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I never hated you.

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Ladybug and Chatnoir defeated the villain and they went to the rooftop.

“Pound it“ Ladybug said with a smile on her face.
Chatnoir just looked at the ground, he didnt react to it

Ladybugs smile slowly faded away and was worried, „what happend to him“ she thought.

“What happend to you“,she asked with worries in her eyes.

“its nothing“,He responded while still looking down.
“no it's definitely something wrong with you“, Ladybug said leaning closer to him.

Chatnoir snapped, do you really want to know, why i don't Look happy.

Ladybug distands herself from him.
“yes i want to know“, she said also looking down.

“well it's because i don't want to be next to you anymore“ he responded with a very angry voice.

“What“ she said with a shaky voice, she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

“you don't mean that right, i am your Lady“Ladybug said while looking in his green eyes.

Chatnoir looked away, He couldn't Look in her eyes anymore. "I am sorry you are not my Lady anymore, you are just the savior of paris and i am Just your helper", He wispers it to Ladybug.

"What are you saying",Ladybug asked while tears where streaming down are cheeks.

“you can't say that, you told me you liked me, What happend all of a sudden, Ladybug asked.

"Nothing happend,i've just moved on from you, and i don't think i can get rejected from you anymore", he said while walking away.

And like that He vanished.
Ladybug couldn't believe anything What just happend.
She fell down on her knees, and sat there silently crying.

She doesn't know how much time has past away, but it got a little dark outside, she got alot of flashbacks wenn she was with Chatnoir, how he always flirtet with her and how he used to say those funny puns, and wenn they used to have alot of fun together, she remembers all those good memories, she had with him. "I am late i should've told him how much i love him, but now it's to late" she said to herself.

She got up detransformed herself and left the rooftop, and went home.
She was so sad that wenn she got home. She didn't even realize that her parents we're home.

Her parents noticed that she was a little sad and asked her what happend.
Marinette didn't say anything she just nodded and went up to her room.
She sat on her bed.

And was trying to figur out everything,
"I was so blinded by the love for Adrien, that i didn't see who actually liked me",said Marinette to herself.

On the next day, she didn't feel like going to school, but she had to, otherwise her parents would be suspicious.

Thats why she went to school, as she came in her class, the first person she saw was Adrien, he waved at her but she didn't wave back.

He thought it was a little weird, als she always waved back, but he didn't think to much about it.

The whole schoolday went normal the only think that was a bit of, was when everytime Adrien went to Marinette, she either ignored him or she went away from him.

At the end of the schoolday as she went outside It started raining alot.

She started walking in the rain, as she was walking she heard Adriens voice that was coming from behind.

He came next to her and pulled his umbrella out, that Marinette gave him back a few weeks ago.

Now there We're both standing under the Same umbrella.
Marinette didn't know what to say so she pulled herself back from the umbrella and said, "no thank you i don't really need it.

Adrien was a bit confused and said, "No problem, would you like to come in the limousine with me, i would like to drop you of to your house"

Marinette said "no i don't need a ride,
“What happend Marinette, are you angry at me, what did i do?, Adrien asked with a sad face.

You know what, i am angry with you, because i used to like you a lot and you kept friendzoning me, Marinette said with a angry voice.

"What du you mean used to, don't you like me anymore?",Adrien asked while looking down.

"No i don't Like you anymore, because of you, i lost the chance to be with someone i like now", Marinette said angrily while also looking down.

Adrien was so sad, and walked away from Marinette without saying anything.

What have i done, i lost the chance to be with her i shouldn't have called her just a friend.

I was so excited to See Marinette, i really wanted to tell her today how i feel about her, but it's to late now.

Marinette and Adrien both went home, and where sad What had happend to the both of them.

Many many weeks have past away. Ladybug and Chatnoir we're both fighting akumas everyday without talking much. Ladybug really started to miss Chatnoirs jokes and puns.

And Marinette tried ignoring Adrien as much als possible.
Until that one day where everything changed.
Ladybug and Chatnoir both defeated Shadowmoth, and both of them found out who he really was.

"Dad" Chatnoir said being shocked, Ladybug was also shocked and looked at Chatnoir.

Chatnoir fell on his knees and closed His eyes because He couldn't believe His eyes.

Ladybug Put her arm around Chatnoirs shoulder and tried to calm him down.

Gabriel couldn't do anything because he was helpless.
He just looked at Chatnoir and said "son"

"No don't call me that, you are not my father", Chatnoir almost screamed.

Ladybug didn't leave His side until He came down.
Chatnoir got up and so did Ladybug.

I think we should reveal our identities, says Ladybug.
"Really"says Chatnoir, he couldn't believe her words.

"Spots of"

"Claws in"

Adrien couldn't believe His eyes, infront of him was Marinette, the girl he has liked for a really Long time.

Marinette already knew that he was Adrien, because she heard him say "dad"

Then suddelny There heard the police siren, the cops came, and wanted to take Gabriel with them but he asked them to go to the basement.

So the cops took Marinette, Adrien and Gabriel to the basement.

Where they saw Emelie laying in the basement.
"This is the reason i become Shadowmoth in the first place", Gabriel said while looking at Emelie.

Adrien and Marinette where even more shocked when there saw her.

But that was no reason to be a bad person.
Adrien said while also looking at Emelie.

The only thing i ever needed was the miraculouses to Bring Emelie back, Gabriel said while looking at the both of them.

The cops took Gabriel with them, and they started walking away, as Gabriel turned back he saw that, Ladybug and Chatnoir where doing some sort of Magic.

The next thing he saw was that Emelie was waking up.
Gabriel smiled and walked away.

Gabriel was gone and Emelie woke up and the first thing she did was to hug Adrien and also Marinette.

Emelie asked Adrien where Gabriel was, and both of them told Emelie everything.

Emelie was sad for everything Gabriel did, and was kinda glad that he was gone.

There made For each other Tikki and Plagg said at the Same time.

Marinette and Adrien started dating, they we're the best couple in school.

Many many years later

So we would like to know your Lovestory, Emma asked while Hugo and Louis we're jumping up and down.

So it was like that your mom liked my civilian form and i liked her Superhero form.
But i kept friendzoning her in her civilian form and she kept rejecting me in my Superhero form, Adrien said with a smile on his face.

then Marinette said one day It all switched i started liking his Superhero form and He started liking my civilian form.

The End