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Attraction 2

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HG looked around the room that Leena had quietly shown her too. It was abundantly clear that the young B&B owner shared Artie’s feelings about her reinstatement, although she was a lot less vocal about it. Leena’s reticence came in the form of minimal communication. ‘This is yours,’ she had said as she handed over a brass key, ‘The others don’t lock their doors …’ the sentence had dried on her lips as she had looked HG up an down.
‘But they might start now that I’m here?’ HG had asked with a small laugh. Leena hadn’t responded, just merely stared at her. HG had cleared her throat and nodded her thanks before watching the younger woman turn on her heel and leave, closing the door firmly behind her.

And so here she was. She dropped her bag onto the bed. During the months following her release from the Bronzer, she hadn’t stayed in the same place for more than a few nights. The bag held everything she needed to travel light and travel fast. She unpacked slowly. Her few items not coming close to filling even half of the storage space available. She slid the empty bag beneath the bed and moved to the en-suite bathroom, unbuttoning her blue shirt as she went. The time spent with the Regents had left her feeling sticky and tired. Her eyes lifted to the power shower contained within an impressively sized cubicle, stretching the width of the tiled wall. Showers were one of the modern inventions that HG had quickly become accustomed to and relished above many of the other fixings of the 21st century. She stripped the last of her clothes, returning quickly to the bedroom to retrieve her wash things that she had left on the bed, before stepping into the cubicle and closing the door.

The joy of heated water pounding against her skin was a delight that she could never imagine getting used to. She thought of the times she had returned to her home in Hanover Terrace, stinging of the slums or the Thames, what she would have given to have a power shower back then. HG was sure that there were plenty of others who liked their showers hot but she was pretty confident that none of them would share her reasons.

She smiled to herself as she lathered shampoo through her raven hair, using her nails on her scalp. The pleasant sting made her sigh softly. A warmth settled nicely in the pit of her stomach as she rinsed her hair, the suds sliding pleasantly down her chest. She palmed one of her breasts and felt her nipple quickly harden. Closing her eyes, she slowly circled her hand, teasing the bud to firmness. Her other hand lifted, treating her other breast to the same treatment. Her lips parted as she set her nails at the top of her breasts and slowly, dragged them down the flesh. The groan that escaped her echoed off the tiled walls but the bathroom was far enough from the door to the hallway beyond that she was confident no one would hear her. She pinched her nipples, sucking in a breath and releasing it as a sigh as one hand slowly travelled lower. She cupped her hand slightly, allowing the near-scolding water to collect and then spill over where her fingers slid down her skin. She parted her legs and rested her finger tips just below her clitoris, allowing the water to pool around the sensitive bud. Another groan, louder this time, as the nerve endings reacted wonderfully to the heat. Her heated fingertips pressed lightly, almost hesitantly against the sensitive nub and she moaned, pressing her other hand to the tiled wall in front of her. She lowered her head and started to slide her fingers back and forth, stroking and teasing. Tiny shocks of pleasure radiated out from her groin, spreading through her with a pleasant intensity. Her entrance contracted as muscles fired with arousal. Even under the water, she knew she was getting wet. She continued to play with her clitoris, drawing out her pleasure. She gritted her teeth, telling herself, ‘Just a few more strokes …’ But then she couldn’t stand it anymore and slid her fingers lower. Two digits slid in easily and she bent her knees, sinking onto her fingers. She was wet. And hot. Her fingers probed deeply, her palm pressing against her clitoris that was swollen and sensitive after the attention it had received. A tiny cry escaped her, then another. The next cry turned into words as her pussy contracted around her fingers, ‘Oh … yes!’ Her cries became gasps, ‘Yes … yes … god …’ a moan and then her shoulders hunched, legs sagging, ‘… Yes!’ The cry died to a whimper and she rested her forehead against the tiled wall as orgasmic quivers rippled along her skin.

A familiar scent made her lift her head in surprise a moment before hands pushed against her shoulders, pressing her torso to the wet tiles. Splayed fingers pressed across both her buttocks, nails teasing the flesh as the soaking orbs were spread. HG gasped loudly as she felt the tip of something smooth and hard sliding between her cheeks and then lower to part her labia. The phallus slid into her welcoming pussy and her head fell back, eyes closing. She reached back, fingers sliding through half wet, long curly tresses.

‘My –’ she started to whispered but a hand was pressed over her mouth, silencing her. Her tongue flicked out to lick the palm, sending a quiver through them both. A finger slid between her lips and she sucked firmly. The hand at her face kept her head held back as the phallus started to move. There was no gentle build up. One moment the phallus was nestled pleasantly inside her and the next is was slamming into her, pressing her harder and harder against the wall. She sobbed at the sheer delight of it, lifting one leg to press her knee against the tiles, increasing the depth and angle. A small grunt from behind her and the hand at her mouth dropped to her hip, hands holding either side to keep her from falling. The thrusts quickly became urgent and HG cried out. Her leg dropped and she was pulled backwards before being bent forwards. Her hands shot out to press against the wall. Palms flat, she pushed back, meeting every forceful thrust. Nails dug into her hips and pulled her back. They moved in sync. Pulling and thrusting as she pushed back with every ounce of strength she could muster. One hand slid round, a thumb pressed at her tighter entrance. HG’s head lifted as she cried out and the very tip of the digit opened her.

‘Oh god!’ HG cried, ‘I’m … going … to … ahhhh!’ Her legs spasmed uncontrollably, her hands slapping the wet tiles. She pushed back, holding the phallus deep inside her, the thumb at her anus sliding in a little more. The cascading water bounced of her quivering skin as she cried out, over and over.

The moment her orgasm started to ebb, she dropped to her knees and turned. Shaking hands released the fastenings and the strap-on fell away from Myka’s hips. Myka lifted her hands, pressing them to the glass side and the wall as HG moved forwards, hands stroking up her legs. And then her mouth was as Myka’s pussy, dark eyes lifting to watch her reaction as she drove her tongue up and in. Myka groaned, loud and sexy. HG replaced her tongue with her fingers, opening Myka and to the heat of her hand. A few thrusts and she knew Myka was close. HG’s free hand closed over the phallus and she lifted it, swapping her fingers for it in one swift action that made Myka’s legs quiver and threaten to stop holding her up. When HG was confident that Myka could hold herself steady, she started to thrust the phallus – as hard as fast as Myka had used it on her. Myka growled, deep in her throat, head falling to the side. Her orgasm hit quickly, with little warning. Shudders shook them both. The sound of Myka’s climax was too much for HG and she slipped the phallus free, dipping it between her own legs and holding it at the base she straddled it. She rocked her hips, her mouth going back to Myka’s pussy. Myka groaned, half-lidded eyes staring down at HG as she pleasured them both. Their gasps, the sight of the other’s pleasure was enough to bring them both to another shuddering climax.

HG fell back, gasping and quivering. Myka somehow managed to stay standing, hands still pressed to either side of the cubicle. Her hair and body were soaked now. Her skin glowing pink under the heat of the shower and her sated arousal.

Once she had caught her breath, a devilish smile creased Myka’s lips and she turned to step from the shower. HG wanted to follow her but she didn’t have the strength to move. A few moments later and she heard the door of her room close. She rested her head back and closed her eyes. One thing was for sure, she wouldn’t be locking her door.