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call my name, i'm yours to tame

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“No, no, no…” You muttered under your breath as you saw the unmistakable bright red letters of an eviction notice taped to your door. “Shit.”

You sunk to the floor once inside, head falling into your hands. A feeling of utter hopelessness filled your gut. How had your life come to this?

Your great aunt’s inheritance had run out fast, too fast. Yoy had used it to rent a spacious flat in the inner city, but you’d gotten fired (through no fault of your own, it was that damn faulty photocopier) soon after moving in and were struggling to find another job. 

Somehow in the midst of that chaos, you’d managed to burn through most of the money. You wiped away a few falling tears and began toying with the loose threads of your jumper, trying desperately not to panic too much. You glanced around your apartment, hoping for some sort of sign, something that would guide you in what to do. Your gaze landed on your laptop, spurring you to reach for it and mindlessly search for any job that you were qualified for. Adamant that you wouldn't borrow money from your parents, who had already deemed you a failure, it appeared no one could save you from this mess but yourself.

The search was fruitless. You didn’t have a fancy university degree that 90% of recruiters demanded. You had never been the academic type. The few entry-level jobs you found wouldn’t pay the kind of cash you needed to keep the apartment. By the 15th page of a random job hunting website, your hope was dwindling. Your eyelids were getting heavy and fluttering, you almost fell asleep on the keyboard before a particular offer caught your eye.

Sexual Submissive Wanted - Open Minded Applicants Only

$5000 cash upfront as long as a 5-day evaluation period is committed to, if successful, an open contract will be provided. Please apply with a photo of yourself for more information.

You had to scrub your eyes to make sure you’d read the advert correctly. What kind of person plasters that kind of thing on the internet? What kind of person applies? Before you could process what you were doing, your fingers were typing details into the form and sending it off. For a few moments, you sat in silence, listening to air blow out your nose and blankly staring at your computer screen. You felt dizzy from the number of times you’d read the words ‘Thank you for your application’, wondering what the hell you’d just done. A chime from your phone shook you out of your daze. You rubbed your sore eyes, exhaling loudly and snapping your laptop shut. The sudden darkness you were plunged into at the loss of the harsh laptop light lulled you to sleep; your mind finally escaping the grasps of your restless, anxiety-stricken thoughts.

By the next morning, you’d forgotten about the ridiculous application, the night before having been a haze of distraught searching and applying. Nevertheless, at around 5pm your phone alerted you to a new email. You absentmindedly opened it, an audible gasp leaving your mouth as you scanned the words, earning you a few glares from other customers in the small coffee shop you were sitting in. You had an interview.

You started to giggle, the scandalous consequences of your actions setting in. Of course you couldn’t go, right? Normal people don’t show up to interviews for sex slaves. Normal people don’t apply for those interviews in the first place. 

You weren’t going to go, but it was strangely exhilarating to know that you'd been chosen. You weren’t going to go, but you found yourself sitting straighter and holding your head a little higher. You weren’t going to go, but you felt desired, and you really really liked that feeling. Your phone bleated again, ‘You are $3540.06 in your overdraft’ . You were going to go.



“Guess what I've done.” You spoke through the phone in a whisper, despite now being in the quiet comfort of your own home. It was fun to have a secret.

“Have you lost your keys again? Because I swear to god, I’ll staple them to your forehead.” Your best friend, Pandora, sighed.

You couldn’t do something as outrageous as this without telling Pandora. Out of the two of you, she was decidedly the more outgoing one; she had a new party to go to almost every night, accompanied by a new person hanging off her arm. You, however, were slightly more introverted, and wouldn't dare to do half the stuff Pandora would do 10 times a week. You wondered if she should be the one with the interview.

“I applied for this weird job…”

Pandora interrupted before you could finish, “Weird how?”

“Like sex slave weird.” You mumbled the words, unable to tell how Pandi would react. A high-pitched screech leaked out of the phone, causing you to wince and hold the device away from your ear, “Christ, Pandy--” “

"Sex slave? Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?” She sounded ecstatic. You had to admit, the taboo of the job was riveting. Butterflies swarmed in your stomach, “When’s the interview?” Pandora shook you from your daydream.

“Tomorrow.” You whispered, feeling as if you had to oppose Pandy’s fussing.

“Do you even own matching underwear?” Pandy was giggling, you could hardly blame her. The whole situation was bizarre.

“Yes!” You said defensively, granted you were inexperienced compared to Pandy’s regular sexual endeavors but you weren’t a nun.

“Okay, okay!” She laughed, “I hope your resume is up to date.”

You were laughing as well, even though her sarcasm was a nuisance, “Very funny, I’ll tell you how it goes.”



You were unsure how to dress for the interview, but it wasn’t a question you could really ask anyone else. You’d settled on a black outfit, deciding that was safest, black being a flattering color after all. With Pandora’s voice nagging in your ear you’d also chosen to don your favorite underwear, wondering if they would actually be seen today.

You had absolutely no idea what to expect from the interview; as you darted up the Subway steps you texted the address to Pandy, informing her to call the police if she hadn’t heard from you in three hours. Better safe than sorry.

Wait, why was the map on your phone leading you to Stark Tower? You checked the address again. ‘S. Tower’ it read, you hadn’t put the dots together until that very moment. Oh god. What did billionaire Tony Stark want with you? You didn't know much about him, just that he was rich, a genius, and sometimes would fly around in a metal suit. A fresh wave of nerves hit you as you entered the lobby, which looked rather magnificent. Silver embellishments and screens of glass loomed over you, the height being extremely intimidating.

A judgemental receptionist looked you up and down with a scowl. Screw her. She handed you a badge and pointed to a row of shiny elevators.

“Floor 25.” “Thanks.”

The elevator doors opened as you approached them. Stepping inside you took a deep breath and turned to watch the doors close, shutting out all normalcy with them. You fidgeted with the hem of your sleeve. You could turn back, this whole thing was started on a whim anyway, you could end it right now. But this wasn’t just about money anymore, you found yourself determined to prove that you could do this, you could be sexy and desirable and unpredictable. Even to Tony Stark or whoever else was at the other end of the elevator.

Then the doors opened.

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Steve Rogers had officially lost his mind. Tony knew it had been a long time coming, but he hadn’t realized quite how insane Steve had gone until the Captain requested an emergency call.

Steve wouldn’t deny it. Bucky and Sam were going mad too. They’d been on back-to-back missions for weeks. Grueling and nonstop work was wearing them all down. They were growing tired and resentful. Every day was the same. Wake, eat, listen to orders, eat, sleep, repeat. Steve couldn’t do it anymore. He never wanted to stop fighting for the greater good, for freedom, but if he had to endure one more day like this he refused to be held responsible for the consequences.

The monotony wasn’t even the worst part. It was the close quarters. The lack of privacy. Steve was sandwiched in between Bucky and Sam, two of the prettiest men on the planet, with no power to act on his urges. It was bonafide torture. Every time they thought they’d be able to steal away a few precious moments they’d be interrupted by an ‘urgent call’ or another fellow soldier looking to rest their head in the bunks. 

Steve had never had to utilize self-control like this. He was one bad day away from throwing Bucky onto the floor and having his way with him then and there, everyone else be damned. Hell, Bucky would probably enjoy that. Steve was getting hard just thinking about the possibility. See, this is what he meant. He was never normally this sensitive. It had to end. He was at the brink. And there was something more… Something niggling at the back of Steve’s mind. With every step he took it's like a hunger grew inside him. A hunger that even Bucky and Sam couldn't satiate.

“Stark, I’m serious. We’re coming home.” 

“Fine, I’ll send in SHIELD agents to cover for you. But you’ll owe me a big favor, Capsicle.”

Steve rolled his eyes at the nickname he couldn’t get Tony to stop using, “Tony, we’ve been out here for two months. You know I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important. Something needs to change. We need an… outlet.” 

Tony was unsure what Steve meant by that. He didn’t do fieldwork in the way the soldiers would, he was far more useful inventing new tech and researching with Banner. He had always felt guilty for that. For staying in his glossy tower whilst Steve, Bucky, Sam, and Natasha were out on the battlefield every day.

“What do you need, Steve?”

“I don’t,” Steve faltered, “I don’t know, Tony. It feels like we’re walking on eggshells. It’s been months since we’ve had… release.” Steve hesitated, unsure if he could trust Tony to read between the lines or to be sympathetic. 

There was a pause. And then, from the other side of the phone, there was rambunctious laughter. 

Steve groaned in embarrassment, “Tony. Tony!”

The laughter subsided into entertained sighs, “Cap, you’re saying you haven’t fucked? In months? I thought Bucky and Sam were right there with you?” Tony couldn’t stifle his snickers.

“Tony! Jesus. They are but… We can’t. It’s not… Anyway, that’s not exactly what I had in mind. Hear me out.”



“Excuse me? Sorry, I think I hallucinated. Could you repeat that?” Natasha had never doubted her senses before, but she needed explicit confirmation that she’d heard the absurd words leaving Tony’s mouth. 

“We’re hiring a… sex slave.” Tony rushed the last phrase like he was ripping off a band-aid.

“Right, okay. I’ll call the doctor. Loki, can you please restrain him until we have backup?” 

“Natasha, please. I think it’s a great idea.” Loki delicately toyed with a pen from across the glass conference table.

“You would.” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“Stop,” Thor interjected, thankfully ending their squabbling before it got out of hand, “Elaborate, Stark. What is your plan?” 

“Well, I’m not an expert in this kind of hiring process. But we can talk through all the details because I want everyone's support on this. Whoever we’d hire, they’d need to live here.” 

Tony’s fingers were interlocked on his lap. He knew it was a big ask, but he wanted everyone to be comfortable with the arrangement. It could be a long-term fix to their problems - and assuage some of Tony’s guilt. Steve was right, the whole group was extremely... high-strung. Tony could see it in the way Loki fidgeted, Thor twisted his hands around Mjolnir's handle, and Natasha unconsciously bounced her leg. They were elastic bands stretched to the limit and if Tony didn't bend, the crew would snap. Even if they didn't realize it yet.

“We’d be letting a stranger into the Tower? Steve, Sam, Bucky, surely you see the risks?” Natasha made a desperate plea to the three men who sat opposite her.

Steve was aware of the plan, of the steps Tony had taken. He’d explained it to Sam and Bucky, they’d collectively decided it was for the best. This meeting was purely for Thor, Loki, and Natasha’s benefit. 

“We agree with Tony.” Steve’s gaze avoided Natasha’s entirely.

“Last I checked, Wilson and Barnes could speak for themselves.” Loki saw Steve’s point of view but only spoke to further any havoc he could wreak. 

“Watch it.” Sam warned. 

Loki grinned, unphased. 

“It could be good for us. All of us. We all know how stressful our jobs can get.” Tony was attempting to rationalize, but the words he spoke made Nat take notice for a different reason. 

All of us?” Natasha enquired. Surely Tony didn’t mean…

“We would share,” Tony stated unabashedly, even though the sentence almost made Loki blush. Natasha must’ve gone red, because Tony pressed on, “Does that interest you, Nat? You don’t have to be a part of this. You can walk away.” 

Nat sat back, tight-lipped. She glanced at Loki, reading his expression like a book. Of course, Loki was happy about this. There were some days he’d screw anything that moved. Thor was similar. A permanent fuckable fixture in the Tower would be ideal for them. 

Natasha pondered Steve’s reasons for agreeing to this. Her gaze shifted to the handsome blonde and settled on his bright blue eyes. Steve was harder to read, but it wasn’t impossible. He was tense, even more so than usual, his eyebrows furrowed. In the midst of Natasha’s stare down, Bucky’s eyes faltered and shot a pleading look to Steve. Something was always going on with those two. Wait, Sam looked equally as nervous, his eyes flitting between Steve and Bucky and then back to Natasha. Interesting. Natasha switched her study to Tony’s face. He was wearing his thick-rimmed glasses, the ones he put on when he wanted to look more serious. His gold eyes were no less probing behind the shield of glass. He was begging Natasha to reconsider.

Natasha weighed up the options in her mind. Either leave the safety of the Tower or be in quiet control from the inside of the operation. She nodded to herself, deciding once and for all. There was only one more question to ask.

“Where would we find this depraved individual?”

“We already have.”

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“We’ve been expecting you.”

A tingle went down your spine, you’d never been faced with so many attractive people in your life. You recognized the one who spoke first by his notorious reputation, that was undoubtedly Tony Stark. His brunette hair was wild and his muscles were prominent through the tight-fitted shirt he was wearing. His dark eyes were gleaming at you over the lenses of his large glasses in a way that made your knees go weak.

“Uh-huh.” You were proud that you managed to get a sound out.

“I’m Tony, this is Steve,” A stunning blonde man smiled, nodding his head at you - he had a jawline that could cut glass, his eyes were scanning your body but he reached out to shake your hand, attempting to be polite, “Sam,” Another beautiful man stepped forward and smiled to make himself known, you almost got lost in the gaze of his golden-brown eyes, “Bucky,” He gave you a wave, dark hair and unshaven jaw completing the aesthetic that his leather jacket created - he looked like trouble - “Thor,” A blonde man towered over the rest as he also waved, a grin lighting up his face. He was decidedly more rugged than the others but no less handsome, “Loki,” The final man winked at you which sent a shiver down your spine - oh you were in so much trouble - “And last but not least, Nat.” A gorgeous redhead stepped forward, crossing her arms in front of her but smirking as she unsubtly eyed you up.

“Hi.” Your voice was smaller than you had hoped, you’d wanted to give the impression that you were bursting with confidence.

“Please, come in.” The group beckoned you in and stepped back, realizing they might be a bit intimidating.

They led you to a large dining room that was decorated as if it had been plucked from the distant future. You swore you could see all of New York City from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Light poured in from the almost setting sun and atmospherically bathed the opposite walls in warm orange streaks. A huge glass table was accentuated by the statement platform it was perched on. There were small, arm-like robots in a corner, waiting for commands. An intricate chandelier hung low in the middle of the room. You climbed the few platform steps and the group started taking their seats. Steve pulled one out for you and you took it.

“You all live here?” You were in slightly awe.

“Yes, and you would too if you signed the fixed-term contract.” Bucky spoke up.

You stayed quiet. It would solve your rent problem.

Sam believed your silence to be unease, “That’s why we brought you in for an interview, we want you to be as comfortable as possible.”

“The 5-day initial contract is so we can learn about you, and you can learn about us.” Steve took over briefly.

“So I’d be working for all of you?” You worded your question delicately, still feeling a little awkward.

“Yes, and we’d obviously discuss your preferences before signing.” Nat attempted to settle your racing mind.

“Okay.” You were still trying to wrap your head around the whole thing, which had suddenly become very real.

Tony waved his hand and the table you were leaning on lit up, presenting you with the infamous contract, “Take your time to read it through, we want to make sure everyone is on the same page.”

The contact included everything you’d expected, even things you hadn’t thought about. If you signed it you’d have to stay in the Tower for a period of five days, they’d feed you and care for you. They’d provide you with your own room but in return, you’d have to adhere to a sort of schedule. It seemed that each day someone would have their way with you. Even people you hadn’t met yet. You glanced up at the faces eagerly watching you. Shockingly enough, you couldn’t find any real reason not to sign. If you wanted out before the 5 days were up they’d pay you $5000, as you would have still given up your time.  Everything seemed fair, but you still had a few questions.

“What kind of things would we be doing… in the bedroom?”

You were more curious than anything, you’d had sex before but you’d never done something as extreme as this. The strange thing was you were getting excited just thinking of possibilities. And you were sure this odd group had plans far beyond your imagination.

“We’d be sensitive to your likes and dislikes, but the things we do are not really the norm. Safewords are listed in the contract.”

You scanned the paper again at Steve’s words, sure enough, they’d chosen a blanket safeword, all sexual contact would cease if you said it. It was simple but it was soothing to know they’d taken that into consideration. As you nodded you could feel the tension in the room ease up. You could understand if the group was on edge, this wasn’t an easy job to interview someone for.

“Would you like to see your room?” Thor asked, watching you carefully for a reaction.

You nodded, scanning the faces of the stunning group before you and wondering if this is the furthest into an interview they’d gotten.

They led you down a grand marbled hallway, opening a door towards the back of the Tower. Nat motioned for you to enter first. You took a tentative step into the room, which was decorated similarly to the dining room. A massive four-poster bed was the focal point, draped with mesh curtains that didn’t give you much privacy, but you guessed that was probably the point. The room was embellished with all shades of enchanting taupes, hazels, and bronze. There was a large seating area with a bar lit by warm neon lights. A sleek dressing table was adorned with rare jewels and unique perfume bottles, contrasting the modern furnishings with their vintage charm. You found yourself moving towards the wardrobe, peeking into the door, and gasping at your discovery. Silk slips, lace corsets, and even day dresses hung from hangers. You ran your fingers over the period pieces, marveling at them.

Suddenly it was as if something clicked inside your head, this felt right, “If you’re offering, I’ll take the job.”

“Really?” Loki seemed taken aback.

His surprise earned a light slap from Thor who was grinning widely, “It’s yours.”

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You’d considered if this was one big hoax, a TV presenter could jump out at any given moment and declare you a fool - or if you’d shy up at the first moment of sensuality. What you didn’t consider, however, was how quickly you would adjust to your new role. The first day had been about bonding, learning about each other. It was very apparent to you that the group splintered into smaller sets that were closer than others, Thor and Loki - Sam, Steve, and Bucky - Nat and Tony and someone called Banner who they kept mentioning but you hadn't met. Your first reaction to their intimacy was that you were intruding, but they quickly diminished that fear. They were all eager to learn about you, engrossed in every silly story you told or photos you’d show them of friends and memories.

Their personalities opposed each other but still managed to mesh well;

Tony would tinker with his technology, he always had to be doing something with his hands. He would act as if this all was beneath him but he was eavesdropping on every exchange. Nat was cool and collected; she may not have been the oldest of the gang but she was the wisest. Thor often joked and spoke before he thought, sometimes drowning out the others but never with malicious intent. Bucky and Loki were equally quiet - but in different ways. Bucky would listen, lean forward, and made you feel like each word coming from your mouth was important. Loki, on the other hand, would observe, his eyes never leaving yours as if he was delving into your soul. Sam teased everyone, he’d make sarcastic quips just to watch your face light up as you laughed. Steve sat back watching, hands clasped on his lap in an attempt to appear stoic. He wanted you to crave his attention, and you did.

They let you try on the garments you’d loved in your wardrobe, applauding as you paraded around the room. Being in a new place and wearing these new clothes made you feel like a completely different person. This new girl was confident and sexy, she wasn’t afraid to show off how a corset would enhance her figure or how stockings elongated her legs.

There didn’t seem much left to be surprised by now that you’d signed a legally binding contract to be a sex slave for multiple people, but what amazed you the most was how they spent their downtime. You wound up giggling on a luxurious fawn velvet couch, watching Sam and Nat try to interpret Bucky’s jarring movements in a hilarious game of ‘Charades’.

“Five words! First word!” Sam called, encouraged by Bucky’s frantic nodding.

Thor sauntered into the room, making his presence known to you with a lingering stare and a devious smirk playing on his face. From one glance you could tell he was up to no good. He gestured to you, tilting his head to beckon you over to where he was standing in the doorway. You obliged, feeling drawn to his body. You stood beside him and turned your head to watch the others in an effort to act coy, despite your heart hammering away in your chest. He dragged his fingers up and down your exposed arm, the skin-on-skin contact causing you to gasp softly.

“Glad to know you follow orders.” His breath tickled your ear.

Your mouth opened, but you stopped yourself from retorting. Partly because you were still feeling timid around the masterpiece of a man and partly to lessen any punishments Thor had planned for you.

“Want to get outta here?” His voice was hypnotic.

