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Jongdae groans as Minseok pushes him out the door.

“This scandal isn’t really my fault.”

“So you mean to tell me that you didn’t think shouting at strangers at a club drunk isn’t your fault?”

Jongdae huffs as he pulls his bag over his shoulder.

“It’s just for a while. We need you to lie low as we debut the new girl group so the general public would forget your scandal. Your fans aren’t thrilled too. It’s better this way.”

“The stupid fucking company is sending me into exile for something that is very common to see. Drunk people make a lot of noise all the time.”

“We’re sending you to a place just outside the city. Don’t be dramatic. You’re special. You’re an idol. We wouldn’t give a damn if you’re just an ordinary person, Jongdae. But you’re CHEN; the nation’s vocalist and the korean male population representative. Who slipped while having too much to drink. It’s fine, you already wrote an apology. It’s going to be like 5 max.”


Minseok stays silent as he unloads his artist’s bags into the van.


The manager stays silent again.


“Anyway, we’ll come get you when we think the time’s right. But now, go on.” The manager pushes Jongdae one last time as the latter stops the door from closing on him.

“Hyung, please,” the idol begs one last time, “Don’t send me away! I swear, I can stay at home for the rest of my life! Just don’t send me into the desert!”

Minseok rolls his eyes, they should consider a career in acting for him too. “Maybe you need some time off too. Touch the grass. Breathe some fresh air. It might be good for you. Hey, maybe find some summer fling! Live the American way of life.”

“I’m Korean, through and through.”

“Goodbye, CHEN. We’ll see you in 5 months.”

The door slams in his face and Jongdae whines like a child.

Chanyeol shouldn’t have challenged him to that stupid drinking game. It’s all Chanyeol's fault.

‘Fuck this road is bumpy…” Jongdae internally groans as he wakes up to see that he’s now somewhere… He doesn’t know where he is. All he sees are fields, and animals and… not even a house. Or another being.

“Where are we?” He asks the driver.


What is a Chuwon?

They finally reached 2 hours later and the driver helped carry his things out of the car, and Jongdae was soon greeted by a couple.

“You’re here! Welcome.”

“Hello,” Jongdae bows politely, “I’m Kim Jongdae.”

“We know! We love your songs,” the lady swoons, pulling him into, what he can assume, is their house.

“Oh, thank you.”

The couple introduced themselves as Mr and Mrs Do. Their family of 3 are all farmers; mainly cultivating berries and tomatoes. It wasn’t very big, but it was still spacious.

“You will be sleeping in our son’s house. He built one on the right side of the farm, still close but far enough from us,” Mrs Do jokes. “You will have your own room, of course. He’s still out harvesting but he’ll be back for lunch. You must be hungry.”

Just then, his stomach growls, “Um, maybe a little bit.”


Kyungsoo isn’t what he expected to be. His round face, large eyes, stoic face, massive arms… possibly thighs too, and full lips… Jongdae’s sure he’s every man’s wet dream. His hands were of course, calloused, rough, and Jongdae could almost hear Minseok coming in with lotion for the admittedly sexy hands. 

Why was Jongdae looking at his hands, you ask?

Well, the farmer had held out his hand for the idol to shake, and was about to pull away since Jongdae only ever stares at it, before the latter wakes up and shakes his hand. The second Jongdae looks up and locks eyes with Kyungsoo, he knows this experience wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Kyungsoo drops Jongdae down on the large wooden table and strips down his pants, all without pulling away from his lips. 

“Fuck, Soo…”

“Shhh…” The farmer dominates into the kiss while also pulling down his overalls and freeing his hardening length from the confines of his pants. 

“You have… lube?” Kyungsoo ignores the idol as he lubricates his fingers and pushes Jongdae slightly back. But it hits Jongdae. “You planned this!” But before he could say anything else, Kyungsoo pushes a finger past his rim, and Jongdae mewls in ecstasy. The latter’s moans resounded in the barn; as Kyungsoo pushed more of his digits in that he was almost fisting the idol.

“You’re… fucking… tight…” He curls his fingers, and Jongdae’s body shakes. His legs were now flailing in the air, giving the farmer better access to his prostate, and Kyungsoo knows what he’s doing as he abuses the sensitive spot.

“Kyung… Kyungsoo!”

“What do you want?” Kyungsoo asks nonchalantly, like he wasn’t getting the idol off.

