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Alex was considered a very strict President, but since no other member of the drama club intended to fill the position, the responsibility had fallen on his shoulders. Even so, this was not easy for his colleagues.

" Pharm said he's going to bring us some sandwiches later and...", Manaow felt it before seeing that the energy in the room was changing.

She then stopped focusing on Del, who she was initially talking to, and took a look around. Everyone, without exception, was paying attention to their conversation. In his turn, the club's president wasn't satisfied at all with the situation and exploded:

"I already told you how important this meeting is! Can't you pay attention for 5 minutes?", Alex yelled from above the stage.

"Ah... Sorry, Phi! We're not going to talk anymore...", but Manaow couldn't continue his apology. Before she could say more, the senior came down from the platform, approached where she and Del were, and said in a tone that didn't allow negotiations:

"The two are in charge of tidying up the costume room! Now! Go!"

"But Phi! Del didn't...", Manaow was going to try to explain that it wasn't her friend's fault, but her words made the boy's face turn into a grimace, something that didn't go unnoticed by Del, who linked her arm with her friend's and got her out of there. A few steps later she turned quickly and said just to doesn't sound rude:

"We're gonna take care of the costumes, Phi! Don't worry!"

The costume room was seen by drama club members as the 7 circles of hell. It wasn't a tradition among the students to keep that place organized because every year they tried to innovate in the plays they presented, hardly repeating those from previous years. Thus, it was rare to reuse previous costumes, but the preference was given to making new ones, instead.

The room was narrow and stuffy, which also made it very difficult to stay inside for too long. So Alex knew very well what he was doing by telling the girls to do it. It was the worst punishment they could receive at that moment. But none of them were even moderately intimidated by the task.

Okay, it was annoying having to sort and organize the clothes, but it could have been worse. At least Manaow and Del were friends and could make the best of their time together. Right? At least, it was with this mindset that they first got in there.

Upon entering the room they realized that it was impossible to leave the door open without it closing itself, a problem with the hinges prevented this. As well as it wasn't possible to open the window completely, but only a small slit that didn't make any difference inside the stuffy room.

"Alright then! Let's go!", Manaow said trying to maintain her optimism.

"That's right!" Del replied with a giggle.

They started to pick up the pieces scattered on the floor to make the transit easier within the tight space, but every now and then they bumped into each other. It was inevitable to work there without this happening due to the small space and clothes in excess.

"Wow, it's so hot in here... I'm starting to feel dizzy!", Del said trying to refresh herself with a fan she found next to a Japanese kimono.

"Poor Del! How about doing it like this?", Manaow said approaching her friend and unbuttoning the top buttons of her uniform.

"Manaow! What are you doing?", Del asked scared.

"What's the problem? The door really can't be opened easily, the window is as bad as it is and it's just the two of us here! Better to relieve yourself in any way you can!", the girl said, stepping back a bit and undoing the buttons of her own shirt. "See? I'll take mine too!"

Even though her friend's idea was really good and fair given the conditions of the room they were in, Del couldn't see herself doing it and was happy to just keep the two buttons open. Manaow, in turn, did as she was said and removed her shirt, leaving only her uniform skirt and bra. The underwear she wore was a very soft color, a shade of lavender, and this made Del briefly distract herself from the task at hand until the very object of her attention tried to regain her focus.

"...Del! Del! Ai Del!", Manaow snapped her fingers, snapping Del out of her thoughts.

"Oh sorry! What were you talking about, Manaow?"

"Oh, I'm saying some of these costumes are really beautiful! What do you think about trying them on?"

"But won't that take us even longer to get everything ready?" Del said with a pouty face.

"Oi, oi! That's cute!", Manaow said squeezing her friend's cheeks and then explained "We're entitled to take a break, right? Let's use this!"

Manaow didn't wait much longer for Del's response. She just chose one of the dresses she had found and hid behind one of the racks. She returned moments later wearing a long red dress whose neckline accentuated her bust. Once again, Del tried to hide her embarrassment, but was confronted by her friend asking for her opinion.

"So what do you think?" Manaow asked walking around the same spot so her friend could see it from all angles.

The dress was really beautiful. In addition to the heart-shaped neckline at the front, it was halter top and left Manaow's back on display.

Del cleared her throat uncomfortably and just nodded. Realizing that her friend hadn't invested as much as she had in the idea of doing a fashion show, Manaow gave up and went back to wearing her own outfit. With one difference this time: she was only in her panties and bra.

"Manaow, where's your outfit?" Del asked in surprise.

"After taking everything out, I couldn't put it back in! After we've fixed everything, I'll put it back. But it's too hot now!", Manaow said using her own hand to fan herself.