You glimpsed at him, too nervous to keep eye contact, but just long enough to see his smug grin. Nodding, you let him take your hand and sneak out of the room, leaving the others behind.

This was the first time you had been in one of the others’ rooms. They’d made it very clear that their rooms were for intimacy only. All at once you felt overcome with exhilaration. This job - it was so unlike you.

Any doubts that you’d had dissipated instantly when Thor cradled your waist from behind and began kissing your neck. Your body was flushed with tingles at his touch.

“Would you like me to go easy on you?” Thor flipped you around to face him, not an inch of space between your two bodies.

You could barely tear your gaze from his curling lips that taunted you, “Absolutely not.”

Thor stifled a laugh at your enthusiasm, shrugging in surrender. He suddenly moved away from you and held his hands behind his back, his demeanor changing in a matter of seconds.

“I have one rule. You must follow it or face the consequences, understand?” You nodded, unsure if you were allowed to talk in response to him, “You have to refer to yourself as ‘good girl’. I need to hear it every time you cum. No exceptions.”

A shiver ran down your spine, “Yes… Sir.”

He cracked a smile at your formality, “Good, turn around.”

You did as he said, the anticipation beginning to ache. It was laughable how much you were pining for him, how much you needed Thor’s touch after only a few minutes of being alone with him. You tensed as you felt soft restraints being put around your wrists, quickly realizing that he was handcuffing you. You could feel the heat from his body, but he was deliberately denying you any sensual touch.

“Lean over the bed, ass up.”

The tension was destroying you, almost pushing you to whine but you refrained and followed his demand, hoping you would be rewarded. His bed was similar to yours, with four posts, but the mattress rose higher, meaning once you assumed the position your body was at a ninety-degree angle, balancing on your toes. You flinched as you heard low vibrations from behind you, recognizing the sound right away.

In an instant, Thor’s body was close to yours, his hand curling gently around your neck to tilt your head back, “Remember the rule?”

“Y-yes.” You stuttered, already close to begging him for some sort of stimulation.

“Good.” He dragged his lips over your neck and one of your shoulders, then abruptly held the vibrator to your wet core over thin underwear.

Your body jolted at the contact - a small whine escaping your mouth - much to the amusement of Thor, who enjoyed watching you squirm at his caress. You felt rope being tied around your thighs, figuring that Thor must be tying the toy to you. You struggled against the restraints, feeling your stomach knot up and just wanting the freedom to escalate your orgasm. You were biting your lip, afraid that moaning was wrong. Thor noticed.

“Open your mouth. Don’t be shy.” He dragged his thumb over your lips prompting you to take his finger into your mouth and suck.

The vibrations were getting to be too much, your legs beginning to shake as you whimpered incessantly. Inwardly you were furious that Thor was letting a machine do the job and not even allow you to see him from your position, but you had to admit the vibrations were affecting you greatly. You screwed your eyes shut and bucked your hips in an attempt to feel the friction more intensely. The vibrations struck your clit, sending sparks coursing through your body and moans tumbling from your lips.

“Say it.” Thor reminded with a gruff voice.

“I’m-- I’m your good girl.” You practically screamed the words, the orgasm wracking your body - the vibrations not allowing you to come down off your high.

“Yes, you are.”

You expected Thor to turn off the vibrator now, but you had no such treatment, instead, he decided to lower a hand and rub over your sensitive folds. The persistent stimulation and your sensitivity was driving you insane, causing you to thrash against the handcuffs still binding your arms behind your back. Thor gave you no time to recover and only served to rile you up more, sinking a long finger into your center and pumping slowly. You could almost feel his smug grin as you submitted to him on the bed, his hands alone working you better than anyone you’d ever slept with before.

You were muttering incoherently, the vibrations combined with Thor’s skilled digit bringing you to the edge again fast, you could feel your walls tightening around him. This time you could barely spit out the words to comply with Thor’s only request, moaning becoming the only thing your brain would allow you to do.

“Very good,” Thor brushed his hand over your hair, soothing you as your moans were frantic, “ Get on your knees for me.”

At that moment, there was nothing else you could dream of doing. Thor helped you up off your torso and gently pushed you to your knees - you yelped as the new angle meant the vibrator pressed harder against your dripping core, continuing its sweet torture. You kept your eyes glued to Thor’s, hypnotized. His throbbing erection was straining against his underwear, the outline of it almost making your mouth water. Your chest was heaving, your lips parting already in desperate need to feel Thor. He wasted no time, ridding himself of the material and exposing himself to you finally. You subconsciously went to reach him with your hands, forgetting they were knotted behind your back and whining at the realization.

Thor chuckled at you, shaking his head. He dragged his thumb over your cheek and lips, silently admiring you before using his other hand to stroke his cock. He moved closer to you, putting his tip to your lips, and allowed you to indulge yourself. His hands guided your movements, at first letting you tease him; dragging your tongue over his length and sucking lightly on his tip. But his patience wore thin fast, his hips began jerking forward and pushing his length to the back of your throat. You tried your best not to gag and just relished in the feeling of being Thor’s to fuck as he pleased. Saliva began dripping onto your chin, Thor and the vibrations become too much as you cried out around his cock, releasing for the third time.

“Good... g-girl.” You managed to choke out, your throat slightly sore.

Thor swiped his curling hair out of his eyes and pulled his cock from your mouth, closely watching you gasp for air. He helped you stand on your feet, your vision slightly blurry from the orgasms.

“You’re doing such a good job, my dear.” His compliments made you swell with pride.

He spun you around, lightly spanking your ass in encouragement before he made his intentions clear and started untying the restraints around your thighs. You sighed as he lifted the handcuffs from your wrists, wiggling your fingers and stretching your arms.

You turned to the god, feeling overcome with the desire to run your hands over his body, wanting to cherish your freedom. You moved closer to him, unsure if he had other ideas in mind but he grabbed your waist and pulled you flush against him. His eyes flicked between yours and your lips, driving you wild with lust. Finally unable to contain it you locked him in a kiss, moaning softly as his length pressed against you. He took control, deepening the kiss and carrying you to the bed. You fell onto the soft quilt, hooking a leg over his in an effort to bring him closer to you. His arm reached down to his hard cock, stroking it a few times before angling it into you. You let out a small gasp as he buried himself inside you, pumping his hips slowly to get you used to his size before finally giving you what you wanted.

You tilted your head back and let Thor control you. He held your hips tightly, bucking into you roughly. You had completely succumbed to him, letting him use you for his own pleasure as you could only moan at the over-sensitivity. It felt like you were on fire but you were addicted to the sensation, begging Thor for more.

He flipped you on top of him, making you gasp. You were beyond wrecked - your eyelids fluttering and lips swollen - but you rotated your hips on Thor grinning once he threw his head back. You continued the movement, leaning forward to teasingly ghost your lips over his. He growled and removed his hands from squeezing your ass to grab the back of your head and connect your lips. In between kisses you heard him mutter “Just like that,” over and over again.

The mere thought of having a god purring under you drove you insane. Thor began thrusting deeper, hitting a spot within you that made you cry out and sit back up - hoping he’d keep reaching that place. You bounced to meet his hips, watching in awe as his face told you he was close. His eyes were scrunched up and his bottom lip was pulled between his teeth. You watched the veins in his muscled arms pop, gripping so hard onto your waist he almost broke skin. He pulled you down onto him forcefully and with intention. He was close. You tangled one hand in his thick hair, tugging on it, whilst your other dragged fingernails down his chest.

Thor writhed underneath you, “Do that again, do it..” His voice was strained and his reaction to the pain almost made you cum right there.

“This?” You used both your hands this time and applied more force as you dragged your nails over his skin again, causing him to produce deep guttural groans.

He grabbed your arms, holding them in place on his heaving chest, and gave one final whimper before releasing into you - the last push that you needed to let go. You couldn’t produce sounds, only feel hot all over and absolutely satisfied as you rolled off Thor, listening to the vigorous symphony of you both catching your breath.

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A day later and you couldn't stop thinking about Thor… and the countless orgasms he gave you. He paraded around the dining room shirtless, proudly showing off the scratches you'd left on him the night before. The others noticed, you could see the jealousy scrawled across their faces. The reminder had a constant ache between your thighs. You pined for more, a slave for the pleasure after only one day.

Your cravings got unbearable around midday. After aimlessly wandering the halls of the huge complex, you ended up in a room you'd never seen before. Decorated similarly to Thor’s and your own, the only real difference being a large chest of drawers that sat to one side - piquing your curiosity.

Tenderly running your fingers across the dark mahogany you persuaded yourself to open it, your eyes wide at what you discovered. In the top drawer lay countless sex toys, some you didn't even recognize. Your attention was caught by a large hitachi, feeling a wetness gather between your legs at just the sight of the toy. Memories from the day before flashed through your brain as if on a film reel. The riskiness of the whole situation elevated your heartbeat, as well as the anticipation that built up as soon as you turned the toy on. You settled on the bed, hands shaking slightly as you raised the hem of your silky dress over your hips.

“What do you think you're doing?”

A low, gruff voice startled you. Your eyes shot up and you saw Bucky, shadowed in the doorframe of what you now assumed to be his bedroom. You crossed your legs quickly, utterly embarrassed.

“I… I…” No words came to your aid, leaving you bumbling in front of the super-soldier.

“Nothing to say, huh?” He smirked, folding his arms over his chest.

You bit your lip and glanced at the toy in your hand, an idea forming in your head. Let's see how confident Bucky can be under a little pressure… You kept eye contact with the man as you slowly uncrossed your legs, a small grin gracing your face as his jaw began to drop. You wetted your lips with your tongue, switching the toy on as if you had no idea the power it could yield. You slid it closer to your clothed core, heartbeat racing as you saw Bucky gulp, unable to tear his eyes from your body.


You were unsure if Bucky was warning or encouraging you. Either way, you were holding all the dominance in your hand and it felt amazing.

“Am I breaking any rules?” You posed the question innocently, not really caring but hoping to incite more from the muscular man opposite.

Bucky swallowed again, but this time he straightened his body up, he wanted the power back, “You’re breaking several actually,” He spoke matter-of-factly, taking slow strides towards the bed, “You're lucky I found you, Steve wouldn't stand for this shit.”

His confidence was visibly returning, as were the butterflies in your stomach. Your mouth let out a soft whimper as Bucky came to stand by the bed, his eyes never leaving yours as he reached out his metal hand and pressed the vibrating toy to your core. He clearly got his desired reaction as a small grin graced his face. He used his other hand to cradle your chin as he brought his lips to yours, moving them slowly but forcefully. Your senses were on fire, Bucky’s lips working like magic. His lust overcame him, forcing him to climb onto the bed and over you so his legs were kneeling on either side of your hips. His mouth drifted down your neck, sucking and nibbling on the sensitive hickeys that Thor had left only the day before.

“Time to make my own marks on you.”

You fought back a gasp at his bold words and felt yourself getting wetter at the thought. Your nails dragged over Bucky’s biceps and down his back, producing guttural groans from the man. He writhed over you. You were well aware this was a power struggle and you were planning on submitting to him… but only after a fight. And now Bucky had the next move. His eyes gleamed as he raised his index and middle fingers to your mouth, prompting you to take them between your lips and suck. You could feel his bulge growing and placed a delicate hand over it, innocently, as if you didn’t know the effect it would have. Bucky’s hips involuntarily stuttered, which did wonders for your ego. Emboldened, you took Bucky’s fingers, slick from your mouth, and guided them to your core, rocking your hips forward as you felt him inside you. You let out an involuntary moan as Bucky added another digit, totaling three, and you felt him stretching you.

“More…” You whined, you were finally in control and loving every second of it.

Bucky withdrew his fingers and let his lips sloppily kiss down your torso. He spread your legs wide, hovering for a moment, in awe of what lay between them. Your breath hitched in anticipation. Bucky kissed your inner thigh, and then the other, almost making you beg, but you refused to give him the satisfaction. Finally, his lips made contact with your dripping core. He circled your clit with his tongue and drove his metal fingers deep inside you. You were frantic and writhing under his touch. You grabbed fistfuls of his hair, tugging a little harder than you intended. Bucky responded with a low groan, sending vibrations through your body. You felt your stomach tighten and tension build.

Then a voice rang out, “Look at what we have here.”

Chapter Text

“Look at what we have here.”

The disembodied voice shocked you both, Bucky rolled off you whilst you clamped your legs shut in embarrassment. As you stared sheepishly at the figures standing just over the threshold you were only certain of one thing - you needed to get in the habit of locking doors.

“Sam… S-Steve...” The tone in Bucky’s voice was one you'd never heard from him before… Submission.

“Don’t hide.” Steve directed his speech solely to you, as you were self consciously fiddling with your dress and attempting to pull it over your knees.

You could only stare wide-eyed as the unshaven, rugged man took a slow stroll over to the draw that got you caught the first time. He dropped and shook his head at the contents, he felt lucky to have walked in at a time that had laden him with such potential. Sam joined his side, they glanced at each other with wicked smirks that almost had you begging at their feet. Sam reached in and produced a wide leather paddle and then dove in again to pull out two sets of nipple clamps on strings. The toys sent a visible shiver down Bucky's spine. From the way he chewed his bottom lip, so wistfully, you could tell it was in anticipation.

Sam saw it too, Bucky’s pining. He caught your gaze and with a devious glint in his eye he spoke, “Now the fun really begins.”

Sam stroked the leather paddle softly, eyes flickering between it, Steve, and the two bodies that lay anxiously waiting for him on the grand bed. Steve took a seat in the tan suede armchair conveniently facing the bed and started leisurely unbuttoning his white shirt. You and Bucky hungrily stared as each button revealed more and more skin. Steve caught your eye and chuckled, finally discarding the material and letting his hands slide down to his belt buckle. You had to fight to stop your jaw from falling slack.

It almost did until Sam called your attention to him by gently stroking your cheek. Sam pointed to one side of the bed, you and Bucky scrambled to meet his wordless command. You both sat impatiently on your knees - eyes glued to his for instruction, praise, critique. Sam's handsome face was distracting under normal circumstances, but right now, with his eyes filled with lust, lips agape, and almost drooling, he oozed sin. You, however, were slightly shaking. Your eyes darted quickly from Sams stern face to the clamps dangling from his hand. Sam's heart swelled as a lightbulb lit in his head. You'd never used clamps before. He’d forgotten that sweet look of innocence, the starry-eyed gaze that followed his every move, and the lips that would thank him after he and Steve had well and truly done their jobs.

“Would you like to use the clamps?” Whilst he spoke to you his hand cradled Bucky’s strong jaw, his thumb slipping into the submissive man’s mouth.

The scene had your libido wild. You changed position so that you were on your hands and knees in front of the tall man, begging for even a fraction of the attention he was giving Bucky. You nodded in regards to Sam's question. Your mouth was salivating at the thought. Sam chuckled at your eager response, the bulge pushing at the crotch of his teasingly tight pants revealing that he too was excited at the prospect.

“You should tease her, Sam.” You managed to tear your eyes away from the intoxicating man for just enough time to take in Steve’s words, and then his physique.

He looked delicious. His chest and abs were shiny with a thin layer of sweat and his jeans were undone just enough for one large hand to lazily stroke his thick cock. Steve was doing what he always did, watching, waiting. He’d let Sam have his way with you poor submissives until you were wrecked, then, and only then, he’d indulge himself.

At this point, you could feel your wetness soaking through your silk dress, the build-up from Bucky had left you without a release that you were desperate for. You straightened your torso up, remaining on your knees so that you were eye-to-eye with Sam. His sweeping gaze sent sparks through your body like fireworks. You couldn't help yourself, you pressed your lips to Sam's full ones. He used his spare hand to grip your waist and hold it closer to his. A whine left Bucky's throat and Sam's lips left yours to quickly satisfy the begging man. Sam lifted his head with a scheming smirk, tilting your chin towards Bucky's and vice versa, reveling in the sight as you collided under his instruction.

Bucky was sitting with his legs splayed out in front of him now, his lap looked too inviting for you to resist. You swung your legs over him, hesitating to kiss him but remaining locked in eager eye contact. Slowly you reached to the hemline of your dress, hooking your finger around the edge and discarding it - finally revealing your naked form to the voyeurs.

Your bare skin seemed to act as a magnet, the two men closer to you than ever. You heard Steve groan in the corner but Sam found it impossible to keep his hands to himself, addicted to feeling your soft skin under his calloused fingers. Sam’s hunger only seemed to fuel Bucky and yourself, the heat in the room rising. Bucky was flushed, overwhelmed, and in heaven. Your hands wandered under his shirt as Sam’s dared to creep between your legs. As your fingers danced over Bucky’s abs you wondered why were they still wearing clothes. A small whimper of desperation left your lips - and was engulfed by Bucky’s - as Sam used a single finger to tease your achingly wet core.

“Fuck, Sam.” You couldn't articulate how eager you felt as you threw your head back, giving Bucky the chance to nip at your exposed chest.

“Want more?” Sam whispered into your neck, his hot breath leaving prickles in its wake.

You nodded enthusiastically, Sam waited expectantly for Bucky’s response.

“Yes! Yes, please.” If sex were a sound, it would be Bucky this desperate.

“Work for it.” It was Steve’s command, but with it, Sam’s touch was gone.

You glanced over to the other submissive, unsure what Steve meant but unwilling to wait to figure it out. You wanted release. Your instinct led you to unbutton Bucky's jeans and pull them off, along with his underwear. The dynamic of the room had completely shifted. Bucky was putty in your hands, utterly obedient under your touch. Sam hovered nearby, eyes fleeting between the sinful sight of you on the bed and the equally unholy view of Steve pleasuring himself. He had to fight to keep his hands by his side, but Steve was in control now. Steve remained silent but orchestrated you and Bucky, little nods letting you know if you were moving in the right direction. That direction happened to be towards Bucky’s crotch.

As you sank your mouth over Bucky's long shaft, Sam broke, letting his hands wander over your ass - which was invitingly bare - and who was Sam to resist? His soft kneading encouraged you, sharp slaps with the paddle told you if you were giving Bucky too much. Sam slowly pushed you down on Bucky’s cock, until you gagged and pulled away, saliva dripping crudely from your open mouth. Bucky’s own mouth released a guttural groan at the sight of you, attracting the attention of Steve; who seemed to suddenly tire of teasing as he strode towards you and kissed you hard, reveling in the taste.

Steve’s hand tangled in your hair, indulging you for a few sweet moments before guiding you back to Bucky. The brunette supersoldier called to you with an outstretched arm, fingers grazing your chin until you crawled over his body and kissed him. You stayed like that for a while - straddling Bucky’s thighs - until the familiar feeling of Sam’s wandering fingers graced your spread legs. You hummed as Sam sank a finger in you and curved your back, pushing against the pressure you'd been craving. Bucky was in awe as he watched your face twist in ecstasy and took it upon himself to suck one of your nipples in his mouth. The nipping and caress drove you wild, you were sure your moans could be heard through the walls but that didn't stop any of you. In fact, it seemed as if your enthusiasm only turned them all on more. You tilted your head back, exposing your neck to light kisses, you weren’t sure from who, you didn’t care. You were their plaything and at this moment you wanted to be nothing else.

A sudden sharp pinch snapped you from your heavenly daze. You gasped from the pain, glancing down to see the clamps tugging on your nipples, the chain firmly in Steve’s hand. His eyes glinted with seduction, knowing the power he held over you at that moment. He pulled on the clamps teasingly, invoking a whine from your swollen lips. Bucky’s hands and lips were wandering over your body, Sam’s fingers had settled on stroking your core delicately. You were looking at Steve, silently begging him to do something, anything. He refused you, relishing in the power he had and enjoying the view.