“I want…” Jongdae gasps, “I’m about to cum!” Kyungsoo immediately pulls out, and Jongdae sobs at how empty he feels now that the 4 stubby, yet very skilful fingers were out of him. Kyungsoo uses the remaining wetness on those fingers, and more lube, on his half-hard-on now, and he doesn’t even prepare the idol as he pushes himself into the red, throbbing hole again.

“Agh!” Jongdae’s hole welcomes it all in, and Kyungsoo groans at how good he feels.

“This is what you wanted, right? You couldn’t even say it.”

“M-move, Soo…”

“Answer me.”

“Yes, this… I wanted your dick inside me… Yes…” He pushes himself against Kyungsoo’s cock, but the farmer only holds his waist down.


“Soo… Pl-Please move… Please… Make me feel good… Please make me cum…” Jongdae pathetically and desperately begs as he circles his arm around Kyungsoo’s neck.

“You sound like an amateur porn star. You're lucky you're an idol instead then,” was all Kyungsoo said before he carries Jongdae away from the table and starts moving against him. If Jongdae could talk and think properly, he’d probably comment on how farming must’ve been good for Kyungsoo; that he could lift him up with his two arms and fuck him without Jongdae having to lean against anything else but the farmer itself. But alas, the younger man’s thrusts becomes more erratic, leaving Jongdae barely gasping for air as he too grinds against the other man for maximum pleasure.

As Kyungsoo continues pounding into him a while more and Jongdae finally lets go in what is his most mind-blowing orgasm of his life, one would wonder… how did the nation’s vocalist, CHEN, get here in the first place?

Kyungsoo drops the hay he was carrying and sighs at the idol.


“I told you to chop these quickly, but you’re barely halfway there.” Kyungsoo picks up the big bucket of fruits and vegetables in one hand, “It’s their feeding time already.”

“They can chew, right?” Jongdae sarcastically replies as he angrily chops the carrots for good measure.

“Well, you don’t eat the carrot whole, right?” Kyungsoo mocks back in the tone he was given by the idol, before putting it down. He takes the knife away from Jongdae and expertly chops the rest of the food quickly; Jongdae watches in awe but he tries not to show it.

“Now go feed them.”

“Why are you so anal about the timing anyway? It’s not like the animals would die if they get fed at 8:08 and not 8:05am.”

“You do know I’m still holding the knife, right?” He points to the horses waiting with the sharp weapon, “Go.”


Jongdae shamelessly, but discreetly, or at least he tries to be, ogles at the farmer. Kyungsoo, even in his baggy farmer overalls, was fit. Muscular in all the right places, especially his ass, and Jongdae has never felt this hot and bothered in his life. He'd be very much welcome if Kyungsoo wanted to bend him over and take him from the back.

“How long more are you going to take, Princess? You want to pick up shit the entire day?” Jongdae snaps out of his trance and looks at Kyungsoo, shaking his head.

“Well, get to it then. We don’t got all day and we still have a lot to do.”

Jongdae gasps desperately for air as he relentlessly rides the farmer’s cock with all he’s got. It’s not enough apparently, seeing Kyungsoo’s unimpressed face in front of him. 

They were both by the river bank near Kyungsoo’s house, and had gone for a quick swim together. Kyungsoo managed to rile him up and by the time they got out, Jongdae was sporting a large hard-on, but Kyungsoo was barely there.

It’s not fair, really, how Jongdae gets turned out so quickly by the other, but the younger man is just unbothered by his presence.

Even when Jongdae begs and begs for the other to let him cum, Kyungsoo only relents 20 minutes later, after the idol promises him that he could cum again. The farmer was still only half-hard.

As Kyungsoo lays the now-satiated Jongdae down, surprisingly gently, on the mat that they’ve brought, he takes his time stroking himself a little more before deciding that he wants to work them both up slowly at the same time. He lines up his length against the rim and enters the red, wet, twitching hole, Jongdae gasping as Kyungsoo slowly pushes into him.

It’s always been like this - their sex-capades as Jongdae refers to them - Kyungsoo being the top, and Jongdae is more than glad to submit to the younger when he gives it to him so good. He feels taken care of, especially when he wasn’t allowed to cum, but Jongdae knows it’d make him feel on top of the world after Kyungsoo is done punishing him. He enjoys it, a little too much, and the farmer does take advantage of it, so long as they’re both in consenting terms. The idol welcomes it all the same, because he feels so good being used as a cumslut or cock-warmer, whatever Kyungsoo wants him to be.

He likes it rough, and Jongdae’s glad Kyungsoo’s on the same page, so really, he’s living his best life.


