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Wonderful Birthday

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Mei Fan had no idea what time it was. All she knew was it definitely was not time to get up. So, why was someone entering her room?

The intruder climbed into the bed with her. Mei Fan opened her eyes, unable to ignore this any longer.

"Oh... I didn't mean to wake you..." The intruder was Michiru.

"Michiru...?" Mei Fan mumbled as she rubbed her eyes, "What time is it?"

Michiru nervously smiled at her, "Um... midnight?"

"Midnight...?" Mei Fan repeated, "Why're you up?"

Before Michiru could answer, Mei Fan moved closer to her and hugged her. Michiru returned the hug and kissed her on the head.

"I wanted to be the first one to wish you a happy birthday."

Mei Fan yawned and snuggled up closer into Michiru's embrace, "Are you all competing on something?"

"Maybe." Michiru replied, starting to brush a hand across Mei Fan's back, "I'm sure I've already won."

"Is it about wishing me a happy birthday?"

"That was one part of it."

"What's the other part?"

Michiru pressed another kiss to her head, "Seeing who can make the biggest impact on you for your birthday."



"I'm tired..."

"Then I'll stop talking. Goodnight, sweetie."


"Don't like it?"

Mei Fan didn't respond. Michiru glanced down at her. She was asleep again already. That hadn't taken her very long.

Michiru smiled, "Sleep tight, Mei Fan."


"Michiru! No fair!"

When Mei Fan awoke, it was to arguing. It seemed that Michiru had ruined someone else's plans.

"Too slow."

"Hmmpf. Fine. I'll steal her attention from you soon enough."

"Yeah right, Yachiyo. Mei Fan is going to be mine today."

Mei Fan was a bit concerned by what they were talking about. This was the game they were playing with her? Try and get her attention for today? Shouldn't they all be sharing her? Especially on her birthday.

"We'll see about that."

Should she have some fun? It might be entertaining to watch them fight over her.

Mei Fan stretched out, searching for Michiru. Once her arm hit her target, she rolled onto her side and buried herself into Michiru's shirt. Michiru ruffled her hair a bit.

"See? She's mine, Yachiyo. I'm claiming her." Michiru sounded proud.

"Not for long. Once she wakes up I'll get her."

"Good luck with that. You won't beat me."

Yachiyo left the room. Mei Fan waited a few minutes before she "woke up".

"Good morning, Mei Fan." Michiru greeted her with a kiss, "Sleep well?"

"Yes. Having you here made it even better." Mei Fan replied.

Michiru blushed at the compliment. Mei Fan shifted and returned the kiss to Michiru's cheek.

"So, what do you have planned for my birthday?" Mei Fan questioned.

"We're having a little... competition today." Michiru replied, "See who can get your attention the most."

"What does the winner get? How do you even decide the winner?" Mei Fan asked.

"The winner gets a free day with everyone. As for how we choose the winner... I think that's on you. Whoever you feel you spent the most time with today."

"And you're getting a head start."

"Maybe I am." Michiru huffed, "I'm gonna win."

Mei Fan smiled at her, "We'll see, Michiru. Who knows... someone might just entice me more than you today."

"I'll steal you right back."

"Sure. Shall we get up?"

"Can I kiss you first?" Michiru suddenly seemed a lot more shy as she asked that. She avoided eye contact, looking down at the bed.

Mei Fan replied with an action. She pulled Michiru into a deep kiss. Michiru smiled against her lips as she kissed back.

"Come on! No fair!"

They broke apart. Yachiyo was back. She was pouting at Michiru.

"Hah. I told you, Yachiyo. Mei Fan is mine." Michiru smirked at her.

"Mei Fan..." Yachiyo turned to pout at her now, "Please? Come with me instead?"

"Hmm..." Mei Fan pretended to think about it, "No. That offer isn't enough to make me leave."

"Eh?" Yachiyo frowned, "Then um... if you come with me instead we can um... I'll let you read my fortune?"

That was definitely rare. Mei Fan was practically banned from telling anyone's fortunes. That was quite enticing to her.

"Really?" She questioned with wide eyes.

Yachiyo gulped and then nodded, "Y-yeah."

"Sorry, Michiru. I'm going with Yachiyo then." Mei Fan gave Michiru a peck on the lips and then slid off her bed. She walked over to Yachiyo and the two of them left the room.

They ended up in the dinning room. Yachiyo was nervously watching Mei Fan. Mei Fan noticed it.

"You'd rather I didn't read your fortune, right?"


"You really wanted me if you were willing to offer me that."

"It's a competition. I have to do my best. So... I have to make sacrifices to get you." Yachiyo replied.