You weren’t having that. Running your hands over your breasts and then down your torso, joining Sam’s fingers at your burning center. Steve was doing a good job of keeping his mouth from lolling open, Bucky, however, was visibly agog, eyes blown wide. You pushed a finger into yourself, lifting Sam’s and bringing them to your mouth, letting your tongue clean up the mess you’d made over his lean digits. You knew what you were doing was working because you heard the hasty but unmistakable sound of clothes hitting the floor and Steve's croaky voice commanding you, “Up, now.”

Slightly readjusting on the soft sheets you positioned yourself over Bucky, ass unsubtly facing Steve. You felt the blonde yank the chain which finally freed your delicate nipples. The sharp pain forced you to let out a sob, only comforted by Bucky's sweet kisses over your lips and down your neck. His hands caressed your breasts softly to calm you.

Fine, if Steve wasn’t going to indulge you, you weren’t above a little more teasing. You leaned forward to sloppily kiss Bucky whilst grinding your wetness against Steve, which earned a low growl from the man towering behind you. Steve was done waiting. He sheathed himself inside of you, unable to control himself any longer. His cock was wide and caused a burn to run through you as if you were being ripped apart from the inside out. To your surprise, you suddenly desired more of it, the pain transforming itself into sinful pleasure. You could only whimper for more.

Bucky groaned as your head fell onto the crook of his shoulder, his cock red and full. Steve freed one hand from you to pump his fist over Bucky’s aching erection. You threw your head back which exposed your neck to Sam's mercy. Gasping, you reached out blindly and clumsily took Sam’s cock in your hand, pumping wildly. You were overcome with euphoria, your senses going wild. Bucky's desperate whines filled the room, complimenting Sam and Steve's low, consistent grunts, and your own desirous moans. Every inch of your body was prickling in response to the overwhelmingly addictive touch of the three godlike men. That maddening tight feeling began in your belly, twisting your insides and making you cry out with every frantic thrust from Steve. You could smell sex in the air. You needed more.

“I need… all of you.”

Steve pulled out roughly, leaving you breathless. He knew what you meant and he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity.

“Buck. Sam.” The blonde pointed and the other men obeyed, switching positions.

Steve hoisted you up, earning a surprised squeal from you, and sat you down on Sam’s lap. Your back was flush with Sam’s, your legs splayed out crudely facing Steve. Steve looked wrecked but you imagined you did too. His face and neck were flushed, his chest was heaving, and the look on his face alone could’ve made you cum on the spot. Sam was raw and ready and refused to wait for Steve’s command, spitting on his fingers to slick up your second hole. He gently pushed one finger in, which was kind, you thought to yourself. If you were to do this again you were sure the three of them would not hold back, and niceties like lube and preparation would not be considered.

Your racing thoughts were interrupted by Sam and Steve. They pushed into you at the same time. The sensation was paradise. Like nothing you’d ever felt before. Full and ruined and euphoric and oh god. Your head rocked back onto Sam’s shoulder and then forward to look down and masochistically watch them enter and leave you. You gasped and whimpered as Bucky leaned down to your clit, Steve’s hand on his head guiding him, and fervently began to lick. You didn’t know if heaven was real, but at that moment you didn’t care, this was it. Bucky. Sam. Steve. You put your hands on Steve’s shoulders but couldn’t tear your eyes from Bucky’s tongue. The stimulation was just what you needed. The twisting in your stomach returned, building furiously.

And then you came. Hard. Sheer bliss washed over your shuddering body. You almost screamed at the intensity. Sweet release after what seemed like hours of torture.


Chapter Text

Frankly, after your little session with Bucky, Sam, and Steve, you were surprised you could walk. You definitely couldn’t sit down comfortably the next day. Virtually every movement sent a burning sensation through your core, a constant reminder of the three men’s blissful torture.

Bucky rushed about the Tower kitchen, hastily throwing together something that resembled a meal before he had to head out for a mission. Steve and Sam strode past - all business - and called him. You almost drooled at the sight of them all in their tight leather and straps. Scenes of that forbidden night flashed through your brain. You wanted them all over again. Bucky caught your eye for a split second but you looked away, feeling your cheeks get hot. He just grinned and sauntered out, with a cheeky “See ya, doll.”

You wistfully bit your lip as you watched the elevator doors slide shut, leaving you alone. Or so you thought. Not even 5 minutes later and you heard the elevator ding again. This time gifting you with the presence of one Natasha Romanoff. And she looked… Furious.

“You, with me. Now.” Her low rasping voice sent a shiver down your spine.

“O-okay.” You had to hurry to catch up with her.

She was already halfway down the hall, marching with intent. You let your eyes drift to her ass, perky and bouncing with every enraged step. Wait, was that… Was that blood? Her normally pristine and skin-tight white jumpsuit was splattered with ruby red. You winced but felt a sadistic throb between your legs. Since the first time you laid eyes on Nat you’d been dying to get her alone. She was mysterious and tempting and just one look from her would have you weak. But you’d never seen her like this before. Nat was hungry. And she craved you.

“Go.” She finally stopped outside a doorway, pointing for you to walk in first.

You did, of course, you daren’t disobey her when she was in this state. Her features were hardened, her once emerald eyes now dark and stony, her sharp cheeks accentuated with smudges of soot.

“Good girl,” Nat chuckled, crossing her arms and taking a few deliberate steps over the threshold, “The boys have trained you well.”

She reached out and closed the door behind her, keeping her eyes locked on yours. The redhead began unzipping her jumpsuit, gradually revealing the heavenly body that lay beneath. First pushing the material past her collarbones, her shoulders. Then exposing her full breasts, her hard pink nipples. The stained white leather fell past her waist, then her hips, the curves enticing you to reach out and touch. She tutted and swatted your hand away with her signature smirk plastered across her lustful lips. She kept stripping, yanking off her shoes, throwing them god knows where and shimmying her pants off. You realized that you were staring, lips parted and eyes wide, but you were beyond caring. She was the most beautiful creature you’d ever seen. You knew Thor and Loki were gods but you’d never believed in angels until right this moment. You were sure one was standing before you; dirty and red and ethereal and in all her naked glory.


One word from Nat was all you required. To be honest you probably didn’t even need that. You’d chosen a particularly sinful outfit today and you hoped Nat would enjoy ripping it off you. You discarded your deceitfully plain dress to reveal a black lacy bra and panty set, accompanied by a black garter belt and stockings. You couldn’t hear much over your heart beating frantically but you were sure you heard Nat’s breath hitch.

Nat strode towards you, narrowing the gap between you until there was none, and your lips collided. Sparks flew through your body, igniting your veins. She gripped your waist roughly, the warmth from her body enveloped you. You threw your arms around her shoulders and pulled her into you tightly, her firm nipples pressing against your skin. You shifted to grab her cheek and the stimulation from dragging her nipples across your lace made Nat purr into your mouth.

That was it. The moment you knew she had total power over you. And you wanted her to exercise no restraint. Let the games begin. You trailed your lips down to her neck. She unhooked your bra. You started kissing across her collarbones. She pushed the straps off your shoulders and threw your bra to the floor. You let your tongue trail across one of her nipples, not yet willing to fully indulge her, or yourself. Her hand rested on your shoulder and gently pushed you to your knees. You whimpered at the sight before you. Heaven was real and it lay between Natasha Romanoff’s legs.

Before your tongue could touch skin Nat took a step back. You looked up at her, confused. She perched herself on the edge of the bed, disgracefully irresistible with her legs spread wide. You found yourself on your hands and knees, lured towards temptation. Inches away from her core, you were halted. Nat’s foot was on your shoulder, barring you from crawling any closer. You found yourself desperately gazing up at her once again. She quirked an inquisitive eyebrow at you.


“I-- What?”

“You heard me.”

You considered whining like a spoiled child. How dare she? You were already on your knees, but you were above begging. Nat smirked as your internal monologue whirred away. She ran her fingers down her stomach and used two to spread her wetness. Never mind.

“Please… I need you. I need to touch you... To taste you. Please!” You were exasperated at her teasing.

“Good…” She moved her foot, allowing you to tumble forwards and finally bury your face between her thighs.

You enthusiastically lapped at her folds, savoring every second. She tasted like paradise. Nat instantly moaned at the contact, throwing her head back in pleasure. Her noises only spurred you on. Your tongue circled her clit and you sunk two fingers into her wet core, pumping hard and fast.

“Just like that... Don’t stop.” Nat’s thighs tightened around your shoulders.

Your tongue was relentless and you nearly felt powerful causing Nat to writhe underneath you. She reached her hand down to tangle it in your hair and pull. You were sure she’d killed people from your current position between her thighs but you couldn’t fathom a better way to go. It was intimate, the access she allowed you to her body, the noises she made. Her hips were stuttering and moans fell from her lips with reckless abandon. You knew she’d cum soon but you kept pushing, relishing the feeling of her shaking underneath you. She finally slowed down, her hand releasing from your hair and pulling you upwards instead.

“Come here.” Her tone was softer now, beckoning you.

You crawled up over her taut body, leaving sloppy kisses in your wake. Just as you reached her rosy lips she hooked a leg over your hips and flipped so you were under her. The sudden movement shook a squeal from your lips. Nat grinned. Finally she leaned in and kissed you, aggressively, passionately, hungrily. Her small messy plaits fell forward and grazed your skin. Nat flipped her auburn hair to one side, so it tumbled over her shoulder and framed her exquisite face in a copper halo. She started kissing down your cheeks and then began sucking on your neck. You whimpered as her tongue circled the remnants of lovebites that Sam… or maybe Bucky left days before. Nat’s fingers danced down your torso and began massaging the lace that covered your wetness. You threw your head back, the scandalous friction sent sparks through your core.

“You’re wearing too many clothes.”


Your eyes fluttered open, only half aware of Nat’s veiled request. Before you had time to comprehend her words and react, she was reaching above you… to the headboard? Your eyes followed her hand and watched as she fumbled behind the darkened wood. Suddenly she stopped and retrieved her prize. Your eyes widened as they flicked between the wicked smirk on her face and a dainty silver knife. The redhead trailed the blunt side of the blade down your side, only stopping once she reached your soaked through underwear.

“W-What are you doing?” You were frozen, the power Nat had over you was equally threatening and enticing.

“Too many clothes.” Nat looked up at you through her eyelashes.

You saw her hand jerk, a flash of silver, and the sound of lace ripping. The blade had sliced through your underwear with ease, Nat tossed the ruined material away. She left you in the garter belt and stockings. Nat wouldn’t tell you but she loved to see you dressed up for her.

The knife twirling in Nat’s delicate hands was making you nervous but simultaneously had you enraptured with her every move. She had this mischievous glint in her emerald eyes that had you silently begging for her touch. You held your breath as she dragged the tip of the blade back up your body. You gasped as the cool metal caught on your hard nipple.

“The boys had their fun with you. Time to make my own marks?” Nat was only taunting, but you sadistically wondered what she would do to you if you let her.

She pressed the flat side of the knife against your opening. The chill of the metal combined with anticipation almost had you bucking against the pressure. Nat could feel your desperation and decided to finally appease you. She sheathed the handle inside you, the ridges along it causing delicious friction. The sensation had you gripping the bedsheets, so euphorically turned on at the danger you knew you wouldn’t last long.

And Nat knew how to play you like an instrument. Her ruby red tongue made short kitten licks at your clit, relishing in your taste and taking her time. Her movements were achingly slow, you were whimpering and bucking your hips, demanding more. You knew you were being needy but you didn’t care. Screw slow, screw teasing, “Just fuck me!”

You bit your lip as you realized you’d cried out loud in desperation. Nat would make you regret that. But god, the pleasure would be worth the pain.

“You’re a dirty little slut, aren’t you?” Nat nipped at the inside of your thighs.

“Yes!” You used one hand to grasp at your nipple, twisting and pulling for some perverted friction. The other hand reached for Nat, her hair, her shoulder, anything you could grab to force her closer to you.

“You want me to fuck you, slut?” Nat let you yank her hair - only because she enjoyed the sting.

“God yes!” You were bucking your hips to match her movements, praying for her to speed up.

“I’m gonna count down from 10 and you’re gonna cum for me, okay?” Her thrusts finally quickened, “10,” She used her thumb to massage your clit, “9,” She leaned forward and kissed your inner thighs, her momentum didn’t cease for a second, “8,” You felt her hot breath on your core, her swollen lips replaced her hardworking thumb, “7” She murmured into your skin so she wouldn’t stop her assault on your pussy, “6,” She ripped the knife’s handle from you, causing you to gasp and jerk forward. She immediately filled you back up with her middle and ring finger, they curved and hit your sweet spot, “5,” You were putty in her hands, you could do nothing but thrash beneath her and feel your imminent release building, “4,” Her tongue was swirling relentlessly between numbers, “3,” You were so close but held on for her last demand, “2,” Your hips unintentionally jerked against her ruthless fingers, "1,"

Nat could feel you tighten, she glanced up at you just long enough to utter, “Cum for me. Cum all over me.”

Shaking and gasping you came, blissfully, mercifully.

Chapter Text

You woke up entangled in sheets with Natasha. As dangerous as she was when she was awake, she managed to look so cute when she dreamed. 

“Mmm…” She was mumbling in her sleep, “Yelena… Ow!” Upon hearing a name that wasn't yours, you had slapped her arm, jolting her awake. She looked at you in shock, more annoyed that you’d disturbed her sleep than the assault on her arm, “What?!”

“I can’t believe you’re dreaming about another girl!” You were only mildly offended. It’s not like you hadn’t slept with half of her friends. But you were currently in her bed, so you felt you had some right to be upset. 

Natasha looked confused for a moment, her eyes darting back and forth to recall her dream. A lightbulb clicked and she grinned. She pounced on you, pinning your body under hers and your arms above your head in one swift move. 

“Yelena is my sister.” She smirked at you, inches away from your face. Her smile widened as she watched your face twist in embarrassment. 


“Yeah.” Natasha studied your face for a few seconds before kissing you hard and rolling off your body and turning away to get dressed, “Don’t wake me like that again. I value my beauty sleep.”

“As if you need it.” You rested on your side, gazing at her and feeling more disappointed with every layer she put on. 

“I've got to go. Don’t give me that look!” Natasha grinned as you pouted dramatically, “Promise to stay out of trouble?”


She strode over to your side of the bed, kissing your forehead and then your lips one more time, “That’s my girl.”

Natasha left you alone and bored. You got dressed and headed to the kitchen for some well-earned sustenance. You weren’t sure if Natasha would be back that night or even that week. You didn't know if anyone else was in the Tower, or if they were all on important missions, far too busy to concern themselves with you. The only thing you were sure of was that it was your fifth day in the Tower. You would be asked to sign a contract today. If the Avengers wanted you to stay that is. Well, at this point, they couldn’t make you leave if they tried. Tony’s strongest suits couldn’t force you out that door. You’d tasted blood and you liked it.

Halfway through your toast, JARVIS chimed, "Hello."

You started, almost throwing your breakfast across the room in shock.

“My apologies. Mr. Stark would like to see you in his workshop.” 

“Uh… Okay. And where is his workshop, disembodied robot man?” You looked around, trying to pinpoint the source of the voice.

“My name is JARVIS. Mr. Stark’s workshop is on the left at the end of this hallway.” A nearby screen lit up with directions.

“Thanks, JARVIS. See you around, I guess.” You waved at nothing in particular, it felt rude not to.

You hopped off of your barstool and padded in the direction you were told. You hesitated before knocking on the large double doors, unsure what procedure to follow. Strictly speaking, Tony Stark was your boss. This was a business meeting. 

“Come on in!” You heard Tony shout from deep inside the room. 

You pushed the door open, peeking around it apprehensively. The tinny smell of soldering metal immediately hit you. The large room seemed to go on forever, slanted windows wrapped around the length of the building. At one end a circular launchpad of some kind was lit up. Half-built armor littered every surface and even some parts of the floor. Robot arms seemed to extend from every corner, aiding Tony in his creations. And right in the middle of the room, tinkering on a steel table, was the man himself. Protective goggles covered his eyes, but he perched them on the top of his head when he saw you. 


“Hi.” You wrapped your arms around yourself in an attempt to stifle your nerves. 

“So, it’s been a week. How are you finding things?” Tony tapped on his supercomputer, no doubt programming Nobel prize-winning technology whilst he mindlessly chatted to you.

“It’s going good! I think.” You paused, “What do the others think? About me…” You didn’t mean the question to come off so self-centered. You just wanted to figure out if this was going to be a casual conversation, or if Tony was trying to fire you.

He laughed at your attempt to pry, “They like you. I’m actually scared to elaborate on that. So I won’t.” 

You giggled softly, feeling blood rush to your cheeks. Tony stood from his worktable, placing his goggles on the table, and strolled towards you. He folded his arms over his chest and looked at you with intent. 

“Tell me, truthfully. Are you happy here?”

“Yes.” You didn’t hesitate. 

Tony stared you down for a tense moment longer before nodding his head in satisfaction, “Good. You can sign the contract today if you want to make this position permanent.” 

“I do!” You bit your lip as you realized you replied very enthusiastically. 

Tony laughed again, returning to his work before gesturing to a screen near you.

“It’s on there. You can sign virtually. Please read it before signing it,” You raised your eyebrow at that comment, was there something you needed to be wary of? Tony saw your reaction and rolled his eyes, “I’m not trying to trick you. It’s a good habit to get into! Don’t sign anything you haven’t read. Blueberry?” He offered you a bag, you declined. 

You sat in calm silence for a while, reading the contract, accompanied by the sound of gears whirring. Tony’s presence was reassuring. And so once you’d read it back to back, you signed. Happily placing your future into the Avengers’ hands.

Chapter Text

It was a quiet night in the Tower. Your usual company was nowhere to be found, likely out on a mission or sleeping in their own homes for once. It meant you were alone. Restless.

You tiptoed out of your room and into Tony’s workshop, it was in disarray. You stroked your fingers across the cool metal and unconnected wires he had strewn about, not brave enough to actually hold any of his creations. You could almost hear the genius scolding you for daring to step foot across the threshold. Policing your own behavior you scampered out of the room and headed to more neutral ground. The kitchen was deserted, cutlery and dishes were thrown in the sink haphazardly. You contemplated cleaning the mess but decided against it. You weren’t that bored yet and there were at least two beings capable of magic in the Tower at any given time, they could do it.

You wandered the halls aimlessly until you found yourself back where you started. You sulked into your room, dramatically flopping onto the large and noticeably empty bed. Sprawled out and staring at the ceiling, you wished for company.

I want someone to take me. Now. I want to be fucked so hard I don't remember my own name.

A gold glow suddenly appeared as if from nowhere. You lifted your arm to shield your squinting eyes from the beam as it cut through the dark. A figure stumbled out from what seemed to be a mystical doorway. You were frozen in fear until your eyes adjusted to the light.


His dark hair gave him away, but he wasn’t cloaked in his usual black and green. His extravagant ensemble had been replaced with a disheveled button-down, tie, and harness. He seemed... different.

“Tell me that I made it back. That you remember me?”

He ran to your bedside and threw himself down in front of you, hands gripping your waist. His emerald eyes looked up at you, glimmering with desperation. An emotion you’d never seen expressed by Loki before. You felt a throb between your thighs at the sight of the once arrogant god, now kneeling before you in anguish. You put your hand out, tracing the new lines that graced his forehead. As you stroked down his cheek, he leaned into your touch. This Loki had lived several lifetimes since you saw him only a few days ago. He was softer.

“You’re not the Loki I know, are you?”

He looked down and shook his head, “You wouldn’t believe me even if I told the truth.” He then glanced up, eyes meeting yours, “I had to see you... To touch you.”

The person in front of you felt so familiar but so unknown. The Loki you’d acquainted yourself with over the last week was cool, calculated. Never a hair out of place. Impeccably dressed in the finest Asgardian leather money could buy. He was in control, strutting around the Tower as if he owned it, despite how often Tony would remind him otherwise. This new Loki was distant and delicate. As if he’d fucking shatter in your palms if you gripped him hard enough. He was new and old. Something you couldn’t quite figure out. But you’d always loved games.