"Whatever you please, Manaow!", Del said rolling her eyes and sighing thinking about her friend's manners.

The two continued arranging the pieces for a while and had almost arranged them all when Del spotted some hats on a higher shelf.

"It'll be good to take a look at them too, Manaow!"

"Oh sure, I'll take the ladder!"

The two girls arranged the ladder in the proper position, and Del offered to go upstairs. However, due to the student's short stature, she couldn't reach the accessories easily without standing on tiptoe.

"Hey, Del! Be careful--" but Manaow couldn't say much as she saw her friend unsteady before her eyes.

Luckily, Manaow managed to avoid Del's fall. For lack of it, Manaow herself ended up hitting the ground.

"Manaow, are you alright? Manaow?" Del called urgently, worried about her friend as she helped her up.

"Yes, I'm fine!", she managed to answer and they both started to laugh until they ran out of breath. "At least you weren't hurt!", Manaow said reaching out her hand and touching Del's face.

The closeness between them made Del gulp. What she had been trying to avoid ever since they had arrived there had happened: she was face to face with Manaow and had nowhere to run.

"Manaow, I...", she tried to say.

"Shh... wait a minute...", Manaow said getting very close to the other's face. When Del could feel Manaow's breath mingling with hers, the girl reached out and took a feather from her head.

"I think it was from one of the hats!", Manaow said laughing.

"You shouldn't do this, Manaow..."

For a few seconds, the eyes of the two locked on each other and several emotions were read: fear, confusion and shyness, but between them, there was also desire. But Manaow suddenly seemed to have awakened from her daydreaming moment and got up off the floor, pulling away from Del.

"I... will... touch up my makeup..."

"Wait, Manaow...", Del said gently holding her friend's hand.

"What's it?"

"You always do that. Whenever the subject becomes too serious or doesn't go the way you expected, you change the topic to talk about makeup...", Del spoke the words very fast as if she was venting about something she had dedicated a lot of time thinking about.

"Del, what are you talking about?", Manaow was perplexed by the sudden outburst of her friend who was usually very shy and measured.

"I'm talking about this, Manaow..."

Del closed the distance between them and crushed her lips against Manaow's. Even though she was surprised, the other was quick to respond and even though the beginning of the kiss was awkward with too much teeth, soon they found a more pleasant rhythm and could feel better what they were doing.

Manaow thought Del tasted like strawberry, which was really the lip gloss's flavor she was using. Del could smell peaches on Manaow's skin, which was actually the fragrance of the body cream she used. But there was something else there. Among them, what they could feel most was each other's presence and how much it affected them.

Seeking for more contact, Del approached Manaow, resting her hands on the back of the other's neck. Manaow hooked her hands on the other's narrow waist and realized that they looked as if they were made to fit that place. Still not breaking the kiss, they got closer and closer. Del started sweating a lot from the heat and the activities they were engaging in, so Manaow had an idea.

"Aaah... let me help you...", she said as she slid her hands up and stopped in front of Del's chest "Can I?", she asked before touching the other.

Del nodded and as soon as Manaow registered this, she put her fingers to work and freed the girl from the shirt she was wearing.

Del wasn't wearing a bra but a thin white T-shirt. Even so, it was possible to see her aroused nipples beneath the fabric and it was irresistible to give in to temptation. Manaow rubbed the two points with her fingers and watched Del's expression shift between anxiety and intense pleasure. So much pleasure that she threw her head back completely, using her hands to cover her red face.

"Hey, hey! I want to see you!", Manaow said while removing the other's hands from where they were and stealing a peck from her. The action tore a weak smile out of Del and then Manaow decided to use her teeth on the nipples as well.

"Manaow, I...", but neither of them would know what would happen after that break because a knock on the door was heard and interrupted them.

"Girls? That's punishment enough. You can leave now, ok?", it was Alex speaking from outside the room.

The two exchanged a surprised look and began hurriedly straightening their condition: Del wearing her shirt back and Manaow looking for her uniform.

"We're on our way, P'Alex! Thank you!" Del yelled.

"Okay! So I'll wait for you downstairs. I'll give you both a ride home, okay?", Alex promised.

"Okay, thanks, Phi!", it was Manaow's turn to speak.

The two friends didn't talk much after that, just concentrating on getting ready quickly to leave. As they were about to leave the room, Manaow took Del's hand and asked:

"What happened here...", she frowned.

"We'll talk about it later, Manaow! P'Alex is waiting!", Del said urgently.

"But it's just...", the sadness was clear in her tone, making Del's heart clench.

"Tomorrow we have to study for the test we have on Monday, remember? We'll talk about it later!", Del said, opening a quick smile and stealing a peck from Manaow before heading down the hall.