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The Big Book of Tropes and Cliches

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“Dammit,” Emily cursed softly as she rummaged around in her go-bag for a blanket. The temperature on the jet had plummeted and although she was bundled in a thick sweater, she was still freezing. The others were all asleep; all having bundled themselves under their own blankets or coats.

“Emily? Are you alright?” Aaron whispered as he sat up, the blanket he was curled under slipping onto his lap as he moved.

“Yeah, go back to sleep.” Emily replied as she rubbed her hands together. Maybe if she made some coffee or tea it would warm her up but she was also exhausted and the caffeine boost would just keep her awake for longer.

“Your hands are freezing,” Aaron said as he stood and covered her hands in his. He could feel her shivering, unaware that she wasn’t just trembling from the cold. “Do you have a blanket?”

“No,” Emily admitted as she looked enviously at the thick, fleece blanket that he had been sleeping under. Aaron followed her gaze and smiled at her.

“Come on, we can share,” Aaron offered quietly. He could see Emily internally debating with herself about whether to accept his offer or not. “I promise I won’t compromise your virtue.”

Emily snorted with amusement and smiled at him. All awkwardness aside, the simple fact remained that she was absolutely freezing and Aaron’s blanket looked like the most snug, warm thing she had ever seen. “Go on then.”

Emily took a seat beside Aaron and drew her legs up beneath her as Aaron draped the blanket over both of them. As they ensured they were covered with the blanket, Emily realised that they were huddled close together but decided not to question it. After all, they were sharing a finite area of blanket and besides, sharing body heat was the most effective way to warm a person up.

Rossi felt himself being jolted awake at the minor turbulence. As he looked around, it seemed that he had been the only one woken up. Reid was stretched out on the couch, Morgan and JJ were on either side of the table, fast asleep. Rossi turned around and smiled to himself. Call him a romantic but the sight before him was completely adorable.
Aaron and Emily were curled up under the large fleece blanket that Aaron had brought with him fast asleep. Aaron had his arms around Emily who was snuggled in close to his chest. His head was resting atop of hers as both of them slept soundly; warm and safe in the other’s embrace. He wondered whether the two of them were finally pulling their heads out of their asses or would their game of denial drag on even further? He had no idea. He did know one thing.

“So cute,” Rossi whispered as he snapped a picture of the two sleeping agents and sent it to Garcia. When the jet landed, they would undoubtedly wake up and try to act like it hadn’t happened but at least he had photographic proof of it. After all, someday these two idiots would realise they were in love with each other.