You couldn’t fight your impulses any longer, you leaned in, moaning as you felt your lips collide. Loki straightened up, strong arms wrapping around you, grasping at your dress in an attempt to draw you closer. He put his mouth to good use, nipping at your ear and trailing down your sensitive neck. Loki wasn’t being gentle. He was brooding about something, of that much you were sure.

You leaned your head back to give Loki easier access to the sensitive skin he was attacking. Your lips parted and uncontrollably spilled, “Take it out on me.”

Loki withdrew, quirking an eyebrow at you. His quintessential smirk danced across his face and his eyes scanned over your body hungrily. There he was. The god you recognized, full of the mischief you expected and the wickedness you craved.

“I like this.” His demeanor had changed in an instant.

Loki was no longer a trembling traveler clinging to you. He was a deity. And although he was kneeling it was no question that you were the one under his spell. With a nonchalant wave of his fingers, you literally were. The mesh curtain from your bed's canopy curled around your arms like vines, forcing them above your head and pushing an indignant whine from your lips at the sudden restraint.


“You have no idea how much I missed you.” The makeshift handcuffs had you pinned to the backboard.

Loki was standing over you, unbuttoning his shirt at a leisurely pace. He liked watching you squirm. He liked seeing desire written all over your face. You bit your lip to stop yourself drooling as he unzipped his tight trousers. His erection was straining against the thin fabric. He chuckled to himself at the state of you, helpless and struggling against the spelled material. He finally pushed his underwear below his knees to reveal his hard cock. You opened your mouth instinctively, wanting to taste.

“Touch me…” You’d learned from Natasha that some things were worth begging for.

Loki chuckled and inched closer to you. He ran his long fingers up your thigh, past your hips, over your waist. As he teased up your body, your dress melted away; undoubtedly his magic. It left you naked and twisting in anticipation. His touch drifted upwards, he wrapped a large hand around your neck.

“Are you going to be a good plaything?” He squeezed.

“Yes.” You coarsely breathed.

Loki could feel your heartbeat hammering beneath his hand. He loved the power he held over you. He didn't want to hurt you, but he might leave a few scratches if it meant getting what he hungered for.

“Good girl.”

You relaxed at his touch, his words. You didn’t need the restraints, you would do anything he wanted, his darkest fantasies. Loki moved his hand from your neck, pushing a thumb into your mouth. You caressed his digit with your tongue at first, until you caught it between your teeth. The teasing had gone on far too long, you demanded attention in no uncertain terms. Loki grinned.

“I’ve been gone far too long. You’ve forgotten how to behave.” He straddled you.

“I haven’t forgotten.” You were unwise to be so emboldened.

“Oh?” He was amused. His hand traveled to your nipple, he lightly twisted and swiftly yanked it as a warning. You jerked forward and let out a whimper at the delicious pain.

You were promptly reminded that you were tied up and at his mercy, “Please… I want you.”

“Do the others give into your requests so easily? You’ve been spoiled.”

You rubbed your legs together in an attempt at friction. You didn’t care what punishment you were in for. Loki’s words alone had you a writhing mess, prepared to grovel. Loki’s mistake was that he himself was ravenous. The sight of you helpless and thrashing was too tempting, he couldn’t resist any longer. His hands roughly grabbed your thighs, spreading them and delving forward, lapping at your core. You didn’t know what you’d done to warrant such indulgence but you didn’t care. His tongue drove you insane. You felt two long fingers enter you, sweetening the stimulation. You ground your hips into his face unwittingly, chasing the blissful tension that was rapidly building in your stomach. Your breath hitched as Loki sped up, his fingers pumping and tongue swirling. You threw your head back and clawed at the curtains holding you upright. All you wanted to do was grab his hair and pull. To your surprise the mesh restraint fell away, allowing you to do just that. You wrapped your legs around his broad shoulders and wound your hands into his hair, doing anything to get him closer and to ensure he wouldn’t pull away at the last moment. Moans and mumbled encouragement tumbled from your lips as you felt yourself get close.

“Just like that…” You felt yourself tip over the edge.

You thrashed against Loki, shockwaves sending shudders through your body. But Loki didn’t stop there, he was enjoying himself far too much. Clearly, his flair for the dramatic hadn’t lessened with his time away. The overstimulation had you shaking uncontrollably. You tugged at his dark hair, a little too forcefully, but he just groaned at the stinging sensation. All your protests achieved was more enthusiasm from the raven-haired god. Your breath was ragged and weak and your abused pussy was throbbing painfully. In your delirium, you decided to take matters into your own hands. After all, you had been released from your shackles. You hooked your leg over Loki’s back and mustered up all your remaining strength to flip him under you. Another neat trick you’d picked up from Nat.

Now on your knees and over his mouth, his tongue was hitting at a new angle. You felt your orgasm building once again. The persistent torture had spiraled into sick pleasure. Loki’s hands were wandering your body, only mildly protesting at your insubordination by making sure his fingernails were leaving scratches. You were trembling and whimpering, Loki’s incessant caress had you utterly weak. Your hands were out in front of you gripping the bed sheets in an attempt to keep you upright. They were the only thing preventing you from collapsing altogether as you came once again. Unfortunately, they were somewhat unsuccessful. You felt yourself buckling so you swung a leg off of the god that was relentless between them, and fell beside him on your back.

A grin was plastered across your face as you fought to catch your breath. You almost flinched as you felt Loki’s lips on your thigh once again. You tightly wound a hand into his hair; a small warning if he decided to resume his torment. He kissed his way up the side of your body, his own hand curling back around your throat, no doubt due to your objections. You were on fire. Why did you feel so powerful in the face of Loki’s wrath?

“You’ve forgotten who’s in charge here.” Loki’s breath tickled your ear.

“Have I?” You had no idea why you were being so insolent. Maybe you wanted Loki seeing red before he fucked you. Maybe you could sense his shift in character, or perhaps your own. And maybe that’s why you uttered the next few words, “You’ve changed. You’ve gotten weak.”

You’d pushed a button that could not be unpushed. You turned your head slightly to make tentative eye contact. Loki was already staring. The faintest of smirks danced across his lips. You hadn’t realized but you were holding your breath.

“My my... Aren’t you brave?” His fingers tightened around your throat, “The so-called heroes that fucked you before might let you speak like that,” He nipped at your earlobe, the pressure on your neck unrelenting, “But tonight you’re at my mercy.” He finally released the chokehold he had on you, “Kneel.”

Loki didn’t give you a chance to reposition before his hand was firmly in your hair, yanking you upright. Now you were on your knees with your back firmly pressed to his chest. He jerked your head back, not quite finished berating you.

“I see someone has bruised you, as if you were ever theirs to brand,” His other hand grazed over remnants of lovebites, “Once I’m done with you, there will be no question. You are mine. I own you,” His teeth grazed over your neck and shoulder, “Say it.”

It was an ultimatum. One that you weren’t willing to agree to. Yet. You instead wound your hand in between your bodies, finding Loki’s cock and pumping.

Loki moaned into your neck, biting down hard, “I’m warning you.” His voice was dangerously gruff but his hips betrayed him, involuntarily jerking at your touch.

A strained whine fell from your lips. Having power over a god was unsurprisingly arousing. You’d let him take it back in time, but for now, you wanted him furious. You needed him to be wild with want before you let him inside you. You sped up your strokes and leaned back onto his shoulder as he sucked and nipped at your skin. His movements sped up, his cock wet with precum. Your strokes got inconsistent, messy, attempting to edge him. You didn’t want him to cum just yet, why ruin the fun?

You thought you had him right where you wanted him, but you were mistaken. Hell hath no fury like a Loki denied. Before you knew what was happening, you had been slammed forward into the mattress. You tried to protest, but Loki’s hand was gripping the base of your neck, pinning you in place. A sharp slap came down on your ass, jolting you forward. Then another. And another. You whined and wiggled your hips. The stinging didn’t hurt too badly, you were unsure of what you wanted more, spankings or Loki’s cock.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Loki was slightly amused, even though he wouldn’t admit it.

You didn’t answer, that would only get you in more trouble. You couldn’t help but giggle though, what kind of question was that? Of course you were enjoying it.

“Fine. If you’re going to act like a brat, you’ll get treated like one.”

You caught a flash of emerald out the corner of your eye, Loki had conjured something to aid in your punishment. The unknown was making you nervous. You didn’t have to wonder for long. A brutal strike came down on the tops of your thighs. The feel of cool leather fought the vicious burn and implied that Loki was using a belt. A belt! How dare he. You didn’t have time to formulate a response before he delivered another blow. A whimper escaped your lips. The pain really was starting to set in now. Three more lashes and you were whining into the sheets, knees shaking. Your bottom lip trembled. It wasn’t the worst Loki could do but it was almost unbearable.

“Have you had enough disciplining?” Loki’s question was accompanied by his gentle caress.

Your thighs and ass were on fire. Everything in you was screaming to give in, to cave to Loki. You didn’t know why, but you couldn’t.


“No?” Loki was in disbelief, “You would not believe the agony I could inflict upon you if I so desired. You’re lucky your dripping cunt is more enticing to me right now.”

A shiver ran down your spine at his words. Finally. You felt his tongue savagely lap at your core and you let out a strangled moan. Then without warning, Loki buried himself to the hilt inside you. The searing burn of his cock penetrating you fought with the sting of your wounds, only to transform into the most sinful of pleasure.

“Loki! Fuck!” Your words just spurred him on.

He slammed into you brutally, mercilessly. With every movement his pelvis would hit the angry welts he’d left across your ass and thighs. You were gasping, almost squealing, at the sensitivity from your wounds combined with him filling you up. With one hand on your waist, the other tangled in your hair and forcing your head down, he finally had total domination over you. You could only push your ass back, meeting Loki’s thrusts with mild indignance but ultimate satisfaction. You reached between your legs to rub your clit, intent on increasing your pleasure to counteract the ache from your lashings. All of a sudden Loki pulled out and rudely flipped you onto your back.

“Do I not satisfy you, plaything?” He hoisted your legs over his shoulders.

Loki pushed back into you, the new angle drove you wild. He was hitting your g-spot with near-impossible accuracy. Heat engulfed your veins, you could hardly comprehend that Loki had asked you a question.

You answered with the only thought running through your head, “You’re so big...”

The god grinned darkly, “You can take it.”

Loki’s own fingers dove between you and began assaulting your clit. You threw your head back in pleasure. The sensation nearly left you breathless. Your legs were uncontrollably quaking at this point, euphoric tension twisting in the pit of your stomach once more. Loki himself looked wrecked. Sweat glistened on his forehead and one lone strand of hair fell in front of his eyes. You tightened around his cock. He groaned at the feeling, hips stuttering but still pounding with formidable force. You couldn’t hold on much longer. You watched in awe as the god above you threw his head back in ecstasy. That was the last straw.

You called out as you came, “Fuck Loki... Fuck right there!”

It didn’t matter what you said, Loki would keep fucking you, prolonging your torturous orgasm, until he came with shuddering beauty. You involuntarily shivered as you felt his cum fill you and crudely drip down your pussy once he pulled out. For once, Loki was speechless. He wasn’t quite sure how you’d both ended up here.

For a while you lay in silence, listening to air escape your lungs and your hearts beat. Were there ramifications for this Loki being here? Neither of you could answer that. All you knew was that moment, with each other, was serenity.

“Feel better?” You stroked his hair mindlessly, he was slumped onto the mattress next to you.

“I think so.” Loki took a deep breath in, “I have a lot of explaining to do.”

Chapter Text

You woke up from your explicit tryst with Loki alone and in pain. As your eyelids fluttered open it took you a few seconds to regain an awareness of your surroundings. Disorganized memories of the night before fleeted through your brain, filling in blanks like a computer screen loading one pixel at a time. You jolted upright and frantically scanned the room for any sign of life. You didn’t see as much as a forgotten sock indicating Loki had been there. Could it have been a dream? No, the sting from your ass and thighs was all too real. In your haste, you’d disturbed your wounds, instigating a consistent dull ache. The tangible souvenir of last night reassured you that you weren’t losing your mind. Loki had been there, but as quickly and oddly he’d arrived, he’d disappeared. You weren’t sure what to make of what you’d seen.

Since you’d woken up you’d felt this pit in your belly. It wasn’t the sting of being jilted. It was this rush of… something else. Something new. Your head was a mess, reeling with flashbacks of the past few days. Thor. Bucky. Sam. Steve. Nat. You could barely think straight. All you knew for sure, is that last night had lit a fire that was not being easily quelled. And maybe that was why, when your eyes fell upon a lonely super soldier, you acted the way you did. 

“Bucky...” You anxiously fiddled with a ring on your index finger but realized and stopped yourself.

“Hey!” He perked up a little when he saw you, “What are you doing?”

“Well… Hopefully you.” 

Loki had gotten under your skin. It felt good to submit to him, to all of them. But what if the shoe was on the other foot? In your reminiscing, you’d recalled how Bucky acted with Steve and Sam. Obedient. He was easy pickings. No, he was prey. 

Bucky’s adam’s apple caught in his throat and he swallowed thickly. He adjusted the collar of his leather jacket, its perfect fit suddenly feeling a little too tight.

“You can’t talk to me like that.” His words were firm, his tone was not. Bucky shook his head in frustration at himself, even he could hear how he sounded. Weak.

“Who says? You? Steve?” You raised a cocky eyebrow. You didn’t know where this was coming from. This wasn’t like you. But Loki had unraveled a thread that you couldn’t help but pull on.

Bucky’s tongue flicked and licked his bottom lip, pulling it between his teeth. His cheeks were flushed and he instinctively clasped his hands behind his back. He couldn’t resist, he had been trained for this. He looked delicious. Submissive.

“Tread carefully, doll.” His warning was useless, he was protesting in vain.

“Why? Will we get in trouble?” You took a few deliberate steps towards the leather-clad man, “Do you wanna get in some trouble, Buck?” You whispered into his ear, on your tiptoes to even get close.

Bucky’s gaze never left you, just washed over your body as he hastily nodded, “Y-yes.”

“Good. Follow me.” You turned on your heels and strutted out the kitchen, only half sure he’d actually listen.

Bucky almost let out a whimper at your instruction, nearly tripping over himself to keep up with you. However, you didn’t want to go back to your room just yet. You were already fighting to suppress the bewildering events of the previous night. Going to the scene of the crime wouldn’t help at all. You needed distraction and you needed it now. Right now. You swiftly turned on your heels, placing a hand on Bucky’s chest to stop him in his tracks. 


Bucky quirked an eyebrow, puzzled. You didn’t explain. Instead, you grabbed the nape of his neck and pulled his gorgeous lips to yours. They were soft and familiar. He wasn’t being rough with you now, but he would if you told him to. He instinctively wrapped his arms around your waist, enveloping you fully. You were lost in his touch for a while, letting him set the pace. You were rudely shaken from your haze when a door slammed in the distance, startling you both. Bucky stepped away, glancing in the direction the noise echoed from. You were now acutely aware of where you decided to make out. In the middle of a lounge-cum-bar, one of the many on this floor but an exposed public area nonetheless. Especially considering the floor-to-ceiling windows. 

“We can’t. Someone could see us.” He meant Steve.

Sam would forgive; he’d make you both pay but the punishment would be worth it. Steve would not be so merciful. You knew you’d only gotten a sliver of his disciplining when you were tangled in sheets together a few nights ago. Bucky knew better. But unfortunately for him, he was also a feeble opponent to anyone with a backbone. You reached out a hand to intertwine your fingers with his and stepped forward to close the gap between your bodies. Once you were close enough you snaked your hand up his metal arm, fiddling with the collar of his leather jacket to expose delicate skin. 

You leaned in, enough for your lips to graze his neck as you whispered, “Isn’t that half the fun?”

Bucky snapped. He pushed you back onto one of the ruby red sofas, you hissed as the force agitated your wounds. 

“Hey!” Your complaint was silenced as Bucky crawled on top of you, pressing his lips to yours. 

His wandering metal hand made light work of your slip dress, ripping the fabric down the middle nonchalantly. You squealed at his shamelessness, your breasts exposed indecently. His eyes swept over your body as if he was seeing it for the first time, his exploratory hands following greedily. You tugged at the bottom of his jacket, wanting his skin on yours. Bucky sat up, thick thighs straddling yours, quickly discarding his leather and taking the hem of his t-shirt in his hands, stretching up, up, up. You pulled your bottom lip between your teeth. The low light cast shadows that accentuated his taught muscles. You drank in the sight eagerly and your hands couldn’t resist reaching out to touch. Bucky smirked down at you, and you’d almost fallen under his spell. Almost.

“Bucky.” Your tone was stern and your touch reluctantly left his skin.

“Hm?” He was still attempting to charm you but his confidence was wavering.

“I thought I was in charge?” It wasn’t a complaint, it was a challenge. 

You ground your bare hips on Bucky’s jean-covered crotch. He faltered and groaned. You were winning. In his weakened condition, you managed to slip out from under him, kneeling opposite him and placing delicate kisses along the base of his neck. 


You hummed against his flushed skin, ignoring him. Your hand made light work of his button and fly and suddenly his length was in your hand, hot and thick and pulsing. 

“Don’t…” Bucky choked out, “Don’t stop. Use me.” 

He fell back onto his knees, quivering and desperately trying not to moan. You were on fire. The feeling of having Bucky Barnes weak to your touch was intoxicating. The heat between your legs was throbbing. The anticipation of taking Bucky for all he was worth finally eclipsed the damage Loki had done. Enough waiting. You were in charge here and you were greedy. You swung your legs over Bucky’s and lowered yourself on his length. You stuttered and moaned as he sunk into you. His hands rested on your hips and gripped your flesh tightly. You were sure you’d have a perfect imprint of his metal hand on your waist tomorrow. You inhaled sharply and deeply as he filled you up fully. Bucky cursed loudly, having forgotten about needing to be somewhat discreet. The possibility of being caught sent a shiver up your spine, but your hand flew over his mouth as you began to rock your hips back and forth. That was one of your wiser decisions today, as even Bucky’s muffled groans echoed around the room. 

“Shh… Buck, please… Fuck.” Your hand slipped from his mouth as his hips desperately snapped up to meet your bounces. 

The added friction had you dangerously close. To be honest you could’ve cum from the image of Bucky flushed and panting beneath you alone. You pulled him into a messy kiss, trailing your lips back down to his neck, licking and nibbling over the blossoming hickey’s you’d started earlier. He just filled you up so perfectly. And with every deliberate swing of your hips you could rub your swollen clit against him. Without considering the consequences, you wrapped a delicate hand around Bucky’s neck and squeezed. 

“Fuck,” You both groaned simultaneously. 

“Fuck, what are you doing to me?” Bucky was close. 

He didn’t need to declare it for you to have known, it was written all over his scrunched eyebrows, parted lips, and heaving chest. Bucky took one of your nipples into his mouth, trying to please you as much as you were him. You threw your head back as he gently licked and then cheekily nibbled at the sensitive flesh. Your hand moved from his neck into his hair, pulling him closer. He hissed at your harsh grip but it didn’t stop his tongue from wandering across your breasts. 

You were fighting to get words out, ‘Bucky’ was the only one that made sense, “Fuck me. Just fuck me.” 

He looked up at you with those big blue eyes of his in awe, “Say that again.”

You were struggling to catch your breath between whimpers but you managed, “Fuck me, Bucky. Do it.” 

He didn’t need to be told again. With one swift movement he had you pinned underneath him, the new angle he hit made you both falter and groan. He didn’t slow down though, his thrusts were deep and strong, pulling out and then filling you all the way back up. You were in ecstasy. Your stomach was in knots with tension twisting and building. Finally, you crashed over the edge, stifling your scream by biting down onto Bucky’s shoulder. That was all he needed, he released into you, hips wildly jerking as he filled you with hot cum. He moved to get up but you stopped him.

