together at the waist with a black band, fastened in a bow at the back. Part of her hoped he would see her creation, but the other part did not want his ego to become too inflated with her basing the dress on him.

Marinette could not deny that she looked good in it though, and she bolted out of her home and made her way as quickly as possible to the cinema. Once there, her anger bubbled in her chest, as she could see Lila's hand snaking its way towards Adrien's derrière. He was clearly uncomfortable, as his shoulders stiffened and he shuffled away while angling his tushy out of her reach.

Staying where she was for a moment she fiddled with her phone and pressed record, pretending to be absentmindedly typing as she filmed the horrid actions of Lila against Adrien. She only had to capture a few seconds and she had another piece to add to her pile for when Adrien was finally ready. Marinette knew she should probably tell him, but had an inclination that he would just brush her off and tell her not to worry.

The thought that he was so conditioned to just stay quiet and take whatever was thrown at him angered her further, as she pushed her phone into her bag with unnecessary force. "Sorry Tikki."

Making her way to the group, the enraged bluenette did not acknowledge Alya and Mylène's smile when they spotted her. She did not even notice the way Lila jumped away from Adrien as she came up behind him with a jesting "boo", putting on the sweetest smile when she caught Lila's scowl.

'Keep scowling you cow!'

Just for good measure as he turned to face the newly arrived teen, Marinette wrapped him in a tight hug, one which he returned gratefully. Shooting a warning look at Lila from where her face was pressed against his chest, Marinette was happy when Adrien kept his arm around her shoulders as he turned them to face the others. The beauty gladly acting as his barrier like she had at every opportunity since it became apparent he was happy for her to do so.

"Hey girl!"

"About time Mari!"


"Yes," Lila pulled Marinette's gaze back to her as the Italian plastered on the sweetest smile, "we're so glad you finally made it."

If anyone noticed the slightly condescending tone hidden behind the false smile, they did not say anything. Adrien however, gave her shoulder a tight squeeze of thanks, as their group carried on talking.

"I most certainly am," the blonde muttered with a coy smile, more for Marinette's benefit than the rest of the group's. Pulling her closer into his side, the blonde glanced down at her with fondness and something Marinette could not quite place, "shall we go and get our snacks?"

Marinette felt her cheeks warm at the lack of space between them. She had gotten much better recently, but on occasion, her bashfulness got the better of her. Tonight was not going to be one of those occasions though; she was determined to make sure there was no awkwardness between them, as Lila certainly provided enough.

"Lead the way," Marinette smiled sincerely up at him, pushing the urge to stutter away and purposely ignoring Alya's skeptically cocked brow. "What are you in the mood for tonight?" She asked while he led her to the confectionery counter. Her hands fiddled with her purse strap, as she felt the need to prevent herself from wrapping her arm around the back of his waist.

"Whatever you decide," he answered with a broad grin, not dropping his arm from her shoulders and reaching for his wallet with his free hand.

Marinette knew there was no point in trying to stop him from paying, they had an unspoken agreement that they took it in turns to pay for their shared snacks. Another aspect of her friendship with Adrien she was glad to have, even if it was only to serve a purpose.

"Loving the dress by the way," he practically purred as he handed over his card to pay for their choices, "any reason for those colours in purrticular?"

Marinette did not notice his smirk, and absentmindedly ignored the pun based on the hero.

"No, I just really like the combination," she replied casually, trying to keep the rhythm of her heart under control when his hand found its way to the small of her back. "Oh I haven't got-" she turned to go and buy her ticket but Adrien stopped her and smiled with accomplishment.

"Already taken care of," he said, as he waved her ticket alongside his in his hand, "didn't want you to have to queue up."

Marinette beamed happily at him, "thank you Adrien, I'll pay for the tickets next time."

'Another reason to be paired together,' the blonde congratulated himself internally as he beamed back at her. "Maybe we could arrive together next time too?"

Marinette hummed in agreement. "I noticed how tense you were when I got here," Marinette commented quietly, slowing her pace as they neared the others, "why don't we stand at the entrance for the screen, it will put more distance between you and her when they follow."

"I like the way you think," he praised quietly, holding onto the snacks with his free hand. "Maybe I can sit on the end and stop her from possibly weaselling her way into the seat next to me."

"Oi! Where are you two going?" Kim shouted over to them with a smirk as he pumped his eyebrows suggestively. "Hoping to get a seat in the back row are we?" He laughed at their reddening faces while Odine shot them an apologetic look and backhanded his chest.

"Ignore him!" She shouted playfully, as the group walked towards where they were. Unfortunately Lila had managed to make her way to stand next to him once more.

Adrien tensed his jaw and snaked his arm around Marinette's waist. The budding designer understood the gesture instantly, and moved in front of him so he could shuffle to her other side.

'Seriously need to sort this out,' Marinette concluded as she felt Lila try to worm her way next to Adrien once more with his posture tensing behind her.