"Mei Fan, Yachiyo, good morning!" Shiori entered the room.

"Morning, Shiori."

"Happy birthday, Mei Fan." Shiori said as she walked over to her.

"Thank you, Shiori." Mei Fan smiled at her.

"Eh... I... didn't say that yet..." Yachiyo grumbled, "Sorry. Happy birthday, Mei Fan."

Mei Fan chuckled, "Thank you too, Yachiyo."

"What are you two doing?" Shiori questioned.

"Just hanging out."

"Can I join?"


Shiori sat with them. They fell into conversation. At some point Michiru came down and sat there as well. She looked bitter about having Mei Fan get stolen from her.

Once Akira joined them, they made something for breakfast and then sat in the living room. Mei Fan had no clue who to sit next to. She had to make a decision.

"Mei Fan, come sit with me!" Michiru said.

Mei Fan looked over at her. Michiru and Akira were on that couch. Yachiyo and Shiori were on the other. If she chose Michiru's couch, those two would fight over her. If she went to Yachiyo, it would just be here. Shiori had opted to stay out of this competition they were having.

Mei Fan joined Michiru and Akira. It was cute seeing Michiru get jealous that she was taken away. How would Yachiyo react now? Apparently by pouting at her a lot.

Michiru had reached over and grabbed one of Mei Fan's hands. She was holding it tightly. Mei Fan didn't mind at all.

However, Akira wrapped an arm around her shoulder. Mei Fan glanced over her way. Akira seemed to be inviting her to come closer. That meant letting go of Michiru.

Mei Fan got out of Michiru's grip and moved closer to Akira. Michiru frowned as she was stolen away again. Mei Fan leaned up against Akira. Akira kissed her on the head.

"Love you."

"Love you too..." Mei Fan whispered.

She suddenly felt a pressure on her side. Michiru was now clinging to her.

"Share with me, Akira. I want her too." Michiru huffed as she made herself right at home.

"Up to her. I don't care." Akira replied.

Mei Fan pulled Michiru closer and leaned down to kiss her on the lips, "Of course you can join us. I wouldn't want to leave you out, love."

"L-love?" Michiru repeated as her face turned bright red.

"Hmm? You gave me a pet name. Can't I do the same to you?" Mei Fan teased.

Michiru didn't reply and instead hid her face from sight. She was never good at handling being flirted with. Even having four girlfriends didn't help her get over that.


Mei Fan was constantly getting drug around by the three girls. Shiori was watching from the sidelines. She seemed to be enjoying it.

It was getting late now. The way to decide who won had actually been chosen. Whoever got to stay in bed with Mei Fan would be the winner. Things were definitely even more competitive now. It was fun, though. Mei Fan liked all the attention she was getting for her birthday.

She had very little time to choose. She was almost ready for bed. Who on earth should she say?

"Mei Fan?"

"Hmm? What's up, Shiori?"

"Can I stay with you?"

Mei Fan didn't reply right away. Shiori was asking that. Did that mean... she wanted in now? Had this been her plan? Swoop in at the last minute and take her?

"Playing dirty, Shiori?" Mei Fan teased.

Shiori looked away quickly, "Maybe I am..."

"Come on. I think it'll be amusing to see their reactions."

"You... you're letting me win?"

"Sure. I don't see why not."

Shiori smiled and grabbed hold of Mei Fan by her arm. They walked to her room together. They went in and laid down on the bed. Shiori got right up next to her and hugged her tightly.

"I love you, Mei Fan."

"I love you too, Shiori."

"You really are letting me stay?"

"Of course. Unless... I could say everyone can stay..."

"No! I want you to myself!" Shiori protested, "I didn't get your attention at all..."

Mei Fan chuckled, "Alright. You're the only one staying with me tonight."

Shiori smiled and kissed her on the cheek, "Thank you."

"Goodnight, Shiori."

"Goodnight, Mei Fan."

Mei Fan closed her eyes and started drifting off. Today had been entertaining. She liked it. It had been a fun change of pace for them all. Maybe they could do something similar in the future? Who knew. She was tired now. She could think about it more in the morning.

Just as she was slipping off into sleep, the door opened.


Shiori didn't respond. Mei Fan cracked open an eyes to look. She was already asleep. Mei Fan pulled her closer and returned to trying to sleep. The others had lost. Shiori beat them.

"She played so dirty..."

"Let's leave them be. Why don't us three have a sleepover in one of our rooms?"

"Ooh, I like that idea."

"Let's go then."

At least they accepted it easily enough. Mei Fan wondered what they would say to the two of them in the morning. Who knew. She didn't really care right now. That was a thought for later.