“Just give me a second.” You relished in the feeling of being full with him. And when he tentatively lay on top of you, you felt complete.

“You have no idea what you do to me,” Bucky mumbled into your neck. 

“I think I have a pretty good guess,” You tried to giggle under the weight of him but it was admittedly difficult to catch your breath, “Let’s get out of here. We’ve tested our luck enough for one day.” 

As you stood to redress, you both realized your silk slip was no longer fit for wear. It lay in a pathetic puddle, and Bucky went a very adorable shade of pink. He wordlessly offered you his grey marled t-shirt instead, which you accepted. You turned to pick up the ruined material from the floor, and as you bent down it prompted the familiar sting of your lashings. 

“Hey…” You heard Bucky’s voice behind you, in a tone you couldn’t quite place, “Who did that to you?” His fingers grazed the wounds, making you flinch.

“I… um…” You weren’t really sure yourself. At this point you would’ve chalked up last night to a wild figment of your imagination, it would’ve been easier to explain.

“Tell me who did this to you.” Bucky stepped forward, simmering anger began to dance across his usually comforting features.

You wouldn't have said anything. But if you didn't give him an answer you were sure Bucky would knock down every door this side of Manhattan until he found, and personally strangled, the person accountable.

“Loki.” You squeaked, barely audible. 

You regretted it as soon as you said it. Bucky turned on his heels and stormed off in only his half-buttoned jeans. You scurried after him, afraid of what he might do and attempting to calm him down. 

“Please, Bucky, you don’t understand. It wasn’t...” You were struggling to find words to explain. 

It wasn’t Loki? But it was. It wasn’t his fault? But it was. It wasn’t your fault? But it was. So now you were chasing a furious and really sexy post-coital Bucky down the corridor, in his t-shirt, trying to keep your legs shut so evidence of your time together doesn’t spoil the floor. Luckily you didn’t have to run far before you both bumped head first into Thor. He was with a woman you didn’t recognize. She was effortlessly gorgeous, her wild dark hair just barely tamed by a ponytail. White streaks decorated her face, giving her a menacing edge.

“Thor. Valkyrie.” Bucky curtly greeted them both. The woman, now identified as Valkyrie, had a look of amusement on her face as she surveyed you, disheveled and panting. Not to mention half-dressed. She winked at you as Bucky continued, “I’m looking for your brother.”

Thor took a little longer to connect the dots, eyes fleeting between the two of you. A grin broke out on his face as he put the pieces together, also amused. You shifted uncomfortably under his gaze, not wanting to trigger an entirely new outburst of jealousy. 

“Loki? He’s around.” Thor and Valkyrie were enjoying the awkwardness, and you hoped that Bucky was cursing his impulsiveness as much as you were right now.

“Where, Thor?” Bucky growled.

“I heard my name?” The unmistakable voice sent cold shivers through your body. 

Loki sauntered around the corner a few moments later, cocky as ever and in his usual Asgardian leather. You felt more than a little confused. This was the Loki you thought you knew. Cloaked in green and black and always the smuggest person in the room. 

“Loki, you son-of-a-bitch.” 


Bucky launched himself at the raven-haired man, aiming for his jaw and only missing because of a well-timed dodge from Loki. You looked for help in Thor and Valkyrie but they had somehow found a bowl of popcorn and settled themselves on the nearest seats, thoroughly enjoying the show. 

“What the hell is going on?” Loki was as enraged as you were mortified.

“You beat her! Look what you did!” Bucky caught Loki in a headlock, forcing him to see the marks on your skin.

“I most certainly did not! Let go of me at once, you hideous cyborg!” Loki struggled against Bucky’s grip until they were wrestling with no end in sight.

“Hey, hey, hey! Break it up! What is going on here?” Steve had appeared from nowhere, the only one willing to intervene, you would’ve sighed with relief but you were anticipating Steve's wrath, “Bucky. Let go.” Steve's voice was worryingly cool.

Steve wouldn’t ask twice and Bucky knew it. Loki lurched away from both of them, muttering about Asgardian leather whilst running a hand through his hair. You looked at him, yearning. And truly just wanting any explanation for his disappearing act the night before. He caught your gaze, finally acknowledging that you were in just a t-shirt with a raised eyebrow. Unfortunately for you, Steve had realized too. His face was thunder. The grip Steve had on Bucky’s good shoulder was making him wince. 

“You, you and you. With me. Now.” He pointed to you, Bucky, and Loki in turn. Thor and Valkyrie were failing to stifle their giggles.

Bucky glanced at you apologetically but turned and followed Steve. Loki was incensed but seemed to know better than to argue. You sighed deeply and shot an exasperated look at Thor and Valkyrie before tailing the three irritated men.

Chapter Text

“Would someone care to explain what happened out there?” 

Steve paced back and forth with his hands crossed in front of his chest. Loki was sulking in the corner of the room, equally annoyed. You and Bucky sat together, perching on the edge of Steve’s bed, heads bowed in shame.

“Loki hit her. Look at her thighs! She’s in pain.” Bucky tried desperately to explain. 

You hung your head lower. Loki cried out from the corner of the room at the accusation but was instantly silenced with a singular hand gesture from Steve. Steve’s maddening pacing finally came to a halt in front of you. He tilted your chin up with a gentle finger.

“Is that true?” 

Anxiety swelled in your chest. This was your mess, you had to at least attempt to clean it up. You gazed into his eyes, filled with nothing but concern.

“Yes, but…”

“Steve, I assure you, I have no memory of this encounter. And I assume it’s not something that would easily be forgotten.” Loki turned from Steve to you, his piercing eyes pleading with you to clarify.

You sighed, hands flapping as you attempted to shed some light on a situation you yourself didn’t understand, “It’s complicated. It was Loki but it wasn’t Loki...” All the men were staring at you in confusion, “Maybe it was Loki from the future?” 

Steve sighed, running a hand across his jaw, “Loki, can you leave us for a moment?”

Loki glanced at the blonde and then at you, before tilting his head in acknowledgment and walking out the door. Steve crouched down in front of you, resting his large hand on your thigh. He looked up at you with his eyebrows furrowed in worry. 

“Sweetheart, if Loki has asked you to lie to us–”

“No! He hasn’t, I promise. I don’t know how to explain what happened, it wasn’t him. I think that this Loki - the one out there - is telling the truth.” 

Your head was in turmoil, but you believed the words you spoke. Even though they’d looked identical, the mystified man lurking at the door was starkly different from the ragged traveler you’d known the night before.

“It’s okay, doll. We believe you.” Bucky sweetly kissed your cheek. 

Steve stood up and cleared his throat, “Fine. Now Bucky,” The brunette super soldier straightened up at his name, hanging onto Steve’s every word, “I’d like you to apologize for your outburst earlier.” 

Bucky shook his head, mortified and slightly irked that Steve would humiliate him like this. In Bucky’s opinion, Loki didn’t deserve an apology. He’d clearly hurt you. Whether it was that Loki simmering in the doorway, or a Loki that hadn’t existed yet, Bucky didn’t care. He was standing steadfast, feeling justified in his actions. 

“I don’t…” Bucky stuttered and then raised his eyes to meet Steve’s in defiance, “I don’t want to.” 

Your eyes widened. A pin drop could’ve been heard. Tension brewed for what seemed like forever. You waited for Steve’s reaction with bated breath. Steve and Bucky were locked in a staring contest.

“Bucky.” Steve’s tone sent a shiver down your spine, “Apologize.”

Bucky swallowed thickly, the smallest hint of a smirk on his lips, “No.”

Steve didn’t break eye contact with Bucky, seemingly unphased by his insubordination. But when he spoke next it was directed to you, “Sweetheart, could you please go into that top drawer?”

You immediately did as he asked, heart hammering away in your chest. Bucky was playing with fire and you were not willing to be a casualty. Especially since you were positive that the three men still thought you were some degree of crazy. 

The drawer was empty save for some neatly folded t-shirts and rope. You figured that Steve wasn’t interested in the shirts. With nearly trembling hands you grabbed the rope and brought it to the dominant.

“Thank you.” Steve produced a sweet smile. 

It dropped as his focus shifted to the thick rope. He wound it around one of his hands and snapped it tight. You and Bucky flinched. Bucky was chewing his lip in suspense. He knew his actions required a punishment, he was just unsure of the severity. And the unknown was slowly killing him.

Steve relished in the rapture he had over both of you. He just needed to tie up a loose end before unleashing hell, “Loki!”

The raven-haired god slipped through the doorway he’d been glued to. He looked equally perplexed and intrigued, “Yes?” 

“Don’t just stand there, either join or leave. I believe you owe that one punishment for creating this mess in the first place.” Steve pointed at you. 

Your heart dropped, along with your jaw, ready to profess your innocence. You quickly decided against arguing your case, considering Bucky’s fate was yet to be sealed. Plus, you might get off lightly with Loki, avoiding facing Steve’s wrath. You doubted that though.

The devious grin on Loki’s face had your stomach doing somersaults, “Come here, pet.” 

You were by his side before you realized you’d even taken a step. He hungrily looked you up and down.

 “Over my knee.” He wasn’t asking. 

Something clicked in your brain like a switch had been flicked. You didn’t want to resist. You wanted to submit. To Loki, to Steve. You wanted to please them. This type of submission wasn’t forced, it wasn’t demoralizing… It was freeing. It was blissful. So when Loki sat down on the sofa in the corner of the room, you kneeled next to him and draped yourself across his thighs. 

“That’s my girl,” Loki’s low voice sent heat between your thighs. His palm massaged your ass for a few euphoric seconds before coming down hard with a sharp crack, “Count.” 

“One!” You whimpered as the sting set in. Loki’s duplicitous hand massaged your sore skin, gearing up for the next slap. You lurched forward, “Two,” Tears sprung in your eyes, “Three,” The number ghosted your lips, barely audible, “Four,” A solitary tear rolled down your cheek, “Five.” 

You were on fire. Pain seared through your ass and thighs. Loki was satisfied with your punishment but his hands weren’t finished wandering. He gently stroked two fingers up and down your exposed slit. You shuddered at the relief his fingers were now granting you.

“Poor girl,” Loki tutted, “Needing all these spankings. We’ll take care of you now.” 

Two of his fingers breached your entrance and curled upwards inside you. His pulsing digits worked magic, causing you to be a writhing mess beneath him in a matter of seconds. You scrunched your eyes shut tight and instinctively bucked your hips to match his hypnotic rhythm. Whines fell from your lips despite your efforts to keep quiet. Loki’s free hand cupped your neck, tilting your head back so his teeth could nip at your ear. Your eyelids fluttered open, just barely able to comprehend the sinful scene that was unfolding on the bed between the pleasure Loki was allowing you. 

Through your eyelashes, you voyeuristically studied the two other men. Bucky was intricately tied up. Labyrinthine knots forced the super-soldier on his knees with his arms behind his back. He looked painfully hard, red and leaking precum as his chest heaved in anticipation. His ocean eyes were trained on Steve and his mouth was slightly parted, desperately waiting for the next command, silently begging to be put to use. Of course, he could break free - his vibranium arm would make light work of the thin rope - but Bucky wanted to be there. He wanted to be at Steve’s mercy. 

Upon observing the wicked glint in Steve’s eyes, you understood. Steve had sadistically placed an armchair at the foot of the bed, directly in Bucky’s eye line. He was sitting there, completely naked, legs spread, stroking himself. The cruelest part of all, he wasn’t paying the slightest attention to Bucky. He was watching you and Loki. Your mouth fell open when you made eye contact with Steve, who smirked. He loved the unspoken power he had over you all. 

“Loki,” Steve’s low voice carried across the room, “I think you’re going too easy on her. She’s having far too much fun.” He grinned as shock visibly struck your face. 

Loki’s fingers withdrew from you, drawing a moan from your lips, “What did you have in mind, Steve?” 

“Well, if I recall correctly, you have also caused some trouble today, Loki. Both of you come here.” Steve’s command was hypnotic. 

Loki helped you to your feet and you both wordlessly moved to Steve’s side. You sympathized with Bucky’s pining more than ever. Steve looked fucking perfect. His large and divine body juxtaposed the sinful fist wrapped tightly around his cock. It took all of your willpower to resist the urge to replace his bobbing hand with your mouth. 

“On your knees.” 

You dropped immediately at Steve’s word, eager to be put to use. Loki, however, had reservations. 

“That’s my line.” He curtly refused.

Steve’s hand stilled. His features turned to stone. He stood, rising to Loki’s height and staring the trickster god down, “On your knees. I won’t ask again.” 

You held your breath, unsure what Loki would do next. 

Unfortunately for Loki, he didn’t yield, “Sorry Rogers. If you want me on my knees I’m afraid you’re going to have to force me.” 

Your eyes widened at Loki’s taunting words. You dared to glance at Steve, who was coldly staring at Loki, but his raised eyebrow sent shivers down your spine. Loki was not wise for testing Steve’s resolve. Without looking away from Loki, Steve spoke to you.

“Sweetheart, thank you for being such a good girl for me. Would you like a reward?” You could’ve sworn you saw a hint of a smile playing on Steve’s lips.

His compliments sent butterflies swirling around your stomach, “Yes, sir.” 

“Can you please undress Loki?” Steve was still staring, a wicked grin spreading on his features as Loki’s ultimately broke out in confusion.

You got to work immediately peeling off layers of leather. Loki didn’t resist but was right to be suspicious. Once Loki was bare, Steve crooked his finger at your body, silently instructing you to lift your arms. His fingers gently hooked at the bottom of your borrowed shirt, pulling the soft material over your head and discarding it. Steve cupped your cheek and gently kissed your lips. 

“Thank you for your help, sweetheart. I think Bucky would like some attention now, don’t you?” Steve nodded over your shoulder to the quivering mess the tied-up man had become. 

You giggled in agreement and turned to face poor Bucky. You crawled onto the bed, making sure to wiggle your ass for the two men behind you. Bucky was whining in desperation as you inched closer and closer. Finally, you reached him. Unwilling to tease him anymore, you placed delicate kisses across his stomach. His head fell in appreciation, all of his muscles tensing at the sensation. You straightened up, catching his pouting lips in a kiss. He moaned audibly, you almost thought you heard him whisper ‘thank you’ in between kisses. You didn’t want to deprive him anymore, but you weren’t sure how much to indulge him. Your fingers grazed his arm as you pulled away and looked back at Steve for approval.

You bit your lip as you saw the two other men stroking themselves at the sight of you, and hungry for more. Loki broke first and sauntered to the edge of the bed, intending to have his way with you once more. Steve, however, had other plans for the dark-haired man. He wouldn’t forget Loki’s disobedience that easily. Loki clenched the bedsheets between his palms and leaned towards your beckoning body. Steve grabbed Loki’s dark tresses in a tight fist and paired with a stern hand on his shoulders, forced Loki to his knees. Before Loki could register what had happened, Steve had secured rope around Loki’s hands behind his back. You and Bucky stifled snickers at Loki’s aghast face.

“Rogers, I’m warning you.” Loki struggled against the restraints to no avail.

“You don’t frighten me, Loki. In fact, I think you were due your punishment.” Steve nodded at you again, encouraging you to continue pleasuring Bucky. 

This time you guided your lips down, sticking out your tongue to clean up the precum on Bucky’s painfully red tip. You enthusiastically took Bucky’s cock into your mouth, humming happily as you heard moans and whimpers all around you. 

Unbeknownst to you, Steve had forced Loki’s head forward, just out of reach of your ass. Loki was furious. He had the perfect view but no power to do anything about it. He struggled against Steve’s vice-like grip on his hair, but a tied-up Loki had nothing on a super-solider. Especially one as stubborn as Steve Rogers.

“Turn around, sweetheart. Look at what you’re doing to Loki.” Amusement laced Steve’s voice. 

You wiped your mouth, kissing Bucky’s lower abdomen one last time before turning to meet Steve’s command. You were glad you did. Loki had a docile look on his face that you’d only previously seen on Bucky. His eyebrows were raised, lips parted, and he was wide-eyed, focused on you. He had been humbled.  That familiar fire Loki had lit yesterday flared again. Seeing him powerless now was riveting. You admired Steve’s effective methods of torture. Especially when it resulted in having a desperate god and whimpering super-soldier at your disposal. You weren’t sure of it, but it occurred to you that this was an offering. Loki hurt you and Steve delivered him. Subdued and enslaved. Ready for use. 

Steve had done his job. Loki was entranced by you and Bucky was softly whimpering, begging for more of your touch. You could easily get drunk off the newfound authority if Steve wasn’t there to put you in your place. Power rushed to your head, prompting you to grant Bucky’s pleas. It wasn’t explicitly against Steve’s wishes, but his expressionless face gave no indication if it was worthy of punishment. Steve entertained your whims regardless, clasping a defeated Loki in place at the foot of the bed. 

You propped yourself up on your elbow, snaking one arm down your body to guide Bucky’s aching cock into you. He threw his head back and groaned at the sweet sensation. You bit back a whine, delighting in the control you had over the three men. When you rocked your hips back and forth, his length hit deep and sent sparks shooting through your body. You needed more. You pushed yourself up onto your knees and draped yourself across Bucky, your head resting back on his shoulder. Even with his limited mobility, Bucky was able to set the pace, thrusting into you with urgency. 

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Bucky chanted like a prayer.

With every word he whispered you felt yourself inch closer to orgasm. Loki had walked you to the brink earlier and you weren’t prepared to lose the high again. You let your hand fall to your clit, damning the consequences. The touch was electric and spurred Bucky on even more. He was under your control now. A toy to please you. You allowed yourself to peek at Loki and Steve. Loki was positively wrecked, almost drooling at the sight in front of him. Steve’s grip had tightened on his hair, if that was even possible, his knuckles white. To your surprise, he was grinning and licked his lips when he caught you looking. 

“You’re in so much trouble.” He chuckled menacingly.

Those five words sent you tumbling over the edge. Stuttering and moaning and clenching around Bucky’s cock to milk the sensation. You gasped as you felt Bucky cum inside you, groaning into your ear. Only once the exhilaration had worn off did you realize the gravity of what you’d done. Your chest heaved as you dared to lock eyes with Steve. 

“I’m glad you’ve had your fun,” Steve finally let go of Loki, the trickster didn’t dare move though. Steve sauntered to the top of the bed, where you kneeled next to Bucky. He clasped his hands behind his back, “Gotta remind you who’s in charge, don’t I, slut? Seems like you’ve forgotten.”

There was a certain thrill that came with defying Steve. His furrowed brows. Icy blue eyes staring you down. The way his lips would betray his true intentions. You cocked your head to one side, catching your tongue in between your teeth. Not saying a word, just watching. Waiting. You didn’t want to offend Steve, you just liked knowing you’d gotten under his skin.

“Stop being a brat.” 

You’d definitely gotten under his skin.

“But I didn’t say anything… Sir.” You took particular care to pause before addressing him properly. You couldn’t quash the smile that was breaking across your face though, taunting him against your better judgment. 

Steve’s hand curled around your neck, applying pressure. He leaned in, inches away from your face before spitting, “Don’t talk back to me. Understood?” 

You didn’t reply immediately, partly because the oxygen deprivation was making you dizzy and partly because you were relishing being the focal point of Steve’s wrath. His tongue darted out his mouth to wet his lips. His eyes began to scan your face, brimming with equal parts steel and lust. They faltered at your swollen lips for a split second before snapping up to meet your own fluttering eyes, forcing you to finally respond.


Steve squeezed tighter, the pressure making you see stars, “Manners, slut.”

“Mmm– Yes sir.”

Steve realized that you were getting light-headed, but he refused to break his grip until you’d agreed. Your eyes rolled, vision blurring. Steve jerked you forward, the movement designed to shake you from your daze.

“Are you going to be a good slut now? Answer me.” 

