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Dark. Black. Hollow. Silence.
Am I dead? Am I alive? Did I lose? Did I win?

He doesnt know. He doesnt know until he hears sound again.. he hears people again, talking in the same room as him. He sees a light, a blue light, and so, he opens his eyes.

Shin Tsukimi, also known as Sou Hiyori, stands in a room, a big dark room with some monitors in the walls, glowing blue. He sees all his "allies", there is a crowd of people he knows and some people he doesnt bother in recognize.

He stays still, confused about the place and current number of persons there was. There is no way this is possible... most of them should be death, right? Thats exactly what he thinks, but then he saws his friend, the 'murderer', Alice Yabusame helping his sister get up of some short of weird red chair, since she was feeling kinda dizzy appearently. Even if its not true... there he goes, running and making his way through the crowd, till he meets up with the exact participant he wanted to see, Kanna Kizuchi, middle schooler and one of the only persons he cares about.

"... Kanna" he said, trying to regain his breeth.

"Sou!" she smiles and runs up to him, as he gets down to his knee and hugs the little girl.

It feels so beautiful, it feels like a miracle, like if the world had have pity of the teal haired man and gave him another chance to protect the girl, his girl.

This doesnt last longer, since a blackhaired highschooler in a green uniform tackles the man in a scarf and makes him fall unconscious.




What happen after that is really blurry, because all in his memory is Kanna waking him up and being pulled by the arm, probably by her sister, Kugie Kizuchi, that girl... that witch! Why in the world would she do something like that?

When he finaly wakes up, a few strangers, dressed like some kind of cult members, give all the group an explanation.

"Do not worry, everyone, the death game is over, no tricks, no main games, no trials, nor cards, nor collars"

The beanie man touches his neck, along with everyone else, they check well and it appears to be true, no collars to be seen, everyone was alive and then- then the 17 y/o 'leader' begins to talk, at least she asks something not that stupid.

"What the hell? What kind of sick game is this? You make us die to then bring us back to live?!" Sara Chidouin spokes, with her insufferable yet firm voice.

But she had a point, why would they do that? How would they do that? Actually it may make sense, they did made dolls that are almost like humans, which is really impressive.

"I will have to ask you to calm down, miss Sara Chidouin. Since you have all agreed to this in the first place."

"What..?" he asked, not totally understanding the situation.

"Indeed, you all signed in for this virtual experience. Listen, our company was making an experiment, and we needed actual humans to test it out, there is where you interfere, you all agreed to be our lab rats-" the person stoped talking as another stranger hitted them behind their head.

"Beta testers, be our beta testers... plus, Alice Yabusame is now free from jail, congratulations!" Says the person that punched their coworker.

"What do you mean beta testers? Is this some kind of game you are planning to sell??? Thats horrible" he said indignated

"Yeah, and im not buying the signing in part either" the blond policeman continued

"Oh no, of course not, this was a test, a psychological test. We will be using it in other people who will pay to enter the virtual reality of the death game! It will be an... exclusive experience"

"Who on earth would pay for something like this?!" Said the tanned man in a tank-top, almost in rage

"People with a boring life.. I do see myself paying for this type of shit" replied the teen in a pink sweater




And after that... weird shit ended, he head back to his place, god knows when was the last time he was so relieved to enter his messy and depressive appartment, this place sure wasnt really good-looking, but hey!

"Home sweet home..." he said, pretty tired.

He entered and closed the door, not hungry enough to make instant noodles or anything, he just goes straight to his bed and lets himself fall over the mattress, its cold, too cold for his liking but he wasnt able to cover himself up before falling asleep, a very deep sleep.


~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~


"What do you mean sign in? Why would we do this?" He asked

"If you did agreed or not doesnt matter, what matters is that you aint telling shit about this, little rat" Sou Hiyori, also known as Midori, Sara sure isnt creative. He appears from out of no where.

"Here Shin, why dont I give you a little reminder of what will happen if any of you open your mouths?"

Midori gets out of the way as he calls for Kanna

"Oh Kanna~ your brother wants to see you, why dont you come here, rose"

Rose? That is both a horrible and stupid nickname, doesnt even fit her, she would definitely be a daisy- that doesnt matter now

The lifeless body of the young Kizuchi falls, it is covered in both blood, tears and thorns, her eyeballs arent present, instead of them there are two beautiful roses, the same with all her other holes, mouth, ears, nose. The plant ended up making its own space, breaking her skin, it is probably attached to her bones too...

Suddently the room is totally white, he is left alone with his friend's death body, he didnt even notice thought, all he did was stare at Kanna as tears when down his face.

And then, a phone vibrates, just besides him, so he picked it up, it had a text on it 'Time is over. Ow she died. What a pity, Shin, my condolences :(. Better luck next time, if you dont get killed off first of course! First trial ended.'

"Wh-What..? Did I-.... I did this?"

He was trembling. First trial? That wasnt his first trial, neither Kanna's.... Kanna always reminded him of his past self, but- this? Did he really... did he really killed her? No, that wasnt it, Midori- Sou Hiyori killed her.

In a mix of sorrow and anger, he hits the ground, damaging more his hand than the floor.


~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~ × ~


He wakes up and stares at his hand, it is... not hurt, he is in his room, the collar is gone, he is safe..