So again, how did CHEN get here?

This is how.


Jongdae was fucking horny. Like really fucking horny. And it’s all thanks to the damn farmer that gets him riled up just by scolding Jongdae for some petty farm thing or whatever. That’s how pathetically horny Jongdae is. Also, it’s been a long, long time.


Lying down in bed after a particularly tiring day, he hates that he didn’t bring any… devices that could help him ease his… problem . So he uses what God gave him; his hands and his saliva.

Three fingers in and he was mewling one name, and one name only: Kyungsoo.

Eyes closed shut and mind only focused on getting off, Jongdae was far too into imagining a certain man from on top of him that he doesn’t even realise the owner of the name he’s chanting like a prayer coming into his room and just looking at the idol with half-lidded eyes.

Was it mentioned that Jongdae hadn’t fully closed the door to his room that was just right beside Kyungsoo’s? The latter would’ve seen what was going on in the idol’s room even if he was only passing by. Luckily for them, they were the only ones on the third floor.


“Nothing’s better than the real thing.”

That shocked Jongdae into stopping what he was doing, but his digits were still inside of him as he watched Kyungsoo walk in front of him and spread his legs.

“Why don’t you continue your little show? Then maybe I can decide whether or not you deserve the real thing.” Even with his mind hazy, Jongdae can see the tent forming on the other man. He rims around his entrance, before plunging straight to his prostate, slowly pressing against it.

“I want to hear you. You’ve got a nice voice, right? I wanna hear it.”

“K-Kyungsoo… Ah!” He fastens his pace, and since his wrist was already hurting, he starts to beg.

“Kyungsoo… I need you!” If he had his eyes open, he would’ve seen the farmer taking out his shirt, and fiddling with something on his fingers.

“Not enough.”

Jongdae breathes out, “Kyungsoo please! I need… I need your cock in me!” If he had any sense in his mind, he’d realise he sounded like an amateur porn star, but really, he doesn’t fucking care. “I need your cock in me. Fill me up with your cum. Breed me!”

That must’ve been the limit for Kyungsoo as he gets on the bed, and with no warning, slots in the cock ring onto Jongdae’s dick. The idol didn’t even have time to whine when he was roughly pulled up. Pants still on, Kyungsoo directs Jongdae’s nose towards his clothed dick, “I’m not hard yet, so that’s your job.” The singer instantaneously went on his knees and looked up at the other, and once Kyungsoo nodded his head, he pulled down his pants. Jongdae wasted no time and took the tip of the cock in his mouth, licking along the slit and sucking the pre-cum clean. Kyungsoo hisses a little at the pressure, but shamelessly moans when Jongdae swallows his length whole and he feels the back of the other’s throat.

Jongdae’s left hand plays with his balls, and his right holds Kyungsoo’s dick as he bobbed back and forth. It was fast, harsh, messy and very wet; Jongdae’s own dick standing hard against his stomach, and he was sure he’d already gone through two dry orgasms just from blowing Kyungsoo.

But the farmer wasn’t done yet. 


He pushes Jongdae away, flipping them both and easily sliding his wet dick into Jongdae’s twitching red hole, again without warning. They both moan at the feeling, Jongdae much louder than the younger. Kyungsoo leans back into the bed, wanting and forcing Jongdae to do all the work, but the latter doesn’t mind as he rides the other’s dick like there’s no tomorrow.

“I… Ah! I want to cum, please!”

Kyungsoo sat up a little and started slamming into Jongdae too. Jongdae continues moaning and begging for Kyungsoo to let him cum, but one hard thrust got the idol screaming in ecstasy. His parents were lucky their son wanted his own space outside of the main house.  

The farmer knew he hit the gold mine, Jongdae’s prostate, with the way the latter continues screaming, that he continuously abuses it. He flips them over again, so Kyungsoo could go in harder and deeper. The idol was crying at this point, from how good it feels and from being too oversensitive, and Jongdae begs and begs for Kyungsoo to let him cum.

After a few minutes, Kyungsoo was finally close too, so he removed the cock ring and as he stroked Jongdae’s hard length, they both came at the same time, the farmer filling up the idol to the brim. He rides out his high as Jongdae continues spurting cum onto his chest, leaning down eventually and licking it clean. 

It was satisfying to see his own cum trickling out of Jongdae’s hole, which was pathetically squeezing on nothing. and Kyungsoo wishes he had also brought out his plug with him.

Well, there’s always next time.