“Yes sir.” You were grateful for the easy question. Frankly, with Steve’s fist wrapped tightly around your neck, they were the only two words coming to mind. 

“Good girl.” He released.

You tumbled forward onto your trembling hands and knees, panting in an attempt to catch your breath. Steve granted you a few calm seconds to recover before seizing your waist and effortlessly tossing you on your back. 

“Loki.” Steve snapped his fingers and pointed next to him. 

Loki had observed Steve’s disciplining one too many times to disobey this simple instruction. He came to the blonde’s side without so much as a whisper. Steve tangled his hands in Loki’s raven hair once again. He savored the control he held over a once indignant god. Steve shoved Loki’s face down so he was suspended mere inches from your exposed pussy. Loki whimpered at the sight, so hard from teasing he could’ve passed out. He needed to taste you.

“What do you say?”

“Please–” His voice cracked, “Please sir!” Loki responded immediately, desperation evident in his voice.

Steve let go. Loki fell face-first into you, lapping at your cum-filled pussy like it was his first meal in days. You threw your head back in pleasure, sighing and moaning as Loki put his tongue to good use. Steve wasn’t willing to let you off so lightly though. He roughly pulled your head towards his cock, taking advantage of your open mouth. Steve sheathed himself deep in your throat, causing you to gag. It didn’t deter Steve, who kept fucking your mouth with mean jerks. You were gasping and drooling around him, trying to keep up with his harsh pace and ultimately failing. Steve could see the mess you were becoming beneath him but it only served to spur him on, chasing his twisted high. With each shove your throat would contact around his tip, driving him insane.


The sound of twine splintering coupled with Bucky’s distressed call snapped Steve from his power-hungry tirade. Steve pulled back. Bucky’s metal hand rested on the blonde’s chest ensuring he maintained the distance. You gasped for breath, swallowing your own spit in the process. Bucky had broken free from his restraints in worry, and maybe in jealously. His other hand was on your shoulder, covertly monitoring your heart rate. Loki’s fingers ran up and down your legs, comforting you.

Steve cupped your cheek in concern and leaned down, “You okay, sweetheart?”

You nodded and shot Bucky a small reassuring smile. The rope had left beautiful patterns on his skin. You wanted your hands on him. He deserved a reward for rescuing you after all. Even if you didn’t need rescuing.

“I’m okay. And who told you to stop, Loki?”

Loki moaned between your thighs and you tried to focus on him and his magic tongue. One of his hands gripped your thigh, the other was stroking his painful erection. 

“Bossy.” Steve warned with a smirk but he let you have a few moments of relief.

Steve turned his attention to Bucky, who had a face like thunder. Steve knew he’d pushed a little far today, with Bucky having been so agitated after seeing you injured. He could’ve been nicer. To you and to Bucky. Steve had some reconciling to do. He approached Bucky cautiously. Steve kissed the brunette’s cheek, relaxing him and slowly working his way down to Bucky’s neck. Intentionally he sucked, adding to the scattered lovebites you’d left earlier. Bucky tilted his head back, willing to forgive. It helped that Steve had leisurely begun stroking Bucky’s cock, too. 

The scene was driving you wild. Your stomach tightened and your second orgasm crashed over you in waves. Your legs thrashed around Loki’s shoulders as he didn’t cease his assault on your pussy. Your gasps and squeaks in protest caught the attention of Steve and Bucky. 

Steve tapped Loki’s shoulder, finally ending the sweet torture. Loki glanced up at you with a devilish grin, not at all apologetic for his behavior.

“Go lie down, Loki.” He followed Steve’s command, and then Steve pointed at you, “Are you ready to listen or will I have to force you?” 

Well, if he was giving you a choice… Steve immediately regretted asking, if the smirk on your face was anything to go by. He didn’t wait for your answer, he flipped you into your stomach, your head placed perfectly by Loki’s crotch. Steve gave you a harsh spank for your insolence, but he couldn’t blame you for your next action. You tenderly wrapped your hand around Loki’s full cock and licked from base to tip. Loki shuddered. You smiled, shivers running down your spine at the effect you had on the trickster. 

You didn’t have long to savor though, as Steve lifted your ass and pushed into your soaked pussy with one swift motion. You purred against Loki’s shaft. Steve set a punishing pace from the off and roughly angled your hips up to meet his needs. You got to work, taking Loki’s cock in your mouth and hollowing your cheeks. His hips were bucking to meet your movements. Lewd moans and grunts filled the room.

Glancing up through your lashes, you realized Loki was preoccupied. Bucky had kneeled next to him on the bed and was fucking his mouth harshly. Probably a bit too harshly, as Loki was struggling to keep up with the pace. Bucky was fucking his rage out and hell, he looked good doing it. Steve allowed it. Bucky had been tightly wound the whole afternoon, he had to quell his temper somehow. 

Your head was getting heavy, filled with nothing but ‘Steve. Loki. Bucky.’ on loop. That familiar tightening in your stomach was building once more. The stimulation was maddening and it was hard to focus. You replaced your mouth with your hand, much to Loki’s chagrin. Your overwhelming need for release was the only thing that mattered. You clenched around Steve. He slowed. You whined selfishly as your orgasm slipped away.

“Make Loki come. When he comes, you come.” When you whined again, Steve landed another spank, “Don’t be a brat.” 

You wiggled your hips in mild protest but got to work on Loki nonetheless. Game on. You had a few tricks up your sleeve. Loki would be a mess under your touch in no time. You swirled your tongue around his tip before taking him in your mouth, as far as you could manage without gagging. Steve began pounding into you, deep and hard. With each thrust, it was like fireworks shot through your veins. You were close. 

You used one hand to massage Loki’s balls, humming happily as the god came undone underneath you. The teasing, the waiting, it had made him needier than ever, more sensitive. His moans were stifled by Bucky’s cock but he was moaning all the same. With the next flick of your tongue, Loki spilled into your mouth. Shuddering and gagging on Bucky’s cock whilst twitching into you. In turn, triggering Bucky to paint Loki’s chest with cum. You swallowed dutifully, marveling at the look of bliss on Loki and Bucky’s faces.

Steve was close. You could feel every inch of his thick cock slide in and out, in and out. You just needed… Steve forcefully circled his fingers over your clit. That was it. The last straw. You writhed underneath him, clenching around his length to extend the pleasure. Steve didn’t let up, still chasing his own high. You were a toy for him to use. And he was still on a mission. Your sensitivity was almost too much. His thrusts were relentless. You couldn’t stop your legs quaking at the overstimulation, he was still rubbing your clit. And with every circle of his fingers, he would send shockwaves through your body. 


Steve grunted and pressed his body weight over you. You closed your eyes and lolled your head forward as you felt him spill ropes of cum inside you. His assault on your body finally came to a tantric end. He slowly pulled out, sitting back on his knees to observe his handiwork.

You were facedown between Loki’s thighs, panting heavily and fisting the bedsheets in your palms. A perverted combination of Bucky and Steve’s cum leaked out of you, more with every breath. Loki’s head was thrown back against the backboard of the bed. His eyes fleeted between the three of you. Mostly he was glaring at Bucky, not happy about the mess on his chest. Bucky had one hand on the bedpost, not fully trusting in his legs to keep him upright. He had a contented smile on his face, one that warped into a smug smirk when he returned Loki’s stare. Steve chuckled to himself, satisfied. 

“What do you need, sweetheart?” Steve ran his fingers over the raised welts on your ass, “A first aid kit, maybe?” He joked.

“Cuddles.” You managed to breathe into the sheets, wanting attention first, care second.

“A bath, perhaps?” A mildly irritated Loki attempted to stand, shooting daggers at Bucky. 

“Both can be arranged.” Steve massaged your shoulders briefly before walking towards the bathroom. 

Bucky came to your side, willing to provide hugs whilst the bath filled. He gently held you in his arms and whispered sweet nothings into your ear. The skin-on-skin contact and sound of his gravelly voice could’ve had you ready for round 3, but you were too tired to move. 

“You know,” Loki sauntered over, wiping a towel across his chest, “I’m still unsure as to why I got dragged into this.” Bucky shook his head, wondering what Loki was going to complain about. Loki continued, directing his speech at you whilst waving a hand, “I’m not interested in an explanation. But I am interested in… retribution.” 

“Loki…” Bucky warned. He didn’t know where Loki was going with this but he didn’t like it.

“You, sweet pet, still have some lessons to learn. Obedience. Rogers may tolerate your backtalk…”

You couldn’t help but giggle in disbelief. If that was Loki’s idea of tolerating, you were anxious to find out what he saw as punishment. You gazed up at him. The self-assured god was coming back to himself. Any traces of passivity had vanished. He stood in front of you, confident as ever, eyebrow raised, and the unmistakable twinkle of mischief glinting in his eyes.

“I have a friend I’d like you to meet.”

Chapter Text

It had been a couple of weeks since your confusing evening with an unfamiliar Loki, and the much much better night you’d had with your current Loki. His words from that more recent night lingered in your mind. He hadn’t yet delivered on his promise to introduce you to his ‘friend’. A shiver ran down your spine at the thought. This person would surely be harsher than Steve and the strange Loki you’d met that fateful day. Maybe they’d use crueler punishments than the belt if you decided to get mouthy. 

Faint red marks had healed where the wounds from Loki’s belt once lay. Turning your hips, you admired them in the mirror. Scratches and bruises scattered your body. Warped pleasure washed over you. You refused to go more than a day without convincing someone to stain your skin with lovebites. Seeing the physical reminders that you belonged here was exhilarating in a way you could never describe. You traced a blossoming purple hand imprint on your hip, that was definitely Bucky’s creation. In the heat of the moment he’d forget how strong his vibranium arm could be, but you never wanted to remind him. 

You were shaken from your trance by two knocks on your bedroom door. Instantly you knew it was Loki. Steve didn’t knock, neither did Sam or Natasha. Bucky would linger in the doorway like a creep until you noticed him. Tony would get JARVIS to call. Thor and Valkyrie would announce themselves long before getting to the door. Only Loki would knock twice. Sharply. He wouldn’t wait for you to answer though. He swung the door open, grinning as you scrambled to throw some clothes on.

“Hey! I’m getting dressed.”

“Hello, pet.” 

Oh no. He only called you that when he was looking for trouble. He delighted in the shift of your posture. You slowly straightened up, turning to face him, eager and slightly apprehensive as to what he’d have in store for you today. 

“I’d like to introduce you to someone. Hopefully he’ll be able to teach you some manners.” 

Your heartbeat picked up. This introduction seemed a lot more like a death sentence. You tried to rectify the situation before you even saw who Loki had brought.

“I’m sorry I– I didn’t mean to. I’ve been so good! I’ve been good, haven’t I?” 

Loki paced towards you, the evilest of grins on his face. You shuffled back, bumping into the foot of the bed and almost losing your balance. 

“Have you forgotten the disturbance you caused with your lies?” He clasped his hands behind his back, shoulders broad.

“I wasn’t lying!” You protested against your better judgment. 

Loki sighed, “This is the kind of insolence I expect you to rectify, Murdock.” 

You heard this ‘Murdock’ before you saw him. The unmistakable sound of a white cane tapping on concrete flooring echoed down the hall. The handsome man holding it breached the door's threshold. 

“Of course, Mr. Laufeyson.” 

'Murdock' stood in the doorway, both hands resting on the top of the cane. His suit was noticeably cheap but he managed to wear it well. Days-old stubble complimented his sharp jawline. He was wearing small round glasses with black tinted lenses. No, wait, they’d glint wine red when catching the light. Hidden underneath was a fresh cut on his eyebrow. A bruise formed below that same eye. Upon a second glance, his knuckles were bloodied too. You wondered who would hurt a blind man so cruelly. Then you wondered why Loki had brought him here. He was a far cry from the evil force you’d expected from Loki’s warnings.

You didn’t have long to size up this new adversary before Thor’s voice boomed down the hallway, “Loki!”

Loki rolled his eyes and called back, “What is it, brother? I’m in the middle of something.”

“We’re needed on Asgard. Now!” Thor bellowed, not bothering to get closer to the room. 

Loki groaned and contained the urge to have a tantrum. He pointed at you, “I will get retribution one of these days. In the meantime, Matthew here should be able to whip you into shape. Rogers’ lenience has turned you into a spoiled brat.” He spat the words at you.

You smirked, secure in knowing Loki wouldn’t have time to follow through on his threats today. He seethed but turned to the man in the doorway, patting him on the shoulder as he walked away, “Do your worst.”

Matt chuckled and shook his head at you, “What did you do to him?”

“Nothing! I didn’t lie.” 

Matt nodded. His presence was oddly calming. Even though you’d known him mere minutes, he felt familiar, like an old friend. And it seemed like he actually believed you when you spoke. 

“How do you know Loki… Mr. Laufeyson?” You still felt the need to do due diligence on the stranger standing in your bedroom.

“We have a few mutual friends. And enemies.” His answer was frustratingly vague.

“You have enemies?” You took an inquisitive step forward.


“Are you an Avenger too?” You followed a hunch. He carried himself a little too confidently. Like he’d predicted your moves before you made them. 

Matt chuckled, “No. I’m a lawyer.”

“Tell me then,” You stepped even closer to the mysterious man. His cologne smelled like leather and cinnamon. Tentatively, you raised your hand, daring to brush a knuckle across his hurt cheek, “Who is roughing up blind lawyers?”

Matt caught your wrist less than an inch away from his face. You narrowed your eyes in suspicion. Surely he couldn’t have known you were about to touch him? Curiouser and curiouser. 

Matt cleared his throat, aware that he’d been caught in an inexplicable position. He refused to let it fluster him. He had heard your breath hitch when your skin made contact. He could feel the hairs on your arm raise when his breath ghosted past your ear. So he didn’t let go of your wrist. And he answered your question. 

“I have a habit for finding trouble.” His tone made your skin tingle.

“Finding or causing?” There was something dark simmering below his surface. And you couldn’t wait to unleash it. 

“A bit of both,” He leaned into you and you caught his soft lips in a heated kiss. It was dizzying. Matt pulled back, smiling a little, “It seems like we have that in common.” 

Loki had invited Matt for a reason, to instill discipline, and so far you were derailing his mission with ease. Why were you so damn tempting? He reached out to shut the door, fumbling slightly on the handle.

“Why are you here, Matthew Murdock?” You asked the burning question at the center of it all. 

“To teach you a few lessons. Mr. Laufeyson thinks you should learn some respect.”

You crossed your arms in a huff and pouted your lips, “Mr. Laufeyson isn’t the boss of me.” You mocked the way Matt kept using Loki’s surname.

“Yes, I can’t imagine why he thinks you need training,” You couldn’t help but laugh at Matt’s sarcasm, Matt laughed with you for a few moments before his demeanor changed, “Lie on the bed, please.” 

“Oh, Matt,” He was sweet, asking you nicely. But nicely wouldn’t get him anywhere, “If you want me on the bed, you’re going to have to force me.” 

“I could. But I’m going to do something much worse,” His hands settled on his cane, all too comfortably, “I’m going to make you want to. Isn’t that right, pet?” 

“Don’t call me that.” The nickname sounded strange coming from his mouth.

There was only one nickname that would have you weak, ready to beg. You could never tell Matt what it was. You couldn’t tell him because it would be over if you did. 

“If I can’t call you pet, what can I call you? Baby?” Matt was unphased. He had this look on his face like he could read your mind.


There was something about Matt, the way he held himself maybe, that let you know the darkness you’d detected was real. It ran deep. And that he could and would inflict it upon you. 

“Come on, don’t be boring. If I guess what you like to be called, would you tell me… Princess?” Matt tested the waters with a new nickname. 

You stiffened. That was a new one. A nice one. You clenched your jaw and turned away from the intimidating man in an attempt to save face. Even though he was blind, it felt like he could see right through you. His eyes were burning into your skin. You could feel him studying your reaction. You nodded gently in response to his question. 

“Use your words.” 


Matt's fingers tapped on his cane in thought. You hated to admit it but you were riveted by every word that came out of his pretty mouth. Even if it wasn’t the exact right ones.

“Hmm…” Matt thought long and hard before he spoke next, “Am I close, baby girl?” 

You inhaled sharply. Shit. He was close. 

Matt had realized as well. He’d heard your heartbeat skip. But only on the second word, how interesting. He closed the distance separating your two bodies. Neither of you could deny the tantric electricity sparking between you. You suppressed the urge to reach out and grab at him. His perfectly styled hair was practically begging for your hands to mess it. Then, Matt’s face was the picture of smug. You could see the light bulb blink on in his head. 

“You wanna be a good girl for me?” The two magic words dripped off his tongue like honey.

You released a breath you didn’t know you’d been holding, “Yes.” You uttered without so much as a second thought. 

“Come here.” He was speaking softly, but oddly enough it was more compelling than Steve’s harshest tone.

You did as you were told this time, trying to pry your eyes from his veiled ones and failing spectacularly. He dipped his head forward and you hungrily kissed him, teasingly pulling him closer by his tie. He broke the kiss, taking your bottom lip between his teeth as he did so, but breaking it nonetheless. You whined as he pulled away.

His hand trailed up your arm, delicately, taking his time. The pads of his fingertips brushed your collarbone, over your shoulder, and up your neck. You instinctively tilted your head to give him more access. His tongue wetted his pink lips. Matt’s palm settled flat on your cheek. His thumb found your bottom lip and dragged across it. With each delicate caress, your legs weakened. He was handling you with care, like you were fragile… For now. Then he spoke.

“Get undressed. Now.” 

You didn’t want to listen but you suppressed the urge to protest, hoping to alleviate any punishment you’d ultimately be receiving. Little did you know, your efforts would be in vain.

“Do you have rope?” 

You considered lying to avoid more torture but decided against it, “Yes.” 

Ever since you’d seen Bucky tied up, powerless against Steve, it had intrigued you. The endless possibilities. The lack of control and the freedom that came with that. Just the thought alone made your head swim.

“Good. Bring it to me.” 

You did, placing the reel in his hands. He’d leaned his cane against the bedpost. 

“On the bed. Kneel.” 

You listened to every command, astonished at your obedience but anticipating the pleasure he could grant you. You were in the middle of your bed, legs tucked underneath you. Naked with a stranger. Surprisingly, you didn’t feel awkward. His eyes weren’t sweeping over you hungrily. He couldn’t gaze upon the parts of your body you were self-conscious about. It was liberating. Your hands rested on your thighs. Waiting. 

Matt moved next to you and held one of your hands in his own, running his fingers over the creases in your palm. His touch was so slow, so careful. It had heightened your sensitivity exponentially. The faintest of brushes would ignite sparks. Which was why you gasped when you felt the rough exterior of the rope wrap around your wrist. Matt took care, spent time, perfecting the loops and knots he was weaving over your forearm. You were mesmerized by his flawless technique. Once he was satisfied he ran his fingers up your back and over your shoulder. He gently extended your arm, pulling it taut. He secured the end of the rope to the post at the top of your bed. 

He was leisuring, acquainting himself with your body. He loved that you were so responsive to him but was wondering when you’d drop the goody-two-shoes act. Loki had made it clear you were not to be trusted. Tying you down would only do so much. He suspected your mouth earned you the most punishments. He could hear it in the way you whined. You’d chew your lip, physically biting back whatever you wanted to say. You’d already racked up quite a few offenses. Ones that Matt would dutifully make you pay for. But he almost wanted to goad you. To see how entitled you’d get, if you could persuade him to break. There was something about you that was so intrinsically unholy. Something that could corrupt others. Matt’s resolve was strong, but then again, he hadn’t met you before. And at the end of the day, it takes one to know one.

You were getting impatient. Matt’s methods were infuriating but it had forced you to savor every touch. Once he’d repeated the process on your other arm you were well and truly tied up. He left your legs free, you weren’t sure why, but you didn’t want to question it. Matt admired his craftsmanship by tracing the rope that tangled over your soft skin.

“You’re being so good for me.” 

You stifled a smile as his compliment filled your stomach with butterflies. You were under his control, at his mercy, but deep down inside you still felt the need to rebel. 

“Can I get a reward?” You tried your luck.

Matt scoffed, “They really do spoil you, don’t they?”

Even having said that, he climbed onto the bed, inching closer and closer. You leaned forward, as much as you could in your condition, and kissed him. After being denied for what felt like years, you were ready to explode. You moaned into his mouth and he intensified the kiss, massaging his tongue against yours. He was trying to resist, to refuse you the attention you obviously craved. But his clothed hips slotted perfectly between your thighs. You instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist, locking him where he so clearly fit. He broke your kiss, evoking a whine from you. 

“Want me to fuck you?” He had a wicked smirk on his face. 

“Mhmm.” You breathed. You’d won so easily, you were almost disappointed.

“Ask nicely.”

You didn’t know why this was such a hard task for you to accomplish. He just looked so smug, you couldn’t hand it to him on a plate. He’d have to work for the privilege.

“I don’t want to.”

“Excuse me?” 

His face hardened. It nearly made you rethink, but your reply slipped out before you could mull it over.

“You heard me.”

You’d done it now. Poked the bear.

He used his hands to shove your legs off him, “If you’re going to act like a whore, I’m gonna treat you like one.” 

You huffed but his statement lit a fire inside. It wasn't a threat, it was a promise. Go on, Matthew Murdock. Do your worst. He disappeared behind you for a few moments, aiding in your anticipation. He returned in front of you with a vibrator and yet more rope. 

“What are you–?” You were interrupted by a sharp slap across your cheek. 

Your mouth widened, ready to protest. But Matt had a strong grip on your jaw, keeping your mouth from closing.

“I didn’t tell you to speak.”


He slapped you again. You pursed your lips together. He shook his head and looped the additional rope around your thighs. You begrudgingly watched. You had to confess, his fingers looked beautiful as they masterfully twisted and bound the cord over your delicate skin. As he worked his intentions became clear. He was strapping the vibrator to you. You wiggled your hips indignantly, halting his progress. Matt didn’t respond this time. Instead, he rose from the bed and strolled past you. You fussed, missing his touch already. 

“On your knees.”

You did, reluctantly. A sudden cruel whip came down on your ass. You jerked forward, tugging on your restraints. Unbeknownst to you, Matt had picked up his cane and put it to good use.

“Ow!” You whimpered. He was mean to have done that with no warning. 

He spanked you again. And again. And again. He was punishing you for talking back. You couldn’t blame him but you could resent him. 

“It hurts.” Your voice cracked.

“It’s supposed to,” He dragged the cool metal over your stinging ass, “Have you learned your lesson?”

You paused. Matt angled the cane between your legs, flicking it upwards and brutally spanking your pussy instead. 


“Good girl.”

Fuck. Those two words had such an effect on you. So you sat, somewhat impatiently, and waited for Matt to finish tying the toy to you.

“Where did you even find a vibrator?” Your thought slipped past your lips. You inhaled sharply, hoping you could suck the words back into your lungs. 

Matt didn’t dignify your question with an answer or a spanking. He knew what was coming next would be punishment enough. He turned the toy on, on a low setting. High enough to make you jolt at the new sensation, low enough that you wouldn’t be able to come from it without help. It was sitting at just the right angle but the pressure was sweet, almost ticklish. The sound was hard for him to cut through, but not impossible. He'd come prepared, of course. The small vibrator he'd hid in his jacket was a clitoral stimulator, it used air suction rather than vibrations alone. It was quieter than the average vibrator but more powerful. Two birds, one stone.

Your breath gradually got shallow. This was going to get old fast. You glowered at Matt. He stood at the end of the bed with his arms crossed. He tilted his head slightly to one side. Then he leaned forward, placing one hand on the edge of the bed to steady himself. You craned your neck, wishing he’d press his perfect lips to yours again. You were disappointed. His free hand snaked between your thighs and turned the vibrator up. A new wave of pulses surged through your clit. Matt returned to his place at the base of the bed, arms crossed and a sadistic smile on his face. 

You were fine for the first few minutes. But after ten you were thrashing against the rope and bucking your hips. The vibrations wore you down, slowly, agonizingly. Matt waited. He heard each shuddering breath you took. He knew when your heart skipped a beat. And when it did, when you were finally close to your evasive orgasm, he’d turn the vibrator down. 

And he’d wait again, biding his time. Until your heaving chest calmed and you stopped straining against the rope. Then he’d turn it back up. In a nutshell, you were livid. Your fourth orgasm slipped through your fingers like grains of sand. You were whining aloud, saying every incoherent thought that ran through your mind.

“Please… Please, I’m sorry…I’m…” Words escaped you. 

“I didn’t tell you to speak.”

“I’m sorry… Please…”

“Only good girls get to come. Have you been good?”

“Yes!” You cried out, not believing it at all. 

Matt picked up his cane again, running the cool metal between his fingers. He gave you a light spank for lying. He leaned in, his lips mere inches from your ear. And then he whispered. 

“Oh darling, you’re only going to come when I fuck you. And I’m only going to fuck you when you’re a wimpering, desperate mess.” 

“Please… Please fuck me, I need you.” 

His cane landed firmly on your ass. You seethed.

“Don’t insult me.” He brought down another spank. 

You weren’t done trying. You’d lured him in once before, you could do it again. 

“Loki was wrong about you,” You saw Matt still out the corner of your eye, “You’re a pussy.”

You regretted the words as soon as they tumbled past your lips. You waited with bated breath for Matt’s reaction. You heard the sound of fabric rustling beside you. Matt slowly paced to the front of the bed. The new image drove you wild. His hair was disheveled now. He’d gotten rid of his suit jacket and rolled up his white shirt sleeves. You followed the movement of his arms, tracing his veins with your eyes. He was loosening his tie. 



His fingers trailed down his chest, finding and popping the buttons on his shirt. He repeated his command, giving you a second chance you didn’t deserve.


“...No.” You were disagreeing for the sake of it, you just were having so much fun. 

He discarded the shirt, dropping it to the floor and exposing you to new skin. You drank in the sight longingly. Neat scars adorned his torso. A nasty crimson bruise bloomed down his side. You shakily laughed. You weren’t the only one who’d been twisting the truth.

“You said you were a lawyer.”

“I am a lawyer,” He was suddenly behind you on the bed, his chest pressed to your back, “Half of the time.”

You swallowed, “And the other half?”

“I’m the devil.” 

His free hand dragged up the side of your body, tracing your curves. It settled itself on the base of your neck, wrapping tightly but not punishingly. Not yet. He pressed two fingers to your core, collecting your juices. You shuddered at the sensation, aching for more. You rolled your hips forward, hoping he’d indulge you. Of course, he didn’t. He raised the slick digits to his lips, gently taking them in his mouth. Matt groaned, allowing himself a moment of indulgence. You lay your head back on his shoulder and gazed up at him, exploiting the lapse in his harsh demeanor. Your own lips parted at the sinful sight. He looked so pretty when he let loose. 

He collected himself, the stern attitude you’d known returning quickly. He swiped his fingers against your core again. This time when he raised them, he slid them into your mouth. You moaned as you tasted yourself on your tongue. Matt lazily pushed in and out, his long digits occasionally hitting the back of your throat. His resolution weakened. He was relishing being inside your hot wet mouth and feeling you squirm beneath his grip. 

The vibrator’s continued assault was wearing you down. Your thighs were soaked in anticipation. Your whimpers of desperation escaped past Matt’s fingers. He dipped his head and began sucking and nibbling on your neck. Your stomach tightened. You were determined to come this time. You bucked your hips with urgency, clenching around nothing and chasing the high that you’d been denied for so long. Matt felt your unsubtle jerks, but the self-inflicted teasing from your tongue had him more worked up than he was willing to admit. 

“Matt…” You whined, this time you really were desperate. 

He knew. You heard his pants zipper. The flared head of his cock pressed against your tight entrance, collecting your wetness. Harshly and without warning he pushed into you, leaving you breathless. He withdrew and then snapped his hips forward, bottoming out. You hadn’t felt someone new in a while. You gasped as he hit deep, molding you to fit his shape. Your pussy squeezed tightly around his thick cock as he hit that perfect spot inside of you. Matt groaned into your ear. It was the sweetest sound you’d ever heard. 

His pace was ruthless and urgent. His hands were all over you. Your throat, your hips, your ass. You hissed as he took one of your nipples in his fingers, twisting cruelly. After all this teasing, you weren’t going to last long, even if your clit had lost some of its sensitivity. As if he’d read your mind, Matt wickedly turned up the vibrator. 

Your orgasm snuck up on you. You couldn’t help but squeal as it wracked through your body. Your arms fought against their restraints, but Matt didn’t let up. He fucked you through it, extending the pleasure until it was nearly too much. Another wave rippled through your exhausted frame. You were shaking. Every thrust from Matt would force your clit against the relentless vibrator, inciting shockwaves. You were finally broken. A singular tear rolled down your cheek. Whether it was from the bliss of release or agony of overstimulation, you weren’t sure. 

You lolled your head back, lacking the energy to keep it upright. You’d yelp with every movement Matt made, “Please…Ah! Please…” You weren’t sure what you were begging for. 

It was sadistic but Matt loved hearing you. He savored the sense of you writhing underneath him, with no choice but to take it, take him. You were his to use as he desired. His fucktoy. And you were perfect for him. Warm and soft and tight. With every thrust, he felt you quiver around his throbbing cock. You were both groaning in sync, Matt in a low gravelly tone and you with breathy rasps. 

“You take my cock so well, such a good girl for daddy. Fuck…” His voice was strained, “Fuck I’m gonna cum.”

That was new. A heat of the moment Freudian slip maybe, but it was still fucking hot. You couldn't resist spurring him on.

“Use me, cum in me. Make me yours… Please, I need it, please daddy!” You’d finally turned into the whore that Matt desired. 

“Fuck, fuck take it…” 

Hearing you use that name was the push Matt needed, going wild with lust at the thought of having total domination over you. And you, doing anything you could to please him. After a few more deliberate deep strikes, his abs tensed and he came with a low moan, filling you to the brim with his hot cum. Your legs were quaking, twisting against the torturous vibrator that hadn’t let you relax. Matt reached over and finally switched it off. You slumped against him, utterly exhausted. 

You could barely keep your eyes open as he cut your restraints down. He caught you before you collapsed on the bed, your own arms were in no state to support you. Matt stroked your hair as you recovered. The sweet smell of sex hung in the air. You could hear your heartbeat ring in your ears. Matt’s thumb swiped up and down your cheek like he was trying to drink you in, even after taking you for all you were worth. It was a while before you caught your breath. Your eyelids fluttered open and gazed up at the entrancing man. 

He smiled, he could feel you staring, “What?”

“Something tells me you went easy on me.” Your fingers drifted over his thigh mindlessly.

He smiled a little wider, “Is that a challenge?”

“No,” You clarified very quickly, “I don’t think Loki, sorry, Mr. Laufeyson will be very pleased about that though.”

“Well, you said he’s not the boss of you,” Matt felt your head bob on his thigh, you had nodded in confirmation, “He’s not the boss of me, either.”

“Is that right?” The tone of your voice had changed. Matt cocked his head to one side, intrigued, “How do you feel about… reiterating that fact?” An idea brewed in your twisted brain.

“What did you have in mind?”

Chapter Text

It was a chilly afternoon, only a few days after you’d hatched a cunning scheme with your new ally, Matt Murdock. Your plans would come to fruition soon, when Loki returned to Earth, or 'Midgard' as he’d say. 

In the meantime, you were halfway through an old sci-fi novel Steve had insisted you read. It was quite sweet actually, that he’d thought to recommend it. He said it was the “original Star Wars”. The jury was still out on that one. Nevertheless, you were engrossed, cocooned in a blanket, and devouring the words as fast as you could. Which is why you yelped so loud when someone knocked on your window. You clutched your hand to your chest in shock, then you turned to glare at the offender. 

“Peter! Jesus.” 


The red and blue superhero gestured for you to open the tall window. You did, reluctantly untangling yourself from the warm duvet. He shimmied through the small gap you cracked for him. 

“Thought I’d swing by.”

You rolled your eyes at his cheesy play on words. You couldn’t stop the small smile breaking across your face though. 

“Uh-huh. What do you want Pete?” You folded your arms in front of you, sizing him up. 

It was a routine you both had. He’d knock on your window, wanting to kill a few hours before answering to Tony. Sometimes he’d bring candy, sometimes stories. Other times he’d bring the pain of his last fight and weed to dull it. You were eager to discover what it would be this time.

Instead of answering your question, Peter slowly removed his mask. You gasped as blood smeared across his cheekbones. He’d clearly been beaten; his lip was busted too. His normally fluffy dark hair was damp with sweat and stuck up messily. 

Rushing to his side, you fussed, “What happened?”

Peter hung his head, that sheepish smile on his face, “You should see the other guy.”

“Let me clean it…” You were hardly listening to him, struck with panic at his disarray.

His gloved hand rubbed the back of his neck, feeling a little bad over how stressed you were. His eyes managed to meet yours. There was something captivating in them… A flash of wickedness.

“Wanna get high?”



Peter winced as you circled a stitch through his wounded arm. He took another drag, attempting to distract himself from the sharp sting. He followed the everchanging smoke clouds for a moment before raising the flickering joint to your lips. He licked his own, watching you with fascination as you inhaled.

“Please don’t kill me.” Peter joked.

“I won’t if you just stay still.”

You were sitting on your bed, trying desperately to repair the broken boy. You’d gotten quite good at it, patching up every bruised superhero that wandered these grey halls. And in turn, they would look after you. It also helped that JARVIS was advising over your shoulder. That, and the weed had hit you hard, silencing the anxious voices that would usually terrorize you. You managed to tighten a knot in the wire, concluding your work. 

“There, all better.” 

You sat back, admiring the rush job, and only slightly worried about the quality. It wasn’t the neatest, but it would do. And it would save Aunt May from losing sleep. 

“Where did you learn to do this, again? I don’t remember you saying that you were a nurse.” Peter inhaled the fumes swirling around his head. 

Your head was starting to feel dizzy, so you giggled a little when you answered, even though it wasn’t particularly funny, “First aid training, in high school. And Thor came in one time just totally torn up, it wasn’t pretty. But I picked up a few tricks.” 

“That’s not encouraging.” He sarcastically quipped.

“Hey!” You slapped his thigh teasingly, “I’d make a great nurse.” You pointed to his clean wounds as evidence. 

Peter chuckled a little at your insistence, “A sexy one too.” 

He finished the last of the blunt and stubbed it on a ceramic jewelry tray you had on your bedside table. He exhaled the smoke slowly, deliberately, keeping eye contact. His pupils were blown wide, darkening his amber eyes. They were hypnotizing. 

You blushed at his bold words, “Who are you and what have you done with Peter Parker?” 

You were used to Peter bursting through your window at this point. But he’d never been hurt this badly - and he’d never hit on you this explicitly. His sobering gaze was glued to you, a cheeky grin on his face and a blush creeping up his cheeks. He leaned forwards, slowly. Then, he was kissing you deeply.

The drugs had affected you more than you realized. As his lips crashed into yours, tingles shot through the places Peter’s touch met your skin. You instinctively leaned into his hand, which was now resting gently on your cheek. He took that as a sign to move closer. He was right to. Peter clutched your waist tightly, like he never wanted to let go. Even though your brain was clouded by a fuzzy haze, things had never seemed clearer. You felt everything tenfold. You wanted Peter tenfold. 

You hesitantly broke the kiss, only in an effort to press more skin to skin. Your hands fumbled at the hem of your top, gradually pulling it over your head. Your bare nipples hardened at the exposure to the cool air. Peter’s eyes were slightly lidded but he was watching you intently. His gaze swept over your newly revealed skin, indulging. You shimmied off your skirt, divulging the fact that you weren’t wearing any underwear. You refused to be blamed for that. After all, you thought you’d have the luxury of an off day in this godforsaken building. You weren’t expecting a disheveled and newly confident Peter Parker to crawl through the window, all blood and sweat and sex. 

Peter’s jaw slackened a little, his eyes finally settling on yours. He stared for a moment too long, before snapping into motion and scrambling to rid himself of his very tight costume. You giggled as he did, shuffling to the top of your bed. Peter finally freed himself and turned to admire you once more. Scrapes and bruises littered his tan skin. His hair stood up on ends, save for a few strands falling over his eye. His body was taught. His muscles flexed under your surveillance. His crimson cock was hardening, twitching as you watched. The sight almost made your dry mouth water. The blush that had formed on his cheeks bloomed down his neck and across his chest. It was endearing, how shy he was. Deceptively so. You were unsure how he could be Peter Parker, this cute anxious dork by day, but also Spider-man, the bad-guy-hunting vigilante by night.

You didn't dwell on it, you couldn’t. The drugs made thoughts toss around your brain like tumbleweed in a harsh wind. It was hard to focus on one thing for long. The only constant in your mind was Peter. You wanted him. All of him. All now.

It was clear he had the same intentions. He kneeled at the bottom of the bed, folding your legs up over your torso. Without hesitation he dipped his head down to lick a stripe up your pussy. Your skin ignited. Peter’s tongue wandered over your inner thighs, attempting to tease but ultimately giving in. His touch was electric, you were writhing beneath him. You would’ve come undone in moments, but all you truly wanted was him in your arms. So, as if your hands were moving independently from your brain, you wound your fingers in his hair and pulled him up your body. He didn’t resist. He had this dazed look on his face. You knew Peter felt the same. On fire. Only one thought was circling your minds, on repeat like an incantation. You. You. You.

After what felt like an age, Peter’s lips reached yours, catching them in a sloppy kiss. His body followed. He lowered himself down so your bare chests pressed together tightly and slotted between your hips flawlessly. The air was thick and heavy. Every touch from Peter’s fingers would send tingles down your spine. His lips were addictive and got you higher than the drugs ever could. You impatiently bucked your wet heat over Peter’s length, hoping he’d appease you. Your head spun with every movement. You needed him closer, deeper. Your pussy was throbbing, threatening to cum from the shallow feel of Peter alone.

Peter was in no state to deny you. He was sighing prettily at every touch. Butterflies swarmed in your stomach as you realized he was as gone as you were, overtaken by the primitive urge to find solace in your curves. He reached his hand between your bodies to guide himself to your entrance. Finally he lined himself up and gently thrusted, to your relief. You both groaned. Peter thrusted again, trying to fill you wholly. 

Normally it took a few moments for you to adjust, a burning sensation would rip through you upon the intrusion. But this time the pain was swapped for undulating pleasure. The pain transformed effortlessly into sparks of ultimate satisfaction. It was like nothing you’d felt before. A sigh escaped your lips as Peter finally bottomed out. He stilled inside you for a moment. He pressed his forehead to your shoulder, attempting to ground himself. You couldn’t blame him, it felt like every cell in your body was vibrating. You could only imagine what it felt like to someone like him, someone superpowered. 

Then he started moving, slowly. It was enough for you. The sweet pressure took over your body. You hadn’t realized until that moment, but your hand was still tangled in Peter’s hair, gripping hard. He keened against you, kissing your shoulder and neck as you ran your fingers through his dark waves, exploring the sensation it made on your skin. You were relishing the feeling. Being full. Peter’s weight on you. The sizzle where your skin collided with his. How every thrust felt like a wave lapping at a tranquil beach's shore. 

Peter cupped your cheek gently, raising his lips from your neck and pressing them to yours. It was all-consuming. Being so full, so sensitive. It was intimate, the way Peter looked at you through the strands of hair falling over his eyes. Your desire for pain subsided, the restless thoughts telling you to disobey slipped away. Peter was all you needed.

You couldn’t help but study him. His coppery eyes and how they faltered with every buck of his hips. His hair, sufficiently messed at your hand. The sheen of sweat forming over his forehead and shoulders that made him glisten. His perfect, soft pink lips. Your wandering eyes surveyed his wounds, only remembering he was injured when they were right in front of you.

“Peter…” You gasped, running a delicate finger near the particularly bad gash that you’d stitched minutes earlier. 

He flinched, but between shuddering breaths said, “I’m okay. I’m okay.” 

You gently pushed him down beside you, feeling responsible for his wellbeing and attempting to guarantee he wouldn’t hurt himself further. Peter understood your intentions and somehow blushed harder at the thought that you cared so much for him. You felt miserably empty when he was forced to leave you. You turned away from him, pressing your back to his heaving chest. He pushed into you from behind, setting a leisurely pace once again. You draped your leg back over his, ensuring he hit just the right angle. Your head swam. It could’ve been minutes, it could’ve been hours. You didn't know and you didn't care. You wished to stay there forever. Locked in limbs with Peter. Feeling his hot breath on your neck and his exploratory hands running over you. It was when he snaked a hand between your legs did you jolt forward, gasping at the sensation on your clit. It was paradise. 

You could hear Peter’s breath deepen and get more ragged. The noises he was making in your ear were almost enough to send you over the edge. Almost. You were moaning now as well, unable to hold back. You clenched around his cock as he hit just the right spot, again and again. Your orgasm swirled like a hurricane and then hit like a clash of unrelenting waves, one after the other after the other. Your legs shook violently. Peter kept moving, fucking you through his own orgasm, spilling hot cum into you. Yours went on for what felt like years, swell after swell of ecstasy surging through you. Eventually, after Peter stilled, you were able to come down. You listened to your gasps for a while, trying desperately to screw your head back on straight. Peter Parker had just given you the longest orgasm of your life. You didn’t even know orgasms could last that long.

“Holy shit.” 

They were the only two words springing to mind. Peter mumbled in agreement, lazily kissing across your shoulder blades in appreciation. He began to pull out, soliciting another whine from you. You couldn’t help but clench around him, wanting to remember the feeling of him inside you for as long as possible. He shuddered.

“Fuck,” He breathed, “Stop that.” He didn’t want you to stop, though.

“Sorry.” You giggled, not sorry at all, and then curious, “Is it true what they say about you?” 

“What do they say about me?” 

You’d piqued Peter’s interest now. What were the Avengers saying about Peter Parker? You bit your lip and turned to face the shaggy-haired brunette, realizing under his inquisitive gaze that you’d put your foot in it.

“You know! That you don’t need a long time to… recover… from… You know!” 

You tried to put it delicately, even though you could feel him hard and hot against your inner thigh. He’d definitely recovered. As if he hadn’t needed any time at all. Your pussy throbbed, echoing the pleasure Peter had granted you moments before. He was blushing again, attempting to hide his face in his hands. 

“God, they don’t say that… Do they?” He looked at you through his fingers.

“Well it’s quite impressive, actually,” You couldn’t help your wandering hands. They found his cock and started stroking leisurely, “I’ll report back.” 

“Don’t you dare!” Peter caught your grinning lips in a kiss and rolled on top of you. He grimaced at the pressure it put on his wounds.

“Careful, your stitches!” 

He had this look on his face as he towered above you, like he could see you a little clearer now. He lowered his head so his lips brushed gently against yours.  

“Distract me.”

Chapter Text

Peter had been a balm. His sweet disposition was delightfully endearing and a drastic change from the moody heroes who’d stomp about the Tower, ready to take their stress out on you. However, there was a certain… release that came with being their whipping post. You didn’t know why, but being tied up at Matt’s mercy, freed from your ability to choose, was paradoxically liberating. You chased that high, you just weren’t sure how to get it again. Who would be so intuitive to know to take the choice from you, without you asking beforehand?

“Well, aren’t you pretty?” 

A pair of muscular arms grabbed you from behind, holding you tight against your assailant's chest whilst simultaneously obscuring them from your view. Panic exploded through your body. You didn't know that voice. You didn't know these hands. You were no match for their strength, you couldn't move your arms at all. You flailed your legs, trying to get some sort of leverage against the monster holding you captive but to no avail. They held you tight with an ironclad grip.

“Get off of me!” 

“Stop fighting me, Princess.” 

You opened your mouth to retort, but upon hearing that nickname you hesitated. There’s no way that was mere coincidence. You hadn’t mentioned the affinity you held for that nickname to anyone. Then the penny dropped. Matt was somehow behind this… Matthew Murdock, you big-mouthed bastard. 

Your attacker had felt your resistance fade and therefore loosened his grip on you. A mistake on his part. You took advantage of his lapse in judgment, attempting to escape. You wiggled free from him, but you had to turn and face him to reach the exit of the kitchen. With a spin, you came face to face with the man who ambushed you. And he was… Handsome? Irritatingly so. Suddenly the thought of this stranger overpowering you flooded your brain… and your underwear. 

He was glowering at you, arms by his side, poised and ready to block your bid past him, “Don’t even think about it, Princess.” His thick, New Yorkian accent was somehow brooding, accurately reflecting his beat-up look.

Matt had mentioned someone who fit this stranger’s description before. You wracked your brain trying to remember the name. Finn? Francis? Frank? Frank. Knowing Matt was behind this incident gave you a tenuous sense of security.

“You can’t call me that.” 

You crossed your arms, far too assertive for someone who’d been thinking such terrible thoughts only moments before. Your words sounded ingenuine… Because they were. You wanted him to call you that and more. Maybe Frank could tame the beast that ran rampant through your mind. The one that needed him to take all he could from you, without hesitation. 

Frank scoffed and ran a large hand through his dark hair, “Been a long day, Princess. I can call you anything I like.” 

His confidence was maddening but not unearned. The determined look on his face was hypnotizing and you couldn’t resist as your eyes began to gloss over, in anticipation to say ‘yes’ to anything Frank demanded of you.

His threatening stare undressed you where you stood. He was studying you, eyes gleaming like you were meat and he hadn’t eaten in days. Frank just chuckled darkly. He thought the look on your face was cute. So blank, so compliant already, and he’d barely had to lift a finger. He’d had reliable intel. He knew about the sinful thoughts you’d been trying so desperately to conceal from everyone else. 

Matt had known you in such an intimate capacity. When you were with him, it was like he was dialed into your wavelength. He’d predicted your thoughts before they’d even crossed your mind. And so he did once more. You wanted someone to take the power from you, to think for you. To strip you down and put you in your place. To be under someone’s control, a toy, no matter how much you protest. And Frank was the perfect candidate for such a task. So in the interest of your pleasure, and settling a debt Matt had owed, Matt recruited Frank.

Frank approached you, his hands clasped low, rubbing together schemingly. With that evil glint in his eye, it was menacing. You adored it. Your heart started thumping rapidly. As he moved closer you instinctively shifted back, until you bumped into the kitchen counter. He pinned you between the marble, the counter’s edge digging into your back uncomfortably. You looked up at Frank, wide-eyed. Nowhere left to run.

“We shouldn’t-” 

“Shh, little girl.”

In an instant Frank was on top of you, messily kissing you. His hands were grasping at your clothing, attempting to rid you of them by any means necessary. You struggled underneath him, not because you wanted to get away, but because you wanted to feel him force you into place. 

He did. His fingers pressed into the flesh of your waist, kneading. Begging you to stay still. You didn’t. Frank had to earn your submission, of course. Like they all did. Your fingernails scratched at his forearms, digging into any skin they could find. Frank wouldn’t tolerate that. His hand flew up from your hip, locking around your throat. He held you in place, muscles flexing to combat your efforts, and drew back to leer down at you. 

It allowed you a moment to view him as he was. His eyes were sunken and dark, staring at you as if he could see straight into your soul, how filthy it was. And oh, how willing he was to indulge you. There was a purple bruise forming, or maybe healing, in the hollow of his cheekbone. His nose was crooked, you didn’t know if the fresh cut across it meant it was broken. His sharp jawline was adorned with a five o’clock shadow he hadn’t had time to shave. He wore a black shirt that was clinging to his stomach, accentuating the muscle tone there. The sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, showing off the veins in his arms and the bruises on his knuckles. His chest was heaving too. This could’ve been the first time he’d had anyone like this, by force... A smile ghosted your lips. A weakness. Interesting.

He’d been staring at you a while, holding you there, as his plaything. You raised your eyebrow. A move that had gotten you in trouble so many times before, but you couldn’t resist. 

“Yes, Frank?” 

“Don’t,” You had momentarily phased him by saying his name. He tried to recover, tightening his grip on your throat, “It’s ‘Sir’ to you, slut.” 

His voice hitched on the title like it wasn’t exactly the word he wanted to use. It felt odd calling someone other than Steve “Sir”, so you decided against it. In the meantime, his large thigh had nestled itself between your legs, applying the slightest pressure to your clit. He was teasing, but you wanted - no, needed - him to take. Blame it on the lack of oxygen making you dizzy, but you let your mouth get you in trouble once again. 

“Don’t what… Daddy?” 

You didn’t think Matt would mind you borrowing the nickname. You knew from your time with Matt that he and Frank were perfect parallels, so either way, the word would get under Frank’s skin. 

You guessed right. Frank’s breath faltered and his grip on your throat weakened before his fingers curled upwards to dig into your cheeks. A whine slipped past your lips, not in objection, but maybe mild indignance. Frank shook your head in an effort to regain control. You fought to keep your eyes locked to his, intent on continuing the battle.

“Don’t call me Daddy.” His voice was low and gruff and it flowed through your ears like honey. His eyes were thunder.

Your pussy throbbed. Your eyes narrowed in defiance, despite the precarious position you were in. He wasn’t red yet. He could be pushed further and so you were going to push every button he had. His hand fell to rest on the base of your neck, wrapping like a necklace. You put on a brave face, but adrenaline was pumping through your veins. You were sure Frank could feel your heart pulsing underneath his touch.

“You don’t like it when I call you Daddy?” You blinked up at him, feigning innocence. 

Frank’s hips bucked against yours instinctually, uncontrollably. You gasped, quietly ecstatic with the reaction you earned. His jaw was clenched tight. He was losing the tug of war, and he needed to get back in control fast. Otherwise, this night would go very differently from how he expected. Matt had neglected to mention just how much of a brat you were. Well played, Murdock. 

Through gritted teeth, Frank muttered a barely audible “no”, despite the bulge in his pants begging to differ. His slack grip allowed you to crane your neck forward. You ghosted your lips over his, relishing in the feeling of his hot breath on your skin. You hadn’t looked away from each other. He was close, so close. 

“I don’t think that’s true, Daddy,” You whispered, bringing his free hand to your waistband, and with the last of your courage, “Don’t you wanna feel how wet I am for you?” 

A sound you could only describe as a growl escaped Frank’s lips. He couldn’t resist any longer. His hand clawed at the fabric covering your waist, ripping the pathetic material to shreds almost effortlessly. You whimpered, getting wetter by the second. Frank scoffed when he saw your torn underwear, not offering much coverage to begin with, but now offering even less due to Frank’s disrespect. You were practically begging to be used.

Frank slapped the grin off your face, “Daddy’s gonna teach you a lesson, little girl.” 

He was blissfully unaware of the irony of that sentence. So many before him had tried taming you, so many had failed. You loved the way Frank handled you. Viciously, not concerned with the scratches or bruises he would leave in his wake. It was a change from the heroes who’d previously coddled you and you were savoring it. You had to bite back the whimpers threatening to spill from your lips. You did, however, huff in annoyance as Frank shoved you to your knees. In moments, his belt was unbuckled. Your fingers competed with his to undo the button of his jeans. 

He let you take over with a grunt, “Desperate little slut, aren’t ya? Want Daddy’s cock so bad, huh?” 

He wound his hands into your hair and shoved your mouth closer to his crotch. You had no choice but to obey. The force Frank used on you was excessive, but it wasn’t undeserved. Admittedly, you had been acting out. Still, the feeling of his cock filling your mouth and hitting the back of your throat over and over again was suffocating. Crude sounds of gagging filled the room. You pulled your head back on instinct, fighting Frank’s hands that forced you to take as much of him as you could. Drool dripped down the side of your open mouth as you gasped frantically for air. Air that Frank would only allow you a few seconds of before thrusting his shaft back in your swollen lips. You wrestled with his harsh grip, choking on his length, trying to relax your throat as much as possible to ease the pain. In doing so, it allowed Frank to sink a little further into your throat. 

“Good girl.” He groaned, withdrawing as a reward.

Warmth flooded your belly at those words. You gazed up at him, blinking away tears and desperately swallowing spit and precum whilst trying to catch your breath. Frank’s hands wandered, releasing your hair and resting gently on your cheeks instead. He stared at you with his bewitching eyes for a beat before leaning in and kissing you, mess and all. You could feel yourself falling under his spell. You just wanted a bit more trouble, only a little, and then you’d be satisfied. 

“Gonna be a good girl for Daddy now, huh?”

You shook your head first, unsure if you could work up the courage to defy him audibly. Then your lips betrayed you, “No.”

“No?” Frank’s lips curled into a smirk, but he was not amused.

You bit your lip, instantly regretting your choice, but intrigued to see where it would get you. Suddenly, Frank yanked you up off your knees. You yelped as he manhandled you, forcing you over the counter, ass facing outwards. What was left of your underwear was shredded in an instant. You whimpered a chorus of “No’s” and “Please stop Daddy’s” hoping it would make Frank even more feral.

It did.

With one hand he pinned your wrists behind your back. The other found its home again around your neck. He used that one to yank you back, forcing your back to arch. His hot breath panted in your ear. 

“Now beg me to fuck you. Beg me to fuck you,” Frank’s voice was low and deliberate, it made you wetter than you thought possible. Frank didn’t appreciate your silence though, “I told you to beg.” His fingers tightened on your throat, “Fucking beg me for it.” 

In all fairness, you did want to beg, your brain had just short-circuited when he said that, so it took you a little longer to respond. Your voice was small and hoarse, roughened from the treatment earlier, but you begged. Frank won.

“Please, please. Please fuck me.” You couldn’t think of anything original to say, just ‘yes’ and ‘please’ and ‘fuck me’. 

Frank was painfully hard at this point, he would’ve withheld if you hadn’t begged just to spite you, so he was thankful that you had given in. He kicked your ankles, prompting you to spread your legs wider. In one motion he sheathed himself inside you. You lurched forward, moans spilling from your lips. Pain seared through you for a few moments at the intrusion, but he filled you up so nicely and hit such a good spot inside you. From the off he set a mean pace, sending shockwaves through your body as he hit your cervix with every thrust. You were in heaven. Your mouth perpetually hung open, you simply lacked the brainpower to close it. Frank relished in achieving full control over you, probably the first person in the Tower to do it. 

He loved seeing you like that, helpless, “Just a cockdrunk whore, aren’t ya baby?”

You could only nod and moan in full agreement, “Yes… Yes.”

Words escaped you, but Frank wouldn’t allow you the informality. His hips bucked harder, punishing you for not addressing him as you should. He reached a spot inside you that made your entire body go weak. Your legs momentarily failed to hold you up. Frank felt you quiver and falter underneath him. He let your wrists go and wrapped an arm around your waist, catching you before your head hit the cold marble. 

In one swift movement he’d turned you around, unceremoniously, may you add. You were facing him now, and you made your contempt known with a small huff. Just a small one - you wanted to annoy him not give him an invitation to fuck you up further. Frank stared down at you, eyebrow slightly raised, and wetted his lips. 

Frank shook his head a little at your insolence, “If you don’t…” 

“Don’t what?” You cocked your head to one side, mirroring his.


“Or what?” 

Frank rolled his eyes, “God, you’re such a brat.” 

You grinned. He hooked his hands under your thighs, encouraging but also forcing you to jump onto the counter. This new positioning - your legs wide - allowed him to get close, impossibly close. His hard cock twitched, erect against his clothed stomach. You almost salivated, feeling him so achingly near, but he refused to grant you the sweet relief of fucking you.

Frank leaned in, his lips hovering less than centimeters away from yours. He waited for you to lift your head, for you to initiate and prove you needed him, before indulging you with a kiss. It wasn’t gentle, he wouldn’t dream of it. He was animalistic and messy and his lips began trailing across your cheek and down your neck, nipping in their wake. You gasped with every bite. 

And then he sunk his teeth into a sweet spot you didn’t even know you had on your neck. You hadn’t fully become his prey until that moment. Your entire body shifted, your eyes fluttered, and your neck rolled back. You wrapped your arms around him, grasping onto any part of him you could find in your trance. Frank cradled the back of your head, intuiting the effect he was having on you. He sucked and nibbled, making sure to leave his mark. Claiming you. 

You only regained control of your neck (a.k.a. barely managing to hold it up by yourself) when Frank thrust into you, shocking you out of your daze. He didn’t require ceremony or announcement before he fucked you senseless. You gazed up at him through your eyelashes. On any other occasion you would’ve done that to get your way, but this was different. You blinked up at him, eyes wide, lips slightly parted, captivated. Frank had broken you. Your brain was empty. You couldn’t anticipate Frank’s next moves or think straight. All you could do was sit on the counter and wait for him to do as he wished with your pliant body. Lucky for you, Frank wanted to cum. His pace was harsh and powerful and intoxicating. You heard yourself moaning, you hadn’t realized you were making noise until Frank clamped a hand over your mouth.

“Shh, there’s a good girl.”

His cute nicknames did not aid in his mission for you to stay silent. You uncontrollably whimpered through his bruised knuckles. Frank’s cock pulsed and twitched inside you, he would cum soon. His hand fell away from your mouth and found to your clit, suddenly determined to feel you cumming around his cock. It took all of ten seconds before you were squirming on the counter, legs tensing around Frank’s back. Your orgasm built fast and exploded like a firework. Frank seemed unconcerned about appearances anymore because he let you scream. He fucked you through it, lengthening the pleasure until it was almost excruciating. Your clit was throbbing and sensitive. You were whimpering and had next to no control over your limbs.

Frank’s hand curled around the nape of your neck, holding you steady. He brought his forehead to yours, forcing you to look him square in the eyes as he drove you to overstimulation. He was close, you both knew.

“Want me to cum in that sweet little pussy?” Sweat glistened on his skin and he was grunting with every thrust now.

“No, no…” You did, in fact, want him to cum in your pussy and were certain it would make you orgasm again.

Frank slapped your cheek, not having the time nor the energy to put up with your bullshit.  

“Say it.” His voice was strained and urgent, emulating the movement of his hips.

“Daddy, fuck, please cum in me… I need your cum… Please!” You couldn’t feel your legs anymore.

“Who does it belong to?”

“You. It’s yours.”

You both groaned in sheer relief as Frank released ropes of hot cum into you. You clenched around his cock, encouraged by after-waves of pleasure spasming through your body. Frank eventually stilled and pulled out, leaving chaos in his wake. He didn’t seem to care, tucking his cock into his underwear, rebuttoning his jeans, and buckling his belt. He didn’t break eye contact throughout his movements though, only occasionally letting his gaze drift to assess the extent of the mess he made of you. He nodded his head sharply, approving. 

“You okay?” He asked gruffly. 

You weren’t sure how to respond. On one hand, you had never felt more satisfied. On the other, you were completely wrecked and you didn’t think your legs were capable of holding you up if you jumped off the counter.


Frank nodded again, “See ya around.”

He left, with the faintest hint of a smirk on his face. You sat there for a while, you didn’t know how long, but until your brain decided to reinhabit your body. Finally, an actual coherent thought drifted through your mind.



“Are there cameras in here?”


“Wipe them.”

“But Mr. Stark–”

“Wipe them. Actually, forward a recording to me and then wipe them.”